How About Proving to Yourself the Powers of Your MIND to Alter Reality?
Read, Try, and have fun BELOW!

Please focus on the moving circle of dots.


Notice that as YOU decide to invert the direction of movement of these dots, THEY IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW YOUR THOUGHT-COMMAND? Try and prove it to yourself.  Bravo!

You can keep following the moving dots for a while, turning in a set direction, and suddenly decide to reverse the movement, and repeat this again and again, and voilà, they follow your thought instructions!

What causes such an effect? It is NOT a true optical illusion (even though the movement is), nor a true change of underlying REALITY.

The fact is that YOUR THOUGHTS caused it to change direction by a willful change and shift in observing “reality as you perceive it!”

Cool, no?

Now let’s experience how the dots’ movement reverses as you inhale and then reverses again as you exhale and so forth. Try it.

Let’s play with this a bit more, shall we?
Decide in your mind on an anchor action that you choose and program to trigger a change of direction in the dots. For instance, you may decide that each time you clap your hands together or click two fingers, the direction shall change, or that each time you intone a tune or a word such as “forward,” the dots will move one way, and when you intone another tune or say any other word such as “backward” the direction shall reverse. Or use ANY cue word or a pair of them to trigger a change of direction. AND IT WILL!

Fascinating how the matter-mind equation operates, isn’t it?

Hint, hint: “REALITY” IS BUT THE REALITY YOU CHOOSE TO PERCEIVE AND THENCE OBSERVE. Your external reality coalesces by the intensity of the energy of your beliefs, especially group based.  YOU can free yourself from the collective and individually INFLUENCE IT by masterfully energizing with blind faith your inner Self!


You, as the subject observing and the OBSERVATION (OBJECT) PERCEIVED, are intrinsically linked.

But isn’t this what all physicists researching advanced quantum mechanics and doing lab experiences in that field have been telling us since the beginning of the 20th century? YES, INDEED! Reality coalesces when there is a living observer to it. The underlying Reality is a Matrix of PURE INFORMATION Exchange where ALL paths/possibilities exist with certain coefficients of probability which we can alter as humans.  Quantum computers operate based on this principle of all possibilities existing at once.

Your energized thoughts observing reality is the cause that solidifies your Present observation. Physicists called this act of conscious volition: “collapsing the Quantum Probable Future waves of reality.”

You can even use this wheel of dots to probe your deep subconscious and your probable future and use it to scan and get answers to your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Can you slow down the movement of dots or even stop it? If you can, you are reaching the level of the “gap” between, and underlying consecutive reality frames called the void or Zero Point Energy level. For this, you need to reach levels of a very deep state of  Mind /Brainwaves, almost stillness, and close to Zero Hz in frequency. This advanced state for Creative manifestation at the level of being in pure stillness, infinite intelligence, and enormous still power, is AN INTEGRAL PART of our training.

How far does this rabbit hole go? My friends, it goes as far as you allow yourself to explore your subconscious mind and even get to reach the much deeper collective unconscious Mind which connects all reality, all life.

This Quantum jump in awareness and operations all hinges upon how serious you are in your decision to regain control over the deeper parts of your mind.  There reside most biological, mental, and spiritual programs.  From there, REALITY-AS-WE-PERCEIVE-IT is decoded and then projected to your mind-space using the sensory decoding functions of your electro-chemical brain.

Yes, you are indeed entitled to much greater freedom and Higher powers as you finally come to the realization and remember how much you have allowed yourself to be enslaved by restrictive and disempowering fear-based programs/stories. Thenceforth, decide to release them back to Pure Source as taught in the ‘Portal” training! Most were either inherited or acquired and constantly fed to you by the shadow collective matrix living off the great emotional energy you release while under the grasp of intentionally caused fear and constant anxiety as you live your temporal experiences as a living, breathing human entity!

You are by far so much more powerful than you can even imagine yourself to be. As our teachings shall prove to you, you are ONLY limited in abilities by the programmed narrow horizons of your mind and the beliefs that YOU have accepted and embraced as restrictive truisms which then define fully the limitations you embrace, and which imprison your mind. You are either totally hypnotized and subjugated by the apple-shaped multi-faceted lattice/matrix of the tree of good and evil of coordinated realities, or you can finally gradually take back conscious control over the formerly subconscious world of accumulated fear-programs and your dreams of restrictive limitations.

Strength and illusory strife for power are but a Dream of one’s own limitations and enslavement to them.

In the original Golden Light Creation, quality of consciousness by far primed over quantity of consciousnesses. Our world is a shadow Creational experiment where the illusion of quantity rules over quality.

