Extra-Sensory Perception - Premonitions, Successfully Foreseeing the Future

Nothing speaks for Arvari’s life-changing power better than success stories from our students.

Here are ARVARI Success Stories 1997-2023

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Rose Szwed  a successful recent trainee, sent us this feedback.


  • Powerful Results obtained through taking our RV course. 

Mr. O’Donnell,

You have been on my mind. The tapes are awesome. Let me tell you some of the benefits that I have derived from using these wonderful tools — the tapes almost every day and the breathing the light, well,  everyday.

1. When I think of an individual, that person calls (no matter if it’s a good or bad thought.) immediately.

2. When I work on projects, the person with whom I’m working reads my thoughts — it’s evident from the proposals, art work and copy that comes back to me.

3. When I think or stand next to a person, I can tell how that person
perceives me. Sometimes, it’s unnerving and can put me off guard. I can also “hear” their thoughts.

4. Dreams are more vivid, more frequent, more telling.

5. I’m very close to my pets and plants and can anticipate their needs (especially when they want to come in from outdoors and they don’t make a sound).

6. Able to “see” into the next few hours and the next day part.

7. Can “hear” my beeper, when I leave it in my office and I am 50 miles away at home!

8. Can “perceive” presences in areas, when no physical person is present.

9. Though my job is quite social, I am preferring solitude more than usual, and a deep desire to “clean up my act,” and have begun with amazing results.

10. That there is so much more to my puny existence!

11. When I have been repeatedly telling myself: I am the light and the light is me, well, people have been saying: You’re radiating. This sentence has helped me through some mightily difficult times.

Thank you for your wonderfully affordable program. These are some of the benefits, not all though. There’s not enough space. Thanks isn’t enough.

Rose Szwed

Brenda, graciously sends us 


  •  Some of her experiences while taking our RV course and thoughts on mind-to-mind communication in the Theta state. 

Mr. O’Donnell,

I have completed the first run of listening to your tapes.
You can be assured they will be practiced again and again.
I feel fortunate in that I had very vivid and memorable journeys on every tape. I went all over the world, into outer space, and all around my neighborhood. I was able to confirm my local trips. What fun!
I thought I’d mention that on several occasions, when you were about to explain something or when you were about to ask for me to see something…I saw it or did it just prior to your words. ( Like the table cloth on the table, I saw it open onto the table before you said the table had a table cloth on it! Or the orange…..it was there too.)
My trip to Tibet was especially vivid, and very beautiful.
It would be nice to go to that place and confirm what I saw, but then again, maybe I’ll just go there again tonight before I sleep!

I am curious to know your thoughts on the relationship between two people in theta state….sort of communicating there to each other. Now I mean this is taking place during the beta activities of our day. The statement I made about “theta attracting theta”. I have a friendship with a few people, where we communicate very powerfully on the theta level, but what is funny, with some, we have never discussed it in beta! Too funny. We don’t need to really.
One of those people is a famous person who recently passed away. But we still communicate. I am now thinking that when we die, we enter that delta whole, and can still cross into theta and meet our friends…or who we choose…Your thoughts?

On one interesting trip when I traveled into the future….
I ended up in the city of Denver, on a deserted street.
I looked around for a newspaper stand, and found the date to be 2080. There were no people in the entire city except me.

I would say now that I have completed this first run on your tapes…I have been successful. I find myself slipping into theta during the course of my day. Fun. My “E.S.P.” abilities are increased. My husband and I were in our car going down the road the other day, he was driving and I was gazing out the window. I suddenly saw a specific breed of Hawk, and he was sitting right over the road. In THETA. Now, I did not say anything to my husband, because I did not know how a hawk could be sitting right over the road! How silly! But I saw his belly feathers ruffle in a slight breeze, and saw his breed type very clearly, the direction he gazed.
Not one minute later….we pass a tree limb hanging out over the road…yes, with the same species hawk sitting and facing west, just as I’d seen him. Cool!
Those types of “visions” have happened to me many times before, but this time,
I was more aware of the detail.

My husband is still on tape 3 because of scheduling…
But I am waiting for him to catch up to me, so we can monitor each other.

So that is where things are here now.

What a nice letter you received from Mr. Malone!

We wish you a happy holiday!
Brenda and John

John Sharp wrote us.

  •  Subject: Effect of RV course.

