2004 - 2016: Remote Influencing (RI)
 Students' Testimonials

Part I

 Learn to Access and Use the Delta Level of Mind and "Beyond"

 Enter the Ultimate Mind/Consciousness Portal
 The Real "Stargate!"



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2010: Announcement from the Academy of Remote Viewing: We will keep some names of our students private if they so request.


Minoush from Cairo, Egypt, sent us this feedback on February 2, 2015


Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

I took your courses with a yogi friend of mine in Cairo, Egypt named Ahmed Ragheb A. S.. He attended your program over ten years ago in Florida.

I must tell you, you changed my life. I was very depressed and operating at very low vibrations, had major blockage in my root chakra but since then I can claim the program changed my life. Sometimes I have minor doubt but it is for a flash of a second nothing compared to where I was. I am a different person now totally different, I can find missing things by just going to my center of being, I can sense where other people center of being is, I can know the outcomes of things. The negative energy people and positive energy. It is just awesome.

I train the program daily and there haven't been a day that passes without me doing a session. I can feel all things changing and I am manifesting a lot of things.

May life give it's best, in the spirit you have helped others.




Craig Stickler cstick@austin.rr.com sent us this enthusiastic testimonial on January 12, 2015


Having just completed ordering my third "Complete Remote Viewing and Influencing Training System", I felt compelled to reach out to you with my most sincere thanks! 

I have been a student of yours since I ordered my first training system in 2011.

Without doubt, your training system has influenced my life in so many positive ways! I continue  with your lessons and mediations on a daily basis. The truth

be known, the reason I've ordered this third training system is I "Flat" wore the other two out!

I Know you continue to say " The Messenger is Irrelevant" However in my eyes it is you that has brought me ever so close to the "ONE". 

It is your training that has helped me acquire many things. Internal Peace, understanding, unconditional love to name just a few. You have taught me that thoughts are things, real things, and what the true power of thought and its manifestations really are.

You have Taught me how to reach Delta, then showed me how to use Delta to achieve even higher levels of consciousness! 

Most importantly, you have taught me love! I didn’t know much about love before I meet you! 

I know the ONE will always be with me, because he was always with me! You just showed me how to find Him, and for this I am eternally


I have only scratched the surface of the influence you have had on my life! 

Every day, I grow younger, wiser and closer to the ONE. 

I THANK YOU 12 BILLION TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 




Ross Charmings  hutechf2@gmail.com  a trainee from Australia sent this this feedback on October 12, 2014.


  • How hour training that offers direct guidance and training together with advanced brain sound entrainment, compares with pure sound brain entrainment systems void of voice instructions, such as Holosync:

  • Doing and truly experiencing Higher states versus reading and studying about the subject of consciousness/mind raising in books .

  • First Remote Viewing direct experience. Greatly increased intuition after 6 days of training.

  • Lessening of anxiety

Hello Gerald! 

I purchased your combination set of 'The Complete Remote viewing and Remote Influencing training system back in April of this year (2014) but got a little sidetracked into joining a Fundamentalist Christian Church!  I didn't fit in and left. I've been doing your training for all of 6 days and I'm amazed that my intuition has sharpened up considerably! 

Even though I'm in Alpha/Theta, I can't believe how heavy my body feels and previously I had been a regular Holosync user-but I question how 'deep' I really went using Holosync!!!!

Wow is all I can say!  I'm looking forward to discovering the ONE and my own Self!!!

Thank you Gerald for bringing this information to the world!!  I live in Australia on disability so I have lots of time to study and read! Mostly I've been studying the origins and beginning of Christianity-it occurred to me a couple of hours ago, that I should stop all other reading and simply devote all of my energy in mastering this remote viewing!  Actually, I can't remember the last time I felt so excited in doing a program and I've done a few!!!!!  :-)

It occurs to me after I have the 'hang' of RV I can do the RI part and perhaps improve my many health concerns-that thought too, is exciting!!!

Interesting also, is I appeared to have had a spontaneous RV about 4 hours ago while relaxing-it astonished me no end-I seemed to be following a line of fast cars as if they were on a freeway!!  The vision was in full color and so Real!!!  the vision faded as I tried to analyze as I saw it, and then I remembered you said not to do that-damn!!  :-)  "Wow"  I'm still saying this! I know it is early days, yet already I'm feeling so confident and at peace with life..!  My ever present anxiety is less-and I've been only doing this a week!!!  (twice a day for the last 3 days )  Hope I'm not over doing this?

Thank you so much for bringing this WONDERFUL teaching to the world-we need it as much as the Earth also needs it!  

I think I'll sleep well tonight, thank you again!!

Most kindest regards, 

Ross chamings

Robert (&Biljana) sent us this nice feedback from Jordan on September 29, 2014.


 Thank you for the fantastic training systems. Biljana and I have your protocol for combining the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing training systems as the focal point of our day. 

I have tried all kinds of mechanisms looking for an answer from Dale Carnegie at 15 to martial arts, high risk - even life-threatening pursuits, guru shopping in India, everything Werner Erhard offered and every personal development program I could find, plus bouts of NLP therapy with the best.  And some chemical agents thrown in.  All of it looking for something that I appear to have found in your training systems.   This experience is not a constant state by any means but there seems to me to be amazing promise in the training so that I eagerly look forward to each day's CD. 

Our situation here is challenging at best so to face these circumstance & feeling as I do, is nothing short of a miracle for me.  I am actually looking forward a few days with a smooth, clear comfort, even optimism for the first time in my life.  And Biljana shares my enthusiasm. 

Thank you again. 

Best regards, 

Robert (& Biljana)

From Amman

Munjal P. munjalnirvana@gmail.com a trainee from India sent us this testimonial on September 22, 2014

Dear Gerald my love and Gratitude to you for all the wonderful  tools that you have given us. My Gratitude and deep appreciation for all the work you are doing for the human race and your are simply inspiring me and many many others to follow the path of oneness ,path of love and joy.

I just want to share my experiences and some thoughts with you and all the students of ARVARI.

1-      What is my purpose in life? Why am I here? What do I really want in my life? These are the questions that used to constantly arise in my mind. What is the meaning of all this? Am I here to just  to be a slave of dollars, get married, have children and live the endless grind of life that ultimately sucks me dry?  Just think, place your hand on your heart and ask yourself what do you want in life? Everything,  I mean everything that you want in your life, that is millions of dollars, women, cars, yachts, dream houses, everything, everything  that you want is because you believe that in getting them you will feel tremendous amount of joy, tremendous joy. And you get that joy but only for some time; it can not give you permanent joy, peace, it only does that just for a little time. Maybe days or weeks you can really feel joy and zest for life, then what? Your are back at square one. My point is that it does not give you what you want, because it cannot . What you truly want is permanent joy, permanent peace, a never ending feeling of love and joy, blossoming into infinity, because that is your nature that is what you are: Infinity. You cannot be satisfied by these small morsels of joy, you want and you need infinite, ever-increasing joy, Ananda , ecstasy. This you get by being One with the Creator, being One with the Infinite Being, One with Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Ananda, infinite Peace. That is the only way. There are many paths but all of them lead to this One-and-Only destination of Oneness: merging with God, merging with the ONE.

My loved ones: these courses of RV and RI give you the tools to merge with the ONE to fulfill the purpose of your life. Just don’t practice it! Digest it completely!   Make it a part of your Being! Believe me, I think I may have practiced the Remote Influence (RI) I course more than any of Gerald's students. I have practiced all the CDs hundreds of times. They are a part of me. Just do it!  It will change your life and the life of your loved ones.

 2-      There are so many experiences that I have experienced; I am going to share some recent ones:

3-      I have used RI to conceive my son, a very high level soul, a divine being, by giving him all the divine characteristics that  I wanted him to have. I wanted him to be extremely joyful, loving, and very intelligent which he is. .He has indeed manifested all the qualities that I desired.

4-      The most astonishing thing is that I still can influence and RI my son's DNA right now and it will manifest because everything is in the now, everything happens parallelly in the now. It is Deep core stuff, the parallel Universes of Quantum mechanics.

5-      When it was time for my son to go to school I RIed for him to get admitted  to a particular school. Well, I strongly wanted my son to get the admission there so I did heavy RI for it, and lo and behold the result showed and he didn’t get the admission! Naturally I was very upset!  How can that happen, but it did. So when my mind calmed down I once again went into Unity Consciousness and asked the One why he didn’t get the admission? He just replied what  ever  is the best for him has happened, I accepted it at that time and let go of the topic. The most important thing is that after maybe one year we got some news about that school and how it was not at all what it projected to be! Really, If my son did get admitted there, then it wouldn’t have been where I would want him to spend his most formative years! Just look at this example how the ONE, how God is looking after you. He is infinite intelligence.  He knows what is best for you.  He is your backup, He is the One taking care of you and your family!   What more can you ask for?

6-      When I am attacked by negative forces and my mind is disturbed, I have noticed that the first thing that happens is that my son falls ill. Then of course I heal myself and him but he is very sensitive to my energy.

7-       The plants and trees in my garden  respond tremendously to the energy of love and joy. I can just feel it oozing out of them.  Trees and plants are really giver of unconditional energy of love. All their life they just give and give. We all should give love energy to these Magnificent Beings.

8-       A strange thing happened, I sent love to my neighbors'  tree which was being trimmed and when I was away my neighbor had that tree cut. I was very angry and upset at that unaware idiot. I couldn’t understand how can that happen? I gave the tree the energy of the One's Love! It shouldn’t have happened. When I contacted the soul of the tree, it was very very happy and in ecstasy, the tree told me that  he wanted to be free, I guess you never know how your love energy is going to work. That is why I give love and say what ever is best will happen.

9-      It was raining and my wife had gone on a scooter  to pick up my son from school. I didn’t want my son to get wet, so I thought may be I should RI the rain to stop just for fun, no harm done. I started doing RI and the rain stopped within five minutes but the most funny part of it was that my wife and son both were drenching wet in the rain.  Should I have RIed about my son being dry?  That is God's sense of humor!

10-   Once I was driving to the gym on my scooter and just for fun thought I wanted to see the number 8910 on the number plates of other vehicles on the road. So I  RIed  for one minute, and in the next five minutes I saw three vehicles with the combination of 8910 on their number plates! Just see the power of the universe in manifesting our desires. Just wonder about the level of intelligence  and co-ordination involved. It is mind-boggling, just incredible.

11-   One of the problems that I face and I am sure all of the dedicated students of ARVARI  feel is that now it is impossible and very very difficult to be in lower vibrations. It feels like poison!  I cannot endure it, and that makes me even more frustrated and angry. Well that is how negative forces attack, that is what they do to the mind, because when you are in Unity Consciousness these dark forces have no power over you. Their job is to get you down from that high level of Universal  Consciousness. It takes me 5 Minutes to get back in Highest Infinite Vibrations, but I must say that If I had mastered this level of Infinity then I would never ever fall prey to these forces of negativity. Well I am working on it, on being One with GOD all the time. IT is difficult but at the same time very very  easy; a small child can do it.

12-   It is very very easy my friends to be in joy, to be in love, to be the living embodiment of the Divine.  How, you may ask?  Just think Divine thoughts of love and joy, think, think, think divinely, think about the positive only and just wait and watch how that does change your life.

13-   Your thoughts are even more Precious than Gold, the most important thing in your life is your thinking, because your thinking manifests your life. My dear ones be very very  aware of what kind of thoughts you think. These thoughts are the tools with which you are going to shape your life.

14-   Your only purpose in life is JOY, that is it, period!  Joy is the only destination and joy is the journey. I  know that it requires effort to change your thinking habits. However, that is the only thing worth doing in your life. These courses are given by the ONE for the Ascension of Humans. Please practice them religiously and then enjoy the magic!

15-   One request to  Gerald is that we all student want to have his Tele-coaching seminars or Even more Courses. There is so much to learn from this Master that we should all request him for more courses and seminars!



Robert robertrigby11@gmail.com sent us this follow up on July 24, 2014

 Hello Gerald


This process of empowerment and becoming demands taking complete personal responsibility for everything.
You have provided the tools that potentiate the opening and claiming of  what is our divine birth right.  However, the path to this unfolding is uniquely personal (even as facets of the One who we ALL are) and requires of the individuals to travel alone and validate and experience what unfolds for themselves.
Seeking more useless information, projecting  specialness,  or dependency to an individual who can provide answers, only dissipates the energy that is required and leaves one weak and reliant on something/somebody beyond them selves.
I see that initially I was looking for something from you that only the One can deliver through me.

I will continue to use the resources you have gifted us although  I am not able to adequately express my gratitude to you because I increasingly sense the depth and scope of what it accesses is beyond quantification or qualification!
Regardless, I am taking full and complete responsibility for this journey and will not be looking to you for anything other than fellowship and resonance of spirit.

Robert robertrigby11@gmail.com sent us this testimonial on June 10, 2014

To all seeker of Truth: Very Important . Please read.

Hi Gerald,
 I received the Remote Viewing/remote Influencing Courses early last week and given that I happen to have this week off (with my wife away assisting our eldest daughter with a new grandchild) I was moved to begin absorbing the materials in a more intensive manner than recommended in the instructions and what I have read on Grillflame.

I have been a seeker all my life but have been voraciously looking, practicing, affiliating (ending affiliations), etc...  for the last 23years.
 My story isn't t important but what your work is pointed to, what it revealed and allowed access to is!
 The depth of my disillusionment with paradigms, groups, religions, belief systems, practices, etc... had brought me to the brink of fear, separation, alienation and hopelessness.
  The clarity regarding the darkness of the matrix only fueled these concerns and yet I sensed/knew that the Kingdom lay within and that this could and would only be revealed and validated by the courage to leave the shoreline of all that had failed to deliver.
  I had explored your work several times of the years but fear, doubt, hesitation held the high ground until just a few weeks ago I was moved to purchase the combined courses.
  Since that time I have meticulously absorbed all that is available on your website and interviews, messages, etc.
  The depth, breadth and scope of what is being revealed is beyond my ability to adequately portray so no attempt will look to diminish the mysteries that are being accessed here.
   I know that I will be reaching out to you personally for consultation and guidance once I have finished the initial course work (although I already intuit that this work is never finished and will continue to unfold and deepen).
   I could not wait to express to you the sincere appreciation, gratitude and love I have for the gift you have so graciously extended.
   I will be reaching out to you soon !


Isabelle i_belleke@hotmail.com sent us this enthousiastic testimonial on June 1, 2014


  • Learning to quiet the mind.

  • Experiencing the Infinite Expanse of the One

  • Manifesting two unusual wishes, as a test.

Dear Gerald,
Today was an exciting day!  I want to share with you the following:
Beginning of February I started with your RI training.  Being a 'thinker' with thoughts always racing through my mind at high speed, I must admit that those first months I had a difficult time to quiet my mind.  Nevertheless I continued with the training, almost on a daily basis.
Surfing and reading on the web I came across the story of someone who manifested seeing a blue feather, am sure a lot of people have read that tale.  More out of curiosity than anything else I decided to also try and manifest something along those lines.
I thought of a rainbow but then decided I would go with a red butterfly instead.
That evening I used training session 6, which I find a very powerful one, and went into a very deep delta state.  So much so that for the first time I experienced a true altered state of mind, the universe, the one.  Wish I could find the words to correctly describe it; the space was vast and everything seemed out of proportion somehow.  I also had some vivid images flashing by, not coherent and no idea what deeper meaning they have but that's ok for now.
Anyway, this morning I was walking through the garden and right in front of me, there it was...a butterfly, the first one I've seen this year!  It was perhaps not red but a deep orange, still close enough.  I was in awe, sat down close to where it was sitting and just stared at it, admired it.  We sat there for certainly 10min without moving, it felt simply magical and I couldn't stop smiling and thanking the universe, the one.  All this time I kept hearing a little voice inside of me saying; anything is possible, there are no limits (as long as you are pure).

But it doesn't end there.  Late in the afternoon I took a shower; while using the hand spray I saw something out of the corner of my eye, I turned to look and to my utter surprise...I could admire a little rainbow in the shower! 

Today I must have looked silly to a lot of people; as I spend my day with this constant big smile on my face, happy and so very grateful. 
I consider myself a rational and even somewhat skeptical person.  But this glimpse I received of the power of the One just blew me away.
Maybe to a lot of people above is peanuts or a bit silly.  But perhaps it can also be a motivating message to all those who are contemplating on purchasing the training or not, or who have just started the training, or those who have started but are struggling a bit.  I can but say; go for it, hang in there, don't give up as it is so very worthwhile. 
Dear Gerald, apart from thanking the one I of course also thanked you quite a number of times today.  Thank you for showing me the way and for being such an inspiration. 
Wishing you delightful thoughts,


Monica, a student from Montreal Canada sent us this testimonial on  April 23, 2014


Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

Let me express all my gratitude to you.

I bought the full program of RV and RI a few weeks ago, after your interview with Ariadne Sassafrass (on the site of Elegance Conscious Living Online Summit) and I started training as recommended by you. Clarity begins to settle in my mind. I resonated instantly with your teachings and your energy.

After so many years of research and experiences, having spent all my life savings and traveled the world far and wide , having met countless shamans and spiritual teachers, I felt at the end of my resources, my strength and my hopes . I was drowning in the abyss of despair.

Your teachings help me feel alive again and give me hope.

Thank you so much! I am not exaggerating when I say that you saved my life.

Thank you very much again. May you be blessed at every step you make!

Monica R



Gemma Deneen bodyandsoulnow@yahoo.com sent us this testimonial on February 2, 2014

Hi Gerald,

I am actually taking your two courses. What a blessing! My friend and I have been doing it at the same time. I was able to get the 2nd set on her order.

This is probably the most exciting course I've taken in years. (My initiation in 1985 as a Reiki Master has to be right up there, as I experienced being fully in my energy body... about 7 feet tall and wide awake for a short and memorable period of time. I've been catching up to that experience all this time.)

I know I'll have to go through the course many times in order to allow the process to grow so I can gain some mastery. Nevertheless, it's an amazingly blissful journey even now.

Thank you so much for making this available,

Gemma  (Deneen Peckinpah) 


 "Your happiness is a service to others"   


                                                                                                   "Perception is an act of creation."

          Story Waters


Claire B nanopiano@yahoo.ca , a dear Canadian student, sent to us this enthusiastic feedback on December 27, 2013


  • Quantum transformative effect of our RV/RI courses.

  • Old negative programs are falling away and blocks are removed.

  • Connection to Source is established and  infinite bliss and joy is experienced with It.

  • Thanking us for our message of Oneness and the information we  share with the world.

Dear Gerald 

About a year ago, I happened to stumble on your ARVARI website. What a revelation!  For a long-time seeker such as myself, your site was a portal into higher truth and realization.

After all my years of studying with several well-known (and less-known) teachers, I just knew I was finally going home.

Your words deeply resonated with what I always felt. Your analysis dispelled all the shadows,  misconceptions, dogmas, negative beliefs that often plague the spiritual student, and throw  near un-surmountable blocks on their path.

I ordered the RV/RI course in November 2012 and I can happily say that there was no going back! To the old way of thinking and the old tired views, that is!

Instead, each time I listened to one of the CDs, a world of bliss, of light, of connectedness  with source, with the One,  opened up for me. Now, a new amazing universe filled with joy and peace welcomed me. I was home!  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'm so happy that you are with us to gently show us the way to Oneness and freedom. Your  message is for the whole world. At this moment, this message is also the most important and  enlightening information that must be shared and broadcasted around the world.

The time has come!  In love and light, 

Your grateful student, 


Joseph H., U.S.  Army, h.joseph505@hotmail.com one of our trainees, deployed in Afghanistan, sent us this feedback on July 21, 2013

Hello Gerald my name is Joseph H. I have ordered your amazing remote viewing program words can not express the greatness of your program, I'm currently deployed in Afghanistan. I'm serving in the US Army. I enjoy your program vey much and look forward to helping myself as well as others thru remote viewing training in the future.

 Thank You Gerald

Joseph  H.


Diana, a very talented artist who trained with our courses sent us this feedback on April 10 , 2013


  • Using our combo training to heal a deep state of depression.

  • Helped reverse a traumatic spinal injury and a very serious Cauda Equina syndrome which was operated upon by surgeons and left her paralyzed then from the waist down.

  • Helped her get full nights of restful sleep without the use of chemical sleeping agents. 

  • Manifested a "soul mate!'

  • Manifested herself a nice sunny apartment!

  • She is now out and about and even dancing!


Hi Gerald,

Thank you so much for everything. I literally listen to you every night to fall asleep. It works by far better than Ambien to put me to sleep. I am very grateful to you, your course, your interviews and articles. I got your course 2 years ago and wow- it has been such a journey. To make it short- I did your course and recovered from illness. You spoke to me during that time.

You really helped me get out of deep, intense darkness. I would listen to you and hover on the edge of life and death.

Long story, if you want will tell you all about it. Anyways, it was severe and lasted 10 years. 

Then just as I was finally beginning feeling like my life was coming back I had a traumatic spine injury and then underwent surgery for what they called Cauda Equina Syndrome- when all the nerves going down from the spine are pinched in the lower spine.

Anyways, I was then paralyzed from the waist down, I had no bladder, and bowels function. I wore a catheter, could not walk, no sexual function. 

They said, it may or not ever return!

Now a year later, I am coming back to functioning!

I have used your course for this. I manifested healing!

I also began having magical manifestations.

I painted a vision of a soul mate and met a guy who looked exactly like my painting and we had an amazing connection.

Then as I was living in an apartment- I spent everything I earned as an art teacher on my cold, dark, damp apartment. I hated it but needed a place to live. I hoped for a better place,

I used your course, I had a mental vision of a warm, sunny apartment. 

Literally 2 days later, one of my friends told me she had a place to share. Its was sunny and spectacular - just in like my vision- bright windows with sun pouring it. Also my friend is so sweet, she is trading private art classes for letting me stay there!!!  Wow that manifestation blows my mind.

So I am a powerful manifestor and I try to be a light worker and bring joy and happiness and love!

I have a vision of healing people and teaching them to manifest through art like I did.

Even if you do not know how to heal this problem, please send a prayer out to the One for me or remote influence my healing.

I will send a picture so you have a face to put with the letter.

This is of me dancing again for the first time after getting my catheter out and recovering enough to walk and DANCE!

All the best and Thank you for healing the world.



Petro briarglen8@telkomsa.net wrote to us on February 17, 2013 this nice comments: 

Dear Gerald: 

I see that you like us to report back. I hope I am not going into too much detail. 

I see that you mention that we take about 30 to 45 minutes at a time. As most of the training sessions etc are more than an hour, I cannot see how it can be done. Nevertheless I have the time, have had hypnotherapy etc so don't find it all new. I am enjoying the course tremendously, and have to keep myself from overdoing it. I have followed the suggested order, and have gone as far as RI- #10.

I have found that I need to listen to the CD's without the ear phones the first time, just to get the gist, and then use the ear phones the second time. I just cannot listen to it at night- I very quickly lose consciousness, and wake up ( as you have mentioned in the booklet) and am wide awake. A have been a bad sleeper my whole life, so avoid that.  

I just realize that this is a training for life, and cannot be put away after a few weeks. That would be an absolute waste of the material. 

Thank you for all the work that you have put into it. I love every moment. I even love your voice. Before you get worried, I could have been your grand mother!!!  Fortunately my brain is still active as I have been teaching classical music for serious pupils, until recently. 




Sylvia Tsuji tsujis@rogers.com sent us this feedback on August 1, 2012

Subject: Healing Alopecia Totalis in her daughter using our RI course by mind power alone

Hi Gerald:

I wrote to you on October 21, 2008, telling you that I was working with my daughter, using RI tapes, to heal her auto immune disease called Alopecia.  This is where the body attacks the hair follicle and the hairs fall out.  Her hair had fallen out all over her body but since using the RI CD's, I had noticed that small amounts of hair were starting to come back on her body.   It was only as a result of listening to another video session of yours that I thought I should provide an update.  For the last 9 months, my daughter now has a full head of hair.  Although it took 3 years to completely recover from this disease, I have been told by medical doctors that it is highly unusual for individuals who have Alopecia Totalis (where there is not one strand of hair on the body) to recover so completely.  Perhaps if the loss of hair was just on one part of her body, the results would have been quicker to achieve.  Nevertheless, we are appreciative of what has happened - the length of time it took is immaterial.  Her eyelashes and eyebrows have come in thicker than they used to be, as well as her hair which is exactly as I envisioned it to be - brown, wavy and healthy hair.  I am so glad to be using your CD's


Ontario, Canada

Peter PVMX2@aol.com sent us this feedback on May 1, 2012

Hi Everybody !  

Since I have awakened, the one favorite voice I love to hear is Gerald. As in his interviews the wisdom real comes through . Since he is the only one channeling the One, his silence over the past few months has me yearning for updates. His interview with Nick I use as a base reference for all my research as I learn to understand the lattices of reality and the players behind the scenes as they play the roles of the duality lessons. I am working on my significance energy's as I climb up and down the ladder of my own consciousness but still have a block not letting me out of my body and only glimpses of astral projection.

My intuition is clear as a bell, and lots of synchronistic events are happening for me. There has been talk of DNA activation which I believe is happening to many right now, including me, thanks to ARVARI.

So If it is possible to get another interview with Nick posted I sure you have plenty of juicy new stuff to talk about .  

Thank you sincerely, my prayers are with you all !

Love  Peter

Charles Beck smalleaglefeather@yahoo.com wrote to us on April 30, 2012

Dear Gerald,

I have listened to your interview with Nick last January for the third time in the last 24 hours, and I am stunned and surprised with joy and love!  I can tell Nick was overwhelmed during the interview just as I am when I listen to it.  

The most instructive thing your said to me through that interview was the fact that your RV course is about learning to talk with my "inner Jerusalem," and your RI course is about learning to talk to my "upper Jerusalem."  I hadn't seen that before, and it is most helpful. 

I know the ONE is doing "a miracle" in my life.  You gave me so much freedom in telling me all I have to do is love myself, the "one across from me," and the One, and I can forget about any other strivings.  That brings so much freedom and deliverance from bondage.  The One needs only love, not worship, and I haven't seen that up to now.  Humility is my seeing that and then doing it!  

As Nick said over and over at the end of the interview, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," and I also say "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Love to my brother Gerald,

Charlie (small eagle feather, who soon will be flying out of the cage)

Peter peter@titan-developmentgroup.com wrote to us this enthusiastic feedback on February 20, 2012:


  • Considers our training the Penultimate Personal Development program around, much more advanced than most others for it teaches you how and why we magnetize reality and the details of how this operates easily.

  • Manifested rapidly a new business with the help of what he learned using  our techniques, as his financial and personal situation was very dire.

  • Manifested an overnight healing when badly accidently injured on his pinky with a hammer  in a work accident. Did the a healing in a Delta state of mind while remaining conscious.

Dear Mr. Gerald O'Donnell

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an enlightening and powerful training system!
In our conversation you had asked me to write about my experiences, sorry that it took so long.
Let me give you some background to start with.
I have been a student of personal development for the past 20 years (kind of a personal development junkie !)
I have read many books and went through many programs. In the process, I accumulated a lot of knowledge that I consider priceless.
Looking back now, I believe this served me in order to prepare me to understand and appreciate the information and truth found in your Remote Viewing and Influencing Course.
This course is very advanced in comparison to all the other courses I had been through in the past.
The difference I think is that it is complete!
Complete in the sense that it does not just teach you about the law of attraction, it helps you to understand how and why it works.
After going through your course, to pick up a book on personal development now would be for inspiration only.
I feel more advanced then the the authors of the programs and books I had read in the past.
I decided to use the information and remote influence my life!

I will share with you two very profound experiences, one on money and the other on healing.

First, some background: I am a General Contractor, and have been in business for the past 27 years.
Being in business is like being on a rollercoaster. Over the years, I have gone up and down, but never so down as when the economy hit my industry in 2009 and 2010.
I then lost my house, lost my wife, moved to a small apartment with my daughter and was barely scraping by!

In the creative process I know that the first step is to get clear on what I want.

I decided to make 1,000.00 a day consistently.
Every morning and every night I wrote down on paper my desired outcome.
I felt and visualized what life would be like having this now! Writing continuously this help my mind focus and keep it from wandering.
Then I would express gratitude, thanking my higher self for such a wonderful prosperous experience.
After feeling like I was conscious and very clear about my desired outcome, and what it would look like, I decided to do it in the alpha, theta, and delta states visualizing my desired outcome and feeling joy and gratitude.
After 26 days of consistent daily practice I got a call from someone working for a fortune 400 company.
I had not worked for this company for 3 years; in fact, I had never worked for them directly.
My contract was with another company that acted like a mediator and management. I had subcontracted the work from them.
The representative informed me about 65 locations across the country that would need refurbishment or relocation, build outs.
I told him that I was very interested, and he asked me to look at two locations 300 miles apart from each other.
At the time I didn't have the money to fund a 400,000 dollar project. My finances were so bad that I would have a hard time even going to see the projects, let alone do them, but I knew something would give, and I moved forward as if there were no obstacles.
That week I was remodeling a house for a wealthy developer and he had mentioned to me about how he was displaced by the economy as well and how he could not build homes now.
I asked him if he would like to invest in a project I have and he said he would love to.
We got the project, completed it on time and made great money.
I would of made 1,000.00 a day if I didn't have an investor. I made 500.00 a day.

For the next project I struck a deal to with the fortune 400 company to fund the project fully for me-  something they never do in commercial construction!
This funding comes with no interest.
In the meantime I also attracted 2 more investors willing to invest at much lower rates even though I didn't need them now.
I have them for back up.
Everything came together in place, effortlessly!
Now I am doing 2 projects for them simultaneously.
The workers and subcontractors that I have attracted are vary good and are willing to travel : )

The other experience had to do with an injury, one of my workers hit my pinky with a hammer full-swing, square on my finger nail.
I was holding a 4x4 post as he beat it in place.
The next day I could not even touch it without feeling like I was hit all over again. Extremely painful!
I decided to go into a delta state that night and remote influence a healing.
The next day I had no pain just a little numbness!
My hand should of been out of commission for at least 2 weeks or more!

This program is incredible because it's not only enlightening but when applied it works!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Mr. O'Donnell and creating such a powerful program!
I thank you and my family thanks you too!


Scottish G. rv-ri-student@safe-mail.net  writes to us on February 19, 2012

I love all your interviews and have listened and listened to them religiously.  I am definitely one of your biggest fans and really appreciate all of the hard work and energy you put into your training courses.  I realize that they and you are Divinely Inspired.

Your courses have resonated with me from the beginning of my listening to them.  I listen to one of your lectures while working out every day and one of the RI sessions every night just before falling asleep.  I feel so good and have so much energy everyday and I attribute that to your RI and RV courses.  I do believe that there is a miraculous healing and an expansion of our conscience awareness beyond what has existed before. 

I don't leave home with out taking your courses with me, downloaded, on my I-Pad and I-Phone.......You and your courses have changed my life and the way I feel about life, living and the pursuit of Happiness.  I absolutely love thinking Happy thoughts.  It makes such a difference in the way the world around me meets and greets me.  My having an overall feeling of goodness and well being, I believe, makes people reflect those same feelings back to me....I am Happy and love life and all the little nuances that make up the life.  I look at flowers, birds, trees, insects and people differently now.  I look for the goodness that every person, place and thing has to offer.  Your courses are a gift from the One and I feel so blessed to have found them.  I am still in the beginning stages of transformation and learning about all the special techniques and effects your courses have to offer.  But I am on the way and I love that feeling and I love being a student of your RV & RI programs.

I have just been re-reading your website and i want to congratulate you on the changes you have made.  It is all very interesting reading and so very enlightening to the searching soul.   I am going to re-read the entire site again just to refresh what I have read in the past and expose myself to what is new on the site.  I always learn something new when ever I re-read your site.   I noticed you are mentioning a news letter, I didn't know about a news letter?  

I have listened to your most recent interview with Nick Good, 01/11/2012 from Night to Daylight 3 times now.....and plan to listen again later today.   It is so good and interesting.   Every-time I listen I gain more insight into what you are saying.....I always feel good after listening to your interviews and I can feel my mind opening, little by little, and the curtain of disbelief rising as you expose what has happened in this creation.   Your explanation's always seem to be familiar to me as if I have heard it before in some distant past, forgotten about it and then you bring it to the surface and I recognize the validity of what you are saying.....and when I hear it or read it several times it makes perfect sense to me......perfect sense as if I am saying to myself "of course that is the truth,  What took you so long to understand?" I am so happy to have been gifted with the ability to accept your concepts or should I say the concepts of the One, and to have been gifted this journey to the Oneness....(I am experiencing huge feelings of over whelming emotions right now).

Thank you Gerald for being the guiding Light and teaching me to think Happy Thoughts.
Your student,


Edwin Perol ecperol@yahoo.com writes us this short feedback on February 15, 2012

Hi Gerald,

Greetings to you and the ARVARI community!

First of all, I would like to thank you for the messages you have been sharing and spreading to humanity. They are very powerful. It is definitely coming from the Universal One Mind. When I read them, it takes me so much time to understand and integrate. It is also true when you said that reading them several times will make them clearer to understand. I have been following your messages and listening to your tele-seminars.

Much love to you and happy thoughts always,

Edwin Perol

Otis H. hodcfk@gmail.com wrote to u son February 8, 2012

My world is so much more beautiful having completed the lessons on
Remote Viewing and Influencing..   I have turned over all my CDs and
material to my son who just recently graduated from Ole Miss.

All I can say, it just happens... I make myself available, I do what I
can do, and it just happens...  I truly feel the presence of the
Universal Mind and being one with the Universal Mind...

Gerald, you are special to be chosen and want to initiate our
evolvement with the Universal One.  Thank you very much!

Otis H.

Marc Grecco marcegrecco@gmail.com sends us this testimonial on January 27, 2012


Thanks for all the great work you have done and thanks for your fearlessness of presenting this to the world of Man.  I dream of One Day experiencing This as the world of God as that is what I am working towards. Again I enjoy and gain so much from your words and work.

In Oneness and Peace,

 Marc Grecco

Dorothy K. dorothy.kulik@hotmail.com writes us this testimonial on January 16. 2012


Increased Kundalini experiences while listening to our training program.

I am very impressed with the quality of the training.  Just the effect of the intense flow of kundalini energy during each session has totally blown me away.  I have no doubt whatsoever your training program will accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished and, as instructed, I do not need to worry about doing anything.  I simply listen to one disk every night.  If I fall asleep, it's no big deal.  When I finish both courses, I will simply start over.  Eventually my mind will be trained to achieve 4-5 Hz deep theta just before delta (just short of returning to source for a battery recharge) and I have no doubt once fully trained I will be able to do so at will with my eyes open directly from beta.

My SuperHero Training MasterMind group recently discussed a problem that we wanted to deal with but it was of a very sensitive nature.  We knew if we did not handle it correctly we could unintentionally create ill-will.  So I asked to sleep on it.  I prayed for guidance before going to sleep, listened to your audio, and fell asleep.  During the night I got a packet in audio form.  It simply said "let it go for now."  I reported the message to my MasterMind group and we agreed it sounded like the best course of action.  Within 24 hours an event occurred that revealed to us it was exactly the right thing to do and that if we had not obeyed that message we would have created a very upsetting situation.

I am so ready for this.  My stated intention in SuperHero Training is to align my will with that of the Creator to do Its work.  Your training is right on point for getting the job done.

Thank you.


Dorothy K.

Nathan LaBrake nathan_labrake@hotmail.com writes to us on January 8, 2012


  • Exponentially increase constant intuition developed by training with our combo program.

Hello Gerald,

Hope your days are wonderful recently.
I wanted to say that after I completed most of your course (when I finally decided last year in 2010 to go through it, but unable to finish it), i started having extremely powerful intuitions.

I started to "feel" the gut feeling - when you are putting yourself in the direction of a negative situation, you feel that twisting anxiety within the gut.

Thanks for the efficiency of your courses and how much guidance you received in creating them. This intuition is constant, and helps me in almost any task I am doing, but sometimes I am not always sure what the feeling is telling me, and other times I have wonders if my conscious mind is influencing certain thoughts, which sometimes it does. Thus, I am learning how to tell which are real and which are not, and I think that I actually know, I just like to be sure it isn't warning me of something important. I am always listening, now, to my inner guidance.
Thanks so much for what you have gifted to the world.

Much Love and Light,

Nathan LaBrake

Lucia D. luciad@rocketmail.com wrote to us on December 12, 2012


I'm a school teacher. I spent the whole summer listening to your CDs with my kids.

Our lives have changed so much. It's amazing. I hope that you have a wonderful Holiday and you are surrounded by love

Thank you for all your messages.

They are so nice to receive

Somehow I always sense when you will write.

You are the best!!!

I always turn to your CDs.

When I'm feeling overwhelmed.

You can't imagine what a comfort

They are to me.

It's a beautiful thing you've done for humanity.

Love and light


Paul J. Walstad Sr. pjwalstad@gmail.com wrote to us on December 12, 2012.

Hello.  Some time ago I bought your two programs on Remote Viewing.  But for many reasons, they were put aside until very recently. I found I could do some limited Remote Viewing (for good), with some guidance from other DVDs, but I felt inspired to turn to your programs recently, and started with your “Remote Viewing Training System”.  I found so much in it, so many answers, so much inspiration, and so much hope! 

