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Here are ARVARI Success Stories 1997-2023

We have received thousands of rave reviews and have indexed some of them for you.

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Walter Zelensky writes to us regarding the great effect our RV course had upon his studying abilities and his successful application of RV in his capacity of private investigator:

Good evening:

Mr. O’Donnell, I want to thank you for your training. I had two reasons for ordering your RV course. I needed a tool which would help me achieve higher academic levels in my studies. In addition to that, I hoped that the training in Remote Viewing would give me enhanced abilities to perform my duties as a private investigator. As you can see, I had very practical reasons for undergoing the training.

Your RV course played a major role in my studies. I passed my advanced engineering final exams with flying colors. I had very little time available in order to cover all the material required for study. Time was working against me. In the past, when faced with similar situations, I would be cramming my studies in the last few days before an exam and would keep my fingers crossed. This time, however, I was able to prepare for the final exams differently. I used the methods that I learned from you and a procedure that was sent to me while remote viewing.

It is hard to believe that only a few weeks ago I would think of an idea such as Remote viewing as something that might come out of the works of Herbert Wells or Kurt Vonnegut, and that now I am talking about it with my wife, taking notes, and that nobody is calling for people with straight jackets on hand.

By the way, Brian Tracy mentioned that various people have been able to tap into the Universal Mind by meditating in solitary conditions. One of the most famous ones was Gandhi.

I am contributing my success at school to the methods that you shared with me throughout the course. As a result, I graduated with a Graduate Point Average which I would have doubtfully achieved without the training. My powers of concentration were much higher than usual, I could memorize much better, and as a result my confidence level soared.

On several occasions I was able to remote view in advance my test scores and certain events in the classroom. One of the most amazing example of this was when I saw my score of 98 for a quiz which was scheduled for the next day. When the instructor returned the test results, my quiz was graded at 86 (98 upside down)!

Another good example of a practical application of Remote Viewing occurred during an incident, while being on an investigative assignment, when our team lost a subject under surveillance from our view. We were unable to observe the subject walking into a business establishment without exposing ourselves. The car that this subject had driven was in plain view, parked. After a while we realized that the subject had been inside for a unduly period of time, well beyond reasonable expectations. We grew impatient. There was the possibility that the subject could have evaded us and left a long time before in another vehicle. There were not many choices available. We could check on every establishment to make sure that the subject was still inside and risk exposing ourselves, or we could sit and wait.

I tried to visualize, using your remote viewing techniques, the building from its inside, but initially could not. It was only on my third attempt that I finally saw a expose of a portion of the building structure with the subject inside of it. After another long hour wait, the person came out from the portion of the building which I had visualized. I did not say anything to my partner, but was sure glad that I advised him to wait.

I am now able to go beyond the practical aspects of Remote Viewing. I am experimenting with Time and Space travel. I have tried the Remote viewing protocols that you suggested to me. They work as you said. I got it! Thanks.

This is just the beginnings of my journey. I am looking forward to having a great time and learn a lot in the process.
Best regards,


Robert James, a university student and recent trainee, send us this very refreshing testimonial.


  • Automatic increased mental clarity, creative intelligence, non-addictive personality, charisma and attractiveness, by learning to vibrate at higher levels of energy/light as taught in our course.       

Dear Gerald,

It has been 6 weeks since I began the Remote Viewing Course, although it seems like has been a hundred years.  The day I received those tapes was the day I began to really live my life.  As I approach the final days of university, I am only now beginning to realize the importance of using your inner mind and spirit to learn and create.  I can say that I now have the mental clarity of a child, and the knowledge of an adult.

Over the past six weeks I have quit smoking, cut-down on drinking, and have been much more successful in the love department.  As well, I have found that my intuition has greatly increased, as has my creative intelligence.  Gerald, these tapes are something else.  They have made me believe once again that we can achieve anything we put our mind to.

Yours truly,

Robert James

Smail Maksen, a very successful trainee from Germany sends us this enthusiastic testimonial.


  • Memory improvement, PK energy manipulation and electrification of subtle body, lucid dreaming, IQ increase, and other phenomenon experienced after taking our RV course. 

Dear Gerald:
Your course is fantastic and I find it to be almost child play to use your tapes before dealing with some future problems.
Your Remote Viewing course works! I shared my experiences with some of my best friends and they could nor believe it! Now they are convinced!
I usually would not advertise anything, but for this I will definitely do some!
I find it outstanding how your tapes and your methodology is opening our “Mind” and creating a new universe! It is magic for me! But I see it, it is real!
I do not have to tell you about all the energy I wasted in past years with nonsense activities!