 I have purchased your course already. It has worked wonders for me. The course has taken me to dimensions that are hard to explain. I have a lot of premonitions, synchronicities, and much more in the way of feelings.
Thank you for the safari!

John Sharp

Gary L. e-mails us this feedback.


  •  Remote viewing 48 hrs into the future a baseball game.

Hello Mr. O’Donnell.

I’ve had your course now for about 3 months and am listening to it almost daily. I have learned a lot about remote viewing. My main achievement at this point is that I do quite a bit of immediate future observing while in the theta state. Usually I see 24 to 36 hrs before hand. The other day I saw the end of an exciting Yankees game. I asked to see the future and while in Theta I saw the game ending home run. Everyone was excited. The whole scene was in different shades of gray and it was if I was looking at it from the Goodyear blimp. But I knew what I was seeing and it was exciting reading about the game and having it confirmed when it took place 2 days later.
Thank you.

Mark Wright
, a recent graduate, writes to us the following comments.


  • The wonderful experience and effects of connecting to High Consciousness: precognitive thoughts, thought reading, mind expansion, and especially the experience of Oneness and enlightenment.
  • Getting information from the One Mind about the Aetiology and Pathogenesis of the AIDS virus. His research paper is accepted and published by the N.I.H.

Dear Mr. O’ Donnell,

I just found out that I have been accepted into Columbia State University for a Doctorate Program in Theology. Got the news this Friday!!!
I ordered your course to understand more about myself, because I already knew that my inner eye was open. I am at tape # 4, and have found that many of the things I have already experienced are on your tapes. When I told my friends that thoughts were as Pulses of White Spheres, they did not know what I was talking about. Neither when I told them that they would do an “Orbital ” around me. Being in a non-restrictive state enables one to be aware of the “Thought-pulses Transferring,” on which the earth and its frequencies are operated. Thoughts are as “Signals,” from “Transmitting and Receptive Frequencies.”, which are part of our “Transmutative State.”
I start off seeing myself as a ” Radiant White Person,” just like an ” Angel,” then I fly everywhere with the reality of being there, as in a vivid dream state.
I am already experiencing the consciousness of “deja vu,” events of the future, already happening. Precognitive thoughts come even when I am not trying to retrieve them. They happen as a totally normal function, freely, even when I am not thinking about them. I would say that we all already have these “inheritance capabilities.” And I would say that they are “inmediasres.”
By the time I get to the last tape I should be very good at this. I have realized that many of the things I was already doing with my eyes opened are what your course is all about.
I have reasoned that this is effortless. I am becoming rapidly advanced as I continue on your course. I find myself already seeing other people’s thoughts. And as a dog that was barking at me decided to come closer to me, I just stared back at him, and he immediately started running away, crying.
This light and life which I have always been part of and I am now being, has given me the cohesion to this world in which I live and the ability to achieve great heights beyond the normal personality of an intellectual identity. It is very clear that for the average person, when he is transformed into the “Essence of Divinity,” that his words and intelligence increase along with the humbleness and awareness of our Creator and the Created.
My enlightenment has already helped me contribute to the advancing of AIDS research here in the U.S. I wrote ” Overviews” on the Etiology and Pathogenesis of HIV-AIDS which I submitted to the National Institutes of Health. They welcomed my ideas. I was the first researcher to introduce the idea of Genetically Engineered Antiviral Software (GEAVS). This concept originated from the logic associated with High Level Languages found in Computer Communications. It postulates that a disease is akin to a “source program,” and that it can be decoded so that the proper solution to it can then be obtained. It has its own language associated with its Etiology and Pathogenesis.
“How wonderful,” being in the light of our ethereality and at rest with ourselves.” Realizing the hidden Light that resides in all of us, that connects us to the interatomics that is of God and of love. This spark as the life of the spirit, which abounds and knows no limits to space or time. And no limits to the “us” of the Universe, Man and God.
The experience is of that of a caterpillar who has gone through the metamorphoses, from the cocoon to the enlightened realms of pure and limitless thought of eternal peace, wholeness, and omnipresence as he now sees from the butterfly’s view. My revelations, of viewing the world from above the earth as I fly upon the wings of my own thoughts and perceptions.
We are, each one, this light as a consciousness, that is able to travel anywhere and in a moment’s notice, from around the earth to the thoughts of others and to the outer reaches of the universe. NASA has always been trying to figure out how to get man to far-away planets and galaxies. This is the way in the light. Time travel is possible, and being in this state of emancipated reality of “Pulse Thought,” is what we are really in the first place.
I find my experience as normal and effortless as a flower blooming into its splendor and awesomeness. Seeing all as this same light, and knowing that many just need to turn it on to see what they should be seeing. Beyond the wheels of the mind and our world of identities and man’s vanities of self-conceit, and self-esteem. Finding my ” Inner Peace,” in the totality, while being at a human level of our material existence. Knowing that my ethereality is my true self as this light and presence.
For, any who experience their inner light opening will become aware of the core teachings found in many religions of the world: the awakening of the spirit. And their conscious awareness of their place and position in the universe, and in God. Relationships are then elevated to the infinity of the person’s unlimited abilities in order to explore and find the mysteries of his origin, purpose and destinies.
It is similar to returning to your own first birth, back to the womb, then into a new light of eternality. With the tools of meditation, relaxation, visualization, and serene stimuli, any person should be able to contemplate his or hers awareness and focus on their inner potentiality.
This inner awareness is part of the universal consciousness that is
part of all people and all things. We really are lights in a world of darkness and this awakening can bring the person to a true and heartfelt reality that we are of one, and one with all.
When this light (Prana) emits from thy body, the individual attains “Divinity.” For Jesus said that when thy eye is open, thy body is full of light.
True enlightenment is of no effort. The universality of the Love of God is found in all, and at the core of all Religions.
The Ancients of many civilizations speak of transversing the terrestrial to the celestial home. The resting of the Spirit, into Divine Emancipation. The breaking of the Seven Seals, the Sahasrara (crown).
You don’t need to read the Bible to know and trust God.
You can already accept him and know.
Be well my friend, for the Kingdom of God is at Hand. I would like to tell your students to open their hearts, and not the wheels of their minds. To be in the Light, is to be already.
To know is to see the Love of God. For even the fish has to be out of the water to know its life source to want to return. Faith and Prayer will help them also, for the Spirit of God is pouring upon this earth, and out of many loving cups, shall the waters flow freely.

