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IMPORTANT: Because of the chaotic stressful energies permeating our world as of late (2022), a great many individuals are experiencing either difficulty falling asleep, or having a very poor quality sleep and do not feel fully rested or restored upon awakening. Unfortunately, many feel the need to resort to either medically prescribed or not chemical means to get some hours of rest.


SOLUTION: In its stead, we would strongly recommend to you to try to shut down all electronic disturbances, keep the room dark in order to produce melatonin within your biology, and put either Module 2 or 3 (if you have the PORTAL course) or any of the “PORTAL sessions” (such as the free full Deep THETA training session below) either on a looping mode or set as a single run session. You can listen using flat sleeping earbuds, or special headphones headbands such as Musicozy (all available at Amazon or other stores).

We guarantee you that you shall fall asleep readily as you listen, and if you complete any of our “Portal” training modules even while asleep, rest assured that your subconscious mind will absorb every single word and concept it explains. So that, if and when you repeat the session in the waking state it will all sound familiar and very easy to integrate consciously. You will notice changes immediately in the way you wake up and the level of energy and peaceful state of mind you shall start your day with. Please send us feedback as to how this works for you and what you have experienced as transformations.


Experience Deep Theta (free full training session) and listen to clips from our “PORTAL” course.

Preferably listen using  good stereo earbuds or headphones because of our built-in proprietary brain entrainment technology.

Because of the power of our training, the following warning is offered:

Do not undertake any of this training while driving a car or performing any other activity requiring for your safety an alert attentive state.  The training can easily bring you into an altered state of consciousness. ARVARI and its representatives accept no responsibility if this advice is not heeded.

Audio Clip 1
Portal Training Module 6, FULL TRAINING SESSION
Entering Deep Theta

If you are ready to experience for yourself the Deep Theta state,  close you eyes and listen…(43 min)

This session is offered to you in its entirety to introduce you to our methodology. Although it is part of the beginning of our training, you should be aware that is perfectly natural for you to go in and out of consciousness as you start training with it. This is a good sign, and shows you that you are entering the state of deep Theta. You will master it later and will be ready to enter with full consciousness the state of Delta as you train with our Portal course.

This session guides you to totally separate from the awareness of having a biological reality and as Pure Mind you then start expanding tremendously your perceptive connection to any point in time and space. Possible out-of-body experience.

Caution: Do not drive while listening to it. See above.

Click here to listen to. Duration 43:41

Audio Clip 2
Portal Training Session: Module 7
Settling in for a Remote Viewing Session in Deep Theta. Partial Session

Click here to listen. Duration 5:57

Audio Clip 3
Portal Training Session: Module 7
Remote Viewing a Probable Future (yours, others, or global). Partial Session

Click here to listen. Duration 2:24

Audio Clip 4
Portal Training: Module 10
Beginning of Delta Training

Click here to listen. Duration 1:54

Audio Clip 5
End of Portal Training: Module 11
Principles of Remote Influencing and Closing the Delta Training Session

Click here to listen. Duration 12:42

Audio Clip 6
Portal Training:  Module 15
Recreating your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Self: The Diamond Body of Light. Remote Influencing from this Level. Partial Session

Click here to listen. Duration 4:37

Audio Clip 7
Portal Training: Module 15
Creating a Vibratory Shield of Protection Against Unwanted Energies and Thought Intrusions. Partial Session

Click here to listen. Duration 3:18

Audio Clip 8

Portal Training Module 23
Ancient Secret of Creating and Manifesting from the Gap. Partial Session

Click here to listen. Duration 6:30

This is only a snippet of our course. There is much more to learn from the 26 training modules of the PORTAL technology and explore as you fully enter and accept to become a new and Higher evolved being!

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