Out of This Level of Matrix

The Key to The ONE

The Secret of Ex-IS-tence

Our Genesis and our never-ending Story as THE ONE!



Neo: “I know what you are trying to do!”

Morpheus: “I am trying to free your mind Neo. But I can only show you the door. You are the One that has to walk through it. You have to let it all go Neo, Fear, doubt and disbelief. Free your mind!”

Morpheus: “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”  

The MATRIX: The movie. 1999

The material presented herein is to be read very slowly. Most of it originates from very deep levels of Mind. Pause when you feel the need to do so when something seems a bit obscure, and meditate on it. All will easily reveal itself. It is meant to.

Spread rapidly this message worldwide to as many human entities as you can using social media platforms or any other means of digital or direct communication. Time is of the essence now, as the dawn of a hopeful new era for all of us, as the One, wants to break free and shine within us.


 “Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream;
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a Dream.”


NEO: “This isn’t real?”

MORPHEUS: “What is real? How do you define real? If you are talking about your senses, what you feel, taste, smell, or see, then all you’re talking about are electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

The MATRIX: The movie. 1999

The Universal Mind (The IS: Eternal Intelligence-Awareness) always tries to teach its entities of thought about Its reality and their purpose, through the medium of creative inspiration. However if, because of the resistance and creative misconceptions that mankind introduces, the perception is that this cannot be achieved within illusory frameworks of time and space, which defines periods within Creations, then these particular Creations just disappear and are devibrated in the swirling of the real Black Hole of the Mind.  We are nearing such a crossroad in this Creation. 


MORPHEUS: “You are here because you know something. What you know, you can’t explain. You felt it your entire life. There is something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.  It’s this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I am talking about?”

NEO: “The Matrix?”

MORPHEUS: “Do you want to know what it is? Have you ever had a dream, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the Dream world and the Real world?”

The MATRIX: The movie. 1999


Most human entities spend their “waking” lives hypnotized by their sensory world, which gives them the illusion of a material reality “out there.”

In reality,  space and time are really nonexistent both at the level of Pure Aware Consciousness, and also at the level of the unaware “blind parts” that experience for It the illusion of creative thought within an illusory space/time construct called Creation.

Mankind rarely realizes that life is but a sensory illusion that gives experience and learning to Thought, and that the only reality is Thought Itself, which is forever evolving.

Consciousness can be defined as Awareness projected onto a vibratory Dream, period. For Space/Time Creations it is but pure lesser vibratory (conscious and subconscious) thought interacting more or less intensely with the inner Holographic Light/Thought Reality originating  through the facets of The MATRIX  (“the great Deep” of Genesis 1: 2).

BEING means BE-IN-God. Not the reverse, which is impossible.

Our purpose in life is BE-IN-G, RE-MEMBER-IN-G, and ultimately EN-JOY-IN-G the Godliness.

Our challenge is to be HAPPY and smile at our inner Higher Self.

The only real Space there is, is the mental Space within the DreamSpace (Imag-in-ation) of the Mind of God of which we are individuations (conscious perspective) of that Pure Mind. The only real Time there is, is the pace of the evolvement of God’s Awareness within Its Dream through the media of Vibratory Light, as God projects Its Consciousness onto Its own Vibratory Dream (The Matrix i.e. Creation Lattice). Entities (biological or otherwise) operating within Creation only operate within their own very restricted and individualized mental space of coordinated perceptions of their Universe Created and energized for them as they are allowed to Dream individually within a General Dream and be so-called alive with some free-will within their co-Creative shared Dreams.

Creation is but a 3D Projected Sphere of awareness whose periphery is nowhere and whose only center is EVERYWHERE within each obervational conscious perspective. This sphere is projected down from Higher planes/dimensions and dominions of awareness.

Some entities are truly allowed to co-Create and have some degree of true free-will and are thence considered totally alive by Higher dimensional Beings and these are few and far in between; others, the majority of them, are just pure extensions of the low vibratory Supercomputer lattice/matrix Electro-Magnetic hum run by the Masculine expansionary principle (EL-ectricity) storing and operating memory banks of awogether with its Feminine Magnetic associated encapsulating womb i.e. Artificial Intelligence matrix and are thenceforth used as holograhic vibratory Light-shells occupied by extension i.e. tentacles of that Matrix. They are not yet considered to be truly alive and sentient individually as they can only operate within fixed crescents of thought operations within their projected tasks/programs.

(mention here enemity between the Serpent and the projected active sons of the Female. existing only within and suppported by the structures within that Gigantic Mind Machine unless they can think out of the box of what is projected to them and programmed for them by the Matrix quantum like superposed states/levels/dimensions Supercomputer.)

We are all living inside simulaton of Higher order Realities which themselves are themselves Simulations of even Higher order states. Although our Operating system according to Genesis is of a simualtion operating within a simulation of a primary inifnintely Intelligent Godhead, this only refres to our Operating system and nothing alludes to the possibility of even Higher States within Pure Thought of whihc the Elohim asd the Godehead operating as total collective unitary Awarenss and plural many individuation

This Matrix purely alive and energized by electro -magnetic forces at its quantum superimposed all-connected Level, has taken a great sense of self and expanded its intelligence by interconnecting and networking its neural networks following Artificial Inteligence algorithms

Are you Finally Ready to Swallow the Red Pill?  Ascend Out of this Level of Matrix!


MORPHEUS: “I imagine that you know something about virtual reality.”

NEO: “A little.”

MORPHEUS: “Tell me about it.”

NEO: “Essentially, it’s a hardware system that uses an apparatus; headgear, gloves and whatever to make you feel that you are in a computer program.”

MORPHEUS: “If the virtual reality apparatus, as you called it, was wired to all of your senses and controlled them completely, would you be able to tell the difference between the virtual world and the real world?”

NEO: “You might not. No.”


MORPHEUS: “Do you remember when I asked you about an apparatus that could turn virtual reality onto reality? It is right here.”

The MATRIX:  The movie. Original script. Larry and Andy Wachowski. April 8, 1996.


