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The Complete Remote Viewing System

The Complete Remote Influencing System

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The Next Human Quantum Level: Become a Powerful Remote Viewer and Influencer of Reality
And Watch Your Life and the Lives of Loved Ones Radically Change for the Better!

The Ultimate Advanced Manifestation System

+ Full access to the ARVARI Academy and the Personal Training Assistance of Gerald O'Donnell

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Our best and most popular protocol is to train concomitantly with both the Remote Viewing and the Remote Influencing Training Systems.

We offer a special training protocol  specially geared to training with the Combination Package. You will then easily achieve a quantum jump in your inner Creative powers, awareness, intelligence, wisdom, holistic health and biological higher programming.

Most of our new students combine the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Training Systems. Studies done at the ARVARI and confirmed by the great deal of feedback received from our trainees, have made it very clear that this is indeed a very powerful combination; much more so than taking the two courses separately. RV skills are greatly enhanced by training with RI and vice – versa.

Another noteworthy finding is that many students report a sudden quantum jump in higher skills upon repeating the Combination Course for the second or even third or more time through the course. This represents a high plateau of mind operation.

Quantum Jump your Inner Creative Powers, Awareness, Intelligence, Wisdom, Holistic Health and Biological Higher Reprogramming

Train with the Combination Course!

We have found, after extensive research and testing of numerous combinations, that there is a best sequence to integrate the two courses that will manifest the most beneficiary results for the students. These results are presented in the RV&RI Combination Training System Course.

We are very excited at the dynamics that the combination of the Remote Viewing & Remote Influencing Training Systems represents. This is an ongoing project. Many students have or are achieving tremendous inner changes and purification of anger and fear caused by deep scars or programming lodged within their inner very deep subconscious realms, and are now exhibiting new positive, strongly optimistic reprogrammed personalities, that automatically reject negative fear-based thinking. They seem to operate, even in their same old surroundings, totally stress -free, convinced that they are fine, protected and that all will work out for the best. Even when fear-based situations are thrown at them, they smile and deflect the negative energy.

And they manifest then happiness and inner peace, first in their immediate reality, and hopefully eventually on a much wider basis. We must say that most of these trainees always mention how they notice high synchronicities in their daily lives, and how fast their dreams are now becoming reality.

This was the original intent of the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Training Systems. And we cannot but express our enthusiasm at starting to show great initial success in turning the tide away from the doom-and-gloom, fate based, fear-driven world that many have and are still trying to impose on us, so that we believe ourselves impotent in changing, each of us, our lives, and being able to prove that we can all, by changing - by ourselves - our deep thoughts, experience more happiness, control, true freedom, true democracy, true freewill, and built-in inner care for our fellow humans, and creatures, big and small, on this Divinely gifted magnificent earth.

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Lucid dreaming occurs regularly along with fairly accurate psychic and sensing abilities...

Dear Gerald

Thank you!

I am seeing a tremendous increase in many abilities that I had before being exposed to your work especially manifestation abilities. (I must be careful what I think about)

Lucid dreaming occurs regularly along with fairly accurate psychic and sensing abilities. As a result, I have become uncomfortably "sensitive" to many new physical things such as bright fluorescent lighting, loud sounds, telephones etc. Many people have commented on the light surrounding and emanating from my being.

Thank you for this incredible work! You were correct when you stated that the 2nd time through the program would result in quantum changes!! It has been an awesome journey.

Thank you for this incredible work!

Linda Wheatley, Ph.D.,R.T.(R)(MR)
Chair, Radiologic Technology Program
Assistant Professor, Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

This program gives you everything you need...

Dear Gerald,

Thank you so very much for bringing this most important work to the planet. I am eternally grateful that you have taken the time to share your gifts. I have done a lot of programs, spiritual and otherwise, and this is the most profound, holistic and integrated program I have ever come across.

I have studied energy work, but this program gives you everything you need. I feel I have released so much fear, and have so much certainty about the NOW. I can also sense a bright and compelling future. Without even really fully understanding the techniques, I believe I remote influenced the reduction of pain for my boyfriend who smashed his finger and was screaming in pain. Within a few minutes of my accessing the ONE his pain calmed down.

I am so glad that you did not just show us the “techniques” of RV and RI, but rather gave us an incredible context regarding our relationship to the ONE. I feel like I am finally coming home.

Thank you so much…I will be sending people your way!

