Extra-Sensory Perception - Avoiding Fatalities, Personal Injuries, or Natural Disasters using RV/RI Skills

Nothing speaks for Arvari’s life-changing power better than success stories from our students.

Here are ARVARI Success Stories 1997-2023

We have received thousands of rave reviews and have indexed some of them for you.

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Nicolaos Giannakopoulos a trainee from Athens, Greece, wrote to usSubject:

  • How the powerful heightened intuition he developed through the RV course saved him from many potentially serious driving accidents, and even from harming innocent pedestrians. This  avoidance of dangerous situation which is a result of the acute intuitive 6th sense that our students develop easily, is probably one of the most important reasons for training with the RV and RI courses during these turbulent times.


I am so glad you are around and glad for what you create.

I just received the Remote Influencing course. Thanks. Looking forward to the contents.
The other day while driving I received through my usual instinct info (developed through the RV course) to slow down AND also to change to the fast lane (contradicting all logic). I did so, since all the information I get is always useful. As I immediately started to slow down I thought that a car would come from the first crossroad suddenly without the driver checking for crossing traffic (the above has happened several times and has saved my life!). By the way, it was raining heavily. Guess what happened? It wasn’t because of the car that I was getting this time instructions to slow down, but it was because of a bus stop with several people with lots of water on a patch right in front of them . I WAS SO HAPPY to realize that they stayed dry by me listening to my inner voice.
PS: I get so many inspirational AHA’s, so much INFO!

Thank you so much.


Brian McCarthy
sends us this very timely testimonial.


  • The potential life saving gift of training with our RV and RI courses, in order to avoid locations and situations where terrorists may strike and other threats to oneself and/or to one’s loved ones. Choosing better realities amongst many probable futures.

Dear Gerald:
It has been a year since I ordered your RV course. I feel that in that time, I not only have traveled the future road of many probable paths that lie ahead for me as well as the journey I have traveled within myself.

The occurrence of actions on 9/11/01 in New York City almost immediately reminded me of your August 2000 web site posting. In recent months I have seen probable outcomes of what may become fact . I have seen much destruction and loss of life even in this great country of America. Time lines are never certain with RV but I have almost become fearful of the things I know could happen. The course I took from you a year ago has showed me that. However fear is not what it seems, especially while traveling the depth of the rabbit’s hole. I am so glad I took the red pill a year ago instead of the blue one, for this has been an amazing journey into the Matrix of the probable future of this person’s being. I will be ordering you 2nd edition of tapes soon.

The advice I would give to others considering the course would be: yes take it, take them both. Your future may depend on it. I have so many different outcomes to my future now that I can choose the path I want to take. In ending, I would like to add that this has also been a path with a couple of monetary gains.

Thank you so much Gerald.
“I’ll see you on the sky scraper of my mind”.
Brian J.M.

Jon A. Lantow, 
a student of ours, wrote to us this testimonial


  • Deflecting a tornado’s path using RV and RI and the power of One. No injuries reported.

On June 17th right before my birthday a tornado was heading for our small town of Austin Minnesota.

The sirens were going and the news reporter said it was going to be catastrophic and the people of the town should go to their basements. 

I took my flashlight went to the basement. While sitting there in the dark I went into a deep delta state. I focused on remote viewing the tornado and the storm. I merged into it with the sense of One. I then spoke to it through visual images and my own voice in my mind.  

I told it that in the name of the One and His son Jesus that it could come to town but not cause damage. I also told it not to rain as we had gotten quite enough rain the previous week. All this was done at the level of remote viewing and influencing. 

The tornado altered its predicted course and wound up just clipping the outskirts of town and that was it. The weird thing was I saw it doing this before it happened!

 Within a short amount of time not only did the town not get hit, as predicted but just clipped with minor injuries. Another thing I was influencing for was no injuries. The whole thing was done in an hour to an hour and a half. Then the stars came out. 

My neighbor commented on how odd it was that it thundered and there was lightning but no rain. Hmmmmm. 

On my birthday the headline was that the town got lucky and was clipped but not hit head on. 

I remember thinking as I was heading for the basement when the sirens are going off if there ever was a time to have remote viewing and influencing work this would be it! 