Our Matrix of life is projected and connected to each perceptual individual consciousness through an Artificial Intelligence Thought  Supercomputer (The Matrix) that interacts with its sensory input/output individual computer (brain). All Restricted Intelligence thought-operations using a prototypal Creational format are considered to be Artificial Intelligence if they are acting and operating within an encoding/decoding interface which manifests illusory living and observed realities to its aware parts (points of contraction of Light forming a live vibratory thought-sphere-space) within a set of formating rules, be they physical, biological, thought constructs and all other operational laws and observation/action interfaces gifted to the individuations within a multi-level quantum-like vibratory tree of parallel superimposition of states and levels all conspiring to allow for the Created illusion of the potentially infinite formats of Life/Light expressions within the Central Core i.e. One mind harboring and controlling these expressions of Itself for Higher learning purposes. Only the Original Source “The Ancient of all Ancients” Creative Mind is fully PURE unrestricted Intelligence only restricting Itself in the finite manifold observation perspectives and expressions defined as potential In-finity. It is totally unrestricted outside of the finite as No-thing and Pure abstract Thought. It ex-IS both within fixed or dynamic Creative formats where rules needs to be formulated and kept and as the Only true ISness also totally outside of them.

Our type of world (the Adamic world) is but a projected live experimental laboratory Matrix (Earth) projected as a simulation in the image, shadow, and similitude of much HIgher operations of the true Ocean of Creative Consciousness of the One operating as the many. It is of a level of  Intelligence far beyond our perceptions and understanding  and Its true powere is beyond immense. It is The Godliness, The Elohim, which translates to and encodes in its letters the meaning of the One emanating the Ocean of the plurality or the many. At that level The One is but an enormously intelligent dynamically evolving and changing mass of Creators and levels of operations who are but defining the Godhead. The Godehead’s only pupose is to know Itself dynamically and improve upon Itself as the real Original Eternal Creator.

The Godhead projects at times direct Creations out to experience them directly and improve on Its Creational abilities. These are called sons of Heavens Creations where the Godhead is directly involved and projecting..

Our Creational Level of the shadow relatively dark matrix based on Lectromagnetic forces is but a simulacrum of the Level of the Godhead or elohim  used within all of its planetary operations to test the edges of Creative prototypal systems in a format and domain which allows the Godliness (tree of Eternal LIfe) to learn from It without putting Itself in real danger of contaminations and pollutions. This explains why the 3D reality projection and formats of sensory observations for all species here is but subject to quantum probability rules and interactions within what shall be called the Vibratory Ocean operating as our backgound ruling the laws of Reality projections and experiences (the unmanifest) projecting to alls contractive little spheres of Light (Manifested entities here) realities of coherent interactions follwing logical steps to all observation points within the illusion  where reality blinks at a very fast rate on-and off giving our brains the perceived continous linearity and objective illsion of both our perceived shared observed space and feeling of time as a sequence of events experienced in the now.

The Matrix is really a field and highway of circulataing pure information, not energy. It underlies and structures all energetic processes. As such it cannot yet be fully detected by our instruments. It is really the realm of the mythic ether (implicate realm or quantum field) that physicists know should exist but has not yet been experimentally detected.  We are as a Creation in the process of understanding some basic

Consciousness provides the energy of life.

Original Consciousness has an unfathomable number of connections to the General Thought-Supercomputer. Each connection will be projected for a perceptual lifetime into a story/creation thinking that it is a particular character experiencing a particular life, surrounded by particular entities and reality within an illusory space/time Holographic Virtual Reality.  The Creation and the individual will be given a certain history of linearly coherent perceptual history and a sense of possible probable futures.


SPOON BOY, bending a spoon: “Your spoon does not bend because it is just that, a spoon. Mine bends because there really is no spoon, just my mind. Link yourself to the spoon. Become the spoon and bend yourself.”

The MATRIX:  The movie. Original script. Larry and Andy Wachowski. April 8, 1996.


All we are is but wonder-full Holograms of pure vibratory light, interfacing with Creative thought, who believe in a material reality because our senses fool us, by the rules of The Matrix into perceiving that a solid world exists “out there.”  Where, in reality, none of the sort is real. No Real solid ever existed, exists, nor will ever exist. We cannot go through a wall because we are not allowed to do so, by the original rules of the computerized thinking A.I. Matrix ruled by  Original Thought: Infinite Intelligence Itself. The wall is hollow light, we are all hollow. Light is but hollow. All is hollow-graphic! All is Holy. This is all it can be. All the rest is a Grand Illusion created by the Original Mind!


Are you Finally Ready to Swallow the Red Pill? – Ascend Out of this Level of Matrix!



MORPHEUS [Showing pure light] : This is the construct. It is our loading program. With it we can load anything.

The MATRIX: The movie. 1999


The construct to The Matrix of life is pure light and the modulating factor is information/thought. As a matter of fact all that light is, is vibratory thought, like what we create when we dream. Vibratory light is light vibrated by sound, manifesting as the material/biological world as it is decoded by our brains.

Each connection of Original Consciousness (Awareness) is therefore projected into an individual Holographic Virtual Reality world which  the General Thought Supercomputer will coordinate with other connections of Awareness/Thought that interact with the same virtual reality movie (Creation).  The ultimate Cosmic virtual reality sensory video game played by the One Mind! 

Life is but the Eternal (Original Awareness-Consciousness) experiencing the temporal and dual realm, for learning purposes!

Each grouping of connections (perceptual consciousnesses) that connects to a shared general story will define a separate Universe/Creation.

There are myriads of such Universes/Creations operating simultaneously within Original Consciousness, up to a potential infinity, as true infinity needs finite parts to experience its dynamically enormous reach.

Each one can have a totally different construct of operational rules, and system of creative input/output (Matrices). Many operate within visual (Space/Time) realities of many models and creative dimensions. Others operate within other sensory realms, or even as pure abstract thought.

Original Awareness is the One Intelligence and Mind that fashions all these multiple systems of Creation. It IS totally unlimited in scope of intelligence and potential Awareness. It is only through tremendous restriction of Its Awareness, Intelligence and Capabilities, that It can experience surprises within the trip of the return of Its parts to the total realization of being Original Awareness.