Jesus said that the Lion will Lay with the Lamb, for all thoughts shall be as one. Love is the interatomic that is part of all.
God Bless You!

Mark Wright

Michael Santangelo  sent us this feedback.


  • Precognitive viewing of the Probable Future after taking our RV course.

I was to have a meeting involving an individual yesterday (12/4) whom I had never met. Out of curiosity, I decided on the day before to see if I could get a sense of what this person looked like using the technique I had learned and practiced on tape 2A. I brought myself to deep theta by using an abbreviated version of the visualization on the tape and using the verbal cue. In a few moments, I had a flash of a face with distinctive features, a distinctive hairdo, and he face was propped up with the person’s hand. This happened in a burst, but remained in my inner vision for a few moments. Then it was gone.

The next day I went into the meeting. There were a number of people present, but one of them stood out to me. This person was an exact match of my impression of the day before. It was the very person I was trying to get a “preview” of. I was both completely amazed and matter of fact in my reaction. if this is a bit of what can be expected with practice and patience, I can hardly wait. I have found the tapes to be terrific and look forward to continuing my practice.

Thanks again for the great service you are rendering by making these powerful techniques available. I look forward to receiving the email exercises you mentioned in our phone call.

Michael Santangelo

Dr. Leon O. writes to us


  • Premonition on bear market acted upon on 9/10/01.


Let me start by saying that after listening to tape 2 side A about 5 times, I have had several premonitions. The most recent prompted me to buy a bear market stick fund on 9/10/01
I am very impressed with the message posted on your site on 8/31/01. I just saw it now. I will be visiting this site EVERY day. Amazing!

Thank you for your time.

God Bless America

Dr. Leon O.

Brian McCarthy  sends us this very timely testimonial.


  • The potential life saving gift of training with our RV and RI courses, in order to avoid locations and situations where terrorists may strike and other threats to oneself and/or to one’s loved ones. Choosing better realities amongst many probable futures.