After I complete the whole system, I would hope we can even talk, as I am writing a novel and would like your input and some matters relating to remote viewing as well as astral projection, etc...   

So I am in the middle of this adventure, but I wanted to say at this holiday time, Thanks! Thank you for sharing and the inspiration! And I will give you further input in the future and be in touch. 

Have wonderful holidays! 


Tammy Robertson rainboweagle@gmail.com wrote to us this enthusiastic comment on December 06, 2011.


  • Her father has an out of-body experience but just listening to one of our CDs, which immediately removed his back pain after years of suffering.


All I can say is WOW!  The video gifts you sent out to everyone

are incredible---the best "warm fuzzy" I've had in a long time. 

My father (who has lived with incredible pain from a back surgery years ago)

came to visit me the other day. I had him listen to one of my Remote Viewing CDs and within

minutes he was out-of-body and pain-free. He now wants to borrow my CDc, so I

will have to get him his own set- because I cannot part with mine!  

Much love and golden blessings to you dear heart. 

Thank you for uplifting humanity!  It is time.


Tammy Robertson


Munjal Patel, MUNJAL6100@HOTMAIL.COM , a dear student from India, sent us this very nice and enlightening feedback on November 22, 2011




  • Opening the doors to The One

  • The door of pure Joy into ecstasy

  • The infinite powers of pure Love

  • How to do global healing of the planet's consciousness

  • Manifesting and attracting all that is sought with the Infinite Force of Love.

  • Healing negativity

  • Easily Reading the thoughts and emotions of others

  •  Easily and accurately Remote Viewing the stock markets

  • Raising the vibrations of others as we encounter them etc...



Dear Gerald,

My deep love and gratitude for bring up such courses. Words are not enough to express my Love and gratitude for you because you have opened the doors to Infinity for me. Your courses have helped me to realize my own Self, my own nature, which is infinite joy ever increasing and never ending ecstasy, and out of the Divine ecstasy arises  incredible Love oceans full of Infinite Love.

That is what we are all are and this is our mission to feel Infinite Love and ecstasy.

By mastering your courses we can easily achieve this feat. We just need the intention and the rest is taken care of.

I know from the bottom of my heart that you are channeling The One and Only One that IS God.  This is very serious because through the medium of Gerald The One has given us, humanity,  these RI and RV courses which are the key to liberation.

I simply love RV/RI and practice them religiously everyday. It is my routine now. It is like if I don't meditate thrice daily then something is missing in my day; the day is not complete... When I have time I meditate with CDs, and when time is short I meditate without the CDs.  

The amount of Joy that I feel is indescribable. This is what we are after, all of humanity. We want joy only. We run after money, women and all other worldly things because by getting them we feel joy. There is nothing wrong with it, but that type of joy is limited, and the joy we can get in meditation which is made effortless by your RV/RI courses is Infinite and ever increasing and never ending. That is it.

My Life has completely changed. Now I live for this Joy and Love and everything is taken care by The One. I spend my day healing Mother Earth and the whole human consciousness. I feel so much Love for Mother Earth. It is our common responsibility to heal Her. I am going to give everything I have to heal Her.

RV/RI has given me incredible powers but these are powers of Love and Joy. Love is the most powerful powerful force in the universe.

I will give you an examples of the practical uses of the RV/RI course:

  • 1- Even though I did not RI my family members, their behavior and the overall vibratory atmosphere of my house has changed because of my meditation sessions. It has become very peaceful and joyful. When you come in my room you can literally feel the Divine Presence because I do all my RV/RI in my room.

  • 2- All the things that I think about come true and manifest in my life. It happens in such a way that I have to marvel at the Infinite Intelligence of The One.

  • 3- I have made it a habit to heal instantly all the negative thoughts that I feel. EG , one of my friends, is very negative but I give healing to him and in my presence he becomes very cheerful and completely different.

  • 4-All my vehicles work like magic. I feel that they also have consciousness and I can love them. My motorbike, even though not used for a long time would start on second kick. It works on battery and for that battery to remain charged it has to be used regularly, but magic happens!

  • 5- I can read others' thoughts, feelings and emotions, even of animals and plants. It is just a knowing.

  • 6- While merged deeply with the One, at the level of now, where everything happens simultaneously, parallel thoughts and realities, I was given the message of healing the Earth Mother and humanity in daily life, being as much filled with ecstasy as  possible because joy  literally heals the wounds and it has a very deep effect on the environment.

  • 7- I can easily Remote View the stock market very very accurately. It is freaky. I just do it to sharpen the edges of my mental concentration.

  • 8- I can easily raise the vibrations of another person by RI and it happens in REAL TIME. When the RI starts you can literally see the change in that person behavior and emotions.

I can go on and on. It is a very long story and I don't want to blow my horn but this is possible for EVERYONE. all of us are the children of Infinity. We have the power to feel Infinite Joy, Love, and Light and now is the time to get it.

In the end I just want to say that Gerald is amazing and very very humble, helpful, and lovable human being who has dedicated his life for the work of The One. I consider myself extremely lucky to have met this amazing master.

All my love and blessing form the deepest core of my heart to my friend. He is an inspiration to me for dedicating my life for The One. Really it is our intention that matters. if you just intend and trust on The One, everything will be taken care of.

We are lucky to have Gerald. The One tells me that I and all of us have to learn a lot from Gerald.  Gerald, we request you for more courses and teachings, and to start the web based video training of the different technique of RV/RI that you were personally going to teach us. Please consider my request.

All my Love to you.


Jerry G. jagates@gmail.com wrote to us this testimonial on October 13, 2011


Dear Gerald:

I have been following you for some time, and I appreciate you.  Your remote influencing and remote viewing programs have helped me get ready for that which is coming.  I have found numerous ways to affect my life through real love.  Others respond very well to love in unexpected ways.  Enemies have become friends and friends have become friendlier.  And new friends are formed easier.

I have this summer even made new friends with wild animals that frequent a nearby park and two dogs who live nearby me that always before barked every time I walked by.  A mother duck this summer who was afraid of everyone else would swim across a large pond to be close and show me her ducklings. Even though it was prohibited to feed them and she definitely was not looking for food.  The dogs no longer bark at me as I walk by as I quietly exude my love to them and tell them what good dogs they are.   

My dreams are positive and I get real answers in my dreams that have been helpful and sometimes predictive.

Being a part of The One gives me confidence to be patient and able to wait as his plan unfolds.

Jerry G.


Philomena Loh Heng Kim philokim58@yahoo.com from Malaysia wrote to us thus enthusiastic feedback on October 10, 2011

Thank you Gerald for your interview. I was able to listen to it with JOY. I have been practising with your guided CDs on RV and RI for a year now and am delighted with the changes in myself.

I am an energy healer (Qigong healer)  and your course has helped me to be more intuitive in dealing with people with physical and mental problems. I've also become more compassionate with your guidance

Thanks a million and I do enjoy your interviews -- very inspiring and uplifting.


Nicole Bruce nicole@bruceappraisal.com wrote to us this testimonial on September 30 , 2011.

Dear Gerald:

In 2004, I lost everything. Everything? my reputation, my business, my lifestyle, my houses, my cars, my kids, my family, my husband , aspects of my freedom, my privacy, my joy, my hope, my passion, my love.…in a time frame of 8 months. As a child, I was always taught to turn a negative into a positive…off I went to Montana. This had been part of my dream as a child. Here I was trying to make that happen!

Late 2005, I had my dream house, I had physical possession of 3 out of 4 of my children, a good reputation, privacy….It wasn't enough for me. I had lost my love, my passion, my desire for life. If I couldn't have that back, why go on? Then it happened, in one moment of desperation….I prayed…I demanded of the light- If you continue to keep me on this planet, I want answers! Help me heal, help me heal my family….show me the way. I will not settle for less. 

From 2005 to 2008, I was an appreciative and grateful Rapunzel locked away in a safe tower searching, seeking, following the trail of leads…..2006- the entire family is physically "back together". Early 2008, I started meditating with Holosync and continued to follow the leads… my oldest daughter is diagnosed with cancer….I was having a difficult time mentally & emotionally dealing with my movie. I was on a loop of repeats in my life that were not acceptable to me. More searching…..

Late 2008, I found the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI). I had a lot of fear and the main reason why I selected the ARVARI programs is that overcoming your past and present fears is one of the most important aspects of the training. In addition to daily sessions, I slept with a different CD playing every night…I "slept" 12 hour nights…for 2.5 years… In hindsight, it was one of the best decisions I have made…… 

From 2008-2010 along with some other tools I've picked up along the way, during the day I systematically reprogrammed every fear my mind held. As I mentioned earlier in this post our family was in a situation where we went to the police for help. Several individuals within different government entities worked together and used the power and authority of their position in an abusive situation towards our family. As a result, every member of our family did not trust anyone in a position of authority who held certain types of "power" over us….

2011-I have many friends and friends of friends who are police, firemen, Sheriffs, judges, and social worker's…..OH, and that mind program that kept me experiencing betrayals…it's gone too…I can come out of my castle turret and LIVE again and LOVE again. To feel love pour out of my heart and into my children again - Thank you Gerald, just doesn't seem to be enough…..I have to remove all barriers and "privacy" and share what I normally don't share…AND I CAN DO THAT NOW....I AM THAT I AM…

Man is a thinking center…there is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and in its original state it permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought, in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought on the formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created……

There is a POWER inside of YOU that cannot be checked by any government, religion, corporation, or mass…if enough individuals let loose this power things WILL change….

NOW…I am off to turn more negatives into positives. Thank you!

Nicole Bruce


JoEllen  joellen.laveigne@gmail.com writes to us this testimonial on August 11, 2011



Dear Gerald O'Donnell,

I completed your CD training courses, Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, several months ago, and the amazing
changes within my being are still with me--multiplying as I merge more and more into the One that is all. My fear of personal
loss is shrinking, and I feel free to create with transforming thoughts liberated by your trainings. I'm sure you have touched
many lives, and I know your work--a labor of love--will live within the One as the light within our hearts--and so it is.

Feel free to use my testimony any way you wish. My gratitude is great.

One with love,



Renate G. googren@aol.com wrote to us this feedback on August 2, 2011


I  would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a tool touching Source Energy within me. I became a student of yours in Sept 2010, there are no words available to me at the moment to convey what I have become within and without. I have really searched all my life, even coming thru the system called church, I have always had a lot of questions, even though they were answered, it was not the right ones for me.  Till this day I don't know how I came across your website. When I started reading whatever I was reading at that time resonated with my being and I know I needed to become a student of what you were saying. Certainly new life has sprung up from within me and it is an exiting journey now for me. Thank you, Gerald


Claudia C. zinnekgroenendahl@gmail.com send us this enthousiatic testimonial on July 14, 2011



  • Profound changes and joy wile training with the Combo.

  • Regaining a lost friendship after a single session...



Bonjour Gerald!
  Just a word to say how IMPRESSED I am with your programs: I got them pretty late... but they have been making my days ever since!  In fact, I got an amazing result (getting back a lost friendship) from "putting someone's head on" -the very first day I tried it! 
Actually, for the first time in my life, I am doing each part of them several days in a row, just to make sure I don't miss anything; in absolute love with RI disk number 4. Talking of which, I saw a new movie one of these days, that I believe has quite a few keys about the matrix, how it came to be... and how it actually helps us to transcend ourselves... by putting loads of "batons dans les roues"... if we choose to see it that way, of course. Think you might enjoy it: it's called "The Adjustment Bureau". 
Happy thoughts to you, all the way from Costa Rica!!
Claudia C. 


Francois fdoucet@hotmail.com a Canadian student wrote us this testimonial on July 8, 2011

Dear Gerald,

I already got my RV & RI  a year ago and that was the most important move of my life !!  Since this moment everyday I am using my RI specially my CD 13  I can tell I am working day and night  to make my inner flame brighter and keep smiling in this time of change .. Gerald,  so many powerful change have come my way since I opened myself   I cannot explain how ... One thing  for sure is that if you are sincere in your request  change happen very fast.  I experience it..    My health at  all levels  is so much better and my vision of our probable future is so optimistic .

All of this Gerald  is the great work you placed in my hand with the RV & RI.   No doubt for me ....  you are really connected to the ONE ..   each time I listen to a conference from you the vibration I get are harmony and peace  joy and truth.

You are like a big Brother for all humanity that follows the way of the One  for our wonderful probable future .

I always get into  a deep state of happiness reading  messages from you    :)

Like you always say: Happy Thoughts Gerald!  

Francois   ( Calgary Canada )


Junior Coffi  juniorkoffi@yahoo.com of Japan, wrote to us on May 31, 2011 as to the very powerful manifestation powers he has attained with the help of the connection to the Oneness as he trained with our Combination RV/RI courses


  • Great manifestation powers attained

  • Healings, High vibratory rates, money etc...

  • Out of body voyages at will.

Thanks for making your program available for such an affordable price.

I bought your program about 3yrs ago and I cannot enumerate all that has happened to me here.

Before buying your program I practiced all the royal arts and they were really intensive but manifestation cannot be compared to what I get from your course.

For real, I know once in a generation somebody is sent to enlighten humanity. YOU ARE THAT ONE!

If ever my house got on fire or earthquake, the only thing I will take with me is my COMBO .

Dreams, healings courage thought manifestation, increase in friends etc. I cannot find words to express myself.

A Japanese man with pancreatic cancer, another one with aneurysm have been helped. Now I practice healing.

I will get myself in theta and even delta and my prayers are: quick thought manifestation, diseases and that nature should obey me,.

I get out of my body anytime, anyplace I want.

Believe me, I vibrate! Never seen anything like this before.

Sir, I will send a very detailed testimony about my purchasing of your course, things that since have been happening to me, instant manifestation, money just manifestation in my life etc.

I think your course should be added to any or all high school programs. The course is a gift to humanity and everybody should buy as much as possible. I mean not one only!.

I finally will ask you to allow me to use your program as full teaching material in a school I want to open in Africa.






Jaci scottishglen@gmail.com   sent us thus testimonial filled with wise advice on April 28, 2011



  • Training with our courses with intense joy and dedication in preparation for the Great coming Cosmic  shift.


Dear Gerald,

I have been listening to your Training courses since March 28th, every day sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, either your training sessions or your seminars.  It is interesting that while listening to the Training sessions, questions come up, and all of a sudden I will be guided to one of the seminars and the question is answered.....The Training sessions are wonderful and I am so grateful to have been chosen to experience all that there is.  I am in love with the ONE.  Thank you.....

During many of your Training Sessions (RV) I would have trouble with my concentration on what you were saying, and my conscience mind would constantly interrupt me and distract me to the point where I finally realized what it was doing.....It was like a child or a puppy who wants your attention, when you are trying to do something else without including it, it becomes disruptive and unruly.  It was a battle for me to just get through your Sessions......My legs would twitch, my nose would itch, negative thoughts would seep in to my space, memories would pop up, i would have to go to the bathroom.  It was sometimes ridiculous.  I would just have to stop and start over.  Turn the sound up higher and repeat the CD's over and over until finally Yesterday upon listening to RI Session 7 Disk 10 I finally started to see the the LIGHT......and some colors.......So maybe there is hope for me yet???  (At first when I received your CD's I didn't see the Combined RV&RI Training Pamphlet so I started with All of the RV CD's and then when I went to start the RI ...Duh!!!  I saw the Combination pamphlet and started from the beginning of that.  Which has been good for me.....I think I am starting to finally get it).....

Gerald, my first encounter with your Training session RV disk 2, at the end, as I emerged, I heard a loud voice say "Jaci, I am pure mindset I get in it till I quit"  I have been thinking about this for weeks now.....Do you have any idea what this could mean?  Thanks

Gerald, you are really doing a wonderful thing by making this information available to all.  I have been waiting for this....

I know I had all of your tapes several years ago but my life was in such turmoil and I could only listen off and on and I didn't get it then....I am so happy I have found you again, I know it is late in the process and everyone else has been practicing for years, but I don't want to be left out.....Do I still have time to go too.  To be lifted out of this dark matrix to higher and higher Creations of the ONE?  I am so ready.....I know I still have a lot of work to do.  I am willing to do it, I am doing it....
I am feeling so good and so Happy about everything.  I have disconnected my television so I am not influenced by the dark matrix and I love it.......I was never a really big TV watcher and now I don't watch at all.....It feels so good to not be bombarded daily by the news etc.......Thank you for that too.  I don't care if I ever see TV again......

Love and Light
Your student,



Angel Goodson-A, angelg@gmail.com  an Aussie student of the Academy,  wrote to us on April 12, 2011 this enthusiastic account of her experiences after starting our courses.


  • Connecting to her Higher Self in deep Theta and seeing the world from that High perspective.

  • Spontaneous Out of Body Experience and Remote Viewing in that state

Dear Mr O'Donnell,

Allow me to introduce myself, I feel like I'm already a part of your community. I have spent so much time at probablefuture.com for the past few weeks. I found your site a few weeks ago after watching a new movie called Limitless. Seeing the movie got me to start thinking again about how I crave to use more of my potential as a human being. I started looking on the internet in line with this theme and very quickly came across your site. I haven't moved from it since!

I am blown away to say the least and quite lost for words. What an incredible intrigue I have discovered. I knew I had to get both of your courses and as soon as I had read enough to mislay any fears about it, I did.

The package arrived exactly one week later and I was very excited to receive it. A couple of evenings ago after finishing session two I found that I wasn't ready to leave my centre when the disc finished so I stayed there as suggested.  After a few more minutes I felt I could bring myself out of it but when I did eventually open my eyes I just sat there in the same position with my mouth open like a stunned mullet! (sorry that might be an Australian expression! ) I knew that physically I could move if I wanted to but it was like I just couldn't move. I just sat there, and sat there. I'm not even sure what was going on.  I kept on assessing myself and seeing if I was ready to move yet and just kept sitting there perfectly still. I felt stunned, literally stunned. I took a drink from my water bottle and it was as if the whole movement of my arm and the sensations of the bottle were so exaggerated or intensified, like I was hyper aware of being in my body. I got a little bit nervous as to what I was experiencing but kept reminding myself to be present in love, and that everything was just fine and this was a new experience but all was well. Perhaps my body/mind was integrating this new experience into my psyche or being somehow. I don't know. It was just like I was stunned. I thought about moving or getting up or what I should do next and nothing seemed right. I just kept sitting there with my mouth hanging open! Until the thought came to me that I would like to share my experience with you. I knew my iPad was next to me so picked it up and started writing, it felt normal and natural to do that but I couldn't have imagined trying to do anything else at all, very strange. I should report that after writing this email to you I am now feeling much more normal and like I can go about my business now.

Okay so yesterday something pretty big happened. I did RI Session 2 for the third time. Out of all the sessions this is the first one I am having trouble staying fully aware of your voice. I seem to drift in and out quite a lot but usually become more aware when reaching the void. I have done the session thee times now and still seem to hear something new each time.

After the session has finished each of the three times I have just had to lay there drifting in and out of consciousness. Today I lay there going in and out for a while then had an hour sleep. I then got up and went about my day for a couple of hours. Then I sat down to listen to your Reality Secrets Unveiled Interview and while sitting there I suddenly remembered that I had had what I think was an Out of Body Experience just after my session yesterday! I can't believe I had forgotten that it had happened! It came to me in such a flash and I got instantly so excited like "woo hoo!"

So what happened was while I was laying on my bed after the session I was kind of asleep, I suddenly started to hear this sound wave of vibration like it was coming from behind and to the right of me. It sounded and looked like an effect from a Star Wars movie, like the holograms flashing in and out of view when they are communicating with another ship. Whuj, whuj,whuj, whuj, whuj and as that happened it was like a very vivid picture was flashing on and off. I was in my kitchen suddenly, fully aware but knew something was off so I "opened my eyes" and saw all of the clothes laying in a pile on the end of my bed. The whole time still in the kitchen but seeing the clothes on the end of my bed, like I was in both places at once. The thing is, I did all of this without actually opening my eyes. It all seemed to happen instantly it was not linear, I described it in an order but really it all just happened concurrently. It doesn't sound that remarkable but it was more the energy present while it was happening, it was incredible, like I knew something big was going on, it was exhilarating and something that would usually scare me but I wasn't scared. Gee I wish I could have described it better. So was this an OBE, a lucid dream or just plain remote viewing? Your thoughts would be great. Either way I'm loving the ride!

I am so incredibly happy and excited by this. The reason is that it is the first time I think I was actually remote viewing. All the sessions so far I have felt like I was going through the process but just imagining or remembering what I should be seeing, there was no effort in this, I simply was seeing it all. It happened way too fast and suddenly for me to actually focus on what I was seeing but now I feel like something has been opened up in me.

I'm sure you get many such emails and not sure if this is the kind of feedback you are looking for but I just wanted to make contact I guess.

I must say I feel like I am embarking on a journey that will change my life forever. I am so looking forward to where this might take me, where I might take myself. I am already talking about probablefuture.com to anyone I think would be open to it and have created a few more very intrigued human beings!

After quite some time I was struck quite clearly with a concept. Something that I have often thought about as my deepest wish for the world but now I felt it so very strongly. These words came pouring out into my journal:

My Wish for Humanity is that every individual will know themselves as GOD. Pure, Innocent, Unimaginably Beautiful - GOD. THIS WORK - THIS TRAINING WILL FACILITATE THAT KNOWING.

So.... you must seek it out, chase it down, do what you must to get the courses and do them, and come to life like the diamond of consciousness that you are - in truth. Wake up to the magnificence of who you truly are: L-O-V-E... and you will be home with GOD in a life that never ends.

If only there were words infinitely more powerful than Thank You. Gratitude is so deeply filling all of me. From me to you, THANK YOU.

Light and Love.

Angel Goodson-A


Abena Pau aapau@yahoo.com sent us this comment on April 6, 2011


  • Feeling positive changes  in mind set after completing the program in 12 days.


 I just purchased the RV/RI program and completed it within a 12days period.  I do feel a complete difference in mind set and will keep going over them. I know you said "don't cram the program."

I have so many things I want to learn especially the healing part I have several relatives that are sick and would like to see them healed. I really purchased it so I can help myself and my family, and now that I completed them I can help everyone that needs help that comes into my life. I've been a big fan of "the Secret" since the movie came out to the public and every since then I have been searching and searching which lead me to Holosync with Bill Harris and another program with Paul Sheel and then one day, out of the blue, I said there must be something missing and I found your site so I'm very much excited because I really do feel that this is the missing link that I needed. I will like to thank you for this program.

 I wish I was able to purchase it much much sooner; nevertheless, I am grateful that I have it now. thank-you again .


Michael Goldstein michael@nearinfraredsauna.com sent us this testimonial on March 24, 2011


  • Life changing manifestations using our Combination RV/RI course.

  • Rebuilding one's life within happy thoughts and situations.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

I purchased the remote influencing system about a 10 months ago. I was really at rock bottom in my life both personally and financially. I had been divorced a year before, estranged from my young children and flat broke with poor job prospects. 10 months later things are looking very,very different.

It took some time, but as you say in your messages, one can not put a time frame on manifesting changes. It will, however, happen.  I remember feeling very, very frustrated that things seemed to actually be getting worse in the first 2 months of using your product. In retrospect, there were some lessons I simply needed to learn in order to get my new vision and project under way. Now, it's almost a year later and I have a thriving business making tools that are actually helping people heal their physical bodies. I am making a good living using my hands, which is exactly what I wanted. In addition,  I have a great new relationship and I am on the cusp of obtaining full legal and physical custody of my children. This is a tremendous shift from where I was a year ago. I even look different in my face and body.

When I use the CD's, I don't ever have any vivid out of body experiences, nor do I hear a clear voice of my higher self giving guidance when I ask for it. My body falls totally asleep and I do feel separate from it. My mind is totally awake. But in my mind, it just feels like I am just me, only without a body. In this state, I just concentrate on the awareness and feeling of having what I want. Then, over time in my life it seems to happen.

Thanks Mr. O'Donnell. And thank you for making a great product. 

Michael Goldstein
Long Life Saunas


Joshua Lorne  joshua.lorne@gmail.com  sent us this very important feedback on November 24,  2010 where he  shares deep insight into why our Manifestation approach is really a "Quantum Prayer" as he puts it, as you become cocooned in the warm Presence of the One while in Deep Theta or Delta and that nothing can then avoid the manifestation of your silent yearning, for the key is to be in the permanent embrace of that connection.

Please read it carefully.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell, 

For the past few months I have concentrated my theta and delta state meditations on repeatedly requesting my professional situation to shift for the better.  It did not take long.  I asked The One to enable me to work less yet have more income.  The result: my hours have been reduced and my income has gone up considerably.  I have not had to extol as much effort as I did prior to achieve the same results and have been able to dedicate more time and energy to my own evolution.     

Practicing RV and RI on a daily basis has proven vital to me.  I have found that doing so enables one to manifest what they desire with greater speed and efficacy.  And as you have noted via your courses, Mr. O’Donnell, there is an important component of this work requiring one to feel at a very profound emotional level from the abdominal area the state they wish to be in as already having happened with no energetic thought being given to any past or present tense as the One Universal Mind is not able to relate to our constricted understanding of time and space.  In addition to feeling euphoric while utilizing this approach, he or she will also realize the physical manifestation of that which they are attempting to create at a highly accelerated state.  Even egoic mind-chatter invoking such statements as “This can’t be happening”, “This will never work” or “You are losing your mind” prove powerless against the infinite potential of The One when you are cocooned within the theta and delta states.  For a long time I often wondered why repeating mantras and devouring self-help material rarely if ever seemed to work.  I recently came to the understanding that this material, while sometimes valuable for the purposes of insight and introspection, is largely ineffective because of its intellectual/theoretical nature which is so far removed from the warm embrace of The One. And this is how I came to the conclusion that theta and delta state meditation is really “quantum prayer” – we are connecting at a level with The One that He rejoices in.  There is no sense of pleading or lamentation in this state, just the sharing of an awakening of who we were meant to be from the beginning. It is within this "other side" where the miraculous is made possible and ultimately manifested. 

The past few weeks have admittedly been quite intense and at times somewhat difficult/painful.  The coursework seems to push one to their limits at certain junctures.  It's as if you realize you are going into territory you haven't been in before and that a certain element of your psyche/egoic construct is attempting to keep you away from for fear of its continued dissolution.  My dreams have become very intense with greater lucidity.  I feel as if I am viewing them in the third person.  About two weeks ago I saw my old and higher selves and experienced a certain sorrow for what I was leaving behind, all of my attachments to vanity, identity, my personality construct, etc.  But within this sorrow was a deep inner knowing that it was time to say goodbye to who I was as "I" had nothing to do with “it” any longer.  There was a feeling of liberation and ecstasy.  This very much reminded me of a reference given to Meister Eckhart in the film "Jacob's Ladder": 

"Eckhart saw Hell too. He said: The only thing that burns in Hell is the part of you that won't let go of life, your memories, your attachments. They burn them all away. But they're not punishing you, he said. They're freeing your soul. So, if you're frightened of dying and... and you're holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. But if you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the earth." 

For many years I have believed that if I simply reached a certain income, lived in a specific location, had the type of relationship I was seeking...that I would be able to achieve a sense of contentment if not happiness.  A few nights ago I dreamt of this construct and realized that it was an illusion of my own making - there was no progression in this universe I had created for myself, just a devastating stasis.  It then hit me that the progress I have been achieving via your material in the past 6 months has pushed me beyond what I had ever deemed possible before and that it was through this relentless march of self-realization that authentic change finally had the opportunity to be given birth.  The indescribable fear I have always had regarding my own evolution out of the dark chasms of the mind was vaporized in an instant in the 'knowing' that an energetic alignment with this advancement of being open to any-and-all possibilities, no matter how far fetched, is the only way to live one's life if one wants to live at all.  With this understanding came an even greater acceptance – that I and no other am solely responsible for everything and everyone in my life.  The blame, anger, bitterness, sorrow and sense of victimhood gradually fade away as your consciousness begins to elevate to a level where you finally understand your role as a co-creator and ask the vital question: “Now what?”   

I had been asking The One what I might tell people succinctly in order to get them to grasp what will happen to them as a result of using your material.  A few weeks ago it came to me out of nowhere in a loud, commanding voice: "You will know God."  I can tell you that after 6 months of working with your RV and RI courses, I feel closer to God than I ever dreamed possible.  

There is no greater gift.   

Thank you, 

Joshua Lorne

Kimber Closson complexity0101@gmail.com sent us this enthusiastic testimonial on November 12, 2010


  • Getting cast as a principal actor in a major Hollywood film after applying the principles covered in our RI e-book

My name is Kimber Closson.  I downloaded a free copy of Mr. O'Donnell's "Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed" and it IMMEDIATELY changed my life!!!  I do not own the whole system, just the eBook!

I once considered myself a "nothing", but Mr. O'Donnell taught me to reprogram my thinking to *I AM EVERYTHING* & here is how it ended: 

I went from being an extra on the set of feature film "CONTAGION" to a Principal Actor in 24 HOURS!  My character says a line to Bryan Cranston and Laurence Fishburne responds!   

As soon as I can afford the system, I am BUYING IT! 

Thank you, Mr. O'Donnell.  Your guidance CAN save the world!!!  I am CONVINCED!

Because of what you have shared in even your FREE book, I have manifested a desire within 24 hours!  It took me over 7 years to manifest being sculpted as the character "Death" from the Neil Gaiman "Sandman" comic book for DC Direct, but I did it.   

I have very little acting training & only read a script for one thing years ago & got cast as a featured extra instead.  I do not have an agent.  I chickened out of every audition that I submitted my pic for that called back.  The parts I have played were given to me, but the projects never completed. 

Being bumped from the Extras pool to a principal actor "never happens".  The man who prepped us in the Extras holding room said, "I've worked this job for 15 years and I have seen 3 people get bumped up.  It's *not* going to happen.  You are here to be background.  It's not going to happen.  It never happens."   

Well, IT HAPPENED TO ME and I'm not going to waste this momentum.   

I am embracing it!  I am in LOVE with it, as I have come to love myself and everything all around me.  I am in love with this world that I can make even more beautiful! 

Yes, I see from the "characters" I play(ed) during my life that persona is a calculated act; and that fact ought not to be diminished; it's how we live here!!  I don't have to feel guilt that I show only certain aspects to certain people.  This is a natural occurrence- not bad habit!

I cannot thank you enough.  But I will.  I will!   

This is not only the story of my experience, but in sharing this with you, it becomes a contract; I am accountable through you to conquer my fears and move forward & upward.  Life is as grand as I had always hoped & I enjoy every taste of it!  I cannot be a coward in a world that I created!  There is only NOW and everything counts! 


With purest love, deepest gratitude,

Kimber Closson


Sharon McGraham totolove@cruzio.com sent us this testimonial on November 5, 2010


  • Becoming a master Reality manifestor and attracting the people and events that are requested by her inner Being and resonating vibrations.

Since taking your courses (and continuing) I am drawing forth people and events in such frequency and ease, it's blowing me away!

Although I understand the underlying connectedness of us all, it's just amazing, bizarrely delightful, and I'm loving it!

Thank you, Gerald...

S. McGraham
Holistic Practitioner
Santa Cruz, CA


Josie C  josiecanal@hotmail.com, a student in Spain sent us this beautiful feedback on November 1, 2010


  • Deep soul and physical healing taking place since embarking on our Mind ascension/evolution journey.

  • Experiencing the deep Love of the Higher Mother inside Her ocean of Consiousness.

  • Awakening to real unconditional Love.

  • Seeing and understanding the real process of Soul-ascension.

Dear Gerald,

It's 9 months since I began the RV and RI courses and I would like to express my feedback.

To begin with I was so sick I was like a wreck. As you say in your writings watch out the doctors but I was already a sort of trapped. They haven't given me a diagnosis but I keep recovering since I began to listen to the CDs. I've been able to know who I can trust or leave behind and managed to get out of trouble of sometimes very difficult situations. I find the solution or information that I need.

Now I can face things that I wasn't able before in a detached manner no matter what and make the necessary changes.

When I first listened to the RI1 CD I had the beautiful experience of merging with the ocean, like being embraced by two big wings, feeling happy, relaxed, secure, like a baby, surrounded by love

I've also had the experience of becoming my breath which I have no words to describe how it is like.

I've seen the gradation of colors from black to the most brilliant white as the process of ascension one has to follow.

I've felt the heat of becoming a flame in which I sweat as if I were in a sauna but in a pleasurable way.

So far no experience is repeated, everything is always new.

My eyes have a light they didn't have before that people notice but they don't know what it is. Even strangers that I cross in the street or the dogs. I'm changing and delighted to be in this trip.

Your explanations are clear, exact, comprehensible. Your voice is soothing. As you say in the e-book we " only" have to understand, integrate and experience. Thank you so much for this work.

My most sincere gratitude,


Note: As we spoke in the phone the other day you have my permission to publish my comments.

Jim B jllb@sbcglobal.net sent us this testimonial on October 28, 2010


  • Finding peace within and letting go of old anger/fear.

  • Business relationships and money flow improving.

  • Lighter attitude to the events projected in this matrix


I want to thank you for making this course available.
I've been dealing with anger ( hot temperateness ) for as long as I can remember.
Since buying your course a few months ago I feel much more relaxed and don't take things so seriously.
Business relationships have improved and money is flowing better.
Problems are no longer what I thought they used to be, and I feel like I'm just getting started.
I'm now looking forward to even more improvement and happier life.



Paul Franceus, paulf1961@yahoo.com a student of the Academy, sent us this powerful testimonial on October 13, 2010 of what could only be call nowadays a miraculous healing of a broken bone, which he commanded in a hospital setting while putting himself  in a deep Mind state of  Delta. An event which allopathic modern biochemistry organic-focused medicine would not  possibly be able to explain,  since this field  does not yet recognize that all "matter" is just vibratory Light which can be shaped and commanded by Thought and that all of it is just hence a product of vibratory (energized) Mind.

My name is Paul Franceus. I am 49 years old and I live in Pennsylvania. I am a self employed contractor.

I have had Gerald's course for about 3 years so far, and have a lot of incredible experiences, but what happened on Monday Oct 11th 2010 was truly amazing.

I was at a house rebuilding a porch and I lost my balance and fell backwards and landed on a concrete step on my left arm. The bone in my arm immediately snapped completely in half, right above my elbow. My elbow twisted and was pointing towards my stomach and the back of my hand hit myself in the face. My arm was completely broken and mangled, and I screamed out for my employee to call 911.

 E.M T.s came quickly and tried to put my arm in an air cast, trying to be careful not to cause any further damage as my bone from my elbow was bulging out the back of my arm.

When I got to the hospital, they gave me an IV and a pain killer. The pain killer made me groggy, and I decided to try to go into delta and try to manifest a healing.

I don't know if I made it to another realm, but I definitely went into delta and commanded a healing and showed great thanks and gratitude for the healing I was hoping for. 

A doctor came in shortly and took x-rays. Later he came back and said they needed to do a C.A.T.  scan. They did that and I waited for a couple more hours before they came back in again looking kind of perplexed and they told me that my arm was not broken. I exclaimed "What? I saw the bone break and it was bulging out of the back of my arm!"   The doctor leaned over me and whispered to me: " We don't know what happened, but your bone is not broken anymore."

I told him what I had done, trying to manifest a healing, and he did not know what to say. They released me and I went home with my arm swollen, and black and blue, but not in much pain and I went back to work the next morning and nobody could believe it. 

 I am so thankful for Gerald's course. I am sure that I would have needed plates and screws, maybe multiple operations, and I would have been out of work for a long time, but I was back to work the very next day.

Paul Franceus



Christel christelclearcc@msn.com  a recent Academy student sent us this feedback on October 7, 2010


  • Benefits from the combination RV/RI course


Gerald Amazing things are happening to me!  I am super positive and I just won a lot of money and a new range rover.  Two days ago I got a written offer for my house I am wanting to sell $-) and lots of other things are going smooth now.  Even little things that make my life much easier. I am having so much fun!!!  I am healing too! Healing and Super healing.....I tell myself I have already healed and now I am SUPER healing.  Saying that works for me :-) I am so excited!  I am going to use some of the proceeds to a tree planting project or start the tree planting project myself.  We all need more trees in our life to clean up the air.  How wonderful!!

Thank you so much! 

Christel  http://christelclearphoto.com/

Rene Blackstone reneblackstone@gmail.com a RV/RI student of the Academy sent us this very inspiring testimonial on October 4, 2010


  • Deep realizations about the Human Matrix/world/Universe

  • Connecting to  higher School of  Thought and teachings on a Higher Dimensional plane.

  • Creating in the Causal Reality

  • Profound advices to all our past and future students


Hello Gerald,

have been practicing the courses continuously, just going by intuition. became aware of you having "secret" classes one night, like I just
wandered into a classroom, and you helped me isolate and let go of something stuck in my neurology/ vibration - it triggered a lot of anger and pain.

I am increasingly becoming aware of being "on the border" of the Matrix, and the Cosmic Lattice is opening up.
I am seeing silvery chords all over the place, and people connecting with me...sometimes it does not feel so good,
but I am getting better at discriminating...and I understand that I am attracting them, so I see it as an opportunity to let go of whatever I have going on in my vibration.

I have been struggling for years with some energies, and now I am beginning to feel freedom.
I am aware that the Human domain is a Matrix, and that it's like a "parcel" in the Universal Mind.

