Connecting to the Universal One -Attuning to the Frequency of Total Peace of the Universal One. Being in Joy

Nothing speaks for Arvari’s life-changing power better than success stories from our students.

Here are ARVARI Success Stories 1997-2023

We have received thousands of rave reviews and have indexed some of them for you.

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Byron Lacy, a recent student send us this feedback about the training course.


  • Astral projection, communicating with the vegetable kingdom and self-improvement. 

…. The tapes have done what I had hoped they would do, which is to accelerate my self development.  I have been having a much different outlook on the world, especially where plants and animals are concerned.  I have been able to connect with plants by a sort of concentrated looking at them, with no thought in my mind, and there is a definite connection between the plants and my solar plexus.  Also my entire body seems to “slow down” to more I watch plants, and I have become aware of plants as living beings rather than objects. Also for some reason I can get dragonflies to land on my hands now. In fact I had this happen 22 times this last weekend.  I would hold my hand up a foot from my face, and with my mind, ask the dragonflies to land on my hand, and they would! In fact two landed on my hand at one time. I know they are small creatures but this filled me with a sense of joy.

I have had a much better image of myself, been much more  happy, and my ego seems more “healthy” than it had ever been before.

Also, people, especially strangers, are much more friendly to me, especially women. And I do

Feel free to publish this letter. I feel  your Course to be a great help and of immense value to ANYONE who would use it, and if I could help someone make up their minds and use the course in some small way, I would feel honored.

Thanks again for the guiding light.

Byron W. Lacy

You can also publish my e mail address and I would be glad to communicate with anyone about my experiences. 

Jean Taylor  send us this testimonial on June 8, 2001.


  • Achieving inner and outer peace.

I am sure that you probably get dozens of these type of  emails everyday, but I sincerely want to thank you for making this course available. I have achieved such peace with myself, and the world. But we still have a lot to do. Looking forward to your next course.


Jesse Bestgen wrote to us.


  • Breaking through the Matrix and the life changing aspects of reconnecting to the One.

Dear Gerald,

Thank-you so much for the service that you provide!

For many years I have felt nothing, just apathetic about everything. I was like a prisoner of war, unable to break through the matrix.

It would seem that I was content to buy into the world system, the mass consciousness. It was a real wake-up call. Not to mention how very depressing it was to realize that I was content with a physical reality now, and a spiritual reality in the after-life. Your course has helped me to reconnect with my creator, and to grow as a spiritual and eternal soul. I’ve only been using the tapes for a few months, but already my life has changed so much! I feel so much joy and happiness and inner contentment. I appreciate so much being part of the big picture! Thank you for the advice that you gave me on my follow-up call. I look forward to going through your second set of tapes as soon as they are available.

Thank You again, Mr. O’Donnell for all that you do!


Jesse W. Bestgen

Ann Hobson wrote to us this testimonial:


  • Regaining constant bliss and joy
  • Feeling united with all Life
  • Being pure consciousness in space and seeing herself as the One
  • Nature welcomes her

Just a note to let you know that I started the combined RV/RI course in October 2004 and the journey has been amazing and joyful.  I feel like a chesser cat sometimes when I walk around on my way to or from work or running errands, etc, with a wide grin on my face and my body spasmodic with pleasure of experiencing a heart that’s wide open!!  Watching/feeling people and animals and plants as part of the ONE, part of myself, is just….. I have no words for it except “bliss-full”  Ha-ha!
I’m nearing the completion of the course(s) and getting ready to start over on the 2nd run and see what adventures I experience!  A couples of experiences I’d like to share (out of many) is that around the second week of starting the course, I was listening to the CD while in bed and I “woke up” and I saw that I was no longer within the walls of my apartment, I was in the midst of a cobalt blue sky or universe full of stars and a face kind of “engraved” in the sky (it was my face and the face of the “One” all together!!!  I was not in the room!! Ha.  And another time when I did a session outside among the trees and foliage…. wow!  the response from the birds around me was amazing!  The crows, I’ve never seen so many crows surrounding me/the area.  And they seem to be welcoming me or congratulating me, they were so excited.  A hawk left a gift for me (a nest-building twig from a tree), etc.  WOW! is the word of the day!  My musical career seems to be taking off as well in ways that are mind-boggling as well.  I must say that I truly feel Joy 98% of the time and working on the other 2%.  My body feels like an electrical circuit too!  A real live wire!  More later.  Thank you Gerald!
Ann Hobson  a.k.a. Ayanna Hobson

Otis H. wrote to us 

My world is so much more beautiful having completed the lessons on
Remote Viewing and Influencing..   I have turned over all my CDs and
material to my son who just recently graduated from Ole Miss.

