We have free will and choice, but we must choose now.

March 12, 2024

This IS beautiful TRUTH beyond all our human truths/perceptions.

We, at ARVARI, have tried for 30 years to share TRUTH’s fractal perceptions and secrets hiding within the ONE and ONLY BEING that IS beyond any illusions IT CREATES and offers to Its Creatures.

We now invite you all to have one foot in the 4D illusion and another in the INFINITE, EXPERIENTIALLY so.

YOU must CHOOSE FEAR or LOVE as the real battle is WITHIN manifesting and reflecting WITHOUT!

Time and space in the virtual reality Dream we share in common in this lowest level of Creation is about to end in its current format!

We are in dire need to change rapidly our false restrictive perceptions and gaming programs.

We are all lovingly invited to do so and reach level 2.0 of Earth’s game of LIFE which is awaiting us NOW.

If we do not reach it in a major way this year, only the END of time/space shall eventually show on the screen of our minds, a BLANK SCREEN, for we would have chosen fear and separation – ALL but mere ILLUSIONS, over the ONLY REALITY which IS Love and Unity in One.

Major proximate unprecedented planetary events are about to be unleashed by the One to shake everyOne away from complacency! No one will doubt their true Origin. No one shall be safe unless they are connected to the One and permeated by Pure unbridled Love.

I mean that these immense Cosmic shifts are to occur very soon UNLESS we affect a total awakening to the REALIZATION that we are the ONE projecting Itself and experiencing Itself in all ITS myriad characters and beings.

When you love ANY other with the full awakened awareness that he/she/it is but YOU as the ONE, the fear-based separative Virtual Reality DIVINELY Dreamed GAME is OVER, and shall morph and transform only to the ones who espoused LOVE and walked in the perception of ONE in Oneness. These shall have a magnificent FUTURE and a chance to remain operative and filled with Joy and infinite Divine gifts and bounties.

FEAR, (birthing terror, violence, control, corrupted greed, enslavement, and killings) shall DISAPPEAR for them from our realm forever, and ONLY LOVE, as the ONLY REALITY THAT TRULY IS, SHALL BE EVERYWHERE AND OUR BLESSED ETERNAL LOT.

This lowest level of the Virtual Reality Divine Game of Life played in the Garden of the branches of the Tree of the Deep and Intimate KNOWLEDGE of GOOD AND EVIL, the Tree (Matrix game) of MORTALITY, of beginnings and ends, shall then cease hell-ucinating for us the illusion of death!

Many walking in the Path of the One Creator of ALL that IS, will then graduate from our primitive but necessary current schooling system (Matrix) for potential aspiring new sub-creators Created to affect the distillation of consciousness under the vigilant EYE of the ONE. They will then taste the full Peace of God and total ecstatic JOY!

These graduates shall Unite around the “Presence” of the One Divine in full Oneness. Thenceforth, Eternal Joy shall radiate everywhere and everywhen and become our eternal living reward.

Keep CHECKING ARVARI at probablefuture.com to receive our important communications from the ONE and our teachings.

Much will be shared soon to help expand our awareness beyond space and time.

The “PORTAL” to ONE is OPEN, NOW, and HERE in YOU!

You are IT and not the VR headset you were born in, your sensory apparatus and illusory brilliantly Divinely Created biology!

Being at once beyond the Portal and within your physical temple shall then be forever our common and ONLY possible future.


Gerald O’Donnell

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