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Russell Neil adds .


      • Experiences while training. The circle widens.

Dear Gerald,
I would like to relate some experiences relating to ‘creational light’. The suggestions relating to the intensity and vibrational quality of the light from one’s center of being have at times brought forth deep emotion. I recognize this experience as the same as that coming forth from previous experiences of chanting, of breakthroughs in healings I have had and other ‘peak’ experiences. The energy movement through and around the body I also associate with experiences of kundalini (Indian system) and of Chi (the Chinese). I have found these experiences to be very healing of the emotions and body. It is like having a deep well of unexpressed love and power unleashed. I have also noticed that my training with the tapes and practices seems to benefit others around me without me having to do anything. One friend who I had encouraged to practice some meditation had a spontaneous experience of flying to New York to offer a blessing and healing to a friend’s relative who was unwell. Another acquaintance had an experience of feeling her hand filled with light. Other friends seem suddenly more interested in the healing powers of the mind. Like I said in the earlier e-mail, it is an experience of meditation that goes into the pure void and comes back with light and power, not just a one way trip to nothing. I cannot report great experiences of flying yet but I’m assisted by the reports of others on your Web site to just witness and see what happens. In response to the suggestion to ask one’s inner light about past experiences I have received very quick and direct answers to questions about location and circumstances. These could be interpreted as relating to past lives – about 2 or 3 so far very specific in time and location. What seems to happen is that somehow these experiences are meaningful and seem related to my current attitudes and beliefs. There seems to be a process of integration and recognition underway without too much mental pondering or figuring out. This is the best part as it feels like deep frustrations are being resolved. Seems like a software upgrade as the conscious mind is reorganized. Thanks again for making this available.

Kathleen Long sent us the following message .


      • Experiencing the Original Source at the life/death gateway, and stirring the Original Stillness into action by focusing through It very intense caring thoughts (love) for another of Its parts.

Perhaps you can help me out on this one:
      My Grandma, to whom I am very close to, had a stroke on Monday night. It wasn’t a bad one and she seemed fine latter on that evening. I slept well for almost 8 hours that night. I was practically a zombie the next day. I drank coffee, tea, and tried to wake up. I couldn’t. It was as if I were drugged. When I got home my mother told me Grandma had another stroke that morning and wasn’t expected to live (she is 94). I wonder if my inner being knew that and was with her?
     Today I was feeling the same until about noon. I went to my car and I started to meditate. I mentally went to visit her in her hospital bed. She was sleeping. I went to the top of her head and above her face to her right. I saw neurons and vessels. I hugged her shoulders and held her head in my arms and I began to fly, going up, but not outside of the infinity. She turned very BRIGHT AND SUDDENLY BECAME SMALL AND ABSENT FROM MY arms as if she were dust or a busting bubble. I felt good. I opened my eyes and looked around for a second or two. I then closed my eyes again. I felt an incredible change! I was getting brighter and brighter…The first time I ever really sensed the brightness you speak of in your tapes! My heart rate increased as if I were highly excited. My eyes were closed during this experience. I began to expand, became a giant, my being becoming expanded 1000 percent. I could feel it, almost as if I were going to burst. Finally the expansion stopped and I opened my eyes. From that point on, my body chemistry changed and I became more alert and energetic. I got home this evening and mother said “Grandma is awake, talking and using her right arm to exercise her paralyzed left arm!”
     Gerald, what do you think happened to me?
     Your friend, Kathleen.

H.J. Miller
, a recent graduate, wrote to us.


      • His remarkable experience of the Great Self, and his merging with the non/space time reality while keeping his eyes opened. He also addresses business trend forecasting applications of Remote Viewing, and remote site viewing for business use. As a long-time and high-level trainee of the Monroe Institute, he favorably compares our methodology and results to their advanced Gateway protocols (Out of Body Experience).

Dear Mr. O’Donnell:

First and foremost – THANK YOU for generously making available the Remote Viewing course.

I can only define it with one word WOW!! and, as “Tony the Tiger” in that cereal commercial would come to say GReaat….

Comparison of your course to the Monroe Institute advanced training

As a practitioner of the Monroe Hemisync Gateway protocol, your tapes have developed for me a surprisingly easy way to reach Theta 4/ Delta 2 and I would like to remark a bit on the comparison of the two systems.

Robert Monroe developed what is called a “binaural” beat, that is, transmitting one tonal frequency in the right ear and a totally different tonal frequency in the left ear.

The brain in trying to decode these two tones would, Monroe discovered, generate a THIRD distinct tonal frequency that unlocked a variety of mind experiences.

These are called “Focuses” and, in providing some sort of definition for them I’ll provide a brief idea as to what the main focus points do. (There exist lower numbers but, we’ll concentrate on those higher ones that are parallel to generating the Theta/Delta state).

Focus 12 – established the higher energy state of “expanded awareness”

Focus 15 – is a state of “no-time” in which one explores beyond the constraints of time and space. In effect, a form of communion with the higher self.

Focus 21 – is a multifunction state as it first develops a separation of
mind-consciousness from the physical reality. Second, alike Delta (sleep), this is a “mind-awake”, “body-asleep” bi-location activity enhancer, that projects the consciousness into an “out-of-body” state (OBE).

It is in this state of profound Theta 4 / Delta 2 that Monroe discovered which he termed “Gateway” functions, in that these tonal frequencies direct the action of consciousness towards inter- dimensional awareness (true bi-location): that which is known as “astral projection.”

I have been an “Explorer” (as we were then called) since the early 1970’s where, in those days we really didn’t get far until Bob stumbled across an extremely simply key, that unlocked the “Gate” to allow exploration. The key was “Affirmations”. It seems that when one reflected with an affirmation of protection and pleading for knowledge and insight, the entire aspect of Creation opened and one became “conscious of the cosmic” (Cosmic Consciousness).

So how does the Monroe Gateway parallel your Remote Viewing tapes?

Firstly, you have developed a decidedly “simpler” methodology and, your technique of mind expansion is extraordinarily effective.

Your use of the background tones (music) helps initiate a relation that causes the physical senses of the body into being “fooled” into a deep relaxed state which allows the mind to slip into Theta 1 which is the first Gate.

Your tapes appear then to also move the student into Theta 2 and slip into Theta 3. (Gate 2)

The technique is extremely easy and, as said, extraordinarily simple.

This I found to be practical and totally enjoyable.

So what of the experiences that I’ve undertaken?

I appear to have, through using your tapes, moved into an extremely profound Theta 4 / Delta 2 in which I experience an irradiant blackness (“Blackness Visible”).

Here, in this state of awareness, is the most profound Silence possible.

Yet, it is here, that there is loss of words to describe the experience.

I believe that when we spoke on the telephone, it took me over
five minutes just to introduce it.

I felt that “IF” I had moved either left of right,, I would have had total physical absorption – such as that experienced by the ancient Rishi or yogi.

I believe that this is the Very State of Transition that all of the great
teachers of mankind have experienced and perhaps this is the
“gift” that is there for all who venture that way.

It was beyond being profound.

It was total, complete absorption of the id, the individual identification of self.

I’ll say more about this later.

You warn of this state at the very beginning of the course and yet, this appears to be a natural gravitation.

Remarkable business applications

We (my business partner and I) purchased your course to aide us in our venture, and believe me it has gone way beyond expectation.

We have started to develop a sense of “guilt” in that we are able to
“control” our “competition” to a ridiculous extent. (without giving away what it is we do, as your know..)

In all, the general experience of being able to Remote View our
business is pronounced.

My partner using your tapes, has developed the same R.V. alpha/numeric abilities that I have and can literally read files thousands of miles away.

This is but a small indicator of just how powerful your RV technique is.

We can project or forecast trends and activities to a resounding 81% which gives us an extremely decided advantage in dealing with our business affairs.

Another amazing happening

I’ve had, as said in our earlier conversation, a number of remarkable
experiences, one being in a T3/ D1 state and being able to roll my eyes down (at this stage one’s eyes are usually rolled up into the eye socket towards the forehead) and actually open the eyelids and look at my surrounds .

The head and body were rigid, and felt cool, breathing was shallow, perhaps 3-5 breaths a minute. I didn’t pay attention to my heart rate but was more than amazed that I was able to do it, to say the least.

An Extraordinary Experience!

This lasted, it appeared, an “eternity” (no-time awareness).

But, this experience was well remembered by me, as I had been able to see the clock radio and mentally note the time.

 The sensation was totally different than an OBE. There was no bi-location being expressed, there was a physical union of mind and body but with a total absence of sound.

 It was similar to a “waking dream” but, again, it wasn’t,, because of the dynamics of earlier experiences that I’ve been through.

Nearly A Quarter Century of Experience

I realize that I’ve been doing Theta 4/ Delta 2 since at least 1974/75 so I have been exposed to almost a Quarter Century (24 years) of
exploration in these altered states of consciousness of what would generally be considered “remote viewing” via the Monroe Gateway protocol.

So then, what was this earlier extraordinary experience of being in that “irradiant blackness”?

In all actuality I believe that it was that profound “nothingness” that is the Self that which is called by all: “me, myself and I” – our personal expression of what one would refer to as being “God”.

So then, where does one go from here ?

For one, I would like even more suggestions and input as to your methodology, especially to establish written protocols to enable better control and feedback.

My Hearty Recommendation

I would heartily endorse the course to anyone who is emotionally stable and not taking mind altering chemicals. Although I have years of OBE and Theta 4/ Delta 2 exploration, I know that it works well since my business partner who was green behind the ears in this, is able to Remote View alpha/numerically effectively using your tapes.

Again Thank you so much for providing the tapes.

The very best.


Hans Peter R  , a German student of our combination Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses sent us this very exciting feedback


      • Winning the German Lotto using our RV and RI training
      • Looking 10 years younger
      • Great manifestation powers
      • Many synchronicities showing up in his life
      • Experiencing the Golden Light
      • Healing of a painful back/spinal condition

My dear Mr. O’Donnell:

Greetings to you and the academy from Germany. 

You have changed my life. I bought the combination RV/RI courses in February 2008. I went through your courses many times, repeating them over and over. Each time I did this, I became better at both RV and RI. I had previously done other mind improvement systems, attended many seminars  here in Germany and all over the world but nothing even came close to what your courses offer. The material is awesome! I have told many about your profound methodology. I am really hooked on the CDs. They have totally transformed me. Many beautiful events have happened in my life since receiving your training. Synchronicities happen all the time around me. I can feel when they do, as they have this almost “unreal quality” about them. I feel very happy and bathed in light energy.  People feel this and smile at me. They feel my happiness.  I feel and look maybe 10 years younger, have great stamina, my mind is sharper than when I was a youngster (I am 48 now) and I feel this inner peace and happiness.  I have healed myself of a chronic painful back injury I received while skiing in my 20s in the Austrian Alps which degenerated into discs problems and compression of the spinal cord. This and the subsequent arthritis had plagued my life for so long. It is all gone now thanks to your courses. I am pain free and returned to a full exercise schedule.

I had a profound experience while listening to RI CD7 which left me bathed in brilliant golden light. That is when the healing occurred and I have not been the same ever since. Thank you for making all this possible. 

Now listen to this! (I have debated much whether you should publish this as I do not wish to become ‘famous” for privacy reasons or flooded with emails) : I won the Lotto here in Germany 2 weeks ago! I am receiving a very large sum soon! I always play here the lotto each week.