All I can say, it just happens… I make myself available, I do what I
can do, and it just happens…  I truly feel the presence of the
Universal Mind and being one with the Universal Mind…

Gerald, you are special to be chosen and want to initiate our
evolvement with the Universal One.  Thank you very much!

Otis H.

Munjal Patel, , a dear student from India, sent us this very nice and enlightening feedback



  • Opening the doors to The One
  • The door of pure Joy into ecstasy
  • The infinite powers of pure Love
  • How to do global healing of the planet’s consciousness
  • Manifesting and attracting all that is sought with the Infinite Force of Love.
  • Healing negativity
  • Easily Reading the thoughts and emotions of others
  • Easily and accurately Remote Viewing the stock markets
  • Raising the vibrations of others as we encounter them etc…

Dear Gerald,

My deep love and gratitude for bring up such courses. Words are not enough to express my Love and gratitude for you because you have opened the doors to Infinity for me. Your courses have helped me to realize my own Self, my own nature, which is infinite joy ever increasing and never ending ecstasy, and out of the Divine ecstasy arises  incredible Love oceans full of Infinite Love.

That is what we are all are and this is our mission to feel Infinite Love and ecstasy.

By mastering your courses we can easily achieve this feat. We just need the intention and the rest is taken care of.

I know from the bottom of my heart that you are channeling The One and Only One that IS God.  This is very serious because through the medium of Gerald The One has given us, humanity,  these RI and RV courses which are the key to liberation.

I simply love RV/RI and practice them religiously everyday. It is my routine now. It is like if I don’t meditate thrice daily then something is missing in my day; the day is not complete… When I have time I meditate with CDs, and when time is short I meditate without the CDs.

The amount of Joy that I feel is indescribable. This is what we are after, all of humanity. We want joy only. We run after money, women and all other worldly things because by getting them we feel joy. There is nothing wrong with it, but that type of joy is limited, and the joy we can get in meditation which is made effortless by your RV/RI courses is Infinite and ever increasing and never ending. That is it.

My Life has completely changed. Now I live for this Joy and Love and everything is taken care by The One. I spend my day healing Mother Earth and the whole human consciousness. I feel so much Love for Mother Earth. It is our common responsibility to heal Her. I am going to give everything I have to heal Her.

RV/RI has given me incredible powers but these are powers of Love and Joy. Love is the most powerful powerful force in the universe.

I will give you an examples of the practical uses of the RV/RI course:

1- Even though I did not RI my family members, their behavior and the overall vibratory atmosphere of my house has changed because of my meditation sessions. It has become very peaceful and joyful. When you come in my room you can literally feel the Divine Presence because I do all my RV/RI in my room.

2- All the things that I think about come true and manifest in my life. It happens in such a way that I have to marvel at the Infinite Intelligence of The One.

3- I have made it a habit to heal instantly all the negative thoughts that I feel. EG , one of my friends, is very negative but I give healing to him and in my presence he becomes very cheerful and completely different.

4-All my vehicles work like magic. I feel that they also have consciousness and I can love them. My motorbike, even though not used for a long time would start on second kick. It works on battery and for that battery to remain charged it has to be used regularly, but magic happens!

5- I can read others’ thoughts, feelings and emotions, even of animals and plants. It is just a knowing.

6- While merged deeply with the One, at the level of now, where everything happens simultaneously, parallel thoughts and realities, I was given the message of healing the Earth Mother and humanity in daily life, being as much filled with ecstasy as  possible because joy  literally heals the wounds and it has a very deep effect on the environment.

7- I can easily Remote View the stock market very very accurately. It is freaky. I just do it to sharpen the edges of my mental concentration.

