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William J. Sneller ( ), one of our trainees, sends us on December 31, 1998 this feedback.


  • His gratitude at acting upon our warning of violent Stock markets corrections predicted for the period of the late summer of 1998, and posted on our home page in April 1998 following RV premunitive information received by our remote viewers.


Mr. O'Donnell,

Happy new Year to all !

 I would like to include a brief testimonial regarding my experience with heeding your April '98 public service announcement. To that effect, may I first say thanks!

Your warning of a violent stock market correction enabled me to employ a strategy that prevented considerable personal loss. Many were less fortunate. Though I passed on the possibility of this threat to my investor friends & colleagues, not all were willing to consider the advice without mainstream validation.

I commend you for sharing this information with the general public.

William J. Sneller


Rose Szwed ( ), a successful recent trainee, sent us this feedback on December 28, 1998.


  • Powerful Results obtained through taking our RV course.


Mr. O'Donnell,

   You have been on my mind. The tapes are awesome. Let me tell you some of the benefits that I have derived from using these wonderful tools -- the tapes almost every day and the breathing the light, well,  everyday.

   1. When I think of an individual, that person calls (no matter if it's a good or bad thought.) immediately.

   2. When I work on projects, the person with whom I'm working reads my thoughts -- it's evident from the proposals, art work and copy that comes back to me.

   3. When I think or stand next to a person, I can tell how that person
perceives me. Sometimes, it's unnerving and can put me off guard. I can also "hear" their thoughts.

   4. Dreams are more vivid, more frequent, more telling.

   5. I'm very close to my pets and plants and can anticipate their needs (especially when they want to come in from outdoors and they don't make a sound).

   6. Able to "see" into the next few hours and the next day part.

   7. Can "hear" my beeper, when I leave it in my office and I am 50 miles away at home!

   8. Can "perceive" presences in areas, when no physical person is present.

   9. Though my job is quite social, I am preferring solitude more than usual, and a deep desire to "clean up my act," and have begun with amazing results.

   10. That there is so much more to my puny existence!

   11. When I have been repeatedly telling myself: I am the light and the light is me, well, people have been saying: You're radiating. This sentence has helped me through some mightily difficult times.

   Thank you for your wonderfully affordable program. These are some of the benefits, not all though. There's not enough space. Thanks isn't enough.

   Rose Szwed

We received this message on Dec. 21, 1998 from Daryl O'Berg , a professional Remote Viewer at PsiTech (RV training and services run by Maj. Ed Dames: US Army): An outfit  whose professional demeanor and RV talent are  highly appreciated and renowned.

Good Day Mr. O'Donnell,

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that your web site is indeed a good one as regards to remote viewing, I mean this in the sense that regardless of who's training one involves oneself with, or to who's philosophy one aligns oneself with, (or for that matter to who's training methodology one has been subject to) that your point is one that is clear and at most ... true. And that is so regardless of one's training (doesn't matter from whom). That it is the individual and that same individual's understanding, comprehension, and ultimate execution of what is taught in remote Viewing that makes the person (RVer) either excellent or mediocre, or somewhere in between.

And that depends as you so rightly put, up to the individual's own cognizance, understanding, and ultimate execution of the thought system(s).

Having been trained in technical Remote Viewing 3 years ago by Ed Dames in TRV, (after having tried CRV (controlled R.V.) as well as several others), and aside from having seen the few but rapacious confronts to TRV as a training methodology, I commend you on your non-partisan view towards R.V.

R.V is, as we know, a relatively new science, and ultimately a new frontier in the field of human potential; this of course, you recognize.

Though being a professional remote viewer for PsiTech, and a staunch defender of the myriad false claims against PsiTech and Ed Dames in general ( And I know you know there are many the least of which made by P.J Ganier and L. Buchanan) It is in our hopes (speaking in honesty for all the R.V.ers on the PsiTech team, that information and advances in human consciousness and potential be shared with utmost security and humility. I say this as a member of our team ( including Ed, and Joni) that only through free exchange of information and discussion of understandings that the "field" of remote Viewing can grow and learn and become what we already know its potential to be: An advancement in human spirit and potential; for both are inexorably intertwined.

For your time, and thoughts, and understanding, I say Kudos", and thank you. For all of us at Psitech, and R.Vers world wide, ...

"Lets take the path less traveled by.. and it shall make all the difference.

All the Best:

Daryl O'Berg


Efren Cabrera ( ), a recent trainee from the Philippines sends us the following comments on December 17, 1998.


  • His impressions on the course.


        Before, I was actually planning to go to the U.S. (I'm from the Philippines) to take up all the remote viewing courses at the Farsight Institute. However, since I saw your website and ordered your Course One, I don't think there's a need for me to go there anymore.
        Offering your present and future courses on tapes would surely help a lot of individuals like me in the world who sincerely desire to learn remote viewing and ways to advance in consciousness, but who either are too busy, have a tight budget, or other reasons that might hinder their training. I'm truly glad that you are making these courses accessible to everyone by offering these on tapes and at an affordable price.
        I already have more than five hundred tapes/CDs on metaphysics, mind power, psychic development, etc., but your course is the first one I've had that focuses on remote viewing. One will notice that in the end all teachings and techniques have basic similarities since the subconscious mind doesn't really care about techniques, but I like the way you presented your course because it compresses into a few tapes so much information, technique, training applications, and knowledge especially in between training sessions. It's great how you inject techniques and explanations in between sessions, so that you learn as you actually do the techniques---it's not theory then application, but application combined with theories and techniques ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I also like your explanation of 'The One' because I also have the same belief that this is the real explanation for psychic abilities.

        I also HOPE that you maintain a reasonable price like the one you have right now, so that much more people worldwide can be reached.
        Please remember that these are just my suggestions, but I do hope that you will consider them, because I'm sure that there are many others who are in a similar situation like me worldwide.
        Best wishes!

Brenda ( ), graciously sends us on Dec. 14, 1998 this feedback.


  • Some of her experiences while taking our RV course and thoughts on mind-to-mind communication in the Theta state.


Mr. O'Donnell,

I have completed the first run of listening to your tapes.
You can be assured they will be practiced again and again.
I feel fortunate in that I had very vivid and memorable journeys on every tape. I went all over the world, into outer space, and all around my neighborhood. I was able to confirm my local trips. What fun!
I thought I'd mention that on several occasions, when you were about to explain something or when you were about to ask for me to see something...I saw it or did it just prior to your words. ( Like the table cloth on the table, I saw it open onto the table before you said the table had a table cloth on it! Or the was there too.)
My trip to Tibet was especially vivid, and very beautiful.
It would be nice to go to that place and confirm what I saw, but then again, maybe I'll just go there again tonight before I sleep!

I am curious to know your thoughts on the relationship between two people in theta state....sort of communicating there to each other. Now I mean this is taking place during the beta activities of our day. The statement I made about "theta attracting theta". I have a friendship with a few people, where we communicate very powerfully on the theta level, but what is funny, with some, we have never discussed it in beta! Too funny. We don't need to really.
One of those people is a famous person who recently passed away. But we still communicate. I am now thinking that when we die, we enter that delta whole, and can still cross into theta and meet our friends...or who we choose...Your thoughts?

On one interesting trip when I traveled into the future....
I ended up in the city of Denver, on a deserted street.
I looked around for a newspaper stand, and found the date to be 2080. There were no people in the entire city except me.

I would say now that I have completed this first run on your tapes...I have been successful. I find myself slipping into theta during the course of my day. Fun. My "E.S.P." abilities are increased. My husband and I were in our car going down the road the other day, he was driving and I was gazing out the window. I suddenly saw a specific breed of Hawk, and he was sitting right over the road. In THETA. Now, I did not say anything to my husband, because I did not know how a hawk could be sitting right over the road! How silly! But I saw his belly feathers ruffle in a slight breeze, and saw his breed type very clearly, the direction he gazed.
Not one minute later....we pass a tree limb hanging out over the road...yes, with the same species hawk sitting and facing west, just as I'd seen him. Cool!
Those types of "visions" have happened to me many times before, but this time,
I was more aware of the detail.

My husband is still on tape 3 because of scheduling...
But I am waiting for him to catch up to me, so we can monitor each other.

So that is where things are here now.

What a nice letter you received from Mr. Malone!

We wish you a happy holiday!
Brenda and John


Rodney Malone, a recent trainee ( ) sends us on Dec. 10, 1998 these comments about our course.


  • Experiencing Remote viewing through OOBE (out of body experiences).

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

I would like to express my thanks to you for the time you spent with me on the phone recently and to also provide some comments about my experiences to share with the readers of your web site. I am grateful to all of those people who have taken the time to write letters to you and allowed you to post them. Honest feedback from actual users is very important to some of us who lament over small decisions which ultimately can profoundly change our lives. The final decision to purchase your course was triggered by reading some of those letters. I would now like to return the favor and describe some of my experiences and hopefully someone out there reading will likewise be pushed that little extra way to make a good decision and purchase your course.

The text below is for our good and kind web readers who may be considering the Remote Viewing Course, and anyone else who is interested in what it's like to walk through walls and taste a lightning bolt.

The Business End.

Before I talk about the course and remote viewing, let me speak of the business end first. I have spent a hundred dollars on products before, but I have NEVER been able to call the author/owner/artist/programmer/manufacturer and actually talk to him. I didn't get an answering machine, I didn't even get a secretary or voice mail or even music. I got Mr. O'Donnell, in person, on the second ring. Mr. O'Donnell is a very tolerant, engaging and thoughtful person. He fits the role of teacher perfectly. He did not rush me, he asked me questions and let me ask him questions, some of them pretty lame I imagine. And I'm sure he has heard them all before. He was easily able to talk to me at my own level of understanding, without making me feel ignorant and in fact was quick to encourage and compliment me on the progress I have made. If you read the contents of his web site carefully, I think you will discover, as I did, that Mr. O'Donnell's primary interest is in helping the world to be a little better place. How do you do that? You help people to help themselves. You give people values and knowledge that helps them reach their own unique potential, and you get them to, in turn, pass on to others, what they have learned. I can think of a few hundred companies, teachers, and just plain folk who could learn a great deal from the way Mr. O'Donnell runs his business.

The first lesson to learn.
Read what's on this web site. Read every nook and cranny, then read it again. There is a wealth of background information, and if you are like most people, you may have to shift your thinking a bit. All of this information is explained when you listen to tape one, but if you have read it first, listening to the tape will help to re-enforce the information and make you more comfortable with the concepts and the vocabulary. If you are familiar with brain physiology and quantum mechanics, you may skip this step. (just kidding). I just re-read everything in the web site again last night and I picked up many little tid-bits that I missed the first 5 times.

The tapes are really quite delightful.

From an organizational point of view, the layout of the course is excellent. Mr. O'Donnell has paced the material in such a way as to make it easy to master one skill at a time. His voice, pace and background effects are constantly varying to keep your mind interested and help you maintain focus. Mr. O'Donnell has a marvelously mysterious voice that will capture your attention and wrap you in cloak of intrigue and wonder. Once you begin to listen, it is hard to stop on one tape. But you need to. You will have to listen from several to many times to become a master of each skill before moving on. You will not be able to do this. The lure of the next tape is simply too strong. It is obvious to me that the phrase "I must listen to the next tape" is recorded subliminally on each tape. (just kidding... again). I had a very common problem when I first started. It took me a week before I actually heard the whole of tape 2. And then I had to listen while I was at work. Why? Because when I listen to a tape who's main concern is for me to relax, usually I do. Then I fall asleep. This really is a good thing. It means you are relaxed, and it means you are mentally speaking, in the right place. Close to that magic level where funny things start to happen. Theta level. That's where logic ends and the rest of the universe begins. So how do you stay awake long enough to experience it? Here's what I did. The first bad thing I did was to listen to the tapes after everyone else went to bed. For me that's around midnight. The second thing I did was to not get enough sleep for the previous week. The third thing I did wrong was to lay down on my nice comfy bed. I was so frustrated and eager to hear the tapes that I ended up listening to it during the day, while I was working. Obviously I couldn't do the exercises, but at least I knew what they were! Finally after doing that, I took action. Well, actually, I took a nap. Then I listened to the tape. It was still late at night, but the nap made me alert enough to take the edge off and keep me awake. And I sat in a nice straight chair. Comfortable for my back, but not something that is easy to sleep in. So that was the night that started my journey. That night I think I was just light. That was really spectacular, but it couldn't hold a candle to a couple nights later, when I wasn't just light, I was lightning!

Where do you want to go today?

( I wonder if Bill Gates has these tapes :-)

Here's where it goes from really good to way out there. I've been dying to share my little safaris with somebody. And I guess the place won't ever get any better than here. So, your not sure the Remote Viewing Course is real? You don't think its worth a hundred bucks. You think it's just another boring self-help guide. Or maybe it's just a spoof? Yeah ok. I thought most of those things at least once. But I'm really good at giving people the benefit of the doubt. So let me tell you what happens around tape 3 or so and you tell me whether or not I got my money's worth. Let me first say that sitting on the ceiling ( I guess hovering's a better term) looking at myself at my desk sitting comfortably in my straight back chair is very peculiar at first, but you get use to it. It's much like listening to your own voice in a tape recorder. The first time you hear it, you don't really think it's you. You see, normally you see your image in the mirror. When you look directly at yourself, it's not reversed. And the angle is different. Then it's fun time. Zooming around looking at the corners of the room, top of shelves, things hanging on the wall. And fast. I like to move fast. A blur of light zip. . . I'm in the corner, zip a quick thought and zoom I'm at the top of the door. And its bright. Bright as day. Brighter. Why? Because I'm the light. And I'm bright. Then zoom right up to my own head and zip right back to the corner of the ceiling. Within a minute I'm a master of zipping around the room. Kind of like learning to drive a car. A bit jerky at first, then all you want is speed speed. The very curious thing about all of this is while I'm merrily zooming around the ceiling, I'm also very casually listening to the lilting voice of Mr. O'Donnell somewhere down there. He's giving me suggestions on things to try. Things to look at. Where did I go. Oh, up on the roof, to my folks house next door. Down the street. Downtown. And back. Back to my ceiling, then back above myself. And then came the real fun. The voice finished by reminding me I could do this any time and I could continue if I wanted. I wasn't quite done yet.

My First Solo.

