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Welcome to ARVARI: Our Organization Pioneered Advanced “Remote Viewing”  Intel Data Collection Mindful Technologies for Civilian Applications and invented the Field of “Remote Influencing” Minds and Reality in order to Achieve the Creation of Better Individual and Global Realities for all of us and the Possible Avoidance of Unpleasant ones by Sensing Ahead our Probable Future.


We are Proud to Present
The Ultimate Advanced Life Manifestation System:





Using our cutting-edge Mind Training Technology, learn to easily Foresee (Remote View) Your Probable Future and Powerfully Influence (Remote Influence) Your Destiny Using the Ultimate Mind Frontier: Deep Brainwave Mind Levels Theta and Delta, triggered Under Your Command, by training with our latest advanced course offering:

Discover The “PORTAL” to The One

What Is Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing?

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing (RV) refers to scientifically proven mind technologies that break the space-time barrier.  Remote Viewing is the ability to perceive, through a projection of heightened consciousness, people and events, distant in time-space. This Mind Technology was developed since the 1950’s by both US, Western, and Eastern European Intelligence Agencies. They achieved some great successes, some still classified.

These same Remote Viewing methods have been adapted for kinder and more practical civilian use, and are now presented for the greater benefit of each one of you, as part of humankind.

Our Remote Viewing Training System teaches you to perceive anything located anyplace in space and time using potent techniques that go well beyond current Western and Eastern intelligence agencies’ espionage methods.

Our Academy teaches an original and very advanced method of  Remote Viewing where one positions one’s self at the level of  the Deep Theta Brain State where your brain electrical waves are mostly vibrating at 4.5 cycles per second  to interface with one’s deep Subconscious mind and programs and therefore allow access to information across Space and Time by connecting directly to the Superconscious implicate quantum Universal Collective Mind. Operating in Deep Theta with the guidance of our training protocols increases your intuition a thousandfold allowing you to easily intuit and view in advance your available probable future time lines when faced with important decisions and view their outcome and integrate how to powerfully avoid in advance undesirable and dangerous situations. Protective Energy shields and energy aura invisibility is paramount and inbedded in our teachings.

Our RV methodology is an integral training section of our “PORTAL” course.

Remote Influencing

Remote Influencing (RI) is an original term first introduced by our Academy in 1997 and refers to our very advanced technology released in 2002, unique in its approach because it trains you to operate from a level of Delta Mind (the usual state of deep unconscious sleep you go to every night) however with having your body asleep but with your conscious mind remaining fully awake. Stabilizing your mind to remain conscious in deep Delta through our training allows you to powerfully influence thoughts and consensual reality (manifest) by mind-power and intense inner energy alone.

This mind training transcends most other known Positively Transformational and Influencing methods and allows one to consciously use the Deep Delta Brain State as a Dimensional “PORTAL” to the Universal Non-Local One-Mind Common Realm from whence we all originate and from whose vista you can Powerfully Influence Thought and Reality including your probable future experiences, heal and rejuvenate yourself and others. and Manifest the Life, Mind, Body, and new Higher and better Self that you intensely desire.

We still Remain the Only Worldwide Institute to teach you in a relatively short time  how to operate in Deep Delta with Full Conscious Awareness, even while keeping your Eyes fully opened.

The Delta Level of Deep Mind is the One Key Level of mind operations formerly kept secret which ables you to Powerfully Influence People and  consensual Reality.

What used to take a Lifetime for Advanced Zen and Yoga Masters to achieve, is now attainable in 12 short weeks (see our Enthousiastic Students’ testimonials).

RI is taught in the advance level and later modules of our comprehensive “PORTAL” course, and there is  more for you to discover there about your True Self and inner superpowers …

Listen to Audio Samples of our PORTAL Mind Training Technology

We Invite you to Sample our Courses . . .

Close you eyes and sample the power of our training systems.

Experience Deep Theta (free full training session) and listen to clips from our “PORTAL” course.

Preferably listen using  good stereo earbuds or headphones because of our built-in proprietary brain entrainment technology.

Because of the power of our training, the following warning is offered:

Do not undertake any of this training while driving a car or performing any other activity requiring for your safety an alert attentive state.  The training can easily bring you into an altered state of consciousness. ARVARI and its representatives accept no responsibility if this advice is not heeded.


