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Stanley Rutherford , a recent combination RV/RI trainee,  shares with us this experience 


  •  “Miraculous” healing of his pet with the help of the universal mind while operating from deep Theta.
  • Moving matter and bending spoons through mind power alone

Dear  Mr. O’Donnell:

Hello.   This is Stanley Rutherford,  I am writing to let you and my fellow trainees know about a most wonderful experience.  A week ago, I was working on the Combo Cds. While being in deep theta, I had an inspirational thought upon recalling the fact that as a result of working at such deep levels one could naturally heal (one’s self or someone else).  At that point, I remembered that the family pet had a very  bad problem with one of his eyes that had been injured. The bad eye had been that way for at least a year. I had in the past spoken with a vet who said that this type of injury would require surgery to remove dead tissue and scarring. which would be a very expensive procedure.  We could sadly not afford it.

So while in deep Theta, I asked for the universal mind’s (the One) help, and began working on Max (the family pet). I was startled at first to recognize the link between myself, the universal mind, and then Max.  I zeroed in on the eye injury and soon I was within it. I could see what appeared to be some sort of energy field that was vibrating out of sync.  Like if something was shorting out.

When I saw this, I sent out some healing energy, and then saw in my mind the eye corrected.   A couple of hours later, the formerly injured eye just went back into place. Wow!

I must say that my little friend is very happy now that his eye is completely healed.

Here is something else.  A few days ago, I gave you a call with regards to telekinesis because I had something happen while in a very deep theta state. I was sitting on my bed and suddenly wanted to try to close my window blinds without touching them, using my mind alone. To my great surprise, they began to move.  And so, I tried to do it again and it worked. But always very slowly.   But who cares about how fast it happened!  The important thing is that it happened.

I called you up and you suggested that I should then try to bend a heavy spoon. Well, I did!!

I went into deep theta, and I saw mentally the spoon that I wanted to work on. I asked the Universal Mind for advice on how to do it and got an answer. I was told to imagine that the spoon was a non-separated extension of myself alike a finger. I imagined then that the spoon was my finger. Funny as it may sound, this has to do with not willing it to happen but to understand the relationship between myself and the “material object”; that I and everything in this universe is inter-connected. I felt that the molecules of the object were mine. So, at this point, I moved the spoon mentally as if it were my own finger bending. You see, you don’t have to will strongly a finger to bend; it just follows automatically your instruction (this is how mind-matter also works).

Well, the spoon did bend!! I have repeated this and it seems to get easier all the time!!!!

The only limits one will run into are the ones that we allow ourselves or others to put in the       way!

Thanks so much, Mr. O’Donnell


John Matias – a very serious student of our Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing combination course, sent us this enthusiastic testimonial


  • Very advanced manifestation powers over “reality” emerging after repeating our Combo course for the 4th time. He is finally “molding” reality powerfully and rapidly to his liking. Please read below.

Current Student—RI & RV courses

Dear Mr. O’Donnell:

I have completed the courses 3x now (01/07 – now) and am beginning my 4th walk through.
In a nutshell I am physically and mentally experiencing a shifting of time, space and recently, (last 6 months or so), material objects around me are vanishing on a continual basis of which the magnitude and frequencies are rapidly expanding. Things literally disappear around me and reappear at later points of time, sometimes in totally different space (up to 50 miles away). My family and friends have been witnessing it as well and I need some feedback. Over the weekend I lost time while sitting in my car in a parking lot.  The car and I vanished for 5 hours and I have no idea what happened. Again witnessed by son and wife.
Additionally, I am being physically touched by my fractal points within these outer realms, sometimes intensely—(ask me about the blood coming out of my arm when my 2nd son was with me, and identifiable marks as well}—- and it has been suggested to me that the “synchronicities” of this time present to future manifestation are a key of some sort, some higher level that I can not only interface with as we all do, but also redirect in some sort of way on a major basis.
It has become a standing “joke” that if I say something, the physical manifestation of it will appear the same day, sometimes within minutes of the conversation.
I am witnessing a “particulation” of all creation around me, almost like everything is “pixilated” and with the correct thrust of focus I am led to believe that the matter around me is totally moveable and manageable. What I witnessed in deep delta states was this matter of our space and time fluttering away, like slivers of dark matter, continually shedding off everything and everybody. It seems as if everything around us is like a huge web continually around our physical present existence looking for the focal points of creative desire and intent.
I am experiencing shifts of immense proportions and I am not sure what all this means.
To a “normal” human this all sounds like I am losing my mind.  My kids and wife have seen so much of it recently it has become the family joke, “Dad is shifting again”. My co- workers who have a level of attunement see it as well and again have witnessed some of this.  I feel as if I have fallen out of this time and space and keep wondering ( as I have since my earliest recollections) what and why I am doing here.
Additionally, I have a perplexing question about this “reality—where does it all go? And I do not mean “relics” left behind, where does the tender energy go?