When I was a young boy I had a marvelous opportunity to fly solo in a small airplane. That was a fantastic feeling and a wonderful experience. Imagine flying through the air, in control, by yourself. Perfect freedom. Or so I thought then. Let me tell you about my first solo mind safari. As I said above. I was hovering above myself right at the ceiling. Mr. O'Donnell had just invited me to continue my flight on my own. Fasten your seat belts please... I was extremely invigorated by the practice of moving around the room and out into my town and back. Not I was ready to cut loose. I shot up through the ceiling of the room. Puff! Each time I passed through a wall or a ceiling or any solid object I felt a puff of slight pressure. This effect is something I read about in a book and my imagination thought it was nice touch, so now every time I go through something, I can feel it... Puff. Up through the next floor, the ceiling of that room, the attic then zip through the roof... all in an instant. It's hard for me to describe the speed, but think fast. A blur. The flash. Then stopped. Hovering just above the house. I looked around. Dark and clear, yet I can see everything. The crystal black sky with a thousand million star points. I look next door. I see the roof of my neighbors house, the chimney. Chimney. Hmm. I zoom up 50 feet, then dive straight down my own chimney. As I blaze down the brick tunnel I can see the soot on the walls. I can feel the coolness of the tile and I can smell the residue of smoke. I blaze into the basement look around then shoot back up through the chimney and out into the night sky to the top of the 200 year old maple tree in my front yard. I can feel the night breeze all around me. I look all around. I feel like a big smile. Total freedom. I plunge strait down into the tree through the main trunk. The wood is illuminated around me. I can feel the wet coolness of the sap in the fibers of the wood I'm passing through. I can smell the smell of sap and wood and earth. Down I plunge into the root system and down into the dirt. I pass through layers of dirt and sand and rock. I instantly switch directions moving now horizontally faster and faster. The features of the bedrock flying past me and cool, dense and stoic. Then a quick shift up again bursting up and out through the street in front of my house, then up 100 feet and down at an angle into and through the pavement. I burrowed into the pavement and burst into the sewer pipe. A strange place to go? Not at all. The veins of the village. I zoomed through the pipe at incredible speeds. Yet I could see details of the rust and sludge encrusted pipes. I could see the inside of the pipe and the outside all at the same time. All illuminated and at the same time whizzing by because of my incredible speed. Then down I dove deeper then turned up and blasted up in to the sky again. Up and into the clouds. Through the clouds and up to incredible heights. Then down close to the ground skimming a few inches above the ground. Then up again to the west coast and instantly I'm there at the ocean. Down I plunged into the water. Down to the depths. A school of dolphin. I swam with them, dove with them, played in the water. Then down as fast as flying down to the bottom of the sea. Into the muck, then down below into the bedrock under the sea and then up two miles straight up at blinding speed and bursting out of the water straight up into the night sky. Up through the highest thinnest atmosphere. The sky now a velvet black and crisp frozen air. I look down at the world and then in an instant the moon is looming before me. I skim the surface and dip into the fine dust it puffs up around me, my form nothing but a ball of light. And up again and straight to the sun. More massive than is describable. When you reach the sun there is nothing else to see. It becomes the universe, so massive it is. Into it's plasma I dive I shoot up and over following the lines of force of the incredible 1000 mile plumes that bend back onto the surface and I plunge down into the core of the sun. The churning tumult is replaced by total calm and constant light. I fly through the incredible density of the body of our sun then I turn up and blast toward home. I see the earth before me and I plunge down into its atmosphere. Down into my country, into my state and my village, and I stop instantly, hovering a yard above my roof. Back safe and sound. I look to the south. A thunder storm is brewing. I'm off. Straight into a massive thunderhead. Then into it and straight up 30,000 feet. I can smell the ozone. I allow myself to float and be caught in the up and down drafts. Shifting violently up and down shooting a thousand feet down in one second then abruptly back up, caught in another draft. I feel the tapping of hailstones as I pass through them. Then I see a charge building, I feel the potential then up comes the bolt. A crazy angle from the ground up to the cloud. I instantly move directly into the bolt and wrap myself around it. I become the bolt. I stretch and zig and writhe like a snake. I feel my tendrils reaching out the massive and intricate bubbling of the clouds. I taste the bolt and of all things, I taste cinnamon. I shoot straight up and out of the cloud then instantly transfer myself back to my roof. I look around. I am able to see the whole of my skyline. Trees, rooftops. I feel the night air. It's cool and fresh and alive. I see the stars winking at me. I think to myself. Now that was a solo flight. I thought that was about enough for one night. So I gently drifted puff through the roof, then down puff through the upper floor and floated at the ceiling looking at myself in the chair. I'm smiling. I gently lowered myself into myself and counted up. I wriggled my shoulders a bit, rolled my neck and gingerly opened my eyes. Then I said out loud, (but quietly): "Wow! They're never gonna believe this. That was only tape three!"

There is more to come.

There is always more to come. But I've put enough down here for one night. Fantasy? Sure. Imagination? You bet. All in my head? not exactly. All in my mind? Definitely. But in my head? I think not. If it was all in MY head you wouldn't be able to see it or feel it or taste it. But you can. In fact, you can see and feel and taste everything I've described here. And it will be in your mind too. It's the same mind where the whole universe exists. And that's a pretty big mind, now isn't it? Be an explorer. See the wonder. Then pass it on.
R. Malone


Rose Szwed ( ) writes on Dec. 07, 1998.


  • Benefits of our RV course.

Wow! This stuff is incredible. I pick up pretty well anyway, but the stuff in this tape series goes beyond.
Sounds stupid, but I put on my cat's head and learned that she needed more nutrients in her food. Learned that my plants needed to be repotted. My illustrator just happened to include a job that I didn't ask for in his presentation to me. Able to see people's (those I don't know) expressions. I swear to God, I can see people's thoughts! Most of all, able to tell who is deceiving me (My slice of the business is tough!). Can find lost objects faster. Glowing. Communicating with customers at a different level. Locating needed information immediately. Spent an inordinate amount of time listening to tape 2, now I can do it on my own, even the "listen to my voice." Getting in and getting out at different levels. I question whether or not people really die. Subtle experiences. Please be sure to update me on all of your information. The course blows my mind. My list of what I can do better and faster is endless. Thanks for making this available at an affordable price. Do you all meet somewhere? Please inform me if you do.
Rose Szwed


Greg L. ( ) sends us the following comments on Dec. 02, 1998: Subject:

  • How to induce an OOBE.


Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
I took your course about a year ago.

I wrote you a few weeks ago regarding my inability to reproduce some spectacular early results. You suggested I give you a call. Rather than bother you, I first tried a slight variation of your technique. I did some "light breathing", went down the spiral and visualized various colors of light. My variation was to lie there quietly and put my awareness on the slight sensations of movement I sometimes get within my mind when I attempt RV. For lack of a better phrase I tried to "ride" with the shadows in my mind. When I felt some sensation of losing my "self" I targeted my next door neighbor's house and, Boom! I was there in an OOBE like state. I am only hoping that I can do it again.
Any suggestions on helping to access again this state and maintain it? Also I read your FAQ and was wondering when your Delta oriented course will become available.
Thanks for your help.


James Wells ( ) writes on Nov. 29, 1998:

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

     Thank you for this exceedingly interesting course. I have been studying the tapes since last August and have seen beneficial changes in several aspects of my life. Now, I am ready to move ahead. My most immediate interests are probable futures for my work with the commodity markets and photographic memory and any athletic benefits that can accelerate my training in the martial arts. Please feel free to contact me in any way that is convenient for you. I am very much looking forward to developing my abilities in this field.

     Thank you,

     James Wells


Colleen D. Marenich ( ), one of our many successful Canadian trainees, writes to us on Nov. 28, 1998.


  • Her thoughts upon undergoing our RV schooling.

Hello Mr. O'Donnell,

I am the volunteer from Calgary, Alberta you recruited several months back. You graciously rewarded me with one of your courses. I'm writing to tell you that I am almost done and to also send in my feedback.

Your course takes what others have made so complex and, in some cases, intimidating, and puts it into easy to understand concepts and easy to learn techniques. I am on the last tape - the introduction to plant and animal life - and have been amazed with what I have experienced with each and every tape in your course. After re-doing the tapes several times each, my perceptions have opened up at a whole new level. I am greatly anticipating your advanced level course.

About a year ago during my meditation sessions, I started perceiving images and a feeling of energy that felt like an electrical jolt through my body. The images and the jolt of energy were fleeting and I didn't understand what they were or what they were in relation to. In the beginning, I thought perhaps I'd dozed off to sleep, but later I realized I hadn't been sleeping at all.
When I read about remote viewing I began to appreciate that what I was perceiving in my meditation sessions could very well be my initiation into remote viewing. The more I read and the more information I found on the internet, the more interested I was in pursuing this uniquely amazing ability. I wondered though whether this ability could only be achieved by those who truly had psychic powers.

Your course has not only confirmed my earlier suspicions of the images I saw in meditation, but has given me a structured set of guidelines to improve my recognition of the Theta state, has infinitely improved my connection to energy (it is no longer fleeting - rather, it stays with me the entire session!) and is proof that anyone can learn this ability.

I am still in awe at what I have now learned to do. I have gained a new understanding of consciousness and the role it plays in our lives through your website. Having this valuable information available to me before I undertook to commit to your course I believe was essential in establishing a respect for the journey I am now on.

To simply say "Thank you Mr. O'Donnell" doesn't seem to be enough. The truth you share and the wisdom you impart is gratefully appreciated. This new journey I am on will be shared, I promise.



Michael Titus ( ) sends us the following comments on Nov. 23, 1998.


  • The effects of finding one's own "energy center": Understanding of his deeper Self.

   I recently received the REMOTE VIEWING Course One. I'm delighted with it and though I've only listened to Tape 1 (twice) and did the exercises on Tape 2 (once) I've had some very extra-ordinary experiences!
   On side 1 of Tape 2, I felt something pull out of my abdomen area and then I "saw" what appeared to be stars rushing by. It was like what I see in Star Trek when they shift into warp speed! On side 2 of Tape 2 I found my CENTER. The ball of energy went to my heart area and I can't describe the feelings when this happened. I suddenly realized the reason I've failed at so many jobs & businesses over the years was because I shifted my CENTER many years ago when my then former wife left me to run a health food store that we had started together. The day I had the extra-ordinary experience with your tape was on the 17th anniversary with my present wife. A wonderful gift!
   I'm certain that I won't have anymore unacceptable or unworkable business problems anymore.
   Thanks, Mr. O'Donnell & Staff, for the great gift you are sharing with your students.


Mike I. Titus

Paul Jackson ( ), a recent trainee, writes to us the following feedback on November 18, 1998.


  • Viewpoint from a retired military RV officer about our RV course.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
    My name is Paul Jackson and I have been in the military for about 30 years. I worked on many projects in that period of time. One of them was on the subject of remote viewing.
    I ordered your course to see what you had to offer. After taking this course, I must say that your methods are far more advanced than anything I have ever seen. I have achieved a lot of things with your course and I must admit that I am quite amazed!!
    I have been hearing through the grape vine that you will be coming out with another course soon and I would like you to please notify me when it comes out. If it is anything like the first one, I would like to purchase it as soon as possible.
    I have been retired for about a year know and have a lot of time on my hands. I can tell you this: your course has really has given me something to do and perceive things that I always wanted to see.
    Thank you again for the excellent course.
    I will be using it for many years to come.
    Paul Jackson

Brenda B. sends us the following comments on Nov. 7, 1998.

  • Subject: Feedback after one week of training.

Hi Mr. O'Donnell,
(Please do not post my email address on the web at this time. Thank you.)
    I am just sending you a bit of feedback. We purchased your tapes and have had them a week now.
    I have listened to the first two tapes.
    I have literally had a house full of company for the last 8 days, and have had little time to delve into the training further. But will again this week.
    The time I spent on the first two tapes was interesting.
    I was able to move fairly quickly through the first tape, as I read your web site and had a jump start, so to speak.
   Tape 2 allowed me to reach theta. Upon arrival, there was light, and a "neutralness" or a "oneness". I do not know how else to explain it.
    I did not receive any incoming info, but was not expecting any either. But I was clearly in a "state to receive". Though I have been there before, this time I arrived from a path not traveled before. Perhaps I did tap into Delta.
    I have not journeyed into tape 3, yet.
    A "side effect" I feel is related to this, my vivid dreaming has returned almost every night. Interesting.
    My journey "down" to theta was very vivid, I quickly found my physical perception was numbed. I was in a state of knowing.
    Interruptions by the guests staying here only deepened my state of mind.
    I feel I have been offered info in the past, through the theta level.
It will be interesting and fun for me to develop my control of seeking out this place and absorbing what is there.
    I can sense what I believe to be theta waves when they emanate from other people. It explains those "looks" or that "mind conversation without words" that I have had with a few people.
    It seems theta attracts theta! Human or animal.
    I know when I am in "theta conversation" with animal or human, but I admit more often than not, I do not fully comprehend the details of the message.
    I get the gist of it so to speak.
    What ever is going on there, I am hopeful that your course will improve my skills in this area to say the least.
    I guess I have been RViewing for some time now, but I have been sort of seeing it as something be given to me, instead of something I can approach.
    I look forward to experiencing more of the universal feeling that abounds here.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Ren and Susan Carter ( ) wrote on October 31, 1998.


  •  General comments and physical healing side-effects.

Dear Gerald:
    I have had your course about 3 weeks now. I also own Psi-Tech's course and am doing passably well with it. I am a natural psychic, but could never control it at will. Things just came to me sometimes. I am finding your method very original, interesting and relaxing. I am currently working with Tape 4 and am finding myself traveling all over the place. I will be interested to try my hand soon at things I can verify so that I know if I am correct in my thinking that I am at the level of Universal Consciousness.
     My husband has noticed an interesting side-effect: his fibro-myalgia is easing up a lot.
     I thought your essays were the best I have ever read on consciousness. I never graduated but my major in college was Cognitive Psychology so you see I have read a bit on consciousness. I will let you know how it goes after I finish all the tapes.
    Take care and thanks for sharing your talents.
Elizabeth W. ( ), one of our successful RV trainees writes to us on October 23, 1998.


  • Enhancing her professional psychological and psychic counseling career and efficiency through having undertaken our RV training.

     As a professional psychic counselor and social worker with advanced university degrees in psychology, your Remote Viewing course I was very enjoyable and beneficial. I found your course to be spiritually based. It utilizes techniques that allow each one to easily reach very deep levels of their former subconscious self: The level of the creative/imaginative mind.
     It teaches self/mastery techniques and allows one to develop at one's own pace.
     Though I was clairvoyant before taking your course, your course redefined and greatly enhanced my psychic abilities. As a result, the course allowed me to gain a better understanding and control of the mechanics of my gift.
     This is a wonderful tool that you have developed that enables anyone who desires it to access the universal mind. I personally highly recommend your course for the beginner and the advanced alike.
      Elizabeth W.

