Dear brothers and sisters:

It is customary in many countries around the world and part of ancient traditions to join in thanksgiving festivities addressed to the Creator for the bounties and the harvest that have been bestowed upon each of us in the prior year.

This tradition is not only part of the new world but is as old as mankind’s birth as an organized family and community.

On that day, we pause from our regular activities and menial concerns, transcend our egos, and join hands in a chain of fraternity and joy that is meant to bring us back to our origin as one unique and connected family: humanity.

I would rather suggest starting holding such an act of gratitude and recognition each and every day when we rise in the morning and are gifted another moment of multiversed experiences upon the face of our magnificent planet.

It is in the act of permanent gratitude that we start noticing all the positive gifts that are constantly, freely and indiscriminately, showered upon us by the living manifestation of our Creator: Mother nature and Her Infinite intelligence and Divine Grace.

Far from seeking Original Source in ancient words and messages, obscure texts, or dimmed solemn houses of worship, why not witness Its glorious Divine Living Presence on-line in Its enlivened and ever-changing Live format working in perfected harmony and supreme intelligence: our natural environment which we are gifted as our world? Why not communicate with Its actual Presence deep within us, and not seek Its hidden face in fractions of space and timing?

We are entering a new period for mankind, a period of bestowal of the gifts of the harvest of what has been planted by our acts and thought patterns for eons until this very point in time/space, a period of reflection and analysis, a moment of introspection and sublimation of our, for now, finite human Self, that will call us to rise a bit above the immediate perspective we are used to and our old ingrained familiar thought programs. When this moment reaches the shores of our consciousness we will have no other choice than to perceive that our world is but One unit, One planet, where ALL separations are just illusions planted and ferociously guarded by fear-based interests born into and conditioned by a consciousness of great lack, which has engendered the great desire to hoard, conquer and control more and more of the resources of what really manifests free-Divine unconditional Love and gifting: the Holy kingdom of the natural world in which we all bath and operate as points of consciousness and the Holy Spirit which energizes all conscious souls on this planet and beyond.

This great shift has already started and is birthed in great pain and moments of chaos and uncertainty as the old is to die in order to make room for the new Creation and its wonder-filled paradigms.

Much of what you are witnessing now is but a reinforcement and an increase in the forces and beliefs systems which have been born out of the fear of lack, the fear of controlling too little men and material resources. Most of these thought-forms groupings are getting more and more entrenched in their battle for their truth, their system, and you will notice that ALL of their systems are focused on the past – on what has already been proven to be unworkable.

This is the time of the final clash between separation and unity, gifted to us, so that we never again repeat history and go back to these unworkable patterns. This is the moment of Truth, when all suddenly stops in a gigantic gasp, a singularity point, when we face our deepest fears, suddenly shift our focus away for fear, and finally embrace for eons to come the side of Real Love: the side of freely gifted unconditional Love for each other as mankind, our Mother vibrating the environment, and our Father the Creator who has made this Creational Dream and beautiful lesson of Love possible.

You are all feeling that you are losing your grip on life’s directions. You are all feeling without guidance, in limbo, almost as if we were all part of a boat having lost its skipper, and navigation skills. We are seeking answers in our old patterns and programs, but they do not seem to fit this ever increasing unreal reality. Often, great anxiety ensues.

Most seek answer to our future in a repetition of our past.

Time is losing its grip upon us and accelerating. In fact we are running out of time, as time is about to become very malleable in the new paradigms operating in the new Creation.

Money, as the artificial instrument of acquiring power and control, is becoming the ultimate illusion which it was anyway, be it paper, hard assets, or electronic entries in artificial computing machines, and no one is really able to make sense of its run-away bubble reality ready to explode.

What really counts is what is alive: humanity, and its living environment of the natural world. What counts is what has consciousness, which is part of the Divine, and not what is but dead matter and dying dreams created by fear and lack-oriented consciousness.

What really counts is to decide, in common accord, to enter a bountiful oriented consciousness, that knows that all that is needed is already present, some of it in yet unmanifest format, ready to be discovered and activated by us, but most of it already in manifested format.

What is needed, is to dream and act for the good of all humanity and be willing to gift unconditionally in the name of unconditional Love your presents, and presence to all, without expecting anything in return, as a mother or a father would want to gift to their child.

The changes might come gradually, or not so much so, however the focus of mankind’s thought operation and activity needs to solely arise from that new consciousness region where a new Creation is in the process of birthing Itself into a new age of final peace, care, solace, new higher DNA vibrations gifting health and longevity, and sense of unity.

This Great new consciousness mirroring the Consciousness of the One, knows no fear of lack but only a deep built-in desire, alike Mother nature, to freely bestow to all the bounties we uncover and produce, and share them amongst all of us, perceptually separated until now by illusory created borders, lands, languages, races, and religions, as a test, in the post tower-of-Babel metaphor.

As the primary axiom of Creation, and often forgotten concept of the genesis of mankind, we are told that we all, without exception, originate from one great Divine Soul, made in the image of the Creator and having in potential all of Its Creative qualities, and that we all go back to that great Adamic soul: and it is so. We are just sparks of awareness of this Primordial Soul of mankind having chosen to play the game of scarcity and hence power for a while, knowing full well that, within the original Creational plan, the time will come, and it is very near now, when we will need all to swiftly shift poles, polarities, from fear to Love towards each other as One family: The family of One and of The-One-and-Only un-named Creator of EVERYTHING, EVERYONE, and EVERY facets, good and bad, EVERY color and vibratory Sound, language, religions – Father and Mother to all the children. We will need to soon mirror the Loving One-and-Only hiding inside all of us and within the living environment.

This is the true story of the proximate pole shift, for profound real changes in mankind always originate in needed consciousness shifts, some of them extremely rapid. This is our only reason to exist as human Creatures, which is to first separate from each other as far as we can – and conceptual separation has been achieved on this plane to an unprecedented level, and then finally engage in our trip back to the Unity we all came from. We cannot push the limits of separation further, or this whole experiment would need to stop in failure, and that cannot be.

You will soon perceive, as you engage in that Great consciousness polarity shift, how the external world will start gifting us the beautiful harvest and bounty that we all need, the like of which mankind has never experienced, as long as we join hands and share that very bounty and make this inner desire to share with our brothers and sisters our inner nature: the nature of One and Unity.

As we engage in the great polar shift in thanksgiving and gratitude for what will then be freely bestowed upon us, the One will engage in thanksgiving and gratitude towards us, His beloved human Creatures, for having had the courage and determination to take on the glorious trip back home to His unity of purpose and Being.

You will notice that all other old forms of lack and fear-based systems have all been fundamentally strengthened in recent times, on purpose, as a lesson for all of humanity to feel their painful consequences. These will soon be witnessed, by all of you, as fully and terminally imploding under their own weight as they show us the misguided choices and roads they caused us to travel and travail in hardship for thousands of years. As the great coming shift grabs our unmitigated attention, we shall turn our attention away from their former pernicious presence and finally unite in pure Love above all manifestations of elitism and separation from each other and from our common Creator. We will co-Create this new world to come, for we have experienced in the depth of ourselves the damage the old world has caused to so many of us for eons.

I wish you a happy thanksgiving day, every day, forever so.

Your friend on this journey,

Gerald O’Donnell

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