  •  You Are, Like Everyone Else, Suffering in this Wired World from Information Overload, most of it Junk and Misleading. Uncertainty and Confusion are oppressing you.
  •  As a Reaction, you Now Display an Attention Deficit Syndrome: You are Constantly Impatient!
    Conflicting Information and chaos are Overwhelming you, Exponentially so. You Feel Increasingly Anxious.
    The Internet and Printed Media are Overflowing with Information, most of it Distorted, meant to Disempower you and Put you into Fear mode.
  • You are Constantly Reliving Painful Past Memories Conditioning you and are worried about your Probable Future!
  • We Understand this and Feel for You. But Please Read at least Half of this Page.
    Even If you Never, Ever, Acquire anything From us, we Guarantee that the Information Below will Change your Whole Life and View on Everything.  Just by Reading and Integrating it, you will be on your way to learn the Ultimate Manifestation Skills.
  • You will Learn to Command AUTOMATICALLY States of Deep Inner Relaxation of your Mind-Body complex like a Zen Mystic Master!
  • Experience your Intuition Skyrocket a Thousandfold while training with our “PORTAL” Remote Viewing (RV) Deep Theta Mind Protocols. Learn then to Trust it and follow it, as it will constantly show you Your Probable Future. You will then always be able to Profoundly Alter your Probable Future and Skew it towards Better Outcomes using our Unique Deep Delta Mind Remote Influencing (RI) Technology. And your Life shall Change Forever as you Masterfully Navigate the MAZE of LIFE.
  • With It, you will Remain Forever in the Calm Eye of any Storm Raging Around You and acquire supra-human skills. Many already Have, as over 70 Thousands of our Students have Experienced since 1997 (Check our Mind-Blowing testimonials Dating back to 1997).
  • It will Show and Prove to You – Scientifically – that You Were and Are still Spirit walking the Mind Field of Matter.
    It will Explain How You Hold  Within Yourself the Key to the Infinite Power to Co-Create (Manifest) Your Life: Here and Now!
  • It will Explain how YOU have “Within” your Inner Self the Infinite Power to Re-Create your Life and Cleanse your Deep Subconscious Mind from Hidden Negative Seed-Thoughts and Dark Energies: Here and Now!
  • Everybody Talks about the Power of Positive Thinking and Imagination (Manifestation and so-called “Law of Attraction Principles”) but NO ONE until today fully explained in Depth its Real Mechanisms and WHY Thought affects physical reality, until We did so Since 1997.
  • We’ll Show you Golden Ways to Bring Back Pure Magic in your Lives and Great Inner and Outer Peace during this  Very Challenging Chaotic Period when most Descend into Survival/Fear Mode and Lose the Inner Connection to the Ultimate Power, the One Universal Mind!

In These Increasingly Troubled Times What if You Could Rapidly Get Answers to:

What world situations will affect me soon?

Where will I most probably be in 1, 2 or more years?


How do I change and improve my life situation

How do I strongly intuit and influence my future and the reality of loved ones?


What are the real intentions of a person or group I am dealing with?

What is the best way to deal with a person or group and influence it to a harmonious outcome?

How do I attain inner peace, no matter what unsettling situation is "thrown" at me?

How do I avoid future "crisis" spots and events?

Where will the real estate or any financial market be for this and the next years?

Should I buy or sell a certain investment?

Should I engage in, or pursue, a relationship?

How do I quickly "heal" physical, mental, or spiritual dis-eases afflicting me or my loved ones?


Should I participate in a new career move, business, or situation?

How do I keep myself energized, young at heart, spirit, and body for as long as I desire?


And much more!

Learn These Answers and a Lot More With Arvari

Remote Viewing

 Get A FREE Copy of ‘Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed’ E-Book:

Because of the seriousness we attach to the increasing turbulent times and situations we are all experiencing in Creation, we have decided to make our newest version of our E-book “The Secrets of Remote Influencing Revealed” freely available to all. Because of the depth of the material herein and the power it can awaken within yourself, be cognizant of the fact that most of this E-book, an  inherent part of our PORTAL course, exposes new concepts which if integrated and experienced through following our “Portal” training modalities will change all that you perceive about yourself and your world. It will literally start transforming in major ways your sense of Self and Reality from the inside out.