Mark L. Doyle ( ), one of our trainees, sent us on October 9, 1998 this comment.


  •  His indignation about reading misinformation about out course posted on another web site.

To the Academy of Remote Viewing:
I was told by a fellow remote viewer to have a look at (Wayne Carr's site). I read all that he wrote about all the other RV courses out there including yours. I must say that this new recently self-proclaimed RV teacher seems to be bashing everyone else's courses. I have studied his profession for years and I know, for a fact, that he is using "tricks" to get people to buy his product.
     To all the people who are looking to buy his product: Beware. This man is a professional who knows all the tricks of the trade. So do not be fooled! Anyone who bashes other people has something to hide about himself.
     I have seen other courses out there. Many of them are good to one degree or another. In my own personal opinion, Mr. O'Donnell's course is by far the best I have ever seen and I have been looking for years. There are some fine courses out there, but again be very careful.
Mark L. Doyle


John Sharp ( ) wrote us on October 02, 1998.


  •  Effect of RV course.

 I have purchased your course already. It has worked wonders for me. The course has taken me to dimensions that are hard to explain. I have a lot of premonitions, synchronicities, and much more in the way of feelings.
Thank you for the safari!

John Sharp


David Schoen ( ), a recent trainee, sends us the following feedback on September 25, 1998.


  • The ARV remote viewing course.

Hello Gerald:
     Thank you for being the only RV site to have the guts to publish openly "real feedback" from "real trainees!" and provide extensive information on Remote Viewing , its applications and mechanisms. You have the only real informative site on this subject. You do not only relate alleged feats of the "good old boys" club, but give the only in-depth explanation ever found on this complex subject.
     I would like to take the time to tell you what a wonderful remote viewing course you have put together. This information is literally worth 20 times more than you are charging for it and then some.
This message is to the people who are considering buying this course:
     I have searched a very long time for just the right course and I have to say that this course is by far the best one I have ever seen. On top of everything else, Mr. O'Donnell takes the time to help you in any way he can. He is truly a person who is looking to help other people, and he isn't only trying to make a buck. If you want the experience of you life, buy this course, you won't be disappointed!!!
If there is anyone out there that wants to ask me anything about this great course please feel free to email me at I will be happy to tell you anything you want to know about this course.
     Thank you so much
     David Schoen

Donald Vecchiolla (     comments on September 23, 1998.


  •  Training with our RV methodology  with a primary emphasis on financial trading.

Dear Gerald:

I am writing to let you know how pleased and satisfied I am with  your course.  It is refreshing to deal with someone who is honest, helpful and knowledgeable.  

I appreciate the promptness of the way you returned my phone inquiries and the solutions you provided. I am impressed  with the depth and breath of the knowledge you have demonstrated to me in our dealings. 

Your tapes are very easy to use and proved to be very effective  for me in my trading.  I do feel the course is a potent tool for all  traders.

I am a pleased customer  and would recommend your services without reservation.

Very truly yours

Tony V.

Gary Legget ( ) writes to us on September 17, 1998.


  • Seeing the mysterious "Greys".

 Hi Gerald:
    I forgot to tell you in the phone conversation today that the other night while slipping into Theta I saw what people are calling "greys." It was just looking at me, I paid it no attention, but still thought it interesting. I've seen some pretty strange characters over the years in the astral. But nonetheless I thought I might see what your thoughts are on this.



James Wesley ( ) sends us the following feedback on Sept. 16, 1998.


  • Where does the "dream" begin and where does it end?


Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
I just wanted to let you know that my course work is progressing well. On many occasions I have questions arise and have found that you have so far answered them on your web page already. As I learn more, my ability to put aside my western impacted need to have it all "now" can slowly dissolve. There have been many interesting events occurring to me in my 7th week of training but most noticeable on a physical plane is that my need for sleep has dramatically declined. Also, I often can't tell if I am asleep/dreaming or awake/dreaming ? It's really exciting to see all that's happening...Everyday I start out with excitement to go deeper into training. I now have a renewed zest for life and all the miracles that are to be realized.
Thank you for opening the doors...
Jim Wesley


Donald Vechiolla ( ) uses our RV training to improve his financial trading and sends us this feedback on September 16, 1998.


  • Use of precognitive intuitive information in trading the S&P future contract.

Hi Gerald:
       I am a new student of yours for a little over a week. I am a full-time trader.
       I cannot say enough about your material.
       I have a trading buddy that has also taken your course. He and I had a strong feeling on a high on the S&P for about two days. The number came into play to the tick. "UNREAL! "
      I do hope you do put together course #2 for trading soon. I want to be the first to purchase it. Keep up the good work.
       Thank you
                                                              Tony V


Jayne Schnmid ( ) writes to us on Sept. 12, 1998.


  • Losing physical sensory awareness of body.

   I received your course a couple weeks ago and am currently on Tape 3 side A. Nothing has really happened other than when I am listening to your voice I really am not aware of my body at all, in fact I can't even feel my heart beating or my pulse in my neck, sometimes I try to move my finger just to make sure I'm still alive! So I hope this means I'm progressing like I should be?
    I will continue to practice every day and hope to be able to let go at a deeper level every time. I look forward to future courses, I hope you let me know when the next course is.
Thank You - Jayne Schmid

Carl Auerbach ( ) sends us this message on September 10, 1998.


  • The hard-ball marketing approach of a recent self-proclaimed "spiritually" oriented RV teacher.

Mr. O'Donnell:
    I have recently noticed the comments made by Mr. Carr about your Academy and other Remote Viewing schools. I just wanted to say that I have gotten plenty of e-mails telling me that a lot of the material that he teaches was originally taken from the Farsight Institute. I also hear that a lot of these people were totally disappointed by his course. The so-called American Association of Remote Viewers is an organization that he co-founded and uses for his own marketing purposes.
    I have done some investigation on this person and have found that he took a short remote viewing courses and then claimed to be an expert. In my opinion, someone should not bad mouth other courses when he is just a beginner himself. All I know is that I would not touch his course with a ten foot pole. Not only is he charging too much but he is claiming to be something he is not. I hope people will see this for what it is before they spend their hard earned money.
    I think that you have the best course on the market today even though there are some other ones out there that have good things to offer. I would like to thank you at this time and let you know that I have come a long way and that my experiences have been great.
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
    Carl Auerbach


Russell Neil ( ) adds on September 6, 1998.


  • Experiences while training. The circle widens.

Dear Gerald,
I would like to relate some experiences relating to 'creational light'. The suggestions relating to the intensity and vibrational quality of the light from one's center of being have at times brought forth deep emotion. I recognize this experience as the same as that coming forth from previous experiences of chanting, of breakthroughs in healings I have had and other 'peak' experiences. The energy movement through and around the body I also associate with experiences of kundalini (Indian system) and of Chi (the Chinese). I have found these experiences to be very healing of the emotions and body. It is like having a deep well of unexpressed love and power unleashed. I have also noticed that my training with the tapes and practices seems to benefit others around me without me having to do anything. One friend who I had encouraged to practice some meditation had a spontaneous experience of flying to New York to offer a blessing and healing to a friend's relative who was unwell. Another acquaintance had an experience of feeling her hand filled with light. Other friends seem suddenly more interested in the healing powers of the mind. Like I said in the earlier e-mail, it is an experience of meditation that goes into the pure void and comes back with light and power, not just a one way trip to nothing. I cannot report great experiences of flying yet but I'm assisted by the reports of others on your Web site to just witness and see what happens. In response to the suggestion to ask one's inner light about past experiences I have received very quick and direct answers to questions about location and circumstances. These could be interpreted as relating to past lives - about 2 or 3 so far very specific in time and location. What seems to happens is that somehow these experiences are meaningful and seem related to my current attitudes and beliefs. There seems to be a process of integration and recognition underway without too much mental pondering or figuring out. This is the best part as it feels like deep frustrations are being resolved. Seems like a software upgrade as the conscious mind is reorganized. Thanks again for making this available.

Russell Neil ( ), an Australian trainee, sends us the following comments on September 4, 1998.


  •  The physical and emotional healing experience of light.

I received the course tapes in early August and have been training daily since. Really a wonderful experience.
I had been using the Synchronicity Foundation (Master Charles) theta and Recognitions Program tapes for about 4 years as well as using Harry Palmer's Avatar Course protocols. Your course is so easy and is helping me get beyond the tangle of mental constructs and blocks in a very easy way. I was starting to get tired of the binaural beat technology and having the intuitive prompting that it was too unnatural. So thanks again for sharing the techniques and understanding. I've had nice experiences. One thing I realized is that perhaps long term meditators become too much into the void. I say this because I have had some powerful experiences of light, with consequent healing experiences of my own emotions and body. All of a sudden people seem to turn up for me to share the understanding of the need to bring in the light to their meditations. The exploration continues. Thank you.

Gary L. ( ) e-mails us this feedback on August 25, 1998.


  • Remote viewing 48 hrs into the future a baseball game.

Hello Mr. O'Donnell.
  I've had your course now for about 3 months and am listening to it almost daily. I have learned a lot about remote viewing. My main achievement at this point is that I do quite a bit of immediate future observing while in the theta state. Usually I see 24 to 36 hrs before hand. The other day I saw the end of an exciting Yankees game. I asked to see the future and while in Theta I saw the game ending home run. Everyone was excited. The whole scene was in different shades of gray and it was if I was looking at it from the Goodyear blimp. But I knew what I was seeing and it was exciting reading about the game and having it confirmed when it took place 2 days later.
Thank you.


Russell Neill ( ), one of our Australian trainee writes on august 09, 1998.


  •  "kundalini" (mystical serpent fire) awakening while training.

I am having the experience of intense energy which is going through cycles of intense explosion and implosion. The implosion cycles are very contracting and in the body are like strong cramps. I know enough about the process to be Ok, just sharing that there is a "kundalini" thing happening in me now. Any comments on this experience is welcome. Cheers,


We received the following feedback from David Lawal ( David.Lawal@GRPC.AB.CA ) on July 29, 1998.


  •  Experiencing RV in the form of OOBE (out-of-body experiences) through time and space.

Hi Gerald:
     Let me share an experience. I had put on Tape 3 side B after waking up in the morning, and finished listening to it when I fell asleep again. As I was going back to sleep I suddenly noticed that I was slipping out of my body. I noticed my heart beating very fast, and an overwhelming feeling that I was out of my body. The interesting thing was that I knew, in the back of my mind, what I was experiencing (very much alike a lucid dream). I floated out of my bed and then fell on the floor. I felt that I was everywhere. I remember asking some questions which fascinate me, and getting some intelligent rapid replies (I had never experienced this before, even in dreams). I know the questions were not directed at any human being. I also went to a McDonald in Calgary (I live in Grande Prairie, Canada). After that I remember asking someone for the date, that a girl wrote it for me on a small paper, and that the date was 1989. The fact is that I came to Canada in 1992! I also recall hearing in the background you voice that kept repeating "You can remain at this level as long as you want", although I had finished listening to the tape before falling asleep again. I also noticed that I could coast easily between Canada and Africa. Just seamlessly. I had clear and vivid images of Africa. In the end I remember walking home, when all of a sudden there was a bright light and at the same time I realized that I was returning into my body.
     This is a truly amazing experience, thanks to this course. It certainly raises you awareness and expands your reality. As you said we are our own teacher. I am working on ways of tuning in into this powerful mode by myself.

Thanks again!
David Lawal


Ken Fairchild (  ) writes the following on July 29, 1998.


  • The life changes brought about by opening up to his higher consciousness (deep subconscious) through our course. Warmer natural interactions with individuals of the same and opposite sex.

   Hello Gerald:
   I really like the tapes.
   I think a warning/disclaimer for the course is needed. Once a person listens to your tapes and has a glimpse of a higher level of consciousness, it's difficult to imagine that person's life not being changed forever.
   I don't think that person could view the world through the same eyes again after discovering the higher levels within.
   I have bought many motivational and mind entrainment tapes in my lifetime and find yours by far superior to all the others. This course has been very uplifting.
   One of the purpose in ordering the course was to get more enjoyment out of life. I am just starting, but so far, I am very excited with the results. People are interacting with me in a very friendly and positive manner, often in unexpected ways. I have even had someone, very, very hostile to me in the past, talk over the phone and wish me well. People have been going that extra step to be nice.
   I seem to have become much more popular with the opposite sex. Without even trying anything consciously! Wow!

Anthony Marchetti ( ) a recent trainee, sends us on July 17, 1998 the following feedback.


  • Our emphasis on personalized training and follow-up versus other advertised courses.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell

Just a note to let you know that I have been communicating by Email with many people that told me that they were quite unhappy with other courses that are being offered on the net by various web sites. Most had spent a lot of money on these other RV courses. Besides dubious results they all mainly complain of very poor follow-up support.
Luckily, your have the only course on the internet that for a small amount of money will get you everything, including the best coaching support there is.
Because of you, my life has turned around and my wishes have all come true.
I can't thank you enough. You are obviously dedicated to teaching and help others and not just to make money.
In my opinion, you are a very very rare person.
A little tip to everyone who wants to learn remote viewing: this is the place to come for it! You won't be sorry!
A fellow remote viewer.

Anthony Marchetti


Kathleen Long ( ) sent us the following message on July 15, 1998.


  • Experiencing the Original Source at the life/death gateway, and stirring the Original Stillness into action by focusing through It very intense caring thoughts (love) for another of Its parts.

Perhaps you can help me out on this one:
      My Grandma, to whom I am very close to, had a stroke on Monday night. It wasn't a bad one and she seemed fine latter on that evening. I slept well for almost 8 hours that night. I was practically a zombie the next day. I drank coffee, tea, and tried to wake up. I couldn't. It was as if I were drugged. When I got home my mother told me Grandma had another stroke that morning and wasn't expected to live (she is 94). I wonder if my inner being knew that and was with her?
     Today I was feeling the same until about noon. I went to my car and I started to meditate. I mentally went to visit her in her hospital bed. She was sleeping. I went to the top of her head and above her face to her right. I saw neurons and vessels. I hugged her shoulders and held her head in my arms and I began to fly, going up, but not outside of the infinity. She turned very BRIGHT AND SUDDENLY BECAME SMALL AND ABSENT FROM MY arms as if she were dust or a busting bubble. I felt good. I opened my eyes and looked around for a second or two. I then closed my eyes again. I felt an incredible change! I was getting brighter and brighter...The first time I ever really sensed the brightness you speak of in your tapes! My heart rate increased as if I were highly excited. My eyes were closed during this experience. I began to expand, became a giant, my being becoming expanded 1000 percent. I could feel it, almost as if I were going to burst. Finally the expansion stopped and I opened my eyes. From that point on, my body chemistry changed and I became more alert and energetic. I got home this evening and mother said "Grandma is awake, talking and using her right arm to exercise her paralyzed left arm!"
     Gerald, what do you think happened to me?
     Your friend, Kathleen.


