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Rich Bauer (  sent us this very interesting comment on December 3, 2001.


  • A simple procedure that he uses in order to induce an OBE. Have fun with  it, and tell us if it worked for you!

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

Last night I finally experienced vibrating light for the first time on Tape 2 Side B.  As per your instructions on the phone, I just listened passively and allowed things to happen without analyzing or thinking about what was
happening.  That seemed to be the key.  All I can say is WOW !  It was amazing to feel like that.  It didn't last for too long though, because I think part of me was getting uncomfortable or perhaps frightened from it,
and my body felt like it was trying to get back up to a state of consciousness it was more used to. 

Here is the short procedure I told about on the phone for inducing an OBE directly from BETA without meditating.  I don't know if it is safe but it is very effective.  Stand tall with both feet on the floor near the edge of your bed, squat down so that your chest touches your knees and while looking at the floor breathe in and out as deeply and as quickly as you can 30 times; on the last breath exhale completely and with empty lungs stand up quickly, stretch your arms out to your sides and tense/stretch every muscle you can in your body while leaning slightly back toward the bed.  DO NOT BREATH IN and keep as many muscles as you can taught.  In a few seconds you will go unconscious and your body will fall back safely on the bed (alternatively you can lie down on the bed and stretch the muscles while holding the last exhaled breath so you don't have to fall)  While you are unconscious you will at first think nothing happened and it didn't work.

You will perceive the room and be able to move around, but then suddenly you will realize that you are in the OBE state and although YOU are moving, your body isn't.  This new "body" will be vibrating very strongly.  It can be quite startling !  Although you will be able to perceive quite sharply, logical or analytical thinking and any kind of memory retrieval will seem to be very slow or impaired during this state, as if time has slowed down. After some time passes, you will suddenly feel like you slam back into your body on the bed and awaken feeling like thousands of little needles are gently sticking every nerve of your body.  It's similar to the feeling you have when your foot falls asleep.  Gradually the feeling of vibrations and the needles will dissipate as you fully awaken again. 

Can you please comment on what might be happening during this procedure ? My own theory is that rather than distracting, boring, or hypnotizing the brain to get to theta, this procedure just knocks it out almost completely, and one is then free to experience the real self.


Michael Santangelo  (  ) sent us this feedback on December 5, 2001.


  • Precognitive viewing of the Probable Future after taking our RV course.

I was to have a meeting involving an individual yesterday (12/4) whom I had never met. Out of curiosity, I decided on the day before to see if I could get a sense of what this person looked like using the technique I had learned and practiced on tape 2A. I brought myself to deep theta by using an abbreviated version of the visualization on the tape and using the verbal cue. In a few moments, I had a flash of a face with distinctive features, a distinctive hairdo, and he face was propped up with the person's hand. This happened in a burst, but remained in my inner vision for a few moments. Then it was gone.

The next day I went into the meeting. There were a number of people present, but one of them stood out to me. This person was an exact match of my impression of the day before. It was the very person I was trying to get a "preview" of. I was both completely amazed and matter of fact in my reaction. if this is a bit of what can be expected with practice and patience, I can hardly wait. I have found the tapes to be terrific and look forward to continuing my practice.

Thanks again for the great service you are rendering by making these powerful techniques available. I look forward to receiving the email exercises you mentioned in our phone call.

Michael Santangelo

Henry Bueckert  ( ) send us this testimony on October 11, 2001.

Subject :

  • Great success at Remote Viewing while training with our course.

Dear Gerald:

I'm on tape 6 side B and having amazing results at remote viewing after I figured out how to do all the exercises. I'm very interested in the A.R.V. program.

I would also like to thank you for making these amazing courses available to the public.



Linda Stalder  ( ) send us this feedback on Oct 10, 2001.


  • Communicating with the feminine aspect of the Universal Mind.

Dear Gerald:
I hope you'll remember me from our phone conversation a few weeks ago. I was so happy to learn about the 'purple light' and that I could communicate with it. All of my friends see this light also and were thrilled to learn what it is and that we can communicate with it. Since then, it has at times been a very beautiful ultra-purple light and enjoyable to look at. I have realized that I have been seeing that purple light also with my eyes open while doing massage. I have always wondered what it meant. Oftentimes, as my massage room is darkened and I have candles lit, in this light I see a purple light over the area where I am working with my hands. I have always believed this light was there to help but now, thanks to you, I have a much better understanding of what it is.
Also, as I spoke with you on the phone, I have always had difficulty perceiving with my 3rd eye. Since this is beginning to be an area of frustration for me, I decided to ask a friend in Taos, NM, who I trust very much to give me accurate information. I asked her if I had a block - she said no, but that there are spiritual nerves from the 3rd eye to consciousness that have been damaged which is contributing to my not 'seeing'. She is asking that this be repaired, and I am also asking the purple light to assist.
This morning, in my dreams just before I awakened I was dreaming you were instructing me! I don't know any of the other people in the dream. I'm not able to recall the details of what you were teaching.
What is your opinion of younger people learning to remote view (a 15-year old - my son) would like to learn to mind-travel.
Thank you once again, Gerald, for your service. Learning to travel in our light bodies and to communicate mind to mind is of great benefit to humanity! I personally feel the technology we use has 'shackled' us and prevented us from utilizing our true abilities.
I have been playing tape 2 for a few of my clients who indicate they would like to listen. One of my clients, who is very high strung, indicated that she was the most relaxed that she can remember being EVER.
I hope all is well with you.
With gratitude,
Linda Stalder

HUGO GARCIA ( ) sent   us this feedback on October 1, 2001.


  • Vision of 9/11 two weeks before the tragedy.

Hi Gerald, sorry to bother you again, I'm Hugo Garcia, the Mexican guy who lost tape number 2, remember?....Well good news, I found my tape 2 weeks ago and I'm training again, another good news is that I think my intuition is coming back.......
I'm writing you because I heard in tape number 1 that you where going to make EEG Biofeedback Machines available trough your website...Is that true???....If so, how much do they cost??....because I'm having trouble recognizing the mental stages and I think having a EEG machine can help me recognize the feeling of the different mental stages.....
I also wanted to tell you that I think I had a dream about the terrorist attack 2 weeks before it happened....I had a dream where I saw a plane crash (I only saw 1 plane crashing) and I saw and heard people screaming, buried under the ruins of a big building (to be honest I never saw the twin WTC towers, I just saw 1 building in ruins)......This is actually the second time this has happened to me, the first one happened 1 year ago when I had a dream where I saw my Brazilian girlfriend Josie leaving on a bus without saying good bye to me, 2 or 3 weeks later I received an email from her saying that she had already left for Brazil because of some personal problems....I think I've had more psychic experiences but I'm not sure.......
I also wanted to ask you if by any chance you have another Latino student who would be willing to correspond in Spanish with me so that we could exchange tips......
I got to go now, Gerald, please let me know if you sell EEG machines......thanks.....HUGO.

Pamela Slayton ( ) writes to us on September 26, 2001.


  •  Energy body realignment and feeling of strong energy going thru spine.

Hello Gerald:

Each time I do a tape, I have a deeper and sometimes different experience than before. I have learned that I really have to listen passively with no effort than to actually try to consciously do what you say on the tape. I am also going to spend two days a week with Tape 2 and then continue with the tape I am currently working on. I find this helps tremendously and each time I go back to tape two, I have a deeper experience. Today was kind of weird, at the end of side 1, (please don't think I'm crazy, this was a very real, physical feeling, it was not in my head), I felt this tremendous energy go up and down my body a couple of times. On tape 3 side A, I can feel my energy body lengthen and expand, but I still don't actually ""see"" anything. I know you are busy with the present world crises. My prayers and thoughts are with you all. There is no response necessary unless you think I am doing something wrong.

 Thank you. Pam.

Dr. Leon O. writes to us on September 19th, 2001 ( ).


  • Premonition on bear market acted upon on 9/10/01.


Let me start by saying that after listening to tape 2 side A about 5 times, I have had several premonitions. The most recent prompted me to buy a bear market stick fund on 9/10/01
I am very impressed with the message posted on your site on 8/31/01. I just saw it now. I will be visiting this site EVERY day. Amazing!

Thank you for your time. 

God Bless America

Dr. Leon O.

Rob Chojnacki ( ), a recent trainee,  wrote to us on September 13th, 2001.


  •  Remote Viewing  the terrorist outrage  in NYC, ONE day before its actual happening, and Rviewing subsequent tragic probable future world events that might seriously  affect our lives and this Creation if we do not veer rapidly our course of thought/behavior and unite, reforming the Oneness.

I am writing to you in complete sadness over the event which took place this week.  I live within a half hour from NYC and almost daily see the twin towers.  I also was working in NYC until last week.  It's one thing to see it on TV.  Its another to see it with your own eyes.  Thankfully I did not yet lose anyone i know.  I say "yet", because I have lived here all my life, and know many many many people, and who knows, I may know someone I either graduated high school with or even college, and next week hear news of a long lost friend's demise...  Or anyone.  We haven't yet even begun to know who is gone...

Ok, main point of this email:  I saw it the day before it happened.

I myself even find it hard to believe, but its true.  Monday night,  September 10th., I was working with tape 4B, visiting the probable future.  I asked the light to show me something that would happen very soon that would be significant.

