Connecting to the Universal One -Feeling of Loving Connectedness to Nature & Animals

Nothing speaks for Arvari’s life-changing power better than success stories from our students.

Here are ARVARI Success Stories 1997-2023

We have received thousands of rave reviews and have indexed some of them for you.

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John Morrisey sent us  the following testimony.


  • His “thought-communication” with life-forms of the animal kingdom:

Dear Gerald

Well, it appears I am very good at remote viewing animals. I have
helped two people with their pets. The first case is a friend of mine. Her cat disappeared one night and she asked me if I could help her find it. I used the remote viewing methodology of your course and I saw it injured walking very quickly home. I told her that it would come home. The cat showed up the next day (it had been missing for two days) with a broken jaw and an injured leg. The second case involves another friend’s horse. This horse was biting her. Once again I used the method explained in the tapes and felt great anger at everyone. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but I was able to help this person out. This horse was angry because of the way the stable people were mistreating it.


Byron Lacy , a recent student send us this feedback about the training course.


  • Astral projection, communicating with the vegetable kingdom and self-improvement. 

I am working on the third tape of the course and have been thrilled with the results I have obtained. Two days ago, while listening in to the tape ( I was very tired at the time and not really paying attention to what it was saying but rather letting my subconscious do all the work for me) I was very surprised to find my perception in my dining room, while my body was in the bedroom!!

The tapes have done what I had hoped they would do, which is to accelerate my self development.  I have been having a much different outlook on the world, especially where plants and animals are concerned.  I have been able to connect with plants by a sort of concentrated looking at them, with no thought in my mind, and there is a definite connection between the plants and my solar plexus.  Also my entire body seems to “slow down” to more I watch plants, and I have become aware of plants as living beings rather than objects. Also for some reason I can get dragonflies to land on my hands now. In fact I had this happen 22 times this last weekend.  I would hold my hand up a foot from my face, and with my mind, ask the dragonflies to land on my hand, and they would! In fact two landed on my hand at one time. I know they are small creatures but this filled me with a sense of joy.

I have had a much better image of myself, been much more  happy, and my ego seems more “healthy” than it had ever been before.

Also, people, especially strangers, are much more friendly to me, especially women. And I do not think it is because I have changed the way I am acting.

I am also having many more synchronicities in my life, and my intuition, which has been pretty good all along, is getting much better and much more consistent.

The only sad thing about this is that the people I am around seem to be “asleep” now. That’s the only way I can explain it, and they also seem to be totally at the mercy of their egos. ( I had stated earlier that my ego feels more healthy, more strong…it also feels like a separate entity of me.   I feel now more like I am a silent presence, using my ego to accomplish my tasks here on the material plain, rather than feeling like I AM my ego).   I find myself often wishing I could wake them up.

I thought Matrix was a fantastic movie and was glad you had the same opinion.

Feel free to publish this letter. I feel  your Course to be a great help and of immense value to ANYONE who would use it, and if I could help someone make up their minds and use the course in some small way, I would feel honored.

Thanks again for the guiding light.

Byron W. Lacy

You can also publish my e mail address and I would be glad to communicate with anyone about my experiences. 

Brian Murphy send us this testimonial on 


  • Getting out of the “Matrix.”

Hi Gerald:

Making great progress! I feel more relaxed and in self-control than ever before.  I feel connected to the All. My energy body is strengthening and I can feel the lightness.  I can connect with anyone I want with ease. I feel more protected energetically. And a sense of trusting has increased. Now that I’ve seen the Matrix I know that I can go beyond it, to true reality.

Thank you, peace and happiness.


Ken Kimball writes to us 


  • Experiencing the ultimate and real family of the One.

Hello Gerald,

I wanted to let you know about one of the really neat thing I got out of reading the “Out of the Matrix” material. For years I have been familiar with an American Indian phrase stating that “we are all related.”  I had my own ideas of what it meant. However, since I have been meditating on the “One”, I have a whole new perspective. We are all related indeed!! My family is much bigger that I could ever imagine it until now. I look at trees, rocks, birds and people walking down the street and realize the connection.  It’s heart warming.  The illusion of being alone is instantly washed away when I look upon a blade of grass.

Thanks again


Rebecca Voss sends us this testimonial .

…… I have two cats, and they have seemed more bonded with me and even more affectionate than before I started the tapes. They were both feral when they “adopted” me, and I have had to do a lot of work with them, and be very patient and loving to earn their trust. They have come around, but much more quickly with the tapes. They follow me around more, and seem to want to be near me more. That is such a precious feeling. Other animals normally gravitate to me, but now they do so more than ever, as well. This is very exciting for me, as I have always wanted to communicate with animals.