Sean Tees ( ), one of our Canadian trainees sent us on July 14, 1998 the following comments.


  • OOBE (out-of-body-experiences) while training.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
   I am writing to you to let you know and anyone else who reads this, of my experiences while listening to the tapes of your course. Let me first start by saying that this is what I've been looking for a long time now. No books or meditation have opened my mind the way your tapes have.
   The course has helped me in many aspects of my life: studies, athletic endurance, cutting bad habits, and a massive increase in lucid dreams, to name a few.
   I had been listening to tape two side A for about a week, when I fell asleep on the couch with the headset on. I found myself roaming around the living room and kitchen looking to turn on the lights (at this point I didn't know I was OOB: out-of-body). I was trying to turn on the different switches, but the lights stayed off. I knew there was power because I could see the clock on the microwave oven. I became frustrated and tried to shout. That's when I woke up, realizing I had done it for the first time. What a rush!
   The second time was a bit different: I was listening to tape two, side B, in bed when I fell asleep. (This was my first experience of a bi-location). I perceived myself in my body but couldn't move, then suddenly found myself out-of-my-body next to the door. This went on back and forth a few times and I was totally confused. I could hear my girlfriend chatting on the net in the next room but I couldn't move nor talk.
     The third time I found myself walking down one of the streets in my town when I finally asked myself: "Am I dreaming?" I immediately flew up to what would be about 25 stories in height and that is when I awoke. The experience was very vivid. I could see everything clearly.
     I am now on tape three, side A and love it. If this is what happens in the first two tapes, I can't wait to get to the last four.
                                                             Sean Tees


Bob T. ( ) adds this feedback on July 05, 1998.


  •  Is "viewing" really important for RV?

Hi Mr. O'Donnell,
    Things are going well for me. I'm looking forward to the coming changes on the A.R.V. web site.

    For a while, I got hung up on trying to make the guided imagery on your tapes as vivid as dreaming. I then realized that I had missed the point. These images were not the tools you were providing. It is the concepts they represented the are the tools. I almost got "stuck" on the point of vivid imagery. My goal was to learn to remote view and I have learned that I can do it. My focus now is in learning how to do it effectively and accurately so that I can put it to good use. The imagery you guide us through on your tapes may never become as vivid as with dreaming for many of us, but the images I have received from the universal mind while remote viewing have been as vivid if only momentarily. Part of turning this natural ability into a developed skill is learning to describe effectively the information received. Also the tools provided in your tapes are not rigid laws. They can and should be adapted to one's own particular views and needs.
    I believe that vivid imagery will come with time as a natural development of the skill, but to put too much importance on it will only hinder and tend to get one stuck.
     Thanks again,


Bob T. ( ) wrote to us the following on June 28, 1998.


  •  Life changing effects of his RV training.

Hi Mr. O'Donnell,
    Thanks again for the course. It has changed my life in many ways, especially in the area of self-esteem. I have lived most of my life in fear of success and that has cost me dearly because many times I fail at my endeavors or at best do not completely achieve what I desire. I have always been puzzled by this irrational fear but never understood its real source, and could not get a handle on it.
     The exposure to frequent theta states has really expanded the scope of my awareness, heightened my intuition, and brightened my insight.
      While thinking on this problem about two weeks ago, I posed the question, (much as I would when RVing a practice target), about the source of this irrational fear. The almost immediate answer nearly knocked me to the floor not from its intensity but its clarity. I have not been afraid of success, I have been afraid of the responsibility that comes with success. This came from a childhood of being called "stupid" at every turn by my father. I have long ago cleared the air between father and myself but this one piece of baggage remained. Now that I understand its source I can take steps to deal with it. I have not been afraid to take on responsibilities when placed on me by others but deep down I felt unworthy or unqualified to assume responsibility for my own endeavors, desires and plans. This has now changed.
      By the way, I am already RVing without the tapes although I still listen to them from time to time to reinforce the training.
      Thanks again for the keys to unlock this incredible journey.



Patrick O'Brien ( ), one of our recent trainees, sent us on June 24, 1998 the following feedback.


  • Tasking, gambling, OOBE, remote influencing, deep theta.

Mr. Gerald O'Donnell,

I thought you may be interested in some observations after going through half your course. I have been involved with Remote Viewing for about two years, and have already completed another course in RV based in England.

Because I have been practicing RV for two years; I find it fairly easy to arrive at a state of theta. Due to this fact as well as the power of your tapes; I find myself falling asleep in the middle of a tape. In order to combat this problem I have switched to sitting in a chair rather than reclining in order to experience the tapes. Also, I find it helpful to move a finger or a toe when I feel myself slipping beyond theta into delta. One may also open and close the eyes, but this may be too distracting for a beginner.

Tape three appears to be leading towards an out-of-body experience (OOBE) with its practice of extending a part of the light-body or biophysical vehicle out of the physical body. While this may lead to an OOBE; which gives an almost “being there” clarity, it is more important to use it as a visualization practice. Even though the OOBE state gives great clarity, it also disconnects the viewer from his intuitive state. While an OOBE does give great visual clarity; it is more important to be able to receive intuitive flashes or a feeling of “knowing.”

Once the student progresses and begins to practice on actual RV targets; it is very important to target accurately. This includes targeting an accurate TIME. If the target is what is happening right now at the base of the Eiffel Tower and one doesn’t specify it as such; the information received may pertain to the date of construction or even to some time into the probable future.

Another tip about targeting in reference to gambling is to go for the general feeling. For a beginning viewer it is easier to have a feeling about whether today is a good day for winning, rather than a specific winning experience. For example, get the winning day and then feel for the winning place, followed by the winning table or slot machine. Walk around the room until a particular machine gives you that winning feeling. Then don’t be too greedy. Walk away with several small profits rather than trying for one big one.

One experience your students should be aware of is the possibility of Remote Influencing. I have found that with continued practice of RV, RI can sometimes spontaneously occur. This can be a frightening experience if not properly understood. However, one does not have to worry about unconsciously influencing someone in a negative way. The Universe does not work like that. I have experienced influencing someone unconsciously. I was thinking that I would like a glass of iced tea; when my host poured me one. I said, “Thank you,” mentally, and she said, “You’re welcome,” out loud. I have since been able to positively influence an upcoming meeting; but this only works if one influences it in a positive way for all concerned. There can be no losers.

Finally, I would like to say that your tapes are the perfect way for a beginner to experience RV. They naturally lead the student into the theta state, teaching them what that state feels like, and enabling them to ultimately achieve theta without use of the tapes. I look forward to the advanced set of tapes still to come.

If anyone would like to contact me, my e-mail is :

Good journeys,
Patrick O’Brien


Kerry Clark ( ) writes to us the following comments on June 10, 1998.


  • How "real" are symbols and myths? Powerful realization.


Yes, it was a fine conversation we had. I am still reflecting upon it. I was intrigued by your remarks about lower Delta. I'm not attracted there however, just interested.

I appreciate your point about how the mind will resort even to folklore in order to interpret something completely beyond its understanding. French writer Jacques Vallee points out that when presented with an unusual visitation, Scandinavian people see blond giants, the Irish see Wee Folk, the English see fairies, and everyone has seen religious figures. Once in the old American West, some highly unusual visitors were reported to have appeared in widely separated locations, all on the same day. The travelers were uniformly described as fashionably dressed young men in a wonderful mechanical wagon. A century later, it was Greys in flying saucers. So in each case we find the embodied mind scrambling to turn something utterly unfamiliar into something contemporary and understandable. This doesn't mean that Bernadette really didn't see Mother Mary at Lourdes, or that those enormous UFOs really didn't cruise over Arizona last year. It just means that this is how those things happened, because this is how everything happens. This is how the entire universe rises out of changeless, pure consciousness at every moment. I know that you point to this in your tapes and on the web site. Now a few of the contributors to the Response Page are also talking plainly about higher values. There will always be trainees who write to the Response Page and attract a lot of attention with their ability to use RV for successful investments or trips to faraway places. But others, working more quietly, will find their way to the end of all using, and simply stand in wordless awareness of what they really are. I hope we get to hear more from those people.

Thanks for the good wishes, Gerald. The same to you and yours ---



Kerry Clark ( ) writes to us on June 7, 1998.


  • Tasking for RV sessions.

Hi Gerald,

I just read the note from Bob T. on the Trainee Feedback Page. He describes a session where he was treated to a wonderful trip, clear out of the solar system, to view something he asked to see. He was left with some interesting questions unanswered, though. The problem is that he was shown precisely what he asked for, and that’s all. "I must learn to ask my questions more carefully," he says. Bob T. has hit upon an important issue.

After the long conversation we had about "tasking" for a RV session, I would like to share with you and your readers my explorations of "tasking" while doing solo RV sessions. Originally, I would often go into a session, and as my mind stabilized around the deep Theta level I would start to receive some information, only to spoil things by getting involved intellectually and trying to decide what to ask for next. That didn’t work of course; it took time, and it was too disturbing to the flow of impressions. I decided, as Bob has done, that by thoughtfully setting up the objective before a session, one can eliminate a lot of distraction. I know, we’re getting a little beyond the training in Volume 1, but briefly, and this concurs with your ideas, here’s what I found that helps –

First, list the name of the target in writing. Be brief. Then write something else brief to further define the target. Tell if what you’re looking for is an event, a person, a lost object, a concept, a piece of abstract information, mention a time frame if that’s important, etc. Then as if writing instructions for another person, specify in plain language what you want to learn about the target. For instance, "Perceive and record the colors, textures, sounds, smells, temperature, humidity, and the emotional atmosphere at the target location. Note the size, shape, and density of any objects present. Determine if those objects are natural or crafted. Observe and record any movement, technical or mechanical devices, energy sources, or living entities present at the target site." You get the idea. I know there will be refinements of this process in forthcoming training tapes, but for now I just try to make the tasking clear and direct. The term "tasking" is borrowed from the RV literature. I don’t know a better word.

The final part can be standard to every session. Add an instruction not be aware of any extraneous influences during the session, not to view anything at all besides, or unrelated to, the wanted information. Finally, ask the Universal for assistance in this session, and respectfully express appreciation for that help. Then dedicate the session to the highest good for all concerned. These last two items are important.

To set up a session like this works for me. It defines and stabilizes a session whether or not there is a monitor, and whether the target is front loaded or blind. None of this is my invention, of course. I took the parts I liked from everything I could find and learn on the subject. I hope it’s okay to somehow overstep the training tapes like this. You told us we’re our own best teachers.

Best regards,



Dr.Wolfgang Walker of Berlin/Germany ( ), one our new trainees sends us the following very important comments on June 06, 1998.


  • His misgivings about the ways "modern pseudo Psycho-sciences" are practiced today.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell!

Yesterday I received your remote viewing tapes and in a quiet hour I listened to the first tape. I liked it very much and I got the impression, that these tapes will be wonderful. So I wonder how it will be to develop the mentioned capabilities in a step-by-step fashion.

As a practicing psychologist and trainer in the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and also as an author and researcher in the field of psychotherapy and psychiatry, I'm very curious about the insights these tapes will probably give to me. You know, after having completed my first book (about the philosophical and historical backgrounds of NLP) nearly three years ago, I've been opening up myself to a new question I could pay my attention to.

 Within two or three months a new question arose: I just began to realize, that academic psych-ology, psych-iatry and psycho-therapy don't pay the needed effort to a deep exploration and definition of their own subject ... the "psyche". Everyone talks about doing "psycho"-therapy, but who really knows what we are treating with our methods? And will we really succeed in healing people as long as we don't know what we're doing? Sometimes I think we should bring ourselves back to some more reasonable relation to older healing traditions. Isn't it a little bit too self-righteous to think of this (maybe just about 100 years old) academic tradition as if it would be the only rational concept mankind did ever develop?

Maybe I'll learn something about these interesting questions ... and maybe this learning could help me and other psychotherapists to improve our work.

Thanks again for your interesting material!

Wolfgang Walker


Darrel Blomberg
( ) writes to us on June 6, 1998.


  •  UFO research.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
   All I can say is WOW.....Spectacular!!!!!
   I have just finished the tapes and am going over them again and again. This subject and the course is definitely an eye opener. I have been a UFO researcher for many years and this course fits in perfectly to most of the UFO activities that I have found. When more advanced courses are available I really want to participate. I look forward to speaking with you again.
   Thank you.
   Darrel Blomberg


Ted Clarke
( ), one of our British trainees sent us the following on May 5, 1998.


  • RV to Iraq. "Clearing out" (executions) of detainees, Iraqi "style".

    While RV’ing, I recently became very aware of being in a modern court yard in a jail type structure with a veranda all around it. There was a penetrating sun glaring down on those in the inner court yard. I questioned where was I, and the answer came back that I was in Iraq. I got emotional impressions from somewhat sick bullish type men most in uniform whom were watching executions. I was seeing very battered looking individuals whom were being hanged and some tortured using electric shocks, so powerful that flames came from them, just under the veranda of the court yard.

    On sensing and seeing the situation I withdrew backwards being covered by white almost cartoon-like clouds. I was certainly not asleep. In fact, the consciousness of the moment was deeply impressed upon me.

    This occurred in November 1997. In April 1998 I saw the an article in the London Daily Telegraph stating that there had been a "clear out" in the jails in Iraq during October, November, and December whereby all those with 15 year or more sentences had been executed. 1500 or more persons had been executed. The relatives of some of those whom had been executed described the bodies as having been subject to torture using electric shocks.



Bob T.
( ), a recent trainee, sent us on May 03, 1998 the following description.


  • His voyage through space while attempting to look for intelligent life, and of an OOBE (out-of-body-experience) that he experienced while listening to out training tapes.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,
      I enjoyed our discussion Saturday evening May 3, 1998. It was encouraging to find I was progressing. Saturday night was incredible, I replayed tape 2 and just let it happen. I was able to let go completely all the way through the tape. I waited for about 1/2 hour then played tape 4 for the first time and again I was able to just let it happen. I thought up a question before the session which was " Show me the star system inhabited by intelligent life that is nearest to earth's system". I chose that question because it was not critical to any current situation and rather interesting. Sometime during the session I had a very vivid image and sensation. I found myself streaming through space with what I think were stars flashing by and zoomed in on one in particular. I was aware of several planets in the system and one seemed to stand out more than the others. It was various shades of orange to brown but had areas of blue which I think was probably water. I saw some cloud cover as well. The whole event seemed to last about 3-4 seconds, I actually felt the acceleration although I was aware of laying on the couch as well. I have no idea where this system was in the sky nor what kind of life was on the planet. I'll have to learn to ask my question more carefully. As the tape ended I heard your instructions to emerge and decided to get up. I felt the peculiar vibration often associated with OOBE and when I stood up I looked to my right and there I was laying on the couch!! I was so startled that I "snapped" back in and was wide awake!
     I really wasn't expecting that kind of progress! This is only the beginning of my third week. I'm very excited and looking forward to the journey. Thanks again and feel free to post this if you wish.



