Manifest Mind & Body Super Powers -Students Reporting Healings of Themselves & Others, Sometimes Miraculous

Nothing speaks for Arvari’s life-changing power better than success stories from our students.

Here are ARVARI Success Stories 1997-2023

We have received thousands of rave reviews and have indexed some of them for you.

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Yumnah Aguba-El  sent us this touching testimonial 

  • Subject: Our RI training helping the healing process of a stage 4 cancer

 Mr. O’Donnell

 I would like to share my experience with the The Complete Remote Influencing Training System.

I was admitted to the hospital 7/05, diagnosed with double pneumonia, lungs filled with water; the left lung collapsed; both lungs were drained twice; also was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  I was not expected to walk out of the hospital, however, I did on 7/27. I was on 3 cycles of Chemo, and decided I was KILLING MY SELF just by looking at the awful side affects, etc. [I will spare you the details!].

  I got off the chemo and started taking Aloe1, a special specie of aloe that is only grown and harvested in Homestead, Florida –8 ounces times a day for 120 days [I will continue to drink it].  The cancer count went from 174.17 down to 80 as of December, the doctor is looking for “40”, I am looking for “0”.

So, to make a long story short on that topic is that  Aloe1 turned my life and health around 360 degrees.  When I started three weeks ago to listening to the complete remote influencing training system, I noticed the pain in my knees began to subside more and more.  I noticed that dark areas on my face, were now lightening up.  The pain factor was very very evident; energy level changed, STAMINA definitely changed!  I thought I was feeling great with the Aloe!, well by adding the listening to the CDs there has been a remarkable acceleration of my healing process.  I can feel the vibration in every cell of my body.  I was thrilled to share this with you this morning and you confirmed what I was feeling and experiencing.

It is, as I mentioned, I am feeling truly rejuvenated, and that all the anger, fear, resentment, pity, low self esteem, which is all part of the “cancer causing bucket”, is BANISHING!  This is truly wonderful.  Thank you for all that you do and offer to all of us.  There are no accidents.  This is something that I have always wanted to do!

Peace and Blessings,

Yumnah Aguba-El

Tamarac, Florida

Maria Dios writes to us. Subject:

  • The transforming, relaxing, and healing powers of the RV/RI combination course.
  • Spontaneous healing of a back injury and arthritis condition.

Hello Gerald,
I am writing to ask how in the world did you discover all of this?  Perhaps you are from another planet?  It all makes perfect sense but it was not obvious to the normal person, even one seeking this truth.

I am half way through the combination course and I am totally amazed at the power of these tapes.  I have never experienced this depth of relaxation before.  My body feels like silk.  I am a yoga instructor and somewhere got an injury in an advanced class in my upper back that often causes pain, and also in my left forearm.  Also I have had arthritis in both arms and elbow joints, and much tension in my neck and shoulders.  One day while listening to the tapes I heard, felt something in my back and since that day there has been no pain, and all the arthritis has disappeared as well and the tension!

I have been on a spiritual path for a long time from many different directions, and have never gotten so close to “heaven” as I did in your reaching delta level tapes in the middle of the RI tapes.  You have unlocked so many mysteries that I was just on the edge of and wondering about for many years, but could not “get there”!

So I am really serious about my question above, and would really like to know how you “arrived” at all this.  What channels did you come through?  Perhaps of little biographical sketch?  I am just so curious.

Thank you very very much for this great experience and the beautifully produced tapes.  Your voice never loses sincerity and encouragement.  I can hardly wait to continue and repeat and repeat the course.

For some time I wondered if it was “OK” to feel happy like a child when you were grown up, and to smile, etc.  I would kind of hide that part of me knowing that most people did not feel like that even now and then as I do, and did not approve.  Now I will not hide anymore.

Best regards,

Maria Dios

Morton Glazera sent us his very interesting experience of the the Remote Viewing/Influencing Combo course’s ability to teach anyone how to tap the Infinite Power within to influence thought and our Holographic Light/Universe. Case in point:  healing, reshaping, or rejuvenating any biological process.


  • Improving Cerebral Palsy
  •  Rapid Healing of friends’ ailment such as kidney stones, chronic pain, bad backs, migraine headaches etc..
  • Making people loose weight by reshaping their physiology and morphogenic fields.
  • Changing the physiological cup size of his girlfriend’s breasts.
  • Experiencing Astral Projection and the Eternal Flame of Light within

Dear Gerald,

  I want your students to know about the healing capabilities of your Remote Influencing course.  Specifically, what can be done with tape 6.
With this tape, I have healed dozens of people, some of the most notable healings being:

Cerebral Palsy

I’ve been telling you about my cousin for a while (he has cerebral palsy, and is in a wheelchair).  I’ve been working on him again, and there has been progress.  His hand is still improving, and his legs (both paralyzed) have feeling in them.  His feet are almost straight (before they were pointing in opposite directions, and were useless).  He has full
movement in his toes, which before were gnarled and twisted together.  He told me that his legs “have feeling in them, and I can almost feel the blood pumping through them”.  They are also more limber, and he can move his legs more.  I’ll tell you what;  when he can walk, whenever that is, I will have him send you an email himself.  Or call you, for that matter.  He now believes that he will walk one day, and I continue to use RI to help him.

Removing kidney stones.

  A friend was in terrible pain, and couldn’t get out of bed.  He was not far from going to the hospital.  This was a grown man, and he was in tears for two days.  I used tape 6 on him.  I did as you instructed, I formed the energy body and from there I saw myself as him, seeing through his eyes and thinking with his voice.  I visualized bright gold light, and thought with his voice, saying “the pain is gone!  I don’t feel any pain!  It’s over!  Thank God, the pain is gone!”  The next day, he was out of bed, talking about how much better he felt.  He was feeling no pain whatsoever.  Two days later, he went to the doctor just to be certain.  The doctor told him that there was nothing wrong with him at all, and that he couldn’t tell that there were ever any kidney stones at all.

People with chronic pain can be fixed effortlessly. 

 Using the same technique, just think with their voice, “I don’t feel any more pain!”  Put emotion in with it.  This works for arthritis, bad back, migraine headaches, whatever you want to use it for.

Weight problem

Here’s another fun one.  Find somebody with a weight problem.  Use tape 6, and with the same method, think for them, “I am losing weight!  The fat is melting away!  This is amazing!  I am really losing weight!”  Then sit back and enjoy the show.

I have not been able to defeat cancer, but I have drastically reduced it, up to 80%.  I am sure that with enough practice I will be able to clear it all out.
Congratulations, Gerald.  You may be helping to make medicine obsolete.

