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Nothing speaks for Arvari’s life-changing power better than success stories from our students.

Here are ARVARI Success Stories 1997-2023

We have received thousands of rave reviews and have indexed some of them for you.

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Robert James, a university student and recent trainee, send us this very refreshing testimonial.


  • Automatic increased mental clarity, creative intelligence, non-addictive personality, charisma and attractiveness, by learning to vibrate at higher levels of energy/light as taught in our course.       

Dear Gerald,

It has been 6 weeks since I began the Remote Viewing Course, although it seems like has been a hundred years.  The day I received those tapes was the day I began to really live my life.  As I approach the final days of university, I am only now beginning to realize the importance of using your inner mind and spirit to learn and create.  I can say that I now have the mental clarity of a child, and the knowledge of an adult.

Over the past six weeks I have quit smoking, cut-down on drinking, and have been much more successful in the love department.  As well, I have found that my intuition has greatly increased, as has my creative intelligence.  Gerald, these tapes are something else.  They have made me believe once again that we can achieve anything we put our mind to.

Yours truly,

Robert James

Ken Kimball sent us this refreshing note.


  • Attaining inner and outer loving peace in a relationship.

Hello Gerald,

I just wanted to send yet another note of gratitude. I was thinking about all the wonderful things I have learned from your course. I’m thankful for all but one especially. This course has dramatically helped my marriage. As you know, about three years ago, when I first got the course, things were a little rocky between my wife and I. When I started to study your course all that changed. We have created a union that is absolutely beautiful. At first, it was just helpful to be able to calm myself and be open-minded. Arguments were transformed into heartfelt conversations. I became a better listener, and more aware of both our needs. Then, when she started to practice your course, we were able to co-create a partnership that met both our needs and dreams. There are always challenges, but we realize we are on the same side, and approach them with open minds and open hearts.

Each challenge gives us the chances to grow even stronger. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and patience. Your efforts have made a huge difference in the quality of our lives.

Thanks again,

Happy Thoughts,


Dr John J. Conrardy send us this thank you note Subject:Life changing impact of our RV/RI training

Dear Gerald….

Thank you so very much….not only for the CD BUT all that your tapes have done for me and my life….I have been a slow but steady student…….

I have delved deeply into the void and found my self…..what a wondrous construct of reality…..I have also located the love of my life and true soul mate…….

Today as I was jogging in the park, listening to #2, series 1, I saw our souls dancing above us………

My lovely wife is starting the series this weekend and is looking so forward to the two of us viewing together…….Life is grand…..Thank you again so very much…….


Sally Black wrote to us: Subject:

  • Being aware simultaneously of conversing with an individual on the regular vocal level and also on the Higher Consciousness to Higher unconsciousness level.
  • Uncovering real truths from that Higher level communication. 

Hi Gerald:

I have been doing the RV and RI course for three months with many emotional changes. I wanted to share an experience to put on your website.

I have been having a ‘friendship’ with another individual for about two years now and have intuitively felt that it would eventually turn into a love relationship. It has been a difficult one for me because for the majority of those two years I have been ‘ready’ for more of a love relationship after being alone for 10 years and went through the extreme ‘love pains’ for about a year. I journaled throughout the past two years and had always referred to my journal, which I had put in a Q and A format, all this time when I started to question my intuition. This was
the way I worked with this until I received your tapes. I had tried to believe that the answers I was receiving were correct all this time and had tried to ‘get it myself’ instead of going to a psychic or someone else
for my answers.

Anyway, the other day I was with this person. We were having a discussion about the fact that work is difficult now and he made a comment, “I’ll be leaving in a year”. I reacted internally and tried not to show him my
true feelings because I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. At that moment another ‘he and I’ were having a conversation what seemed like right above my head. He was telling me what my intuition has known all
along and that is how much he really cares for me but is afraid to have a relationship because of so many past failures. It was like the two conversations were happening at the same time. This was the first time I
truly had a ‘visual verification’ of what I had felt intuitively all along. It was quite remarkable to me. I feel it was his higher self and my higher self having a conversation where he was able to share his true feelings to me that his lower self is unable to at this time. This was such an important verification for me because it gave me the courage to trust myself that I am getting the right information unlike I had ever been able to do before.

The tapes have changed my life in so many positive ways.

Thank you so much for them and sharing them with everyone. All will benefit.