I am connecting more and more with my Inner Flame...I miss the Inner Sun though, had an unforgettably powerful experience with it a few years back - it has kept me going ever since - Profound!!!
It answered my Question about God/ Source, once and for all -- now all I have to do is to learn to connect with it at will.

I am increasingly becoming aware of the Inter-Dimensional Being I am, and more and more I am controlling my "Dream Reality".
I can discern the difference between the Astral and Causal realms - the experience is much more vivid in the Causal.

I never thought I would have so much resistance in me to these profound teachings, I am grateful that I persisted, and I have felt your presence several times. I apologize for the times, when I in ignorance/ misunderstanding have been angry with you....
I just wanted much faster progress, like so many of your other students.

I can say to ALL your students:
No matter how long it takes you to have the success you desire with these courses: PERSIST!
NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP!! It is so worth it, and I am just beginning to open up to the profound levels Within.
I have spent countless hours, practicing, and a lot of the time could not discern the progress being made - now I am beginning to experience how much has actually happened. And I feel increasingly a sense of excitement about my life again.
I have an ability to FOCUS, unlike anything I thought I would be able to.
I would also highly recommend a powerful tool, which will support many of the struggling students: The Release Technique - together with your courses I have found it to be an invaluable aid.
This is truly a power-combo. It allows you to release unwanted emotions/ frequencies easily.
In my opinion, One cannot have to many tricks up One´s sleeve, in these times, to get "unstuck", whenever something happens.

Again, thank you for all you do.
I am looking forward to being FREE, and being able to truly assist others who also wish to be free.

Love & Freedom,
Renè Blackstone

PS: I would love to be invited to more of your "Classes"...not sure how I got there though.

Susan J  teacher313@sbcglobal.net sent us this feedback on October 2, 2010


  • Therapeutic reconnection across dimensions with a dear departed brother

Mr. O'Donnell,

My friend, Joshua Lorne, recommended I email you with an incredible experience I had while engaging in one of your RV discs.  I was standing outside on a bright summer day surrounded by lush green grass and a light breeze and I could hear the leaves on the trees brushing into each other making it quite a beautiful setting.  I wondered why I was there and suddenly felt the presence of children (although I could not see any).  A sidewalk was before me and a little boy, almost out of nowhere came up to me (so quickly and excitedly that I didn't see his face, it almost felt on purpose not to see it, as if it were purposely blurred) and hugged me around my leg.  I was so confused.  I asked myself if these were my children because the presence was of more than the one child.  Something told me to look a little over to my right and there was a girl, the sharpest and brightest image imaginable, on a red tricycle who looked me dead in the eye with the brightest bluest eyes. This little girl nodded at me with a smirk that said, "Yes, it's him".  The little girl was me as a little girl and the boy hugging my leg was my brother.  She was telling me that the boy was my brother. 

My brother passed away from a drug overdose 15 years ago.  And although I frequently have a dream about him it is always him at around the age of when he passed and the content of the dream is always the same theme: me trying to help him, find him, and/or save him.  To say this was a therapeutic and helpful  experience for me would be oversimplifying the experience.  I am beyond grateful that I was able to envelop myself with a warm feeling about him as opposed to the anxious rigor of fighting to help him, find him, etc...It allowed me to go back to my childhood which are the best memories of him prior to  him becoming  an addict.  Any insight regarding my experience would be appreciated.

Thank you for your work as I know you have helped many and will continue to change lives. 

Best Regards,

Susan J

Phil Dulac  pd0789@aol.com sent us these nice comments on October 1,  2010

Hi Gerald!
I want to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you are doing.  Your RV/RI course has been the greatest factor involved in my recent awakening.  The best part is that I'm only 21 years old!!  Life is so amazing!!!  Keep up the great work!! 
Happy thoughts!
Phil Dulac

Joel C blackdotpeople@inbox.com sent us this feedback on September 19, 2010


  • Experiencing an opening of his third eye and DNA changes, as his DNA is vibrating Higher and opening to higher frequency strands.

  • Experiencing Higher learning on different planes at night using our courses on a earphone track looping mechanism while sleeping.

Greetings Gerald~!

I am wanting to know if you could answer a couple things, and so you know I've been practicing the courses since 2007 or so:

1) when I first started the course I developed a major vibrating buzzing feeling over my forehead and crown, I figured it would chill out over time, but its been quite the opposite, the intensity is steadily increasing, steadily building. What is the cause of this? What is happening physiologically? It comes with lots of muscle twitching, and ear canal vibrations. I talk to others, and I don't understand why my friends that also are doing the course do not experience this. Also sometimes while in session and going down , I sometimes get this full body tick or jerk, then feel like I'm falling backward, then it will chill out, and I can do my inside work....just want to know what all this really is, hard to find answers on this. I don't detect anything dangerous, but would love to know what's happening with that.

2) for approx a year, I have used sleep technology with the RI book, meaning I sleep with headphones and loop the book during full sleep period.....after about 2-3 months, I started having intensely vivid dreams, in various settings, with You sitting in front of me and we are reciting the book like a mantra, we've been in caves, church like settings, crystal looking buildings, etc etc.. I would really like to know if others are having these nocturnal meetings  like this, I've never experienced such a thing...one time, we where in a cave, sitting on the floor and reciting the book, every once in while you'll start to explain certain points in more depth, its almost as clear as if I'm listening to you in one of your interviews (and yes I know I'm listening to you in the h'phones, but in the dream state its not going with the book at all, I can wake up and the cd is one place be we where reciting another place, or you where lecturing one of the points, and the funny thing is that every time, you are wearing the strangest looking eyeglasses......) ok, the first q, is more important, but I'm really curious if this phenomenon has been reported to you before, as in, is there a higher school that has been entered, or what is happening, I've used sleep learning before many times , but have never experienced anything even close to these meetings, and Yes I am fully aware, that the you I'm seeing is a part of me , all the One, but whew! this has gone really deep, and boy is the book imprinted now....incredible fun this is some Mind Safari!



Denise N.  upperroom7d@yahoo.com a S. African student Sent us this testimonial on September 10, 2010


  • Getting totally rid of a long-term addiction to Alcohol after training with the Combo course.

  • Improving family relationships

  • Finding a Loving Partner

Hi Gerald, and everyone!  My name is Denise, (51yrs) and I am a recent graduate of your program. I just had to send this along, hopefully it will bless you and staff. By the way thank you all!!!! I'm alive!!!! Anyway, I have literally been alone for 20 years, divorced after 8yrs, and left with 2 son's (6 & 8 mos.) to raise by myself...literally. So..., bitter and angry, I became a progressive alcoholic, and hated men ! The One set me totally free from alcoholism ! I have since built good relationship with my two wonderful, forgiving sons. And now been set free from my personal 23+ year oppressive fear-based spiritual beliefs by the the power of Truth, thanks to The One leading me to Gerald, and ARVARI!

While training in your RV & RV and, my biggest desire was to regain my femininity, and meet my prince,  and travel. after 20 yrs. alone, raising 2 boys (explained above-if you want to read a miracle). Enough said, here he is in these pics, at work yesterday in Africa. He lives in the same state as I do, 3 1/2 hrs. away. We will be travelling! (Linear too!-lol) I hope you enjoy, they will explain themselves! Best of your desires today!!! Denise


Francois fdoucet@hotmail.com , a Canadian trainee send us this feedback on August 13, 2010

Hi Gerald ! 

I  have to tell: Gerald I am always so please by all the information you are sending us via these conference .  

I been using RV & RI for several months  now and I am so happy i find  a new born of me .. heheh!  

I practice everyday  my technique and i feel a lot more center in my life . My  preferred Cds are the RI  8 & 10  and the bonus RI In Delta.

Gerald, I wish you happiness  the same to all your team for the Gigantic effort you are doing to open us the way to a wonderful future !!

Like you always say: Happy thoughts !!

Francois  from Calgary Canada

Larysa Yevtykhova  yevalucky@gmail.com sent us this testimonial on August 9, 2010

It is not easy to express my thoughts by writing, even saying, it is just emotions and feelings. It is really amazing training program. I didn’t finish yet, I only start and so…everything is happen…I start to see, to hear, to invent, to sewing, to write poetry, to…,to…,and much more. I never sad too much, because these all what I asked long, long time ago…Now I have a real life!!!   

As we saying in Ukraine “I came to the Wonder Land and spirit gone to Paradise “(we don’t have to die to be there). Life is beautiful and wonderful.             

Thanks God I got your system; and for Gerald O’Donnell: “THANK YOU from the bottom of my HEART. 

 With my respect,

 Larisa Chernysheva (Larysa Yevtykhova).


Yes, I will for sure recommend this program for everybody…

Zen startingwithzen@yahoo.com sent us this feedback on August 7, 2010

Just want you to know that my temper has changed dramatically!  I have had some nightmares but once I analyze them in beta, I'm able to realize how ridiculous they are and discredit them thereby diminishing their power.  I have always felt a force tugging at me and now its good to know that its merely the dark matrix confirming for me what everyone who has ever met me has said about me regarding my enlightenment and my constant quest for the truth!.  It just makes me smile to know I must be on the right path... Also, i realize now that my now ex-boyfriend has been but a program setup by the matrix!  That alone has caused me to be more patient with him.  Thank you so much for these CDs the money I paid for them could never be enough so this appreciation from one sentient to another should do it.  Let us together help the ones that are still struggling, this means me included. Peace and blessings to you!

Pamela Paxman pameliapax@gmail.com  , a dedicated and courageous Light bringer sent us this beautiful and profound feedback on August 5, 2010 after training with the combo and especially RI CD #8

Gerald leads the listener into a delta brainwave pattern, normally a sleep state of mind, but I remain aware of his instructions to travel to the sun, to the center of the earth and back again, establishing a connection between myself and all of God’s creations.  The following is what I wrote immediately after this meditation.  I felt so different.  I felt indescribable peace and don’t recognize this style of writing that came of it. 

I have traveled to the center of the earth and back to the celestial center of God’s realms.  I have established a connection tangible and firm between myself and all of His creations.  I travel through space and time in perfect harmony with God’s vibrational levels of perfection.  I never understood until now the great desire in all of us to progress toward Him.   Our spirits were forged in the pool of fire, God’s fire of light.  We are magnificent in our creation and as such are destined to return.  This temporary human experience allows us the choice to live with Him or not.  At the core of the sun is the cool, vibrating, living core of love, pulsing with the light of life bathing us in her gift.  All creations are life and worship Him.  The flowers sing praises to their Creator.  The sun vibrates it’s joy down on us as a small representation of His Love.  I have seen a glimpse of our potential as light being.  The sun will hide its face in shame at the majesty of His complete glory in light.  I travel along my fiery red-orange golden strands of light progressing toward the sun. I enter through a facet of His diamond presence and my soul remembers as my body is engulfed in unearthly light and love.  Golden energy replaces organic structures in my mortal tabernacle and I transcend.  I feel my true creation, my true being.  I am an extension of He who created me.  I am not this body.  I am not my earthbound actions or labels.  I am not small.  I rise above this temporary existence to see myself through his eyes.  I am infinite and immortal.  I am becoming perfection.  I fill the universe as an extension of Him.  We are one.  He is the Father of my spirit where there are no limitations.  A new vocabulary does not know the negative or the limiting.  I feel in complete ecstasy of mind, body and soul for here in this place is perfect acceptance of self.  The body is just the vehicle I have temporarily stepped into. 

I am not my body any more than I am the car I ride in or the house in which I live.  I am separate from earth’s imperfections and rise a glorious being of light in infinite potential.  Streaming from my presence filling all space and time, I am a creator.  

I rise above the petty thoughts of the day and choose to live higher.  I look to the beautifully created earth for daily cues-- reminders of my infinite worth.  The birds sing to Him, the trees ever reach to Him, the breath He lends me daily fills the expanse in it’s full creation.  Every living creature vibrates with pure golden light through mortal blood pathways, waiting it’s resurrective perfection.  Only man, only me, loses vision.  Only I forget the perfect place of love from whence I came and to whence I will forever dwell.  Only this ultimate creation, me, forgets His love and finds myself stuck in earthly grime.   

Yet, the forgetfulness serves a purpose.  First, I learn to recognize the veil, second accept it, third desire to go beyond it in remembering.  Accept the diamonds cast down here in the form of trials designed to give us the ability to go beyond our self-determined limits.  Lastly walk through and remember.

I see the light, His light in me, separating into diamonds falling to earth.  Gathering speed and power entering the atmosphere then gently lighting on each home, into each heart, an awakening and admonition to also look heavenward for remembrance of the brilliant, perfectly loved you, His children.

Laszlo Sztojkovics laszlo.999@hotmail.com of Ontario Canada sent us this testimonial on July 18, 2010

I am very grateful to you for your RI course.

It has transformed my life. I have become successful. My faith keeps growing.

I believe that I can achieve anything I really want in life.

If I start energizing a positive thought, it materializes sooner or later.

I see the world differently and finally managed to reconnect to the One. 

Thank you again, Gerald!

You are a Blessing! 

Best Wishes, 

Laszlo Sztojkovics, Brampton, ON. Canada

Joshua Lorne  joshua.lorne@gmail.com sent us this very important feedback on July 7, 2010 where he specifically shares deep insight into the Lower-self mind, the Matrix/local universal mind/and the appearance of the Higher Self from outside of our local universal realm.  Please read, for going through the "dark night of the Soul" is part of the ascension process geared to ultimate liberation for this often ever repeating realm to the unaware flock.


  • Overcoming the  fear projections  projected by the egoic individual and collective mind (matrix)

  • Healing of a serious condition for a dear friend

  • Finally being gifted a Higher Divine Self by the Higher Realms

  • Explaining all the great benefits he received  from training with our combo RV/RI program.


Hi Mr. O'Donnell, 

You had asked that I relay some of the things we discussed via phone more recently into an email and I have included my observations below.  I also wanted to let you know that my friend whose wife has/had pancreatic cancer and trained with your courses will be reaching out to you soon.  She has been eating full meals and is nearly off her pain medication.  The three specialists assigned to her care apparently cannot locate cancer within her body, just inflammation.  And they seem be somewhat uncomfortable with not being able to diagnose what has brought about this miraculous turn of events other than her immune system essentially assuming control when it never should have had the power to do so in such a weakened state following months of chemotherapy.  I keep going back to the film "2010: The Year We Make Contact":

Dave Bowman: You see, something's going to happen. You must leave. 
Heywood Floyd: What? What's going to happen? 
Dave Bowman: Something wonderful. 
Heywood Floyd: What? 
Dave Bowman: I understand how you feel. You see, it's all very clear to me now. The whole thing. It's wonderful. 



There is a very strong feeling within me that is difficult to articulate, but that I sense is a form of indifference as it pertains to what people may think of you, whether or not someone you have feelings for does not feel the same way, whether something does or does not manifest in the material realm in the way you had wanted, etc.  This is not akin to shutting oneself down emotionally from a situation, circumstance or interaction, but it is a deep acknowledgement/understanding that if someone or something doesn’t ‘work out’ or ‘come into agreement’ with you, there is no real conflict at all as there would be in one’s prior egoic mind/Dark Mind thought structure.  Why this is so seems to be based on one allowing the Higher Self to assume command of his or her life – past, present and future are slammed into one and one comes to realize that they are being protected and guided at such a profound level that becoming upset or distraught over circumstances, whether material or interpersonal, is really not of their concern.  I have read about and intellectually grasped the potential of this idealized state for years, but never before has it been embraced and authentically believed in with such fervor. 

The intensity of the RI course seems to truly threaten the sense of power and control exerted by the Dark Matrix.  The deeper I go into Theta and Delta the more I experience grotesque/demonic imagery that soon dissipates as I refuse to ‘believe’ in it as ‘real’ and instead view it as a hologram of sorts generated to prevent me from going further and thereby becoming closer to The One.  The Dark Matrix also seems to be very capable of creating fear on an emotional and psychological level during these sessions.  I receive the notion that its tentacles are embedded deep within the subconscious mind and imagine myself severing them with a sword while invoking my Higher Self to stand before me and generate an intense white light to overwhelm its dark energy. 

I intuit that it is important to note that while your RV and RI courses are actually highly enjoyable, relaxing and liberating, one must utilize them with the utmost seriousness.  Authentic and lasting results will come, but dedication is required.  I have therefore found it is most effective to engage your material for at least an hour per day, and if one has the time, two or more sessions daily.  This is especially the case when one encounters augmented dark energies in their midst which manifest in the form of depressive thoughts, anxiety and what I like to term “The Fear”.  When this occurs I literally say (out loud) “OK, you want to play that way?  Well now you’re going to get another dose of medicine from Mr O’Donnell”.  Perhaps this is not an approach you would recommend, but I find that it works.  When I have discussed your material with friends, I explain to them this journey will take dedication and can be looked upon as a part-time job, but one that requires them to do very little other than lying on a bed and allowing whatever happens to happen.  I instruct them to “Suspend your disbelief” and explain the sophisticated ways in which the egoic mind will initially attempt to disrupt their progress. 

The RI course also seems to replace ‘you’ with someone else, your Higher Self (also described to me by a friend as the Holy Spirit).  A rather humorous side effect of this is that you become somewhat of a klutz in doing your standard routines – I drop things and sometimes they go flying out of my hands!  This is not frightening at all, but the Higher Self does seem to have a sense of humor as I receive the notion he is laughing in the background which replaces my normal knee jerk response of anger/frustration after such an event with a loud laugh and shake of the head. 

The most accurate way to describe the RV and RI courses as compared to alternative material on the market is that they are critical accelerators to achieving miraculous advances in consciousness within days or weeks versus the 10 to 20 years it would normally take to achieve similar results via traditional meditative techniques.

With my deepest gratitude


Bryce Denn, twinspiritdragon@yahoo.com an Aussie student and friend, sent us on July 5, 2010 this feedback upon his return from a meditation/reconnection journey using our courses, while purposely spending solitary time in the Australian Bush.

Hey Gerald,

The meditation trip that I went on was very successful - I am aware of the connection that I have to many things now like the earth mother and also the collective human "mind". 

It was good to get back into the bush, I actually come from the country but am now studying in the city. This return made the connection with the earth/nature so much more effective. =D 

Sometimes now since the meditation and the lunar eclipse especially, I become aware of the robotic mind that isn't actually me--- 

Some habits, pre-judgements, and beliefs that I see aren't actually mine at all! It's like my control falls asleep and the autopilot of humanity takes over for a bit. Then is when I tend to do and think things that on reflection are not what I choose.

Again, Thank you very much.

Bryce - TSD

Haldane K  haldanek@gmail.com sends us this testimonial on July 2, 2010  about his becoming highly aware of the effect of is negative emotions upon mother earth and the inner shift that he is undergoing and which gifts him joy and peace.

Hello, Gerald O'Donnell.  I wanted to write you an email mentioning how much your website, Probable Future, has helped me.  I first found your site by clicking on the link at the Unexplained Mysteries site, and was instantly fascinated by your work.  I downloaded your podcasts and listened to them.  I knew you were for real when the Gulf Oil Spill occurred, for I had heard you mention on one of the podcasts that (and I'm paraphrasing here, sorry if I mince your words) the next environmental disaster would be obviously and without a shadow of a doubt the fault of humankind.  A few weeks after I heard you say that, Deepwater Horizon exploded and fractured the crust of the Earth Mother.

Then, this past Tuesday, I read the article on your site titled "Earth is Us", and it resonated with me very deeply, particularly the portions about how our thoughts pollute the Earth Mother.  I've been struggling with emotional issues my whole life, many of which I've solved with the exception of a very damaging tendency that I have and engage in for an hour or more every day- Road Rage.  I've known for several years now that yelling at people and wishing they would get in accidents to "teach" them how to drive to my satisfaction was hindering my enlightenment and denying me access to my full spiritual self, but I simply could not find a way to get rid of the tendency to over-judge other drivers in an extreme and irrational way.

I've been struggling with Road Rage for almost 15 years now, and no therapy or drug seemed to be able to get deep enough in my psyche to prevent it.  I would just get into a terrible low-vibration state when I saw someone so much as forget to use their turn signal, and would be unable to stop myself from at least honking my horn or, worse, pulling up next to them and yelling profanities.  Sometimes I would even be actively thinking about not getting angry, then someone would drive slow in front of me and any non-angry thoughts would fly out the proverbial window and I would fall into a Rage state.

So, on Wednesday morning, still thinking about your article "Earth is Us", I sat down for my morning meditation and tried a new technique that had occurred to me.  I'm not very practiced at meditation, but I've been working with a hypnotherapist recently who has shown me a few great techniques to reach a deep relaxation state that I know is at least the Alpha state if not the Theta state.  While in this state, I did something I had never done before, I called out the Earth Mother and apologized profusely for my Road Rage.  I told her that I was so, so sorry for spraying my negative thoughts all over her and at her children on the road.  I told her that I would never do it again.  I felt deep emotion during this meditation, a deep guilt and a deep desire to stop doing things that made me feel guilty.

I had no idea the effect such a realization with the Earth would have.  Although it's only been a day or two, I haven't been getting angry at people on the road at all, which has never been the case for me, in all my years of driving.  What others do just doesn't inspire me to be angry any more.  I still can't help judging the other drivers, but now when someone draws my attention I send them positive thoughts, and wish them well on their way and in their lives, instead of wishing for their destruction.  I feel elated in general, as well.  I haven't felt like this since I was a small child.

So I want to thank you, very, very much, for choosing to be the channel through which the Earth let me know how much I was hurting her and that I could stop, I really needed to hear that.  Only time will tell, but your "Earth is Us" article could be the most important thing I have ever read.

Thank you so much.

Haldane K

Joshua Lorne  joshua.lorne@gmail.com sent us this enthusiastic email on July 1, 2010 covering all the great benefits he received  from training with our combo RV/RI program.


  • Please visit the gamut of experiences below ( I may publish more detailed experiences he had in another feedback post)

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I began using your RV course in early April and experienced an Out of Body Experience on the first day after listening to RV CD 2.  It was an enormously powerful experience where I was led to what I believe to be a portal to heaven (and that I have been able to return to numerous occasions since).  Then, in early June I started to listen to your RI course.  While the RV course is excellent, it is akin to one beginning his or her undergraduate studies early on in life and is, in my estimation, a vital starting point prior to initiating oneself into RI meditation.  The RI course, however, introduces one to a whole different level of self realization.  The only way for me to describe its intensity would be to equate it to one pursuing a PhD in Dark Matter.  Whatever one may be unaware of that remains lurking in the deep subconscious mind and that prevents him or her from the spiritual evolution and intrinsic sense of happiness that is their birthright will have the light shown on that which is hidden and thereby healed.  And as you have claimed prior, Mr O’Donnell, a profound deprogramming/reprogramming occurs which is made evident by the myriad changes one begins to experience in his or her consciousness. 

After only a few months of working with your RV and RI courses, I have been able to experience the following: 

-        Intensified intuition to the extent that you immediately ‘know’ in absolute terms whether something is good or bad for you without ever resorting to self doubt/insecurity

-          Frequent synchronicities

-          Olfactory sensations

-          Improved mental cognition coupled with a seemingly higher IQ

-          Faster ability to read and comprehend even complex subject matter while being guided by the Higher Self as to what (and what not) to read as a means to ensure one’s       continued progression

-          Improved oral and written communication skills

-          Less need of sleep

-          Frequent lucid dreaming

-          Out of Body Experiences

-          Watching much less TV and grasping quite deeply that most programming is programming you

-          The ability to merge with matter at the molecular level on demand

-          Becoming much more attractive to and noticed by members of the opposite sex

-          Improved relationships via gaining a true understanding of intimacy and sensuality

-          A greater understanding of and ability to convey empathy and love to all living beings

-          Seeing time as illusory

-          Experiencing the frequent sense of ‘being on the threshold’ of something, knowing good is coming to you

-          Understanding profoundly that one’s ideals and dreams can not only be manifested into reality, but quickly and with much greater ease than the ego would have ever allowed for in its prior enslaved state

-          A powerful notion that you are always being protected and guided by The One

-          Friends who you have not heard from in a long while reaching out to you for guidance/advice after expressing that they felt a ‘compulsion’ to make contact with you without knowing why

-          Not experiencing loneliness even when alone or single due to a newfound ability to grasp the interconnectedness of all beings coupled with the idea of separation as a ridiculous notion

-          A feeling of inner peace and calm, even in the most trying situations

-          A greatly enhanced sense of gratitude for finally being able to connect to The One in the newly realized process of ascension out of the Dark Matrix

-          Gaining a truly profound understanding of the Zen mantra, “The only way out is in.”

-          The ability to cleanse one’s memory banks of experiences previously deemed to be irretrievably negative and emotionally draining while replacing this understanding with a near total recall of them in a compassionate and empathetic manner as events put in place to propel one’s consciousness to a higher state

-          The replacement of near constant egoic mind chatter with silence that resonates with high intelligence

-          Grasping the notion that the egoic mind is akin to an unruly child running rampant throughout your consciousness and allowing your Higher Self to assume full control of him as a stern but compassionate parental figure

-          Invoking your inner voice of the Higher Self to provide guidance and reassurance in troubling times

-          Understanding that surrendering supposed inevitabilities or situations with no apparent resolution to The One instead of relying on your willpower to compel a desired outcome is a far more desirable and effective way to live

-          Enhanced energy levels

-          Improved performance in the martial arts

-          Improved physical appearance – the inner notion that one has slowed down the aging process

-          Spontaneously generated yogic breathing, especially during times of stress and anxiety\

-          The capacity to ‘assess’ the motivations and energy of people and things without becoming overwhelmed by them

-          Talking less, listening more 

Thank you, Mr. O’Donnell, from the bottom of my heart for providing me the freedom to live the life I was born to live.   


Joshua Lorne

Jeff White dirtsheep@yahoo.com  sent us this feedback on June 26, 2010


  • The very advanced nature of our tools to explore consciousness

  • Feeling a great shift in his life

Hello Gerald, 

I don't know that I'm learning anything about remote viewing or remote influencing, but I am learning a LOT about my mind, and about how my bad mental habits have created this life I'm living, and about how large a space our minds inhabit when they're freed a bit from everyday constraints of belief. 

I have done these sorts of courses before, most notably with materials from the Monroe Institute.  Yours are a couple of generations beyond those early attempts to explore consciousness.  I'm very appreciative of your work, and your willingness to share it with us. 

In some ways, it seems as though my life started not 46 years ago, but with the advent of these CDs.  It's astounding to me that we have lived for millions of years as these minds developed, and we're only now beginning to understand them, and use them as they were meant to be used.  

In any case, thank you, and I wish you well. 


Faith Markus theluxurylife@aol.com wrote us on June 20, 2010

Dear Gerald,

I ordered your training system several months ago, and wanted to drop you a short note to express my thanks and deep gratitude for this beautiful body of work that you have created.

After many years of reading, studying, training, etc.....I can say from past experience, this course has made a profound impact on my life , and it is difficult to articulate, or rather, to find the proper "words" to express what a wonderful ride I have been on!!

I find myself very much "present", feeling well, happy and peaceful. Many synchronicities have come into play. My perception of self has greatly shifted, as well as a very deep connection I feel toward nature. Life is once again "cool"!!!

I hope one day I would be able to thank you personally, so please accept this as a small token of appreciation for the time being.

I know you have an interview scheduled via Finer Minds very soon, and I look forward to listening.

My very best to you and yours,

Faith Marcus


Jason Tesso jasontesso@yahoo.com  wrote to us this enthusiastic testimonial on June 2, 2010.   Please read.


  • Losing 40 lbs in just 6 weeks just by the power of mind manifestation in Theta/Delta using the combination RV/RI course. No special diet nor exercise regiment.


Thanks for taking some time talking with me today. I wanted to provide some more feedback on my progress. I listen to 1 lesson a day and have been  doing that pace for about a year now.

I miss days here and there, but  for the most part it is a daily exercise for me. About 5 months in I decided to lose some weight. So I did. 209lbs down to 168lbs between October 31 and December 18,  2009.

That is sort of interesting, until it is noted that only I didn't  exercise at all. My eating habits changed, a little at first then a  little more then pretty soon my clothes weren't fitting.

Significant physical outward modifications are available thru what one  can learn from themselves by what they teach themselves thru the tools  given thru both courses.

And an outward physical change like mine may prove to be enough for  most, but the true benefits that I believe one can receive are really  not even able to be quantified in words for me personally. And if I  started expanding on this subject this email would get much longer.

Simply stated, if your life isn't EXACTLY what an how you desire it to  be, it is my personal belief that thru these courses you will equip yourself with the tools to create the circumstances to facilitate any change  needed to achieve your desire.

Thanks for creating these for me, this course is easily the very best investment in myself that I have ever made.

P.S. For anyone that is considering this course, you're reading all of  these testimonials to help convince yourself that what you feel  tugging on you is more real than the fear of the unknown. Do yourself  and everyone around you a favor & figure out a way to get it!!


Dr. Lizzy Boros zsokaboros@hotmail.com of the U.K. shared this testimonial with us after a few weeks of training on June 2, 2010


  • Increased levels of visualization

  • Encountering Beings and guides and using effectively our protective measures to counter negative ones.

  • Increased event intuition

Thank you for the possibility, that I can use your beautiful program. I am listening two times per day and I have perceiving a lot of amazing feelings, visualizations etc. For example I had 4 forms of visualizations.  
1. 3D visualization with normal movements in, as like when I am watching TV, with beautiful colors and sometimes with voices and smells together.
2. Holographic visualization (this was just few times)
3. Pictures (standing), sometimes with ugly figures, but I1ve used the "small" word..., and they disappeared:-). Sometimes this figures want to say something, but I do not understand yet their signs.
4. This is the most interesting I think, because sometimes I see things, events in shady and I just think that this is from the future...?
My problem is that I see a lot of things, but I do not understand yet the meanings, the places, I do not know that peoples, and I would like to know... Could you help me in that please, how can I know more? I tried to write after the session, but even if I am remembering everything I can not draw the meanings. And I do not have to be in meditation, a lot of time I see things, events when I am going to sleep, and sometimes daytime, when I am working or doing something else...
I can sense events before they is happening...,
Thank you for your attention and for this life-changing possibility. I am sorry that my language (I am Hungarian), is not enough good to say everything that I have inside...
With respect,

Joshua Lorne  joshua.lorne@gmail.com  a recent trainee sent us on June 1, 2010 this enthusiastic email covering all the great benefits and experiences he has accumulated so far while training with our combo RV/RI program.


  • Innumerable experiences (see below) and powerful inner transformation

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

I wanted to thank you again for spending time with me via phone earlier this week.   I must stress that the fact that I am journaling is a small miracle in itself as I have been stricken with a mental fog brought on by a seemingly intractable unipolar depression that has plagued me since my teens.This is why I forced myself back into Aikido and just recently into your material which is how the "decathexis" was initiated.  

I started off by reading your RI eBook and that evening experienced the most peaceful sleep I had been able to achieve in many months.  You awakened me to being imprisoned within the Dark Matrix, something I had an inclination of since I was a child but was unable to properly formulate as a coherent construct in my psyche.  The extreme intuition I am capable of has been both a gift and a curse, with an emphasis on the latter.  I've read material pertaining to the creation of psychic force fields as a means to protect myself from dark energies/entities, but they have rarely proved effective over the long term.  This had caused my mental and physical energy reserves to continually decline to the point where I became very afraid about my capacity to continue to exist on this planet.  Your RV course has for me achieved what I previously conceived as unimaginable - the deprogramming of my program!  Perhaps most importantly of all, your mention of sentient vs non-sentient beings truly resonated with me.  When in an office setting I have frequently run into individuals (most often in positions of authority/management) who I would swear were somehow not human at all.  Their behavior and actions were so robotic, cold and calculating that my feeling/sensing intuition would overwhelm me to the extent that I would become dizzy and sick to my stomach.  They would haunt me in my dreams, cause me to doubt myself and to experience extremely low self esteem.  After being repeatedly told by close friends and therapists that "You're just sensitive" or "You're overreacting" I began to lose confidence in my ability to exist as an individual thinking human being and to resolve this by simply allowing myself to assimilate within their paradigm as a means to avoid the seemingly incessant psychic turmoil I was enduring.  The dilemma with this approach was that it has never worked - I've been relentlessly pulled towards discovering "The Truth" and maintaining my status as a loner/hermit via reading hundreds of books on esoterica, going to 'healers' and therapists, etc., while the dread of nihilism continued to creep up within me.  The best visual representation of this I can provide is the scene in the film "Jacob's Ladder" when "Jacob" (Tim Robbins) is lying in a hospital bed while his wife and two sons hover over him and his wife says "Everything's going to be ok, Jake".  From nowhere he hears a dark and sinister voice that whispers "Dream on..."  To have to live in this relationship with 'reality' has been nightmarish as you can probably imagine.  To now understand that the Dark Matrix indeed exists, that I was never 'imagining' things and that I'm going to be 'ok' creates a gratitude within me that I cannot begin to express.  Thank you, Mr O'Donnell, from the bottom of my heart.


Please feel free to review the following list of experiences I have had in the first month of listening to your RV course:

RV Experiences: 

  • April (RV CD 2): When I enter “Deep Theta” I enter into a cavern of sorts and see these words in a luminescent white as an elevated sign.  I then enter the area further and feel as if I am suspended in midair while overlooking an immense white/off white space (it appears to be a foggy sky) with birds flying in the distance.  Wave after wave of what I can only describe as an emotionally and physically laden nirvana hit me.  On 25 April, 2010 I felt as if I were propelled into this whiteness at an amazing speed while viewing the earth from a very high altitude.  I then see myself suspended in this space, my body in black as a searing white light hits me that I am barely able to stand in front of.  

  • 04/25/10: I was listening to RV CD 2 and once again experience a partial paralysis of my body upon coming face to face with the Universal Mind.  My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my spine elevated while feeling like it was electrified sending sensations throughout my entire body.   

  • 04/21/10 (RV CD 3): I felt relaxed and at peace but nothing out of the ordinary was happening.  Then, out of the blue, I saw my face against a black background.  I looked younger and very much alive, not smiling but vibrant.  I looked into my eyes very deeply and saw a changed/ing man. 

  • 04/26/10 (RV CD 2): I felt an enormous outpouring of love from the Universal Mind, once again facing The One on some sort of grassy cliff with a misty sky and birds flying in the distance.  This time I attempted to run through the grass and into the void which resulted in an intense spine tingling experience with my eyes rolling to the back of my head as if I were experiencing an epileptic seizure that was exhilarating.   

  • 05/07/10 (RV CD 4): For the first time I was able to experience the sensation of a very intense and broad vibrating white light.  This was conjoined with experiencing what seemed to be a more authentic OBE.  When imagining my head and neck expanded to 24 inches I actually ‘saw’ myself halfway through the wall behind me, as if I was immersed in the wall.


Early May: I have seen three films I felt compelled to watch since beginning the RV training.  “Crazy Heart,” “Avatar” and “Men Who Stare at Goats”.  The first two are really stories about a return to the authentic self and resonated with me deeply.  A few weeks ago I experienced a very lucid dream in which I had returned home to claim my 'inheritance' and to make amends with some fractured relationships within my family.  My psychologist explained that this was an archetypal dream of sorts for the biblical story of the “prodigal son”, that I was on a journey home to my "Authentic Self".  I only understood this concept at a rudimentary level until seeing these films.  It now makes much more sense to me why my ‘family’ has always felt akin to a group of strangers who happened to have raised me.  “Men Who Stare at Goats” was comedic but I strongly intuited that it represented humanity’s discomfort with the ultimate truth of our minds being far (perhaps infinitely) more capable of what we believe them capable of.  The interweaving of comedy with some intense, serious moments did not mesh well and (to me) reflected man’s strong case of unease with the subconscious mind and being forced to deal with the reality of living within the confines of the Dark Matrix. 

Unusual Experiences: 

  • April: Upon staring at a weight bench at the gym while listening to RV CD 1, I noticed that the metal seemed to begin to morph and I could discern that it was not a solid at all, but composed of billions of atoms(?).   

  • April: After listening to RV CD’s 1 and 2 a few times I went to Costco.  It was uncomfortable for me to be around crowds of people in a retail environment, even more than usual.  I felt as if people were staring at me, and some were even stopping to stare.  A few smiled, but I could tell that they were picking up on my energy, as if I were enervating something unusual, perhaps special. 

  • April: I have begun to really control my breathing and adopt the idea that I am my breath.  This has at times become so intense that it seems as if I am only taking a few deep breaths per minute at most.  It became clear to me that my heart must have barely been beating as I went further and further into a peaceful state. 

  • 04/30/10: I went to my MD for an annual checkup.  While the nurse was checking my blood pressure, I realized I was spontaneously going into a deep meditative state.  She then asked me “Sir, are you ok?”  I said “Yes, I am fine, why do you ask?”  She said “Your blood pressure is 90 over 78!”   

