LOVE versus FEAR: Our Only Divinely Gifted Free-Will

February 23, 2024




Rise up, awake, and engage in the ultimate and hardest final battle, our battle within, the war for the final Peace of the ONE, God and Men united in PURE LOVE, all singing in harmony!

So let us pray and invite the ORIGINAL Divine Feminine aspect and force of the One (the Holy PRESENCE Shekinah, a.k.a. Sakina, a.k.a. Mishkan, a.k.a. Mother Nature, a.k.a, Mother Miryam, a.k.a Shakti, etc..) by reaching deep within The One’s Core to bring stillness, and healing to all our present and future selves, our common present and future children, Hers and ours.
Let us all only embrace common dreams inviting communion and rejecting hatred!

Let us bow to our summoning courage by standing tall in rejecting separative mind-washing falsehoods and finally embrace our fated future when, and as united, in Love.

Yes, not only should you love your neighbor, but embrace and love your perceived “enemy,” for you and that “other” IS but ONE, but the One, but YOU.

I am that I am: l, you, he, she, we, all of you, and all of them, all children, all perspectives of the same One Source of Life, and so, I shall become and finally BE.
This is the only Mantra of TRUTH!

Please hold hands in your soul with all around our planet and beyond as you go within, and feel love for all, even and especially your enemies, for we and you, all, are the One I Eye, the one true Highest perspective.
And thence cry for joy, and love all the magnificent expressions of All.

The only enemy and enmity possible is WITHIN us and is always projected out if we espouse fear and participate in hate.

This “enemy,” the infamous “adversary,” is within, expressing without, and has the holy mission to bite our heels forcing us to ascend in awareness the ladder of Jacob (the Cosmic DNA) and was Created to teach all humanity about true Love and the necessity to embrace it by experiencing its painful antipode: hatred, rage, and violence.

It is our harshest and toughest teacher. The “adversary” as the infinitely ancient pre-biblical story of Job tells us, is tasked with the most difficult operation of testing, probing, and forcing us out of our comfort static zones. We misunderstood it as we are yet to absorb the Light of the greater picture of reality.

It is but a fact that tough love from the Creator is often necessary to cause all to fall in love again with one another, and reach the final embrace, the Peace of the One Creator God.

Regain your original Divinity!
Pray for Peace and UNITY!

There is only one truly Divine gift offered freely to humankind, the gift of free will!
It is the freedom to choose when any situation appears on the screen of our minds between positive Love and negative Fear. There are no other choices.

Sadly it is much harder for humans to choose unconditional Love the way nature does than to fall for fear stories!
Hence most of us manifest in the 3D holographic mass-hallucinations turned into enslaving fear-based hell-ucinations and are fully absorbed by the horrors we embrace as truths.

You might judiciously ask: how do you defend against evil intentions and acts, violence, and abuse?

First, by being in your center of stillness like martial arts’ legendary masters have shown, you Create and influence inwardly the situation you shall experience outwardly.
You never falter and fall into the traps of fear, or prey to the red fiery forces of anger and become consumed by a desire for revenge.

You Create an energy field to protect yourself from angry negative energies, manifest maybe a physical shield if needed, deflect aggressive moves if possible, and only engage in physical and spiritual self-defense when required, totally centered and calm, fully knowing that you are teaching the aggressor, the terrorist, the abuser what you are truly teaching yourself: the power of Love, the power of the Infinite One.

So pray for the abuser and the abused, the terrorist and the terrorized, the aggressor and the victim, the exploiter and the exploited, as only inner Love connects across all Time and Space instantly, because it is God manifested and unbound by space/time!

One only teaches best what one needs to learn the most!

Please let us not falter now and be distracted when we are called by the One Creator Force to UNITE!
The weeping and pain need to stop and the infernal cycle of revenge be erased. Only we can achieve this, by our inner choices as every One invites One as Oneness.

Peace, Shalom, and Salaam in inviting wholesomeness as we all embrace, all children of the Divine Father Abraham, and far far BEYOND, all of our selves, extensions of The ONE!


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