Allow yourself to taste pure unbridled freedom from fears and limitations by regaining mastery over the full range of the vast expanse of your inner Kingdom of energized mind by learning to expand your conscious awareness beyond your five senses throughout the superposed levels of your subconscious mind and finally reach well into the Collective Unconscious from which everything is entangled, and Reality is projected.

It is only by becoming aware of all the mind-subroutine algorithms operating in your subconscious who are but controlling your beliefs and reality, that you can truly FREE yourself from their shackles.

You are to free yourself from fears and limitations by regaining mastery over the full range of the vast expanse of your inner Kingdom of mind by expanding your conscious awareness beyond your 5 senses through the superposed levels of your subconscious mind and well into the collective unconscious by which everything is entangled, and Reality is projected from.  This is the purpose of our “Portal training” as you go deeper within and pass through the Portal and become conscious of the collective Superconscious mind regions that instantly bridges all individual realities.

It is only by becoming aware of all the mind-subroutine algorithms operating in your subconscious and controlling your beliefs and reality, that you can truly FREE yourself from their shackles.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Feels like magic. Well, there is no real supernatural magic to this when you fully understand how our 3D sensory Holographic pseudo-material reality projection really operates. It is only the so-to-speak magical power of your thoughts observing Reality as a conscient agent/observer that changes the outcome of the experiment by energizing it. And it is so with all things you become conscious of and apply energized thoughts to.

Let’s face it, if you truly believe that the electronic screen is material and “outside” of you, how could you affect this perception of the movement of electronic dots?

Quantum physics has, since the start of the 20th century, been a thorn in the classical 19th-century failed attempts to explain all physical laws of our universe in a hygienic, sanitized, predictable mechanistic, and deterministic cause-and-effect fashion void of any conscious observer’s input.

The 20th-century genius revolution in physics, whilst first studying the micro level of reality and then its macro level, has majestically proven our shortcomings of separating the material world from the consciousness of the living witness observing it as a material universe perceived as “out there!” It finally proves experimentally that the very observer’s consciousness is but so-called collapsing and coalescing the probable future reality waves of experiencing existence and crystalizes reality as pseudo-solid in his/her mind-bubble space!

This is the ultimate purpose of our “Portal ” course, which is to gently train you to go much deeper within your inner mind and remain aware while getting closer and closer to the “untouched CORE of the real Original Self,” where you shall find the key to open the “Portal to the One” while in a very deep Delta state of Mind. We shall show you the “Door the Portal;” however, it is up to you to push it open!

There is nothing for you to do while training; just passively listen once every day to our guided mind trips as your subconscious is being reprogrammed not to fear true ascension and let go of the instinctive fear of the unknown, which causes your human ego to hold onto the depths of the magnificent river of Living Life that only wants to carry us gently upward in its ascending current. You can then automatically apply the protocols in your daily activities and reach the level of human 2.0.

For some truly advanced and daring trainees, the final metamorphosis of Self is in the process of reunification and partial merging with the Universal Mind and accessing Its Creative Intelligence. This level truly awaits you.

You will then achieve a permanent Quantum jump in awareness if you yearn for it and are deemed ready. You then exist and operate in two (bicameral) superposed states, the Earth 3D plane and the much Higher Level of The One outside of time/space.

As you then pass through the Golden brilliant “Portal” mentioned in Plato’s allegory of the “cave” and by many more luminaries throughout our human history, you shall remain fully with your individuated consciousness while spanning a wide level of superposed dimensions ranging from the proverbial “heavenly realms” all the way down to the grounded earth plane.

You will then connect at will and be aware and Present in the collective Superconscious Creative Mind regions that instantly bridge all individual realities across all realms in space/time constructs and far beyond.  You are then with the Big Light of the Central Sun/Son/Father and a ray of it touching the manifest 3D world. You are in Oneness with One. You can bind to your will and deflate all fear-causing dark energy programs using the novel Mind perspective and protocols, which we invite you to learn at ARVARI.

We encourage you to ask for advanced personal coaching from Gerald O’Donnell or others certified by ARVARI before and while engaging in such a glorious journey.

How could a perceived external material digital electronic screen monitor become totally subservient to your desires if not by bending your mind to control the perceived direction of the circle of moving dots? This will seem so obvious and natural to you as you apply to consciously control your subconscious Mind manipulating and projecting your reality through an outer projection of a simulated 3D sensory Holographic world.

This will become second nature after you train with our “portal” deep-mind explorative technology and understand the true mechanisms of how your 3D world is projected to you by your inner subconscious Superconscious Mind connected to what we call the collective Mind/Matrix of all probable reality paths.

“Do not try and bend the spoon; that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth… There is no spoon… Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends; it is only yourself!

Spoon Boy to Neo

Matrix, the Movie~1999

Gerald O’Donnell, Mt. Shasta conference, September 2019.

