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Ann Hobson wrote to us this testimonial on December 17, 2004:


  • Regaining constant bliss and joy

  • Feeling united with all Life

  • Being pure consciousness in space and seeing herself as the One

  • Nature welcomes her, sings, and confirms

Just a note to let you know that I started the combined RV/RI course in October 2004 and the journey has been amazing and joyful.  I feel like a chesser cat sometimes when I walk around on my way to or from work or running errands, etc, with a wide grin on my face and my body spasmodic with pleasure of experiencing a heart that's wide open!!  Watching/feeling people and animals and plants as part of the ONE, part of myself, is just..... I have no words for it except "bliss-full"  Ha-ha! 
I'm nearing the completion of the course(s) and getting ready to start over on the 2nd run and see what adventures I experience!  A couples of experiences I'd like to share (out of many) is that around the second week of starting the course, I was listening to the CD while in bed and I "woke up" and I saw that I was no longer within the walls of my apartment, I was in the midst of a cobalt blue sky or universe full of stars and a face kind of "engraved" in the sky (it was my face and the face of the "One" all together!!!  I was not in the room!! Ha.  And another time when I did a session outside among the trees and foliage.... wow!  the response from the birds around me was amazing!  The crows, I've never seen so many crows surrounding me/the area.  And they seem to be welcoming me or congratulating me, they were so excited.  A hawk left a gift for me (a nest-building twig from a tree), etc.  WOW! is the word of the day!  My musical career seems to be taking off as well in ways that are mind-boggling as well.  I must say that I truly feel Joy 98% of the time and working on the other 2%.  My body feels like an electrical circuit too!  A real live wire!  More later.  Thank you Gerald!
Ann Hobson  a.k.a. Ayanna Hobson

Willie Macon a recent Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing trainee wrote us this enthusiastic testimonial on November 16, 2004:


  • Time of no Time

  • Experiencing a Deja Vu. Seeing reality first from the Higher Self perspective and then from the lower Self one

  • Telepathic Remote Viewing

  • Remote Influencing

  • Out-of-body experiences

My dear Gerald,

It was my total pleasure in speaking with you this afternoon.  You know I had called once before right after the hurricanes and you asked me to call back.  I waited because I felt a bit unsure of myself.  So I decided to call today and WOW am I glad I did. It is like that conversation with you freed me to go to my next level which  can only be more spectacular than this one!  I am flying so high!!! Most of the time for the last few months I feel invincible, like I can walk on water! I lack word to express my joy and gratitude to you for these courses.  I am taking the combo Remote Viewing/ Remote Influencing courses.  I started in early August 2004. I am on my second time through, and I must say, I have had and continue to have some incredible experiences! 

Time of no time

The very first day that I got the RI course in the mail, about a week after I got the RV course- I sat in my bedroom and read the manual while I let the CD Theta track play.  I did this unknown to myself for 4 hours by the clock.  I was surprised when my husband called from the airport for me to come and get him.  I got up quickly and started down the stairs, and I felt woozy.  I stopped and reminded myself to come back to beta. then I did my emergence.  Went into my garage, started my auto and noticed that it was 10:10 pm.  I still felt a little other-worldly.  I backed out of my drive way about 20 feet and drove to the street about 100 feet, and then I noticed that the clock now said 10:21 pm.  I was amazed, I looked back and could still see my garage, how could 11 minutes have elapsed?  I proceeded to the airport which is 22 miles without traffic in dry weather, and it had been raining that night.  When I arrived at the airport the clock said 10:29 pm!!  How is that possible?  My best time is 30 minutes to the airport!  To have driven 22 miles in 9 minutes!!  AMAZING!! 

Deja vu 

I was a passenger in a car with friends.  The gentleman was outside our car pumping gas, and I kind of zoned out going within. I saw a lady finish pumping her gas in a blue color van, and then I saw her get in and pull away! A few seconds later I saw her do the same exact thing AGAIN!!! Saturday afternoon about 3 PM in broad daylight!  I wanted to tell this to my friends but they would think I am too weird! They would have had the padded truck come and take me away!! (smile)  So I just jumped up and down inside myself! I really enjoyed it!

Telepathic Remote Viewing 

I have on many occasions shocked my daughters by reading their minds! It freaks them out! I love it! On one occasion, my youngest called to ask me for a recipe-She said " mom do you remember" and I finished her sentence "that hamburger one?"  She said: "Woman you gotta stop freaking me out like that!!"  We both laughed and I really enjoyed freaking her out--I had already done it to her about 5 times! 

Remote Influencing

I was able to avert a disaster involving the real estate closing transaction on our new house, which by all practical accounts we should not have  been able to get, but since I knew I could create my own reality--I DID IT! And we are living in it right now:  a beautiful 4 bedroom colonial in a beautiful neighborhood.  Anyway, we had started looking in TN back in April- But with negotiations and etc, it took  until September to close and move from Atlanta..  (My husband was getting transferred, he wanted it-I HELPED) In April when we had our credit report run (on Pins and needles) it showed all our tax liens paid which they were since 2000.  BUT in September 2004 one showed mistakenly open! 1 day before the closing at 4:30 in the afternoon!  It was suggested I go to the IRS field office.  I rejected that.  Instead I went into Theta and consulted my guide within, and asked for help.  I said' Any suggestions would be appreciated"  then I emerged again as I was driving! Smile! Within seconds-It came to me as clear as day-"Go to the courthouse. When they released the lien, they sent a copy to the court house"  I was shocked and amazed, but I did as I was told and in 10 minutes, and $2.00 for the copies, I had copies of ALL the release forms which I faxed to the Mortgage Co. and we closed without a hitch!!! 

Now some of you might say--that is no miracle- But I did not know that information beforehand-it never occurred to me to even wonder about how they release liens etc...  And It would have panicked in the past! That is before I discovered that I and the One are really one! 

Out-of -body experiences

I have also had about 4 out-of-body-experiences. The first was while listening to Remote Influencing tape 5.  I was half asleep and woke as it started, it was magnificent! It started as if I was being pulled up like by strings at my middle (Iwas on my side) around my hips, the my top and then my legs, then I was projected up very fast and I went through white clouds or lights with blue at the edges then they broke up into triangle shapes of the same colors, and then I was floating back down and gently lowered into my body and I felt myself settle just the way I had been lifted moments before, and I felt like my whole being went AHHHH! it was 1000 times better than the best orgasm I have ever experienced!!  

I had about 3, one right after the other while I was asleep listening to tape #2 of the Remote Viewing course.

They were quick and wonderful.  It was like I didn't want to settle back in at all! (lol)

Well Gerald, what can I say.  I listen constantly!  I can't get enough, my excitement is so great that I just must have them.  I meditate with a tape every night sometimes a couple times a day. I play the Delta track each night on the CD player where we sleep-My husband asked me to leave it on so he could hear it too! I also listen to a tape while I seep with the cassette player and headphones! I thought I might be overdoing it, but I now know that I get to decide how much is enough for me-  My inner self is talking and I AM LISTENING! 

Gerald in the last few months my life and the lives of those I love have changed so much (Even though my children in particular kindly treat me like an escaped mental patient at times--SMILE) but I KNOW THE REAL TRUTH-and I can help them without their permission-as long it it is to their benefit.    MY life is so beautiful, and I am so grateful that sometimes I go down to that room in theta and I start to thank the Universal Mind and I just burst into tears of joy and gratitude! It is truly overwhelming! I go there a lot and we my guide who I call Willie Sam, since I as Willie M. I named her WSM--my initials and call her Willie Sam.  She appeared in my mental lab one day in deep theta when I went there, after I went down the stairs, she was there, looking like me but perfect-we have since merged during one of my meditations, now she is with me always  (I now know she always has been inside me as my higher self-but the difference is that now I KNOW it!) 

Thank You again Gerald for this material-I am putting it to good use! Anyway that's all for now.  I am having great mind safaris!! 

Will be in touch soon! 

Willie Macon

Rodney Matejek wrote to us on November 11, 2004 about immediate effects upon listening to our entraining CD

Just got the combined package yesterday, and already I'm seeing changes.  The question is whether or not we have the faith and strength to see this through to the end. 

Like a tuning fork vibrating against an acoustic guitar, all of a sudden the guitar is now vibrating at the correct pitch.  It doesn't take much to tune the strings from there.

Even now I still feel the vibrations I felt listening to the CD last night.  All I have to do is remember the vibrations, not my perceptions of myself or of this world.  What a wonderful adventure!


Henri Weinstrass <>  an RV and RI trainee sends us this enthusiastic testimonial on November 07, 2004.


  • Instant manifestation of Reality after completing our combo training.

  • Experiencing the Oneness of all things and beings. How, after each repeat revisiting of the training, greater awareness and experiences occur.

Hello Gerald!

I just wanted to write, and tell you how I am doing with your combo course.  Well one thing is for sure!  I am not in Kansas anymore!  I have finished it for the 2nd time.  All I can say is that it is unbelievable from the 1st time to the 2nd.  I guess the 1st time I went through it, it was mainly a warm up.  The 2nd time is out of this world.  I could write day and night about experiences and changes, but I will keep it short.  I will start by saying that these words do no justice to the reality one must experience for themselves.  But I have remote influenced my reality by thought and then experienced the reality shortly afterwards.  For instance there is a covered bridge over a creek near where I live.  I had not been there in a while, and decided to walk back too it.  I kept telling myself I was going to see a snake.  I put energy into, and really began to pay attention. I hadn't seen a live snake face to face in a long time.  I walked a while.  Then I was about to walk back when suddenly I felt the urge to walk to the left, on the edge of a small ledge overlooking the creek..  I looked down when I got there and sure enough, a small green snake came up.  The interesting thing is is that the snake followed me, wouldn't go in the other direction, it just hung around me.  I picked it up. It slithered into a bush and went near the top, and sat right beside me in the bush.  I finally took it into the woods.  I remote influenced the snake and it is as if the snake wanted us to be pals.

I have also remote influenced a car.  I had thought about a red BMW for a while.  Then one day I was driving and thought to myself maybe I will see a red BMW today.  I was driving down the interstate, and I looked in the rear-view mirror, nothing behind me.  5-10 seconds later, and wow, a bright red BMW.  It came right on my bumper and then just as fast darted to the right and off of the interstate.

All of this gets your attention by the way!  But the main and most important changes are the ones within.  The peace, happiness, and joy of the ONE!  That is the ultimate!  Money and material, not required!!!!  The Eternal Flame within, achieved through tape 7A of the RI Course is amazing.  It truly does awaken and guide you.  These courses ultimately teaches and opens up your awareness  to the realization that we are all One, and that we remote influence our reality every step of the way, by our thoughts!  Not only does  Gerald's courses open you to these wonderful realities, but you will learn it, and learn to control it for yourself by yourself.  Which is ultimately the most important.

One last thing.  These courses are the first thing I have ever encountered that does not get old.  The more I listen the more I love.  They are truly without a doubt the greatest gifts I have ever encountered in my entire life.  I have wrote just two small experiences, but the big overall picture and feelings ONE will achieve are indescribable!! I have learnt that if you want attention, and I mean REAL ATTENTION, do ONE thing- SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerald you truly are Helping Save Our World, and now I am proud to say that I am too!!!!!!!!!!
Keep up the Beautiful Work!
Your Pal with LOVE AND LIGHT!!!
Greg Ledford!

Wendy Starr   a combination RV/RI student sends us this testimonial on October 16th, 2004


  • Physiological responses from just listening to the CD brainwave training

I have done the CD that came with the combined RV/RI course twice. The first time, in the latter half of the second track, my head began to involuntarily move around in a circle, or back and forth. I also experienced a numbing in most of my body (except my head) and my body temperature rose quickly, beginning with the feet (very unusual, as my feet are almost always cold). My facial muscles involuntarily contracted, too. Is all this normal?
The second time I ran the CD, I was not in bed, but going through a body work (stretching) routine. I have been a fitness instructor for 25 years and have NEVER been able to grasp my hands behind my back (when left arm is in the triceps stretch overhead and the right is reaching up from below)--believe me, I have tried A LOT. When the CD was running, I found that I didn't have to try at all, I just had to release my mind about it. I just kept them there, inching toward one another, breathing with the sounds, letting go and concentrating, but not "trying."  I somehow knew it would happen, but not because I willed it: I touched my fingers and couldn't believe it.
Needless to say, I'm looking forward to actually starting the combined courses! Any feedback would be appreciated.
Wendy Starr

Brendan Savage, a recent combination Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing Canadian trainee , sent us this interesting feedback on October 8, 2004


  • Experiencing Remote Viewing across Time and Space from the Delta (sleep) state (part of the RI training)

Dear Gerald:

I had an incredibly vivid and profound experience last night.  I've had the course for about 3 or 4 weeks.  As I was falling asleep yesterday I decided to see if I could consciously go to the edge of delta and remain there for as long as possible.  When I was sufficiently deep, I attempted to turn my ethereal body around so I was facing my sleeping body.  Then I decided to go UP!  When I thought this, I was immediately shot up for what seemed like a couple of seconds.  I then asked what my probable future 5 years from now is and was immediately "whisked away" to what seemed to be my future dwelling.  I could from that point think of whatever situation I wanted and it was there for me to view.  I was almost able to fly around in this state.  When I woke up only about a half hour had passed but it had seemed like hours.

What I want to know is what it was I was experiencing?  When I first "shot up" I thought I was having an OOBE, but right after that my experience was more akin to a lucid dream (BTW, the most vivid dream I have EVER had).
Is it possible to combine these two types of states?  Are they mutually excusive?  I've never experienced anything quite as real as this in my mind that I can remember.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me your opinion/explanation of my experience.

Thanks for your valuable time.
Peace and Positivity,
Brendan Savage

Shake Malalo a recent Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing combination trainee wrote to us this testimonial on August 31, 2004


  • Increased interest originating from the opposite sex

 Dear Gerald, 

I am already doing the training and I am left with three tapes to finish the first round of the RV/RI course. 

I would like to increase my intelligence drastically.  Should I listen to tape 3 (the one that changes brain circuitry) several times or what should I do?

Ladies seem to like me more than before.  Why is this so?   Is this a result of the training? 

All the best Gerald. 



Ben Toco  wrote to us on August 28, 2004:


  • Healing advanced stress and depression

  • Remote viewing

Dr Mr. O'Donnell

Let me first start by thanking you for this awesome course. Back in march I had a bad business experience that led me to do some soul searching. Well, I was very depressed and had lost some faith. I was even seeing a counselor for my problems. Back in June I found your site very interesting and ordered both courses. Well I am almost completely healed of my stress etc. Staring the course tape 2a my ego fought bad but ultimately my higher self won.  When practicing tape 3b and going to remote locations I began to see these locations very clear but only bits of them. The next day doing the tape again I wanted to locate were my wife was, knowing she would be home soon. Asking my higher self were she was I viewed her in a traffic jam . When she came home being delayed I asked her what had taken so long, she told me there was an accident and she was stuck in traffic. I asked her were it was and it was were I had seen her. The only problem is I viewed her in the  future not the present. Do I have to state present to view the present? This is truly amazing!! Thank you so much. Cant wait for what I will learn. I  knew there was a way to the ONE. Thanks for bringing me to the door.....  Ben

Dr John J. Conrardy send us this thank you note on August 7, 2004  Subject:

  • Life changing impact of our RV/RI training

Dear Gerald....Thank you so very much....not only for the CD BUT all that your tapes have done for me and my life....I have been a slow but steady student.......I have delved deeply into the void and found my self.....what a wondrous construct of reality.....I have also located the love of my life and true soul mate.......Today as I was jogging in the park, listening to #2, series 1, I saw our souls dancing above us.........My lovely wife is starting the series this weekend and is looking so forward to the two of us viewing together.......Life is grand.....Thank you again so very much.......John

Richard Stromsted wrote to us on August 07, 2004 this testimonial about the combination RV/RI course.


  • Becoming a source of joy and charisma to others in his environment

  • Successfully influencing his wife to attain automatically her ideal weight

Progress Report: I just completed the second time through the RI/RV with a month off after the first time as per your suggestion. I'm still listening late at night, sometime between 11PM & 5 AM, as previously explained. It took a long time, but I finally am able to maintain the almost asleep status. It happened just a few days ago.

Things I've noticed.

 1. People seem to laugh much more than before.

 2. I suggested while in Delta that my wife's weight should be 120 pounds, her ideal weight. Just last night she told me that her weight is 121 at night fully clothed.

3. My eyes seem to flicker in Theta. They don't in Alpha or Delta even when I move from one to another through Theta quickly. Unless you suggest differently, I plan to go through the program again immediately. I feel that I will experience something dramatic this time. Richard Stromsted

Tracy Goodson wrote to us on July 28, 2004: Subject:

  • Peace, strength. and energy, from training with the Combo course

Hi.  I wrote a few days ago about trouble I was having with some very financially and socially powerful people that was affecting me energetically.  I used the Theta/Delta CD since then and all day today I've been getting waves of calmness and mental quietness I haven't experienced for many (10+) years. Maybe my distressed call for help was answered by the Universe or. . . was that you? 

In any case, thank you.  Your amazing kit is giving me a new strength springing from silence and contentment.  I also got waves of energy that made me feel so "connected" that I could do and accomplish anything wonderful I wanted to without any limitation (the energy would make it happen). 

Thank you x 3!




Greg Ledford  a  Remote Viewing trainee, sent us this feedback on July 28, 2004.  Subject:

  • Experiencing vibratory Light

  • Intuiting people's thoughts and future situations

  • Better visualization skills

Hello Gerald,
 I wanted to write about my progress. I was trying way, way too hard.  Then while reading some testimonials and then the packets again it dawned on me.  Just relax and let the subconscious go to work. 

 Well after realizing this I decided to start the course all over. 

 I am now on RV Tape 3 side B. I have not yet  had an OBE experience although , I know I am getting there.

  I experience vibrating light for short periods.  It goes almost as fast as it comes, although I just finished a session,  and it lasted longer than ever.  Vibrating light is an amazing experience, even when it doesn't last long.

  I am very confident in my progress, and I can just sense wonderful things in my future.  I have  also had some intuitive moments.  I can get close to someone or be setting near someone, and think about something and they will say it. 

At work I get a thought about someone, and seconds later I see them or hear their name over the loud speaker. 

Their is no doubt we are all connected.  I have also been writing with my left hand at work. 

 Since I have relaxed with less effort, I go deeper, become pure awareness easily, and I get some awesome, crystal clear visuals, which I just let happen with no thought.  I just let my higher self guide me.  That is the key. 

Once again thanks for making these Priceless Miracles of the Matrix available. 

May your light vibrate high!
Thanks! Greg Ledford

James S. Bailey PhD (Physics and Electrical Engineering) JBAILEY167@AOL.COM  and member of Who's who in American Men of Science wrote to us this nice testimonial on July 27, 2004.  Subject:

  • The power of the RV course in achieving rapidly very deep levels of mind

  • Experiencing after a couple of days two successful Remote Viewing Experiences.


I received your RV program one week ago and it is really great. I am writing to say how much I like it, and to thank you for it. I will give you an update on where I stand.

I have been a serious meditator for over 25 years. I learned it while on active duty in the Marine Corps (can you believe it?)

My practice is aimed at the Union with God. Being an old Southern Baptist, I became very interested in Meditation for this reason and I feel that I have succeeded. I am quite happy with my practice, but found your tapes to be a new and better way to "go deeper" that I knew before.

My previous meditation practice was to sit upright, spine vertical, close my eyes, and count my breaths. I count from 1 to 100  and then from 100 back down to 1. It works well and is very repeatable. No problems at all.

I now listen to your tapes while laying down. It takes me deeper, faster, and , best of all, I do not hear the brain chatter noise.

My girlfriend said that she does not understand how I can have brain chatter noise when you  I don't have a brain!

Over the years I have experienced almost everything that you can imagine. I have learned that I do much better in this using USMC sound canceller headphones to block external noise.

After receiving your program I have had two Remote Viewings.

1)         The next day (Tuesday)) after it came in,  I had a vision of several birds with their beaks dropping off. The following day the news came out about the Pilgrim Pride Chicken Plant in West Virginia. An undercover man filmed them pulling the beaks off  chickens. It was on national news. I love animals and this really lit me off.

2)         Two days later (last Thursday) I had a vision of a finger writing in the sand. It wrote a large number '6'.  It then made a small broken line and then made a small circle. after wondering about this, on Sunday I saw Lance Armstrong had won the Tour de France for the 6th time! I now see that the other parts were a handle bar and a wheel.

I  have no doubt about the validity of these incidents. I see it as a gift from the Lord and am very thankful. I have found that the Lord (the Universal Intelligence) is a lot of fun.

So I am continuing on and will stay in touch.

Thank you again, Gerald, and best wishes.

Jimmy   P.S. Is that your voice on the tape?


Manuel Madrid  rote to us this testimonial on July 05, 2004.  Subject:

  • Life changing aspects of the RV/RI courses

  • Reading peoples' thoughts

  • Dramatically increasing the sales volume of his sales' team by the power of RI alone


I want to report that I have a better control of my life and I am looking forward to every day's challenges ,which are miniscule in comparison to the big picture of life that I received with the help of my new found gifts provided by the Academy and Dr. O'Donnell. I seem to be better at everything that I do . People marvel at how  I know what they where thinking and this is only after listening to the tapes for 3-4 months. My team that I coordinate is up over 149 %  in sales!  So far, from Jan. to 7/2/04, we did in sales what took us all of last year! Also in April of 04 we did in one month what took us 6 month to do in sales last year !!! This is  unbelievable !!! I am contemplating this for a while and I realize that I really am not killing myself doing this. I guess it is the mental will or my perceptions becoming reality, which is more comforting than fearing life or just playing things safe or rolling over and letting life crush me.  I have been controlling  my negativities because I have seen them become reality also.

I am very happy with the results so far and I feel that I will get only better results not only for myself but for all of Mankind where we could live in harmony, love, and peace. I look forward to this and it is in my prayers every day!!! Please call me when possible !!! I have one question and that is: could my son of 11 years old listen to the courses?

                                   Thanking You,
                                       Manuel Madrid Jr.

Joe Boyer writes to us on June 26, 2004: Subject:

  • Life changing aspects of the Combo course.

  • Telepathic deep loving connection

Thank you SO much! While we're emailing, I thought I'd say thanks for making the tapes... and making them at an affordable price. They are so amazing. They have indeed changed my life for the better. I will keep practicing these exercises and build  upon them for the rest of my life. You are doing a truly awesome thing. I'll be 19 in 2 days... and these are great techniques to learn at this young age. My girlfriend and I started connecting on a psychic level immediately after doing the first couple of tapes together. Now we ALWAYS seem to know what the other is thinking, so much that we don't even have to say it.  The potential power of it all takes my breath away. Brightest Blessings unto you! Happy thoughts indeed!!!

Joe Boyer

Greg Ledford  sent us this feedback on June 16, 2004.  Subject:

  • Quickest and deepest levels of mind ever experienced. Deeper than the UltraMind ESP seminar.

  • Felling happier and more relaxed

  • People reacting to him in a friendlier manner as they sense the inner calm and peaceful energy.

Hello Mr. O'Donnell

I have just finished listening to RV Tape 2 Side B for the second time. First before I go any further let me say that I have the Ultramind ESP System. It is a very good system, and the best results with it will be reached by going to the seminars. Well anyways, with it I have reached the Alpha level of mind and had good results, but the levels of mind I have reached on the RV tape 2 are by far the quickest and deepest I have ever experienced. I have not experienced the light fully YET, but I am getting closer. You said not to worry because the mind will get me there and tonight I found I was experiencing the process differently than last night. Just by practicing Tape 2, I have begun to concentrate much better, and I am much more relaxed. Everyone has been friendly to me, and just overall acting differently around me, as if they are experiencing the calm and peacefulness I am developing more and more. People just start talking to me when, before they may have barely spoke or just went on their ways.

I love the new life I have begun for myself, and I want to thank you for making it available. Because sure we all have the ability, but without you making this program available I wouldn't have discovered it. As I progress I will keep you updated.

Thanks Again!!! Greg Ledford

Pam Slayton  sent us this feedback on Jun 10, 2004. Subject:

  • Increased creative inspiration

  • Start of an out-of-body-experience.

Hello Gerald, how are you? Before I tell you about my experience, I want to tell you something else. I'm almost halfway through the first draft of my children's book. If it gets published, I not only plan to credit you with the teachings I've included, but I also plan to dedicate the book to you.  I feel that it's because of your tapes that the creativity has set in. I've always wanted to write, but was never sure what I wanted to write about.   However, last week, I did the first side of RI session five, again. This is true, but weird, my foot and lower leg had an out of body experience. I seriously could feel (how do you describe it... the energy body of my foot and leg??) lift right up from my physical body! I could feel it floating and hovering over my physical leg! It was a pretty cool experience and I was hoping the rest of my body would follow, but it didn't. This happened right near the end of side one and if my dog hadn't started barking, I think something further would have happened if I could have continued on to side two. Well, I have to go. Hope everything is going well with you.  Sincerely, Pam Slayton

Rob wrote to us this testimonial on June 09, 2004. Subject:

  • We do care

  • Influencing a job testing situation for the better

Dear Gerald,
I can't thank you enough for the RV & RI course you sent me. They work far better than I ever thought they would.

I first bought the RV course and listened to it and the results were very good. Then about a year later I bought the RI course and the results were fantastic. I did  struggle a little bit with some of the concepts and needed some clarification on a few things. So when I called your phone number to find out how I could contact you I was totally surprised that you answered the phone. You were eager to help me, which surprised me. I guess I thought you were only trying to sell courses and make money. But you weren't.  You really are sincere and wanted to help me. Then when I started to operationally  Remote Influence,  one of the first things I did was to RI a test which I was supposed to take at work and takes about 4 hr. I was supposed to take this test from a guy that is a real pain in the neck (the type of person who if you say "it's a beautiful day out and not a cloud in the sky"  will look all over the sky to try and find a tiny cloud and say that there's a cloud over there)

So as I was getting ready to go to work, I decided to try to RI the situation so he wouldn't be the one who would give me the test and I would get the test from another guy. Then when I went to work I found out that at the last minute they decided to change instructors and give me exactly what I had RI. I about fainted.  I was in total shock (I mean deep down I knew this was possible but I didn't think I was that capable or that it was that easy). Basically after that experience I figured out that so long as you are looking for positive or good things,  anything is possible. Feel free to post this on your web site if you want. You can't get a higher recommendation from me than this. I think you and your courses are great!!!!
Thank you so much.  Rob 

Caron Prins  wrote to us on June 06, 2004. Subject:

  • Getting the missing link in power manifestation

Hello Gerald /Academy,

I'm really enjoying my meditation sessions everyday. I totally get the concepts you are teaching about freedom, and that we are Creators of our own worlds.
I have been looking for years for the missing link in understanding. I use to ask myself " Is this IT? Is this all we're meant to be?"
The whole FEAR and CONSUMPTION Collective Mind our North American society has created is sad and I've wanted to help for a long time. Now I believe I have the power to.
Thank you.
I have to say that a part of me believes that I shouldn't look outside of myself for any answers, but just keep going along and the answers will come. A truly free person could do this. To always relay on others for the answer means you don't trust yourself in being the ONE. Then again why do it alone?
Something for me to chew on. Isn't that the place we are meant to get to?
I know the answer. haha
My your Sun shine bright forever.

Igor Buces A recent trainee from Spain wrote to us on June 03, 2004 this feedback. Subject:

  • Best meditation system he has trained with.

  • Tremendous sense of peace.

 Hi, My name is Igor Buces and I bought the combination course about a month and a half ago. First, I would like to thank you for the material you have created. For many years I used to meditate but never got to experience what I used to read in numerous books. With these meditations, I have gotten to feel a tremendous sense of peace that I had only glanced at before. Out of the many courses I have bought in the past, this is the only one that I would recommend. I would appreciate any help on how to advance faster. I want to thank you again for everything. I will keep doing the meditations three to four times a day because I believe this is what I have been looking for so long.


David Pyne (Phas-Clarecastle) a recent combo trainee, wrote to us on June 01, 2004. Subject:

  • Feeling of incredible Love after traveling the Light tunnel

  • Increased Chi energy while training also in Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:

Thank you. I am on tape 7 of the Remote Influencing course and have really enjoyed both courses. I have listened to each of the tapes two or three times and when I finish this tape my plan is to start again and go a little bit deeper. I have had some wonderful experiences while listening.

While listening to tape 4 of the RI course after traveling up the light tunnel I had the most unbelievable feeling of love and a tingling all over. When I was in the clouds I got an image of a white bearded man approaching me, unfortunately I didn't hold this image for too long but hopefully I will get this feeling again. I started an Iron Shirt Chi Kung course about the same time as your course and I think they are complementing each other perfectly.  As I progress through it again I will keep you informed of how I am getting on. I might even have a few questions for you if that's ok with you.

Thanks again, David.

Don Koehler wrote to us on May 23, 2004 this testimonial about the Combo course.  Subject:

  • Accessing freely the All-Mind

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

I'm so overwhelmed, I almost don't know what to say. First, thank you so very much for your prompt response. I know how busy you must be these days, and I am so very grateful that you found time in your schedule so quickly. You've been such an inspiration, and a true giver of hope. Your ever so generous words and actions have blessed my life with a whole new brighter tomorrow. Finally I am on the right track to where I want to be.....thanks to you. In a real way, your generosity with the distributing of such wisdom and advanced technique to the world, and in doing so, the gifts it has been to me, are just astounding. I could not have done it, nor could I have had access to such information and techniques if it wasn't for you, and your compelling need to help the world. I can only imagine what light, those who are using the techniques, are bringing to the world. Accessing the mind, and using our free will in such a co-creative capacity is just pure GOD-SEND.....A true gift from the source of all that is. When I think of all the things that I'll be able to do with these courses, and all the life changing adventures I have yet to experience on physical, astral, etheric, mental, and master-level 5th dimensional planes and maybe even beyond, I feel alive inside.