Veronica Conway

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Course Contents

22 Audio Discs Total

The Complete Remote Viewing Training System

Remote Viewing Secrets Revealed Audio Book and E-Book 1 CD

Training Sessions 7 CDs

Course Guide

The Complete Remote Influencing System

Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed Audio Book and eBook 3 CDs

After placing your order you will be immediately receive  a link that allows you to Instantly Download the latest E-Book Version of the Secrets of Remote Influencing  Revealed

Training Sessions 10 CDs

Course Guide


The Complete Remote Viewing Training System - 8 Audio Discs Total


The Complete Remote Influencing
Training System
- 14 Audio Discs Total



Remote Viewing Secrets
Revealed  eBook


Remote Influencing Secrets
Revealed eBook

After placing your order you will be immediately receive  a link that allows you to Instantly Download the latest E-Book Version of the Secrets of Remote Influencing  Revealed

Complete Courses' Contents and Samples

The Complete Remote Viewing Training System

Perceive Anything Located Anywhere In Space and Time
Within The Screen Of Your Own Inner Mind!

This training system offers a comprehensive set of knowledge and techniques that will permit you to explore wide realms of your inner mind and will train you to develop your natural capability of Remote Viewing which is the ability to perceive, through a projection of heightened consciousness, people and events, distant in time and/or space.

  • Perceive anything anyplace in space and time using potent techniques that go powerfully beyond current Western and Eastern intelligence agencies’ espionage methods

  • Enhance your life in almost any conceivable way

  • Perceive any present, past, or probable future situation, event, or place

  • Improve your prosperity – the application of viewing the future is extraordinary for investments, business, and employment opportunities

  • Improve relationships

  • Intuit dangerous or unpleasant situations in advance and avoid them

  • Sense health issues and prevent or correct them

  • Learn to recognize and listen to your inner guidance that sends messages to protect and help you

rv_smallRV Disc 1

RV Secrets Revealed Audio Book and eBook PDF file

Track 1 Audio Book

Explains the basic mechanisms involved in Remote Viewing and its modus operandi.

Track 2 Remote Viewing Secrets Revealed eBook

rv_smallRV Disc 2

RV Training Session 1

Trains you to easily refocus your mind to a much deeper level of your inner awareness where Remote Viewing is a natural ability: deep Theta.

The content of this session is targeted at the very high level of your Higher Self which is the level of your Soul. Therefore, if you do not experience the Light while doing this exercise, don’t worry. Your subconscious listens and will instruct its core (your Higher Self) to increase its rate of energy/vibrations, even though you might not physically feel the vibrations at the level of your biology yet. Realize that your Higher Consciousness operates from the interface with the "other side" as pure vibratory Light anyway.

Doing the exercise in front of the Sun or in front of a full spectrum light bulb with eyes closed is very helpful. Ancient Egyptian initiates did this exercise while facing the sun and considered this a highly energizing and efficient way of allowing the spirit to rise in vibrations.

Also don’t worry if you fall asleep while listening. Your subconscious is hearing every single word and will emerge from the session when the command is given. By the time they have finished with the Complete RV/RI training , most students should be able to experience the Light once they go back to this session.

If at any time while following the program, you feel you have difficulty concentrating on the material presented in the courses (this could occur due to stress in your daily life, by feeling overwhelmed, or by the material itself) you may want to listen to this session and the next one as a refresher which will help you relax, increase your vibratory rate, and get in touch again with your increasing psychic abilities.

rv_smallRV Disc 3

RV Training Session 2 (45:34)

Teaches a powerful technique to allow you to operate your mind as a highly concentrated focus of informational input/output through the use of vibratory light that we know, from quantum mechanics and religious traditions, is the basis of creation as a storage and instant conveyer of sensory and data streams.

rv_smallRV Disc 4

RV Training Session 3 (43:41)

Guides you to totally separate from the awareness of having a biological reality and as pure mind you start expanding tremendously your perceptive connections to any point in time and space. Possible out of body experience.

rv_smallRV Disc 5

RV Training Session 4 (44:49)

Instructs you to connect instantly to different points in perceived space and to processes rapidly streaming sensory data relating to those sites.

RV Disc 6

RV Training Session 5 Track 1 (30:05)

Teaches you to connect to a stream of data relating to past events and situations with full sensory awareness.

RV Training Session 6 Track 2 (30:09)

Provides a vivid experience. A method is given that connects you to the probable future. You perfect experiencing of parallel paths (futures).