Would love to hear from you about this message and chat a bit, maybe you can help my redirection that started in 1992 when I died (in a car nonetheless) and stood next to my prime source before I was pushed back here. Thanks to you and your superb courses I have not only been put back on the course of true enlightenment, I have been able to spread my high white light energies to all I come in contact with, helping all as it should be.
May the creator and all light shine among you and all you touch at this time, thank you  for helping me.


John Matias

Greg Ledford A Remote Influencing/Remote Viewing Combo student, sent us this enthusiastic testimonial.


  • Successfully Remote Influencing a mechanical device to function again.
  • Perceptually Remote Influencing a decision from a major corporation.
  • While training, his room got illuminated
  • Metaphorical vision of the sad state of our planet while listening to the RI course.
  • Using Remote Influencing to heal pets, helping his mother achieve her desired weight, increasing his own height by one inch, and  more!
  • Remote Viewing experiences.
  • Seeing the One Self smiling back at him.

I wanted to write you some things I have experienced while continuing to train with your courses.

I will start with Remote Influencing:

One day at my previous place of employment my friend hopped on his tow motor.  He tried to crank it and it wouldn’t crank.  He tried and tried but nothing.  So I closed my eyes using my RI (Remote Influence) training I imagined him driving off on the tow motor to change his tank! He got off of the tow motor and went around back to remove the tank.  I told him to give it one more shot.  He hopped back on, turned the key and it cranked right up.  He looked at me sort of puzzled and then drove off to change the tank, and he made it to his destination!

We had to work a mandatory overtime on a Saturday! I kept hearing people talk about how we were going to have to work many Saturdays for quite a while.  Well along with myself and most others we did not want that to happen.  So while listening to Remote Influence Tape 5, I Remote Influenced our weekends off! (LOL)!  I wasn’t at work the following Monday, but when I went in on Tuesday I was told that anymore overtime would be volunteers only.  I was amazed.  I Remote Influenced a billion dollar company that is located not only all over the US but also in other  countries.  To top it off those that didn’t want to work did not have to and  those that did could.

While training with RI 7A I have seen my room illuminated in a couple instances, although I couldn’t hold it for too long!  I am excited about what is to come.

While training with Remote Influencing 7B an apple which had been eaten to the core took the place of the Earth while I was viewing it.  Well let’s just say we can all understand what that meant!

I also requested I should be taller and weigh a little more while training with RI Tape 4 and 6A.  I grew about an inch in height and gained 10lbs!  It was no big deal but it worked.

Healing-  I healed some animals with bodily problems, helped my mother achieve her desired weight, healed a friend of sinus infection, and more! Mostly while in my mental lab and training with RI Tape 6A which is very good for healing!  Looking forward to building more and more on healing!

As for Remote Viewing,  I have spent most of my time with Remote Influencing although I am beginning to spend more time with Remote Viewing (RV).  While training with RV Tape 2A, I suddenly found myself floating above a city. The only thing that stood out to me was a tall building.  It was all I was focused on.  I thought to myself how this building stands out from all of the rest.  Later that night I got on the Internet and one of the top stories was a building in I believe Spain caught fire and was feared to collapse like The World Trade Center!  It stated that the building stood out from all of the rest.

Also while on Remote Viewing Tape 2A everything went black and I suddenly saw myself staring at me with a bright smile.  It radiated a beautiful light.  It was perfect in every way.  I have a ways to go before I achieve that perfection but I am moving in the right direction with a strong foundation to boot!

I have experienced so much more than what I have written but I will keep it short.
I hope this testimonial along with all of the others will help everyONE want to Influence Reality for the better!

Gerald all you do is well appreciated!

Thanks again!
Greg Ledford

Willie Macon a recent Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing trainee wrote us this enthusiastic testimonial


  • Time of no Time
  • Experiencing a Deja Vu. Seeing reality first from the Higher Self perspective and then from the lower Self one
  • Telepathic Remote Viewing
  • Remote Influencing
  • Out-of-body experiences

My dear Gerald,

It was my total pleasure in speaking with you this afternoon.  You know I had called once before right after the hurricanes and you asked me to call back.  I waited because I felt a bit unsure of myself.  So I decided to call today and WOW am I glad I did. It is like that conversation with you freed me to go to my next level which  can only be more spectacular than this one!  I am flying so high!!! Most of the time for the last few months I feel invincible, like I can walk on water! I lack word to express my joy and gratitude to you for these courses.  I am taking the combo Remote Viewing/ Remote Influencing courses.  I started in early August 2004. I am on my second time through, and I must say, I have had and continue to have some incredible experiences!

