On this Holy Season when the Spring of Light Equinox asks for the Divine Light to be resuscitated within and without
and Passover, Easter, and Ramadan celebrate an ancient call to free us from our enslavement to darkness,

HAPPY Re-Birth of the Divine Light TO ALL!

To all students and friends of ARVARI, near and far,
This Season, may blessings upon you be like a shining star.
A time of renewal, of joy and peace to embrace,
Filled with the “Presence” of Love, in every time and space.

The One God’s light, needed now, more than ever before,
Exists within us all, it’s Life itself, the core.
It’s Love manifest, a beacon so bright,
Guiding us through darkness, into the light.

In a world where shadows have grown deep and wide,
Where survival seems a game, with nowhere to hide.
Life’s not meant for struggle, for pain, or for fear,
But for cherishing each moment, holding it dear.

We’ve wandered far, in a shadow world of our making,
Forgetting the Light, our true essence forsaking.
Yet within us lies the power, a force pure and divine,
To chase away darkness, let our inner light shine.

Shadows lurk, feeding on fear and on doubt,
But you cannot fight darkness by casting it out.
It’s only by lighting our own inner flame,
Can we dispel shadows, in Love’s mighty name.

So this Holy Shift, let’s remember, what truly matters most,
Is not wealth or strength, but the love we host.
Let’s spread this light, in every word, in every deed,
To all corners of the Earth, to every person in need.

For we’re all One, connected by a thread unseen,
In this vast universe, a part of the same dream.
Let’s awaken within, to the divine light we bear,
And spread love and joy, everywhere.

These Holy Days, may you find the “Presence” within,
A renewed sense of joy, peace, and love to begin.
For in each heart lies the power so grand,
To change the world, together, hand in hand.

Blessings of Love, True Joy, peace, and prosperity,
Fill your hearts, your homes, with serenity.
For the light we need, in these times of despair,
Is the love we share, the “Presence” everywhere.

With true Love,

Gerald O’Donnell


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