Here is a sample of what I have already experienced:
— I have become aware of situations happening to other people. For instance I told a casual acquaintance that he had just lost his keys. He checked his pockets, and could not believe that I had been right. I helped him find them.
— My IQ has definitely increased, as proven by my drastic improvement in  Mathematical problem solving ability.
— I am much more aware of the universe surrounding me.
— I seem to be able to hear conversations of people that are 200 ft away from me, the fall of a leaf, ants moving ! All my senses are greatly enhanced.
— My memory has greatly improved.
— Going to sleep now is basically my decision. I hear, while asleep perfectly everything around me and am able to change and control my dreams i.e. have lucid dreams.
— While listening to the tapes I have found that in order not to fall asleep (delta) it is best to sprinkle cold water on the face before, and do the exercises in the kneeling position.
— When I deal with other people, I often get out of my person, and observe myself as an detached observer dealing with them.
— I seem to have become much more able to sense the negativity in certain individuals and have become extremely apprehensive and almost instinctively repulsed by their presence.
— I am now constantly able to sense that certain situations are about to happen and, if need be, I can therefore avoid them.
— My martial art ability in Aiki-Jitsu had so much improved that I preview in my mind the opponent’s moves and move with dazzling speed against him/her in what seems to me to be a slow motion movie. To the wonder of my sensei and sparring partners.
— I have become very connected to the energy of nature. I connect to it with great pleasure and wonders.
— I am filled with some kind of electrical energy all the time. I have had numerous light bulbs, a TV and other electrical appliance explode as I approach them. Some friends have nicknamed me “electro man!”
—I have learned to relax, organize my thoughts and not having any thoughts imposed to me.
— I perceive now that the elusive mysterious “Ether” of our physicists is no other than the “Matrix”.
— Remote viewing is what humanity needs!
— No more closed doors! No more frontiers! Just open the gates!
Dear Gerald you may publish this letter, if you want to. I cannot thank you enough.


Patrick  a recent young trainee, writes this enthusiastic feedback.


  • Inner permanent changes of peace, goodness, bliss and joy while training with the RV/RI combo.
  • Increased IQ and download of information while attending university classes.
  • Increased intuition. Predicting sports results in advance.
  • “Reading” people’s thoughts and emotions.
  • Increased attention from the opposite sex.
  • Getting innovative business ideas.

        Bravo, you will have a major impact for goodness!

I am approaching 2 months since I started using Gerald’s audio programs, Remote Influencing and Remote Viewing combined program. I strongly feel the combined program is a must. The skills learned in one program help deepen insight into the other and vice versa. By following the outlined step by step process I have really began to notice changes within myself and the way people react to me in social setting and even as far as my presence alone.

Since starting the program during the first month I noticed blurs of changes that would become brief moments of insight. These quick glimpses of insight even though were not consciously permanent assured me that something was in fact happening, something great was happening deep within that I consciously could not always be aware of. Most recently over the last 3 weeks I have become aware of permanent changes that I am always aware of. A pure feeling of goodness has become a part of me that can only be explained as myself smiling at the world and the world smiling back at me. It is a feeling of pure bliss that washes over me and makes me happy to exist as who I am because I feel now that I truly have control over who I WANT to be. If I do not have full control I strongly feel that I will attain full control by continuing the program.

The state of pure goodness has taken away stressful feelings out of my life. I truly don’t experience stress and worry about problems no longer. Yes I do have obstacles in my life being a student with financial issues but my focus has been shifted to solving the problem and no longer focusing on it. This shift in focus has been very positive and these obstacles have become much easier to overcome when I noticed how insignificant these obstacles really are. They have become so insignificant that I truly laugh at how insignificant they are and at one point in my life caused me so much stress and worry.