Thanks Again


Jack Musick
 a recent RV/RI combination trainee wrote to us this feedback 


  • Finding our Academy’s courses to be the most powerful mind-expansion and deep consciousness states techniques that he has trained with in 11 years, after having experienced many other systems of deep awareness.
  • Getting an strong “intuitive flash” while driving, which saved him form potential serious automobile crash that could have caused him great injury or even death.

Dear Gerald,

I wanted to take some time to send you some detailed feedback.

I completed the RV/RI combination training a few weeks ago, and began the series again and am about halfway through it the second time now.
I have to admit, I am very impressed with your product.
Your course is one of only a few things in life that I will truly endorse and say that it is really worth checking out.
I have been meditating for over eleven years, and in all that time, these are the most powerful techniques that I have encountered for easily enter deep states of altered consciousness. When I
began getting serious about meditation in the 90’s I frowned on guided taped meditations, and thought that they were foolish. The RV/RI course has shown me how wrong I was all those years ago. The Academy provides a very effective tool, and I am very happy that I took a chance and ordered your product. I have made the techniques a part of my daily routine by going to
the park each day and doing and RV/RI session.

I also wanted to share a brief incident with you, feel free to edit this however you wish if you want to share it on the website.
I had an experience of what was mentioned in Tip 4 of the RV instructions, “You sense events in advance”.
I had called my Dad for Father’s Day, and when speaking to my Mom I had told her, “I want to go to the park and meditate and work out, but I really don’t want to drive there.” ( I am really good about biking almost everywhere, only drive when I really have to: just to the store, or to do laundry, and sometimes to the park when I take my workout equipment, if I don’t take that
stuff I can bike.) Later I left the house to drive to the park.

On the way I was driving West on 6th street.  At one point I had to change from the left lane to the right lane because there was a line of cars turning left. Once in the right lane my ‘Spidey Sense’ told me to be alert, and I actually thought to myself, “Do I want to be in this lane?”
Instead of switching back, I stayed in the lane, but alert. Then a few moments later a car pulled out right in front of me, they were making a left turn. I noticed the car pulling out, and when I saw that they were not going to stop, I swerved into the left lane, completely missing them by only a small distance. I was aware of my surroundings, and I knew that there was nobody
in the left lane or following close behind me and it would be safe to  swerve. It was total Mad Max School of Defensive Driving. Swerved and missed the other car completely (but not by much at all, very close to making contact, inches). And they were pulled out completely in front of me.

I could have hit them head on, I was wearing my seatbelt of course, but the driver and passenger in the other car were not, and at 35 mph they could have very easily been killed or injured, and without a doubt my car would have been totaled.  There was a pickup pulling a horse trailer about 75meters behind me, and they saw everything, but were not close enough to be affected.
After it was over my heartbeat jumped up greatly, that adrenaline  rush of avoiding a big calamity, the same rush I used to get after I made a rescue as a lifeguard. It all took place in a few seconds, and when it was over I clasped my hands and thanked the One for protecting me. I then looked at my clock and saw that it was 4:27 PM. I felt that the people in the other car were under the influence of alcohol or another drug, but I was not mad at them, I only wished for them to be happy, wealthy and healthy.

That was the whole incident. I might have some more feedback to share at some point. Right now I am practicing the techniques every day and all my questions seem to be answering themselves. But I do have some deeper questions that I might address in a future letter.

Brother Jack Musick
Lawrence, Kansas

David Bernstein
 , a former Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing trainee sent us this interesting comment


  • Strange events before  Katrina save lives. Premonition about New Orleans

Hi Gerald,

Thank you for your mailing…I appreciate it very much…

I find this whole hurricane thing VERY interesting…I had several friends who were going to go to New Orleans for the week…starting on 8/31 thru Labor Day…STRANGE things occurred in each of their lives…and they all cancelled a week ago…Two mothers got sick…one guy’s niece was killed in a freak boating accident…and the parents are in critical condition…And what’s even MORE interesting…They were all supposed to fly on the same plane…My friend, Dorian, said it was just too many coincidences for him to go so he cancelled…

We talked about it…and I told him that it may not be that the plane would crash…but perhaps something will happen in New Orleans…This was BEFORE I even heard about the hurricane coming to the area…So I guess your tapes HAVE helped me…

Well…that’s about it…Thanks again…Take care…David…

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