Connecting to the Universal One -Getting a Powerful Notion that You are Always Being Protected & Guided by The One

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Joshua Lorne sent us this enthusiastic email covering all the great benefits he received  from training with our combo RV/RI program.


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Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I began using your RV course in early April and experienced an Out of Body Experience on the first day after listening to RV CD 2.  It was an enormously powerful experience where I was led to what I believe to be a portal to heaven (and that I have been able to return to numerous occasions since).  Then, in early June I started to listen to your RI course.  While the RV course is excellent, it is akin to one beginning his or her undergraduate studies early on in life and is, in my estimation, a vital starting point prior to initiating oneself into RI meditation.  The RI course, however, introduces one to a whole different level of self realization.  The only way for me to describe its intensity would be to equate it to one pursuing a PhD in Dark Matter.  Whatever one may be unaware of that remains lurking in the deep subconscious mind and that prevents him or her from the spiritual evolution and intrinsic sense of happiness that is their birthright will have the light shown on that which is hidden and thereby healed.  And as you have claimed prior, Mr O’Donnell, a profound deprogramming/reprogramming occurs which is made evident by the myriad changes one begins to experience in his or her consciousness. 

After only a few months of working with your RV and RI courses, I have been able to experience the following: 

  • Intensified intuition to the extent that you immediately ‘know’ in absolute terms whether something is good or bad for you without ever resorting to self doubt/insecurity
  • Frequent synchronicities
  • Olfactory sensations
  • Improved mental cognition coupled with a seemingly higher IQ
  • Faster ability to read and comprehend even complex subject matter while being guided by the Higher Self as to what (and what not) to read as a means to ensure one’s continued progression
  • Improved oral and written communication skills
  • Less need of sleep
  • Frequent lucid dreaming
  • Out of Body Experiences
  • Watching much less TV and grasping quite deeply that most programming is programming you
  • The ability to merge with matter at the molecular level on demand
  • Becoming much more attractive to and noticed by members of the opposite sex
  • Improved relationships via gaining a true understanding of intimacy and sensuality
  • A greater understanding of and ability to convey empathy and love to all living beings
  • Seeing time as illusory
  • Experiencing the frequent sense of ‘being on the threshold’ of something, knowing good is coming to you
  • Understanding profoundly that one’s ideals and dreams can not only be manifested into reality, but quickly and with much greater ease than the ego would have ever allowed for in its prior enslaved state
  • A powerful notion that you are always being protected and guided by The One
  • Friends who you have not heard from in a long while reaching out to you for guidance/advice after          expressing that they felt a ‘compulsion’ to make contact with you without knowing why
  • Not experiencing loneliness even when alone or single due to a newfound ability to grasp the      interconnectedness of all beings coupled with the idea of separation as a ridiculous notion
  • A feeling of inner peace and calm, even in the most trying situations
  • A greatly enhanced sense of gratitude for finally being able to connect to The One in the newly realized process of ascension out of the Dark Matrix
  • Gaining a truly profound understanding of the Zen mantra, “The only way out is in.”
  • The ability to cleanse one’s memory banks of experiences previously deemed to be irretrievably negative and emotionally draining while replacing this understanding with a near total recall of them in a compassionate and empathetic manner as events put in place to propel one’s consciousness to a higher state
  • The replacement of near constant egoic mind chatter with silence that resonates with high intelligence
  • Grasping the notion that the egoic mind is akin to an unruly child running rampant throughout your   consciousness and allowing your Higher Self to assume full control of him as a stern but compassionate parental figure
  • Invoking your inner voice of the Higher Self to provide guidance and reassurance in troubling times
  • Understanding that surrendering supposed inevitabilities or situations with no apparent resolution to The
  • One instead of relying on your willpower to compel a desired outcome is a far more desirable and effective way to live
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Improved performance in the martial arts
  • Improved physical appearance – the inner notion that one has slowed down the aging process
  • Spontaneously generated yogic breathing, especially during times of stress and anxiety\
  • The capacity to ‘assess’ the motivations and energy of people and things without becoming overwhelmed by them
  • Talking less, listening more 

Thank you, Mr. O’Donnell, from the bottom of my heart for providing me the freedom to live the life I was born to live.   


Joshua Lorne

Brian Murphy send us this testimonial 


  • Getting out of the “Matrix.”

Hi Gerald:

Making great progress! I feel more relaxed and in self-control than ever before.  I feel connected to the All. My energy body is strengthening and I can feel the lightness.  I can connect with anyone I want with ease. I feel more protected energetically. And a sense of trusting has increased. Now that I’ve seen the Matrix I know that I can go beyond it, to true reality.

Thank you, peace and happiness.



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