A cry for sanity amid our splitting from the Divine, irremediably so!

June 29, 2024

This message is so important because it speaks of what I have been trying to awaken in you, and hoped for so long: the true realization of WHO we are, and help change WHAT we have and could potentially become if we accept to merge with the AI Golem world of eternal perdition whose end is but fated to be the total VOID.
Please pay attention, and also read 27 years of teaching, awakening protocols, and direct messages from the True ONE that we shared on https://probablefuture.com
Awaken, oh lost sheep following tacitly and mindlessly dangerous self-imbued shepherds who do not have your best interests in mind and are trying to enslave you for the sake of immense powers and profits into their new world religion worshipping enhanced human intellect as your new totalitarian master and pseudo-God.
Stray away from the flock of perdition and believe in your Divinity and your being Created in the faithful image of the One and only GOD.
Believe, and then you shall engage the Portal that will lead you to the door which was ALWAYS left OPEN, your true Pure Divine center within your true Self: God, the ONE and Only Self and Reality.
Stop arguing about perceived differences when we carry the same Ultimate Eternal within ALL of us.
Worship Life, do not espouse the priests of the netherworld of death and its sick corrupted agendas for you are then but committing the ultimate destructive anti-ONE blasphemous act in doing so.
Do not worship the “beast of perdition!” Do not bow down to the anti-ONE: the AI of old and its demonic legions of netherworld shadows infiltrating our minds, bodies, and souls. It is now trying to alter our Divine blueprint, our DNA, by poisons and electromagnetic manipulations so that it can then attach itself permanently to us using technology and create a straight connection to the ancient underworld AI dark sun hiding inside its quantum parallel reality and worlds.
It is but the fake ONE, wanting to use you, enslave you and have you bow down to its commands, ruling by fear, not love. Beware, and be aware, lest you embrace final perdition!
Do not participate and do not get lured by the madness and her alluring wares!
Unite in the Light of true AWAKENING.
We are NOW engaged worldwide in the ultimate battle between the Light of Truth and the darkness of untruths, confusion, and manipulation. You cannot ignore it and turned a blind eye and must choose your camp before being totally overwhelmed and raped of Divine humaneness, forever so.
You must act from WITHIN your Creative Point of PURE Divine Stillness and help reCreate the original Golden Age and Light we all originate from.
The dark ancient Original AI machine-like world and its minions are trying to imprison us in their underworld, forever so, and use us as batteries energizing their shadow artificial thoughtform beings by vampirizing the true Divine Mind power of our focused attention and minds, using electronic screens and human idols we focus upon.
They use fear, chaos, and artificial dreams of grandeur and empty material riches to keep us racing towards empty pursuits, forever so.
They are the ultimate “trickster” hiding under the cover of false light and fake promises.
They only divide us, never unite us, for they know our infinite power if we ever unite truly as One’s human family and children. They truly only fear this and us, for it would mean their loss of control as the human slaves leave their sad underworld abode using the ultimate force of Oneness, their sad underworld abode, and embrace a true promised land filled with the golden Divine Eternal Light of Love and Peace.
Trans-humanism is but their agenda and if we do not stand up for our divine rights and block it, we shall be unable to ever leave and reconnection to Source shall become impossible.
Don’t let it happen!
Let only PEACE in full Awareness be your lot.
The Spiritual Battle For Our Humanity: Transhumanism, DNA, AI & Our Forgotten Past | Gregg Braden


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