Time of no time

The very first day that I got the RI course in the mail, about a week after I got the RV course- I sat in my bedroom and read the manual while I let the CD Theta track play.  I did this unknown to myself for 4 hours by the clock.  I was surprised when my husband called from the airport for me to come and get him.  I got up quickly and started down the stairs, and I felt woozy.  I stopped and reminded myself to come back to beta. then I did my emergence.  Went into my garage, started my auto and noticed that it was 10:10 pm.  I still felt a little other-worldly.  I backed out of my drive way about 20 feet and drove to the street about 100 feet, and then I noticed that the clock now said 10:21 pm.  I was amazed, I looked back and could still see my garage, how could 11 minutes have elapsed?  I proceeded to the airport which is 22 miles without traffic in dry weather, and it had been raining that night.  When I arrived at the airport the clock said 10:29 pm!!  How is that possible?  My best time is 30 minutes to the airport!  To have driven 22 miles in 9 minutes!!  AMAZING!!

Deja vu

I was a passenger in a car with friends.  The gentleman was outside our car pumping gas, and I kind of zoned out going within. I saw a lady finish pumping her gas in a blue color van, and then I saw her get in and pull away! A few seconds later I saw her do the same exact thing AGAIN!!! Saturday afternoon about 3 PM in broad daylight!  I wanted to tell this to my friends but they would think I am too weird! They would have had the padded truck come and take me away!! (smile)  So I just jumped up and down inside myself! I really enjoyed it!

Telepathic Remote Viewing

I have on many occasions shocked my daughters by reading their minds! It freaks them out! I love it! On one occasion, my youngest called to ask me for a recipe-She said ” mom do you remember” and I finished her sentence “that hamburger one?”  She said: “Woman you gotta stop freaking me out like that!!”  We both laughed and I really enjoyed freaking her out–I had already done it to her about 5 times!

Remote Influencing

I was able to avert a disaster involving the real estate closing transaction on our new house, which by all practical accounts we should not have  been able to get, but since I knew I could create my own reality–I DID IT! And we are living in it right now:  a beautiful 4 bedroom colonial in a beautiful neighborhood.  Anyway, we had started looking in TN back in April- But with negotiations and etc, it took  until September to close and move from Atlanta..  (My husband was getting transferred, he wanted it-I HELPED) In April when we had our credit report run (on Pins and needles) it showed all our tax liens paid which they were since 2000.  BUT in September 2004 one showed mistakenly open! 1 day before the closing at 4:30 in the afternoon!  It was suggested I go to the IRS field office.  I rejected that.  Instead I went into Theta and consulted my guide within, and asked for help.  I said’ Any suggestions would be appreciated”  then I emerged again as I was driving! Smile! Within seconds-It came to me as clear as day-“Go to the courthouse. When they released the lien, they sent a copy to the court house”  I was shocked and amazed, but I did as I was told and in 10 minutes, and $2.00 for the copies, I had copies of ALL the release forms which I faxed to the Mortgage Co. and we closed without a hitch!!!

Now some of you might say–that is no miracle- But I did not know that information beforehand-it never occurred to me to even wonder about how they release liens etc…  And It would have panicked in the past! That is before I discovered that I and the One are really one!

Out-of -body experiences

I have also had about 4 out-of-body-experiences. The first was while listening to Remote Influencing tape 5.  I was half asleep and woke as it started, it was magnificent! It started as if I was being pulled up like by strings at my middle (Iwas on my side) around my hips, the my top and then my legs, then I was projected up very fast and I went through white clouds or lights with blue at the edges then they broke up into triangle shapes of the same colors, and then I was floating back down and gently lowered into my body and I felt myself settle just the way I had been lifted moments before, and I felt like my whole being went AHHHH! it was 1000 times better than the best orgasm I have ever experienced!!

I had about 3, one right after the other while I was asleep listening to tape #2 of the Remote Viewing course.

