Deep Delta State Remote Influencing -Influencing the Thoughts of Others & Powerfully Molding Reality to your Desires

Deep Delta State Experiences  Remote Influencing

  • Experience  consciously the deep Delta brain state (Remote Influencing) and get you to influence from your very deep subconscious the thoughts of others and molding reality to your best wishes.
  • Connecting Directly with the Universal Mind getting direct information from It about any subject.
  • Easily reprogram consciously old buried subconscious patterns from the levels of Delta mind. 


 George Westwood, a recent remote viewing trainee, sent us the following e-mail.


  • His conscious experience of the Delta (Universal Mind) level, similar to an NDE, while being at the interface of deep Theta.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell:
    I am writing to tell your students about the “peak” experience that I had using the methodology of your remote viewing course. Last night I decided to practice the “quick” method of entering the theta state. I was lying in bed, going through the “elevator” method and spiraling, suddenly a “tunnel” appeared directly in “front” of me. At the end of this tunnel was a soft, bright golden white light.
    This was not a visualization, as I had no control of it whatsoever. It was independent of my imagination. The light was captivating, but, after a few seconds I was startled and lost my theta flow. I am not kidding! I know this sounds like an NDE, but I was obviously not near death.
    Incredibly enough, I also had a “Lucid” dream the same night!
    Also, I want to thank you for explaining the implications of this experience to me. I do recommend your course for those interested in such experiences in addition to the remote viewing aspects.



Hans Peter R, a German student of our combination Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses sent us this very exciting feedback


  • Winning the German Lotto using our RV and RI training
  • Great manifestation powers
  • Many synchronicities showing up in his life
  • Experiencing the Golden Light
  • Healing of a painful back/spinal condition

My dear Mr. O’Donnell:

Greetings to you and the academy from Germany. 

You have changed my life. I bought the combination RV/RI courses in February 2008. I went through your courses many times, repeating them over and over. Each time I did this, I became better at both RV and RI. I had previously done other mind improvement systems, attended many seminars  here in Germany and all over the world but nothing even came close to what your courses offer. The material is awesome! I have told many about your profound methodology. I am really hooked on the CDs. They have totally transformed me. Many beautiful events have happened in my life since receiving your training. Synchronicities happen all the time around me. I can feel when they do, as they have this almost “unreal quality” about them. I feel very happy and bathed in light energy.  People feel this and smile at me. They feel my happiness.  I feel and look maybe 10 years younger, have great stamina, my mind is sharper than when I was a youngster (I am 48 now) and I feel this inner peace and happiness.  I have healed myself of a chronic painful back injury I received while skiing in my 20s in the Austrian Alps which degenerated into discs problems and compression of the spinal cord. This and the subsequent arthritis had plagued my life for so long. It is all gone now thanks to your courses. I am pain free and returned to a full exercise schedule.

I had a profound experience while listening to RI CD7 which left me bathed in brilliant golden light. That is when the healing occurred and I have not been the same ever since. Thank you for making all this possible. 

Now listen to this! (I have debated much whether you should publish this as I do not wish to become ‘famous” for privacy reasons or flooded with emails) : I won the Lotto here in Germany 2 weeks ago! I am receiving a very large sum soon! I always play here the lotto each week.

Every week twice a week, I buy a single ticket to the drawing. Since taking your courses I have used the following method. I use the RV skills I have learned to feel, sense and view the numbers in advance. Most importantly I used the manifesting skills developed in your remote influencing course to convince my subconscious that I would win. I often used the “diamond body” technique to do this and see my new self happy and successful.  I used many of your RI techniques to energize that event. They are incredibly powerful. I always feel gigantic energy in me while I am listening to the CDs and it stays with me with a little lesser intensity during the day. This inner light energy allows me to energize my thoughts is such a powerful manner. Many events that I Remote influenced last year did later happen. I guess this made me more confident about my skills. As you suggested in the course I did not attach any fixed time to my success but rather concentrated in convincing my subconscious that this had already happened. I was doing this in Delta and would reinforce it at times while doing lucid dreaming as you teach us. I have learned to feel vibrations of light and I used to focus that energy to my subconscious mind as I was listening to your training and visualizing what I wanted my life to be like.
Well nothing really happened for over a year. I kept RIing success at the lotto , but did not give it that much thought. I never gave up nor doubted.

One day 2 weeks ago I went to a Delta state and asked for guidance on the drawing. Suddenly 6 numbers appeared in my mind. They were like dancing numbers with flecks (specks?) of gold around them. I immediately wrote them down. The vision had this sense of being both unreal, almost plastic, as if I could almost touch these numbers in my mind. I felt very calm about it. Somehow I knew that this was special and that I had received this information from a level of High Mind.  

I bought the ticket and imagine my face when I watched the drawing on TV.

You know Mr. O’Donnell, I know now that anything is possible, but more than the money it is the difference I can make in this planet by RI a better world  that makes me so happy!

I thank you from all of my heart for your wonderful courses.

Your indebted student for life. 

Hans Peter R

JULIAN FINCH , a British trainee, writes to us.


  • Remote viewing crop circles  and attempt at remote influencing.

Dear Gerald,

Just a quick note to thank you once again for our time on the phone the other evening as it was very much appreciated, also for your advice in relation to the predicament I was facing. You will be happy to know that I have decided to forward on the information I received through the R.V. process in relation to the murder case I was discussing with you to an ex-member of the police force who has advised me that they will forward this onto the appropriate channels. As more comes to light on this, or if there is an arrest, or another result, I will let you know.

I have also taken down some information from my mother about a similar case, although, as of yet, I have not had the opportunity to look into this.  However, should any developments develop here, I will let you know also.

As for the current successes that I have experienced with the crop circles which I have been attempting to predict I can only say “WOW!”  Upon receiving the course,  I repeatedly listened to the introduction tape to ensure that I was going to get the most out of it and gets a full understanding. As per your instruction,  I have taken this whole process very slowly to the point of frustration at having to curb my desire to jump ahead. Within the first week of listening to side one of tape 2, I was amazed to find that I was able to successfully predict the basic pattern of 2 crop circles patterns that were to later appear in the fields of England. Although this was not a 100% accurate depiction of the final crop glyph, the correlation between what I had seen and what was appearing in the corn fields was obvious. (Since then I feel that I have had about a 30-40% success rate in predicting the basic images of the year 2000 crop circles.)

In my excitement I called my mother in the UK to advise her of what I had achieved and we decided to try an experiment to see if I was able to pick up anything as she concentrated on an object in her house. At first I felt a little disheartened as all I could see whilst trying to pick up whatever object she was concentrating on was a cone shaped object. My mother advised me that she was looking at a basket of “pine cones!” Once again not 100% right but on the right track.  Encouraged by this, we tried again – this time I perceived a square and in the center of this there was what appeared to be the coiled spring-like element from an electric light bulb.  At this point,  Mom let out an exclamation as she told me that she had been looking at an old fashioned brass kerosene/paraffin type lamp – the back of this had a square shaped area, in the center of which was where the wick sat. It was obvious that I had picked up an object that emits light.

I tried a similar test with a dear friend of mine also in the UK a week or so later. Once again,  I got her to concentrate on an object within her household. Immediately, I got the image of a bowl of fruit (with banana’s, oranges, apples etc) My friend told me that the first thing she had looked at was indeed a bowl of fruit with banana’s, oranges & apples in.  She however had decided that this was silly and than looked at something else.

I have also tried experimenting with my 8 year-old nephew by using the techniques to achieve “deep Theta” by repeating it 3 times.  After doing this, I tried to mentally force the image of various Zener cards into his mind. On both occasions, he got the first 3 correct.

All of this has come about.  And so far I am still only on side 2 of tape 2!  I sincerely look forward to speaking with you again soon and discussing my future progress.

All the very best,



Rob wrote to us this testimonial. Subject:

  • We do care
  • Influencing a job testing situation for the better

Dear Gerald,
I can’t thank you enough for the RV & RI course you sent me. They work far better than I ever thought they would.

I first bought the RV course and listened to it and the results were very good. Then about a year later I bought the RI course and the results were fantastic. I did  struggle a little bit with some of the concepts and needed some clarification on a few things. So when I called your phone number to find out how I could contact you I was totally surprised that you answered the phone. You were eager to help me, which surprised me. I guess I thought you were only trying to sell courses and make money. But you weren’t.  You really are sincere and wanted to help me. Then when I started to operationally  Remote Influence,  one of the first things I did was to RI a test which I was supposed to take at work and takes about 4 hr. I was supposed to take this test from a guy that is a real pain in the neck (the type of person who if you say “it’s a beautiful day out and not a cloud in the sky”  will look all over the sky to try and find a tiny cloud and say that there’s a cloud over there)

So as I was getting ready to go to work, I decided to try to RI the situation so he wouldn’t be the one who would give me the test and I would get the test from another guy. Then when I went to work I found out that at the last minute they decided to change instructors and give me exactly what I had RI. I about fainted.  I was in total shock (I mean deep down I knew this was possible but I didn’t think I was that capable or that it was that easy). Basically after that experience I figured out that so long as you are looking for positive or good things,  anything is possible. Feel free to post this on your web site if you want. You can’t get a higher recommendation from me than this. I think you and your courses are great!!!!
Thank you so much.  Rob 

Rob a recent trainee, wrote to us. Subject:

  • Remote influencing a situation at work.

Dear Gerald O’Donnell,
   I Purchased your RV and RI courses. I can’t thank you enough. Because of your course I was able to Remote influence a situation at work for the better. I am 100 percent sure the results were a direct response to what I Remote Influenced.  It really works!!

Thank you so much

Rob Chojnacki wrote this enthusiastic feedback. Subject:

  •  His success at remote influencing his music career.

    I just wanted to write to you to tell you the success I have been having using your RI course in my life. Primarily, I have been using your techniques to realize great success with my band. As you know, I am a musician. But this isn’t your typical story of “I used it, and it worked immediately”.

There is an interesting twist that says so much more than the typical success story.

I first started using your techniques while I was with my former band. And yes, i did notice that immediate progress was being felt. Several deals came through, including a very rare chance to record at Sony Studios in NYC,
which many band’s in my situation could never afford, nor would the door be opened for them to record at such a high-end studio. However we did get in.

But as I really began applying techniques from your course to the band’s success, I was a little saddened to see no more success. In fact, our CD was released with a “so-so” reaction.

Then a second opportunity in music was opened to me. One I never expected. At this point I was figuring that if this band doesn’t make it, I’m done with music.

My drummer had been playing in a side project, and asked if I (bass guitar player) wanted to play with the side project. I did, and was immediately accepted as the permanent bassist for this second band. Soon the drummer
and I came to a decision that this side project really should be the main focus, and we cut our old band loose, the same band that I had been using your RI techniques to enhance.

