Earth-mankind eating (uniting with) Heavens (Global Consciousness) or Heavens eating Earth-mankind?

Success or failure? We must choose NOW!

No matter what, Heavens shall become MAN

Gospel of Thomas 7. Jesus (Yod Heh Vav Heh) said, “Lucky is the lion that the human will eat, so that the lion becomes human. And FOUL is the human that the lion will eat, and the lion still will become human.”


Because of a “proximate” major unexpected rumbling event that I am been told by One, will shake ALL of humanity to its core, like never before in its history, as a painful inflection point has been ordained by One to awaken most from their complicit selfish bubble reality slumber, I want you to listen again to this recorded interview given four years ago.


I know much has happened since, as so few paid any intense attention to such a message wanting to propagate care and love, and even gave their primitive opinion that SOURCE does not operate with Infinite Love and concerns towards Its extension/children who are but Itself, creating the creator in THEIR image as a selfish Being, and separating egoistically the Creator from the Created which cannot be, causing a mass hell-ucination that many espoused gladly.


WAKE UP to Love, and spread these teachings. Worship Life, Love, and Light for very little time is left for all of us to do so.


Learn to go very deep within your subconscious out of the cacophony of dissent, rebellion, and disharmony.


Engage with the Delta level of mind with full awareness, and be STILL in it to Remote View and Influence 24/24 your reality as you go.


Save your children at least and future generations. Save this world!


I cannot think of a more important task than training yourself and your loved ones now for the shift. You will not have that luxury and time available when the One’s intervention starts.


This is not only about me but about all of you, without any exception. You cannot run away from who you are which is the One and Only. You cannot hide, for all is known and your heart is being weighted in the Cosmic scale constantly.


Return to whence you originate from. Re-member WHO you are, were, and shall always BE.


I truly care about you and all living beings wherever, whenever. And so should you.


Destroy your childish insecure ego! It is only through sharing with all that you shall expand.


Trust in the River of Life and let go of the burden of too much accumulated empty and poisonous “stuff” enslaving you and weighing you down, and then KNOW that you are Protected and cherished under the Shadow of the Divine WINGS of the Godhead.


Stop being distracted by constant social, political, and religious conflicts using kindergarten-type stupid arguments. Are you using your free will of thoughts or have you been hypnotized and mind-controlled by the dark and dying matrix?


Put back joy in your heart, no matter what occurs around you, love and enjoy your family, friends, the beauty of nature, and your pets, and you shall lift off, lift off!!


Gerald O’Donnell


  • Please Listen well, as this Knowledge is meant to become Knowing through Experiencing it.
  • Many New Concepts about the True Nature of Reality and our Role in it are advanced here.
  • Repeat it again and again, and learn not only to Listen with your Intellect but to Live fully these for now Radical New Ways of Observing Reality.
  • It shall Empower and Transform you forever.
  • This is Crucial now to help us all Transform from Increased Violent Chaos a.k.a. Hell caused by our Embracing Terror/fear through Separation, toward a Heavenly Paradise Manifested as constant Oneness and Love by and through us.

In Oneness and with much Love.

Gerald O’Donnell





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