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Nothing speaks for Arvari’s life-changing power better than success stories from our students.

Here are ARVARI Success Stories 1997-2023

We have received thousands of rave reviews and have indexed some of them for you.

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Kathleen Beaufait, M.Ed., L.Ac., a recent graduate, sent us this feedback


  • Using the RV/RI training to Theta and Delta states to overcome performance anxiety and help pass a state licensing exam

The work that you are doing is very significant. I know that because I have been reviewing and reviewing the remote influencing CDs for the last 10 months while preparing for an exam that had me stalled out from pursuing my goals.

Passing the exam was becoming a nemesis and my friend, JC, recommended that I check out your course in remote viewing and remote influencing last November/December, 2006. I actually started the course in January, 2007 while up in Utah on a book writing and recording assignment.  I noticed right away that I could take control of my inner giddiness (performance anxiety) especially during the recording and my mental focus was much improved by simply saying to myself “mind level alpha” (then theta, then delta…) and the
recording would occur without hitches.

Learning how to move my consciousness from beta to alpha then theta then “mind level delta” has been an incredible skill to acquire—rather to happily realize that it has been available to me all along.

Several times I took and re-took the state boardlicensing exam and each time missed passing it by minimal points; this last time on August 7, 2007,  I showed up on the test site early and was the second of about 500 to 1,000 people to go into the testing room.
I sat down and while waiting 45 minutes for the rest of the examinees to get settled I put my head down on the table and went into the routine “deeper down… all the way to mind level delta…” I was aware of people and conversations around me but not a part of it or affected by it…I was the most relaxed and confident I have ever been; I worked diligently throughout the test—finished in good time.  Today, the results came and I passed!! The congratulatory letter was like music and smiles!!!

Thank you so much for what you have produced.  I wishyou all the best in whatever direction your work is taking you!!!

With lots of happy thoughts, wonderful manifestations and much love,

Kathleen Beaufait, M.Ed., L.Ac.

Veronica Conway wrote to us this feedback


  • Connecting to the inner depth of the program through the reality of One. Strongly recommending our courses.
  • Healing abilities

Dear Gerald,

Thank you so very much for bringing this most important work to the planet.  I am eternally grateful that you have taken the time to share your gifts.  I have done a lot of programs, spiritual and otherwise, and this is the most profound, holistic and integrated program I have ever come across.

I have studied energy work, but this program gives you everything you need.  I literally fell in love with myself on RI tapes 4 and 5.  I feel I have released so much fear, and have so much certainty about the NOW.  I can also sense a bright and compelling future.  Without even really fully understanding the techniques, I believe I remote influenced the reduction of pain for my boyfriend who smashed his finger and was screaming in pain. Within a few minutes of my accessing the ONE his pain calmed down.

I am so glad that you did not just show us the “techniques” of RV and RI, but rather gave us an incredible context regarding our relationship to the ONE. I feel like I am finally coming home. I have only listened up to tape 5 RI, am awaiting the RV set, and will go back and do the entire program you have recommended.

Thank you so much…I will be sending people your way!

p.s. looking forward to the RV tapes, I know that when we spoke the other day you said that you will be coming out with a new CD set in 30 days….I will plan to upgrade at that time….just let me know the pricing….

Thank you……

Veronica Conway, CPPC

Alan Hemmen, Seattle sent us this feedback.  Subject:

  • Erasing lifelong phobias with the RV/RI combo.

Dear Gerald:

 I normally don’t write testimonial letters.  With what is happening to me after three weeks into RV, I feel not only compelled, but obligated to let you know what’s has happened.

Let me back up.  For 45 years I have had a severe case of traumatic phobia to snakes . . . compliments from the neighborhood bully who cut a pregnant mother the full length and put her, along with the million babies, down my back.  I couldn’t talk about it for years.  Even 45 years later, just verbalizing the word, snake, brought me Goosebumps, accelerated heartbeat, cold sweats and vivid nightmares.  It was 15 years before I could eat spaghetti.  Pictures, TV surprises, real life encounters would freeze me in my tracks.  I was a heart attack waiting to happen.