H.J. Miller
( ), a recent graduate, wrote to us on April 30, 1998.


  • His remarkable experience of the Great Self, and his merging with the non/space time reality while keeping his eyes opened. He also addresses business trend forecasting applications of Remote Viewing, and remote site viewing for business use. As a long-time and high-level trainee of the Monroe Institute, he favorably compares our methodology and results to their advanced Gateway protocols (Out of Body Experience).

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:

First and foremost - THANK YOU for generously making available the Remote Viewing course.

I can only define it with one word WOW!! and, as "Tony the Tiger" in that cereal commercial would come to say GReaat....

Comparison of your course to the Monroe Institute advanced training

As a practitioner of the Monroe Hemisync Gateway protocol, your tapes have developed for me a surprisingly easy way to reach Theta 4/ Delta 2 and I would like to remark a bit on the comparison of the two systems.

Robert Monroe developed what is called a "binaural" beat, that is, transmitting one tonal frequency in the right ear and a totally different tonal frequency in the left ear.

The brain in trying to decode these two tones would, Monroe discovered, generate a THIRD distinct tonal frequency that unlocked a variety of mind experiences.

These are called "Focuses" and, in providing some sort of definition for them I'll provide a brief idea as to what the main focus points do. (There exist lower numbers but, we'll concentrate on those higher ones that are parallel to generating the Theta/Delta state).
Focus 12 - established the higher energy state of "expanded awareness"
Focus 15 - is a state of "no-time" in which one explores beyond the constraints of time and space. In effect, a form of communion with the higher self.
Focus 21 - is a multifunction state as it first develops a separation of
mind-consciousness from the physical reality. Second, alike Delta (sleep), this is a "mind-awake", "body-asleep" bi-location activity enhancer, that projects the consciousness into an "out-of-body" state (OBE).
It is in this state of profound Theta 4 / Delta 2 that Monroe discovered which he termed "Gateway" functions, in that these tonal frequencies direct the action of consciousness towards inter- dimensional awareness (true bi-location): that which is known as "astral projection."
I have been an "Explorer" (as we were then called) since the early 1970's where, in those days we really didn't get far until Bob stumbled across an extremely simply key, that unlocked the "Gate" to allow exploration. The key was "Affirmations". It seems that when one reflected with an affirmation of protection and pleading for knowledge and insight, the entire aspect of Creation opened and one became "conscious of the cosmic" (Cosmic Consciousness).
So how does the Monroe Gateway parallel your Remote Viewing tapes?
Firstly, you have developed a decidedly "simpler" methodology and, your technique of mind expansion is extraordinarily effective.
Your use of the background tones (music) helps initiate a relation that causes the physical senses of the body into being "fooled" into a deep relaxed state which allows the mind to slip into Theta 1 which is the first Gate.
Your tapes appear then to also move the student into Theta 2 and slip into Theta 3. (Gate 2)
The technique is extremely easy and, as said, extraordinarily simple.
This I found to be practical and totally enjoyable.
So what of the experiences that I've undertaken?

I appear to have, through using your tapes, moved into an extremely profound Theta 4 / Delta 2 in which I experience an irradiant blackness ("Blackness Visible").
Here, in this state of awareness, is the most profound Silence possible.
Yet, it is here, that there is loss of words to describe the experience.
I believe that when we spoke on the telephone, it took me over
five minutes just to introduce it.
I felt that "IF" I had moved either left of right,, I would have had total physical absorption - such as that experienced by the ancient Rishi or yogi.

I believe that this is the Very State of Transition that all of the great
teachers of mankind have experienced and perhaps this is the
"gift" that is there for all who venture that way.
It was beyond being profound.
It was total, complete absorption of the id, the individual identification of self.
I'll say more about this later.

You warn of this state at the very beginning of the course and yet, this appears to be a natural gravitation.
Remarkable business applications

We (my business partner and I) purchased your course to aide us in our venture, and believe me it has gone way beyond expectation.
We have started to develop a sense of "guilt" in that we are able to
"control" our "competition" to a ridiculous extent. (without giving away what it is we do, as your know..)

In all, the general experience of being able to Remote View our
business is pronounced.

My partner using your tapes, has developed the same R.V. alpha/numeric abilities that I have and can literally read files thousands of miles away.

This is but a small indicator of just how powerful your RV technique is.
We can project or forecast trends and activities to a resounding 81% which gives us an extremely decided advantage in dealing with our business affairs.

Another amazing happening

I've had, as said in our earlier conversation, a number of remarkable
experiences, one being in a T3/ D1 state and being able to roll my eyes down (at this stage one's eyes are usually rolled up into the eye socket towards the forehead) and actually open the eyelids and look at my surrounds .
The head and body were rigid, and felt cool, breathing was shallow, perhaps 3-5 breaths a minute. I didn't pay attention to my heart rate but was more than amazed that I was able to do it, to say the least.
An Extraordinary Experience!
This lasted, it appeared, an "eternity" (no-time awareness).
But, this experience was well remembered by me, as I had been able to see the clock radio and mentally note the time.
 The sensation was totally different than an OBE. There was no bi-location being expressed, there was a physical union of mind and body but with a total absence of sound.
 It was similar to a "waking dream" but, again, it wasn't,, because of the dynamics of earlier experiences that I've been through.
Nearly A Quarter Century of Experience

I realize that I've been doing Theta 4/ Delta 2 since at least 1974/75 so I have been exposed to almost a Quarter Century (24 years) of
exploration in these altered states of consciousness of what would generally be considered "remote viewing" via the Monroe Gateway protocol.
So then, what was this earlier extraordinary experience of being in that "irradiant blackness"?
In all actuality I believe that it was that profound "nothingness" that is the Self that which is called by all: "me, myself and I" - our personal expression of what one would refer to as being "God".
So then, where does one go from here ?
For one, I would like even more suggestions and input as to your methodology, especially to establish written protocols to enable better control and feedback.
My Hearty Recommendation

I would heartily endorse the course to anyone who is emotionally stable and not taking mind altering chemicals. Although I have years of OBE and Theta 4/ Delta 2 exploration, I know that it works well since my business partner who was green behind the ears in this, is able to Remote View alpha/numerically effectively using your tapes.
Again Thank you so much for providing the tapes.
The very best.


Mark Wright
( ), a recent graduate, writes to us the following comments on April 20, 1998.


  • The wonderful experience and effects of connecting to High Consciousness: precognitive thoughts, thought reading, mind expansion, and especially the experience of Oneness and enlightenment.

Dear Mr. O' Donnell,

     I just found out that I have been accepted into Columbia State University for a Doctorate Program in Theology. Got the news this Friday!!!
     I ordered your course to understand more about myself, because I already knew that my inner eye was open. I am at tape # 4, and have found that many of the things I have already experienced are on your tapes. When I told my friends that thoughts were as Pulses of White Spheres, they did not know what I was talking about. Neither when I told them that they would do an "Orbital " around me. Being in a non-restrictive state enables one to be aware of the "Thought-pulses Transferring," on which the earth and its frequencies are operated. Thoughts are as "Signals," from "Transmitting and Receptive Frequencies.", which are part of our "Transmutative State."
     I start off seeing myself as a " Radiant White Person," just like an " Angel," then I fly everywhere with the reality of being there, as in a vivid dream state.
     I am already experiencing the consciousness of "deja vu," events of the future, already happening. Precognitive thoughts come even when I am not trying to retrieve them. They happen as a totally normal function, freely, even when I am not thinking about them. I would say that we all already have these "inheritance capabilities." And I would say that they are "inmediasres."
     By the time I get to the last tape I should be very good at this. I have realized that many of the things I was already doing with my eyes opened are what your course is all about.
     I have reasoned that this is effortless. I am becoming rapidly advanced as I continue on your course. I find myself already seeing other people's thoughts. And as a dog that was barking at me decided to come closer to me, I just stared back at him, and he immediately started running away, crying.
     This light and life which I have always been part of and I am now being, has given me the cohesion to this world in which I live and the ability to achieve great heights beyond the normal personality of an intellectual identity. It is very clear that for the average person, when he is transformed into the "Essence of Divinity," that his words and intelligence increase along with the humbleness and awareness of our Creator and the Created.
     My enlightenment has already helped me contribute to the advancing of AIDS research here in the U.S. I wrote " Overviews" on the Etiology and Pathogenesis of HIV-AIDS which I submitted to the National Institutes of Health. They welcomed my ideas. I was the first researcher to introduce the idea of Genetically Engineered Antiviral Software (GEAVS). This concept originated from the logic associated with High Level Languages found in Computer Communications. It postulates that a disease is akin to a "source program," and that it can be decoded so that the proper solution to it can then be obtained. It has its own language associated with its Etiology and Pathogenesis.
     "How wonderful," being in the light of our ethereality and at rest with ourselves." Realizing the hidden Light that resides in all of us, that connects us to the interatomics that is of God and of love. This spark as the life of the spirit, which abounds and knows no limits to space or time. And no limits to the "us" of the Universe, Man and God.
     The experience is of that of a caterpillar who has gone through the metamorphoses, from the cocoon to the enlightened realms of pure and limitless thought of eternal peace, wholeness, and omnipresence as he now sees from the butterfly's view. My revelations, of viewing the world from above the earth as I fly upon the wings of my own thoughts and perceptions.
     We are, each one, this light as a consciousness, that is able to travel anywhere and in a moment's notice, from around the earth to the thoughts of others and to the outer reaches of the universe. NASA has always been trying to figure out how to get man to far-away planets and galaxies. This is the way in the light. Time travel is possible, and being in this state of emancipated reality of "Pulse Thought," is what we are really in the first place.
     I find my experience as normal and effortless as a flower blooming into its splendor and awesomeness. Seeing all as this same light, and knowing that many just need to turn it on to see what they should be seeing. Beyond the wheels of the mind and our world of identities and man's vanities of self-conceit, and self-esteem. Finding my " Inner Peace," in the totality, while being at a human level of our material existence. Knowing that my ethereality is my true self as this light and presence.
     For, any who experience their inner light opening will become aware of the core teachings found in many religions of the world: the awakening of the spirit. And their conscious awareness of their place and position in the universe, and in God. Relationships are then elevated to the infinity of the person's unlimited abilities in order to explore and find the mysteries of his origin, purpose and destinies. It is similar to returning to your own first birth, back to the womb, then into a new light of eternality. With the tools of meditation, relaxation, visualization, and serene stimuli, any person should be able to contemplate his or hers awareness and focus on their inner potentiality.
     This inner awareness is part of the universal consciousness that is part of all people and all things. We really are lights in a world of darkness and this awakening can bring the person to a true and heartfelt reality that we are of one, and one with all.
     When this light (Prana) emits from thy body, the individual attains "Divinity." For Jesus said that when thy eye is open, thy body is full of light.
     True enlightenment is of no effort. The universality of the Love of God is found in all, and at the core of all Religions.
     The Ancients of many civilizations speak of transversing the terrestrial to the celestial home. The resting of the Spirit, into Divine Emancipation. The breaking of the Seven Seals, the Sahasrara (crown).
     You don't need to read the Bible to know and trust God.
     You can already accept him and know.
     Be well my friend, for the Kingdom of God is at Hand. I would like to tell your students to open their hearts, and not the wheels of their minds. To be in the Light, is to be already.
     To know is to see the Love of God. For even the fish has to be out of the water to know its life source to want to return. Faith and Prayer will help them also, for the Spirit of God is pouring upon this earth, and out of many loving cups, shall the waters flow freely.
     Jesus said that the Lion will Lay with the Lamb, for all thoughts shall be as one. Love is the interatomic that is part of all.
     God Bless You!

     Mark Wright

Bob Royal
( ) writes to us on April 14, 1998 about his futures trading experiences using our Remote Viewing course:

Hello Gerald:
     Just a note to let you know how things are coming. I am on tape 3 side B now and have not experienced RV in a visual manner but have felt/known very exact numbers in the Futures market. Today, for instance, I felt at the opening that the high in Crude Oil would be $15.39 and the low $15.13. On the open, the price went down to $15.11 from $15.28 and then rebounded to $15.36. Then traded around $15.22 all day. I then asked myself the close for crude. I felt $15.09. I just checked it. The price went to a new low of $15.09 before closing at $15.12. Pretty good estimates!
     Yesterday, I felt that a crude low price to trade would be $15.38. Most of the day the low was $15.36. Halfway through the day, I asked myself to see the high and nailed it at $15.58: the exact high of the trading session! Then the price trashed back to $15.28 at the close, whose price I had not asked to see.
     Similar predictions have been coming, and they seem to be getting more accurate and meaningful.
     I have had only one day out of five or six in which the numbers I felt/knew made no sense at all. The rest of the time, the specific numbers came to me, which then popped up latter in the day and would have been very useful to me had I traded upon the information I received.
     I plan to stop paper trading soon and start real trading if this continues.
     I am really convinced that there exists a river of information. I continue to pray for God's will in these matters. So far, there has been no negative feelings along that line. I do believe that God reveals truth to each of us.

     Thanks again


Walter Zelensky ( ) writes to us on March 19, 1998 about experiencing a bi-location and exploring the frontiers of space and time:

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
     I am currently taking RV trips without the assistance of the tapes. I am experimenting under different environments and conditions. I did not reach yet the same depth of Theta as with the tapes, but I am working on it. I am still training and know that I will be in training for a long time since I am discovering something new on every trip. It is now possible for me to switch on-the-fly from material reality to immaterial reality in a few seconds.

     I would like to mention an recent incident that occurred while I stopped at a red traffic light. I suddenly switched and remote viewed another location, without loosing perception of my environment. When the cars around me started to move, I did too. It took several long seconds before I recognized the place and area that I was remote viewing. that area is close to my home. Very strange experience. It was like being in two places at the same time. It was foolish of me to have been so careless behind the wheel.