Through the training many different changes have taken place then I could have really imagined. Going to school as a multimedia major creativity is very important. Through the help of this program my creativity has increased by leaps and bounds. At certain times I experience what I have personally understood it to be as an information download. This is a moment in time usually experienced during a social setting and I am engaged in a conversation that I experience a burst of information about the certain issue at hand being discussed. This is usually very exciting, as all of a sudden my knowledge about a specific issue becomes intensely broadened especially with intensified perspectives and powerful observations. My participation in lectures has become very interesting with insightful comments and at times very exciting especially after correcting the professor and sharing a very insightful detail that has left the professor rather speechless at one point or another. Just recently this has led to my professor asking me to come and join him in a discussion about some of the finer points I have made in class. He was very interested in knowing how I have come to realize these perspectives and gain such deep insight. Being 21 years of age the professor was very intrigued and had to admit that some of my comments were over his head. One of his remarks that left a deep impact within me was when he explained that my level of intellect was more of an older gentlemen’s with about 40 years of life experience.

A very interesting change within me that has taken place is the very large increase in intuition. I have become very intuitive to the point were I know who is going to win a sporting match. Usually the day before I am able to predict which team in a multitude of sports will win. On one particular day I experience an information download pertaining to five different basketball games for the same day. It was rather very exciting as my friends and I watched each prediction come true.

On another note my intuitive senses have let me know what someone will say before they say it. It is very natural and happens with no concentration. I have experienced this before the program but to no degree in frequency as I experience this now. It seems to happen at least a couple of times each day, on some days it happened many times over. Most of the time it happens with people that I spend the most time with. It’s funny because sometimes I keep saying the same comment another person is making at the same time, and this usually will happen with the same person over and over. It gets interesting by the fifth time and the person kind of looks over with a bewildered look but never speaks their mind.

Taking the intuitive aspect a little further during certain times I experience a blast of thoughts from another person. This is usually during a social occasion were people are rather relaxed. This blast of information usually is a mixture of thoughts about people along with their feelings and emotions attached to the thoughts. It is rather extraordinary to feel what someone else is feeling. It has rung true over and over when someone would look at someone and I would get a blast of information for example in one situation I understood that a certain person rather disliked another. Once the person had left the area the person that I got this information from turned to a friend and expressed their dislikes. More frequently I get this insight when someone is directing thoughts towards me. This is even more frequently the case when it is a person of the opposite sex with strong emotions towards me. : -) I have very much so noticed the opposite sex taking a much stronger interest in myself, which is definitely, a positive thing!

On a grander scale I have experience insight into rather interesting ideas of business. Business ideas that do not at this point exist through my following up on them. People spend lots of time even a lifetime coming up with a one of a kind ideas. I have experienced two true one-of-a- kind ideas that I am very excited about and I look forward to materializing these two ideas in the future.
One of the aspects that has helped me enjoy my sessions with this program is the upgrade in my listening equipment. I started out with a standard portable tape player with a auto reverse feature but when I got to the part of the training course that required an extra long session the tape player would die out on power even after using a full battery. I would have to turn it off even for a second and that would always fix the problem. These few seconds of interruption really interrupted me and took me out of a deep state. After a few times of this I got myself a duel deck Sony player. This is very great as I no longer get interrupted and the dual deck produces a much better quality of audio sound.
The experiences that I have been allowed to experience and the changes within me have inspired me to write this to allow others to know what a strong impact Gerald’s course has had on me. I am very grateful to have been allowed to receive these courses. Thank you many times over Gerald for these courses that are very needed especially at this point in time.

Thanks, your friend
Patrick Bator

Patrick, an RV/RI student, sent us this testimonial while training with the RV/RI combination course.


  • Becoming aware of us being energies.
  • Experiencing the body of Light and the connection with the Oneness.

Thank you Gerald for allowing this very important information become attainable for those that will and desire completion within them selves. I have been practicing with Gerald’s RV/RI tapes for about a month now. For a new student this period of time is very crucial and important for building a strong foundation of understanding and motivation that will allow for a proper transitory state of passage to take place from the “now” embodiment of the matrix. After completing my first month I cannot help but to share some of my understandings about the RV/RI combo course and the magical experience I had with the RI course.

Through most of my first month I was filled with pre justified thoughts and expectations of what I should experience as a practitioner of RV & RI. I was blinded from what I was truly experiencing by pre-determined expectations of what I should be experiencing. Before I started the combo course I filled myself with knowledge about RV and the potentials of RV. By doing so I became blinded through my expectations of the course. Towards the end of my first month a thought manifested inside me, this thought or idea told me not to focus on what is ahead of me in the far distance but to look down and focus on what is directly in front of me. This thought indicated to me that I would never get to what I could see in the distance if I kept stumbling over my own two feet by not paying attention to what was directly in front of me. At this point I started to understand what this course is really about.