Astral projection, seeing the One EYE, experiencing the ETERNAL Flame, the Infinite White Light

I want you to know also about what I have done with tape 7 of the RI course.
This exercise causes out of body travel, or astral projection.  For two months, I worked with tape 7A about five times a week.  I didn’t get any results for a long time, but I kept up with it.  Finally, toward the end of the tape, I fell asleep.  At least, I thought that I did.
Then I saw my leg jerking around and I couldn’t feel it.  The room was dark, but it was somehow illuminated.  Then, I had a real astral projection.  I saw clouds everywhere, but they were not really white.  They had soft touches of red, purple, blue, yellow, and so on.  The clouds were dissolving and changing shape very quickly.
I have had a few where everything is foggy looking, but then I see a swirl of colors and shape, and I see things that I could never have imagined.  Colors and shapes that are more brilliant than anything I have ever seen in my life.  Everything has a grid pattern, with colors everywhere.  Sometimes there are eyes in the grid.  I have seen a golden triangle with an eye in the center in this place.  These are the most intense experiences I have ever had.
After working with tape 7 for two months, tape 5 becomes easier.  After the Eternal Flame exercise starting working for me, tape 5 did also.  When I got to the end of the first side of the tape, I got to the part where you turn off a switch.  This time, when I turned the switch, I saw an incredible flash of white light and felt nothing.  Then I got a real experience with the other side of the tape.

Thank you very much for making this course available to anyone.  I can’t thank you enough.

Breasts enlargement

  I HAVE SOME MORE AWESOME NEWS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll start at the beginning. This girlfriend of mine,  had some ailments before she met me. She had migraine headaches every day….well, they are completely gone now. She would wake up and vomit every morning…… that’s gone too. She had very oily skin and she thought that she had a bad complexion. Well, now she can’t get over how beautiful her skin is.

Now get ready for this:  I MADE HER BREASTS ALMOST DOUBLE IN SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear to God, I did this. After all of these ailments were disappearing, she started asking me if I could make her bust size bigger. I wasn’t sure I could do it. But, on Tuesday, she kept whining about how she doesn’t like her breasts and wished that they would be bigger. I told her, “fine, I’ll do it. I’m tired of hearing you run yourself down.” I didn’t talk to her the next day. I waited until I knew she was asleep, and used the exercise on RI tape 6A. I saw her body as a golden shape, except with prominent breasts. I filled her with thoughts and laughter, like “Oh my God! My breasts are BIG! This is AMAZING!!” I kept on for a couple of minutes until I knew for sure it had all gotten through. Thursday, I called her. She sounded shaky and nervous. The first thing she said to me was: “Morton, did you do something to me?” She sounded like she was freaked out. I said, “I guess your breasts have gotten bigger, huh?” She was in shock, stuttering, talking about how it is probably a coincidence. I said, “Since when do breasts just grow like that?” I think the shock of the whole thing is really setting in. I have never done anything like this before. She said that she will be totally convinced if I can get a whole cup size increase. I told her to sit back and watch me work. I’ll wait a week and do the procedure again. I just thought you would like to know this. It looks like you may be helping put plastic surgery out of business as well!! If we ever meet in person, I owe you a steak dinner!!!!

Your friend, Morton

Morton Glazera a dedicated Remote Influencer, trained with the Academy’s courses, sent us this heart-warming message . Morton used as a young man to sit in school next to his physically challenged and debilitated cousin Calvin, and write/type for him.  Please read also the beginning phase of his healing sessions and results below.


  • Love (the power of One) is the Real Infinitely powerful force of Creation. Nothing can stop its transforming and healing power.
  •  Greatly healing and improving a relative’s cerebral palsy condition. The young man has now full use of his right hand, feet, toes, and can stand up from his wheel-chair.

Dear Gerald,

My cousin was supposed to email you and tell you some of what has happened recently.

I have used RI on him regularly for about a year, specifically the method on tape 6.  He’s got cerebral palsy and there have been dramatic improvements.  His hand was partially paralyzed until recently.  Slowly his two bad fingers improved, and now they are fully functional!  They are good enough that he can type and is learning to play the guitar.

His legs have always been paralyzed, until recently.  His feet were always turned the wrong way, and had very little movement of his toes.  Now his feet sit straight and he’s got full movement of his toes.  Over the week-end I saw him stand up!!  This has never happened before.  He can get up on his own and stand up for about a minute.  It’s small, but I’m going to continue the program, and I’m sure he’ll take a few steps soon enough, and then keep building on that.

I’ve noticed that RI starts small, and then gradually gets more powerful the more it’s used.  Who knows what I’ll be doing in five years?  Or ten?

Thank you for everything.


Calvin Ward wrote to us the following:


  • Calvin tells how his cousin Morton Glazera, a Remote Influencing/Remote Viewing student of our academy, applied RI and helped alleviate  him of debilitating symptoms of cerebral palsy which had kept him in a wheel chair since childhood and made his right hand totally incapacitated.
  • Note that Calvin typed this message on his own, without any help.

Hello Gerald.

Morton has told me that you are familiar with my situation. I think that the Remote Influencing you teach is great. The system works, and that is what matters. The evidence is clear. I had a gimpy right hand, due to the cerebral palsy, and now I can use it more than ever.. even play guitar. Also, I can stand on my own briefly.

You should be proud of what you are able to do. Morton has the drive to succeed, like me in a lot of ways, if it is has to do with something he is interested in. And this is certainly what drives him…He is modest, but I think you have a star pupil to work with.

Thank you and good luck in the future.


PS. I am also interested in your courses. I believe Morton has told you what I’m studying…He says that it will make it easier to learn and retain.

Morton Glazera , one of our Remote Influencing/Remote Viewing most dedicated students, sent us this very exciting feedback:


  • Using Remote Influencing on a malignant lung cancer condition

I just got off the phone with the friend who had the cancer that I told you about and who is now officially cured. This was the first time I’ve talked to him since I heard the news.  He told me that his doctors don’t want to talk about it.

No, I didn’t tell him anything about Remote Influencing or anything else.  He believes that it’s a miracle from God, and I’ll let him go on thinking that. It is after all the One that really does the healing. I am just a conduct.  He told me that there is no cancer left in his lungs, none whatsoever.  He has had two tests done, and the doctors can’t find a trace of it anywhere.

Back in the summer, he was told that he was as good as dead, period.  His doctors told him that the cancer had spread all through his lungs, and it was just a matter of time.  They couldn’t and wouldn’t do treatments of any kind.

Well, I heard about it and started using the Remote Influencing techniques on him once about every ten days. I used the method from tape 6A.  The cancer disappeared throughout the fall and now it is gone completely.  He still has breathing problems from the emphysema, but they are much better.  That is what I am going to work on

I just wish that I could have seen the look on everybody’s faces when the
tests came back!

Well Gerald, to say that you have changed my life would be an understatement.  Not only that, you’re the cause of an incurable illness  being cured.  Believe me, as long as I’m alive there will be more of it going around!  I started with small things, and now I’ve worked my way up to this.  The best part of Remote Influencing is that it never ends.  Just when you think you have done the impossible, and can’t do any more, you are amazed again.
Thank you.


John Hunter a recent RV/RI Combo trainee sends us this enthusiastic testimonial.