8- I can easily raise the vibrations of another person by RI and it happens in REAL TIME. When the RI starts you can literally see the change in that person behavior and emotions.

I can go on and on. It is a very long story and I don’t want to blow my horn but this is possible for EVERYONE. all of us are the children of Infinity. We have the power to feel Infinite Joy, Love, and Light and now is the time to get it.

In the end I just want to say that Gerald is amazing and very very humble, helpful, and lovable human being who has dedicated his life for the work of The One. I consider myself extremely lucky to have met this amazing master.

All my love and blessing form the deepest core of my heart to my friend. He is an inspiration to me for dedicating my life for The One. Really it is our intention that matters. if you just intend and trust on The One, everything will be taken care of.

We are lucky to have Gerald. The One tells me that I and all of us have to learn a lot from Gerald.  Gerald, we request you for more courses and teachings, and to start the web based video training of the different technique of RV/RI that you were personally going to teach us. Please consider my request.

All my Love to you.


Faith Markus wrote us 

Dear Gerald,

I ordered your training system several months ago, and wanted to drop you a short note to express my thanks and deep gratitude for this beautiful body of work that you have created.

After many years of reading, studying, training, etc…..I can say from past experience, this course has made a profound impact on my life , and it is difficult to articulate, or rather, to find the proper “words” to express what a wonderful ride I have been on!!

I find myself very much “present”, feeling well, happy and peaceful. Many synchronicities have come into play. My perception of self has greatly shifted, as well as a very deep connection I feel toward nature. Life is once again “cool”!!!

I hope one day I would be able to thank you personally, so please accept this as a small token of appreciation for the time being.

I know you have an interview scheduled via Finer Minds very soon, and I look forward to listening.

My very best to you and yours,

Faith Marcus

Hans Peter R 
 , a German student of our combination Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses sent us this very exciting feedback



  • Winning the German Lotto using our RV and RI training
  •  Great manifestation powers
  • Many synchronicities showing up in his life
  • Experiencing the Golden Light
  • Healing of a painful back/spinal condition

My dear Mr. O’Donnell:

Greetings to you and the academy from Germany.

You have changed my life. I bought the combination RV/RI courses in February 2008. I went through your courses many times, repeating them over and over. Each time I did this, I became better at both RV and RI. I had previously done other mind improvement systems, attended many seminars  here in Germany and all over the world but nothing even came close to what your courses offer. The material is awesome! I have told many about your profound methodology. I am really hooked on the CDs. They have totally transformed me. Many beautiful events have happened in my life since receiving your training. Synchronicities happen all the time around me. I can feel when they do, as they have this almost “unreal quality” about them. I feel very happy and bathed in light energy.  People feel this and smile at me. They feel my happiness.  I feel and look maybe 10 years younger, have great stamina, my mind is sharper than when I was a youngster (I am 48 now) and I feel this inner peace and happiness.  I have healed myself of a chronic painful back injury I received while skiing in my 20s in the Austrian Alps which degenerated into discs problems and compression of the spinal cord. This and the subsequent arthritis had plagued my life for so long. It is all gone now thanks to your courses. I am pain free and returned to a full exercise schedule.

I had a profound experience while listening to RI CD7 which left me bathed in brilliant golden light. That is when the healing occurred and I have not been the same ever since. Thank you for making all this possible.

Now listen to this! (I have debated much whether you should publish this as I do not wish to become ‘famous” for privacy reasons or flooded with emails) : I won the Lotto here in Germany 2 weeks ago! I am receiving a very large sum soon! I always play here the lotto each week.