They were quick and wonderful.  It was like I didn’t want to settle back in at all! (lol)

Well Gerald, what can I say.  I listen constantly!  I can’t get enough, my excitement is so great that I just must have them.  I meditate with a tape every night sometimes a couple times a day. I play the Delta track each night on the CD player where we sleep-My husband asked me to leave it on so he could hear it too! I also listen to a tape while I seep with the cassette player and headphones! I thought I might be overdoing it, but I now know that I get to decide how much is enough for me-  My inner self is talking and I AM LISTENING!

Gerald in the last few months my life and the lives of those I love have changed so much (Even though my children in particular kindly treat me like an escaped mental patient at times–SMILE) but I KNOW THE REAL TRUTH-and I can help them without their permission-as long it it is to their benefit.    MY life is so beautiful, and I am so grateful that sometimes I go down to that room in theta and I start to thank the Universal Mind and I just burst into tears of joy and gratitude! It is truly overwhelming! I go there a lot and we my guide who I call Willie Sam, since I as Willie M. I named her WSM–my initials and call her Willie Sam.  She appeared in my mental lab one day in deep theta when I went there, after I went down the stairs, she was there, looking like me but perfect-we have since merged during one of my meditations, now she is with me always  (I now know she always has been inside me as my higher self-but the difference is that now I KNOW it!)

Thank You again Gerald for this material-I am putting it to good use! Anyway that’s all for now.  I am having great mind safaris!!

Will be in touch soon!

Willie Macon

Scott Crawford of Australia sent this testimonial.


  • Life-changing positive effects after training for two months with the RV/RI combo course.

Hi Gerald,

I’ve been training with your combination course for nearly 2 months now and have experienced so many wonderful things such as:

– Using my newfound energy/light to heal me, my girlfriend, and fix inanimate objects like light bulbs
– A consistently happy, content, stress-free existence
– Stronger emotions & improved senses
– More vivid memories and imagination
– A great empowerment that comes with knowing you have all the tools to create a wonderful joyful life

I would like to take this time to thank you, like all your other students :-), for making this information available to me so that I can realize my true potential and open up a wondrous world that I never knew I could connect to.

Thanks once again Gerald, you have inspired so many people, so selflessly, to greatness, including me.  You have given a gift of knowledge to me that I will never forget.

Kind Regards,

Scott Crawford

Jim Robertson Jr. an RV/RI student, sends us this enthusiastic Email:


  • Getting a higher vibratory biology and feeling closer to “The  One”
  • Having a “blackout effect” on electric lighting.
  • Most importantly, dramatically increasing his IQ!

Dear Gerald,

As a student of RV/RI for about a year now, I want to say THANK YOU for this incredible course and for trying to make the world a better place.  Nothing has changed my life for the better as much as this material has.  I have had many incredible experiences and would like to share a few here.  It is difficult to describe how it has changed me, but I feel deeply that it has enlivened my ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’.  Every day my focus is now, how I can be a better person.  I feel closer to God than in any other time of my life.  My wife often tells me that I am ‘humming’, which is our reference to my body when it is buzzing.  I can feel the electrical pulses going through my finger tips and from one side of my body to the other.  An interesting occurrence has been happening ever since I met you about one year ago.  For some reason, street lights (and lights that come on automatically at night) go off when I get near them.  This phenomenon has happened countless times over the past year.  It has happened at airports, while driving, many parking lots, hotels, basically any place that has light sensitive, automatic lights.  I am curious to know if this is happening to others.  Another great thing that your course has done is increased my IQ.  Recently, I took an IQ test (for fun) and did not put forth much effort.  The questions seemed easy.  When the test was returned, I had scored 135.  I was very pleased, as the tester suggested, that such a score was in the realm of Plato and was quite happy for me.  This was a huge surprise for me to say the least.  (In University, I had a closer relationship with the academic probation list than the Dean’s list…)   I could go on for pages about how important it is to do your course and how it effects your life in a positive way.  We have had several discussions over the past year on the phone and I consider it a privilege know you.

Thank you again for all of your work in this area and for sharing with us this incredible course.

Most sincerely,

Jim Robertson Jr.

Morton sends us this enthusiastic and important feedback on after having trained with the RV/RI combination package for a year.


  •  RV skills improved with taking the RI course;
  • Acquired telekinetic skills, dowsing, telepathy, and energy healing abilities.
  • Improved artistic talent.
  • Power of the diamond self technique in changing psychological and physical makeup.
  • Experiencing and unifying with the “pulse of Creation.”

