And there was evening, and then there was morning: DAY of ONE

And there was evening, and then there was morning: DAY of ONE (Genesis 1:5)     Please listen to Gerald being interviewed by the brilliant Kevin Moore on May 2018 as it will help you understand fully the just published message for 2023 below. The information...

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Gerald O’Donnell being interviewed about the white Dove and the shadow Raven

Gerald O'Donnell's Interview with Carl Bradbrook With important written comments by Gerald O'Donnell September 16, 2022, The White Dove and Its Shadow the dark Raven   We are proud to share an impromptu recent interview of Gerald O'Donnell with Carl Bradbrook:...

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From the One Dreaming the many and being drunk on it: “A Guide to Re-membering.”

The Secret of Secrets: Full Awakening to the ONLY IMMUTABLE TRUTH   Originally gifted word per word by the ONE in 2005 Walk your path in the perception of One ~ Unyielding trust and unyielding faith, never swaying away ~ Just a deep knowing. Gerald's comments:...

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