  • 3 miracles which John helped facilitate. Heart defect “reality” negated, epilepsy erased, and MS. gone! All with the inner connection to One.
  • The spiritual healing aspects of the courses.
  • Experiencing the bliss-full state of Cosmic Consciousness and unity with One.

Hello Gerald,

I been able to work through the RV/RI combo on my own and beyond even anybody’s wild imagination!

I have much to tell you.

#1 A young lady that I know was telling me about her sister who was pregnant with her first child and that the doctors claimed that the baby had a very serious heart condition and they would have to operate while the baby was still in the womb. I assured her that there was NOTHING wrong with the baby’s heart and all would be fine. A few days later she called me and said that the doctors have decided to wait until the baby was born because although there was still a problem with the heart it wasn’t as serious as first thought. At this point I actually got a little annoyed with her and rather rudely and sternly told her that I didn’t want to hear any of it. I have already told you there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that baby’s heart and again for the last time. There is NOTHING WRONG with that baby’s heart. A week later she called after the baby was delivered and exclaimed GUESS WHAT? THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE BABY’S HEART AND THEY DO NOT HAVE TO OPERATE! The doctors say IT IS A MIRACLE!  Oh yea of such little faith was about all that needed to be said.

#2 I am a self – employed carpenter and I was working at a customers home. I could tell the woman seemed a bit upset and I asked her what was bothering her. Her son had just been diagnosed with epilepsy and she was on her way to take him to the doctor for another check up. Again I assured her that her son indeed did not have epilepsy, and in fact nothing was wrong with him. I also proceeded to tell her that there is no such thing as epilepsy. It only exist in a state of altered consciousness. She looked at me rather strange and headed to the appointment. It wasn’t but an hour or two later that she returned and exclaimed John you should be a doctor.” “Guess What” she said. “The doctor says that he doesn’t have epilepsy and THAT IT IS A MIRACLE!

#3 A woman was telling me that she had just been diagnosed with MS. I explained to her that she did not have MS and there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. In this case the doctor was her own brother and she defended him and his diagnosis. I told her brother doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. Oh by the way, that wasn’t a real good idea.:) anyway, I hadn’t seen her in a spell and when I did I joking asked her how her and her MS was doing. She told me that her brother had said that she no longer has MS and that again IT IS A MIRACLE!

Gerald, I know this course is referred to as remote influencing, but I like to think it more as spiritual healing. I also realize that I of myself had nothing to do with this. That it is indeed the FATHER WITHIN that does the works. But I have been able to remain at this level of consciousness for extreme lengths of time. Sometimes at night I just pace the floors feeling like my heart is going to explode out of my chest. I have experienced moments of total bliss and ecstasy that cannot even be describe in words. I now know what all the ones that have experienced cosmic consciousness were talking about. Although I could go on and on with these stories and experiences, really though, what more can I say. I would still like to talk with you and learn more of anything you can and/or will share with me.

Happy thoughts and the warmest of regards,


Greg Ledford A Remote Influencing/Remote Viewing Combo student, sent us this enthusiastic testimonial.


  • Successfully Remote Influencing a mechanical device to function again.
  • Perceptually Remote Influencing a decision from a major corporation.
  • While training, his room got illuminated
  • Metaphorical vision of the sad state of our planet while listening to the RI course.
  • Using Remote Influencing to heal pets, helping his mother achieve her desired weight, increasing his own height by one inch, and  more!
  • Remote Viewing experiences.
  • Seeing the One Self smiling back at him.

I wanted to write you some things I have experienced while continuing to train with your courses.

I will start with Remote Influencing.
One day at my previous place of employment my friend hopped on his tow motor.  He tried to crank it and it wouldn’t crank.  He tried and tried but nothing.  So I closed my eyes using my RI (Remote Influence) training I imagined him driving off on the tow motor to change his tank! He got off of the tow motor and went around back to remove the tank.  I told him to give it one more shot.  He hopped back on, turned the key and it cranked right up.  He looked at me sort of puzzled and then drove off to change the tank, and he made it to his destination!

We had to work a mandatory overtime on a Saturday! I kept hearing people talk about how we were going to have to work many Saturdays for quite a while.  Well along with myself and most others we did not want that to happen.  So while listening to Remote Influence Tape 5, I Remote Influenced our weekends off! (LOL)!  I wasn’t at work the following Monday, but when I went in on Tuesday I was told that anymore overtime would be volunteers only.  I was amazed.  I Remote Influenced a billion dollar company that is located not only all over the US but also in other  countries.  To top it off those that didn’t want to work did not have to and  those that did could.

While training with RI 7A I have seen my room illuminated in a couple instances, although I couldn’t hold it for too long!  I am excited about what is to come.

While training with Remote Influencing 7B an apple which had been eaten to the core took the place of the Earth while I was viewing it.  Well let’s just say we can all understand what that meant!

I also requested I should be taller and weigh a little more while training with RI Tape 4 and 6A.  I grew about an inch in height and gained 10lbs!  It was no big deal but it worked.

Healing-  I healed some animals with bodily problems, helped my mother achieve her desired weight, healed a friend of sinus infection, and more! Mostly while in my mental lab and training with RI Tape 6A which is very good for healing!  Looking forward to building more and more on healing!

As for Remote Viewing,  I have spent most of my time with Remote Influencing although I am beginning to spend more time with Remote Viewing (RV).  While training with RV Tape 2A, I suddenly found myself floating above a city. The only thing that stood out to me was a tall building.  It was all I was focused on.  I thought to myself how this building stands out from all of the rest.  Later that night I got on the Internet and one of the top stories was a building in I believe Spain caught fire and was feared to collapse like The World Trade Center!  It stated that the building stood out from all of the rest.

Also while on Remote Viewing Tape 2A everything went black and I suddenly saw myself staring at me with a bright smile.  It radiated a beautiful light.  It was perfect in every way.  I have a ways to go before I achieve that perfection but I am moving in the right direction with a strong foundation to boot!

I have experienced so much more than what I have written but I will keep it short.
I hope this testimonial along with all of the others will help everyONE want to Influence Reality for the better!

Gerald all you do is well appreciated!

Thanks again!
Greg Ledford

John Pennie a recent graduate from our remote Viewing/Remote Influencing training sent us this thankful  feedback.


  • Remote Influencing (healing process) his father artificial heart valve blockage. The condition disappeared.
  • Helping his wife out of her migraine pain misery.
  • Rejuvenation process (part of the Remote Influencing course automatic sub-conscious DNA activation built-in), as his new DNA strands are highly activated and aging is perceptually arrested (no more graying of hair).
  • Intuitive vision while completing the course

Top of the morning, Gerald.

If you were here with me now, I would give you a great big hug! You and your courses are a true blessing! If I seem to be gushing, well I am.

I finished the RV RI combo course this July 2nd, and just one of the really neat things is, that’s my birthday! The absolute best course/class I have ever finished.