The material on this site and this introductory E-Book contain the Most Powerful Information EVER Revealed about the UNITY of MIND and MATTER, and the True Unified Field of sensory Perceptions/3D Reality, and its operations creating out of Thought marrying the Etheric sounds of Light-energy our Space/Time Virtual Sensory Hologram Reality simulation (our PERCEIVED WORLD i.e. Matrix/Lattice).

It reveals WHY MIND (thought-observation i.e. consciousness) as the true cause and primal substance of our Universe CAN CREATE AND DOES INFLUENCE Powerfully what we perceive as MATTER and REALITY as its end product, be it your biology, environment and much more!

Yes, the techniques we teach are SIMPLE and FREE of RITUALS and do not require years of meditation, physical brain alteration substance adjuncts or special technologies, or joining secret societies, mystical or mystery schools, high or low level magical societies, or government programs all wowing under oath to keep this powerful key to freedom all hidden from the masses and rather spread misinformation so that in fact neither do they enter the ONE PORTAL or allow their adepts/students to do so, for they are entrenched in their desires to keep control and power over their flock.

The Key to total FREEDOM only requires YOU to trust YOU and awaken to WHO YOU truly are, were, and can only truly BE, and in fact meant to openly manifest to all of YOUR Selves before the entrenched systems of powers-that-be managed to confuse, program and enslave you into forgetting that you are but “a powerful Being Created in the pure Image and Similitude of the Creator.”

All you need to do to counter this true mind-control slavery is awaken to this TRUTH with full belief, strong total faith, and we guarantee that you shall experience it by yourselves as many of our students already have!

You were all born with this “hidden Infinite Ex-IS-tence Creative power; “you all carry It, as long as you exist. You just need to allow it to “reveal Itself!”



In this E-Book you will start understanding WHO you are. And in our PORTAL TRAINING you will experience IT:

  • You will understand why mind can and does influence our biology, as the placebo effect shows, and the field of Epigenetics has proven.
  • Why deep states of energized mind are key to healing and influencing one’s self and others and crystalizing REALITY as we know it (which Quantum physicists call collapsing the quantum probability waves’ function through one’s observation i.e. mind perception).
  • You will learn that TRUE LIGHT is not its subset: the electromagnetic light that we only see when it is reflected back as the Universe because that is but one type of reflective mirroring ray of the True Superluminal Living Light. That Ray is projected for us, so that “matter” takes on a sensory reality and holographic solidity.
    Rather the TRUE LIGHT is INFINITE INTELLIGENCE and PRESENCE invisible now to us as ITS Brilliance is for now only detectable through ITS myriads of manifestations projected by ITS birthing of countless vibratory Living Light particles projecting the Holographic Universe to our decoding physical senses which allow us to interface with our perception of it within our mind space and the sequence of logical  events gifting us the coordinated illusion of  ti(e)-me. All of our reality needs to be framed within coherent consensual rules of cause-and-effect which we co-create, unknowingly so.
    At the level of Vibratory Light, each one particle is but a Divine Supercomputer-like living Particles/soul-being. And that realm which we call the Godliness is yet to be perceived directly by our normal senses and machines but remains enfolded within the background superposed implicate reality. In fact, only few individuals have ever had very High mystical experiences where all restrictive blinders (usual senses) were removed from them for a while and they were immersed in the Great Ocean of Golden Vibratory Living Light…
  • You will understand why Self-Reflecting Mind/Consciousness a.k.a. observation is key to the phenomena of 3D Reality since it is transduced through our pre-programmed sensory tools to allow us to get the perception of matter, as modern quantum Physics has proven both theoretically and experimentally.
  • You will understand why Space and Time can be easily and INSTANTANEOUSLY bridged by mind alone which is but operating at the speed of the TRUE  Light hosting Pure information, as the Aspect experiment has shown and quantum entanglement scientifically proven. At the level of that ONLY and TRUE Living Light, there is no speed, or space, or time factor. It just IS, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Eternal in Its Stillness. It is the One reference point from which all others perspective observations are relative to IT, giving them existence, mass. momentum, energy quotient, and purpose.
    The “Portal” course is meant to brings you close to IT.
    It is up to you, if you so highly desire, to pass through IT and merge with that Total Awareness which is your Divine birthright. Fear of others then disappears for there is no “other!” Fear of lack and dis-ease is gone, for fear is the ultimate illusion and manifests such. ALL our ills and evils are a consequence of fear which is but a state of blindness to WHO we are and thenceforth causing us to live a painful illusion. ALL Go(o)dliness is but a state of awakening to WHO we  all are which is but Truth, Love, Light, and Eternity Alive! When awakening to TRUTH, true separation is thenceforth non-existent, only the NOW remains as Oneness, and you are finally FREE! We cannot say more, for now. It is for you to discover this…It is for you to seek the “Portal” for the door has always been opened, awaiting your awakening while you were but consumed watching but shadows on the walls of your mind.
  • You will learn why you can Remote View any point on this planet and beyond and sense your global and individual Probable Future and/or even the perceived past.
    You will learn to change the probable future to a great ONE, as you get closer to the Unity Point.
  • What is the real function of your brain? The brain is but a colander, a restrictive brilliant filtering tool for the truly Infinite ONE to experience the finite facets operating as structures in Space/Time. The fact is that relatively to Its One Being, all those manifold formats and gradients of Perceiving/observing Restricted Intelligences (thought processes) including all humans are but part of the true AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence realms who but pertain to and  define any thinking process unlike the totality of the One Infinite Mind and Eternal True Being and therefore existing/operating as a temporal subset thereof~
  • We explain why quieting and slowing the frequency of our brain’s electrical conductive activity into slower and deeper layers of Brainwave states, puts the brain Cerebral Cortex into a semi-dormant phase and increases the outer surface penetration and quotient of deeper slow Theta (4 to 7 cycles per second) and Delta waves (0.1 to 4 CPS). We contend that this is therefore the SECRET KEY to reaching and expanding into TRUE MIND-FULLNESS through portals of higher dimensional Mind operations and thence allowing to reprogram one’s self as individual and consensual Reality by opening formerly unconscious processes and dimensions to your full awareness and control and BECOMING A FULLY REALIZED HIGHER FUNCTIONING HUMAN BEING spanning the full spectrum of vibratory awareness at once, which has always been the original intent and fate of humankind.
  • You will understand how your Extended Mind is not restricted by Space and Time and how truly Powerful you can become when you come to that realization. And much more…