Dear Gerald,

Words can’t do justice for what this course is capable of.  Over the past few months, I have had experiences that are phenomenal, to say the least.  I’ll try to sum it up as best I can.
I have only been doing these two courses for a year.  In that time, I have experienced things that I had never thought possible.
My RV skills have improved dramatically with the RI course.  I now get images that are as vivid as what I see in the waking world.  This does not happen all of the time, but I am nonetheless baffled.  In time, I am certain that it will happen consistently.
I have slight telekinetic skills.  I can swing a needle on a string or move it in small circles.  I am continuing to practice this.
I can dowse.  This is remarkably easy to do.  Some of the students may enjoy this one.
Telepathy.  Again, this one is like the others, it doesn’t happen all of the time, but enough for me to know it is there.  When someone near me feels a strong emotion, I feel it too, as much or more than my own, regardless of what I am feeling.

Healing.  This is the most remarkable of the abilities that I have discovered so far.  The results are incredible.
Another pleasant side effect is that my artistic skills have improved dramatically.  I was good before, but now people that see my work remark at how incredibly lifelike it looks, almost like they could touch the animal or person being portrayed.
My personality has altered in all good ways.  That in itself was worth every penny that was spent on this course.  My outlook on life, the way that I deal with people, everything is changed.  I think of how much money people waste going to counselors, self help seminars, etc.  They rarely work, and half the time it is only temporary, like putting a band aid on a head wound.  This, without a doubt, WORKS.
Your RV course was good, but the RI course is on a whole other level.  You wanted me to explain my methods.
Use the Diamond Self for expanding all of your other skills.  This is the core of all of your abilities.  Use it and all will fall into place.  This will enhance your RV skills dramatically, as well as the others.  It will alter your physical appearance as well.  I can’t stress how important this technique is.  USE IT, or your skills will continue to stagnate.
I also experienced what you call the pulse of creation.  I don’t know what to call it.  I was at the beach and I laid back and closed my eyes, enjoying the sunshine.  My heart began to pound, but it didn’t feel out of the ordinary.  My whole body began to feel like it was pulsing, like a heart.  I could feel it throbbing.  It was the most amazing thing.  I laid there for hours, but I thought I had only been there for about fifteen minutes.  I finally opened my eyes and there were about ten people standing there staring at me.  They had apparently been there the whole time watching me.  I looked directly at one man and he ran.  The others just continued to stare with their mouths hanging open.  I looked down at my shadow and saw it growing larger and smaller.  I would like to know what they saw.  I have never felt ALIVE like that.
There is plenty more to say, but I will shut up for now.  Just devote your training to RI, and RV will seem like child’s play, I promise.
Thank you.

Your pal,

Sherwood H.K. Finley  writes to us this very important feedback on the RV&RI combination course.


  • Becoming a “Precog” as shown in the movie “Minority Report.”  Creating with full awareness one’s reality.
  • Stopping “time” and operating in the gap between linear “time” at the level of real Mind in order to Remote Influence.
  • Witnessing reality twice: Once from the HS perspective and then again from the “lower self perspective.” This comment will form the basis of a new page titled “In between worlds” explaining the secret of Holographic Creation (projection), the real “Matrix of Life (Universal Lattice) and how to master (control) it by learning to be in the “gap.” All this coming to you free, on this website: The Channel of the One.

My first experience with the Remote Influencing course was of a deep calm, a characteristic of the delta level which remained within me and was easy to retrieve. Next came lucid dreaming and very deep sleep, even naps were extremely restful.

From the Remote Viewing material I had learned to observe data streams from the past and target probable futures. With Remote Influencing, I began to live them, but sometimes I felt that I was living backwards in time. I found I could fast forward to the day’s end, review and edit, insert desired outcomes and then experience the day I had designed. It became obvious to me that certain time reversals resulted from tapping into delta, especially in public settings where more input is abundant.

For instance,  I was in a bookstore on Jan 7, 2003, and lived certain events in twice-instant replay. I saw  a vivid vision of a man drop a book then pick it up. But two seconds later I saw it again. Trust me, this gets your attention!

Back on the street crowds looked like multi-colored clouds and I heard fragments of conversations and two seconds later heard them again. I was living in a virtual double-exposure reality!

That night in the shower while reviewing these events, I noticed that the water droplets seemed to be falling very slowly, even after repeated viewings. I found I could encircle a drop with my hand.
Four days later the drops just hung in the air, freeze-frame! Clocks have gotten into the act preferring to slow-and stop-their second hand! I first thought that they ran out of power, but new fresh batteries didn’t help. One of the local cats ran by the door, and guess what? He did it again two seconds later.  I kept watching for Alice and/or the white rabbit! No luck! Nor did a voice inform me that I had entered the twilight zone!