  • 05/06/10: I attended a Hatha Yoga session for the first time in approximately a year.  I realized many of the movements seemed to coalesce with my Aikido training.  At certain moments time seemed to slow down as I relaxed further and it became very apparent to me that my return to yoga would be highly complimentary to both my Aikido training as well as my RV meditation.  After the session ended I struck up a conversation with the instructor and demonstrated for him my breathing technique that had come about after only a few sessions of RV meditation.  He appeared startled and stated that I was engaging in a very deep form of Pranyama breathing (I cannot recall the exact term he used).  I had no idea what I was doing – this form of breathing for me is new and is now a part of my daily routine, but it occurs without me consciously willing it to begin or end.  I have never been able to “breathe” as advised by former New Age gurus or instructors.  I didn’t know what they were talking about and simply became more frustrated after being labeled “tense” by them.  After the yoga session concluded I accompanied my friend, a Chiropractor, to a local bar/restaurant.  I recently had surgery on my right cheek to remove a sebaceous cyst that erupted last year in March following a job loss which brought a tremendous amount of stress, anguish and hopelessness upon me.  This was the second surgery and my right cheek has a few stitches which are covered by a steri strip.  I normally would experience a strong degree of anxiety in going into any social setting with a bandage on my face, but upon entering the establishment I felt very peaceful, as if I were gliding through the bar area that was packed with people, many trying to impress one another and looking their best.  I again felt as if I was being stared at by some of these people, but they weren’t looking at the bandage, they were looking at or ‘into’ me.  I felt their energy and could ‘assess’ them.  I experienced no desire to project any egoic wants or needs upon them as I felt incredibly comfortable just being ‘me’, except that I wasn’t really too familiar with this version of me.  'He' felt new and was a welcome presence.

  • 05/07/10: After listening to RV CD 4 this morning, I experienced an olfactory sensation – familiar scents from a long time ago emerged that I do not have a conscious recollection of in terms of time and space, yet they evoked a memory imprint that I had associated with a deep sense of peace, security and happiness.

Lucid dreams (April): 

  • Dreamt that a psychic came to my grandmother's house unexpectedly to survey the rooms for energy patterns or something. She handed me a strange Tarot deck where the cards were attached to one another but could still somehow be shuffled. She said "Ooooh, you have too many Cups..."

  • S. had emailed me and was looking forward to seeing me, being loving and complimentary.  I felt happy that she had done so.  Then I had a ‘precog’ moment immediately thereafter and read another email from her 'a week later' indicating she was dating a guy and was excited about spending time with him.  Message: avoid her at all costs. 

  • I was listening to RV CD 2 and without noticing it must have slipped into a dream state.  I was leaning against the fence in my grandmother’s backyard while listening to the same CD on my iPod or Walkman while experiencing a blissful peace and smiling.  The sun was shining and I was seeing greener greens and listening to the birds while observing wildlife but at the same time in Theta state. 

  • 04/20/10 (RV CD 2): I must have fallen into a dream state while listening and remember categorizing these black and red files.  When I would put them in a particular order, I would think “I just made another $50,000!”  The thought/notion came to me that in attempting to make money I was in error as all I had needed to do the entire time was to stop trying, that when I stopped trying it would come to me in waves.

Best Regards,



Robert Lamoureux monkey_859@hotmail.com sent us this nice feedback on May 20, 2010

Hi Gerald,

Well for some reason I felt prompted to e-mail you, though I am unsure as to why.

One thing I am sure of is that I very thankful for the courses you have made, they have reawakened past memories as a child in which I intuitively knew the truth (as I perceived it). But as time went on I fell in to the "dark side of myself" so to speak, only to wage a battle which has felt like it has gone on for a very long time, but I have come through to the other side worse for wear in a physical sense, and I am slowly, but rather joyfully making my way back to the abode of the One. So thanks for helping me take another step closer to my goal (my last visit to this realm, since this journey has felt so long), and a step closer to from whence we all have come.... The One.

Take care Gerald, don't get caught up in the seeming dark times we're in, cause as it has been said "it is always darkest before the light of dawn." Of that I am sure.

Also keep up the good work, you are not alone in this realm. Though they are few, they too work for the purpose of the One.



John Susko, MBA, MCht, MNLP  jmsusko@wowway.com sent us this nice comment on April 21, 2010


Hello.  I purchased and received my combination RV & RI training materials recently and I must admit I am blown away.

The quality is good and the content is outstanding.  I am proceeding through the course as suggested by combining the materials. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting these materials on CD and offering them for us to learn. I feel as though my life is truly being transformed. 

Best Regards, 

John Susko, MBA, MCht, MNLP

Office: 586-790-1000

Molly P mollyp@iburst.co.za sent us this feedback on April 21, 2010


  • Deep inner cleansing lifting off dark thought forms from the deep inner subconscious and getting transmuted into the Light.. A very important cleansing process.


Please could you explain my experience :

I have listed to RI CD #6  about 5 times and last night I “felt” all the negativity etc lift out of me like I have never experienced before, I was very “deep” and I literally felt like I was spinning on my bed ( I know it sounds crazy) I battled to come out of it I don’t know if I was asleep or not, I felt like I was being thrust or pushed into a whirlwind I could feel the energy spinning me and almost lifting me out of my bed (?)  where I had no control, it happened a few times. I felt afraid as I had no control, and this morning I feel “lost”?

Please can u explain this, is this normal ?

I know you are busy but I really need an answer.

Best regards


B. G happygirl71@yahoo.com a recent trainee sent us this nice comment on April 8, 2010 after only two weeks of training


  • Stopping a wine drinking habit.

  • Weight loss

  • Expanded awareness and greater happiness.

Hello! I have only had the RI program for 2 weeks, but have already noticed remarkable changes in myself. I have listened to a couple of other meditation-like cds, but none compare to this. Only once before in my life have I found something that I knew was right for me, that would be a great benefit for me on my spiritual path, that was Ramtha. The material in the e-book was not new to me, and I did not know what to expect with the CDs, but I have been astounded at their effectiveness. In this short time I have already remote influenced my life. While listening to a training session, I visualized myself as having a beautiful, healthy body. From the time I woke up the next day onward I have stopped drinking wine (which had become a daily habit for me) and have lost 8lbs. I do not miss it or even want it. Also, I am experiencing more and more an expanded state of awareness just while going about my daily business and feel happy, confident and serene. I am very excited to see how I develop over time. I have to say I was wary at first of the program, not really trusting that you were really out to improve the quality of people's lives, thinking that perhaps this program was just another brain washing technique, aimed at those who don't fall prey to the usual methods of TV and such. now I know better. What you are doing is a beautiful thing and I consider it a gift.   Thank you so much, and I will keep you posted.


Timo R bmxer_timo@yahoo.com wrote us this testimonial on April 5, 2010

Hey Gerald

I wanted to thank you and your organization with all my heart for everything you are doing. Your teachings are invaluable. you have already achieved much for humanity. I have learnt so much from your courses and continue to learn as the time goes on. I feel that your teachings underline all other teachings out there. Thank you.


Doria D dodri@gmail.com wrote us this feedback on April 2, 2010


  • Awakening to Real Beingness outside of the old Matrix.

  • Cognitive impairment and amnesia resolving itself.

  • Depression lifting

  • Feelings returning on leg after over 20 years of nerve damage

  • Etc...

Hi Gerald,

Thank you for this wonderful information!

My life has done a complete 360 since receiving the course in January.  At first it seemed too good to be true, but now I know it's not.  Almost like I dreamed my life until this moment and now can go forth and live.  On purpose all the time and have fun!  Which is a pleasant thought after so much struggle.  

Good things happening as a result of the training are that my cognitive impairment and amnesia is resolving itself.  My thinking is clearer and I remember more.  My memories are coming back which is a mixed blessing, however it does enable me to release all that old garbage.  I am communicating better verbally and writing is getting easier too.  

My depression is lifting.  I continue to have mood swings and sometimes do not catch the original thought that causes them, but they aren't lasting as long as they used to.  

Also, the feeling in my right foot and leg is returning after over twenty years of 90% nerve damage.

When I remember to go into theta during the day, I am noticing that I'm less stressed.  If I don't go too far down in, I can still function without feeling too giddy.

I have noticed vivid imagery from distant places, scenes in my life that haven't happened showing up in my awareness.  

Having some difficulty sleeping through with the delta track.  I drift up during the night and have a hard time controlling my thoughts and returning to sleep.  Also haven't lost my perception of body when in meditation.  I usually get a compulsive urge to move and that ends that even in delta.    Sometimes if I repeat the meditation I do better.     

I would say that this course is by far the most comprehensive and rewarding.  Thank you for this incredible information!  

Right now I am so blissed out that I'm having a hard time typing.  I finally went to the testimonials page yesterday and felt the happiness radiating so strongly that I had to touch base with you.  Lots more later...working on writing my experience.




Patrick O'Brien ferratusoccisor@yahoo.com  wrote us this feedback on March 17, 2010


I listened to your interview and all I can say is that you blew my mind.  I have read every book on this subject and nothing ever came even close to being that impacting yet offered in such non-complex terms. I know you have probably been asked this a thousand times, have you considered writing a book?

Patrick O'Brien

Mihail T mishumeister@gmail.com wrote to us in on March 17, 2010;


  • Our recent teleseminar

 Dear Gerald,
Thank you very much for inviting me to participate in your broadcasting of your new tele-seminar.
I downloaded all the interview you had with Kirsten Nielsen and I can tell you that I put this MP3  in my Cool Edit program, transformed it in stereo format, and have been listening to it for most of the time since Monday evening when I got it.
I thank you very much, because there are some elements in your talk that made very clear for me what are you talking about. I am also practicing  the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, started all over again to get as you say to a higher vibratory state.
I have studied very thoroughly Indian philosophy, all the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita,, and through very serious and assiduous meditations reached the highest levels of  consciousness, but your clear explanations made everything much clearer to me even in some of the aspects where I still needed guidance.
Of course I recommend everything about you to all  the people interested in spiritual development that I know, and encourage them strongly to buy your courses.
I managed to convince my girl friend  whom I helped initiate into meditation and we therefore bought the courses together.
I cannot thank you enough for what are you doing for humanity.


Susan Wight suzyqwight@comcast.net , a  very special student of our  Academy, sent us this testimonial on March 17, 2010


  • Experiencing a profoundly impacting "Direct Conscious Connection" with the Divine Great Mother, the Feminine part of the One, while in deep Theta meditation.

Thank you Gerald O’Donnell and Kirsten Nelson for an amazing, clear, supportive and informative “Key to the Game of Life” interview and talk.

 I took notes and deeply appreciate the time you have taken to support us Gerald.  And Kirsten, (sorry if spelling is not right), you were so very clear, helpful and did an amazing job at hosting and guiding the interview.  Thank you both so much! 

Part of what you shared Gerald, validates an experience I had two weeks ago.  (I hope this makes sense)  I was in the theta state/delta and I came into contact with another “me” on a higher level.  She (me), on the higher level said to me on the lower level, “Remember who you are, remember who you are.”  She held my face in her hands and looked right into my eyes. I was there visiting on the higher level as though I was with my twin... it was me twice; me from the lower level with me on the higher level.  The higher self me from a higher level planet was telling the lower self me from a lower planet to remember who I was.  During this time, we were both on the higher level planet; the lower self me was visiting the higher self me on a higher vibratory level planet.  I really had this experience.  I had this experience Feb. 28, 2010.  I felt like she (higher me) really wanted to help lower me.  And when she said to me, “Remember who you are,” she was telling me to remember that I am pure light; that I am pure love.  She wanted me to remember.  She had her arm around my shoulder like we were best friends while she was talking to me.  It was so different than this planet.  There was no fear there.  In that theta state all I felt was pure love and pure light.  I will never forget it.  It was so real.  Not like a dream... I felt it really happened because I was in the theta/delta state but I could also hear noises around me so I was able to be in that state but awake too –like you said we could eventually get to after enough practice with the RV & RI CD’s.  I remember it all so clearly.

And then you talked about these levels on your interview.  Thank you!  I really enjoyed listening to you both.  Your “Key to the Game of Life” interview was very, very helpful to me.  More than anything else, I want to be on a higher level.  I AM experiencing true love for others –finally!  I am grateful. 

I am just recovering from Lyme's disease –two years of near death and now I can digest food, I can walk again, and I can sleep.  I am grateful to be alive.  I knew I couldn’t die yet.  I knew I had to finish something.  Your interview made it so clear that we can’t get to the next level if we die... we have to do it alive. 

Love and blessings, 

Susan Wight




Hans Peter R  pterhansrilke48@yahoo.de , a German student of our combination Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses sent us this very exciting feedback on February  20,  2010



  • Winning the German Lotto using our RV and RI training

  • Great manifestation powers

  • Many synchronicities showing up in his life

  • Experiencing the Golden Light

  • Healing of a painful back/spinal condition


My dear Mr. O'Donnell:

Greetings to you and the academy from Germany. 

You have changed my life. I bought the combination RV/RI courses in February 2008. I went through your courses many times, repeating them over and over. Each time I did this, I became better at both RV and RI. I had previously done other mind improvement systems, attended many seminars  here in Germany and all over the world but nothing even came close to what your courses offer. The material is awesome! I have told many about your profound methodology. I am really hooked on the CDs. They have totally transformed me. Many beautiful events have happened in my life since receiving your training. Synchronicities happen all the time around me. I can feel when they do, as they have this almost “unreal quality” about them. I feel very happy and bathed in light energy.  People feel this and smile at me. They feel my happiness.  I feel and look maybe 10 years younger, have great stamina, my mind is sharper than when I was a youngster (I am 48 now) and I feel this inner peace and happiness.  I have healed myself of a chronic painful back injury I received while skiing in my 20s in the Austrian Alps which degenerated into discs problems and compression of the spinal cord. This and the subsequent arthritis had plagued my life for so long. It is all gone now thanks to your courses. I am pain free and returned to a full exercise schedule.

I had a profound experience while listening to RI CD7 which left me bathed in brilliant golden light. That is when the healing occurred and I have not been the same ever since. Thank you for making all this possible. 

Now listen to this! (I have debated much whether you should publish this as I do not wish to become ‘famous” for privacy reasons or flooded with emails) : I won the Lotto here in Germany 2 weeks ago! I am receiving a very large sum soon! I always play here the lotto each week.

Every week twice a week, I buy a single ticket to the drawing. Since taking your courses I have used the following method. I use the RV skills I have learned to feel, sense and view the numbers in advance. Most importantly I used the manifesting skills developed in your remote influencing course to convince my subconscious that I would win. I often used the “diamond body” technique to do this and see my new self happy and successful.  I used many of your RI techniques to energize that event. They are incredibly powerful. I always feel gigantic energy in me while I am listening to the CDs and it stays with me with a little lesser intensity during the day. This inner light energy allows me to energize my thoughts is such a powerful manner. Many events that I Remote influenced last year did later happen. I guess this made me more confident about my skills. As you suggested in the course I did not attach any fixed time to my success but rather concentrated in convincing my subconscious that this had already happened. I was doing this in Delta and would reinforce it at times while doing lucid dreaming as you teach us. I have learned to feel vibrations of light and I used to focus that energy to my subconscious mind as I was listening to your training and visualizing what I wanted my life to be like.
Well nothing really happened for over a year. I kept RIing success at the lotto , but did not give it that much thought. I never gave up nor doubted.

One day 2 weeks ago I went to a Delta state and asked for guidance on the drawing. Suddenly 6 numbers appeared in my mind. They were like dancing numbers with flecks (specks?) of gold around them. I immediately wrote them down. The vision had this sense of being both unreal, almost plastic, as if I could almost touch these numbers in my mind. I felt very calm about it. Somehow I knew that this was special and that I had received this information from a level of High Mind.  

I bought the ticket and imagine my face when I watched the drawing on TV.

You know Mr. O’Donnell, I know now that anything is possible, but more than the money it is the difference I can make in this planet by RI a better world  that makes me so happy!

I thank you from all of my heart for your wonderful courses.

Your indebted student for life. 

Hans Peter R

Diana Gee flutist92028@gmail.com sent  us this enlightening testimonial on January 28, 2010


  • Having very profound experiences with our Combination RV/RI training

  • Starting to have lucid dreams

  • Experiencing after taking our courses the only real DNA awakening possible: the one triggered by very High levels of the Supreme Intelligence bathing every single spiral DNA chromosome in its Live Light Presence

Hello Gerald,

I am enjoying the two courses immensely.  I have meditated for years and have not had as many profound experiences as I already have - and I haven't even finished the courses.  First, thank you for exposing the truth to us and for your courses.  It's hard to put it into words, but I feel like I'm inhaling the information and my body and mind have been starved for this information!  I've already started having lucid dreaming, had one precognitive event and one event I feel I must describe to you.   I was in deep theta, RV CD # 3 I think, and your instructions were to send your love to the universal mind and wait to see what kind of an answer you got back.  My experience was of a spiral energy made solid by all the colors of the rainbow that went through my body.  It's like my body was being explored - each muscle group twitched and went into spasm, but it certainly didn't hurt - quite the opposite - then after each muscle group had been activated this way, my whole body was positively vibrating with rainbow colored energy.  That lasted a while and then I had popping sensations all through my body like bubbles bursting and the spiral of energy gradually went away.  What was this?  - a cosmic handshake?  It definitely felt like a visitation of some kind.  Your input would be greatly appreciated - thanks.  I look forward to more enlightening experiences as I go through your courses!

Diana Gee

Merrily Lenhart merlen31@yahoo.com sent us on January 14, 2010 this second feedback after competing our Combo training systems.


  • Finding her "real self" in deep Theta mind explorations

  • Learning to Love herself again

  • Disconnecting from the linear mind

Hello Gerald O'Donnell

I have almost completed your program, and I want to tell you how valuable it was for me.  In the past I have been an information junky, curious, truth seeking, and sometimes to my detriment.  Self-help books and literature, the stock market,  most religions, just about everything outside of me I have investigated, and with little patients to dig deeply into any one philosophy for too long.  I allowed my mind to run the show with little regards for boundaries and limits.  I got a Ph.D in snooping, and it didn't cost me a thing, but it didn't feel right either. 

What really made a difference for me in using your training system was the Theta Meditations.  That area in each of us has been greatly ignored I feel, and  I am so grateful to have discovered it.  Traveling to that deep level within has changed my life.  My inner computer has my attention now.  This is all new territory for me of course, but it seems to be the beginning of  a new found trust that's authentic.  Communicating inward and silently listening is my favorite place to visit now, where I feel more and think less.  This has also helped me with my self-love issues.

Your learning technique is transforming my life.  First, it has drastically slowed down my thinking and reflex responding .  I can create some distance now by watching the energy or thought forms surrounding me.  What I have noticed about myself, is that I would unconsciously pick up other peoples' thoughts and then react to them, and then sabotage myself in the process.  Just this one realization is profound, now I can get on to creating MY future !   The subconscious level has always mystified me.  It's like we all share the same world with our eyes open, but enter into our own private world when our eyes are closed.   With the help of Theta, Delta and You my life feels safe, content and fascinating.   Thank You so much for helping me explore the Kingdom within.

Thank you Gerald,              Merrily Lenhart

Michele Strong strongchele@hotmail.com wrote to us on December 16, 2009


  • Exuding and feeling happiness after training for a few weeks with our combo system

Thank you.  I do not know if you will get this email, but I wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the CD's very much.  It's only been a few weeks and I have had a few people notice me smiling much more and making comments about how happy I look. I didn't know I looked unhappy before. :)  I feel happier.  I'm now on Lesson 9.  I can't wait to finish the set and review them all again.   I'm starting to just let go now and it has made a difference.  I have some intruding thoughts that I am excited to learn how to block in the next few CD's.  

I guess I just wanted to say Thank you.  I have so much to learn and I am very excited about all this.  More than worth the money!  I did not think I could afford this course, but now I see that I can not afford NOT to have it. Thanks for taking payments as I'm afraid I might have passed this up had I needed the full amount up front.  That would have been tragic! :)  This was the best investment I have made for myself, for my family and this is only the beginning. I am very grateful. Thank you.

Take care and Happy Holidays!Michele


Burk Esterhuyse burk75@gmail.com of South Africa, a new student,  sent us this feedback on May 21, 2008



  • Our Combo course causing radical changes in his persona. Attaining inner  peace, loving feelings, happiness, lack of fear, and anger.

Hi Gerald 

How are things your side?  Here everything is super.  I have been transforming from a fear based angry irritated person, not loving all people, to a calm, loving, happy, almost fearless person in two months now.   I am just in awe to find that your two programs can change me like this by going through them only once, well I spend 2-4 day on some of the Cd's.

Thank you


 Maya Savic, mayawhitelight@aol.com a recent Combination RV/RI trainee sent us this testimonial on November 22, 2009


  • Getting healed by of a serious neck disk protrusion and partial paralysis using the combination of our training and a personal visit with Gerald O'Donnell


 Hello :

I am Maya Savic.

The only reason for my ordering RV/RI course was my health concern about the numbness of my right arm, right leg, and a 30 cigarette a day smoking habit that I wanted to free myself from.

For the past two years I have been walking with a most severe limp and had almost no use of my right arm.

I went to see Neurologist and upon his exam he suggested an MRI test which showed a diagnosis as follows:

Severe Spondylitic changes C4-5 level, Cervical Spondylosis C3-4 and C5-6,  and an exaggerated cervical lordotic curvature

The above diagnosis and MRI findings were frightening. There was a high possibility that I would become completely paralyzed. 

The Doctor recommended immediate surgery.

After getting a second and a third opinions, which resulted in the same suggestions, I decided to explore other ways of cure in the realm of the One.

After extensive reading about Remote Viewing and Influencing as well as all of Gerald O'Donnell's testimonials, I decided to order the course  and started my training  on 6/13/09.

After several weeks of training, I realized that I was gaining strength in my right arm and that I was able to lift my leg off the ground.

It felt as if I had been given wings to fly.  I increased my RV/RI training to twice daily staying in meditation for about five hours a day.

During my increased training, I started visualizing Gerald performing healing sessions and being healed by him.

I called Gerald several times to consult about my health concerns and possibility of seeing him for healing session. 

Gerald finally agreed to see me in October.  I scheduled my trip to Ft. Lauderdale to visit a friend where I stayed for several days until Gerald finally scheduled my visit on 10/13/09.  Thirteen seems to be my lucky day as one of my daughters was born on Friday the thirteenth.

I arrived at the agreed upon meeting place and Gerald opened the door by saying "Welcome Maya" I gave him big hug and thanked him for his willingness to see me. As soon as I sat down, one of his cats jumped into my lap and sat there for quite a while. This was the beginning of my healing, as I am not cat lover and never had one on my lap before.  I felt comfortable to have this cat on my lap and actually pet it.  The cat remained on my lap as we were speaking about different subjects and building rapport.  I lost awareness of the cat on my lap and felt calm, protected and transformed to a different level, while Gerald was gazing up with his eyes half-open.  I believe he was using RV/RI techniques by contacting the One and asking for healing to happen. I felt completely a peace and felt protected and calm in his presence.  Suddenly Gerald walked to me and put my hand on top of his.  He said, count to 51 by 3. I stared counting and at about 21 it felt as if I had a shot of anesthesia hit my blood.

From this point on, I do not remember anything.  Even though I heard every word he said it felt as if my physical body remained in that chair, but my consciousness was taken somewhere else.  I felt an overwhelming joy in my heart as if the One touched it and filled with warm loving light..

I heard Gerald asking me if he can emerge me by counting to five.  I said yes, and opened my eyes. He said "Get up and walk now".

I stood up and started walking perfectly fine without any limp.  The numbness in my arm was completely released.  I was ecstatic and overwhelmed with happiness.  Gerald said, "Your face lit up and you look 10 years younger".  My voice was projecting higher and I was smiling, laughing and thanking him for his kindness and generosity.  He refused to accept any payment for this 2.5 hours healing session.

I truly wish that all of you can have the same experience with this remarkably gifted Master and Healer who puts his heart and soul into his work.  He brings dramatic improvements in people's lives by utilizing a wide range of methods in substantial depth taping into many forms of wisdom and healing capabilities, of the subconscious. Gerald is a Master with character and caliber who lives up to the expectation of his Creator The One.   Any one will experience a shift in their consciousness, feel his unconditional love all the while experiencing a profound spiritual enrichment being in his presence.

His voice in person possesses even more hypnotic powers conveying the essence of teachings of oneness with such depth and eloquence. 

I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life as it has exceeded my wildest expectations.

Gerald your  RV/RI system is masterful web of advanced Hypnotherapy packed with techniques and modalities penetrating true mind, body and soul affording healing of the entire being.  One would have to take several ten-weeks seminars, spend thousands of dollars and still never gain these same benefits as you unselfishly gifted Humanity with.

I have cut down cigarettes to 10 per day and stated daily walking and swimming!

Gerald, I hope that all is going well with you and you are enjoying every moment of your life! 

Love and Light 

Maya Savic
737 Pleasant Ave
Highland Park, IL 60035
847-433-2524 (fax)
773-447-7689 (cell)

Merrily Lenhart merlen31@yahoo.com writes to us on November 22, 2009 this thankful note.

Hello Gerald O'Donnell,
I just recently purchased your Arvari Training program.  I have to say it is exactly what I needed.

During the past few years I have been accumulating bits and pieces of knowledge pertaining to the "sub-conscious mind"; and then reflecting upon how I have been unconsciously setting myself up quite like the actors in the movie"Sphere".  

I want to thank my Higher Self for discovering you and this wonderful program; something other than my ego is apparently in charge because it just magically happened. But  most of all  I want to "THANK YOU" for putting this amazing,  comprehensive, easy to understand system together and then sharing it. 

 I am very grateful to you, !

Merrily Lenhart

Krisztian Panthera public@christianpanthera.hu a combination RV/RI course trainee from Hungary, and  national TV  star (host of a famous Paranormal show) sent us this feedback on November 12, 2009


  • Seeing successfully after an RV session, the day trading intra day chart for the next day.

Hello Gerald!

I am very happy to have gotten your courses. I started studying it.  I have already had a very positive experience. I heard the theta or delta CD, and saw yesterday a picture about my day trading chart for today. I saw the exact values on the chart. There was a big different from yesterday's chart (17 points). Today in the afternoon the market reached exactly that value!
I am very excited !
Best regards

Krisztian Panthera

Carrie Voss cvos777@gmail.com sent us this feedback on November 12, 2009


  • Manifesting successful job interviews following our RI advices.

Dear Gerald,

Hi.  This is Carrie Voss from Boise.  We spoke last week on the phone and you gave me some great advice regarding job interview preparation.  I just wanted to let you know that I had an important interview on Monday at Intermountain Gas here in Boise, and it went very well.  I got a callback for another interview for today at 4pm.  I'm totally confident that it will go just as well, thanks to your advice.  I just wanted to thank you again. 

Love, Carrie

Maggie Teske  heartojoy@gmail.com to us this very enlightening testimonial on October 23, 2009


  • While seeking totally different results from the courses, she unexpectedly  experienced directly in her room, the Loving Light Presence of the One.  She was transformed forever.

I usually don't  e-mail people I don't know but felt I really needed to this time. 

Okay first it is confession time.  Unlike some of the other student’s comments I didn’t order lot of other program didn’t want to learn how to meditate better etc.  Looking back I now realize I ordered it out of fear!  Fear of the current economic conditions.  I was hoping in my generous moments to find work for the company I am employed at so we could all keep our jobs.  In my more selfish moments I wanted to win the lottery to take care of me and mine.  I certainly didn’t care about this strange internet guy talking about quantum physics, Universal Mind, and all that other strange stuff.

HOWEVER one night when listening to one of the cds I must have fallen asleep when suddenly IT happened, I was having a very strange very vivid dream when the room was suddenly full of beautiful vibrating light; I thought my heart was going to explode with joy and happiness at the overwhelming sense of love-peace-and joy I felt.  It only lasted a few seconds but needless to say in those few seconds my whole outlook on life changed.  

I am now going back over the many articles you have written and also the cds only this time looking and listening for much much more.   

Thanks seem like so little to say for opening my eyes to this new world, but it’s all I can come up with.  SO… 

Thank You

Maggie Teske

Maria Jaber mariawj@yahoo.com sent us this feedback on October 19, 2009

Dear Gerald O’Donnell,

I have purchased your complete remote viewing training system few months ago. Thank you for the knowledge and techniques of the Remote Viewing.

I wish I have discovered this program sooner.

My investments somehow are improving. I am working on my relationship with my family.  I have become more intuitive, even to the point that I perceive future situations, events.  Mostly what happens  is like I carry on conversation in my head between other people involved away from me and then when someone tell me about it? I say to myself “don’t I already know that “.  Do you know what I mean?

Thank you,

Maria Jaber



Ernestine Kuhnl aon.912730551.4@aon.at an Austrian trainee sent us this feedback on 10/08/2009

Subject: Experiencing the  "Big Light."


Dear Gerald:


Yesterday after job I did – as I do often – RV 3 and it had a very good effect. I felt relaxed – all muscles and whole body – really perfect, also complete good feelings energetically, mentally and so on.


Today I had again a day in the office and decided to do RI 8 to relax and felt better.

After some minutes I was so relaxed that I did not feel my body – I also did not really hear the words of the CD – and had the feeling that I „had lost consciousness“  for a short time, when I became aware of a very bright light (I did the meditation with eyes closed and a dimly lit room) – but not as „forceful“ as when I had my first experience with Light at the end of Dec. 08- and I felt as if there were waves- not like what I have felt during the past weeks- „electric current“ – frequency like ultra-short waves or so – but „very long waves“ perhaps – like swimming in the ocean – when (nice!) big waves are coming – like a rocking motion – but I had the feeling as if my body was lifted above the bed already, as if going with my body – into space.


I had the distinct feeling that my whole biological body was in this wave and I thought – I wanted to stay HERE with the body- haha!!

IMMEDIATELY – it was as if „the light is turned off“ and the wave stopped and I felt „back to earth again“ !!!!!! REALLY ANOTHER DIMENSION – in this light and wave and being there and here.......

I cannot really put this into words – impossible.


Love and Light Ernestine




John Hill hilljo@btopenworld.com sent us this testimonial on October 8, 2009


  • Achieving Remote Viewing trips and great internal positive transformative changes with our Combination RV/RI training

Hi Gerald,


Hope you are well, I felt I must write to tell you how I got on with the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses.


I ordered both of the courses because I felt it was time to grow spiritually, I could truly see the way the world was going and I understood that the challenges we face now need an entirely new approach from us all.


When the courses arrived they were very well packaged and the presentation of the CD set I had purchased was amazing. All of the CD’s were very neatly packaged and the documentation explaining what was on each CD and the preferred way in which the student should use both courses together was very professional.


I soon started to cover the material which sent me personally on many amazing journeys at one point during an early Remote Influencing exercise I really felt that I had taken a trip to Paris and was standing at the side of the Eiffel tower. The vision was very vivid and as we then stood there I could see the lights of the tower and even smell the night air. There were then several other instances of amazing changes that had and continues to take place deep within me.


I would dearly like to thank you for all of his work in creating this truly magical journey via your courses, they are nothing short of amazing and I can truly say I thoroughly enjoyed them. Your great work has inspired me to start to create my own products to assist people through difficult situations using the power of Hypnosis.


Many Thanks,





Clark  Berger clarkberger@hotmail.com sent us this feedback on October 8, 2009.


  • Taking advantage of our 2008 prediction of a proximate steep rise in Gold prices (BTW  we foresaw a gigantic price increase in Gold prices since the end of 1999 when Gold metal prices hovered around $225 together with a worldwide Stocks and real estate bubbles implosions. We stated then that the stocks market had completed  their all time peak in real value on 1/1/2000).

Hi Gerald,

Just wanted to thank you for the tip on gold that you gave on your website and an interview last year.

I invested all my savings and it has enabled me to weather the economic downturn, buy myself neuro-feedback equipment (IBVA Mac compatible- Highly recommended) and above all your course has led me to a happier and more purpose filled life.

Thanks again and all the best.


Pamela Paxman  pameliapax@gmail.com wrote us on October 2, 2009


  • Enthusiastic feedback comparing our training to the Holosync technology.

I have meditated off and on for years and regularly for the past year using Holosync.  It worked well for me but once I tried Gerald O'Donnell's Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing program I realized that the technology that Gerald has developed is light years ahead of anything else I have experienced.  I have used the combination package for  less than a week and in that short time I have had beautiful experiences in meditation.  Once I hear his voice I feel a tangible relaxation settle over my body.  I now understand the concept of quieting the mind to such a deep state of relaxation that my heart takes over and I can hear the whisperings of my own soul in communion with God.  I see meditation as a prayer and credit this new meditation with the increase of creativity and ideas that are flowing into my life this week.   I am so excited to continue discovering my potential through the use of this powerful tool.

Thank you,

Pamela Paxman

Randy Kirkendoll Ran.Kirkendoll@gmail.com wrote to us on September 14, 2009


  • Life changing effects of our Combo course.

Dear Gerald,

Greetings my dear friend.  I have not ever met you but the power of your work and the genuine love that it conveys is beautiful to behold and a joy to experience.  

Words cannot describe the indescribable that only experience can attest.  Thank you for being there when the One came calling to share this information and training with the rest of us.  As your training CD’s indicate and request, I am enjoying the ride immensely and it is going to change my life forever. 

Having said all of that, I have been on the road to true inner peace for some time now.  I am and will be a greater teacher of it (that is why I am here).  I generally do not watch any violence on TV, less now that I understand the principles in your training.  I have had exposure to your work for a little over 5 weeks and just got the full course about a week ago.  I have reached the point where I am in a near continuous state of bliss and joy that this course has helped to improve immeasurably.  

Again, thank you my new dear friend.  It is a great hope of mine that we will meet some day in person. 

Blessings and Peace to you every day.    


Randy Kirkendoll

Barbara Flach barbaraflach@hotmail.com sent us this testimonial on September 2, 2009

My dear friend! 
I received the RI/RV training courses a couple of weeks ago and have just finished going thru them once.  Can't tell you how much I love them!!  Feels like this is the material I've been looking for for 20 years.  My daily prayer for the last couple of years is that I use my life in service to the Light to help heal our dear Earth and it seems as though this course is a direct response.
Thanks so much.....

Barbara Flach

Al Gersh nowandzenbluesandhorses@yahoo.com  wrote to us on August 24, 2009


  • Rapid manifestations of his dream after listening once to our combo course

Dear Gerald,

I decided to move out of this country where I have lived for 7 years but usually I have to search and hunt for a place to move to and it's especially difficult with horses BUT after just listening to the set of CDs ONCE I have 2 people, 1 is a friend of my daughter's whom I have never met and the other is a friend of my sister's who I haven't seen or talked to in 50 years! Well, they both called me and asked me to come and train horses and live on their property and play music and start a community, (which is what I lack where I'm at now)! one is 15 acres and she does the healing reins with handicap kids and the other is 400 acres with elk and bear on the side of a mountain! and get this, they both bought property that were COMMUNES in the 70's; what are the odds of that occurring in almost the same day???

I will be buying and using ANY materials you have, thank you, again and now on to manifesting more money for those new materials!!!!


Allan Bomgabong allanbngbng@yahoo.com from the Philippines sends us this kind message on August 10, 2009 after listening and training with a promo pack we did.

Dear Gerald,

I would like to express gratitude to the Father thru you for your wonderful and magical  program. This really is the one program preparing all aspects of the One for the Great Crossing of the New Age that is already happening now. 

I came across ARVARI thru Burt Goldman's message. As you said in the introductory audio that it is not about money and that it all is not an accident that I was introduced to your system. I was guided by the One and been gifted of this amazing program for a higher and much faster evolution of myself back to the realization of the One, that has always been with me. 

I have listened to your 30 day trial jumpstart package and could not help but sob in amazement, wonder and happiness of the initiation by the One, especially that going to Delta cd that especially appealed to me. Now I'm fully convinced that I could be anything that myself and the One wanted me to be really. But I still need time to fully erase the demeaning and debilitating programming of the old matrix. 

I know one of this day I could have the full amount for the payment of the full combo RV/RI program of yours. 

Again thank you very much and best wishes for you from us here in Mindanao, Philippines.  

Allan Bongabong

Janeeda isisrising1@aol.com writes on August 6, 2009

Hello Gerald.
I have your complete course on Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.  I have been interested in this for a long time now.  In fact I bought a system around 2000.  I've been a heavy, daily meditator for a long, long time ( since the early 70's) and have had a great many experiences both internal and those that have been projected outward also.  I read with great interest this latest message on your website   The message refreshed so many things that have been shown to me over the years and I just wanted to thank you for everything you're sharing with us.  The knowing that has been placed within me understands what you've been given to share.  The information as far as I'm concerned hits the nail on the head and has served to confirm many of the things I have been made aware of over the years.

"Unconditional love is the final answer" and travels in "pink bubbles". Sounds crazy but I've seen them.
Warm regards & much love,

Neil Shadel  shadel5@cableone.net sent us this feedback on September 24, 2009

Dear Gerald,

I have been working with the RV/RI  digital CD course since the first of 2009.
I have found by placing the data on my iPod, ( with absolutely no compression or modification), has made it much more accessible and enjoyable to use.
Thank you so much for this material, I feel so fortunate to have found it. You, and your work, are such a blessing to mankind! Thank you!

Sahil Mehta MD  sahilnmusic@yahoo.com a year-long student of ours sent us this enthusiastic testimonial on July 22, 2009


  • Great appreciation for the extended body of  material included in the combination RV/RI courses.

  • Greater manifestation powers

  • Learning about the multi-dimensional Self

 Dear Gerald,

I have been using ARVARI courses for over a year with great results- especially more consistent manifestations. I was referred to your website by Toby Alexander- spiritual healer.  Over the years I have used many music CD's for spiritual growth but after listening to the RV and RI CD's I'm sure no one has spent that much time/effort and thought in creating such a wonderful thing.  