To me this course is about rebuilding myself, but before you can rebuild anything you must first deconstruct it. I think of deconstructing myself a lot like undoing a knot. Realizing that I have been a part of the Matrix for my whole life I must have accumulated one big, very complicated knot that will take patience and dedication to undo. As soon as I decided to strip away my expectations of the course and recalibrate my focus to the “now” I then began noticing the changes that started to take place. I noticed that people started looking and reacting to me differently. I became more sensitive and could almost feel instead of see people looking at me. I could feel the energy within me become stronger and vibrate faster. My sensitivity towards people increased, taking a measurement of other peoples vibratory status became easier and almost instantaneous. I began noticing the correlation of vibrating energy to the contrasting moods people were feeling. I began feeling and almost feel as if I could sense people’s will of action towards me. It feels almost like reading someone’s thoughts.

I could go on and on about the changes that have taken place and the changes taking place, but my point is I could never had these wonders taking place if I hadn’t peeled away my expectations and rejoiced in the present “now”. Surely I would have not had the experience that I had last night. Through this course the important message about patience and awareness that I had learned made me spend time with RV course tapes 2,3 and RI course tape 3. I felt that I shouldn’t go on and should be patient, amplify my focus and take baby steps. Last night I felt something inside me tell me to start on RI course tape 4. The experience that I had took me to the most relaxed state of being that I have ever experienced. My body was asleep but my mind stayed awake. My body felt as if it disappeared, and I existed only within my mind slightly above my body. I could not totally except this state at first and would transition from feeling my body to not feeling it at all. When I did feel my body it felt paper thin, a sensation that I never felt before. It was truly interesting. As I became more comfortable with what I was experiencing I decided to go with it, and then I could only feel my body of light. I knew this was my body of light because I was swaying side to side as if I was floating on a body of water. I kept swaying like this for some amount of time, I cannot say for how long because I had lost all perception of time itself. As I kept sinking further within myself I started to experience a connection, a connection that embraced me with a flood of white bright light. This light was soft and pleasant but bright and intense at the same time. Maybe strong white light is the right way of describing it. The light filled me with such feeling of joy and happiness that it left me tearing from joy. I wished that everyone could feel this great happiness and thanked it for allowing me to feel this happiness and joy and everything pleasant and right all at the same time. This was truly something breathtaking. This experience has left me internally smiling throughout this whole day and feeling a lingering connection with the strong white light. I know inside that I will experience this again and simply embrace and invite more experiences that will be allowed for me to experience. I look forward on moving onward through my course with patience and no set expectations. I simply feel open to experience.


Joshua Lorne 
sent us this enthusiastic email covering all the great benefits he received  from training with our combo RV/RI program.


  • Please visit the gamut of experiences below ( I may publish more detailed experiences he had in another feedback post)

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I began using your RV course in early April and experienced an Out of Body Experience on the first day after listening to RV CD 2.  It was an enormously powerful experience where I was led to what I believe to be a portal to heaven (and that I have been able to return to numerous occasions since).  Then, in early June I started to listen to your RI course.  While the RV course is excellent, it is akin to one beginning his or her undergraduate studies early on in life and is, in my estimation, a vital starting point prior to initiating oneself into RI meditation.  The RI course, however, introduces one to a whole different level of self realization.  The only way for me to describe its intensity would be to equate it to one pursuing a PhD in Dark Matter.  Whatever one may be unaware of that remains lurking in the deep subconscious mind and that prevents him or her from the spiritual evolution and intrinsic sense of happiness that is their birthright will have the light shown on that which is hidden and thereby healed.  And as you have claimed prior, Mr O’Donnell, a profound deprogramming/reprogramming occurs which is made evident by the myriad changes one begins to experience in his or her consciousness.

After only a few months of working with your RV and RI courses, I have been able to experience the following:

  • Intensified intuition to the extent that you immediately ‘know’ in absolute terms whether something is good or bad  for you without ever resorting to self doubt/insecurity
  • Frequent synchronicities
  • Olfactory sensations
  • Improved mental cognition coupled with a seemingly higher IQ
  • Faster ability to read and comprehend even complex subject matter while being guided by the Higher Self as to what (and what not) to read as a means to ensure one’s       continued progression
  • Improved oral and written communication skills
  • Less need of sleep
  • Frequent lucid dreaming
  • Out of Body Experiences
  • Watching much less TV and grasping quite deeply that most programming is programming you
  • The ability to merge with matter at the molecular level on demand
  • Becoming much more attractive to and noticed by members of the opposite sex
  • Improved relationships via gaining a true understanding of intimacy and sensuality
  • A greater understanding of and ability to convey empathy and love to all living beings
  • Seeing time as illusory
  • Experiencing the frequent sense of ‘being on the threshold’ of something, knowing good is coming to you
  • Understanding profoundly that one’s ideals and dreams can not only be manifested into reality, but quickly and with much greater ease than the ego would have ever allowed for in its prior enslaved state
  • A powerful notion that you are always being protected and guided by The One
  • Friends who you have not heard from in a long while reaching out to you for guidance/advice after expressing that they felt a ‘compulsion’ to make contact with you without knowing why
  • Not experiencing loneliness even when alone or single due to a newfound ability to grasp the interconnectedness of all beings coupled with the idea of separation as a ridiculous notion
  • A feeling of inner peace and calm, even in the most trying situations
  • A greatly enhanced sense of gratitude for finally being able to connect to The One in the newly realized process of ascension out of the Dark Matrix
  • Gaining a truly profound understanding of the Zen mantra, “The only way out is in.”
  • The ability to cleanse one’s memory banks of experiences previously deemed to be irretrievably negative and emotionally draining while replacing this understanding with a near total recall of them in a compassionate and empathetic manner as events put in place to propel one’s consciousness to a higher state
  • The replacement of near constant egoic mind chatter with silence that resonates with high intelligence
  • Grasping the notion that the egoic mind is akin to an unruly child running rampant throughout your consciousness and allowing your Higher Self to assume full control of him as a stern but compassionate parental figure
  • Invoking your inner voice of the Higher Self to provide guidance and reassurance in troubling times
  • Understanding that surrendering supposed inevitabilities or situations with no apparent resolution to The One instead of relying on your willpower to compel a desired outcome is a far more desirable and effective way to live
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Improved performance in the martial arts
  • Improved physical appearance – the inner notion that one has slowed down the aging process
  • Spontaneously generated yogic breathing, especially during times of stress and anxiety
  • The capacity to ‘assess’ the motivations and energy of people and things without becoming overwhelmed by them
  • Talking less, listening more 

Thank you, Mr. O’Donnell, from the bottom of my heart for providing me the freedom to live the life I was born to live.


Joshua Lorne

Janice Dearen sent us this very interesting testimonial.


  • Using the Combination course on her 7 year old son.
  • Amazing  improvement is his test scores and concentration abilities after 7 days of using the Theta and Delta entrainment CD.

Hello Mr. O’Donnell,

I just finished listening to the teleseminar and it was very enjoyable. Also, I spoke with you on the phone about using the RI disc One on my 7 year old son about a month ago. His grades were really falling and he just could not focus. I am so happy to tell you that in just one week of using the CD at bedtime, his spelling test went from a 66-F to a 93-A. His math and other subjects are coming up as well.

We are really just amazed and extremely happy.

I am on my second run through of the CDs myself, I love them! Things are really changing for the better. I am working through them slower this second time. I just wanted to thank you for the wake-up call.

Much love and light to you and yours,

Happy Holidays,

Janice Dearen

Katherine Dahni a combo RV/RI student of our Academy sent us this feedback


  • Better concentration and brain processing capability
  • Improved life and greater thought manifestations into reality


I like your new Arvari homepage.  Seems these days that wherever I look your site seems to appear. I am researching one thing and you show up, somehow?

I love your courses. I have become more focused and am able to  process information more effectively after listening to the Arvari program consistently for a year.  I am overcoming “brain freeze” disorder.  My physical reality has changed considerably, for the better.  I am watching my wishes/repetitive thoughts take form and become my experience.  My vibrational field has heightened and is matched in physical form/reality.

The dance is becoming the mirthful fest it was meant to be.

Joyous Light Everywhere


Laurie Broad Jr. from Alaska, sent us this comment on the Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing courses.


  • Clearer mind
  • Better Memory
  • Greatest stress reliever on earth
  • Precognition of events before they happen

Here is a comment on the courses. I ordered the first course about two or three years ago, and the RI 3 months ago. The courses are great. It seems, after taking these courses, that my mind was unlocked, I have been able to see things more clearly, my memory is a lot better, they are the greatest stress reliever on earth, and I perceive things before they happen.
These courses have changed my life. Thank you

Laurie Broad Jr.


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