I was getting very accustomed and comfortable with being in the workshop of the mind, and asking questions of the light, and very accustomed to receiving immediate answers, which came in many forms. For me, answers can come in visions, symbols, pure thought, and also pure emotion. 

I was immediately given a view of the New York City skyline, as if I was standing across the river in New Jersey. What I saw was the city completely covered in smoke. I saw smoke with the tops of buildings protruding above the smoke. I saw immense fireballs rising above the smoke, as if mass devastation were taking place. 

I was given the impression through emotion that there was an incredible loss of life, and that this was an event that would be remembered throughout history. I also felt a sense of worldwide sadness. 

I asked the light when this event would happen and was immediately given the answer of "tomorrow". I saw the word "tomorrow" emblazoned over the scene like a caption, and also heard a voice say "tomorrow". 

Honestly, I did not believe it. But, without thinking to hard, I made a mental visual note of what I saw. 

I then asked the light if there was anything else for me to see. I was immediately given a view of the Middle East, as if I was in space looking  directly down at that area of the Earth.

In the area of Israel/Iraq, I saw what seemed to be several massive explosions. I was given the impression that there was a tremendous loss of life. I was given the impression that the explosions were of extremely tremendous energy, perhaps nuclear. There was another caption of text that blinked over this scene -- "World War III". I was given an impression that this was an event that would make the world stop. As if this was no longer a trivial matter, whatever that really means. I asked when this would happen and in the same manner as before, I saw a blink of text -- "2012-2013".

Even though the first vision of the attack on NYC came true on the very next day, some 10 hours after I had the vision, I truly hope that the second vision does not come true. I truly believe that it is, as you say, the "probable" future. It can be averted. I hope this, because the attack I saw for late February seemed to be of a much greater magnitude than the September 11th attacks.

Gerald, I will be spending much time now in sessions, sending a healing light to the world, and to the universal mind. I will send much light energy towards making this event not happen, in the same way that I have been sending healing light to the victims and loved ones involved in the 9/11 attacks.

I ask all who read this to do the same. Go to the workshop of the mind, send out a healing, loving light. Don't fall prey to fear. Increase the vibration! Brighten the light! Send Love! 


Rob C

Brian McCarthy  ( sends us this very timely testimonial on September 14th, 2001.


  • The potential life saving gift of training with our RV and RI courses, in order to avoid locations and situations where terrorists may strike and other threats to oneself and/or to one's loved ones. Choosing better realities amongst many probable futures.

Dear Gerald:
It has been a year since I ordered your RV course. I feel that in that time, I not only have traveled the future road of many probable paths that lie ahead for me as well as the journey I have traveled within myself. The occurrence of actions on 9/11/01 in New York City almost immediately reminded me of your August 2000 web site posting. In recent months I have seen probable outcomes of what may become fact . I have seen much destruction and loss of life even in this great country of America. Time lines are never certain with RV but I have almost become fearful of the things I know could happen. The course I took from you a year ago has showed me that. However fear is not what it seems, especially while traveling the depth of the rabbit's hole. I am so glade I took the red pill a year ago instead of the blue one, for this has been an amazing journey into the Matrix of the probable future of this person's being. I will be ordering you 2nd edition of tapes soon. The advice I would give to others considering the course would be: yes take it, take them both. Your future may depend on it. I have so many different outcomes to my future now that I can choose the path I want to take. In ending, I would like to add that this has also been a path with a couple of monetary gains. Thank you so much Gerald.
"I'll see you on the sky scrapper of my mind".
Brian J.M.

Greg Gloor ( ) sent us this emotional statement on September 11, 2001.


  • The need to lighten the darkness by vibrating Creation higher in awareness.


I hope you and your family are safe and well this evening.

I woke up this morning at 6:15 am EST.  After having a nightmare about a child hood bully that frequently targeted me,  I drove to work with incredible feelings of anger / revenge etc. wondering why and totally unaware of what would happen today.  Maybe this is some how related it is hard to say right now.

During the horror of today, clouds of smoke could be seen over the hills some 15 miles away from my workplace.  The source of that smoke was the former WTC complex.   I referred to your site and the statement / warning from August 17. 

To quote from there:

"It is our duty to defuse the darkness by vibrating at high levels of light. Each individual on his/her own. We need to reach a certain critical mass of highly vibratory individuals within the mass consciousness of Mankind to affect a quantum jump in awareness for this whole Creation. And very soon so. "

So, after all this today my thoughts boil down to just one,

Let's get started...

Any suggestions will help.


Greg S. Gloor

Pamela Slayton ( ) send us this important feedback on August 25, 2001.


  • Stress reduction after taking the course and also how important it is to become totally a "passive" listener.

Mr. O'Donnell,

No response necessary to this email. Just wanted to kind of check in. My progress with the tapes has been slow due to vacation and my children being home for the summer. I am starting tape 3 on Mon. Remote Viewing in and of itself, although interesting, is not really my goal. My goal is Higher Consciousness living. So far, I find the tapes remarkable and I want to thank you for making this available to the public. I am glad you have the FAQ's on your site because they have proved helpful to me. I knew I wasn't really falling asleep, I can tell the difference, but it is reassuring to note from the FAQ that what is happening to me is progress. I was worried that I wasn't paying enough attention to your words. Once I started to become more of a passive listener, I found myself in a "floating" state with various images coming and going from my mind. I get to the point where I am no longer fully conscious of the words on the tape, until I am told to start coming back!
. My daughter has noticed how much less stressed and more calm I am since starting the program. She is now interested in listening to the tapes as well. As a top track runner in our area, I think they will be very helpful to her in reducing the stress and pressures on her from competing. I am looking forward to completing this course and starting the next one. I will call you when I have finished the sixth tape. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Pamela Slayton

PS-feel free to post this if you find it might be useful to others who are just starting out.

David Clarke ( ), a British trainee, sent us this testimonial on September 4th, 2001.


  • Great success with our training.

Dear Sirs,

I have been using the Remote Viewing course for some weeks now, and although a bit skeptical that I or just anyone could learn to use it, I am now a full believer. I have successfully remote viewed on several occasions. On nearly a daily basis, I suddenly think of someone and then the phone rings and it's that person. While watching the lottery the other day, I suddenly thought of several numbers and to my surprise they rolled in seconds later!

Even better, I was in the pub the other day, and suddenly thought of a friend I had not seen for a while, then I looked up and saw a ghostly/transparent image of my friend making his way towards me through the crowd, as he emerged, he faded away! This was shocking enough, but with in a minute the real life version of my friend walked in the door and made his way towards me through the crowd and came over and said hello and wondered why my mouth was hanging open!

Please post my experiences if you wish. 


David Clarke

Rob Chojnacki ( ) wrote to us on July 10, 2001 the following testimonial.


  • Experiencing being pure light, pure consciousness, and increase intuitive abilities.

Mr. O'Donnell

I just wanted to let you know how amazing those tapes are, not that you don't already know it. 

I moved through Tape 1 rather quickly because I spent a great amount of time reading on your webpage the info on the background of these techniques.  I listened to it a few times to get accustomed listening to the tapes and relaxing, and it was very nice.

Tape 2 Side A:  This was a wonderful experience!  The feeling of floating around a scenery existent only in my mind was beautiful, and especially more so in the Theta Floor!  The light, the imagery, and the feeling are wonderful..

I am now on Tape 1 Side B, and listened for the first time last night, and all I can say is WOW!!!  I have never (at least that I can remember) felt anything like that.  I have many times tried to concentrate my mind into a center of being, but the body always got in the way.  I now know my center of being to be in my heart, and it was extraordinary to be completely present in my center of being and to notice that what I was hearing was above me.  What I mean is that I felt like I was a tiny tiny tiny person living inside of my heart, and I could hear the sound of the tape coming through my body's ears, located a foot or so above where I "was".  No arms, no legs, no head or anything.  I really was a concentrated ball of light.  This was the first time I really felt as though my body was just a vehicle for my mind.  I will, though, have to stay with this tape for a while, as I feel my muscles tightening as I visualize the vibrating light, due to excitement, even though I can to!
tally feel that vibration.  Like a buzz of electricity.  I will stay with 2/B for a little while until I am totally relaxed and comfortable.

Also I definitely have noticed a sharp increase in my intuition already.  I can tell in a packed elevator who is getting off of on what floor, and I have also tried out the "nose itch" game, where i sit in a crowded area and pick out someone.  I try to imagine their nose as mine, put their head over mine, and imagine that their/my nose is really itchy, and all of a sudden they are scratching away!  I have a success rate of about 85%, and if you think about it, how often do you really scratch your nose?  I definitely have ruled out coincidence.
I'm still early in development, but I feel my temptation to smoke lessening, and I also feel an eagerness to eat healthier...  And not to mention peace of mind.

These tapes are awesome!  Thanks so much!

Jeremy Vallis (  ) sends us this feedback on July 3, 2001.


  •  "Miraculous" healing with the help of the Universal Mind of a disease perceived by the traditional medical establishment as being incurable.