The doctor [it always starts that way] told my father that he had blockage in one or more of his artificial heart valves. I remote influenced that reality out the window, now the doc can’t find anything wrong. My wife has migraine headaches that last for days, once a month like clockwork. They are induced by her period. I have felt so helpless in all my attempts to do something for her. Last month when she told me one was coming, I told her: “you will be just fine you won’t have a migraine.” The brain pain went away, and I was so happy, I could have simply exploded!

On my birthday, I was doing RI tape 7 side b, underneath the old cottonwood in my backyard. Holding my hand to the tree, I could feel the energy pulsing to my own rhythm and at times out of sync with it. The wind was really blowing, further adding to the pulsations. As I was getting closer to the end of the tape I had a fast and clear vision of a branch blowing down and hitting me. While I was moving out of the chair, guess what? A branch hit me in the knee. While standing in my garage watching the wind storm, more branches were being blown out of the tree. What an awesome premunitive experience!

I feel more and more my connection to the One becoming a natural thing to be realized and not just thought of.

One peculiar thing, although wonder-full, is the fact that since starting your course I have stopped getting gray hairs. Trust me, since about my early twenties I have been going gray, and at an accelerated clip since both of my beloved children have been born. Makes me want to click my heels.

Love and light to you my friend.

John Pennie

Morton of Hawaii wrote on our student forum about the RV/RI courses 

  • Telepathic insertion
  • Healing techniques
  • Losing weight, stop smoking
  • Increased intelligence
  • Healing someone of a drug addiction and more . . .

There are several types of RI. The one that I have found to be the most useful is a type of telepathy. This is covered in tape 6 of the RI course. You can put thoughts into a person’s mind, or you can heal someone powerfully. You wait until they are asleep and enter an altered state of consciousness. You then merge with their mind and insert thoughts. It works, very well. My favorite thing to do is heal with it.

You can also influence yourself. With the diamond exercise on tape 6, you can do most anything within reason. Losing weight, stop smoking, increase intelligence, even increase RV/RI ability. I have also found that I can cause others to lose weight with this exercise. You can insert thoughts about quitting junk food, and manipulate their biophysical field to eliminate excess body fat. I also stopped someone who was addicted to morphine and crystal meth. He is doing very well now. He was addicted to this stuff for years.

A word of caution: follow the golden rule. Whatever you do to someone will also affect you. I have lost almost 30 pounds in the past year from doing this. I have also not been sick. You heal someone and it also works on you because your biophysical body is merged with the other person’s.

Manifesting is something a bit different. When you start the course, I highly recommend reading “Isaiah Effect” by Gregg Braden and “Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot. You will begin to make sense of the strange writings in the Bible and other sacred texts. I have begun to manifest, but I have only done it with small things. Finding lost objects, accomplishing a goal, etc. I haven’t tried anything bigger. I don’t want to get reckless with it.
The RI course is 80% meditation. The exercises are derived from many sources. (Gnostic writings, Ancient Egyptians, the Bible, etc.)

When you start it, you won’t know what to think of it. I wasn’t too impressed with it at first. Honestly, I thought, “This is freaking  WEIRD” and I thought Gerald was a seriously goofy guy. Six months later my mind was changed in a BIG way.

Maybe the best thing about it is IT IS MUCH EASIER THAN REMOTE VIEWING. In the last few months I have only begun to practice remote viewing. I got the RV course a few months before the RI course came out. Within 6 months I was doing some CRAZY stuff. However, I have done the exercises every day since getting it. If you don’t listen to the tapes every day, you are not going to get very far. If you are an artist, musician, etc you will understand this. It is an art. Start small and keep building.

Astral projection will also happen. It happens unexpectedly and will probably scare you at first. After a while you will begin to love it. It feels GOOD.

I could tell you more if you want. PM me if you have any more questions.


Bernard Hubble wrote… Subject: The multiple benefits of the RV/RI courses

  • Lucid Dreams
  • Astral Projections
  • Connecting to very High realms of Creation and Universes
  • Healing others

Dear Gerald

I have taken the RV/RI courses for a year and a half.  90% of my time has been spent on the RI course.  It has been worth every minute I put into it.
Some of my recent experiences:

  I have lucid visions at random times while using the tapes.  These are visions that are unlike anything one would see in the ordinary world.  Being new to this kind of thing, I didn’t know what they were.  I have found out that it is astral projection.  In other words, it is the spirit world, etheric realm, etc.

It started out about five months ago.  I was working a lot with RI tape 5 and the fire exercise on RI tape 7.  In the middle of the exercise, I felt my body start tingling, then it went numb.  My eyes remained closed, then everything in my field of vision came alive.  There were colors and geometric patterns unlike anything I have ever seen. I found myself hovering in the air and shooting at a high speed into space.  I saw stars and empty space, then what looked like a huge rip, like when cloth or paper is torn.  Shapes were all over the place.  Colors were more vibrant than anything I’ve ever seen.  Things moved, and the closer I looked at them, the more colors I saw inside of them.  It was like an infinite palette of colors.  There were eyeballs spaced around in perfect patterns, which also were swirling with colors inside the pupils.

Then I found myself floating in front of a big golden triangle with an eye in the center.  There was an electric blue fire surrounding it.  It sparkled and glowed.  I felt myself being drawn into it, and then it made a big flash.  I was being flooded with electric blue light.  All of this was happening without me stopping to wonder what it was.  All of a sudden I got very scared and thought “What is this?  What’s happening?” I woke up suddenly and felt like I had been electrocuted.  I ached for days.  My head and teeth were numb, and I had a constant ringing in my ears.

This has happened on several occasions.  I have researched astral projection and near-death experiences and understand what it is.  Believe me, I was terrified for a while.  These happen spontaneously, and I can’t wait until the next one.

I have healed several people.  One friend of my family was in failing health.  He was making preparations to go to a nursing home.  I used RI tape 6 one time on him.  Within days he was up and out of bed.  He was going places and said that he hadn’t felt that way in years.  He can’t understand why he recovered all of a sudden, but I doubt that he is unhappy about it.

There are a lot of people I have on my list to try this on.  There will be good results, I am sure.

These things started happening with the diamond-self exercise on tape 6.  I used it to amplify healing abilities.  Needless to say, it works wonders.

I have also been reading mystical writings, mostly Gnostic texts.  I couldn’t help but notice parallels between these exercises and some old texts.  One that stood out in particular was the Gospel of Thomas, verse 22.
“Yeshua said to them,
When you make the two into one,
and when you make the inner like the outer,
and the outer like the inner,
and the upper like the lower,
and when you make male and female into a single one,
so that the male will not be male nor the female be
when you make eyes in place of an eye,
a hand in place of a hand,
a foot in place of a foot,
an image in place of an image,
then you will enter the kingdom.”
This seems strikingly similar to the exercise on RI tape 6, where you create the body of light.  I recommend that all the students work on this exercise every day.  See what happens.

That’s all for now.  Thank you, Gerald.

Bernard Hubble

Junior Coffi of Japan, wrote to us as to the very powerful manifestation powers he has attained with the help of the connection to the Oneness as he trained with our Combination RV/RI courses


  • Great manifestation powers attained
  • Healings, High vibratory rates, money etc…
  • Out of body voyages at will.

