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July 18, 2006

Illumination scares the shadows away

Is the notion of One so hard on the ego?

We are all One, but some are more One than Others, is still the cry heard under the cookoo-nut trees!


In response to a certain comment posted on the student's forum of the Academy Gerald O'Donnell wants to emphasize that he will not partake in ANY modern-day fashionable, so-called conspiracy theory, for his focus and interest is in Uniting perceived polarized worlds and groups.  These poisons of fear and hatred need to be deprogrammed from within many hearts now. Each person needs to do this now, not laterNo one can do it for another. One needs to focus all of one's own energy on this.

Here is Gerald' response posted on July 18th on the forum.



Sorry.  I do not digest paranoia-based conspiracy books on illuminated illuminati's illusionary ill-use of their ill-will towards the illusion.

Many have written tomes on that, and made small fortunes teaching fear. Not my cup of tea. I like mine sweet.

The message above is about the Probablefuture for 2006/2007 and later, and the need to go back to One. Otherwise we all go, illuminati, non-illuminated and all. That, I really care about.

You are placing judgment and seem to hate your version of evil, or illuminati, reptilian or whatever your mind has been fed thru books etc., for I take that you have never been invited directly and witnessed one of these super-duper conspiracy-laden meetings where these evil-ones congregate and where they all supposedly shape-shift and eat little children to satisfy their ravenous appetite for blood or whatever stupidity the dark matrix wants you to believe and keeps on printing and propagating thru its manifold venues and agents.

Bravo, DM for all the holographic inserts! Hehe, very creative! No more dragons to slay, so we go on chasing the modern myths of the day. Never running out of stories, and of suckers to your dark lies and intents, he?

I am not looking for secret boogey men. Many seem to be stuck with an old cellular memory inherited one: The Jews, now Zionist, and the state of Israel. This favored target of fear/paranoia is so ancient and imbedded within the characters in the Matrix that I refuse to engage in its dark energy, for it feeds on the fear and hatred of man, and keeps on energizing and giving even more life to the Old Matrix who knows that its program is about to be erased and replaced, and hence fights for survival -one day and story at a time. This has caused much cruelty and human suffering at many levels in our not so glorious past. Ergo with the hatred of Muslims, or Christian crusaders, reptilians, Federal reserve, Bilderbergers, Masons, Illuminatis, Hashishim, Council of Foreign relations, Opus Dei, Vatican, hedons, protestants, Catholics, Cathars, Templars, socialists, witches, the great old man on the mountain, G8, NWO, protocols of the sages of Zion, Shia, Sunni, Armenians, gays, liberals, conservatives, communists, capitalists etc. and etc. and etc.. You pick your enemies, I pick nothing. In a mad world, best is to shut off from the madness.

The world is laden with obvious pre-programmed boogey-men, and they do not scare me a bit.

What scares me, is the desire of most of you to always look for scapegoats for the dark recesses of your OWN hearts incapable to embrace ALL equally with a sense that even the groupings which are perceived as foreign to your thought processes, and undesirable, ARE you, can only be you, since you and they are One.

That is what I came here to walk the earth and teach, and I will only engage in this, for that is ALL that will remain within the hearts and minds of the maybe few who will be here for the final celebration of the NEW Creation/world illuminated by the ONE.

I will only focus on a world of One where illuminati, sneaky snakes, bugging bugs, Hamas, Israeli, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Western and Eastern, black and white, are as important and valuable as cats, dogs, and saints. No judgment in my world.

Sorry, but this is how I think. I love you and appreciate your thoughts for they spice up the planet, and make the world what it is.

Having different opinions is GREAT!!! As long as we do not decide to deliberately kill each other in order to impose our views of snapshot-like truth. The last centuries revered in this type of thinking and we can still see, at the dawn of the 21st Century, entire civilian populations in the horn of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia being deliberately threatened, assaulted, starved, or even massacred in order to affect  religious/ethnic cleansing. Murderous acts only meant to instill terror and the associated outflow of immense e-motion that only fear can muster and project as energy are being enacted all over the world as in Madrid, London, New York, Istanbul, Bali, etc... Much of this is going on again all over the planet, to the great pleasure of the Dark Astral Keepers of this Life/Matrix feeding off the energy released by fear/hatred/and violent intolerance by groupings/masses against others. Bad form, I say!

I know the DM's way of survival by emotionally sucking off angry and hateful energy. It feeds on conflicts, fear, greed, insecurity, and all splits between men - and between men and women.

Then again, it is the role of black to absorb all colors of the spectrum. Bring all back into the state of death. Just doing its job, I guess.

I must admit that I have gotten for over 15 years now, from what I perceive and experience as the level of One, that One will NEED to let go of thought processes stuck within intolerance of Oneness. For One is feeling stuck and cannot evolve anymore, and that cannot be by the definition of Creation and One.

You are free to believe it or not. Isn't this great and what free-will is all about?

If the One is acting now, in order to cleanse the Creation, and you are stuck with the human character/culturotype drama view, and see all only from that level, that is fine too.

I was and am only a messenger. If you want to criticize and argue with the Infinite Intelligence, close your eyes, go into a deep Theta or Delta state, preferably transcending even that, and state your case silently to the One in which you exist. He is there with ALL, Zionist, Hamas, Christians, Hindus, dogs, cats etc. Who knows? You might convince Him of your viewpoint. Or maybe not. And that is fine too. . .

This is part of Co-Creation.

No need to turn to me.

Let me slowly give a couple of extremely simple pointers: 

I am trying, for I think it to be the responsible and correct thing to do, to give a warning before the start of great disasters. 

I speak of the One instead of God, because the inner integration of this knowledge and renaming of the old forms/names of God into One, would heal all ills in mankind. The greater awareness that we are all One, The One, and can only but be One, whether we are aware of it or not, would avoid the dark future we may all face soon as humanity. 

I reported highly probable future events that will most probably impact the whole planet, not only originating in Israel/Lebanon, but Syria, Iran, the Korean peninsula, all world economies, and the much more ominous threat of planetary ice caps' meltdown, floods/desertification, earth rumbling, etc... due to man-made global warming.  

Was I justifying anybody? Israel? Syria, Iran, Korea? The US?
Not to my knowledge. Unless you only pick words out of lines, lines out of paragraphs, and paragraphs out of a general message.  

I am just reporting events and stating probable causes to them. Period. All this was received while being in a deep state beyond Delta. 

I was not, to my awareness placing judgment, for it is too late for any of this. I have no patience anymore for these games. 

The time for child -like arguments is over, my friends. We ALL need to unite, if any of us want to see three more generations on this planet. I tried to point out the cause of all these conflicts within the hardened hearts of man, and within the distorted inherited old human thought programs. 

What you do with it, is your choice. 

BTW as I write this: a tsunami and an earthquake have just hit the Indonesian peninsula. Maybe a Zionist plot again? Hehe? 

Time to wake up , my friends!

Time to wake up and forgo the narrow-minded polarizations.

Expand your horizon and awareness and travel Light, without all the heavy load of disinformation that the Dark Matrix has thrown at you for so long. 

It only wants to take as many of you as possible down with it into oblivion .... 

And, I am afraid that the way many still stubbornly think, it very well might succeed at that. 

Try to be happy and try to change this reality by opening your heart to ALL, and seeing the good in everything and everyone.  Smile to your perceived enemy, and watch him smile back at you. Is it really that hard? 

And I keep whistling my little mechanic's song... 

As for myself, this case is closed. Take it or leave it. Choices again ....


I made mine.

Love and Light









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