Our Training Reported as Best Ever-Heartfelt Gratitude from our Student Family

Heartfelt Gratitude at the Quality of the Training and the Personal Support Provided by Gerald O’Donnell

Patrick Andrews of London UK, wrote to us, this uplifting feedback.


·         Opening the door to the light and closing his back to the fear/darkness realm.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell:

Words are inadequate to express my deep gratitude for the work of art you’ve performed in producing “The Complete Remote Viewing Course.”

I suppose it could be summed in one word “WOW.” As a young boy growing up in Ireland back in the 50’s I always knew intuitively about the inner worlds of time and space. My religious teachers felt it their duty to punish me in every conceivable way to rid me of this heresy that was contrary to the authorized religious teaching.

But I knew, and I knew that one day my expression would find its way home, I had no idea its home would be called “Remote Viewing.”

Please let me know if you are planning to put on any workshop or courses in Florida as I would have no hesitation in attending.

If you ever decide to come to London I would be delighted to show the sights of our great city.

Thank you again for the great gift, you’ve not only given to me, but to generations yet to come.

Yours faithfully,

Patrick Andrews

87 Wendell Rd.


UK W12 9SB

Serge Laliberte M.D. wrote to us this testimonial

Dear Gerald, 

I have read Part One and just finished reading Part Two of the Era of One.  I am in awe!  It is so surreal that it is almost unbelievable.  Having done your RV and RI courses, and redoing it, I know this to be true.  I always felt that you were highly connected to the higher vibratory matrix simply by experiencing the brilliant and high vibratory techniques that are contained in your courses.   

I am very proud and honored to know you and I want to really congratulate you.  You have just given me a second wind.  My wife and I have been waiting and preparing for this New Era for the past 30 years and finally it is here. 

With Love,


Suzan Prowell sends us this heartfelt message

I want to thank you for your most recent message.  There are so few people I can share the type of awareness that has come from listening to your tapes on the RV and RI courses.  I have always had an awareness that God and humanity are sacred and very deep, but I did not always have continuous joy and happiness because I did not know how to remain connected to these aspects of myself.  I have been listening to your tapes over the past few months everyday and I am now truly sharing in Love with the One and feel a truer sense of connectedness to the One and my inner core.  When I listen to the tapes they bring me to a beautiful place, and your understandings and conveyance of them are such a total blessing to me, I can not thank you enough.  It is the central highlight of my life, to be doing these tapes.  I am so deeply happy and in understanding of the messages of the One you work to tell us.  I am so grateful that the One is now working to ensure that the beauty of life is going to be brought fully to the conscious awareness of all; and that if it is rejected then the darkness will now be handled so it can not interfere with this awareness.  I want to thank you again for bringing these courses into being, and being so dedicated to ensure these messages are sent out to us (through the years you have been working on this).  It is with much love and gratitude from the depth of my soul that I wish you infinite blessings of love, and joy to you and your family and all that is.  I am so happy I can share this deep feeling of joy, love and happiness with you as a being who can actually share it with us as well.  Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to convey the truth and messages of the One. 

Susan Prowell

Matt Saunders an Australian Student sent us this feedback about the RV/RI courses 


  • Deep Inner Cleansing and radical positive transformation as a result of taking our courses
  • Achieving as state of joyful inner peace

Hi Gerald,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the service that you
have presented to humanity through producing the RI and RV courses. I have
been studying the courses for about six months now and although my progress
has sometimes felt slow .. have to say what an amazing transformation they
have helped bring in me.  Joyful Calm is beginning to become my state of
being. I’ve had a lot of stuff to let go of which has sometimes felt like an
upward trudge but I can see the light now which is nice. I have also been
studying with Toby Alexander from DNA perfection .. in fact he pointed me
towards you in the first place .. and the combination of  your courses and
his coaching have been exceptionally powerful for me and my family.

I greatly look forward to the information you are soon to reveal.

Many happy thought to you

Matt Saunders

James Lester Steward sent us this testimonial 


  • The New Combination RV/RI course, enhanced edition version II


Recently I purchased the CD versions of the RV and RI Training Systems from you. I would like to let you know the items have arrived safely and in good condition.

I am very impressed by the quality of the new product and the presentation of the packs themselves. I purchased the product in the old cassette tape format some time ago. The new format is of excellent quality and presentation.

Thanking you kindly and I look forward to further development through the program.

Kind regards,

James L Steward

Chantal Saucier  a Canadian trainee, sent us this testimonial 


  • The new CD version II of our combination Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing course

Hello Gerald,

I hope this e-mail is finding you well. 

It is hard to imagine anything better than the tapes, but you have indeed surpassed yourself.

Many thanks,
Chantal Saucier

Sakara Lucas a former student from the UK sent us this nice feedback on December 25, 2006

Dear Gerald,

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New year full of wonders, magic and true serenity.
Once again, I would like to reiterate my deepest gratitude for taking me
back to the place where I truly belong – to the place I have been looking
for all of my life, as you were,  through your tapes, the catalyst to this
amazing discovery.
Many blessings and very…very best wishes for 2007.
Love ….Light….and Peace….always.

Walter Zelensky ran former student well into mastery now,  sent us this nice testimonial on 


  •  How our courses impacted him since starting the journey 

I wish you all the Best. Be healthy and prosperous for many years.