Every week twice a week, I buy a single ticket to the drawing. Since taking your courses I have used the following method. I use the RV skills I have learned to feel, sense and view the numbers in advance. Most importantly I used the manifesting skills developed in your remote influencing course to convince my subconscious that I would win. I often used the “diamond body” technique to do this and see my new self happy and successful.  I used many of your RI techniques to energize that event. They are incredibly powerful. I always feel gigantic energy in me while I am listening to the CDs and it stays with me with a little lesser intensity during the day. This inner light energy allows me to energize my thoughts is such a powerful manner. Many events that I Remote influenced last year did later happen. I guess this made me more confident about my skills. As you suggested in the course I did not attach any fixed time to my success but rather concentrated in convincing my subconscious that this had already happened. I was doing this in Delta and would reinforce it at times while doing lucid dreaming as you teach us. I have learned to feel vibrations of light and I used to focus that energy to my subconscious mind as I was listening to your training and visualizing what I wanted my life to be like.
Well nothing really happened for over a year. I kept RIing success at the lotto , but did not give it that much thought. I never gave up nor doubted.

One day 2 weeks ago I went to a Delta state and asked for guidance on the drawing. Suddenly 6 numbers appeared in my mind. They were like dancing numbers with flecks (specks?) of gold around them. I immediately wrote them down. The vision had this sense of being both unreal, almost plastic, as if I could almost touch these numbers in my mind. I felt very calm about it. Somehow I knew that this was special and that I had received this information from a level of High Mind.  

I bought the ticket and imagine my face when I watched the drawing on TV.

You know Mr. O’Donnell, I know now that anything is possible, but more than the money it is the difference I can make in this planet by RI a better world  that makes me so happy!

I thank you from all of my heart for your wonderful courses.

Your indebted student for life. 

Hans Peter R

Mark Wright , a recent graduate, writes to us the following comments


      • The wonderful experience and effects of connecting to High Consciousness: precognitive thoughts, thought reading, mind expansion, and especially the experience of Oneness and enlightenment.

Dear Mr. O’ Donnell,

     I just found out that I have been accepted into Columbia State University for a Doctorate Program in Theology. Got the news this Friday!!!
     I ordered your course to understand more about myself, because I already knew that my inner eye was open. I am at tape # 4, and have found that many of the things I have already experienced are on your tapes. When I told my friends that thoughts were as Pulses of White Spheres, they did not know what I was talking about. Neither when I told them that they would do an “Orbital ” around me. Being in a non-restrictive state enables one to be aware of the “Thought-pulses Transferring,” on which the earth and its frequencies are operated. Thoughts are as “Signals,” from “Transmitting and Receptive Frequencies.”, which are part of our “Transmutative State.”
     I start off seeing myself as a “Radiant White Person,” just like an ” Angel,” then I fly everywhere with the reality of being there, as in a vivid dream state.
     I am already experiencing the consciousness of “deja vu,” events of the future, already happening. Precognitive thoughts come even when I am not trying to retrieve them. They happen as a totally normal function, freely, even when I am not thinking about them. I would say that we all already have these “inheritance capabilities.” And I would say that they are “inmediasres.”
     By the time I get to the last tape I should be very good at this. I have realized that many of the things I was already doing with my eyes opened are what your course is all about.
     I have reasoned that this is effortless. I am becoming rapidly advanced as I continue on your course. I find myself already seeing other people’s thoughts. And as a dog that was barking at me decided to come closer to me, I just stared back at him, and he immediately started running away, crying.
     This light and life which I have always been part of and I am now being, has given me the cohesion to this world in which I live and the ability to achieve great heights beyond the normal personality of an intellectual identity. It is very clear that for the average person, when he is transformed into the “Essence of Divinity,” that his words and intelligence increase along with the humbleness and awareness of our Creator and the Created.
     My enlightenment has already helped me contribute to the advancing of AIDS research here in the U.S. I wrote ” Overviews” on the Etiology and Pathogenesis of HIV-AIDS which I submitted to the National Institutes of Health. They welcomed my ideas. I was the first researcher to introduce the idea of Genetically Engineered Antiviral Software (GEAVS). This concept originated from the logic associated with High Level Languages found in Computer Communications. It postulates that a disease is akin to a “source program,” and that it can be decoded so that the proper solution to it can then be obtained. It has its own language associated with its Etiology and Pathogenesis.
     “How wonderful,” being in the light of our ethereality and at rest with ourselves.” Realizing the hidden Light that resides in all of us, that connects us to the interatomics that is of God and of love. This spark as the life of the spirit, which abounds and knows no limits to space or time. And no limits to the “us” of the Universe, Man and God.
     The experience is of that of a caterpillar who has gone through the metamorphoses, from the cocoon to the enlightened realms of pure and limitless thought of eternal peace, wholeness, and omnipresence as he now sees from the butterfly’s view. My revelations, of viewing the world from above the earth as I fly upon the wings of my own thoughts and perceptions.
     We are, each one, this light as a consciousness, that is able to travel anywhere and in a moment’s notice, from around the earth to the thoughts of others and to the outer reaches of the universe. NASA has always been trying to figure out how to get man to far-away planets and galaxies. This is the way in the light. Time travel is possible, and being in this state of emancipated reality of “Pulse Thought,” is what we are really in the first place.
     I find my experience as normal and effortless as a flower blooming into its splendor and awesomeness. Seeing all as this same light, and knowing that many just need to turn it on to see what they should be seeing. Beyond the wheels of the mind and our world of identities and man’s vanities of self-conceit, and self-esteem. Finding my ” Inner Peace,” in the totality, while being at a human level of our material existence. Knowing that my ethereality is my true self as this light and presence.
     For, any who experience their inner light opening will become aware of the core teachings found in many religions of the world: the awakening of the spirit. And their conscious awareness of their place and position in the universe, and in God. Relationships are then elevated to the infinity of the person’s unlimited abilities in order to explore and find the mysteries of his origin, purpose and destinies.
It is similar to returning to your own first birth, back to the womb, then into a new light of eternality. With the tools of meditation, relaxation, visualization, and serene stimuli, any person should be able to contemplate his or hers awareness and focus on their inner potentiality.
     This inner awareness is part of the universal consciousness that is
part of all people and all things. We really are lights in a world of darkness and this awakening can bring the person to a true and heartfelt reality that we are of one, and one with all.
     When this light (Prana) emits from thy body, the individual attains “Divinity.” For Jesus said that when thy eye is open, thy body is full of light.
     True enlightenment is of no effort. The universality of the Love of God is found in all, and at the core of all Religions.
     The Ancients of many civilizations speak of transversing the terrestrial to the celestial home. The resting of the Spirit, into Divine Emancipation. The breaking of the Seven Seals, the Sahasrara (crown).
     You don’t need to read the Bible to know and trust God.
     You can already accept him and know.
     Be well my friend, for the Kingdom of God is at Hand. I would like to tell your students to open their hearts, and not the wheels of their minds. To be in the Light, is to be already.
     To know is to see the Love of God. For even the fish has to be out of the water to know its life source to want to return. Faith and Prayer will help them also, for the Spirit of God is pouring upon this earth, and out of many loving cups, shall the waters flow freely.

     Jesus said that the Lion will Lay with the Lamb, for all thoughts shall be as one. Love is the interatomic that is part of all.
     God Bless You!

     Mark Wright


James Wesley a former trainee, who is a health professional and a part-time trader sends us this feedback 


      • Very special experiences and life changes following our RV training course.


Dear Mr. O’Donnell:  I wanted to let you know how I was doing with your R.V. course. In short, beyond all expectations!  Most recently, I went RV’ing   the crucifixion.    Words are far to inadequate to relate the emotions I experienced.  I really felt a physical warmth that was emanating from Mary, the Holy Mother.  I believe that I have been in rapture ever since. But before that I thought I had already experienced many levels of explosive improvements in my progress after what seemed like painfully long periods of “plateau” (not progressing).  Each new level felt like  I had really gotten the intended message of the former one. Now I realize how far I have to go, and when the time is right the next step will become evident to me. I  have only been learning for 8 months. Initially, I felt that in 2 or three months I’d “be there”? Well I now see so clearly that it’s a process that takes steps, as only each person can delineate for there own, how and when each evolution takes progression. All things in their proper season.

My trading is now effortless. I am either winning or not trading.    I am a day trader that uses a system that sometimes can give 30 signals per day.  However, that is no longer the case. Somehow, the more I let go and relax, the more it seems clear when and when not to take a trade.

Also every aspect of my life has become so effortless!  What used to seem like insurmountable tasks are now not much more trouble than breathing or making the heart beat.   In essence, if it’s right it’s unencumbered by any means. Time has lost almost all value.   I would find it hard telling the teacher that it’s not important that my kids did or did not get on the bus at 7:45am but somehow inside me I know that if I did that would be fine too.

Occasionally I have to testify in court as an expert witness.     This used to be an unimaginably painful experience at lawyers cross examination – but now they seem to start there “grilling”, look puzzled, and just stop!    I feel all this is due to you giving me the opportunity to learn deep truths, through the R.V. course. Thanking  you seems inadequate but that seems appropriate at least for you kindness.

I try to go to theta early 6:00am  EST every day, to start the day off correctly and often do it at many more occasions.

Let me know when you have more advanced courses available. I know that my greatest levels are yet to come perhaps even full illumination of the crown chakra.      That is a dream I have had for many years. Perhaps it could be.


Trainee-James Wesley

Linda Stalder send us this feedback .


      • Communicating with the feminine aspect of the Universal Mind.

Dear Gerald:
I hope you’ll remember me from our phone conversation a few weeks ago. I was so happy to learn about the ‘purple light’ and that I could communicate with it. All of my friends see this light also and were thrilled to learn what it is and that we can communicate with it. Since then, it has at times been a very beautiful ultra-purple light and enjoyable to look at. I have realized that I have been seeing that purple light also with my eyes open while doing massage. I have always wondered what it meant. Oftentimes, as my massage room is darkened and I have candles lit, in this light I see a purple light over the area where I am working with my hands. I have always believed this light was there to help but now, thanks to you, I have a much better understanding of what it is.
Also, as I spoke with you on the phone, I have always had difficulty perceiving with my 3rd eye. Since this is beginning to be an area of frustration for me, I decided to ask a friend in Taos, NM, who I trust very much to give me accurate information. I asked her if I had a block – she said no, but that there are spiritual nerves from the 3rd eye to consciousness that have been damaged which is contributing to my not ‘seeing’. She is asking that this be repaired, and I am also asking the purple light to assist.
This morning, in my dreams just before I awakened I was dreaming you were instructing me! I don’t know any of the other people in the dream. I’m not able to recall the details of what you were teaching.
What is your opinion of younger people learning to remote view (a 15-year old – my son) would like to learn to mind-travel.
Thank you once again, Gerald, for your service. Learning to travel in our light bodies and to communicate mind to mind is of great benefit to humanity! I personally feel the technology we use has ‘shackled’ us and prevented us from utilizing our true abilities.
I have been playing tape 2 for a few of my clients who indicate they would like to listen. One of my clients, who is very high strung, indicated that she was the most relaxed that she can remember being EVER.
I hope all is well with you.
With gratitude,
Linda Stalder

Pamela Slayton send us this important feedback .


      • Stress reduction after taking the course and also how important it is to become totally a “passive” listener.