Dear Gerald:
It has been a year since I ordered your RV course. I feel that in that time, I not only have traveled the future road of many probable paths that lie ahead for me as well as the journey I have traveled within myself. The occurrence of actions on 9/11/01 in New York City almost immediately reminded me of your August 2000 web site posting. In recent months I have seen probable outcomes of what may become fact . I have seen much destruction and loss of life even in this great country of America. Time lines are never certain with RV but I have almost become fearful of the things I know could happen. The course I took from you a year ago has showed me that. However fear is not what it seems, especially while traveling the depth of the rabbit’s hole. I am so glade I took the red pill a year ago instead of the blue one, for this has been an amazing journey into the Matrix of the probable future of this person’s being. I will be ordering you 2nd edition of tapes soon. The advice I would give to others considering the course would be: yes take it, take them both. Your future may depend on it. I have so many different outcomes to my future now that I can choose the path I want to take. In ending, I would like to add that this has also been a path with a couple of monetary gains. Thank you so much Gerald.
“I’ll see you on the sky scrapper of my mind”.
Brian J.M.

David Clarke , a British trainee, sent us this testimonial.


  • Great success with our training.

Dear Sirs,

I have been using the Remote Viewing course for some weeks now, and although a bit skeptical that I or just anyone could learn to use it, I am now a full believer. I have successfully remote viewed on several occasions. On nearly a daily basis, I suddenly think of someone and then the phone rings and it’s that person. While watching the lottery the other day, I suddenly thought of several numbers and to my surprise they rolled in seconds later!

Even better, I was in the pub the other day, and suddenly thought of a friend I had not seen for a while, then I looked up and saw a ghostly/transparent image of my friend making his way towards me through the crowd, as he emerged, he faded away! This was shocking enough, but with in a minute the real life version of my friend walked in the door and made his way towards me through the crowd and came over and said hello and wondered why my mouth was hanging open!

Please post my experiences if you wish.


David Clarke

Michael Albright sends us this testimonial on his progress with the RV course.


  • Dreaming the probable future and recognizing the One within.

Hi Gerald,
I purchased the remote viewing tapes about 6 weeks ago, and I am having the time of my life using them.  I had a dream last week that really made me realize how powerful these tapes are.  In my dream I had a very clear picture of me taking some change from the soda machine after using it. Well, about two days later the dream came true.  I needed a little pick me up, so I went to the soda machine to get a drink and reached down to get my change, and there was about $1.00 worth of quarters waiting for me! Just like in the dream! My exact change was suppose to .25 cents.
Gerald, I think that getting a look into my “Probable Future” is great, but at the same time, these tapes are making me realize that there is a connectedness between us all. Maybe I’m starting to realize on a deeper level my own divinity (Divine Love) and this Divinity, sees and recognizes the divinity in all.
Thanks again for always being there to answer all my questions.

With Many Blessings!!


R.S. of Sydney, Australia sends this testimony .


  •  Increased intuition. Sensing events just before they are about to happen. Decreased stress levels.

Hi Gerald and Fellow RVers,
I would like to elaborate a bit on the results I have had so far! I Have been practicing the tapes for about three weeks now. I just started tape 3 side B this morning. My intuition is gradually rising and I seem to be having a lot of ‘synchronous’ moments, i.e. when I know something is about to happen between 1 second and 5 seconds before it happens although I have only just started to actually register this type of stray thought as the ‘what is going to happen thought’. So the results have been great so far.  I also have found my stress levels easing a whole lot and also wanted to tell you that I love the work you’ve done on your website, with the out of the matrix page and the rest. Can’t wait for an update
Anyway, thank you for helping me out,


Ryan Berry, wants to share the following experiences after training with the course for one month.


  • Great increase in Intuition.
  • Mind-bending of a spoon and switching an electric spotlight with only the use of the mind.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

My name is Ryan Berry. I am 18 years old and started the remote viewing course about one month ago. I talked to you a couple of times and you asked me to share my experiences to the people who used your course and also to the people who are thinking about getting your course. All I have to say is, HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT! These experiences thrilled me.