Thank you for truly taking the time to see the truth in someone, and not just dismissing them as the illusion that most people would think them to be.

Sincerely, Donald Dean Koehler Jr. (Don)

P.S. may the love and light and blessings of the GOD-GODDESS-ALL-THAT-IS be upon you for ever and ever AMEN!!! You'll probably need it.

David Pineda  sent us this feedback on May 17, 2004. Subject:

  • Feeling the ONE within

  • Co-creating reality (Remote Influencing)  within the Oneness

Dear Mr. O'Donnell, I have been training for over six weeks now with the RV & RI courses. This has been the most amazing positive experience of my life! I do believe I was attracted to these courses by divine providence. I felt my whole life that there was something wrong with the world and all of the religions including my former one (Jehovah's Witnesses). At  one time I thought this was the true religion and then when I began to see the hypocrisy among my brothers.  I lost my faith in that religion and I dropped out. For a long time I felt hopeless thinking that there was no GOD at all, that there was no SUPREME BEING, that we were only a product of evolution. I now understand the words "I am that I am", "my father and I are one, but he is greater than me." This has been the most enlightening experience I ever had, and I look forward for more enlightenment! Little did I know that the ONE truly is within us, and having already felt It, it is the most wonderful feeling there is!

I believe in the unbreakable law of Gal.6:7 namely that "whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap." Based on the choices we make today, our outcomes will be good or bad. The choice that I have made is to be a co-creator of a better world for myself, my immediate family, friends, and ultimately rest of mankind for I now know that I am them. I love them as I love myself.

Much Love, David Pineda

Patti Jeane Spencer  wrote this touching story/experience on May 08, 2004. Subject: A lesson in humility and connectedness.

  • Remote Viewing and becoming a small leaf and experiencing that we all are part of the One Consciousness


This is so fascinating! I had to write and tell you about this morning.  I believe I was doing the 6A RV tape and thinking I would not be too good at it as I just don't seem to be able to do it, sometimes I feel like giving up on that part of the course as it seems all to be my imagination and I'm not sure of myself in any of the impressions.

 And so this morning as I started that tape early, I was thinking more on just finishing that tape so I would complete that part of it and get back to the other tapes I like better. I almost picked the tree outside but I'm not really familiar with it since I have moved into town, not like I was with my two old trees when I lived in the country. My little ivy plant kept coming back to me and seemed to be pulling me so I decided to use it instead of a tree this time. Also, I thought that the tree probably would be easier- perhaps more intelligent - since it was bigger and the little ivy plant didn't have much experience at all. It is new, just now growing into a big plant and came from a store.

I was very impressed to pick it out of all the rest when I bought it, I always  try to get impressions about things, even little things like that. So I mentally saw the leaf and held to my forehead and then listened to your voice, thinking all the time "I can't really do this"! What you said on the first tape about "I can remote view" kept coming to me inside my heart and I kept thinking, "No, I really can't I don't think I am really doing it at all"!  Then suddenly I was the leaf! I really was the little ivy leaf! It was so very real! I still am just thinking about it, so excited...I really did remote view and become the ivy leaf! It was a very small leaf, smaller than the rest, and at the very rim of the pot. All the leaves above it were so very huge in comparison. There's no doubt at all in my mind that I experienced it. Then it really proved itself out as I later looked at the ivy plant.  I had never really looked at it well in detail...but when I suddenly became the little leaf -it was a very small leaf, much smaller than the rest- I saw myself  right underneath other big, huge leaves.  Like  being in a forest with tall-stemmed plants with huge leaves overhead, most of them pointing to the right, leaning toward the right over my head (as the small leaf). Just for an instant there was fear, as I'm sure the little leaf felt my presence. Then there was only feeling of protection sensing the leaves above...and I more than sensed them, I saw them, but not with my eyes...I saw them very clearly above my head, then I was me again...and I knew I had done it! I really did remote view, I really can do it! For an instant, I became the leaf. Thank you. As I looked at the ivy plant a while ago, all the bigger leaves are growing toward the right and sort of leaning that way, that's the way the light is from where the plant is...and right at the rim of the pot  grows a very small little leaf, much smaller than the other big leaves... Though I have always been kind to animals and plants and taken care of them, I have a new feeling about plants an growing things and that little leaf, and all the little leaves around. I will be very, very careful to not hurt them in any way accidentally. I have always felt  people that wanted to just cut trees down to beautify their land or for convenience were not too spiritual! But I never had the feeling for little leaves and small things as I will henceforth...

It was a very teaching and learning experience I have just had...I will never forget the feeling of "being" the little leaf and the sudden fear of some great presence overshadowing it for an instant, then knowing that the presence  was really me and that there was nothing to fear. So now I know I can  remote view, I have finally succeeded and I feel very peaceful and as though I reached a new plateau in my existence here on earth. And I understand a bit now what Jakob Boehme experienced. Its very hard to explain it as it really was, but I'm sure you understand... I will never be the same again, not quite...

 Patti Jeane

Humphrey M Mubiru, a trainee from South Africa send us this grateful  note on April 30, 2004


  • Connecting to Source and forcefully manifesting one's desires.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell, 






Morton Glazera a student who trains with our RV/RI combo sends us on April 22, 2004 this enthusiastic testimonial. Subject:

  • Achieving and describing being awake while the body is asleep (yogi Sleep). Meeting the One Eye.

  • Lessons from the course

  • Healing others from drug addiction and obesity.


Hey Gerald. It is Morton again I've had a couple of new things happen since I last wrote you, that I thought you would like to know about.

"Yogi sleep", first of all. I finally see what the big deal is about that. That is INCREDIBLE! I do the RI 7A exercise almost daily. Two days ago I was doing it, and I got into delta pretty deep toward the end. All of a sudden I could see the entire room in perfect vision, but it was illuminated somehow. The lights were off and it was dark, but I could somehow see it all. There is no way to describe the feeling. You know when you are exercising and the endorphins kick in hard, or when you have taken a big dose of morphine? It felt like that, times twenty. It was awesome. I remained like that for a little bit. I was laying down, but somehow my point of view was like I was sitting up. I looked at my body for a minute, and my arm started flopping around like you do at night. Except I couldn't feel it a bit. My leg jerked around a little also. Then I am up in the clouds all of a sudden. I could see my arms in front of me, except they looked like they were made of water. Kind of like in the movie "Hollow Man". The EYE was there, too, except for a little while it looked like it was made of water. Then it turned solid and gold. I just hung around for a little while. BTW, the last time I was there, it gave me some strange things. If you want to know about them, let me know and I'll tell you. I have been there over twenty times now, and that was the first time it gave me things, except for the time it zapped me.

RI tape 5. That was COOL. I have had the floating thing happen, but I was slightly conscious of my body up until a week ago. The part where you get to the spinal cord, and turn off the switch, that one finally came through. I wasn't expecting it. I turn off the switch and it was literally like an explosion. POW! I saw a flash of light, and I felt nothing, absolutely nothing. I was startled for a minute, but I went along with it.

Gerald, this stuff is out of this world. Regarding my last message, I know the answer to my question. I get the feeling that you "sent" it to me. There really is no set of rules, is there? The only unbreakable law is, whatever you give out, you get back. Or, do things that I am proud to tell God Himself about, because that is what I am playing with, isn't it? I understand now that when I made that lady rethink the way she treated people, the same thought patterns got stuck in my mind. In a way, I answered my own question. A lesson to take from that would be: when I judge other people's behavior and decide to change it, I will also have to take a hard look at myself and question my own motives.   I also understand now that when you heal others, you heal yourself.

Speaking of healing, I've got two big projects on my list for the next couple of days. These should be a good challenge. One thing is curing mental illness. Hey, I broke a drug addiction, so this one shouldn't be too much trouble. The second is getting rid of obesity. I have made two people lose weight, so this one should go over just fine. In the latter two cases, I was only dealing with 15-20 pounds overweight. This time I will take off over 100 pounds. I will be sure and let you know how it turns out. I will start writing you about this stuff from now on. The last time we talked, you had 7 incoming calls in 20 minutes. It's probably better to write, because I know that you are swamped over there. If you do want to chat over the telephone, tell me and I'll call at your convenience. Hopefully I will have some more good news for you soon. Until then, take care.


Bill Walsh writes to us on April1, 2004. Subject:

  • Techniques of Ascension towards the One.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,     

    Thank you  for the RV &RI courses. With gratitude and respect, I want to tell you that much of what you offer gives me a familiar sense of deep remembering, a recollection, so-to-speak. Several years ago I was graced with an experience of Oneness which has been continually deepening. From what I can tell, We are expressing the same foundational experience. You're helping me reach some of my most intimate and important desires. On the phone I will go into detail, if it becomes important to you. These desires involve my becoming a fully potentialized divinely embodied human being. Your teaching is enabling me to approach this with a welcome clarity since  I feel mostly I am beginning to find the focusing tools needed and the skills necessary to reach my goals. I will keep you informed.

May love and light be with you to the fullest. 

Thank you, from the heart....  

Bill Walsh 

Almudena Cervantes , of Spain, writes to us this warm feedback about the RV/RI combo on March 23, 2004.

  • Immediate change in vibratory level

  • Heightened intuition, telepathy, and empathy.

  • Dissolving fears.

Hello Gerald,


I've began working with the RI  tapes, and I want to tell you that they're amazing, the change of vibratory level I've experienced have been automatic! I'm used to different type of techniques and visualization but for the first time I can say that they are manifesting in my daily live and overall in my attitude towards the "matrix". There's a big  step between the RV and the RI tapes, though I consider both necessary as it is much easier to enter the delta level once you have worked with the other tapes. I am more interested in my spiritual development than in searching for targets though with the RI tapes it is clear that all doors are opened easily.

Just a few questions:

As I see the most important is to work with our emotions and our fears, I see clearly how the key are in our fears as I realized right now that even though I did meditation, visualization, etc and positive thinking my fears keep going ..and have manifest in my life all the time. Connecting to the One is the key, once I experience the dissolution of myself is when I see that we all are One and then the comprehension of that we are creators of our reality arrives. But how can you empty yourself, feel the vacuity and at the same time keep the feeling of your flame within yourself- keep the feeling of a me-myself? How can I have a Will  TO REMOTE  influence or create a reality if the goal is to return to the One and then you don't have to do anything? Is that when one identifies or lose the ego and enters in the ocean of the One there's no need to do anything , as the "reality" manifest itself by the One? Or what you try to say is that in the meantime as we are still in this matrix we have to remember that we are creators in order to change and manifest another world  of higher light and love as a new level to get-approach to the One? 

The most incredible and beautiful of all is the connection with our mother earth and keeping the flame within our heart. Right now I try to concentrate in myself, in going within and keep this flame and love for the earth and myself instead of trying to change or remote view things as I see one leads the other. 

My intuition is quite incredible right now, I can feel and hear what people think and even the feelings of the people I know that are in Madrid, though it is easier for me to feel the emotions than to visualize, but I'll keep working on it.

Thank you for your help.



Janet Poland a British student writes to us on March 15, 2004 about her enthusiasm and benefits from training with the RV/RI combination

Dear Gerald 

I want to thank you from the depth of my being for sharing your truly divine gift.

I know that 'miraculous' things are about to happen. Indeed, they already are happening.

You have enabled me to get where I have been trying to be for all of my life, but now without having to find my way through an obstacle course, blindfolded, which is how it used to feel.

Thanks to your course, I have a clarity of perception that enables me function better in both my spiritual and practical work.

I explained  to you at an early stage that I did, once, seem to connect with heaven, but I did not understand what was happening to me and it all went horribly wrong because I did not have the information and help provided in your tapes. Actually, I see now that nothing was ever really 'wrong', but rather, that I had a useful experience.

Presently, I am working on perfecting my own life as an individual, which I feel will not take long, then I would like to help to manifest a paradise on earth for all living things.

I know that we can do it! 

All the love in the world 


Morton  of Hawaii wrote on our student forum about the RV/RI courses on March 21, 2004

  • Telepathic insertion

  • Healing techniques

  • Losing weight, stop smoking,

  • Increased intelligence

  • Healing someone of a drug addiction and more . . .


There are several types of RI. The one that I have found to be the most useful is a type of telepathy. This is covered in tape 6 of the RI course. You can put thoughts into a person's mind, or you can heal someone powerfully. You wait until they are asleep and enter an altered state of consciousness. You then merge with their mind and insert thoughts. It works, very well. My favorite thing to do is heal with it.
You can also influence yourself. With the diamond exercise on tape 6, you can do most anything within reason. Losing weight, stop smoking, increase intelligence, even increase RV/RI ability. I have also found that I can cause others to lose weight with this exercise. You can insert thoughts about quitting junk food, and manipulate their biophysical field to eliminate excess body fat. I also stopped someone who was addicted to morphine and crystal met. He is doing very well now. He was addicted to this stuff for years.
A word of caution: follow the golden rule. Whatever you do to someone will also affect you. I have lost almost 30 pounds in the past year from doing this. I have also not been sick. You heal someone and it also works on you because your biophysical body is merged with the other person's.
Manifesting is something a bit different. When you start the course, I highly recommend reading "Isaiah Effect" by Gregg Braden and "Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot. You will begin to make sense of the strange writings in the Bible and other sacred texts. I have begun to manifest, but I have only done it with small things. Finding lost objects, accomplishing a goal, etc. I haven't tried anything bigger. I don't want to get reckless with it.
The RI course is 80% meditation. The exercises are derived from many sources. (Gnostic writings, Ancient Egyptians, the Bible, etc.)
When you start it, you won't know what to think of it. I wasn't too impressed with it at first. Honestly, I thought, "This is freaking  WEIRD" and I thought Gerald was a seriously goofy guy. Six months later my mind was changed in a BIG way.
Maybe the best thing about it is IT IS MUCH EASIER THAN REMOTE VIEWING. In the last few months I have only begun to practice remote viewing. I got the RV course a few months before the RI course came out. Within 6 months I was doing some CRAZY stuff. However, I have done the exercises every day since getting it. If you don't listen to the tapes every day, you are not going to get very far. If you are an artist, musician, etc you will understand this. It is an art. Start small and keep building.
Astral projection will also happen. It happens unexpectedly and will probably scare you at first. After a while you will begin to love it. It feels GOOD. 
I could tell you more if you want. PM me if you have any more questions.


Bernard Hubble  wrote on February 27 2004. Subject: The multiple benefits of the RV/RI courses

  • Lucid Dreams

  • Astral Projections

  • Connecting to very High realms of Creation and Universes

  • Healing others

Dear Gerald

I have taken the RV/RI courses for a year and a half.  90% of my time has been spent on the RI course.  It has been worth every minute I put into it.
 Some of my recent experiences:

  I have lucid visions at random times while using the tapes.  These are visions that are unlike anything one would see in the ordinary world.  Being new to this kind of thing, I didn't know what they were.  I have found out that it is astral projection.  In other words, it is the spirit world, etheric realm, etc.

  It started out about five months ago.  I was working a lot with RI tape 5 and the fire exercise on RI tape 7.  In the middle of the exercise, I felt my body start tingling, then it went numb.  My eyes remained closed, then everything in my field of vision came alive.  There were colors and geometric patterns unlike anything I have ever seen. I found myself hovering in the air and shooting at a high speed into space.  I saw stars and empty space, then what looked like a huge rip, like when cloth or paper is torn.  Shapes were all over the place.  Colors were more vibrant than anything I've ever seen.  Things moved, and the closer I looked at them, the more colors I saw inside of them.  It was like an infinite palette of colors.  There were eyeballs spaced around in perfect patterns, which also were swirling with colors inside the pupils.

  Then I found myself floating in front of a big golden triangle with an eye in the center.  There was an electric blue fire surrounding it.  It sparkled and glowed.  I felt myself being drawn into it, and then it made a big flash.  I was being flooded with electric blue light.  All of this was happening without me stopping to wonder what it was.  All of a sudden I got very scared and thought "What is this?  What's happening?" I woke up suddenly and felt like I had been electrocuted.  I ached for days.  My head and teeth were numb, and I had a constant ringing in my ears.

  This has happened on several occasions.  I have researched astral projection and near-death experiences and understand what it is.  Believe me, I was terrified for a while.  These happen spontaneously, and I can't wait until the next one.

  I have healed several people.  One friend of my family was in failing health.  He was making preparations to go to a nursing home.  I used RI tape 6 one time on him.  Within days he was up and out of bed.  He was going places and said that he hadn't felt that way in years.  He can't understand why he recovered all of a sudden, but I doubt that he is unhappy about it.

  There are a lot of people I have on my list to try this on.  There will be good results, I am sure.

  These things started happening with the diamond-self exercise on tape 6.  I used it to amplify healing abilities.  Needless to say, it works wonders.

  I have also been reading mystical writings, mostly Gnostic texts.  I couldn't help but notice parallels between these exercises and some old texts.  One that stood out in particular was the Gospel of Thomas, verse 22.
  "Yeshua said to them,
   When you make the two into one,
   and when you make the inner like the outer,
   and the outer like the inner,
   and the upper like the lower,
   and when you make male and female into a single one,
   so that the male will not be male nor the female be  
   when you make eyes in place of an eye,
   a hand in place of a hand,
   a foot in place of a foot,
   an image in place of an image,
   then you will enter the kingdom."
This seems strikingly similar to the exercise on RI tape 6, where you create the body of light.  I recommend that all the students work on this exercise every day.  See what happens.

That's all for now.  Thank you, Gerald.

Bernard Hubble

Rob a recent trainee, wrote to us on March 08, 2004. Subject:

  • Remote influencing a situation at work.

Dear Gerald O'Donnell,
   I Purchased your RV and RI courses. I can't thank you enough. Because of your course I was able to Remote influence a situation at work for the better. I am 100 percent sure the results were a direct response to what I Remote Influenced.  It really works!!

Thank you so much

Skywalker  sends us this nice note on March 07, 2004.

I have both the RV and RI tapes.  They have given me a wonderful adventure, which is a surprise moment to moment.  How wonderful it would be if more could avail themselves of the adventures they could be having through the exposure to this information.

Thank you, again, Mr. O'Donnell and everyone who are working on behalf of the ones forgetting being the One.

I had dinner last night with a friend of 12 years. We have spoken on the phone, but haven't been together for over a years.  I was expressing to her about my experience with the tapes.  She said she had noticed that my energy was softer, more loving.

How very nice of her to tell me.

Sometimes we are doing what we do, just because our higher soul is leading us.  We ourselves may not even notice that we have moved from one place on the hologram to another.  It was nice she reminded me that I was still moving.

Love and Respect to all

JoAnne Scalise sent us this comment on February 25, 2004:

Dear Gerald: 

I am progressing on the RV/RI program per your guidance, and truly appreciate your work. I see unlimited potential for anyone committed to this study. Having studied and practiced advanced levels of the Light Body and other spiritual practice--wonderful experiences all--your offerings are quite pure and Light-filled, and resonate with a beauty that is quite ego-less. There is quite an expansion associated with this work, and I have noted that I am experiencing "tiredness", and other symptoms of what is often called "integration". I know this is shifting Now. I knew for some time I needed to be studying this process, and assessed other programs over the past two years, but yours came up very recently and it resonated for me. 

I am now up to tape 5 of the RI/RV combined course, and am grateful for the experience.

I appreciate your response and any assistance you can provide. 

In Joyful Light and Gratitude, 

JoAnne Scalise 

P.S. I noted that in the RV journey to the Himalayas and the Buddhist temple that the priests were aware of, and silently acknowledged my presence. I imagine they are quite used to visitors such as ourselves. O:)

I will keep you posted on further experience, and will ask your counsel when necessary. I AM Gratitude for your Service.

Sally Black wrote to us on February 14, 2004: Subject:

  • Being aware simultaneously of conversing with an individual on the regular vocal level and also on the Higher Consciousness to Higher unconsciousness level.

  • Uncovering real truths from that Higher level communication. 

Hi Gerald:

I have been doing the RV and RI course for three months with many emotional changes. I wanted to share an experience to put on your website.

I have been having a 'friendship' with another individual for about two years now and have intuitively felt that it would eventually turn into a love relationship. It has been a difficult one for me because for the majority of those two years I have been 'ready' for more of a love relationship after being alone for 10 years and went through the extreme 'love pains' for about a year. I journaled throughout the past two years and had always referred to my journal, which I had put in a Q and A format, all this time when I started to question my intuition. This was
the way I worked with this until I received your tapes. I had tried to believe that the answers I was receiving were correct all this time and had tried to 'get it myself' instead of going to a psychic or someone else
for my answers.

Anyway, the other day I was with this person. We were having a discussion about the fact that work is difficult now and he made a comment, "I'll be leaving in a year". I reacted internally and tried not to show him my
true feelings because I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable. At that moment another 'he and I' were having a conversation what seemed like right above my head. He was telling me what my intuition has known all
along and that is how much he really cares for me but is afraid to have a relationship because of so many past failures. It was like the two conversations were happening at the same time. This was the first time I
truly had a 'visual verification' of what I had felt intuitively all along. It was quite remarkable to me. I feel it was his higher self and my higher self having a conversation where he was able to share his true feelings to me that his lower self is unable to at this time. This was such an important verification for me because it gave me the courage to trust myself that I am getting the right information unlike I had ever been able to do before.

The tapes have changed my life in so many positive ways.

Thank you so much for them and sharing them with everyone. All will benefit.

Sally Black

Rob Chojnacki wrote this enthusiastic feedback on February 10, 2004. Subject:

  •  His success at remote influencing his music career.

    I just wanted to write to you to tell you the success I have been having using your RI course in my life. Primarily, I have been using your techniques to realize great success with my band. As you know, I am a musician. But this isn't your typical story of "I used it, and it worked immediately".

There is an interesting twist that says so much more than the typical success story.

I first started using your techniques while I was with my former band. And yes, i did notice that immediate progress was being felt. Several deals came through, including a very rare chance to record at Sony Studios in NYC,
which many band's in my situation could never afford, nor would the door be opened for them to record at such a high-end studio. However we did get in.

But as I really began applying techniques from your course to the band's success, I was a little saddened to see no more success. In fact, our CD was released with a "so-so" reaction.

Then a second opportunity in music was opened to me. One I never expected. At this point I was figuring that if this band doesn't make it, I'm done with music.

My drummer had been playing in a side project, and asked if I (bass guitar player) wanted to play with the side project. I did, and was immediately accepted as the permanent bassist for this second band. Soon the drummer
and I came to a decision that this side project really should be the main focus, and we cut our old band loose, the same band that I had been using your RI techniques to enhance.

This new band is taking off faster than wildfire. The debut CD was released only a couple months ago, and it's already cracked the CMJ Top 200 National Charts (CMJ is the Billboard charts for college radio). Reviews are pouring in. Everywhere we play, and I do mean everywhere, we are already known because of the radio play, and we are signing autographs for fans. Success is spiraling so fast that I can barely keep up with it.

I then realized that it wasn't "my band" that I was aiming success for, I really was RI'ing success for myself in the music industry. This reality of success is materializing in a way I did not originally intend. Now my old
band, perhaps the other guys may find success elsewhere in the industry, but me and the drummer are going places with this new band, and going places fast! So I know now that your RI techniques worked, not only faster than I
imagined, but not at all as I imagined. I'm in a completely different band, and in a place that I could not imagine only 6 months ago.

Thank you Gerald. You and your courses surprise me every day.

Rob Chojnacki

Patty Jeane wrote us this warm feedback on February 2, 2004. Subject:

  • Deep appreciation. Lifting the veil.

Dear Gerald:

I want to tell you that this study has saved me at a time in my life I needed some anchor to keep from sinking into the dark matrix...I am being pulled out...thank you for what you have done for the planet earth at this time. 

Many times in my life, for short periods, I have walked in what I called "two worlds", the Shamans call it walking in two worlds...I have searched for truths in about every religion taking those things that resonated with my inner self and leaving the rest...every religion has some truth or it would not appeal to anyone. However I must admit that I often wonder what intelligence started them all?  And why?  Religion has been the historical cause of more killings, hate and atrocities than all other wars put together.   

I have tried to get back to that "feeling" of being centered and in peace for a long, long time...instead, I seemed to be going the opposite way with no control to stop it...for the last four years of my life...and my outward appearance showed it...there has been a turn around completely and what used to be so important to me doesn't matter anymore...deep hurt inside my heart has just vanished and I awoke this morning to a new day and a new life and I have been doing this a few days now and its very peaceful and I feel I am centered and I believe you consider that being in Theta mind, not sure but that's how I feel..."This present moment is as it should be and all I need is provided now...and I am at peace and happy in the ONE...."  

I'm beginning...only beginning to really see my thoughts or hear the background of them and beginning to change them...I have read books and books and taken courses and listened to countless tapes on metaphysics, journeying, changing one's personality and the Light Body and all kinds of things...if its out there, I've read it or heard about it somewhere...I've written for metaphysical magazines in the past...I understood for a long time the principles behind manifestation and the quantum soup out there we call our universe.... 

But I have not been able to "make it work for me"....Since before I could even walk I'm sure, I've been fed Christian Science truths, that Spirit is All and matter is not real...there is no matter, there is only God...and our surroundings, our universe, our world is made up of our conscious and unconscious thought...and that's all our lives are...our thoughts, our beliefs of what they are, make them to be as they are...and we can change those beliefs...and I've known that since a very little girl and came thru a lot of very serious physical and other situations based on the truth that sickness and accidents are not real and cannot touch me...I've demonstrated over some very serious illnesses in my lifetime...but it doesn't always work for me...oh it has kept me alive so far... 

But you have given us a key that unlocks a deep, dark secret within and its impossible to even say it in words, I believe that's why Paul said the gospel had to be by revelation, it couldn't really be taught in words...Jeshua taught, in His day, as Gautama taught in the language of the people that they could possibly catch glimpses of the you are teaching in your your words...that can be understood by the majority that want that understanding... 

Thank have made a vast difference in my walk in Peace, Joy and Love for Myself and the Universe.... 

Patti Jeane

Paul G. wrote on January 4, 2004:  Subject:

  • "Artist block" completely removed while taking the Combo course.

Dear Gerald,

We spoke on the phone a few times and I wrote to you a few weeks ago concerning the miraculous results I had when starting your course(s) and although I am only about halfway through I would like to report another happy update.

Those that know me personally know that creativity is one of the most important things in my life. I have composed and written music for the past 17 years and started to develop pretty decent skill in the visual arts as well about 7 or 8 years ago.

Although I got off to what many people said a great start, I have had a serious case of “artist block” for several years. So much that I couldn’t even lift a pencil, and it even hurt (go figure) to even look at fine art.

I started using tape 4A of the RV course where you go back in time (perceptually, of course, but it sure seemed real to me). The second time I used it I was guided back to England around the 17th century and I was being guided by the “light” that you speak of to look at some of the ornate artwork in one of the palaces. It sure was a sight to behold.

After finishing, I felt absolutely wonderful, but thought no more of it.

Well, yesterday I went to a local Barnes & Noble bookstore and went promptly to the art section where I was guided to two art books that had just the right information I needed to break through my artist block and start again. Last night I actually drew for about 2 ˝ hours – the first time in several years! And it felt wonderful! The artist’s block seems to have been dislodged, and I’m sure it’s not too long from dissolving completely if not gone now.

As with my previous email which you posted this happy occurrence is a BYPRODUCT of using your courses and is NOT the intention!

If I would have known before starting or even learning about your courses that I would 1) heal a major medical condition and 2) break through artists block, you could have charged millions and I would have mined gold if I had to.

It certainly is a testimony to you and your guiding “light” that is making this information available for the ridiculously low price that you charge.

Again, as I wrote in my previous email, if this is any indication of what’s to come after using only half the course(s), then, as our beloved Keanu Reeves would so eloquently say – whoa!

Oh, and I am much more happy, peaceful, and stress-free, too. Does that count as a third “happy byproduct”?

I hope you have a wonderful 2004 and beyond.
Thanks for posting all of your testimonials. Reading them really gave me a lot of hope when I had very little. Therefore, feel free to post mine to give anyone else reading them additional input.

By the way, I have tried many, many things (courses, programs, workshops, etc) over the past 15 years, and being very psychically sensitive, one or two of them had horrific results. I can say that yours without a doubt, is the safest program I’ve ever seen for developing your inner mind, expanding psychically, and learning to increase, control, and project your energy. A lot of the problems I have had regarding being “open” have now been completely solved by using your tapes…another happy byproduct.

Anyway, I hope you had a great holiday, and living just around the corner, I look forward at the chance to meeting you – (as soon as I’m done with both courses, of course!)

Many more happy days to come!

Take care,

- Paul G.

David S. Bernstein wrote to us on January 02, 2004. Subject:

  • The New Year 2004 message

Hi Gerald,
I just read your message for 2004...I want to tell you that it is probably the MOST inspiring piece I have ever read...I read it to one friend...and he thought it is DEFINITELY worthy of MUCH further contemplation...

Thanks so much...take care...David...

Patty Jeane wrote to us on January 2, 2004. Subject:

  •  The Academy's 2004 New Year Message


Beautiful!  Well said!  What more can I say. 

I am reminded of the time the failed disciples turned away from the Master Teacher and left him but few, true followers that understood his message.  A message that you have well interpreted in modern day language in your 2004 address.   