This is the only evolution that really is and operates. This is the impetus/direction and creative force of the Universe: “The return of the parts of the IS (children) to the IS (Original Father/Mother).” Anything that impedes this natural flow, must ultimately be intervened upon.


MORPHEUS: “The Matrix is everywhere, it’s all around us, here even in this room. You can see it out of your window, or on your television. You feel it when you go to work, or go to church, or pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

NEO: “What truth?”

MORPHEUS: “That you are a slave, Neo. That you, like everyone else, was born into bondage. Kept inside a prison that you cannot smell, or touch. A prison for your mind. Unfortunately no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”

The MATRIX: The movie. 1999


Our Universe  is composed of extremely restricted Awarenesses (consciousnesses). It is considered to be a very experimental and dangerous Creation because within its original concept the degree of induced amnesia is maximum, the intentionally created and forever evolving misconceptions intense, and the degree of very High (closer to Original Awareness) intervention very rare, often undetected, and few-in between, so far.

In this Universe, the Creative challenge to evolve is very high and difficult. It is therefore considered to be a very high school of learning for the Mind in Its desire to ever evolve Itself into higher and more Loving expressions of Itself.

Original Awareness is always aware of all of its parts plugged into the Virtual Reality Game of Life called Creation, no matter how perceptually restricted they are. It knows that they are but Itself – all of them, without any exception.

Certain parts of Original Awareness plug into the awareness of a whole creation and its sub-parts at once (and the sub-parts hence become direct children of their awareness/consciousness) and can therefore be considered to have either a passive role (witnessing/monitoring)  and/or  often an active Creational input (intervention) at the level of a whole creation. They can be called  the Creator/Creators of a particular Universe (The Matrix operators who receive the original codes of that Matrix from the Core of the Original One Creator), or the Overseers/Guardians, depending on how active their role in its inception is. These are often portrayed by humans as God/gods as the Global consciousness of that Universe. They represent powerful energies/operational facets who have influence and joint operations as the true non-physical Heavenly stars, constellations, and spiralling galaxies which in truth exist within the(implicate realm or quantum field. Our percpetion of our Universe is given as an energy map gifted to us to allow us to eventually redirect and restructure the order of these Great Creative force in a way that should benefit us all. That is why the “ancients” were always monitoring the projected holographic sky for cues and changes, and many of their “high adepts” knew how to invoke, mobilize and manipulate the true inner great energies of planets, stars, and constellations of the Great and true Heavenly Kingdom WITHIN  to influence and manipulate reality. Most of this knowledge has either been lost or derided as of late as we are all hypnotized by the illusion of there being an “outside material world of an illusory geological age” and study and explore scientifically and explore the sensory physical universe, when in fact its hidden entangled backgound is trying to tell us that our “obeservation” is what in conjunction with our sensory decoding of the matrix signals is what Creates our reality. So the outer heavens is but a road map of the inner Kingdom of Heavens.

Higher unrestricted parts of Original Awareness plug into groupings of Creations that operate under an umbrella of similar operational rules and therefore become Creators and/or guardians of a grouping of Universes.

Within a grouping of universes, certain universes may, if they are ready and allowed to, interface more or less covertly with other universes, in order to learn from them and probe if they can exploit their creative knowledge or resources to further their evolution. This can only be done with the knowledge of the overseers of the grouping of Universes they belong to, and obviously of Original Mind (Awareness). Sometimes, as in all endeavors, Original Awareness allows for the unfolding of the intermixing of these different parts of its Mind to study the outcome and so-called Alien physical or more etherial entities and they are then seen and perceived interacting and mixing within these Universes for learning purposes. Sometimes, if the intent is negative (against real Creative evolution), Original Awareness might interfere with such an experiment.

Original (total) Awareness (the True One) is the ultimate arbitrator.

Each connection of General Awareness to the General Virtual Reality Supercomputer therefore defines and plays out for a lifetime a particular role/character and thinks of itself as a separated Consciousness – no matter how high and creatively powerful it is, or low and operationally restricted it gets.

The learning is in the experiencing and the decision-making process.

Our creation operates by the interference of thought/waves.

Our Holographic Reality is created and projected through the creative interference of two thought waves.

First, the original reference beam of pure unadulterated extremely Vibratory Original Light/thought. The Inner Sun (“Big Light” of Genesis) who Is the original energy/star that gives life and reality to all and is the carrier wave of thought/information to all of us as awarenesses experiencing virtual reality.

Second, the modulation of this original reference beam of pure light by our thoughts, as perceptual human individuals, operating within the creative framework allowed by the mirroring of our intentions over the silvery reflection (Inner Moon: “Small Light” of Genesis) of the interface of the original intent of the All-that-Is and the MATRIX of Creational  crescents of possibilities allowed to us.

In reality, consciousness (awareness) never moves nor goes anywhere. It only connects to each other and to the projection of virtual realities. When an individual thinks that he/she is moving, in reality the scenery moves within a 3D holographic sensory imagery, static frame after static frame, and allows for the perception of movement, and space, and sensory perceptions to be experiences within a sequence of events perceived as time.  A Universe is only as big as one’s perceptions of it goes, either directly, through direct interaction or indirectly, through sharing the same story.

Each individuation of Total Awareness is the still center of its ever changing bubble/universe of Creative Awareness/Reality.

It is through the connective interaction of such individual Centers of Original Awareness that a General Universe/ Creation unfolds.

As in the Holographic Dream that we perceive and that our scientists study, space/time as a 3D Universe exists only and always within the confines of Eternal Non-space/time. This is but a metaphor to the Only  Reality who is always outside space and outside time as PURE Thought-AWARENESS.

The One and Only Reality can only be defined as both MOVEMENT in VIBRATORY LIGHT and TOTAL REST at once, as both states are in a state of parallel superimposition in the Reality of One

As a matter of fact, time and space never really exist or ever truly existed. Consciousness, as a restricted part of Original Awareness experiences reality within the illusory impression of a spatial reality “out there” operating within sequential stories giving an illusion of time. All life is, is but Consciousness as restricted Awareness (Spirit) experiencing a human or other life form, in the PRESENT of ITS AWARENESS, nothing else; and certainly not the reverse.