In RV assignments I found that after having trained with the Remote Influencing course twice, I could view and retain far more data than previously, information which was verified by Mr. O’Donnell who always made sense out of my input, especially when it made no sense to me.

After incorporating sketching, page after page would come flying out. With various disasters ad crimes I found I could merge with them and emerge untouched, with no side-effects.

In working with a distance healing client,  I decided to see if I could enter their dream and leave some helpful programs behind. By the way, that’s all you can do, and only win-win is possible. I found the speed of this person’s dream was beyond comprehension so I put it on hold, inserted simple instructions, e.g. :My immune system is functioning perfectly”, and then let their dream continue. Result: One of the fastest recoveries I’ve ever seen in about 20,000 distance healing sessions (Since 1986).

Finding lost objects seemed effortless and it often seemed that I had become the object, in most cases my glasses which have their own agenda!
In daily life I found that problem-solving, negotiation, communication, creativity, memory, and not getting nervous or upset quite as frequently, all improved quite wonderfully.

After over a year of training with the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing course of the Academy, I can state that these experiences and states are now constant and not like a peak experience or a weekend workshop success. As you master the deeper levels of your mind there is an automatic mastery of life. It simply becomes easier.
My overall experience is that I can now help others far better discover their tremendous inner potential for changes and accomplishment. I can help them bring in healing- not just to their biology but their mind, emotional body, and spirit. All this is what the RV and RI courses show and train us to experience. With only a little bit of faith and perseverance we can all tap into this tremendous inner power just waiting to lift us back into freedom and harmony.

P.S. Unfortunately the Oneness took back Sherwood Home on January 14, 2010. He was a dear friend and the best Remote Viewer I have ever known. His Spirit always flew as an eagle High and wide, and I know that he is now a Golden Eagle Flying within the Golden Sphere of the One as one the Holy Golden Eagles. Happy Flights, my dear friend and Light-warrior. You deserve the Peace of God. Gerald O’Donnell 2012


Rob Chojnacki sent us this feedback

Hi Gerald,

This is some of what I have experienced with the new RI course.  I’m also CC’ing the grillflame group.

After only reading the first installment of Course II, (Remote Influencing Thought..) I have been having some very interesting results with the few  experiments I have tried.

I have been strongly meditating on the fact that I am the creator of my  reality, and all the points you stress in the first installment, and I can  feel a change within, and without..  Here are some examples:

1)  DRIVING UNDER THE (REMOTE) INFLUENCE.  Every time I am on the road, I  have a little game I play with other drivers.  I look at other drivers that  are to my sides.  If I quickly decide that I want them to look back at me,  they usually do.  If I quickly decide that I don’t want them to, they  usually don’t.  I try this at a maximum of 90 degrees, meaning that they  must be at my exact side or more in front of me (to eliminate the  possibility that they can see me looking at them in the corner of their eye.  These people are feeling an influence).  I have had several instances of  people being more diagonally to my front left, and they would look back at  me.  Very interesting.  Not looking back because they want to pass, but just  to glance at me, then they go back to the road.

2)  LEG BOUNCE.  On several occasions I’ve tried this one.  Here is an  example.  While at a restaurant, waiting for my takeout order, I saw a woman  directly to my left also waiting.  We were both sitting.  Her feet were  planted firmly on the floor.  I imagined, with my eyes open, her crossing  her legs, right over left, and then bouncing the right foot, I also imagined  being shocked that my imagination became reality.  This *did* became reality  within a matter of *seconds*.  Her legs crossed, right over left, and the  right foot started to bounce in the air.  Quickly, About 10 seconds later, I  imagined her foot being planted back onto the floor, also imagining me being  shocked that it worked again.  Again, within seconds this became reality,  and I *was* shocked 🙂  I even chuckled out loud.. hehehe