Mr. O’Donnell,

No response necessary to this email. Just wanted to kind of check in. My progress with the tapes has been slow due to vacation and my children being home for the summer. I am starting tape 3 on Mon. Remote Viewing in and of itself, although interesting, is not really my goal. My goal is Higher Consciousness living. So far, I find the tapes remarkable and I want to thank you for making this available to the public. I am glad you have the FAQ’s on your site because they have proved helpful to me. I knew I wasn’t really falling asleep, I can tell the difference, but it is reassuring to note from the FAQ that what is happening to me is progress. I was worried that I wasn’t paying enough attention to your words. Once I started to become more of a passive listener, I found myself in a “floating” state with various images coming and going from my mind. I get to the point where I am no longer fully conscious of the words on the tape, until I am told to start coming back!
. My daughter has noticed how much less stressed and more calm I am since starting the program. She is now interested in listening to the tapes as well. As a top track runner in our area, I think they will be very helpful to her in reducing the stress and pressures on her from competing. I am looking forward to completing this course and starting the next one. I will call you when I have finished the sixth tape. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Pamela Slayton

PS-feel free to post this if you find it might be useful to others who are just starting out.

Brian Murphy send us this testimonial


      • Getting out of the “Matrix.”

Hi Gerald:

Making great progress! I feel more relaxed and in self-control than ever before.  I feel connected to the All. My energy body is strengthening and I can feel the lightness.  I can connect with anyone I want with ease. I feel more protected energetically. And a sense of trusting has increased. Now that I’ve seen the Matrix I know that I can go beyond it, to true reality.

Thank you, peace and happiness.


Jesse Bestgen wrote to us .


      • Breaking through the Matrix and the life changing aspects of reconnecting to the One.

Dear Gerald,

Thank-you so much for the service that you provide! 

For many years I have felt nothing, just apathetic about everything. I was like a prisoner of war, unable to break through the matrix.

It would seem that I was content to buy into the world system, the mass consciousness. It was a real wake-up call. Not to mention how very depressing it was to realize that I was content with a physical reality now, and a spiritual reality in the after-life. Your course has helped me to reconnect with my creator, and to grow as a spiritual and eternal soul. I’ve only been using the tapes for a few months, but already my life has changed so much! I feel so much joy and happiness and inner contentment. I appreciate so much being part of the big picture! Thank you for the advice that you gave me on my follow-up call. I look forward to going through your second set of tapes as soon as they are available.

Thank You again, Mr. O’Donnell for all that you do!


Jesse W. Bestgen

Smail Maksen, a very successful trainee from Germany sends us this enthusiastic testimonial.


      • Memory improvement, PK energy manipulation and electrification of subtle body, lucid dreaming, IQ increase, and other phenomenon experienced after taking our RV course. 

Dear Gerald:
Your course is fantastic and I find it to be almost child play to use your tapes before dealing with some future problems.
Your Remote Viewing course works! I shared my experiences with some of my best friends and they could nor believe it! Now they are convinced! 
I usually would not advertise anything, but for this I will definitely do some!
I find it outstanding how your tapes and your methodology is opening our “Mind” and creating a new universe! It is magic for me! But I see it, it is real!
I do not have to tell you about all the energy I wasted in past years with nonsense activities!

Here is a sample of what I have already experienced:
— I have become aware of situations happening to other people. For instance I told a casual acquaintance that he had just lost his keys. He checked his pockets, and could not believe that I had been right. I helped him find them.
— My IQ has definitely increased, as proven by my drastic improvement in  Mathematical problem solving ability.
— I am much more aware of the universe surrounding me.
— I seem to be able to hear conversations of people that are 200 ft away from me, the fall of a leaf, ants moving ! All my senses are greatly enhanced.
— My memory has greatly improved. 
— Going to sleep now is basically my decision. I hear, while asleep perfectly everything around me and am able to change and control my dreams i.e. have lucid dreams.
— While listening to the tapes I have found that in order not to fall asleep (delta) it is best to sprinkle cold water on the face before, and do the exercises in the kneeling position.
— When I deal with other people, I often get out of my person, and observe myself as an detached observer dealing with them.
— I seem to have become much more able to sense the negativity in certain individuals and have become extremely apprehensive and almost instinctively repulsed by their presence.
— I am now constantly able to sense that certain situations are about to happen and, if need be, I can therefore avoid them.
— My martial art ability in Aiki-Jitsu had so much improved that I preview in my mind the opponent’s moves and move with dazzling speed against him/her in what seems to me to be a slow motion movie. To the wonder of my sensei and sparring partners.
— I have become very connected to the energy of nature. I connect to it with great pleasure and wonders.
— I am filled with some kind of electrical energy all the time. I have had numerous light bulbs, a TV and other electrical appliance explode as I approach them. Some friends have nicknamed me “electro man!”
—I have learned to relax, organize my thoughts and not having any thoughts imposed to me.
— I perceive now that the elusive mysterious “Ether” of our physicists is no other than the “Matrix”.
— Remote viewing is what humanity needs!
— No more closed doors! No more frontiers! Just open the gates!
Dear Gerald you may publish this letter, if you want to. I cannot thank you enough.


Ken Kimball writes to us .


      • Experiencing the ultimate and real family of the One.

Hello Gerald,

I wanted to let you know about one of the really neat thing I got out of reading the “Out of the Matrix” material. For years I have been familiar with an American Indian phrase stating that “we are all related.”  I had my own ideas of what it meant. However, since I have been meditating on the “One”, I have a whole new perspective. We are all related indeed!! My family is much bigger that I could ever imagine it until now. I look at trees, rocks, birds and people walking down the street and realize the connection.  It’s heart warming.  The illusion of being alone is instantly washed away when I look upon a blade of grass.

Thanks again


Rebecca Voss sends us this testimonial.


      • Out-Body  experiences and communicating with the Universal Mind, Its energy/manifestation as Jesus and some consciousnesses of the animal kingdom.

I just wanted to thank you for the remote viewing course. I received it on 1/7/00, and starting using it on 1/8/00 – and have been using it usually every other day. I have just completed tape 2, side B, and know that I am going slow, but I wanted to make sure I really integrated what I was learning, so that I could repeat it myself at will. Additionally, my days are so long, it sometimes is hard to fit it in, but I know that if I make the time, it will be much more than worthwhile. I have been recovering from a flu after a gallbladder operation, and didn’t want to push myself, but find that after listening to your tapes, that I feel much better and more relaxed than usual.

Interestingly, the night that I received your tapes, even without opening the package yet, I had very lucid dreams, and experienced a pulsating blue and white light upon awakening. It seemed as if my soul was happy that I was going to continue a journey that I started in fits and starts a long time ago.

For years now, I have been able to remote view spontaneously – or astral project, and this usually was facilitated from the “dream” state. I never could control it before. I would “dream” about events that would happen in the “future” over and over, and they would happen. I feel very excited about being able to open up my consciousness even more. To be in control of these abilities and to expand them has always been a dream of mine, but one that I thought I would never realize, because I wasn’t sure how to “go about it.”

After listening to side A and side B of Tape 2, I felt an accelerating, as if I was about to leave my body. I was startled, which caused me to stay in my body, but felt a heightened sense of awareness, and a rushing, with tiny pinpoints of light, as if I was going at warp speed in one of those Star Trek episodes. I have also gotten pictures of people and objects, usually in a golden light, that appear very briefly and then disappear.

The first time after I listened to side B of Tape 2, after getting up and moving about, I felt as if I was taller than my body – as if I was about a foot above my head, or something. I had never experienced anything like this before, and it was a verification that something very good and unusual had come out of my first listening of that side of Tape 2. I felt a presence — almost as if my higher self were more merged with me. On side A of Tape 2, when you said to send love to the Universal Mind, I did, and felt a wonderful love in return – I also pictured Jesus, and felt him reach out and touch/embrace me and felt tremendous warmth and love from him, as well. Just that experience alone was priceless. It certainly was well worth more than the cost of the tapes.

I have two cats, and they have seemed more bonded with me and even more affectionate than before I started the tapes. They were both feral when they “adopted” me, and I have had to do a lot of work with them, and be very patient and loving to earn their trust. They have come around, but much more quickly with the tapes. They follow me around more, and seem to want to be near me more. That is such a precious feeling. Other animals normally gravitate to me, but now they do so more than ever, as well. This is very exciting for me, as I have always wanted to communicate with animals.

I am still on my first leg of my trip, and it may take a little time, but I’m getting there, and I wanted you to know that I feel that your tapes are very special. I have tried a lot of things out there, such as hypnosis tapes, etc., etc., and have never gotten the results that I have gotten with your tapes, and in such a short time – AND, I haven’t even done half of them, yet! It truly blows me away. I am truly impressed, and when I feel I am ready, I will be contacting you with more info/questions.

Thanks for providing this wonderful course at such an affordable price. It has enabled me to pursue my soul growth, whereas if it was more expensive, I might have had to put it off a little longer. I look forward to relaxing with your tapes, and listening to your soothing voice – it feels like a heaven that I can go to anytime I want.

Thanks again!


Ann Hobson  wrote to us this testimonial:


      • Regaining constant bliss and joy
      • Feeling united with all Life
      • Being pure consciousness in space and seeing herself as the One
      • Nature welcomes her, sings, and confirms

Just a note to let you know that I started the combined RV/RI course in October 2004 and the journey has been amazing and joyful.  I feel like a chesser cat sometimes when I walk around on my way to or from work or running errands, etc, with a wide grin on my face and my body spasmodic with pleasure of experiencing a heart that’s wide open!!  Watching/feeling people and animals and plants as part of the ONE, part of myself, is just….. I have no words for it except “bliss-full”  Ha-ha! 
I’m nearing the completion of the course(s) and getting ready to start over on the 2nd run and see what adventures I experience!  A couples of experiences I’d like to share (out of many) is that around the second week of starting the course, I was listening to the CD while in bed and I “woke up” and I saw that I was no longer within the walls of my apartment, I was in the midst of a cobalt blue sky or universe full of stars and a face kind of “engraved” in the sky (it was my face and the face of the “One” all together!!!  I was not in the room!! Ha.  And another time when I did a session outside among the trees and foliage…. wow!  the response from the birds around me was amazing!  The crows, I’ve never seen so many crows surrounding me/the area.  And they seem to be welcoming me or congratulating me, they were so excited.  A hawk left a gift for me (a nest-building twig from a tree), etc.  WOW! is the word of the day!  My musical career seems to be taking off as well in ways that are mind-boggling as well.  I must say that I truly feel Joy 98% of the time and working on the other 2%.  My body feels like an electrical circuit too!  A real live wire!  More later.  Thank you Gerald!
Ann Hobson  a.k.a. Ayanna Hobson

David Pineda sent us this feedback . Subject:

      • Feeling the ONE within
      • Co-creating reality (Remote Influencing)  within the Oneness

Dear Mr. O’Donnell, I have been training for over six weeks now with the RV & RI courses. This has been the most amazing positive experience of my life! I do believe I was attracted to these courses by divine providence. I felt my whole life that there was something wrong with the world and all of the religions including my former one (Jehovah’s Witnesses). At  one time I thought this was the true religion and then when I began to see the hypocrisy among my brothers.  I lost my faith in that religion and I dropped out. For a long time I felt hopeless thinking that there was no GOD at all, that there was no SUPREME BEING, that we were only a product of evolution. I now understand the words “I am that I am”, “my father and I are one, but he is greater than me.” This has been the most enlightening experience I ever had, and I look forward for more enlightenment! Little did I know that the ONE truly is within us, and having already felt It, it is the most wonderful feeling there is!