Hopefully, that is not now the case.  I mean by this, I hope you loose none but this is the message similar in content to Yeshua's when he told them unless they ate his body and drank his blood they had no part in Him, the ONE.   So few understood. 

You have given the key to the understanding of His teachings and those that see it will come to the living waters that are now coming forth from the Temple of the ONE.  You have pointed to the Way.  The Portals are opened.  We have but to step through or step back into darkness. 

As scripture seems at times to be targeted to the individual that reads, your words in this address seemed targeted to me and my past current life. So much opened to me.  So much understanding of what I have not been able to understand.  And so much understanding of what has been shown me and even written by me that I did not understand.  And so much of the hurts I have carried with me from the Adam dream of the past dissolved into the nothingness from whence they came as I read this morning.   

One of my favorite quotes from Mrs. Eddy's writings so sums up your explanations in this article, 

"Entirely separate from the belief and dream of material living is the Life Divine, revealing spiritual understanding and the consciousness of our dominion over the whole (holographic) earth." 

Jeshua taught of the Kingdom, "The Kingdom of God is within You" Luke 13:21 and ever since his followers have looked for it everywhere but there. 

There is a legend of the beginning when the creator asked the angels where he could hide the truth where it could only be found by those worthy.  Each angel came before him and suggested various places, some thought on the top of the highest mountain but no, he said, they will learn to climb the mountain and perhaps not be ready for the truth.  Another said what about in the depths of the sea and he said, no, they would someday find a way to retrieve it even from there.  Then the least of the little angels ventured to offer a suggestion. The other angels didn't think the little angel could know very much but the ONE said, "suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of God" the little angel approached the Light where no "mortal" man can enter and said, "Place truth in the heart of man and only those tried and found worthy will find it". 

And so We did. 

Patti Jeane 


Paul Crawford of Australia sent this testimonial on December 17, 2003.


  • Life-changing positive effects after training for two months with the RV/RI combo course.

 Hi Gerald,

I've been training with your combination course for nearly 2 months now and have experienced so many wonderful things such as:

- Using my newfound energy/light to heal me, my girlfriend, and fix inanimate objects like light bulbs
- A consistently happy, content, stress-free existence
- Stronger emotions & improved senses
- More vivid memories and imagination
- A great empowerment that comes with knowing you have all the tools to create a wonderful joyful life

I would like to take this time to thank you, like all your other students :-), for making this information available to me so that I can realize my true potential and open up a wondrous world that I never knew I could connect to.

Thanks once again Gerald, you have inspired so many people, so selflessly, to greatness, including me.  You have given a gift of knowledge to me that I will never forget.

Kind Regards,

Scott Crawford

Paul G. sends us this enthusiastic feedback on December 13, 2003.


  • Re-membering all the parts of one's previously shattered self after only 3 sessions with the RV/RI Combination training.

Dear Gerald,

It is with great joy and deep thankfulness that I write you about the results I've had with the RV/RI program after only a week of using it.

Just so you are aware of some of my background, I am not new to this subject matter. I have taken PSI-TECH's TRV course, the Silva Method course (three times), studied hypnotherapy, taken the one year self-study "A Course in Miracles", been to a psychic
development class, and even attended Doreen Virtue's angel workshop.

All of the aforementioned have had what I would consider miraculous results, but even combined, it is miniscule compared to what I've experienced in your program thus far, and after only a week at that.

Five years ago, I was hospitalized due to severe stress and other factors. I spent the first year after that pretty much in bed. It has been extremely difficult to focus and hold my concentration on anything. I was put on some pretty intense medication that could have some potentially harmful side effects.

I am happy to report an almost miraculous recovery after listening to your first exercise tape (RV 2A) only 2 times. My focus has returned, I can concentrate better, I am happy and cheerful, and my body feels like it did before I was hospitalized. And I'm completely convinced that I no longer need the medication.

I had thought my life was practically over, but thanks to your program, I can see it's only just beginning.

The most exciting thing about this is that these results were accomplished as a byproduct of listening to the tapes. Healing isn't the focus of your course.
AND, to cap it off, it happened on the first side of the first exercise tape! There are about 10 more tapes to go and if this is an indication of what is to come, I can tell you I've finally reached the door to heaven.

There will be no more books, no more workshops or programs or courses. Yours is all that I need! (Heck, I think I've tried them all, anyway!)

You've given me the opportunity and the means to fulfill my potential and truly life the life of my dreams. I am in deep gratitude.

Thank you for such a wonderful gift. May you be eternally blessed.

Paul G.

Dennis Buffy,   received, what would be called a miraculous healing, when a Physician, formerly trained in RV and RI by the Academy, applied healing techniques on his chronic back injuries. He then started to experience all sorts of extraordinary experiences even though he had not even received yet our training! Please read his unusual and enthusiastic story received on December 12, 2003. . .

Mr. O'Donnell,

Thank you for the phone conversation today. What I am about to write is what has happened to me in the past 4 weeks  when a Canadian doctor did  RV and RI on  my bad neck and back condition that I have been suffering from since the past 5 years. Chiropractors could only relieve the symptoms,  but they would return time and time again. I had gotten into a automobile accident a little over 5 years ago and got a bad whiplash injury and my lower back was jarred as well.

As each year came and went,  my conditions worsened! Especially if it rained or when winter arrived, it became very arthritic to say the very least. This is when this story started.  I found a doctor who had completed the RV and RI course a year or so ago.  I emailed him and asked him could he actually RV and RI my condition? He stated that he would try,  but could not guarantee success. I accepted that possibility. I thought to myself  "well I tried everything else, what could it hurt!"

I sent him another email telling him to go ahead. Now fellow RV'rs and RI'rs, I did not know anything about RV and RI! I only read this site once! I just ordered the course yesterday and I am very anxious to get started. I even set up a day-to-day diary to begin the adventure for the next 6-8 weeks! You can find my link on the  website.

The doctor agreed and said that he would perform the RV and RI methods on me for the next 6-8 weeks. The only thing I could do was to see what would happen. Boy! Little did I know what I what was truly in store for me!. About two weeks had gone by, and I woke up one morning wanting to stretch my neck from side to side like I have done for the last 5 years. I tilted my neck back slowly because of the bad pain involved.

But to my surprise there was no pain!!!!!!!!! I mean to tell you that I must have tilted my head back a dozen times feeling for the pain and it just was not there! I ran to my wife, who by the way was somewhat skeptical, and told her about it. She responded in a half manner nod, but her attitudes changed when she realized in the weeks to come that I stopped asking her to rub down my neck just under the base of the skull and she asked "am I really OK?"  I stated "I feel great!"

Now,  I wrote to the doctor telling him the good news, and he was elated. But he stated that he would continue to work on me for the next couple of sessions.  I agreed and waited for something else to happen in regards to the healing of my back and lower back areas.  The center of my back is where my muscles would constantly knot up between my shoulder blades, and I had to constantly for the past years have that area massaged with Ben-Gay to alleviate at least some of the sharp pain.

At the end of that week I had not more pain between my shoulder blades! By now you might imagine that I was on cloud nine! If there were a ten I would have surpassed that! I wanted to write the doctor but felt that since he was a doctor he would be extremely busy...So I waited another week. and this is when things got a little bizarre. My wife and I would have our casual conversations throughout the day when I was off-work but each time I would  think of a complex question and something that needed both our attentions, she would speak out the exact complex question I was pondering about, before I even asked it! This went on for an entire week. I guess I would call this "sporadic" telepathy.

Now things were really getting exciting, but I noticed that my lower back where the doctor was working on was not getting any better.  As a matter of fact, it seemed to get worse with each passing day. Well, of course, living in Minnesota with winter upon us the arthritic pains were kicking in big time.

 I just forgot about all this and after a day or two I was busy getting prepared for work. I came home one evening - it was about the 4th week of November 2003- I relaxed and closed my eyes and something told me, not audibly but inside my head, to take 4 Advil tablets.

Now that was a crazy thought! I had taken Advil and Tylenol and some prescription medications every month for years. It would help but the pain would still still there. Yet this inner voice kept telling me to do it! So I thought: since all these weird things were already happening to me, I should better listen! I took the Advil tablets as instructed. Within one hour all pain ceased! I mean the pain never returned! How does one figure this out?

Again the inner voice, which by the way I had never experienced before,  told me that the RI healing had already taken place but that lactic acid was all over the area along that muscle that had been tightened for many years and caused it to be extremely sensitive. And that by taking the Advil I got rid of the lactic acid build-up and relaxed that long-time tightened muscle. This time I emailed my doctor friend and told him the above statement and he stated "you were 100% correct on what you had to do."  This inner voice was my Higher-Self directing me to complete my final healing process!

I told the doctor that I was healed and asked him if he would kindly  RV/RI my interview for the position of State Prison Correctional Officer for me? He stated that this was not his specialty, but that he would and again not guarantee anything. Well, I passed the interview with flying colors, and by the way they were extremely impressed with my constant eye contact and the answers coming from me for the situational questions given to me were fast and very fluid.

I also from time to time had OBE's but none of which I could ever control as soon as I was out, bam! And I would be sucked right back into my body. So I gave up. Well, during the first two weeks of December 2003, I had my first real complete OBE except that this time I was assisted by invisible entities, each one holding my wrists from behind me, and one supporting my lower back, and I began with great speed to rise up into the air until I could no longer sense my body. Then they let me go! I saw that it was dark and I had no idea where I was.

I remember reading a book saying that if things became fuzzy or dark just to yell out mentally, "clarity" 3x's.  I did so and nothing changed. I looked down and noticed a street lamp shining on a wooden building. It caught my attention, so I flew down in front of this shed. It was made of slates of wood, kind of like a wood veneer of some sort. But what I found interesting was what was on the front of the shed, in big bold red letters the word "ICE" was imprinted on it. I assume it was a ice storage shed. Then everything blacked out and I awakened.

My second OBE since the RV and RI treatment occurred when I laid down on the couch and fell asleep.  I found myself sitting at my computer desk chair right across from where I was sleeping. I realize or thought that I was dreaming so I remembered what these invisible hands did for me the first time so I outstretch my arms and was ready to be lifted up to have a OBE not realizing I was already having one. At this time a loud one time tone sounded off, it sounded metallic of sorts and a electrical sound, alike stun guns going off, happened and before I knew what was happening, I woke up and only then realized that I had been out of my body!

You got to realize that all these events were happening to me in the last 6 weeks since getting the RV and RI treatments. Even when the treatments stopped,  the phenomena were still encroaching in on me. Then I started  dreaming every single night that someone was teaching me RV and RI skills on 3 levels! Surely I could not even explain what that was all about since the training information was received at lightening fast speed, and when I awakened I seemed to have forgotten most of it.

Soon after that as I was browsing Mr. O'Donnell's website I found that he mentioned something of Delta being on 3 levels but we had to learn these for ourselves as time goes on in our quest for the truth. So maybe he may or may not be able to shed some light on this particular training. I know this is an extremely long testimony but I wanted you all to see that here is a person who never knew Remote Viewing existed, let alone Remote Influencing, and did not even realize what was going to happen if anything when the good doctor did his thing!

I want to quote what the doctor just emailed me yesterday.  He stated that he was glad I got the State job and that he wanted me to know that he has been RVing and RIing his family members and others  with great success! You see,  before I met him he took both courses and the RI part of it really never stroke a note in him to use it on anyone other than house plants or his family pet. Now he states that he is quite busy healing others with RV and RI with great results! He just cannot get over the change in himself since he RV'd and RI'd me in the past several weeks!

My sleep has been light due to the fact I keep RV and RIing in my dreams. I just wish I could remember why and to who I am doing this too. I guess when my course arrives in a day or so I will get my answers in the next several weeks to come. Oh! by the way, I forgot to mention during the first OBE with the ice shed I was able to clearly  see the words with no difficulty, which from what I heard is very hard to do.

Thank you Mr. O'Donnell for your contribution to all of us here! Those that know you such as me and others  hope to get to know you better. You are second to none in your field,  and I only hope to make you proud by being the best I can be as a remote viewer and influencer. Please feel free to add my email address as a direct testimony of the power of RV and RI and what it can do to a person even if he or she never heard about it before!

Patrick  a recent young trainee, writes this enthusiastic feedback on December 11, 2003.


  • Inner permanent changes of peace, goodness, bliss and joy while training with the RV/RI combo.

  • Increased IQ and download of information while attending university classes.

  • Increased intuition. Predicting sports results in advance.

  • "Reading" people's thoughts and emotions.

  • Increased attention from the opposite sex.

  • Getting innovative business ideas.

Bravo, you will have a major impact for goodness!

I am approaching 2 months since I started using Gerald’s audio programs, Remote Influencing and Remote Viewing combined program. I strongly feel the combined program is a must. The skills learned in one program help deepen insight into the other and vice versa. By following the outlined step by step process I have really began to notice changes within myself and the way people react to me in social setting and even as far as my presence alone.

Since starting the program during the first month I noticed blurs of changes that would become brief moments of insight. These quick glimpses of insight even though were not consciously permanent assured me that something was in fact happening, something great was happening deep within that I consciously could not always be aware of. Most recently over the last 3 weeks I have become aware of permanent changes that I am always aware of. A pure feeling of goodness has become a part of me that can only be explained as myself smiling at the world and the world smiling back at me. It is a feeling of pure bliss that washes over me and makes me happy to exist as who I am because I feel now that I truly have control over who I WANT to be. If I do not have full control I strongly feel that I will attain full control by continuing the program.

The state of pure goodness has taken away stressful feelings out of my life. I truly don’t experience stress and worry about problems no longer. Yes I do have obstacles in my life being a student with financial issues but my focus has been shifted to solving the problem and no longer focusing on it. This shift in focus has been very positive and these obstacles have become much easier to overcome when I noticed how insignificant these obstacles really are. They have become so insignificant that I truly laugh at how insignificant they are and at one point in my life caused me so much stress and worry.

Through the training many different changes have taken place then I could have really imagined. Going to school as a multimedia major creativity is very important. Through the help of this program my creativity has increased by leaps and bounds. At certain times I experience what I have personally understood it to be as an information download. This is a moment in time usually experienced during a social setting and I am engaged in a conversation that I experience a burst of information about the certain issue at hand being discussed. This is usually very exciting, as all of a sudden my knowledge about a specific issue becomes intensely broadened especially with intensified perspectives and powerful observations. My participation in lectures has become very interesting with insightful comments and at times very exciting especially after correcting the professor and sharing a very insightful detail that has left the professor rather speechless at one point or another. Just recently this has led to my professor asking me to come and join him in a discussion about some of the finer points I have made in class. He was very interested in knowing how I have come to realize these perspectives and gain such deep insight. Being 21 years of age the professor was very intrigued and had to admit that some of my comments were over his head. One of his remarks that left a deep impact within me was when he explained that my level of intellect was more of an older gentlemen’s with about 40 years of life experience.

A very interesting change within me that has taken place is the very large increase in intuition. I have become very intuitive to the point were I know who is going to win a sporting match. Usually the day before I am able to predict which team in a multitude of sports will win. On one particular day I experience an information download pertaining to five different basketball games for the same day. It was rather very exciting as my friends and I watched each prediction come true.

On another note my intuitive senses have let me know what someone will say before they say it. It is very natural and happens with no concentration. I have experienced this before the program but to no degree in frequency as I experience this now. It seems to happen at least a couple of times each day, on some days it happened many times over. Most of the time it happens with people that I spend the most time with. It’s funny because sometimes I keep saying the same comment another person is making at the same time, and this usually will happen with the same person over and over. It gets interesting by the fifth time and the person kind of looks over with a bewildered look but never speaks their mind.

Taking the intuitive aspect a little further during certain times I experience a blast of thoughts from another person. This is usually during a social occasion were people are rather relaxed. This blast of information usually is a mixture of thoughts about people along with their feelings and emotions attached to the thoughts. It is rather extraordinary to feel what someone else is feeling. It has rung true over and over when someone would look at someone and I would get a blast of information for example in one situation I understood that a certain person rather disliked another. Once the person had left the area the person that I got this information from turned to a friend and expressed their dislikes. More frequently I get this insight when someone is directing thoughts towards me. This is even more frequently the case when it is a person of the opposite sex with strong emotions towards me. : -) I have very much so noticed the opposite sex taking a much stronger interest in myself, which is definitely, a positive thing!

On a grander scale I have experience insight into rather interesting ideas of business. Business ideas that do not at this point exist through my following up on them. People spend lots of time even a lifetime coming up with a one of a kind ideas. I have experienced two true one-of-a- kind ideas that I am very excited about and I look forward to materializing these two ideas in the future.
One of the aspects that has helped me enjoy my sessions with this program is the upgrade in my listening equipment. I started out with a standard portable tape player with a auto reverse feature but when I got to the part of the training course that required an extra long session the tape player would die out on power even after using a full battery. I would have to turn it off even for a second and that would always fix the problem. These few seconds of interruption really interrupted me and took me out of a deep state. After a few times of this I got myself a duel deck Sony player. This is very great as I no longer get interrupted and the dual deck produces a much better quality of audio sound.
The experiences that I have been allowed to experience and the changes within me have inspired me to write this to allow others to know what a strong impact Gerald’s course has had on me. I am very grateful to have been allowed to receive these courses. Thank you many times over Gerald for these courses that are very needed especially at this point in time.

Thanks, your friend
Patrick Bator

Patty Jean,, a dear high soul, wrote to us this comment on December 7, 2003. Subject: The teachings

Dear Gerald:

I think the voice on the tape is perfect for the tapes. 
I have lived much of a Shamanic life.  My autobiography will be out sometime this year.  So much I left out of it, too.  I've had many, many strange things happen, good things I mean.  Perhaps your teachings will explain a lot of them that I have wondered about, there's a lot I don't know but I am finding it slowly but surely. 

My life has been very different than most and I have walked in two worlds much of it and that's not unusual for me.  A few of my experiences, including my NDE which has been published back in 60's in several magazines here and in the UK, are on one of my websites now if you get a chance to read them.  You might recognize in them some of the reasons behind them, i.e. what I call the  Shekinah Robe of Light perhaps is your Light you are mentioning.  The way the "Typhoon" (in article of same name), was turned from the Island might be explained in your teachings as I go along, I think I'm about to find answers to some of my life's very interesting experiences in your teachings...a few of these experiences are on the following site which I have not finished.  If you have a chance you might read the "Typhoon" article and the "Shekinah Robe of Light" on the following website as I believe you will understand them both better than I at this time.  And also understand more where I am in my progression. 

I just feel I am on the verge of finding an avalanche of answers to my life's questions!  I have sought the way to return to the place where I stood the night of the Typhoon and also during the healing in that one article and I have been there many times, to that place, but don't know how to get there on my own, just that I happen to fall into it at times that it is needful for me to be there but how to get there I don't know...I believe your teachings will lead me there and show me the way.
I am a published poet, also.

I'm very fascinated with all this I was under the impression that mental viewing was done with the conscious mind only and not very spiritual until I found your website quite by chance.  Your teachings are exactly what I believe and still just fascinated by your writings.  I learned about the "ONE" from my dream state I call OBE's and my writings which I don't call channeling but received from higher sources. 

I can understand what you are saying on the first tape, but the word you said to use is not clear are you saying to address any entities we do not wish to entertain with the word "SMALL"? The rest of that tape was clear.  I have never had problems with any bad entities but I have always been treated with respect and taught things.  I find entities in the higher realms much nicer than many humans! <g>  I was taught by them about the "ONE MIND" that created all and creates all and we are as a spark of the Divine Flame, a ray of the Infinite Light...this is how I have understood it from what I have received and written...

Thank you again for the confirmation that my writings have been from a high and very good source whatever I might have called the Source.  I am sure I have much to learn, as the ancient wisdom states, "when the disciple is ready the Master appears." 

Your writings on the ONE are what really took my breath away as I have written some things that I received and since hearing as much as I have of your tapes I think that I perhaps have been mental viewing and calling it something else! <g>  I don't know yet but I know I have a lot to learn from you.  I have definitely been led to this.  I have all sorts of tapes from everyone that ever claimed to teach anything and these are the very highest and most revealing of all.  You know what you are talking about and that's very obvious. 

Thank you again for sharing with the earth world the wisdom of our God.

Patti Jeane

Daniel Schultz of the UK sent us this feedback on December 2, 2003. Subject:

  • Having almost an OBE on the first tape!

The course arrived & it was very much worth the wait. Astounded at how much content there is to integrate & what a journey this will be!

Just thought I would let you know that last night in bed I listened to the 'RV 1' tape with my eyes closed & about 3/4's of the way through, it was as if a dimmer switch was turned down on my awareness (I actually felt it slow down & it almost dissolve) & it felt as if I was submerged & my legs torso & arms gradually became very heavy & my whole body including my mind was vibrating from left to right constantly. Then I noticed that most of my awareness was concentrated in my head & that the rest of my body felt like it was light & floating & wanting to go higher, it was as if my head was holding my body from drifting off. Breathing was shallow & quick & the whole experience was very nice. I think something very special would of happened if someone would have taken off the headphones at that point, dare I even mention OBE. The experience then began to reverse after that, back to the way I was when I first started to listen to the tape just relaxed with my eyes closed.

Can you comment on my experience?

Thank you,

Veronica,  a young lady finishing High School wrote to us on November 19, 2003  this nice comment.


  • Increased life energy, better mood, and improved connection with others while taking the combination course.

Hey Gerald! Here's my little testimonial for you. 

Since starting the RV/RI combo regimen, as recommending by the website, I have felt something noticeably different. I feel better than I've ever felt before, on average. I used to be a rather depressed, introverted kind of person. Recently, after training a few weeks with the course, I've just felt much better. I can let myself enjoy things again. My friends have noticed that I've been in generally better moods, and I've become more social. I talk more and am more active in group conversation, instead of just listening to everyone. I've become more aware of my own opinions, and I am generally more satisfied with myself. I feel like I've made great progress, if in only a few weeks. I feel more energized when I wake up in the morning, and I actually want to get up and experience the day. To me, this is something I've never really had. I usually shy away from people I don't know very well, but I find myself being able to open up more and connect with people. Its a great feeling, and I'm not even halfway through the course yet! I can't wait to see the progress I'll make in the future. Overall, I'm very pleased with how this course has affected me. I've struggled with depression for more than 2 years now, and after doing this for roughly 3 weeks, I feel better than I've ever felt in those 2 years, possibly even before. When I do the course, I feel all the stress just melt away, and I can relax. I gentle feeling of warmth spreads through me, and I just let go. Its an amazing feeling, and I'm very excited about all the great things I know I'll soon be experiencing. Thanks, Gerald, for being so kind as to share this knowledge with the world. 

Hope this helps someone else find their way to your course. :) 


Patrick, an RV/RI student, sent us on October 4, 2003 this testimonial while training with the RV/RI combination course.


  • Becoming aware of us being energies.

  • Experiencing the body of Light and the connection with the Oneness.

Thank you Gerald for allowing this very important information become attainable for those that will and desire completion within them selves. I have been practicing with Gerald’s RV/RI tapes for about a month now. For a new student this period of time is very crucial and important for building a strong foundation of understanding and motivation that will allow for a proper transitory state of passage to take place from the “now” embodiment of the matrix. After completing my first month I cannot help but to share some of my understandings about the RV/RI combo course and the magical experience I had with the RI course.

Through most of my first month I was filled with pre justified thoughts and expectations of what I should experience as a practitioner of RV & RI. I was blinded from what I was truly experiencing by pre-determined expectations of what I should be experiencing. Before I started the combo course I filled myself with knowledge about RV and the potentials of RV. By doing so I became blinded through my expectations of the course. Towards the end of my first month a thought manifested inside me, this thought or idea told me not to focus on what is ahead of me in the far distance but to look down and focus on what is directly in front of me. This thought indicated to me that I would never get to what I could see in the distance if I kept stumbling over my own two feet by not paying attention to what was directly in front of me. At this point I started to understand what this course is really about.

To me this course is about rebuilding myself, but before you can rebuild anything you must first deconstruct it. I think of deconstructing myself a lot like undoing a knot. Realizing that I have been a part of the Matrix for my whole life I must have accumulated one big, very complicated knot that will take patience and dedication to undo. As soon as I decided to strip away my expectations of the course and recalibrate my focus to the “now” I then began noticing the changes that started to take place. I noticed that people started looking and reacting to me differently. I became more sensitive and could almost feel instead of see people looking at me. I could feel the energy within me become stronger and vibrate faster. My sensitivity towards people increased, taking a measurement of other peoples vibratory status became easier and almost instantaneous. I began noticing the correlation of vibrating energy to the contrasting moods people were feeling. I began feeling and almost feel as if I could sense people’s will of action towards me. It feels almost like reading someone’s thoughts.

I could go on and on about the changes that have taken place and the changes taking place, but my point is I could never had these wonders taking place if I hadn’t peeled away my expectations and rejoiced in the present “now”. Surely I would have not had the experience that I had last night. Through this course the important message about patience and awareness that I had learned made me spend time with RV course tapes 2,3 and RI course tape 3. I felt that I shouldn’t go on and should be patient, amplify my focus and take baby steps. Last night I felt something inside me tell me to start on RI course tape 4. The experience that I had took me to the most relaxed state of being that I have ever experienced. My body was asleep but my mind stayed awake. My body felt as if it disappeared, and I existed only within my mind slightly above my body. I could not totally except this state at first and would transition from feeling my body to not feeling it at all. When I did feel my body it felt paper thin, a sensation that I never felt before. It was truly interesting. As I became more comfortable with what I was experiencing I decided to go with it, and then I could only feel my body of light. I knew this was my body of light because I was swaying side to side as if I was floating on a body of water. I kept swaying like this for some amount of time, I cannot say for how long because I had lost all perception of time itself. As I kept sinking further within myself I started to experience a connection, a connection that embraced me with a flood of white bright light. This light was soft and pleasant but bright and intense at the same time. Maybe strong white light is the right way of describing it. The light filled me with such feeling of joy and happiness that it left me tearing from joy. I wished that everyone could feel this great happiness and thanked it for allowing me to feel this happiness and joy and everything pleasant and right all at the same time. This was truly something breathtaking. This experience has left me internally smiling throughout this whole day and feeling a lingering connection with the strong white light. I know inside that I will experience this again and simply embrace and invite more experiences that will be allowed for me to experience. I look forward on moving onward through my course with patience and no set expectations. I simply feel open to experience.

Jim Robertson Jr.  an RV/RI student, sends us this enthusiastic Email on October 3, 2003:


  •  Getting a higher vibratory biology and feeling closer to "The  One"

  •  Having a "blackout effect" on electric lighting.

  •  Most importantly, dramatically increasing his IQ!

Dear Gerald,

As a student of RV/RI for about a year now, I want to say THANK YOU for this incredible course and for trying to make the world a better place.  Nothing has changed my life for the better as much as this material has.  I have had many incredible experiences and would like to share a few here.  It is difficult to describe how it has changed me, but I feel deeply that it has enlivened my 'spirit' or 'soul'.  Every day my focus is now, how I can be a better person.  I feel closer to God than in any other time of my life.  My wife often tells me that I am 'humming', which is our reference to my body when it is buzzing.  I can feel the electrical pulses going through my finger tips and from one side of my body to the other.  An interesting occurrence has been happening ever since I met you about one year ago.  For some reason, street lights (and lights that come on automatically at night) go off when I get near them.  This phenomenon has happened countless times over the past year.  It has happened at airports, while driving, many parking lots, hotels, basically any place that has light sensitive, automatic lights.  I am curious to know if this is happening to others.  Another great thing that your course has done is increased my IQ.  Recently, I took an IQ test (for fun) and did not put forth much effort.  The questions seemed easy.  When the test was returned, I had scored 135.  I was very pleased, as the tester suggested, that such a score was in the realm of Plato and was quite happy for me.  This was a huge surprise for me to say the least.  (In University, I had a closer relationship with the academic probation list than the Dean's list...)   I could go on for pages about how important it is to do your course and how it effects your life in a positive way.  We have had several discussions over the past year on the phone and I consider it a privilege know you.   

Thank you again for all of your work in this area and for sharing with us this incredible course.

Most sincerely,

Jim Robertson Jr.

Aaron Stevenson of Australia sends us this emotional message on September 21, 2003.


  •  Life changing effects of the RV/RI course.

Hello Gerald,

Just dropping you a line to let you know of the effects your course has had on my life.

Your course has blown me away, my life has changed...
Before, I was into bodybuilding, cars, women and money.  Your course it made me examine myself deeply. What a horrible human being I had become acting almost entirely out of ego!
But I am happy to inform you things have changed. I have given up my quest to material attachments for I KNOW that they are not real. I go to the beach with my friend every morning at 5:30 and listen to your tapes and a whole new world opens up, a beautiful loving world where truth resides. I am going to learn to stay there in that world by absorbing your teachings which vibrate in resonance with my soul.
That is not to say that I don't have any problems, I still do, but life is becoming easier and knowing the truth helps me through my perceived hard times. One of the hardest things is to leave my loving misses which I know might happen as I continue my journey back to the One. I could stop my journey to stay with her, but the pulling in my heart is too strong and to deny it would lead to misery.
Society doesn't fit me anymore, for all I see is control.
My heart fills with sadness when I see and feel the mothers cry and I have a hard time feeling love for my fellow man even though I know he is me. I thank you for your teachings on how this reality isn't real and the excellent experiences that you have guided me through.
You have given me boundless hope, reconnected me with the voice of the One, the Great I AM, and filled me with excitement in anticipation of future teachings from yourself or the One.