I would like to first share some history about myself and what got me interested in remote viewing. When I was a kid, I loved to daydream. I would fantasize about a perfect world where anything was possible. I would have dreams at night of events that would then take place in the future. I didn’t exactly know when they would take place but when the time came and I saw something I had seen in one of my dreams, I could predict the outcome of the remaining situation. This was something I was always good at but I really couldn’t channel this power anytime I wanted until I ordered the remote viewing course. After performing the theta exercises in the tapes I began to realize that any individual has the power to create his/her own reality anyway if that individual wants it. Shortly after, I began to create my new reality. I will now share with you my creations and how you to can do what I have accomplished. Some of the phenomenal experiences I have encountered have happened involuntarily. Like for example, my intuition experience. I remember going to a restaurant a couple of weeks ago and that after leaving the restaurant, I started walking to my car and then, all-of-a-sudden my body flinched (the kind of flinch the person would get if something had surprised them) after hearing something loud in my mind. It was so irritating that my legs started to move rapidly toward my car and I thought to myself, “what the hell is going on in me?” Then, seconds later, a construction site that was building a building next to the restaurant dropped a big heavy pipe and boy was that thing loud!
But my body didn’t react to it that time because the event had already taken place in my mind and I had reacted to it beforehand. I’ve had other intuition experiences: for example, I could predict when the phone was going to ring and what the conversation was about. And again the event would happen inside my mind and then the reality would take place.

As another sample of my efforts, I want to talk about my psychokinetic experiences. While in deep theta I asked the universal mind how to bend a spoon and turn a light on. All these were done with my eyes open. Bending a spoon:  While in my inner-mind’s workshop, I sat down on my mind’s couch and turned on my workshop’s TV. I saw myself sitting on the couch and holding a spoon in my hand and saw the same thing on the TV. screen. I asked the Universal Mind how to perform the task and It told me to be the spoon. Send the light through my neck and in my head and on the spoon. I did this exercise and began to feel energy build up in my head like a sharp pressure. Then the Universal Mind told me in order to relieve the pressure “bend your head down and the spoon’s energy will be released and bend as well.” I performed the task and started to feel a little cold, just like the spoon’s temperature. Then the spoon did what the Universal Mind told me it would do. It bent forward just as I bent my head forward.
Turning a light on:
While performing an exercise at night I wanted to try something new. I have a fish tank that has two spotlights in it; they were both off at the time and I wanted to turn one of them on, even if it were just for a split second. I went to my mental workshop and asked the Universal Mind how to perform this task. It said to me that I must imagine myself as the spotlight and in order to flash it I must blink my eyes. After this I began to imagine on my workshop’s TV. that I was looking down at the bottom of the fish tank and then my mind transferred inside the fish tank and I began to swim around in my fish tank and the water temperature felt so good. My mind then got next to the screen and  looked through the glass and I saw myself as a big giant walking towards the fish tank and staring into the tiny me’s eyes. The tiny me blinked, the giant me blinked, the Ryan laying down on the bed performing the exercise blinked, and then the spotlight came on and then went off.

I have tried many other experiments to see what I could do. The results all turned out perfect. I have never had any trouble with performing my goal tasks. That is because I believe in myself and my capability to carry out the tasks. My advice is not to be skeptic and don’t analyze. Have fun and always know this: the human mind can create any reality the individual wants. My future plans are to change the world for the better and to use my powers to help my generation and the rest of mankind out. I want to help them realize that they have the potential to perform these tasks and do so much more. If your interested in remote viewing and are thinking about ordering this course, order today so you can join me and Mr. O’Donnell and discover the infinite powers of your mind that lies within all of us.

Your universal brother,

Patrick  a recent young trainee, writes this enthusiastic feedback.


·        Inner permanent changes of peace, goodness, bliss and joy while training with the RV/RI combo.

·        Increased IQ and download of information while attending university classes.

·        Increased intuition. Predicting sports results in advance.

·        “Reading” people’s thoughts and emotions.

·        Increased attention from the opposite sex.

·        Getting innovative business ideas.

Bravo, you will have a major impact for goodness!

I am approaching 2 months since I started using Gerald’s audio programs, Remote Influencing and Remote Viewing combined program. I strongly feel the combined program is a must. The skills learned in one program help deepen insight into the other and vice versa. By following the outlined step by step process I have really began to notice changes within myself and the way people react to me in social setting and even as far as my presence alone.

Since starting the program during the first month I noticed blurs of changes that would become brief moments of insight. These quick glimpses of insight even though were not consciously permanent assured me that something was in fact happening, something great was happening deep within that I consciously could not always be aware of. Most recently over the last 3 weeks I have become aware of permanent changes that I am always aware of. A pure feeling of goodness has become a part of me that can only be explained as myself smiling at the world and the world smiling back at me. It is a feeling of pure bliss that washes over me and makes me happy to exist as who I am because I feel now that I truly have control over who I WANT to be. If I do not have full control I strongly feel that I will attain full control by continuing the program.