     I think that I experienced RV for the first time while listening to tape 2A. I went through the tapes at least twice. Some of them more than that. Every time there is a discovery. The trips took me to the past, the future, into objects, out into space, down under the waters - just name it. This does not necessarily mean that everybody will have the same experiences during or after the training. Nevertheless, everybody has an opportunity to experiment in the RV state and learn from the source which is beyond the grasp of material perception.
     RV is definitely a fascinating subject.
     Best regards,



Walter Zelensky
( ) wrote to us on February 26, 1998 the following regarding his space/time explorations:

     Yesterday I was listening to tape #4 again. I had, for the first time, a very emotional experience. I suddenly felt that I was not an entity in space, but that I had dissolved in the cosmos. I was not traveling through it anymore. I was part of it. Right after that, my travels to the past took me to St. Petersburg in the 18th century. This was again a very vivid experience. I was there. The cold air, the smells of the streets, the warm bodies of horses, black and gold carriages, sleds. Empty streets at night. It was a very uplifting experience. I am still under the "influence." I should mention that Paris, Venice, Tibet and New York left different impressions as well. I think that this time I was able to make a special connection which took me further than before.
     Just as you said: "Listen to the tapes again and again. Practice, practice, practice." Will talk to you later. I have places to go to and people to see.

Walter Zelensky
( ) writes to us on February 19, 1998 regarding the great effect our RV course had upon his studying abilities and his successful application of RV in his capacity of private investigator:

Good evening:
     Mr. O'Donnell, I want to thank you for your training. I had two reasons for ordering your RV course. I needed a tool which would help me achieve higher academic levels in my studies. In addition to that, I hoped that the training in Remote Viewing would give me enhanced abilities to perform my duties as a private investigator. As you can see, I had very practical reasons for undergoing the training.
     Your RV course played a major role in my studies. I passed my advanced engineering final exams with flying colors. I had very little time available in order to cover all the material required for study. Time was working against me. In the past, when faced with similar situations, I would be cramming my studies in the last few days before an exam and would keep my fingers crossed. This time, however, I was able to prepare for the final exams differently. I used the methods that I learned from you and a procedure that was sent to me while remote viewing.
     It is hard to believe that only a few weeks ago I would think of an idea such as Remote viewing as something that might come out of the works of Herbert Wells or Kurt Vonnegut, and that now I am talking about it with my wife, taking notes, and that nobody is calling for people with straight jackets on hand.
     By the way, Brian Tracy mentioned that various people have been able to tap into the Universal Mind by meditating in solitary conditions. One of the most famous ones was Gandhi.
     I am contributing my success at school to the methods that you shared with me throughout the course. As a result, I graduated with a Graduate Point Average which I would have doubtfully achieved without the training. My powers of concentration were much higher than usual, I could memorize much better, and as a result my confidence level soared.
     On several occasions I was able to remote view in advance my test scores and certain events in the classroom. One of the most amazing example of this was when I saw my score of 98 for a quiz which was scheduled for the next day. When the instructor returned the test results, my quiz was graded at 86 (98 upside down)!
     Another good example of a practical application of Remote Viewing occurred during an incident, while being on an investigative assignment, when our team lost a subject under surveillance from our view. We were unable to observe the subject walking into a business establishment without exposing ourselves. The car that this subject had driven was in plain view, parked. After a while we realized that the subject had been inside for a unduly period of time, well beyond reasonable expectations. We grew impatient. There was the possibility that the subject could have evaded us and left a long time before in another vehicle. There were not many choices available. We could check on every establishment to make sure that the subject was still inside and risk exposing ourselves, or we could sit and wait.
     I tried to visualize, using your remote viewing techniques, the building from its inside, but initially could not. It was only on my third attempt that I finally saw a expose of a portion of the building structure with the subject inside of it. After another long hour wait, the person came out from the portion of the building which I had visualized. I did not say anything to my partner, but was sure glad that I advised him to wait.
     I am now able to go beyond the practical aspects of Remote Viewing. I am experimenting with Time and Space travel. I have tried the Remote viewing protocols that you suggested to me. They work as you said. I got it! Thanks.
     This is just the beginnings of my journey. I am looking forward to having a great time and learn a lot in the process.
     Best regards,


Don Bradley ( ), a respected internationally published author, and one of our graduates, sent us the following comments on February 22, 1998:

Dear Academy of Remote Viewing:
     "Mr. O'Donnell's course carries with it the supreme benefit of showing the student that there is much more to life than just faith and hope, when considering the divine and One Life of our existence."
     "Careful, loving, and prudent practice reveals much more to the aspirant in this regard, no matter how quickly or slowly they progress with his teachings."
     "If the students will attempt to motivate their work with Mr. O'Donnell's system together with a spirit of good will and unselfish love, great stride can be made in the building of those inner bridges so desperately sought by humankind in its existence on earth, both now and in times past."
     "Gone are the days of merely hoping that God exists. With the RV course, the existence of reality as it REALLY is will at once make its presence felt upon any sincere heart that will give this system the benefit of the doubt. After that, only the destined path of love combined with striving will either provide the limitation of the student, or give him wings."

     Don Bradley.


Martin Ligezinski ( ) of Vienna, Austria sent us on January 28, 1998 the following comment about his space/time travels:

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,
    I have completed your course about three months ago, and it was, and actually still is a great experience. I am very busy at the university but have decided to take some time to share with you some of my experiences.
    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on this great course. I have to admit that I started getting interested in RV in January 1997 when I saw an ad for the book "Psychic Warrior: Inside the CIA Stargate Program: The True Story of a Soldier's Espionage and Awakening" by David Morehouse. After reading this book I decided to take a closer look at this subject because I already had had some "strange experiences" starting in my childhood. For instance, it happened quite frequently during periods of relaxation that I would ask myself a question and suddenly "knew" the answer. I did not, however, know what to do with this kind of information or where it came from. So I just put under the personal heading of "strange experiences."
      I visited therefore all the web sites I could find about RV and psychic research. Then I experimented with some of the protocols used in the US and my results were, well let's put in it that way, satisfying enough to prove to myself that RV actually "works."
     I then found your Web site and decided to purchase the course because it took a different approach to the subject. I felt very comfortable while listening to the cassettes and I proceeded very slowly (staying up to two weeks with each tape in order to feel really "used" to the experience).
    At first I was not sure whether I was really at Theta but after some time I realized when I was and when I wasn't.
    The first voyage around the world kept me baffled for almost two hours because the experience was so intense. After getting used to the fact that there is more than one way to experience RV, I proceeded to ask myself some interesting questions such as: How where the Great Pyramids built? What had happened at Roswell? What had caused the crash of the car in which Lady Diana was killed? . . . and some answers were not as I would have expected them to be!
    All in all, it is a great experience and I am looking forward to any test that might be given on your web site. I especially like the idea of using RV in order to help organizations searching for missing children and I am sure that RV can and will serve many useful purposes in the future.
    Feel free to publish any of the above information on your web site. I am also open to any questions which readers of your web site may have.
    All the best,



George Westwood ( ), a recent remote viewing trainee, sent us on January 20, 1998 the following e-mail.


  • His conscious experience of the Delta (Universal Mind) level, similar to an NDE, while being at the interface of deep Theta.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
    I am writing to tell your students about the "peak" experience that I had using the methodology of your remote viewing course. Last night I decided to practice the "quick" method of entering the theta state. I was lying in bed, going through the "elevator" method and spiraling, suddenly a "tunnel" appeared directly in "front" of me. At the end of this tunnel was a soft, bright golden white light.
    This was not a visualization, as I had no control of it whatsoever. It was independent of my imagination. The light was captivating, but, after a few seconds I was startled and lost my theta flow. I am not kidding! I know this sounds like an NDE, but I was obviously not near death.
    Incredibly enough, I also had a "Lucid" dream the same night!
    Also, I want to thank you for explaining the implications of this experience to me. I do recommend your course for those interested in such experiences in addition to the remote viewing aspects.



Joseph Kenney
( ), one of our RV trainees, wrote to us on March 2, 1998 the following comments.


  • His successful application of Remote Viewing at trading the futures markets and in improving his "luck" in gambling situations:

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:

     I would like to drop you a line to update you on my progress. I still have not chewed smokeless tobacco since January 10, 1998, and have no cravings for it whatsoever.
     Another RV experience I recently had happened in Atlantic city where I won some money. The way I went about it was as follows: Prior to entering the casino I would ask myself if, upon entering the establishment, I would leave it with more money than I entered it with. If the answer received was Yes, I went in. If No, I would not. Out of 10 sessions where Yes occurred, I won in eight of them decent financial gains.
     I also have been using a similar RV technique for trading the commodities futures markets. I look at a simple bar chart and then ask myself in which direction the markets are going to go. An answer then appears mentally, either saying up or down. I then simply buy or sell based on the response. This method has also been correct 70% to 80% of the time. I must mention that my trading time frame is anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 day ahead. Your other students that trade should try this approach. I would like their thoughts on this.


     Joseph Kenney


Joseph Kenney
( ) writes to us on January 15, 1998 about a remarkable side-effect of taking the RV course.


  • Suddenly being "told in deep Theta to stop smoking tobacco" after 15 years and then stopping without any side-effect!

Dear Sirs,
     I ordered the remote viewing course primarily for the purpose of improving my financial trading. I received the course this past Friday and started it that very night.
     Having listened to the first tape and grasping its material, I then proceeded to listen to tape 2 side A. Upon doing the exercise, I unexpectedly received in my mind a powerful surprising message from an unknown source about a couple of negative traits that I have. For reasons that I have not been able to understand as of yet, I have stopped smoking and chewing tobacco, which I have been doing for 15 years now. As of the writing of this letter it has been 5 full days that I have no urge to chew or smoke and no withdrawal syndromes whatsoever. Previously, I had been trying to quit for some time but was never able to do it for more than 2 days in a row.
     If this is the kind of drastic changes you can make with this course, I can imagine how many more accomplishments are possible. Improving my trading intuition and my total awareness, to name but a few.

     Joe Kenney

John Morrisey
( ) sent us on January 14, 1998 the following testimony.


  • His "thought-communication" with life-forms of the animal kingdom:

Dear Gerald
    Well, it appears I am very good at remote viewing animals. I have helped two people with there pets. The first case is a friend of mine. Her cat disappeared one night and she asked me if I could help her find it. I used the remote viewing methodology of your course and I saw it injured walking very quickly home. I told her that it would come home. The cat showed up the next day (it had been missing for two days) with a broken jaw and an injured leg.
    The second case involves another friend's horse. This horse was biting her. Once again I used the method explained in the tapes and felt great anger at everyone. It wasn't a pleasant experience, but I was able to help this person out. This horse was angry because of the way the stable people were mistreating it.



Mark Steed (
), one of our recent graduates, describes to us on January 2, 1998 a "bilocation.


  • "Bilocation" that he underwent during a remote viewing session and that is usually only experienced by very advanced remote viewers:

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
    I am going through the tapes again and experienced a real profound "bilocation" the other day. I was listening to tape 3 again and prior to the session I had a question about a specific person I was going to deal with. I went into the session with that thought on my mind. Most of the tape had played and I was very relaxed. At some point I lost track of time for a moment and the voice on the tape brought me back. I realized at that moment that I was conscious of and seeing another place as if I was actually there, yet I clearly knew I was conscious in the physical plane. It is hard for me to describe the sensation but it's like being present in two places at the same moment in time. I found, however, that I really had to struggle after a short time to stay with the target. My perspective changed rapidly with every changing thought. I think that concentration is the key at this point. If your thoughts wonder, you can easily loose focus on the target. Could you give me some hints about this? Thanks.
    P.S. I am ready for the next level of training.


Mark Steed ( ) wrote on December 09, 1997 about our course:

    Hello, I have completed the taped RV course. I think that the course is great. I like your approach better than other methods full of protocols that are basically operating in "BETA". I feel that with some experience one can learn which information is from the universe and which is from the ego.
    I purchased your RV course for spiritual reasons. I don't care much about other people's business unless the Great Spirit leads me to it. I have been a meditator for several years (on and off) but your course has helped me develop the ability to enter Alpha or Theta faster (within seconds). I feel that I am learning to get my ego out of the way quicker in order to hear clearly the information from the universe. My goal is simply to be available when God calls, at any given moment, and to have the ability to work within and from the spirit. I feel RV training is very good for this. I should also mention that I have no desire of personal material gain from this training. I find joy in life already.

    Mark Steed


Timothy Darr ( ) wrote on December 01, 1997 about his understanding of the subject of Remote Viewing:

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
  I found the "Real Secrets of Remote Viewing" addition on your web site very informative. I now have a much better understanding of the concept of remote viewing. Many questions were answered for me in your explanations of a complex subject. With the careful reading of an interested reader, the concepts are not hard to understand. I also appreciate your philosophical views and interjections. Your web site wins handily over any other site on remote viewing. I will continue to send people to your site and encourage them to take the course.
   In these rapidly changing times, there is a need for people to have a better understanding of what life should be like for all of us. I appreciate the opportunity to study remote viewing under your guidance,
   Thank You
   Timothy Darr


Richard Patenaude ( patenaude@earthlink.netwrote on November 22, 1997.


  • Financial trading using RV:

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,
    Thank you for taking the time to write your detailed response to my inquiry. It is very much appreciated.
    By the way, while trading on Friday, I did use what RV capability I currently have to go against a technical signal to trade. As it turned out, I was correct in deciding not to trade at that particular point. I was very pleased about that. I look forward to sharpening these skills to an even grater extent.
    Again, thank you for making these materials available to the general public.
    Much good will come out of it.

    Richard Patenaude


Richard Patenaude ( patenaude@earthlink.netwrote on November 20, 1997.


  • How he used our Remote Viewing techniques in order to trade the stock index futures:

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
    Thank you for your message. You may include my e-mail address if anyone would like to contact me with any question they may have. I look forward to any additional material and training. Today, I called the S&P twice right on the nose even though it went through my numbers to a higher high. I expect with more training, I'll be better equipped to call the exact high for the day.
My wife and I have read the Celestine Prophecy material and felt your course was very much in line with the vibrational evolution spoken of in the books.
    Your tapes open up a whole new world for me that I knew existed but didn't previously have access to. I look forward to the personal growth this will afford me.
    All best wishes.

    Richard Patenaude


Richard Patenaude ( ) wrote on November 18, 1997 about our Remote Viewing methodology:

  I received a set of tapes. I am now on tape 2 side 2. I have found them to be very much what I have been searching for. I was looking for a method to reprogram my subconscious mind to eliminate blocks that prevented me from trading successfully. I never imagined I would discover a method that would not only eliminate the blocks and reprogram the subconscious, but allow me to tap into both the subconscious and universal mind, and harness them in the conscious state to achieve my goals.
    I am looking forward to continuing this exciting journey and apply this new knowledge to my day-trading occupation of the S&P 500 futures index. I thank you for providing this knowledge to the public and look forward to additional courses in the probable future. All best wishes.