Thank you so much

Your student Aaron Stevenson

Greetings To My Beloved Friend Mr. Gerald O'Donnell from Debra Gosselin  on 9/11/2003:

It has been a bit of a season since we last spoke but often we vibrate at the same LOVE frequency, that much I am sure. I am ever so humbled to know you, I know the "Salt Of The Earth People" all over the Globe.   The love affair you all have with this marvelous living library, Mother Earth is being threatened not only by literal raping of the land but also the lack of respect toward the elements and elementals within dimensions that are beginning to bleed one into the other. The live intelligence within stone and dirt are longing to experience electromagnetic formulas of higher consciousness once again.  Earth reads us as we live and breathe on her, and she knows the stage of our own development and our ability to accept responsibility.  When we share what we know, it is broadcast around the world.  Codings are fired, and the masses begin to evolve.  We are interlinked and so when our teachers continue to stretch themselves to mature and grow, we likewise stretch and grow.
I honor you and the glorious teachers and mentors I have been graced with. I have been shown over and over what LOVE, JOY and abundance looks like.
I am pleased to say that I am not as fragile as when we first met.  I am imagining things one week and seeing them manifest and mature the next.  As you know, my signature word has been "FREEDOM", please know that has not changed.  In closing, I am proud to be one of the 100 monkeys that have ignited your message.  I always knew there was some special calling I had yet to meet.
Bless you, I'm yawning with all my heart and soul.  Debra

Jules Kennedy  writes to us on August 8, 2003 this warm testimonial.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

I want to thank you once again for bringing forward the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing work to the public.  As you know, my friend Sophia ordered me both volumes.  I am now working through the latter stages of RI and experiencing great changes in my thought process.  This inevitably affects my outer experience.  I work with people in various ways and also am involved in healing processes for the animal kingdom and the earth.  These deep level states of mind are helping to stay focused and centered, as there is so much work to do and only so few doing it at this time. 

Thank you again and many blessings to you and your loved ones. 


Jules Kennedy

"Love has wings of its own and carries us wherever we may be in consciousness."
>>>excerpt from Dimensional Ascension, copyright 1995 Jules Kennedy

Morton Glazera  sends us this enthusiastic and important feedback on August4, 2003 after having trained with the RV/RI combination package for a year.


  •  RV skills improved with taking the RI course;

  •  Acquired telekinetic skills, dowsing, telepathy, and energy healing abilities.

  •  Improved artistic talent.

  •  Power of the diamond self technique in changing psychological and physical makeup.

  •  Experiencing and unifying with the "pulse of Creation."

Dear Gerald,

  Words can't do justice for what this course is capable of.  Over the past few months, I have had experiences that are phenomenal, to say the least.  I'll try to sum it up as best I can.
  I have only been doing these two courses for a year.  In that time, I have experienced things that I had never thought possible.
  My RV skills have improved dramatically with the RI course.  I now get images that are as vivid as what I see in the waking world.  This does not happen all of the time, but I am nonetheless baffled.  In time, I am certain that it will happen consistently.
  I have slight telekinetic skills.  I can swing a needle on a string or move it in small circles.  I am continuing to practice this.
  I can dowse.  This is remarkably easy to do.  Some of the students may enjoy this one.
  Telepathy.  Again, this one is like the others, it doesn't happen all of the time, but enough for me to know it is there.  When someone near me feels a strong emotion, I feel it too, as much or more than my own, regardless of what I am feeling.
  Healing.  This is the most remarkable of the abilities that I have discovered so far.  The results are incredible.
  Another pleasant side effect is that my artistic skills have improved dramatically.  I was good before, but now people that see my work remark at how incredibly lifelike it looks, almost like they could touch the animal or person being portrayed.
  My personality has altered in all good ways.  That in itself was worth every penny that was spent on this course.  My outlook on life, the way that I deal with people, everything is changed.  I think of how much money people waste going to counselors, self help seminars, etc.  They rarely work, and half the time it is only temporary, like putting a band aid on a head wound.  This, without a doubt, WORKS.
  Your RV course was good, but the RI course is on a whole other level.  You wanted me to explain my methods.
  Use the Diamond Self for expanding all of your other skills.  This is the core of all of your abilities.  Use it and all will fall into place.  This will enhance your RV skills dramatically, as well as the others.  It will alter your physical appearance as well.  I can't stress how important this technique is.  USE IT, or your skills will continue to stagnate.
  I also experienced what you call the pulse of creation.  I don't know what to call it.  I was at the beach and I laid back and closed my eyes, enjoying the sunshine.  My heart began to pound, but it didn't feel out of the ordinary.  My whole body began to feel like it was pulsing, like a heart.  I could feel it throbbing.  It was the most amazing thing.  I laid there for hours, but I thought I had only been there for about fifteen minutes.  I finally opened my eyes and there were about ten people standing there staring at me.  They had apparently been there the whole time watching me.  I looked directly at one man and he ran.  The others just continued to stare with their mouths hanging open.  I looked down at my shadow and saw it growing larger and smaller.  I would like to know what they saw.  I have never felt ALIVE like that.
  There is plenty more to say, but I will shut up for now.  Just devote your training to RI, and RV will seem like child's play, I promise.
  Thank you.

  Your pal,

Chris Podlewski   writes to us on July 11, 2003 this feedback.


  •  Applying the RV course to gambling situations


I am about to purchase the Remote Influencing Course and would like to share some experiences. As a background, I purchased the Remote Viewing Course some  time back (a few years ago).  I struggled with Remote Viewing somehow as I am a very analytical person.  I had no problem getting to the Theta
state.  My problems involved trying too hard to imagine what I should be  imagining (vibratory light and the like).  Also, I tended to try and analyze
any image that might try to come.  Despite this, my intuition did increase greatly.  I am very mathematical so I never thought intuition really existed. 

 I started off as a CPA and quit to become a blackjack card counter when I made a lot more doing that part-time than my accounting job which I didn't really enjoy.  I noticed after listening to the tapes a while that I  could often get a feeling beforehand about whether it would be a good  session or not at the tables.  I didn't pay a lot of attention to this originally as card counting is very mathematical and I never let feelings sway the way I would play.  I would also get the feeling it was time to go and I would play anyway as an experiment and invariably lose.  I got into poker later and now spend most of my time playing that game and my intuition was even more helpful there.  Despite this, I ended up getting out of listening to the tapes for a while as I was so busy playing.  After a while,
I noticed my intuition didn't seem to be as good as before.  Late last year I started listening to the tapes again and read the information that came with them again and decided I was trying too hard before.  Too shorten the story some, I wouldn't put effort into trying to visualize anything and would just relax and listen which helped.  My intuition came back and I've had positive experiences while meditating with the tapes although I still don't get many images that I understand.  Although I suspect that relates to me not really being interested in target practice.  I am more interested in improving myself anyway I can and learning whatever I can.

It has now gotten to the point that I have listened to the tapes many times and I think it is time to move on to the Remote Influencing Course which  actually sounds to be of more interest to me than the Remote Viewing Course which has been helpful. 

My gambling has focused lately on online poker which has exploded in popularity.   The feelings I get before sessions seem to be a glimpse of my emotion
after the session.  I noticed sometimes I'll get a good feeling about a session beforehand and lose anyway but I feel good after the session so
maybe I'm just picking up on how I feel later.  Usually if I have an uneasy feeling like I shouldn't be there I'll lose but if I get strong positive
feelings beforehand, I win a lot.  Also, there seems to be a lot of untapped human potential that the Remote Viewing Course and I assume the Remote
Influencing Course could put people on the path to achieving.

Thanks for the Remote Viewing Course Gerald and sorry for the long message. 

Chris Podlewski

Kathryn J. Perritt  writes to us on July 7, 2003 this inspirational message after having taken the combination RV/RI courses.

Listen to me all of you! The WAR is on!

I am a clairvoyant and after hearing Mr. O'Donnell course my mind and soul are charged a 100%.

His courses awaken the memory of a lot of people! We all know the secrets of the universe, but we need to unlock it.
The way to do it is through "both" courses.

We need more light workers! A lot of us are giving up even before we have even tried!

Burn your sage, cleanse your chakra's, do the courses!

Three nights ago I was sitting on my porch when I looked up and saw three masses of negative energy, and I thought to myself "My God it's getting closer"!

We have all been here before! Wake up and get to work!

It is not only us, but all planets and all galaxies! We need to work as a team. My hope is that soon we will not need telephones. I talk to many of my friends without one.

They want us to all be on the same level So that we will all chant but one word. Peace. We will win!

Do not let negative energy ruin your life. Go into your dream tunnel, walk down the hall, choose a room that has a lesson in it face the fear and slap it!

The dark side is gaining strength. When you are thinking negative thoughts it is not you  It is the dark energies doing this.

Order the combo, study it, have fun with it! Confuse a few of your friends. Just kidding.  Please start your work, order the courses and kick the dark side in the backside.

Remember my friends fear is just false evidence appearing real.

            Love light and laughter,
                Kathryn J. Perritt

Miodrag Trajkovic  from Tokyo, Japan, a recent RV trainee, wrote to us on July 7, 2003:

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for the RV course!

I listen tapes every day. However, I tend to listen them in the bed, before going to sleep, and I always get sucked in within the Delta
level. When I (rarely) listen during the day, I manage to keep myself conscious. I have been listening only tapes 2A and 2B, and several times
3A and 3B. I have the tape player that plays both sides when in non-continuous setting, so I listen actually both sides of a tape every

I am not sure how to know when I can move on to the next tape.

I have noticed this so far:
- My physical health has improved. It wasn't so bad to start with, though...
- I need less sleep when I listen to the tapes. Which means I am not sleepy next day even if I sleep only short time.
- I do remember my dreams more often than before.
- I have no problem visualizing any thing you mention.

Besides that, I would like to tell you this:
- I have been practicing yoga since my childhood, and I can relax very quickly. When I go to sleep, I fall asleep within seconds, according to
my girlfriend.
- I am practicing various types of healing (Reiki, Huna, Seraphim Healing, Chi Kung,...). Some of them include ability to do remote (distant) healing. When I do remote healing, I can sense the connection, as increased flow of energy, which I feel as increased circulation in my head. I don't feel patient's status, nor any other details. I hope with RV course to - among other things - get the ability to diagnose details of patient's problems.
- I can hear binaural sounds on tapes. Should I turn off the "super bass" option on my cassette player?

Thank you!

Best regards,

Sherwood H.K. Finley writes to us this very important feedback on the RV&RI combination course on June 27, 2003.


  • Becoming a "Precog" as shown in the movie "Minority Report."  Creating with full awareness one's reality. Stopping "time" and operating in the gap between linear "time" at the level of real Mind in order to Remote Influence. Witnessing reality twice: Once from the HS perspective and then again from the "lower self perspective." This comment will form the basis of a new page titled "In between worlds" explaining the secret of Holographic Creation (projection), the real "Matrix of Life (Universal Lattice) and how to master (control) it by learning to be in the "gap." All this coming to you free, on this website: The Channel of the One. Sherwood Finley is an American living now in India. He offers private tutoring, RV or other RI services through our academy.  He can be contacted by Emailing or calling our Academy.     Gerald O'Donnell

My first experience with the Remote Influencing course was of a deep calm, a characteristic of the delta level which remained within me and was easy to retrieve. Next came lucid dreaming and very deep sleep, even naps were extremely restful.

From the Remote Viewing material I had learned to observe data streams from the past and target probable futures. With Remote Influencing, I began to live them, but sometimes I felt that I was living backwards in time. I found I could fast forward to the day's end, review and edit, insert desired outcomes and then experience the day I had designed. It became obvious to me that certain time reversals resulted from tapping into delta, especially in public settings where more input is abundant.

For instance,  I was in a bookstore on Jan 7, 2003, and lived certain events in twice-instant replay. I saw  a vivid vision of a man drop a book then pick it up. But two seconds later I saw it again. Trust me, this gets your attention!

Back on the street crowds looked like multi-colored clouds and I heard fragments of conversations and two seconds later heard them again. I was living in a virtual double-exposure reality!

That night in the shower while reviewing these events, I noticed that the water droplets seemed to be falling very slowly, even after repeated viewings. I found I could encircle a drop with my hand.
Four days later the drops just hung in the air, freeze-frame! Clocks have gotten into the act preferring to slow-and stop-their second hand! I first thought that they ran out of power, but new fresh batteries didn't help. One of the local cats ran by the door, and guess what? He did it again two seconds later.  I kept watching for Alice and/or the white rabbit! No luck! Nor did a voice inform me that I had entered the twilight zone!

In RV assignments I found that after having trained with the Remote Influencing course twice, I could view and retain far more data than previously, information which was verified by Mr. O'Donnell who always made sense out of my input, especially when it made no sense to me.

After incorporating sketching, page after page would come flying out. With various disasters ad crimes I found I could merge with them and emerge untouched, with no side-effects.

In working with a distance healing client,  I decided to see if I could enter their dream and leave some helpful programs behind. By the way, that's all you can do, and only win-win is possible. I found the speed of this person's dream was beyond comprehension so I put it on hold, inserted simple instructions, e.g. :My immune system is functioning perfectly", and then let their dream continue. Result: One of the fastest recoveries I've ever seen in about 20,000 distance healing sessions (Since 1986).

Finding lost objects seemed effortless and it often seemed that I had become the object, in most cases my glasses which have their own agenda!
In daily life I found that problem-solving, negotiation, communication, creativity, memory, and not getting nervous or upset quite as frequently, all improved quite wonderfully.

 After over a year of training with the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing course of the Academy, I can state that these experiences and states are now constant and not like a peak experience or a weekend workshop success. As you master the deeper levels of your mind there is an automatic mastery of life. It simply becomes easier.
My overall experience is that I can now help others far better discover their tremendous inner potential for changes and accomplishment. I can help them bring in healing- not just to their biology but their mind, emotional body, and spirit. All this is what the RV and RI courses show and train us to experience. With only a little bit of faith and perseverance we can all tap into this tremendous inner power just waiting to lift us back into freedom and harmony.

          ----   BIO ---

Sherwood H.K. Finley II co-founded the International Healing Network in 1988, a worldwide organization with students in 26 countries. His specialties are financial remote viewing, distance healing, unsolved crimes, counter-terrorism, missing persons, lost objects as well as researching mysterious phenomena. Sherwood is both a certified Remote Viewing instructor and a certified Remote Influencing instructor for  the Academy of Remote Viewing. Sherwood H.K. Finley II can be contacted through the Academy of Remote Viewing.

Charo a recent combo trainee from Spain writes to us on June 26, 2003. Subject:

  •  Out-of-body experiences,  lucid dreams and internal healing after 2 weeks of training with the RV&RI combination package courses.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
Just a little word to tell you that the tapes are being wonderful to me! I ordered the combo package and received it last 6/6/2003.
From tape one on I felt like my mind going through the roof of my head and an out-of-the-body experience already happening.
Also lucid dreams are common to me now.

Although I still have a long way to go, and my life needs a lot of healing in many ways, I feel I'm on the right track now. Those dreams are strongly showing the improvement of my probable near-future and they are very encouraging to me.
I can only dedicate the weekends to the training as my weekdays are too busy, but I just appreciate that little time!
I'm thankful for the day I searched on the Internet for RV and RI subjects and found your website.

Thank you!


Attention scientists! Want to see with your physical eyes virtual super luminous tachyons (faster than Light particles originating from our mirror Light universe) entering and exiting rapidly our holographic universe. No need for complex expensive laboratory design! Your inner sensory computer (brain) suffices! Read this feedback sent to us on June 23, 2003 by John Boots

I have just completed the first R.V. course with some interesting results. I went through the whole course with my eyes closed. Then, while on the 6th tape (side B) where I went to the Theta level with my eyes open I noticed these tiny light particles floating in front of me as I was staring out of my studio window. They were all going in different directions with slight traces behind them. I was able to focus on one and watch it disappear from view. I asked Gerald what these tiny lights might be and he told me they were "virtual tachyons". The course has opened my eyes and mind to so many new possibilities and I am looking forward to starting the second course.

Thank you Gerald, for helping me to reconnect with that deeper part of me.

Tracy Sack   sent us this feedback on June 10, 2003 after taking our RV/RI course.  Subject: 

  • Opening the door to one's subconscious realm.

  • Tracy has won a couple of 3 number lotteries using RV techniques. P.S. Tracy has asked us to post that he will not reveal yet his method and will not answer inquiries on the subject of lotteries until he decides to go public with his method. So please refrain from Emailing him about this.


When I use the methods from your remote viewing course, I now can focus to retrieve data I am viewing while in the theta state of mind. 

I recommend any person to try this course if you have never experienced what a altered state is naturally.  The first audio tape I listened to was a vivid dream-like state where my conscious thoughts could still operate. 

This course taught me many intimate sides and capabilities of my mind I have not known from any other source of learning.  I also built a foundation of knowledge to construct the ideas of other remote viewing techniques and remote influencing techniques which came later. 

If a person allows their unconscious to listen to this course, a different world will be perceived for sure.  It can't be otherwise. 

-Tracy Sack  

Thank you Gerald.  I have included a Lottery Paper I wrote about my experience with a formula to decode time (I guess).  Please don't post it.  I just wanted to share it with you, and if it continues to be successful I will post it on Grillflame to share with others.  If you have learned any thing about the formula yourself, please e-mail me with your data. 

Pamela Slayton  sent us this nice encouraging note on June 19, 2003. Subject:

  • Her satisfaction and life changing experiences with the RV& RI courses and her rejection of negativity and its manifestations.

Dear Gerald,

 Since I don't do the new Grillflame forum (I think it's worked out great for everyone else, just too time consuming for me to maneuver around it) I do try to check in your website every now and then to read the new articles, etc. . . So, I just found out about all this ridiculousness that's been going on. I am not as articulate as our dear Leena, nor am I a remote viewer like her, because I prefer to concentrate on the remote influencing side of things.  But, I applaud her response and extremely well-written letter in your defense. How someone can just publicly slander someone else without even fully researching your teachings and methods is beyond me! Your FIRST course totally changed my life in so many ways, I can't even recount them all! I have now, finally had a chance to start the second course and already can feel how powerful it is. You probably charge the least amount for your courses than anyone else.

 Your courses are highly effective in many ways. Not only that, but you have always been available to me by email or phone at no extra charge, always willing to answer all my questions or respond when I am particularly excited about something I have learned from taking your course. You have NEVER pointed to yourself as any type of Guru. In fact, you have always stressed to us that the Truth is inside OURSELVES, not OUTSIDE in books, cults, gurus or whatever. I am studying other things and I can tell you that I am constantly writing notes in the margins that say, "Yes, this is what Gerald teaches, so now I understand better!" As a former military brat and having once had a top secret classification myself, I understand that your background may be classified. Even so, I don't care what your background may have been. I know from MY EXPERIENCE of your course that you know what you are doing and that your course is very highly effective in my life. That's all that matters to me. You have always shied away from petty arguments, even if something was directed against yourself, with compassion, love and understanding. Your love and compassion shows through with every email and phone call. Please feel free to post this and I hope your shameless detractors finally decide to do some REAL research and read these posts in your support. Hey, maybe they could actually TAKE your course and see for themselves!


Pamela Slayton

Holly Rowe wrote to us this feedback on June 10, 2003. Subject:

  • "Witnessing" the birth of the Universe and its Light encoded Consciousness.

I ordered your course a few years ago.  The course I ordered then was called "Remote Viewing Through Time and Space." 

I am once again going through the tapes. 
I have had a couple amazing experiences early in the morning after a good sleep.  In both instances, I woke with my body vibrating strongly and closed my eyes knowing something interesting may be happening.  In one instance, I shot out (in?) into a dark place and proceeded to watch the formation of the Universe (symbolically?) along with all the data for humanity.     A 'wave' of light and information exploded by me and I was left with the realization that everything is "light" coded with information that is consciousness.  It was like being there, as live with as vivid imagery as this present moment, if not more so.  Anyway, since having had some expanded experiences like that, I hope to be able to have more of them.  Thank you deeply for what you are doing with these courses.


From:   Pekkalainen Leena

To:            ‘’

Sent:         Monday, June 09, 2003 9:20 AM

Subject:    Busted: Non-spiritual Remote viewer!


 Gerald! There they go again!

I don’t know if you have noticed, but another RV-company from the RV world has very recently been throwing baseless accusations against you. At first, you laughed at the whole thing, and said that negative thoughts always comes back biting its originator and you will not go down to these low levels for now. Well, I know you,  but I must admit that I was first flabbergasted and later a trifle upset at what was said so I decided to send this feedback to you.

By now, you may have read it or not. Here is the link Your name is mentioned only once as a side comment since the emphasis is on slandering Sean David Morton, whom by the way I respect, if only for his high degree of concern about the dire state of our planet’s ecological balance. But I take everything else in that page refers implicitly even to you since you are as a side-comment also called a “sham” together with Glenn Wheaton for “dubious claims of government clandestine work.” (One thing is sure: The writer never ever did any governmental  RV work since she probably was a young girl when these outfits were operational and only learned the techniques when she married the founder of PSI Tech Major Ed dames whom she subsequently left  as she took on the helm of that co. with another gentleman) I am not passing any judgment as far as her abilities as a remote viewer or teacher, but only would like to make a few comments since I don’t understand her accusations at all.

This is very strange, because in December 1998 Daryl O'Berg, then  a trainer with PSI TECH,  send you a warm message lauding your site and appreciating your tolerance and lack or criticism directed at others at a time when the RV wars were boiling. Major Dames and Joni were also sending kudos.

I know that you have always encouraged your students to try, if they want, other methods such as TRV, for they all have their strong points, and felt that they could be beneficial when combined with yours, especially at the monitoring training level. You never belittled them. Quite to the contrary.

I did peruse and visit the website that she quotes extensively regarding Sean David Morton and although that site is critical of Mr. Morton, there are 6 full pages in the same site highly critical of PSI Tech’s founder and his teaching team that then included his ex-wife. Many misses are given as examples etc.. I find the situation quite embarrassing for PSI Tech and I find the fact that Mrs. Dourif bases her smear campaign on the information gleaned by a site that is also highly critical of PSI tech’s methodology, a bad error in human and business judgment. Frankly almost humoristic! Personally I am not a big fan of the energy that this so-called watchdog site emanates. I sense much skeptical negativity there and therefore do not accept any of its information at face value.  B.T.W. Gerald O’Donnell is not mentioned even once on that web site.

PSI Tech June 2003’s  statement starts as follows:
”Technical Remote Viewing® is real. It really works. The Pentagon really did spend $20 million on its secret psychic spy unit, and then in an unprecedented move in military history, handed the operational unit off to PSI TECH in 1989. For the last 14 years PSI TECH has been the protector of the technology, developing and refining it to its present level of capability.“

This is a good one! Totally ludicrous! From all my research on this field, the US government officially closed down their former Remote Viewing programs in the late 1980 ( I said officially!) and never handed it over to any civilian commercial outfit. Also the US government “Remote Viewing technology” can be downloaded in its totality for free on the net at as it is now in the public domain. I find very interesting that this particular company should refer to “capitalizing on their concept of remote viewing”. I checked their prices (well of course, after the good results I got from your courses, I was interested in maybe testing another method, so I wanted to see what their prices were). The two cheapest ones were 200$ each and they were for learning how to win at gambling and how to find your ideal mate (considering they talk about themselves as holding the flag for real, technical, “traditional” RV, I found those titles a bit out of the RV-repertoire though a fun idea in itself). But to buy those you were first required to take the two previous courses, 500$ each. (The second course was said to cost 700$ but if you had purchased the first one at 500$ you’d get the second one with 500$. The only oddity here being in my mind that you were supposed to have gone through course number 1 before you were allowed to buy number 2, there’s no way you could order the second one for 700$!  Very noble in my mind to give a discount that doesn’t really exist)

Even the basic prize of 500$ per course is a lot lot more than ARV asks for RV and RI put together. So the question rises of course who is capitalizing here? You need to pay at least 1000$ to go through their course, to begin with. That is not a small sum of money.

Also if they talk about you specifically as being greedy I wonder... When I approached you I had no extra money and wanted to hear if you had any used courses that you might sell cheaper. What you answered was that if I did a diary on all my experiences with the course, you’d give me the RV course for free. No matter how I try, I can’t see this to be a very greedy act. You didn’t even know who I was, but were ready to give your course away as a gift in return for something I would have done anyway - a diary of my experiences. This request on its own proved to me that you were really more interested to see how well your methods work. I remember the vivid discussions we had on my results. You were not pretending to be interested. You WERE intensely interested.

And about “latching on the RV-term to garner credibility from the scientific acceptance of a program that got its start in the confines of military intelligence.”    Well, I’d say if this company accused others of doing this, then it is exactly the same thing they themselves are doing. They did not invent RV. None of them were in military RV units. They are using certain methodologies in their approach to the skill. You are also using a methodology (which BTW after combining it with the RV and RI courses that you teach and using some aspects of the army manual I find to be efficient and working). Besides, referring to “scientific acceptance”... Is it really there? As far as I remember, there is quite a debate going on whether RV is “legitimate” or not, or “scientific” for that matter. The question still lingers: was money wasted on programs like Stargate and Grillflame etc?

So the only thing really you can rely on are the results. You put yours on display. People’s feedback with real email-addresses. Anyone can contact them and check their experiences. You are not in between there, trying to control what is said. Quite honest behavior in my opinion.

There is a lively community at Grillflame ( discussing RV and also your courses. You participate sometimes and let discussion flow freely. It is not even your forum. Only a freely based association of individuals. You are not trying to control it.

My own results using your RV methods have been quite profound. Do you remember the feedback I sent to you? I was only half-way through ARVs RV-course when I already saw that very first female bomber in Jerusalem. The first female suicide bomber ever in human history. And I hadn’t done any RV in my life before that. Also other terrorist attacks. I have searched with your methods for wanted terrorists and the best hit was Osaman Bin Laden I think. I saw him in a certain country, could even see the map and locate his route, saw that he was moving with a small group of people.  I got partial names of the cities and later on they were really found on the map. I saw his destination, where he was going and why. And two weeks later I read at an official newspaper here that intelligence sources (“reliable”) said he had been exactly where I saw him at that exact time, moving with a small group of people. Of course I can't verify this as I have no idea what “reliable intelligence source” this was but it had ended in the newspaper via an international news agency. Also this particular newspaper is not any free leaflet but almost a 100-year old respected publication and an “official” newspaper. This happened two months after I had finished ARVs RV-course.

After this I have been asked to do real RV targets (corporate and private) and sometimes the results have been astonishingly accurate. One person asked me about a certain project not revealing in what country it was, only a person involved. I saw him, other people involved, their occupations and the country, details of this project (technical info) I could not have known. The person who asked me this tried to influence me by asking deliberately if this project was to take place at certain coordinates within this country and I used your methods and saw it quite elsewhere. And ended up exactly where it really was. Later on this person said she had to look over her shoulder as it seemed I was reading the very report she was asking about from behind her back.

So if this other company says that you and your methods are a fraud I must very much disagree. Results - mine and others´ - speak loud and clear!

Now I have been working in marketing for 16 years. One thing I have learned is that you do not slander your competitors. People are not stupid. If they see you selling your product by belittling others,  it usually is because the quality is no longer good for customers. I mean that companies doing that are a red flag for me and I, at the very least, start asking what’s wrong with their product if this is the way they have to fish for customers with dishonest methods. A satisfied customer tells the good news to his/her friends. I also got your link originally from one such person, and I sure am glad I did.

And about your connections to intelligence agencies. Not my place to start commenting on that. And quite frankly I am not even interested. All I can say that in all other contacts with you I have met integrity, honesty and caring, real interest in your students´ progress. So I don’t see why you would have lied on that one. So if this other company says there are “many others out there peddling their shams; like Gerald O’Donnell and Glenn Wheaton who think they can fool the public by just making false claims of clandestine government remote viewing backgrounds” I’d like to know what the “false claims” they refer to exactly are. And how would they have known about foreign Western operations since they never ever operated within any intelligence agency. Also do they perhaps only accept US government RV background?  (After all there are other governments in this world too, the last I checked. Not everyone is working for or with the US-military methods.)

Obviously you are doing something right to make them so scared of your success.

By reading the feedback section on your site I’ve seen enough evidence that your courses have delivered. If one company is losing market because you sell your course cheaper and teach people quicker with different methods than they do... Well, maybe they should review their own methods? There are different schools of thought in everything - let people choose the one they think is good for them. As far as I have learned anything, there never is “one and only truth” to anything. There are different methods, there are different people, there is different learning. What works for one isn’t necessarily as efficient with someone else. No need for -isms. Our world is big enough for all. And I, for one, am a person who wants to approach the same subject from different viewpoints. I can see myself using different RV methods.

“you are in  danger of being lumped into a growing number of frauds and charlatans who give the term “remote viewing” a   fictitious image. That’s why its important that you understand the difference. Just because someone uses the  term “remote viewing” doesn’t mean that is what they are doing. Many that we have seen peddling their products today do not actually have a clue about what it is or how it works”

Are we starting a “cult?”

Strange comments coming from someone who in the next June issue keeps on  boasting of having sketched the kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart, and has taken all prior references away from her web site about the fact that she was supposedly hired by the Smart family and that her 14 R.Viewers saw the child dead and even described the location of her body. Information that was communicated to the poor parents, who thank G. were reunited with their daughter a couple of days latter when the police found her alive and reasonably well.

Well, I repeat: I dislike the insinuation directed to you here. When I have called you / written to you, your advice has helped me a lot to RV better. So in that respect I’d say you certainly know RV  and how it works. (Not to mention you usually answer your phone yourself. That is customer service not found much in this world anymore) Also this kind of sentence is cheap negative psychology. It tries to raise people’s suspicions towards everyone else but this particular company. Instead it might be wiser to just concentrate on what each and every company does best. A little marketing advice again: sometimes it is good for business to have similar companies around. Think of a serious shopper - s/he wants to have many companies with different products in the same line so the “assortment” is big enough. S/he then chooses what best suits her/him. So put up one shop and hope other ones with similar lines of product come nearby and you all get more visitors.    