Dear Gerald
Thank you very much.  Since I bought the first course with the 6 audio tapes I have tapped into the Universal Mind and asked the universe to cure me of my skin disease called psoriasis.  After two months I have been totally cleared of it, and my dermatologist cannot understand this, as it is a incurable disease.

Thank you so much, Gerald. You can post this if you want.


Dr. Alexander Markus M.D. Ph.D. of Sweden ( ), one of our recent trainees, send us these comments on June 15, 2001.


  • Heightened intuitive sensitivity and better management of the deep Theta state.

Dear Gerald O'Donnell

Six months ago, I purchased your RV course. I want to thank you for your fantastic course on Remote Viewing. I have found that I have developed much better intuitive sensitivity. I also have much better control over who, what and where I visit and what I do while in the Theta state. I believe that your information is quite possibly a new way for Mankind to see itself and understand the physical world.

Thank you very much,

Alexander Markus, Ph.D., M.D. (A.M.)

President of the Celeste Institute

If my Institute can do something for you in Sweden, please let me know.

Jean Taylor  send us this testimonial on June 8, 2001.


  • Achieving inner and outer peace.

I am sure that you probably get dozens of these type of  emails everyday, but I sincerely want to thank you for making this course available. I have achieved such peace with myself, and the world. But we still have a lot to do. Looking forward to your next course.


Dana Corvin ( ) sends us this nice "thank you" on May 29, 2001, after taking our RV course.


  • Heightened intuition, great stress release, mental travel and connection.

  • Freedom of leaving the "old constraints of the matrix."

First, I would like to say thank you for helping me unfold and realize the possibilities that the mind is capable of. When I received the tapes I initially tried to analyze what was going on, and question what was happening. But I realizes that I was keeping myself from experiencing outside the Matrix. The moment I let go, things started to change inside me. I became calmer and more relaxed. My intuition shot up and I started getting correct on my hunches. I am also able to see mentally, getting a quick snapshot of things. It's exhilarating to be able to live with a new type of freedom of the mind. I have awakened to the possibilities around me. Again, Mr. O'Donnell, I thank you.


Dana Corvin

Brian Murphy ( )send us this testimonial on May 27, 2001.


  • Getting out of the "Matrix."

Hi Gerald:

Making great progress! I feel more relaxed and in self-control than ever before.  I feel connected to the All. My energy body is strengthening and I can feel the lightness.  I can connect with anyone I want with ease. I feel more protected energetically. And a sense of trusting has increased. Now that I've seen the Matrix I know that I can go beyond it, to true reality.

Thank you, peace and happiness.


Sue Parker of Pickering, UK, send us this testimonial on May 21, 2001.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:

I received you tapes recently. They are a gift that takes my breath away. And the tapes-well, words just fail me (and that's pretty unusual!).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With best wishes,

Sue Parker

Adam Evans  ( sends us this feedback on May 17, 2001.


  • Comparing our RV  training and TRV training, and the great advantages of undertaking our training together as a couple.

Hello again friends!

Thought I would take this opportunity to share with you something. My wife has been working with the Academy's tapes. I have seen a great increase in her intuitive abilities. We seem to be even more on the same wavelength than ever before, knowing each other's thoughts and being more conscious of each other in an empathic sense. She had quite limited success, as I did, with TRV (Technical Remote Viewing). For those who are not familiar with it, it is a very rigid, structured approach to Remote Viewing. My wife and I took the TRV course together also, and have found  The Academy of Remote Viewing Course to be much more relaxing, effective, and enjoyable.   Of course, I can only speak for myself, and our experience.

We are enjoying wonderful journeys to together, and I would encourage any couple to take this course. It is something that a couple can share, that most never get to appreciate. Above all, it is a lot of fun, and enlightening, Enjoy the trip!

In Light to you all!

Adam Evans

Patrick Andrews of London UK, wrote to us on April 19, 2001, this uplifting feedback.


  • Opening the door to the light and closing his back to the fear/darkness realm.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:

Words are inadequate to express my deep gratitude for the work of art you've performed in producing " The Complete Remote Viewing Course."

I suppose it could be summed in one word "WOW." As a young boy growing up in Ireland back in the 50's I always knew intuitively about the inner worlds of time and space. My religious teachers felt it their duty to punish me in every conceivable way to rid me of this heresy that was contrary to the authorized religious teaching.

But I knew, and I I knew that one day my expression would find its way home,     I had no idea its home would be called "Remote Viewing."

Please let me know if you are planning to put on any workshop or courses in Florida as I would have no hesitation in attending.

If you ever decide to come to London I would be delighted to show the sights of our great city.

Thank you again for the great gift, you've not only given to me, but to generations yet to come.

Yours faithfully,

Patrick Andrews

87 Wendell Rd.


UK W12 9SB

Robert James ( ), a university student and recent trainee, send us on April 7, 2001 this very refreshing testimonial.


  • Automatic increased mental clarity, creative intelligence, non-addictive personality, charisma and attractiveness, by learning to vibrate at higher levels of energy/light as taught in our course.       

Dear Gerald,

It has been 6 weeks since I began the Remote Viewing Course, although it seems like has been a hundred years.  The day I received those tapes was the day I began to really live my life.  As I approach the final days of university, I am only now beginning to realize the importance of using your inner mind and spirit to learn and create.  I can say that I now have the mental clarity of a child, and the knowledge of an adult.

Over the past six weeks I have quit smoking, cut-down on drinking, and have been much more successful in the love department.  As well, I have found that my intuition has greatly increased, as has my creative intelligence.  Gerald, these tapes are something else.  They have made me believe once again that we can achieve anything we put our mind to.

Yours truly,

Robert James

Devon ( ) wrote to us this feedback on March 30, 2001.


  • Energizing and finding inner peace while starting the training. 

Hello Mr. O'Donnell:  

Just a quick note to let you know how I'm doing with the course.   

I am now moving on to tape 5.  I missed listening for about a week at tape 3 side B.  It is taking me longer to complete the course, but I am feeling good.  If nothing else, I feel great!  General feeling of well being, few worries.  I LOVE the feeling of floating I get into now when drifting off to sleep.  I haven't tried RV on my own (outside of the tapes), but will soon.  I am just getting off getting into that state of mind.  As you know (I'm sure), meditation has been incredible.    

I'll let you go now.  Thanks again for opening this side of my mind to me.  


Michael Albright ( sends us on February 13, 2001 this testimonial on his progress with the RV course.


  • Dreaming the probable future and recognizing the One within.

Hi Gerald,
I purchased the remote viewing tapes about 6 weeks ago, and I am having the time of my life using them.  I had a dream last week that really made me realize how powerful these tapes are.  In my dream I had a very clear picture of me taking some change from the soda machine after using it. Well, about two days later the dream came true.  I needed a little pick me up, so I went to the soda machine to get a drink and reached down to get my change, and there was about $1.00 worth of quarters waiting for me! Just like in the dream! My exact change was suppose to .25 cents. 
Gerald, I think that getting a look into my "Probable Future" is great, but at the same time, these tapes are making me realize that there is a connectedness between us all. Maybe I'm starting to realize on a deeper level my own divinity (Divine Love) and this Divinity, sees and recognizes the divinity in all.
Thanks again for always being there to answer all my questions. 

With Many Blessings!!


Adam Evans ( ) sends us on February 13, 2001 this thoughtful feedback on his progress and realizations.


  • The inner Child within or the Higher Self.  Asking for help. Experiencing the Light within and connecting in Love to Source: The Universal Mind.

Hello Dear Friends!

A few lessons learned since beginning work with the Remote Viewing tapes.

I was working with tape 3 side A, and I was about to begin the foot extension and extension of light from the head, when I shifted my perception to an image I was receiving. It was a little boy, with shorts on and a yellow shirt pointing at me. I looked at him, and tried not to be analytical, and realized that this child looked like my son. I then looked closer and realized it was ME! The little me was holding a garden hose, and talking to me. I could clearly recognize myself. It was an extremely wonderful thing to see myself as a child again. I realized after contemplation that this was my higher self communicating with me, bearing in mind what Jesus said, coming with child-like faith, I came to the realization this was what he meant. The higher self, is the child in all of us. I feel if we can truly learn to go to the Universal in this way, we shall seek what we ask. Anyway, my higher self fired some water from the garden hose and scurried away laughing. I couldn't help but be
amused! After all, it was ME laughing at ME! The impression I got from that meeting was that my higher self knows the joke, why not laugh along with it? Lets not take this thing of Life so serious and have fun with it! Take your remote viewing as a new adventure every time you ask a question, or seek to view some event. I like to look at it as going to a new movie you have been waiting to see for a long time, except only better, because YOU are in it! Have fun...laugh with the Universe.

Another thing that I have been doing is: before I begin my sessions with the tapes I ask my guides, angels, higher self, and any Masters to assist me in getting clarity on what the Universal Mind is showing me. These benevolent souls are waiting to help us my dear friends, but we must ASK for their assistance. They will not encroach upon our freewill. So regardless of your background in a belief system, take faith and ask for aid. These wonderful light beings can see you as you are, they know your higher self and can see through the illusion of the matrix. Ask for that clarity, and for protection and guidance, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. "Ask and Ye shall receive."