Your mission and effort of helping countless brothers and sisters to see and feel their new destiny is on the new high.

With your help I became a different person in many ways. I am exploring venues I never thought of.
From the messages and conversation in the past you have seen my progression.

Almost ten years ago you offer me a journey which has no end. Long before Matrix.

“Neo: What truth?
Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.”

Remember, I was joking about people with straight jackets showing up at my door. My wife was a little skeptical. I was falling asleep almost every time I was listening to the tapes. All that was so long ago and it feels like yesterday. The protocols and techniques I learned from you were giving me an ability to see what I had never seen before and never would see and they allowed me to do what I never would been able to do. My wife and friends, who knows my abilities, take it as something natural, no questions asked, no doubts.

Recently I received the RV/RI set on CD’s. What a difference!!!
I am enjoying the much richer sound and convenience of the new format.

Thank you again.
Hope you will have joyful Holidays.


Nicole Clément-Blais a Canadian Combo trainee sent us this feedback about our newly released CD version of the Complete Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Training systems


  • Experiencing The Deep Theta Mind level

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and instructions.  Yes, I was able to download the PDF files.

I have just started the combined course. I have listened to the RV-CD #2 three times and I find it very easy to reach the Theta state – I recognize it by your description of it – I don’t feel my body, very few thoughts arise – mostly disconnected flashes – and a deep peace. Tomorrow morning I will do the RV-CD #3.  I feel fortunate for the opportunity of such an enterprise – it is much, much more than I had anticipated. Please accept my heartfelt gratefulness for this priceless gift.  I will keep in touch.

I join all those who benefit from your wisdom to also wish you the very best at all times.


Nicole Clément-Blais

Teri Perrin wrote to us


  • Feeling Inner Peace, joy, and profound love.
  • Inner energy and feeling that one is “coming home” again.

Dear Gerald: 

This is a wonderful gift you give to the world and I for one, and as one, love and thank you deeply. Listening to the tapes have tremendously changed my perception of my self, my world and those I share it with.

I purchased the RV & RI course a couple of weeks ago and began listening to the tapes on Sunday 10/28/06. As you know they are  most powerful and helpful in facilitating one to reach the level of truth of ONEness. Words cannot be found to express my most deepest love and gratitude for this gift you have made available to us. Through out my life I have all-ways sensed a place within my self of knowingness…This “feeling” of “KNOWING” yet like a dream one which cannot fully be remembered, and words cannot explain… YOU JUST KNOW. I KNOW and now I am beginning to remember. 
Last night as I listened to RI tape 4 (side A & B). I traveled home …This morning I feel as though I am floating, knowing I am in this world but not of it. These feelings are very intoxicating…very freeing. I find my self waiting in anticipation for the moment I can put the earphones on to take my self home once again, although today as I say the three words, “mental, level theta (delta)” a calming peacefulness fills my being. Feelings of joy and profound love fill my heart for all.
I want to hug everyone I meet…share this beauty with all. I feel like I will burst from joy! I know the day is near I will begin to manifest all the material things I desire, my body feels electrified…like a magnet) yet somehow even those things have now become less important when compared to the love and peacefulness I now feel in my heart. I thank you for this gift you bring the world and my self for having brought you in to my awareness.
I am on a excavation of self discovery and am grateful you are a part of my journey!

Mark Rossi from Australia wrote this nice comments 

P.S. Mark has a very interesting and enlightened site about the One in whom we all dwell and manifest.

Hi Gerald, 

You look at things with the eye in your heart, not with the eye in your head.  

You are a great human being and I thank you for your words of unity of All that there is. One.

Light & Love

Mark Rossi


William Kirkland, a student of our Combination Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing courses sent us this feedback


  • Dropping while in a conscious state all the way to Delta  brainwave states of 1Hz and even below.
  • Making use of highly sophisticated brain biofeedback equipment to aid in his quest for enlightenment.
  • Confirming our contention that lowering the frequency of our brainwaves (the brain is though filtering biocomputer) is correlated with expanded Consciousness, and that one can then traverse the “void” by letting go of the filtering process of the brain and merge with the One Mind.

Dear Gerald,

I cannot thank you enough for producing the Remote Influencing tapes.  They have been extremely effective in allowing me to reach the higher realms that you so often write and speak about.  I believe there is a direct correlation between low Hertz (Hz) brain waves and these realms, in an inverse manner.  The lower of the Hz, the higher the level of enlightenment.  An additional aid in my quest for lower brainwave states is a bioresonance machine.  I have a Wavemaker pro offered by a German company, Holimed.  It can be calibrated to Hz levels as low as 1.  From that point on, I can use your breathing and visualizing techniques to drop to far lower Hz levels.  It is my strong belief that Hz levels below .5, also known as Epsilon, are a largely unexplored territory but may be in fact what is reached once the void is traversed.  I would greatly appreciate feedback through this website from your readers.

Most sincerely,

Bill Kirkland

Anya sent us this nice testimonial 


  • Enjoying the courses very much

Dear Gerald

A friend of mine lent me your programs. In the past, I have had difficulty letting go with audio suggestion tapes, for a variety of reasons- whether it was the voice which I had a hard time listening to, the music becoming repetitive or the message that I felt were not quite fitting. Maybe these things have been my ego’s resistance to letting go.