“Psi Tech invites skeptics and encourages challenging questions. We present you with the real deal.. the same skill that was discovered and utilized in the Defense Intelligence Agency’s remote viewing unit. A learned technology with no frills. One that, like language, anyone who applies himself/herself can learn effectively. The best remote viewers are the ones who remote view the most. There’s no magic. It’s that simple but the results can be mind boggling as everyone who comes though our doors  discovers. Psi Tech’s mission is to keep the technology pure and accessible and if that means knocking  charlatans down and stripping gurus of their robes, that is what we will do. You’ll see, as we do, when you are on the side of truth there is nothing to lose and everything to gain”

I quite agree. There’s no magic - except your own mind which can feel like very big magic when you find your own innate skills. Everyone can learn to RV. And knocking charlatans down - by all means. But your name shouldn’t be mentioned in connection with such a “title”. And if anyone, you of all people hate to be called a guru. You positively squirm with discomfort when someone tries to make you one. Here I quote one of your emails on this question: “If you meet a guru on the road, shoot him. Learn to be your own guru. Don’t belittle yourself by saying it is not possible for you to be good enough. Don’t give your own power away to someone else”.

And interesting course description they have:

“In this program, you’ll learn how to discover your personal Optimum Trajectory - which is your optimal path in life. Optimum Trajectories show us the direction that will enable us to be the  most fulfilled - and the happiest. Imagine that you have the ability to see your perfect future; a future where you’re happy and  content; where life brings you meaning and fulfillment; a future where your dreams are made real. Now imagine you are able to see many paths before you, including the path you need to take to  get to your perfect future. Once you learn the advanced TRV skill  of Personal Optimum Trajectories, knowing which path will lead you to your perfect future - is only a session away.”

Sounds a lot like ARV’s Remote Influencing course to me. I like ARV’s RI course very much. It doesn’t concentrate on creating a “perfect future” only on the material level. You tackle the real issue - how to contact your own bigger potential, your Higher Self if you will. To reach a state where you know your very being creates your life around you. Then you learn how to create it willfully - and also to reach a state of mind where you look at the bigger picture. You see the forest from the trees so to speak, see where the road goes after the bend :-) And when it comes to saying it is only “a” session away - does this mean one session? I wouldn’t put this skill so simply. Willfully creating your future means you have to deal with the core issue of You. Realize what exactly is blocking you from achieving what you want. And teaching you to recognize why you want it. Dealing with the blocks in a positive and loving way and keep doing this until the change you wanted is there so your results are permanent. (If anything is permanent. As far as I know the only constant is change. There really is no permanent “perfect future” that would always remain so. This simply because you change. What was perfect for you 10 years ago is hardly what you’d describe as perfect to yourself today.)

Sure you can RV individual decisions one by one (search for gold and lost treasures as this other company puts it) but I prefer to home into the very end result and energize that through energizing myself. Let the little details take care of themselves. You teach this well. People have reported how their intuition has greatly increased as a result of your courses - up to a level where it has saved their lives even.

Is this RV? No, this is Remote  Influencing (a nice term that you invented yourself, btw). Sure you could do individual short courses on “finding oil” or “win at gambling”  (which again sounds to me as trying to  “capitalize   on the concept of remote viewing “) but I prefer your approach: an overall course with methods you can apply to any goal you choose.

Well, enough of rambling here.  I rarely get upset. Probably my Finnish Character! However, this time this Co has gotten under my skin. You can publish this or not. You choice, but this is what my heart feels should be told now, in the name of truth. Not to settle a score. I send them all my love and wish for a prosperous and enlightening future. I have nothing against Psi Tech, short of the fact that their marketing methods seem to be dirty and I do not wish to deal with such companies.

Keep on doing the good work. It is much appreciated, no matter what competitors say (And maybe you really should take that kind of slander as a compliment that you have made your mark!)

“You’ll see, as we all  do, when you are on the side of truth there is nothing to lose and everything to gain”


 Serge Laliberte sends this testimonial on May 29, 2003 on the RV &RI courses. Subject:

  • The power of loving thought in energizing and healing nature and healing an older beloved family pet.

Hi Gerald,

Glad you clarified for me over the phone the issue of vibratory light.  Thanks!

First of all, I want to congratulate you on your RV & RI course.  It is outstanding and very exciting to do and experience.  I am now on tape 3B of the RI course.  I have been doing this course slowly over the past 8 months, repeating frequently each tape.  As a result, tape 2A of the RV course is starting to sound warbled.  So I am kindly asking that you send me a replacement.

With regards to my experiences, I have increased intuition and it is coming in more evenly and regularly. I also am more even emotionally, am told that I have more serenity and  feel increased inner peace consistently.  When my dark shadow comes to the surface, I am able to accept and ground the various fears.

All of the above can be real or imagined, but my greatest success and legitimate proof that something is happening has been with tape 6A of the RV course.  I started working on an asparagus fern that was brought indoors in the fall .  This plant did not look very healthy to start with.  Over the course of 3-4 weeks, I did four RV sessions on that plant, it became more healthy and vibrant and finally even bloomed, producing several small star-shaped flower clusters  which we have never seen before.  As I write, this plant is beautiful, vibrant and full of life.

The next experience is with our family dog, a 12 year old Border Collie named Louie.  He loves to run, but has been limping for the past year and this gradually became worse to the point that he was in chronic pain and barely walking on three legs.  X-rays showed advanced osteoarthritis of his right shoulder.  He was given a long-term anti-inflammatory drug, on which he improved but as soon as he would go out for a run, he was limping again.  Using the techniques in tape 6A, I did maybe four sessions at different intervals of  RV & RI on the dog.  Louie got better, the drug dosage and frequency were reduced, and finally he was doing really well. Quite back to normal.  What I was not aware of, was that the teens had forgotten for many weeks to give him his meds regularly, remembering only once a week - maybe.  For the past two months, Louie has been off all medication, is 95% better with only some morning stiffness and not limping.  Now that I call awesome!

All the best, till later


Michael Brock  writes to us these very wise comments on May 20, 2003.  Subject:

  • The secrets of remote viewing& influencing  and the "gap" that is extensively covered in our RI course.

Remote Viewing & Influencing seems like a fascinating construct, utilizing ancient meditation foundations.  Time and space only exist in the brain therefore is collectively projected onto the universe. The brain has to process electronic and chemical impulses which in turn create time and space.

The gap between thoughts is where the Mind exists.  The trick is how to maintain the "gap," and to project desire or manipulation within that relative existence.  We are all able to manipulate our micro-verses by varied means (emotions, desires, angst, joy, happiness etc.).  The key would be to control and understand the influences on ourselves (micro-mind) then manipulate these diverse energies into focused realities of choice.  The manipulation of religion is one of the unique constructs of certain social constructs.  The auto-suggestive reality of marketing, and of course tell-eye-vision.  Projected material on the brain effects the Mind so that the individual loses contiguity with the Mind!

Thought occupies space which severs connection with the Mind.  The time, space reality is created in the brain, the processor.  Then one could conclude that time and space have already been conquered just that the wall won't stay down. (smile)

Chante Quiett an RI trainee and healer writes to us on May 16, 2003. Subject:

  •  Our Delta CD as the ultimate answer to hardcore insomniacs!

Aloha Gerald,

In regards to our conversation the other day, here are my comments: 

Many of my clients have found this CD very effective for getting into deep delta where other sleep CDs have failed.  They awaken having had their first natural deep sleep in years!  These people were hard core insomniacs and thought nothing but their sleeping pills would ever give them the release they sought. Needless to say they are relieved and very grateful. 

Chante' Quiett     Holistic practitioner    LA.

Kent Annergrund <> sent us this feedback on May 12, 2003. Subject:

  •  Revealing the core of old secrets without having to join esoteric elitist groups.

Hello Gerald,

 I  promised you comments on the Remote Viewing and Influencing course.  I have an extensive  background in esoteric studies and can confirm your statements about how many esoteric orders, and societies act to keep most people outside of the real knowledge. For reasons linked to power, money etc.

Many of the techniques in the course are familiar in one way or another, but with the important difference that you do not mix them with lies, unnecessary details or side tracks, as many others do. You tell only what is needed to know.
What I love most with your course is the combination of brain wave training and guided visualizations. It's really very powerful.

Does the course help me? Yes it does. Very much so. It has straighten up some question marks I have had and accelerated the process to awakening.

Thank you Gerald!

Feel free to quote me on your feedback page.

Best Regards

Kent Annergrund

Nealie <> an RV student wrote to us this very interesting comments dated April 7, 2003:

Dear Gerald:

Just want to share the following information.  When listening to tapes 1 to 2 I had a lot of resistance within my body and repeatedly fell asleep when doing the mediations with my eyes closed.  My dream state was filled with anxieties and sensations of being pulled one way and than another.  Usually, if I am listening to a tape or doing a mediations I have my eyes open.  However, I resisted listening to the tapes in my usual manner, because I wanted to follow the outline of the program. Finally I listened to my intuition and listened to tape 3 with my eyes opened and the results were fantastic.  I had no resistance in my body, I don't fall asleep and the visions came quickly and clearly. I will forward you a copy of CD of the Whisperers.  We suggest listening to the music with headphones in a quite place.  See attach flyer for coming events in California and Hawaii.
Blessing of light,


Rishael Sisler one of our RV?RI Combo  students, writes to us this enthusiastic comment on April 1, 2003.  Subject:

  • Changing the life of a diagnosed Schizophrenic patient and improvement of his partial paraplegic condition due to a traumatic fall. When you believe, anything becomes possible! All of You ...who Be...Probable Future,

Thank You....for providing these courses...and making this information so readily affordable for everyone.  In my first visit to was so touched by the Love...Compassion...Insight...Intelligence....and Quality of your information on RVing. Everything I read resonated with my beliefs of what I am....and the way things work...from what I have learned in my personal spiritual journey.  Of course...I ordered your course in Remote Viewing.  This was in February of 2002. 

This course has been an incredible tool in my personal development.  I have done many different kinds of work in my 48 years.  The most re-occurring theme since I take care of people plants and animals.  For as long as I can remember...I have been caring for injured beings.  This started with people giving me injured or orphaned animals when I was a child.  As a teenager I worked with developmentally disabled children. In college I was pursuing a double major in Music and Psychology.....due to my interest in the effects of music on our feelings, moods and emotions. My formal education was interrupted in 1975 by a near death experience in childbirth....and the loss of my son in the traumatic birthing experience. This is when I had to learn about healing myself....physically and emotionally.  I've continued my "independent studies" of life with raising three children...(youngest now 20)....interspersed with an encounter with Lymphatic Cancer...(survivor..18 years) and a lot of study of physics, metaphysics, and spiritual-physical-mental health.  I still take care of people...a lot of work with the elderly in the 90's....including of course my own parents.

Right after I began your course in RV....I got a call from an acquaintance who wanted me to work with her schizophrenic son.  He was 24 years old...and very injured.  He was an honors student entering UCSC (university of California at Santa Cruz) after high school and had an emotional breakdown in his first year of college.  He was diagnosed as a schizophrenic and put on medication.  In the depths of his despair and confusion....he jumped off of the roof of their 2 story house in august of 2001.  He survived a partial paraplegic and was told he would probably never walk again.

His mother called me in April of 2002 and asked me to work with him.  When I first met this young man he captured my heart...He was very withdrawn...depressed...angry...He was very consumed with his interactions, with his voices. I believe these are all fragments of his shattered self and it has been fascinating getting to know them.  The course in RV has been so my efforts to help him discover his path to healing himself.  We worked 1 on 1 together almost every day for about 2 1/2 months.  He started out believing that he would never walk again...could not heal from schizophrenia...and the only point in going on....was to find a better way to commit suicide.  What a journey this has been...Now...almost a year later...He is walking with a brace on one leg and a cane!!  He can even walk up the stairs in my house when he comes to visit.  He is blossoming in his social life and has positive thoughts for his future.  We worked together to hire a staff of "care-pals"!  to further his path to healing.  I could not continue the 1 on 1 I needed to go to Indiana to care for my Mother. the time I had to go last September we had a good staff of people and he certainly didn't need my personal attention.  Since then I have been the manager and advisor for the care-pals.  I am so grateful for all the ways that I have benefited from the RV course and believe it was instrumental  in my work with this young man.

Now....I'm  off to Indiana care for my Mom who is 84....and move her out to live with my family here in CA.  AND....beginning your course in RI which I LOVE.

So....the point of all this.........My question???? for very special young man is having a birthday soon....I would like to give him the course in Remote Viewing....So....What do you know about your tapes and schizophrenia???  What do you think??  Is there any reason he shouldn't???  I think he may really enjoy them and benefit from it!  What do you think??

Once again...Thank You...I love you experience with Probable Future has been like a big Kiss from the Universe!!


Gary Bynam a recent RI/RV Combo trainee writes to us on march 13th, 2003


  • His experience in being a powerful channel for healing energies and saving the life of his elderly father with the help of the One. Makes me smile!

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to experience your courses.

 I  have had  bad times lately with my father being very ill but things have turned around very quickly due to my persistent listening to the Out of the Matrix Course, Let me explain:

 My father has suffered with severe arthritis of the Hips and was due to go into a Hospital for a hip operation on Wednesday,  March 5th 2003.

The hip operation went fine but my father's heart and kidneys went into spasm he was moved into intensive care, as his heart/blood pressure was not functioning correctly and he went on life support. 

Friday, March 7th:  After two days, things were not getting better and  the doctor suggested his life could go either way. Upon my visit I  found a very old and confused man who had also developed a very bad twitch as his whole body would jerk up and down. We hoped that it was only  a reaction to the drugs. My father is or was a very fit 79 year old and I was quite distressed. 

The Doctor suggested the kidneys needed help and he would install some sort of dialysis apparatus to help them.

 Saturday,  March 8th: 11AM. My mother called  me at work, and informed me that Dad was still the same. I left work at 2pm with a mission to help my father so I parked up at a car park close to the beach and decided to ask for help. 

I relaxed and moved into the deep theta level, when I arrived I asked for help, two figures appeared the first one looked up at me it had the face of death: a skeleton face.  I pushed it away with white light and as another came I did the same.  I focused  on  asking for help again and this time two figures came and helped me:  an old man with a white beard and a young lady they hugged me, which was strange, I have never had that reaction before.

I focused on Dad in bed and I passed my white light into him focusing on his heart and Kidney's. I kept  filling them with golden light, my body shook from the high level of vibratory energy passing through me.    I thanked my guides and returned to the matrix.

The next day my mother went to see my father.  His heart was stable and they had taken him off the kidney machine. He told my mother, that "they"  had tried to take him away, but I would not let them. My father told me that as  I  visited him  but he was still very confused and I noticed the twitch had gotten worse more alike muscle spasm’s.

 Monday  March 10th: Our visit showed that father was doing a lot better. He was still confused and his memory would jump backwards and forwards.  The muscle spasm’s were a lot worse. The main thing was that he was out of intensive care and now into a small coronary ward which still has 24 hr assistance mainly now for his blood heart monitoring. He  still had a long way to go.

 Tuesday  March 11th:  After our visit I decided my father needed more help with that muscle spasm.

I listened to tape 5b and about 3/4 the way through I Took off the head phones and focused on my father picturing him in front of me, again I pushed golden white light up through his body trying to push out that spasm and my body seemed to shake with effort.

I  also sent golden light around his blood stream to clean the blood.   I told him he would be all right and to keep fighting.   I visualised him walking out of hospital and I released that thought to the One.

 Wednesday 12th of March: My mother phoned me at about 4pm asking if my Daughter would like to see Dad?  I was confused, I didn’t think father was well enough to see children, so I asked my mother how he was, she replied, he's fine. What? No muscle spasm? No she said.  I asked her what the Doctor had done.done? "Wait a second I will ask the nurse"  she replied, "nothing, the nurse said the Doctor hasn't done anything."  How is his blood I asked? "Its much better." was her answer.

Thursday 13th of March: 11am, I phone mum for an update. "Good news" she say's Dad should be moved into a normal recovery ward Today.

 Gerald, thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn you RI and RV courses.  This I believe has helped my father live and will never forget it. The circumstances may be unusual, but what you said is true--- I'm on my way to learn how to create my own Universe!

I still have a lot to learn.  I did ask for healing powers and it worked. I feel closer to the One more than ever. Maybe this is just the start.    I will listen to the tapes with even more concentration.

Heartfelt Thanks


Louise Harvey  of Australia took our Combo course and sent us this very interesting testimonials on February 22, 2003. Subject:

  • Manifesting reality.

  • The world is within.

  • Witnessing the "Matrix grid", and doing some accurate RV targeting.

  • Changing her  life and putting her more in control of it.

Hello Gerald,

Well, I have just completed both courses; first the RV training and then the RI straight after. It's time now to give you some feedback.

I am so glad I have done this training. It has been worth every cent. A friend of mine has also now purchased both courses, and I even paid half of the cost for her because I am so thoroughly convinced of its efficacy and its beneficial effects.

I feel really quite different now; a different person almost to the one who started the courses barely 5 months ago. Reality also feels and looks different in many strange and exciting ways.

Not long after I started the course, I was basically forced into watching my thoughts like a hawk, because some negative events occurred at that time that were clearly manifestations of some fears that I was nurturing in my mind. I won't go into details about what those events were, but they left me in no doubt that I caused them to happen. I felt a little out of control about it, and I was concerned that perhaps I just would not be able to monitor my thoughts enough to prevent further negative events from occurring. But on the other hand I also felt reassured that really I WAS creating my reality and therefore I would be able to manifest positive things if I just changed my thinking.

I continued to practice with the tapes consistently, supported with some other quiet meditation and appropriate reading. I monitored my thoughts as much as I possibly could, and as soon as I caught a negative thought, I would replace it with a positive one. During particularly rough times at work or at home, the tapes were always a comforting escape, and they offered reassurance and almost instant relaxation. They helped me to focus on my inner life and stop me from dwelling on any outer problems and attachments.

Anyway, when I had finished the RV training, I did some target practice, and while there was some encouraging success with it, I seemed to have far too much information and images coming into my awareness, to the point where it just seemed like a confused mess! Anyway, I found a strategy that eliminates the extraneous information, and has improved my accuracy. My previous approach was to lie down, and get into Theta or Delta and use a Dictaphone to record what I was seeing. But the strategy that works best in my own case is to sit up in a chair, relax for a few minutes, and record all impressions with a pencil and paper, similar to some of the protocols used in some other RV techniques. This method seems to eliminate a lot of extraneous information and images. Anyway, sometimes the results are so accurate that I find it completely amazing and surreal. Then I might have a few 'misses' and I lose some confidence, but I always come back to it and have a 'hit'.

The exercise that I have had the most success with is where you visualize putting on someone else's head over your own. I get SO much information from this exercise. It has been especially reliable, helpful and insightful, although sometimes I have this icky feeling that I'm invading someone else's personal space! But it has been of tremendous help to make sense of some people's behaviors, and I find that rather than judging them for their behaviors or getting angry etc with them as I might have done before, I now have a great deal more empathy with them. It has really helped me to improve the way I communicate with some of my more difficult work colleagues and family members.  

The other thing that I wanted to mention is a little hard to describe, but more and more often I have these feelings where everything outside of me IS me. Everything; people, cars, trees, books, anything at all.
Suddenly out of the blue I'm looking at something and it looks familiar as though it is me looking at me. Weird but true. Life seems to be becoming less real; visually too. For a long time I have been able to see a faint energy field around people and objects, but sometimes now I see streams of energy simply pouring not only out of people but shaking and moving in the empty spaces around me. I don't know if all this stuff has happened as a direct result of training with the tapes, but I'm pretty confident that it has. Then I had this REALLY strange experience with my vision that I had NEVER had before - I had been working on my computer for a few hours and my eyes were starting to strain, so I held one hand over one of my eyes to rest it, while I looked at the computer screen with my other eye. All of a sudden, the computer screen and everything else in my sight just dissolved away completely and in its place was these vibrating bands of (what seemed like) energy traveling up and across my sight. It was like stepping right into one of those 3D puzzle pictures that were popular a few years ago. As soon as I blinked my computer screen and everything just popped right back into sight and the 'energy bands' were gone. I just thought "Woooah, what the hell was that?"  Too much computing? I don't know, like I said, that has never happened before, and I spend much of working hours sitting in front of a computer.

My favorite tape was definitely 7B of the RI tapes, which I felt an immense connection with. It was like the icing on the cake, although ALL of the tapes were great and I felt that they all contributed to my progress. Some of the RI tapes were a little long for me - I get restless pretty quickly, but I hung in there, or if I was really restless, I would just stop the tape, get up and come back to it a bit later. The first two tapes of the RI course I listened to again and again and again. I think I could recite them by now!

Anyway, I hope this feedback helps you in the ongoing development of the course, and perhaps gives reassurance to those who may be considering purchasing the course. Thank you Gerald for making it available to the public - it's a great gift to the world.


Louise Harvey

Gary Bynam sent us on February 1, 2003 these very interesting anecdotal experiences: Subject:

  •  Protection afforded by Higher Realms after taking the RV and RI courses.

Hello Gerald
 I was sent an email from a fellow viewer who asked if I had anymore experiences, I have two which I have not mentioned they are as follows
 November 2001 Dubai:
 After winning a trip with 50 other managers to Dubai we spent 5 wonderful  days in great company.
 The last night is always a special event and we went into the desert and had a feast dressed in full Arab regalia, we arrived back at the Hotel were everyone decided to go to the bar for a last drink, I left my wife in the lobby while I went up stairs to get my wallet as I came out of the lift I  noticed she was talking to an Arab as I approached he left her and walked away, she explained that he thought that it was an insult for us to wear this sort of regalia in front of Arabs.
 So we told the others and got changed and went to our rooms for a night cap, I poured two Gin & Tonics and sat on the Balcony we were on the fifth floor and had a lovely view of the ocean.

 Suddenly I felt frightened I don't know why so I moved just inside the balcony door way, my wife asked if anything was wrong? I said no.
 We went to bed. Later on that night something made me wake up, I opened my eyes to see the curtains from the patio doors swaying to and fro as if the doors were opened, I checked what I had seen again and again then at the corner of my eye I saw him, the same Arab that was in the lobby.
 I froze, I admit I was frightened, we were being mugged ? I don't know why, but the first thing I thought I should do, is protect my self and my wife by using the light just as Gerald had taught me to so I did I concentrated as best as I could I also protected my wife I visualized we were both balls of light.
 I lay there still as I could but thinking may be I should do something more positive and have a go at him in that split second I jumped up and as you would guess he was gone. I checked the doors to the balcony, they were locked, and Tracy was still asleep.
 The next morning I asked her if she had seen or heard anything out of the  unusual last night, she said "yes I saw that Arab at the bottom of your bed. I thought, I must be dreaming and went back to sleep!"
 I don't quite know why he came, but he never returned.

 January 31 2003

 Having a dream which I remember the end of, I woke suddenly  as I thought I heard our gate open, which is a big old metal thing.
 I looked towards the bedroom door and about 5 feet from the ground I saw what seemed to be an object with the colors red, green, white light etc !
 It felt as if I had caught it watching us in bed and suddenly it realized this, so it quickly blended back into our matrix.
 The colors faded one by one taking about 2 sec's each, can't explain what happened maybe someone else can ?
 The RV and RI Teachings from "Out of the matrix" are definitely a must.  I'm sure they will open many doors to many.

 Many Thanks

Pam Slayton <> wrote this us this great healing testimonial on January 18, 2003: Subject:

  • Healing of her son's viral meningitis

Dear Gerald,

 I just wanted to share a little healing testimonial as it is mostly due to my having taken your first  and second course.  As you know, my 18 year old son has been very sick with viral spinal meningitis. He was sick for a week before we realized what was wrong. We thought he had the flu until the night that no amount of Motrin would take his headache away and his back and neck were also painful. He was admitted into the hospital the very next day, a Saturday. We were told several times that he had a very serious case of it.  So serious, that if it had been bacterial, he would already have died from it.  I was able to stay with him not only during the day, but all through the night as well. It is hard to describe what he went through and the constant, intense pain he was in during that time. Keep in mind, I was so totally beyond exhausted, I had an extremely low energy level myself. In fact, there were many times, I came close to passing out in the hospital.  By the following Thursday morning, he was no better and they were discussing sending him to a major hospital on Friday that would be an hour away from me.  Not only did I want Adam to get better, but his being an hour away would have made things very difficult for me as I still had obligations at home.  So, I sat next to his bed and starting praying a mantra according to my beliefs. Within five minutes, I felt the energy surge and "electrical" tingling throughout my body that I am familiar with from using your tapes.  The thought came to me to direct that energy to Adam. Because of taking your first course, I knew how to turn the energy into intense white light and direct it throughout Adam's body.  On it's own, it turned from white light to blue.  I kept this up until I felt the energy dissipate within me.  TRULY, from that time onward, Adam's pain was gone. He needed no more medication.  When the doctor came in the next morning to check on him, she expressed amazement at his sudden improvement. Instead of sending him to the hospital an hour away, she sent him home! I firmly believe that was the day his spinal meningitis finally went away.  The following Sunday, he did have some problems with spinal headaches, but that can be normal after what he went through in the hospital. The meningitis is gone. And now, the spinal headaches are gone as well. If it wasn't for your course, I would not have known what to do with the sudden energy I felt within myself.  Thank you so much and also to everyone for their prayers and energy thoughts.

Sincerely, Pamela Slayton

Michael St. Clair  <> wrote to us on January 16, 2003:

  •  Subject enhancing Astrological predictions with our RV course.

My team and I just completed a course with the remote viewing academy, check it out at - designed by Gerald O'Donnell, and I can guarantee everyone that the method works.
The RV technique has enhanced in many ways the precision and work output I do as an astrologer, and in essence our web sites below are the result of remote viewing; so, I can only recommend that everyone learns how to remote view, and empowers themselves with the techniques taught at the Academy.  As a child I was already psychic or clairvoyant, so the gift was inherent, and as an astrologer I have the mathematical methods to do some of the basic work. But when you calibrate all this over the RV techniques, the predictive track record (as shown in passage11) is simply second to none.

See the web sites below at The World Vision Portal..

Michael St.Clair
RMN's 'Tylersword'

StClair's web site
StClair's forum

JQ writes to us on January 12, 2003. Subject:

  • Operating at a higher vibratory level and improvement in trading abilities.

Hi Gerald,
I have been using your course for a few months now and wanted to share some feedback.  I listen to the course daily and it has had a profound effect on my mental and physical body.  My body feels like it is changing.  It constantly pulsates or vibrates and feels like tiny electrical impulses surging all the time.  This is most notable when I am lying down before I fall asleep.  My diet has also changed dramatically.  I used to crave and eat a large steak every day, needing the protein.  However, now I rarely eat meat nor have the desire to.  At this time, I eat very little, yet have not lost any weight.  I have actually gained weight.  My remote viewing abilities are very accurate now. As a trader, I see what the Dow and S&P will trade at the next day on a regular basis.  It has been remarkable.  My friends have noticed a significant change in me.  They say it is hard to describe, but something has changed.  Your course is really incredible and one of the best things I have don!
e for my life.
Most Sincerely,
(If you use this on the website, please do not include my name or email address. Thank you)

Miodrag Trajkovic <> of Tokyo, Japan writes to us on January 12, 2003:

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for the RV course!

I listen tapes every day. However, I tend to listen them in the bed, before going to sleep, and I always get sucked in within the Delta level. When I (rarely) listen during the day, I manage to keep myself conscious. I have been listening only tapes 2A and 2B, and several times 3A and 3B. I have the tape player that plays both sides when in non-continuous setting, so I listen actually to both sides of a tape every day.

I am not sure how to know when I can move on to the next tape.

I have noticed this so far:
- My physical health has improved. It wasn't so bad to start with, though...
- I need less sleep when I listen to the tapes. Which means I am not sleepy the next day even if I sleep only a short time.
- I do remember my dreams more often than before.
- I have no problem visualizing anything you mention.

Besides that, I would like to tell you this:
- I have been practicing yoga since my childhood, and I can relax very quickly. When I go to sleep, I fall asleep within seconds, according to my girlfriend.
- I am practicing various types of healing (Reiki, Huna, Seraphim Healing, Chi Kung,...). Some of them include ability to do remote (distant) healing.
When I do remote healing, I can sense the connection, as increased flow of energy, which I feel as increased circulation in my head. I don't feel patient's status, nor any other details. I hope with the RV course to - among other things - to get the ability to diagnose details of the patient's problems.
-I can hear binaural sounds on tapes. Should I turn off the "super bass" option on my cassette player?

Best regards,

This very important message was posted by Darren Smith on the Message Board on January 01, 2003: Subject: " Adventures in the Magic Land of becoming a co-Creator!"
Much more RV and RI feedback and discussions from RV and RI trainees of the Academy is available on that

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2003 11:45 pm    Post subject:

  Hi Dave
Good Question...

Lately, I seem much more interested in RI then RV...The RI course however has ironically inspired me to go deep into some of the RV tapes.
The RI course & CDs seem to penetrate the states-theta & delta into me. I feel intuitively these states of being are the purpose of the whole thing and the co-creator aspects that follow and are intertwined with.

In fact 'checking out' targets seems boring compared to accessing these deep states and realizing that you are The One and seeing & living life from this perspective. In reality, it is life changing and quite adventuresome with new unknowns in many areas of life.