I am learning about our multidimensional anatomy- soul, oversoul, monad, rishi self up to 15 dimensions.

Warm regards, 

Sahil Mehta MD

Jenkintown, PA


Jagwantsing Chetlall, amarkrsnadas@hotmail.com, a recent combo student from Mauritius sent us this feedback on July 15, 2009 of the positive powerful effects felt after only 2 days of listening to our courses.


  • Experiencing the deep Theta state after only 2 sessions.

Dear Gerald,
I recently ordered the RV/RI combo package from you and I got the CDs in Mauritius within one week and that is extremely quick. Well I  listened to the RV CD1 last night.
After minutes that I have been listening to the CD, I started feeling my body going numb and at a certain point in time, I completely lost notion of my body and felt like being 'pulled within the CD'. I also lost consciousness/felt asleep for some minutes before 'waking up again'. After CD 1 was over, I went to bed whereby i had a floating sensation.
This morning when I woke up, I am feeling myself completely light and highly positive. I am also surprisingly calm ( I am usually an easily irritated person).
Actually, I am positively surprised.

Today, I had a very long working day and I got home around 21h. Well after relaxing a bit, I decided to listen to RV CD2. After the first few minutes of listening, I could sense a resistance within myself to let go in the beginning but later it became easier. I did not see the light but while following your command to go to the deep theta state, I completely lost notion of body, time and space. As soon as I entered the deep theta state at your command, I went 'Black out' I suppose and suddenly I could find myself waking up  at your command I suppose, as soon as the CD was over. 
I thank you for having sent these CDs to me which I am sure will change my life and those around me for the better. 
My respects and deep felt gratitude,
Jagwantsing Chetlall

Larry Rietcheck, LRietcheck@earthlink.net sent us this testimonial on July 7, 2009


  •  Reaching the peaceful One eye of the Hurricane storming around through using our Combo courses

Dear Gerald,

I wanted to write to let you know how much I have appreciated and benefited from the RV/RI training.  There have been many changes in the way that I perceive and interact with my world.  There was never a sense of immediate profound change, rather, it has been a series of very subtle shifts during this journey.  It is only when I stop and look back that I realize how far I have come in my personal growth.  I have attained such a profound sense of peace.  During this time of such social and economic upheaval I feel as if I am in the eye of the hurricane.  So many things that used to bother me or get me upset or angry have little or no impact upon me anymore.  I don't try to block them, I just let them pass through me and I move on.  This is not to say that I can do this every time.  My greatest challenge is to be conscious and aware of my thoughts.  As Alan Watts said, "Thoughts are things".  And indeed that is true as they are what manifests reality.

I send you Peace and Love,


Joahn  A. Lantow, CLantow@aol.com a student of ours, wrote to us this testimonial on June 28, 2009


  • Deflecting a tornado's path using RV and RI and the power of One. No injuries reported.

On June 17th right before my birthday a tornado was heading for our small town of Austin Minnesota.

The sirens were going and the news reporter said it was going to be catastrophic and the people of the town should go to their basements. 

I took my flashlight went to the basement. While sitting there in the dark I went into a deep delta state. I focused on remote viewing the tornado and the storm. I merged into it with the sense of One. I then spoke to it through visual images and my own voice in my mind.  

I told it that in the name of the One and His son Jesus that it could come to town but not cause damage. I also told it not to rain as we had gotten quite enough rain the previous week. All this was done at the level of remote viewing and influencing. 

The tornado altered its predicted course and wound up just clipping the outskirts of town and that was it. The weird thing was I saw it doing this before it happened!

 Within a short amount of time not only did the town not get hit, as predicted but just clipped with minor injuries. Another thing I was influencing for was no injuries. The whole thing was done in an hour to an hour and a half. Then the stars came out. 

My neighbor commented on how odd it was that it thundered and there was lightning but no rain. Hmmmmm. 

On my birthday the headline was that the town got lucky and was clipped but not hit head on. 

I remember thinking as I was heading for the basement when the sirens are going off if there ever was a time to have remote viewing and influencing work this would be it! 

Thanks Again


Chris Martin  cmartinsun@gmail.com sent us this testimonial on June 26, 2009

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for putting this wonderful program together. I have been searching for this all my life. I am almost through my first pass on the combo course and find myself wanting to go back to these CD’s more frequently with each listening. Have felt what I think is vibratory light, albeit briefly, and I can’t put that feeling to words. I came to this course with a lot of emotional baggage, self-defeating habit patterns like procrastination etc.  These things are slowly being loosened up and discarded. I can still feel resistance, however, in the form of not being able to completely let go of all of it yet.  I don’t know if this is a normal part of hopefully transitioning to a higher level of consciousness. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thank you again.  

Love and Light


Tracy Kieffer tkieffer63@verizon.net writes to us on June 8, 2009


  • Counter-acting the deleterious fear-laden effect of much of the material posted on the net lately through the use of our program and the information posted on our site. Finding inner peace again.

Hello Mr. O'Donnell,
I just want to thank you so very much for all the work you put into this RV/RI program. I am very pleased with it all, I went through it once and now am going through it again. I have learned so much from your writings also. Thank you.

I knew months back that I needed to stop with all this negative info that was coming at me through the internet and I knew I had to counteract this first and foremost with Love.  It was absolutely driving me crazy with anger, fear, and a lot of negativity. Then I had a friend that sent me your site. I knew about Remote viewing but always thought this was something the governments did and  not a good thing, but I looked into it more and was intrigued by your words. With what I have been reading from your writings and the CDs, well let's just say I am at a very deep peace now, more then ever.

Thank you again and happy thoughts to you too my dear friend.
Tracy Kieffer

Ed Serafin romnchil@gmail.com  writes to us on June 7, 2009


  • As an former Silva Mind graduate, he testifies that this is the next step towards the Inner Mastery of life.

Mr. O'Donnell,

I purchased your RV/RI course back in March. I am totally amazed at the results I am experiencing. I have by no means become an expert, nor do I feel I have reached even a small percentage of what I may be capable of, when I apply what I have learned thus far.
I make an attempt to practice every day, but I have missed a few days. I am also a Silva graduate, having taken the Silva Method back in 1979. You stated in an interview that the Silva course was a good place to start. I agree, and what you have done has gone far beyond what Jose Silva has taught.
I am grateful for the information you have offered to the world. I look forward to someday mastering all that you are attempting to teach.  Thank you,

Ed Serafin

Funke Imiruaye funkimax1@yahoo.com sent us this testimonial on June 3, 2009


  • Permanent inner changes after training only once with our Combo RV/RI program

Hi Gerald
I bought your program about a couple of months ago and I really want to thank you for all the wisdom shared.
Initially I heard of you from Vishen and I followed all the interviews before buying the complete program. I have gone through all the cd's and I can say I am really a changed person. I just listened to the last one yesterday and I am still 'in the mood of it'.

 I am now calmer, more conscious and very focused and I intend to start the cd's all over again.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed, maybe because of my previous programming, but I took to your advise and go back to the recommended cd's and relax. I am one of those brought up in church and have always wanted more than all the stories told and I'm glad to find your program.

Right now I am working as an office manager and doing a course in psychology and intend to go onto my PhD. I would really like to stop work now, focus on my studies, research and my young family in the next two-three years before I start teaching.
Warm Regards and happy thoughts


Margarita Slavkova margaritaslavkova@hotmail.com wrote to us on May 18, 2009 this beautifully crafted and emotional message


  • Ascension. When engaged, there is no turning back.

Hi, Gerald,

I just want to share some thoughts.

I bought a lot of courses. But you are the first, who takes my hand and leads me towards the light. There is a lot of love and dedication in those records. I am really blessed to have found your teaching.

My impression at this point is that my life is split in half. Or, better, my world is lost. I have been meditating for three years, but nothing has shaken the core of my being and understanding like the Remote Influencing course. I am confused and amazed.

Confused, because I don’t understand the question “Why me?” Nobody around me knows any better. Looking at my past years, when I was young and full of my “ enormous ego, which was always right”, I still do not find any answer. I love my parents dearly, but they did not teach me any of this. They both died very afraid and unprepared. My husband thinks that I am not the same person anymore. And he is right.

I realized that all my life up to this point went somehow aside. I have a degree in land surveying and accounting. And now, at 52, I am interested in psychology, healing, writing, brain … But I am not trained to do all of those things! What to do with my skills? What is happening? The pull is so strong and I don’t know where I am going to end up. Tremendous changes have happened already. I feel that something (or someone) else occupies my body. May be the perception is so different, that I think about myself as another person. The potential is building so strongly in me, I have the feeling that there is no room anymore. Because nothing changes on the outside. May be my vibrations are still very low? I know, that I am coming from a very low stage and have to climb more. But it is OK. I can’t stop now, it is too late.

About the outside a little. I decided to write reports for a blog. But how? I have not done that? On top of it, in English. Something very powerful is pushing me away from the computer and the file, because it is a possibility for me to make some money. Something in me does not like it. However, I wrote 10 pages already and my daughter's teacher checked it. Now, I have to send it. Another challenge.

I just listened to session 7 (the second body). Wow!! I was blown away (again).

I also listened today to the last CD - Mother Nature. I was really shaken, dissolved, disintegrated to the core of my DNA.

It was very emotional. I felt that way after giving birth to my children.

I feel alone. I don’t talk to people. I try to say something, but it is like talking Japanese. I am not merged any more with my old world and I don’t have a new one. Do I want a new one? I still have a lot of love invested in my old. How I can incorporate the old into the new? Nonsense!

On top of everything, I fell happy and blessed. Really. I talk to my little tree in the back yard and I am in heaven. My hibiscus blossomed again today and, it felt amazing – it felt red and gold and sunny (it is raining now).  

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating so beautifully something which can't be even touched by words.

Margarita Slavkova

Lorraine Miller lorrainemoller55@msn.com writes on May 06, 2009 upon receiving our latest message "One upon Creation."


We have emailed each other before. I just want to say that I am absolutely enthralled with your tapes (getting ready to buy the new CD's) and all your writings. I went to bed with my laptop to read your message below before I drifted off, and woke up still in the spirit of your words which I have carried with me today. This is on the heels of your e-book on remote influencing that I downloaded last week, which I must say is one the most inspirational and intriguing reads I have had in a long time. Thank you for putting it out there for us to freely discover and absorb. I realize the need to daily reinforce the truth and live it, and to be able to quickly catch myself when I am getting caught up in the lie and recalibrate. Yours are some of the few writings that resonate with the best I know.  

I spent a good deal of my life as a professional marathon runner and learned through the many hours of long running the power of my thoughts, how to access deeper brainwave states while running, and to focus the mind. It was fabulous groundwork for what has come since: a sharpening of the discernment of truth and a yearning to go deeper into my experience of the divine Oneness.  

So this email is for no other reason than to say with the deepest appreciation, "Thank you!"  


Lorraine Moller

David C. Freeman, dcfreema5@bellsouth.net sent us this message after receiving our "One upon a Creation" message on May 6, 2009


  • Thanking us for our work.

  • Having a vivid Dream, of the Light of the One surrounded by Its projected human co-creative parts.

  • Dream of a massive Tsunami coming across the US from the North. His interpretation of it.

Hello Gerald,

I came across your site years ago, and have become an advocate of your concept of remote influencing. By trade, I am currently a multimedia web developer in Miami, and have worked on government projects at Fermi Lab and Argonne National Lab in Illinois for many years prior to moving to Miami. I am an engineer by education, and as you know we are a very hard breed to convince of spiritual issues. After much study of your material, I am convinced that you are (for lack of a better term) a modern day prophet.

I want to thank you for your message and your obedience to making it available. About four months ago, I had the most vivid of dreams. As best as I can describe it, I was a light surrounded by lights that I knew to be other human spirits. In the center of us, was one massive light that was a greater version of us all. Upon awakening, the energy was so strong that it awoke my wife who felt the transition. There was a glow to our room that faded. In that moment of being awake, I knew that I had lived before, but I did not understand what it meant. I also had the impression that I could have stayed in that state if I desired. It was my first vivid dream of this type.

Two months ago, I dreamed of a massive Tsunami, that came across the US from the North. I would normally have dismissed such a dream as too much pizza, except that it was as vivid and realistic as the first dream I mentioned. I had the impression that this dream might have two meanings, the first being a literal Tsunami; the second being a literal wave of consciousness unsettling everything we have come to know as real. I later found that my wife, and one of her close friends have had similar dreams. Yesterday morning, I entered an altered state of consciousness (delta) and asked the One for direction and confirmation on what exactly I'm supposed to be doing. Later that day, your message came.

I don't expect a reply. I just wanted to let you know that there is someone out here that is analytically minded, who has been searching for something for years, and is now having these unexplainable experiences.  Thank you again for releasing your message.

David C. Freeman, MSCIS

Multimedia Developer

Stein Gerontological Institute, Miami Jewish Home and Hospital at Douglas Gardens

5200 NE 2nd Ave. Miami Fl, 33137

personal web site: nxtgenmedia.com

Matthew Jorgenson erik6999@yahoo.com, wrote to us on May 5, 2009


  • Experiencing his Out of Body Projection (OOBE) on the third day after training with our Combination RV/RI course.

Gerald you have changed my life...how extremely sad would have been the thought that  I could have missed the opportunity to acquire your courses...

I've had the RV RI combo now for about 5 weeks and on the third day I had my first out of body experience!!

Although I am sad to say it was cut short by my darn alarm clock ringing, as I was not even trying to consciously leave my body...

I put in the very last CD  in of the RI course about Delta manifesting and thought of absorbing its information while I took a short nap and suddenly found myself spinning above my body about 4+ feet above myself and my clock went off sucking me back into myself!.

I cannot thank you enough as this training has opened up a truly magical world I know now, first hand, exists!

That was the only time I was successfully able to detach but it is only a matter of time... I take the course very seriously and am now going through it disc by disc as you recommend. Really repeating them until I feel I've totally mastered them... I am going to be investing in a computer here soon and would love to help you spread the course to as many people as possible...but I wonder if the corkscrew image had some part to play in helping me break free...I think I has at first missed a bit the mark as I put originally too much effort... As you say the less effort the more success... Again I thank you more than words can express
Matthew Jorgenson

Stephanie Yamout, stefanie.yamout@gmail.com former Silva Mind instructor; NLP, Quantum Entrainment and ThetaHealing  practitioner, took our courses and sent us this enthusiastic testimonial on April 29, 2009


  • After much experience as a Silva Mind instructor and practitioner of different advanced mind modalities, she finds that our combo  combine them all and goes far beyond them in its teachings.

  • Feeling the "inner Smile' and Peaceful happiness in her daily life. Regaining the "inner child" within.

  • Purging and transmuting old lower vibrations of painful fear-laden memories

  • Experiencing, all of a sudden, while in Delta, the unfathomable super-bright Light of the "Inner Sun" of the One Creator Energy.

Dear Gerald 

I am in the process of doing the RV/RI course. I take my time because I listen to every CD two or three times and then I practice on a daily basis what I have learned. You probably can imagine how much I enjoy your course, it is the BEST I have ever done so far – and I have done quite a bit. I am an “old” Silva Mind practitioner – even used to teach it, an NLP practitioner, Quantum Entrainment practitioner (QE) and a ThetaHealing practitioner (among quite a few other practices). You have put something together that combines all of these techniques and tops them off. Never have I been able to reach such heights of mind. I have been doing quite a bit of automatic writing, channeling, past life regressions with others and and and…. however, with your training I feel I have arrived home. Much has already happened since I started the course and I know a lot more will follow. I’ll give you details later.  

I already have  a constant smile not only on my face but all over inside of me and there are always songs playing in the background of my mind, quite entertaining. I can laugh much more easily and mostly about myself. I found the little girl again that I used to be , full of laughter and mischief (positive). I am totally in love with myself and happy for no reasons at all. I wish everybody would one day take your course and arrive where I am. 

Spending every day from one to two hours in expanded awareness and higher vibrations has me going through a purging process that at times is painful. When I ask myself, why the pain, I become aware that this is a necessary process because states of high vibration do not sustain lower vibrations of fear in all its facets. Once I am able to let go of the story that is seemingly attached to the emotion (energy in motion to be exact), I am at peace. My new understanding of "I AM THAT I AM" is so much more profound than before and actually brings me closer and closer to where I want to be: One with ONE, at peace within peace. Unconditional Love for what IS.

Well, today, as I was laying under my umbrella at the beach being in "mental state delta" all of a sudden, the light in my inner "eye" became as bright as a super bright sun/light.  First I thought that the umbrella was being pulled away but then as the light got so bright I got "scared" and opened (unfortunately) my eyes and the whole experience was over. At least, now I know what light I am IF I let it happen. This was quite something for me and I hope it will happen again so that I can bathe in this light and receive the information that is connected to it. I am still listening to any of your CDs and they reveal more and more................

Your exercises are of such value that there cannot  be put a price in dollars to them. I really wish that all of humanity (well, maybe half of them.... lol) would pick up your teachings and DO the exercises. For me it is not so much the manifesting or viewing part, but the self-realization of what I am in REALITY. I guess once I am totally aware of the power of my reason for being a human being, I'll be a master manifester of Paradise, Garden of Eden.

Once more I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and the wonderful CDs of, in particular the remote influencing ones, your courses. I don't think I'll ever tire of either listening to you or doing the exercises on my own.

Thank you for everything you do for humanity. You have my highest respect. 

Warm greetings,

Stefanie Yamout

Jon A. Lantow CLantow@aol.com writes us on April 17 and June 38, 2009


  • Understanding the inner Kingdom of the spiritual energy body we enliven in experiences, totally befitting his Christian scriptures' background.

  • RI'ing the path of a gigantic tornado storm and remaining protected and safe.


 Gerald , It was again a pleasure to have the unexpected phone conversation with you yesterday. I appreciated your taking the time to talk.  

Before deciding to purchase the program I had been interested in Remote viewing and Influencing. I had been perusing and reading various books on the subject. There is Dave Morehouses "Psychic warrior". The research of Russell Targ and others. My motive in going through the program was more regarding spiritual development. I was not interested in getting rich or finding a soul mate. 

For me it was more in line with making contact with the Quantum field going down through consciousness  to where thought and the field contact and meet. Getting in the gap as it were. 

I also believe we have a spiritual body. In the material you refer to this as the energy body. For years I have believed in what 1 Corinthians 15 calls the resurrection body, the spiritual body. Still many spiritual people do not understand the spiritual body and its functions. The spiritual body having its functions much like the physical body. Spiritual senses just like there are physical senses. We interact with these two bodies in the physical and non-physical realm, giving us the ability to walk in two worlds. 

I find that the spiritual body is at a much more subtle level and when the consciousness dips down into the altered states that contact is made and there is a conduit created through which the spiritual then surfaces to waking consciousness. Much like the water bucket dipping down into the well  and then reeling back up the water attained there. 

I must admit at times I have been put off by the esoteric alternative spirituality community. Sometimes the teachings and materials I have read or listened to are so weighted down with so called meta-physical mumbo jumbo that you are more confused when you are done than when you started. Sometimes I think people think the more far out and weird it is the more spiritual it is. 

Many Christians ( as that is the tribe I am of) I know who have accepted Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on the cross for them , yet they are ignorant to the reality of the spiritual body and abilities that belong to them as those who have been born from above. When Jesus says I and the Father are one and greater things that these (what I have done) will YOU do. 

There are many of my tribe that need to go WITHIN  to where the kingdom is. Colossians 1:27 Christ IN YOU the hope of glory. 

We are for sure like Icebergs. The tip is the conscious mind that we are aware of in the immediate sense. Then there is all this underneath the surface that we are not consciously aware of but indeed is still very much also who we are we are just not aware of it. 

John 17 Jesus prays for his followers and says "that Father that they may be one even as we are one". This is the great Christian message. Not guilt, fear and separation but an invitation through Christ to be one with the Father in the same way that he was. 

Anyway thanks for the conversation. To chronicle the journey here.

I appreciate your courtesy and going the extra mile in this matter. It made a BIG difference to me in my faith in the purchasing of the product, the going through the program and the creator of the program.  I felt a bit like Neo reaching Morpheus. 

Being rescued from the Matrix is one thing, learning how to change it, how to stay awake and not be plugged back in. Now that is the challenge. Ignorance is not bliss.

6/29/09 Jon writes:

On June 17th right before my birthday a tornado was heading for our small town of Austin Minnesota.

The sirens were going and the news reporter said it was going to be catastrophic and the people of the town should go to their basements. 

I took my flashlight went to the basement. While sitting there in the dark I went into a deep delta state. I focused on remote viewing the tornado and the storm. I merged into it with the sense of One. I then spoke to it through visual images and my own voice in my mind.  

I told it that in the name of Jesus that it could come to town and cause damage. I also told it not to rain as we had gotten quite enough rain the previous week. All this was done at the level of remote viewing and influencing. 

The tornado altered its predicted course and wound up just clipping the outskirts of town and that was it. The weird thing was I saw it doing this before it happened! 

Within a short amount of time not only did the town not get hit, as predicted but just clipped with minor injuries. Another thing I was influencing for was no injuries. The whole thing was done in an hour to an hour and a half. Then the stars came out. 

My neighbor commented on how odd it was that it thundered and there was lightning but no rain. Hmmmmm. 

On my birthday the headline was that the town got lucky and was clipped but not hit head on. 

I remember thinking as I was heading for the basement when the sirens are going off if there ever was a time to have remote viewing and influencing work this would be it! 

Thanks Again


Janet Fitzgerald jfitzgerald@wildblue.net a 70 years young student of ours sent us this testimonial on April 16, 2009


  • Foreseeing a "future event"

  • Increased intuitive knowing

  • Improved memory

Dear Gerald,

I have been interested in Remote Viewing for many years but did not know of your website.  I saw an upcoming interview of Michel Jura's and listened.  I saw your courses and immediately ordered.  This was the first interview with you though that I had seen. 

Although I am 70 years old, I continue to learn new things.  I started the RV CDs thru disk 5.  I listened to disk 5 twice.  That night just before going to sleep, I saw this outline of what looked like a waterway of some sort and how it divided into 2 around a land mass.  I thought I was imagining it. 

2 days later, I was traveling on Highway 200 In Idaho beside the Pend d'Oreille river and saw a sign along the road with a black and white picture of the river.  It was the exact same image of what I saw, except mine was in color.  It just reinforced for me that I was on the correct path. 

I am following the RV and RI lesson plan and have just heard RI Disk 7 yesterday for the first time.  A very good friend saw me later that day and couldn't get over how light and happy I looked and acted.  I felt (and still feel) full of joy.  I have utilized my intuition especially in the business world and it served me well.  But now, I know when the phone will ring and who it is.  It is like I know what is going to happen in a general way and it does.  My memory has improved tremendously.   

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experience with the world.   


Jeanne Allen jlallen@xmission.com writes us on April 15, 2009

 Hi Gerald,

Yes, I have listened to all the interviews and have done them all several times.  I get more out of them every time.  I purchased your RV and Ri courses about 3 weeks ago and working through it.  I believe this is the best investment I've made in my life.

I have been sharing your program with my daughter and she is thrilled.  Long story how we got here because we were on different paths that intersected.  anyway, thank you so much for all your sharing and the difference your attempting to make.

Thanks again for sharing and I find you always create an uplifting in me anytime I listen to anything you have provided. 

Have a really great day


Carolyn Oglesby coglesby@stx.rr.com  sent us this feedback on April 7, 2009


  • Feeling that her lifelong studies of  "A Course in  Miracles" was a gateway to experiencing in a manifested way the teachings of our courses.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell, 

I have almost finished your combination courses for the third time and I have gained so much from them.  I sent you a Thank You card already telling you how much you have helped me and how much my life has improved.  I am still growing and have even decided that my Course in Miracles study was only  a gateway to your courses. I have no desire to study it anymore. 

Much love to you,

Carolyn Oglesby 


Terese teresetheartist@aol.com sent us this testimonial on March 15 and 28, 2009


  • Experiencing, as many of our students have, the Vibratory Light of One at the level of the permanent Union between the Divine Masculine and Feminine which gives one an orgasmic blissful experience often referred to in sacred writings as an explosion of Light and blissful en-lightenment.


I wanted to send some feedback and gratitude!

I have to say wow for the experiences, the RI CDs provide instant experiences that occur in meditation, quite spiritual in nature. You make it so easy. Bless you! 

I met what one might say is a twin soul, Theresa, a few years back while learning Reiki, chanting & meditating. You  know, we finish each others sentences, and communicate without speaking, have the same laugh and similar mannerisms including abilities that have evolved from meditating. She's a spiritual medium that RV's while communicating with loved ones that have passed, she doesn't know it's RV, but she does it just the same.

During those years I realized what you speak of in the "RI secrets revealed" Ebook and reading it was like being at home. Not many people around where I live get this. I used to read physics, quantum physics and metaphysics for the sheer fun of it. Had many meditation and release/discharge experiences on my own often wondering why the light would make one feel so bad until I read "Play of Consciousness" by Muktananda. That book was a Godsend as is your course. I could only learn so much from that book, important things about the blue light of consciousness, the blue pearl, the white light, the nada (my favorite aside from the light) God existing as you in you, etc...

Then I felt stuck, so close, yet so far. The light within teased me, the sound of silence, the nada bathed me in love and light, but still, there was something missing. Your RI course (only half through it) already has given me answers, like I always wondered what that wonderful sensation was just below my navel that I felt while meditating or right before falling asleep at night. I must say that I really love when that area is somehow infused with an explosion of orgasmic energy that takes my breath and awareness away! The neatest thing is I just recently asked All That Is how can I do what others have done with the Delta level of mind in meditation to help get me unstuck. I didn't know that my favorite pastime was being aware in theta and delta states, I just experienced it without understanding it. The next thing I know your course is brought to my attention in some email, I was like a kid in a candy store!

March 28:  Hmmmm, probably shouldn't go here, but it is so enlightening that I'll put what I think I should and shouldn't do on the side for a moment and forge ahead! During a meditation with one of your CDs after going to the center of my being which elicits that orgasmic energy which I must admit I quite enjoy, I succumbed to the visions and energy. How's that? Ok, that was a few days ago. I actually completed both the RV & RI courses in a few days instead of the 28, but I just went with the flow and followed my inner guidance. Remember I'm the one that said I felt so close yet so far and Muktananda's book "The Play of Consciousness" only allowed me to go so far (because well, I guess because I couldn't quite grasp something), well that something just came to my awareness this morning in a flash!

I saw the story from the book when Muktananda was tempted by the orgasmic quality of energy which perplexed him since he made his sexual organ non sexual because he gave it up or something as part of becoming a swami. He discussed his surprise with the experience that he felt in his physical body along with the images that came to his mind during that specific meditation. This is the same experience in meditation that I experienced so it must be universal.

Thank you for making this available to people, thank you for your contributions to life!

Love and light


Terry Meyer medvedjbear@gmail.com sent us this feedback on March 12, 2009


  • Ease at reaching deep Theta

  • Getting information about the urgent bequest by Oneness for us to enter the process of Consciousness ascension

  • Getting the missing link to vibrating his Light into a high ascension level.

  • After a life-long quest finally finding the "missing Pieces' to the cosmic puzzle.

Hi Gerald,

I am one of your students. I can't express my appreciation adequately for the benefits and spiritual growth I have attained through your vehicle to expanded consciousness! I am writing to let you know of my progress with the RI/RV courses.

Again, I am awed by the ease with which I can summon Theta, even while holding forth in  perfunctory conversations.

I am progressing at a rapid level, as you have provided the missing pieces of the mosaic that I have been searching for.

I have been putting together the pieces of the cosmic puzzle for about 35 years now.

This course, and your generous sharing of arcane knowledge have provided the largest pieces to date. Thanks for your inspirational and supportive contact messages--they are a vital link to the major shift in consciousness coming erelong.

I have both the RV and RI courses, and am integrating the techniques with my own present abilities. I have found them to be an exponential

I am 67, IQ 171. I was a former aerospace engineer and foundry executive for 25 years.
I have had a life-changing encounter (CEIV) in 1999, which only now is showing its hand.
The oneness is all there has ever been--all this is merely a downward cascade of a bioholographic projection- a cartoon-like world of illusion.

I had long wondered idly, if I had somehow created this entire universe for my own edification. However, I immediately dismissed this a narcissistic fantasy, due to my religious upbringing. (6 of my fathers brothers were Lutheran ministers). I was 12 when this thought occurred. Now I know that I did! I somehow knew that separation was an illusion.
Thirty-some years later, I came to view this external bio-holographic projection as a "cartoon" world, full of temporary structures ready to collapse at a cosmic whim or caprice,
When I came to discs 13 and 14, so much came startlingly clear!! A true epiphany unfurled!
The "Oneness" has never been so lucid and vivid.

Gerald, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this. The small voice inherent directed me to your ad in UFO Magazine. I somehow knew that great things would come of it.
I have "miles to go" to master the entire spectrum of materials, but progress is becoming  rapid.
I am now communicating desires to be manifested. These were supplicated with thought to the greater good, and the betterment of all. Further definition of my mission, and the tools to implement same.

I also have been made aware by the Oneness of the urgency of these preparations, as huge dynamic shifts are in motion.

You stated in the material that Providence brought me to this course. I could not agree more, Gerald. May the Oneness continue to flood you with the high vibratory light that is the key to ascension. 

As a student of ARVARI, I am writing you to  thank you for the invaluable information that I was lacking. I have been in pursuit of the truth for over 40 years now, and was searching for external keys. I know now that all is from within, and all of my creative threads are now becoming coherent. Joy pervades my being,  and the protection that I thought  I had I now know that I have.
Each time I listen to specific discs, I learn more of the nuances in them. I am feeling especially creative now, and much of a case of writers block has disappeared!

Feel free to use anything in this message as a testimonial, or I will be happy to submit a detailed one.

All blessings to you and your work.
Yours in the light and love of THE ONE,



Lora Bilger, from Germany, bless33@ymail.com sent us this testimonial on March 9, 2009


  • Easily reaching Deep Theta and Delta

  • The Truth of One and connecting top It.

 Dear Reader, 

RV and RI are real!
I’m doing RV and RI it since decades in a different, spiritual way and thus I know it’s real.  
Gerald’s course and theoretical background information are incredibly deep and profound. But even if you would not agree on each of his explanations and concepts – this wouldn’t matter at all as long as his course worked, true?  

With his audios, I was able to get into deep relaxation and low frequency brain levels (theta and delta) in an amazing speed which I had not reached before. The deep and honest warmth in which he takes you through every step is so comforting that this alone would transport you to heavens – let alone the combination with the highly professional arranged entrainment sounds in the background of each of these invaluable trainings. 

However, what I personally value most of all is that Gerald is not riding the usual advertising wave and does NOT follow the new fashion in personal development that is so full of junk and, within the RV area, producing these cheep-media-like luring disaster headlines which are only good to create fear, confusion and distractions from ONE-Self. Instead, he is only honestly focusing on solutions and only on deep truth. On truth that was known by humans since ever - but rarely looked at and pointed out so clearly – the truth of being ONE and inter-connected with ALL that IS. He solely focuses on the creation of love, compassion, care, connection and understanding - with an unselfish attitude (!) that would suit and serve all of us so well!! 

This is what made me buy and what still attracts me to his website – even after going through his courses two times in a row. 

Be courageous and honest, go deep and connect with the ONE - more and more - and watch your happiness and empowerment explode! 

With all my love to you all!

Lora, Germany

Ingrid Heller dagmar88@yahoo.com, a dear Canadian author and ARVARI trainee, and  companion on the mystical awakening  journey wrote to us on March 4, 2009 the following testimonial. I highly recommend her books sourced in experiential Wisdom (some are listed on amazon.com). Many will understand her messages and teachings.


  • Getting out of this Matrix (current creational  system)

  • On our way back to Paradise

I’ve been asked about the Path to the Kingdom and the Freedom. I usually replied that there is no short cut and that we are to walk the talk and be steadfast, sincere and always humble and grateful for what is presented to us on daily basis. I’ve been walking the mystical initiatory path myself – a well-deserved path, with all its ups and downs in earthly life. I began to write about it in my books, which Dr. Carl Jung would appreciate – a true marriage of the subconscious and conscious activity, a reflection of the story in which I acted my own script of life. For a while I thought that I’d be able to move on to my total Freedom with the experiences granted to me. I couldn’t afford missing the boat. So, I quested farther and looked for answers in books, in my dreams and in meditation. I needed to bridge my creative power with my birthright. I turned to science for understanding of Creation. Terms like Prima Materia, Mater Dei, Opus Magnum, Alpha and Omega had their parallels in Quantum Physics. On one blessed day I noticed a pop-up window on my computer screen: Matrix. In a blinking of an eye, my life has changed. I clicked on the window and received what I was seeking. The article was written by Gerald O’Donnell. I must have entered Alpha brain frequency – I inhaled the article into me. I rejoiced and read more through Probable Future website. The RVRI course became my greatest Christmas Gift ever, the gift that will last me forever and will get better with time. Mr. O’Donnell has brought through himself a Gift to all of humanity – a technique which cannot possibly fail. Daily I’ve been treating myself to his captivating voice and suggestive technique permeated by loving consciousness. My prayers have been answered – now I know that I became an active participant in the Creation of the Paradise we’ve been promised and we desire to experience; to be Free, at last. To every seeker of the ultimate Freedom I suggest to put down all the books about the subject of spirituality and treat themselves to Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing instruction and guidance course. It will provide the highest imaginable security for the future of all participating humanity. Yes, there is a shortcut! Join me!

I want to thank Gerald O’Donnell for his dedication and loving service to humanity.

Ingrid Heller, author

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Esme Sallet fairelesinge@gmail.com  wrote to us this testimonial on February 16, 2009


  • "Miraculous healing"  when exposing a dear 90 year old lady friend to the brain rewiring CD

Dear Gerald,

I have been listening to the combined training systems since the summer, every day.  I have had tremendous experiences. And something I did not expect is that I know it is healing me in very specific ways. So much to share- and my gratitude is immense.  

I want to share something that I am even more grateful for which happened tonight. I do not think you will be surprised but I thought you might like to know how the good goes beyond me by simply owing the cd's. 

One of my very dearest friends, a woman who is my "best friend/mom I always wanted" is named Rose. She is 90. No feeble 90 either. She trades stocks everyday from her home in LA until the NY market closes. Until she fractured her hip this fall, she was going to the gym 3 times a week (seriously) swimming and doing yoga.  Her hip has healed but she has spinal stenosis that is very painful to her. It got worse since the hip fracture. She has had epidurals, pain medication with codeine, percocet- you name it- nothing was working. They then gave her something with a small amount of morphine. It did not help the pain yet made her very groggy and disoriented. It was only for about 2 or 3 days she was on this stuff.  

This past Thursday, her son and my friend Jim, who also trades stocks called her after the market closed and could not reach her. We didn't think much of it for a few hours but at about 6pm we went over and found her asleep or rather in an altered state and we could not wake her. Turns out her system could not handle to the morphine- she was severely dehydrated and was in kidney failure. A wild ride needless to say. They gave her some stuff to reverse the narcotic and when she started to come to, she was in a delirious state. Not knowing how long she had gone with diminished oxygen to her brain, they told us there may be the possibility she would be brain damaged. Daily she seemed to be more in a beta state but only for moments. The rest of the time she thought she was stock trading as well as saying some profound things that I contemplated and some of her "ramblings" have already changed my life forever. I digress...Last night at 2 am she still thought she was stock trading and today she has returned to us. She was suddenly "back" this afternoon but still not remembering certain things about her life. Sort of displaying similar conditions of a person at the beginnings of Alzheimer's or dementia. 

This is what is so tremendous. I brought with me the RI 5 disk - (rewiring the brain's circuitry) and told her what it was. She is NOT into anything like this. But she is all for intelligence and expanded brain capacity. The whole family is brilliant intellectually and all fabulously successful in the financial world- yes- even when everyone lost money recently, this family did not- quite the opposite. So she agreed to listen. She immediately fell asleep which I thought was a good thing- so she wouldn't be able to analyze it. It so happened that the ICU nurse walked in just as the cd had ended and Rhoda opened her eyes. The nurse looked at her vitals and said "!your heart rate and pulse are more normal than when she came in here as well as her blood pressure!"  Then about a half an hour later her other son called from Bali and when she hung up she began to tell me in incredible detail all about his financial "newsletter" (or whatever it was) his recent travels through Europe for work and his hedge fund and the boat he is having built and remembering and articulating the most complex things. TO ME, there is NO DOUBT the cd is what rapidly gave her back her brain function and even better than before this incident. 

I just stood back and with tremendous relief and gratitude knowing it helped her and will continue to. I am going to have her listen to the cd daily as well as the theta and delta brainwave entrainment so she can rest and continue to heal. 

I feel confident that you will appreciate knowing the benefit we have received from your cd's.  

My own experiences have been many and wild as well- some scary actually.  But I am interested in such so I am not really shocked by it. I do consider what happened to Rhoda tonight to be a miracle which proves that you do not need to engage your imagination at all for these modalities to work- instantly in her case. 

I thank you sincerely with gratitude so deep.

Thank you. 

Esme Sallet

Lila Petersen lilajpetersen@gmail.com of New Zealand, a beautiful soul bent on exploring the Loving Mind, writes to us on February 15, 2009 (She wrote some stunningly inspired poetry as she was taking our courses and connecting to the One that I would love to share with you some day).

