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Smail Maksen, a very successful trainee from Germany sends us this enthusiastic testimonial.


  • Memory improvement, PK energy manipulation and electrification of subtle body, lucid dreaming, IQ increase, and other phenomenon experienced after taking our RV course. 

Dear Gerald:

Your course is fantastic and I find it to be almost child play to use your tapes before dealing with some future problems.
Your Remote Viewing course works! I shared my experiences with some of my best friends and they could nor believe it! Now they are convinced!
I usually would not advertise anything, but for this I will definitely do some!
I find it outstanding how your tapes and your methodology is opening our “Mind” and creating a new universe! It is magic for me! But I see it, it is real!
I do not have to tell you about all the energy I wasted in past years with nonsense activities!

  • Here is a sample of what I have already experienced:
  • I have become aware of situations happening to other people. For instance I told a casual acquaintance that he had just lost his keys. He checked his pockets, and could not believe that I had been right. I helped him find them.
  • My IQ has definitely increased, as proven by my drastic improvement in  Mathematical problem solving ability.
  • I am much more aware of the universe surrounding me.
  • I seem to be able to hear conversations of people that are 200 ft away from me, the fall of a leaf, ants moving
  • All my senses are greatly enhanced.
  • My memory has greatly improved.
  • Going to sleep now is basically my decision. I hear, while asleep perfectly everything around me and am able to change and control my dreams i.e. have lucid dreams.
  • While listening to the tapes I have found that in order not to fall asleep (delta) it is best to sprinkle cold water on the face before, and do the exercises in the kneeling position.
  • When I deal with other people, I often get out of my person, and observe myself as an detached observer dealing with them.
  • I seem to have become much more able to sense the negativity in certain individuals and have become extremely apprehensive and almost instinctively repulsed by their presence.
  • I am now constantly able to sense that certain situations are about to happen and, if need be, I can therefore avoid them.
  • My martial art ability in Aiki-Jitsu had so much improved that I preview in my mind the opponent’s moves and move with dazzling speed against him/her in what seems to me to be a slow motion movie. To the wonder of my sensei and sparring partners.
  • I have become very connected to the energy of nature. I connect to it with great pleasure and wonders.
  • I am filled with some kind of electrical energy all the time. I have had numerous light bulbs, a TV and other electrical appliance explode as I approach them. Some friends have nicknamed me “electro man!”
  • I have learned to relax, organize my thoughts and not having any thoughts imposed to me.
  • I perceive now that the elusive mysterious “Ether” of our physicists is no other than the “Matrix”

Remote viewing is what humanity needs!
No more closed doors! No more frontiers! Just open the gates!
Dear Gerald you may publish this letter, if you want to. I cannot thank you enough.


Wendy Starr a combination RV/RI student sends us this testimonial


  • Physiological responses from just listening to the CD brainwave training

I have done the CD that came with the combined RV/RI course twice. The first time, in the latter half of the second track, my head began to involuntarily move around in a circle, or back and forth. I also experienced a numbing in most of my body (except my head) and my body temperature rose quickly, beginning with the feet (very unusual, as my feet are almost always cold). My facial muscles involuntarily contracted, too. Is all this normal?
The second time I ran the CD, I was not in bed, but going through a body work (stretching) routine. I have been a fitness instructor for 25 years and have NEVER been able to grasp my hands behind my back (when left arm is in the triceps stretch overhead and the right is reaching up from below)–believe me, I have tried A LOT. When the CD was running, I found that I didn’t have to try at all, I just had to release my mind about it. I just kept them there, inching toward one another, breathing with the sounds, letting go and concentrating, but not “trying.”  I somehow knew it would happen, but not because I willed it: I touched my fingers and couldn’t believe it.
Needless to say, I’m looking forward to actually starting the combined courses! Any feedback would be appreciated.
Wendy Starr

Bob Arans wrote to us his feedback. Subject:

  • Improving one’s Golf game

Dear Gerald,

I enjoyed visiting with you on the phone and here’s some feedback and some other information for you.

When I was about 12 years old I started playing golf and became pretty good but never quite got to the brilliant level.  Now I play once a year in a “bestball” event and we usually do quite well but my putting was never great.  This year I was looking forward to the tournament as a chance to try the putting example that you explained in the latest course.  The method that I used was to line up the putt in the normal way and then to get ready to stroke the putt but before I initiated the stroke I repeated the word Delta 3 times and consciously relaxed and then pictured in my mind as strongly as I could, the ball running up to the hole and then falling into the hole.  Then I imagined as hard as I could the happy emotion that I would feel when the ball fell into the hole. At that time I felt a feedback thought that “this could happen”.  I didn’t feel 100% sure that the putt would go in but just the strong feeling that it sure could happen.  Then from that very relaxed peaceful state I stroked the putt.  During the 18 holes about four 15 footers actually went into the hole along with a few shorter putts.  I know that this would not have happened normally and it was really fun.  Thank you Gerald.

To continue the golf scenario, I mentioned during our visit the book, “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and the movie by the same name.  The author of the book is Steven Pressfield.  They are both great.  There is one great paragraph on page 147 that I think you would like……”  “You could see Hagen’s (the golfers) aurora, his intention, search the chromatic spectrum-the Field.  His vibration stilled, harmonizing with that of the Field, centering in stillness in his chest and his hands.  Simultaneously the field beckoned to him; like two frequencies seeking each other in the ether.  He wanted to play the best possible shot.  And the best possible shot also wanted him to play it.  Wanted to be brought into physical existence by him.  It already existed in some other dimension, but somehow, if you’ll permit me to speak in terms so far outside the scientific, that was not enough for it.  It wanted to exist here, on the material plane.  And it needed Hagen to make that happen.  It needed a person. An embodied soul.  A human being.”

Actually the whole book is full of analogies like this and I really think that you would enjoy it. The movie also has a lot of great scenes and one of them is when the caddie/guru Baggar Vance shows the golfer (Junah) how to tune into a one-ness consciousness and become one with the field and how to remote influence the shot.  Because of the strong visualization that this scene provides, I think that it would probably be worth watching the movie for this alone. After writing this, I think I will go home and watch it again myself!

As for my experience as a whole, I am starting to notice a feeling that I am one with my environment or one with the scenery around me.  For example, sometimes when I am swimming I have the feeling that I am swimming through myself and sometimes when driving on a country road I feel that I am driving through myself.  This doesn’t come out as some big flashy experience but rather as kind of a calm knowingness or naturalness.  This doesn’t happen all of the time but I certainly enjoy it when it does.

Sincerely, Bob


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