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Nothing speaks for Arvari’s life-changing power better than success stories from our students.

Here are ARVARI Success Stories 1997-2023

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  • Jim B sent us this testimonial


    • Finding peace within and letting go of old anger/fear.
    • Business relationships and money flow improving.
    • Lighter attitude to the events projected in this matrix


    I want to thank you for making this course available.
    I’ve been dealing with anger ( hot temperateness ) for as long as I can remember.
    Since buying your course a few months ago I feel much more relaxed and don’t take things so seriously.
    Business relationships have improved and money is flowing better.
    Problems are no longer what I thought they used to be, and I feel like I’m just getting started.
    I’m now looking forward to even more improvement and happier life.


    Burk Esterhuyse of South Africa, a new student,  sent us this feedback



    •  Our Combo course causing radical changes in his persona. Attaining inner  peace, loving feelings, happiness, lack of fear, and anger.

    Hi Gerald

    How are things your side?  Here everything is super.  I have been transforming from a fear based angry irritated person, not loving all people, to a calm, loving, happy, almost fearless person in two months now.   I am just in awe to find that your two programs can change me like this by going through them only once, well I spend 2-4 day on some of the Cd’s.

    Thank you


    Zen sent us this feedback 

    Just want you to know that my temper has changed dramatically!  I have had some nightmares but once I analyze them in beta, I’m able to realize how ridiculous they are and discredit them thereby diminishing their power.  I have always felt a force tugging at me and now its good to know that its merely the dark matrix confirming for me what everyone who has ever met me has said about me regarding my enlightenment and my constant quest for the truth!.  It just makes me smile to know I must be on the right path… Also, i realize now that my now ex-boyfriend has been but a program setup by the matrix!  That alone has caused me to be more patient with him.  Thank you so much for these CDs the money I paid for them could never be enough so this appreciation from one sentient to another should do it.  Let us together help the ones that are still struggling, this means me included. Peace and blessings to you!

    Haldane K  sends us this testimonial about his becoming highly aware of the effect of is negative emotions upon mother earth and the inner shift that he is undergoing and which gifts him joy and peace.

    Hello, Gerald O’Donnell.  I wanted to write you an email mentioning how much your website, Probable Future, has helped me.  I first found your site by clicking on the link at the Unexplained Mysteries site, and was instantly fascinated by your work.  I downloaded your podcasts and listened to them.  I knew you were for real when the Gulf Oil Spill occurred, for I had heard you mention on one of the podcasts that (and I’m paraphrasing here, sorry if I mince your words) the next environmental disaster would be obviously and without a shadow of a doubt the fault of humankind.  A few weeks after I heard you say that, Deepwater Horizon exploded and fractured the crust of the Earth Mother.

    Then, this past Tuesday, I read the article on your site titled “Earth is Us”, and it resonated with me very deeply, particularly the portions about how our thoughts pollute the Earth Mother.  I’ve been struggling with emotional issues my whole life, many of which I’ve solved with the exception of a very damaging tendency that I have and engage in for an hour or more every day- Road Rage.  I’ve known for several years now that yelling at people and wishing they would get in accidents to “teach” them how to drive to my satisfaction was hindering my enlightenment and denying me access to my full spiritual self, but I simply could not find a way to get rid of the tendency to over-judge other drivers in an extreme and irrational way.

    I’ve been struggling with Road Rage for almost 15 years now, and no therapy or drug seemed to be able to get deep enough in my psyche to prevent it.  I would just get into a terrible low-vibration state when I saw someone so much as forget to use their turn signal, and would be unable to stop myself from at least honking my horn or, worse, pulling up next to them and yelling profanities.  Sometimes I would even be actively thinking about not getting angry, then someone would drive slow in front of me and any non-angry thoughts would fly out the proverbial window and I would fall into a Rage state.

    So, on Wednesday morning, still thinking about your article “Earth is Us”, I sat down for my morning meditation and tried a new technique that had occurred to me.  I’m not very practiced at meditation, but I’ve been working with a hypnotherapist recently who has shown me a few great techniques to reach a deep relaxation state that I know is at least the Alpha state if not the Theta state.  While in this state, I did something I had never done before, I called out the Earth Mother and apologized profusely for my Road Rage.  I told her that I was so, so sorry for spraying my negative thoughts all over her and at her children on the road.  I told her that I would never do it again.  I felt deep emotion during this meditation, a deep guilt and a deep desire to stop doing things that made me feel guilty.

    I had no idea the effect such a realization with the Earth would have.  Although it’s only been a day or two, I haven’t been getting angry at people on the road at all, which has never been the case for me, in all my years of driving.  What others do just doesn’t inspire me to be angry any more.  I still can’t help judging the other drivers, but now when someone draws my attention I send them positive thoughts, and wish them well on their way and in their lives, instead of wishing for their destruction.  I feel elated in general, as well.  I haven’t felt like this since I was a small child.

    So I want to thank you, very, very much, for choosing to be the channel through which the Earth let me know how much I was hurting her and that I could stop, I really needed to hear that.  Only time will tell, but your “Earth is Us” article could be the most important thing I have ever read.

    Thank you so much.

    Haldane K


    Hiro Ikizake, a Japanese trainee of our Academy, wrote to us on this message


    •  Increased Intuition
    • Appreciation for the material in the E-book “secrets of Remote Influencing”

    Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing thought and reality.

    Hello Mr. O’Donnell,

    Several things happened in the past 3 weeks, and I know for certain that my intuition has particularly been enhanced by listening to the Cds.
    My short temper is weakening to gain more profound calmness in daily life.  Since I am not a native speaker of English (I am a Japanese man),
    I thought, at first, that there would be less effect than other native speakers listening to the tapes.  I do not know the difference, but it probably does not matter.
    I have already read “Out of The Matrix” four times and will read it more.
    The book is really amazing and enlightening to me. It helped me get answers to the questions about life and the universe I have been asking to myself in my life.
    I appreciate your great works and your being “there” for us to help human beings know and experience the truth in this challenging time on the planet.
    Best regards,

    Hiro Ikizake

    John Pennie wrote to us


    • Finding Truth and Love within all.

    My dear Gerald,

    I don’t know what has been the response to the postings from the One, on your site and Grillflame. But please do recognize that I am and have been truly grateful for you showing me the door to my self, and the One. You say you are not a master. But the best teachers bring their students to the doorway of themselves and the subject. For a teacher cant show what they already understand in their mind, and expect a student to grasp it in the same way. A great teacher, as yourself, shows the path to the truth in a subject and the student. Gerald you are a blessing among us, and the One knows this. The Truth is not in a stained glass window, but in the mirror to the soul.

    You through the One have brought on so many awakenings in my self that there isn’t any praise or thankfulness that I feel is enough. Your course has shown me so much more than remote viewing and remote influencing. I have Love back in my heart and mind, peace with myself in my soul. When I look at strangers I feel Love and adoring, not hate, spite, loathing and contempt. The One’s message thru yourself shines in all I have encountered from you. From your web site to your courses. I have searched for the Truth for a long time and no message has grabbed my heart as yours did. Sometimes the truth hits like tons of bricks, and I must say that I’m still uncovering myself brick by brick.

    I send to you all of my Love and healing.

    John Pennie.


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