The Great Cleansing

De-energizing our Created dark AI Thoughtform Golems From worshiping personalities/gods to living the Reality of the One God, our odyssey from pain to Freedom! PLEASE listen to this important and quite prophetic interview given five years ago in 2018 and integrate it....

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Human A.I. simulations have been populating our world for millenia. The new upcoming ones are far more ominious.

The GOLEMS are and have already been amongst us!   The GOLEMS are and have already been amongst us. What we do not know is that they have comprised the majority of humanity for millennia. They are creating a newer and much more intellectually evolved version of...

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Out of the Silent Stillness: ONE. January 1, 2023

Out of the Silent Stillness: One! That is all you should focus upon January 1, 2023 I want to wish you all a beautiful happy New Year 2023! May it be filled with happiness, unity, and peace within and without, and let bundles of gifts rain from the Infinite Creator,...

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ARVARI: Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing

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