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The price will go back to its original price of $397.00  as we proudly make available to our member graduates our Advanced Graduate Training modules which are going to be released soon and will require prior training with our RI/RV Combo courses and belonging to our Academy.  These totally new modalities of advanced "perceptions and reprogramming" of our reality represent an unprecedented quantum jump in awareness and training which will require your prior training with our RI/RV Combo courses and your belonging to our Academy as a member.


Unprecedented 50% Discount Over Regular Prices!

Because of the Fast Paced Increase in Events causing heighten Global Insecurity in our World, which is about to Take in 2016 and Beyond an Even more Dramatic Turn, as perceptual terminal chaos and conflicts engulf evermore all endeavors and countries, we are making this Very Special Offer:

Gift yourself and your dear cherished ones a TRUE LIFE-CHANGING and potentially LIFE-SAVING present which will permanently change you so that you can engage in and participate in the GREAT CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFT ahead and cross the Bridge which will open then for you to cross over our Troubled Living Waters!

We know the life changing power of our training, as over 40 thousands  students have already experienced and proven it to themselves for 16 years (See testimonials). Our Academy introduced to the world in 1997  mind training protocols to easily reach the Deep Theta (4.5 HZ) Mind Level (RV training system). This level allows for unconscious material to be released and information bridging time and space (Remote Viewing) to be obtained. In 2002 we revealed  techniques to reach Delta brain Mind Levels (1-4 HZ)  with full mind awareness (Remote Influencing), allowing you to manifest reality with what could be considered god-like powers as you regain your full ability to become the co-creators of reality you were really meant to become and which had been hidden from you for eons. We still are the only Mind Development Institute in the world offering such access to very deep super-conscious levels.  We feel that now, more than ever, you need to transform you mind, spirit, and biology through attaining the Higher vibrations and peaceful awareness it snuggles you within. Denial and procrastination will only make things harder for you. In order to achieve such, you need to awaken many dormant parts of your brain and DNA structures to confront our new realities. You need to shift into a Higher Being and take that quantum leap sooner rather than later.  Big global cosmic events are happening and more are about to be unleashed in the next years and these tools to High Inner Inspiration should become a matter of sheer necessity and easy sailing upon the stormy waters of Creation.

Because mainly of the destruction of our environment, the inner and outer poisoning, and the very serious man-made disturbances to the homeostasis of our planet, we find ourselves, as-of -late,  seriously disconnected from the universal glue of conductive Life energy, and the love energy which energizes each other. This has caused our planetary Life energy to become  drastically diminished, and hence humanity's life energy quotient on this planet has been reduced to very low levels. Therefore, basic sustenance of inner positive life invigorating energy is seriously becoming a daily struggle of epic proportions. The natural world cannot effectively cleanse and heal  itself  anymore and neither can our biological vehicles.  Many feel exhausted, fearful, and angry for no apparent real reasons as they go about their daily chores and are offered a plethora of physical substances and/or technological aids and help of dubious efficacy. Dark weird angry and parasitic crazy energies are increasingly infiltrating all abodes and most of humanity, unbeknownst to them, easily overtaking their subconscious minds, since so few of us are even aware of what happens within their sub-conscious minds and realms.  What is needed urgently is a reconnection of all the parts that form the Created world by their engaging in some serious inner work and cleansing of sub-conscious realms. his would then cause thenceforth them to get a very strong inner calling  to operate with a sense of unifying Higher purpose and action. Opening the portals to the inner sub-conscious and aligning back with the true Higher positive planes is what our courses offer and NOW is the time to engage in it. This would reestablish our Higher connection to Real Life Force and Higher Wisdom, and be of tremendous healing to both our biologies, minds, spirits and the biosphere and collective consciousness of our planetary existence. It is the only solution to our human quandary and disconnected and lost human family.

