Manifest Mind & Body Super Powers -Activating new Higher Vibrating DNA Strands & Associated Ascension Processes & Concomitantly Awakening Formerly Dormant Areas of the Brain

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Joel Carter sent us this feedback


  • Experiencing physical symptoms showing a High Vibratory connection, activation of Higher DNA strands and Connection to Higher Levels of Beingness, all arising from taking our Combination RV/RI courses and repeating them twice
  • Magnetizing situations and people
  • Increase visualization abilities
  • Greatly increased intuition
  •  “Reading” people at first sight
  • Successful healings on people and his pet
  • Thought-to-thought communication


I’ve been holding out on writing you, actually I’d love to speak with you….a short intro: My name is Joel Carter, I was referred to you by Toby Alexander, as I had been working with him, and he told me to get your tapes, as a structured and progressive way to learn to hold the Theta state and beyond, however now that I’ve gone through the set 2x’s, I can say that holding the Theta state is about 5% of what I’ve developed from your tapes…actually I put Toby on hold as I was about to do his Advanced Coaching and training with him, when I realized the logic and depth of understanding, and ancient wisdom in these tapes of yours, I saw that it was in my best interest to postpone the other training while I immersed in your tapes, then return to Toby subsequently to do the training with him, which I will do in the spring ’07.

So I wanted to tell you that, my abilities are definitely opening up, and I have a couple questions to ask you, and I will keep them concise (as I can be rather long-winded 😉

1) Recently I have developed a fairly constant electrical buzzing type feeling in my forehead area, almost alike I’ve got low voltage electrodes on my forehead. Also my rt. ear is ringing like tinnitus, and occasionally my left ear does this vibration like I have a bull frog stuck in my ear LOL! So my intuition tells me that this is activation of latent DNA, and/or the embodiment of higher frequencies, in which my incarnate level body is adjusting to the higher frequencies, cellular restructuring etc…What do you think? Is this a common thing?

2) I’ve been receiving images in my mind’s eye now…ie. I notice that when I get down to that deep Theta level, just on the verge of sleep, and if I don’t get “sucked” into delta sleep, I notice that I might get an incredibly vivid image of something

To let you know other things that have been happening: amazing attractions, vastly increased visualization abilities, greater sense of intuition, reading people just by first sight, a few amazing healings on people and my dog, instances of amazing subjective mind to mind communication, on and on….I’ll soon write an email that you can post in your testimonials section of the site~!

Well I have so much more to tell you, and ask you, but I’ll refrain for now. I wanted to keep this short and concise (oh well, I told I was long-winded), so I guess this is short and concise for me~! LOL! 😉

Thanks so much for this wonderful work Gerald, this is THE stuff, and I’m proud to tell you that besides myself, I’ve increased the “Army of Light” by 3 people who have bought your program now as well….

In Eternal Abiding Reverent Love, Gratitude, and Mirth,

Joel “the Violet Flame” Carter

Joel C sent us this feedback


  • Experiencing an opening of his third eye and DNA changes, as his DNA is vibrating Higher and opening to higher frequency strands.
  • Experiencing Higher learning on different planes at night using our courses on a earphone track looping mechanism while sleeping.

Greetings Gerald~!

I am wanting to know if you could answer a couple things, and so you know I’ve been practicing the courses since 2007 or so:

1) when I first started the course I developed a major vibrating buzzing feeling over my forehead and crown, I figured it would chill out over time, but its been quite the opposite, the intensity is steadily increasing, steadily building. What is the cause of this? What is happening physiologically? It comes with lots of muscle twitching, and ear canal vibrations. I talk to others, and I don’t understand why my friends that also are doing the course do not experience this. Also sometimes while in session and going down , I sometimes get this full body tick or jerk, then feel like I’m falling backward, then it will chill out, and I can do my inside work….just want to know what all this really is, hard to find answers on this. I don’t detect anything dangerous, but would love to know what’s happening with that.

2) for approx a year, I have used sleep technology with the RI book, meaning I sleep with headphones and loop the book during full sleep period…..after about 2-3 months, I started having intensely vivid dreams, in various settings, with You sitting in front of me and we are reciting the book like a mantra, we’ve been in caves, church like settings, crystal looking buildings, etc etc.. I would really like to know if others are having these nocturnal meetings  like this, I’ve never experienced such a thing…one time, we where in a cave, sitting on the floor and reciting the book, every once in while you’ll start to explain certain points in more depth, its almost as clear as if I’m listening to you in one of your interviews (and yes I know I’m listening to you in the h’phones, but in the dream state its not going with the book at all, I can wake up and the cd is one place be we where reciting another place, or you where lecturing one of the points, and the funny thing is that every time, you are wearing the strangest looking eyeglasses……) ok, the first q, is more important, but I’m really curious if this phenomenon has been reported to you before, as in, is there a higher school that has been entered, or what is happening, I’ve used sleep learning before many times , but have never experienced anything even close to these meetings, and Yes I am fully aware, that the you I’m seeing is a part of me , all the One, but whew! this has gone really deep, and boy is the book imprinted now….incredible fun this is some Mind Safari!