Every week twice a week, I buy a single ticket to the drawing. Since taking your courses I have used the following method. I use the RV skills I have learned to feel, sense and view the numbers in advance. Most importantly I used the manifesting skills developed in your remote influencing course to convince my subconscious that I would win. I often used the “diamond body” technique to do this and see my new self happy and successful.  I used many of your RI techniques to energize that event. They are incredibly powerful. I always feel gigantic energy in me while I am listening to the CDs and it stays with me with a little lesser intensity during the day. This inner light energy allows me to energize my thoughts is such a powerful manner. Many events that I Remote influenced last year did later happen. I guess this made me more confident about my skills. As you suggested in the course I did not attach any fixed time to my success but rather concentrated in convincing my subconscious that this had already happened. I was doing this in Delta and would reinforce it at times while doing lucid dreaming as you teach us. I have learned to feel vibrations of light and I used to focus that energy to my subconscious mind as I was listening to your training and visualizing what I wanted my life to be like.
Well nothing really happened for over a year. I kept RIing success at the lotto , but did not give it that much thought. I never gave up nor doubted.

One day 2 weeks ago I went to a Delta state and asked for guidance on the drawing. Suddenly 6 numbers appeared in my mind. They were like dancing numbers with flecks (specks?) of gold around them. I immediately wrote them down. The vision had this sense of being both unreal, almost plastic, as if I could almost touch these numbers in my mind. I felt very calm about it. Somehow I knew that this was special and that I had received this information from a level of High Mind.

I bought the ticket and imagine my face when I watched the drawing on TV.

You know Mr. O’Donnell, I know now that anything is possible, but more than the money it is the difference I can make in this planet by RI a better world  that makes me so happy!

I thank you from all of my heart for your wonderful courses.

Your indebted student for life.

Hans Peter R

Maggie Teske to us this very enlightening testimonials


  • While seeking totally different results from the courses, she unexpectedly  experienced directly in her room, the Loving Light Presence of the One.  She was transformed forever.

I usually don’t  e-mail people I don’t know but felt I really needed to this time.

Okay first it is confession time.  Unlike some of the other student’s comments I didn’t order lot of other program didn’t want to learn how to meditate better etc.  Looking back I now realize I ordered it out of fear!  Fear of the current economic conditions.  I was hoping in my generous moments to find work for the company I am employed at so we could all keep our jobs.  In my more selfish moments I wanted to win the lottery to take care of me and mine.  I certainly didn’t care about this strange internet guy talking about quantum physics, Universal Mind, and all that other strange stuff.

HOWEVER one night when listening to one of the cds I must have fallen asleep when suddenly IT happened, I was having a very strange very vivid dream when the room was suddenly full of beautiful vibrating light; I thought my heart was going to explode with joy and happiness at the overwhelming sense of love-peace-and joy I felt.  It only lasted a few seconds but needless to say in those few seconds my whole outlook on life changed.

I am now going back over the many articles you have written and also the cds only this time looking and listening for much much more.

Thanks seem like so little to say for opening my eyes to this new world, but it’s all I can come up with.  SO…

Thank You

Maggie Teske

Randy Kirkendoll wrote:

  • Life changing effects of our Combo course.

Dear Gerald,

Greetings my dear friend.  I have not ever met you but the power of your work and the genuine love that it conveys is beautiful to behold and a joy to experience.

Words cannot describe the indescribable that only experience can attest.  Thank you for being there when the One came calling to share this information and training with the rest of us.  As your training CD’s indicate and request, I am enjoying the ride immensely and it is going to change my life forever.

Having said all of that, I have been on the road to true inner peace for some time now.  I am and will be a greater teacher of it (that is why I am here).  I generally do not watch any violence on TV, less now that I understand the principles in your training.  I have had exposure to your work for a little over 5 weeks and just got the full course about a week ago.  I have reached the point where I am in a near continuous state of bliss and joy that this course has helped to improve immeasurably.

Again, thank you my new dear friend.  It is a great hope of mine that we will meet some day in person.

Blessings and Peace to you every day.


Randy Kirkendoll

Margarita Slavkova wrote to us.

Hi, Gerald,

I just want to share some thoughts.

I bought a lot of courses. But you are the first, who takes my hand and leads me towards the light. There is a lot of love and dedication in those records. I am really blessed to have found your teaching….

….On top of everything, I fell happy and blessed. Really. I talk to my little tree in the back yard and I am in heaven. My hibiscus blossomed again today and, it felt amazing – it felt red and gold and sunny (it is raining now).

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating so beautifully something which can’t be even touched by words.

Margarita Slavkova

Eric Young, a Canadian trainee and addiction counselor, sent us this testimonial.