I believe in the unbreakable law of Gal.6:7 namely that “whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap.” Based on the choices we make today, our outcomes will be good or bad. The choice that I have made is to be a co-creator of a better world for myself, my immediate family, friends, and ultimately rest of mankind for I now know that I am them. I love them as I love myself.

Much Love, David Pineda

Humphrey M Mubiru,  a trainee from South Africa send us this grateful  note


      • Connecting to Source and forcefully manifesting one’s desires.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell, 






Almudena Cervantes , of Spain, writes to us this warm feedback about the RV/RI combo 


      • Immediate change in vibratory level
      • Heightened intuition, telepathy, and empathy.
      • Dissolving fears.

Hello Gerald, 

I’ve began working with the RI  tapes, and I want to tell you that they’re amazing, the change of vibratory level I’ve experienced have been automatic! I’m used to different type of techniques and visualization but for the first time I can say that they are manifesting in my daily live and overall in my attitude towards the “matrix”. There’s a big  step between the RV and the RI tapes, though I consider both necessary as it is much easier to enter the delta level once you have worked with the other tapes. I am more interested in my spiritual development than in searching for targets though with the RI tapes it is clear that all doors are opened easily.

Just a few questions:

As I see the most important is to work with our emotions and our fears, I see clearly how the key are in our fears as I realized right now that even though I did meditation, visualization, etc and positive thinking my fears keep going ..and have manifest in my life all the time. Connecting to the One is the key, once I experience the dissolution of myself is when I see that we all are One and then the comprehension of that we are creators of our reality arrives. But how can you empty yourself, feel the vacuity and at the same time keep the feeling of your flame within yourself- keep the feeling of a me-myself? How can I have a Will  TO REMOTE  influence or create a reality if the goal is to return to the One and then you don’t have to do anything? Is that when one identifies or lose the ego and enters in the ocean of the One there’s no need to do anything , as the “reality” manifest itself by the One? Or what you try to say is that in the meantime as we are still in this matrix we have to remember that we are creators in order to change and manifest another world  of higher light and love as a new level to get-approach to the One? 

The most incredible and beautiful of all is the connection with our mother earth and keeping the flame within our heart. Right now I try to concentrate in myself, in going within and keep this flame and love for the earth and myself instead of trying to change or remote view things as I see one leads the other. 

My intuition is quite incredible right now, I can feel and hear what people think and even the feelings of the people I know that are in Madrid, though it is easier for me to feel the emotions than to visualize, but I’ll keep working on it.

Thank you for your help.



Patrick, an RV/RI student, sent us  this testimonial while training with the RV/RI combination course.


      • Becoming aware of us being energies.
      • Experiencing the body of Light and the connection with the Oneness.

Thank you Gerald for allowing this very important information become attainable for those that will and desire completion within themselves. I have been practicing with Gerald’s RV/RI tapes for about a month now. For a new student this period of time is very crucial and important for building a strong foundation of understanding and motivation that will allow for a proper transitory state of passage to take place from the “now” embodiment of the matrix. After completing my first month I cannot help but to share some of my understandings about the RV/RI combo course and the magical experience I had with the RI course.

Through most of my first month I was filled with pre justified thoughts and expectations of what I should experience as a practitioner of RV & RI. I was blinded from what I was truly experiencing by pre-determined expectations of what I should be experiencing. Before I started the combo course I filled myself with knowledge about RV and the potentials of RV. By doing so I became blinded through my expectations of the course. Towards the end of my first month a thought manifested inside me, this thought or idea told me not to focus on what is ahead of me in the far distance but to look down and focus on what is directly in front of me. This thought indicated to me that I would never get to what I could see in the distance if I kept stumbling over my own two feet by not paying attention to what was directly in front of me. At this point I started to understand what this course is really about.

To me this course is about rebuilding myself, but before you can rebuild anything you must first deconstruct it. I think of deconstructing myself a lot like undoing a knot. Realizing that I have been a part of the Matrix for my whole life I must have accumulated one big, very complicated knot that will take patience and dedication to undo. As soon as I decided to strip away my expectations of the course and recalibrate my focus to the “now” I then began noticing the changes that started to take place. I noticed that people started looking and reacting to me differently. I became more sensitive and could almost feel instead of see people looking at me. I could feel the energy within me become stronger and vibrate faster. My sensitivity towards people increased, taking a measurement of other peoples vibratory status became easier and almost instantaneous. I began noticing the correlation of vibrating energy to the contrasting moods people were feeling. I began feeling and almost feel as if I could sense people’s will of action towards me. It feels almost like reading someone’s thoughts.

I could go on and on about the changes that have taken place and the changes taking place, but my point is I could never had these wonders taking place if I hadn’t peeled away my expectations and rejoiced in the present “now”. Surely I would have not had the experience that I had last night. Through this course the important message about patience and awareness that I had learned made me spend time with RV course tapes 2,3 and RI course tape 3. I felt that I shouldn’t go on and should be patient, amplify my focus and take baby steps. Last night I felt something inside me tell me to start on RI course tape 4. The experience that I had took me to the most relaxed state of being that I have ever experienced. My body was asleep but my mind stayed awake. My body felt as if it disappeared, and I existed only within my mind slightly above my body. I could not totally except this state at first and would transition from feeling my body to not feeling it at all. When I did feel my body it felt paper thin, a sensation that I never felt before. It was truly interesting. As I became more comfortable with what I was experiencing I decided to go with it, and then I could only feel my body of light. I knew this was my body of light because I was swaying side to side as if I was floating on a body of water. I kept swaying like this for some amount of time, I cannot say for how long because I had lost all perception of time itself. As I kept sinking further within myself I started to experience a connection, a connection that embraced me with a flood of white bright light. This light was soft and pleasant but bright and intense at the same time. Maybe strong white light is the right way of describing it. The light filled me with such feeling of joy and happiness that it left me tearing from joy. I wished that everyone could feel this great happiness and thanked it for allowing me to feel this happiness and joy and everything pleasant and right all at the same time. This was truly something breathtaking. This experience has left me internally smiling throughout this whole day and feeling a lingering connection with the strong white light. I know inside that I will experience this again and simply embrace and invite more experiences that will be allowed for me to experience. I look forward on moving onward through my course with patience and no set expectations. I simply feel open to experience.

Aaron Stevenson of Australia sends us this emotional message.


      • Life changing effects of the RV/RI course.

Hello Gerald,

Just dropping you a line to let you know of the effects your course has had on my life.

Your course has blown me away, my life has changed…
Before, I was into bodybuilding, cars, women and money.  Your course it made me examine myself deeply. What a horrible human being I had become acting almost entirely out of ego!
But I am happy to inform you things have changed. I have given up my quest to material attachments for I KNOW that they are not real. I go to the beach with my friend every morning at 5:30 and listen to your tapes and a whole new world opens up, a beautiful loving world where truth resides. I am going to learn to stay there in that world by absorbing your teachings which vibrate in resonance with my soul.
That is not to say that I don’t have any problems, I still do, but life is becoming easier and knowing the truth helps me through my perceived hard times. One of the hardest things is to leave my loving misses which I know might happen as I continue my journey back to the One. I could stop my journey to stay with her, but the pulling in my heart is too strong and to deny it would lead to misery.
Society doesn’t fit me anymore, for all I see is control.
My heart fills with sadness when I see and feel the mothers cry and I have a hard time feeling love for my fellow man even though I know he is me. I thank you for your teachings on how this reality isn’t real and the excellent experiences that you have guided me through.
You have given me boundless hope, reconnected me with the voice of the One, the Great I AM, and filled me with excitement in anticipation of future teachings from yourself or the One.

Thank you so much

Your student Aaron Stevenson

Louise Harvey of Australia took our Combo course and sent us this very interesting testimonials.


      • Manifesting reality.
      • The world is within.
      • Witnessing the “Matrix grid”, and doing some accurate RV targeting.
      • Changing her  life and putting her more in control of it.

Hello Gerald,

Well, I have just completed both courses; first the RV training and then the RI straight after. It’s time now to give you some feedback.

I am so glad I have done this training. It has been worth every cent. A friend of mine has also now purchased both courses, and I even paid half of the cost for her because I am so thoroughly convinced of its efficacy and its beneficial effects.

I feel really quite different now; a different person almost to the one who started the courses barely 5 months ago. Reality also feels and looks different in many strange and exciting ways.

Not long after I started the course, I was basically forced into watching my thoughts like a hawk, because some negative events occurred at that time that were clearly manifestations of some fears that I was nurturing in my mind. I won’t go into details about what those events were, but they left me in no doubt that I caused them to happen. I felt a little out of control about it, and I was concerned that perhaps I just would not be able to monitor my thoughts enough to prevent further negative events from occurring. But on the other hand I also felt reassured that really I WAS creating my reality and therefore I would be able to manifest positive things if I just changed my thinking.

I continued to practice with the tapes consistently, supported with some other quiet meditation and appropriate reading. I monitored my thoughts as much as I possibly could, and as soon as I caught a negative thought, I would replace it with a positive one. During particularly rough times at work or at home, the tapes were always a comforting escape, and they offered reassurance and almost instant relaxation. They helped me to focus on my inner life and stop me from dwelling on any outer problems and attachments.

Anyway, when I had finished the RV training, I did some target practice, and while there was some encouraging success with it, I seemed to have far too much information and images coming into my awareness, to the point where it just seemed like a confused mess! Anyway, I found a strategy that eliminates the extraneous information, and has improved my accuracy. My previous approach was to lie down, and get into Theta or Delta and use a Dictaphone to record what I was seeing. But the strategy that works best in my own case is to sit up in a chair, relax for a few minutes, and record all impressions with a pencil and paper, similar to some of the protocols used in some other RV techniques. This method seems to eliminate a lot of extraneous information and images. Anyway, sometimes the results are so accurate that I find it completely amazing and surreal. Then I might have a few ‘misses’ and I lose some confidence, but I always come back to it and have a ‘hit’.

The exercise that I have had the most success with is where you visualize putting on someone else’s head over your own. I get SO much information from this exercise. It has been especially reliable, helpful and insightful, although sometimes I have this icky feeling that I’m invading someone else’s personal space! But it has been of tremendous help to make sense of some people’s behaviors, and I find that rather than judging them for their behaviors or getting angry etc with them as I might have done before, I now have a great deal more empathy with them. It has really helped me to improve the way I communicate with some of my more difficult work colleagues and family members.  

The other thing that I wanted to mention is a little hard to describe, but more and more often I have these feelings where everything outside of me IS me. Everything; people, cars, trees, books, anything at all.
Suddenly out of the blue I’m looking at something and it looks familiar as though it is me looking at me. Weird but true. Life seems to be becoming less real; visually too. For a long time I have been able to see a faint energy field around people and objects, but sometimes now I see streams of energy simply pouring not only out of people but shaking and moving in the empty spaces around me. I don’t know if all this stuff has happened as a direct result of training with the tapes, but I’m pretty confident that it has. Then I had this REALLY strange experience with my vision that I had NEVER had before – I had been working on my computer for a few hours and my eyes were starting to strain, so I held one hand over one of my eyes to rest it, while I looked at the computer screen with my other eye. All of a sudden, the computer screen and everything else in my sight just dissolved away completely and in its place was these vibrating bands of (what seemed like) energy traveling up and across my sight. It was like stepping right into one of those 3D puzzle pictures that were popular a few years ago. As soon as I blinked my computer screen and everything just popped right back into sight and the ‘energy bands’ were gone. I just thought “Woooah, what the hell was that?”  Too much computing? I don’t know, like I said, that has never happened before, and I spend much of working hours sitting in front of a computer.