I RV that RI is really about influencing One's self and its creations from Within versus RI people or events Without...I really see this!

Many of the questions/concerns I spoke of a few weeks ago regarding negative memes, back-firing of RI effects, etc. seem to have lost their power upon my questioning mind. In retrospect, it seems as if I was RVing in advance all the answers to my questions or perceived 'holes' in the process which seem to have been addressed exactly in tapes 4 thru 6....And Tape 6 has 'sealed' (pun intended) these answers as of Icing on the Cake...

Indeed, the RI course has proved Ultra-Comprehensive. Thank you Gerald for being so thorough, keen and of exceptional positive intent. And by the way, the programs 'mind level theta/delta' work!'

Dynamically Viewing & Participating On line-Real Time 'virtual reality' playing fields IS replacing the 'boring' mere 'data downloading' mental task that RV infers....Enter the DEEP states and be there as real as here and as much with the feeling of being a visitor both here And there as you describe...Anyways, once there, it overwhelms the mental desire to RV data and puts you in Be Here Now & Lets Create...Bliss.

Dave, in regards to my similar 'challenge' (new word adopted to take away power from the dark cloud-ha ha dark cloud) as you...Shrinking these 'major problems' to insignificant pests that are NOTHING and as little a problem of pesky 'gnats' to brush aside--this is how I am intuiting and functionally dealing w/the 'mindbender' now...and it is working and I will RI it works to the end...Look & laugh into the face of the DC/DM trying to RI us!

But check this out... Around mid-October, I consciously said a little 'wish' before going to sleep one night...AND I meant it sincerely..."please give me some kind of temporary affliction/ailment to make me somewhat 'maimed' for a year to get 'sympathy' at sentencing time...Well less then a week later I got a strange auto-immune disorder which took doctors 6 weeks to diagnose and left me almost paralyzed during this time...Finally after diagnosis, it turns out to be a very rare syndrome that only 6% of male Caucasian population can even get, but the good news being, it is a chronic long-term illness that works its way out of the system for good in about 1 year! Scary & obvious immediate RI effect!
So, word to the wise: "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU 'WISH' FOR..." The pain and unknown nature are not worth going thru for the purpose (at least I don't think so...) Anyhow, if this 'helps' me we'll see...No-I will RI it to be so.

More Testimony:
Have you guys had the following...while in Theta/Delta...? I now regularly while deep in state have live images of my loved family members..  i.e. wife, 4 yr beautiful daughter & son & basset hound etc. in my 'field' and interacting, playing, hugging with absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between Real Life, even more Lucid and more Lucid then Lucid dreaming. When I come out of the state, they slip out of my arms in a natural way, with very positive feeling that this did just occur, no doubt, definitely interacting with them, their vibrational spirit in a 'physical way'....Absolutely wondrous & materialized Peter Pan Syndrome going on here!

Living a Miraculous life Here & Now is obviously what its about and apparently Gerald's courses are consciously or unconsciously brilliantly engineered as a primary tool, as a hammer is to a carpenter...

RI the Macro-Reality-the entire playing field...first thought 'yea right...' but now feel it is a real possibility....but it has to be specific to us and the like-minded and work on the 100 monkey effect  with the masses over- programmed and/or non sentient, and/or but most likely ASLEEP, and like the character in the MATRIX with the Bald Head & Roast Beef Appetite, who prefer not to be awakened into the land of Magic and High-Adventure!


For traders December 05, 2002:

From: Irene Lee

Date: 2002年12月05日 AM 03:06:05


Cc: Dennis Luk

Subject: Re: Market visions for Dec 2-4 2002

 Hi Andrew,

 Sorry for the long delay in response as I have to meet with my interpreter to translate and type all messages. I do not read much English and I study the rv procedures in Chinese. I haven't had time to start the RI training in depth yet, only using the golden light for energizing/healing.

 I am sending you separately 3 drawings (Dec 2 - 4) so they explain better the images I saw for each day. Since the last 2 weeks, I've further fine tuned my drawings/predictions.

Now I don't have to watch a particular screen or chart to tune into the market. I just think about it and then images will appear instantly.

 Here's what I do each day:

To clear my aura, I'd first apply energies on myself (a healing modality called Starlife which is similar to Reiki, activating universal energies of the elements & planets : Earth for grounding, Air for mental clarity, Fire for protection, Mercury for mental clarity,  Jupiter for Abundance & Moon for intuition)

After that I'd  rv the overall daily trend before the market opens (picture at the bottom). 10 mins after opening I would scan images for each hour of the day (pictures on top). When I get several images I would ask  for guidance to select the most relevant one. When I don't understand it's meaning I would ask for another image to clarify until I get it. This dialogue seems to work well for me. Like you in the beginning interpretation was a bit difficult for me. Then I found out I could ask & negotiate for clarification! With more practice I can receive/interpret the images much quicker now.

 Then I  would get images for individual stocks. (upper right corner)

 I find that the market is more stable between 10:30 - 11 am. I've also learned to ask specifically for a certain period of time say between 9-11 am.

 I have used lunar cycles/solar cycles & astrological charts in the past but now have stopped as I want to focus on RV technique first so not to confuse myself too much. The lunar/solar cycles are more complicated. They are good for short term market prediction, for fast movements. Usually when the moon enters the South node it indicates a rise, and North node = down.

 Strong gush of wind like storm = down

Dark clouds = down

fire = up

 I'm still practicing to get accurate chart/figures and price range.  

 Your vision was helpful to your friend. That was a very practical application. I suppose you might program for clarification (dreams) of dreams that you don't understand, as I have done for the images.

 I will talk more about moon energies next time as I want to get this pictures to you now.

When I have time I will continue to share with you my images. Please advise if you have problem opening the files.

 Best regards,


Nicolaos Giannakopoulos a trainee from Athens, Greece, wrote to us on November 23, 2002. SUbject:

  • How the powerful heightened intuition he developed thru the RV course saved him from many potentially serious driving accidents, and even from harming innocent pedestrians. This  avoidance of dangerous situation which is a result of the acute intuitive 6th sense that our students develop easily, is probably one of the most important reasons for training with the RV and RI courses during these turbulent times.


I am so glad you are around and glad for what you create.

I just received the Remote Influencing course. Thanks. Looking forward to the contents.
The other day while driving I received through my usual instinct info (developed through the RV course) to slow down AND also to change to the fast lane (contradicting all logic). I did so, since all the information I get is always useful. As I immediately started to slow down I thought that a car would come from the first crossroad suddenly without the driver checking for crossing traffic (the above has happened several times and has saved my life!). By the way, it was raining heavily. Guess what happened? It wasn't because of the car that I was getting this time instructions to slow down, but it was because of a bus stop with several people with lots of water on a patch right in front of them . I WAS SO HAPPY to realize that they stayed dry by me listening to my inner voice.
PS: I get so many inspirational AHA's, so much INFO!

Thank you so much.


Manda, a recent student from the Netherlands, wrote to us this warm testimonial on November 22, 2002:

Dear Gerald,
Just this morning I received  the remaining tapes of the RI course. Thank you so much.
I have been practicing with the RV tapes for 6 months now. And I must say, I have come really addicted to them. Tape 2A and B have been wonderful to me, going deeper and deeper, loosing myself it seems? Going on forever and when I finally come out, I notice I haven't heard a word you said. I have been practicing with my plants in my house. I have several orchids, white and pink and purple. They give such beautiful flowers. I give them my love and talk to them. I have read your message from Nov.14 Gerald and it made me more aware of every living entity. Listening to tapes 1 and 2 of the RI course. I hear the truth of it and I love to listen to them again and again. Allowing the message to go deep within. Thank you so much Gerald, I share this information with others and it seems more and more are opening themselves to this. In love and gratitude,


David Burnstein  <> commented on November 20, 2002:

Hi Gerald,
An AMAZING thing happened to me today...and I wanted to write to YOU first...because I feel you deserve all the kudos...Though a friend who is "psychic" told me this would happen...I STILL feel it is because of using your tapes...and because of our conversation the other day...

I had an incident that occurred to me at work in June...and since has gone TOTALLY down hill...I wanted OUT...I had a meeting scheduled with Civil Rights on 11/7...which was a good date...but the representative from the company was we changed it to 11/20...

For the last many weeks I had been ABSOLUTELY picturing that the company would give me a fact...when I went on vacation starting 11/12...I wrote a note to myself: YOU ARE NOT RETURNING HERE!!!

I could NOT sleep last night...and kept talking to the man who would represent the company...a VERY hard-line MAJOR Fortune 500 company...I told him...I want a buyout...

Though I only got about a third of the money I really wanted...the GREATER gift is that I have severed my energy ties with this TRULY sinister company...and have now freed up a lot of energy for OTHER my roulette venture...

I will be spending a substantial amount of additional time with your tapes...and hope to call you in a few weeks...if I feel the need to...

Thank you SO much...

I AM Yours truly,
David S Bernstein

Mark Evers, a recent trainee, sent us this important feedback on November 19, 2002. Subject:

  • The "Song of The Universe" sung by the Whales and Dolphins. Please read it.

Dear Gerald:

I received the tapes, and have begun this part of the training. Thanks  so much for sending it. I think it arrived at quite a propitious time.

I just went to your web site and was quite astounded by something I read  there -- the page that discusses a communication regarding the whales and dolphins. Nearly five years ago, my life changed as a result of an astonishing dream, and an experience that followed in my front yard at  daybreak. I will not share the details with you, but I thought you might be interested in the way the dream ended, since it dovetails so nicely into the role of the whales and dolphins as described on your web site.

At the end of my dream, I was drawn outside to see a parade that was much like the Thanksgiving Macy's Day Parade in New York, with lots of large inflated animals floating down the parade route. There was great excitement in the air. Several floats, which I took to be whales in my dream, floated by high above the crowd as part of the parade. Each of these "whales" emitted the most indescribably beautiful, harmonic tones I had ever heard. The crown was in awe, and with great reverence I announced to all around me, "They are singing the song of the universe!"
The crowd hushed in appreciation. At this point a young girl turned to me and said in a bright, glittering voice, "They gave you one, [name]! They gave you one!"  (The "name" she used was my name, but was a kind electronic sound instead of my given name.)

At this point I woke up in a flash, filled to overflowing with gratitude. What followed was a profound "mystical" event, as rushed to my front yard and stood listening to the birds singing their glorious morning songs, in a way I had never heard before. My life has not been the same since. In the past many months I have searched for an understanding of what happened, began meditating, etc. Your course is quite an opening for me, and the material on your web site has provided great insight into the dream that started it all.

Thanks for all your work,
Mark Evers

Kelly Ann Thomas  sends us on November 15, 2002 this very intelligent comment after taking the RV course and starting to train with the RI course.

Dear Gerald,

I have received the first and second parts of the series. 
I listened to Tape Three of the Remote Influencing  course over the last two nights, but  perhaps I should delay further listening until I rehearse Tape 1&2 of  the second set of tapes.

My intuition is at an all-time high.  I have been successful in remote viewing with a friend now working in Saudi Arabia.  I live in Arizona.  I can see the details of his office.   I was aware that he was making preparations to travel, though I had no indication of his plans through our correspondence.  I try to look over his shoulder at his computer screen, but have been unsuccessful in seeing any text.  I realize numbers and text are the most difficult areas to RV.  I am also aware of the powerful forces of The Matrix, The Matrix reloaded, and I believe that one of the reasons that I cannot "see" the information is because it is of a negative nature.

I am trying to send positive energy, and a few of my friends have felt the vibes from thousands of miles away.  One says he gets a warm feeling spreading over his body when I concentrate my psychic energy upon him.

Thank you for stressing that RV must be used in a positive manner.  In the past, I have been pulled into the dark matrix, leaving me depressed, anxious, and sad.  Worst of all, the matrix can leave me without hope.  All my fears are amplified and I project a feeling of gloom.

The current political situation in the world scares me, but I believe that as long as I radiate loving light, I will be protected.  It is a difficult balance at times.  I am angry that so many people choose to sit on the sidelines, engrossed by television and lifestyles of the over-extended and the famous.  The ignorance of the masses infuriates me, as their apathy to politics and global awareness imperils much of the planet.  I am trying to channel my anger into something positive, but it's not easy.  I try to send positive energy to the victims of repressive regimes, the orphans, and those who struggle just to survive.  I can only hope that some of my energy will be get through, giving more humans hope for the future.

Thank you so much for the courses.  They do work.  I became a tree in my yard during tape 6, and I could literally see the backyards of my neighbors. The orange/lemon exercise left me salivating.  I cannot believe how easy it is to connect with an object or a human.

I haven't been able to "see" future events, but I have an intuitive awareness of events to come.  I have been lazy in my communications lately, and had planned to call you about the third tapes.  You must have received my message, because the tapes arrived a few days later.

I would like to talk to you about some of my experiences.  Could we set up a date and time to talk? .  Your RV course is the bargain of the century as far as I am concerned. 

Again, thank you for the courses.  They have changed my life for the better.

 Happy thoughts to you.

Kelly Thomas

Dennis ( ) a very successful  trainee from Hong Kong sent us this feedback on October 24, 2002: Subject:

  •  Using RV and RI for stock market trading, diagnosing and healing health problems, forecasting world events and even lottery numbers!

Results of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing:

I am very pleased to share my experiences with Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.  I started the course in March 2002.  After practicing 2A and 2B lessons for a short time, I was able to drop down to Theta rapidly.

I had the following experiences:

I was able to remote view world events, like troop movements.  I saw the transfer of troops within certain countries.  I also saw missile tests taking place in Pakistan.

I was able to tune into three airplane crashes.  I later learned from news report that I foresaw these terrible events a few days before they actually happened.  For example, in one scene I saw the Chinese character “North” on an airplane.  Later, I read in the news that the Chinese airplane Northern Airline had crashed in Korea.

I was able to scan books with my hands before buying them, and I got strong impressions of which books would have a special message for me or benefit me the most.

I have used remote viewing to help my friends find solutions to their problems.

I was able to scan health problems like specific areas of the internal organs in a patient. These were later confirmed by medical tests. For example, I saw a dark patch on my father lung.  This was later confirmed by X-ray. My father was a smoker.  My father lived in China and was bed ridden.  After I applied RI healing on him, he was able to walk again and come to visit me in Hong Kong.  By the way, with the healing energy he even grew a new tooth -the 3rd set. This surprised the doctor.<

I could pick up an energy grid in a healer’s energy field. This healer was really shocked as no one was able to “see” the secret grid placed by his master for psychic protection.

When I dropped down to my levels, I picked up winning lottery numbers and winning horse numbers.  This happened without my willing it.  I passed these numbers to my friends who then had success with winning both horse races and lottery entries.

Finally, I have used remote viewing to forecast the stock market.

I have had numerous positive remote viewing experiences—too many to go into here, but I would like to elaborate a little on my experience in using remote viewing to predict the stock market:

As a stock market trader, I was very interested in predicting the stock market trends.

I have remote viewed the stock markets for two weeks now.

I used the following procedure.   First, I glanced at the charts on my computer monitor.  Then, I called in my mental lab advisors and dropped to a lower brain wave frequency.  At theta I was able to sense with my hands on the screen.

Initially, I got symbolic impressions.  I saw landscapes, animals, and other symbols that I could interpret in relation to the market. The brighter the scene the more positive the market.

My results improved a little when I broke the remote viewing market trends into two periods: morning and afternoon trading.  For the morning markets, it took me 20-30 minutes to get a completely clear picture of the trend.  For the afternoons, it took me only 10 minutes.  I began to get even more accurate when I broke the trading trends in a 2 hour period i.e. 9-11 am, 11am - 1 pm etc.  Then I was able to pool all my impressions of the 2 hours period trend and create a chart for the day.

These are just some examples of the images that appeared to me. When I asked for a message for the day, I had visions of a small sparrow picking worms.  This indicated that there would be gains.  Impressions of crabs climbing upwards meant that there was an upward trend in the market.  And impressions of ducks swimming indicated that the trading was relaxed or quiet. And when I saw an old fashioned chair, and the next scene was the tail of a whale showing up in the ocean, I understood that I should wait until close to the end of the trading day when the market would suddenly turn upward.

In the beginning, my impressions were about 70% to 80% accurate.  However, by Oct 17 and 18 (after a week), I was able to predict tops and bottoms at 100% accuracy.

I am interested in exchanging ideas and tips with other traders who use remote viewing to forecast the markets.  My goal is to be able to see the figures themselves, rather than viewing them through symbolic images, and also to influence a positive outcome with the new remote influencing course.

 believe your remote viewing course would be instrumental in helping people to prosper in the financial marketplace and improve all areas of their life. I am so grateful to have discovered your program and look forward to further training (especially in Chinese!) and fine tuning my skills. Thank you, Gerald! You are doing great work. I highly recommend your course to anyone interested in predicting  market trends in the stock exchange or the commodities market.

Experiences with Remote Influencing:

 I have had some powerful experiences using the golden light of the Sun in influencing thought and reality.

 I was leaving a securities firm to join a new firm, but I was concerned about leaving some delinquent accounts created by clients who could not afford to settle their bills.

In particular, two clients had disappeared without a trace.  I surrounded an image of them with golden light of the Sun.  I saw them happy and fulfilled.  Within a few days, they both appeared and settled their accounts.  This unexpected outcome surprised and pleased my colleagues.  I subsequently did RI on some other delinquent accounts and had the same wonderful results.  Had these people not come forward and settled their accounts, I would have been accountable for their substantial debts.

Now I am working in a much better environment.  Here I enjoy using RV and RI to succeed.

Another example of RI:

 My wife was not paid for a few months by her company because they were having financial problems.  I meditated on this situation with my wife and sent golden energy out to her and her boss.  Within a few days, her boss paid her in full and his business also improved.

Gerald, I thank you for this wonderful course and for providing the training in Chinese. I have certainly benefited a lot in this short period of training. This life-changing course is worthy of anyone who desires more in life. I can't say enough good things about your course.  I think it would be a risk not to try it!


Hong Kong

Oct 24, 2002:

Susan McCulloch  writes to us on October 3, 2002. Subject:

  • Multitask Brain

Greetings Mr. O'Donnell!

What you are teaching people here is just fantastic! I remember being told at school that the Brain cannot do two things at once. Which I considered rubbish, because I was able to do my class work and travel in my mind to the mountains, both at the same time.

Today I was seeing the sunset, and I have these Spirit guides who suggest things from time to time. They asked me to be aware of my surroundings, and at the same time use what I am learning with your course to be above the clouds.

The key was to have equal awareness at both levels. That is a really tough one, and I have a lot of work ahead of me to get good at it. However, I did it, and there was such a feeling of elation. I could be aware of the dark green trees as I walked home, and watch the sun setting above the clouds at the same time.

I am beginning to see what you mean by: Be Happy! When human beings apply their intelligence to figuring out what it is we are doing here, there comes a feeling of elation. We are, by nature, creatures of joy. It seems that when we lose this feeling of joy we shift into the wrong gear. Even at the end of a tunnel is that light, and that elation. Just waiting for us to realize it again.


This is amazing! I had to pay attention to my immediate surroundings while walking today, but viewing perfectly the sea in Northern Scotland. This is so hard to do. But the brain and the body love it! I recently found that the brain will carry out new tasks only if you make an effort to learn something new. Because the Spirit world teach me new things, they place unusual demands on the brain, which it needs. We humans really do not know what we have, because we do not test its limits.

It works! And it gets easier. The key is to be equally aware at both levels. Walking through town, paying attention to everything around me, I can be at the same time splashing knee deep through the sea. Seeing the sunlight. Seeing the white water splashing. Feeling if the water is warm or cold. Feeling the sand under my feet.

Now I am working on hand signals to enter the Deep Alpha and the Deep Theta states. I only started that one today! I say: when I press my finger so I will immediately enter Deep Alpha. . . etc.

This is because when I am talking with someone, I can enter those states with a simple body signal without having to think words. I tend to fidget when I am talking and am nervous. That means that thought and body language are wired differently. It means we have two paths, two communication lines that can act independent of each other. In certain situations the body sometimes has to react faster than we have time to think. I have a theory that the body will start using the signals without any thought about it. I will let you know!

Thank you, Mr. O'Donnell, for your encouragement. I have a lot of respect for you, and what you are doing. I am looking forward to ordering the RI course; but I have to prepare the groundwork first. Which will take until January 2003.

It happened again last night. I was wide awake in the middle of the night, could not get back to sleep. I was then shown to view a distant Nebula. Beautiful! At the same time, I was to view running my hand through the wet sand at the seashore. It worked. It's just amazing. I was in deep space viewing the Nebula, and at the same time I could contact the Earth reality.

I saw the shore at night, watched the sea running back and forth over the dark wet sand. I dug my fingers into the sand, felt the water. The two realities were one. There is no separation between the most distant Nebula, and the smallest grain of sand. But we have to make the connection work.

What is incredible is that this was so hard to do at first, and now it is as natural as breathing. In fact, for me, it is as necessary as breathing. Before I ordered your Complete Remote Viewing Course, I was beginning to catch every virus infection going. Which is not normal for me. My Doctor suggested I was missing the sea. I needed a holiday. Then the Spirit world told me to start imagining I was swimming in the sea each evening before falling asleep. It worked. Then I received your course, and it worked even better!

I am living and working here in Germany. I have lived in Darmstadt for six years now. Was born in Greenock a small town on the west coast of Scotland. Could talk to the mountains, talk to the sea. Always trusted their guidance. Even when they told me I could not stay with them, I trusted and respected their plan. Of course, I begged them at first to allow me to stay. They said one thing to me: You are us walking in the world. That's truly what human beings are!

Scotland is very beautiful, you would love it. Maybe you would not want to leave either, after experiencing its beauty. I took everything they had taught me and I grew inwardly as I struggled to bring the two realities together in my daily life. The beauty of that untamed wilderness and the beauty of our daily life as human beings. No matter where we are. That is what you are teaching people.

I will stay in touch.

Greetings from Susan.

P.S. If you want to post anything, feel free to do so.

Sandra Manton  sent this feedback on September 27, 2002

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for your helpful and friendly reply.
The package was sent by airmail.
I am practicing your tapes with a friend and we are both going deeper each time.  We are both used to meditating/channeling, but agree that these tapes are special and exciting.  We are anxious to go as far as possible, in order to help the planet as well as ourselves.

All good wishes and light.


David  experienced Oneness and wrote us this feedback on September 23, 2002

Hi Gerald,

I'm listening to tape 2...over and over...I'd like to write you about some  things that are occurring in my life right now...perhaps you can tell me if  they are due to RV/RS:
1) My awareness or "remembrance" of things has increased...the thought not  related to sequential events...
2) I may have had a thought in mind, trying to remember something...and  then suddenly...maybe a day or two or week later it is just right there in  my mind...
3) Also my knowingness of events has increased - answers to unresolved  questions of current information needed...
4) Self reliance - I feel an unhitching from the main switchboard...
5) On Saturday I was reading something that I am studying in the gambling was an advanced study manual...I felt VERY good about having this NEW information...that EXPANDED my mind to new horizons...THEN on SUNDAY morning...I woke up...and felt as if my atoms were scattered throughout the universe...I felt unfocused...lost...not a single being...ALMOST a feeling of being part of ALL...but I couldn't study...I still played my RV tape for the day...

I don't know what all these statements mean...if ANYTHING...but I felt I  should write them to you...Am I making some kind of "progress"? Is something going on within my being as a result of using your tapes?

Take care...David...

Duane Armstrong, a student from Japan sent us these nice comments on September 14, 2002 about the benefits of the combination RV and RI courses that he is taking:

  • Inner Peace, calm, and better sleep.

  • Heightened awareness

  • Positive influence in relationships

  • New outlook on reality

Hello. I received the first remote viewing course last year and I really, truly got a lot of positive benefit in my personal life by using it. I listened to each tape many times and I practiced all the training exercises contained there in. I am much more at peace, calmer and I sleep better. I have increased my awareness of all that is around me and I feel that my interaction and relationship with people around me has taken on a much more positive and uplifting atmosphere.
I received the first part of the remote influencing thought and reality course about six weeks ago. I have listened to the two cassettes and the cd repeatedly and I have read the printout many times over. Needless to say, the way I look at my world around me has taken on a completely fresh perspective. My outlook on life is enhanced in many positive ways. I know I still have a long way to go before I am proficient in the remote influencing but I am making progress and I am so excited about this new endeavor that I can barely contain myself.
Thanks so much for making these courses available to us. All the best.
Duane Armstrong.

Suzan McCulloch sent us this feedback on September 3, 2002.  Subject:

  •  The energy fibers of the universe

Dear Mr O'Donnell,

I want to thank you! This course is just what I needed, right at the point I needed it the most. It feels like coming home!

The earlier culture of seers - or viewers were not pursuing 'Individual' aims, as Society teaches today. They were a group mind. What we are programmed to believe Individual Enlightenment to be, would be considered a sickness by these people.

There is a very large crane just outside my window. At sunset, the crows all gather on this crane. When they leave the crane, each crow flies at the same moment. That is how we were before mankind was altered.

A few days ago I felt something calling me to go down to the deep Theta state without listening to the tape. When I got down there the eye was filling the portal. I was told that I could go through. Which I did.

It was amazing. I found myself in deep space. At first nothing happened; but I knew my request was being answered to see the real nature of the eye. Suddenly there were these, we don't have the words to describe this, fibres of light. The colours were not anything we see on earth.

Rays of energy emanated out from a central point, but when I looked at a new point in space they originated from that point. It was as though each point in the universe is the source of these emanations, no matter where you look.

The further away the colours travelled from the source the more they merged with the material Universe, until you could not see them at all. They became a part of everything. I was then urged to come back to earth rather than fly towards those colours! A voice told me I was to go to a place with water, where a helper then held me in water.

It was a lake high in the mountains, and I can tell you I was held in the water by something until I fell asleep. We think that water is the same the world over. I realised after that water has a very different character relating to where it is.

I have gone back to the beginning with the tapes. I am only now beginning to understand what you are teaching in the course, and how to put it all together. I shall study this until the end of the year before ordering the Remote Influencing.

When we protected the viewers, we took positions North, South, East and West. We would feel, or sense something coming in long before it arrived. Which makes sense, because one feels a presence approaching long before one sees it.

Wishing you well,

From Susan.

Debbie Marquez sent this feedback on August 28, 2002


  • Prophetic dreams and extraordinary situations happening in  commodities trading while training with our RV course. Remote Viewing Commodities and Baseball games.

  • Also Debbie judges the effectiveness of the Academy RV course versus courses of other more rigid  fixed protocols originating from the US military that she has previously taken.

    Hi Gerald

    I appreciate your time on the phone Friday. I look forward to applying your insights to my trading now. It's really so simple.

    I have reported my initial experiences below. If hearing these experiences helps in any small way to inspire a potential trainee to decide to buy the course for themselves I would be thrilled. Yes, I am having  wonderful and wonder filled "mind safaris".

    The effects of listening to the tapes were immediate. I was empowered with joy. No other way to describe it. There seemed to be a deep part of me that was totally enjoying knowing that it no longer had to live in a fixed rigid reality making system. I don't know how else to say it brother,...LOL!

    I think it was  only about 2 or 4 days into the tapes I started having prophetic dreams. My dreams where showing me what was going to happen in my commodity trading when I awoke in just a very short time from now. I knew by emotions if my existing silver position was going to bring me a loss or my sugar contracts were going to bring me profit. I saw my trading result emotions before they actually happened. However, I still was not taking profits from such Remote Viewing. I was afraid to intervene on destiny.  Even knowing I was to lose money by holding a position I was "frozen" into inaction by anxiety and took the loss. With profitable positions I was afraid to buy more contracts.

    Because I wasn't making money from this prophetic dream type of Remote Viewing I decided I needed more information and asked for a "better deal". I had always felt that the locals (those traders actually in the trading pits) had a better advantage because of their close proximity to the actual price waves, motions and emotions present in the trading pit. I asked that I be given specific inside information before the pits opened for trading. I wanted to know how high, how low a commodity was going to move inter day. Within two or four or so days of making the request I was in a hypnogogic meditative state you mention about on your web page and an old seasoned floor pit trader complete with trade tickets in his hand, New York hat, suit, and DEMEANOR!, appeared before me and told me what was going to happen in the coffee pit today and tomorrow. He said coffee was going to rise about 45-65+ points, then they were going to cap it, and settle lower for the day and that tomorrow it would rally. Very shortly after that I went downstairs to my computer as coffee was about to open for the day. Coffee advanced about 45-65+ points, stopped and settled lower for the day. The next day it rallied! Still I made no money. I was afraid to enter the market as things seemed to perfect.  I did not trade on the information I was given!

    I then decided it was not my fault, I was new to all this and deserved another chance. I decided I needed even better knowledge and that if I could only see a price chart of coffee the day before the actual trading took place I could surely have the confidence to make money. Within a few nights from stating my desire, in another early morning meditative hypnogagic state, suddenly a daily price chart on coffee appeared before me showing a strong prominent spike up in price. Shortly later I went downstairs to start my trading day and I wanted to be in coffee. Coffee  immediately upon opening  made a strong vertical advance in price. It was my Remote Viewed price chart in perfect replication now happening in the real world. I finally felt I had to make a trade so I entered into a big trade in coffee  and lost money as coffee then moved lower for the day. I was disappointed and confused.