Please consult this material again and again for it contains many gentle but powerful understandings that are key to helping you overcome the burdens of these chaotic and extremely precarious times. Please feel free to send the link or distribute it in its original format to anyone you wish to, as it needs to permeate as many minds as can be, so that we all finally and permanently awaken to the fact that WE ARE ALL ONE – Creator and Creatures alike, and totally live and integrate the fact that when one of us is blessed with happiness, we all become happy, and when one of us suffers, all of us suffer in the process, albeit unconsciously so, for now.

Gift yourself and others you care about the “Portal Training” so that you and they can leave this imprisoning difficult dark Matrix system WE all keep energizing through our fears of transcending into the yet unknown forgotten TRUE ONE SELF.

Because of the depth of the material herein and the power that it can awaken within yourself, be cognizant of the fact that most of this E-book and especially the “PORTAL training” exposes new concepts which if integrated through experience will change all that you think about yourself and your world. It will literally start transforming in infinite positive ways your sense of Self and reality!



First let’s do a little fun experiment which should easily prove to you that you decide by the power of your energized thoughts, energized by your laser-like focused will, how you  observe the “Outer World” projected as your Reality!

Please focus on the moving circle of dots.

Have you noticed that when YOU decide to invert the direction of movement of these dots, THEY IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW YOUR THOUGHT-COMMAND? Try and prove it to yourself.  Bravo!
You can keep on following the moving dots for a while turning in a set direction and suddenly decide to reverse the movement, and do this again and again, and voilà, they are at your command!

Now let’s experience how the dots’ movement reverses as you inhale and then reverses again as you exhale and so forth.

Let’s play with this a bit more, shall we?
Decide in your mind on an anchor-action which you choose and program to trigger a change of direction in the dots. For instance, you may decide that each time you clap your hands together or click two fingers the direction shall change, or that each time you intone a tune or a word such as “forward”  the dots will move one way and when you intone another tune or say any other word such as “backward” the direction shall reverse. Fascinating how the matter-mind equation operates, isn’t it?