My favorite tape was definitely 7B of the RI tapes, which I felt an immense connection with. It was like the icing on the cake, although ALL of the tapes were great and I felt that they all contributed to my progress. Some of the RI tapes were a little long for me – I get restless pretty quickly, but I hung in there, or if I was really restless, I would just stop the tape, get up and come back to it a bit later. The first two tapes of the RI course I listened to again and again and again. I think I could recite them by now!

Anyway, I hope this feedback helps you in the ongoing development of the course, and perhaps gives reassurance to those who may be considering purchasing the course. Thank you Gerald for making it available to the public – it’s a great gift to the world.


Louise Harvey

Glyn wrote to us the following: Subject:

      • Perception of Oneness.

Hello Gerald,

It has been years since I bought your course, but you started me out on the RV path. I will always remember every evening going upstairs to listen to a tape. Getting so frustrated when I started to get itchy and just *had* to scratch when I was  starting to relax :-). I will never forget that elevator that took me down down to theta.. and that wretched spiral staircase (cracking the visualization of  walking round and down that staircase was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life ; but I eventually managed it :-). The room at the bottom of the staircase is still in my mind, the furniture, the screen on the wall….all ‘there’.. so well it was impressed in my imagination that it has become almost like a real memory. I still use those stairs and that basement when I need to get down as deep as possible. It got to the point where I could walk across the cold tiles I had put in the room, feel my feet on the floor and ‘be’ there; though I could never visualize the room as clearly as I wanted to. (I wonder if some people can visualize things so clearly that they can find themselves unable to tell the real from the unreal…and get stuck in their own minds. So we call them insane…mmm) Also the guided explorations into the  ‘innards’ of plants and trees, putting heads on :-), and the wonderful soaring flights.

What I am getting at is that I value your  teachings Gerald. I may not agree with all of them, because I think I am more pragmatic than you …but as far as ‘The One’ is concerned I have similar ideas. I don’t really like the term ‘The One’ though as it brings to my mind a single supreme being and sci-fi stories, but  that can’t be helped; a name isn’t  that important I guess.

 Funnily enough, this last Friday evening I was on the bus traveling home from work, and I got into one of those relaxed ‘glazed-over’ states where I was just observing without thinking a lot, and I found myself looking at one of the other passengers. I suddenly though it was more a concept than in words… ‘She’s me but I don’t yet know it, neither does she…..they are all me…we are one and have been and will be throughout time….we are just separated by different bodies which age and die’. For an instant I ‘recognized’, and then that feeling of  knowing went away as my conscious mind kicked back in.

So ‘Bingo’ Gerald, and thanks. :-))

I do hope your son is OK now.
Kind regards,

Manda, a recent trainee from the Netherlands writes to us:

Dear Gerald,

I’ve been practicing the RV tapes for more than two months now. It was not always easy to do it regularly, due to vacation time and grandchildren (I have 8) and everybody wants (and gets) my attention. I love the tapes and the more I listen, the more it grows on me. Today (Sunday) I am just by myself and I listened to tape 2, both sides. The love I felt, the warmth, so overwhelming. I am LOVE and I am LIGHT. Taking a shower I let my love flow through and to the water. Right now I’m listening to the sounds of the ocean waves.

This coming week I will be in Germany, but after the 15th everything will be back to normal (I hope) and I will proceed with my meditations.

One more thing I like to tell you Gerald. While meditating I had the sensation I was toppling over, losing my balance, I shrieked, the feeling was so real.  Funny isn’t it?

Love to you and all the Grillflamers.


Ivan Skitolwsy sent us, this important feedback on the CD that comes with the Remote Influencing tape. 

      • As the CD allows for the gentle sound of ocean waves to brush your consciousness, little do you know what sophisticated mind technology (non- subliminal) is imbedded in it. We know that many of you have not yet realized how powerful this CD really is in allowing you to experience what, up to now, only very rare and advanced  Yogis could do which is to have your body asleep, hearing often yourself snoring,  but remaining totally aware as pure consciousness, allowing you therefore to undertake very powerful journeys to Higher Realms where Remote Viewing and Influencing, and other learning/revelations are the rule. We hope that this feedback will encourage you to listen to the delta track even in a looping mode while sleeping.

I just wanted to write to you and let you know how the CD of phase 2 in the Remote Influencing Course is deepening my work. When I first started listening to the CD, particularly track 2, Safari to Delta, I would phase out and go to sleep. Now, I can listen to the whole thing and remain alert. This is important because it has anchored my ability to go into that split state of mind awake/body asleep. At night, I listen with speakers on either side of my head until I wake up, 3 hours or so later. I then put the headphones on and listen to track 2, Safari to Delta in a looping mode in order to maintain those delta waves and solidify the body asleep portion of the brainwave state. Then as I lie back down, I begin to rev up the energy body by using an image of the gyroscopic device used in the movie “Contact” and it goes faster and faster, and gets brighter and brighter until I am pure light. The next thing that happens is what I can only describe as an extremely powerful whole body orgasm as the energy accelerates around my body. This is when the fun begins. The out of body state is easy when this happens, or remote viewing or influencing, or praying for yourself of others at a distance. I find myself going through a portal in my room which is a large picture of the eastern Sri Yantra. This seems to be where some of my inner work is done going back into my childhood. Just this morning, I went through and the other side seemed to be some sort of a black hole. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that, but the possibilities are endless. We are indeed pure light, pure love, pure consciousness capable of anything, and if enough people discover this, this planet will change. Thank you for the CD that has aided me in accessing these portions of myself. I have been working on this for many years. This is a very powerful tool if people will use it. 

Sue Parker sent us this moving testimonial. Subject: 

      • Experiencing merging with the ALL.  A very rare and unforgettable moment of Being the ONE. And the healing blessings that were then bestowed upon her.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,
I had an experience with the tapes that was so incredible I find it impossible to put down what it was – no words can capture it – I was rocked, consumed, ‘it’ was all passion.
How can I describe the indescribable?   It had no beginning, it had no end.  I was It.
Intoxicating rapture, a song, an undulating wave.
I thought I would die, explode, should it continue a  moment longer, and yet, I would die to stay.
And my health – After years of illness I’m now in the recovery stages following major surgery and a heavy treatment program of Radio and Chemotherapy.  (A malignant tumor that had spread into the lymph glands)- My progress seems to have speeded up – I feel great! younger! and alive!

I feel humbled and privileged, and all I can send you is  my love and my thanks for producing these wonderful tapes.  But again, it’s more than that, and more than language can convey.

 Sue Parker  

Otis H. wrote to u son 

My world is so much more beautiful having completed the lessons on
Remote Viewing and Influencing..   I have turned over all my CDs and
material to my son who just recently graduated from Ole Miss.

All I can say, it just happens… I make myself available, I do what I
can do, and it just happens…  I truly feel the presence of the
Universal Mind and being one with the Universal Mind…

Gerald, you are special to be chosen and want to initiate our
evolvement with the Universal One.  Thank you very much!

Otis H.

Munjal Patel , a dear student from India, sent us this very nice and enlightening feedback


      • Opening the doors to The One
      • The door of pure Joy into ecstasy
      • The infinite powers of pure Love
      • How to do global healing of the planet’s consciousness
      • Manifesting and attracting all that is sought with the Infinite Force of Love.
      • Healing negativity
      • Easily Reading the thoughts and emotions of others
      • Easily and accurately Remote Viewing the stock markets
      • Raising the vibrations of others as we encounter them etc…

Dear Gerald,

My deep love and gratitude for bring up such courses. Words are not enough to express my Love and gratitude for you because you have opened the doors to Infinity for me. Your courses have helped me to realize my own Self, my own nature, which is infinite joy ever increasing and never ending ecstasy, and out of the Divine ecstasy arises  incredible Love oceans full of Infinite Love.

That is what we are all are and this is our mission to feel Infinite Love and ecstasy.

By mastering your courses we can easily achieve this feat. We just need the intention and the rest is taken care of.

I know from the bottom of my heart that you are channeling The One and Only One that IS God.  This is very serious because through the medium of Gerald The One has given us, humanity,  these RI and RV courses which are the key to liberation.

I simply love RV/RI and practice them religiously everyday. It is my routine now. It is like if I don’t meditate thrice daily then something is missing in my day; the day is not complete… When I have time I meditate with CDs, and when time is short I meditate without the CDs.  

The amount of Joy that I feel is indescribable. This is what we are after, all of humanity. We want joy only. We run after money, women and all other worldly things because by getting them we feel joy. There is nothing wrong with it, but that type of joy is limited, and the joy we can get in meditation which is made effortless by your RV/RI courses is Infinite and ever increasing and never ending. That is it.

My Life has completely changed. Now I live for this Joy and Love and everything is taken care by The One. I spend my day healing Mother Earth and the whole human consciousness. I feel so much Love for Mother Earth. It is our common responsibility to heal Her. I am going to give everything I have to heal Her.

RV/RI has given me incredible powers but these are powers of Love and Joy. Love is the most powerful powerful force in the universe.

I will give you an examples of the practical uses of the RV/RI course:

1- Even though I did not RI my family members, their behavior and the overall vibratory atmosphere of my house has changed because of my meditation sessions. It has become very peaceful and joyful. When you come in my room you can literally feel the Divine Presence because I do all my RV/RI in my room.

2- All the things that I think about come true and manifest in my life. It happens in such a way that I have to marvel at the Infinite Intelligence of The One.

3- I have made it a habit to heal instantly all the negative thoughts that I feel. EG , one of my friends, is very negative but I give healing to him and in my presence he becomes very cheerful and completely different.

4-All my vehicles work like magic. I feel that they also have consciousness and I can love them. My motorbike, even though not used for a long time would start on second kick. It works on battery and for that battery to remain charged it has to be used regularly, but magic happens!

5- I can read others’ thoughts, feelings and emotions, even of animals and plants. It is just a knowing.

6- While merged deeply with the One, at the level of now, where everything happens simultaneously, parallel thoughts and realities, I was given the message of healing the Earth Mother and humanity in daily life, being as much filled with ecstasy as  possible because joy  literally heals the wounds and it has a very deep effect on the environment.

7- I can easily Remote View the stock market very very accurately. It is freaky. I just do it to sharpen the edges of my mental concentration.

8- I can easily raise the vibrations of another person by RI and it happens in REAL TIME. When the RI starts you can literally see the change in that person behavior and emotions.

I can go on and on. It is a very long story and I don’t want to blow my horn but this is possible for EVERYONE. all of us are the children of Infinity. We have the power to feel Infinite Joy, Love, and Light and now is the time to get it.

In the end I just want to say that Gerald is amazing and very very humble, helpful, and lovable human being who has dedicated his life for the work of The One. I consider myself extremely lucky to have met this amazing master.