Regardless, I wanted to thank you for your work. I look forward to going to sleep each night so that I can listen to another one of your sessions! On another note, my mother is in the process of letting go of her body and transition, and I am excited to bring to her tape 5b. I think it will help her experience the beauty of who she really is,  and not fear where she is going. 

And the voice…..I’m totally in love with it!!! 


Munjal Patel  sent us this feedback 


  • Experiencing the state of Becoming at the same time the One and the no thing, the IS and the ex-IS-stence, Source as pure Consciousness and pure Thought: Home.

Hi Gerald,
             My love to you and all the staff at the academy’s. You have  have no idea how much you have helped all the people with the courses! This is awesome! I am experiencing a state in which I am the infinitely increasing infinite space, but there is no cognition of me or anything else, and simultaneously I am nothing. I can’t explain it to you. Please can you explain to me what it is?

Answer sent to Munjal by Gerald O’Donnell:

You are experiencing your REAL Self.  The ONE Unified (quantum and more) Field of Consciousness. This is the Infinite Field of Consciousness which is your real origin, from which you emerged as a differentiated baby at birth and slowly detached from – only in perception – within the first months, only to reintegrate it in perception as you do now, or later, as we all do as living things, in the illusion of life/death.  In reality alike the dual particle/wave reality of quantum Physics, although you still perceive the world as matter (particles), it is still waves (One Field of all probable possibilities and self-reflective existences as consciousnesses). It all depends on your perspective.  You have just experienced the One Unified Field of One. It is your Real Source. You real Creator and you (created) at the same time. It contains ALL that IS, and is where you are still bathing as you experience the illusion of life and Create within it. It serves no purpose to describe it in books, it needs to be experienced for yourself, as you do, so It brings you back to the reality of who you really still are: One.  At that level of perception you can select from ALL the probable futures the one that you desire and make it your Future reality. You can Remote Influence ALL.

Now that you have experienced who you really are, were, and will forever be, realize that you have never left It, and with that realization know that all “things” big and small are within you – within this Eternal Field. Meditate on that realization and make it yours, and you will ripple that Oneness all over the Field and affect all of It, influence all of It, and wake up all of It to that same realization of Oneness.

Congratulations and thank you from the Us: the many within One Field,  who are still One – whether we know it, like it, and/or accept it or not – even though many forget it for a while.

Gerald O’Donnell

Daniel Dalrymple a recent Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing trainee writes to us  this enthusiastic feedback.


  • Awakening of the inner Higher Self after taking our courses.
  • Becoming a powerful co-creator of one’s own reality.

Dear Gerald:

Again, thank you for this course. It’s pure genius and I knew from the first time using the tapes that it was the real deal. I had so many great moments using them, in discovery and awakening and I do feel like a co-creator now. It’s just not just an idea, or a concept, but a truth to me that nothing can shake. I’m definitely going to go through them again and I’m going to recommend these to the people I know.

Many happy thoughts and blessings to you and yours.


Ron Parrish sends us this testimonial 

I am having such positive and amazing experiences from training with your course.

My son will soon be ordering his RV/RI set.

My friend Bart Smyth thanks me repeatedly for introducing him to your materials.

Please keep me on your e-mail list and aware of any/all new materials. 

Thank you for your loving service to all of us, to the One, as I assure you, it is so very much noticed and appreciated.

Keep up the great work Gerald!

High flying to you sir.


Ron Parrish

Jill Richbur sends us this feedback.


  • Helping one’s self and others though learning in the Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing combo how to manifest good things in their lives.

Thank you –
Your RI/RV program has truly blessed me, and more importantly, it is blessing the people in my life, for whom I find I am able to envision good things in meditation and see these things materialize in their lives.  I cannot thank you enough.  I am your fan and supporter for life.  May love and light flow into your dimension for all time.

Jill Richburg

Bruce Deveau   wrote to us.


  • Life-changing effects of the combination course after having only completed half of it.
  • Getting a positive attitude about life, one’s self, and all.

My wife ordered your courses for me a few months ago (at my request). The short time that I have been studying, I have already felt some fairly dramatic changes in myself. My attitude is better, about life, myself, and  everything. Thank YOU so much for these courses. I look forward to living life once again. I look forward everyday to practicing and listening to the tapes. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the tapes offer, if I feel this good after only getting to the half way point…

Edwin Perol  writes us this short feedback

Hi Gerald,

Greetings to you and the ARVARI community!

First of all, I would like to thank you for the messages you have been sharing and spreading to humanity. They are very powerful. It is definitely coming from the Universal One Mind. When I read them, it takes me so much time to understand and integrate. It is also true when you said that reading them several times will make them clearer to understand. I have been following your messages and listening to your tele-seminars.

Much love to you and happy thoughts always,

Edwin Perol

Matthew Kern , a recent RV/RI trainee, shared this testimonial with us 


  • Realization through the combo course of the infinite power we all had to manifest reality based on our beliefs.


Thanks to you I have realized that I am a very powerful being.  I have the extreme ability, powerfully so, to create what I believe to be the truth.  It is with your courses that I have recognized this fact.  As you know, the courses did not give me the power… they gave me the understanding that I possess this control over reality.