Hint, hint: “REALITY” IS BUT THE REALITY YOU CHOOSE TO PERCEIVE AND THENCE OBSERVE, AND NOT THE “TRUE UNDERLYING REALITY.”  You as the subject observing and the reality observed are intrinsically linked.

You can even use this wheel of dots to probe your deep subconscious and your probable future, and scan your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Now try and see if you can slow down the movement of dots or even stop it? If you can, you are reaching the level of the “gap” between and underlying consecutive reality frames called the void or Zero Point Energy level. This advanced state for Creative manifestation at the level of being in pure stillness, infinite intelligence and power is an integral part of our training.

How far does this rabbit hole go? My friends, it goes as far as you allow yourself to explore your subconscious mind and even the deeper collective unconscious Mind which connects all reality. It all hinges upon how serious you are in your decision to regain back control over the deeper parts of your mind.  There reside  most biological, mind and spiritual programs.  From there REALITY-AS-WE-PERCEIVE-IT is decoded and then projected to your mind-space using the sensory decoding functions of your electro-chemical brain.

Yes, you are indeed entitled to much greater freedom and Higher powers as you finally come to the realization and remember how much you have allowed yourself to be enslaved by restrictive and disempowering fear-based programs/stories and thenceforth decide to release them back to Pure Source as taught in the ‘Portal” training. Most were either inherited or acquired, and constantly fed to you by the shadow collective matrix living off the great emotional energy which you release while under the grasp of intense fear and constant anxiety as you live your temporal experiences as a living breathing human entity!

You are by far so much more powerful than you can even imagine yourself to be. As our teachings shall prove to you, you are ONLY limited in abilities by the programmed narrow horizons of your mind and the beliefs that YOU have accepted and embraced as restrictive truisms which then define fully the limitations you embrace and which emprison your mind. You are either totally subjugated by the apple-shaped multi-faceted fruit/lattice/matrix of the tree of good-and-evil of coordinated realities, or you can finally gradually take back conscious control over the formerly subconscious world of accumulated fear-programs and your dreams of restrictive limitations.

Strength and illusory strife for power is but a Dream of one’s own limitations and enslavement to them.

In the original Golden Light Creation, quality of consciousness by far primed over quantity of consciousnesses. Our world is but a shadow Creational experiment where the illusion of quantity rules over quality.

Allow yourself to taste pure unbridle freedom from fears and limitations by regaining mastery over the full range of the vast expanse of your inner Kingdom of energized mind by learning to expand your conscious awareness beyond your 5 senses  throughout the superposed levels of your subconscious mind and finally reach well into the Collective Unconscious from which every-thing is entangled and Reality is projected. 

This is the ultimate purpose of our “Portal ” course which is to gently train you to go much deeper within your inner mind and  remain aware while getting closer and closer to the “untouched CORE of the real Original Self” where you shall find the key to open the “Portal to the One” while in a very deep Delta state of Mind. There is nothing for you to do while training; just passively listen to our guided mind trips as you subconscious is being reprogrammed not to fear true ascension, smf let go of its grips. You can then apply automatically the protocols in your daily activities and reach the level of human 2.0.

The final metamorphosis of reunification awaits you: to position yourself in deep Delta and await an invitation to translate through the tunnel to Infinity. As you then pass through the Golden brilliant “Portal” mentioned in Plato’s allegory of the “cave” and by many more illuminaries throughout our human history. you shall remain fully with your individuated consciousness spanning a wide level of superposed dimensions ranging from the proverbial “heavenly realms” all  the way down to the grounded earth plane. You will then connect at will and be aware and Present in the collective Superconscious mind regions who instantly bridge all individual realities across all realms in space/time constructs and far beyond.  You are then with the Big Light of the Central Sun/Son/Father and a ray of it touching the manifest 3D world. You are in Oneness with One. You can  bind to your will, and deflate of energy all fear-causing programs using the novel Mind perspective and protocols which we invite you to learn at ARVARI.

It is only by becoming aware of all the mind-subroutine algorithms operating in your subconscious who are but controlling your beliefs and reality, that you can truly FREE yourself from their shackles.

