Connecting to the Universal One -The Cosmic Orgasm of Light: Pure Energy Sexual Union. Use it to Manifest/Create Reality

Nothing speaks for Arvari’s life-changing power better than success stories from our students.

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Terese sent us this testimonial 


  • Experiencing, as many of our students have, the Vibratory Light of One at the level of the permanent Union between the Divine Masculine and Feminine which gives one an orgasmic blissful experience often referred to in sacred writings as an explosion of Light and blissful en-lightenment.


I wanted to send some feedback and gratitude!

I have to say wow for the experiences, the RI CDs provide instant experiences that occur in meditation, quite spiritual in nature. You make it so easy. Bless you! 

I met what one might say is a twin soul, Theresa, a few years back while learning Reiki, chanting & meditating. You  know, we finish each others sentences, and communicate without speaking, have the same laugh and similar mannerisms including abilities that have evolved from meditating. She’s a spiritual medium that RV’s while communicating with loved ones that have passed, she doesn’t know it’s RV, but she does it just the same.

During those years I realized what you speak of in the “RI secrets revealed” Ebook and reading it was like being at home. Not many people around where I live get this. I used to read physics, quantum physics and metaphysics for the sheer fun of it. Had many meditation and release/discharge experiences on my own often wondering why the light would make one feel so bad until I read “Play of Consciousness” by Muktananda. That book was a Godsend as is your course. I could only learn so much from that book, important things about the blue light of consciousness, the blue pearl, the white light, the nada (my favorite aside from the light) God existing as you in you, etc…

Then I felt stuck, so close, yet so far. The light within teased me, the sound of silence, the nada bathed me in love and light, but still, there was something missing. Your RI course (only half through it) already has given me answers, like I always wondered what that wonderful sensation was just below my navel that I felt while meditating or right before falling asleep at night. I must say that I really love when that area is somehow infused with an explosion of orgasmic energy that takes my breath and awareness away! The neatest thing is I just recently asked All That Is how can I do what others have done with the Delta level of mind in meditation to help get me unstuck. I didn’t know that my favorite pastime was being aware in theta and delta states, I just experienced it without understanding it. The next thing I know your course is brought to my attention in some email, I was like a kid in a candy store!

March 28:  Hmmmm, probably shouldn’t go here, but it is so enlightening that I’ll put what I think I should and shouldn’t do on the side for a moment and forge ahead! During a meditation with one of your CDs after going to the center of my being which elicits that orgasmic energy which I must admit I quite enjoy, I succumbed to the visions and energy. How’s that? Ok, that was a few days ago. I actually completed both the RV & RI courses in a few days instead of the 28, but I just went with the flow and followed my inner guidance. Remember I’m the one that said I felt so close yet so far and Muktananda’s book “The Play of Consciousness” only allowed me to go so far (because well, I guess because I couldn’t quite grasp something), well that something just came to my awareness this morning in a flash!

I saw the story from the book when Muktananda was tempted by the orgasmic quality of energy which perplexed him since he made his sexual organ non sexual because he gave it up or something as part of becoming a swami. He discussed his surprise with the experience that he felt in his physical body along with the images that came to his mind during that specific meditation. This is the same experience in meditation that I experienced so it must be universal.

Thank you for making this available to people, thank you for your contributions to life!

Love and light


Ken Kimball sends us this very interesting feedback.  Subject:

  • Unleashing the extremely powerful Divine Cosmic Energy within the biology.

Holy Guacamole!

I just did tape 6b again. Some people were talking about body twitching.
Well if the bed in my meditation room was on a frame instead of just on the floor, I would have broken the bed. In fact I’m lucky I didn’t sprain my lower back and neck. I was like a fish out of the water, flopping, twisting, shaking. It originated from dian tien, my center of energy, two inches below my navel. It was like riding a mechanical bull or something. Yeeee Hawww.
 I may have to take up smoking after such an incredible body orgasm. My energy was jamming (still is), so fast and refined. My back is a little sore. I mean, holy you know what. It started with a twitch of my right foot. Then when instructed to bring on a high vibratory body orgasm, damn I was good (lol). I feel like singing….you guys are lucky you can’t hear my voice, not exactly angelic! All I can say is I plan on doing that again!