One other thing I have been working on. Before I even go to Theta, I state my intent to the Universal Mind, so that when I arrive at theta, I can easily access why I am there. I have been using the time at theta to address things I want to learn. It is at theta specifically that you can send out your request for guidance. The Universal Mind knows what we need, and responds accordingly. When you send it love it sends it back 10 fold. It is at the Universal that we recognize our oneness with the Mind, and our Source. The Source knows what you need, ask for it. I have been using the time at theta to work on my ability to understand truly that we are light, to repattern old thought patterns of density. We are only 10% density and 90% space. Imagine the possibilities when we truly come to the realization that we are just light! I have also been speaking to the Universal about changing my DNA structure while in theta. The possibilities are endless!

Remote Viewing is a label, my friends. We should rather refer to it as, Close Observation of Self. Therein lies the answer.

When we laugh at this game of illusion, the Universe laughs with us. We are ONE.

These are just a few of my thoughts, I hope they are helpful in whatever you seek. I have found many benefits with the Remote Viewing Program, namely, increased awareness, greater recognition of symbology in the matrix, increased hand-eye coordination, better musical skill, increased intuition, and most importantly, learning more every day to see myself as a divine spark of the ONE, understanding that I truly am Light.

The next time when you move to theta, declare to the Universal, I Am Light! I promise you that your soul will sing with the truth of it, and the Universal will respond by sending you back the light that you put forth. It is a truly wonderful experience.

Thank you Gerald for your wonderful contribution to humanity, looking forward to sharing more with you in the probable future!

In Light....

Adam Evans

Bill Scott (  sends us this testimony on February 11, 2001. Subject:

  •  Successfully Rviewing targets and getting messages from "beyond the veil."

Gerald, your RV course is absolutely fantastic. I have been meditating daily for over 10 years, and I often wondered if my psi abilities were increasing. They seemed to be, because my intuition level was becoming fairly high.  

I began reading a few of the RV books on the market, and decided to look for formal instruction. A Web search led me to your site, and, after reading a lot of your explanatory messages, I sent for your course.  

And I'm glad I did!  

After working through your astonishing tapes for 6 weeks or so, I began to ask friends and family for RV assignments. I started with objects, and then progressed to places, points in time, and now people.  

Here's the results of a "place" RV. My report comes first, and then my cousin's response:  

RV Report 2/4/01

Place on Earth

Coord# 269866  

Natural setting.


Possibly wildlife.

4WD vehicle.  

The 4-by seemed to be sitting up high, overlooking a valley. I felt there was water down there, but didn't "see" it.  

The 4-by seemed to be "tanish."



(I've since asked him whether his Dad owned a truck or rec vehicle. That would make the 4X4 a nice symbol of his parent's being there.)  

Another recent assignment took me on a quest for a girlfriend's deceased grandmother. In that session, I "found" the grandmother, and asked her to give me a message specifically for her granddaughter. She gave me a phrase, I would rather not repeat it here because it was personal. I will say that it was an unusual combination of words.  

When I filed my report, I learned that the grandmother often spoke that phrase to her granddaughter. The words meant a lot to her.  

That was an amazing result!  

Thanks again for helping me begin to uncover my hidden abilities in this area. And please keep me in mind for your next course!  

Bill Scott


R.S. ( of Sydney, Australia sends this testimony on February 8, 2001.


  •  Increased intuition. Sensing events just before they are about to happen. Decreased stress levels.

Hi Gerald and Fellow RVers,
I would like to elaborate a bit on the results I have had so far! I Have been practicing the tapes for about three weeks now. I just started tape 3 side B this morning. My intuition is gradually rising and I seem to be having a lot of 'synchronous' moments, i.e. when I know something is about to happen between 1 second and 5 seconds before it happens although I have only just started to actually register this type of stray thought as the 'what is going to happen thought'. So the results have been great so far.  I also have found my stress levels easing a whole lot and also wanted to tell you that I love the work you've done on your website, with the out of the matrix page and the rest. Can't wait for an update 
Anyway, thank you for helping me out,


Rachel Rosenthal ( ) sends us this interesting feedback on February 7, 2001. 


  • Connecting to the Universal Mind, Out of Body and past-life experiences.

Dear Mr. Gerald O'Donnell,

In the six weeks since I've been listening to the tapes I've had 4 paranormal experiences and one profound behavior change.  I've been searching for ways to teach myself the experiences you've described possible from Remote Viewing with intense focus for the last 3 or 4 years.  I've listened to, read and studied dozens of gurus from Dick Sutphen's hypnotherapy to Divine Revelation, Chan meditation, and on and on.  Without results.

Here are my results in the last six weeks:

My first experience was after being asked to send love to Universal Mind and watch for a response.  A feeling descended over me - Deep, Clear, Peaceful Emptiness.  At first I thought this is what the Theta Level brain wave is supposed to feel like.  But after it was repeated a bunch of times and not on other tapes, I realized that Universal Mind sent me the exact feeling I expected that my visual metaphor for IT would feel like.  My visual metaphor being a deep, still mountain lake reflecting, contemplating the moonless night sky.

Next I found myself staring at something I didn't quite recognize.  It was over the instant I realized that I was staring at my bedroom ceiling and my eyes were closed.

All my dreams are more vivid, I remember one or two just about every night and in one of them I had the prototypical OBE.  I was watching a beautiful village in the Himalayas from up high.  It was unusual in that the layout was a straight line down a rift in the mountainside.  A Buddhist Stupa was in the middle and that area had a beautiful light I wanted to check out.  Instantly I found myself there inside a shop that sells tea.  A woman was waiting for the 12 yr old girl to finish bagging it.  The girl was horizontal in the air and her 10 yr old brother was vertically levitating and reading his homework.  They were doing it to show they could for a film crew. As usual just when I might have gotten the lucid dream thing going, I'm so surprised I wake up.  Or I realize that what's happening only happens in my dreams and I wake up. 
Lastly, our company plans on renovating the cavernous basement.  Everyone has been moved to the upper 3 floors, but the sofa is still there and the heat is still on.  I go there on my lunch hour to try practicing with the tapes when I'm not so exhausted I just fall asleep.  I was listening to Remote view the past when I suddenly found myself face to face in the ring with a man wearing a 5 day old beard and 19th century boxer's helmet made of leather straps.  In the instant it took to experience how REALLY THERE I felt, I went blank and both my shoulders involuntarily flew forward as though I had just been hit in the chest.  That is the most remarkable thing that's ever happened.  All the more so because in the last 6 months or so, I've been triggered into galvanic grief by a song.  And one of them was the Simon and Garfunkel one with this chorus "In the clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade and he carries the reminder of every glove that laid him low and cut him till he cried out in his anger and his pain, "I am leaving, I am leaving", but the fighter still remains lye lye lye".  After 30 years I still remember every word of that song and was amused that Universal Mind or my Soul choose to serve up the 19th century boxer.

I look forward to increasing skills,

  Rachel Rosenthal,   Iconologic, Inc.
  40 Inwood Circle, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA 

Donna Streinz ( writes to us on February 1, 2001. 


  • Out-of-body experiences after a couple of days in training with our RV course.

I ordered the course last month and have been listening to tape 1. Since then, I have been having very unusual experiences. Although it seems to happen randomly, the frequency is increasing to 3 experiences per day with one day off. I feel myself separating, or being lifted up and out of the body.  It's extremely discombulating. Then I'm taken to a set of experiences which seem to expose me to the 5 senses. However, I seem to have no control over the experiences. During one of them someone asked me why I hid in a closet and I replied, "Because out of body experiences make me fearful." Any suggestions? I am Native American, if that means anything to you.  The tape have opened a doorway of some sort and I'm getting ready to go to tape 2. Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.

 Thanks, D.

Mark Duin ( ) sends this testimonial on January 30, 2001.


  • Better RV after the training.

I have just completed the RV course material. All I can say is WOW!!! I have successfully done RV in the past but always found it difficult to get into a relaxed state. My success had been very hit and miss. I found the material very important in understanding the brain states, their usefulness and how to get to them. My tape sessions were much more vivid than ever before.

Thanks for helping me, I can't wait to see your advanced course!!!



Jesse Bestgen ( ) wrote to us on January 29, 2001.


  • Breaking through the Matrix and the life changing aspects of reconnecting to the One.

Dear Gerald,

Thank-you so much for the service that you provide! 

For many years I have felt nothing, just apathetic about everything. I was like a prisoner of war, unable to break through the matrix.

It would seem that I was content to buy into the world system, the mass consciousness. It was a real wake-up call. Not to mention how very depressing it was to realize that I was content with a physical reality now, and a spiritual reality in the after-life. Your course has helped me to reconnect with my creator, and to grow as a spiritual and eternal soul. I've only been using the tapes for a few months, but already my life has changed so much! I feel so much joy and happiness and inner contentment. I appreciate so much being part of the big picture! Thank you for the advice that you gave me on my follow-up call. I look forward to going through your second set of tapes as soon as they are available.

Thank You again, Mr. O'Donnell for all that you do!


Jesse W. Bestgen

Brian J. McCarthy ( ) write to us this testimonial on November 29, 2000.


  •  Waking up from the "Matrix" and having out-of-body-experiences.