Mr. Kerry Clark
( ), one of our successful graduates, had sent us previously the above testimonial. After receiving many queries and graciously answering them personally, he asked us (January 1998) to post seven inquiries and his respective answers to them that he feels should preempt most of the questions he gets. He hopes that this would ease him from the burden of repeatedly responding to these frequently asked questions.
The Academy of Remote Viewing wants to categorically state that Mr. Clark is not in any way associated with it, either directly or indirectly, and that his answers are but purely his opinions that he voluntarily decided to release.
The identity of the individuals that queried Mr. Clark about the RV course should remain private.


I got your e-mail address from the Remote Viewing Institute Homepage. I have recently read three books by Courtney Brown, David Morehouse, and Joseph McMoneagle. I believe in the powers they describe, and have very little skepticism. I do not know yet if remote viewing is for me, or whether I should only be a fan and follower of those who have this ability. I am e-mailing you for two reasons; a.) Was the course you ordered legitimate, and how much did you learn from it? b.) To find out how safe it is. I have found in my reading on the subject that some of the viewers have become recluse following the receipt of this gift. I have no doubt that if this travel is possible through time and space, that your outlook on life, and the people around you will be changed forever. I'm not sure if I'm prepared to take that step. I would like to hear from you with any experiences you may have to share.
Signed: XXX
Sure XXX, I'm happy to talk about Remote Viewing. I appreciate your inquiry, especially since you and I seem to have approached the subject in the same spirit -- keen interest, provisional acceptance, no hurry, and a lot of common-sense caution. First though, the obligatory disclaimer - I am not an expert, nor even a very advanced student. Only two small points qualify me to address questions about RV: 1) The fact that I have "been there" at all, and 2) You asked.
  I read Dr. Brown's book too, and transcripts and other material from both Morehouse and McMoneagle. I think each of them gives a pretty good overview. I was attracted to the course offered by Gerald O'Donnell because of his web site presentation, his price, and mostly because of some very positive contact that I had with him through E- mail and by phone. In fact I consider him my mentor in this area, and I may forward to him a copy of this letter. He deserves to know what I tell people about his training, and what I do with it myself.
Is the O'Donnell course legitimate? It certainly is. Does it work? It certainly does. Now that you know I'm pleased with the course, I'll try to stick to remarks that will be objective and useful to you.
RV will definitely change (expand, deepen, widen, enhance, explode, -- ) your outlook. But as you are a healthy and principled person, you can be certain that those changes will be very rewarding and positive. You are not only, as pointed out in the course, "your own best teacher" once you get started, you are also the captain of where you let an RV session take you. So be careful. That means no mischief (!), and also to be generally cautious about what you subject yourself to. During an RV session, what you receive comes in directly through your feelings. At that time, your feelings are as exposed and acute as a child's. So while viewing the attack at Pearl Harbor may satisfy your scholarly interest, it could possibly scare the hell out of you, too. If that happens, you will suffer the after-effects just as if the shock had occurred to you in real life (which it did.) Conversely, you may come out of other sessions brimming with wonder, inspiration, peace, new insight, or even pure happiness. It's just a question of where you go with your awareness. Mind you, it is true that during a session you can be suddenly confronted by something you don't want and didn't ask for. I think it's rare, but I know it can happen. O'Donnell is very clear about those cases and what to do with them. He gives you very simple techniques for either precluding or decisively halting any experience of that kind. So, not to worry. You are always in the driver's seat. And in some respects, driving is a good analogy. As a driver, once you pick your destination and get rolling, your job is to maintain relaxed alertness and exert minimal control while you sit back and enjoy the ride. Once in a great while though, you may have to seize total control in an instant. Your innate and certain ability to take charge like that is a major factor in your safety. It's the same way during an RV session. I stress the rarity of this kind of event.
You raised a good question about the possibility of obsession and reclusiveness as a result of learning to Remote View. I'm sure it happens. But I suspect that when it does, it may say more about the personality of the viewer than it says about any particular hazard in RV. Are you a potential obsessive? You decide.
In Remote Viewing, you never really "go" anyplace. Your awareness is The Awareness, and it's already everywhere. If you take up training, you will understandably spend some time waiting for something to happen in line with certain built-up expectations. The wait will continue until you realize that what you're waiting for was always already happening. It's just that until now you may not have known how to recognize the process, direct it, and observe it at will. Learning to do those things without interfering is what the training is all about.
As you probably read on the Probable Future web site, Gerald O'Donnell's RV background is in the intelligence service of a friendly, English speaking foreign country. The significance of that to us is that he represents the characteristic European / Soviet approach to RV, not the American one. The point is, there's a choice. Until I got O'Donnell's course, I didn't fully appreciate the difference.
Long before finishing the basic course, O'Donnell's trainees are RV'ing and they will not have been taught anything about protocols. The RV protocols, as described by Brown and others, are a Western invention. I always thought they were a pretty good system for carefully observing anything at all, in or out of RV. They are like a checklist to keep you from missing anything. But in RV practice, they have another value, too. They keep the busy, objective mind occupied and out of the way of one's real purpose. That's important because east or west, if you try to be analytical during a session, that act itself will pull you out of your experience and the session will be over. In the method taught by O'Donnell, no distracting device is imposed. Instead, you learn to quietly rest your attention right on the "level" where individual and universal mind come together. Later, you're even shown how to drop into that mode while in the midst of full, normal activity.
This has gotten long enough. I'll start giving away secrets soon. If RV is still interesting, you can confidently give it a try. You can always stop. In the meantime, it's best not to experiment without benefit of complete instruction. If you like, I'll send some notes on things I've viewed.
Thanks for your inquiry,



Thanks for replying. I feel much more confident about the experience I may or will encounter. I'd love to hear any stories about your viewing experiences!
I'd also like to know in what state of consciousness this course enables you to view. I was led to believe by another one of the students that he was not at a full state of consciousness the way Courtney Brown was. I understand the conscious mind must stay out of a viewing session for the most part. Is this a dream state, or merely pure relaxation?
Thanks again!
Signed: XXX


Another good question -- In my opinion, the fellow who told you that he was "not at a full state of consciousness" while remote viewing was no doubt telling you something true to his understanding. But his statement suggests that he may not have been very far along in the course when he said it. Whatever one's particular training, remote viewing is necessarily accomplished at a level of extremely bright consciousness. There's just no other way to observe anything subtle, let alone remember what it was. What he probably meant is that he was deeply relaxed and not physically active. Here are some things to know --

RV occurs at a level of brain wave activity which is usually associated with deep relaxation. (Nothing unusual here, we're just talking about the precisely measurable ranges of brain wave frequency that are commonly labeled as Beta, Alpha, Theta, etc.) You don't have to think about all this in order to Remote View, but it's important background info, and it's all explained in the course. Anyway, early in the training, you use a process of deliberate relaxation to attain the operational level of brain wave activity. That's how the early sessions are accomplished. Soon, you get very accustomed to the "feel" of the operational range and you learn that we operate on these levels all the time, anyway. Then with instruction and some practice, you learn to go easily and quickly to the operational level, eyes open, fully active, without using the physical relaxation technique at all. You are given a method for "thinking" yourself there at any time, within just a few moments. You may also find yourself there spontaneously sometimes, which is very pleasant, and never interferes with any activity. So much for not being in a "full state of consciousness."

As to the conscious mind staying out of a remote viewing session, that could be misunderstood, too. During a session, the conscious (waking) mind is there almost exclusively as a passive observer. If you try to think about the information that's coming in, you'll interrupt the info stream and the session will end, at least temporarily. For instance, I once viewed a New York City street in the 19th century. Impressions of every kind came in just fine until I became aware of a lettered sign on something and tried to read it. Mistake. Any attempt like that is just too directed and "brainy." It pulls you away from the subtle business of awaiting and absorbing impressions -- sort of like being interrupted while listening deeply to a piece of music. To that extent, you may say that the mind has to stay out of the way. Curiously though, thoughts directed to something other than the info stream may not disturb the session. That's why it's possible to inwardly view the infinite, and be outwardly active at the same time. It's a kind of balancing act.

You mentioned the dream state. The RV process is fundamentally the same as the dream state -- that is, translating subtle stimuli into impressions that are recognizable in terms of familiar sensory experience -- except that these stimuli come from the Universal, they are at least somewhat selected by the intent of the session (whether or not you are informed of that intent or target,) and of course, during this "dream," you are awake.

Here are some notes on three of my early sessions.
DINOSAUR -- My gawd, they're enormous! This was the session that taught me to be careful about what I go snooping after. Remember, there's no psychological filter at all between you and whatever you view. Not books, not Spielberg, nor even years of boyhood imagining prepared me for close proximity to anything so scarily massive, that was alive, and moving around on it's own volition. It was one of Them, and it was Real!

I had found one of the great herbivores in a lush and steamy tropical location. The creature stood on all fours, and had a very long neck and tail. I don't study them enough to know it's proper name. This one was neutral in color, like an elephant. I got a sense of it's energy, which was like a locomotive in low gear. This was obviously not a hunter. It was slow. Noisy, too. Think of the sound of a horse breathing, and multiply it out. Think of the sound of a large tractor going through the woods, and subtract the mechanical part. And think of the smell of a livestock barn. My notes, written later, ended: "Good thing he/she never had to sneak up on anything but trees and bushes."

My most immediate memory of that animal is from a viewpoint just above the sun baked hide of it's ridged back. The torso seemed as broad as several sidewalks. The movement was like that of a ship at sea, with all that tonnage rolling heavily at each moment.

Do you doubt any of this? You can find him yourself. He's there right now.


SURFACE OF MARS -- Ancient, strange, rocky, clean, cold, windy, dusty, rusty. Not Kansas.

TREE -- In remote viewing, you can settle your awareness on anything around you and experience it from the inside out. During the course, I did this with a tall Sycamore tree which stands in front of my house.

Not surprisingly, the inside of a living tree feels fibrous and sturdy and very fresh. The pace of it's energy is slow, but mighty, and just right for all that a tree has to do. Like every living thing, a tree has a sense of it's own well-being, and an emotional position which is easily assessed. This one is healthy and content. No, I didn't hug it. But we did hold hands. Sort of. Once.

It's really nice of Gerald O'Donnell to let me hold forth like this to people who visit his web site. I hope that what goes out from here reads all candid and positive at your end. That's the intention.

Regards and Happy New Year,



QUESTION: Hello, My name is YYY and I am currently considering the purchase of Mr. O'Donnell's course. I recently read your post on Mr. O'Donnell's web page. I myself have often wondered about the true abilities of the human mind. His page has answered several of my questions. But I have a few more.
The questions below are all optional and I will fully understand if you choose not to answer them. Most of them or of the yes/no variety, but please feel free to add your own experiences. I ask them to further my understanding. I have gone back and forth on whether or not to purchase the course. Hopefully your answers will sway me. Thank you for taking the time to answer these.
1. When did you purchase the course and when did you first notice the results?
2. Can you give me some examples of the kind of results you obtained?
3. Is it necessary to have a belief in God and do you believe in God?
4. How has your everyday life changed because of this course?
5. Do you notice changes in your surroundings to a greater or lesser extent?
6. Does the process of entering an RV state exhaust you mentally or physically?
7. How long does it take to enter this state?
8. Do you "think" about entering this state or does it "just happen"?
9. Can you RV with your eyes opened?
10. Have you fully completed the course and feel that you are indeed operating at the very deep levels of the mind?
11. Have you purchased similar courses?
12. How does this course compare to the others?
13. Please relate both good and bad points about the course.
Thank you very much for answering my questions. I guess I had more than just a few. I have been interested in RV for about a year but have seen relatively little information on the subject. Mr. 'Donnell's web-site was extremely helpful and I will convey this to him at a later time. Thanks again and Happy Holidays
Signed: YYY
-Curious about RV-



Thanks for the E-mail. I'm happy to have your questions, and I'll answer them as well as I can. But first, as I have told others, I am not an RV expert, nor even a very advanced student. Only two small points qualify me to address questions about RV: 1) The fact that I have "been there" at all, and 2) You asked.
For convenience, I'll just refer to the questions by number and answer them in that order.
1. A few months ago. Toward the end of the first week.
2. I am probably not moving as quickly as many do because when I come to an ability that I enjoy, I may stick with it for quite a long time before moving on. Some of those long stopping places for me have come from the capability to - combine my awareness with those of all sorts of creatures - to visit distant locations on and off the earth, past, present, and in the probable future - and the evident ability to at least somewhat influence present and future events. (For the better.)
3. No, not necessary. As to my belief, the simple answer is yes. But if you become a Remote Viewer, contact me again. We may have more terms in common then, and if you like, we can discuss this question further.
4. RV will definitely change expand, deepen, widen, and explode, #11; your outlook. But as I always mention, since you are a healthy and principled person, you can be certain that those changes will be very broadening and positive.
5. You become more keenly aware of everything. Also, someone said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So are wonder, peace, affirmation, reverence, happiness, etc. Whichever values you pursue or observe with greatest interest in Remote Viewing will tend to prevail also in your experience of everyday life. So be careful.
6. The operative RV "level" is extremely calming. Definitely no inherent strain associated there. In fact if you have a large enough rest deficit, an RV session might just send you into deep sleep for a while. But while the RV operational state is not tiring in itself, it does seem that certain activities you may undertake there can cost you some energy. My most pronounced experience of that sort came when I went "inside" someone I know who was, because of some unfortunate events, feeling very downcast . Without that person's conscious knowledge, I tried to brighten things up and lift the depression. It worked, but I was quite tired after that one. Generally though, you can expect most of your sessions to leave pleasantly relaxed, and occasionally exhilarated.
7., 8., 9. My standard answer is as follows: RV occurs at a level of brainwave activity which is usually associated with deep relaxation. (Nothing unusual here, we're just talking about the precisely measurable ranges of brainwave frequency that are commonly labeled as Beta, Alpha, Theta, etc.) You don't have to think about all this in order to Remote View, but it's important as background info, and it's all explained in the course. Anyway, early in the training, you use a deliberate process of relaxation to attain the operational level of brainwave activity. That's how the early sessions are accomplished. Soon, you get very accustomed to the "feel" of the operational range and you learn that we operate on these levels all the time, anyway. Then with instruction and some practice, you learn to go easily and quickly to the operational level, eyes open, fully active, without using the physical relaxation techniques at all. You are given a method for "thinking" yourself there at any time, within just a few moments, and it always works. You may also find yourself there spontaneously sometimes, which is very pleasant and never a problem.
10. No. (See #2) Yes I am.
11. No other RV courses.
12. I don't know. I am not aware of any well known course which is not all it claims to be.
13. If you bring intelligence, patience, tenacity, and a certain lightheartedness to the O'Donnell course, it will teach you all it promises. As to the "bad points," in my view, there aren't any. Though in fairness, that comment should wait until the advanced training has been seen. Nonetheless, based on my own experience of the Gerald O'Donnell course, I am confident in recommending it to you. By the way, this course takes an approach which is highly developed, well established, but significantly different from the principal RV methods developed in the West. Does that make you curious? Good.
Do tell Gerald O'Donnell what you think of his web site. I gather that he is sincerely interested in comments.
Thanks for your offer of confidentiality, YYY. What I've written here are simply my own views. Except as a contented student, I don't speak for Mr. O'Donnell at all. And while almost anyone who asks is welcome to my opinions, I prefer to answer each person directly, and not have those remarks passed any further.
I hope all this helps. Thanks for your questions. I enjoyed them.