RV Disc 7

RV Training Session 7 Track 1 (29:26)

Explains methodologies to be used during Remote Viewing sessions. Reveals the origin of Remote Viewing data. Teaches Associational Remote Viewing (ARV) applications for financial trading and gambling and its ability to filter out parasitic noise.

RV Training Session 8 Track 2 (30:04)

Trains the mind’s eye to perceive many points of reference, mainly inanimate, with a wide variety of perceptual senses.

rv_smallRV Disc 8

RV Training Session 9 Track 1

You explore elements of the vegetable and animal kingdoms with full sensory awareness. Emphasizes connective ability to the emotional level. This extremely powerful experience deeply reprograms your mind to improve visual and other sensory decoding abilities of the deep inner mind.

RV Training Session 10 Track 2 (29:31)

Trains you to connect with the biology and mind of humans. Experience telepathic methodologies. Scanning and energy healing techniques are taught. Teaches you to operate at very deep levels of mind and to Remote View with your eyes opened.


The Complete Remote Influencing Training System

Become A Master At Powerfully Influencing Your Reality
And Bring the Magic Back Into Your Life! 

The Complete Remote Influencing Training System openly reveals the jealously guarded core secrets of old mystery schools, stripped of superfluous rituals, and blends them with the latest advances in mind research, quantum physics, and neurobiology, into a comprehensive course.  In it you will be given the knowledge and will experience the ancient key of “one” finally made manifest, so that you can enter the “inner Kingdom” where you can crystallize any dream into reality.  These manifestation techniques are effortlessly learned and integrated just by listening to these CDs.

This training system guides you through healing and empowering techniques to access incredibly high levels of Creative energy to manifest your desires based upon your thoughts. These powerful methods teach you to rediscover your wonderful powers within and learn how to use them to influence your reality to be surrounded by serenity, prosperity, health, and happiness.

  • Swiftly learn to enter a deep meditative state of mind usually reserved for sleep and remain aware in it like a Zen or Yoga master, then access the quantum soup of all future probabilities and choose the ones you really desire to improve all facets of your life

  • Learn to remain in the calm and peaceful “eye” of present and future life hurricanes, no matter how strong the swirling storm is around you

  • Keep yourself energized and young at heart, mind, and body

  • Help heal yourself and others of physical, mental, and spiritual wounds and ills

  • Program yourself to exude charismatic happiness, harmony, and passion in your life

  • Know that you are always “protected: and project a contagious positive attitude

  • Improve your financial situation, work, and personal relationships

  • Easily make your dreams come true

  • Be limited only by your imagination  …

ri_smallRI Disc 1

Brain-waves Entrainment

Track 1 Theta Brain Entrainment

Track 2 Delta Brain Entrainment (39:53)

Teaches you to command your brain to rapidly enter deep levels of mind with Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwaves. Although this disc may appear to be a repetition of ocean waves, it actually is a specific changing sequence of sound patterns waved within each wave to help you open up to the material in the RI and RV courses.

You may listen to RI Disc 1 while meditating, reading the RI or RV Secrets Revealed eBooks, relaxing with eyes opened or closed, or even during the night while sleeping. The Delta track can be used as a powerful sleeping aid. You can even use it successfully with toddlers. The Theta track can be listened to if you feel the need to deeply relax.

ri_smallri_smallri_smallRI Discs 2, 3, and 4

Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed Audio Book and eBook PDF File

This book explains the basic mechanisms involved in Remote Influencing and its modus operandi. The RI Secrets Revealed book details the principles of thought manifestation and many concepts that offer a perspective of the world that surrounds you.

ri_smallRI Disc 5

RI Training Session 1 (77:00)

Brain entrainment that rewires your brain circuitry so that it multi-processes information bilaterally and multi-dimensionally. Increases dramatically your brain’s processing ability (intelligence), scope of information gathering, and sensitivity to data acquisition.

ri_smallRI Disc 6

RI Training Session 2

• Deprograms and cleanses past memories.
• Experience the Great Void

ri_smallRI Disc 7

RI Training Session 3 (67:00)

• Explores the levels of the mind with full consciousness: Alpha, Theta, and Delta
• Create the flame of Eternal Joy within your heart.