All my love and blessing form the deepest core of my heart to my friend. He is an inspiration to me for dedicating my life for The One. Really it is our intention that matters. if you just intend and trust on The One, everything will be taken care of.

We are lucky to have Gerald. The One tells me that I and all of us have to learn a lot from Gerald.  Gerald, we request you for more courses and teachings, and to start the web based video training of the different technique of RV/RI that you were personally going to teach us. Please consider my request.

All my Love to you.


Josie C, a student in Spain sent us this beautiful feedback


      • Deep soul and physical healing taking place since embarking on our Mind ascension/evolution journey.
      • Experiencing the deep Love of the Higher Mother inside Her ocean of consciousness.
      • Awakening to real unconditional Love.
      • Seeing and understanding the real process of Soul-ascension.

Dear Gerald,

It’s 9 months since I began the RV and RI courses and I would like to express my feedback.

To begin with I was so sick I was like a wreck. As you say in your writings watch out the doctors but I was already a sort of trapped. They haven’t given me a diagnosis but I keep recovering since I began to listen to the CDs. I’ve been able to know who I can trust or leave behind and managed to get out of trouble of sometimes very difficult situations. I find the solution or information that I need.

Now I can face things that I wasn’t able before in a detached manner no matter what and make the necessary changes.

When I first listened to the RI1 CD I had the beautiful experience of merging with the ocean, like being embraced by two big wings, feeling happy, relaxed, secure, like a baby, surrounded by love

I’ve also had the experience of becoming my breath which I have no words to describe how it is like.

I’ve seen the gradation of colors from black to the most brilliant white as the process of ascension one has to follow.

I’ve felt the heat of becoming a flame in which I sweat as if I were in a sauna but in a pleasurable way.

So far no experience is repeated, everything is always new.

My eyes have a light they didn’t have before that people notice but they don’t know what it is. Even strangers that I cross in the street or the dogs. I’m changing and delighted to be in this trip.

Your explanations are clear, exact, comprehensible. Your voice is soothing. As you say in the e-book we ” only” have to understand, integrate and experience. Thank you so much for this work.

My most sincere gratitude, 


Pamela Paxman , a dedicated and courageous Light bringer sent us this beautiful and profound feedback after training with the combo and especially RI CD #8

Gerald leads the listener into a delta brainwave pattern, normally a sleep state of mind, but I remain aware of his instructions to travel to the sun, to the center of the earth and back again, establishing a connection between myself and all of God’s creations.  The following is what I wrote immediately after this meditation.  I felt so different.  I felt indescribable peace and don’t recognize this style of writing that came of it. 

I have traveled to the center of the earth and back to the celestial center of God’s realms.  I have established a connection tangible and firm between myself and all of His creations.  I travel through space and time in perfect harmony with God’s vibrational levels of perfection.  I never understood until now the great desire in all of us to progress toward Him.   Our spirits were forged in the pool of fire, God’s fire of light.  We are magnificent in our creation and as such are destined to return.  This temporary human experience allows us the choice to live with Him or not.  At the core of the sun is the cool, vibrating, living core of love, pulsing with the light of life bathing us in her gift.  All creations are life and worship Him.  The flowers sing praises to their Creator.  The sun vibrates it’s joy down on us as a small representation of His Love.  I have seen a glimpse of our potential as light being.  The sun will hide its face in shame at the majesty of His complete glory in light.  I travel along my fiery red-orange golden strands of light progressing toward the sun. I enter through a facet of His diamond presence and my soul remembers as my body is engulfed in unearthly light and love.  Golden energy replaces organic structures in my mortal tabernacle and I transcend.  I feel my true creation, my true being.  I am an extension of He who created me.  I am not this body.  I am not my earthbound actions or labels.  I am not small.  I rise above this temporary existence to see myself through his eyes.  I am infinite and immortal.  I am becoming perfection.  I fill the universe as an extension of Him.  We are one.  He is the Father of my spirit where there are no limitations.  A new vocabulary does not know the negative or the limiting.  I feel in complete ecstasy of mind, body and soul for here in this place is perfect acceptance of self.  The body is just the vehicle I have temporarily stepped into. 

I am not my body any more than I am the car I ride in or the house in which I live.  I am separate from earth’s imperfections and rise a glorious being of light in infinite potential.  Streaming from my presence filling all space and time, I am a creator.  

I rise above the petty thoughts of the day and choose to live higher.  I look to the beautifully created earth for daily cues– reminders of my infinite worth.  The birds sing to Him, the trees ever reach to Him, the breath He lends me daily fills the expanse in it’s full creation.  Every living creature vibrates with pure golden light through mortal blood pathways, waiting it’s resurrective perfection.  Only man, only me, loses vision.  Only I forget the perfect place of love from whence I came and to whence I will forever dwell.  Only this ultimate creation, me, forgets His love and finds myself stuck in earthly grime.   

Yet, the forgetfulness serves a purpose.  First, I learn to recognize the veil, second accept it, third desire to go beyond it in remembering.  Accept the diamonds cast down here in the form of trials designed to give us the ability to go beyond our self-determined limits.  Lastly walk through and remember.

I see the light, His light in me, separating into diamonds falling to earth.  Gathering speed and power entering the atmosphere then gently lighting on each home, into each heart, an awakening and admonition to also look heavenward for remembrance of the brilliant, perfectly loved you, His children.

Bryce Denn, an Aussie student and friend, sent us this feedback upon his return from a meditation/reconnection journey using our courses, while purposely spending solitary time in the Australian Bush.

Hey Gerald,

The meditation trip that I went on was very successful – I am aware of the connection that I have to many things now like the earth mother and also the collective human “mind”. 

It was good to get back into the bush, I actually come from the country but am now studying in the city. This return made the connection with the earth/nature so much more effective. =D 

Sometimes now since the meditation and the lunar eclipse especially, I become aware of the robotic mind that isn’t actually me— 

Some habits, pre-judgements, and beliefs that I see aren’t actually mine at all! It’s like my control falls asleep and the autopilot of humanity takes over for a bit. Then is when I tend to do and think things that on reflection are not what I choose.

Again, Thank you very much.

Bryce – TSD

Dr. Lizzy Boros of the U.K. shared this testimonial with us after a few weeks of training 


      • Increased levels of visualization
      • Encountering Beings and guides and using effectively our protective measures to counter negative ones.
      • Increased event intuition

Thank you for the possibility, that I can use your beautiful program. I am listening two times per day and I have perceiving a lot of amazing feelings, visualizations etc. For example I had 4 forms of visualizations.  
1. 3D visualization with normal movements in, as like when I am watching TV, with beautiful colors and sometimes with voices and smells together.
2. Holographic visualization (this was just few times)
3. Pictures (standing), sometimes with ugly figures, but I1ve used the “small” word…, and they disappeared:-). Sometimes this figures want to say something, but I do not understand yet their signs.
4. This is the most interesting I think, because sometimes I see things, events in shady and I just think that this is from the future…?

My problem is that I see a lot of things, but I do not understand yet the meanings, the places, I do not know that peoples, and I would like to know… Could you help me in that please, how can I know more? I tried to write after the session, but even if I am remembering everything I can not draw the meanings. And I do not have to be in meditation, a lot of time I see things, events when I am going to sleep, and sometimes daytime, when I am working or doing something else…

I can sense events before they is happening…,

Thank you for your attention and for this life-changing possibility. I am sorry that my language (I am Hungarian), is not enough good to say everything that I have inside…

With respect,


Joshua Lorne a recent trainee sent us  this enthusiastic email covering all the great benefits and experiences he has accumulated so far while training with our combo RV/RI program.


      • Innumerable experiences (see below) and powerful inner transformation

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I wanted to thank you again for spending time with me via phone earlier this week.   I must stress that the fact that I am journaling is a small miracle in itself as I have been stricken with a mental fog brought on by a seemingly intractable unipolar depression that has plagued me since my teens.This is why I forced myself back into Aikido and just recently into your material which is how the “decathexis” was initiated.  

I started off by reading your RI eBook and that evening experienced the most peaceful sleep I had been able to achieve in many months.  You awakened me to being imprisoned within the Dark Matrix, something I had an inclination of since I was a child but was unable to properly formulate as a coherent construct in my psyche.  The extreme intuition I am capable of has been both a gift and a curse, with an emphasis on the latter.  I’ve read material pertaining to the creation of psychic force fields as a means to protect myself from dark energies/entities, but they have rarely proved effective over the long term.  This had caused my mental and physical energy reserves to continually decline to the point where I became very afraid about my capacity to continue to exist on this planet.  Your RV course has for me achieved what I previously conceived as unimaginable – the deprogramming of my program!  Perhaps most importantly of all, your mention of sentient vs non-sentient beings truly resonated with me.  When in an office setting I have frequently run into individuals (most often in positions of authority/management) who I would swear were somehow not human at all.  Their behavior and actions were so robotic, cold and calculating that my feeling/sensing intuition would overwhelm me to the extent that I would become dizzy and sick to my stomach.  They would haunt me in my dreams, cause me to doubt myself and to experience extremely low self esteem.  After being repeatedly told by close friends and therapists that “You’re just sensitive” or “You’re overreacting” I began to lose confidence in my ability to exist as an individual thinking human being and to resolve this by simply allowing myself to assimilate within their paradigm as a means to avoid the seemingly incessant psychic turmoil I was enduring.  The dilemma with this approach was that it has never worked – I’ve been relentlessly pulled towards discovering “The Truth” and maintaining my status as a loner/hermit via reading hundreds of books on esoterica, going to ‘healers’ and therapists, etc., while the dread of nihilism continued to creep up within me.  The best visual representation of this I can provide is the scene in the film “Jacob’s Ladder” when “Jacob” (Tim Robbins) is lying in a hospital bed while his wife and two sons hover over him and his wife says “Everything’s going to be ok, Jake”.  From nowhere he hears a dark and sinister voice that whispers “Dream on…”  To have to live in this relationship with ‘reality’ has been nightmarish as you can probably imagine.  To now understand that the Dark Matrix indeed exists, that I was never ‘imagining’ things and that I’m going to be ‘ok’ creates a gratitude within me that I cannot begin to express.  Thank you, Mr O’Donnell, from the bottom of my heart. 

Please feel free to review the following list of experiences I have had in the first month of listening to your RV course:

RV Experiences: 

      • April (RV CD 2): When I enter “Deep Theta” I enter into a cavern of sorts and see these words in a luminescent white as an elevated sign.  I then enter the area further and feel as if I am suspended in midair while overlooking an immense white/off white space (it appears to be a foggy sky) with birds flying in the distance.  Wave after wave of what I can only describe as an emotionally and physically laden nirvana hit me.  On 25 April, 2010 I felt as if I were propelled into this whiteness at an amazing speed while viewing the earth from a very high altitude.  I then see myself suspended in this space, my body in black as a searing white light hits me that I am barely able to stand in front of.  
      • 04/25/10: I was listening to RV CD 2 and once again experience a partial paralysis of my body upon coming face to face with the Universal Mind.  My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my spine elevated while feeling like it was electrified sending sensations throughout my entire body.   
      • 04/21/10 (RV CD 3): I felt relaxed and at peace but nothing out of the ordinary was happening.  Then, out of the blue, I saw my face against a black background.  I looked younger and very much alive, not smiling but vibrant.  I looked into my eyes very deeply and saw a changed/ing man. 
      • 04/26/10 (RV CD 2): I felt an enormous outpouring of love from the Universal Mind, once again facing The One on some sort of grassy cliff with a misty sky and birds flying in the distance.  This time I attempted to run through the grass and into the void which resulted in an intense spine tingling experience with my eyes rolling to the back of my head as if I were experiencing an epileptic seizure that was exhilarating.   
      • 05/07/10 (RV CD 4): For the first time I was able to experience the sensation of a very intense and broad vibrating white light.  This was conjoined with experiencing what seemed to be a more authentic OBE.  When imagining my head and neck expanded to 24 inches I actually ‘saw’ myself halfway through the wall behind me, as if I was immersed in the wall.