Prior to RV I was doing some pretty serious meditation work on this; making some moderate headway.  Then, three weeks into RV this major event happened that is absolutely hard to believe.  I could not make this up; never could I imagine this.

I had been working with tape 6a a couple of days while doing my negative belief cleansing exercises to prepare me for stage 2 of the RI program.  I was just laying down to begin, closed my eyes, and the most unreal thing began to occur.  A snake began to emerge from my stomach, coming up underneath my tongue (physically impossible if you think about it).  When it got to the back of my mouth I (mentally) stuck my hand in and pulled this 2 foot thing out me and mentally got up, walked to the foot of the bed, and laid it on the floor.  I remember thinking about killing it, but thought “no” I can’t do that to a living thing.  It wasn’t until later that I realized it wasn’t moving anyway.  Either way, it pretty much disappeared on its own .

You should know that I was completely relaxed during this entire event, and I am completely calm in the present . in telling (re-living) the story.  No cold sweats, chills, etc. . . nothing.  In fact, I am very much at peace with it . Like it’s no big deal.

Even just as amazing, this morning (two days later) I chose a snake for my animal emerging exercise; I even made a specific color/combo choice.  (I have already done a cat, dog, horse, and cow).  It was interesting when you told me to touch it . . . . No hesitation.  No problem.  When I had to put its head on mine, instead of freaking out, I thought how I probably looked like a turtle.  When you told me to hear as it hears, I chuckled out loud;  snakes don’t have ears.  When I fully emerged, I understood (better) how snakes feel about their position in life . . . what a low life they have.  I felt sorry for it.  I have no fear.  It’s totally gone.

I am totally calm; at peace with both of these events.  I am trying to understand their significance.  Could this be a dramatic form of symbolism whereby all of the evil self-limiting beliefs that I have been storing up in my subconscious mind – a lifetime of blockage-have finally been eradicated?  Am I now free from all of those things I have been putting in the balloon (tape 2a) for the past three weeks?  Am I finally cleansed, and now ready to go into RI, stage 2 with a totally receptive subconscious self?  I don’t know.  But, I do know that 95% of what goes into that balloon (everyday) is gone!  (“Worry” is the lone survivor).

You mention Fear as a major point of healing in the RI course  in dealing with the Dark Matrix.  Everyone has it to some degree.  Most common, I would guess, is fear of death (which is not a big issue for me because I truly believe that Light is a better life form).  My biggest fear is dead.  Gone!  Therefore, Fear  in its totality is gone.

I can’t explain it, but I am so thankful; so relieved.  The work you have done to make this information available has been a major part of how I now feel.  It is remarkable.  I patiently anticipate stage 2 of the RI course . . . when I (finally) learn how to manifest anything I desire (i.e. self-healing) without all of the “errors of omission” (found in other programs).  To finally have the guesswork explained so even I can understand.

I know my story is vividly gross to some especially if they have a snake phobia.  You can use this letter as you wish  or, not at all.  My guess is that, if this is an indication of things to come, other letters will follow.  For now, put me down as (yet) another . . . WOW!!

Peace & Light,

Alan Hemmen

Stephanie Yamout, former Silva Mind instructor; NLP, Quantum Entrainment and ThetaHealing  practitioner, took our courses and sent us this enthusiastic testimonial


  • After much experience as a Silva Mind instructor and practitioner of different advanced mind modalities, she finds that our combo  combine them all and goes far beyond them in its teachings.
  • Feeling the “inner Smile’ and Peaceful happiness in her daily life. Regaining the “inner child” within.
  • Purging and transmuting old lower vibrations of painful fear-laden memories
  • Experiencing, all of a sudden, while in Delta, the unfathomable super-bright Light of the “Inner Sun” of the One Creator Energy.

Dear Gerald

I am in the process of doing the RV/RI course. I take my time because I listen to every CD two or three times and then I practice on a daily basis what I have learned. You probably can imagine how much I enjoy your course, it is the BEST I have ever done so far – and I have done quite a bit. I am an “old” Silva Mind practitioner – even used to teach it, an NLP practitioner, Quantum Entrainment practitioner (QE) and a ThetaHealing practitioner (among quite a few other practices). You have put something together that combines all of these techniques and tops them off. Never have I been able to reach such heights of mind. I have been doing quite a bit of automatic writing, channeling, past life regressions with others and and and…. however, with your training I feel I have arrived home. Much has already happened since I started the course and I know a lot more will follow. I’ll give you details later.