Mr. O'Donnell

I purchased your RV course around two months ago. I have taken my time with its contents in order to fully absorb it. Since starting the course a few things have become clear to me that I never knew resided in me. I am a trained Certified Hypnotherapist of 14 years and I have always been very intuitive. However, your course has proven to me without a shadow of doubt  that "there is a real Self, a kingdom within."

To this point I have completed 50% of the course. What really was surprising is to virtually feel yourself rising to the ceiling in tape 3. I know that I am not imagining what I see because I have checked things after a session and found my accuracy about 70% right. While floating outside my house the other night, I saw a shoe on my roof that wasn't there a day before! 

Right now I am having to adjust my reality to the fact that I have been in a deep sleep most of my life and now am waking up from the dogmas I was taught up to now.

I look forward to completing this course and continue with the other two. Please notify me when they are on the market.

Once again thank you. You have done a great service to mankind and to me. I hope that some day we can meet.

Brian McCarthy

Tim McClellan (, a trainee from the United Kingdom, sends this positive feedback on November 20, 2000.


  • Combining our RV course and Reiki training. OOBE (out-of-body-experience) and lucid dreaming abilities enhanced. 

Hi Gerald:

I have been using your tapes for over a year now and combined them with meditation and reiki for a very powerful development experience. I have found that I have developed a greater degree of lucid dreaming and OOBE. I can now create the circumstances where it is relatively straightforward to hit the deep Theta state and maintain it. I have control over where I go and what I do while in the Theta state. 

Rome wasn't built in a day and I can see my perseverance paying many dividends. I am also pleased that others have also gained much benefit from your course and am ready to embark on the next stage of the journey with your latest course in remote influencing. I will log onto your website with even greater interest.

Please feel free to use this testimonials on your website.

Regards and best wishes

Tim McClellan

Robert Harris, MSgt, USAF (ret.) , a recent trainee, writes to us on Oct. 28, 2000.


  • A new paradigm for man?

Hello Mr. O'Donnell,  

My name is Robert Harris.  I decided to take your course which is featured on your Web site and includes 6 tapes.  I have religiously listened to these tapes. I'm currently not listening to the tapes anymore  but trying to read and understand the material presented at your site.  

I believe that your information is quite possibly a new way that  man can see and understand the world. I want to be able to understand more.  Right now I've told myself that I need to finish my college degree program.  I took your principle and while told my mind in while the Theta state that I need to complete that degree.  So I'm working at it now.  

I'm a US Air Force retiree (NCO MSgt) and have been doing very well since moving to Texas.  I feel that your course has given me a lot of new knowledge to absorb.  I used to be stationed at the Pentagon back in the cold war days (1986-1992).  And we used to hear about you guys (most of the time -poking fun at your work).  I was working for the DIA at the time.  And I wasn't a believer.  

Anyhow, I grew to be more curious  than you guys at the time.  Now, I admire you guys, since you were able to do a lot more than I knew, some things great for our country. And now for the good of mankind.  To really take the mind to another reality.  To see the world in a new way.  I really believe that you are revolutionary, in offering such a course and expertise.  And only history can tell what this knowledge will do for the world's future.  

Thank you for your time in reading my letter.  I will keep you in touch on my progress.  

Robert Harris

Henry Wagner shares this testimonial on October 19, 2000.


  • The importance of perseverance. It is often that when you expect it the least the "unexpected" will happen.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:

 I am a 27 year old Computer Engineer from Virginia. I  wanted to send my thanks to you and your staff for producing the REMOTE VIEWING course vol#1.  I bought your course several months ago and  quickly went through all of the cassette tapes. At first, all I accomplished in doing was falling into a restful sleep.  I tired of the tapes because I expected some extraordinary experience and it did not come immediately as I had hoped. So I put the tapes in my closet and forgot about them. 

Last week I came across the tapes again and said: "What the heck, I may as well try, the worst that could happen is that I get a good night's sleep." I played tape two, not expecting anything to happen, but this time something incredible did happen. It is very hard to describe, but at the point where you talk about the tower of your mind on tape two, I was actually on the tower I could feel the air around me, I could see and hear the environment that I was in. It was like being there physically, I could interact with everything around me. I must admit that this scared the skeptic right out of me, because what I was experiencing was real. Since this experience, I have had a great deal of success and have gained more control of remote viewing. I dream  more vividly than I have since childhood. I woke up a couple of times last night just to make sure that I was only dreaming. 

In my opinion, your course works. I've experienced it for myself, and I only believe in what I experience, as I am by nature suspicious. You have a very powerful product that I am recommending to my friends and family. I will definitely warn them to take it seriously. If your future courses are this effective, definitely put me on a list, as I look forward to receiving them.

Tank you again,


Henry Wagner

Ken Kimball sent us this refreshing note on October 17, 2000.


  • Attaining inner and outer loving peace in a relationship.

Hello Gerald,

I just wanted to send yet another note of gratitude. I was thinking about all the wonderful things I have learned from your course. I'm thankful for all but one especially. This course has dramatically helped my marriage. As you know, about three years ago, when I first got the course, things were a little rocky between my wife and I. When I started to study your course all that changed. We have created a union that is absolutely beautiful. At first, it was just helpful to be able to calm myself and be open-minded. Arguments were transformed into heartfelt conversations. I became a better listener, and more aware of both our needs. Then, when she started to practice your course, we were able to co-create a partnership that met both our needs and dreams. There are always challenges, but we realize we are on the same side, and approach them with open minds and open hearts.

Each challenge gives us the chances to grow even stronger. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and patience. Your efforts have made a huge difference in the quality of our lives.

Thanks again,

Happy Thoughts,


Geoff Teague of Australia sends us this testimonial on October 2, 2000.


  • Success at Remote Viewing and having vivid Out-Of-Body Experiences.

First of all let me say thank you for making this course available. After talking to you on the phone about not trying to see the target but rather to sense it, I gave it a try and had very good results indeed. In fact, I used it to find my mother sun-glasses that had been missing for about two weeks. 

However,  my most amazing (but scariest) experience happened about 3 weeks into the course when I had my first OOBE. I had taken a nap on a Sunday afternoon when I woke up.  My body felt like it was vibrating.  I knew what was happening and was a little bit freaked out, but I nevertheless tried to sit up and exit my body.  As I rose out of my body, the lifting feeling was very light and my body felt as if it was made of gently vibrating energy.  I started to look back with the intention of seeing my body but only got as far as seeing my dog who was on the bed next to me, because I was to scared.  I don't want to put people off by saying that it was scary, but it was also the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. The second time and the latest one, I had trouble getting out of my body. As soon as I got out, I was pulled back in again but I was not scared at all anymore. Another thing is that I originally thought OOBE's would be like some semi-conscious thing, but I was fully awake and in full control just as I am now while writing this email.

Thanks again to Mr. O'Donnell.

John Matias writes to us on September 21, 2000.


  • Leaving the "Matrix." of mass consciousness and reconnecting to "Source."

Gerald, I haven't spoke to you in depth since you took the order for my course a couple months ago. Just a quick note to express my gratitude for releasing such a wonderful, enlightening course. Per your instructions, I have recently begun work with tape 3 and immediately experienced a continual sensory shift which is now part of my being at all times. I always had this within inside me but through the course I am learning to focus my energies in such a way to have heightened awareness while awake. Patterns of light overlapping and coursing through patterns of light, overlaid, underlaid and always throughout itself, continually changing and adapting to perception. What a beautiful creation we exist in! It is a pity that the ego-centric attitudes have prevailed over the eons of growth, and have caused such a wide disturbance within this creation. This knowledge of self has unfortunately been corrupted by the ego and greed of humankind, and changes for all are soon to come!  That is one reason we have so many beings here at this time. It will be interesting for all. 

I still feel as if I am about to "pop" out of my body while awake---my vibratory rate is operating at an increasingly higher rate---but I am no longer afraid of this occurrence. In fact, I feel that I may again break out of this "matrix" as I once did before, only without having a near death, out-of-body experience as I did several years ago. All that you are sharing was told to me before, but through your instruction, I am able to identify, focus, control and grow my energies to allow greater understanding of existence.

Last night I had a beautiful, insightful conversation with my oldest son (16yrs old) about our existence and perception of life as we live it. After talking for 3 hours, he and son#2 (13yrs) began listening to tape 1. They were very impressed and enlightened by the concept of what they were hearing. I never forced or practiced a dogmatic religion (one based on man's control of man) on them and was looking for a way to allow them to actually become one with the creator (as I did years ago). Needless to say my entire family (6 of us) are experiencing a paradigm shift which will only become more powerful as "time" elapses.  Again, thank you for your efforts in assisting those who are growing and developing within the Creator. 

Garrett sends this feedback on September 11, 2000.


  • Success at accurately remote viewing real targets.

Dear Gerald

I have been using the course 1 Tapes for 4 months now. My favorite tape is tape 4. This Tape allows me to focus on RV targets and let "My Magnificent Imagination" take me to the target.

I have been rather surprised that it actually works, and works well. I have been pleasantly surprised at the results and in my accuracy.

The Tapes allow me to forget my surroundings and actually fly anywhere I want to go. The method [ARV] does in fact work. And it has been verified in my case. Without front-loading of any kind I am able to view real targets of places I have never seen before.