Dear Gerald,

I have come down to the planet again to vacuum and dust the house, and get my head around a new ability that I wasn't actually looking for when I started Mr. Gerald O'Donnell's RV course.

I can feel people's minds from a distance in a whole new way. And I can instantly tell if I'm being lied to.
It shocked me at first.

When I realized that an old friend was lying for what seemed a stupid reason I thought, 'Oh, why bother?'
And in another case, 'Be careful, do you not know what comes after pride?'
Then I had to check my own footing!

The world is full of it: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.
In the past I always thought I had insight but now it is getting clearer and at first it shocked me.

I pray to be more loving. It seems to be the better way to go.
The danger comes from me. I have so much growing to do.

Thank you for being here,

Carla Jo Wilson carla92014@yahoo.com wrote to us on February 15, 2009


  • Manifesting abilities increasing after only listening to our sample audio on this site.

  • Appreciation for the depth of knowledge shared on probablefuture.com

Dear Gerald:

All I did was read your E-mail book on-line and listened to your sample audio on manifesting the reality I choose, and immediately went into a very deep state of consciousness. 

My creative capabilities are now spilling over into my friends and family's realities! My mom just called me and asked me to bring over some lemons and then said, "Never mind, Martha just walked in with a bag full of lemons." We couldn't stop laughing. I've been Remote influencing (plotting) a relationship and in the midst of this I set up two of my friends who expressed interest in each other as well as the saleswoman in the fragrance dept. at Nordstrom who expressed interest in a certain type of relationship with a man and I told her my ex-husband was looking for the exact type of a relationship with a woman and now they dating.

I have given your web-site to a number of my friends and family. This is way more sophisticated and detailed than" The Secret," Byron Katie's" The Work," Ester Hicks who channels  "Abraham-The Law of Attraction" and countless others that I have studied. You ROCK Gerald!

Many Happy Thoughts Always, 

Carla Jo Wilson

Mike Raikes health.beauty@ntlbusiness.com wrote to us on February 14, 2009:


  • Making the quantum jump in awareness

  • Experience the Infinite Loving Presence

Hi Gerald,

I have been using your course for over 6 months now and have found I have been attracting like minded spiritual people into my health shop. Its a great place to be as I can help people with your methods as well. I have been remote viewing people's wellness just by an emotional and visual method which you teach i.e. seeing them happy and smiling bouncing with energy and gratitude and it works. I don't tell them what I'm doing I just give them a bottle of vitamins. I'm loving who I am becoming all my life I knew deep down there was more to this life than just what we are taught to believe. 

My awareness and knowledge has skyrocketed my mother thinks I have been abducted by aliens and given special powers! When I listen to the RV session where I'm in deep theta in the white room, listening to your instruction exploring the matter of the orange, I felt myself totally submersed in this activity and enjoying it then I felt a presence in the room (in my mind) I could not see it, I was just overcome by a powerful emotions of love it was an emotion unlike any other I have experienced and felt it strong in my heart area. I kept saying to this Presence "I love you" and then asked if it loved me too I felt enveloped by it like a fluffy white cloud and although it did not speak to me I felt all the love I would ever  need. It was so overwhelming I burst into tears I cried most of that night, my wife was touched by it too. 

I could of stayed in that state forever I felt like I had just met my Creator. I often listen to the same cd exploring animate/inanimate matter just to experience that wonderful feeling again, and yes it came back after a few sessions seems to come when least expecting it! 

I see a lot of butterflies even in cold weather they fly right up to me, I have a deep respect for all life now even bugs. 2 years ago I was a full blown member of the dark matrix full of fear and uncertainty, jealousy, bitterness, etc... The last 6 months have been like an emotional roller coaster. I feel like I'm being tested a lot. Would this be the matrix or my old subconscious programming? But my faith is unstoppable, my connection to spirit is so that I can spend a whole day by myself, relax and receive wonderful ideas, information and inspiration from my higher self. 

I'm so glad to be alive now, privileged that I am creating a wonderful existence, I realize now that we are all One separated by an ego, powerful cutting edge creators of the one waking up to the potential that is found within, the holy grail, I and my universe are one I feel I am only just beginning to discover a reality that is so magical it makes me dance all day. It rubs off on my children, wife, I am not boastful about it or egotistical just grateful, with a desire to help other people get feel the same.  

Many thanks for making my life what it is today. 

Mike Raikes

On February 09, 2009, Eric Young, greatspirit63@hotmail.com, a Canadian trainee and addiction counselor, sent us this testimonial.


  • Healing himself and others from back condition, rotator cuff injury, addiction problems etc..,

  • Finding inner peace and happiness and powerfully manifesting reality.

Dear Gerald.
Firstly, thanks for making the course available, it is worth 1000's of dollars more... what price peace and balance?
I started in Nov 2008 by downloading the free session from the website.  I listened at work in my chair and my life instantly improved to an amazing degree.  I listened almost every day until the RV sessions arrived.  I listened to them over and over before moving on to the successive sessions.  I ordered the RI, which to me is really what I want as I am not too interested in seeing the future or having OOBE's- I have had some experience with these sort of things but don't really have a desire to replicate them at the moment.
The RI course is still being worked on, I keep going unconscious during the "beyond Delta" session, so I'm back at the previous Delta session work and I'm happy to stay there until I'm ready for the next step.
Many precognitive and supernatural things started happening immediately in November, despite me not asking for anything other than healing myself/others, and wanting to be aware of being connected to Self at all times.  My back problem has all but disappeared, I am fixing my sister's rotator cuff, my work with clients is improved (Addiction Counselor), but most importantly, my life has become one of sitting with a smile in my heart in peace and love, with a consistency previously unobtainable through many other methods over the years.
I wanted something that would put me into the deeper states of consciousness so that I could become aware of how they felt, and thereby apply them to my own meditations and life: this is what has resulted from using the RV/RI courses, instantly! So far I am happier and more Self-aware than I have ever been, despite very big changes in my life at this time!
I have a few friends who have listened to sessions with me and now are hooked on them. I encourage them and anyone to buy your product and watch their lives become wonderful, looking through our childhood eyes in amazement at everything that goes by. 
I thank you a million times, I thank the One, and I thank my Self- I know we are all One entity now.

Erik Young, Canada "Live your own life, for you will die your own death"

John Rice jpr111@fastermac.net wrote to us on February 8, 2009


  • Thanking us for the scope of our work.

Greetings  Mr. O'Donnell,

My  name  is   John  Rice

Years  ago  I  purchased  both  sets  of  your  materials. Despite  the  fact  that  I  do  not  practice the  materials  as  I  would  like,  I  do  use  them.  In  particular  I  use  one,  RI CD #6 and 7  of  Remote Influencing.  This  is  simply  the  most  inspiring  and  profound philosophy  and  exposition  of  life  I  have  yet  to  know.  Its range  and  depth  continue  to  surprise  me  even  after  countless  listens.  It  is  even  yet   growing  in  power  and  influence  to  the  point  that  I  now  must  express  my  thanks and  gratitude after  years  of  silence  for  what  is  now  becoming  a  treasure.  And  though  I  won't  move  into thoughtless  enthusiasm  it  has  certainly  made  me  wonder as  to  the  nature  and  life  of  the  One  who  created  it. Though  I  have  said  much  I  still  feel  as  though  I  have  not  adequately  expressed  my  admiration  for  your  work and  those  qualities , powers , insights , understanding  that have  brought  forth  this  creation.  Obviously  there  is  a certain  measure  of experience  involved  in  speaking  of  The One.  Enough.  Thank  you  for  this  most  profound , powerful and  inspiring  of  works.


Michael Constantino, a recent trainee, possibilityarises@yahoo.com wrote to us this feedback on February 4, 2009


  • Experiencing Precognition levels and high intuition.

  • Remote healing others and experiencing multi-dimensions.

  • Deepening Love for humanity.


Your program has been nothing short of miraculous. The light within my heart and awareness has grown significantly over the past year. I cannot believe it. I care more. I feel more. I am more aware. And what is incredible, is that I know with certainty that I am the god of my thoughts, of my mental dominion, and its up to me to create joy within my reality. 

I have experienced more vivid dreams and spontaneous creativity due to my work with your program. I have experienced dream precognition, deeper levels of intuition, remote healing of others, and unexpected multidimensional awareness. 

I lay my head against my pillow each night, close my eyes, and remote influence my heart's desire with an absolute certainly and inner joy within my heart, that I cannot help but to smile knowing that it has already been created. Amazing. 

I love and care more for everyone. People see it. I know what is going on with people simply by sensing and being close to them. 

I heartily recommend this program to all and anyone who is interested in spiritual development. It is far more than merely about remote viewing/influencing -- it is about taking quantum leaps in the evolution of consciousness! 

Get this, Gerald, I have only but scratched the surface of the combined program. I have only listened to the program in its entirety twice over the past year. I listen to it now mainly when I can, as I am currently in school, and when I feel prompted and open to it. The changes in me continue to become more and more pronounced. The awareness reveals itself the day after listening and continues to show up many weeks and months after a single listening. Incredible. 

Your combined program is amazing, friend. I thirst for the next level and cannot wait to see what I experience through it! 

All the best, 

Michael Constantino 

P.S. I thought I would add, when you do remote healing work on behalf of the ARVARI community, it is felt. There have been two occasions over the past year when I have felt this healing/counseling energy from you. It defies description. This is something everyone is doing unconsciously all the time, but now we can harness it with full conscious intention.

Rev. Dr. Tamara Coleman TC1LC2@aol.com sent us this enthusiastic testimonial on February 2, 2009. Please read below:

Hello Gerald: 

I am a new user and I have just completed the RI/RV COURSE February 1, 2009. I did this in 24 days as you requested. 

Today, I sit here sharing my experiences with you in a state of surreal and disjointed reality.  I feel strangely both disconnected and absolutely calm. 

I have been exposed to everything from multiple religions, new age, ancient schools, and gurus from sea to shining sea; never being satisfied with what I was learning or hearing.  I have read everything from Chopra, Dyer, India's Gurus, American Gurus, old out of print books like the Power of Concentration, Thought Vibrations, etc.  Though good to a point, I never was able to execute successfully or permanently any transformation in my reality. 

This has always been my goal, to transform my reality at will, by thought alone. No one and no thing had ever met this mental intent/knowing I have had all of my life but  YOUR COURSE the RI/RV COMBO COURSE!   

I am now taking FULL responsibility for all of my good, bad, or ugly situations in my entire sphere of reality, past, future or NOW!  Your course has vibrated off every shred of foolish, ignorant and self-sabotaging thought patterns and behaviors.  This is why I feel completely disjointed/disconnected but WIDE AWARE


1. A church member came to me after church one day to ask for prayer for her husband who was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was undergoing test to determine the course of action the doctors would take.  I looked intently at her and remote viewed the picture she had painted and changed it right then. I said to her; "Mrs. McGee, your husband does not have PROSTATE CANCER, he only has some mild discomfort in his back that can be relieved by a good nights' rest and a couple of aspirin." 

The next Sunday, she came to church and reported that her husband did not have prostate cancer and that he only had a mild infection that required rest, and he was back at work, even about to get a new job with UPS as a truck driver. 

2.  My daughter was given a full academic scholarship for 4 years in the middle of the school year from the university she is attending.  The letter came out of the blue January 7, 2009.  It is unheard of to receive a full academic scholarship in the second semester and after they were all given out by September 2008. 

3.  It takes no effort to heal anyone now.  I simply look intently at the person before me, see, the picture I desire, then I speak to them what I see.  I always use the cobalt blue energy from your course to do this.  Even when I touch someone asking for help they respond immediately with shock or joy to my touch.  This pleases me to see and feel the restoration of their bodies. 

4.  My body is completely healed of the stiffness of arthritis, and varicose veins; and I no longer have sinus infections.  My nasal passageways are the clearest they've been  in 25 years, my hair is now completely black, my stamina is that of a 25 year old, and people and animals are attracted to me like bees to honey, but little children are especially attracted and they speak in baby/god talk to me all the time. 

5.  KNOWINGNESS/ESP has increased 100 fold resulting in a rock solid calmness of peace.  I recognized the Dark Matrix's ploys and plot quickly and I have great difficulty in believing in the traumas and dramas they present.  What is boredom a sign of? 

6. MIND READING- I was already operating in this arena before your COMBO course but it was infant sized compared to the full blown God size ability I now have. I know when people are lying, being truthful and even know the things they are into.  It seems I scan their energy fields without thinking about it and the packets of info come quickly, in a twinkling of an eye.  I have learned to stay detached and non-committal about what I see. 

7. Lastly, the internal joy, love, peace, and assuredness radiating within me in so powerful and intense that I change the atmosphere in a room at will from confusion to calm by going to deep Delta with my eyes open and cover the room with the intense purple of that level.

Today, is February 2, 2009, and I an starting the course from the beginning a second time and I am taking your advice and will perform the techniques without the CD's TO QUANTUM JUMP MY ABILITIES AND EVOLUTION INTO HIGHER REALMS QUICKLY

I have the HIGHEST REGARDS for you and your knowledge to accelerate us all into higher and more harmonious realms of life.  Thank you for your brilliant work and integrity. 

Rev. Dr. Tamara Coleman


Janice Dearen wordworx@inbox.com sent us this very interesting testimonial on December 17, 2008.


  • Using the Combination course on her 7 year old son.

  • Amazing  improvement is his test scores and concentration abilities after 7 days of using the Theta and Delta entrainment CD.

Hello Mr. O'Donnell,

I just finished listening to the teleseminar and it was very enjoyable. Also, I spoke with you on the phone about using the RI disc One on my 7 year old son about a month ago. His grades were really falling and he just could not focus. I am so happy to tell you that in just one week of using the CD at bedtime, his spelling test went from a 66-F to a 93-A. His math and other subjects are coming up as well.

We are really just amazed and extremely happy.

I am on my second run through of the CDs myself, I love them! Things are really changing for the better. I am working through them slower this second time. I just wanted to thank you for the wake-up call.

Much love and light to you and yours,

Happy Holidays,

Janice Dearen

Dennis Buffy Correction123@aol.com sent us this testimonial on November 26, 2008.


  • Benefits of taking the courses together with his wife as a team

  • His wife has an OBE (out of body experience ) after listening to the RV course for the first time.

  • The two then start becoming telepathically attuned.

  • Getting inner guidance warning  messages form His Higher Self and finding out why.

 Dear Mr. O'Donnell, 

Here is our testimony from our husband and wife team: 

I had purchased Gerald O'Donnell's older cassette version (version 1) in the year 2003. Within 2-3 days I had 4 out of body experiences but later that month our tape player went bad and we were hard up financially. The course sat in our entertainment center for 5 years. Little did I know providence played an unique hand with this: about a week ago my wife was doing some cleaning and ran across these same cassettes. She asked me "are you going to use these or do I throw them out?"  I told her no, they were hardly used, "let's keep them for awhile."

Late that night my wife asked if she could play tape 2 side "A" I told her: "sure, go ahead."  I forgot to tell her to put it in the port that does not use continuous play. She laid down with the cassette in the "continuous" side and ended up listening to both sides before going to sleep. That morning around 5:30 AM she woke me up and said honey you got to listen what happened to me this morning I finally woke up and she began to tell me what had happened to her. She told me she found herself sitting on my left side in her astral body and could see her own physical body lying next to mine. 

She then told me that she spoke to me in her Astral Self but she could not remember what she had said. During that time out she saw a very strong "white light" bubbled over me. While all this was going on she also said that from her body's perspective she could see her astral self sitting beside me talking to me. I believe they call this bi-location for a lack of a better term. Then she stated that she began to rise in a arc over me and she laid back down in the fetal position back in her physical self. Then she suddenly woke up.

Note:  I want to say that my wife is from the Philippines and she was raised to be open minded about things with some superstition attached. I did not tell her or even suggest she would have a OBE of any kind but she did anyway. 

The second thing that happened to her in the last 4 days was spurts of telepathic communication with me all day long. When I was about to tell her something she finished it and visa versa with myself. Her dreams have become quite vivid and meaningful and her intuition has smartly increased. She is so excited to listen one hour everyday her goal is the same I share. She and I want to do the course for 15 1/2 months. 

I just received the New CD Combination course four days ago. The only thing I listened to for 3 out of the 4 days was the RI (Theta and Delta) CD. I wanted to get used to those states before starting the RV and RI combination course. After the first night of listening  I reach theta state quite easily. 

The other thing that happened beside the telepathic ping pong with my wife I was on my way to work and I went through this small town as I always do on my way to work it is 30 mph. I decided I need to hurry and I increase my speed to over 40 mph. Right then a strong feeling or intuition told me slow down! I immediately put on the break trying to figure out why this is happening I looked up in the rear view mirror after applying the breaks was a policeman clocking my speed hidden behind the feed meal!! 

 What surprise me or should I say what shocked me was that my wife who is a big supporter in what I do wants to become an ARVARI graduate herself! Imagine a husband and wife team! We are going to talk with Gerald about getting her an updated CD set he is now offering on his site as soon as I pay this off so she can keep up with me. But it is my sneaky suspicion that she will excel with much speed over me due to my wife's emotionally charging her training which is a wonderful thing.  Sorry Mr. O'Donnell this was so long but if there are other married couples out there and they want to feel closer than ever before this is the thing to do sharing the course together and above all sharing the "ONE" together with love as the foundation of your training. Thank you Mr. O'Donnell for all your help on the phone and your support God bless you.


Dr. Stavros Elphtheriou, DMD, maxillofacial@cytanet.com.cy ,  a surgeon, sent us this nice testimonial on November 21,  2008


  • Increased Inner peace and Joy.

  • Getting guidance or solutions from Higher Intelligence

  • Creating the life he desires. Medical practice, career etc..  is booming.

  • Using RI to successfully heal difficult cases.

Dear Gerald,

 My life in this universe (and probably others as well) has been an amazing journey since I discovered the RV & RI. I have completed the combined course and I repeat various exercises. Every day brings new excitement; I cannot describe with words the confidence I have for every single thing that happens because I know that I am creating the life I want around me.

My carrier is rocketing, my practice is booming and my life is more fulfilling.

You may have noticed that I am a surgeon. Lately, I have healed 2 problematic cases. The healing was so good, the outcome unbelievable. Due to human nature, even though I could actually see in my mind the end result, there were times I had doubts which I was trying to delete from my thought. But the final results were mind blowing!!! Now I have much more confidence and next time around I am sure it will be even better.    

Most of the times lately (if not always) when I need advice or solutions, I find that when I stop thinking about the problem and my mind is calm, somehow I get answers, most of the time without even doing an exercise.

I cannot thank you enough.

Kind regards,


Dr Stavros Eleftheriou, DMD, FIACS

Maxillofacial & Oral Surgeon

Cosmetic Facial Surgeon



Anne Shawnee remote_viewer111@yahoo.com.au , a recent Australian trainee sent us this testimonial on her progress with our Combination RV/RI course on  October 27, 2008


  • Inner cleansing of PTSS and reaching higher levels of inner peace.

  • High  success rate at predicting the results of horse races.

  • Getting downloads of information about information about people she meets or situations across time/space.

  • Very important comment about the need to train with BOTH RV and RI as she witnesses many highly skilled RVers succumbing to  a pitfall when they  successfully foresee situations (RV) but fail to apply Remote Influencing skills (manifesting skills) to influence and change  situations that surround them and henceforth get paralyzed in a spiral of fear and pure gloom and doom.

Hi Gerald,

MANY MANY THANKS for your contribution to humanity. You are a most generous individual.

First allow me to say that I have had post-traumatic stress for quite a while now and I have been completely determined to master your course. It has taken some time for anxiety levels to quiet down, but now that they are subsiding, I am getting results thick and fast!

I started RV-ing about a week and a half ago to see if I could get some RV *results*.

So I tried horse racing as a first pit-stop. This was just before I came down with the flu and continued while I was sick to see what the results would be like. It was hard obviously, (while being sick) but I was determined... LOL

I have been asking for the results on horse races now for the last 10 days with about a 75% success rate. I have only asked for results for only one race per day. Typically the first race of the day. I have not even looked at the form guide! LOL

I can only assume that because I did not trust my ability at first (I was in awe of my initial results!), (no trust = fear), and probably accounts for the ones where I bombed out. I can now see that fear will never give way to any results - because fear carries very high frequencies and does not allow access to the slow Theta/Delta brainwaves required to access information.

I have not even used associated remote viewing, which is what you recommend Gerald. The numbers are coming up in the exact order sometimes. On Friday I asked for a high paying trifecta (first 3 horses). Three numbers came up and I did not know for which race they were.

Obviously I was not prepared for information coming through at such a fast rate. Yet I then received a second set of numbers for the other race which *was* identified. Both sets of numbers came up - both paying over $1000. I didn't need to be greedy - I only wanted one race and yet I received the results for two races... LOL

I am looking forward to having more trust and peace in my life and applying RV and RI techniques for the benefit of my friends and family.

I am also getting access to information about people and places. Sometimes it comes to me very subtly. Sometimes I know things about people who I have just met. I am now sure that in the coming weeks and months that I will be having more and more success the more I practice my trust and surrender, focus and intent, accessing theta and delta!

Here is a note to those wishing to purchase this course:

It is my personal recommendation also that you do invest in both the RV and RI courses. The reason for this is that you need to keep the loop going between theta (RV - view) and delta (RI - create).

Why? Because you need to be able to reject the matrix and impose upon it - and create! I know a few naturally gifted remote viewers who do not practice remote influencing. Hypercritical and fearful of what they see, it leaves them paralyzed with fear, unable to create! So potent are their RV abilities that they create using their fears and I have seen them ending up with disastrous results!

Gerald, thank you, thank you, thank you for showing me how to access the abilities and happiness I once had as a child, which I thought were lost forever!

I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Much love and happiness to you,

Sylvia Tsuji tsujis@rogers.com of  Ontario, Canada sent us this enthusiastic feedback on October 21, 2008


  • Healing her daughter's Alopecia (loss of all body hair considered to be usually permanent by modern medicine) by using our Remote Influencing training.

Hello Gerald:

I am a new user of your Remote Influencing CD's only having had these CD's for 8 weeks with the express purpose on working on my daughter's auto immune disease.  The disease she has is called Alopecia where her body attacks her hair follicles, leaving her without any hair.  She has suffered with this for the last 2-1/2 years and doctors have only wanted to pump steroids into her system to see if this would soemhow stimulate hair growth.  We declined this approach. However, slowly over the last year a small amount of hair has returned to her arms and legs, but unfortunately no hair has returned to her head. 

For the last 8 weeks I have gone through the Remote Influencing CD's three times over and seem to have settled on using CD's #7, 8 and 9 to work on my daughter.  During this time, I have focused on hair growing on her head, and have visually gone into her body and worked with her hair follicles to take up the nutrients from the veins in her head. Sometimes, whilst doing the meditation I have held her hand because of the rush of energies I have experienced (tingling sensations in my head and abdomen) and wanting these positive energies to flow into her.  I have visualized her hair being dark brown, wavy, strong, vibrant and healthy.  The level of extremely happy emotions and total belief as to a positive outcome have caused me to cry with joy when I do these meditations.    

About 2 weeks ago, my daughter told me that her head was itchy and to run my hand over her head.  There are now little spikes of hair over three-quarters of her head with the hairs being about 1/4" long.    Even though her hair is only 1/4 inch long, my daughter is brushing her head as if she has long hair so my daughter's belief system has now changed for the better. Within time I will be able to send you a before and after picture of my daughter because I totally expect her hair to keep on growing.  Once you have an experience like this, your belief system is changed and your sense of empowerment is so strong as to believe anything and everything is attainable.  The Remote Influencing CD's are very powerful but I do believe the secret to manifesting what you want is to allow any emotions of joy, happiness, passion, love, appreciation, optimism, hopefulness and belief to really come through.  

 I can't thank you enough Gerald for your training program.  I also have the Remote Viewing CD's but haven't used them yet because with the success I am having on Remote Influencing, I just don't want to stop listening to them as I have a lot more areas to work on.   


Veronica Caddick  veronica.caddick@googlemail.com sent us this testimonial on September 10, 2008

 Hello, I feel compelled to tell you just how much I absolutely adore all the RV and RI CD's....They are just so amazing and are such a wonderful part of my life. Thank you so much for giving them to the world, they're just so so mind-blowing in the highest way imaginable!!! Thank you!!!

Much Love and Light,


R.L. Wanwaldick  rlvan@twcny.rr.com sent this this testimonial on September 9, 2008

Dear Mr. O'Donnell 

    I purchased your CD's about a year ago and have enjoyed listing to them over and over again for the past year. Thank you for awakening me farther than I have ever gone before and thank you for providing such a spiritual tool for the human race so it may reach the critical mass of awakening that we all can't wait for.

    I am now working on requesting the assistance of the spiritual community to help me in my attempt to do further awaken the world to my new book called , A Reversal of Thought', my first book is a spiritual journey of awakening that is based on the teachings of Don Juan and A Course in Miracles. I am now about 50% of the way through my 2nd book that is being dedicated to both YOU and John Lennon. This 2nd book could not be done without your inspiration. 

    I do thank you so very much for your beautiful, enlightening, and wondrous gift to me and my spiritual life. 




Michael Constantino lucidzzz@gmail.com sends us this testimonial on August 13, 2008


  • Sudden shift upon going over our training again when Michael was suddenly able to read all the thought of the people in a restaurant and even know their past histories. This quantum leap often happens upon repeating our program.


Your combined program is extraordinary. The testimonies are right, one needs to go over the material again and again. I experienced enhanced intuition today -- to the level where I knew exactly what everyone was thinking in a Subway restaurant and receiving the expression of past knowledge from each person. This was at first by looking at the persons, but then a moment later just by sensing.

Sure, absolutely you can use this testimony. You can use this E-mail address. What was amazing about the experience was how spontaneous it was. At one moment I was thinking about what I was going to order and the next moment I turned to the various people entering the restaurant and bam! I could see and sense their histories. I will keep you updated of serious breakthroughs, which I am sure there will be many. 

I have listened to the RI audio book twice now, and the second time there was a significant shift that took place. 

I am very appreciative, and commend your program. The information is very purposeful and deep, not to mention incredibly spiritual.  

Michael Constantino

Mary Armshaw armshaw_m@hotmail.com a recent trainee form Ireland sent us this nice testimonial on August 8, 2008


  • Great satisfaction with our training. Feeling great joy, increased intuition,  and inner vibrations as her DNA is upgrading.


Dear Mr. Gerald O'Donnell,
Greetings from Ireland.
I have been working steadily with the combined course since May, and it is all I had hoped for and more!

Thank you so very much. I am working quite slowly with it, by choice, and look forward to my evening meditation with joy. Having completed it now, the predominant effect has been a quiet happiness bubbling up and an increasing desire to serve. Some strange dreaming and waking up with strong vibrations coursing through me have also occurred as well as an increase in intuition.

I am a regular visitor to your website, have read most of your articles and have listened to your interviews.

The views you express are profound and I cant pretend to have a clear understanding of them as yet...but the love of humanity comes through very strongly. I feel it also through your recordings...so rare in these troubling times.
I found your website by pure chance, and I really think I was led to it.

Thank you again, Mr. O'Donnell.

With respect,
Mary Armshaw


David Tong globaldavidtong@gmail.com an Australian student sent us this feedback on July 17, 2008


  • Having a subjective experience of being lifted out of this "matrix world "

Dear Gerald,

This is David from Australia.  I bought your CDs a couple of weeks ago, and I've just finished going through all the RV & RI CDs.  It's been good.  On the second or third day, I was able to use RV to cast out dark spirits that have been haunting a friend of my friend's mother remotely.

 Last week, after I finished the last RI CD; I went to bed as normal.  Then, as I was drifting into peaceful sleep.  I felt my spirit lifted out of this world, to another plane, its horizon seems endless, and it is filled with infinite power.  Then, I hear rumbling sound, and also dances of lightnings.  I felt that I was above the "matrix". 

I thought it was a wonderful experience, and at the time, I thought that something in the RI CD has led me to this experience.  I didn't know because I was "asleep" during parts of listening.  Anyway, a week later, I listened to the CD again staying "awake" throughout, but I didn't hear any suggestion that I would be lifted out of matrix to the plane of infinite power. 

Anyway, I wasn't too concerned about it.  I just thought that it was a wonderful experience. 

Then yesterday, I was reading the Book of Revelation.  I came across the following:

Rev 4:5 "From the throne came flashes of lightning, rumblings, and peals of thunder."

That's St John's vision of Heaven, and it fits with my vision as well. 

Was I taken up to Heaven?  What is the significance or meaning of this experience?   

Thanks, with Love,


Jacqui Stockin jacqi@stockin.biz sent us this testimonial on July 7, 2008


  •  Universal meaning of our teachings

  •  Remaining with full consciousness in Deep Theta after listening to our sample sessions

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

When I listened to your first interview with Michael Jura, I was most impressed.  But when I listened to your second one ("The Truth About

Creation"), my jaw dropped.


I have known the truth of what you said in your interview for some time, and I firmly believe it. 


Many years of my life were spent as a "professional psychic" doing Tarot, I Ching, Runes, Astrology, Numerology, straight viewing, etc., etc. for those

who came to me for help.  I've studied with lots of different teachers, and I have been a practicing Vajrayana Buddhist for 27 years now.  Listening to

you was like listening to a tulku with a scientific bend of mind.


So, impressed beyond what I can truly express, I then went to your website and checked out your samples.  Thirty years of meditation and I have never

before made it to the theta/delta border without falling out of consciousness almost immediately.  I have been there, yes, and deeper, many,

many times, but not in full and deliberate consciousness.  Audio Clip 1 may not have been designed to go that far down/up, but hey! 


I am really excited to get the product and delve into the rest of what you are offering.  I am only too aware that I have a lot of unnecessary mental

and emotional baggage which I would dearly love to unload.

Thank you so very much, so very, very much.


Best regards,


Jacqi (Jacqueline) Stockin

Adrian Hall adrianhall121@hotmail.com sent us this enthusiastic testimonial on July 2, 2008


  • Great amount of inspired downloads of necessary information from Higher Intelligence

  • Dramatic increase in reality manifesting abilities, in life, money, love etc...

  • Interesting "deja vu" experiences (alike what is shown in the movie "matrix")

  • Leaving for moments the 3D dream and going into full Peace.


Hello there Gerald, 

Firstly I want to thank you once again for creating these courses,
The first thing that comes to mind is the huge increase in inspirational downloads.  These manifest in a variety of different ways from thoughts and ideas that just 'pop in my consciousness'  to what is becoming increasingly obvious signs that turn up just when I need them, originating from peoples comments, to books, articles and other events. An interesting occurrence is that I, myself, am often totally unaware of the need (or in fact the very existence) of some of this info but upon reflection upon its content, I usually get a "that's exactly what I was after" moment!
My manifesting abilities (powers) have also increased dramatically. From cars, computers, a camera and a TV and other material objects, to money, friends, girlfriends, situations and new lifestyles and locations. These usually take only one or two sessions in a deep state to manifest, and now lately I even had a few manifestations without the need to go into a deep altered state. I find it a great joy and a point of amazement to observe how it all comes about,  usually in ways that I least expect.
Like a number of other trainees have also noted, I also have had a few deja vu experiences. Like the one just the other day when sitting in my car on the side of the road looking out the window as a man with a number of very distinguishable features passed me on a bike. I  looked down to change the station on my stereo, and upon looking up, he went past me again giving me the same big smile as before!  Well, this certainly got my attention, and kept a smile on my face with a big amount of energy buzzing through my body for the rest of the day!
I frequently listen to CDs while starring at the flame of a candle, which helps keep me focused and prevents me from dropping to far into Delta, and as a side effect event seems to have started to happen. First the material world in my peripheral vision begins to fade and disappear beginning at the extent of my vision and gradually moving into the centre, whereupon 'nothing' remains to be seen. A deep sense of calm accompanies this. Have I entered into such a deep state that my consciousness has gone beyond this world of form?

This also happens when looking in to the centre of my eyes in a mirror for a small amount of time.
Another occurrence I have noticed is that sometimes people answer my questions before I have even had a chance to ask them, but by all appearances they seem to have 'heard' me speak!
This is just a very small number of events and happenings that have happened to 'me' over the years, all of which have been very eye-opening and thought-provoking.
I would also like to thank you for bringing to the notice of many the two radio interviews you did with Michael Jura, and also the July 14th 2006 Probable Future Events article and your latest, March of the One. All have been incredibly insightful and mind expanding.
Cheers and Peace,

Dr. Stavros Elphtheriou, DMD, maxillofacial@cytanet.com.cy  from Cyprus sent us this nice testimonial on June 19,  2008


  • Increased Inner peace. Better manifestation and greater intuition after 3 weeks of training.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I have started my RV & RI training since 3 weeks ago; I prefer to take it slowly and repeat at least once each session in order to give myself time to absorb as much as possible. I have started seeing and feeling the impact on my life. I feel so relaxed, knowing that there is a way to reach the One and become co-creator!!! The stress is much less, my dreams are more vivid. I catch myself turning my head, looking at my mobile phone milliseconds before it rings!!! I am not worried about everyday small (or even bigger) things because I now know and believe that I just need to ask and it will happen!   

Thank you so much.
Kind regards,


Dr Stavros Eleftheriou, DMD, FIACS
Maxillofacial & Oral Surgeon
Cosmetic Facial Surgeon

Terry Gladden  terrigladden@comcast.net wrote to us on June 18, 2008 the following message.


  •  Seeing the "Matrix" reality while visiting an Amazon shaman.

  •   Using our "Golden vibratory energy protective shield" to effectively block psychic attacks from a powerful Amazon sorcerer.

I just recently got back from Peru and working with an Ayahuascuero. I can confirm that we are all just inside our own bubbles of reality/universe. I even saw my own. It was very Matrix like. Thank you Gerard. Also, want you to know that the Remote Influencing exercises I have been practicing for several months protected me from a very powerful sorcerer that I encountered in the Amazon. Please let me know if and when you have new material.  

Terri Gladden

Deborah Knight suzeq7985@yahoo.com a recent trainee and former Silva graduate sent us this feedback on June 12, 2008


  •   How our Combo course is a natural more advanced training into deeper Theta and Delta states for individual who have been previously undergone  Alpha state training by the Siva mind method.

I just want to  let you know this is where I desired so much to go from the basic meditation that I initially started from. Had I never used the Silva System the RV & RI System would have been too intense for me. So , I am thankful that I had laid a good foundation to build on but I was also aware at the end of the Silva System that I wanted to go deeper. You have given me that access. It has been a next step in life...kinda like each time you watch a great movie....you see things the next time that you never saw before. I am very thankful for this addition to the journey of my life. Some doors are just ajar to me at this point & I know the more times I encounter these same doors the farther open they become

Intentionally Living Life

 Deborah Knight


Burk Esterhuyse burk75@gmail.com of South Africa, a new student,  sent us this feedback on May 21, 2008



  • Our Combo course causing radical changes in his persona. Attaining inner  peace, loving feelings, happiness, lack of fear, and anger.

Hi Gerald 

How are things your side?  Here everything is super.  I have been transforming from a fear based angry irritated person, not loving all people, to a calm, loving, happy, almost fearless person in two months now.   I am just in awe to find that your two programs can change me like this by going through them only once, well I spend 2-4 day on some of the Cd's.

Thank you



Edward Cox strekcommandered@aol.com , who joined our academy in 1999, sent us this testimonial on May 18, 2008



  •  Remembering our prediction of the 9/11 events and of the market large correction following it


Dear Gerald

By now I should be writing my own testimonial and submitting it to you.

It's hard to believe that 9 years have flown by since I purchased these cassette tapes. I remember how excited I was to get them so I could start using them on vacation (you shipped them to me so fast). I started them on that vacation to Hawaii then they sat untouched for a year.

Just before we left again for Hawaii around the start of September 2001 I looked a your web site and saw the "Flash", I thought how could the market take such a hit...I guess we will see what happens when we get back from our vacation. We did not have to wait. On the 11th I got my answer.

The rest of the years just flew by. Everyone and everything consuming my time.

Today I remembered that I had these tapes so out they came and then I went to your web site.

As I make my way through the course I would like you to know that I  look forward to the CD set.

This time I will make it through the courses again and give you a proper  testimonial.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email.



Orestis Kaldelis ok@kaldelis.com , a student from Greece sent us this testimonial on April 8, 2008

  • Subject: Receiving  direct information originating from the Universal Mind within himself after completing only one round of training with our RV/RI combination courses.

Dear Gerald, 

I would like to thank you for your wonderful courses of RV and RI. I was very impressed with your philosophy about The One and your explanations of how the universe is really inside us. It was a piece of a puzzle that was missing from me.

I finished the combining course of RV and RI this last February. I strictly followed your instructions and trained with one CD per day. I completed the course in one month and the amazing thing is that few days after, out of the blue, I started giving channeled information to others for the first time in my life. It is so simple now, I just say to my self 'Mind Level Theta' and all the answers are coming very fast and are 100% accurate.

Please keep me informed for any future products you may release. 

You will always be in my heart. Thank you very much. 


Athens, Greece

Stanley Rutherford , stanley.rutherford@gmail.com a recent combination RV/RI trainee,  shares with us this experience on April 08, 2008:


  • "miraculous" healing of his pet with the help of the universal mind while operating from deep Theta.