  • Healing himself and others from back condition, rotator cuff injury, addiction problems etc..,
  • Finding inner peace and happiness and powerfully manifesting reality.

Dear Gerald.
Firstly, thanks for making the course available, it is worth 1000’s of dollars more… what price peace and balance?
I started in Nov 2008 by downloading the free session from the website.  I listened at work in my chair and my life instantly improved to an amazing degree.  I listened almost every day until the RV sessions arrived.  I listened to them over and over before moving on to the successive sessions.  I ordered the RI, which to me is really what I want as I am not too interested in seeing the future or having OOBE’s- I have had some experience with these sort of things but don’t really have a desire to replicate them at the moment.
The RI course is still being worked on, I keep going unconscious during the “beyond Delta” session, so I’m back at the previous Delta session work and I’m happy to stay there until I’m ready for the next step.
Many precognitive and supernatural things started happening immediately in November, despite me not asking for anything other than healing myself/others, and wanting to be aware of being connected to self at all times.  My back problem has all but disappeared, I am fixing my sister’s rotator cuff, my work with clients is improved (Addiction Counselor), but most importantly, my life has become one of sitting with a smile in my heart in peace and love, with a consistency previously unobtainable through many other methods over the years.
I wanted something that would put me into the deeper states of consciousness so that I could become aware of how they felt, and thereby apply them to my own meditations and life: this is what has resulted from using the RV/RI courses, instantly! So far I am happier and more Self-aware than I have ever been, despite very big changes in my life at this time!
I have a few friends who have listened to sessions with me and now are hooked on them. I encourage them and anyone to buy your product and watch their lives become wonderful, looking through our childhood eyes in amazement at everything that goes by.
I thank you a million times, I thank the One, and I thank my Self- I know we are all One entity now.

Erik Young, Canada “Live your own life, for you will die your own death”

Diederik Willemans  write us this feedback after having trained with our combination V/RI courses for only ONE week.


  • Feeling extreme joy and deep inner peace
  • Experiencing while staying awake the Delta state (old sleep state)

Hello Gerald,

First thank you very very much for the combined RV/RI course. It arrived on Monday April 30th, just before a short holiday May 1st-May4th so that I had plenty of time to start with it.

And indeed one of the experiences while being in deep meditation with your program after a few CD’s was extreme joy and deep peace. I am halfway through now and it is very exciting to embark to each next CD, I also repeated every session and some of them I did 3 times.

Yesterday I finished the RI 7 CD where you for the first time go into DELTA (feels different than THETA). In Theta there is always a kind of soft mild flickering before my eyes that comes up and later in DELTA disappears again.

Best regards,


Teri Perrin  wrote to us :


  • Feeling Inner Peace, joy, and profound love.
  • Inner energy and feeling that one is “coming home” again.

Dear Gerald:

This is a wonderful gift you give to the world and I for one, and as one, love and thank you deeply. Listening to the tapes have tremendously changed my perception of my self, my world and those I share it with.

I purchased the RV & RI course a couple of weeks ago and began listening to the tapes on Sunday 10/28/06. As you know they are  most powerful and helpful in facilitating one to reach the level of truth of ONEness. Words cannot be found to express my most deepest love and gratitude for this gift you have made available to us. Through out my life I have all-ways sensed a place within my self of knowingness…This “feeling” of “KNOWING” yet like a dream one which cannot fully be remembered, and words cannot explain… YOU JUST KNOW. I KNOW and now I am beginning to remember.
Last night as I listened to RI tape 4 (side A & B). I traveled home …This morning I feel as though I am floating, knowing I am in this world but not of it. These feelings are very intoxicating…very freeing. I find my self waiting in anticipation for the moment I can put the earphones on to take my self home once again, although today as I say the three words, “mental, level theta (delta)” a calming peacefulness fills my being. Feelings of joy and profound love fill my heart for all.
I want to hug everyone I meet…share this beauty with all. I feel like I will burst from joy! I know the day is near I will begin to manifest all the material things I desire, my body feels electrified…like a magnet) yet somehow even those things have now become less important when compared to the love and peacefulness I now feel in my heart. I thank you for this gift you bring the world and my self for having brought you in to my awareness.
I am on a excavation of self discovery and am grateful you are a part of my journey!

