The Divine Song of Love

This Song is about Her on-going release from exile from Oneness, the New Tree of Eternal Life, and is addressed to Her Beloved Creation and Light.     When the Red Sun sets on the dancing horizon It is I who will be waiting for you The Garden brims with life...

We Need to Choose Now

March 10, 2014   Dear friends: As you must have noticed recently lots of major and very fast moving geo-political global events are engaging our consciousness and forcing us to make responsible and far-reaching decisions as to where we want our reality to evolve...

At the End of the Pendulum’s Swing

Essence Merges with God and all Its Creatures, forming One. August 9, 2013 Dear friends: A lot has happened lately around and within me, including odd untoward interferences which affected many levels of my operations. Some of it will be told to you in my next...
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