With my deepest appreciation


S. Goenwald, a South African student of the Academy writes to us this feedback .


  • Getting new and better results each time he repeats the course sets again

Good morning my friends at the Academy!

Its been almost five years of having your beautiful courses. I have a better routine at the moment, like only listening when I have a nice opportunity and extra time, instead of trying too often, no matter what else I have to do. well I recently made new progress again! How much I do love being exposed to them, and I still feel I haven’t worked through it all enough times!

Thanks for everything you guys do for the world!

S. Goenwald

Paul Shalvoy  writes:

Hi. I’m going through the Remote influencing course. Wow! The courses are great. I completed the first remote viewing one. I definitely feel the difference in myself. The RI one is even better. Thanks. Paul

Caron Prins   wrote to us . Subject:

  • Getting the missing link in power manifestation

Hello Gerald /Academy,

I’m really enjoying my meditation sessions everyday. I totally get the concepts you are teaching about freedom, and that we are Creators of our own worlds.
I have been looking for years for the missing link in understanding. I use to ask myself ” Is this IT? Is this all we’re meant to be?”
The whole FEAR and CONSUMPTION Collective Mind our North American society has created is sad and I’ve wanted to help for a long time. Now I believe I have the power to.
Thank you.
I have to say that a part of me believes that I shouldn’t look outside of myself for any answers, but just keep going along and the answers will come. A truly free person could do this. To always relay on others for the answer means you don’t trust yourself in being the ONE. Then again why do it alone?
Something for me to chew on. Isn’t that the place we are meant to get to?
I know the answer. haha
My your Sun shine bright forever.


Bill Walsh  writes to us. Subject:

  • Techniques of Ascension towards the One.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,     

Thank you  for the RV &RI courses. With gratitude and respect, I want to tell you that much of what you offer gives me a familiar sense of deep remembering, a recollection, so-to-speak. Several years ago I was graced with an experience of Oneness which has been continually deepening. From what I can tell, We are expressing the same foundational experience. You’re helping me reach some of my most intimate and important desires. On the phone I will go into detail, if it becomes important to you. These desires involve my becoming a fully potentialized divinely embodied human being. Your teaching is enabling me to approach this with a welcome clarity since  I feel mostly I am beginning to find the focusing tools needed and the skills necessary to reach my goals. I will keep you informed.

May love and light be with you to the fullest. 

Thank you, from the heart….  

Bill Walsh 

Janet Poland a British student writes to us about her enthusiasm and benefits from training with the RV/RI combination

Dear Gerald 

I want to thank you from the depth of my being for sharing your truly divine gift.

I know that ‘miraculous’ things are about to happen. Indeed, they already are happening.

You have enabled me to get where I have been trying to be for all of my life, but now without having to find my way through an obstacle course, blindfolded, which is how it used to feel.

Thanks to your course, I have a clarity of perception that enables me function better in both my spiritual and practical work.

I explained  to you at an early stage that I did, once, seem to connect with heaven, but I did not understand what was happening to me and it all went horribly wrong because I did not have the information and help provided in your tapes. Actually, I see now that nothing was ever really ‘wrong’, but rather, that I had a useful experience.

Presently, I am working on perfecting my own life as an individual, which I feel will not take long, then I would like to help to manifest a paradise on earth for all living things.

I know that we can do it! 

All the love in the world 


Skywalker  sends us this nice note 

I have both the RV and RI tapes.  They have given me a wonderful adventure, which is a surprise moment to moment.  How wonderful it would be if more could avail themselves of the adventures they could be having through the exposure to this information.

Thank you, again, Mr. O’Donnell and everyone who are working on behalf of the ones forgetting being the One.

I had dinner last night with a friend of 12 years. We have spoken on the phone, but haven’t been together for over a years.  I was expressing to her about my experience with the tapes.  She said she had noticed that my energy was softer, more loving.

How very nice of her to tell me.

Sometimes we are doing what we do, just because our higher soul is leading us.  We ourselves may not even notice that we have moved from one place on the hologram to another.  It was nice she reminded me that I was still moving.

Love and Respect to all

JoAnne Scalise  sent us this comment :

Dear Gerald: 

I am progressing on the RV/RI program per your guidance, and truly appreciate your work. I see unlimited potential for anyone committed to this study. Having studied and practiced advanced levels of the Light Body and other spiritual practice–wonderful experiences all–your offerings are quite pure and Light-filled, and resonate with a beauty that is quite ego-less. There is quite an expansion associated with this work, and I have noted that I am experiencing “tiredness”, and other symptoms of what is often called “integration”. I know this is shifting Now. I knew for some time I needed to be studying this process, and assessed other programs over the past two years, but yours came up very recently and it resonated for me. 

I am now up to tape 5 of the RI/RV combined course, and am grateful for the experience.

I appreciate your response and any assistance you can provide. 

In Joyful Light and Gratitude, 

JoAnne Scalise 

P.S. I noted that in the RV journey to the Himalayas and the Buddhist temple that the priests were aware of, and silently acknowledged my presence. I imagine they are quite used to visitors such as ourselves. O:)

I will keep you posted on further experience, and will ask your counsel when necessary. I AM Gratitude for your Service.