I already have  a constant smile not only on my face but all over inside of me and there are always songs playing in the background of my mind, quite entertaining. I can laugh much more easily and mostly about myself. I found the little girl again that I used to be , full of laughter and mischief (positive). I am totally in love with myself and happy for no reasons at all. I wish everybody would one day take your course and arrive where I am.

Spending every day from one to two hours in expanded awareness and higher vibrations has me going through a purging process that at times is painful. When I ask myself, why the pain, I become aware that this is a necessary process because states of high vibration do not sustain lower vibrations of fear in all its facets. Once I am able to let go of the story that is seemingly attached to the emotion (energy in motion to be exact), I am at peace. My new understanding of “I AM THAT I AM” is so much more profound than before and actually brings me closer and closer to where I want to be: One with ONE, at peace within peace. Unconditional Love for what IS.

Well, today, as I was laying under my umbrella at the beach being in “mental state delta” all of a sudden, the light in my inner “eye” became as bright as a super bright sun/light.  First I thought that the umbrella was being pulled away but then as the light got so bright I got “scared” and opened (unfortunately) my eyes and the whole experience was over. At least, now I know what light I am IF I let it happen. This was quite something for me and I hope it will happen again so that I can bathe in this light and receive the information that is connected to it. I am still listening to any of your CDs and they reveal more and more…………….

Your exercises are of such value that there cannot  be put a price in dollars to them. I really wish that all of humanity (well, maybe half of them…. lol) would pick up your teachings and DO the exercises. For me it is not so much the manifesting or viewing part, but the self-realization of what I am in REALITY. I guess once I am totally aware of the power of my reason for being a human being, I’ll be a master manifester of Paradise, Garden of Eden.

Once more I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and the wonderful CDs of, in particular the remote influencing ones, your courses. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of either listening to you or doing the exercises on my own.

Thank you for everything you do for humanity. You have my highest respect.

Warm greetings,

Stefanie Yamout

Chantal Saucier a Canadian new trainee wrote to us this testimonial.


Overcoming old fears and anxiety and experiencing a deep inner cleansing, joy and harmony.

Hello Mr. O’Donnell:

My experience with the tapes has been a wonderful journey of healing especially, finding joy, peace and harmony.  There have been rough passages at the beginning only to discover true inner freedom, awareness and understanding.  I am TRULY GRATEFUL for recovering the ability to see how things are really – illusions, falsehoods, misconceptions, fears, anxiety, & naivety are vanishing.  I have come a long way in such a short period of time.

Thank very much for your work Mr. O’Donnell.

Vinod James wrote to us this testimonial.


  •  Energy self-defense
  •  Overcoming fear and experiencing happiness
  • Experiencing Darkness lifting off from within


I been going through a lot in my life right now. Thanks to your program I now know that there are people (beings) that belong to the Dark Matrix and will use their powers to control you by instilling an energy into your being. I have felt this in particular with one person, who convinces me do things that I normally would not think of doing. This can happen in person or over the phone.

Since using the program I have been able to slow the onslaught of this Dark Matrix energy transfer to me.

It took about a week or so but I was able to figure out this person was scanning me and looking for weaknesses to exploit in my decision making. For about 2 days I was utterly confused, filled with fear. I kept on using the tape sessions though. This has helped me feel who this person really is. I almost made a huge mistake based on this persons’ foreign thought to me both what was said and what was being transferred to me. Anyway, I was able to overcome my fears and that this person had control over my future. This program has helped me tremendously overcome these fears and actions that would have been harmful to myself and given put on the track of being happy.

I am keeping a notes on what is happening to me. Something happened after completing the first session of RI tape 5. I felt something lift off my body chest area and brush my face and forward – – almost like a dark cloak was leaving me.

Vinod James

Marie Ireland, a recent trainee, send us this warm testimonial.


  •  After having attended numerous courses and read many books dealing with erasing fear, she finally eradicated the grip of fear from her life thru training with our combination Remote Viewing/Remote influencing courses.
  • Connecting to the Oneness inside of each of us.