This new band is taking off faster than wildfire. The debut CD was released only a couple months ago, and it’s already cracked the CMJ Top 200 National Charts (CMJ is the Billboard charts for college radio). Reviews are pouring in. Everywhere we play, and I do mean everywhere, we are already known because of the radio play, and we are signing autographs for fans. Success is spiraling so fast that I can barely keep up with it.

I then realized that it wasn’t “my band” that I was aiming success for, I really was RI’ing success for myself in the music industry. This reality of success is materializing in a way I did not originally intend. Now my old
band, perhaps the other guys may find success elsewhere in the industry, but me and the drummer are going places with this new band, and going places fast! So I know now that your RI techniques worked, not only faster than I
imagined, but not at all as I imagined. I’m in a completely different band, and in a place that I could not imagine only 6 months ago.

Thank you Gerald. You and your courses surprise me every day.

Rob Chojnacki

Greetings To My Beloved Friend Mr. Gerald O’Donnell from Debra Gosselin:

It has been a bit of a season since we last spoke but often we vibrate at the same LOVE frequency, that much I am sure. I am ever so humbled to know you, I know the “Salt Of The Earth People” all over the Globe.   The love affair you all have with this marvelous living library, Mother Earth is being threatened not only by literal raping of the land but also the lack of respect toward the elements and elementals within dimensions that are beginning to bleed one into the other. The live intelligence within stone and dirt are longing to experience electromagnetic formulas of higher consciousness once again.  Earth reads us as we live and breathe on her, and she knows the stage of our own development and our ability to accept responsibility.  When we share what we know, it is broadcast around the world.  Codings are fired, and the masses begin to evolve.  We are interlinked and so when our teachers continue to stretch themselves to mature and grow, we likewise stretch and grow.
I honor you and the glorious teachers and mentors I have been graced with. I have been shown over and over what LOVE, JOY and abundance looks like.
I am pleased to say that I am not as fragile as when we first met.  I am imagining things one week and seeing them manifest and mature the next.  As you know, my signature word has been “FREEDOM”, please know that has not changed.  In closing, I am proud to be one of the 100 monkeys that have ignited your message.  I always knew there was some special calling I had yet to meet.
Bless you, I’m yawning with all my heart and soul.  Debra


David Burnstein commented

Hi Gerald,
An AMAZING thing happened to me today…and I wanted to write to YOU first…because I feel you deserve all the kudos…Though a friend who is “psychic” told me this would happen…I STILL feel it is because of using your tapes…and because of our conversation the other day…

I had an incident that occurred to me at work in June…and since then…work has gone TOTALLY down hill…I wanted OUT…I had a meeting scheduled with Civil Rights on 11/7…which was a good date…but the representative from the company was ill…so we changed it to 11/20…

For the last many weeks I had been ABSOLUTELY picturing that the company would give me a buyout…in fact…when I went on vacation starting 11/12…I wrote a note to myself: YOU ARE NOT RETURNING HERE!!!

I could NOT sleep last night…and kept talking to the man who would represent the company…a VERY hard-line MAJOR Fortune 500 company…I told him…I want a buyout…

Though I only got about a third of the money I really wanted…the GREATER gift is that I have severed my energy ties with this TRULY sinister company…and have now freed up a lot of energy for OTHER things…like my roulette venture…

I will be spending a substantial amount of additional time with your tapes…and hope to call you in a few weeks…if I feel the need to…

Thank you SO much…

I AM Yours truly,
David S Bernstein


Dennis  a very successful  trainee from Hong Kong sent us this feedback: Subject:

  • Using RV and RI for stock market trading, diagnosing and healing health problems, forecasting world events and even lottery numbers!

Results of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing:

I am very pleased to share my experiences with Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.  I started the course in March 2002.  After practicing 2A and 2B lessons for a short time, I was able to drop down to Theta rapidly.

I had the following experiences:

I was able to remote view world events, like troop movements.  I saw the transfer of troops within certain countries.  I also saw missile tests taking place in Pakistan.

I was able to tune into three airplane crashes.  I later learned from news report that I foresaw these terrible events a few days before they actually happened.  For example, in one scene I saw the Chinese character “North” on an airplane.  Later, I read in the news that the Chinese airplane Northern Airline had crashed in Korea.

I was able to scan books with my hands before buying them, and I got strong impressions of which books would have a special message for me or benefit me the most.

I have used remote viewing to help my friends find solutions to their problems.

I was able to scan health problems like specific areas of the internal organs in a patient. These were later confirmed by medical tests. For example, I saw a dark patch on my father lung.  This was later confirmed by X-ray. My father was a smoker.  My father lived in China and was bed ridden.  After I applied RI healing on him, he was able to walk again and come to visit me in Hong Kong.  By the way, with the healing energy he even grew a new tooth -the 3rd set. This surprised the doctor.<

I could pick up an energy grid in a healer’s energy field. This healer was really shocked as no one was able to “see” the secret grid placed by his master for psychic protection.

When I dropped down to my levels, I picked up winning lottery numbers and winning horse numbers.  This happened without my willing it.  I passed these numbers to my friends who then had success with winning both horse races and lottery entries.

Finally, I have used remote viewing to forecast the stock market.

I have had numerous positive remote viewing experiences—too many to go into here, but I would like to elaborate a little on my experience in using remote viewing to predict the stock market:

As a stock market trader, I was very interested in predicting the stock market trends.

I have remote viewed the stock markets for two weeks now.

I used the following procedure.   First, I glanced at the charts on my computer monitor.  Then, I called in my mental lab advisors and dropped to a lower brain wave frequency.  At theta I was able to sense with my hands on the screen.

Initially, I got symbolic impressions.  I saw landscapes, animals, and other symbols that I could interpret in relation to the market. The brighter the scene the more positive the market.

My results improved a little when I broke the remote viewing market trends into two periods: morning and afternoon trading.  For the morning markets, it took me 20-30 minutes to get a completely clear picture of the trend.  For the afternoons, it took me only 10 minutes.  I began to get even more accurate when I broke the trading trends in a 2 hour period i.e. 9-11 am, 11am – 1 pm etc.  Then I was able to pool all my impressions of the 2 hours period trend and create a chart for the day.

These are just some examples of the images that appeared to me. When I asked for a message for the day, I had visions of a small sparrow picking worms.  This indicated that there would be gains.  Impressions of crabs climbing upwards meant that there was an upward trend in the market.  And impressions of ducks swimming indicated that the trading was relaxed or quiet. And when I saw an old fashioned chair, and the next scene was the tail of a whale showing up in the ocean, I understood that I should wait until close to the end of the trading day when the market would suddenly turn upward.

In the beginning, my impressions were about 70% to 80% accurate.  However, by Oct 17 and 18 (after a week), I was able to predict tops and bottoms at 100% accuracy.

I am interested in exchanging ideas and tips with other traders who use remote viewing to forecast the markets.  My goal is to be able to see the figures themselves, rather than viewing them through symbolic images, and also to influence a positive outcome with the new remote influencing course.

 believe your remote viewing course would be instrumental in helping people to prosper in the financial marketplace and improve all areas of their life. I am so grateful to have discovered your program and look forward to further training (especially in Chinese!) and fine tuning my skills. Thank you, Gerald! You are doing great work. I highly recommend your course to anyone interested in predicting  market trends in the stock exchange or the commodities market.

Experiences with Remote Influencing:

 I have had some powerful experiences using the golden light of the Sun in influencing thought and reality.

 I was leaving a securities firm to join a new firm, but I was concerned about leaving some delinquent accounts created by clients who could not afford to settle their bills.

In particular, two clients had disappeared without a trace.  I surrounded an image of them with golden light of the Sun.  I saw them happy and fulfilled.  Within a few days, they both appeared and settled their accounts.  This unexpected outcome surprised and pleased my colleagues.  I subsequently did RI on some other delinquent accounts and had the same wonderful results.  Had these people not come forward and settled their accounts, I would have been accountable for their substantial debts.

Now I am working in a much better environment.  Here I enjoy using RV and RI to succeed.

Another example of RI:

 My wife was not paid for a few months by her company because they were having financial problems.  I meditated on this situation with my wife and sent golden energy out to her and her boss.  Within a few days, her boss paid her in full and his business also improved.

Gerald, I thank you for this wonderful course and for providing the training in Chinese. I have certainly benefited a lot in this short period of training. This life-changing course is worthy of anyone who desires more in life. I can’t say enough good things about your course.  I think it would be a risk not to try it!


Hong Kong



Bob Arance writes to us


  • His experiences at applying the RI course to improve one’s Golf skills.

Dear Gerald,

   I enjoyed visiting with you on the phone and here’s some feedback and some other information for you.

  When I was about 12 years old I started playing golf and became pretty good but never quite got to the brilliant level.  Now I play once a year in a “bestball” event and we usually do quite well but my putting was never great.  This year I was looking forward to the tournament as a chance to try the putting example that you explained in the latest course.  The method that I used was to line up the putt in the normal way and then to get ready to stroke the putt but before I initiated the stroke I repeated the word Delta 3 times and consciously relaxed and then pictured in my mind as strongly as I could, the ball running up to the hole and then falling into the hole.  Then I imagined as hard as I could the happy emotion that I would feel when the ball fell into the hole. At that time I felt a feedback thought that “this could happen”.  I didn’t feel 100% sure that the putt would go in but just the strong feeling that it sure could happen.  Then from that very relaxed peaceful state I stroked the putt.  During the 18 holes about four 15 footers actually went into the hole along with a few shorter putts.  I know that this would not have happened normally and it was really fun.  Thank you Gerald.

    To continue the golf scenario, I mentioned during our visit the book, “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and the movie by the same name.  The author of the book is Steven Pressfield.  They are both great.  There is one great paragraph on page 147 that I think you would like……”  “You could see Hagen’s (the golfers) aurora, his intention, search the chromatic spectrum-the Field.  His vibration stilled, harmonizing with that of the Field, centering in stillness in his chest and his hands.  Simultaneously the field beckoned to him; like two frequencies seeking each other in the ether.  He wanted to play the best possible shot.  And the best possible shot also wanted him to play it.  Wanted to be brought into physical existence by him.  It already existed in some other dimension, but somehow, if you’ll permit me to speak in terms so far outside the scientific, that was not enough for it.  It wanted to exist here, on the material plane.  And it needed Hagen to make that happen.  It needed a person. An embodied soul.  A human being.”