Sue Parker of Pickering, UK, send us this testimonial on May 21, 2001.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell:

I received you tapes recently. They are a gift that takes my breath away. And the tapes-well, words just fail me (and that’s pretty unusual!).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With best wishes,

Sue Parker

Humphrey M Mubiru,  a trainee from South Africa send us this grateful  note 


  •  Connecting to Source and forcefully manifesting one’s desires.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell, 





Patty Jeane wrote us this warm feedback. Subject:

  • Deep appreciation. Lifting the veil.

Dear Gerald:

I want to tell you that this study has saved me at a time in my life I needed some anchor to keep from sinking into the dark matrix…I am being pulled out…thank you for what you have done for the planet earth at this time. 

Many times in my life, for short periods, I have walked in what I called “two worlds”, the Shamans call it walking in two worlds…I have searched for truths in about every religion taking those things that resonated with my inner self and leaving the rest…every religion has some truth or it would not appeal to anyone. However I must admit that I often wonder what intelligence started them all?  And why?  Religion has been the historical cause of more killings, hate and atrocities than all other wars put together.   

I have tried to get back to that “feeling” of being centred and in peace for a long, long time…instead, I seemed to be going the opposite way with no control to stop it…for the last four years of my life…and my outward appearance showed it…there has been a turn around completely and what used to be so important to me doesn’t matter anymore… deep hurt inside my heart has just vanished and I awoke this morning to a new day and a new life and I have been doing this a few days now and its very peaceful and I feel I am centred and I believe you consider that being in Theta mind, not sure but that’s how I feel…”This present moment is as it should be and all I need is provided now…and I am at peace and happy in the ONE….”  

I’m beginning…only beginning to really see my thoughts or hear the background of them and beginning to change them…I have read books and books and taken courses and listened to countless tapes on metaphysics, journeying, changing one’s personality and the Light Body and all kinds of things…if its out there, I’ve read it or heard about it somewhere…I’ve written for metaphysical magazines in the past…I understood for a long time the principles behind manifestation and the quantum soup out there we call our universe…. 

But I have not been able to “make it work for me”….Since before I could even walk I’m sure, I’ve been fed Christian Science truths, that Spirit is All and matter is not real…there is no matter, there is only God…and our surroundings, our universe, our world is made up of our conscious and unconscious thought…and that’s all our lives are…our thoughts, our beliefs of what they are, make them to be as they are…and we can change those beliefs…and I’ve known that since a very little girl and came thru a lot of very serious physical and other situations based on the truth that sickness and accidents are not real and cannot touch me…I’ve demonstrated over some very serious illnesses in my lifetime…but it doesn’t always work for me…oh it has kept me alive so far… 

But you have given us a key that unlocks a deep, dark secret within and it’s impossible to even say it in words, I believe that’s why Paul said the gospel had to be by revelation, it couldn’t really be taught in words…Jeshua taught, in His day, as Gautama taught in His…in the language of the people that they could possibly catch glimpses of the Truth…as you are teaching in your day…in your words…that can be understood by the majority that want that understanding… 

Thank you…you have made a vast difference in my life…today…I walk in Peace, Joy and Love for Myself and the Universe…. 

Patti Jeane

Paul Crawford of Australia  sent this testimonial


  • Life-changing positive effects after training for two months with the RV/RI combo course.

Hi Gerald,

I’ve been training with your combination course for nearly 2 months now and have experienced so many wonderful things such as:

– Using my newfound energy/light to heal me, my girlfriend, and fix inanimate objects like light bulbs
– A consistently happy, content, stress-free existence
– Stronger emotions & improved senses
– More vivid memories and imagination
– A great empowerment that comes with knowing you have all the tools to create a wonderful joyful life

I would like to take this time to thank you, like all your other students :-), for making this information available to me so that I can realize my true potential and open up a wondrous world that I never knew I could connect to.

Thanks once again Gerald, you have inspired so many people, so selflessly, to greatness, including me.  You have given a gift of knowledge to me that I will never forget.

Kind Regards,

Scott Crawford

Irene Walters writes to us this thoughtful comment :
Hello Gerald,

This letter has been long overdue.  I’ve had it stewing in my brains for over a month as there is so much I want to tell you but cannot find the words for the process I am going through.  I am happy and centered, more than I have ever been in my life and have much to thank you for, especially in this Remote Influencing course you are designing, as it has kept me engaged and happily occupied experimenting with my own life….

Charles Beck wrote to us 

Dear Gerald,

I have listened to your interview with Nick last January for the third time in the last 24 hours, and I am stunned and surprised with joy and love!  I can tell Nick was overwhelmed during the interview just as I am when I listen to it.  

The most instructive thing you said to me through that interview was the fact that your RV course is about learning to talk with my “inner Jerusalem,” and your RI course is about learning to talk to my “upper Jerusalem.”  I hadn’t seen that before, and it is most helpful. 

I know the ONE is doing “a miracle” in my life.  You gave me so much freedom in telling me all I have to do is love myself, the “one across from me,” and the One, and I can forget about any other strivings.  That brings so much freedom and deliverance from bondage.  The One needs only love, not worship, and I haven’t seen that up to now.  Humility is my seeing that and then doing it!  

