Or the misadventures of the One in the land of many-colored-coatings


I have been watching with great interest for quite a while many news events and reports, press comments, and internet newsgroups’ opinions. Lots of information, and much learning. I have tried in the remote Influencing course to explain the ABC on the light/sound language of Creation. For it is the sounds of vibratory light that gives birth to our illusory world and its manifold stories to choose from and energize in our own consensus bubbles of virtual reality worlds that either intersect in groupings of like-minded harmonious (love) symphonies (Oneness), or resonates to destructive dissonant fear-emotions showing the desire to separate from one’s own reflections (the ones across) and experience paranoia/hatred.

Richard Bach wrote in “Illusions: the adventures of a reluctant Messiah” that “you teach best what you need to learn the most” and you all often tend to get lost in the prepared or created misconceptions that the multi-faceted Lattice (Matrix) allows us to choose from, and forget to see the lesson that it tries to teach you. You do not seem to realize that ALL of your perceptual individual universe (individual reality) is but a dance between you as the actor/observer (as the lower self operating in the 3D space/time land of Nod), and the Projector (Higher Self: you also) operating on the 4th dimension at the interface between that dimension and the higher ones, in order to give you an impression of a world “out there.”

No matter what story or plot you desire to energize, the rule is simple and as follows: If you energize and believe in an harmonious story: Harmony will eventually be the modus operandi of your Universe (reality) – all of it – and you will attract other (universes: individual realities) of like vibrations. In the sea of Vibratory fields of The One this is how groupings of interacting individual realities are formed.


However, if you energize dissonant, dis-eased, and hateful stories, they are yours to experience in your consensual virtual reality game with other like-minded players and the many more soul-less accessories (barely sentient programs using AI sentient-like impression, thrown at you in order to give more of a sense of reality to your sensory 3D movie).

Nothing, absolutely nothing exists as a holographic reality outside of you! Your holographic reality (the Cosmos) is projected from inside out. Nothing really moves – absolutely nothing. There is only movement within consciousness. Only consciousness positions Itself within the Dream to get different perspectives: both spatial, temporal, and understanding-wise.

I hear and see lately a proliferation of ET, new world order, illuminati, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and highly creative odd conspiracy plots spreading like wildfire everywhere. The perception by some that these are real infamous characters/groups is certainly not a coincidence. They are you! Everything is only testing you and all of your facets. You think and always invent enemies “out there” when the only real enemy is within yourself, and the “out there” is but a reflection of who you are and have become! What you hate, fear, or love on the outside, is really but what you dislike, fear, or love within your self. If you harbor an inner fear of others, enemies will soon be at your gates, and you will experience fear-full and hellish situations. If you show only inner love and care towards all others, then lovers and helpers will show at your gates, and paradise will be your fate. The world is but a manifestation and projection of where you are and who you are. Bogey men are great constructs. Just give them power with your thoughts and they can suddenly bring your whole world tumbling down! Watch terror masters, and all the other created holographic programs that we love to energize in our individual universes, at the risk of bringing our house-of-cards down over them, and us with it. Can these holographic programs hurt you? You bet they can, greatly so, especially if you energize them with heightened fear!

Let me tell you my friends: As long a you do not see past the “reality of the Matrix world” and transcend even the “real” world of metaphors that rules the 3D world, you will be imprisoned in the prisons of your mindsets and will not vibrate to Higher Fields of clusters of the ONE.

The closer you get to the One, the more harmony the sound of Light projects, and you get then to experience the infinite dot of ultimate Creative energy.

The further you vegetate from it, the more your fear/stories will crystallize, and what you have defined as what you should fear will show that definition with ever growing force in your 3D Dream! No judgment here, just a choice.

This is the goal of our teachings and courses: give you the tools necessary to at the very least transcend the myopic fascination many have with all the stories pre-programmed in this Matrix, grasp from a higher point of awareness the “bigger picture,” and learn to experience how to consciously choose one’s path and make full use of your original free-will which you most often subrogate to others. We yearn to have you finally express the Unity within, by being always in the peaceful realization that you are ok and eternal, although a maelstrom of fear-laden situations is blowing around you with hurricane-force winds. And you will then have shown your mastery over fear, false power, and division, by always feeling that you are in the peaceful, non-moving Consciousness center, the infinite dot of the One – the One Eye above the duality of the two lower physical eyes: the Eye of the storm. And you then will not have to ever project again into the “Valley of the Shadow of Death:” FearLand itself – as this reality/world: the ultimate test on the way to paradise – for you WILL NOT FEAR anymore, knowing that the One is inside of you, watching over you, and calling you in Its “small voice” to unite with Its perception of being One-ness.

Lately, I have been a bit shocked to see an underlying pervasive anti-this and anti-that mental direction infiltrating many of the minds of the world at large.

It is irrelevant what some author/investigator or so-called self-proclaimed authority says, unless you give it high emotional energy by fighting it and/or embracing it. In both cases (especially when fear-laden plots are concerned) you are inviting that kind of energy to resurface around you (not necessarily in the same holograms and expressions) and become part of the reality bubble you experience. Ergo with dragons, religious figures, aliens, old gods, new ones, political dogmas, economical experiences, scientific myths, etc…

The only eternal inner and hence external battle that can be and really exists in Creation is between the tendency to unify and hence care (good) and the tendency to separate and hence fear/reject (evil). And the litmus test for all the theories or calls for action that you are exposed to is simple and has remained the same for eons in this Matrix: See whether they affect gathering, unification and bring back the notion of the One: the doorway to Being, or whether they tend to divide and enhance SeparATioN: Evil (the Diabolos/divider in ancient Greek) and hence oppose the notion of the One.

Since you are all eating now from the tree of “good and evil,” let me suggest to eat more of the fruits of good than from the evil ones. And by eating I mean the encoded meaning of “eating” which means making it become yours, and therefore giving power to one tendency or the other. Why fall prey again to the old destructive repetitive addiction to fear/separation and manifest evil?

This is the trip of man, the challenge of the Creator, and the plan of the One.

Happy thoughts make you fly!


Gerald O’Donnell

Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing reality and thought


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