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December 12, 2012




Direct Message from
The One and Only

Jerusalem 12.12.2012


Gerald O’Donnell, December 12, 2012 . As I completed some very Holy Work right next to the Holy of Holies, I lost all ability to speak for hours. Only the Spirit of The Holy One could utter sounds and vibrations through me. As I lay down in my hotel room I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without. And the following message and the following words came out of my lips...

Please concentrate and give value to the message, and not as you usually have always done, give attention to and judge the messenger, for the messenger is irrelevant. I am you, part of the same Global Consciousness. I am here only to convey Truth during these challenging times:



Direct Message from the One and Only to Mankind, Jerusalem, December 12, 2012



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PLEASE send to as many friends, social network fiends, family, and other individuals as you can the links to this message   http://Jerusalem 12-12-2012. Message from The One.htm

Help spread it far and wide.  We’ll all benefit in this process.





Gerald O'Donnell 


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