  • Moving matter and bending spoons (telekinesis) through mind power alone

Dear  Mr. O'Donnell:

Hello.   This is Stanley Rutherford,  I am writing to let you and my fellow trainees know about a most wonderful experience.  A week ago, I was working   on the Combo Cds. While being in deep theta, I had an inspirational thought upon recalling the fact that as a result of working at such deep levels one could naturally heal (one's self or someone else).  At that point, I remembered that the family pet had a very  bad problem with one of his eyes that had been injured. The bad eye had been that way for at least a year. I had in the past spoken with a vet who said that this type of injury would require surgery to remove dead tissue and scarring. which would be a very expensive procedure.  We could sadly not afford it.

So while in deep Theta, I asked for the universal mind's (the One)  help, and began working on Max (the family pet). I was startled at first to  recognize  the link between myself,  the universal mind, and then Max.  I zeroed in on the eye injury and soon I was within it. I could see what appeared to be some sort of energy field that  was vibrating out of sync.  Like if something was shorting out .

When I saw this, I sent out some healing energy, and then saw in my mind the eye corrected.   A couple of hours latter, the formerly injured eye  just went back into place . Wow!

I must say that my little friend is very happy now that his eye is completely healed .

Here is something else.  A few days ago, I gave you a call with regards to telekinesis because I had something happen while in a very deep theta state. I was sitting on my bed and suddenly  wanted to try to close my window blinds without touching them, using my mind alone. To my great surprise, they began to move.  And so, I tried to do it again and it worked. But always very slowly.   But who cares about how fast it happened!  The important thing is that it happened .

I called you up and you suggested that I should then try to bend a heavy spoon.    Well, I did!!

I went into deep theta, and I saw mentally the spoon that I wanted to work on. I asked the Universal Mind for advice on how to do it and got an answer. I was told to imagine that the spoon was an non-separated extension of myself alike a finger. I imagined then that the spoon was my finger. Funny as it may sound, this has to do with not willing it to happen but to understand the relationship between myself and the "material object";  that I and every thing in this universe is inter-connected. I felt that the molecules of the object were mine. So, at this point, I moved the spoon mentally as if it were my own finger bending. You see, you don't have to will strongly a finger to bend, it just follows automatically your instruction (this is how mind-matter also works).

Well, the spoon did bend!! I have repeated this and it seems to get easier all the time !!!!

The only limits one will run into are the ones that we allow ourselves or others to put in the way!

Thanks so much, Mr. O'Donnell


Martha Escamilla martha.escamilla@gmail.com  a new student from Colombia sent us this on March 27, 2008


I also want to thank you for the incredible material and for taking the time to do the REMOTE INFLUENCING AND THE REMOTE VIEWING trainings..... THANK YOUR FOR SHARING THOSE SACRED PLACES..... What a trip! I enjoy them tremendously I am looking forward to master them.


Suzette  suzettehebert@bellsouth.net sent us this feedback on March 13, 2008

  • Subject: A possible "warp" in reality? Or can one warp reality?

I'd like to share this.  I know it may sound weird but it really happened to me. I was reading feedback & testimonials.  Reading the one about the gentlemen disappearing for a time and objects, etc. may have been the reason for this incident I had.  I spent a few days reading the RI e-book, and listening to the audio while rereading.  I proceeded to the RI training disc 1.  I was interrupted by my dog who wanted insisted to go outside.  I opened the door for him and then he disappeared out.  I waited and then decided to call him back in. He did not answer. I looked for about 10 minutes or so, even checked inside, too.  Finally, pretty confused I went for my keys to search the neighborhood. As I came back I saw the little fellow come from the back room trembling.  I was shocked and relieved at the same time.   

Does the course have an affect on animals?   

Thank you so much for this course.  I feel I finally can have a life that has always been there but had it not been for you I may have been without.  I, personally, am so excited about it and love the profound relaxation I experience.  That in itself is priceless. 

All the Best, 



Robert Williams chip.will@gmail.com, a recent trainee, sent us this on February 9, 2008

  • Subject: Remote Viewing successes


While listening to the 43 minute sample lesson from the Probable Futures site a couple of weeks ago, out of the darkness of the theta state I suddenly saw, in a flash, a big factory explode in flames that leaped out of its windows and smokestacks. 

Now that I have the CDs and am listening to them every day, I find myself in the middle of various daily activities remembering certain things that "Oh yeah!" I saw while listening to the CDs and being "out".

In the news over the last couple of days I learned about the very recent Imperial Sugar Refinery fire in Savannah, Georgia. I finally saw a photograph of the refinery. It's the same building I saw in my vision!

It is already an interesting journey. 

Robert "Chip" Williams 

Yumnah Aguba-El Yumnahagubael@aol.com sent us this touching testimonial on February 2, 2008

  • Subject: Our RI training helping the healing process of a stage 4 cancer

 Mr. O'Donnell

 I would like to share my experience with the The Complete Remote Influencing Training System. 

I was admitted to the hospital 7/05, diagnosed with double pneumonia, lungs filled with water; the left lung collapsed; both lungs were drained twice; also was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  I was not expected to walk out of the hospital, however, I did on 7/27. I was on 3 cycles of Chemo, and decided I was KILLING MY SELF just by looking at the awful side affects, etc. [I will spare you the details!].

  I got off the chemo and started taking Aloe1, a special specie of aloe that is only grown and harvested in Homestead, Florida --8 ounces times a day for 120 days [I will continue to drink it].  The cancer count went from 174.17 down to 80 as of December, the doctor is looking for "40", I am looking for "0". 

So, to make a long story short on that topic is that  Aloe1 turned my life and health around 360 degrees.  When I started three weeks ago to listening to the complete remote influencing training system, I noticed the pain in my knees began to subside more and more.  I noticed that dark areas on my face, were now lightening up.  The pain factor was very very evident; energy level changed, STAMINA definitely changed!  I thought I was feeling great with the Aloe!, well by adding the listening to the CDs there has been a remarkable acceleration of my healing process.  I can feel the vibration in every cell of my body.  I was thrilled to share this with you this morning and you confirmed what I was feeling and experiencing. 

It is, as I mentioned, I am feeling truly rejuvenated, and that all the anger, fear, resentment, pity, low self esteem, which is all part of the "cancer causing bucket", is BANISHING!  This is truly wonderful.  Thank you for all that you do and offer to all of us.  There are no accidents.  This is something that I have always wanted to do! 

Peace and Blessings, 

Yumnah Aguba-El

Tamarac, Florida


Michael Jura jura.michael@gmail.com  sent us this enthusiastic testimonial on December 28, 2007


  • Great satisfaction with the combo training

  • Powerful effects of operating from deep Theta and Delta

  • Experiencing 3 out of body projections

  • Great ability to Remote View and Influence situations

  • Using RV/RI in daily business and personal life

  • Speeding up manifestations

  • Undoing fear patterns

Dear Gerald:

This is Michel Jura.

First let me congratulate you on your Remote Viewing and Influencing combination training system. I ordered it over 8 months ago and I must truly say: WOW this is an incredible set of mind training protocols the like of which I have yet to have been exposed to before. 

I run a blog on the subject of Remote viewing http://blog.learnremoteviewing.com/ and have been fascinated by this field for a number of years. Exploring the powers of the mind is a passion since childhood. 

I have followed closely many of the different remote viewing protocols and I have trained with  a number of systems. I must say that your courses are truly amazing and have had a great transformative effect on me.  

Not only do you explain in your Remote Influencing course the mechanisms of the mind but you make us explore every aspect of it on our own, at our own command. This is truly amazing and has made me see the world with a totally different perspective.  

Almost every week as I train with your combination course I find myself transformed. The changes are very real.  Changes pile up upon changes. It is truly magical!

 Every time I put a CD in my player I am filled with anticipation not knowing what great shift I will experience and where my mind may take me.   I have found that repeating the course for a second and third time has allow me each time to make a quantum jump in abilities. Amazing! 

I must tell you that my ability to Remote View and Remote influence has now truly skyrocketed.  Operating from a level of mind of deep theta and Delta has opened a new world of wild possibilities to me. The mirror of my mind has taken a clarity  beyond my wildest dreams. I sense events in advance and people’s inner thoughts. I often sit at business meetings amused at the fact that I read most of the participants.  I often find myself answering questions before they have even been vocally phrased . You should see the faces of my associates! You have no idea how much I apply your teachings in my day- to- day life.  

I have trained for many years with the Silva Method to reach Alpha and even some Theta. You course is a natural progression to even deeper levels of mind.  Deep Theta feels differently from Delta.  I can now easily tell which level I find myself in, and there is no greater peace than Delta.  I also have achieved total control over the levels I want to reach for different tasks. It is all very fascinating. I am still exploring.

Being in these very deep states of mind has brought to manifestation  many events I have remote influenced.   The lag time between energizing a thought and its manifestation into reality seems to get shorter by the day. I also very much appreciate your emphasis and teachings on how to unlearn from fear states and do a deep inner cleansing. I feel lighter and happier. Your shield of light is priceless to deflect negativity.  

I also have had three  out-of -body experiences while taking your course.  That was a trip in itself! I thank you for teaching me to lucid dream and use this level to do remote viewing and influencing at night.  I have more to tell but will leave it to a further communication.

You have truly accumulated an incredible body of techniques here. What I like the most is that all this learning is effortless as you bring us into a very passive state where all these techniques are being imprinted in our mind. 

Oh before I stop here, let me thank you for the many thought and light healing modalities which are part of the Remote Influencing course. I can now scan a human or pet and apply these techniques even without their full knowledge. Healing someone from Delta is the most potent method I know of.   

You deserve many kudos for having put out such incredible material and training modalities the like of which I have never seen anywhere else. It embodies all the teachings I have received from other schools and so much more…I consider you a master teacher in this field.    

I cannot wait and see what you will produce next.  

You are free to publish this email. 

Michael Jura

Cecilia Soprano CealS23@aol.com, who has previously trained with many self-empowerment schools, wrote to us this warm comments on December 27, 2007.

Dear Gerald,

I have just finished listening to your entire program, and I've been
wanting to tell you/write you from the onset that you are a remarkable being and I so appreciate your sharing your wisdom and wonderful intelligence with us.  For most of my life I have studied various systems of clearing the patterns from "matrix mentality" and social conditioning.

I have certificates in hypnosis and NLP and have studied and read about a number of other systems of self-realization and self-actualization including Silva Mind Control.

I am a student of Paramahansa Yogananda since 1972 and have done firewalking with Tony Robbins and rebirthing among other seminars in self-empowerment.  I have studied with Gangaji and a number of avayda vadanta teachers.

You have distilled the best of the best of most of these systems into your program and I truly marvel at the integrity and consciousness behind your work.  You are making this world a better place by your tireless efforts to bring truth straight through to the subconscious.

I too wish you the best this New Year in all you do.  I wish you much prosperity and may your Remote Viewing and Influencing programs reach more and more people every day.  I am doing my best to spread the word about your work through my small network.  I hope to one day hear one of your shows or broadcasts.  I feel lucky to have discovered your tapes and to have the privilege to listen to them whenever I find the time.

I recognize your pureness of heart and hold a deep respect for your unselfish commitment efforts to bring more consciousness and humanity back into the world .....  Ever in Divine Kinship,  Cecilia Soprano.

Caroline Hurry hurry@telkomsa.net sent this this testimony on November 29 2007.

  • Subject: Manifesting great outcomes with the Combo courses.

I am loving the course ... HUGE changes are happening in my life ... and the RI course is really helping me to stay focused and manifest brilliant outcomes ....

To be continued ...

Thank YOU with love and gratitude


Simon Hunt Shunt578@gmail.com  a recent RV/RI Combo trainee sends us this new feedback on November 28, 2007.


  • Applying his Remote Influencing skills in a casino and getting immediate successful feedback by winning 6 times out of 6!

  • Profound insight and caveat emptor about his experiences and the right way to apply our Remote Influencing techniques (manifesting desires).

Every Friday for the past 6 weeks I have gone to a casino that is near me. I play the triple play jacks or better poker machine. I RI every time just before I go that I will (have) hit the royal flush. The payout is $4,000.00. 5 times I have hit it, and on the 6th time it actually dealt me the royal flush which means it is on all 3 hands for a total of $12,000.00. So far the total of 6 trips is $32,000.00. Even as I drive to the casino, I SEE IT, FEEL IT, TASTE IT, BREATH IT.

I actually see the woman coming to the machine to pay me in my mind. It has been the same lady for 5 of the times. She is more amazed then I am about it. She told me that it is a 1 in 40,000 shot. Last time she paid me she said "GOD sure must love you." I responded that "INDEED HE DOES!"  Of course I always tip her well and I have given a lot of the money away. I actually never have been one to get all excited about money and the less I think about the need of it the more it always comes into my life.

I thought you might be interested in hearing that bit of news and other students of yours might be too! I am definitely not suggesting that anyone take up gambling. Gambling suggests need and when a person plays in need, they will usually lose unless they get lucky. And never depend on luck. If there is the SLIGHTEST bit of doubt then never do it and if you just cant help yourself and feel you must do something, whatever that something might be, then most definitely don't do it. When in doubt about doing something DON'T DO IT and if you feel pressured to make a decision. DO NOTHING! The correct thing do will come to you. The natural (carnal) mind will ALWAYS make the wrong choice.

Serge Laliberte M.D. lelic@nrtco.net a Canadian trainee sent us this nice testimonial on November 25, 2007

Dear Gerald, master of time-space continuum,

Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful e-card and for your website update.  And thank you for your outstanding RV and RI courses. They are truly phenomenal and I am enjoying them continuously.  I feel that I am on the threshold of a quantum leap in consciousness and RV and RI are greatly responsible for this. Keep you posted when I walk on water, ha ha ha ha!

With appreciation,


D.K. Brainard starsforthepeople@yahoo.com sent us this feedback on November 23, 2007

  • Subject: Synchronicities increasing after training a few weeks with the Combination courses

Dear Gerald,

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you so much for the ARVARI CDs. I am enjoying them tremendously and after only a few weeks the level of synchronicity in my life has become simply stunning.


Hossein Johanian lunar1969@hotmail.com sent us this very nice feedback on November 13, 2007


  • Increased ability to predict future (RV/intuition) and manifest reality (RI)

Dear Gerald,

I really want to thank you for giving this amazing gift to us. My life is not the same. My level of intuition has gone out of the roof and I can't believe I manifest some of my desires so quickly! 

Thanks a lot,


Patrick Mettersen patrick6429@gmail.com ,  writes this enthusiastic feedback on November 11, 2007.


  • Inner permanent changes of peace, goodness, bliss and joy while training with the RV/RI combo.

  • Increased IQ and download of information while attending university classes.

  • Increased intuition.

  • Predicting sports results in advance.

  • "Reading" people's thoughts and emotions.

  • Increased attention from the opposite sex.

  • Getting innovative business ideas.

I am approaching 2 months since I started using Gerald’s audio programs, Remote Influencing and Remote Viewing combined program. I strongly feel the combined program is a must. The skills learned in one program help deepen insight into the other and vice versa. By following the outlined step by step process I have really began to notice changes within myself and the way people react to me in social setting and even as far as my presence alone.

Since starting the program during the first month I noticed blurs of changes that would become brief moments of insight. These quick glimpses of insight even though were not consciously permanent assured me that something was in fact happening, something great was happening deep within that I consciously could not always be aware of. Most recently over the last 3 weeks I have become aware of permanent changes that I am always aware of. A pure feeling of goodness has become a part of me that can only be explained as myself smiling at the world and the world smiling back at me. It is a feeling of pure bliss that washes over me and makes me happy to exist as who I am because I feel now that I truly have control over who I WANT to be. If I do not have full control I strongly feel that I will attain full control by continuing the program.

The state of pure goodness has taken away stressful feelings out of my life. I truly don’t experience stress and worry about problems no longer. Yes I do have obstacles in my life being a student with financial issues but my focus has been shifted to solving the problem and no longer focusing on it. This shift in focus has been very positive and these obstacles have become much easier to overcome when I noticed how insignificant these obstacles really are. They have become so insignificant that I truly laugh at how insignificant they are and at one point in my life caused me so much stress and worry.

Through the training many different changes have taken place then I could have really imagined. Going to school as a multimedia major creativity is very important. Through the help of this program my creativity has increased by leaps and bounds. At certain times I experience what I have personally understood it to be as an information download. This is a moment in time usually experienced during a social setting and I am engaged in a conversation that I experience a burst of information about the certain issue at hand being discussed. This is usually very exciting, as all of a sudden my knowledge about a specific issue becomes intensely broadened especially with intensified perspectives and powerful observations. My participation in lectures has become very interesting with insightful comments and at times very exciting especially after correcting the professor and sharing a very insightful detail that has left the professor rather speechless at one point or another. Just recently this has led to my professor asking me to come and join him in a discussion about some of the finer points I have made in class. He was very interested in knowing how I have come to realize these perspectives and gain such deep insight. Being 21 years of age the professor was very intrigued and had to admit that some of my comments were over his head. One of his remarks that left a deep impact within me was when he explained that my level of intellect was more of an older gentlemen’s with about 40 years of life experience.

A very interesting change within me that has taken place is the very large increase in intuition. I have become very intuitive to the point were I know who is going to win a sporting match. Usually the day before I am able to predict which team in a multitude of sports will win. On one particular day I experience an information download pertaining to five different basketball games for the same day. It was rather very exciting as my friends and I watched each prediction come true.

On another note my intuitive senses have let me know what someone will say before they say it. It is very natural and happens with no concentration. I have experienced this before the program but to no degree in frequency as I experience this now. It seems to happen at least a couple of times each day, on some days it happened many times over. Most of the time it happens with people that I spend the most time with. It’s funny because sometimes I keep saying the same comment another person is making at the same time, and this usually will happen with the same person over and over. It gets interesting by the fifth time and the person kind of looks over with a bewildered look but never speaks their mind.

Taking the intuitive aspect a little further during certain times I experience a blast of thoughts from another person. This is usually during a social occasion were people are rather relaxed. This blast of information usually is a mixture of thoughts about people along with their feelings and emotions attached to the thoughts. It is rather extraordinary to feel what someone else is feeling. It has rung true over and over when someone would look at someone and I would get a blast of information for example in one situation I understood that a certain person rather disliked another. Once the person had left the area the person that I got this information from turned to a friend and expressed their dislikes. More frequently I get this insight when someone is directing thoughts towards me. This is even more frequently the case when it is a person of the opposite sex with strong emotions towards me. : -) I have very much so noticed the opposite sex taking a much stronger interest in myself, which is definitely, a positive thing!

On a grander scale I have experience insight into rather interesting ideas of business. Business ideas that do not at this point exist through my following up on them. People spend lots of time even a lifetime coming up with a one of a kind ideas. I have experienced two true one-of-a- kind ideas that I am very excited about and I look forward to materializing these two ideas in the future.
The experiences that I have been allowed to experience and the changes within me have inspired me to write this to allow others to know what a strong impact Gerald’s course has had on me. I am very grateful to have been allowed to receive these courses. Thank you many times over Gerald for these courses that are very needed especially at this point in time.

Thanks, your friend

Chante Quiett M.D. chiplocket@yahoo.com, an RV/RI trainee of our Academy, writes to us on November 2, 2007


  • Using our Delta CD as the ultimate answer for hardcore insomniacs!

Hello Gerald,

In regards to our conversation the other day, here are my comments: 

Many of my clients have found this CD very effective for getting into deep delta where other sleep CDs have failed.  They awaken having had their first natural deep sleep in years!  These people were hard core insomniacs and thought nothing but their sleeping pills would ever give them the release they sought. Needless to say they are relieved and very grateful. 

Chante Quiett  MD  

Lisa Samuels of the UK lisa_samuel@hotmail.com  send us this testimonial on October 29, 2007

Subject: Increased forecasting and psychic reading accuracy after taking our training.

Dear Gerald,
It was a pleasure speaking with you today and to be honest words fail to describe what I experienced whilst listening to your courses and although I have just received your package only a few days ago I wanted to explain what is happening to me already.
I am and have always been clairvoyant with the gift of second sight and only recently started professionally to do this. Whilst listening to your CD, on the second day I went shopping with my cousin and actually predicted the exact cost of what the shopping would be. It was uncanny!

I spend a lot of time just listening to the CD's mostly in between my other work and have noticed that my gift of forecasting is getting better and better with little or no effort and sometimes whilst listening to your CD's. I have also noticed that the technique of switching heads in order to feel the emotions of others and what they are experiencing within their lives works extremely well and have been doing this with my readings.
I have also been to my future and seen things much more clearer and have seen future events especially with regards to technology and what life will be like within the next 15 years.
On another note, I find that my body vibrates sometimes very slow and sometimes very very fast and can feel the energy moving up and down my body like in spirals and have been short circuiting or blowing lights around me too!  It is always like an adventure when I start listening to your CD and sometimes not too sure where I would end up!
I know that my journey has just started and have so much more to learn about my abilities and what I can accomplish and wanted to thank you from my very soul for sharing this knowledge with me.
Many many thanks Gerald and if you do visit the UK in January I would love to meet up with you.


Kathleen Beaufait, M.Ed., L.Ac., kbeaufait04@yahoo.com a recent graduate, sent us this feedback on October 7, 2007


  • Using the RV/RI training to Theta and Delta states to overcome performance anxiety and help pass a state licensing exam


The work that you are doing is very significant. I know that because I have been reviewing and reviewing the remote influencing CDs for the last 10 months while preparing for an exam that had me stalled out from pursuing my goals. 

Passing the exam was becoming a nemesis and my friend, JC, recommended that I check out your course in remote viewing and remote influencing last November/December, 2006. I actually started the course in January, 2007 while up in Utah on a book writing and recording assignment.  I noticed right away that I could take control of my inner giddiness (performance anxiety) especially during the recording and my mental focus was much improved by simply saying to myself "mind level alpha" (then theta, then delta...) and the
recording would occur without hitches.

Learning how to move my consciousness from beta to alpha then theta then "mind level delta" has been an incredible skill to acquire---rather to happily realize that it has been available to me all along. 

Several times I took and re-took the state boardlicensing exam and each time missed passing it by minimal points; this last time on August 7, 2007,  I showed up on the test site early and was the second of about 500 to 1,000 people to go into the testing room.
I sat down and while waiting 45 minutes for the rest of the examinees to get settled I put my head down on the table and went into the routine "deeper down... all the way to mind level delta..." I was aware of people and conversations around me but not a part of it or affected by it...I was the most relaxed and confident I have ever been; I worked diligently throughout the test---finished in good time.  Today, the results came and I passed!! The congratulatory letter was like music and smiles!!!

Thank you so much for what you have produced.  I wishyou all the best in whatever direction your work is taking you!!!

With lots of happy thoughts, wonderful manifestations and much love,

Kathleen Beaufait, M.Ed., L.Ac.

 Hiro Ikizake usjapan@starpower.net , a Japanese trainee of our Academy, wrote to us on September 13, 2007 this message


  • Increased Intuition

  • Appreciation for the material in the E-book "secrets of Remote Influencing"

    Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing thought and reality.

Hello Mr. O'Donnell,

Several things happened in the past 3 weeks, and I know for certain that my intuition has particularly been enhanced by listening to the Cds.
My short temper is weakening to gain more profound calmness in daily life.  Since I am not a native speaker of English (I am a Japanese man),
I thought, at first, that there would be less effect than other native speakers listening to the tapes.  I do not know the difference, but it probably does not matter.
I have already read "Out of The Matrix" four times and will read it more.
The book is really amazing and enlightening to me. It helped me get answers to the questions about life and the universe I have been asking to myself in my life.
I appreciate your great works and your being "there" for us to help human beings know and experience the truth in this challenging time on the planet.
Best regards,

Hiro Ikizake

John Matias  jpmatiasjr@hotmail.com - a very serious student of our Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing combination course, sent us this enthusiastic testimonial on August 20, 2007.


  • Very advanced manifestation powers over "reality" emerging after repeating our Combo course for the 4th time. He is finally "molding" reality powerfully and rapidly to his liking. Please read below.

Current Student---RI & RV courses

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:

I have completed the courses 3x now (01/07 - now) and am beginning my 4th walk through.
In a nutshell I am physically and mentally experiencing a shifting of time, space and recently, (last 6 months or so), material objects around me are vanishing on a continual basis of which the magnitude and frequencies are rapidly expanding. Things literally disappear around me and reappear at later points of time, sometimes in totally different space (up to 50 miles away). My family and friends have been witnessing it as well and I need some feedback. Over the weekend I lost time while sitting in my car in a parking lot.  The car and I vanished for 5 hours and I have no idea what happened. Again witnessed by son and wife.
Additionally, I am being physically touched by my fractal points within these outer realms, sometimes intensely---(ask me about the blood coming out of my arm when my 2nd son was with me, and identifiable marks as well}---- and it has been suggested to me that the "synchronicities" of this time present to future manifestation are a key of some sort, some higher level that I can not only interface with as we all do, but also redirect in some sort of way on a major basis.
It has become a standing "joke" that if I say something, the physical manifestation of it will appear the same day, sometimes within minutes of the conversation.
I am witnessing a "particulation" of all creation around me, almost like everything is "pixilated" and with the correct thrust of focus I am led to believe that the matter around me is totally moveable and manageable. What I witnessed in deep delta states was this matter of our space and time fluttering away, like slivers of dark matter, continually shedding off everything and everybody. It seems as if everything around us is like a huge web continually around our physical present existence looking for the focal points of creative desire and intent.
I am experiencing shifts of immense proportions and I am not sure what all this means. 
To a "normal" human this all sounds like I am losing my mind.  My kids and wife have seen so much of it recently it has become the family joke, "Dad is shifting again". My co- workers who have a level of attunement see it as well and again have witnessed some of this.  I feel as if I have fallen out of this time and space and keep wondering ( as I have since my earliest recollections) what and why I am doing here.
Additionally, I have a perplexing question about this "reality---where does it all go? And I do not mean "relics" left behind, where does the tender energy go?

Would love to hear from you about this message and chat a bit, maybe you can help my redirection that started in 1992 when I died (in a car nonetheless) and stood next to my prime source before I was pushed back here. Thanks to you and your superb courses I have not only been put back on the course of true enlightenment, I have been able to spread my high white light energies to all I come in contact with, helping all as it should be.
May the creator and all light shine among you and all you touch at this time, thank you  for helping me.


John Matias 

Katherine Dahni k_dahni@yahoo.com a combo RV/RI student of our Academy sent us this feedback on June 18, 2007


  • Better concentration and brain processing capability

  • Improved life and greater thought manifestations into reality


I like your new Arvari homepage.  Seems these days that wherever I look your site seems to appear. I am researching one thing and you show up, somehow?

I love your courses. I have become more focused and am able to  process information more effectively after listening to the Arvari program consistently for a year.  I am overcoming "brain freeze" disorder.  My physical reality has changed considerably, for the better.  I am watching my wishes/repetitive thoughts take form and become my experience.  My vibrational field has heightened and is matched in physical form/reality.

The dance is becoming the mirthful fest it was meant to be. 

Joyous Light Everywhere


Diederik Willemans dwillemans@yahoo.com write us this feedback on May 8, 2007 after having trained with our combination V/RI courses for only ONE week.


  • Feeling extreme joy and deep inner peace

  • Experiencing wile staying awake the Delta state (old sleep state)


Hello Gerald, 

First thank you very very much for the combined RV/RI course. It arrived on Monday April 30th, just before a short holiday May 1st-May4th so that I had plenty of time to start with it. 

And indeed one of the experiences while being in deep meditation with your program after a few CD's was extreme joy and deep peace. I am halfway through now and it is very exciting to embark to each next CD, I also repeated every session and some of them I did 3 times.  

Yesterday I finished the RI 7 CD where you for the first time go into DELTA (feels different than THETA). In Theta there is always a kind of soft mild flickering before my eyes that comes up and later in DELTA disappears again.

Best regards,


Matt Saunders matt_saunders@optusnet.com.au, an Australian trainee of our combination Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing courses, wrote to us on May 5, 2007 this comment.


  • Our take on the missing link in the movie "secret" as explained on our home page, web site, and taught/experienced in our courses.

Hi there Gerald,  

I'm sure this finds you well :). Just to quickly re-introduce myself I sent you an email back in Jan. which you posted in the testimonials page on your website. I see you've been busy updating your home page. The new information is outstanding. I just finished reading it and thought it was great. It's interesting  that you refer to "the secret". You may or may not be aware that the program was made by an Australian production company. A good friend of mine works for that company and is currently helping produce their follow up project. I just sent him a link to your homepage. I'm sure he'll have a great deal of interest in the information you present there. 
The reason I'm contacting you is that I would love the opportunity to speak with you about the RI/RV courses and my experiences, and maybe get a few pointers with some aspects of the exercises and also ask you a few questions. I understand you are a busy man so whatever time you feel you may have available I can easily work around that.
I'm constantly amazed at the increasing powers of my mind achieved though the use of your courses and would enjoy chatting with you about such phenomena.


Matt Saunders      

Mary Rivas mary@quantumgrowthadvisors.com wrote this comment on April 12, 2007


  • Experiencing the positive transformational power of our combination courses. Higher energy, positive outlook, better focus, and powerful manifestations.

I have been using the combination RV and RI courses for several weeks now.  I personally have found them to be especially powerful when I listen to them in the mornings, after I finish my exercises at sunrise. It is a great way to start the day--focused on being in a powerful state of mind and feeling.  The tapes have helped to keep me in balance and to build my inner strength.  By listening to the tapes regularly, I am more focused on creating a powerful and happy future for myself and others.  It is like connecting with a close friend who can provide support, wise guidance and encouragement.  I am happy to say that I have recommended your products in my book Power Path To Money .  My readers not only learn about powerful investment strategies but also how to transform their experiences with money.  

Mary Rivas

Richard Singh rsingle@broadpark.no , a combo RI/RV student from Norway  writes to us this nice testimonial on March 27, 2007.


  • High satisfaction with the quality and contents of the material in both courses.

Dear Gerald :-) 

I must thank you very much for the arrival of my new course. I am very impressed with the quality of the material presented Gerald. This is a truly magical course now and I will (of course!) be singing it’s praises to my friends and family!

My Mum, Janet has begun on the material with my Dad, Martyu, and they are both impressed, and excited by the journey on which they are embarking…their awakening :-) 

Thank you again Gerald: this is an awesome piece of work and is a tool by which we can help accelerate the shift of mankind towards the truth and move our creation into more peaceful times. 

Very very best wishes and peace and happiness to you! :-) 



Thomas Truelove  ( tom@nettogo.net ) sent us this feedback on March 26, 2007:

Dear Gerald:

   I can't stand it any more. I just had to write and thank you since we may not meet in person.  At 76 years of age (next month) I have been an avid reader and "searcher" since a very early age.   You name it and I have probably at one time or another studied or read about it.  As you very well know, most of it was cleverly put out by the Dark Matrix Proponents.

A few minutes ago, I wept, just crying and being thankful (in private of course) when I read the following:


             "The Son is the expression of the Father, the manifestation of it.  If the conscious mind (as it watches life and its perceived outside world) thinks and becomes convinced with blind faith of something, the Father (as the collective inner subconscious realm) will manifest and project that reality to the son (who is but the projection of the Father within the realm of Creation).

             Nevertheless, the son rules over the Father by the power of his beliefs - the power of blind faith. The outside world does not influence the Father as the SOURCE of manifestations. IT only influences us."

Gerald O'Donnell
 Academy of Remote Viewing


 As you can see, I have emphasized and underlined certain salient parts, the ones that take on a very special meaning to me!    The above quote explains more to me than ALL the teachings I have ever studied.  I treasure it as a great gift from the Godliness.  It WILL be used for good.

      Have been studying the first set of tapes for about 2-3 months.  Have not had any "Phenomenal happenings" but more peace at times than ever before in my life.

      I have read, re-read and will continue to study the booklet as it has so much information in it.

      The closest I had come in my "search" was the writing of Baird Spalding (Life and Teachings of The Masters of the Far East.)  Have been studying those books for several years. They are wonderful insofar as they go.

      Again, many heartfelt thanks for the work you are doing. Perhaps it is "not too late" for Planet Earth to be turned into a "new garden" after all!


Thomas Truelove

P.S.  I am including a copy of a poem I wrote a year or so ago.  Even then, the Great Godliness was beginning to give me true hints. Enjoy!

Mind Doodling

 A  poem by Thomas Truelove

I wonder about imagination
Is it the cause of all dis-creation
Could it be behind the shootings in schools
And thousand of crimes committed by fools

Who don't understand they are being used
The effect of a cause, also confused
Whose aim is to draw them into the fray
So all their freedoms are taken away

A force that has been with us since day one
Making us believe it was all fun
While taking us further into the dark
And we all had faith that it was a lark

Does that which you believe always come true
And if it does what will happen to you
If you don't watch those thoughts as they pass by
Then there's no excuse when they make you cry

These few lines can be a warning to all
This insidious force has planned our fall
Remember that life can be lots of fun
When the truth is lived that we are all ONE!

John Mattias jpmatiasjr@hotmail.com writes to us this comment on March 20, 2007


  • Great power of reality manifestation through training for a second time with our combo RV/RI courses

  • Seeing the reality around in a higher pixilated holographic view

  • Meeting his Oversoul (Higher Self)

Greetings Gerald,

It has been some time since we have spoke at length.  I am 1 week away from to completing the entire RV/RI course for the second time.  The manifestations, synchronizations and synergies which I witness and participate within are obvious and explained at the delta level of awareness.

The fabric of my observational thoughts of "reality" has become "pixilated" for lack of a better word. The walls of thoughts of others and this space/time continuum are becoming more and more transparent each and every day.

I feel as if there is a "hook" of time and space within my being that I can almost reach out mentally, grab and alter all around me but it seems as if my energies within are not yet totally attuned to do such as yet.........I know I will attain this through time.

I have met my Oversoul and I am currently in the process of being totally attuned once again. He smiles at me during my meditations, actually gave me a wink and laughed this morning.

I am eternally grateful for your presence, manifestation of thought and energy you have expressed to enlightened those of us who understand.

Forever in light,

John Matias

Charles Beck  beck@lanl.gov sends us this testimonial on March 19, 2007


  • Out of the darkness into Light

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

I have purchased your combined course.

I am listening over and over to your RV e-book and your RI e-book.

All my life I have been seeking without finding and knocking on a door that remained almost shut     --     until now.

Thanks to you, now I am beginning to know that soon I will find everything (the One), and that soon the door will be fully open to me (to the One).

I am coming from such pre-programmed darkness, that I am having trouble even imagining light.  However, my understanding is being opened up little by little, as I listen to you, and I am becoming confident that I will reach deep alpha, deep theta, delta, and then ultimately go beyond into the realm of the One where there is only Vibratory Real Divine Light.

Bless you for sharing what you have found.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Zeana inner-joy@stofanet.dk a recent RV/RI student and mind teacher from Denmark sent us on March 13, 2007 the following testimonial


  • Experiencing the much bigger and expanded Higher Self after only 4 days of training.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell

I live in Denmark and waited with great excitement for the courses. They were delivered quickly.

I don't think that my English words can explain enough what I have already experienced, but I will try.
It has been just 4 days since I've received your combination RV/RI course.
As a little background I can tell you that I've be doing healing, remote viewing, and creating my own world for several years.
It all started out because life had been hard to me, and that I thought there had to be a reason and a way to deal with all the bad things.
And there was. I did find out, that I create all of it.
My life changed 180 degrees, in every point there is.
But it's not always that I get the feeling of being in control, so sometime life events happen to me, instead of my deciding what I would like to happen.

I have been taken lots of courses am always trying to improve. I study constantly.
I've have been trained by some of the best teachers from Stansted Hall in the UK and some teachers here in Denmark.
However, I always felt, that "IT" was missing.
So I decided that I had to go on by myself and my "God" and needed to make a stable contact deep within.
And ..... bingo! There the address for your Academy turned up.
At the same time I've been doing it for living, also I've had my own school, but now I've just have students learning from distance.

Well, I've been reading the e-book (already here I did feel somehow odd and different than ever before) and listened to the first two CD's in RV and the brain training several times.
(I've be doing brain training for a couple of years with others, the last one from OptiMindzation)

When I yesterday listened to the first CD training, I experienced something odd.
Amongst much more (colors, light and memories) there came a very, very strong sense of something huge behind me and surrounding me.
At first I was a little afraid, then I heard your voice saying "don't be afraid, protect yourself with a seal of gold."
And I then became calm and could allow it to be there.

It was as if my breathing came outwards from this being and I - as a matter-of-fact- disappeared.
It was like I am so much bigger than my physical body. Breathing as that "something", that was I. It felt, like there was a gap, where I used to be as me, myself.
I could feel this breathing against the gap: the Self, and I felt calm and filled with love.
I didn't want to return, it was so wonderful and amazing.
The feeling, that just listening to the audio book somehow gave me - was like I and the Field mixed up - expanded.

That feeling, that I was a much bigger "something" and could do with my body as I pleased, is still here, but now I'm more my body again.