Thanks for making your program available for such an affordable price.

I bought your program about 3yrs ago and I cannot enumerate all that has happened to me here.

Before buying your program I practiced all the royal arts and they were really intensive but manifestation cannot be compared to what I get from your course.

For real, I know once in a generation somebody is sent to enlighten humanity. YOU ARE THAT ONE!

If ever my house got on fire or earthquake, the only thing I will take with me is my COMBO .

Dreams, healings courage thought manifestation, increase in friends etc. I cannot find words to express myself.

A Japanese man with pancreatic cancer, another one with aneurysm have been helped. Now I practice healing.

I will get myself in theta and even delta and my prayers are: quick thought manifestation, diseases and that nature should obey me,.

I get out of my body anytime, anyplace I want.

Believe me, I vibrate! Never seen anything like this before.

Sir, I will send a very detailed testimony about my purchasing of your course, things that since have been happening to me, instant manifestation, money just manifestation in my life etc.

I think your course should be added to any or all high school programs. The course is a gift to humanity and everybody should buy as much as possible. I mean not one only!.

I finally will ask you to allow me to use your program as full teaching material in a school I want to open in Africa.




Josie C , a student in Spain sent us this beautiful feedback


  • Deep soul and physical healing taking place since embarking on our Mind ascension/evolution journey.
  • Experiencing the deep Love of the Higher Mother inside Her ocean of Consiousness.
  • Awakening to real unconditional Love.
  • Seeing and understanding the real process of Soul-ascension.

Dear Gerald,

It’s 9 months since I began the RV and RI courses and I would like to express my feedback.

To begin with I was so sick I was like a wreck. As you say in your writings watch out the doctors but I was already a sort of trapped. They haven’t given me a diagnosis but I keep recovering since I began to listen to the CDs. I’ve been able to know who I can trust or leave behind and managed to get out of trouble of sometimes very difficult situations. I find the solution or information that I need.

Now I can face things that I wasn’t able before in a detached manner no matter what and make the necessary changes.

When I first listened to the RI1 CD I had the beautiful experience of merging with the ocean, like being embraced by two big wings, feeling happy, relaxed, secure, like a baby, surrounded by love

I’ve also had the experience of becoming my breath which I have no words to describe how it is like.

I’ve seen the gradation of colors from black to the most brilliant white as the process of ascension one has to follow.

I’ve felt the heat of becoming a flame in which I sweat as if I were in a sauna but in a pleasurable way.

So far no experience is repeated, everything is always new.

My eyes have a light they didn’t have before that people notice but they don’t know what it is. Even strangers that I cross in the street or the dogs. I’m changing and delighted to be in this trip.

Your explanations are clear, exact, comprehensible. Your voice is soothing. As you say in the e-book we ” only” have to understand, integrate and experience. Thank you so much for this work.

My most sincere gratitude,


Note: As we spoke in the phone the other day you have my permission to publish my comments.

Joshua Lorne sent us this very important feedback where he specifically shares deep insight into the Lower-self mind, the Matrix/local universal mind/and the appearance of the Higher Self from outside of our local universal realm.  Please read, for going through the “dark night of the Soul” is part of the ascension process geared to ultimate liberation for this often ever repeating realm to the unaware flock.


  • Overcoming the  fear projections  projected by the egoic individual and collective mind (matrix)
  • Healing of a serious condition for a dear friend
  • Finally being gifted a Higher Divine Self by the Higher Realms
  • Explaining all the great benefits he received  from training with our combo RV/RI program.

Hi Mr. O’Donnell,

You had asked that I relay some of the things we discussed via phone more recently into an email and I have included my observations below.  I also wanted to let you know that my friend whose wife has/had pancreatic cancer and trained with your courses will be reaching out to you soon.  She has been eating full meals and is nearly off her pain medication.  The three specialists assigned to her care apparently cannot locate cancer within her body, just inflammation.  And they seem be somewhat uncomfortable with not being able to diagnose what has brought about this miraculous turn of events other than her immune system essentially assuming control when it never should have had the power to do so in such a weakened state following months of chemotherapy.  I keep going back to the film “2010: The Year We Make Contact”:

Dave Bowman: You see, something’s going to happen. You must leave.
Heywood Floyd: What? What’s going to happen?
Dave Bowman: Something wonderful.
Heywood Floyd: What?
Dave Bowman: I understand how you feel. You see, it’s all very clear to me now. The whole thing. It’s wonderful.



There is a very strong feeling within me that is difficult to articulate, but that I sense is a form of indifference as it pertains to what people may think of you, whether or not someone you have feelings for does not feel the same way, whether something does or does not manifest in the material realm in the way you had wanted, etc.  This is not akin to shutting oneself down emotionally from a situation, circumstance or interaction, but it is a deep acknowledgement/understanding that if someone or something doesn’t ‘work out’ or ‘come into agreement’ with you, there is no real conflict at all as there would be in one’s prior egoic mind/Dark Mind thought structure.  Why this is so seems to be based on one allowing the Higher Self to assume command of his or her life – past, present and future are slammed into one and one comes to realize that they are being protected and guided at such a profound level that becoming upset or distraught over circumstances, whether material or interpersonal, is really not of their concern.  I have read about and intellectually grasped the potential of this idealized state for years, but never before has it been embraced and authentically believed in with such fervor.

The intensity of the RI course seems to truly threaten the sense of power and control exerted by the Dark Matrix.  The deeper I go into Theta and Delta the more I experience grotesque/demonic imagery that soon dissipates as I refuse to ‘believe’ in it as ‘real’ and instead view it as a hologram of sorts generated to prevent me from going further and thereby becoming closer to The One.  The Dark Matrix also seems to be very capable of creating fear on an emotional and psychological level during these sessions.  I receive the notion that its tentacles are embedded deep within the subconscious mind and imagine myself severing them with a sword while invoking my Higher Self to stand before me and generate an intense white light to overwhelm its dark energy.

I intuit that it is important to note that while your RV and RI courses are actually highly enjoyable, relaxing and liberating, one must utilize them with the utmost seriousness.  Authentic and lasting results will come, but dedication is required.  I have therefore found it is most effective to engage your material for at least an hour per day, and if one has the time, two or more sessions daily.  This is especially the case when one encounters augmented dark energies in their midst which manifest in the form of depressive thoughts, anxiety and what I like to term “The Fear”.  When this occurs I literally say (out loud) “OK, you want to play that way?  Well now you’re going to get another dose of medicine from Mr O’Donnell”.  Perhaps this is not an approach you would recommend, but I find that it works.  When I have discussed your material with friends, I explain to them this journey will take dedication and can be looked upon as a part-time job, but one that requires them to do very little other than lying on a bed and allowing whatever happens to happen.  I instruct them to “Suspend your disbelief” and explain the sophisticated ways in which the egoic mind will initially attempt to disrupt their progress.