    Still, I asked for a "better deal" and asked that this time the higher power choose the best  method of presenting the information to me so I could understand it's intentions . I wasn't asking for a trader to appear, or a price chart to materialize, which ever method it felt I was best suited to understand and utilize, I would gladly appreciate. The higher power has a keen sense of humor! Within a few days in that same morning meditative hypnogagic state when your not sure if you are awake or asleep, I suddenly found myself in a downpour of cascading corn cobs. Paper corn cobs, painted and pasted together just like little children would draw and create in their classroom in a first grade  school, were falling all around me. Falling on my head, falling all over me and around me. It was exciting and joyous, and rather interesting. Children's corn cobs! I knew corn would probably have a down day and drop in price. When corn opened for trading that day it gapped down hard, and for the next two days it gapped down further on each opening! This is a traders dream! Traders pray every night for advanced information and price action  like this. (and children delivered it to me) I was afraid for all three days to enter a short position as I felt it would turn against me at any time and I would lose my money. I don't think it is possible to ask for better Remote Viewing of Probable Outcomes, and yet I could not profit from the events and actually had lost money.

    I RV'd baseball games for about two weeks to determine probable outcomes. Over that period of time I generated a 50% success ratio in identifying the winning team. An unimpressive record. However, there is an amazing correlate to the period. 100% of the time when I decided to RV the outcome in order to place an actual bet the very next day, I lost. And 100% of the time when I decided to RV the outcome without getting involved in an actual bet and just for fun and practice, my RV was correct. I think  these results are statistically significant and I think the trading realities  are all trying to point me to the underlying reality you advised me of on our phone conversation.

    While I have your attention and am taking your time I want to explain another thing that is happening to me. I have not finished the course on Remote Viewing yet. I have only had the course 4 weeks and listened to the first 5 tapes. I listen to at least one tape a day I feel empowered, as in joy, while listening to them. Sometimes I fall asleep listening to them. I know this sounds a little crazy ... I am discovering that people are being attracted to me, and vice versa. I don't ever recall making new friends this quickly before. People are just coming to me and wanting to be with me for no apparent reason. I'm not even gone yet and they want to know when I'm coming back. Professional people, people with chemical addictions, children. One day in the parking lot of a busy shopping center a little girl was abandoned by her friends at their school bus stop and afraid to walk home alone thinking someone was going to,.. "steal her", actually run up to me, the complete stranger to her,  and asked me to walk her home. She told me her problems, her father in jail, her mother in the street, her grandparents raising her, her mean school principal. We just talked and laughed at life together. I feel these new events are connected with what happens when a trainee  learns how to,.." 1-2-3 (snap) connect to the center of your being!" The experiences are actually a little deeper than I am reporting here, but I think I should leave it to the imagination of the reader to understand the who and how.

    I also feel impelled to report something else to your readers and potential trainees. I know that Mr. Gerald O'Donnell states very explicitly in his course that it is his contention that there is no one way, no one path, that all roads lead to the Rome. For the record I however will report the following. I started RV about five months back using another companies materials. I was impressed with their credentials. They stated that their remote viewing "technology" had direct lineage with the USA Top Secret Military Intelligence gathering unit known as "STAR GATE". One of their primary corporate officers and trainers was a former military officer with direct involvement in STAR GATE when it was operating as a true RV unit within the military. Their technology was reported to be the original and pure PROTOCOL formerly existing as CLASSIFIED by the US Military . And they assured me that their Internet based training classroom was dedicated to my success. That's all I needed to hear brother, I bought my ticket (at 6 times the price I paid for your course!). I was leaning on and hoping for RV success based on their credentials and experience and not my own. I didn't really comprehend that I, and everyone else,  already possess the innate "protocol" to RV successfully  until I took your course. I did achieve some success in my RV with them and it required on a daily basis a comparatively and eminently more laborious process due to the requirement of adhering to a fixed mental protocol to approach the natural occurring phenomenon referred to as the Matrix. My experience however was that their online classroom was dedicated to my continued success only as long as I stayed within their concept of "reality". Once my mind, filled to the brim with it's own past experiences  and accustomed to learning new topics in it's own unique learning methodology,  took  me to questions which did not fit into the desired mode of their PROTOCOL, my questions were ignored by their online instructor. I was forced to either change my questions and conform to accepted protocol, or simply drop out and give up the pursuit. I did neither, I simply purchased your course which I had read about weeks earlier on your web page. I decided you were not as militarily connected to the Matrix as they were. How's that for creating a limited universe! I passed over you because you did not offer me the mental crutch of an emphasized special secret military connection to the Matrix. You did not offer me an online classroom, and did not tell me it was going to take hard work and long time on a daily basis. In fact you were audacious enough to suggest on your web page that I could get success in as little as 4 or 5 weeks listening to a tape while in my pajamas!  And besides, if I had a question about an experience when taking your course I was to just call you up and talk to you about it personally! What kind of way is that to run a Top Secret Intelligence gathering school?! LOL brother! I'll just say this Mr. Smarty Pants, were wrong, it doesn't take 4 or 5 weeks, it takes only about 4 days!

    I have learned since taking your course that there is no one way, no one path to the Matrix. She, he, or it is public domain. No one needs the military, military men, or a government intelligence unit to share with us or introduce us to the Matrix and our own higher Selves, they are both innate to us and very receptive to our introduction to them. The choice is solely ours as to how we want to learn how to contact the Matrix. We are already in it, be I a truck driver, mother, or 5 star general.  I have learned I and everyone else already have a very direct linage to that same Top Secret Intelligence gathering unit known as "OUR HIGHER SELF". I have learned from taking your course that I and everyone else is already an officer of this TOP SECRET Intelligence gathering unit and on a daily basis intimately involve ourselves in the responsibility of administering and DECIDING the affairs and realities of that authority and our own daily happiness. And I have learned since taking your course that the only protocol I or anyone else needs to successfully RV is to be able to think a thought! (and a good comfortable pair of PJ's) Everything else is show business!

    There has been more experienced than outlined above. That's why I refer to the package of tapes you sent to me as the BONUS PACKAGE. I truly hope these reports can inspire other trainees to begin their own "mind safaris."

    Como Luz!

David McKamey   (  ) sent this feedback on August 22, 2002

To whom it may concern:

I have been in receipt of the Remote Viewing course for approximately three weeks. Since it has arrived I have listened to all of the tapes several times in sequence, and of late in a very random manner, one to two sides a night. There are several things I have noticed that have been happening of late.

First and foremost my dreams have become exceedingly lucid. These are not helter skelter but are an every night occurrence. I have not ever experienced the detail, the richness and fullness of clarity up to this point. Some of these dreams have been of ordinary events such as would be in the normal waking state but most have been quite out of the ordinary. There has been no common thread to these with the exception of how clear and precise, alive and bright these have been.

Some other things that have been happening is that I have had this overwhelming sense of peace enter me as though I have been covered with a blanket after being out in the cold for many years. I do not engage myself in the emotional turmoil and negativity that those around me seem to relish in. Not trying to become aloof or stand-offish, quite the contrary. It is as though I am being drawn away into another circle of people who have very similar mindsets as myself, a most welcome change of scenery if you will. Another thing I have noticed is that cherished people in my recent (with the past two years) past, with whom I have had no contact at all, are beginning to reenter my life. Sometimes while listening to the tapes I will have these people in my thoughts and Voila... here they are beginning to reappear. Coincidence? Don't think so.

As I have the Remote Influencing course on order as well I thought I would try an experiment, just on a hunch. One of my co-workers was very involved with a project he was developing for me. He was totally focused on the work at hand. I was sitting a few meters away from him reading a technical manual concerning this particular project. Not looking directly at him I moved my attention to and within him, concentrating on a spot just above his right ear and, in my mind, this spot was beginning to itch. No sooner did I have this thought, he reached up with his right hand and scratched that very same spot, still focused on his work. Again... coincidence? Don't know.

The one difficulty I am having at the moment is visualizing. As I am more kinesthetic than visual or auditory I have not been able to visualize with any consistency. I have what I call 'shadow sight' where things move out of the shadows, form into a subdued vision, then melt back into the shadows (such as visualizing a remote viewing trip to the different cities, Paris, Rome, Venice, etc...) and have even had flashes of brightly lighted, in comparison, sight. I have tried to recall what was happening during those brief moments, to analyze all of the sensory feelings and thought and recreate them during the next tape but I have had no luck or success to date. Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I wish to thank you in advance for your time. Also I have one other request if I may. Since I am a very private individual I do not wish for my name to be used in any of your testimonials at present. Thank you.

Best regards and wishes to you and again, I humbly thank you all.

David W. McKamey

Bob Arance ( writes to us on August 19, 2002


  • His experiences at applying the RI course to improve one's Golf skills.

Dear Gerald,

   I enjoyed visiting with you on the phone and here's some feedback and some other information for you.

  When I was about 12 years old I started playing golf and became pretty good but never quite got to the brilliant level.  Now I play once a year in a "bestball" event and we usually do quite well but my putting was never great.  This year I was looking forward to the tournament as a chance to try the putting example that you explained in the latest course.  The method that I used was to line up the putt in the normal way and then to get ready to stroke the putt but before I initiated the stroke I repeated the word Delta 3 times and consciously relaxed and then pictured in my mind as strongly as I could, the ball running up to the hole and then falling into the hole.  Then I imagined as hard as I could the happy emotion that I would feel when the ball fell into the hole. At that time I felt a feedback thought that "this could happen".  I didn't feel 100% sure that the putt would go in but just the strong feeling that it sure could happen.  Then from that very relaxed peaceful state I stroked the putt.  During the 18 holes about four 15 footers actually went into the hole along with a few shorter putts.  I know that this would not have happened normally and it was really fun.  Thank you Gerald.

    To continue the golf scenario, I mentioned during our visit the book, "The Legend of Bagger Vance" and the movie by the same name.  The author of the book is Steven Pressfield.  They are both great.  There is one great paragraph on page 147 that I think you would like......"  "You could see Hagen's (the golfers) aurora, his intention, search the chromatic spectrum-the Field.  His vibration stilled, harmonizing with that of the Field, centering in stillness in his chest and his hands.  Simultaneously the field beckoned to him; like two frequencies seeking each other in the ether.  He wanted to play the best possible shot.  And the best possible shot also wanted him to play it.  Wanted to be brought into physical existence by him.  It already existed in some other dimension, but somehow, if you'll permit me to speak in terms so far outside the scientific, that was not enough for it.  It wanted to exist here, on the material plane.  And it needed Hagen to make that happen.  It needed a person. An embodied soul.  A human being."

   Actually the whole book is full of analogies like this and I really think that you would enjoy it. The movie also has a lot of great scenes and one of them is when the caddie/guru Baggar Vance shows the golfer (Junah) how to tune into a one-ness consciousness and become one with the field and how to remote influence the shot.  Because of the strong visualization that this scene provides, I think that it would probably be worth watching the movie for this alone. After writing this, I think I will go home and watch it again myself!

       As for my experience as a whole, I am starting to notice a feeling that I am one with my environment or one with the scenery around me.  For example, sometimes when I am swimming I have the feeling that I am swimming through myself and sometimes when driving on a country road I feel that I am driving through myself.  This doesn't come out as some big flashy experience but rather as kind of a calm knowingness or naturalness.  This doesn't happen all of the time but I certainly enjoy it when it does.

     Also, you asked me to remind you, that if possible, I would like to receive the rest of the new course within two and a half weeks if it is available for sending out by then.  If not, no problem.  Thank you very much for everything and I wish you the best.

     Sincerely, Bob


Glyn ( wrote to us on August 18, 2002 the following: Subject:

  • Perception of Oneness.

Hello Gerald,

It has been years since I bought your course, but you started me out on the RV path. I will always remember every evening going upstairs to listen to a tape. Getting so frustrated when I started to get itchy and just *had* to scratch when I was  starting to relax :-). I will never forget that elevator that took me down down down to theta.. and that wretched spiral staircase (cracking the visualization of  walking round and down that staircase was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life ; but I eventually managed it :-). The room at the bottom of the staircase is still in my mind, the furniture, the screen on the wall....all 'there'.. so well it was impressed in my imagination that it has become almost like a real memory. I still use those stairs and that basement when I need to get down as deep as possible. It got to the point where I could walk across the cold tiles I had put in the room, feel my feet on the floor and 'be' there; though I could never visualize the room as clearly as I wanted to. (I wonder if some people can visualize things so clearly that they can find themselves unable to tell the real from the unreal...and get stuck in their own minds. So we call them insane...mmm) Also the guided explorations into the  'innards' of plants and trees, putting heads on :-), and the wonderful soaring flights.

What I am getting at is that I value your  teachings Gerald. I may not agree with all of them, because I think I am more pragmatic than you ...but as far as 'The One' is concerned I have similar ideas. I don't really like the term 'The One' though as it brings to my mind a single supreme being and sci-fi stories, but  that can't be helped; a name isn't  that important I guess.

 Funnily enough, this last Friday evening I was on the bus traveling home from work, and I got into one of those relaxed 'glazed-over' states where I was just observing without thinking a lot, and I found myself looking at one of the other passengers. I suddenly though it was more a concept than in words... 'She's me but I don't yet know it, neither does she.....they are all me...we are one and have been and will be throughout time....we are just separated by different bodies which age and die'. For an instant I 'recognized', and then that feeling of  knowing went away as my conscious mind kicked back in.

So 'Bingo' Gerald, and thanks. :-))

I do hope your son is OK now.
Kind regards,

Antje  a student from Australia wrote to us in August 15, 2002 this comment:

Gerald. I wanted to thank you for resending the first package I had received the first 2 tapes and CD early July. I had wanted to contact you to let you know however I lost my email contact list with a computer failure.

In any case I now want to let you know something of my experiences. Lately I've only managed to listen to each of the tapes once. Since I am hearing impaired I have to listen to the tapes with headphones however this becomes very irritating to the ears quickly. However I have noticed an unusual increase in knowing... knowing what people are about to ask me. What they are going to say next. Even when it is the best time for me to make a move to catch a late running train. I arrive on the platform 30 second before the train arrives. Not something that I planned to do it just something that has been happening. I even form answers to questions before I read them.  This is not all. It doesn't feel strange and yet it does. I'm probably noticing it for this reason.  Thank you for this great course.


Susan McCulloch  ( ) sent us this interesting comment on August 14, 2002:

Dear Mr O’Donnell,

I began with the tapes on the 19th of July. I decided to be methodical, and really learn the groundwork. I divided the tapes into 3 days side A, 3 days side B, then A & B together.

On the fifth day I listened to tape 1 side A in the evening, and I came to the deep Alpha state. The awareness energy of my own mind invited me enter the portal. Which I did. I was immediately transported into deep space, where I saw an eye. Gigantic. I was also being observed by discreet spirit forms. Observing the eye, I immediately wanted to see its true form. I asked it to show me its true form, or what lay beyond it. Some of the Spirit beings watching were taken aback by this approach, but the ones that have been teaching me knew what was coming.

The eye seemed to come and go, but I did not perceive it in its true reality. This bugged me a little. However, when I woke up in the morning I received a package of information that my own energy fibres gathered together the perception of an eye. That is how my fibres chose to perceive or chose to understand those unknown emanations. I have seen this eye before, in daily waking life, observing the earth.

Do you know what happened the next day? I was in town, and I was strongly compelled to observe a woman walking toward me. As she came closer my eyes were drawn to a delicate golden cross she was wearing, and above the cross was another piece of jewellery. It was the golden outline of an eye, with an eye set inside the gold made from two types of polished stone. Is that not weird!

I am writing to you now, because I have completed the fifth week of my course. I probably should write something about what I am doing, so that you can add anything, if you see fit. I am not doing this course to see specifically into the future, or into the past. I chose the course you offer, because I feel that it fits with my Spirit journey. My Spirit Ancestors are from the Northern Highlands of Scotland, and are later related to a Gypsy family. The original task of my pre-Celtic Genetic group was to Shield. Before the Celtic races emerged we operated differently as a society.

Each line of Ancestry had a task, and in carrying out that task the Spirit learned and developed. We shielded the Viewers. We were not warriors, our task was as a living shield. Every aspect of ones daily life was a meditation in the task to be carried out. Even today, this function in me is very strong, but it took 44 years for me to begin to understand it.

I will share with you some of the things I have been taught by my Spirit teachers before I began to use the Remote Viewing tapes. The most important aspect is never do harm, never attack. Even if an aggressive feeling is there, don't follow it. If someone wishes me harm, I perceive it and say: "I wish this person no harm." And I repeat this in many different ways, to make it clear to the psychic brain. I do this because I do not want to get caught in the downward spiral that effects those of us who wish others harm. I am sometimes shown ways to protect myself and others from psychic attack, but this always takes the form of a shield, and never is there an intention to hurt another.

My last Spirit training session took place over the last two years when the situation at work became rather disturbed. People were trying to finish off other people psychologically, and at first I wanted to leave. The Spirit world guided me to stay. It was to be my university of learning. I had my petty tyrants, and I stuck it out, because moment by moment the Spirit world was guiding me and showing me.

I was taken from repair work, which I loved and was good at, to do menial tasks. I carried out these tasks, eight hours a day, while focusing my awareness in another way. With practice I could be doing my work and be somewhere else at the same time. If I was given a new task, I would quickly learn that task and would be off again.

When my petty tyrants saw that I was happy, they tried other ways to break me. I was able to observe that the people were channelling a non-physical entity force, and that it was this entity force that was guiding them to destroy or block my development. It did not work. I developed.

Knowing this, you will understand that when I go to the Deep Alpha state, I wait. I do nothing. I listen to and feel the sensation of that state. I do not decide what I wish to do in that state. The screen seems to scan me, and it responds. I always wait for this response. I do this, because I feel that the answer to man's conflict lies inside each human being.

If I see a scene of destruction, and I ask: "What can prevent this?" I receive a clear answer. Only human beings who are happy can prevent this. If the human being is at peace within himself, he will not be interested in destruction, but in peace. It is for this reason that I was interested in 'Remote Viewing'. Because I feel it is a natural inner state of mankind that on being blocked causes conflict and sorrow for all of us.

With tapes 3 and 4, when I come to the ceiling I see white light everywhere. I am not yet so good at seeing physical things. I feel much more acutely than I see. I can remote feel, but I do not see too good. When I see things, they are hazy, or appear to be clouded. Within is a very vivid image, but I see it through a funny haze. I don't see it as clearly as I know it exists. When I feel a situation, I receive a holographic packet of information. This is how I usually function in my daily life - which is at odds with the linear society we inhabit.

I do not fall asleep with any of the tapes. My favourite tape is number 2. I have no trouble going down to Deep Alpha, or to Deep Theta. I see everything in perfect detail, no matter how many times I listen to the tape. I also see the same details each time, as though they exist in reality. The only things that change are the movements of light within the Skyscraper. The light moving around inside the crystal structure is amplifying, increasing and slowing down.

I am not doing too well with tape 4. I can see the past clearer than the future. Perhaps this is because I perceive life differently than the way we are taught to think. I see the past and the future as being an integral part of this moment in the present. So, when I am looking around me, I am paying attention to the past and the present at the same time.

For perhaps the last 25 years I have not had a television, nor a radio. Although I now have had a radio for 2 years. I cannot look at a television, but I can spend hours watching the sky from my window and listening to nature. Everything that is happening on the earth is felt by the whole web of the earth. Altering the future depends on how we interact with that web now. I am not telling you anything new here, because you know this. With tape 4 I like to go places and talk with the eternal Spirits. These Spirits do not give me guidance, as such. They get me to realise things for myself.

I am working more intensively with tape 3 again. Every time I get to the roof I see white light everywhere. I talked with some Spirit beings during one of the tapes, and they somehow got me to realise that I could go out to the ceiling in the form of a crystal ball. That helped a lot, because now I can see better, and can go flying around. The only thing is that I cannot see my own body!

I listened to tape 5, and now I can test out different structures when I am going about my daily life. I wonder if the dark matrix is simply an isolated fear of chaos. Apparently, a number of groups are battling for control of the earth. I always doubted this. Simply because no one can control chaos. A living being can co-operate with Universal Mind, and with life on this earth. In co-operation is universal order. But outside of that there is no possibility of bodies working together to control life. It must be a strange form of isolated chaos gone wrong. It is not organised, it only gives the illusion of being organised. The Universe is organised!

With friendly greetings,

From Susan.

Paul Wims   ( ) sent us this feedback on August 4, 2002:

Mr. O’Donnell:

 First let me say how glad I am that I have invested in the RV course. The tapes have opened my mind in directions I had no idea existed. I’ve done some meditation, not much really, in the past but I find your program to be very dynamic and growth oriented. I’m totally enjoying myself with it.

I have the greatest expectations for this program and must say the feeling I get from the meditations is overwhelming in a wonderful way. This may sound nuts to someone who has not experienced it but with the program I’ve been to Mars, the planet, twice and feel strongly that there will eventually be found a very very ancient civilization. This program is important to me.

As a side note, let me tell you I’m glad I did. I can’t say enough about this course. My girlfriend who has been meditating for years is going to check out the tapes she’s amazed that I who never put much into meditation would be so hyped up about this program.

Thank you

Paul Wims.

Manda  ( ), a recent trainee from the Netherlands writes to us on August 4, 2002:

Dear Gerald,

I've been practicing the RV tapes for more than two months now. It was not always easy to do it regularly, due to vacation time and grandchildren (I have 8) and everybody wants (and gets) my attention. I love the tapes and the more I listen, the more it grows on me. Today (Sunday) I am just by myself and I listened to tape 2, both sides. The love I felt, the warmth, so overwhelming. I am LOVE and I am LIGHT. Taking a shower I let my love flow through and to the water. Right now I'm listening to the sounds of the ocean waves.

This coming week I will be in Germany, but after the 15th everything will be back to normal (I hope) and I will proceed with my meditations.

One more thing I like to tell you Gerald. While meditating I had the sensation I was toppling over, loosing my balance, I shrieked, the feeling was so real.  Funny isn't it?

Love to you and all the Grillflamers.


Irene Walters  ( ) writes to us this thoughtful comment on July 31, 2002:

Hello Gerald,

This letter has been long overdue.  I’ve had it stewing in my brains for over a month as there is so much I want to tell you but cannot find the words for the process I am going through.  I am happy and centered, more than I have ever been in my life and have much to thank you for, especially in this Remote Influencing course you are designing, as it has kept me engaged and happily occupied experimenting with my own life.

Also many thanks for your last email giving us useful hits on how to use the CD and tapes to maximum advantage.  I have been busy chasing my own goals which happens to coincide with what Remote influencing is all about except that I call it by a different name and look at it from a different angle.  Still it’s the same stuff when it comes to connecting with source and learning how to be Master of my Own Life.

As I live totally in the Present and learn to trust , amazing things are happening that they have ceased to amaze.  Events are happening in greater and greater synchronicity.  Whenever I really need to know something the answer comes in the most unexpected of ways.  For instance, I had difficulty trying to assimilate your article on the Matrix.  Anyhow, as Divine synchronicity would  have it, I happened to chance across an out of print book which someone had returned to the Theosophical lodge.  The title of the book is called The Web of the Universe by EL Gardner that summarizes parts of the Secret Doctrine dealing with their Occult Theory of Sub-stance, and of Man’s Origin & the Source of this creative powers.  It says the same thing with a different slant – but in line with what you have said, it has assisted me to understand things more clearly and to assimilate the information better.  To me the whole thing is the story of the Prodigal Son returning home.

The forces of involution materializes Spirit and the forces of evolution spiritualizes matter.  They have their place in the scheme of things.  In the downward arch of involution, the elemental forces have free reign but once matter has reached the point where it individualizes and can accommodate individual souls (Man) –  (the being that indwells at this midpoint where highest spirit meets lowest matter) –  Matter can be guided to take the upward route by this indwelling intelligence (Man).  However, it will take a while before this ‘indwelling presence’ realizes that it is Master of the vehicle it occupies and not its servant.  It will take several incarnations/ reincarnations before it becomes disillusioned  with the physical universe and starts to ‘wake up’ to the realization that it is the Director and Creator of its own life, good and bad.  As it evolves and manages to liberate itself from the pull of matter, it raises and refines matter in its inwards and upwards climb toward  the God of its being.  In later cycles, mankind’s bodies will consist of more and more refined material substances as they gradually withdraw from density and become more and more refined (spiritualized).

So in this perspective we can look at reincarnation as the means by which the Great Mother (Nature) acquaints her children in her infinite wisdom, love and patience, to master the material elemental forces which we are immersed in by learning  to disassociate/detach ourselves from it and learning to control and direct the elemental forces to do what we want and not the other way round.  We have to learn to take mastery of our household instead of letting the servants (elemental forces) have free run of it.  So the Great Mother gives us the time to grow in maturity and learn our mastery because all time (the ever eternal present and eternity) is hers.  Reincarnation is the Great Mothers tool and has its uses.  If we have been here once too many times, the matter universe loses its glamour and we get tired of staring in the same old movie.  I guess then that this is the point where many of us wills start to wake up. We are at that point in evolution now, and we start questioning and questing and feel that there must be more to life than meets the eyes.  Then we listen more seriously now to what our elder brothers and sisters of the race who have succeeded in breaking through the bondage of matter have to say on this subject.  Beings like Buddha, Jesus and other Masters and adepts.  I am really interested to know how they conducted  their lives and love to read and study what they have to say in relation to this matter.  If one were to listen to their messages, free from religious dogmatism, we would find that what all they are talking about is their own process of liberating themselves from the bondage of matter and finding their way home.  This is parallel to what Remote influencing is all about, freeing ourselves and finding our own path home.

By taking a hint from them, I have realized that I have been looking at everything the wrong way round.  I had always looked at myself as a body in  the possession of a soul  which floats somewhere up there – instead of a soul in the possession of a body.   I now look at people as ‘souls’ – occupying bodies.  When  I look at things this way, I see a bigger picture because I now see humans as glorious beings just waiting to awaken and take control of their own household and returning to their fathers kingdom with treasures from the ‘far country’ – as a Master now within their own right, being able to qualify energy in the right way, and raising the vibrations/spiritualizing all the atoms that make up our bodies – as we move up the evolutionary ladder.

Gerald, I am happy to be involved in this great experiment with you – on this journey into the ‘Great Within’.  Besides learning from each other we can also learn from the Great White Brotherhood -  those elders who have gone before us and have achieved their mastery.  They have vowed that they will remain to guide the races, humanity and individuals, until every last soul has achieved their liberation.  I can surely do with assistance from this side as well as from the other side on this important journey home.

Before I close, I send you love and peace.  May you be blessed with many miracles and may all your troubles gently fade away.  May you overcome your loss and be happy once again.

Love and light from a fellow traveler.

Bob laidlaw an Australian  RV trainee of our academy sends us this testimonial on July 28, 2002. Subject:

  • The Financial Markets and the Matrix.

Hi Gerald,

I thought you might be interested in this article by Adam Hamilton:

 Adam Hamilton has a very interesting series of articles, available from his home page.  I only became aware of these today when reading the article about JP Morgan's current derivatives problems on "Headlines". 


Also thanks for your valuable RV prediction of the markets.  I have to take an interest in the markets as this is the source of my retirement income.  My share portfolio performed well  last year with 25% capital growth, which certainly beats our Australian mutual funds which all  had negative returns.  Currently I am 95% in cash as from July 9, 2002.  On the following day,  the S & P 500 head and shoulders top was breached downwards, and the Australian markets followed suit. During previous months, through my own RV and various information sources,  I had become increasingly aware of and concerned about the gathering storm.   It is obvious to me that your courses have been very helpful in raising my awareness of what is really going on, increasing  the ability to discern the difference between truth and  market propaganda, and to take appropriate and timely action.    I also experienced some  attacks from The Matrix, The Matrix reloaded, manifested by unpleasant physical symptoms and problems with the communications devices I use to monitor the markets.  My Teletext equipped TV , my fax machine, and data download service for computer analysis, all had serious malfunctions within that week !  This indicated that  I was on the right track, so instead of confusion and panic, I took the opportunity to replace this equipment with better performing units. 


I also agree with your advice and predictions regarding the housing market, also in a bubble top in Australia, and that your students should take action to eliminate debt, become more self-sufficient, and overcome negative emotions of greed and fear.  There should be wonderful opportunities in the future for those people who have been proactive and are patient enough to wait for the market bottom.


Bob Laidlaw

Ivan Skitolwsy ( sent us on July 24, 2002, this important feedback on the CD that comes with the Remote Influencing tape.

  •  As the CD allows for the gentle sound of ocean waves to brush your consciousness, little do you know what sophisticated mind technology (non- subliminal) is imbedded in it. We know that many of you have not yet realized how powerful this CD really is in allowing you to experience what, up to now, only very rare and advanced  Yogis could do which is to have your body asleep, hearing often yourself snoring,  but remaining totally aware as pure consciousness, allowing you therefore to undertake very powerful journeys to Higher Realms where Remote Viewing and Influencing, and other learning/revelations are the rule. We hope that this feedback will encourage you to listen to the delta track even in a looping mode while sleeping.

I just wanted to write to you and let you know how the CD of phase 2 in the Remote Influencing Course is deepening my work. When I first started listening to the CD, particularly track 2, Safari to Delta, I would phase out and go to sleep. Now, I can listen to the whole thing and remain alert. This is important because it has anchored my ability to go into that split state of mind awake/body asleep. At night, I listen with speakers on either side of my head until I wake up, 3 hours or so later. I then put the headphones on and listen to track 2, Safari to Delta in a looping mode in order to maintain those delta waves and solidify the body asleep portion of the brainwave state. Then as I lie back down, I begin to rev up the energy body by using an image of the gyroscopic device used in the movie "Contact" and it goes faster and faster, and gets brighter and brighter until I am pure light. The next thing that happens is what I can only describe as an extremely powerful whole body orgasm as the energy accelerates around my body. This is when the fun begins. The out of body state is easy when this happens, or remote viewing or influencing, or praying for yourself of others at a distance. I find myself going through a portal in my room which is a large picture of the eastern Sri Yantra. This seems to be where some of my inner work is done going back into my childhood. Just this morning, I went through and the other side seemed to be some sort of a black hole. I wasn't sure if I was ready for that, but the possibilities are endless. We are indeed pure light, pure love, pure consciousness capable of anything, and if enough people discover this, this planet will change. Thank you for the CD that has aided me in accessing these portions of myself. I have been working on this for many years. This is a very powerful tool if people will use it.