I am still on my first leg of my trip, and it may take a little time, but I’m getting there, and I wanted you to know that I feel that your tapes are very special. I have tried a lot of things out there, such as hypnosis tapes, etc., etc., and have never gotten the results that I have gotten with your tapes, and in such a short time – AND, I haven’t even done half of them, yet! It truly blows me away. I am truly impressed, and when I feel I am ready, I will be contacting you with more info/questions.

Thanks for providing this wonderful course at such an affordable price. It has enabled me to pursue my soul growth, whereas if it was more expensive, I might have had to put it off a little longer. I look forward to relaxing with your tapes, and listening to your soothing voice – it feels like a heaven that I can go to anytime I want.

Thanks again!


Ann Hobson wrote to us this testimonial:


  • Regaining constant bliss and joy
  • Feeling united with all Life
  • Being pure consciousness in space and seeing herself as the One
  • Nature welcomes her, sings, and confirms

Just a note to let you know that I started the combined RV/RI course in October 2004 and the journey has been amazing and joyful.  I feel like a chesser cat sometimes when I walk around on my way to or from work or running errands, etc, with a wide grin on my face and my body spasmodic with pleasure of experiencing a heart that’s wide open!!  Watching/feeling people and animals and plants as part of the ONE, part of myself, is just….. I have no words for it except “bliss-full”  Ha-ha! 
I’m nearing the completion of the course(s) and getting ready to start over on the 2nd run and see what adventures I experience!  A couples of experiences I’d like to share (out of many) is that around the second week of starting the course, I was listening to the CD while in bed and I “woke up” and I saw that I was no longer within the walls of my apartment, I was in the midst of a cobalt blue sky or universe full of stars and a face kind of “engraved” in the sky (it was my face and the face of the “One” all together!!!  I was not in the room!! Ha.  And another time when I did a session outside among the trees and foliage…. wow!  the response from the birds around me was amazing!  The crows, I’ve never seen so many crows surrounding me/the area.  And they seem to be welcoming me or congratulating me, they were so excited.  A hawk left a gift for me (a nest-building twig from a tree), etc.  WOW! is the word of the day!  My musical career seems to be taking off as well in ways that are mind-boggling as well.  I must say that I truly feel Joy 98% of the time and working on the other 2%.  My body feels like an electrical circuit too!  A real live wire!  More later.  Thank you Gerald!
Ann Hobson  a.k.a. Ayanna Hobson

Patti Jeane Spencer wrote this touching story/experience. Subject: A lesson in humility and connectedness.

  • Remote Viewing and becoming a small leaf and experiencing that we all are part of the One Consciousness


This is so fascinating! I had to write and tell you about this morning.  I believe I was doing the 6A RV tape and thinking I would not be too good at it as I just don’t seem to be able to do it, sometimes I feel like giving up on that part of the course as it seems all to be my imagination and I’m not sure of myself in any of the impressions.

 And so this morning as I started that tape early, I was thinking more on just finishing that tape so I would complete that part of it and get back to the other tapes I like better. I almost picked the tree outside but I’m not really familiar with it since I have moved into town, not like I was with my two old trees when I lived in the country. My little ivy plant kept coming back to me and seemed to be pulling me so I decided to use it instead of a tree this time. Also, I thought that the tree probably would be easier- perhaps more intelligent – since it was bigger and the little ivy plant didn’t have much experience at all. It is new, just now growing into a big plant and came from a store.

I was very impressed to pick it out of all the rest when I bought it, I always  try to get impressions about things, even little things like that. So I mentally saw the leaf and held to my forehead and then listened to your voice, thinking all the time “I can’t really do this”! What you said on the first tape about “I can remote view” kept coming to me inside my heart and I kept thinking, “No, I really can’t I don’t think I am really doing it at all”!  Then suddenly I was the leaf! I really was the little ivy leaf! It was so very real! I still am just thinking about it, so excited…I really did remote view and become the ivy leaf! It was a very small leaf, smaller than the rest, and at the very rim of the pot. All the leaves above it were so very huge in comparison. There’s no doubt at all in my mind that I experienced it. Then it really proved itself out as I later looked at the ivy plant.  I had never really looked at it well in detail…but when I suddenly became the little leaf -it was a very small leaf, much smaller than the rest- I saw myself  right underneath other big, huge leaves.  Like  being in a forest with tall-stemmed plants with huge leaves overhead, most of them pointing to the right, leaning toward the right over my head (as the small leaf). Just for an instant there was fear, as I’m sure the little leaf felt my presence. Then there was only feeling of protection sensing the leaves above…and I more than sensed them, I saw them, but not with my eyes…I saw them very clearly above my head, then I was me again…and I knew I had done it! I really did remote view, I really can do it! For an instant, I became the leaf. Thank you. As I looked at the ivy plant a while ago, all the bigger leaves are growing toward the right and sort of leaning that way, that’s the way the light is from where the plant is…and right at the rim of the pot  grows a very small little leaf, much smaller than the other big leaves… Though I have always been kind to animals and plants and taken care of them, I have a new feeling about plants an growing things and that little leaf, and all the little leaves around. I will be very, very careful to not hurt them in any way accidentally. I have always felt  people that wanted to just cut trees down to beautify their land or for convenience were not too spiritual! But I never had the feeling for little leaves and small things as I will henceforth…