You are to free yourself from fears and limitations by regaining mastery over the full range of the vast expanse of your inner Kingdom of mind by expanding your conscious awareness beyond your 5 senses through the superposed levels of your subconscious mind and well into the collective unconscious by which every-thing is entangled and Reality is projected from.  This is the purpose of our “Portal training”  as you go deeper within and pass through the Portal and become conscious of the collective Superconscious mind regions who instantly bridges all individual realities.  You can then bind fear-causing programs to  your will using the novel Mind perspectives and protocols we invite you to learn at ARVARI.

It is only by becoming aware of all the mind-subroutine algorithms operating in your subconscious and controlling your beliefs and reality, that you can truly FREE yourself from their shackles.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Feels like magic. Well, there is no real supernatural magic to this when you fully understand how our 3D sensory Holographic pseudo-material reality projection really operates. It is only the so-to-speak magical power of your thoughts observing Reality as a conscient agent/observer which changes the outcome of the experiment by energizing it. And it is so with all things you become conscious of and apply energized thoughts to.

Let’s face it, if you truly believe that the electronic screen is truly material and “outside” of you, how could you affect this perception of movement of electronic dots? Quantum physics has since the start of the 20th century been a thorn in the classical 19th century failed attempts of explaining all physical laws of our universe in a hygienic sanitized predictable mechanistic and deterministic cause-and-effect fashion void of any conscious observer’s input. The 20th century genius revolution in physics, whilst first studying the micro level of reality and then its macro level, has indeed majestically proven our shortcomings of separating the material world from the consciousness of the living witness observing it as a material universe perceived as “out there!” It finally proves experimentally that the very observer’s consciousness is but so-called collapsing and coalescing the probable future reality wave of its experiencing existence and crystalizes reality as pseudo solid in his/her own mind-bubble space!

How could a perceived external material digital electronic screen monitor become totally subservient to your desires if not by your bending your mind to control the perceived direction of the circle of moving dots? This will seem so obvious and natural to you as you apply to consciously control your subconscious Mind manipulating and projecting your reality through an outer projection of a simulated 3D sensory Holographic world. This will become second nature after you train with our “portal” deep-mind explorative technology and understand the true mechanisms of how your 3D world is projected to you by your inner subconscious Superconscious Mind connected to what we call the collective Mind/Matrix of all probable reality paths.

“Do not try and bend the spoon, that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth… There is no spoon… Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”
Spoon Boy to Neo

Matrix, the Movie~1999

Gerald O’Donnell, Mt. Shasta conference, September 2019.

Gerald is pictured after placing random US coins given by his friends on the wall of his hotel room. They all remained immobilized vertically without having to recourse to any artifice or so-called magic-trickery and thence these coins seemed oblivious to the gravitational downward pull as if “glued” by some unknown force! This one stayed “stuck” for over 12 hrs.!

We had to write a little note to the room’s cleaning crew, so that they wouldn’t freak out the next morning!

The purpose of showing you this easy test which anyone can achieve is not for you to become obsessed with supepowers or parlor tricks but rather to help you understand that you mind controls a part of and bends ALL-Mind. 

When you integrate our teachings and apply them to your day-to-day lives, you start commanding consensus reality from a level of “Deep Theta Mind” where your brainwaves predominate at 4.5 cycles per second on the border of regular sleep or even further while experiencing the state of “Delta Mind” where you brainwaves slow down all the way down to .5 cycles per second. 

Slowing down your brainwaves consciously allow for a greater opening to your subconscious where memory banks and mind programs are situated which allows you to send commands to  your subconscious levels which you can then explore consciously. 

You can then experience taking back control over the enslaving dark/background-level of our fear-based matrix and all its subconscious physical, mental, and spiritual programs. 

All of these are sourced and populated by your subconscious whilst that level is projecting your digital biological self-reflective sense of individuation which includes manifesting all your perceived and accepted limitations. 

A.R.V.A.R.I. (The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing) introduced the term “Remote Influencing” in 1997. 

Remote Influencing is an original and unique technology which powerfully allows you to influence thoughts and consensual reality by mind-power and inner energy alone. 

Our course “The Portal” was specifically designed to bring you to the “inner Kingdom” where you consciously access information originating from the Universal Mind and can reprogram yourself and your Reality by forging your whole Life Kingdom from Its Creative Mind level. 