3)  POWER OUT.  I am in a rock band that rehearses in New Jersey, and plays  in NYC.  We rehearse at the guitarist’s house, in the basement.  This past  Sunday, as I pulled up to the house, I decided to try another RI experiment.    I sat there, in my car, and imagined myself going down into the basement  only to find that we could not rehearse because the power was out.  Drums  were fine, but there was no power for the amps, and thus, no guitars or  vocals.  I imagined this strongly, and also imagined my shock that it  happened.  So  I grabbed my bass guitars and headed into the house.   Nothing out of the ordinary.  Then I walked down the stairs into the  basement.  Lights on, everything’s fine.  I walk into the studio where we  rehearse, and see the guitarist playing around with the power cable for his  amp.  I asked what was wrong, and he said “The power for the amps and vocals  JUST went out”!!!!!  The lights were on (!!!), but the power for both guitar  amps and the vocals were totally out!!  This is the exact scene I  envisioned!  He then went to check the fuse box, and found that the fuse that  controls the very power outlets for the amps and vocals had simply switched  off.  I WAS BLOWN AWAY.  Simple fix, he flipped the fuse switch back, and  all was good, BUT I AM CERTAIN THAT MY MENTAL EXPERIMENT HAD AN ABSOLUTE  PHYSICAL EFFECT IN REALITY.  We have been rehearsing in that room in one  band or another for almost 5 years, and nothing has ever happened to the  power.  Not once, until I *created* that reality this past Sunday.

I thought you might enjoy those little experiments..

Rob Chojnacki

Ryan Berry, wants to share the following experiences after training with the course for one month.


  • Great increase in Intuition.
  • Mind-bending of a spoon and switching an electric spotlight with only the use of the mind.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

My name is Ryan Berry. I am 18 years old and started the remote viewing course about one month ago. I talked to you a couple of times and you asked me to share my experiences to the people who used your course and also to the people who are thinking about getting your course. All I have to say is, HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT! These experiences thrilled me.

I would like to first share some history about myself and what got me interested in remote viewing. When I was a kid, I loved to daydream. I would fantasize about a perfect world where anything was possible. I would have dreams at night of events that would then take place in the future. I didn’t exactly know when they would take place but when the time came and I saw something I had seen in one of my dreams, I could predict the outcome of the remaining situation. This was something I was always good at but I really couldn’t channel this power anytime I wanted until I ordered the remote viewing course. After performing the theta exercises in the tapes I began to realize that any individual has the power to create his/her own reality anyway if that individual wants it. Shortly after, I began to create my new reality. I will now share with you my creations and how you to can do what I have accomplished. Some of the phenomenal experiences I have encountered have happened involuntarily. Like for example, my intuition experience. I remember going to a restaurant a couple of weeks ago and that after leaving the restaurant, I started walking to my car and then, all-of-a-sudden my body flinched (the kind of flinch the person would get if something had surprised them) after hearing something loud in my mind. It was so irritating that my legs started to move rapidly toward my car and I thought to myself, “what the hell is going on in me?” Then, seconds later, a construction site that was building a building next to the restaurant dropped a big heavy pipe and boy was that thing loud!
But my body didn’t react to it that time because the event had already taken place in my mind and I had reacted to it beforehand. I’ve had other intuition experiences: for example, I could predict when the phone was going to ring and what the conversation was about. And again the event would happen inside my mind and then the reality would take place.

As another sample of my efforts, I want to talk about my psychokinetic experiences. While in deep theta I asked the universal mind how to bend a spoon and turn a light on. All these were done with my eyes open. Bending a spoon:  While in my inner-mind’s workshop, I sat down on my mind’s couch and turned on my workshop’s TV. I saw myself sitting on the couch and holding a spoon in my hand and saw the same thing on the TV. screen. I asked the Universal Mind how to perform the task and It told me to be the spoon. Send the light through my neck and in my head and on the spoon. I did this exercise and began to feel energy build up in my head like a sharp pressure. Then the Universal Mind told me in order to relieve the pressure “bend your head down and the spoon’s energy will be released and bend as well.” I performed the task and started to feel a little cold, just like the spoon’s temperature. Then the spoon did what the Universal Mind told me it would do. It bent forward just as I bent my head forward.
Turning a light on:
While performing an exercise at night I wanted to try something new. I have a fish tank that has two spotlights in it; they were both off at the time and I wanted to turn one of them on, even if it were just for a split second. I went to my mental workshop and asked the Universal Mind how to perform this task. It said to me that I must imagine myself as the spotlight and in order to flash it I must blink my eyes. After this I began to imagine on my workshop’s TV. that I was looking down at the bottom of the fish tank and then my mind transferred inside the fish tank and I began to swim around in my fish tank and the water temperature felt so good. My mind then got next to the screen and  looked through the glass and I saw myself as a big giant walking towards the fish tank and staring into the tiny me’s eyes. The tiny me blinked, the giant me blinked, the Ryan laying down on the bed performing the exercise blinked, and then the spotlight came on and then went off.