Early May: I have seen three films I felt compelled to watch since beginning the RV training.  “Crazy Heart,” “Avatar” and “Men Who Stare at Goats”.  The first two are really stories about a return to the authentic self and resonated with me deeply.  A few weeks ago I experienced a very lucid dream in which I had returned home to claim my ‘inheritance’ and to make amends with some fractured relationships within my family.  My psychologist explained that this was an archetypal dream of sorts for the biblical story of the “prodigal son”, that I was on a journey home to my “Authentic Self”.  I only understood this concept at a rudimentary level until seeing these films.  It now makes much more sense to me why my ‘family’ has always felt akin to a group of strangers who happened to have raised me.  “Men Who Stare at Goats” was comedic but I strongly intuited that it represented humanity’s discomfort with the ultimate truth of our minds being far (perhaps infinitely) more capable of what we believe them capable of.  The interweaving of comedy with some intense, serious moments did not mesh well and (to me) reflected man’s strong case of unease with the subconscious mind and being forced to deal with the reality of living within the confines of the Dark Matrix. 

Unusual Experiences: 

      • April: Upon staring at a weight bench at the gym while listening to RV CD 1, I noticed that the metal seemed to begin to morph and I could discern that it was not a solid at all, but composed of billions of atoms(?).   
      • April: After listening to RV CD’s 1 and 2 a few times I went to Costco.  It was uncomfortable for me to be around crowds of people in a retail environment, even more than usual.  I felt as if people were staring at me, and some were even stopping to stare.  A few smiled, but I could tell that they were picking up on my energy, as if I were enervating something unusual, perhaps special. 
      • April: I have begun to really control my breathing and adopt the idea that I am my breath.  This has at times become so intense that it seems as if I am only taking a few deep breaths per minute at most.  It became clear to me that my heart must have barely been beating as I went further and further into a peaceful state. 
      • 04/30/10: I went to my MD for an annual checkup.  While the nurse was checking my blood pressure, I realized I was spontaneously going into a deep meditative state.  She then asked me “Sir, are you ok?”  I said “Yes, I am fine, why do you ask?”  She said “Your blood pressure is 90 over 78!”   
      • 05/06/10: I attended a Hatha Yoga session for the first time in approximately a year.  I realized many of the movements seemed to coalesce with my Aikido training.  At certain moments time seemed to slow down as I relaxed further and it became very apparent to me that my return to yoga would be highly complimentary to both my Aikido training as well as my RV meditation.  After the session ended I struck up a conversation with the instructor and demonstrated for him my breathing technique that had come about after only a few sessions of RV meditation.  He appeared startled and stated that I was engaging in a very deep form of Pranyama breathing (I cannot recall the exact term he used).  I had no idea what I was doing – this form of breathing for me is new and is now a part of my daily routine, but it occurs without me consciously willing it to begin or end.  I have never been able to “breathe” as advised by former New Age gurus or instructors.  I didn’t know what they were talking about and simply became more frustrated after being labeled “tense” by them.  After the yoga session concluded I accompanied my friend, a Chiropractor, to a local bar/restaurant.  I recently had surgery on my right cheek to remove a sebaceous cyst that erupted last year in March following a job loss which brought a tremendous amount of stress, anguish and hopelessness upon me.  This was the second surgery and my right cheek has a few stitches which are covered by a steri strip.  I normally would experience a strong degree of anxiety in going into any social setting with a bandage on my face, but upon entering the establishment I felt very peaceful, as if I were gliding through the bar area that was packed with people, many trying to impress one another and looking their best.  I again felt as if I was being stared at by some of these people, but they weren’t looking at the bandage, they were looking at or ‘into’ me.  I felt their energy and could ‘assess’ them.  I experienced no desire to project any egoic wants or needs upon them as I felt incredibly comfortable just being ‘me’, except that I wasn’t really too familiar with this version of me.  ‘He’ felt new and was a welcome presence.
      • 05/07/10: After listening to RV CD 4 this morning, I experienced an olfactory sensation – familiar scents from a long time ago emerged that I do not have a conscious recollection of in terms of time and space, yet they evoked a memory imprint that I had associated with a deep sense of peace, security and happiness.

Lucid dreams (April): 

      • Dreamt that a psychic came to my grandmother’s house unexpectedly to survey the rooms for energy patterns or something. She handed me a strange Tarot deck where the cards were attached to one another but could still somehow be shuffled. She said “Ooooh, you have too many Cups…”
      • S. had emailed me and was looking forward to seeing me, being loving and complimentary.  I felt happy that she had done so.  Then I had a ‘precog’ moment immediately thereafter and read another email from her ‘a week later’ indicating she was dating a guy and was excited about spending time with him.  Message: avoid her at all costs. 
      • I was listening to RV CD 2 and without noticing it must have slipped into a dream state.  I was leaning against the fence in my grandmother’s backyard while listening to the same CD on my iPod or Walkman while experiencing a blissful peace and smiling.  The sun was shining and I was seeing greener greens and listening to the birds while observing wildlife but at the same time in Theta state. 
      • 04/20/10 (RV CD 2): I must have fallen into a dream state while listening and remember categorizing these black and red files.  When I would put them in a particular order, I would think “I just made another $50,000!”  The thought/notion came to me that in attempting to make money I was in error as all I had needed to do the entire time was to stop trying, that when I stopped trying it would come to me in waves.

 Best Regards,


Maggie Teske  to us this very enlightening testimonial


      • While seeking totally different results from the courses, she unexpectedly  experienced directly in her room, the Loving Light Presence of the One.  She was transformed forever.

I usually don’t  e-mail people I don’t know but felt I really needed to this time. 

Okay first it is confession time.  Unlike some of the other student’s comments I didn’t order lot of other program didn’t want to learn how to meditate better etc.  Looking back I now realize I ordered it out of fear!  Fear of the current economic conditions.  I was hoping in my generous moments to find work for the company I am employed at so we could all keep our jobs.  In my more selfish moments I wanted to win the lottery to take care of me and mine.  I certainly didn’t care about this strange internet guy talking about quantum physics, Universal Mind, and all that other strange stuff.

HOWEVER one night when listening to one of the cds I must have fallen asleep when suddenly IT happened, I was having a very strange very vivid dream when the room was suddenly full of beautiful vibrating light; I thought my heart was going to explode with joy and happiness at the overwhelming sense of love-peace-and joy I felt.  It only lasted a few seconds but needless to say in those few seconds my whole outlook on life changed.  

I am now going back over the many articles you have written and also the cds only this time looking and listening for much much more.   

Thanks seem like so little to say for opening my eyes to this new world, but it’s all I can come up with.  SO… 

Thank You

Maggie Teske

Ernestine Kuhnl an Austrian trainee sent us this feedback


      • Experiencing the  “Big Light.”

Dear Gerald:

Yesterday after job I did – as I do often – RV 3 and it had a very good effect. I felt relaxed – all muscles and whole body – really perfect, also complete good feelings energetically, mentally and so on.

Today I had again a day in the office and decided to do RI 8 to relax and felt better.

After some minutes I was so relaxed that I did not feel my body – I also did not really hear the words of the CD – and had the feeling that I „had lost consciousness“  for a short time, when I became aware of a very bright light (I did the meditation with eyes closed and a dimly lit room) – but not as „forceful“ as when I had my first experience with Light at the end of Dec. 08- and I felt as if there were waves- not like what I have felt during the past weeks- „electric current“ – frequency like ultra-short waves or so – but „very long waves“ perhaps – like swimming in the ocean – when (nice!) big waves are coming – like a rocking motion – but I had the feeling as if my body was lifted above the bed already, as if going with my body – into space.

I had the distinct feeling that my whole biological body was in this wave and I thought – I wanted to stay HERE with the body- haha!!

IMMEDIATELY – it was as if „the light is turned off“ and the wave stopped and I felt „back to earth again“ !!!!!! REALLY ANOTHER DIMENSION – in this light and wave and being there and here…….

I cannot really put this into words – impossible.

Love and Light Ernestine

Margarita Slavkova wrote to us on  this beautifully crafted and emotional message


      • Ascension. When engaged, there is no turning back.

Hi, Gerald,

I just want to share some thoughts.

I bought a lot of courses. But you are the first, who takes my hand and leads me towards the light. There is a lot of love and dedication in those records. I am really blessed to have found your teaching.

My impression at this point is that my life is split in half. Or, better, my world is lost. I have been meditating for three years, but nothing has shaken the core of my being and understanding like the Remote Influencing course. I am confused and amazed.

Confused, because I don’t understand the question “Why me?” Nobody around me knows any better. Looking at my past years, when I was young and full of my “ enormous ego, which was always right”, I still do not find any answer. I love my parents dearly, but they did not teach me any of this. They both died very afraid and unprepared. My husband thinks that I am not the same person anymore. And he is right.

I realized that all my life up to this point went somehow aside. I have a degree in land surveying and accounting. And now, at 52, I am interested in psychology, healing, writing, brain … But I am not trained to do all of those things! What to do with my skills? What is happening? The pull is so strong and I don’t know where I am going to end up. Tremendous changes have happened already. I feel that something (or someone) else occupies my body. May be the perception is so different, that I think about myself as another person. The potential is building so strongly in me, I have the feeling that there is no room anymore. Because nothing changes on the outside. May be my vibrations are still very low? I know, that I am coming from a very low stage and have to climb more. But it is OK. I can’t stop now, it is too late.

About the outside a little. I decided to write reports for a blog. But how? I have not done that? On top of it, in English. Something very powerful is pushing me away from the computer and the file, because it is a possibility for me to make some money. Something in me does not like it. However, I wrote 10 pages already and my daughter’s teacher checked it. Now, I have to send it. Another challenge.

I just listened to session 7 (the second body). Wow!! I was blown away (again).

I also listened today to the last CD – Mother Nature. I was really shaken, dissolved, disintegrated to the core of my DNA.

It was very emotional. I felt that way after giving birth to my children.

I feel alone. I don’t talk to people. I try to say something, but it is like talking Japanese. I am not merged any more with my old world and I don’t have a new one. Do I want a new one? I still have a lot of love invested in my old. How I can incorporate the old into the new? Nonsense!

On top of everything, I fell happy and blessed. Really. I talk to my little tree in the back yard and I am in heaven. My hibiscus blossomed again today and, it felt amazing – it felt red and gold and sunny (it is raining now).  

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating so beautifully something which can’t be even touched by words.

Margarita Slavkova

 Eric Young, a Canadian trainee and addiction counselor, sent us this testimonial.