   Actually the whole book is full of analogies like this and I really think that you would enjoy it. The movie also has a lot of great scenes and one of them is when the caddie/guru Baggar Vance shows the golfer (Junah) how to tune into a one-ness consciousness and become one with the field and how to remote influence the shot.  Because of the strong visualization that this scene provides, I think that it would probably be worth watching the movie for this alone. After writing this, I think I will go home and watch it again myself!

       As for my experience as a whole, I am starting to notice a feeling that I am one with my environment or one with the scenery around me.  For example, sometimes when I am swimming I have the feeling that I am swimming through myself and sometimes when driving on a country road I feel that I am driving through myself.  This doesn’t come out as some big flashy experience but rather as kind of a calm knowingness or naturalness.  This doesn’t happen all of the time but I certainly enjoy it when it does.

     Also, you asked me to remind you, that if possible, I would like to receive the rest of the new course within two and a half weeks if it is available for sending out by then.  If not, no problem.  Thank you very much for everything and I wish you the best.

     Sincerely, Bob


Ken Kimball  writes to us:

Hi Gerald,
One thing that I have noticed about being in the delta state is that it creates such a energized feeling of happiness.  I will sustain the state long after the delta exercise on your CD stops because I simply don’t want it to end.  It feels so good that I just don’t want to come out of it.  I also feel very relaxed while in the “waking state”.  I feel like the good vibes of delta are lingering while I go about my day.  It is creating quite a change!

I hope all is well, Happy thoughts


Pam Slayton send us this testimonial: Subject:

  • Visiting Theta land.

No response necessary. Dear Gerald, I try not to email you too often because I know you are incredibly busy. But, just wanted to let you know about this: I am just about finished with tape 6B (and have been rereading the new manual). Anyway, I decided to put my nephew’s head on my head, cause even though it’s now been two years, he is still having a very hard time dealing with his father’s plane crash. He is only 9 years old. I could not so much perceive his thoughts as I felt I could perceive his emotions. I tried very hard to send him thoughts that- it is ok to go on with his life and be happy. That is what his Dad wants for him, and other thoughts like that, because I think he feels it would be betraying his father, if he tries to put his Dad’s death behind him and get on with his life and be happy. I don’t think he feels he is allowed to do that. (My nephew has an extremely high IQ). Anyway, while I was trying to send these thoughts to him, I felt those same energy surges,!
 VERY STRONG, but again, it does not go up and down my spine but rather up and down my legs .(Maybe there’s something wrong with me! LOL!)  I hope I was able to get through to him, and will try again. As what happens with me so often, AFTER I came back to Beta, I felt I received a rush of information about my nephew, about his feelings. Another very weird thing happened. It concerns you. This is really crazy. I could say it was just a dream, but it wasn’t like that. I had been asleep. I had been having a normal dream that I do not remember. But, all of a sudden, I heard your voice very clearly. (Please don’t think I’m crazy, this wasn’t even like a lucid dream, I heard you clearly and distinctly, to the left of me, and even though this happened a few days ago, I can still hear your voice clearly, of course, this could have to do with the fact that I am always hearing your voice in Theta state). Anyway, I heard you say, Pam, it’s Gerald. And, for some whacked out reason, I was surprised and said back to you, Oh, I thought you were the maid! (Don’t even ask me where that came from! I remember thinking, well, that was a stupid thing to say!) Anyway, you then warned me about something, but that is the part I don’t remember! I can’t remember the warning! I woke up right after that.  Too weird. Well, take care.

 Sincerely, Pam

Peter wrote to us this enthusiastic feedback:


  • Considers our training the Penultimate Personal Development program around, much more advanced than most others for it teaches you how and why we magnetize reality and the details of how this operates easily.
  • Manifested rapidly a new business with the help of what he learned using  our techniques, as his financial and personal situation was very dire.
  • Manifested an overnight healing when badly accidently injured on his pinky with a hammer  in a work accident. Did the a healing in a Delta state of mind while remaining conscious.

Dear Mr. Gerald O’Donnell

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an enlightening and powerful training system!
In our conversation you had asked me to write about my experiences, sorry that it took so long.
Let me give you some background to start with.
I have been a student of personal development for the past 20 years (kind of a personal development junkie !)
I have read many books and went through many programs. In the process, I accumulated a lot of knowledge that I consider priceless.
Looking back now, I believe this served me in order to prepare me to understand and appreciate the information and truth found in your Remote Viewing and Influencing Course.
This course is very advanced in comparison to all the other courses I had been through in the past.
The difference I think is that it is complete!
Complete in the sense that it does not just teach you about the law of attraction, it helps you to understand how and why it works.
After going through your course, to pick up a book on personal development now would be for inspiration only.
I feel more advanced then the the authors of the programs and books I had read in the past.
I decided to use the information and remote influence my life!

I will share with you two very profound experiences, one on money and the other on healing.

First, some background: I am a General Contractor, and have been in business for the past 27 years.
Being in business is like being on a rollercoaster. Over the years, I have gone up and down, but never so down as when the economy hit my industry in 2009 and 2010.
I then lost my house, lost my wife, moved to a small apartment with my daughter and was barely scraping by!

In the creative process I know that the first step is to get clear on what I want.

I decided to make 1,000.00 a day consistently.
Every morning and every night I wrote down on paper my desired outcome.
I felt and visualized what life would be like having this now! Writing continuously this help my mind focus and keep it from wandering.
Then I would express gratitude, thanking my higher self for such a wonderful prosperous experience.
After feeling like I was conscious and very clear about my desired outcome, and what it would look like, I decided to do it in the alpha, theta, and delta states visualizing my desired outcome and feeling joy and gratitude.
After 26 days of consistent daily practice I got a call from someone working for a fortune 400 company.
I had not worked for this company for 3 years; in fact, I had never worked for them directly.
My contract was with another company that acted like a mediator and management. I had subcontracted the work from them.
The representative informed me about 65 locations across the country that would need refurbishment or relocation, build outs.
I told him that I was very interested, and he asked me to look at two locations 300 miles apart from each other.
At the time I didn’t have the money to fund a 400,000 dollar project. My finances were so bad that I would have a hard time even going to see the projects, let alone do them, but I knew something would give, and I moved forward as if there were no obstacles.
That week I was remodeling a house for a wealthy developer and he had mentioned to me about how he was displaced by the economy as well and how he could not build homes now.
I asked him if he would like to invest in a project I have and he said he would love to.
We got the project, completed it on time and made great money.
I would of made 1,000.00 a day if I didn’t have an investor. I made 500.00 a day.

For the next project I struck a deal to with the fortune 400 company to fund the project fully for me-  something they never do in commercial construction!
This funding comes with no interest.
In the meantime I also attracted 2 more investors willing to invest at much lower rates even though I didn’t need them now.
I have them for back up.
Everything came together in place, effortlessly!
Now I am doing 2 projects for them simultaneously.
The workers and subcontractors that I have attracted are vary good and are willing to travel : )

The other experience had to do with an injury, one of my workers hit my pinky with a hammer full-swing, square on my finger nail.
I was holding a 4×4 post as he beat it in place.
The next day I could not even touch it without feeling like I was hit all over again. Extremely painful!
I decided to go into a delta state that night and remote influence a healing.
The next day I had no pain just a little numbness!
My hand should of been out of commission for at least 2 weeks or more!

This program is incredible because it’s not only enlightening but when applied it works!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Mr. O’Donnell and creating such a powerful program!
I thank you and my family thanks you too!


Munjal Patel,  , a dear student from India, sent us this very nice and enlightening feedback



  • Opening the doors to The One
  • The door of pure Joy into ecstasy
  • The infinite powers of pure Love
  • How to do global healing of the planet’s consciousness
  • Manifesting and attracting all that is sought with the Infinite Force of Love.
  • Healing negativity
  • Easily Reading the thoughts and emotions of others
  • Easily and accurately Remote Viewing the stock markets
  • Raising the vibrations of others as we encounter them etc…

Dear Gerald,

My deep love and gratitude for bring up such courses. Words are not enough to express my Love and gratitude for you because you have opened the doors to Infinity for me. Your courses have helped me to realize my own Self, my own nature, which is infinite joy ever increasing and never ending ecstasy, and out of the Divine ecstasy arises  incredible Love oceans full of Infinite Love.

That is what we are all are and this is our mission to feel Infinite Love and ecstasy.

By mastering your courses we can easily achieve this feat. We just need the intention and the rest is taken care of.

I know from the bottom of my heart that you are channelling The One and Only One that IS God.  This is very serious because through the medium of Gerald The One has given us, humanity,  these RI and RV courses which are the key to liberation.

I simply love RV/RI and practice them religiously everyday. It is my routine now. It is like if I don’t meditate thrice daily then something is missing in my day; the day is not complete… When I have time I meditate with CDs, and when time is short I meditate without the CDs.  

The amount of Joy that I feel is indescribable. This is what we are after, all of humanity. We want joy only. We run after money, women and all other worldly things because by getting them we feel joy. There is nothing wrong with it, but that type of joy is limited, and the joy we can get in meditation which is made effortless by your RV/RI courses is Infinite and ever increasing and never ending. That is it.

My Life has completely changed. Now I live for this Joy and Love and everything is taken care by The One. I spend my day healing Mother Earth and the whole human consciousness. I feel so much Love for Mother Earth. It is our common responsibility to heal Her. I am going to give everything I have to heal Her.

RV/RI has given me incredible powers but these are powers of Love and Joy. Love is the most powerful powerful force in the universe.

I will give you an examples of the practical uses of the RV/RI course:

1- Even though I did not RI my family members, their behavior and the overall vibratory atmosphere of my house has changed because of my meditation sessions. It has become very peaceful and joyful. When you come in my room you can literally feel the Divine Presence because I do all my RV/RI in my room.

2- All the things that I think about come true and manifest in my life. It happens in such a way that I have to marvel at the Infinite Intelligence of The One.

3- I have made it a habit to heal instantly all the negative thoughts that I feel. EG , one of my friends, is very negative but I give healing to him and in my presence he becomes very cheerful and completely different.

4-All my vehicles work like magic. I feel that they also have consciousness and I can love them. My motorbike, even though not used for a long time would start on second kick. It works on battery and for that battery to remain charged it has to be used regularly, but magic happens!

5- I can read others’ thoughts, feelings and emotions, even of animals and plants. It is just a knowing.

6- While merged deeply with the One, at the level of now, where everything happens simultaneously, parallel thoughts and realities, I was given the message of healing the Earth Mother and humanity in daily life, being as much filled with ecstasy as  possible because joy  literally heals the wounds and it has a very deep effect on the environment.

7- I can easily Remote View the stock market very very accurately. It is freaky. I just do it to sharpen the edges of my mental concentration.

8- I can easily raise the vibrations of another person by RI and it happens in REAL TIME. When the RI starts you can literally see the change in that person behavior and emotions.