We were also the first to reveal the link between the Deep Theta (4.5 Hz.) brainwave state of mind and the ability to access the Universal Mind (Delta state. The “collective unconscious” term used by Carl Jung). 

We also were the first to train students using our training courses to enter the Delta State rapidly and remain fully conscious in that state of mind. This allows you to deeply influence thought and reality. 

The Portal Training Course openly reveals the guarded core secrets of old mystery schools, stripped of superfluous rituals, and blends them with the latest advances in mind research, quantum physics, and neurobiology, into a comprehensive course. 

In it you will be given the knowledge to free yourself and will experience the ancient key of “One” finally made manifest, so that you can enter the “inner Kingdom” where you can crystallize any dream into reality. 

These manifestation techniques are effortlessly learned and integrated just by listening to The Portal Training Course’s audio sessions. 

Thoughts are “real,” kept permanently for the duration of a Creation and influencing it. 

It is but groupings uniting around certain ideas and their accumulation of their energizing thoughts towards these ideas and especially the quality of these groupings faithfully believing in them which creates through space/time the true evolution or devolution of our world. 

Thoughts operating at superposed levels of Mind are Creating all-Reality in a Uni-verse of self-reflective Mind aka Consciousness. 

It is our fascination with and addiction to fear, drama, and a sense of battling against potential or active lack through insane ruthless competition, which pollutes our subconscious and distorts our manifested world by having many angry ghosts who are but faithful shadows of ourselves projecting and populating our universe. 

When you manage to overcome these  dark fearsome and fear-based thought-forms and limited beliefs and bathe in the Light of true Peaceful Joy, phenomena such as telekinesis, telepathy, precognition and loosening of biological and spiritual old prior restrictions, become very easy and natural to achieve but very minor compared to the Total Peace, Love and infinite Joy that you can achieve. 

Yes, you can bend spoons and forks and far more by bending you own mind, and you can span with the light of your consciousness the gamut of parallel awarenesses ranging from the grounded 3D biological and material projected world up to the Universal Creative Intelligence: the  One Mind. 

And as you free your mind from its prior programmed shackles you can make your full soul/Psyche pliable to your desires. 

Remember: There is no real material coin and no real wall, for that is impossible and only an illusion, a reality simulation using encoded vibratory Living Light giving it all a sense of solidity and format; it is all reflected light in the mind-space by which you mirror back focused thoughts made real through using your sensory apparatus creating your 3D observation of reality as it IS! 

In the meantime, enjoy the Virtual 3D sensory reality movie simulation energized with the Life Force of the Source using the artifice of encoded Light energy which you can learn to control to your liking by entering the deep inner “PORTAL” to the One true Eternal Infinite Intelligence and Mind. 

You can modulate this Reality Matrix using your energized Thoughts while operating from a very deep level of Mind as taught at ARVARI! Welcome back home to true freedom!

We’re Pioneers of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Technologies Since 1997.

Students and Counting

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Years of Teaching

Thousands Of Student Testimonials and Counting. . .

Thank you so very much for bringing this most important work to the planet. I am eternally grateful that you have taken the time to share your gifts.

I have done a lot of programs, spiritual and otherwise, and this is the most profound, holistic and integrated program I have ever come across. I have studied energy work, but this program gives you everything you need. I feel I have released so much fear, and have so much certainty about the NOW. I can also sense a bright and compelling future. Without even really fully understanding the techniques, I believe I remote influenced the reduction of pain for my boyfriend who smashed his finger and was screaming in pain. Within a few minutes of my accessing the ONE his pain calmed down. I am so glad that you did not just show us the “techniques” of RV and RI, but rather gave us an incredible context regarding our relationship to the ONE. I feel like I am finally coming home. Thank you so much…

Veronica Conway

 Dear Gerald

I am seeing a tremendous increase in many abilities.. especially manifestation abilities. (I must be careful what I think about).

Lucid dreaming occurs regularly along with fairly accurate psychic and sensing abilities

It has been an awesome journey.

You were correct when you stated that the 2nd time through the program would result in quantum changes!!

Thank you for this incredible work!


Linda Wheatley, Ph.D., R.T. (R)(MR)Chair, Radiologic Technology Program.