The state of pure goodness has taken away stressful feelings out of my life. I truly don’t experience stress and worry about problems no longer. Yes I do have obstacles in my life being a student with financial issues but my focus has been shifted to solving the problem and no longer focusing on it. This shift in focus has been very positive and these obstacles have become much easier to overcome when I noticed how insignificant these obstacles really are. They have become so insignificant that I truly laugh at how insignificant they are and at one point in my life caused me so much stress and worry.

Through the training many different changes have taken place then I could have really imagined. Going to school as a multimedia major creativity is very important. Through the help of this program my creativity has increased by leaps and bounds. At certain times I experience what I have personally understood it to be as an information download. This is a moment in time usually experienced during a social setting and I am engaged in a conversation that I experience a burst of information about the certain issue at hand being discussed. This is usually very exciting, as all of a sudden my knowledge about a specific issue becomes intensely broadened especially with intensified perspectives and powerful observations. My participation in lectures has become very interesting with insightful comments and at times very exciting especially after correcting the professor and sharing a very insightful detail that has left the professor rather speechless at one point or another. Just recently this has led to my professor asking me to come and join him in a discussion about some of the finer points I have made in class. He was very interested in knowing how I have come to realize these perspectives and gain such deep insight. Being 21 years of age the professor was very intrigued and had to admit that some of my comments were over his head. One of his remarks that left a deep impact within me was when he explained that my level of intellect was more of an older gentlemen’s with about 40 years of life experience.

A very interesting change within me that has taken place is the very large increase in intuition. I have become very intuitive to the point were I know who is going to win a sporting match. Usually the day before I am able to predict which team in a multitude of sports will win. On one particular day I experience an information download pertaining to five different basketball games for the same day. It was rather very exciting as my friends and I watched each prediction come true.

On another note my intuitive senses have let me know what someone will say before they say it. It is very natural and happens with no concentration. I have experienced this before the program but to no degree in frequency as I experience this now. It seems to happen at least a couple of times each day, on some days it happened many times over. Most of the time it happens with people that I spend the most time with. It’s funny because sometimes I keep saying the same comment another person is making at the same time, and this usually will happen with the same person over and over. It gets interesting by the fifth time and the person kind of looks over with a bewildered look but never speaks their mind.

Taking the intuitive aspect a little further during certain times I experience a blast of thoughts from another person. This is usually during a social occasion were people are rather relaxed. This blast of information usually is a mixture of thoughts about people along with their feelings and emotions attached to the thoughts. It is rather extraordinary to feel what someone else is feeling. It has rung true over and over when someone would look at someone and I would get a blast of information for example in one situation I understood that a certain person rather disliked another. Once the person had left the area the person that I got this information from turned to a friend and expressed their dislikes. More frequently I get this insight when someone is directing thoughts towards me. This is even more frequently the case when it is a person of the opposite sex with strong emotions towards me. : -) I have very much so noticed the opposite sex taking a much stronger interest in myself, which is definitely, a positive thing!

On a grander scale I have experience insight into rather interesting ideas of business. Business ideas that do not at this point exist through my following up on them. People spend lots of time even a lifetime coming up with a one of a kind ideas. I have experienced two true one-of-a- kind ideas that I am very excited about and I look forward to materializing these two ideas in the future.
One of the aspects that has helped me enjoy my sessions with this program is the upgrade in my listening equipment. I started out with a standard portable tape player with a auto reverse feature but when I got to the part of the training course that required an extra long session the tape player would die out on power even after using a full battery. I would have to turn it off even for a second and that would always fix the problem. These few seconds of interruption really interrupted me and took me out of a deep state. After a few times of this I got myself a duel deck Sony player. This is very great as I no longer get interrupted and the dual deck produces a much better quality of audio sound.
The experiences that I have been allowed to experience and the changes within me have inspired me to write this to allow others to know what a strong impact Gerald’s course has had on me. I am very grateful to have been allowed to receive these courses. Thank you many times over Gerald for these courses that are very needed especially at this point in time.

Thanks, your friend
Patrick Bator


Sherwood H.K. Finley writes to us this very important feedback on the RV&RI combination course.