Mark Labbato, a Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing combo recent trainee sent us  this appreciative testimonial.


  • Feeling happier, balanced, at peace, and loving after taking our courses.
  • Experiencing an “out-of-body” experience
  • Increased intuition, synchronicities, and “deja vu” moments. Living in the “flow.”

Wanted to thank you for such an amazing, life transforming, life elevating system through RI/RV. My experiences continue presently. The main one being, my core personality shines through. I am much more happier, calmer, gentler and loving. Others have noticed the change in me and have made comments on such. I had an extraordinary “out of body experience”, just after one of the meditation sessions. My dreams are extremely vivid, I experience colors and details never seen before doing the course. As well as having some profound experiences in my dream state. In addition, my waking state has many synchronicities, which you have talked about. It’s like deja vu, where I feel like I experienced the moment, or dreamt of the very moment I’m experiencing in some other place or dream. How wonderful and grand all of these new experiences are, I am grateful and appreciative of these amazing courses. I recommend them to any who desires to expand their life experience.

Thank you.

Laurie Funston
wrote to us. this friendly testimonial:


  • Finding inner peace thought taking our combination Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing course.

Most of all I have been enjoying the tapes. I feel such peace as I listen to the tones, music and
messages. It all seems very clear and I feel I have a good understanding of what is being said. I would like to integrate it more into my being and energy body. I am just starting tape 5 of the RI.
Each tape is a new, fun experience. I started sharing them with my friend Jane and she can’t thank me and you enough for the peace that is coming into he mind and life.

Love, and light,

John Pennie wrote to us.


  • Finding Truth and Love within all.

My dear Gerald,

I don’t know what has been the response to the postings from the One, on your site and Grillflame. But please do recognize that I am and have been truly grateful for you showing me the door to my self, and the One. You say you are not a master. But the best teachers bring their students to the doorway of themselves and the subject. For a teacher cant show what they already understand in their mind, and expect a student to grasp it in the same way. A great teacher, as yourself, shows the path to the truth in a subject and the student. Gerald you are a blessing among us, and the One knows this. The Truth is not in a stained glass window, but in the mirror to the soul.

You through the One have brought on so many awakenings in my self that there isn’t any praise or thankfulness that I feel is enough. Your course has shown me so much more than remote viewing and remote influencing. I have Love back in my heart and mind, peace with myself in my soul. When I look at strangers I feel Love and adoring, not hate, spite, loathing and contempt. The One’s message thru yourself shines in all I have encountered from you. From your web site to your courses. I have searched for the Truth for a long time and no message has grabbed my heart as yours did. Sometimes the truth hits like tons of bricks, and I must say that I’m still uncovering my self brick by brick.

I send to you all of my Love and healing.

John Pennie.

Tracy Kieffer writes to us 


  • Counter-acting the deleterious fear-laden effect of much of the material posted on the net lately through the use of our program and the information posted on our site. Finding inner peace again.

Hello Mr. O’Donnell,
I just want to thank you so very much for all the work you put into this RV/RI program. I am very pleased with it all; I went through it once and now am going through it again. I have learned so much from your writings also. Thank you.

I knew months back that I needed to stop with all this negative info that was coming at me through the internet and I knew I had to counteract this first and foremost with Love.  It was absolutely driving me crazy with anger, fear, and a lot of negativity. Then I had a friend that sent me your site. I knew about Remote viewing but always thought this was something the governments did and not a good thing, but I looked into it more and was intrigued by your words. With what I have been reading from your writings and the CDs, well let’s just say I am at a very deep peace now, more than ever.

Thank you again and happy thoughts to you too my dear friend.
Tracy Kieffer

Patti Jean wrote us this warm feedback

Dear Gerald:

I want to tell you that this study has saved me at a time in my life I needed some anchor to keep from sinking into the dark matrix…I am being pulled out…thank you for what you have done for the planet earth at this time.

…. Thank you…you have made a vast difference in my life…today…I walk in Peace, Joy and Love for Myself and the Universe….

Patti Jeane


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