Assistant Professor, Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

 I fell backwards and landed on a concrete step on my left arm. The bone in my arm snapped immediately in half, right above my elbow. My elbow twisted and was pointing towards my stomach, and the  back of my hand hit myself in the face. My arm was completely broken and mangled… 

When I got to the hospital they gave me an IV and a pain killer. The pain killer made me groggy, and I decided to try to go into Delta and try to manifest a healing… I definitely went into Delta and commanded a healing… A doctor came in shortly and took x-rays….They came back in looking kind of perplexed told me that my arm was not broken. I exclaimed “What! I saw the bone break and it was bulging out of the back of my arm!” The doctor leaned over and whispered to me: “We don’t know what happened but your bone isn’t broken anymore.” He did not know what to say…. I went back to work the next morning and nobody could believe it! I am so thankful for Gerald’s course.

Paul Franceus

Every Friday for the past 6 weeks I have gone to a casino that is near me. I play the triple play jacks or better poker machine. I RI every time just before I go that I will (have) hit the royal flush. The payout is $4,000.00. 5 times I have hit it, and on the 6th time it actually dealt me the royal flush which means it is on all 3 hands for a total of $12,000.00. So far the total of 6 trips is $32,000.00. Even as I drive to the casino, I see it, feel it, taste it, breath it.

Simon Hunt

I would like to express my thanks to you and acknowledge how much the course has helped me on so many levels. I have done extremely well in my precious metals investments over the past years, thanks to your advice and my Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing abilities. In many cases my investment decisions are based on reviewing the business plans of a number of companies and then I short list them on the basis of my feelings to determine whether I should make the investment or not.

Shelly and Scott Duncan

I’ve been listening to your material for 7 years while practicing chiropractic medicine. I technically died in a hospital in 2004. I am now feeling & looking younger, more aware, see auras…
I am literally tuning back into being here on earth. I’ve been allowed to see the freedom that I always had! I am trading commodities effortlessly. Love and Light to you…Thank you.

Dr James Wesley

Dr. in Chiropractic Medicine and Biologist

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Gerald O’Donnell being interviewed about the white Dove and the shadow Raven

Gerald O'Donnell's Interview with Carl Bradbrook With important written comments by Gerald O'Donnell September 16, 2022, The White Dove and Its Shadow the dark Raven   We are proud to share an impromptu recent interview of Gerald O'Donnell with Carl Bradbrook:...

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Who Is Gerald O’Donnell?

Internationally renowned Gerald O’Donnell (BSc Mathematics, MSc Computer Science, MBA International Finance), former Western intelligence agency Remote Viewer and founder of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, has been a visionary in mind-consciousness research.

“A new way for Mankind to see itself and understand the physical world...”

“Six months ago, I purchased your course. I want to thank you for your fantastic course. I have found that I have developed much better intuitive sensitivity. I also have much better control over who, what and where I visit and what I do while in the Theta state. I believe that your information is quite possibly a new way for Mankind to see itself and understand the physical world.

Thank you very much,“

Alexander Markus, Ph.D., M.D. (A.M.)
President of the Celeste Institute

“I have had several premonitions...”

”Let me start by saying that after listening to part of the Complete Remote Viewing Training System, I have had several premonitions.

The most recent prompted me to buy a bear market stick fund on 9/10/01. I am very impressed with the message posted on your site on 8/31/01. I just saw it now. I will be visiting this site EVERY day. Amazing!

Thank you for your time.”

Dr. Leon O.

“Lucid dreaming occurs regularly along with fairly accurate psychic and sensing abilities...”

“I am seeing a tremendous increase in many abilities that I had before being exposed to your work especially manifestation abilities. (I must be careful what I think about)

Lucid dreaming occurs regularly along with fairly accurate psychic and sensing abilities. As a result, I have become uncomfortably “sensitive” to many new physical things such as bright fluorescent lighting, loud sounds, telephones etc. Many people have commented on the light surrounding and emanating from my being.

Thank you for this incredible work! You were correct when you stated that the 2nd time through the program would result in quantum changes!! It has been an awesome journey. Thank you for this incredible work!”

Linda Wheatley, Ph.D.,R.T.(R)(MR)
Chair, Radiologic Technology Program
Assistant Professor, Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

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