      • Healing himself and others from back condition, rotator cuff injury, addiction problems etc..
      • Finding inner peace and happiness and powerfully manifesting reality

Dear Gerald.
Firstly, thanks for making the course available, it is worth 1000’s of dollars more… what price peace and balance?
I started in Nov 2008 by downloading the free session from the website.  I listened at work in my chair and my life instantly improved to an amazing degree.  I listened almost every day until the RV sessions arrived.  I listened to them over and over before moving on to the successive sessions.  I ordered the RI, which to me is really what I want as I am not too interested in seeing the future or having OOBE’s- I have had some experience with these sort of things but don’t really have a desire to replicate them at the moment.
The RI course is still being worked on, I keep going unconscious during the “beyond Delta” session, so I’m back at the previous Delta session work and I’m happy to stay there until I’m ready for the next step.
Many precognitive and supernatural things started happening immediately in November, despite me not asking for anything other than healing myself/others, and wanting to be aware of being connected to self at all times.  My back problem has all but disappeared, I am fixing my sister’s rotator cuff, my work with clients is improved (Addiction Counselor), but most importantly, my life has become one of sitting with a smile in my heart in peace and love, with a consistency previously unobtainable through many other methods over the years.
I wanted something that would put me into the deeper states of consciousness so that I could become aware of how they felt, and thereby apply them to my own meditations and life: this is what has resulted from using the RV/RI courses, instantly! So far I am happier and more Self-aware than I have ever been, despite very big changes in my life at this time!
I have a few friends who have listened to sessions with me and now are hooked on them. I encourage them and anyone to buy your product and watch their lives become wonderful, looking through our childhood eyes in amazement at everything that goes by. 
I thank you a million times, I thank the One, and I thank my Self- I know we are all One entity now.

Erik Young, Canada “Live your own life, for you will die your own death”

D.K. Brainard sent us this feedback

      • Subject: Synchronicities increasing after training a few weeks with the Combination courses

Dear Gerald,

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you so much for the ARVARI CDs. I am enjoying them tremendously and after only a few weeks the level of synchronicity in my life has become simply stunning.


John Pennie wrote to us.


      • Finding Truth and Love within all.

My dear Gerald, 

I don’t know what has been the response to the postings from the One, on your site and Grillflame. But please do recognize that I am and have been truly grateful for you showing me the door to my self, and the One. You say you are not a master. But the best teachers bring their students to the doorway of themselves and the subject. For a teacher cant show what they already understand in their mind, and expect a student to grasp it in the same way. A great teacher, as yourself, shows the path to the truth in a subject and the student. Gerald you are a blessing among us, and the One knows this. The Truth is not in a stained glass window, but in the mirror to the soul. 

You through the One have brought on so many awakenings in my self that there isn’t any praise or thankfulness that I feel is enough. Your course has shown me so much more than remote viewing and remote influencing. I have Love back in my heart and mind, peace with myself in my soul. When I look at strangers I feel Love and adoring, not hate, spite, loathing and contempt. The One’s message thru yourself shines in all I have encountered from you. From your web site to your courses. I have searched for the Truth for a long time and no message has grabbed my heart as yours did. Sometimes the truth hits like tons of bricks, and I must say that I’m still uncovering my self brick by brick. 

I send to you all of my Love and healing.  

John Pennie.  

Celeste and recent Remote viewing/Influencing trainees from Germany sent us this nice feedback 


      • Life changing aspects of our courses.
      • Better relationship.
      • Viewing past lives. Getting “inspired”to write a book.
      • Talking to Nature.
      • Feeling close to the One. Connecting to the Presence and I AM.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell, First of all – “thank you” for the wonderful courses! My partner and I went through the courses together and we are both impressed with our progress. We feel much closer to our God Presence than ever before We are happier, and our relationship has taken a magical turn for the better Natural intuition has increased and I usually “know” who’s calling us on the phone

Our reactions are quicker – I caught a fly in mid air yesterday without hurting it We live in the forest and are surrounded by beautiful old trees – so we had a wonderful time connecting to nature. We do feel that our awareness has much increased compared to before. We have also experienced greater clarity in our decisions – a “knowingness” has entered our lives which wasn’t there before.- oh, it’s all so amazing! I experienced very vivid dreams as I started the course – it was as if I was clearing up my past to be able to go forward from there and do the course. I experienced going back into one of my lives in Lemuria and this has inspired me to start writing a book about it. I just sat down and wrote the whole introduction without knowing what I was going to write about before I sat down! Once while listening to the tapes I saw the forest in which we live from a bird’s eye view – it was a great moment for me. I was surprised to see it in black and white and not green like it always is. I managed to connect up to the trees by feeling and seeing how their sap flows through them. I seem to have lost my fear of spiders and bugs – I can even let them sit or crawl on my hands!! The snails were eating up all my plants and I was throwing them off and they were hitting the ground pretty hard, when I had this feeling of compassion rise up and I gently picked up a snail asked its forgiveness and then I gave it a kiss and told it that I loved it – since then not one single snail has eaten another plant of mine !! Isn’t that amazing?

When I go to deep Theta and then to my mental lab.  – at first there was a White Presence which I recognized as the Presence I can connect to if I want to “know” things. And now when I go there, there is this wonderful, beautiful, love filled Golden Presence which I believe is my own I AM – I experience such great love and joy when we meet. I have developed a deeper trust in myself and the universe. We are both so grateful to have your tapes and look forward to our second round of learning and loving every little atom.

These are some of the magical moments we experienced while listening to your tapes.

Thank you once again,

Celeste Nirewicz

Linda Northpak, a RV/RI trainee wrote to us.


      • Experiencing the Lightning Flash of One perceived as “Rapture” reconnecting the Higher Planes of Self to this one.
      • Healing of back injuries

Hello Gerald;

I’ve now finished all the Combo tapes except RI-7, within about a three-week period. Typically I do the tapes on my days off work, and take a break during the work week. However, over the last Holiday, I listened to the tapes 4-days in a row. I’m now having a myriad of daily experiences stimulated by the material. This week I experienced the “being in the womb” when I curl up in bed before I go to sleep. I also became aware of the umbilical cord/silver thread connection and the portal to the Divine ONE; this now occurs nightly. Last night, while I was sitting in my easy chair listening to soft jazz, I felt energy beginning at the lowest vertebrae traveling up my spine. I felt as if there was a shift happening in each vertebrae and my spine started to gently straighten up. When it got to the base of my neck, I felt a blockage and became aware of the muscle stiffness and tenderness in that area ( I’ve re-occurring pain and injury in that area in the past). The energy seemed to swirl around this area and I felt my muscles start to relax. I raised my arms up above my head and started to chant “Hallelujah” and I felt the energy and bright light go up and down my spine and I felt full of that bright light all night.

The next morning I found another New Testament verse I’d like to share with you. 1Corinthians 15:50 ” I declare to you brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable. Listen, I tell you a mystery; We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed–in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet”.

This verse is typically called the “rapture” of believers that will happen in the end times. It is believed that we will meet the Lord in the sky and be transformed into a heavenly body that appears as the earthly body except that it can transcend into the heavenlies and reappear on earth. Last night it dawned on me that this is what I experienced this week as described in my email entitled “new sensations”. I’ve been in awe all day pondering this. I’ve often wondered about that verse and what it would actually be like. The reality of it all, is not exactly what I expected! In fact, I bought the tapes primarily to be able to reduce my ever increasing anxiety. Little did I know that I would experience the mysterious “Rapture” of God. The key for me was when you pointed out fear-based thinking. I’m now able to spot fear and not allow it to attach to me. I’ve been in a period of healing today. I continue to read your articles and am starting to understand the Matrix concept. I’m learning to walk in the Spirit and abide in LOVE when out in the world. At home I continue to spend time in restful communion with the ONE and trust that the SPIRIT will guide me into all TRUTH and direct my path. Thank you again for your loving guidance. Linda

David Pyne (Phas-Clarecastle) a recent combo trainee, wrote to us.


      • Feeling of incredible Love after traveling the Light tunnel
      • Increased Chi energy while training also in Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Dear Mr. O’Donnell:

Thank you. I am on tape 7 of the Remote Influencing course and have really enjoyed both courses. I have listened to each of the tapes two or three times and when I finish this tape my plan is to start again and go a little bit deeper. I have had some wonderful experiences while listening.

While listening to tape 4 of the RI course after traveling up the light tunnel I had the most unbelievable feeling of love and a tingling all over. When I was in the clouds I got an image of a white bearded man approaching me, unfortunately I didn’t hold this image for too long but hopefully I will get this feeling again. I started an Iron Shirt Chi Kung course about the same time as your course and I think they are complementing each other perfectly.  As I progress through it again I will keep you informed of how I am getting on. I might even have a few questions for you if that’s ok with you.

Thanks again, David.

Patti Jean  wrote us this warm feedback.


      • Deep appreciation. Lifting the veil. Getting out of the dark Matrix. Ascension in progress…

Dear Gerald:

I want to tell you that this study has saved me at a time in my life I needed some anchor to keep from sinking into the dark matrix…I am being pulled out…thank you for what you have done for the planet earth at this time. 

Many times in my life, for short periods, I have walked in what I called “two worlds”, the Shamans call it walking in two worlds…I have searched for truths in about every religion taking those things that resonated with my inner self and leaving the rest…every religion has some truth or it would not appeal to anyone. However I must admit that I often wonder what intelligence started them all?  And why?  Religion has been the historical cause of more killings, hate and atrocities than all other wars put together.   

I have tried to get back to that “feeling” of being centered and in peace for a long, long time…instead, I seemed to be going the opposite way with no control to stop it…for the last four years of my life…and my outward appearance showed it…there has been a turn around completely and what used to be so important to me doesn’t matter anymore…deep hurt inside my heart has just vanished and I awoke this morning to a new day and a new life and I have been doing this a few days now and its very peaceful and I feel I am centered and I believe you consider that being in Theta mind, not sure but that’s how I feel…”This present moment is as it should be and all I need is provided now…and I am at peace and happy in the ONE….”  

I’m beginning…only beginning to really see my thoughts or hear the background of them and beginning to change them…I have read books and books and taken courses and listened to countless tapes on metaphysics, journeying, changing one’s personality and the Light Body and all kinds of things…if its out there, I’ve read it or heard about it somewhere…I’ve written for metaphysical magazines in the past…I understood for a long time the principles behind manifestation and the quantum soup out there we call our universe…. 

But I have not been able to “make it work for me”….Since before I could even walk I’m sure, I’ve been fed Christian Science truths, that Spirit is All and matter is not real…there is no matter, there is only God…and our surroundings, our universe, our world is made up of our conscious and unconscious thought…and that’s all our lives are…our thoughts, our beliefs of what they are, make them to be as they are…and we can change those beliefs…and I’ve known that since a very little girl and came thru a lot of very serious physical and other situations based on the truth that sickness and accidents are not real and cannot touch me…I’ve demonstrated over some very serious illnesses in my lifetime…but it doesn’t always work for me…oh it has kept me alive so far… 

But you have given us a key that unlocks a deep, dark secret within and its impossible to even say it in words, I believe that’s why Paul said the gospel had to be by revelation, it couldn’t really be taught in words…Jeshua taught, in His day, as Gautama taught in His…in the language of the people that they could possibly catch glimpses of the Truth…as you are teaching in your day…in your words…that can be understood by the majority that want that understanding… 

Thank you…you have made a vast difference in my life…today…I walk in Peace, Joy and Love for Myself and the Universe…. 

Patti Jeane


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