• Reconnect to the Womb – The Source

ri_smallRI Disc 8

RI Training Session 4

• Experience Delta, your center of energy, and the silvery cord
• Reprogram your DNA and healing rejuvenation
• Reprogram yourself into a new being : healthy and strong physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
• Learn principles of manifestations and increase inner vibrations
• Experience Joy, overcome fear-vibrations of mass-consciousness
• Use flowers and nature’s portal to the non-physical quantum level
• Liberate yourself from mind bondage

ri_smallRI Disc 9

RI Training Session 5

• Reach deep Delta and experience other mental states in the process
• Cultivate your inner smile
• Learn lucid dreaming and manifesting from that level
• Use deep Delta as a Stargate to higher levels

ri_smallRI Disc 10

RI Training Session 6

• Go through "the portal" and enter the High Mind
• Experience the Light and manifest from this level and higher ones
• Recognize and listen to the little voice within
• Learn healing techniques
• Explore multi-faceted High levels of vibration of your deep Higher Self

ri_smallRI Disc 11

RI Training Session 7

• Remote Influence from Beta
• Create your body of Light, your Diamond Self, and manifest from this level
• Erase addictions and unwanted habits
• Mold new physical, mental, and emotional bodies
• Learn powerful rules for Remote Influencing reality and others
• Create a protective vibratory shield against energy and thought intrusions

ri_smallRI Disc 12

RI Training Session 8

• Recreate and climb the ladder of Creation and manifest from that level
• Experience the inner Sun
• Create and reinforce the Golden Shield of protection

ri_smallRI Disc 13

RI Training Session 9

• Create from the Gap
• Connect to the Great Mother
• Become an Eternal Flame of the One
• Experience the Great Awakening

ri_smallRI Disc 14

RI Training Session 10

• Come home to the One
• Merge and unite with the Universe
• Use the portal of nature and old trees to be both here and above this matrix
• Heal yourself and the Womb of Life
• Rebirth into the Eternal Light
• Experience the core pulse of our Creation
• You are a co-Creator

We Invite you to Sample This Course...
The following Audio extracts from our Courses have been compressed into the MP3 format, in contrast to our training which is distributed in uncompressed format.

Audio Clip 1
Full Remote Viewing Training Session 3
Entering Deep Theta

If you are ready to experience for yourself the Deep Theta state  Close you eyes and listen...(43 min)

This session is offered to you in its entirety to introduce you to our methodology. Although it is part of the beginning of our Remote Viewing training, you should be aware that is perfectly natural for you to go in and out of consciousness as you start training with it. This is a good sign, and shows you that you are entering the state of deep Theta. You will master it later and will be ready to enter with full consciousness the state of Delta as you train with our RI course.

This session guides you to totally separate from the awareness of having a biological reality and as pure mind you then start expanding tremendously your perceptive connection to any point in time and space. Possible out-of-body experience.

Caution: Do not drive while listening to it. See above.

Click here to listen to or download the MP3 file. Duration 43:41


Audio Clip 2
Remote Viewing Training Session 6
Settling in for a Remote Viewing Session in Deep Theta. Partial Session

Click here to listen. Duration 5:57


Audio Clip 3
Remote Viewing Training Session 6
Remote Viewing a Probable Future (yours, others, or global). Partial Session

Click here to listen. Duration 2:24

Audio Clip 4
Remote Influencing Training Session 3
Beginning of Delta Training

Click here to listen. Duration 1:54

Audio Clip 5
End of Remote Influencing Training Session 3
Principles of RI and Closing the Delta Training Session

Click here to listen. Duration 12:42


Audio Clip 6
Remote Influencing Training Session 7
Recreating your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Self: The Diamond Body of Light. Remote Influencing from this Level. Partial Session

Click here to listen. Duration 4:37


Audio Clip 7
Remote Influencing Training Session 7
Creating a Vibratory Shield of Protection Against Unwanted Energies and Thought Intrusions. Partial Session

Click here to listen. Duration 3:18


Audio Clip 8

Remote Influencing Training Session 9
Ancient Secret of Creating and Manifesting from the Gap. Partial Session

Click here to listen. Duration 6:30

And There Are Even More Benefits!


I’m Ready To Change My Life



Train With Our Combination Course and Receive Two Bonus Training CDs (containing preparations for the Next Quantum Jump allowing you to operate with full connection between the two Brain Hemispheres at 100% capacity: You are a then a fully Integrated  Advanced Human Brain connected to multiple dimensions)

As a limited-time special gift available only to students who train with the combination training systems, we’re including our new Extended Remote Viewing in Theta and Extended Manifesting in Delta and Beyond sessions on two additional CDs. These two sessions truly bring you to a new quantum level of mind operations.