Thank You Gerald


JULIAN FINCH , a British trainee, writes to us on July 25, 2000.


  • Remote viewing crop circles  and attempt at remote influencing.

Dear Gerald,

Just a quick note to thank you once again for our time on the phone the other evening as it was very much appreciated, also for your advice in relation to the predicament I was facing. You will be happy to know that I have decided to forward on the information I received through the R.V. process in relation to the murder case I was discussing with you to an ex-member of the police force who has advised me that they will forward this onto the appropriate channels. As more comes to light on this, or if there is an arrest, or another result, I will let you know.

I have also taken down some information from my mother about a similar case, although, as of yet, I have not had the opportunity to look into this.  However, should any developments develop here, I will let you know also.

As for the current successes that I have experienced with the crop circles which I have been attempting to predict I can only say "WOW!"  Upon receiving the course,  I repeatedly listened to the introduction tape to ensure that I was going to get the most out of it and gets a full understanding. As per your instruction,  I have taken this whole process very slowly to the point of frustration at having to curb my desire to jump ahead. Within the first week of listening to side one of tape 2, I was amazed to find that I was able to successfully predict the basic pattern of 2 crop circles patterns that were to later appear in the fields of England. Although this was not a 100% accurate depiction of the final crop glyph, the correlation between what I had seen and what was appearing in the corn fields was obvious. (Since then I feel that I have had about a 30-40% success rate in predicting the basic images of the year 2000 crop circles.)

In my excitement I called my mother in the UK to advise her of what I had achieved and we decided to try an experiment to see if I was able to pick up anything as she concentrated on an object in her house. At first I felt a little disheartened as all I could see whilst trying to pick up whatever object she was concentrating on was a cone shaped object. My mother advised me that she was looking at a basket of "pine cones!" Once again not 100% right but on the right track.  Encouraged by this, we tried again - this time I perceived a square and in the center of this there was what appeared to be the coiled spring-like element from an electric light bulb.  At this point,  Mom let out an exclamation as she told me that she had been looking at an old fashioned brass kerosene/paraffin type lamp - the back of this had a square shaped area, in the center of which was where the wick sat. It was obvious that I had picked up an object that emits light.

I tried a similar test with a dear friend of mine also in the UK a week or so later. Once again,  I got her to concentrate on an object within her household. Immediately, I got the image of a bowl of fruit (with banana's, oranges, apples etc) My friend told me that the first thing she had looked at was indeed a bowl of fruit with banana's, oranges & apples in.  She however had decided that this was silly and than looked at something else.

I have also tried experimenting with my 8 year-old nephew by using the techniques to achieve "deep Theta" by repeating it 3 times.  After doing this, I tried to mentally force the image of various Zener cards into his mind. On both occasions, he got the first 3 correct.

All of this has come about.  And so far I am still only on side 2 of tape 2!  I sincerely look forward to speaking with you again soon and discussing my future progress.

All the very best,


Smail Maksen, a very successful trainee from Germany sends us this enthusiastic testimonial on July 4, 2000.


  • Memory improvement, PK energy manipulation and electrification of subtle body, lucid dreaming, IQ increase, and other phenomenon experienced after taking our RV course. 

Dear Gerald:
Your course is fantastic and I find it to be almost child play to use your tapes before dealing with some future problems.
Your Remote Viewing course works! I shared my experiences with some of my best friends and they could nor believe it! Now they are convinced! 
I usually would not advertise anything, but for this I will definitely do some!
I find it outstanding how your tapes and your methodology is opening our "Mind" and creating a new universe! It is magic for me! But I see it, it is real!
I do not have to tell you about all the energy I wasted in past years with nonsense activities!

Here is a sample of what I have already experienced:
--- I have become aware of situations happening to other people. For instance I told a casual acquaintance that he had just lost his keys. He checked his pockets, and could not believe that I had been right. I helped him find them.
--- My IQ has definitely increased, as proven by my drastic improvement in  Mathematical problem solving ability.
--- I am much more aware of the universe surrounding me.
--- I seem to be able to hear conversations of people that are 200 ft away from me, the fall of a leaf, ants moving ! All my senses are greatly enhanced.
--- My memory has greatly improved. 
--- Going to sleep now is basically my decision. I hear, while asleep perfectly everything around me and am able to change and control my dreams i.e. have lucid dreams.
--- While listening to the tapes I have found that in order not to fall asleep (delta) it is best to sprinkle cold water on the face before, and do the exercises in the kneeling position.
--- When I deal with other people, I often get out of my person, and observe myself as an detached observer dealing with them.
--- I seem to have become much more able to sense the negativity in certain individuals and have become extremely apprehensive and almost instinctively repulsed by their presence.
--- I am now constantly able to sense that certain situations are about to happen and, if need be, I can therefore avoid them.
--- My martial art ability in Aiki-Jitsu had so much improved that I preview in my mind the opponent's moves and move with dazzling speed against him/her in what seems to me to be a slow motion movie. To the wonder of my sensei and sparring partners.
--- I have become very connected to the energy of nature. I connect to it with great pleasure and wonders.
--- I am filled with some kind of electrical energy all the time. I have had numerous light bulbs, a TV and other electrical appliance explode as I approach them. Some friends have nicknamed me "electro man!"
---I have learned to relax, organize my thoughts and not having any thoughts imposed to me.
--- I perceive now that the elusive mysterious "Ether" of our physicists is no other than the "Matrix".
--- Remote viewing is what humanity needs!
--- No more closed doors! No more frontiers! Just open the gates!
Dear Gerald you may publish this letter, if you want to. I cannot thank you enough.


 Ryan Berry,  wants to share on June 27, 2000 the following experiences after training with the course for one month.


  • Great increase in Intuition.

  • Mind-bending of a spoon and switching an electric spotlight with only the use of the mind.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

My name is Ryan Berry. I am 18 years old and started the remote viewing course about one month ago. I talked to you a couple of times and you asked me to share my experiences to the people who used your course and also to the people who are thinking about getting your course. All I have to say is, HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT! These experiences thrilled me.

I would like to first share some history about myself and what got me interested in remote viewing. When I was a kid, I loved to daydream. I would fantasize about a perfect world where anything was possible. I would have dreams at night of events that would then take place in the future. I didn't exactly know when they would take place but when the time came and I saw something I had seen in one of my dreams, I could predict the outcome of the remaining situation. This was something I was always good at but I really couldn't channel this power anytime I wanted until I ordered the remote viewing course. After performing the theta exercises in the tapes I began to realize that any individual has the power to create his/her own reality anyway if that individual wants it. Shortly after, I began to create my new reality. I will now share with you my creations and how you to can do what I have accomplished. Some of the phenomenal experiences I have encountered have happened involuntarily. Like for example, my intuition experience. I remember going to a restaurant a couple of weeks ago and that after leaving the restaurant, I started walking to my car and then, all-of-a-sudden my body flinched (the kind of flinch the person would get if something had surprised them) after hearing something loud in my mind. It was so irritating that my legs started to move rapidly toward my car and I thought to myself, "what the hell is going on in me?" Then, seconds later, a construction site that was building a building next to the restaurant dropped a big heavy pipe and boy was that thing loud!
But my body didn't react to it that time because the event had already taken place in my mind and I had reacted to it beforehand. I've had other intuition experiences: for example, I could predict when the phone was going to ring and what the conversation was about. And again the event would happen inside my mind and then the reality would take place. 

As another sample of my efforts, I want to talk about my psychokinetic experiences. While in deep theta I asked the universal mind how to bend a spoon and turn a light on. All these were done with my eyes open. Bending a spoon:  While in my inner-mind's workshop, I sat down on my mind's couch and turned on my workshop's TV. I saw myself sitting on the couch and holding a spoon in my hand and saw the same thing on the TV. screen. I asked the Universal Mind how to perform the task and It told me to be the spoon. Send the light through my neck and in my head and on the spoon. I did this exercise and began to feel energy build up in my head like a sharp pressure. Then the Universal Mind told me in order to relieve the pressure "bend your head down and the spoon's energy will be released and bend as well." I performed the task and started to feel a little cold, just like the spoon's temperature. Then the spoon did what the Universal Mind told me it would do. It bent forward just as I bent my head forward. 
Turning a light on:
While performing an exercise at night I wanted to try something new. I have a fish tank that has two spotlights in it; they were both off at the time and I wanted to turn one of them on, even if it were just for a split second. I went to my mental workshop and asked the Universal Mind how to perform this task. It said to me that I must imagine myself as the spotlight and in order to flash it I must blink my eyes. After this I began to imagine on my workshop's TV. that I was looking down at the bottom of the fish tank and then my mind transferred inside the fish tank and I began to swim around in my fish tank and the water temperature felt so good. My mind then got next to the screen and  looked through the glass and I saw myself as a big giant walking towards the fish tank and staring into the tiny me's eyes. The tiny me blinked, the giant me blinked, the Ryan laying down on the bed performing the exercise blinked, and then the spotlight came on and then went off. 