Dear Gerald:

About three months ago, I was reflecting on how fear ran my life.  Every workshop I had ever attended, every course, every book I had ever read, addressed the issue of fear in the context of having the courage to cope with fear. I thought, “Surely there is a higher possibility?  What would my life be like in the absence of fear?  What if I can eliminate fear from my life?”  It was shortly thereafter that I stumbled across your website and ordered your course.

The best gift that I have ever given myself was the Remote Viewing and Influencing course.  I have embarked on an exciting journey within and my life will never be the same again. What was showing up as ordinary and mediocre is transforming into the extraordinary.

I am learning more every day, going deeper and deeper within, and what an amazing journey!  I have not experienced any dramatic, out-of-body, other-worldly sensations.  However, I would like to share with with you some of my experiences.  Twice, while listening to the tapes, I felt the physical sensation of electrical impulses shooting through my body–it was energizing and beautiful.  I also bear no ill-will to anyone–past resentments are no longer there.  I am now living my vision of unconditional love, my vision of a world without borders, a world of peace, where there are no armies, no wars, where my young nephew is not in Iraq, fighting in a war that he does not understand.

I connect more easily with people now, connecting with the light inside of them and people open up so readily to me.  It is an empowering and humbling experience.  Now I finally believe that I can have the life of my dreams, the relationship of my dreams, the abundance and prosperity that I have not afforded myself, the joyous life that I have dreamed of, but never grasped.  I feel the excitement of a five year old girl on Christmas morning.

Thank you for who you are in this world.  May your light continue to shine on all of us, who in turn will have our light shine and one day the 100th monkey theory will no longer be a theory, but our world will have been transformed from darkness into light.

I look forward to meeting you one day, you and other students who have had the courage to go deep within themselves and find the light that was there all along.

With thanks and unconditional love,

Marie Ireland

Celeste and recent Remote viewing/Influencing trainees from Germany sent us this nice feedback


  •  Life changing aspects of our courses.
  •  Better relationship.
  • Viewing past lives. Getting “inspired”to write a book.
  •  Talking to Nature.
  • Feeling close to the One. Connecting to the Presence and I AM.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell, First of all – “thank you” for the wonderful courses! My partner and I went through the courses together and we are both impressed with our progress. We feel much closer to our God Presence than ever before We are happier, and our relationship has taken a magical turn for the better Natural intuition has increased and I usually “know” who’s calling us on the phone

Our reactions are quicker – I caught a fly in mid air yesterday without hurting it We live in the forest and are surrounded by beautiful old trees – so we had a wonderful time connecting to nature. We do feel that our awareness has much increased compared to before. We have also experienced greater clarity in our decisions – a “knowingness” has entered our lives which wasn’t there before.- oh, it’s all so amazing! I experienced very vivid dreams as I started the course – it was as if I was clearing up my past to be able to go forward from there and do the course. I experienced going back into one of my lives in Lemuria and this has inspired me to start writing a book about it. I just sat down and wrote the whole introduction without knowing what I was going to write about before I sat down! Once while listening to the tapes I saw the forest in which we live from a bird’s eye view – it was a great moment for me. I was surprised to see it in black and white and not green like it always is. I managed to connect up to the trees by feeling and seeing how their sap flows through them. I seem to have lost my fear of spiders and bugs – I can even let them sit or crawl on my hands!! The snails were eating up all my plants and I was throwing them off and they were hitting the ground pretty hard, when I had this feeling of compassion rise up and I gently picked up a snail asked its forgiveness and then I gave it a kiss and told it that I loved it – since then not one single snail has eaten another plant of mine !! Isn’t that amazing?

When I go to deep Theta and then to my mental lab.  – at first there was a White Presence which I recognized as the Presence I can connect to if I want to “know” things. And now when I go there, there is this wonderful, beautiful, love filled Golden Presence which I believe is my own I AM – I experience such great love and joy when we meet. I have developed a deeper trust in myself and the universe. We are both so grateful to have your tapes and look forward to our second round of learning and loving every little atom.

These are some of the magical moments we experienced while listening to your tapes.

Thank you once again,

Celeste Nirewicz

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