I can go on and on. It is a very long story and I don’t want to blow my horn but this is possible for EVERYONE. all of us are the children of Infinity. We have the power to feel Infinite Joy, Love, and Light and now is the time to get it.

In the end I just want to say that Gerald is amazing and very very humble, helpful, and lovable human being who has dedicated his life for the work of The One. I consider myself extremely lucky to have met this amazing master.

All my love and blessing form the deepest core of my heart to my friend. He is an inspiration to me for dedicating my life for The One. Really it is our intention that matters. if you just intend and trust on The One, everything will be taken care of.

We are lucky to have Gerald. The One tells me that I and all of us have to learn a lot from Gerald.  Gerald, we request you for more courses and teachings, and to start the web based video training of the different technique of RV/RI that you were personally going to teach us. Please consider my request.

All my Love to you.



Junior Coffi  of Japan, wrote to us as to the very powerful manifestation powers he has attained with the help of the connection to the Oneness as he trained with our Combination RV/RI courses


  • Great manifestation powers attained
  • Healings, High vibratory rates, money etc…
  • Out of body voyages at will.

Thanks for making your program available for such an affordable price.

I bought your program about 3yrs ago and I cannot enumerate all that has happened to me here.

Before buying your program I practiced all the royal arts and they were really intensive but manifestation cannot be compared to what I get from your course.

For real, I know once in a generation somebody is sent to enlighten humanity. YOU ARE THAT ONE!

If ever my house got on fire or earthquake, the only thing I will take with me is my COMBO .

Dreams, healings courage thought manifestation, increase in friends etc. I cannot find words to express myself.

A Japanese man with pancreatic cancer, another one with aneurysm have been helped. Now I practice healing.

I will get myself in theta and even delta and my prayers are: quick thought manifestation, diseases and that nature should obey me,.

I get out of my body anytime, anyplace I want.

Believe me, I vibrate! Never seen anything like this before.

Sir, I will send a very detailed testimony about my purchasing of your course, things that since have been happening to me, instant manifestation, money just manifestation in my life etc.

I think your course should be added to any or all high school programs. The course is a gift to humanity and everybody should buy as much as possible. I mean not one only!.

I finally will ask you to allow me to use your program as full teaching material in a school I want to open in Africa.




Michael Goldstein sent us this testimonial


  • Life changing manifestations using our Combination RV/RI course.
  • Rebuilding one’s life within happy thoughts and situations.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I purchased the remote influencing system about a 10 months ago. I was really at rock bottom in my life both personally and financially. I had been divorced a year before, estranged from my young children and flat broke with poor job prospects. 10 months later things are looking very,very different.

It took some time, but as you say in your messages, one can not put a time frame on manifesting changes. It will, however, happen.  I remember feeling very, very frustrated that things seemed to actually be getting worse in the first 2 months of using your product. In retrospect, there were some lessons I simply needed to learn in order to get my new vision and project under way. Now, it’s almost a year later and I have a thriving business making tools that are actually helping people heal their physical bodies. I am making a good living using my hands, which is exactly what I wanted. In addition,  I have a great new relationship and I am on the cusp of obtaining full legal and physical custody of my children. This is a tremendous shift from where I was a year ago. I even look different in my face and body.

When I use the CD’s, I don’t ever have any vivid out of body experiences, nor do I hear a clear voice of my higher self giving guidance when I ask for it. My body falls totally asleep and I do feel separate from it. My mind is totally awake. But in my mind, it just feels like I am just me, only without a body. In this state, I just concentrate on the awareness and feeling of having what I want. Then, over time in my life it seems to happen.

Thanks Mr. O’Donnell. And thank you for making a great product. 

Michael Goldstein
Long Life Saunas

Kimber Closson sent us this enthusiastic testimonial 


  • Getting cast as a principal actor in a major Hollywood film after applying the principles covered in our RI e-book

My name is Kimber Closson.  I downloaded a free copy of Mr. O’Donnell’s “Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed” and it IMMEDIATELY changed my life!!!  I do not own the whole system, just the eBook!

I once considered myself a “nothing”, but Mr. O’Donnell taught me to reprogram my thinking to *I AM EVERYTHING* & here is how it ended: 

I went from being an extra on the set of feature film “CONTAGION” to a Principal Actor in 24 HOURS!  My character says line to Bryan Cranston and Laurence Fishburne responds!   

As soon as I can afford the systems, I am BUYING IT! 

Thank you, Mr. O’Donnell.  Your guidance CAN save the world!!!  I am CONVINCED!

Because of what you have shared in even your FREE book, I have manifested a desire within 24 hours!  It took me over 7 years to manifest being sculpted as the character “Death” from the Neil Gaiman “Sandman” comic book for DC Direct, but I did it.   

I have very little acting training & only read a script for one thing years ago & got cast as a featured extra instead.  I do not have an agent.  I chickened out of every audition that I submitted my pic for that called back.  The parts I have played were given to me, but the projects never completed. 

Being bumped from the Extras pool to a principal actor “never happens”.  The man who prepped us in the Extras holding room said, “I’ve worked this job for 15 years and I have seen 3 people get bumped up.  It’s *not* going to happen.  You are here to be background.  It’s not going to happen.  It never happens.”   

Well, IT HAPPENED TO ME and I’m not going to waste this momentum.   

I am embracing it!  I am in LOVE with it, as I have come to love myself and everything all around me.  I am in love with this world that I can make even more beautiful! 

Yes, I see from the “characters” I play(ed) during my life that persona is a calculated act; and that fact ought not to be diminished; it’s how we live here!!  I don’t have to feel guilt that I show only certain aspects to certain people.  This is a natural occurrence- not bad habit!

I cannot thank you enough.  But I will.  I will!   

This is not only the story of my experience, but in sharing this with you, it becomes a contract; I am accountable through you to conquer my fears and move forward & upward.  Life is as grand as I had always hoped & I enjoy every taste of it!  I cannot be a coward in a world that I created!  There is only NOW and everything counts! 


With purest love, deepest gratitude,

Kimber Closson

Sharon McGraham sent us this testimonial


  • Becoming a master Reality manifestor and attracting the people and events that are requested by her inner Being and resonating vibrations.

Since taking your courses (and continuing) I am drawing forth people and events in such frequency and ease, it’s blowing me away!

Although I understand the underlying connectedness of us all, it’s just amazing, bizarrely delightful, and I’m loving it!

Thank you, Gerald…

S. McGraham
Holistic Practitioner
Santa Cruz, CA

Paul Franceus, a student of the Academy, sent us this powerful testimonial  of what could only be call nowadays a miraculous healing of a broken bone, which he commanded in a hospital setting while putting himself  in a deep Mind state of  Delta. An event which allopathic modern biochemistry organic-focused medicine would not  possibly be able to explain,  since this field  does not yet recognize that all “matter” is just vibratory Light which can be shaped and commanded by Thought and that all of it is just hence a product of vibratory (energized) Mind.

My name is Paul Franceus. I am 49 years old and I live in Pennsylvania. I am a self employed contractor.

I have had Gerald’s course for about 3 years so far, and have a lot of incredible experiences, but what happened on Monday Oct 11th 2010 was truly amazing.

I was at a house rebuilding a porch and I lost my balance and fell backwards and landed on a concrete step on my left arm. The bone in my arm immediately snapped completely in half, right above my elbow. My elbow twisted and was pointing towards my stomach and the back of my hand hit myself in the face. My arm was completely broken and mangled, and I screamed out for my employee to call 911.

 E.M T.s came quickly and tried to put my arm in an air cast, trying to be careful not to cause any further damage as my bone from my elbow was bulging out the back of my arm.

When I got to the hospital, they gave me an IV and a pain killer. The pain killer made me groggy, and I decided to try to go into delta and try to manifest a healing.

I don’t know if I made it to another realm, but I definitely went into delta and commanded a healing and showed great thanks and gratitude for the healing I was hoping for. 

A doctor came in shortly and took x-rays. Later he came back and said they needed to do a C.A.T.  scan. They did that and I waited for a couple more hours before they came back in again looking kind of perplexed and they told me that my arm was not broken. I exclaimed “What? I saw the bone break and it was bulging out of the back of my arm!”   The doctor leaned over me and whispered to me: ” We don’t know what happened, but your bone is not broken anymore.”

I told him what I had done, trying to manifest a healing, and he did not know what to say. They released me and I went home with my arm swollen, and black and blue, but not in much pain and I went back to work the next morning and nobody could believe it. 

 I am so thankful for Gerald’s course. I am sure that I would have needed plates and screws, maybe multiple operations, and I would have been out of work for a long time, but I was back to work the very next day.

Paul Franceus


Pamela Paxman , a dedicated and courageous Light bringer sent us this beautiful and profound feedback after training with the combo and especially RI CD #8

Gerald leads the listener into a delta brainwave pattern, normally a sleep state of mind, but I remain aware of his instructions to travel to the sun, to the center of the earth and back again, establishing a connection between myself and all of God’s creations.  The following is what I wrote immediately after this meditation.  I felt so different.  I felt indescribable peace and don’t recognize this style of writing that came of it. 

I have traveled to the center of the earth and back to the celestial center of God’s realms.  I have established a connection tangible and firm between myself and all of His creations.  I travel through space and time in perfect harmony with God’s vibrational levels of perfection.  I never understood until now the great desire in all of us to progress toward Him.   Our spirits were forged in the pool of fire, God’s fire of light.  We are magnificent in our creation and as such are destined to return.  This temporary human experience allows us the choice to live with Him or not.  At the core of the sun is the cool, vibrating, living core of love, pulsing with the light of life bathing us in her gift.  All creations are life and worship Him.  The flowers sing praises to their Creator.  The sun vibrates it’s joy down on us as a small representation of His Love.  I have seen a glimpse of our potential as light being.  The sun will hide its face in shame at the majesty of His complete glory in light.  I travel along my fiery red-orange golden strands of light progressing toward the sun. I enter through a facet of His diamond presence and my soul remembers as my body is engulfed in unearthly light and love.  Golden energy replaces organic structures in my mortal tabernacle and I transcend.  I feel my true creation, my true being.  I am an extension of He who created me.  I am not this body.  I am not my earthbound actions or labels.  I am not small.  I rise above this temporary existence to see myself through his eyes.  I am infinite and immortal.  I am becoming perfection.  I fill the universe as an extension of Him.  We are one.  He is the Father of my spirit where there are no limitations.  A new vocabulary does not know the negative or the limiting.  I feel in complete ecstasy of mind, body and soul for here in this place is perfect acceptance of self.  The body is just the vehicle I have temporarily stepped into. 