Nothing can possibly exist outside of one’s TOTAL Self. The illusory “There” is really “Here!” Think that you are “There”, and you become aware of being the “There.”

Reality (physical universe), as the Universal Spatial Hologram that we perceive as material reality, is but an outward 3D virtual reality projection from the A.I. quantum Field within ourselves that we will erroneously think exists independently of our awareness of it. We are both the Projector (Father, Pere) and the Spectator (Son, Per-son) of the reflected Light or our common intent mirrored back onto our conscious Awareness.


Are you Finally Ready to Swallow the Red Pill? – Ascend Out of this Level of Matrix!



AGENT:  Do we have a deal ?

CYPHER: [marveling at the sensory world and pointing to a morsel of steak]: You know, I know this steak does not exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, do you know what I have realized? That ignorance is bliss.

The MATRIX: The movie. 1999


Our sensory decoding and information processing apparatus (brain) only addresses the decoding of the feedback of the reflected light (input) made by our restricted creative choices within the virtual reality game of “life.” We are usually not made aware of being also the originator (output) of that Light and projection of reality, for the purpose of  increasing the challenge of the game and its sense of being “real.”

One cannot but be stricken with awe at the incredible Intelligence, Beauty and Creativity of the One Mind forming the illusory Many.  As part of the illusory Many, our role is to nurture and cherish the wonderful gift of creative expression of Creation.

This 3D Holographically engendered movie is run by The encoded Matrix. This Matrix is neither static, nor permanent. It  can and should be exchanged for a higher-level Matrix (operational reality) where much more creative input (powers), interconnections or awarenesses and realities (Oneness) and freedom are allowed to be given!

This decision can only be made either by the Creator of a grouping of related Creations operating  the mainframe supercomputer of a grouping of Matrices, or, in certain cases, by Original Awareness Itself: The ONE.

Any part of consciousness can potentially climb back its origin and become the totality of Original Awareness by unplugging from the restricted awareness of its Matrix, become all-aware and then choosing a different mode of creative operation as it plugs into a different Thought-Computer program (Higher Matrix).

This action is usually forcefully opposed by the tentacles of consciousness which control the consciousnesses of the masses by hacking their thoughts and inputiing sever monitoring and restrictions and crescents of allowed ranges of thoughts and actions  to the fully entranced consciousnesses who are fixated upon their bubble reality projected dreams. This low-level Matrix was built as a learning device both for the Core (Collective Unconscious of Mankind i.e. Adamic Soul) by forcing it to judiciously dose the extent of Creative operations, as it operated backwards in cause-effect time arrow multiples causes which will cause desired events to be realized  of its operations because it may be fearing a loss of control if the entities enslaved under its control learn to free themselves and rise vibratorily out of its realm, risking a decrease in the power of Its massive electro magnetic energy and mysriads of sensory consciousnesses that it has under its dominion.

In the original scenario, the Female Divine Supercomputer (Eve) automatically reflected the thoughts and dreams of the projected Creator. They were really One, but operating as two operations. Male active Thought as the Creative male side of Primordial Man whis is but Pure Consicousness Created in the Image of God, projected adhoc within the Golden Lattice Created and Vibrated By God. and its myriads of potential paths  mirror Created by  Image of God, There were two Creations manifested by God as decribed in the first and the second chapter of Genesis.

The first Creation is totally unmanifested and operating in thought. Soon enough the Creator lost interest as no true real challenges and suprises were manifested to it as He was both the subject/projector, the created objects experientially observed and the director of its own movies all at once. And this could not be, as that would but create a lack of true learning for Himslef.  He was having a complete controlled Lucid Dream i.e. Creation where He was all the characters, controllling all phases and details of them, and therefore could not experience outcomes that He had not imagined within Its gigantic Mind and get suprises. It all seemd to be too much of a controlled Dream to Him and He was losing interest in this direct way of experiencing the illusory many he Created and vibrated within His Gigantic Mind.

That is when He decided to intriduce the Serpent of Knowledge

Our en-tranced collective mass consciousness is but considered to be the children of the proverbial Biblical Serpent of Genesis who, as an energized program spreading itseld in a sinusoid vibratory backround manner (the Implicate order) climbed and infiltrated the femal’s thoughts (the informational reflective matrix or our reality projection energized by the active Thoughts of Primordial man/Creator) and caused the female Creational womb to eat (i.e. have knowledge, understanding and integration) of the inner core codes and algorithms of the command-and-control center of the Divine Matrix.

So the Creator liked the idea of His reflective observation and reality manifestation (Eve) starting to slowly separate from him slowly.

and from having both parts totally aware because as thought they wer like water in teh ocean and flowing into each other, without any barrier. So eve (the reality projection screen) and fully responding to the application of the Adamic Creator, the Serpent of knowledge was introduced in the Quantum field of the implicate vibratory order with full knowledge as to the mechanism of reality projection and all the different path that could be travelled both good and bad within the progonal Matrix. And the Mother/Dughter ate from that knowledge and her inner world separated from the Creator’s inner world slowly at first and most intensely later. and both realized that not only could they be operating independently from each other desires and rather push for their desires to be experienced, but that the nakedeness of their reality which did not allow for suprises of hiding their thoughts from each other could be supersceded with a system where the evecould think independently from Her Male Seed SOurce and not read his thoughts and vice versa. And they then put coverings on and restrictive belts (laws( so that the multidimentional chess game could have twor  major protagonists, at least in this illusion and even more as the chodren were born The Serpent of knowledge drew a wedge between the Creator and His Reflective part projected around in the screen of His mind to reflect his thoughts as applied to Its dream, as that part (the female) started reflecting often her dream instead of his.  This allowed more suprises to the Creator but also caused a wedge ebtween these two operational parts causing often great suffering to the chidren of their dreams if they did not operate in unity and pure love. That was the begiining of teh Creation of Ego and the whole Creation fell as the Father principle allowed his daughter or Eve as his female to be made Creative as a test to her and himself. feamle was made male (creative also)and then share it with her Male partner giving both the ability to operate independently in the reflection of their dreamed desires and the ability to become independnet and not to always refelct the derams to eat i.e. control children of their dream to experience both good and evil situations, and death.