·        Becoming a “Precog” as shown in the movie “Minority Report.”  Creating with full awareness one’s reality. Stopping “time” and operating in the gap between linear “time” at the level of real Mind in order to Remote Influence. Witnessing reality twice: Once from the HS perspective and then again from the “lower self perspective.” This comment will form the basis of a new page titled “In between worlds” explaining the secret of Holographic Creation (projection), the real “Matrix of Life (Universal Lattice) and how to master (control) it by learning to be in the “gap.” All this coming to you free, on this website: The Channel of the One. Sherwood Finley is an American living now in India.

My first experience with the Remote Influencing course was of a deep calm, a characteristic of the delta level which remained within me and was easy to retrieve. Next came lucid dreaming and very deep sleep, even naps were extremely restful.

From the Remote Viewing material I had learned to observe data streams from the past and target probable futures. With Remote Influencing, I began to live them, but sometimes I felt that I was living backwards in time. I found I could fast forward to the day’s end, review and edit, insert desired outcomes and then experience the day I had designed. It became obvious to me that certain time reversals resulted from tapping into delta, especially in public settings where more input is abundant.

For instance,  I was in a bookstore on Jan 7, 2003, and lived certain events in twice-instant replay. I saw  a vivid vision of a man drop a book then pick it up. But two seconds later I saw it again. Trust me, this gets your attention!

Back on the street crowds looked like multi-colored clouds and I heard fragments of conversations and two seconds later heard them again. I was living in a virtual double-exposure reality!

That night in the shower while reviewing these events, I noticed that the water droplets seemed to be falling very slowly, even after repeated viewings. I found I could encircle a drop with my hand.
Four days later the drops just hung in the air, freeze-frame! Clocks have gotten into the act preferring to slow-and stop-their second hand! I first thought that they ran out of power, but new fresh batteries didn’t help. One of the local cats ran by the door, and guess what? He did it again two seconds later.  I kept watching for Alice and/or the white rabbit! No luck! Nor did a voice inform me that I had entered the twilight zone!

In RV assignments I found that after having trained with the Remote Influencing course twice, I could view and retain far more data than previously, information which was verified by Mr. O’Donnell who always made sense out of my input, especially when it made no sense to me.

After incorporating sketching, page after page would come flying out. With various disasters ad crimes I found I could merge with them and emerge untouched, with no side-effects.

In working with a distance healing client,  I decided to see if I could enter their dream and leave some helpful programs behind. By the way, that’s all you can do, and only win-win is possible. I found the speed of this person’s dream was beyond comprehension so I put it on hold, inserted simple instructions, e.g. :My immune system is functioning perfectly”, and then let their dream continue. Result: One of the fastest recoveries I’ve ever seen in about 20,000 distance healing sessions (Since 1986).

Finding lost objects seemed effortless and it often seemed that I had become the object, in most cases my glasses which have their own agenda!
In daily life I found that problem-solving, negotiation, communication, creativity, memory, and not getting nervous or upset quite as frequently, all improved quite wonderfully.

After over a year of training with the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing course of the Academy, I can state that these experiences and states are now constant and not like a peak experience or a weekend workshop success. As you master the deeper levels of your mind there is an automatic mastery of life. It simply becomes easier.
My overall experience is that I can now help others far better discover their tremendous inner potential for changes and accomplishment. I can help them bring in healing- not just to their biology but their mind, emotional body, and spirit. All this is what the RV and RI courses show and train us to experience. With only a little bit of faith and perseverance we can all tap into this tremendous inner power just waiting to lift us back into freedom and harmony.

P.S. Unfortunately the Oneness took back Sherwood Home on January 14, 2010. He was a dear friend and the best Remote Viewer I have ever known. His Spirit always flew as an eagle High and wide, and I know that he is now a Golden Eagle Flying within the Golden Sphere of the One as one the Holy Golden Eagles. Happy Flights, my dear friend and Light-warrior. You deserve the Peace of God. Gerald O’Donnell 2012

Saleem Rana writes us this feedback about his experiences during and after taking our Remote Viewing Course.