I am not my body any more than I am the car I ride in or the house in which I live.  I am separate from earth’s imperfections and rise a glorious being of light in infinite potential.  Streaming from my presence filling all space and time, I am a creator.  

I rise above the petty thoughts of the day and choose to live higher.  I look to the beautifully created earth for daily cues– reminders of my infinite worth.  The birds sing to Him, the trees ever reach to Him, the breath He lends me daily fills the expanse in it’s full creation.  Every living creature vibrates with pure golden light through mortal blood pathways, waiting it’s resurrective perfection.  Only man, only me, loses vision.  Only I forget the perfect place of love from whence I came and to whence I will forever dwell.  Only this ultimate creation, me, forgets His love and finds myself stuck in earthly grime.   

Yet, the forgetfulness serves a purpose.  First, I learn to recognize the veil, second accept it, third desire to go beyond it in remembering.  Accept the diamonds cast down here in the form of trials designed to give us the ability to go beyond our self-determined limits.  Lastly walk through and remember.

I see the light, His light in me, separating into diamonds falling to earth.  Gathering speed and power entering the atmosphere then gently lighting on each home, into each heart, an awakening and admonition to also look heavenward for remembrance of the brilliant, perfectly loved you, His children.

Laszlo Sztojkovics of Ontario Canada sent us this 

I am very grateful to you for your RI course.

It has transformed my life. I have become successful. My faith keeps growing.

I believe that I can achieve anything I really want in life.

If I start energizing a positive thought, it materializes sooner or later.

I see the world differently and finally managed to reconnect to the One. 

Thank you again, Gerald!

You are a Blessing! 

Best Wishes, 

Laszlo Sztojkovics, Brampton, ON. Canada



Al Gersh wrote to us 


  • Rapid manifestations of his dream after listening once to our combo course

Dear Gerald,

I decided to move out of this country where I have lived for 7 years but usually I have to search and hunt for a place to move to and it’s especially difficult with horses BUT after just listening to the set of CDs ONCE I have 2 people, 1 is a friend of my daughter’s whom I have never met and the other is a friend of my sister’s who I haven’t seen or talked to in 50 years! Well, they both called me and asked me to come and train horses and live on their property and play music and start a community, (which is what I lack where I’m at now)! one is 15 acres and she does the healing reins with handicap kids and the other is 400 acres with elk and bear on the side of a mountain! and get this, they both bought property that were COMMUNES in the 70’s; what are the odds of that occurring in almost the same day???

I will be buying and using ANY materials you have, thank you, again and now on to manifesting more money for those new materials!!!!


Joahn  A. Lantow, a student of ours, wrote to us this testimonial 


  • Deflecting a tornado’s path using RV and RI and the power of One. No injuries reported.

On June 17th right before my birthday a tornado was heading for our small town of Austin Minnesota.

The sirens were going and the news reporter said it was going to be catastrophic and the people of the town should go to their basements. 

I took my flashlight went to the basement. While sitting there in the dark I went into a deep delta state. I focused on remote viewing the tornado and the storm. I merged into it with the sense of One. I then spoke to it through visual images and my own voice in my mind.  

I told it that in the name of the One and His son Jesus that it could come to town but not cause damage. I also told it not to rain as we had gotten quite enough rain the previous week. All this was done at the level of remote viewing and influencing. 

The tornado altered its predicted course and wound up just clipping the outskirts of town and that was it. The weird thing was I saw it doing this before it happened!

 Within a short amount of time not only did the town not get hit, as predicted but just clipped with minor injuries. Another thing I was influencing for was no injuries. The whole thing was done in an hour to an hour and a half. Then the stars came out. 

My neighbor commented on how odd it was that it thundered and there was lightning but no rain. Hmmmmm. 

On my birthday the headline was that the town got lucky and was clipped but not hit head on. 

I remember thinking as I was heading for the basement when the sirens are going off if there ever was a time to have remote viewing and influencing work this would be it! 

Thanks Again


Michael Constantino, a recent trainee, wrote to us this feedback 


  • Experiencing Precognition levels and high intuition.
  • Remote healing others and experiencing multi-dimensions.
  • Deepening Love for humanity.


Your program has been nothing short of miraculous. The light within my heart and awareness has grown significantly over the past year. I cannot believe it. I care more. I feel more. I am more aware. And what is incredible, is that I know with certainty that I am the god of my thoughts, of my mental dominion, and its up to me to create joy within my reality. 

I have experienced more vivid dreams and spontaneous creativity due to my work with your program. I have experienced dream precognition, deeper levels of intuition, remote healing of others, and unexpected multidimensional awareness. 

I lay my head against my pillow each night, close my eyes, and remote influence my heart’s desire with an absolute certainly and inner joy within my heart, that I cannot help but to smile knowing that it has already been created. Amazing. 

I love and care more for everyone. People see it. I know what is going on with people simply by sensing and being close to them. 

I heartily recommend this program to all and anyone who is interested in spiritual development. It is far more than merely about remote viewing/influencing — it is about taking quantum leaps in the evolution of consciousness! 

Get this, Gerald, I have only but scratched the surface of the combined program. I have only listened to the program in its entirety twice over the past year. I listen to it now mainly when I can, as I am currently in school, and when I feel prompted and open to it. The changes in me continue to become more and more pronounced. The awareness reveals itself the day after listening and continues to show up many weeks and months after a single listening. Incredible. 

Your combined program is amazing, friend. I thirst for the next level and cannot wait to see what I experience through it! 

All the best, 

Michael Constantino 

P.S. I thought I would add, when you do remote healing work on behalf of the ARVARI community, it is felt. There have been two occasions over the past year when I have felt this healing/counseling energy from you. It defies description. This is something everyone is doing unconsciously all the time, but now we can harness it with full conscious intention.


Rev. Dr. Tamara Coleman sent us this enthusiastic testimonial.  Please read below:

Hello Gerald: 

I am a new user and I have just completed the RI/RV COURSE February 1, 2009. I did this in 24 days as you requested. 

Today, I sit here sharing my experiences with you in a state of surreal and disjointed reality.  I feel strangely both disconnected and absolutely calm. 

I have been exposed to everything from multiple religions, new age, ancient schools, and gurus from sea to shining sea; never being satisfied with what I was learning or hearing.  I have read everything from Chopra, Dyer, India’s Gurus, American Gurus, old out of print books like the Power of Concentration, Thought Vibrations, etc.  Though good to a point, I never was able to execute successfully or permanently any transformation in my reality. 

This has always been my goal, to transform my reality at will, by thought alone. No one and no thing had ever met this mental intent/knowing I have had all of my life but  YOUR COURSE the RI/RV COMBO COURSE!   

I am now taking FULL responsibility for all of my good, bad, or ugly situations in my entire sphere of reality, past, future or NOW!  Your course has vibrated off every shred of foolish, ignorant and self-sabotaging thought patterns and behaviors.  This is why I feel completely disjointed/disconnected but WIDE AWARE


  1. A church member came to me after church one day to ask for prayer for her husband who was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was undergoing test to determine the course of action the doctors would take.  I looked intently at her and remote viewed the picture she had painted and changed it right then. I said to her; “Mrs. McGee, your husband does not have PROSTATE CANCER, he only has some mild discomfort in his back that can be relieved by a good nights’ rest and a couple of aspirin.” 

The next Sunday, she came to church and reported that her husband did not have prostate cancer and that he only had a mild infection that required rest, and he was back at work, even about to get a new job with UPS as a truck driver. 

  1. My daughter was given a full academic scholarship for 4 years in the middle of the school year from the university she is attending.  The letter came out of the blue January 7, 2009.  It is unheard of to receive a full academic scholarship in the second semester and after they were all given out by September 2008. 
  2. 3.  It takes no effort to heal anyone now.  I simply look intently at the person before me, see, the picture I desire, then I speak to them what I see.  I always use the cobalt blue energy from your course to do this.  Even when I touch someone asking for help they respond immediately with shock or joy to my touch.  This pleases me to see and feel the restoration of their bodies. 
  3. 4.  My body is completely healed of the stiffness of arthritis, and varicose veins; and I no longer have sinus infections.  My nasal passageways are the clearest they’ve been  in 25 years, my hair is now completely black, my stamina is that of a 25 year old, and people and animals are attracted to me like bees to honey, but little children are especially attracted and they speak in baby/god talk to me all the time. 
  4. 5.  KNOWINGNESS/ESP has increased 100 fold resulting in a rock solid calmness of peace.  I recognized the Dark Matrix’s ploys and plot quickly and I have great difficulty in believing in the traumas and dramas they present.  What is boredom a sign of? 
  5. 6. MIND READING- I was already operating in this arena before your COMBO course but it was infant sized compared to the full blown God size ability I now have. I know when people are lying, being truthful and even know the things they are into.  It seems I scan their energy fields without thinking about it and the packets of info come quickly, in a twinkling of an eye.  I have learned to stay detached and non-committal about what I see. 
  6. 7. Lastly, the internal joy, love, peace, and assuredness radiating within me in so powerful and intense that I change the atmosphere in a room at will from confusion to calm by going to deep Delta with my eyes open and cover the room with the intense purple of that level.

Today, is February 2, 2009, and I an starting the course from the beginning a second time and I am taking your advice and will perform the techniques without the CD’s TO QUANTUM JUMP MY ABILITIES AND EVOLUTION INTO HIGHER REALMS QUICKLY

I have the HIGHEST REGARDS for you and your knowledge to accelerate us all into higher and more harmonious realms of life.  Thank you for your brilliant work and integrity. 

Rev. Dr. Tamara Coleman

David Tong an Australian student sent us this feedback 


  • Having a subjective experience of being lifted out of this “matrix world “

Dear Gerald,

This is David from Australia.  I bought your CDs a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve just finished going through all the RV & RI CDs.  It’s been good.  On the second or third day, I was able to use RV to cast out dark spirits that have been haunting a friend of my friend’s mother remotely.

 Last week, after I finished the last RI CD; I went to bed as normal.  Then, as I was drifting into peaceful sleep.  I felt my spirit lifted out of this world, to another plane, its horizon seems endless, and it is filled with infinite power.  Then, I hear rumbling sound, and also dances of lightnings.  I felt that I was above the “matrix”. 

I thought it was a wonderful experience, and at the time, I thought that something in the RI CD has led me to this experience.  I didn’t know because I was “asleep” during parts of listening.  Anyway, a week later, I listened to the CD again staying “awake” throughout, but I didn’t hear any suggestion that I would be lifted out of matrix to the plane of infinite power. 

Anyway, I wasn’t too concerned about it.  I just thought that it was a wonderful experience. 

Then yesterday, I was reading the Book of Revelation.  I came across the following:

Rev 4:5 “From the throne came flashes of lightning, rumblings, and peals of thunder.”

