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The Complete Remote Viewing System

The Complete Remote Influencing System

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You will soon be walking around in a permanent state of increased bilateral Theta or Delta brain waves like a Zen or Yoga Master, in fearless joy because you will have mastered the superpowers of the Mind and be consciously creating-as-you-go your reality!

To our knowledge, no other systems of meditative discipline and mind/awareness expansion techniques exists anywhere else on this planet that takes you relatively rapidly to such highly beneficial and ground-breaking gateways where your whole being is transformed and evolved into a new and higher human form.

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The Combination Remote Viewing And Remote Influencing Training System

Ultimate Advanced Manifestation System

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The best protocol is for training concomitantly with both the Remote Viewing and the Remote Influencing Training Systems. You can easily achieve a quantum jump in your inner Creative powers, awareness, intelligence, wisdom, holistic health and biological higher programming.

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The Complete Remote Viewing Training System


Perceive Anything Located Anywhere In Space and Time
Within The Screen Of Your Own Inner Mind!

This training system offers a comprehensive set of knowledge and techniques that will permit you to explore wide realms of your inner mind and will train you to develop your natural capability of Remote Viewing which is the ability to perceive, through a projection of heightened consciousness, people and events, distant in time and/or space.

  • Perceive anything anyplace in space and time using potent techniques that go powerfully beyond current Western and Eastern intelligence agencies’ espionage methods

  • Enhance your life in almost any conceivable way

  • Perceive any present, past, or probable future situation, event, or place

  • Improve your prosperity – the application of viewing the future is extraordinary for investments, business, and employment opportunities

  • Improve relationships

  • Intuit dangerous or unpleasant situations in advance and avoid them

  • Sense health issues and prevent or correct them

  • Learn to recognize and listen to your inner guidance that sends messages to protect and help you

And more …

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The Complete Remote Influencing Training System

 Advanced Manifestation System


Become A Master At Powerfully Influencing (Manifesting) Your Reality
And Bring the Magic Back Into Your Life!

The Complete Remote Influencing Training System openly reveals the jealously guarded core secrets of old mystery schools, stripped of superfluous rituals, and blends them with the latest advances in mind research, quantum physics, and neurobiology, into a comprehensive course.  In it you will be given the knowledge and will experience the ancient key of “one” finally made manifest, so that you can enter the “inner Kingdom” where you can crystallize any dream into reality.  These manifestation techniques are effortlessly learned and integrated just by listening to these CDs.

This training system guides you through healing and empowering techniques to access incredibly high levels of Creative energy to manifest your desires based upon your thoughts. These powerful methods teach you to rediscover your wonderful powers within and learn how to use them to influence your reality to be surrounded by serenity, prosperity, health, and happiness.

  • Swiftly learn to enter a deep meditative state of mind usually reserved for sleep and remain aware in it like a Zen or Yoga master, then access the quantum soup of all future probabilities and choose the ones you really desire to improve all facets of your life

  • Learn to remain in the calm and peaceful “eye” of present and future life hurricanes, no matter how strong the swirling storm is around you

  • Keep yourself energized and young at heart, mind, and body

  • Help heal yourself and others of physical, mental, and spiritual wounds and ills

  • Program yourself to exude charismatic happiness, harmony, and passion in your life

  • Know that you are always “protected: and project a contagious positive attitude

  • Improve your financial situation, work, and personal relationships

  • Easily make your dreams come true

  • Be limited only by your imagination  …

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