Diana Gee sent  us this enlightening testimonial


  •  Having very profound experiences with our Combination RV/RI training
  • Starting to have lucid dreams
  • Experiencing after taking our courses the only real DNA awakening possible: the one triggered by very High levels of the Supreme Intelligence bathing every single spiral DNA chromosome in its Live Light Presence

Hello Gerald,

I am enjoying the two courses immensely.  I have meditated for years and have not had as many profound experiences as I already have – and I haven’t even finished the courses.  First, thank you for exposing the truth to us and for your courses.  It’s hard to put it into words, but I feel like I’m inhaling the information and my body and mind have been starved for this information!  I’ve already started having lucid dreaming, had one precognitive event and one event I feel I must describe to you.   I was in deep theta, RV CD # 3 I think, and your instructions were to send your love to the universal mind and wait to see what kind of an answer you got back.  My experience was of a spiral energy made solid by all the colors of the rainbow that went through my body.  It’s like my body was being explored – each muscle group twitched and went into spasm, but it certainly didn’t hurt – quite the opposite – then after each muscle group had been activated this way, my whole body was positively vibrating with rainbow colored energy.  That lasted a while and then I had popping sensations all through my body like bubbles bursting and the spiral of energy gradually went away.  What was this?  – a cosmic handshake?  It definitely felt like a visitation of some kind.  Your input would be greatly appreciated – thanks.  I look forward to more enlightening experiences as I go through your courses!

Diana Gee

Mary Armshaw a recent trainee form Ireland sent us this nice testimonial 


  •  Great satisfaction with our training. Feeling great joy, increased intuition,  and inner vibrations as her DNA is upgrading.

Dear Mr. Gerald O’Donnell,
Greetings from Ireland.

I have been working steadily with the combined course since May, and it is all I had hoped for and more!

Thank you so very much. I am working quite slowly with it, by choice, and look forward to my evening meditation with joy. Having completed it now, the predominant effect has been a quiet happiness bubbling up and an increasing desire to serve. Some strange dreaming and waking up with strong vibrations coursing through me have also occurred as well as an increase in intuition.

I am a regular visitor to your website, have read most of your articles and have listened to your interviews.

The views you express are profound and I cant pretend to have a clear understanding of them as yet…but the love of humanity comes through very strongly. I feel it also through your recordings…so rare in these troubling times.
I found your website by pure chance, and I really think I was led to it.

Thank you again, Mr. O’Donnell.

With respect,
Mary Armshaw

Nathan Farmer a UK trainee sends us this feedback: Subject:

  • The beginnings of DNA reprogramming while listening to the RI course.

I have posted this on Grillflame.

Once I have finished the course I will spend time and write a complete one for you .

I did for the First time this morning Tape 5 A & B of the RI course:

Side A
I find Side A very powerful for me.  I find the Yawning Technique very  interesting , after I do it I get a feeling of a change of Awareness unlike  any mediation state I have had. I also can only make the Buzzing noise for  about 20 second and time. Can other do it for longer ? Its taken me a while to  get to RI using strong emotions I think I have got it now .. I use the feeling
I then got to Tape 3 B were you doing the smiling Technique.

Side B

I had a major experience of feeling  being the vibratory light of consciousness  and of being in a place which had no size nor dimension to it. I could actually feel that it was a Void of light:  it felt very ME , but I cannot remember lots of it, a bit like when you dream. Five hours have gone by, and I am only getting bits back now.
It was very Timeless.  I only did 1/2 of side B before my Mind/Sub-conscious took me out of it, I thought the tape must have stopped.

I also had a pain-like feeling that some of you have had with you body as it is being reprogrammed. At one point, my arm started  to move on its own, tracing geometrical figures,  when I was on Side B. But it then stopped due to my armrest.
I am very excited about doing the whole of tape 5 again!

Nathan Farmer

 Peter sent us this feedback

Hi Everybody !

Since I have awakened, the one favorite voice I love to hear is Gerald. As in his interviews the wisdom real comes through . Since he is the only one channeling the One, his silence over the past few months has me yearning for updates. His interview with Nick I use as a base reference for all my research as I learn to understand the lattices of reality and the players behind the scenes as they play the roles of the duality lessons. I am working on my significance energy’s as I climb up and down the ladder of my own consciousness but still have a block not letting me out of my body and only glimpses of astral projection.

My intuition is clear as a bell, and lots of synchronistic events are happening for me. There has been talk of DNA activation which I believe is happening to many right now, including me, thanks to ARVARI.

So If it is possible to get another interview with Nick posted I sure you have plenty of juicy new stuff to talk about .

Thank you sincerely, my prayers are with you all !

Love  Peter

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