Sally Black

Claudia C. send us this enthusiastic testimonial


  • Profound changes and joy wile training with the Combo.
  • Regaining a lost friendship after a single session…

Bonjour Gerald!
Just a word to say how IMPRESSED I am with your programs: I got them pretty late… but they have been making my days ever since!  In fact, I got an amazing result (getting back a lost friendship) from “putting someone’s head on” -the very first day I tried it!
Actually, for the first time in my life, I am doing each part of them several days in a row, just to make sure I don’t miss anything; in absolute love with RI disk number 4. Talking of which, I saw a new movie one of these days, that I believe has quite a few keys about the matrix, how it came to be… and how it actually helps us to transcend ourselves… by putting loads of “batons dans les roues”… if we choose to see it that way, of course. Think you might enjoy it: it’s called “The Adjustment Bureau”.
Happy thoughts to you, all the way from Costa Rica!!
Claudia C.

Carla Jo Wilson wrote to us 


  • Manifesting abilities increasing after only listening to our sample audio on this site.
  • Appreciation for the depth of knowledge shared on

Dear Gerald:

All I did was read your E-mail book on-line and listened to your sample audio on manifesting the reality I choose, and immediately went into a very deep state of consciousness.

My creative capabilities are now spilling over into my friends and family’s realities! My mom just called me and asked me to bring over some lemons and then said, “Never mind, Martha just walked in with a bag full of lemons.” We couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve been Remote influencing (plotting) a relationship and in the midst of this I set up two of my friends who expressed interest in each other as well as the saleswoman in the fragrance dept. at Nordstrom who expressed interest in a certain type of relationship with a man and I told her my ex-husband was looking for the exact type of a relationship with a woman and now they dating.

I have given your web-site to a number of my friends and family. This is way more sophisticated and detailed than” The Secret,” Byron Katie’s” The Work,” Ester Hicks who channels  “Abraham-The Law of Attraction” and countless others that I have studied. You ROCK Gerald!

Many Happy Thoughts Always,

Carla Jo Wilson

Adrian Hall sent us this enthusiastic testimonial


  • Great amount of inspired downloads of necessary information from Higher Intelligence
  • Dramatic increase in reality manifesting abilities, in life, money, love etc…
  • Interesting “deja vu” experiences (alike what is shown in the movie “matrix”)
  • Leaving for moments the 3D dream and going into full Peace.

Hello there Gerald,

Firstly I want to thank you once again for creating these courses,

The first thing that comes to mind is the huge increase in inspirational downloads.  These manifest in a variety of different ways from thoughts and ideas that just ‘pop in my consciousness’  to what is becoming increasingly obvious signs that turn up just when I need them, originating from peoples comments, to books, articles and other events. An interesting occurrence is that I, myself, am often totally unaware of the need (or in fact the very existence) of some of this info but upon reflection upon its content, I usually get a “that’s exactly what I was after” moment!

My manifesting abilities (powers) have also increased dramatically. From cars, computers, a camera and a TV and other material objects, to money, friends, girlfriends, situations and new lifestyles and locations. These usually take only one or two sessions in a deep state to manifest, and now lately I even had a few manifestations without the need to go into a deep altered state. I find it a great joy and a point of amazement to observe how it all comes about, usually in ways that I least expect.


Cheers and Peace,


Denise N.  a S. African student Sent us this testimonial


  • Getting totally rid of a long-term addiction to Alcohol after training with the Combo course.
  • Improving family relationships
  • Finding a Loving Partner

Hi Gerald, and everyone!  My name is Denise, (51yrs) and I am a recent graduate of your program. I just had to send this along, hopefully it will bless you and staff. By the way thank you all!!!! I’m alive!!!! Anyway, I have literally been alone for 20 years, divorced after 8yrs, and left with 2 son’s (6 & 8 mos.) to raise by myself…literally. So…, bitter and angry, I became a progressive alcoholic, and hated men ! The One set me totally free from alcoholism ! I have since built good relationship with my two wonderful, forgiving sons. And now been set free from my personal 23+ year oppressive fear-based spiritual beliefs by the the power of Truth, thanks to The One leading me to Gerald, and ARVARI!

While training in your RV & RV and, my biggest desire was to regain my femininity, and meet my prince,  and travel. after 20 yrs. alone, raising 2 boys (explained above-if you want to read a miracle). Enough said, here he is in these pic’s, at work yesterday in Africa. He lives in the same state as I do, 3 1/2 hrs. away. We will be travelling! (Linear too!-lol) I hope you enjoy, they will explain themselves! Best of your desires today!!! Denise

Celeste and recent Remote viewing/Influencing trainees from Germany sent us this nice feedback 


  • Life changing aspects of our courses.
  • Better relationship.
  • Viewing past lives. Getting “inspired”to write a book.
  • Talking to Nature.
  • Feeling close to the One. Connecting to the Presence and I AM.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell, First of all – “thank you” for the wonderful courses! My partner and I went through the courses together and we are both impressed with our progress. We feel much closer to our God Presence than ever before We are happier, and our relationship has taken a magical turn for the better Natural intuition has increased and I usually “know” who’s calling us on the phone