As Nick said over and over at the end of the interview, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and I also say “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Love to my brother Gerald,

Charlie (small eagle feather, who soon will be flying out of the cage)

Scottish G.  writes to us

I love all your interviews and have listened and listened to them religiously.  I am definitely one of your biggest fans and really appreciate all of the hard work and energy you put into your training courses.  I realize that they and you are Divinely Inspired.

Your courses have resonated with me from the beginning of my listening to them.  I listen to one of your lectures while working out every day and one of the RI sessions every night just before falling asleep.  I feel so good and have so much energy everyday and I attribute that to your RI and RV courses.  I do believe that there is a miraculous healing and an expansion of our conscience awareness beyond what has existed before. 

I don’t leave home without taking your courses with me, downloaded, on my I-Pad and I-Phone…….You and your courses have changed my life and the way I feel about life, living and the pursuit of Happiness.  I absolutely love thinking Happy thoughts.  It makes such a difference in the way the world around me meets and greets me.  My having an overall feeling of goodness and well being, I believe, makes people reflect those same feelings back to me….I am Happy and love life and all the little nuances that make up the life.  I look at flowers, birds, trees, insects and people differently now.  I look for the goodness that every person, place and thing has to offer.  Your courses are a gift from the One and I feel so blessed to have found them.  I am still in the beginning stages of transformation and learning about all the special techniques and effects your courses have to offer.  But I am on the way and I love that feeling and I love being a student of your RV & RI programs.

I have just been re-reading your website and I want to congratulate you on the changes you have made.  It is all very interesting reading and so very enlightening to the searching soul.   I am going to re-read the entire site again just to refresh what I have read in the past and expose myself to what is new on the site.  I always learn something new whenever I re-read your site.   I noticed you are mentioning a news letter, I didn’t know about a news letter?  

I have listened to your most recent interview with Nick Good, 01/11/2012 from Night to Daylight 3 times now…..and plan to listen again later today.   It is so good and interesting.   Every-time I listen I gain more insight into what you are saying…..I always feel good after listening to your interviews and I can feel my mind opening, little by little, and the curtain of disbelief rising as you expose what has happened in this creation.   Your explanation’s always seem to be familiar to me as if I have heard it before in some distant past, forgotten about it and then you bring it to the surface and I recognize the validity of what you are saying…..and when I hear it or read it several times it makes perfect sense to me……perfect sense as if I am saying to myself “of course that is the truth, What took you so long to understand?” I am so happy to have been gifted with the ability to accept your concepts or should I say the concepts of the One, and to have been gifted this journey to the Oneness….(I am experiencing huge feelings of over whelming emotions right now).

Thank you Gerald for being the guiding Light and teaching me to think Happy Thoughts.
Your student,


Marc Grecco sends us this testimonial 


Thanks for all the great work you have done and thanks for your fearlessness of presenting this to the world of Man.  I dream of One Day experiencing This as the world of God as that is what I am working towards. Again I enjoy and gain so much from your words and work.

In Oneness and Peace,

Marc Grecco

Lucia D. wrote to us 


I’m a school teacher. I spent the whole summer listening to your CDs with my kids.

Our lives have changed so much. It’s amazing. I hope that you have a wonderful Holiday and you are surrounded by love

Thank you for all your messages.

They are so nice to receive

Somehow I always sense when you will write.

You are the best!!!

I always turn to your CDs.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed.

You can’t imagine what a comfort

They are to me.

It’s a beautiful thing you’ve done for humanity.

Love and light


JoEllen writes to us this testimonial 


Dear Gerald O’Donnell,

I completed your CD training courses, Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, several months ago, and the amazing changes within my being are still with me–multiplying as I merge more and more into the One that is all. My fear of personal loss is shrinking, and I feel free to create with transforming thoughts liberated by your trainings. I’m sure you have touched many lives, and I know your work–a labor of love–will live within the One as the light within our hearts–and so it is.

Feel free to use my testimony any way you wish. My gratitude is great.

One with love,


Renate G.  wrote to us this feedback 

I  would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a tool touching Source Energy within me. I became a student of yours in Sept 2010, there are no words available to me at the moment to convey what I have become within and without. I have really searched all my life, even coming thru the system called church, I have always had a lot of questions, even though they were answered, it was not the right ones for me.  Till this day I don’t know how I came across your website. When I started reading whatever I was reading at that time resonated with my being and I know I needed to become a student of what you were saying. Certainly new life has sprung up from within me and it is an exciting journey now for me. Thank you, Gerald

Francois  a Canadian student wrote us this testimonial

I already got my RV & RI a year ago and that was the most important move of my life !!  Since this moment every day I am using my RI specially my CD 13  I can tell I am working day and night  to make my inner flame brighter and keep smiling in this time of change .. Gerald, so many powerful changes have come my way since I opened myself   I cannot explain how … One thing for sure is that if you are sincere in your request change happen very fast.  I experience it..    My health at all levels is so much better and my vision of our probable future is so optimistic. 

All of this Gerald is the great work you placed in my hand with the RV & RI.   No doubt for me ….  you are really connected to the ONE ..   each time I listen to a conference from you the vibration I get are harmony and peace  joy and truth.

You are like a big Brother for all humanity that follows the way of the One  for our wonderful probable future . 

I always get into  a deep state of happiness reading  messages from you    🙂 

Like you always say: Happy Thoughts Gerald!   