Michael Albright ( comments on 7/23/02:

Hi Gerald:
Your Theta and Delta CD is pretty wild! The CD is changing what I perceived as reality right before my eyes (no pun intended).
Slowly but surely, I'm letting go. I'm doing a I AM meditation while working with the CD. Very, Very, Very, powerful!!!     I get very emotional. The  information I keep getting is "hold on something big is about to happen, and  your almost there".  Also, I am finally getting or downloading a lot of  information, but having a hard time holding on to it. Will one of the next  tapes help me to process this information?

With Special Regards,

Doug Bockus ( ) sent us this feedback on 7/20/02 on following our stock market predictions: 

Hi Gerald, I just wanted to personally thank you for sharing the message regarding the upcoming financial crisis in the stock market and our country.  I took your advice very seriously, and pulled out of the stock market just before it dropped from 9,000 to 8019 level.  Now, most of my money is in money market accounts.  I do own a gold and silver mutual fund that I thought I should hold onto. Hope you agree.  Are you also suggesting that I should sell my home and get the money out of it due to the up coming real estate decline? (I live in Northern California)
Finally, I really look forward to reading new messages or insights you are being given while at the Delta level, so I wish you had time to have a weekly spot on your Web sight for such messages.  Thanks for all you are trying to do for your fellow man and this world.


Ken Kimball  ( ) writes to us on July 8, 2002:

Hi Gerald,
One thing that I have noticed about being in the delta state is that it creates such a energized feeling of happiness.  I will sustain the state long after the delta exercise on your CD stops because I simply don't want it to end.  It feels so good that I just don't want to come out of it.  I also feel very relaxed while in the "waking state".  I feel like the good vibes of delta are lingering while I go about my day.  It is creating quite a change!

I hope all is well, Happy thoughts

Sonia Barett ( writes to us this feedback on June 21, 2002

Wow your site is a breath of fresh air! You provide clear insight into this complex multidimensional reality in which we live. You provide validity to the mind of the curious seekers. I love it! Your course is also clear and precise. I can't wait to see what's next. Sonia,

Pamela Slayton  sends us on June 17, 2002 the following testimonial:

  • Unexplained bone growth, in a serious wrist injury.

Dear Gerald, well, I may have to eat my words a bit here. My oldest son had an accident back in Feb. He slipped on ice on a roof and shot a nail through his wrist with a nail gun.  Not only did the nail actually split the bone in two, it also went through an old snowboarding injury (healed former broken bone). He was in a cast for over two months. When they took the cast off, the CAT scan showed no healing, in fact the bone was quickly deteriorating.  There were only three possible courses of surgery for him, but surgery was deemed a necessity.
Two of the surgeries would leave him half crippled in his wrist. The only real option was a surgery that would graft some bone from his hip onto the wrist area. That only had a 50-50 chance of working and even at that, there would be limited movement in his wrist.  Well, I'm not really into the healing aspect of things, but a few weeks ago, when I was doing tape 6B, I chose my son. I sent a healing light to his wrist. Let me tell you, today was the day they were supposed to schedule the surgery! They automatically took more x-rays before scheduling the surgery. The x-rays actually showed that there has been BONE GROWTH in the last few weeks!  This should have been impossible because there had been permanent damage to the blood vessels that fed into that bone. That was why the bone had been deteriorating since Feb.! I was astonished! I told my son what I had done and I told him I better do it again! I mean, I guess it could have started to heal some other way, but they had said there would be no chance of that. The bone was actually dying.  It just seems like too much of a coincidence to me! This is simply amazing! Sincerely, Pamela Slayton

Debra Hall sends us this warm message on June 11, 2002


My regards to you all, at the Academy; I pray often for the message you share. The manner that Gerald packages the message of LOVE is matchless because it is attainable. The simple act of LOVE often eludes us. Gerald, points out the majesty in "acting". I found that all I required was a change of perception. Please note, (I'm sure I am not alone in my revelations) I have known since diapers my attitude in life is the most important ingredient. I now ask myself how the attitude is coming along? Then I need to ask myself what is the most excellent attitude? The answer to this question came directly from the opus of "The Academy of Remote Viewing." The message as I have experienced only confirms what is written in the tablets of my heart. Being my own light and guru is what has saved my essence. Not original concepts I know but I had not met any group or individuals that lived it. I desperately needed to observe it. Once I observed harmony in the process, actions, thoughts and life situations lead to infinity. Once I became my own light, I began to heal. "Practicing spiritual soup" is discouraged by many spiritual practices. This click implies the need to enter a specific faith or belief system. Masses are crippled by this erroneous belief. Spiritual soup dogma does not promote personal mastering but spiritual following.
On behalf of the dear ones that have reaped from the Academy's message, continue to package.

In Divine Friendship, Debra H.

Vladimir Federman writes to us this warm comment on June 10, 2002

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for your email. I wanted to write you on my own, however I got busier then I anticipated, but your letter made me to switch my priorities.

The reason I wanted to write you is because I wanted to THANK YOU, for providing courses like Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.  Actually thanking you is not enough, it is not even close, to what I feel, and to what your courses have done and are still doing for me. Only my deepest gratitude and tears of joy can truly express how I feel,  for how the courses are helping me at this point in my development, and I consider them as one of my most treasured possession.

I consciously started my spiritual path in 1992.  I read over hundreds of books and meditated many hundreds, it not thousands of hours and I visited many different workshops.  Then I received four years of  practical life lessons to force me to live that, what I have learned. So I stopped to read and to visit workshops, but I kept my meditations, and simply tried to live what I read about. Then in February this year I was guided into your web site, and immediately I knew, that I have to order both courses offered there. I was hardly able wait for the tapes in my mail, and after I started to do the courses, I realized that all I have been doing for these 10 years and all my searching was only a preparation for this step - the courses. I felt like going from High School to a University.

Some 8 years ago I ordered a so called "Supermind machine" which came with lots of tapes for healing or improving specific skills. It's playing sounds over messages on  tape, while flashing LEDs in black goggles, to guide the mind into specifics state of consciousness. I was using it successfully for some time,  but I wasn't able to use the principle for my specific needs. I believe the reason why I wasn't able to do so, was that only my left brain understood the method. I am electronic design engineer and for me, in order to design something both halves of my brain must understand. Otherwise it's just intellectual knowledge for me, and I do not know how to use it for design. I need the creative right brain to get involved as well, so that I can use that what I know.
After listening to the Introduction of Remote viewing course, my right brain finally begun to understand,  and I realized that I was guided years ago into a tool of which potential I did not know of how to use creatively. This was big eye opening for me, and I became fully aware as how important it is that both brains need to understand simultaneously.

The reason I ordered the Remote viewing course was to develop my inner vision - my third eye.  However, as soon as I realized the creative potential of the method in use, I started to put my own inner voice over your guidance, to re-program myself.  It works very well and I'm very grateful to you for providing me with tool like this. It enabled me to do some necessary adjustments almost instantly. I feel that after the necessary reprogramming now I'm able to start the actual Remote Viewing, but of course, only my Higher Self knows what is next. The tapes are very powerful,  especially 2b, 3a, 3b and I didn't come across anything like this before. It's real treasure. With these tapes I was able to get into a states of consciousness, where I felt one with All, and the Good/Evil duality simply disappeared from my perception. It reappeared after a while, but these tapes are much more then just a remote viewing course. I see them as tool for personal transformation, and still to go even beyond personal transformation to achieve personal mastery over oneself.  As
I said already, I haven't come across anything so powerful so far. For this application I value most the tapes with breathing in/out the light.
When it comes to the Remote Influencing course, I felt on occasions, that all we see and live is just a grand illusion, but I needed to hear it and read it from somebody else, in order to start to act on it. I want to thank you again for the wonderful an skilful way of how the introductory part is worded structured and designed. So far I'm into the second part, the Theta and Delta meditation CD which I found very powerful as well. It takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to get into different state of consciousness, so it's not as immediate as some of the tapes from the Remote Viewing course, but it seems to have longer lasting effect.
At one point in reading thru the introduction, I wondered about how you came to such an advanced material and information, as to my understanding, this was until recently domain of  mystery schools only. So I was wondering if this is channeled message, and who is really beyond this project. I do not mean to be nosy, but knowing and feeling that I am only a visitor to this level of existence and still not quite forgot the world I came from, this question simply crossed my mind.
This course so far triggered me into something else, which I was aware of, but never really pursued,  since it was also only a left brain knowledge. About six years ago a friend of mine told me about the Flower Of  Life workshop and Merkaba meditation presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek. One part of myself was telling me that it is important and I should start to do something with it, but again, it wasn't until I read and listened to the Remote Influencing introduction when a change has happened.  One day I simply went to a local store and bought two books of this workshop. It somehow fits well with this second course and this combination delivered tremendous boost, so big that I had to stop for a while to digest it.  Now I feel like to get immersed into it again.

I started the courses in February this year and I feel like a different person already. I am very happy and thankful that I can have, and use a tool like this. I do not know where this will lead me, but I know that whatever the path it will be perfect for me.
I want to THANK YOU again with my deepest gratitude for the tremendous service you are providing.  I regret to hear that you have just experienced a personal loss and I pray for healing and adjustment for you.

With the Love of the One

Vladimir Federman

Message from Hito Ikizake sent on June 7, 2002
-----Original Message-----
差出人 : Gerald O'Donnell
宛先 :
日時 : 2002年6月7日 13:15
件名 : Message to the Academy of Remote Viewing

Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing thought and reality.

Friday, June 07, 2002

Hello Mr. O'Donnell,

I have received the two packages of RV course and the first set of RI course almost at the same time, so I have been still listening to RV tapes of No.2 and No. 3.  I will start listening to No.4 this weekend.  I may be a slow learner ( I actually am a fast learner for many new things. My desire is always to get things done quickly) in this RV course, going back and forth with those tapes to obtain some sort of clear confidence in learning.
If my understanding is correct, you suggest not to listen to RI tapes without the graduation of RV course.  Is this right?
Several things happened in the past 3 weeks, and I know that my intuition has particularly been enhanced by listening to the tapes.  My short temper is weakening to gain more profound calmness in daily life.  Since I am not a native speaker of English (I am a Japanese man), I thought, at first, that there would be less effect than other native speakers listening to the tapes.  I do not know the difference, but it probably does not matter.

I have already read "Out of The Matrix" four times and will read it more. The book is really amazing and enlightening to me.  It helped me get answers to the questions about life and the universe I have been asking to myself in my life.

I appreciate your great works and your being "there" for us to help human beings know and experience the truth in this challenging time on the planet.

Best regards,

Hiro Ikizake

Mickey ( ) wrote to us on May 30, 2002

Mr. O'Donnell, my name is Michael and I purchased  your RV and RI programs 2 months ago. They have greatly helped my  understanding. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am facing the  harshest period of my life  now because of my health condition.
A little voice inside of me told me to write this email and I hope you can help me in any way. I will be infinitely grateful. I have so many  things to ask you about different Remote Viewing experiences or Remote Influencing ones that I have had. Two of them were so real . I am still expecting to get the tapes about RI this week......
Sincerely Mickey

Leena Pekkalainen  sent us this comment on the RV/RI courses on May 15, 2002. Subject:

  •  Remote Viewing several  terrorist attacks in advance, and experiences in Remote Influencing


I kept a diary all through listening the RV course and looking back I see things happening all the time. Some of the "happenings" were short ones like looking at a pool of liquid gold or falling through clouds of color. Some were more profound. Once I saw clearly stars swooshing by and ended up somewhere that felt very very far away in space. There was a cluster of lights I knew to be living, the only thing that came to mind was that they were souls. I just "knew" it. Right after that I went back to Earth and ended up in ancient Greece (I had decided beforehand I wanted to go to that particular spot, Dodona). I saw clearly two stone slabs with grass growing in between and looked at my feet - no sandals. I wanted to have sandals but could not imagine them there. I was a girl, about 15 years of age, servant to an oracle (an elderly lady). There was more to it, quite a vivid experience.

Twice (after listening to RV cassette 3b) I asked specifically to see if a terrorist attack was in store. The first time I saw a female bomber in Jerusalem, described all she did and where to my husband (saying that was nonsense, women don't do these attacks) and exactly one week later it was on the news. The time of the day, her looks (which I saw later), that busy business street, everything. Even her emotions and motivations seemed to match the facts I learned about her later on. It really was strange to see a deja-vu on the TV screen.

The second time I saw a man preparing for a bombing in Jerusalem (again). I contacted Mr. O'Donnell later that evening and described everything to him. I had not quite finished when he said to me he just heard it on the news (there was nothing in the news about that yet). Again the time of day was right (early evening), that it was a lonely man and that it was going to happen in an Orthodox-Jewish area.

I haven't received my RI cassettes yet - they should arrive this week. I have been reading the booklet that came first and the info there is basically describing the structure of our "matrix" and how to influence it and direct your life, contact your higher self.

But I have manifested with the RV all right. One actual manifestation was that I send a book I wrote to several publishers, targeted one specifically (trying to make them answer yes). And they contacted me, said they were very interested in what I wrote, asked me to do certain corrections to the text and send it back. Now that was really something! I don't know yet if it will be published but then I only tried to manifest a "yes"-letter, nothing more.

I have also done some contacting to people - making them look at me, simply as a test do I connect to their minds. Often it works, especially if I manage to imitate their vibratory level first. The babies are most fun, they are so open minded. Animals also react.

I haven't really tried to manifest physical things into my life (like jewelry, cars and such) but some minor "scratch-off"-winnings. Went to shops and tried to RV if there was a winning ticket and then took the one that gave the best feeling. I can say it works.

Also I made a strong wish in Theta of cooperating with certain people (in practicing RI). Only a few hours later they all of a sudden contacted me and asked if I would like to join their group that practices RI. The very same people! 

I have had a busy spring, reading for an exam. Now it's over and I have more time in my hands to study more RV / RI.

I know this is not a very detailed description, so if you have any specific question you'd like to ask, please do so. It is always nice to talk with people who share the same interests! Also if you decide to order the courses, I'm more than happy to share experiences.

Leena :-)

Suzan Ocampo ( ) sent us this feedback on May 7, 2002. Subject:

  • Increased intuition while training with the RV course.

I finally got the tapes for the first part I ordered and am working on them now. However, I just wanted to ask if these tapes are also safe for children ages 11 - 15 because I would like my children to listen to them too.
I enjoy the tapes immensely although I have not had unusual experiences with them yet. I noticed though that I seem to be more sensitive now and am even able to sometimes feel something and then it happens. Or before I answer the phone, I know who it is. As a whole, the tapes too are very relaxing and yet after I finish them, I don't feel sleepy at all. As a matter of fact I feel fully awake and ready to take on the day ahead. I look forward to the rest of the tapes and the next course which I also ordered.
Thank you.

Saleem Rana  ( ) writes us this feedback on April 23 about his experiences during and after taking our Remote Viewing Course.

Dear Gerald:
I want to thank you for your course, Remote Viewing.
I have had many wonderful experiences with the 6 weeks of doing RV.
1.  I used to be able to visualize poorly.  Now my mental pictures can be very vivid, sometimes even more so than with actual seeing.  Let me explain.  When seeing something during a Remote Viewing session, the colors seem brighter, and I can zoom in and out as I please.  In addition, I appear to find everything viewed in this way has a rich emotional quality to it.
2.  I have correctly identified two targets posted for me.  I did not know the target, but was given an alphanumeric code.  I saw and experienced the targets very vividly.  Currently, I have only RV'd two targets.
3.  I was able to remote view the inside of a tree and the inside of a leaf in sharp detail, as if I were really inside it, experiencing the richness of the life-force. 
4.  I had some success with Remote Healing.  The person reported that they felt better after my treatment.  I was able to enter this person and do a complete scan of their health condition.  I found out about 10 problems they were having.
5.  The vibratory light feeling I get during RV is my Higher Self.
6.  In one RV session, I saw a beach, and I had a heightened sense of acuity.  Each grain of sand I focused on gave me a sense of deep pleasure, and I found the surf absolutely delightful.  In another session, I was flying over this Western Town.  Most of the buildings were brown and tan, and they were very old.  There was also a railway station with a train pulling up.  The town was very dry and dusty.  There were no people around the town.  I could zoom in and out of the scene, getting close-up views of the buildings and being able to view them from any direction.  It was very exhilarating.
7.  I am also able to sometimes RV when awake.  For example, I have been able to predict things before I get to the scene.  Walking to the Jacuzzi room at my health club, I projected my mind to the room before I got there.  I saw a bald, corpulent man.  When I got there, I was shocked to actually find such a person there.  Another time, I was able to project ahead to the bus stop before I even got to the street.  I saw two scenes.  One, the bus waiting for me, and the other, a bus a block away pulling up to the bus sign.  I was puzzled.  How could I see two possibilities?  Then when I got there, I found a bus waiting for me AND further down the street, about a block away, there was another bus coming up.
These are just a few of my experiences.  I am having so many that I am not able to keep track of them all.  I am developing PSI quite spontaneously now, and I did not have this ability before.  It is as if my consciousness has suddenly expanded by visiting

Saleem Rana

Pam Slayton <>  send us this testimonial on April 23: Subject:

  • Visiting Theta land.

No response necessary. Dear Gerald, I try not to email you too often because I know you are incredibly busy. But, just wanted to let you know about this: I am just about finished with tape 6B (and have been rereading the new manual). Anyway, I decided to put my nephew's head on my head, cause even though it's now been two years, he is still having a very hard time dealing with his father's plane crash. He is only 9 years old. I could not so much perceive his thoughts as I felt I could perceive his emotions. I tried very hard to send him thoughts that- it is ok to go on with his life and be happy. That is what his Dad wants for him, and other thoughts like that, because I think he feels it would be betraying his father, if he tries to put his Dad's death behind him and get on with his life and be happy. I don't think he feels he is allowed to do that. (My nephew has an extremely high IQ). Anyway, while I was trying to send these thoughts to him, I felt those same energy surges,!
 VERY STRONG, but again, it does not go up and down my spine but rather up and down my legs .(Maybe there's something wrong with me! LOL!)  I hope I was able to get through to him, and will try again. As what happens with me so often, AFTER I came back to Beta, I felt I received a rush of information about my nephew, about his feelings. Another very weird thing happened. It concerns you. This is really crazy. I could say it was just a dream, but it wasn't like that. I had been asleep. I had been having a normal dream that I do not remember. But, all of a sudden, I heard your voice very clearly. (Please don't think I'm crazy, this wasn't even like a lucid dream, I heard you clearly and distinctly, to the left of me, and even though this happened a few days ago, I can still hear your voice clearly, of course, this could have to do with the fact that I am always hearing your voice in Theta state). Anyway, I heard you say, Pam, it's Gerald. And, for some whacked out reason, I was surprised and said back to you, Oh, I thought you were the maid! (Don't even ask me where that came from! I remember thinking, well, that was a stupid thing to say!) Anyway, you then warned me about something, but that is the part I don't remember! I can't remember the warning! I woke up right after that.  Too weird. Well, take care.

 Sincerely, Pam

Nico Giannakopoulos of ( ) Athens, Greece, sends us this comments on March 4, 2002

Hi Gerald,
Thanks to your beautiful course. My mind functions have been enhanced tremendously. I had been practicing Silva Mind Control for many years but I never had the flashes of instant insights that I get now because of the training with your course.
You have changed my life for the much better.


Matt Gray ( sends us this testimonial on February 5, 2002. Subject:

  • Knowing, in advance, the answers to tests that he takes. Reading peoples feelings, and traveling through time and space.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell and the Remote Viewing Team:
I am an RV  trainee, and in addition, placed an order for your new Remote Influencing course .  I've used your techniques in my everyday life. I seem to know the answers to tests that I take, know the feelings of others around me, and know the choices I should make. But my favorite pastime is traveling through time and space.  I've got a vivid imagination which makes it even more fun. Above all I thank you for all that you are doing. I look forward to experiencing the new set of tapes.
Yours Truly, Matt

Sue Parker ( ) sent us this moving testimonial on February 3, 2002. Subject: 

  •  Experiencing merging with the ALL.  A very rare and unforgettable moment of Being the ONE. And the healing blessings that were then bestowed upon her.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,
I had an experience with the tapes that was so incredible I find it impossible to put down what it was - no words can capture it - I was rocked, consumed, 'it' was all passion.
How can I describe the indescribable?   It had no beginning, it had no end.  I was It.
Intoxicating rapture, a song, an undulating wave.
I thought I would die, explode, should it continue a  moment longer, and yet, I would die to stay.
And my health - After years of illness I'm now in the recovery stages following major surgery and a heavy treatment program of Radio and Chemotherapy.  (A malignant tumor that had spread into the lymph glands)- My progress seems to have speeded up - I feel great! younger! and alive!

I feel humbled and privileged, and all I can send you is  my love and my thanks for producing these wonderful tapes.  But again, it's more than that, and more than language can convey.

 Sue Parker  

Philip ( ) writes to us on February 6, 2002: Subject:

  •  His biology is prepared to take on higher vibrations.

Hello Mr. O'Donnell.

I have just started the remote viewing  course, on Monday January 28, 2002. Tape #1 took me by surprise, I didn't expect to have such a profound experience.
I was innocently sitting in a chair, with eyes open, and listening to tape #1 when I noticed, a change in my energy, I was more excited in my, body and mind. I was more observing of myself, rather than just being myself.
I felt there was a presence in my room I started to look for this presence. I thought someone was looking over my left shoulder [I was alone in my apartment], but I kept looking to see if someone was there.
Suddenly my left eye began to feel as if some-thing was in it, as a blurry subtle change, and progressively, more blurry, until I had two different types of sight, in my left eye, my right eye had a very subtle change.
 I immediately looked into a mirror, I couldn't see any change in my physical eyeball, but I could see my environment was changed, I kept looking over my left shoulder, for a presence that I felt was still in my apartment.
 By the end of side#2 of tape#1, my eyesight  returned to normal, And I felt as if something was lifted off form my being. A very positive, and peaceful feeling overcame me, a pain I had in my back was gone. In the evening when I was walking in the city, the experience with my eyesight happened again,
only this time it was very subtle, and lasted a few minutes, as compared with the first time, that lasted about fifteen minutes.
It is now Wednesday, February 6, 2002.
I am truly enjoying the remote viewing course. I am now on tape #two, seeing colors and unexplained phenomena.
This morning I listened to tape # two side B, at 6:30 A.M. and at 9:30 A.M. the change in my eye- sight happened again.
This time the change is more profound in both my eyes.
This change looks something like a jagged edge, example:^^^^^^^^^.

Rob Chojnacki  ( ) writes to us on January 31, 2002 about a new independent Yahoo News group that has been set up recently by former RV trainees of our Academy, and his successes at Rviewing various targets.  Interested Parties please Email him directly for further details.

Hi Gerald.

I just wanted to send you a quick note that I have recently been contacted through your site to join a new group of remote viewers (most, if not all, of whom has taken your course).  We have started off by testing ourselves with targets posted to the group.  I have been doing surprisingly well.  Having the degree of success that I am having with the targets is only reinforcing for me that your course was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.  Remote viewing is real, and surprisingly easy, actually.

Some future goals of the group include locating missing people, solving unsolved crimes, and group RV healing.  But for now we are just honing our skills.  The group is also excellent for helping each other out, whether it be posting blind targets for the rest of the group to practice with, or general RV discussion and RV tips...

I can't thank you enough Gerald.  If  I had my way, every individual would have your course tapes!!  Not only am I doing very well at target viewing, but there has been a definite sense of intuition increase..

By the way, if you know anyone that may be interested in our group, let me know!  It is basically a Yahoo email group.  Our main goal right now is helping each other out, and as I said before, most, if not all, of our members have taken your course. Our group is called GRILLFLAME.  Not sure where the name came from, but it's
a creation of David Mason, one of your students.  David made me a moderator
of the group, after I had shown that I had a lot of interest in it, and had
successfully remote viewed 6 out of 7 targets successfully..

Last night I whipped up a website for the group, it will soon be, however for now it is at:

You may notice the "center of energy" concept in the logo too.

David and I have been having a lot of conversation about how the group  should be run.  Right now he and I are actively pursuing ARV.  We have successfully practiced remote viewing to the future.  Last Wednesday, he gave me a target number that he would link to an image 4 days later on Sunday.

I remote viewed to the future, using the techniques in tape 4b, and viewed  the image that the target number would be linked to.  I then sent him my results.   He did not read the email until Sunday, AFTER he had linked the
target number to an image.  Well I was a little bit off, however for the most part nailed many aspects of the target, which was a very good sign.

So now we are trying to square down the technique for ARV to pick lottery  numbers.

We are also considering moving the yahoo email group to some kind of message board system involved with the website, and are looking at  possibilities now..

So that's that for now.  The group has been helpful for me, because it moved  remote viewing to a very active level.  I have been consumed with remote  viewing, and target practice, and our group, and the many possibilities for
the group..

So let me know what you think.

Thanks Again!
Rob Chojnacki

P.S. from Gerald O'Donnell: Rob is one of the best Web designers that I know. If any of you need professional web design from a fellow trainee, please contact him. I highly recommend him.

TG Gane ( ) an experience Remote Viewer, sent us this testimonial on January 29, 2002. Subject:

  • After having trained successfully, and practiced at length, with traditional US army RV techniques, how our course improved greatly his accuracy and his ability to rapidly reach the level of mind required to be able to effectively remote view.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,
I spoke to you on the phone several days ago, and just wanted to put in  writing my appreciation for your RV course; feel free to quote from it.

I have been Remote Viewing for several years, using cool-down tapes and relaxation/breathing techniques
learned in another training program.
I certainly did get results, but wanted to thank you for these new techniques, which speed entry into Delta and improve accuracy.
I also feel an enhanced sense of wholeness, and a much stronger sense of smell (for better or worse!).

Prior to learning your techniques, I had roughly 50% accuracy, plus the cool-down tapes took about 45 minutes.
Using your methods, I have been on target for the last 5 sessions, plus cool-down time is now 15 minutes -
I know I reduce it to almost immediate Delta.

Thanks for these techniques -
Tom Gane

Manuel Colin, a new trainee, sends us this feedback on January 22, 2002. Subject:

  •  Heightened intuition and better healing skills after listening to only 2 tapes.

Mr. O'Donnell:

I have been using the tape #2 for approximately 8 weeks and finally I can say that there are specific changes in my life, like knowing beforehand what people are going to say, or who is going to call. On one occasion, I was writing checks to pay my bill. It was late, and I was almost falling asleep, when I noticed that I wrote the name of a friend in one of my bills. To my surprise she called me next day, I don't know which event caused the other! And there have been many other wonderful "coincidences!"   I work using  acupuncture and I have noticed that my intuition is starting to show me the way to deal with certain problems. 
I sincerely thank you for your humble work as a pure channel from the essence of G-d. Lots of the information you manage is contemplated inside of the Old Kabala.  Thanks again.

Manuel Colin.

Dr. John Conrardy  ( ) sends us this testimonial on January 13, 2002.  Subject:

  •  Spirit travel, connecting to his Higher Soul, and making full use of the creative workshop in our RV course.

1) A few weeks back, I experienced my "soul".  I run regularly and LISTEN to my RV tapes as I run.  During two running sessions I visualized my soul.  It was a wispy translucent being.  It had an energy of youthfulness and vitality.  During these visits I was able to go to outer space and travel to unknown locations with my spirit.  It caused a profound sense of peace in me that has not left me since the encounter. The communion of the two of us was astounding

2) Since beginning RV I have talked to numerous people who have been meditating for up to 20 yrs.  All these people CANNOT believe that I am experiencing ALL that I am after such a short timeframe (months), and I can't either.   RV is, as I say, fast track to knowing one's inner being and being one with Universal Intelligence.

3)  The creative workshop is the MOST intense and important aspects of RV.  One can literally change one's own reality.  Utilizing this aspect of RV will enhance all aspects of one's life, as well as, assist in balancing one's mind, body, and soul.

4)  If anyone is having difficulties accessing their inner being they should try this "trick".  This procedure allows quick access to the inner being and self.  One must breath consciously and during the inhalation it must be done through the mouth and exhalation must be done through the nose.  This allows one to be selfless!!!!

Gerald you may use any or all of this letter.  I also want you to know that I send much love to you for all you have brought to my life through the introduction of RV.  And I KNOW the journey has just BEGUN!!!

Dr. John Conrardy

Patricia Brooks, ( ) a new trainee living in New Zealand send us the following feedback on January 11, 2002. Subject:

  • Successfully identifying the winner at a horse race using only our RV course.


Just wanted to share with you one of my first successes. Although I ordered the course in August, I moved to New Zealand and the mail didn't forward my tapes till the end of Oct. Since NZ has a lot of horse racing and results are available on the internet, I decided to use the races for targets.  Yesterday, I correctly identified a winner. I'd tried doing 2 other races in early Dec. without success, but wasn't finished with the course at the time. This was my first target attempt since finishing all the tapes. It was really thrilling to find out I'd been successful. I'm excited to receive the RI tapes and continue learning. Thanks for a great course!

Patricia Brooks

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