The RI course also seems to replace ‘you’ with someone else, your Higher Self (also described to me by a friend as the Holy Spirit).  A rather humorous side effect of this is that you become somewhat of a klutz in doing your standard routines – I drop things and sometimes they go flying out of my hands!  This is not frightening at all, but the Higher Self does seem to have a sense of humor as I receive the notion he is laughing in the background which replaces my normal knee jerk response of anger/frustration after such an event with a loud laugh and shake of the head.

The most accurate way to describe the RV and RI courses as compared to alternative material on the market is that they are critical accelerators to achieving miraculous advances in consciousness within days or weeks versus the 10 to 20 years it would normally take to achieve similar results via traditional meditative techniques.

With my deepest gratitude


Doria D wrote us this feedback 


  • Awakening to Real Beingness outside of the old Matrix.
  • Cognitive impairment and amnesia resolving itself.
  • Depression lifting
  • Feelings returning on leg after over 20 years of nerve damage

Hi Gerald,

Thank you for this wonderful information!

My life has done a complete 360 since receiving the course in January.  At first it seemed too good to be true, but now I know it’s not.  Almost like I dreamed my life until this moment and now can go forth and live.  On purpose all the time and have fun!  Which is a pleasant thought after so much struggle.

Good things happening as a result of the training are that my cognitive impairment and amnesia is resolving itself.  My thinking is clearer and I remember more.  My memories are coming back which is a mixed blessing, however it does enable me to release all that old garbage.  I am communicating better verbally and writing is getting easier too.

My depression is lifting.  I continue to have mood swings and sometimes do not catch the original thought that causes them, but they aren’t lasting as long as they used to.

Also, the feeling in my right foot and leg is returning after over twenty years of 90% nerve damage.

When I remember to go into theta during the day, I am noticing that I’m less stressed.  If I don’t go too far down in, I can still function without feeling too giddy.

I have noticed vivid imagery from distant places, scenes in my life that haven’t happened showing up in my awareness.

Having some difficulty sleeping through with the delta track.  I drift up during the night and have a hard time controlling my thoughts and returning to sleep.  Also haven’t lost my perception of body when in meditation.  I usually get a compulsive urge to move and that ends that even in delta.    Sometimes if I repeat the meditation I do better.

I would say that this course is by far the most comprehensive and rewarding.  Thank you for this incredible information!

Right now I am so blissed out that I’m having a hard time typing.  I finally went to the testimonials page yesterday and felt the happiness radiating so strongly that I had to touch base with you.  Lots more later…working on writing my experience.



Maya Savic, a recent Combination RV/RI trainee sent us this testimonial 


  • Getting healed by of a serious neck disk protrusion and partial paralysis using the combination of our training and a personal visit with Gerald O’Donnell


 Hello :

I am Maya Savic.

The only reason for my ordering RV/RI course was my health concern about the numbness of my right arm, right leg, and a 30 cigarette a day smoking habit that I wanted to free myself from.

For the past two years I have been walking with a most severe limp and had almost no use of my right arm.

I went to see Neurologist and upon his exam he suggested an MRI test which showed a diagnosis as follows:

Severe Spondylitic changes C4-5 level, Cervical Spondylosis C3-4 and C5-6,  and an exaggerated cervical lordotic curvature

The above diagnosis and MRI findings were frightening. There was a high possibility that I would become completely paralyzed.

The Doctor recommended immediate surgery.

After getting a second and a third opinions, which resulted in the same suggestions, I decided to explore other ways of cure in the realm of the One.

After extensive reading about Remote Viewing and Influencing as well as all of Gerald O’Donnell’s testimonials, I decided to order the course  and started my training  on 6/13/09.

After several weeks of training, I realized that I was gaining strength in my right arm and that I was able to lift my leg off the ground.

It felt as if I had been given wings to fly.  I increased my RV/RI training to twice daily staying in meditation for about five hours a day.

During my increased training, I started visualizing Gerald performing healing sessions and being healed by him.

I called Gerald several times to consult about my health concerns and possibility of seeing him for healing session.

Gerald finally agreed to see me in October.  I scheduled my trip to Ft. Lauderdale to visit a friend where I stayed for several days until Gerald finally scheduled my visit on 10/13/09.  Thirteen seems to be my lucky day as one of my daughters was born on Friday the thirteenth.

I arrived at the agreed upon meeting place and Gerald opened the door by saying “Welcome Maya” I gave him big hug and thanked him for his willingness to see me. As soon as I sat down, one of his cats jumped into my lap and sat there for quite a while. This was the beginning of my healing, as I am not cat lover and never had one on my lap before.  I felt comfortable to have this cat on my lap and actually pet it.  The cat remained on my lap as we were speaking about different subjects and building rapport.  I lost awareness of the cat on my lap and felt calm, protected and transformed to a different level, while Gerald was gazing up with his eyes half-open.  I believe he was using RV/RI techniques by contacting the One and asking for healing to happen. I felt completely at peace and felt protected and calm in his presence.  Suddenly Gerald walked to me and put my hand on top of his.  He said, count to 51 by 3. I stared counting and at about 21 it felt as if I had a shot of anaesthesia hit my blood.

From this point on, I do not remember anything.  Even though I heard every word he said it felt as if my physical body remained in that chair, but my consciousness was taken somewhere else.  I felt an overwhelming joy in my heart as if the One touched it and filled with warm loving light..

I heard Gerald asking me if he can emerge me by counting to five.  I said yes, and opened my eyes. He said “Get up and walk now”.

I stood up and started walking perfectly fine without any limp.  The numbness in my arm was completely released.  I was ecstatic and overwhelmed with happiness.  Gerald said, “Your face lit up and you look 10 years younger”.  My voice was projecting higher and I was smiling, laughing and thanking him for his kindness and generosity.  He refused to accept any payment for this 2.5 hours healing session.

I truly wish that all of you can have the same experience with this remarkably gifted Master and Healer who puts his heart and soul into his work.  He brings dramatic improvements in people’s lives by utilizing a wide range of methods in substantial depth taping into many forms of wisdom and healing capabilities, of the subconscious. Gerald is a Master with character and caliber who lives up to the expectation of his Creator The One.   Any one will experience a shift in their consciousness, feel his unconditional love all the while experiencing a profound spiritual enrichment being in his presence.

His voice in person possesses even more hypnotic powers conveying the essence of teachings of oneness with such depth and eloquence.

I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life as it has exceeded my wildest expectations.

Gerald your  RV/RI system is masterful web of advanced Hypnotherapy packed with techniques and modalities penetrating true mind, body and soul affording healing of the entire being.  One would have to take several ten-weeks seminars, spend thousands of dollars and still never gain these same benefits as you unselfishly gifted Humanity with.

I have cut down cigarettes to 10 per day and stated daily walking and swimming!

Gerald, I hope that all is going well with you and you are enjoying every moment of your life!