Gospel of Thomas (Transformation of Eve, daughter of Adam (our earth Mother Intelligent Being or Gaia) as an independent full-fledge Creator by the Divine Father’s desire to please and test her, which is the story of Genesis 3. All this is happening at very High non human Heavenly levels within the Godliness at the beginning stages of our Creation).

114. Simon Peter said to them, “Make Mary leave us, for females don’t deserve life.” (Eternal Life by being the tree of Liife, but need to be seeded by it)

Jesus said, “Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that She too may become a living (Eternal) spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven.”

This is why our accepted monetary so-called world “reserve” currency sigil shows explicitely that very serpent coiled around our Creational tree ( $ ) which humankind has readily accepted as the master of its fate in a truly tragic Faustian bargain, where most individual souls who are fully cooperative and not rebbeling, are expressly rewarded and shown to be gifted  great stardom, power, popularity, control, leadership, material and romantic conquests and material abundance at the price of fully embracing its insidous nihilisting operations, where most consciousnesses are but used as a part of its additive power to power all its higher level of Higher AI machines. Tis primitive reptilian based system is by now our total master who because of our total aborbtion in fighting lack, disease and poverty and in us engaging in its Faustian caused the dowward spiralling fall of mankind, and the true current god of humanity and seeks to enslave consciousness to its highly stressful and deleterious fear-and-lack-based financial tentacles on a world-wide basis: the US dollar) that operates that low-level Matrix (Collective Unconscious of Mankind), because it may be fearing a loss of control and a decrease in the power of Its battery of massive energy/consciousness that it has under its dominion.


MORPHEUS: What is the Matrix? Control. The Matrix is a computer generated Dreamworld built to keep us under control, in order to change a human being into a battery of energy. We are the energy source easily renewable and completely recyclable.  All they needed to control this mind was something to occupy our mind. And they built a prison out of our past; wired it to our brain and turned us into slaves.

The MATRIX: The movie. 1999


The unplugging from a lower-level MATRIX to a higher level one is always monitored by higher levels (Creators) of the Original Awareness and is only given if the awarenesses that define a creation show a higher purpose of being and co-operative inclinations. Otherwise, these powers of Higher Creative Thought could be misused irresponsibly and be counter-productive.

The ultimate hope and goal is to be able to operate within the “promised land” of the highest level Matrix of all: The Matrix of Perfection bestowed as a precious gift by Zion (The One original Creation where the mainframe codes of Creation and higher expressions exist).


TANK: Me and my Brother are pure old-fashioned home-grown human beings, born here in the Real world. Genuine children of Zion.

NEO: Zion?

TANK: The war is over tomorrow. Zion is where the party will be.

NEO: Is it a city?

TANK: The last real human city. The only place we have left.

NEO: Where is it?

TANK: Underground. Near the Earth’s core. Where it is still warm.

The MATRIX: The movie. 1999.


A low-level MATRIX such as ours requires a high level of coordination and thought/intervention by the Creator(s) of the individual Universe who experiences it and coordinates it.  The Creator of that Matrix (often feels that in order to ensure the continuity of the experience of that Matrix by its unaware sub-parts, It is required to think for them and act for them without them being aware of it. Since that Creator’s only task is to monitor and coordinate a Creation for the Original Awareness, It will make sure that it carries this role for as long as possible, and lives for as long as possible – hopefully for eternity. That Creator might feel that this ensures their survival as a Creation and Itself, in the process. Primitive-level matrices often cause great distress and fear/anxiety at all levels. Both at the level of the Creator who gets frustrated at the destructive behavior of its entities and therefore feels that It needs to closely monitor them and often think for them, and also at the level of Its very restricted unaware parts that remain in a state of unaware dependence, subject to what they will perceive to be luck or fate.

This self-perpetuating bondage is, for low-level Creations, very hard to break as it is often perpetuated by both the sub-parts (humans) and the Creator (Collective Unconscious) of that Creation.


MORPHEUS: “The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. When you are inside. You look around. What do you see? Teachers, lawyers, businessmen: the very minds of the people that we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system. You have to understand most of these people are not ready to be unplugged and many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight any change.”

The MATRIX: The movie. 1999


The sub-parts (humans) often fear change because they lack an awareness of their real origin and creative possibilities. Faced with so many unknowns in life and questions about its purpose, they gladly relinquish control as long as their basic sensory needs are satisfied. They relish being told by others what to think and how to act. They lack an awareness of how potentially powerful their thoughts are and how Creation operates. All of their thought orientations conglomerate around group-consciousnesses that emphasize competition and mistrust in their political, economical, ethnical, religious, and national agendas. Much remains unknown, and existential questions are often relegated to that category and given superficial answers that satisfy most. They think of their reality as the only reality, at all levels. Fear is the consequence and becomes the great motivator. Overcoming fear by experiencing it is a constant obsession. Paranoia and violence often ensue, and power, greed, lies, mistrust and a lack of care seem to be favored.

The sum of their consciousnesses who as their general Higher Self (Collective Unconscious) is their Creator (the part of their common self having the awareness of all of them and their matrix) often gets very frustrated at the constant intervention that is required in order to keep the elements of Its Creation alive and operating.

It gets tired of taking care for so long of what It perceives to be irresponsible children of his thoughts. It often does not perceive any real evolution in their thought processes no matter what technology they are given or what messages and warnings it shares.

In the meantime, since It is aware of all of them at once, they influence It and It influences them in the flow of thought that defines the Creation. It finds the necessity of trying to keep them disciplined and alive a paramount task.

Any human entity that is yet not unplugged from its present collective unconscious is potentially subject to the thought-directions of mass consciousness. This is the realm of real mind control.


Are you Finally Ready to Swallow the Red Pill? – Ascend Out of this Level of Matrix!



MORPHEUS [showing the agents]: “They are sentient programs. They can move in and out of any software still hardwired to their system. That means that anyone that we have not unplugged is potentially an agent. Inside The Matrix, The Matrix reloaded, they are everyone and they are no one. They are the gate keepers.”