I have tried many other experiments to see what I could do. The results all turned out perfect. I have never had any trouble with performing my goal tasks. That is because I believe in myself and my capability to carry out the tasks. My advice is not to be skeptic and don't analyze. Have fun and always know this: the human mind can create any reality the individual wants. My future plans are to change the world for the better and to use my powers to help my generation and the rest of mankind out. I want to help them realize that they have the potential to perform these tasks and do so much more. If your interested in remote viewing and are thinking about ordering this course, order today so you can join me and Mr. O'Donnell and discover the infinite powers of your mind that lies within all of us.

Your universal brother,

B. Templar ( ) sends us this testimonial on June 21, 2000:

As a professional psychic and retired Govt. scanner, it was good reviewing your Remote Viewing Course. I found it to be spiritually uplifting and very beneficial.  I highly recommend your course for the beginner as well as the advanced. 

We all need to get back in touch with our essence and the Universal Mind, and not let the surface life distract us too much from our inner core and true nature.



Sam C. ( ) a student of the Academy and seeker of deeper truth , writes to us on May 19, 2000.


  • Our article on getting out of this "Matrix".

If they haven't already, all visitors to this Website should read "Out of the Matrix. The Key to The ONE," the essay on the Probable Future Pages.

 "Any part of consciousness can become the totality of It (Original Awareness) by unplugging from the restricted awareness of its Matrix, become all-aware and then choosing a different mode of creative operation as it plugs into a different Thought-Computer program (Matrix)." 

The Remote Viewing Through Time and Space tapes shouldn't be seen merely as RV practice, but as expansion out into ALL levels of the Mind. Many listeners have had deep spiritual experiences while training with these tapes, and have been able to access parts of their Awareness that could only be previously attained after many  years of meditation or spiritual discipline.

The One speaks through its entities, lives through its entities, and It has a message we should be listening to: "This Creator dreams of a more advanced type of Creation for Its Entities and Its entire Creation. As much more aware and unrestricted Thought, It knows that many more advanced type of Matrices exist and can be given at any time by higher level creators to lower ones such as It. It knows that because of the very low-level of almost ingrained behavior of Its entities, the likelihood of this occurring soon is quite remote. Unless a miracle happens." The miracle takes place in our awareness. We can consciously evolve and expand, safely reconnecting with our Original being, who WANTS to connect with us. The Divine reaches towards the earth and awaits the answering response. However, we must be more concerned with connecting with It, than with the illusion of our outer reality. Connecting with the One should be our highest priority, because failure to do so has dire consequences for the Earth. 


Diane Blackburn ( sends us this important testimony on May 18, 2000.


  • Jesus and the Devil "within" us all.

  • Benefits in all areas of her life.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell

It is always a pleasure to hear from you.  John and I purchased the course in January 2000. The tapes are awesome, everyone of them. We spent a few months on tape #2 especially 2B.  I (Diane) went a little bit faster as my curiosity had the best of me and I soon discovered 6B.  Amazing! I never could have imagined the depth, beauty and power of the human mind and how simple it is to connect to the Universal Mind! 

I am still doing 6b and having marvelous trips. I want to comment on how I appreciate the 2-3 minutes of music at the end of the tape. It is an exercise in flight all by itself. This music really turns on my key.

John and I are followers of Jesus and have spent 15 years of our lives in missionary work. For the last 7 years, since leaving the confines and orthodoxy of our church (and all man-made dogmatic churches), we have been on a quest for a real connection with the Great Spirit of Love that once captured our hearts many years ago. I am very grateful  that I met you and thank you for sharing with us. 

I am a little bit shy to talk about my experiences with R.V..  I do not want to sound more spiritual than I really am. There is however a very powerful insight that I would like to share. I will try to explain, as best as I can, how I became my Higher Self after inviting myself into my workshop. As soon as I put on my double's head over my head, the connection with eternity became instantaneous. At that moment, I perceived that the Universal Mind is constantly broadcasting and that the connection is at the level of light with Light. It will always happen when we reach the shore of deep theta and beyond. I understood that in the Bible, the description of Jesus being tempted in the desert by the Devil took place at that level and that level only. I witnessed  Jesus' struggle with his ego (Devil) and his decision making process. I perceived, as He did, that no earthly kingdom, ego boosting power nor riches on earth (pale imitations) could be traded for the Kingdom! I saw the whole scene unroll before me!  It was a tremendous, momentous event. My whole perception of who Jesus really was and his mission have changed for ever in an instant.

I perceived other things as well and of those I am a little shy to talk about. I am now "pondering these things in my heart." I just don't know where is the limit of what one can share and what is truly personal. I feel that the rest could only be communicate and shared somehow at a meeting at the banquet hall of deep theta where nothing is truly personal anymore.

The course has been a wonderful journey of re-discovery for me. In your explanation of Remote Viewing, you do not tell half of the story! Of course, it has to be experienced personally, and these techniques that you make available brings us at that very door.

These marvelous mind safaris have enhance every aspect of my life. My intuition, spirituality (the reason why I embark on this journey), relationships, even my health has greatly improved.

Your personal coaching has been a tremendous help as well. I don't know of any other place where such a service is offered so graciously at no cost!

As an enthusiastic student, I heartily recommend this course to anyone seeking personal growth, deeper spirituality and connection with the Divine, increased intuition in personal and financial matters, and whatever will enhanced one's life in these special times of the dawn of the New Millennium!

Please feel free to post this message.

Much Love,
Diane Blackburn

Ken Kimball ( ) writes to us on May 15, 2000.


  • Experiencing the ultimate and real family of the One.

Hello Gerald,

I wanted to let you know about one of the really neat thing I got out of reading the "Out of the Matrix" material. For years I have been familiar with an American Indian phrase stating that "we are all related."  I had my own ideas of what it meant. However, since I have been meditating on the "One", I have a whole new perspective. We are all related indeed!! My family is much bigger that I could ever imagine it until now. I look at trees, rocks, birds and people walking down the street and realize the connection.  It's heart warming.  The illusion of being alone is instantly washed away when I look upon a blade of grass.

Thanks again


Michael Hayes  ( sends this feedback on March 14, 2000.


  • Understanding the infinite beauty and power of the Mind.

Thank you for your remote viewing course. Since I have received it I have faithfully used it each day according to your instructions and have found great benefits from the practice. I have been on a "spiritual quest" for some twenty five years and have, by virtue of your course, finally made some significant advances in understanding the beauty and simplicity of the Mind as well as getting an inkling of how powerful a tool It can be, the only one available actually, for all of us on planet earth to make significant changes to the status quo. I am patiently awaiting your supplemental courses. 

Thanks again. 

M.J. Hayes

Tome Berry ( writes to us on February 17, 2000 this testimonial.


  • Creating a better reality using the deep theta state of mind.

Mr. O'Donnell,

I am a contract programmer and I have not been getting as much work as I would like. When I heard about your Remote Viewing course, I wasn't sure that I could fit the cost into my budget. I am very happy that I took the chance. After going through the tapes and using the  techniques I learned, I now have more business than I can handle. Now that's a great feeling ! It would be really easy to say that the surge in my business was coincidental, but I think there is a definite correlation.

When listening to the tapes, I have found that sitting in a recliner in the mid afternoon works best for me. That way I don't fall asleep but I'm still very comfortable. I am lucky that I work at home and can take a break in the afternoon to listen to the tapes.

THANK YOU for making the Remote Viewing course available.

Best regards,

Tom Berry email :

David Wilson (, a recent student, shares with us on February 05, 2000 these amazing experiences that he had as he undertook his initial training.


  • Traveling trough space and time, and experiencing through a "time warp" a "parallel world"!

Mr. O'Donnell requested me to share an experience I have had with remote viewing. Actually, before studying the tapes for remote viewing, I remember three vivid remote viewing experiences. Between the hours of 7:30-8:30 a.m. I was "drawn" into a realm in which I suddenly was standing near a shower stall. For no apparent reason I saw my best friend putting up a shower curtain. He suddenly appeared behind me quite clearly! Although I could not speak to him I was very aware of his presence and the specific location. I was so startled by this experience I forced my self to wake up. A few days later I asked him what he was doing that Thursday morning around 8:00 a.m. He responding, "I was in the bathroom putting up a new shower curtain"!!!

A second experience I had which is worth mentioning was my definite attempt to "travel" to Roanoke Island to see one of America's first permanent settlements. I expected to see the general sort of things you would see on television about that time period. What I actually saw was quite astounding. I saw a native American in full head dress with beads woven into his hair and quills and feathers arranged in a row descending down his back. He was in a very low to the ground stick type hut (unlike what I would have guessed. I then traveled to the white settlement to see the sharpened logs which were tightly wound with primitive rope surrounding the log houses inside. I then moved inside one of the buildings to see of all things, primitive hand hewn children's toys on the floor! I would have never expected this. I then looked around for evidence of where the people may have gone or what might have happened. I believe my question was partly answered when I saw what looked to be like white porcelain (?) like dishes with blood being splattered everywhere. I did not wish to view this anymore and left.