It was a very teaching and learning experience I have just had…I will never forget the feeling of “being” the little leaf and the sudden fear of some great presence overshadowing it for an instant, then knowing that the presence  was really me and that there was nothing to fear. So now I know I can  remote view, I have finally succeeded and I feel very peaceful and as though I reached a new plateau in my existence here on earth. And I understand a bit now what Jakob Boehme experienced. Its very hard to explain it as it really was, but I’m sure you understand… I will never be the same again, not quite…

 Patti Jeane

Manda, a recent student from the Netherlands, wrote to us this warm testimonial:

Dear Gerald,
Just this morning I received  the remaining tapes of the RI course. Thank you so much.
I have been practicing with the RV tapes for 6 months now. And I must say, I have come really addicted to them. Tape 2A and B have been wonderful to me, going deeper and deeper, loosing myself it seems? Going on forever and when I finally come out, I notice I haven’t heard a word you said. I have been practicing with my plants in my house. I have several orchids, white and pink and purple. They give such beautiful flowers. I give them my love and talk to them. I have read your message from Nov.14 Gerald and it made me more aware of every living entity. Listening to tapes 1 and 2 of the RI course. I hear the truth of it and I love to listen to them again and again. Allowing the message to go deep within. Thank you so much Gerald, I share this information with others and it seems more and more are opening themselves to this. In love and gratitude,


Jerry G.  wrote to us this testimonial 

Dear Gerald:

I have been following you for some time, and I appreciate you.  Your remote influencing and remote viewing programs have helped me get ready for that which is coming.  I have found numerous ways to affect my life through real love.  Others respond very well to love in unexpected ways.  Enemies have become friends and friends have become friendlier.  And new friends are formed easier.

I have this summer even made new friends with wild animals that frequent a nearby park and two dogs who live nearby me that always before barked every time I walked by.  A mother duck this summer who was afraid of everyone else would swim across a large pond to be close and show me her ducklings. Even though it was prohibited to feed them and she definitely was not looking for food.  The dogs no longer bark at me as I walk by as I quietly exude my love to them and tell them what good dogs they are.   

My dreams are positive and I get real answers in my dreams that have been helpful and sometimes predictive.

Being a part of The One gives me confidence to be patient and able to wait as his plan unfolds.

Jerry G.

Celeste and Georg, recent Remote viewing/Influencing trainees from Germany sent us this nice feedback


  • Life changing aspects of our courses.
  • Better relationship.
  • Viewing past lives. Getting “inspired”to write a book.
  • Talking to Nature.
  • Feeling close to the One. Connecting to the Presence and I AM.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell, First of all – “thank you” for the wonderful courses! My partner and I went through the courses together and we are both impressed with our progress. We feel much closer to our God Presence than ever before We are happier, and our relationship has taken a magical turn for the better Natural intuition has increased and I usually “know” who’s calling us on the phone

Our reactions are quicker – I caught a fly in mid air yesterday without hurting it We live in the forest and are surrounded by beautiful old trees – so we had a wonderful time connecting to nature. We do feel that our awareness has much increased compared to before. We have also experienced greater clarity in our decisions – a “knowingness” has entered our lives which wasn’t there before.- oh, it’s all so amazing! I experienced very vivid dreams as I started the course – it was as if I was clearing up my past to be able to go forward from there and do the course. I experienced going back into one of my lives in Lemuria and this has inspired me to start writing a book about it. I just sat down and wrote the whole introduction without knowing what I was going to write about before I sat down! Once while listening to the tapes I saw the forest in which we live from a bird’s eye view – it was a great moment for me. I was surprised to see it in black and white and not green like it always is. I managed to connect up to the trees by feeling and seeing how their sap flows through them. I seem to have lost my fear of spiders and bugs – I can even let them sit or crawl on my hands!! The snails were eating up all my plants and I was throwing them off and they were hitting the ground pretty hard, when I had this feeling of compassion rise up and I gently picked up a snail asked its forgiveness and then I gave it a kiss and told it that I loved it – since then not one single snail has eaten another plant of mine !! Isn’t that amazing?

When I go to deep Theta and then to my mental lab.  – at first there was a White Presence which I recognized as the Presence I can connect to if I want to “know” things. And now when I go there, there is this wonderful, beautiful, love filled Golden Presence which I believe is my own I AM – I experience such great love and joy when we meet. I have developed a deeper trust in myself and the universe. We are both so grateful to have your tapes and look forward to our second round of learning and loving every little atom.

These are some of the magical moments we experienced while listening to your tapes.

Thank you once again,

Celeste Nirewicz


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