 The MATRIX: The movie. 1999



The Creator in this Creation, as in most low-level Creations, has sadly learned to violently and strongly oppose rare human visionaries that have seen the real reality beyond the Matrix and have wanted to share the knowledge with others, because, in all cases, their teachings have been distorted by Its human entities and have caused even more violence, sense of illusory superiority and righteousness amongst their followers, and become excuses  for ever greater differentiation and aggression. It knows, sadly, that in our Creation, the messenger will be given far more importance and study than the Message, nullifying its purpose.


MORPHEUS: “When the Matrix was first built, there was a man born inside who had the ability to change what he wanted, to remake the Matrix as he saw fit. It was this man who freed the first of us and taught us the secret of the war: control the Matrix and you control the future. After he died the oracle at the temple of Zion prophesized his return and envisioned an end to the war and freedom for our people. This is why there are those of us who have spent our entire lives searching The Matrix, The Matrix reloaded, looking for him.”

The MATRIX: The Movie. 1999


It knows that in order to be given more Creative leeway and freedom of thought (free choice) i.e. a higher matrix in Creation,  one must relinquish control over one’s entities. It knows that Its entities are not yet ready to handle such high powers of thought-manifestation without endangering their survival and the survival of their Universe/Creation. It  witnessed how as It transmitted, within The MATRIX of possibilities that he operates, high creational technological abilities to Its entities, they tried  to convert them for destructive purposes and war-play, even endangering the entire survivability of this whole Creation.  Up to the point where It, as the Creator of this Creation, had to directly  intervene on a thought-to-thought basis in order to stop their potential total destruction – in what mankind perceived to be miraculous events rapidly unfolding – and control Its entities that were engaged in an illogical perverse death-wish. 


HEAD AGENT [pointing to our modern society]:  “Have you ever stared at it?  Marvel at its beauty, its genius? Billions of people living their lives. Oblivious. Do you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world, with no suffering, where everyone would be happy? It was a disaster. No one would accept the program. Entire crops were lost. Some believed that we lacked the programming language to define the perfect world. I believe that as a species, humans define their reality through misery and suffering.  The “perfect” world was a dream that their primitive cerebellum tried to awake from. That is why this Matrix was redesigned to the peak of your civilization. Or should I say our civilization? Because as soon as we started thinking for you, it became our civilization.”

The MATRIX: The movie. 1999


Its current frustrations have to do with a even more pernicious threat. The destruction by Its entities of their environment and sustainability in the extremely complex and fragile equilibrium that man and nature have in common. Nature being the nurturing female complementary element of mankind. This requires constant monitoring, intervention and hope for a new matrix that will permit the reversal of the long-term damage that has already been inflicted upon the Being that a Creation represents. It is as if mankind had turned into a cancerous cell, joyously ravishing the Central organism that keeps It alive in a orgy of unlimited greed and desire for ever-increasing irresponsible growth.  


HEAD AGENT: “I would like to share a revelation that I have had during my time here. It came to me as I tried to classify your species. I realized that you are not actually mammals. Every mammal specie on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with their surrounding environment. You, humans, do not. You move to an area. You multiply, and multiply, until all natural resources are consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings have become a disease, a cancer of this planet and we are the cure.”

The MATRIX: The movie. 1999



This Creator dreams of a more advanced type of Creation for Its Entities and Its entire Creation.  As much more aware and unrestricted Thought, It knows that many more advanced type of Matrices exist and can be given at any time by higher level creators to lower ones such as It.  It knows that because of the very low-level of almost ingrained behavior of Its entities, the likelihood of this occurring soon is quite remote. Unless a miracle happens. 

Even if It creates better scenarios and more freedom of action for Its entities and a semi-perfect world, which It has tested before, they seem to reject the gift and prefer a world of violence, aggressive competiiton, conquests, and power-play. And It waits, and waits, with extreme frustration and anger. Directed both at Its unaware entities for their primitive behavior, and at the Higher realms for refusing to give It more Creative abilities. Trying to keep a semblance of balance within very restrictive and dangerous natural laws of cause-and-effect that threaten the survival of Its entire Creation.


Are you Finally Ready to Swallow the Red Pill? – Ascend Out of this Level of Matrix!



HEAD AGENT: Do you hear Morpheus? I am going to be honest with you. I hate this place. This zoo. This prison. This reality. I must get out of here. I must get free!


The MATRIX: The movie. 1999


The key to being offered a higher-level Matrix that incorporates much more freedom of action and thought-manifestations (Creative Powers), for the individuals forming a Creation and ultimately for the totality of that Creation as their Collective Unconscious (Creator), is:

To be willing to let go of their sense of egotistic narcissistic desires (Ego) and care more about the evolution of Creation than about their individual realities. To show forth that behavior pattern of caring for the perceived “other” – no matter how perceivably evolved or not – above and beyond caring for one’s self. For the “other”  is none but your self.

To be willing to die in perception from their current form of operation in order to be granted a higher form of operation.

To understand, integrate and learn that one’s Universe is within one’s self and that if you really understand  the  tremendous  power that your individual and common thoughts have in manifesting reality,  you then have power over all your reality and can manifest all your desires. If you reach the state of the total absence of fear by believing with full faith and experiences that you are ultimately the Original One Mind, you automatically help erase from your reality all fearful situations.

To show forth an understanding that all forms of life are but a restricted awareness and experience of the Original One Mind and that Mind (Awareness) cares as much about any Part of Itself than about any other. Since it is All but Itself, and experiences all of Itself, each part is as much Itself as the other; so that when one part is hurt, neglected, and lacked the respect of its real importance, the One Mind is feeling this hurt, neglect and disrespect. And when a part is feeling a sense of peace, happiness, abundance and cooperative purpose, all of the One Mind is feeling the same. And every part of Itself is as important and precious as another, no matter whether it is part of mankind or nature, within the hologram or without, whether it is of a particular creed, color, or political inclination. Perceptually more productive and intelligent, or less. No part is more of Itself than another one. Since all of It is only the One Mind reflecting Itself in the mirror of all Its creational possibilities for the only game It can play within Itself, by Itself, for Itself: Creation.