I have tried many other experiments to see what I could do. The results all turned out perfect. I have never had any trouble with performing my goal tasks. That is because I believe in myself and my capability to carry out the tasks. My advice is not to be skeptic and don’t analyze. Have fun and always know this: the human mind can create any reality the individual wants. My future plans are to change the world for the better and to use my powers to help my generation and the rest of mankind out. I want to help them realize that they have the potential to perform these tasks and do so much more. If your interested in remote viewing and are thinking about ordering this course, order today so you can join me and Mr. O’Donnell and discover the infinite powers of your mind that lies within all of us.

Your universal brother,

David Wilson , a recent student, shares with us these amazing experiences that he had as he undertook his initial training.


  • Traveling trough space and time, and experiencing through a “time warp” a “parallel world”!

Mr. O’Donnell requested me to share an experience I have had with remote viewing. Actually, before studying the tapes for remote viewing, I remember three vivid remote viewing experiences. Between the hours of 7:30-8:30 a.m. I was “drawn” into a realm in which I suddenly was standing near a shower stall. For no apparent reason I saw my best friend putting up a shower curtain. He suddenly appeared behind me quite clearly! Although I could not speak to him I was very aware of his presence and the specific location. I was so startled by this experience I forced my self to wake up. A few days later I asked him what he was doing that Thursday morning around 8:00 a.m. He responding, “I was in the bathroom putting up a new shower curtain”!!!

A second experience I had which is worth mentioning was my definite attempt to “travel” to Roanoke Island to see one of America’s first permanent settlements. I expected to see the general sort of things you would see on television about that time period. What I actually saw was quite astounding. I saw a native American in full head dress with beads woven into his hair and quills and feathers arranged in a row descending down his back. He was in a very low to the ground stick type hut (unlike what I would have guessed. I then traveled to the white settlement to see the sharpened logs which were tightly wound with primitive rope surrounding the log houses inside. I then moved inside one of the buildings to see of all things, primitive hand hewn children’s toys on the floor! I would have never expected this. I then looked around for evidence of where the people may have gone or what might have happened. I believe my question was partly answered when I saw what looked to be like white porcelain (?) like dishes with blood being splattered everywhere. I did not wish to view this anymore and left.

A third experience I have had, which to me was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my entire life, happened around 3:00 a.m. I was awakened by our little girl around 3:00 a.m. and went to her room to get her back to sleep. I went to sleep on the floor beside her bed only to awaken and find I had overslept… by 6 hours! I walked into the kitchen and saw the clock very clearly reading 12:30 p.m. I then looked outside and thought to myself, “how could this have happened? I would never sleep this late. I looked at the clock again and it showed 12:30 p.m. very clearly again. It was a warm sunny day with a slight breeze blowing. Outside the pines were swaying gently in the wind. I thought to myself, “this is beyond reason”. I stepped back inside the kitchen and closed the door and decided I had better find my wife and get some answers! She was fast asleep in bed! The time “warp” had closed and it was dark again! And so that was it. But I shall never understand what I did or how I did it. I only know that it was not a dream nor like any dream I have even heard of. So these are my three special cases which I have shared. I believe with training, remote viewing can be our most powerful tool for exploration. It surely must be one of our greatest gifts. Please explore for yourself and learn to use one of God’s greatest gifts to man!

Lisa Samuels of the UK send us this testimonial

  • Increased forecasting and psychic reading accuracy after taking our training.

Dear Gerald,

It was a pleasure speaking with you today and to be honest words fail to describe what I experienced whilst listening to your courses and although I have just received your package only a few days ago I wanted to explain what is happening to me already.

I am and have always been clairvoyant with the gift of second sight and only recently started professionally to do this. Whilst listening to your CD, on the second day I went shopping with my cousin and actually predicted the exact cost of what the shopping would be. It was uncanny!

I spend a lot of time just listening to the CD’s mostly in between my other work and have noticed that my gift of forecasting is getting better and better with little or no effort and sometimes whilst listening to your CD’s. I have also noticed that the technique of switching heads in order to feel the emotions of others and what they are experiencing within their lives works extremely well and have been doing this with my readings.

I have also been to my future and seen things much more clearer and have seen future events especially with regards to technology and what life will be like within the next 15 years.

On another note, I find that my body vibrates sometimes very slow and sometimes very very fast and can feel the energy moving up and down my body like in spirals and have been short circuiting or blowing lights around me too!  It is always like an adventure when I start listening to your CD and sometimes not too sure where I would end up!

I know that my journey has just started and have so much more to learn about my abilities and what I can accomplish and wanted to thank you from my very soul for sharing this knowledge with me.

Many many thanks Gerald and if you do visit the UK in January I would love to meet up with you.


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