A third experience I have had, which to me was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my entire life, happened around 3:00 a.m. I was awakened by our little girl around 3:00 a.m. and went to her room to get her back to sleep. I went to sleep on the floor beside her bed only to awaken and find I had overslept... by 6 hours! I walked into the kitchen and saw the clock very clearly reading 12:30 p.m. I then looked outside and thought to myself, "how could this have happened? I would never sleep this late. I looked at the clock again and it showed 12:30 p.m. very clearly again. It was a warm sunny day with a slight breeze blowing. Outside the pines were swaying gently in the wind. I thought to myself, "this is beyond reason". I stepped back inside the kitchen and closed the door and decided I had better find my wife and get some answers! She was fast asleep in bed! The time "warp" had closed and it was dark again! And so that was it. But I shall never understand what I did or how I did it. I only know that it was not a dream nor like any dream I have even heard of. So these are my three special cases which I have shared. I believe with training, remote viewing can be our most powerful tool for exploration. It surely must be one of our greatest gifts. Please explore for yourself and learn to use one of God's greatest gifts to man!

Diane Blackburn (, a French Canadian trainee, wrote the following on February 04, 2000.


  • Early RV experiences while taking the course.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell

Thank you for answering John and my questions. For me, the experience of listening to the tapes has been immediate. With the  first tape, I felt that I took off and that my mind experienced the most beautiful sight. I was there at Creation with the Universal Mind, one with It as part of It but also myself. The experience was rich in deep spiritual insights on Love and human attachments. Not only was my whole mind  involved but also all my emotions.  I also visited a Buddhist or Tibetan temple and was surprised at the beauty that I witnessed, from a religion and a culture that I had always considered as somehow foreign and dark. I suppose that when we connect at that level of Mind, the rigidity of dogmas and traditions are removed and then the essential  and true beauty can radiate.

      I only listened to tape 1 and 2 and once to tape 3. With that tape I was a bit discouraged by what I perceived a trip into my imagination or in my memories of places I  had visited in  my travels. I initially felt that I didn't  really go anywhere, so I was really shocked to feel my mind coming back  from very far at great speed at the end of the tape at the guide's suggestion. Amazing! 


While embarking on a mind safari, is it better to go with the flow or to have a target in mind. I have a feeling that the Universal Mind knows what I am fishing for even if it is not so obvious to me at the moment.  Are we guided on that tour or do we determine where to go?


Are the courses available in French?

Thank you so much, Sincerely,

Diane Blackburn

Shelly Duncan (, an Australian trainee writes to us this testimonial on February 03, 2000.

Thanks for your advice the other day on the "vibration of the light" exercise. I tried it last night and found that the exercise flowed a lot better with the light bulb visualization. My dreams continue to be very vivid. The sensations that I get from my dreams are much more vivid that anything I get from the theta state. Sometimes at night I find myself out of my body and I can push my "spirit body" (I guess that what I would call it!) through walls, through trees. I have also felt a number of feeling sensations of going through a meter box (noise, electrical hum, metallic) and leaves on the ground outside the window (scratchy feeling). So it would seem that we feel with our spirit bodies just as we do with our physical bodies. Pretty amazing really. 

I have decided to withhold from making any investment decisions until after the correction occurs. I was intrigued by your comment to be aware of overseas markets. Do you see money coming out of US markets or do you see overseas markets being hit harder?   Do you have any feeling on how big the downward spike will be in March/April? or do you think that the spike will occur earlier than this?

 Scott & Shelly Duncan

Sam C. ( sends us this appreciative feedback on January 31, 2000.


  •  Opening the door to the deep subconscious outside time/space.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

Thanks you for putting together the superb Remote Viewing course. It is utterly unique, there is nothing like it on the market.

It combines great spiritual awareness, with practical tools for remote Viewing anywhere in Space and backwards and forwards in Time.

There are aspects explained, that I haven't seen elsewhere:

1) The anchoring of awareness in Alpha and Theta, with a differentiation between the two.

2) Theta with eyes open.

3) Very fast descent into Theta, with full awareness.

Your RV course is a quick and exciting way to "open the door" to one's true inner awareness. However far you want to take us on our journey, we are willing to go. However much you want to share with your students, we are willing to learn.



Rebecca Voss ( sends us this testimonial on January 31, 2000.


  • Out-Body  experiences and communicating with the Universal Mind, Its energy/manifestation as Jesus and some consciousnesses of the animal kingdom.

I just wanted to thank you for the remote viewing course. I received it on 1/7/00, and starting using it on 1/8/00 - and have been using it usually every other day. I have just completed tape 2, side B, and know that I am going slow, but I wanted to make sure I really integrated what I was learning, so that I could repeat it myself at will. Additionally, my days are so long, it sometimes is hard to fit it in, but I know that if I make the time, it will be much more than worthwhile. I have been recovering from a flu after a gallbladder operation, and didn't want to push myself, but find that after listening to your tapes, that I feel much better and more relaxed than usual.

Interestingly, the night that I received your tapes, even without opening the package yet, I had very lucid dreams, and experienced a pulsating blue and white light upon awakening. It seemed as if my soul was happy that I was going to continue a journey that I started in fits and starts a long time ago.

For years now, I have been able to remote view spontaneously - or astral project, and this usually was facilitated from the "dream" state. I never could control it before. I would "dream" about events that would happen in the "future" over and over, and they would happen. I feel very excited about being able to open up my consciousness even more. To be in control of these abilities and to expand them has always been a dream of mine, but one that I thought I would never realize, because I wasn't sure how to "go about it."

After listening to side A and side B of Tape 2, I felt an accelerating, as if I was about to leave my body. I was startled, which caused me to stay in my body, but felt a heightened sense of awareness, and a rushing, with tiny pinpoints of light, as if I was going at warp speed in one of those Star Trek episodes. I have also gotten pictures of people and objects, usually in a golden light, that appear very briefly and then disappear.

The first time after I listened to side B of Tape 2, after getting up and moving about, I felt as if I was taller than my body - as if I was about a foot above my head, or something. I had never experienced anything like this before, and it was a verification that something very good and unusual had come out of my first listening of that side of Tape 2. I felt a presence -- almost as if my higher self were more merged with me. On side A of Tape 2, when you said to send love to the Universal Mind, I did, and felt a wonderful love in return - I also pictured Jesus, and felt him reach out and touch/embrace me and felt tremendous warmth and love from him, as well. Just that experience alone was priceless. It certainly was well worth more than the cost of the tapes.

I have two cats, and they have seemed more bonded with me and even more affectionate than before I started the tapes. They were both feral when they "adopted" me, and I have had to do a lot of work with them, and be very patient and loving to earn their trust. They have come around, but much more quickly with the tapes. They follow me around more, and seem to want to be near me more. That is such a precious feeling. Other animals normally gravitate to me, but now they do so more than ever, as well. This is very exciting for me, as I have always wanted to communicate with animals.

I am still on my first leg of my trip, and it may take a little time, but I'm getting there, and I wanted you to know that I feel that your tapes are very special. I have tried a lot of things out there, such as hypnosis tapes, etc., etc., and have never gotten the results that I have gotten with your tapes, and in such a short time - AND, I haven't even done half of them, yet! It truly blows me away. I am truly impressed, and when I feel I am ready, I will be contacting you with more info/questions.

Thanks for providing this wonderful course at such an affordable price. It has enabled me to pursue my soul growth, whereas if it was more expensive, I might have had to put it off a little longer. I look forward to relaxing with your tapes, and listening to your soothing voice - it feels like a heaven that I can go to anytime I want.

Thanks again!


Carol Foulkes ( ), a British  student of our RV Academy, sends us these appreciative comments on January 25, 2000.

Hi Gerald,

I received the Remote Viewing Training Course yesterday, 27th January 2000.  I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am really grateful  for your help and indebted to the you and the Academy. I have already listened to tape 1 last night and already it is beginning to work!! I found myself slipping into an altered state which I was already familiar with because of my Out Of Body practice, although I would have to spend many frustrating hours getting to that point.

I have listened to various tapes before, for example, relaxation tapes, Binaural Beats, Self Hypnosis and even used a Mind Relaxer but none of them were very effective. However, your tapes are amazing and really do work, not only that, but I have come to realize you are a really genuine guy, most unusual amongst Remote Viewers whose main goal in life would appear to be making a quick buck out of this precious gift. You are indeed a very special man! What can I give in return, except to say that I offer my services to you and the Academy whenever the time is right.

Please include this on you trainees feedback site if you wish, as I would like to strongly recommend to anyone out there, that they contact the Academy for training before they try any other Remote Viewing sites/groups. They will not be disappointed!

I have, sadly, approached a number of Remote Viewing groups with the hope of receiving training for something which I strongly believe in and sense that this is are future, this is where we are going. However, I found that these groups were mainly motivated by power and greed. I reached a point where I felt that I would have to go it alone, so to speak. That is, until I stumbled across your Web Site! Now I have found a truly supportive and genuine group of Remote Viewers and it is just mind blowing! I will contact you after 6 weeks of training to let you know how I am progressing, although you will probably hear from me before then.

Many, many heartfelt thanks and I will be in touch soon.

Carol (Student at Llandrillo College)

Ken Kimball ( ) sends this feedback on January 22, 2000. (Notes from Gerald: Ken has reached very deep understandings of the H. Self and the mechanisms of Creation).

Hello Mr. O'Donnell

This is just a little note of gratitude. I'm in a place were I realize how lucky I am to have come across your web site, purchase your course and started my journey to understanding my true self. Thank you from the highest levels of my being.



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