That’s St John’s vision of Heaven, and it fits with my vision as well. 

Was I taken up to Heaven?  What is the significance or meaning of this experience?   

Thanks, with Love,



Adrian Hall sent us this enthusiastic testimonial 


  • Great amount of inspired downloads of necessary information from Higher Intelligence
  • Dramatic increase in reality manifesting abilities, in life, money, love etc…
  • Interesting “deja vu” experiences (alike what is shown in the movie “matrix”)
  • Leaving for moments the 3D dream and going into full Peace.

Hello there Gerald, 

Firstly I want to thank you once again for creating these courses,

The first thing that comes to mind is the huge increase in inspirational downloads.  These manifest in a variety of different ways from thoughts and ideas that just ‘pop in my consciousness’  to what is becoming increasingly obvious signs that turn up just when I need them, originating from peoples comments, to books, articles and other events. An interesting occurrence is that I, myself, am often totally unaware of the need (or in fact the very existence) of some of this info but upon reflection upon its content, I usually get a “that’s exactly what I was after” moment!

My manifesting abilities (powers) have also increased dramatically. From cars, computers, a camera and a TV and other material objects, to money, friends, girlfriends, situations and new lifestyles and locations. These usually take only one or two sessions in a deep state to manifest, and now lately I even had a few manifestations without the need to go into a deep altered state. I find it a great joy and a point of amazement to observe how it all comes about,  usually in ways that I least expect.

Like a number of other trainees have also noted, I also have had a few deja vu experiences. Like the one just the other day when sitting in my car on the side of the road looking out the window as a man with a number of very distinguishable features passed me on a bike. I  looked down to change the station on my stereo, and upon looking up, he went past me again giving me the same big smile as before!  Well, this certainly got my attention, and kept a smile on my face with a big amount of energy buzzing through my body for the rest of the day!

I frequently listen to CDs while starring at the flame of a candle, which helps keep me focused and prevents me from dropping to far into Delta, and as a side effect event seems to have started to happen. First the material world in my peripheral vision begins to fade and disappear beginning at the extent of my vision and gradually moving into the centre, whereupon ‘nothing’ remains to be seen. A deep sense of calm accompanies this. Have I entered into such a deep state that my consciousness has gone beyond this world of form?

This also happens when looking in to the centre of my eyes in a mirror for a small amount of time.

Another occurrence I have noticed is that sometimes people answer my questions before I have even had a chance to ask them, but by all appearances they seem to have ‘heard’ me speak!

This is just a very small number of events and happenings that have happened to ‘me’ over the years, all of which have been very eye-opening and thought-provoking.

I would also like to thank you for bringing to the notice of many the two radio interviews you did with Michael Jura, and also the July 14th 2006 Probable Future Events article and your latest, March of the One. All have been incredibly insightful and mind expanding.

Cheers and Peace,



Michael Jura  sent us this enthusiastic testimonial 


  • Great satisfaction with the combo training
  • Powerful effects of operating from deep Theta and Delta
  • Experiencing 3 out of body projections
  • Great ability to Remote View and Influence situations
  • Using RV/RI in daily business and personal life
  • Speeding up manifestations
  • Undoing fear patterns

Dear Gerald:

This is Michel Jura.

First let me congratulate you on your Remote Viewing and Influencing combination training system. I ordered it over 8 months ago and I must truly say: WOW this is an incredible set of mind training protocols the like of which I have yet to have been exposed to before. 

I run a blog on the subject of Remote viewing and have been fascinated by this field for a number of years. Exploring the powers of the mind is a passion since childhood. 

I have followed closely many of the different remote viewing protocols and I have trained with  a number of systems. I must say that your courses are truly amazing and have had a great transformative effect on me.  

Not only do you explain in your Remote Influencing course the mechanisms of the mind but you make us explore every aspect of it on our own, at our own command. This is truly amazing and has made me see the world with a totally different perspective.  

Almost every week as I train with your combination course I find myself transformed. The changes are very real.  Changes pile up upon changes. It is truly magical!

 Every time I put a CD in my player I am filled with anticipation not knowing what great shift I will experience and where my mind may take me.   I have found that repeating the course for a second and third time has allow me each time to make a quantum jump in abilities. Amazing! 

I must tell you that my ability to Remote View and Remote influence has now truly skyrocketed.  Operating from a level of mind of deep theta and Delta has opened a new world of wild possibilities to me. The mirror of my mind has taken a clarity  beyond my wildest dreams. I sense events in advance and people’s inner thoughts. I often sit at business meetings amused at the fact that I read most of the participants.  I often find myself answering questions before they have even been vocally phrased . You should see the faces of my associates! You have no idea how much I apply your teachings in my day- to- day life.  

I have trained for many years with the Silva Method to reach Alpha and even some Theta. You course is a natural progression to even deeper levels of mind.  Deep Theta feels differently from Delta.  I can now easily tell which level I find myself in, and there is no greater peace than Delta.  I also have achieved total control over the levels I want to reach for different tasks. It is all very fascinating. I am still exploring.

Being in these very deep states of mind has brought to manifestation  many events I have remote influenced.   The lag time between energizing a thought and its manifestation into reality seems to get shorter by the day. I also very much appreciate your emphasis and teachings on how to unlearn from fear states and do a deep inner cleansing. I feel lighter and happier. Your shield of light is priceless to deflect negativity.  

I also have had three  out-of -body experiences while taking your course.  That was a trip in itself! I thank you for teaching me to lucid dream and use this level to do remote viewing and influencing at night.  I have more to tell but will leave it to a further communication.

You have truly accumulated an incredible body of techniques here. What I like the most is that all this learning is effortless as you bring us into a very passive state where all these techniques are being imprinted in our mind. 

Oh before I stop here, let me thank you for the many thought and light healing modalities which are part of the Remote Influencing course. I can now scan a human or pet and apply these techniques even without their full knowledge. Healing someone from Delta is the most potent method I know of.   

You deserve many kudos for having put out such incredible material and training modalities the like of which I have never seen anywhere else. It embodies all the teachings I have received from other schools and so much more…I consider you a master teacher in this field.    

I cannot wait and see what you will produce next.  

You are free to publish this email. 

Michael Jura

Caroline Hurry sent this this testimony 

  • Subject: Manifesting great outcomes with the Combo courses.

I am loving the course … HUGE changes are happening in my life … and the RI course is really helping me to stay focused and manifest brilliant outcomes ….

To be continued …

Thank YOU with love and gratitude


Hossein Johanian sent us this very nice feedback


  • Increased ability to predict future (RV/intuition) and manifest reality (RI)

Dear Gerald,

I really want to thank you for giving this amazing gift to us. My life is not the same. My level of intuition has gone out of the roof and I can’t believe I manifest some of my desires so quickly! 

Thanks a lot,


John Matias  – a very serious student of our Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing combination course, sent us this enthusiastic testimonial 


  • Very advanced manifestation powers over “reality” emerging after repeating our Combo course for the 4th time. He is finally “molding” reality powerfully and rapidly to his liking. Please read below.

Current Student—RI & RV courses

Dear Mr. O’Donnell:

I have completed the courses 3x now (01/07 – now) and am beginning my 4th walk through.
In a nutshell I am physically and mentally experiencing a shifting of time, space and recently, (last 6 months or so), material objects around me are vanishing on a continual basis of which the magnitude and frequencies are rapidly expanding. Things literally disappear around me and reappear at later points of time, sometimes in totally different space (up to 50 miles away). My family and friends have been witnessing it as well and I need some feedback. Over the weekend I lost time while sitting in my car in a parking lot.  The car and I vanished for 5 hours and I have no idea what happened. Again witnessed by son and wife.
Additionally, I am being physically touched by my fractal points within these outer realms, sometimes intensely—(ask me about the blood coming out of my arm when my 2nd son was with me, and identifiable marks as well}—- and it has been suggested to me that the “synchronicities” of this time present to future manifestation are a key of some sort, some higher level that I can not only interface with as we all do, but also redirect in some sort of way on a major basis.
It has become a standing “joke” that if I say something, the physical manifestation of it will appear the same day, sometimes within minutes of the conversation.
I am witnessing a “particulation” of all creation around me, almost like everything is “pixilated” and with the correct thrust of focus I am led to believe that the matter around me is totally moveable and manageable. What I witnessed in deep delta states was this matter of our space and time fluttering away, like slivers of dark matter, continually shedding off everything and everybody. It seems as if everything around us is like a huge web continually around our physical present existence looking for the focal points of creative desire and intent.
I am experiencing shifts of immense proportions and I am not sure what all this means. 
To a “normal” human this all sounds like I am losing my mind.  My kids and wife have seen so much of it recently it has become the family joke, “Dad is shifting again”. My co- workers who have a level of attunement see it as well and again have witnessed some of this.  I feel as if I have fallen out of this time and space and keep wondering ( as I have since my earliest recollections) what and why I am doing here.
Additionally, I have a perplexing question about this “reality—where does it all go? And I do not mean “relics” left behind, where does the tender energy go?

Would love to hear from you about this message and chat a bit, maybe you can help my redirection that started in 1992 when I died (in a car nonetheless) and stood next to my prime source before I was pushed back here. Thanks to you and your superb courses I have not only been put back on the course of true enlightenment, I have been able to spread my high white light energies to all I come in contact with, helping all as it should be.
May the creator and all light shine among you and all you touch at this time, thank you  for helping me.


John Matias 

Katherine Dahni a combo RV/RI student of our Academy sent us this feedback 


  • Better concentration and brain processing capability
  • Improved life and greater thought manifestations into reality


I like your new Arvari homepage.  Seems these days that wherever I look your site seems to appear. I am researching one thing and you show up, somehow?

I love your courses. I have become more focused and am able to process information more effectively after listening to the Arvari program consistently for a year.  I am overcoming “brain freeze” disorder.  My physical reality has changed considerably, for the better.  I am watching my wishes/repetitive thoughts take form and become my experience.  My vibrational field has heightened and is matched in physical form/reality.

The dance is becoming the mirthful fest it was meant to be. 

Joyous Light Everywhere


Diederik Willemans write us this feedback after having trained with our combination V/RI courses for only ONE week.


  • Feeling extreme joy and deep inner peace
  • Experiencing wile staying awake the Delta state (old sleep state)

Hello Gerald, 

First thank you very very much for the combined RV/RI course. It arrived on Monday April 30th, just before a short holiday May 1st-May4th so that I had plenty of time to start with it. 

And indeed one of the experiences while being in deep meditation with your program after a few CD’s was extreme joy and deep peace. I am halfway through now and it is very exciting to embark to each next CD, I also repeated every session and some of them I did 3 times.  