PS. After reading your new year post, I remembered to ask for help!  I must have conjured up a sex goddess or something!

Nathan Farmer from the U.K. a highly accomplished Remote Viewer and soul, sent us this warm feedback 


  • Experience the Full Body Of Light Orgasm when uniting with the One

Hi Gerald:

I have only done the first few tapes of the RI course but I thought I would  give you some feedback.

Tape 1 & 2 along with the booklet will unlock and open your mind to a refreshing and powerful way to view your life and reality. This in itself is a Golden key from the source of the ONE,  this helped free myself.. WOW!!!!!

Tape 3a  While listing to this tape the first time I got pressure in the left ear , like you do when you are flying in a plane . I feel so Alert after I do this tape and I stay very alert while doing this tape.

Tape 3 b  I really notice a difference after 2 days of using tape 3b, I never got on with a person and after doing tape 3b I met this person and it was like we were best friends !  I must of had some emotional blocks and this tape helped my release them. I have felt a lot lighter and more energetically powerful  after doing this  tape.
I get the feeling of what it is like being part of the Quantum soup of reality, the Void .  If you get a bit of paper and draw a dot  the dot is YOU around  the dot is the void. In reality the dot is just a reflection/hologram of you , you are really the Void ( the space around you ) this feeling is hard to put into words. but I now understand how it is possible to create and control your own reality.

Tape 4 a,b  Woooooooosh !!! What a Journey. This tape lets me reach Levels of Alpha/Theta/Delta  while I stay conscious which I always had problems with on the RV course.
There is a technique on 4a which gives me a feeling alike a Mega-Orgasm (it is worth getting the course just for this great sex aid!)  I bet the female orders must be rising!   It’s still early in my exploration of these two tapes but I am really feeing that for the first time I can and will take control and help heal and free others from this Matrix.

Hope this helps people strongly thinking of getting these tapes. I do highly advise getting both course as there are techniques in the RV course which  you need to master for the RI course.

Gerald O’Donnell is always available when he can to help people. He is a lovely kind and open man with a great sense of  humor, and I thank him for bringing  this information from the One to US . It shows that he is a true spiritual warrior for the people!
If you want to meet people, mainly from this Academy,  with like-minded views, then go to

Love & Cosmic hugs

Nathan Farmer

Member of The Academy of Remote Viewing

Ivan Skitolwsy  sent us , this important feedback on the CD that comes with the Remote Influencing tape.

  • As the CD allows for the gentle sound of ocean waves to brush your consciousness, little do you know what sophisticated mind technology (non- subliminal) is imbedded in it. We know that many of you have not yet realized how powerful this CD really is in allowing you to experience what, up to now, only very rare and advanced  Yogis could do which is to have your body asleep, hearing often yourself snoring,  but remaining totally aware as pure consciousness, allowing you therefore to undertake very powerful journeys to Higher Realms where Remote Viewing and Influencing, and other learning/revelations are the rule. We hope that this feedback will encourage you to listen to the delta track even in a looping mode while sleeping.

I just wanted to write to you and let you know how the CD of phase 2 in the Remote Influencing Course is deepening my work. When I first started listening to the CD, particularly track 2, Safari to Delta, I would phase out and go to sleep. Now, I can listen to the whole thing and remain alert. This is important because it has anchored my ability to go into that split state of mind awake/body asleep. At night, I listen with speakers on either side of my head until I wake up, 3 hours or so later. I then put the headphones on and listen to track 2, Safari to Delta in a looping mode in order to maintain those delta waves and solidify the body asleep portion of the brainwave state. Then as I lie back down, I begin to rev up the energy body by using an image of the gyroscopic device used in the movie “Contact” and it goes faster and faster, and gets brighter and brighter until I am pure light. The next thing that happens is what I can only describe as an extremely powerful whole body orgasm as the energy accelerates around my body. This is when the fun begins. The out of body state is easy when this happens, or remote viewing or influencing, or praying for yourself of others at a distance. I find myself going through a portal in my room which is a large picture of the eastern Sri Yantra. This seems to be where some of my inner work is done going back into my childhood. Just this morning, I went through and the other side seemed to be some sort of a black hole. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that, but the possibilities are endless. We are indeed pure light, pure love, pure consciousness capable of anything, and if enough people discover this, this planet will change. Thank you for the CD that has aided me in accessing these portions of myself. I have been working on this for many years. This is a very powerful tool if people will use it. 