Francois   ( Calgary Canada )

Angel Goodson-A,  an Aussie student of the Academy,  wrote to us this enthusiastic account of her experiences after starting our courses. 

…. After quite some time I was struck quite clearly with a concept. Something that I have often thought about as my deepest wish for the world but now I felt it so very strongly. These words came pouring out into my journal:

My Wish for Humanity is that every individual will know themselves as GOD. Pure, Innocent, Unimaginably Beautiful – GOD. THIS WORK – THIS TRAINING WILL FACILITATE THAT KNOWING.

So…. you must seek it out, chase it down, do what you must to get the courses and do them, and come to life like the diamond of consciousness that you are – in truth. Wake up to the magnificence of who you truly are: L-O-V-E… and you will be home with GOD in a life that never ends.

If only there were words infinitely more powerful than Thank You. Gratitude is so deeply filling all of me. From me to you, THANK YOU.

Light and Love.

Angel Goodson-A

Phil Dulac  sent us these nice comments 

Hi Gerald!
I want to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you are doing.  Your RV/RI course has been the greatest factor involved in my recent awakening.  The best part is that I’m only 21 years old!!  Life is so amazing!!!  Keep up the great work!! 
Happy thoughts!
Phil Dulac

Larysa Yevtykhova sent us this testimonial 

It is not easy to express my thoughts by writing, even saying, it is just emotions and feelings. It is really amazing training program. I didn’t finish yet, I only start and so…everything is happen…I start to see, to hear, to invent, to sewing, to write poetry, to…,to…,and much more. I never sad too much, because these all what I asked long, long time ago…Now I have a real life!!!   

As we saying in Ukraine “I came to the Wonder Land and spirit gone to Paradise “(we don’t have to die to be there). Life is beautiful and wonderful.             

Thanks God I got your system; and for Gerald O’Donnell: “THANK YOU from the bottom of my HEART. 

 With my respect,

Larisa Chernysheva (Larysa Yevtykhova).             

Yes, I will for sure recommend this program for everybody…

John Susko, MBA, MCht, MNLP  sent us this nice comment 


Hello.  I purchased and received my combination RV & RI training materials recently and I must admit I am blown away.

The quality is good and the content is outstanding.  I am proceeding through the course as suggested by combining the materials. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting these materials on CD and offering them for us to learn. I feel as though my life is truly being transformed. 

Best Regards, 

John Susko, MBA, MCht, MNLP


Junior Coffi sent us this feedback

Dear ONE,

Please POST!

Also expect my full testimony soon.

People are waiting for the Messiah, but I think he is already here in a different flesh.

Please allow me this: YOU ARE THAT ONE, Period!

Thank you Sir.


Merrily Lenhart writes to us  this thankful note.

Hello Gerald O’Donnell,
I just recently purchased your Arvari Training program.  I have to say it is exactly what I needed.

During the past few years I have been accumulating bits and pieces of knowledge pertaining to the “sub-conscious mind”; and then reflecting upon how I have been unconsciously setting myself up quite like the actors in the movie “Sphere”.  

I want to thank my Higher Self for discovering you and this wonderful program; something other than my ego is apparently in charge because it just magically happened. But  most of all  I want to “THANK YOU” for putting this amazing,  comprehensive, easy to understand system together and then sharing it. 

 I am very grateful to you, !

Merrily Lenhart

Barbara Flach sent us this testimonial 

My dear friend! 
I received the RI/RV training courses a couple of weeks ago and have just finished going thru them once.  Can’t tell you how much I love them!!  Feels like this is the material I’ve been looking for for 20 years.  My daily prayer for the last couple of years is that I use my life in service to the Light to help heal our dear Earth and it seems as though this course is a direct response.
Thanks so much…..

Barbara Flach

Neil Shadel  sent us this feedback 

Dear Gerald,

I have been working with the RV/RI  digital CD course since the first of 2009.
I have found by placing the data on my iPod, (with absolutely no compression or modification), has made it much more accessible and enjoyable to use.
Thank you so much for this material, I feel so fortunate to have found it. You, and your work, are such a blessing to mankind! Thank you!

Tracy Kieffer writes to us


  • Counter-acting the deleterious fear-laden effect of much of the material posted on the net lately through the use of our program and the information posted on our site. Finding inner peace again.

Hello Mr. O’Donnell,
I just want to thank you so very much for all the work you put into this RV/RI program. I am very pleased with it all; I went through it once and now am going through it again. I have learned so much from your writings also. Thank you.

I knew months back that I needed to stop with all this negative info that was coming at me through the internet and I knew I had to counteract this first and foremost with Love.  It was absolutely driving me crazy with anger, fear, and a lot of negativity. Then I had a friend that sent me your site. I knew about Remote viewing but always thought this was something the governments did and not a good thing, but I looked into it more and was intrigued by your words. With what I have been reading from your writings and the CDs, well let’s just say I am at a very deep peace now, more than ever.

Thank you again and happy thoughts to you too my dear friend.
Tracy Kieffer

Lorraine Miller writes upon receiving our latest message “One upon Creation.”