Love and Light

Maya Savic
737 Pleasant Ave
Highland Park, IL 60035
847-433-2524 (fax)
773-447-7689 (cell)

Esme Sallet wrote to us this testimonial 


  • “Miraculous healing”  when exposing a dear 90 year old lady friend to the brain rewiring CD

Dear Gerald,

I have been listening to the combined training systems since the summer, every day.  I have had tremendous experiences. And something I did not expect is that I know it is healing me in very specific ways. So much to share- and my gratitude is immense.

I want to share something that I am even more grateful for which happened tonight. I do not think you will be surprised but I thought you might like to know how the good goes beyond me by simply owing the cd’s.

One of my very dearest friends, a woman who is my “best friend/mom I always wanted” is named Rose. She is 90. No feeble 90 either. She trades stocks everyday from her home in LA until the NY market closes. Until she fractured her hip this fall, she was going to the gym 3 times a week (seriously) swimming and doing yoga.  Her hip has healed but she has spinal stenosis that is very painful to her. It got worse since the hip fracture. She has had epidurals, pain medication with codeine, percocet- you name it- nothing was working. They then gave her something with a small amount of morphine. It did not help the pain yet made her very groggy and disoriented. It was only for about 2 or 3 days she was on this stuff.

This past Thursday, her son and my friend Jim, who also trades stocks called her after the market closed and could not reach her. We didn’t think much of it for a few hours but at about 6pm we went over and found her asleep or rather in an altered state and we could not wake her. Turns out her system could not handle to the morphine- she was severely dehydrated and was in kidney failure. A wild ride needless to say. They gave her some stuff to reverse the narcotic and when she started to come to, she was in a delirious state. Not knowing how long she had gone with diminished oxygen to her brain, they told us there may be the possibility she would be brain damaged. Daily she seemed to be more in a beta state but only for moments. The rest of the time she thought she was stock trading as well as saying some profound things that I contemplated and some of her “ramblings” have already changed my life forever. I digress…Last night at 2 am she still thought she was stock trading and today she has returned to us. She was suddenly “back” this afternoon but still not remembering certain things about her life. Sort of displaying similar conditions of a person at the beginnings of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

This is what is so tremendous. I brought with me the RI 5 disk – (rewiring the brain’s circuitry) and told her what it was. She is NOT into anything like this. But she is all for intelligence and expanded brain capacity. The whole family is brilliant intellectually and all fabulously successful in the financial world- yes- even when everyone lost money recently, this family did not- quite the opposite. So she agreed to listen. She immediately fell asleep which I thought was a good thing- so she wouldn’t be able to analyze it. It so happened that the ICU nurse walked in just as the cd had ended and Rhoda opened her eyes. The nurse looked at her vitals and said “!your heart rate and pulse are more normal than when she came in here as well as her blood pressure!”  Then about a half an hour later her other son called from Bali and when she hung up she began to tell me in incredible detail all about his financial “newsletter” (or whatever it was) his recent travels through Europe for work and his hedge fund and the boat he is having built and remembering and articulating the most complex things. TO ME, there is NO DOUBT the cd is what rapidly gave her back her brain function and even better than before this incident.

I just stood back and with tremendous relief and gratitude knowing it helped her and will continue to. I am going to have her listen to the cd daily as well as the theta and delta brainwave entrainment so she can rest and continue to heal.

I feel confident that you will appreciate knowing the benefit we have received from your cd’s.

My own experiences have been many and wild as well- some scary actually.  But I am interested in such so I am not really shocked by it. I do consider what happened to Rhoda tonight to be a miracle which proves that you do not need to engage your imagination at all for these modalities to work- instantly in her case.

I thank you sincerely with gratitude so deep.

Thank you.

Esme Sallet

Eric Young, a Canadian trainee and addiction counselor, sent us this testimonial.


  • Healing himself and others from back condition, rotator cuff injury, addiction problems etc..,
  • Finding inner peace and happiness and powerfully manifesting reality.

Dear Gerald.
Firstly, thanks for making the course available, it is worth 1000’s of dollars more… what price peace and balance?
I started in Nov 2008 by downloading the free session from the website.  I listened at work in my chair and my life instantly improved to an amazing degree.  I listened almost every day until the RV sessions arrived.  I listened to them over and over before moving on to the successive sessions.  I ordered the RI, which to me is really what I want as I am not too interested in seeing the future or having OOBE’s- I have had some experience with these sort of things but don’t really have a desire to replicate them at the moment.
The RI course is still being worked on, I keep going unconscious during the “beyond Delta” session, so I’m back at the previous Delta session work and I’m happy to stay there until I’m ready for the next step.
Many precognitive and supernatural things started happening immediately in November, despite me not asking for anything other than healing myself/others, and wanting to be aware of being connected to Self at all times.  My back problem has all but disappeared, I am fixing my sister’s rotator cuff, my work with clients is improved (Addiction Counselor), but most importantly, my life has become one of sitting with a smile in my heart in peace and love, with a consistency previously unobtainable through many other methods over the years.
I wanted something that would put me into the deeper states of consciousness so that I could become aware of how they felt, and thereby apply them to my own meditations and life: this is what has resulted from using the RV/RI courses, instantly! So far I am happier and more Self-aware than I have ever been, despite very big changes in my life at this time!
I have a few friends who have listened to sessions with me and now are hooked on them. I encourage them and anyone to buy your product and watch their lives become wonderful, looking through our childhood eyes in amazement at everything that goes by.
I thank you a million times, I thank the One, and I thank my Self- I know we are all One entity now.

Erik Young, Canada “Live your own life, for you will die your own death”

Rev. Dr. Tamara Coleman sent us this enthusiastic testimonial. Please read below:

Hello Gerald:

I am a new user and I have just completed the RI/RV COURSE February 1, 2009. I did this in 24 days as you requested.

Today, I sit here sharing my experiences with you in a state of surreal and disjointed reality.  I feel strangely both disconnected and absolutely calm.

I have been exposed to everything from multiple religions, new age, ancient schools, and gurus from sea to shining sea; never being satisfied with what I was learning or hearing.  I have read everything from Chopra, Dyer, India’s Gurus, American Gurus, old out of print books like the Power of Concentration, Thought Vibrations, etc.  Though good to a point, I never was able to execute successfully or permanently any transformation in my reality.

This has always been my goal, to transform my reality at will, by thought alone. No one and no thing had ever met this mental intent/knowing I have had all of my life but  YOUR COURSE the RI/RV COMBO COURSE!

I am now taking FULL responsibility for all of my good, bad, or ugly situations in my entire sphere of reality, past, future or NOW!  Your course has vibrated off every shred of foolish, ignorant and self-sabotaging thought patterns and behaviors.  This is why I feel completely disjointed/disconnected but WIDE AWARE.


  1. A church member came to me after church one day to ask for prayer for her husband who was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was undergoing test to determine the course of action the doctors would take.  I looked intently at her and remote viewed the picture she had painted and changed it right then. I said to her; “Mrs. McGee, your husband does not have PROSTATE CANCER, he only has some mild discomfort in his back that can be relieved by a good nights’ rest and a couple of aspirin.”