The accounts of your experiences and opinions of the program have been very inspirational for me. I am sold, and will enroll in the program. I have another question though, and it relates to my effectiveness in the program. Do you utilize a human monitor? If so, how often? The only reason I ask is because my wife is somewhat of a skeptic. She believes in the fact that I am very interested in the program, and also has an open mind to accept the possibility of its legitimacy. I'm just not sure if she'll be willing to be a monitor with an open mind geared toward the success of a session. I may be going at it alone at first, and I want to know if this is safe, or effective. Also, I have read about viewers who have targeted "GOD". This is not something I aim to do, but for the sake of this question I must mention it. The accounts of this target have been positive, yet not what we've been taught to believe from childhood. This I understand, and am comfortable with. My question is this, has anyone targeted evil, or the "Devil" per say. My guess is no, because of the fear and risk of this target, but it was just a question that immediately rolled through my mind when I read of the "God" target. This target is the last thing I would consider, however I am interested to know if evil exists just as good has been found to exist. Well, maybe "good" is a bad analogy, "creator" may be better. I am curious, as you can see. I'd appreciate any input you may be willing to disclose, but I don't mean to press you. Thanks for your willingness to guide me. It means a lot! I will be in contact with you while I begin the program if that's ok. I could use your help. By the way I am in the US Army stationed in Germany. I have no affiliation with any intelligence agency, so don't be set aback. I am only an inquiring mind with a will to expand my horizons. Thanks again Kerry!
Signed: ZZZ
No, I've never used a monitor. I look forward to it. But you don't need a monitor to undertake rv training. There's a lot of basic learning and practice to do first, and all the necessary guidance and precautions are there for you in the course. You can learn and practice remote viewing straight through, all by yourself if you want.
I respect your wife's hesitancy to swallow everything she may have heard about rv. But her openness and reasonability are all that will be needed. I think that before one has a personal acquaintance with remote viewing, one of the strongest arguments for its credibility may be found in the very origins of its techniques. These methods were developed and relied upon for decades by people with huge responsibilities in military intelligence and national security. You just can't get any more no-nonsense than they are. Anyway, it sounds like you're married to the best kind of skeptic. My wife is like that, too. I mean the kind who have healthy caution, but are not above taking a long, thoughtful look at something new. The world needs more like them.
The Devil, you say. I agree with you, this target is at the top of the "Don't try this at home" list. I know of only one professional attempt to locate The Devil Himself. In a radio interview, Major Ed Dames said that when one of his teams went after Satan, they found not a personified Prince of Darkness, but scenes of terrible things being done to children. Okay, there may be safeguards and remedies to use, but you still come out of every session psychologically soaked, for better or worse, in whatever you've been viewing. This business of making an rv target of Satan has got to be the last word in looking for trouble.
Conversely, if there is a single best reason for becoming a remote viewer, the God question may be it. Not that we should all gallop off in that direction, either. This is an approach that must be made alone by each of us, and only at the right time. And each will know what time that is.

As an rv'er, you will, perhaps for the first time, dip knowingly into unconditioned pure awareness. RV isn't the only avenue to that realm. It's not even the most complete and direct. But rv is available, safe, highly developed, and culturally compatible to our time. It is for almost anyone, a step of immeasurable portent.
And don't worry about having to give up any cherished concept of God in order to get a bigger and better one. It's not like that. When waking awareness opens to universality, each new vista will naturally take in all that went before. This is not about losing anything.
In his course or on the web site, Gerald O'Donnell touches upon, or hints at, all these matters. I think the new web site page, "Real Secrets of Remote Viewing," stands above anything I've seen written on the subject. Don't overlook it.
Thanks for your nice words about being guided and inspired by these notes of mine. Sure, we can correspond some more whenever you like. But let's be sure to play it as nothing more than two guys kicking around a topic of mutual interest. Any idea of teacher and student would be misplaced here.
I'm glad you're going to get the course, ZZZ. I look forward to hearing about it from you.


Dear Kerry:
I was entirely intrigued to read your account of the use of ARV. Over some time I have used visualization techniques to increase cognition, this has resulted in an ability to play professional level
(2) blackjack and an IQ within the top 1% (British Mensa) and recently a coaching web site. I, however, could not read until 9 years. I am very interested in visualization and wonder if you could tell me if ARV is a realistic proposition for the type of results talked about vis a vis Futures or Stock Market forecasting.
I would be happy to correlate statistics of my own to forward to you
in fact I'd humbly be very grateful for any feedback at all before enrolling at this Academy.
Just reply in short is OK.. Kindest regards from DDD. [UK]

Hello DDD,

Nice to have your note. I looked at your website. Congratulations on a really interesting presentation.
Whether you employ the wonderful tool of visualization in an active or a receptive way, I think the O’Donnell course has much to offer you.
Besides specific training in techniques of Remote Viewing, the course will give you some very pleasant and effective ways to quickly enter the Alpha and Theta levels where any kind of visualizing will work most powerfully.

It seems that an overall accuracy of around 80% is within the reach of most Remote Viewers. That would certainly put one ahead of the game when it comes to planning investments. I like to look at commodities with RV. In that case, all one may want to know is whether a given commodity is going to move up or down in value. It’s a very simple target. Tape 5 in the O’Donnell course will tell you quite a lot about the use of RV in finance. By the way, with careful interpretation of results, a team approach to RV can raise accuracy to nearly 100%.

In our daily lives, we are used to concentrating and applying effort to make things happen. In RV you relax and mentally step out of the way so that the desired thing can happen by itself. During an RV session, your job is to contact the target, then simply observe and try not miss anything. I’m telling you this because I suspect that RV is more passive in nature than the activities I saw described in your website.
Understanding this difference beforehand may prevent some delays as you undertake Remote Viewing – assuming that you’re going to. Mind you, there’s nothing there that runs counter to what you’re already doing -- it’s just different, that’s all. It will help to know that.

Good luck with everything, Steve. If you get Gerald O’Donnell’s course, I would like to hear of your experiences.



        Kerry, I'm sure you have received a lot of unwanted mail, as I have too, but I hope that this is not too bothering. I am writing regarding the subject of "Remote Viewing". I have seen your E-mails on Gerald O'Donnell's site and I thought maybe you could help me, since I didn't see an E-Mail address for Mr. O'Donnell himself. I am very interested in the subject of RV and acquired my interest after reading David Morehouse's book--"Psychic Warrior"- hell of a book by the way. Since reading, I have been looking for offers from people who say they can "teach" me to do it also. However, I am very skeptical, as I know you initially were also. I am attending college right now and don't have the money to possibly waste on something that is not legitimate. If you don't mind, I would like to receive a response to some of my any questions such as: 1. Does any guarantee come with the package from "The Academy of Remote Viewing" in case I am not satisfied or am not able to do it? 2. How do you know that what you "View" is factual if there is no evidence to support it's basis. Example: you said you viewed a Dinosaur, but how do you know you didn't imagine it?
    ---- I have many more questions and hopefully you will be able to help me with them in the future. I appreciate any help you are able to offer. Thanks again!


Hi Z.,

I haven't seen David Morehouse's book yet. I look forward to reading it. Thanks for the recommendation.
I can appreciate the questions you raise. They were once mine, too. The O'Donnell RV training materials are backed with the implicit assurance of quality and workmanship of course, and include a 30 day money-back guarantee. Not to worry, though. Remote Viewing definitely works. I know, right now it's tempting to gather free advice and then experiment. But it's indispensable to first experience through training, in the proper order, and with certain elements properly emphasized. Without that background, you can really get sidetracked, and waste a lot of time.
 As to any question of personal satisfaction with O'Donnell's course, you have Gerald himself to contact, and he is as amiable and reasonable a person as you may ever have the good luck to deal with. A fine teacher, too. You can E-mail him by using the mail button that's on top of each page of the web site and then the send button. I think the site contains at least a couple of buttons that say "E-Mail," "Contact Probable Future," or somesuch. If you don't find those, let me know.
RV trainees are always urged to stick with verifiable targets Feedback is essential in learning how to recognize the "feeling" of valid information as distinct from noise or invention. The reaffirmation of a solid hit is a big confidence builder, too. So why do I bother with such unknowables as Mars and dinosaurs? Because the experience is downright fabulous, that's why. No other reason.
I should confess to you that really, I imagined the dinosaur, Mars, and all the rest. And the confession would be true -- but also misleading. Imagination is precisely the mechanism that interprets the information gained in an RV session. In an instant, you are served a tiny, pattern or "packet" of all-inclusive information about your subject.
Immediately, the prism of imagination will start to split that highly compressed little spark into a whole range of recognizable sensory and emotional substance. You quickly take note, settle down again, and ask, or wait, for the next arrival. This is not only how we remote view, it's how we think. That imagination/translation task is going on all the time, developing timeless bursts of pure insight into temporal thoughts and familiar terms of experience. Usually, the process operates below our notice, distracted as we are with grosser mental business and sensory input. Still, we know what a flash of inspiration is, or a sudden moment of deep understanding. To tap that deepmost source repeatedly, unobstructedly, with discrimination, and at will, is what RV training is about. And depending on the individual, even this could be only a beginning.
I hope you invest in the course, and that you'll let me know how it goes for you.
Thanks for your letter,



        I have purchased the course and I have repeatedly listened the tapes over and over. However, there hasn't yet been any real RV experience for me. I used a walkman for the sessions and usually laid down in the bed during the course. However, I either fall into a deep sleep or no special visual image come up to me. Maybe I was too nervous to get into theta state. I live in a noisy city very much like NYC. Would it cause a problem? Since you are very successful in the course, please give me some guidance. Thanks





When you fall asleep during an RV session it's often because you simply need more rest. So when you give your body the chance to take the extra sleep, that's what it does. And you don't have to worry about not getting to the Theta level. You must be going at least that far, or you wouldn't be falling asleep at all.

Only you know what's a disturbance to you, and what isn't. If they are familiar to you, even the noises of New York City may not be a problem during RV.

It's easy to enter RV training with such high interest that your enthusiasm itself can get in the way of progress. For instance, at first there may be a tendency to lie there and wait excitedly for a big TV set to turn on in your brain. When it doesn't happen, you wonder what you're doing wrong.

I had to teach myself to go to the Theta level, ask respectfully for what I wanted to view, and then do something that I called "not caring." That means to just relax and enjoy, like when you're drifting in a boat on a lake, or lying in the sun on a quiet beach. As the requested impressions start to come, it's like overhearing a quick little whisper when you weren't really trying to. (You may realize that such whispers have been there countless times before, especially when your mind was busy thinking about something else.) When an impression comes like that, just take note of it, that's all. Don't stop and think about it. Just quickly ask for something else if you want to, and go back to drifting pleasantly and "not caring," again. You're not listening, you're not watching, you're not analyzing -- you're just being contentedly relaxed and open. And you can easily stay that way, even though the info comes quite rapidly. In The Course, the information parts of tapes 2 and 5 have a lot of good pointers about these things.

You can have complete trust that RV will work for you. It doesn't matter at all that some people succeed only very gradually, while others catch on right away. As a Trainee, you're just learning to open your waking attention to a different level in a process that's naturally going on in you all the time, anyway. The only ways I know to slow yourself down are either by trying too hard, or by quitting. Bottom line is -- you don't work to make RV happen, you relax and let it happen.

Thanks for your note, MMM. Enjoy Remote Viewing, and let me know how it goes for you.



Kerry clark
( ) wrote to us on August 21, 1997.


  • His experiences connecting to the Collective Unconscious (Universal Mind) using our Remote Viewing course:

Mr. O'Donnell
     It has been about a week since the box arrived. Each day since, I have made a start at writing you something appropriate. Each day I gave up again, and just went back to the tapes. So that's my job now, letting the current tape carry me off at least once a day, and thinking about it the rest of the time. Certainly, there's nothing new for me to tell you about your own triumph in assembling and offering this body of instruction.

     I am advancing confidently, on schedule, and trying not to rush, still enjoying #3. So much for a simple report card. Words really fail though, when it comes to the pleasure of learning from your course. Had you asked, I'd have dutifully plodded along with one of those mental gum-chewing techniques for watching the subconscious. But, no. Here, we are learning to stand directly in the real Self, which is happiness itself! Nothing more to say about that.
Thank you,


Clint Williams
( ) of Montgomery, Alabama wrote to us the following on October 5, 1997:

Mr. O'Donnell,

     I don't mind if you reproduce my e-mail and I would also not mind answering inquiries people might have about the course. I believe it would be in the best interest of all people to learn about our true capabilities. This is a life changing (for the better) course. I don't think I am qualified to criticize it. I don't have relative information to compare it with. The course definitely works well. If someone is willing to set aside time to learn and practice, success will present itself. I still consider myself a student though and still use the tapes sometimes to reinforce things. I guard my tapes like gold!
Clint Williams

Mr. O'Donnell,

     I have recently moved to Alabama from Oklahoma. You might remember me, because I ordered your course while weird things were going on and my order was delayed somewhat. I loved the course. I am looking forward to more advanced courses.
     My father died in August just 3 days after receiving the course and although I was not by any means a master of what I was doing I did communicate with my father before he died and I now know why you said you would not advise it. I experienced his thoughts and emotions and it was not something I can honestly say I enjoyed. I just wish I knew a year ago what I know now. I believe my father might not have had to endure what he and the rest of the family went through.
    I've searched the web for information related to remote viewing and any time I see something negative about you or this site I send an E-mail if possible or some response praising your course and methods. I will always be your advocate, and a seeker of truth and justice.
     If at all possible e-mail me information on future courses. I'm also interested in an effective biofeedback machine to possibly help me master all frequency ranges of the brain.
Clint Williams

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