I don't know, if you have any comment to my experience, but I will now go to my recliner chair and listen to the CD once more.
I do indeed feel, your teaching are the real stuff and I'm very, very happy to have come across your Academy.
Love and inner joy to you from Zaenia

Suzan Prowell treeoflight333@yahoo.com sends us this heartfelt message on February 28, 2007

     I want to thank you for your most recent message.  There are so few people I can share the type of awareness that has come from listening to your tapes on the RV and RI courses.  I have always had an awareness that God and humanity are sacred and very deep, but I did not always have continuous joy and happiness because I did not know how to remain connected to these aspects of myself.  I have been listening to your tapes over the past few months everyday and I am now truly sharing in Love with the One and feel a truer sense of connectedness to the One and my inner core.  When I listen to the tapes they bring me to a beautiful place, and your understandings and conveyance of them are such a total blessing to me, I can not thank you enough.  It is the central highlight of my life, to be doing these tapes.  I am so deeply happy and in understanding of the messages of the One you work to tell us.  I am so grateful that the One is now working to ensure that the beauty of life is going to be brought fully to the conscious awareness of all; and that if it is rejected then the darkness will now be handled so it can not interfere with this awareness.  I want to thank you again for bringing these courses into being, and being so dedicated to ensure these messages are sent out to us (through the years you have been working on this).  It is with much love and gratitude from the depth of my soul that I wish you infinite blessings of love, and joy to you and your family and all that is.  I am so happy I can share this deep feeling of joy, love and happiness with you as a being who can actually share it with us as well.  Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to convey the truth and messages of the One. 

Susan Prowell

Joel Carter blackdotpeople@inbox.com sent us this feedback on January 25, 2007


  • Experiencing physical symptoms showing a High Vibratory connection, activation of Higher DNA strands and Connection to Higher Levels of Beingness, all arising from taking our Combination RV/RI courses and repeating them twice

  • Magnetizing situations and people

  • Increase visualization abilities

  • Greatly increased intuition

  • "Reading" people at first sight

  • Successful healings on people and his pet

  • Thought-to-thought communication



I've been holding out on writing you, actually I'd love to speak with you....a short intro: My name is Joel Carter, I was referred to you by Toby Alexander, as I had been working with him, and he told me to get your tapes, as a structured and progressive way to learn to hold the Theta state and beyond, however now that I've gone through the set 2x's, I can say that holding the Theta state is about 5% of what I've developed from your tapes...actually I put Toby on hold as I was about to do his Advanced Coaching and training with him, when I realized the logic and depth of understanding, and ancient wisdom in these tapes of yours, I saw that it was in my best interest to postpone the other training while I immersed in your tapes, then return to Toby subsequently to do the training with him, which I will do in the spring '07.

So I wanted to tell you that, my abilities are definitely opening up, and I have a couple questions to ask you, and I will keep them concise (as I can be rather long-winded ;-)

1) Recently I have developed a fairly constant electrical buzzing type feeling in my forehead area, almost alike I've got low voltage electrodes on my forehead. Also my rt. ear is ringing like tinnitus, and occasionally my left ear does this vibration like I have a bull frog stuck in my ear LOL! So my intuition tells me that this is activation of latent DNA, and/or the embodiment of higher frequencies, in which my incarnate level body is adjusting to the higher frequencies, cellular restructuring etc...What do you think? Is this a common thing?

2) I've been receiving images in my mind's eye now...ie. I notice that when I get down to that deep Theta level, just on the verge of sleep, and if I don't get "sucked" into delta sleep, I notice that I might get an incredibly vivid image of something

To let you know other things that have been happening: amazing attractions, vastly increased visualization abilities, greater sense of intuition, reading people just by first sight, a few amazing healings on people and my dog, instances of amazing subjective mind to mind communication, on and on....I'll soon write an email that you can post in your testimonials section of the site~!

Well I have so much more to tell you, and ask you, but I'll refrain for now. I wanted to keep this short and concise (oh well, I told I was long-winded), so I guess this is short and concise for me~! LOL! ;-)

Thanks so much for this wonderful work Gerald, this is THE stuff, and I'm proud to tell you that besides myself, I've increased the "Army of Light" by 3 people who have bought your program now as well....

In Eternal Abiding Reverent Love, Gratitude, and Mirth,

Joel "the Violet Flame" Carter

Matt Saunders matt_saunders@optusnet.com.au an Australian Student sent us this feedback about the RV/RI courses on January 24, 2007


  • Deep Inner Cleansing and radical positive transformation as a result of taking our courses

  • Achieving as state of joyful inner peace


Hi Gerald,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the service that you
have presented to humanity through producing the RI and RV courses. I have
been studying the courses for about six months now and although my progress
has sometimes felt slow .. have to say what an amazing transformation they
have helped bring in me.  Joyful Calm is beginning to become my state of
being. I've had a lot of stuff to let go of which has sometimes felt like an
upward trudge but I can see the light now which is nice. I have also been
studying with Toby Alexander from DNA perfection .. in fact he pointed me
towards you in the first place .. and the combination of  your courses and
his coaching have been exceptionally powerful for me and my family.

I greatly look forward to the information you are soon to reveal.

Many happy thought to you

Matt Saunders

James Lester Steward jameslsteward@hotmail.com sent us this testimonial on January 23, 2007


  • The New Combination RV/RI course, enhanced edition version II


Recently I purchased the CD versions of the RV and RI Training Systems from you. I would like to let you know the items have arrived safely and in good condition.

I am very impressed by the quality of the new product and the presentation of the packs themselves. I purchased the product in the old cassette tape format some time ago. The new format is of excellent quality and presentation.

Thanking you kindly and I look forward to further development through the program.

Kind regards,

James L Steward

Andy Beckman richard_beckman@bellsouth.net sent us this testimonial on January 22, 2007


  • Our new enhanced CD version II of the combination RV/RI courses

Just wanted to give you a little bit of feedback here on the new courses.
I haven't had very much time to use them to their full extent, we rescued a puppy 2 weeks ago and it's a little hard to be undisturbed during a session! But, while listening to CD's RI 2 & 3 reached very deep Delta levels that I have not yet experienced before.  After those CD's I've spent about 5 days rather spaced-out. Reality seems to be more "bendy" and dream-like. I was so spaced-out that I thought it proper to give it a few days and become more grounded. I'm also having dreams with much more vividness and conscious control. There are many examples but I won't go into them as I know your time is precious, yet I keep the experiences in my dream journal.

Many more insights have come to me about your mission. Hopefully, we can arrange a date and time to talk on the phone at length about this. Just let me know when it is most convenient for you. Thank you for your time and attention.

As to others who would like to get the courses, I say: Go for it and use them!

Chantal Saucier chantal_saucier@hotmail.com a Canadian trainee, sent us this testimonial on January 13, 2007


  • The new CD version II of our combination Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing course


Hello Gerald,

I hope this e-mail is finding you well. 

It is hard to imagine anything better than the tapes, but you have indeed surpassed yourself.

Many thanks,
Chantal Saucier

Patricia A. Schwoerer PATRICHILT@cs.com  sent us on January 6, 2007 this enthusiastic testimonial after training for only 2 weeks with Version II of the Combination RV/RI course


  • Listening to the little voice within, and getting all information within

  • Having an out-of-body-experience on the 3rd day of taking our courses.

  • Going to the Alpha and deep Theta levels of mind at will only after one session


Hello, my name is Patricia

This combination RV/RI course is awesome!  This is what I have been looking for all my life!! It is the highway to a better you. I have been a truth seeker during the later part of my life and have tried many things to improve myself. They either involved a lot of effort or were not fun enough! This course is fun, adventurous and fast. When Gerald O'Donnell says you are your best teacher he is right. You don't need all those books or seminars to learn from! It is all right inside you. He shows you. Tap into this limitless reservoir and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

While waiting for the combo course to arrive, I read O'Donnell's explanation to the movie "Matrix" on his website. I experienced a quantum leap just reading it because it puts ordinary "reality" in its proper perspective and helped prepare me for the course.

On the 3rd day with the course, I have already had an out-of-body experience. I have had some in the past but they were always accompanied by paralysis and fear. This one had no paralysis or fear.

I find O'Donnell builds up my confidence and takes the fear out. You feel secure because he explains everything thoroughly and doesn't leave anything out. He makes you realize that your power is within and everything outside yourself is not as real as you think. He builds the confidence that eliminates your fear.

The most exciting thing is that it is possible to go into deep alpha and deep theta at will by yourself after only the first training session!

Try this course and you can get immediate results too.  It doesn't get any better than this!

Thank you Gerald!

Katherine Dahni k_dahni@yahoo.com sent us this feedback on January 4, 2007


  • Transformative power of the Combination Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing course

Thank you for your message of the new Holy year upon us.  As you say, much of what is happening beneath, above and within has gone unnoticed.  I myself have fallen into a deep sleep and, try as I might, I have experienced great difficulty in awakening from this dream.  I have felt that there is a fog penetrating my mind and body which I can barely see through.  I must admit there have been times when I longed to leave this body behind on earth and return to Lighter realms.

I Love Humanity with all my heart.  I am called to serve the One and have struggled to find the Way.

Your programs have lifted me from near despair back into the Light within.  I have felt unbearable aloneness that so few have shown any interest in the only things that interest me.  Until I found you. 

I wish to express greatest regard and gratitude for the sacred work you offer and its profound effect for Mankind.  Your beacon of Light shines upon us and bestows solace in the darkest of nights.  You are dearly loved my friend.

In my own humble attempt to help Humanity how I may, I discovered a process for uncovering the multi-faceted self (Self) through Inner journey work (hypnotherapy).
I found that ultimately and predictably one would lead oneself toward Oneness as a result of this guided inward journey. 

I began longing to experience first hand, this process for myself.  I contemplated and dreamt of this. When I discovered your programs I knew my longing had come to pass. Interestingly I also began to understand the resistance and blindness to Light which keeps us from finding our way Home even as we are being guided. But alas, the layers just keep enfolding toward the innermost treasure. 

This is the gift.

Love, joy, and Light be yours

Sakara Lucas a former student from the UK sent us this nice feedback on December 25, 2006

Dear Gerald,

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New year full of wonders, magic and true serenity.
Once again, I would like to reiterate my deepest gratitude for taking me
back to the place where I truly belong - to the place I have been looking
for all of my life, as you were,  through your tapes, the catalyst to this
amazing discovery.
Many blessings and very...very best wishes for 2007.
Love ....Light....and Peace....always.

Walter Zelensky retlawz1@msn.com an former student well into mastery now,  sent us this nice testimonial on December 24, 2007


  • How our courses impacted him since starting the journey in 1997

I wish you all the Best. Be healthy and prosperous for many years.

Your mission and effort of helping countless brothers and sisters to see and feel their new destiny is on the new high.

With your help I became a different person in many ways. I am exploring venues I never thought of.
From the messages and conversation in the past you have seen my progression.

Almost ten years ago you offer me a journey which has no end. Long before Matrix.

"Neo: What truth?
Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back."

Remember, I was joking about people with straight jackets showing up at my door. My wife was a little skeptical. I was falling asleep almost every time I was listening to the tapes. All that was so long ago and it feels like yesterday. The protocols and techniques I learned from you were giving me an ability to see what I had never seen before and never would see and they allowed me to do what I never would been able to do. My wife and friends, who knows my abilities, take it as something natural, no questions asked, no doubts.

Recently I received the RV/RI set on CD's. What a difference!!!
I am enjoying the much richer sound and convenience of the new format.

Thank you again.
Hope you will have joyful Holidays.


Aneta Ortakoski aortakos@optusnet.com.au an Australian student sent us this feedback on December 22, 2006


  • Inner Healing and multiple benefits of the Combo RV/RI course.


Dearest Gerald,
My greetings and well wishes to you. I have wanted to send you a thank you for so long, but I get so carried away with all that I am learning that time just slips by.
Firstly, I want to thank you for helping me through my little drama just over a year ago now. I wrote to you when I was at my wits end and I just couldn’t make sense of life….I was very depressed at this point…and you never hesitated to offer help and advice, you even called me for a chat. I will always be grateful to you for that. From my current view, it was so much stress and carry on for nothing, but at the time, it felt very real.
It was about this time that I really got into your courses and a few other teachings. I realized that all things that are acquired by force need a constant supply of energy in order to keep them, in which case, one needs to ask oneself, is it worth all that energy? I realized my drama was not worth it, so when I stopped feeding it, it all just collapsed in front of my eyes. It was an amazing experience, and so liberating. Your courses helped me through it.
So once all this energy was freed up, I then started directing it towards things that were real, unchangeable, eternal and infinite. Your courses helped me with, and through that.
So, here’s where I am at……I am learning that life is nothing but a dream. When we have our nocturnal dream, with practice we can go Lucid and control/create our dream environment, the whole time being aware that we are dreaming. But, I am thinking that this is the case with our daytime dream as well. If we can become aware and go Lucid in our daytime dream, we can then create/control our environment and experiences! It just means going Lucid from a different level! Possibly from what science calls our observer, or higher self, and living every moment from this level? I don’t know, just pondering I guess. A quote I read recently comes to mind: “What you are looking for is what is looking”- St. Francis of Assisi  I guess this is where your new and improved courses I am sure will help (I will be ordering in the next 2 weeks).
Thank you also for sending me a replacement tape 2 months ago. I was so happy when I received it, and you didn’t even ask for shipping….your generosity is humbling.
My apologies for not sending any feedback sooner. Please know how wonderful and how important the courses have become for me. So many synchronicities and amazing knowledge has come my way since starting with them. Another interesting thing I learnt through the courses is that you very rarely get knowledge or information without asking the right question…so sitting there and waiting for God to give you the secrets of the universe just doesn’t happen. What was and is astounding, is that sometimes I feel like I am stuck and going around in circles because I can’t figure out where to go next…what question do I ask next? And sometimes I can literally see the shimmer and the waves of consciousness around me…and that is fascinating!! Only glimpses at this point, but what an incentive to keep going huh?
I know there are many, many paths leading back home, and I wanted you to know that your courses form the foundation on my path leading me home (or I should say, helping me to realize that I actually have never left home).
So again, Thank YOU for all that you do, for all of your help, for always being there and putting so much of your energy into your work that you are literally there. Your work has been the catalyst to so much of my growth, to expanding my conscious awareness, to being in a constant state of joy, and trying to always be aware that we are ONE. That there is no separation, only the one perceived. We are all the same, just some are more aware than others, that’s all. Maybe this is how and why Jesus was able to forgive people? By seeing the Divine Spirit in every person he came across?
Please forgive my ramble, I know that my words can't really express how I feel about you and your work. Our language is quite limiting really.
I send you my Love and best wishes.
Aneta Ortakoski

Nicole Clément-Blais jnblais@sympatico.ca  a Canadian Combo trainee sent us this feedback on December 20, 2006 about our newly released CD version of the Complete Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Training systems


  • Experiencing The Deep Theta Mind level

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and instructions.  Yes, I was able to download the PDF files.

I have just started the combined course. I have listened to the RV-CD #2 three times and I find it very easy to reach the Theta state - I recognize it by your description of it - I don't feel my body, very few thoughts arise - mostly disconnected flashes - and a deep peace. Tomorrow morning I will do the RV-CD #3.  I feel fortunate for the opportunity of such an enterprise - it is much, much more than I had anticipated. Please accept my heartfelt gratefulness for this priceless gift.  I will keep in touch.

I join all those who benefit from your wisdom to also wish you the very best at all times.


Nicole Clément-Blais

Dr. Linda Weatley  Ph.D. linda.wheatley@mercycollege.edu wrote to us on December 8, 2006 the following comments:


  • Increased abilities to manifest realities

  • How your own inner Light becomes perceived by others

  • How a second time through the combination RI/RV program usually causes a quantum leap in awareness.

Dear Gerald

Thank you!
I am seeing a tremendous increase in many abilities that I had before being exposed to your work especially manifestation abilities. (I must be careful what I think about)
Lucid dreaming occurs regularly along with fairly accurate psychic and sensing abilities.
As a result, I have become uncomfortably "sensitive" to many new physical things such as bright fluorescent lighting, loud sounds, telephones etc.
Many people have commented on the light surrounding and emanating from my being.
Thank you for this incredible work!
You were correct when you stated that the 2nd time through the program would result in quantum changes!! It has been an awesome journey.
Thank you for this incredible work!

Linda Wheatley, Ph.D.,R.T.(R)(MR)
Chair, Radiologic Technology Program
Assistant Professor
Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

Kerian Coulter equity7@hotmail.com a dear Canadian student wrote this message on our Student forum www.grillflame.net  on December 6, 2006 after receiving the new CD version of our courses.

Of course! A good example of what might be considered sharing in good faith, now that the CDs have arrived, I am giving away my tapes to those who are intent on spiritual learning but may not be able to afford the courses themselves. They have shared spiritual knowledge with me in the past and I am returning the favor.

It would be so much better to pair up one session with story after story of your own personal benefits from the course than to just share the whole thing straight off the bat - not only might you be able to help them to not get stuck, but being able to match the incredible energy of your stories with the curiously pleasant sensation from any one of the many sessions from either course will go much further than the whole thing in the dark. Wait until you have mastered the course yourself before sharing knowledge of it with others if at all possible!

I know I could have never described the benefits of the course to justice when I was still in the middle or beginning of training with it, but now just about every facet of my life can serve as an example! It feels like being on a train riding an upward spiraling track with so much weight and momentum that no minute negative energy source can impede it's progress... when people get this feeling off you, they will know the courses are serious stuff indeed!


Teri Perrin Tcperrin@aol.com wrote to us on 11/09/2006:


  • Feeling Inner Peace, joy, and profound love.

  • Inner energy and feeling that one is "coming home" again.

Dear Gerald: 

This is a wonderful gift you give to the world and I for one, and as one, love and thank you deeply. Listening to the tapes have tremendously changed my perception of my self, my world and those I share it with.

I purchased the RV & RI course a couple of weeks ago and began listening to the tapes on Sunday 10/28/06. As you know they are  most powerful and helpful in facilitating one to reach the level of truth of ONEness. Words cannot be found to express my most deepest love and gratitude for this gift you have made available to us. Through out my life I have all-ways sensed a place within my self of knowingness...This "feeling" of "KNOWING" yet like a dream one which cannot fully be remembered, and words cannot explain... YOU JUST KNOW. I KNOW and now I am beginning to remember. 
Last night as I listened to RI tape 4 (side A & B). I traveled home ...This morning I feel as though I am floating, knowing I am in this world but not of it. These feelings are very intoxicating...very freeing. I find my self waiting in anticipation for the moment I can put the earphones on to take my self home once again, although today as I say the three words, "mental, level theta (delta)" a calming peacefulness fills my being. Feelings of joy and profound love fill my heart for all.
I want to hug everyone I meet...share this beauty with all. I feel like I will burst from joy! I know the day is near I will begin to manifest all the material things I desire, my body feels electrified...like a magnet) yet somehow even those things have now become less important when compared to the love and peacefulness I now feel in my heart. I thank you for this gift you bring the world and my self for having brought you in to my awareness.
I am on a excavation of self discovery and am grateful you are a part of my journey!

Veronica Conway veronica@tribecoaching.com wrote to us this feedback on 10/12/2006


  • Connecting to the inner depth of the program through the reality of One. Strongly recommending our courses.

  • Healing abilities

Dear Gerald, 

Thank you so very much for bringing this most important work to the planet.  I am eternally grateful that you have taken the time to share your gifts.  I have done a lot of programs, spiritual and otherwise, and this is the most profound, holistic and integrated program I have ever come across. 

I have studied energy work, but this program gives you everything you need.  I literally fell in love with myself on RI tapes 4 and 5.  I feel I have released so much fear, and have so much certainty about the NOW.  I can also sense a bright and compelling future.  Without even really fully understanding the techniques, I believe I remote influenced the reduction of pain for my boyfriend who smashed his finger and was screaming in pain. Within a few minutes of my accessing the ONE his pain calmed down. 

I am so glad that you did not just show us the “techniques” of RV and RI, but rather gave us an incredible context regarding our relationship to the ONE. I feel like I am finally coming home. I have only listened up to tape 5 RI, am awaiting the RV set, and will go back and do the entire program you have recommended.  

Thank you so much…I will be sending people your way! 

p.s. looking forward to the RV tapes, I know that when we spoke the other day you said that you will be coming out with a new CD set in 30 days….I will plan to upgrade at that time….just let me know the pricing…. 

Thank you……  

Veronica Conway, CPPC

415-331-6070 voice

415-887-9970 fax 




Mark Rossi r0ssi@bigpond.net.au from Australia wrote this nice comments on 10/12/2006

P.S. Mark has a very interesting and enlightened site about the One in whom we all dwell and manifest.

Hi Gerald, 

You look at things with the eye in your heart, not with the eye in your head.  

You are a great human being and I thank you for your words of unity of All that there is. One.

Light & Love

Mark Rossi


John Mattias  jpmatiasjr@hotmail.com a former student of our combo course, wrote to us on 10/1/2006

Hello again Gerald!

I received so much from the last use of the tapes that I let my boys use them and they actually wore 1 of them out!

My old set got misplaced in our recent move and with so many positive changes occurring in my life, my vibrational frequency needs the refinement and the focus of your enlightened information.

I look forward to stepping back into the light!

May the Creator eternally shine and bless all of you for eternity. 


H.M.  ahaydenmill@dc.rr.com wrote this feedback to us on 9/25/2006


  • Remote Influencing his University teacher to be attracted to and interested in the subject/question he chose for an important paper.

Hello dear Academy:

I was really excited this week because I finally remote influenced/remote viewed something concrete!

I had to write a question for this upper division philosophy class (which is pretty far above my head but I'm still able to tread water).  I'm only an art major (Smile) on a document we had to read. It had to be turned in by midnight the night before class and I got done reading the papers at about 10 o'clock. These questions are a big part of our grade for the overall semester and if your question was answered in the reading or wasn't all that great you didn't get credit for it.
So I put on the Theta CD and really wanted her to like my question and I saw her going over the last section and then asking me to read my question because she thought it was really interesting. So I stayed up and finally thought of my question at about 11:45PM (and I was actually like the 6th person out of 20, haha). And voila! I go to class the next day and within a minute she says the exact same thing that I had created.

And then we started a discussion that went about 20 minutes. Now I just got to try and get that whole 'automation' thing going.

I was leaving a testimonial because I'd like to give Gerald some credit for his wonderful tapes.

Thank you


Linda Llj2cool@aol.com in CA, wrote to us this enthusiastic testimonial on September 23, 2006


  • Her first major "miracle" manifestation

Hi Gerald,

I Hope you are well and happy.  I am so excited! I just had to write and share.  I manifested a condo with no $$ down, no earnest $$, and only had to spend about $50.00 and that was for a notary!   It's  exactly what I wanted !  It was not something I was obsessed with, but it was a desire--this is sooooo coool!   I've been listening to your tapes for 2 years now and things are shaking!!!  I think of you often and send you love and happiness. 


William Kirkland, the_holy_man@hotmail.com, a student of our Combination Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing courses sent us this feedback on August 31, 2006


  • Dropping while in a conscious state all the way to Delta  brainwave states of 1Hz and even below.

  • Making use of highly sophisticated brain biofeedback equipment to aid in his quest for enlightenment.

  • Confirming our contention that lowering the frequency of our brainwaves (the brain is though filtering biocomputer) is correlated with expanded Consciousness, and that one can then traverse the "void" by letting go of the filtering process of the brain and merge with the One Mind.

Dear Gerald,
             I cannot thank you enough for producing the Remote Influencing tapes.  They have been extremely effective in allowing me to reach the higher realms that you so often write and speak about.  I believe there is a direct correlation between low Hertz (Hz) brain waves and these realms, in an inverse manner.  The lower of the Hz, the higher the level of enlightenment.  An additional aid in my quest for lower brainwave states is a bioresonance machine.  I have a Wavemaker pro offered by a German company, Holimed.  It can be calibrated to Hz levels as low as 1.  From that point on, I can use your breathing and visualizing techniques to drop to far lower Hz levels.  It is my strong belief that Hz levels below .5, also known as Epsilon, are a largely unexplored territory but may be in fact what is reached once the void is traversed.  I would greatly appreciate feedback through this website from your readers.
Most sincerely,

Bill Kirkland

Matt Colyer, mattch@chariot.net.au  a young student from Australia, wrote to us on August 29, 2006  the following feedback


  • Getting "packets" of information form His Higher Self about the mechanisms of the Dark Matrix

  • Experiencing his whole room becoming filled with Light, during the night.

  • Feeling a dark energy lifting off from himself and feeling released from the Dark Matrix

Hi my name is Matt Colyer, I live in Australia and have recently finished the RV/RI combo training course for the first time. I have made significant progress since starting the training 3 months ago. I am beginning to receive packets of information from my higher self, which expand in my mind's eye until I can formulate the words to make conscious understanding of them. They spiral in my neurology until the energy forms words from feelings, sentences and explanations from visual sense 'knowing'. The info so far has been based on how the dark matrix operates, controlling us all and how it has specifically kept me stuck at low vibratory levels. This has gone well beyond the explanations given in the tapes.  I just 'know' it to be true.

We are brought up in a fear-based society reality system, one where not fitting in, and not doing what you're told, is paramount to punishment, ridicule, pressure, and being told by 'authority figures' 'proper adults', how wrong we are. Punished for being yourself, limitations being the guide to how to behave and think. Anger, threats, guilt, fear, that's the controlling process at work. Those that get on with the system either completely abide by the rules or they do enough as so as to 'fit in'. Oh by the way, this was called 'school!' I was born with what is now referred to as ADD, so I could never focus on the Beta style thought-world in which we are battered into, now I see ADD as a natural portal to Theta and beyond. By the way, daydreaming is a gift, nothing to feel bad or guilty about whatsoever.

On the lighter side of things, whilst doing RI tape 6, towards the end of the session where I was concentrating on my light being, I felt the whole room light up with warm intense light, I thought the sun was setting through the window filling it up with gold and orange, white light, but when the tape finished I looked out the window and it was night time! It was a real feeling of connection. Also tape 7a, at the end of the session for the 2nd time, I got the sense that a heavy, dark, stale energy, like big hands, lifted from my shoulders, it had been keeping me 'at bay,' stuck in low slung patterns of confusion. So that is my update on the progress I have made so far. I am beginning to feel liberated from the dark matrix, with practice I know I can achieve results on an ever increasing basis. I am sharing my results with my parents, who i feel may do the course themselves, at the very least listen and grow with me on this very cool journey. Thank you very much for putting the course together, it is truly outstanding and of massive importance to the world, it is a relief to come upon this course after so many years of searching, reading, trying, missing. Finally we can connect with the One in a totally natural, pure way, free of misguided intentions and laborious going- nowhere methods caught in the low energy. Real peace and real freedom is here within us, whew, that's huge!

Thanks you so much.

Matt Colyer.

Mark Labbato, mlabbato@mac.com, a Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing combo recent trainee sent us on August 18, 2006 this appreciative testimonial.


  • Feeling happier, balanced, at peace, and loving after taking our courses.

  • Experiencing an "out-of-body" experience

  • Increased intuition, synchronicities, and "deja vu" moments. Living in the "flow."

Wanted to thank you for such an amazing, life transforming, life elevating system through RI/RV. My experiences continue presently. The main one being, my core personality shines through. I am much more happier, calmer, gentler and loving. Others have noticed the change in me and have made comments on such. I had an extraordinary "out of body experience", just after one of the meditation sessions. My dreams are extremely vivid, I experience colors and details never seen before doing the course. As well as having some profound experiences in my dream state. In addition, my waking state has many synchronicities, which you have talked about. It's like deja vu, where I feel like I experienced the moment, or dreamt of the very moment I'm experiencing in some other place or dream. How wonderful and grand all of these new experiences are, I am grateful and appreciative of these amazing courses. I recommend them to any who desires to expand their life experience.

Thank you.

Anya anyacreate@yahoo.com sent us this nice testimonial on July 7, 2006


  • Enjoying the courses very much

Dear Gerald

A friend of mine lent me your programs. In the past, I have had difficulty letting go with audio suggestion tapes, for a variety of reasons- whether it was the voice which I had a hard time listening to, the music becoming repetitive or the message that I felt were not quite fitting. Maybe these things have been my ego's resistance to letting go.

Regardless, I wanted to thank you for your work. I look forward to going to sleep each night so that I can listen to another one of your sessions! On another note, my mother is in the process of letting go of her body and transition, and I am excited to bring to her tape 5b. I think it will help her experience the beauty of who she really is,  and not fear where she is going. 

And the voice.....I'm totally in love with it!!! 


Carey Steward  enlightner1@hotmail.com a remote Viewing/Remote Influencing graduate sent us this  feedback on June 27, 2006.


  • Manifesting his chosen career and life

  • Increasing his consciousness level "Hawkins score" on the map of consciousness (Consult books by David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D. as to meaning and procedure) while taking our training.

I love the Remote Influence & Remote Viewing courses.  I have trained with the courses for many years.  The results are better and better with each year.  The last time I wrote several year ago, I experienced seeing colored circles and hearing vibratory noises in head. I experienced  "The grand illusion" without having to take a mind-altering drug.  I reflect back on the past experiences and realize how powerfully you are able to influence your world through thoughts. 

The job I now have is a result of holding an intention through listing what I seek in a job.  Everything came true and yet, now is the time to move on to new exciting opportunities.  This is just a sample of circumstances manifested through a strong intention.  I also do energy healing work on myself and others through a clinic.  I use energetic testing to make energy corrections and obtain information to verify through results.  Energetic testing reveals my Hawkins Score on the Map of Consciousness Scale is at 840 and listing to the Remote Influencing Tape 1 & 2 raised my score nearly 43 points.  The score is now 997 next to Christ Consciousness of 1000 with a combination of methods and pulling old non-serving beliefs out of my energy system.  I checked yours with a score of 1873, which is off the charts of 1500 with the new revised charts.  I am blissfully happy all the time and the negativity just vanishes with no effect.  I now understand how come some universes connect and other do not. 

Tape 2 of the Remote Viewing Course is extremely powerful. It has the most effect in bringing out creativity and experiencing vibrations.

Expect Many Blessings in Health & Wealth


Munjal Patel  munjal6100@hotmail.com sent us this feedback on June 26, 2006


Experiencing the state of Becoming at the same time the One and the no thing, the IS and the ex-IS-stence, Source as pure Consciousness and pure Thought: Home.

Hi Gerald,
             My love to you and all the staff at the academy's. You have  have no idea how much you have helped all the people with the courses! This is awesome! I am experiencing a state in which I am the infinitely increasing infinite space, but there is no cognition of me or anything else, and simultaneously I am nothing. I can't explain it to you. Please can you explain to me what it is?

Maria Dios  mdios7@yahoo.com writes to us on June 24, 2006. Subject:

  • The transforming, relaxing, and healing powers of the RV/RI combination course.

  • Spontaneous healing of a back injury and arthritis condition.

Hello Gerald,
I am writing to ask how in the world did you discover all of this?  Perhaps you are from another planet?  It all makes perfect sense but it was not obvious to the normal person, even one seeking this truth.

 I am half way through the combination course and I am totally amazed at the power of these tapes.  I have never experienced this depth of relaxation before.  My body feels like silk.  I am a yoga instructor and somewhere got an injury in an advanced class in my upper back that often causes pain, and also in my left forearm.  Also I have had arthritis in both arms and elbow joints, and much tension in my neck and shoulders.  One day while listening to the tapes I heard, felt something in my back and since that day there has been no pain, and all the arthritis has disappeared as well and the tension! 

I have been on a spiritual path for a long time from many different directions, and have never gotten so close to "heaven" as I did in your reaching delta level tapes in the middle of the RI tapes.  You have unlocked so many mysteries that I was just on the edge of and wondering about for many years, but could not "get there"!

So I am really serious about my question above, and would really like to know how you "arrived" at all this.  What channels did you come through?  Perhaps of little biographical sketch?  I am just so curious.

Thank you very very much for this great experience and the beautifully produced tapes.  Your voice never loses sincerity and encouragement.  I can hardly wait to continue and repeat and repeat the course.

  For some time I wondered if it was "OK" to feel happy like a child when you were grown up, and to smile, etc.  I would kind of hide that part of me knowing that most people did not feel like that even now and then as I do, and did not approve.  Now I will not hide anymore. 

Best regards,

Maria Dios

Laurie Funston llfunston@yahoo.com wrote to us on June 22, 2006 this friendly testimonial:


  • Undergoing a very deep inner cleansing and change of life perspective while listening to our course. Experiencing and living fully the NOW. thought taking our combination Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing course.



I listen to your tapes every day.  The sessions guided by your voice are amazing. The words you speak resonate with my soul.  I relax and feel such peace.  I feel like I know you personally from listening to your voice so much.  : )

  I have been going through a lot of emotions lately.  I cry for no reason.  Sometimes it's uncontrollable sobbing for no apparent reason.  Afterwards I feel such a release.  I also have been losing a lot of personal items lately as well.  What's with that?  (My cell phone, running shoes, clothes, music cd's and more.)  This has been such a distraction and energy drain for me. 

    I realized the other day how much I have lived my life out of anticipation, and guilt.  Both emotions coming from the "thoughts" of past events or what I should do in the  future. I'm re-membering that Now is where there is peace, joy and happiness. Now is my point of power. Now is my source of creation. Does it get easier to stay present the more you practice? 

 I want to change my mind about my mind. When the tapes direct you to think of what you want--I  want peace of mind.  I want to experience extended feelings of joy, bliss, freedom, abundance, and security. I want to Be a mirror of Love.  To go to specific physical "things"  seems to be looking to the Matrix for things that really won't give me anything of real and lasting value. Is this making the physical wrong? 

      My partner Bruce and I were talking the other day about how much we'd like to meet with you in person sometime and ask you questions. We love the way your mind works and the way you are able to communicate ideas.  I appreciate who you are being and what your doing to help me open my mind to new possibilities. 

Love and light,

Laurie Funston

Shirin S. shirin_samadpour@yahoo.com  of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, sent us this enthusiastic feedback on  June 21, 2006.


  • Experiencing becoming pure consciousness and starting to have an out-of-body experience

Hi Mr. O'Donnell 

I hope everything goes well for you.

Before I say anything else, let me just thank you, these tapes are amazing! I really appreciate your work, I recently started to listen to them, and I feel so much better, relaxed & happier. I feel like for past couple of days my memory has improved, I remember my past much better & I can sense some stuff before it is happening... 

One other thing is that recently, while I listen to the tapes, I first feel like I cannot feel my hands & then my body. Then I feel like my soul is getting out of my body in an instant (like falling sleep), but exactly at that moment I suddenly become aware & do not let this happen (it's out of my control), so my question is what is happening to me?? Should I let this happen or not?

Shirin :)

Shelly and Scott Duncan, shellyd@iprimus.com.au, from Australia, are past trainees of both our Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses. They sent us this testimonial on June 20, 2006.


  • How our courses helped them succeed at trading financial instruments and precious metals.

Hi Gerald 

I would like to express my thanks to you and acknowledge  how much the course has helped me on so many levels. The courses have helped me spiritually to understand more about this wonderful creation in which we live and how to stay relaxed when I am confronted by stressful situations. It has also greatly helped me in my trading and I have had many successful financial investments over the past few years since undertaking your course.  

I have done extremely well in my precious metals investments over the past years, thanks to you advice and my RV and RI abilities.  In many cases my investment decisions are based on reviewing the business plans of a number of companies and then I short list them on the basis of my feelings to determine whether I should make the investment or not.  I do not like day trading, but prefer to invest in companies which I am happy to hold for between 6 months to 2 years. In most cases these companies have generally started out as small low cap penny stocks and over time emerged into medium sized companies. When reviewing potential opportunities, some just have a particular feel to them, much like when you hit a golf ball in the sweet spot of the wood and it has a kind of perfect feel to it. A number of the companies I have invested in are small precious metals companies, and I can recall when  I first started the course and spoke to you, you had mentioned that gold had a big future and it was only $280.00 US back in 2001. It was hard to believe back then, it almost sounded insane. It has now gone over $700.00 US but has pulled back a bit over the last couple of weeks. 

Lots of love 


Jack Musick ajmusick@hotmail.com a recent RV/RI combination trainee wrote to us this feedback on June 19, 2006


  • Finding our Academy's courses to be the most powerful mind-expansion and deep consciousness states techniques that he has trained with in 11 years, after having experienced many other systems of deep awareness.

  • Getting an strong "intuitive flash" while driving, which saved him form potential serious automobile crash that could have caused him great injury or even death.

Dear Gerald,

I wanted to take some time to send you some detailed feedback.

I completed the RV/RI combination training a few weeks ago, and began the series again and am about halfway through it the second time now.
I have to admit, I am very impressed with your product.
Your course is one of only a few things in life that I will truly endorse and say that it is really worth checking out.
I have been meditating for over eleven years, and in all that time, these are the most powerful techniques that I have encountered for easily enter deep states of altered consciousness. When I
began getting serious about meditation in the 90's I frowned on guided taped meditations, and thought that they were foolish. The RV/RI course has shown me how wrong I was all those years ago. The Academy provides a very effective tool, and I am very happy that I took a chance and ordered your product. I have made the techniques a part of my daily routine by going to
the park each day and doing and RV/RI session.

I also wanted to share a brief incident with you, feel free to edit this however you wish if you want to share it on the website.
I had an experience of what was mentioned in Tip 4 of the RV instructions, "You sense events in advance".
I had called my Dad for Father's Day, and when speaking to my Mom I had told her, "I want to go to the park and meditate and work o