Our reactions are quicker – I caught a fly in mid air yesterday without hurting it We live in the forest and are surrounded by beautiful old trees – so we had a wonderful time connecting to nature. We do feel that our awareness has much increased compared to before. We have also experienced greater clarity in our decisions – a “knowingness” has entered our lives which wasn’t there before.- oh, it’s all so amazing! I experienced very vivid dreams as I started the course – it was as if I was clearing up my past to be able to go forward from there and do the course. I experienced going back into one of my lives in Lemuria and this has inspired me to start writing a book about it. I just sat down and wrote the whole introduction without knowing what I was going to write about before I sat down! Once while listening to the tapes I saw the forest in which we live from a bird’s eye view – it was a great moment for me. I was surprised to see it in black and white and not green like it always is. I managed to connect up to the trees by feeling and seeing how their sap flows through them. I seem to have lost my fear of spiders and bugs – I can even let them sit or crawl on my hands!! The snails were eating up all my plants and I was throwing them off and they were hitting the ground pretty hard, when I had this feeling of compassion rise up and I gently picked up a snail asked its forgiveness and then I gave it a kiss and told it that I loved it – since then not one single snail has eaten another plant of mine !! Isn’t that amazing?

When I go to deep Theta and then to my mental lab.  – at first there was a White Presence which I recognized as the Presence I can connect to if I want to “know” things. And now when I go there, there is this wonderful, beautiful, love filled Golden Presence which I believe is my own I AM – I experience such great love and joy when we meet. I have developed a deeper trust in myself and the universe. We are both so grateful to have your tapes and look forward to our second round of learning and loving every little atom.

These are some of the magical moments we experienced while listening to your tapes.

Thank you once again,

Celeste Nirewicz

Willie Macon sent us this new enthusiastic testimonial


  • Greatly enhancing her marital life
  • Experiencing total Vibratory Light ecstasy while doing RI tape #7
  • Changing her biology by Remote Influencing her morphogenic fields through/mind power alone: Getting thinner, younger-looking, and shapelier.
  • Enhanced charisma with others who are attracted to her increased inner Light and Love.

I am a student of both courses since 8/04

Oh My Stars Gerald!

So much continues to happen! My marital relationship has improved 100 percent. My husband is thrilled with this new effect! We have been married 35 years, and it’s like we are newlyweds. More couples should know about this!

This is my third time through RV/RI and probably even more times with RI with different tapes at different times.

I had an amazing experience with tape 7 of the Remote Influencing course. The very first day back, on side 7A experiencing the “Gap” just breathing, I was so into myself, that I continued to 7B and by the time it got to the light pulsing around every second, going in and vibrating out. . . so was I!!! I was undone, and at the end my entire being just totally went into a wonderful spasmic explosion of Light and I was left totally spent! I have not been the same since! Every time I do the meditation, I have the same vibrating Light experience–intense–I am so connected-It is fabulous! You might need to send me a replacement tape–I am wearing this one out!!! Smile

Things are coming to me, I am manifesting in ways I never dreamed of!
I wanted to give an update on some events I wrote about in November 2004. I talked about how my Higher Self, appeared in my mental lab one day, and we became friends, and how she looked like me, but perfect. Well, I am astounded to report that now 6 months later, not only have we merged, but I now look more like she did then-perfect, in my eyes, at least. Back then I weighed about 15 lbs more than she did, and her breasts were the size I had always wanted mine to be, and she was thinner, light, and svelte.

Well, I would be hard pressed to explain it, or even say exactly when and how it happened, BUT, I now look like she did then, shape and all, 15 lbs. less, and gracefully thin! I am healthier, and look younger, even more so than usual. It is hard to explain, but every word is true. I did not go on any crash diets or have surgery or anything like that. It was gradual, but that’s the image I held of how I wanted to look, and now I do! Just to make sure it was not an optical illusion, I tried on a satin pant suit, that I wore to the ballet, back in November, and it was very tight back then, but today it was perfect!!  I love these courses. Thank you for making them available.

The physical changes are just the beginning, people seem to sense my inner light.  Especially little kids! Smile. The little kids, in restaurants and the ones in my neighborhood, it’s like they sense the Inner Self in me and want to be near It! Women and men too!!-Well, suffice it to say that they are noticing me, way more than before! I am not sure if this scores points with my husband, (smile), but it sure does with me!!!

Well, that’s all for now, I just wanted to share this marvelous revelations, and say WOW!

By the way Gerald, whatever price I have paid for these courses-was just right! Thank you for providing them! They are a bargain at any price. The life I have NOW–is truly priceless! I really mean this. I am sooooo happy, I am in love with me, the earth and everyone/everything in it, since I KNOW NOW that it is All me! In Love and in Joy! Life is Grand!!

Willie M.

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