Dear Gerald:
I want to thank you for your course, Remote Viewing.
I have had many wonderful experiences with the 6 weeks of doing RV.
1.  I used to be able to visualize poorly.  Now my mental pictures can be very vivid, sometimes even more so than with actual seeing.  Let me explain.  When seeing something during a Remote Viewing session, the colors seem brighter, and I can zoom in and out as I please.  In addition, I appear to find everything viewed in this way has a rich emotional quality to it.
2.  I have correctly identified two targets posted for me.  I did not know the target, but was given an alphanumeric code.  I saw and experienced the targets very vividly.  Currently, I have only RV’d two targets.
3.  I was able to remote view the inside of a tree and the inside of a leaf in sharp detail, as if I were really inside it, experiencing the richness of the life-force.
4.  I had some success with Remote Healing.  The person reported that they felt better after my treatment.  I was able to enter this person and do a complete scan of their health condition.  I found out about 10 problems they were having.
5.  The vibratory light feeling I get during RV is my Higher Self.
6.  In one RV session, I saw a beach, and I had a heightened sense of acuity.  Each grain of sand I focused on gave me a sense of deep pleasure, and I found the surf absolutely delightful.  In another session, I was flying over this Western Town.  Most of the buildings were brown and tan, and they were very old.  There was also a railway station with a train pulling up.  The town was very dry and dusty.  There were no people around the town.  I could zoom in and out of the scene, getting close-up views of the buildings and being able to view them from any direction.  It was very exhilarating.
7.  I am also able to sometimes RV when awake.  For example, I have been able to predict things before I get to the scene.  Walking to the Jacuzzi room at my health club, I projected my mind to the room before I got there.  I saw a bald, corpulent man.  When I got there, I was shocked to actually find such a person there.  Another time, I was able to project ahead to the bus stop before I even got to the street.  I saw two scenes.  One, the bus waiting for me, and the other, a bus a block away pulling up to the bus sign.  I was puzzled.  How could I see two possibilities?  Then when I got there, I found a bus waiting for me AND further down the street, about a block away, there was another bus coming up.
These are just a few of my experiences.  I am having so many that I am not able to keep track of them all.  I am developing PSI quite spontaneously now, and I did not have this ability before.  It is as if my consciousness has suddenly expanded by visiting

Saleem Rana

Michael Constantino, a recent trainee, wrote to us this feedback


·        Experiencing Precognition levels and high intuition.

·        Remote healing others and experiencing multi-dimensions.

·        Deepening Love for humanity.


Your program has been nothing short of miraculous. The light within my heart and awareness has grown significantly over the past year. I cannot believe it. I care more. I feel more. I am more aware. And what is incredible, is that I know with certainty that I am the god of my thoughts, of my mental dominion, and its up to me to create joy within my reality.

I have experienced more vivid dreams and spontaneous creativity due to my work with your program. I have experienced dream precognition, deeper levels of intuition, remote healing of others, and unexpected multidimensional awareness.

I lay my head against my pillow each night, close my eyes, and remote influence my heart’s desire with an absolute certainly and inner joy within my heart, that I cannot help but to smile knowing that it has already been created. Amazing.

I love and care more for everyone. People see it. I know what is going on with people simply by sensing and being close to them.

I heartily recommend this program to all and anyone who is interested in spiritual development. It is far more than merely about remote viewing/influencing — it is about taking quantum leaps in the evolution of consciousness!

Get this, Gerald, I have only but scratched the surface of the combined program. I have only listened to the program in its entirety twice over the past year. I listen to it now mainly when I can, as I am currently in school, and when I feel prompted and open to it. The changes in me continue to become more and more pronounced. The awareness reveals itself the day after listening and continues to show up many weeks and months after a single listening. Incredible.

Your combined program is amazing, friend. I thirst for the next level and cannot wait to see what I experience through it!

All the best,

Michael Constantino

P.S. I thought I would add, when you do remote healing work on behalf of the ARVARI community, it is felt. There have been two occasions over the past year when I have felt this healing/counselling energy from you. It defies description. This is something everyone is doing unconsciously all the time, but now we can harness it with full conscious intention.

Laurie Broad Jr. from Alaska,  , sent us  this comment on the Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing courses.


·        Clearer mind

·        Better Memory

·        Greatest stress reliever on earth

·        Precognition of events before they happen

Here is a comment on the courses. I ordered the first course about two or three years ago, and the RI 3 months ago. The courses are great. It seems, after taking these courses, that my mind was unlocked, I have been able to see things more clearly, my memory is a lot better, they are the greatest stress reliever on earth, and I perceive things before they happen.
These courses have changed my life. Thank you

Laurie Broad Jr.


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