Gerald is pictured after placing random US coins given by his friends on the wall of his hotel room. They all remained immobilized vertically without having to recourse to any artifice or so-called magic-trickery and thence these coins seemed oblivious to the gravitational downward pull as if “glued” by some unknown force! This one stayed “stuck” for over 12 hrs.!

We had to write a little note to the room’s cleaning crew, so that they wouldn’t freak out the next morning!

The purpose of showing you this easy test which anyone can achieve is not for you to become obsessed with supepowers or parlor tricks but rather to help you understand that you mind controls a part of and bends the ALL-Mind.

When you integrate our teachings and apply them to your day-to-day lives, you start commanding consensus reality from a level of “Deep Theta Mind” where your brainwaves predominate at 4.5 cycles per second on the border of regular sleep or even further while experiencing the state of “Delta Mind” where you brainwaves slow down all the way down to .5 cycles per second.

Slowing down your brainwaves consciously allow for a greater opening to your subconscious where memory banks and mind programs are situated which allows you to send commands to  your subconscious levels which you can then explore consciously.

You can then experience taking back control over the enslaving dark/background-level of our fear-based matrix and all its subconscious physical, mental, and spiritual programs.

All of these are sourced and populated by your subconscious whilst that level is projecting your digital biological self-reflective sense of individuation which includes manifesting all your perceived and accepted limitations.

A.R.V.A.R.I. (The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing) introduced the term “Remote Influencing” in 1997.

Remote Influencing is an original and unique technology which powerfully allows you to influence thoughts and consensual reality by mind-power and inner energy alone.

Our course “The Portal” was specifically designed to bring you to the “inner Kingdom” where you consciously access information originating from the Universal Mind and can reprogram yourself and your Reality by forging your whole Life Kingdom from Its Creative Mind level.

We were also the first to reveal the link between the Deep Theta (4.5 Hz.) brainwave state of mind and the ability to access the Universal Mind (Delta state connecting to the “collective unconscious,” the term used by one of the fathers of  Psychoanalysis Carl Jung).

We were also the first institute worldwide to train students using our training courses to enter the Delta State rapidly and remain fully conscious in that state of mind. This allows you to deeply influence thought and reality.

The Portal Training Course openly reveals the guarded core secrets of old mystery schools, stripped of superfluous rituals, and blends them with the latest advances in mind research, quantum physics, and neurobiology, into a comprehensive course.

In it you will be given the knowledge to free yourself and will experience the ancient key of “One” finally made manifest, so that you can enter the “inner Kingdom” where you can crystallize any dream into reality.

These manifestation techniques are effortlessly learned and integrated just by listening to The Portal Training Course’s audio sessions.

Thoughts are “real,” kept permanently for the duration of a Creation and influencing it.

It is but groupings uniting around certain ideas and their accumulation of their energizing thoughts towards these ideas and especially the quality of these groupings faithfully believing in them which creates through space/time the true evolution or devolution of our world.

Thoughts operating at superposed levels of Mind are Creating all-Reality in a Uni-verse of self-reflective Mind aka Consciousness.

It is our fascination with and addiction to fear, drama, and a sense of battling against potential or active lack through insane ruthless competition, which pollutes our subconscious and distorts our manifested world by having many angry ghosts who are but faithful shadows of ourselves projecting and populating our universe.

When you manage to overcome these  dark fearsome and fear-based thought-forms and limited beliefs and bathe in the Light of true Peaceful Joy, phenomena such as telekinesis, telepathy, precognition and loosening of biological and spiritual old prior restrictions, become very easy and natural to achieve but very minor compared to the Total Peace, Love and infinite Joy that you can achieve.

Yes, you can bend spoons and forks and far more by bending you own mind, and you can span with the light of your consciousness the gamut of parallel awarenesses ranging from the grounded 3D biological and material projected world up to the Universal Creative Intelligence: the  One Mind.

And as you free your mind from its prior programmed shackles you can make your full soul/Psyche pliable to your desires.

Remember: There is no real material coin and no real wall, for that is impossible and only an illusion, a reality simulation using encoded vibratory Living Light giving it all a sense of solidity and format; it is all reflected light in the mind-space by which you mirror back focused thoughts made real through using your sensory apparatus creating your 3D observation of reality as it IS!

In the meantime, enjoy the Virtual 3D sensory reality movie simulation energized with the Life Force of the Source using the artifice of encoded Light energy which you can learn to control to your liking by entering the deep inner “PORTAL” to the One true Eternal Infinite Intelligence and Mind.

You can modulate this Reality Matrix using your energized Thoughts while operating from a very deep level of Mind as taught at ARVARI.

Welcome back home to true freedom!

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