2019, Jumping Through the New Quantum Know-Ledge. Second Interview of Gerald O’Donnell by OYM Radio.

On February 10, 2019 Gerald O'Donnell was interviewed for a second time by in Ireland. 2019 is a year no one will forget and where everything and every One will be tested in the Creative fire of Creation. You must integrate and live within and thence...

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Core Explanation of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. You carry the PORTAL to Infinite Intelligence.

The mystery (solved) of the location of the Universal Mind (Collective Intelligence)   Final Harnessing of the Superpowers of the Mind First Public Disclosure Ever (July 1998) Republished (2019)   This page contains very important new additional material...

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Cosmic Co-Creation Event with Gerald O’Donnell & Corey Goode. May 26, 2018

The Last Battle has begun and we are moving from Chaos to True Creation. The existing paradigms humanity has embraced for so long are no longer relevant. The time has come for the distractions of division, fear, control, and power to fall into the arms of Unity. This...

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