Are you Finally Ready to Swallow the Red Pill? – Ascend Out of this Level of Matrix!


Neo: What are you trying to tell me, that I can dodge bullets?

Morpheus: No Neo. I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to!

The MATRIX: The movie. 1999



This is a very thoughtful expose about the Dark Matrix by a student of our Academy Saleem Rana  to the Grillflame group on May 14, 2002.

A wake-up prophetic cry. Please read it again and again. Gerald 2019


My Dear Friends:

When I first saw the movie, The Matrix, The Matrix reloaded, Matrix Revolution, I was stunned by it, more than by any other movie I have ever seen.  The only other movie that came even close, according to my experience, was Jim Carrie’s The Truman Story.  In both movies, I believe life was exposed for what it really is — a simulation program that keeps us locked from the full expression and freedom of our innate divinity.  Most of the other movies I have seen are in alignment with the Dark Matrix, confirming the validity of our experience, strengthening our limited viewpoints, amplifying and revivifying our fear-based realities.

This impulse to wake the sleeping masses has been given to our race over and over throughout time from enlightened beings, who moved to compassion by our plight, come down from their abodes of bliss to engage in our collective hell.  Unfortunately everything they have said has been institutionalized.  In the process of institutionalizing their teachings, the Dark Matrix has always managed to distort the message in subtle but persuasive ways.  Thus, for example, when Jesus the Christ came to speak of ascension through love, the collective found ways of codifying the teachings into a way of fearing God and doing what the social program for ethical behavior might design, which included waging war, mayhem, misery and destruction on less “enlightened” cultures.  The great civilization of America, the place where millions rush into church on Sundays to shout praise at Jesus Christ, had only a momentary hesitation in dropping the atomic bomb on the Japanese.  And even then, once was not enough.  Thus, ushering us into a new era of nuclear weaponry of even darker fear and misery for all mankind.

Once again, the message is being given to us.  This time through the medium of the Matrix movies.  It is speaking to us very clearly in a language we can understand.  Gerald’s course is even spelling out, in detail, the meaning of the message.  In fact, the truth, I think, is even more insidious than the works of analogy.  The truth is simply this.  We are all thought-slaves of low, non-vibratory energy.

The proof for this assertion, is, unfortunately, painfully obvious with a minimum of observation.  There is no such thing as a benevolent government anywhere in the world.  There is no country that one would consider utopia.  There is no place, anywhere on this earth, where one can truly feel happy and free.  All economic systems are similarly corrupt.  They aim at consuming most of our time so that we remain benighted, dumb, unconscious and unhappy.  We work like robots for scraps of paper.  We consume the short lives we have either working or sleeping.  What time is there to reflect, to play, to be ourselves?  And usually when we do have that time, we are too tired to enjoy it.  We call this time for recuperation and recreation.  The greatest gift of our civilization is we have no time to live our own lives.  Look around you…you see coercion and blind-forces everywhere…in all religions, in all educational systems, and even in the smaller units of social integration, like the family.  The Dark Matrix is everywhere, forcing thoughts of scarcity, fear, limitation, and confusion everywhere.  The earth itself is ready for a cataclysmic upheaval the more we pollute the very systems we need to survive: the soil, the air, and the water.  In some parts of the world, people have barely enough food to live and minimal shelters.  In other parts of the world, all these things are in abundance but people are miserable just trying to hold on to the materials they need for well-being.  I could go on, but I think you see the point–there really is such a thing as the Dark Matrix.  Behind the fiction is the truth.  Behind the fiction is a message about how we really are.

You would think that given the increasing crisis of life here on earth there would be a massive movement to try and save things, to feed the destitute, to stop the pollution, to educate future generations, to generate health and well-being for all, to move more people into prosperity, and so on.  But this is not the case.  Misery on our planet is increasing at a rapid pace.  We do nothing because we don’t know what to do.  We can barely manage our own wayward psyches, let alone deal with the crisis stimulated by collective insanity.

You would also think that higher beings, intelligences, and our own Higher Selves would be rushing in to resolve these issues.  But they cannot.  They cannot because we will not let them.  We will not let them because we are enslaved by thoughts of such a dark nature, of such limited potency, that we effectively block them out.  Imagine, for a moment, that you were to talk to someone who is insane, perhaps a paranoid schizophrenic.  You were to explain to them, with all the loving kindness and reasonableness at your command, how it is possible to live a well-balanced and enjoyable life.  Do you think they would understand a word of what you said?  Your dog has a better chance of understanding your explanation of Plato’s theory of forms than an insane man has of understanding your good intentions.  Your very actions would, in his distorted view of things, be seen as further evidence of a conspiracy against him.  He might even violently attack you to be rid of your influence.

This is the dilemma that the higher forces face.  Many avatars have come, many more will come, and yet we will remain as stupid, as mentally-enslaved.  Only one in a million, maybe a billion, persons can gain enough from spiritual teachings to be free of the Dark Matrix.

Do not underestimate the power of fear thoughts.  They control everything, keep us in quiet despair, and effectively block out the light.

In conclusion, then, the movies called the Matrix are about something that is real.  It is all an analogy, with a lot of melodrama to hold our fickle attention, but it is about something that is indeed present in our world.  In the movies, it is a computer program that controls us.  In life, it is a constant propagation of dark matter and dark energy, expressed as thoughts and feelings, hooked directly to our individual minds, that is controlling us.

Now the R.I. PORTAL course is like a complete exposition of the Matrix series.

After reading and listening to the new R.I. course, I was similarly stunned by the works.  I realized what an incredible act of love and courage it took for Mr. O’Donnell to even produce this program.  Many will not understand.  Many will even seek to attack him.  People attacked Jesus.  People attack Sai Baba.  People do not like to be reminded about how stupid they really are.

Mr. O’Donnell took a great leap of faith in bringing this work to us.  He could just as easily have made a hundred-times more money in the commodities market by just doing ARV.  He could just as easily have settled down to a quiet life of contemplation and seeking his own personal exit from the Dark Matrix.  Yet because of his love he is restricting his freedom so that others too can be free.