Yesterday I finished the RI 7 CD where you for the first time go into DELTA (feels different than THETA). In Theta there is always a kind of soft mild flickering before my eyes that comes up and later in DELTA disappears again.

Best regards,


Andy Beckman sent us this testimonial 


  • Our new enhanced CD version II of the combination RV/RI courses

Just wanted to give you a little bit of feedback here on the new courses.
I haven’t had very much time to use them to their full extent, we rescued a puppy 2 weeks ago and it’s a little hard to be undisturbed during a session! But, while listening to CD’s RI 2 & 3 reached very deep Delta levels that I have not yet experienced before.  After those CD’s I’ve spent about 5 days rather spaced-out. Reality seems to be more “bendy” and dream-like. I was so spaced-out that I thought it proper to give it a few days and become more grounded. I’m also having dreams with much more vividness and conscious control. There are many examples but I won’t go into them as I know your time is precious, yet I keep the experiences in my dream journal.

Many more insights have come to me about your mission. Hopefully, we can arrange a date and time to talk on the phone at length about this. Just let me know when it is most convenient for you. Thank you for your time and attention.

As to others who would like to get the courses, I say: Go for it and use them!

Dr. Linda Weatley  Ph.D.  wrote to us the following comments:


  • Increased abilities to manifest realities
  • How your own inner Light becomes perceived by others
  • How a second time through the combination RI/RV program usually causes a quantum leap in awareness.

Dear Gerald

Thank you!
I am seeing a tremendous increase in many abilities that I had before being exposed to your work especially manifestation abilities. (I must be careful what I think about)
Lucid dreaming occurs regularly along with fairly accurate psychic and sensing abilities.
As a result, I have become uncomfortably “sensitive” to many new physical things such as bright fluorescent lighting, loud sounds, telephones etc.
Many people have commented on the light surrounding and emanating from my being.
Thank you for this incredible work!
You were correct when you stated that the 2nd time through the program would result in quantum changes!! It has been an awesome journey.
Thank you for this incredible work!

Linda Wheatley, Ph.D.,R.T.(R)(MR)
Chair, Radiologic Technology Program
Assistant Professor
Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

Linda in CA, wrote to us this enthusiastic testimonial 


  • Her first major “miracle” manifestation

Hi Gerald,

I Hope you are well and happy.  I am so excited! I just had to write and share.  I manifested a condo with no $$ down, no earnest $$, and only had to spend about $50.00 and that was for a notary!   It’s  exactly what I wanted !  It was not something I was obsessed with, but it was a desire–this is sooooo coool!   I’ve been listening to your tapes for 2 years now and things are shaking!!!  I think of you often and send you love and happiness. 


Sue Parker a RI trainee from the UK sent us


  • Interesting comment about the effects of listening to our CD on its Delta track while asleep, and experiencing what is commonly called “Yogi Sleep” that rare yogis experience after many years of training. Body asleep and mind totally aware. Try it, it opens a new realm of reality and potentials!

Dear Gerald,

A few months ago I received the first part of your ‘Thought and Reality Course’ and had an experience that was both amazing and unexpected while using the C.D.

I set the C.D player to repeat both tracks on continuous play throughout the night and as my body slept – woke to a reality I have not experienced before.

I was aware of my room, thoughts and actions, the CD playing – In fact, I was sure I was still awake until woken by my alarm!

I stand in awe, to have been fully aware while my body was sound asleep.

Sue Parker

Carey Steward   a remote Viewing/Remote Influencing graduate sent us this  feedback


  • Manifesting his chosen career and life
  • Increasing his consciousness level “Hawkins score” on the map of consciousness (Consult books by David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D. as to meaning and procedure) while taking our training.

I love the Remote Influence & Remote Viewing courses.  I have trained with the courses for many years.  The results are better and better with each year.  The last time I wrote several year ago, I experienced seeing colored circles and hearing vibratory noises in head. I experienced  “The grand illusion” without having to take a mind-altering drug.  I reflect back on the past experiences and realize how powerfully you are able to influence your world through thoughts. 

The job I now have is a result of holding an intention through listing what I seek in a job.  Everything came true and yet, now is the time to move on to new exciting opportunities.  This is just a sample of circumstances manifested through a strong intention.  I also do energy healing work on myself and others through a clinic.  I use energetic testing to make energy corrections and obtain information to verify through results.  Energetic testing reveals my Hawkins Score on the Map of Consciousness Scale is at 840 and listing to the Remote Influencing Tape 1 & 2 raised my score nearly 43 points.  The score is now 997 next to Christ Consciousness of 1000 with a combination of methods and pulling old non-serving beliefs out of my energy system.  I checked yours with a score of 1873, which is off the charts of 1500 with the new revised charts.  I am blissfully happy all the time and the negativity just vanishes with no effect.  I now understand how come some universes connect and other do not. 

Tape 2 of the Remote Viewing Course is extremely powerful. It has the most effect in bringing out creativity and experiencing vibrations.

Expect Many Blessings in Health & Wealth


Bill Maas , a very advanced student, wrote to us  the following:


  • Using the courses to overcome the matrix of dark thought forms

Dear Gerald:

   I am writing to you today in regard to your students. As I have told you I listen to all the Academy’s tapes all the time. I choose the one that my higher self decides. Tape # 4 is an excellent refresher for all that have taken the course. I strongly recommend that they listen to it again or as many times as they need to in order to take them out of the dark matrix. If this other energy exists, it is only that it is threatened by our awareness and knows it will soon no longer have the grip it has had. The changes you and I see are the changes the One has told us would happen, as painlessly as possible but with some pain nevertheless.
I vigilantly manifest with high vibratory light the world at peace . True as it is, I expect resistance from a force that had no adversaries for thousands of years and as we are all the One then we all should expect the same. Until that day when we all cross that bridge together, we still have to smile knowing that is where we want to go and that is where we are going to go as One. That is the Happy Thought to remind your students as they speak to you and write you. Reassure them in themselves that they are the One and they will then stop crying and be in joy as your course teaches and as their higher self knows.  Soon it will be a new world in which we will all wake up to.

   Happy Thoughts  I send love to the world to you and your family   Bill Maas

Stephanie Yamout, former Silva Mind instructor; NLP, Quantum Entrainment and ThetaHealing  practitioner, took our courses and sent us this enthusiastic testimonial 


  • After much experience as a Silva Mind instructor and practitioner of different advanced mind modalities, she finds that our combo  combine them all and goes far beyond them in its teachings.
  • Feeling the “inner Smile’ and Peaceful happiness in her daily life. Regaining the “inner child” within.
  • Purging and transmuting old lower vibrations of painful fear-laden memories
  • Experiencing, all of a sudden, while in Delta, the unfathomable super-bright Light of the “Inner Sun” of the One Creator Energy.

Dear Gerald 

I am in the process of doing the RV/RI course. I take my time because I listen to every CD two or three times and then I practice on a daily basis what I have learned. You probably can imagine how much I enjoy your course, it is the BEST I have ever done so far – and I have done quite a bit. I am an “old” Silva Mind practitioner – even used to teach it, an NLP practitioner, Quantum Entrainment practitioner (QE) and a ThetaHealing practitioner (among quite a few other practices). You have put something together that combines all of these techniques and tops them off. Never have I been able to reach such heights of mind. I have been doing quite a bit of automatic writing, channeling, past life regressions with others and and and…. however, with your training I feel I have arrived home. Much has already happened since I started the course and I know a lot more will follow. I’ll give you details later.  

I already have  a constant smile not only on my face but all over inside of me and there are always songs playing in the background of my mind, quite entertaining. I can laugh much more easily and mostly about myself. I found the little girl again that I used to be , full of laughter and mischief (positive). I am totally in love with myself and happy for no reasons at all. I wish everybody would one day take your course and arrive where I am. 

Spending every day from one to two hours in expanded awareness and higher vibrations has me going through a purging process that at times is painful. When I ask myself, why the pain, I become aware that this is a necessary process because states of high vibration do not sustain lower vibrations of fear in all its facets. Once I am able to let go of the story that is seemingly attached to the emotion (energy in motion to be exact), I am at peace. My new understanding of “I AM THAT I AM” is so much more profound than before and actually brings me closer and closer to where I want to be: One with ONE, at peace within peace. Unconditional Love for what IS.

Well, today, as I was laying under my umbrella at the beach being in “mental state delta” all of a sudden, the light in my inner “eye” became as bright as a super bright sun/light.  First I thought that the umbrella was being pulled away but then as the light got so bright I got “scared” and opened (unfortunately) my eyes and the whole experience was over. At least, now I know what light I am IF I let it happen. This was quite something for me and I hope it will happen again so that I can bathe in this light and receive the information that is connected to it. I am still listening to any of your CDs and they reveal more and more…………….

Your exercises are of such value that there cannot  be put a price in dollars to them. I really wish that all of humanity (well, maybe half of them…. lol) would pick up your teachings and DO the exercises. For me it is not so much the manifesting or viewing part, but the self-realization of what I am in REALITY. I guess once I am totally aware of the power of my reason for being a human being, I’ll be a master manifester of Paradise, Garden of Eden.

Once more I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and the wonderful CDs of, in particular the remote influencing ones, your courses. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of either listening to you or doing the exercises on my own.

Thank you for everything you do for humanity. You have my highest respect. 

Warm greetings,

Stefanie Yamout

Morton Glazera sent us on August 02, 2006 his very interesting experience of the the Remote Viewing/Influencing Combo course’s ability to teach anyone how to tap the Infinite Power within to influence thought and our Holographic Light/Universe. Case in point:  healing, reshaping, or rejuvenating any biological process.


  • Improving Cerebral Palsy
  • Rapid Healing of friends’ ailment such as kidney stones, chronic pain, bad backs, migraine headaches etc..
  • Making people loose weight by reshaping their physiology and morphogenic fields.
  • Changing the physiological cup size of his girlfriend’s breasts.
  • Experiencing Astral Projection and the Eternal Flame of Light within

Dear Gerald,

  I want your students to know about the healing capabilities of your Remote Influencing course.  Specifically, what can be done with tape 6.
  With this tape, I have healed dozens of people, some of the most notable healings being:

Cerebral Palsy

I’ve been telling you about my cousin for a while (he has cerebral palsy, and is in a wheelchair).  I’ve been working on him again, and there has been progress.  His hand is still improving, and his legs (both paralyzed) have feeling in them.  His feet are almost straight (before they were pointing in opposite directions, and were useless).  He has full
movement in his toes, which before were gnarled and twisted together.  He told me that his legs “have feeling in them, and I can almost feel the blood pumping through them”.  They are also more limber, and he can move his legs more.  I’ll tell you what;  when he can walk, whenever that is, I will have him send you an email himself.  Or call you, for that matter.  He now believes that he will walk one day, and I continue to use RI to help him.