Our courses will open your mind to constant very acute inner sense of intuition about your probable future where you will act with the wisdom and protective influence of you heart intelligence as it reconnect to the One Heart of All Creation. This is not a only possibility but a necessity which will allow you to traverse these very dangerous stormy waters of the end times while being protected not by material illusions which is futile, but DIRECTLY by the true ALL Seeing and Infinitely Intelligent Force you carry within. There is little time left to engage fully; suffice it for you to just watch the accelerating pace of polarizing events and violent extremes in politics, societal orientations, spiritual programs, and weather patters to realize the seriousness of the situation overtaking all of our planetary body. 

Our courses offer special techniques to connect to very High levels of Life energy, proven ways to cleansing of  your deep subconscious and of shielding against infiltration by negative energies (just read our thousands of student feedbacks encompassing  almost 19 years now)

Considering the profound scope of what is being gifted to you in these courses, this is probably the best spent endeavor you can engage in.  In fact, as many of our  trainees write on our testimonial pages, you could spend years within Secret ancient Mystical societies bound by an oath of secrecy, read uncountable books old and recent, and also attend various mind training seminars at a total cost exceeding 10's of thousands of dollars, and you would not even encompass the multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach which you will get directly in a direct experiential format from our training, which can be attained in terms of a month or two and not years or decades. 

Once you become an official member of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing you will be granted  total access to additional material about to be released and to Gerald O'Donnell himself for personal advice and training assistance.

Our training is highly life-changing and deeply transformative, and will enable you to navigate in peace and high awareness the big shift ahead. In order to help you, we have decided to offer to you below these two  very special offers. Think also of your loved ones and how such a gift could have much more meaning than just a gifting of purely material "stuff." 

"You can gift tasty fish to loved ones, but the ultimate is to gift them the ability to learn to fish for themselves"


 Super Saver Special 


Do take advantage of this offer before it is too late!

Get the complete Physical Remote Viewing and Complete Remote Influencing Training systems on CDs+ ALL the bonus disks at a Deep  50 % Discount

You can also get two full Combination RV/RI  Courses for much less than the regular price of one and gift this to someone who will make good use of it. This is a perfect life-changing gift that they will never forget!




If you desire to upload the courses from CDs onto an iPod, android smart phone, iPhone, iPad, or any PC or Mac you can convert these CDs by using iTunes to upload the uncompressed Audio files sessions and then saving the files as "Apple Lossless Compression format" (preferred format) and you will not lose ANY proprietary brain entrainment sound technology frequencies. Using Mp3 compression slices away low frequencies and marginally reduces some of our brain entrainment but can  be used effectively anyways.


Get ONE Combination FULL Package  of  BOTH the Remote Viewing and the Complete Remote Influencing Training systems on CDs (22 CDs) + the TWO bonus disks for $197 at a  50% Discount (regular Price $397.00).

+ Full membership and access to the ARVARI Academy and the Personal Training Assistance of Gerald O'Donnell

60 days Full Money-Back Guarantee

Plus, our Academy is also going to remove any risk out of the equation with our:

100% Iron Clad 60 Day
Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!


When you purchase any of our training programs you will have a full 60 days to experience the program and ensure your satisfaction.

We are 100% confident you will be absolutely delighted with everything you are about to experience...

But you are fully covered by our iron clad, no quibbles satisfaction policy, which means if you are not totally delighted with this program you will get a prompt and courteous refund (Please just return to us us the products).



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We truly hope that this will help you acquire the body of High Mind techniques we would like you to master. 

We know from experience that children as young as 12 years of age have greatly benefited, as did older seniors. There is no age when it comes to transform into a Higher being and enter a new Higher Self. 

We hope that you will take advantage of this offer for yourself  and gift yourself, and others you care about,  this really perfect meaningful gift which will change you lives forever and help finally bring you inner peace.

In this very special cusp of an incredible year which will bring much changes to humanity, and help it evolve, I want to wish you all beautiful connection with the Peace of Oneness and many happy flights!.

You friend forever,

Gerald O'Donnell  



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