Sue Parker sent us this moving testimonial. Subject: 

  • Experiencing merging with the ALL.  A very rare and unforgettable moment of Being the ONE. And the healing blessings that were then bestowed upon her.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,
I had an experience with the tapes that was so incredible I find it impossible to put down what it was – no words can capture it – I was rocked, consumed, ‘it’ was all passion.
How can I describe the indescribable?   It had no beginning, it had no end.  I was It.
Intoxicating rapture, a song, an undulating wave.
I thought I would die, explode, should it continue a moment longer, and yet, I would die to stay.
And my health – After years of illness I’m now in the recovery stages following major surgery and a heavy treatment program of Radio and Chemotherapy.  (A malignant tumor that had spread into the lymph glands)- My progress seems to have speeded up – I feel great! younger! and alive!

I feel humbled and privileged, and all I can send you is  my love and my thanks for producing these wonderful tapes.  But again, it’s more than that, and more than language can convey.

 Sue Parker  

Willie Macon sent us this new enthusiastic testimonial 


  • Greatly enhancing her marital life
  • Experiencing total Vibratory Light ecstasy while doing RI tape #7
  • Changing her biology by Remote Influencing her morphogenic fields through/mind power alone: Getting thinner, younger-looking, and shapelier.
  • Enhanced charisma with others who are attracted to her increased inner Light and Love.

I am a student of both courses since 8/04 

Oh My Stars Gerald! 

So much continues to happen! My marital relationship has improved 100 percent. My husband is thrilled with this new effect! We have been married 35 years, and it’s like we are newlyweds. More couples should know about this!  

This is my third time through RV/RI and probably even more times with RI with different tapes at different times. 

I had an amazing experience with tape 7 of the Remote Influencing course. The very first day back, on side 7A experiencing the “Gap” just breathing, I was so into myself, that I continued to 7B and by the time it got to the light pulsing around every second, going in and vibrating out. . . so was I!!! I was undone, and at the end my entire being just totally went into a wonderful spasmic explosion of Light and I was left totally spent! I have not been the same since! Every time I do the meditation, I have the same vibrating Light experience–intense–I am so connected-It is fabulous! You might need to send me a replacement tape–I am wearing this one out!!! 🙂  

Things are coming to me, I am manifesting in ways I never dreamed of!

I wanted to give an update on some events I wrote about in November 2004. I talked about how my Higher Self, appeared in my mental lab one day, and we became friends, and how she looked like me, but perfect. Well, I am astounded to report that now 6 months later, not only have we merged, but I now look more like she did then-perfect, in my eyes, at least. Back then I weighed about 15 lbs more than she did, and her breasts were the size I had always wanted mine to be, and she was thinner, light, and svelte.  

Well, I would be hard pressed to explain it, or even say exactly when and how it happened, BUT, I now look like she did then, shape and all, 15 lbs. less, and gracefully thin! I am healthier, and look younger, even more so than usual. It is hard to explain, but every word is true. I did not go on any crash diets or have surgery or anything like that. It was gradual, but that’s the image I held of how I wanted to look, and now I do! Just to make sure it was not an optical illusion, I tried on a satin pant suit, that I wore to the ballet, back in November, and it was very tight back then, but today it was perfect!!  I love these courses. Thank you for making them available.  

The physical changes are just the beginning, people seem to sense my inner light.  Especially little kids! Smile. The little kids, in restaurants and the ones in my neighborhood, it’s like they sense the Inner Self in me and want to be near It! Women and men too!!-Well, suffice it to say that they are noticing me, way more than before! I am not sure if this scores points with my husband, (smile), but it sure does with me!!!  

Well, that’s all for now, I just wanted to share this marvelous revelations, and say WOW!  

By the way Gerald, whatever price I have paid for these courses-was just right! Thank you for providing them! They are a bargain at any price. The life I have NOW–is truly priceless! I really mean this. I am sooooo happy, I am in love with me, the earth and everyone/everything in it, since I KNOW NOW that it is All me! In Love and in Joy! Life is Grand!!  

Willie M.

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