We have emailed each other before. I just want to say that I am absolutely enthralled with your tapes (getting ready to buy the new CD’s) and all your writings. I went to bed with my laptop to read your message below before I drifted off, and woke up still in the spirit of your words which I have carried with me today. This is on the heels of your e-book on remote influencing that I downloaded last week, which I must say is one the most inspirational and intriguing reads I have had in a long time. Thank you for putting it out there for us to freely discover and absorb. I realize the need to daily reinforce the truth and live it, and to be able to quickly catch myself when I am getting caught up in the lie and recalibrate. Yours are some of the few writings that resonate with the best I know.  

I spent a good deal of my life as a professional marathon runner and learned through the many hours of long running the power of my thoughts, how to access deeper brainwave states while running, and to focus the mind. It was fabulous groundwork for what has come since: a sharpening of the discernment of truth and a yearning to go deeper into my experience of the divine Oneness.  

So this email is for no other reason than to say with the deepest appreciation, “Thank you!”  


Lorraine Moller

Jeanne Allen writes us 

 Hi Gerald,

Yes, I have listened to all the interviews and have done them all several times.  I get more out of them every time.  I purchased your RV and Ri courses about 3 weeks ago and working through it.  I believe this is the best investment I’ve made in my life.

I have been sharing your program with my daughter and she is thrilled.  Long story how we got here because we were on different paths that intersected.  Anyway, thank you so much for all your sharing and the difference your attempting to make.

Thanks again for sharing and I find you always create an uplifting in me anytime I listen to anything you have provided. 

Have a really great day


Veronica Caddick  sent us this testimonial 

 Hello, I feel compelled to tell you just how much I absolutely adore all the RV and RI CD’s….They are just so amazing and are such a wonderful part of my life. Thank you so much for giving them to the world, they’re just so so mind-blowing in the highest way imaginable!!! Thank you!!!

Much Love and Light,


R.L. Wanwaldick sent this this testimonial 

Dear Mr. O’Donnell 

I purchased your CD’s about a year ago and have enjoyed listing to them over and over again for the past year. Thank you for awakening me farther than I have ever gone before and thank you for providing such a spiritual tool for the human race so it may reach the critical mass of awakening that we all can’t wait for.

I am now working on requesting the assistance of the spiritual community to help me in my attempt to do further awaken the world to my new book called , A Reversal of Thought’, my first book is a spiritual journey of awakening that is based on the teachings of Don Juan and A Course in Miracles. I am now about 50% of the way through my 2nd book that is being dedicated to both YOU and John Lennon. This 2nd book could not be done without your inspiration. 

I do thank you so very much for your beautiful, enlightening, and wondrous gift to me and my spiritual life. 



Martha Escamilla  a new student from Colombia sent us this

I also want to thank you for the incredible material and for taking the time to do the REMOTE INFLUENCING AND THE REMOTE VIEWING trainings….. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THOSE SACRED PLACES….. What a trip! I enjoy them tremendously I am looking forward to master them.


Matt Saunders, an Australian trainee of our combination Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing courses, wrote to us this comment.


  • Our take on the missing link in the movie “secret” as explained on our home page, web site, and taught/experienced in our courses.

Hi there Gerald,  

I’m sure this finds you well :). Just to quickly re-introduce myself I sent you an email back in Jan. which you posted in the testimonials page on your website. I see you’ve been busy updating your home page. The new information is outstanding. I just finished reading it and thought it was great. It’s interesting that you refer to “the secret”. You may or may not be aware that the program was made by an Australian production company. A good friend of mine works for that company and is currently helping produce their follow up project. I just sent him a link to your homepage. I’m sure he’ll have a great deal of interest in the information you present there. 
The reason I’m contacting you is that I would love the opportunity to speak with you about the RI/RV courses and my experiences, and maybe get a few pointers with some aspects of the exercises and also ask you a few questions. I understand you are a busy man so whatever time you feel you may have available I can easily work around that.
I’m constantly amazed at the increasing powers of my mind achieved through the use of your courses and would enjoy chatting with you about such phenomena.


Matt Saunders      

Suzan Prowell sends us this heartfelt message 

I want to thank you for your most recent message.  There are so few people I can share the type of awareness that has come from listening to your tapes on the RV and RI courses.  I have always had an awareness that God and humanity are sacred and very deep, but I did not always have continuous joy and happiness because I did not know how to remain connected to these aspects of myself.  I have been listening to your tapes over the past few months everyday and I am now truly sharing in Love with the One and feel a truer sense of connectedness to the One and my inner core.  When I listen to the tapes they bring me to a beautiful place, and your understandings and conveyance of them are such a total blessing to me, I cannot thank you enough.  It is the central highlight of my life, to be doing these tapes.  I am so deeply happy and in understanding of the messages of the One you work to tell us.  I am so grateful that the One is now working to ensure that the beauty of life is going to be brought fully to the conscious awareness of all; and that if it is rejected then the darkness will now be handled so it cannot interfere with this awareness.  I want to thank you again for bringing these courses into being, and being so dedicated to ensure these messages are sent out to us (through the years you have been working on this).  It is with much love and gratitude from the depth of my soul that I wish you infinite blessings of love, and joy to you and your family and all that is.  I am so happy I can share this deep feeling of joy, love and happiness with you as a being who can actually share it with us as well.  Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to convey the truth and messages of the One. 

Susan Prowell


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