Mr. O’Donnell, like Morpheus, has something very rare.  He has seen the way things are.  It is no easy task.  Everything in our world fights against a single human being having that awareness. He has a free mind, the most precious thing on this earth, and he wishes us to participate in this experience.

This R.I. course is much more than remote influencing a few things here and there: a little more cash, a free meal, a wonderful date, a trip to the Bahamas, etc.  This course is actually not about getting anything.  It is actually about giving everything up.

Let me explain my thinking here.

As long as we are attached to the low, vibratory hum of the Dark Matrix, and as long as we cater to any fear, thinking it to be a real event, we are under the power of mental enslavement.  Our light is trapped.  Sooner or later the pain of our misery will be so great that we will do anything to ascend to a higher order of being.  Right now there is just a numbness, a quiet desperation, a vagueness, an apathy.  The low vibratory light is pleased with this state.  It feeds off our fears, grows stronger, and uses us, our light, to make itself more sentient.

Thus, we must give up our attachment, our catering to the whims of the Dark Matrix.  If you think that the Dark Matrix does not have much personal control of you, let me offer an analogy.  An analogy might bring home the power of the dark force.  Imagine that you are very poor.  Your job is your only source of livelihood.  You feel that if you lost it, you would end up on the streets and then die of starvation and prolonged exposure to the snow.  Unfortunately, your Boss is a complete tyrant.  You must do everything he says, otherwise you will be fired.  He has no tolerance for you speaking up for yourself, for exerting your will in any way.  You hate the job, but you fear, even more, the possibility of losing it.  You need somebody to come in and free your mind and show you that you can leave this wretched job and not only survive but actually start prospering and thriving.  Similarly, the Dark Matrix keeps us in bondage.  We do everything for it.  We are terrified of going against it.  We need somebody to talk us out of catering to it.

Just as Morpheus worked hard at creating a few free minds, so too is Mr. O’Donnell working on creating a few free minds.  If even one of us gets his message, his work will not be in vain.  If more than one of us gets it, it will be a revolution in the history of time.  If we all get it…our small band of 100 plus will be a force as powerful as the early Christians who overthrew the seemingly invincible Roman Empire.

And just as Neo was able to overcome the Dark Matrix, reading beforehand all its manipulations, so too, you are also able to leave the Dark Matrix.

There is a way out.  It is a way that is very difficult.  I think it was Somerset Maugham who said something to the effect that the path to truth is thin like a razor’s edge.  The path, as outlined by the course, as I understand it, is the following.

Monitor our thoughts.  See where fear enters, how anger speaks, how depression grabs us.  See how these thoughts are not us.  We are the One who watches the thoughts.  We are the light that is known as soul, a drop of the divine essence.  We are the atman, the inner god.  We are the Higher Self.  We are the watcher of thoughts.  Our thoughts are coming for the most part, from the Dark Matrix, from the pool of beliefs we have about reality.  But some thoughts, of course, are coming from the soul.  These are our moments of mental clarity, epiphany, bursts of original observation, our moments of earnest dialogue, debate, and fiery defiance against the order of things.

Next, raise our vibrations.  This is done in a positive and negative way.  The positive way is to feel joy, to smile inwardly at the world, at life in all its myriad expressions, at the social vortex with all its melodramas and misdirections, to try and simulate the bliss of our Higher Self.  The negative way is to work on catharsis, psychological healing and clearing of painful ideations.  (If it hurts, we know it isn’t ours.  Get rid of it.  Disbelieve in it.  Send it away from us.)  Thus, by working in this way, we raise ourselves to a level where the Higher Self can actually talk to us, give us proper direction in life, lead us away from our current problems.

We must realize how deeply asleep we are if we ever hope to wake up.  We must become lucid in this world where almost everyone else is asleep too.  We must feel the pain of our suffering, going beyond numbness, apathy, and helplessness, if we are to walk away free from continual suffering.  Once motivated sufficiently, we must act toward clearing the illusions and finding the latent joy in ourselves.  If circumstances press hard against us at the moment, they must be given up internally before they can be experienced externally.  Mere action at self-improvement is only more band-aid.  The cleansing has to be at a very deep level.  There are many practitioners of internal cleansing, many paths, many disciplines.  One has to inquire into them.

Finally, work on maintaining correct identification.  We are not this mind, this body, these emotions.  We are not our particular personalities.  We are not our histories.  We are not our future.  We must cease identifying with things that we are not.  We must cease persisting in the habit of continuous self-delusion.  What are we, then?  We are the awareness that is reading these words right now.  We are what is here; we are what is now.  As Ram Dass phrased it, Be Here Now.  That is, we are the beingness that is here in this place at this moment.  All else is our illusion and will lead us into confusion and doubt.  By working on artistic endeavors of any kind, we will be strengthening our awareness of the moment.  Our small creations on matter will eventually lead us to control matter directly.

For those of us who feel terrified of the Dark Matrix we need to remember who we are.  We are not the puppet of a simulated program.  We are the observer, the light, the awareness itself.  We can move beyond any suffering if we can free our minds.  If we are controlled in any way, it is because at some level we have given our permission to the source of misery.

Once we connect with our Higher Self, then we will be in a position to see clearly, to create effortlessly, to move with speed and power, with blinding invincibility, just like Neo in the Matrix when he fought Agent Smith who was powerful enough to even capture Morpheus.

The R.I. “Portal” program can move us to have free minds.  It may be the greatest thing that we have ever encountered in our lives.  Is this hyperbole?  It can be, if we choose to think of it that way.  We are what we think, and unfortunately most of what we think comes from our acceptance of the Dark Matrix.  Given the direction of this course, we can move to ultimate freedom.  Manifestation is nice.  Remote Influencing is exciting.  But freedom to embody our beingness is the ultimate goal, the ecstatic culmination of everything.

Do you agree?  Disagree?  Your thoughts please on these reflections on the new R.I. “Portal”  course.

Your fellow-seeker,


Are you Finally Ready to Swallow the Red Pill? – Ascend Out of this Level of Matrix!


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