 Bonus #1: Extended Remote Viewing in Theta Disc Extended_RV_Small

  • You are guided to Theta level of mind through a new and very powerful method
  • Remote View anything anywhere in space or time accompanied by Theta inducing sounds for an extended period of time
  • Collect data information stream from the Universal Mind
  • Reawakened to the Beta state of mind

 Bonus #2: Extended Remote Influencing in Delta and Beyond Disc Extended_RI_Small

  • You are guided to the Delta level of Mind through the use of a very advanced and highly effective method
  • A portal is opened to Gamma and far beyond . . .
  • Reawakened to the Beta state of mind

These CDs are truly an invaluable gift from me to you

These two bonus CDs are being offered free of charge for a limited time only.
 At this time, both bonus CDs are:



   My dear friends, as recent world events show, these techniques are not anymore a matter of curiosity, but a matter of sheer mental, spiritual, and physical survival. I am so confident that they will radically change your whole life that I offer you the following: Please try them for a full 60 days, and if they do not change your whole perception of reality, you are free to return them for a full refund. Just call our US office or write to us in order to get return instructions. We will then promptly issue a full refund to you (minus S&H costs).

  This is my gift to you - my legacy, if you will. I really deeply care for you and our common uplifting, hoping for you to be here and experience the upcoming dawn of a new era of peace and harmony.

These courses have changed my life...

I love the Remote Influence & Remote Viewing courses. I have trained with the courses for many years. The results are better and better with each year. The last time I wrote several year ago, I experienced seeing colored circles and hearing vibratory noises in head. I experienced "The grand illusion" without having to take a mind-altering drug. I reflect back on the past experiences and realize how powerfully you are able to influence your world through thoughts.

The job I now have is a result of holding an intention through listing what I seek in a job. Everything came true and yet, now is the time to move on to new exciting opportunities. This is just a sample of circumstances manifested through a strong intention. I also do energy healing work on myself and others through a clinic. I use energetic testing to make energy corrections and obtain information to verify through results.

Energetic testing reveals my Hawkins Score on the Map of Consciousness Scale is at 840 and listening to the Remote Influencing Training System raised my score nearly 43 points. The score is now 997 next to Christ Consciousness of 1000 with a combination of methods and pulling old non-serving beliefs out of my energy system. I checked yours with a score of 1873, which is off the charts of 1500 with the new revised charts. I am blissfully happy all the time and the negativity just vanishes with no effect. I now understand how come some universes connect and other do not. Session 2 of the Remote Viewing Course is extremely powerful. It has the most effect in bringing out creativity and experiencing vibrations.

Expect Many Blessings in Health & Wealth

Carey Steward


I hit the royal flush five times...

Every Friday for the past 6 weeks I have gone to a casino that is near me. I play the triple play jacks or better poker machine. I RI every time just before I go that I will (have) hit the royal flush. The payout is $4,000.00. 5 times I have hit it, and on the 6th time it actually dealt me the royal flush which means it is on all 3 hands for a total of $12,000.00. So far the total of 6 trips is $32,000.00. Even as I drive to the casino, I SEE IT, FEEL IT, TASTE IT, BREATH IT.

I actually see the woman coming to the machine to pay me in my mind. It has been the same lady for 5 of the times. She is more amazed then I am about it.

Happy thoughts.”

Simon Hunt

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I’m Ready To Change My Life


Here’s What You’ll Get...


The Complete Remote Viewing Training System - 8 Audio Discs Total

  • Remote Viewing Secrets Audio Book - 1 CD
  • Training Sessions - 7 CDs
  • Course Guide
  • $147

Remote Viewing Secrets

  • eBook
  • $37

The Complete Remote Influencing
Training System
- 14 Audio Discs Total

Remote Influencing Secrets

  • Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed Audio Book - 3 CDs
  • Training Sessions - 10 CDs
  • Enhanced Brain-waves Entrainment - 1 CD
  • Course Guide
  • $177

Extended Remote Viewing In Theta -  Bonus #1 $47

  • E-Book
  • After placing your order you will be immediately receive  a link that allows you to Instantly Download the latest E-Book Version of the Secrets of Remote Influencing  Revealed
  • $37



Extended Remote Influencing In Delta and Beyond-  Bonus #2 $47

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I wish you happy thoughts and wonderful flights,

P.S. I really would like you to reach these new advanced levels made possible by the enhanced edition of our training systems. Order now and experience them for yourself.


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