Removing kidney stones.

  A friend was in terrible pain, and couldn’t get out of bed.  He was not far from going to the hospital.  This was a grown man, and he was in tears for two days.  I used tape 6 on him.  I did as you instructed, I formed the energy body and from there I saw myself as him, seeing through his eyes and thinking with his voice.  I visualized bright gold light, and thought with his voice, saying “the pain is gone!  I don’t feel any pain!  It’s over!  Thank God, the pain is gone!”  The next day, he was out of bed, talking about how much better he felt.  He was feeling no pain whatsoever.  Two days later, he went to the doctor just to be certain.  The doctor told him that there was nothing wrong with him at all, and that he couldn’t tell that there were ever any kidney stones at all.

People with chronic pain can be fixed effortlessly. 

 Using the same technique, just think with their voice, “I don’t feel any more pain!”  Put emotion in with it.  This works for arthritis, bad back, migraine headaches, whatever you want to use it for.

Weight problem

  Here’s another fun one.  Find somebody with a weight problem.  Use tape 6, and with the same method, think for them, “I am losing weight!  The fat is melting away!  This is amazing!  I am really losing weight!”  Then sit back and enjoy the show.

  I have not been able to defeat cancer, but I have drastically reduced it, up to 80%.  I am sure that with enough practice I will be able to clear it all out.
  Congratulations, Gerald.  You may be helping to make medicine obsolete. 

Astral projection, seeing the One EYE, experiencing the ETERNAL Flame, the Infinite White Light

  I want you to know also about what I have done with tape 7 of the RI course.
  This exercise causes out of body travel, or astral projection.  For two months, I worked with tape 7A about five times a week.  I didn’t get any results for a long time, but I kept up with it.  Finally, toward the end of the tape, I fell asleep.  At least, I thought that I did. 
Then I saw my leg jerking around and I couldn’t feel it.  The room was dark, but it was somehow illuminated.  Then, I had a real astral projection.  I saw clouds everywhere, but they were not really white.  They had soft touches of red, purple, blue, yellow, and so on.  The clouds were dissolving and changing shape very quickly.
  I have had a few where everything is foggy looking, but then I see a swirl of colors and shape, and I see things that I could never have imagined.  Colors and shapes that are more brilliant than anything I have ever seen in my life.  Everything has a grid pattern, with colors everywhere.  Sometimes there are eyes in the grid.  I have seen a golden triangle with an eye in the center in this place.  These are the most intense experiences I have ever had. 
  After working with tape 7 for two months, tape 5 becomes easier.  After the Eternal Flame exercise starting working for me, tape 5 did also.  When I got to the end of the first side of the tape, I got to the part where you turn off a switch.  This time, when I turned the switch, I saw an incredible flash of white light and felt nothing.  Then I got a real experience with the other side of the tape.
  Thank you very much for making this course available to anyone.  I can’t thank you enough.

Breasts enlargement

  I HAVE SOME MORE AWESOME NEWS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll start at the beginning. This girlfriend of mine,  had some ailments before she met me. She had migraine headaches every day….well, they are completely gone now. She would wake up and vomit every morning…… that’s gone too. She had very oily skin and she thought that she had a bad complexion. Well, now she can’t get over how beautiful her skin is.

Now get ready for this:  I MADE HER BREASTS ALMOST DOUBLE IN SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear to God, I did this. After all of these ailments were disappearing, she started asking me if I could make her bust size bigger. I wasn’t sure I could do it. But, on Tuesday, she kept whining about how she doesn’t like her breasts and wished that they would be bigger. I told her, “fine, I’ll do it. I’m tired of hearing you run yourself down.” I didn’t talk to her the next day. I waited until I knew she was asleep, and used the exercise on RI tape 6A. I saw her body as a golden shape, except with prominent breasts. I filled her with thoughts and laughter, like “Oh my God! My breasts are BIG! This is AMAZING!!” I kept on for a couple of minutes until I knew for sure it had all gotten through. Thursday, I called her. She sounded shaky and nervous. The first thing she said to me was: “Morton, did you do something to me?” She sounded like she was freaked out. I said, “I guess your breasts have gotten bigger, huh?” She was in shock, stuttering, talking about how it is probably a coincidence. I said, “Since when do breasts just grow like that?” I think the shock of the whole thing is really setting in. I have never done anything like this before. She said that she will be totally convinced if I can get a whole cup size increase. I told her to sit back and watch me work. I’ll wait a week and do the procedure again. I just thought you would like to know this. It looks like you may be helping put plastic surgery out of business as well!! If we ever meet in person, I owe you a steak dinner!!!!

Your friend, Morton

Morton Glazera, a dedicated Remote Influencer, trained with the Academy’s courses, sent us this heart-warming message. Morton used as a young man to sit in school next to his physically challenged and debilitated cousin Calvin, and write/type for him.  Please read also the beginning phase of his healing sessions and results below.


  • Love (the power of One) is the Real Infinitely powerful force of Creation. Nothing can stop its transforming and healing power.
  • Greatly healing and improving a relative’s cerebral palsy condition. The young man has now full use of his right hand, feet, toes, and can stand up from his wheel-chair.

Dear Gerald,

My cousin was supposed to email you and tell you some of what has happened recently.

 I have used RI on him regularly for about a year, specifically the method on tape 6.  He’s got cerebral palsy and there have been dramatic improvements.  His hand was partially paralyzed until recently.  Slowly his two bad fingers improved, and now they are fully functional!  They are good enough that he can type and is learning to play the guitar.

  His legs have always been paralyzed, until recently.  His feet were always turned the wrong way, and had very little movement of his toes.  Now his feet sit straight and he’s got full movement of his toes.  Over the week-end I saw him stand up!!  This has never happened before.  He can get up on his own and stand up for about a minute.  It’s small, but I’m going to continue the program, and I’m sure he’ll take a few steps soon enough, and then keep building on that.

  I’ve noticed that RI starts small, and then gradually gets more powerful the more it’s used.  Who knows what I’ll be doing in five years?  Or ten?

  Thank you for everything.


Munjal Patel a Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing student of the Academy, sent us this important feedback.

  • Subject: Experiencing himself as the Unified Field of All that Is.

The answer given by Gerald O’Donnell is posted below. This aspect of infinite power of Influencing reality is in the RV/RI courses, and will be explained on this site more and more openly so, and be the subject of the more advanced courses coming soon. Stay tuned to the channel of US as ONE: The Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing Thought and Reality.

Dear Gerald,
                 I have been doing the course for one year now and I really love it, and appreciate all your great efforts. The only thing that I can give you is the vibrations of love. However I have got a query. You always say that while in deep delta your body is asleep and mind awake, my problem is that I totally forget about the body and become the huge peaceful ocean of blue energy. I feel extremely relaxed and joyful, not as myself, but rather as the huge infinite ocean of consciousness. It is as if I become the totally the ocean. My question is: am I experiencing the mental state of delta?



Answer sent to Munjal by Gerald O’Donnell:

You are experiencing your REAL Self.  The ONE Unified (quantum and more) Field of Consciousness. This is the Infinite Field of Consciousness which is your real origin, from which you emerged as a differentiated baby at birth and slowly detached from – only in perception – within the first months, only to reintegrate it in perception as you do now, or later, as we all do as living things, in the illusion of life/death.  In reality alike the dual particle/wave reality of quantum Physics, although you still perceive the world as matter (particles), it is still waves (One Field of all probable possibilities and self-reflective existences as consciousnesses). It all depends on your perspective.  You have just experienced the One Unified Field of One. It is your Real Source. You real Creator and you (created) at the same time. It contains ALL that IS, and is where you are still bathing as you experience the illusion of life and Create within it. It serves no purpose to describe it in books, it needs to be experienced for yourself, as you do, so It brings you back to the reality of who you really still are: One.  At that level of perception you can select from ALL the probable futures the one that you desire and make it your Future reality. You can Remote Influence ALL.

Now that you have experienced who you really are, were, and will forever be, realize that you have never left It, and with that realization know that all “things” big and small are within you – within this Eternal Field. Meditate on that realization and make it yours, and you will ripple that Oneness all over the Field and affect all of It, influence all of It, and wake up all of It to that same realization of Oneness.

Congratulations and thank you from the Us: the many within One Field,  who are still One – whether we know it, like it, and/or accept it or not – even though many forget it for a while.

Gerald O’Donnell

Jill Richbur sends us this feedback.


  • Helping one’s self and others though learning in the Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing combo how to manifest good things in their lives.

Thank you –
Your RI/RV program has truly blessed me, and more importantly, it is blessing the people in my life, for whom I find I am able to envision good things in meditation and see these things materialize in their lives.  I cannot thank you enough.  I am your fan and supporter for life.  May love and light flow into your dimension for all time.

Jill Richburg

Morton Glazera, a Remote Influencing/Remote Viewing Combo trainee, sent us this feedback:


  • Remote Influencing the thoughts of friends (with their permission) [comments from Gerald: Morton asked for permission, and as we have it programmed it into the course, using such  powerful mind techniques for undesirable ethical reasons and not for a higher good purpose, will cause one to loose them forthwith].
  • Going through a “wormhole” portal into a much higher dimension of Creation

Hi Gerald.
I wanted to tell you over the phone about some things that have happened, but I’ll go ahead and write some of them here.
First off, I can Remote Influence (mind to mind) in less than 5 minutes. I did it five times in a row and it worked perfectly.

Here’s how it happened:
I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone, and I asked her for her permission to do an experiment. She agreed, and I told her to close her eyes. I did the RI 6A exercise very quickly, formed my light body, and went inside her head. I sensed something about chocolate and thought for her “I want chocolate, I want to eat some chocolate”. I told her to open her eyes, and I said “Do you want some chocolate?”
She was about to CRY!! She said her heart skipped a beat. She had a box of valentines chocolate right beside her. SHE NEVER TOLD ME THAT. I did it again with another thought. Then I did three on my cousin (as you advise, Gerald, I asked for his permission). First, I made him want to drink water, second time I made him think of building snow men, and the third time I made him think of a character in a movie. He was amazed, to say the least.

Now for those out-of body things. I have had a few lately. I was doing tape 5, and I left my body and went into space. This wormhole thing appeared above me, and I went into it. Everything blurred with lots of colors, and I found myself in this big room made of glass, or diamonds/crystals, or something. In the center of the floor was a Geometric figure with profound symbolism. It seemed alive. I’ll tell you more about this experience personally. It was very powerful and transformative.


Humphrey M Mubiru, a trainee from South Africa send us this grateful  note 


  • Connecting to Source and forcefully manifesting one’s desires.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell, 







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