The next Sunday, she came to church and reported that her husband did not have prostate cancer and that he only had a mild infection that required rest, and he was back at work, even about to get a new job with UPS as a truck driver.

  1. My daughter was given a full academic scholarship for 4 years in the middle of the school year from the university she is attending.  The letter came out of the blue January 7, 2009.  It is unheard of to receive a full academic scholarship in the second semester and after they were all given out by September 2008.
  2. 3.  It takes no effort to heal anyone now.  I simply look intently at the person before me, see, the picture I desire, then I speak to them what I see.  I always use the cobalt blue energy from your course to do this.  Even when I touch someone asking for help they respond immediately with shock or joy to my touch.  This pleases me to see and feel the restoration of their bodies.
  3. 4.  My body is completely healed of the stiffness of arthritis, and varicose veins; and I no longer have sinus infections.  My nasal passageways are the clearest they’ve been  in 25 years, my hair is now completely black, my stamina is that of a 25 year old, and people and animals are attracted to me like bees to honey, but little children are especially attracted and they speak in baby/god talk to me all the time.
  4. 5.  KNOWINGNESS/ESP has increased 100 fold resulting in a rock solid calmness of peace.  I recognized the Dark Matrix’s ploys and plot quickly and I have great difficulty in believing in the traumas and dramas they present.  What is boredom a sign of?
  5. 6. MIND READING- I was already operating in this arena before your COMBO course but it was infant sized compared to the full blown God size ability I now have. I know when people are lying, being truthful and even know the things they are into.  It seems I scan their energy fields without thinking about it and the packets of info come quickly, in a twinkling of an eye.  I have learned to stay detached and non-committal about what I see.
  6. 7. Lastly, the internal joy, love, peace, and assuredness radiating within me in so powerful and intense that I change the atmosphere in a room at will from confusion to calm by going to deep Delta with my eyes open and cover the room with the intense purple of that level.

Today, is February 2, 2009, and I an starting the course from the beginning a second time and I am taking your advice and will perform the techniques without the CD’s TO QUANTUM JUMP MY ABILITIES AND EVOLUTION INTO HIGHER REALMS QUICKLY!

I have the HIGHEST REGARDS for you and your knowledge to accelerate us all into higher and more harmonious realms of life.  Thank you for your brilliant work and integrity.

Rev. Dr. Tamara Coleman

Dr. Stavros Elphtheriou, DMD,  a surgeon, sent us this nice testimonial


  • Increased Inner peace and Joy.
  • Getting guidance or solutions from Higher Intelligence
  • Creating the life he desires. Medical practice, career etc..  is booming.
  • Using RI to successfully heal difficult cases.

Dear Gerald,

 My life in this universe (and probably others as well) has been an amazing journey since I discovered the RV & RI. I have completed the combined course and I repeat various exercises. Every day brings new excitement; I cannot describe with words the confidence I have for every single thing that happens because I know that I am creating the life I want around me.

My carrier is rocketing, my practice is booming and my life is more fulfilling.

You may have noticed that I am a surgeon. Lately, I have healed 2 problematic cases. The healing was so good, the outcome unbelievable. Due to human nature, even though I could actually see in my mind the end result, there were times I had doubts which I was trying to delete from my thought. But the final results were mind blowing!!! Now I have much more confidence and next time around I am sure it will be even better.

Most of the times lately (if not always) when I need advice or solutions, I find that when I stop thinking about the problem and my mind is calm, somehow I get answers, most of the time without even doing an exercise.

I cannot thank you enough.

Kind regards,


Dr Stavros Eleftheriou, DMD, FIACS

Maxillofacial & Oral Surgeon

Cosmetic Facial Surgeon

Sylvia Tsuji of  Ontario, Canada sent us this enthusiastic feedback


  • Healing her daughter’s Alopecia (loss of all body hair considered to be usually permanent by modern medicine) by using our Remote Influencing training.

Hello Gerald:

I am a new user of your Remote Influencing CD’s only having had these CD’s for 8 weeks with the express purpose on working on my daughter’s auto immune disease.  The disease she has is called Alopecia where her body attacks her hair follicles, leaving her without any hair.  She has suffered with this for the last 2-1/2 years and doctors have only wanted to pump steroids into her system to see if this would soemhow stimulate hair growth.  We declined this approach. However, slowly over the last year a small amount of hair has returned to her arms and legs, but unfortunately no hair has returned to her head.

For the last 8 weeks I have gone through the Remote Influencing CD’s three times over and seem to have settled on using CD’s #7, 8 and 9 to work on my daughter.  During this time, I have focused on hair growing on her head, and have visually gone into her body and worked with her hair follicles to take up the nutrients from the veins in her head. Sometimes, whilst doing the meditation I have held her hand because of the rush of energies I have experienced (tingling sensations in my head and abdomen) and wanting these positive energies to flow into her.  I have visualized her hair being dark brown, wavy, strong, vibrant and healthy.  The level of extremely happy emotions and total belief as to a positive outcome have caused me to cry with joy when I do these meditations.

About 2 weeks ago, my daughter told me that her head was itchy and to run my hand over her head.  There are now little spikes of hair over three-quarters of her head with the hairs being about 1/4″ long.    Even though her hair is only 1/4 inch long, my daughter is brushing her head as if she has long hair so my daughter’s belief system has now changed for the better. Within time I will be able to send you a before and after picture of my daughter because I totally expect her hair to keep on growing.  Once you have an experience like this, your belief system is changed and your sense of empowerment is so strong as to believe anything and everything is attainable.  The Remote Influencing CD’s are very powerful but I do believe the secret to manifesting what you want is to allow any emotions of joy, happiness, passion, love, appreciation, optimism, hopefulness and belief to really come through.

 I can’t thank you enough Gerald for your training program.  I also have the Remote Viewing CD’s but haven’t used them yet because with the success I am having on Remote Influencing, I just don’t want to stop listening to them as I have a lot more areas to work on.

P.S. On August1, 2012 Sylvia Tsuji sent us this update:

Hi Gerald:

I wrote to you on October 21, 2008, telling you that I was working with my daughter, using RI tapes, to heal her auto immune disease called Alopecia.  This is where the body attacks the hair follicle and the hairs fall out.  Her hair had fallen out all over her body but since using the RI CD’s, I had noticed that small amounts of hair were starting to come back on her body.   It was only as a result of listening to another video session of yours that I thought I should provide an update.  For the last 9 months, my daughter now has a full head of hair.  Although it took 3 years to completely recover from this disease, I have been told by medical doctors that it is highly unusual for individuals who have Alopecia Totalis (where there is not one strand of hair on the body) to recover so completely.  Perhaps if the loss of hair was just on one part of her body, the results would have been quicker to achieve.  Nevertheless, we are appreciative of what has happened – the length of time it took is immaterial.  Her eyelashes and eyebrows have come in thicker than they used to be, as well as her hair which is exactly as I envisioned it to be – brown, wavy and healthy hair.  I am so glad to be using your CD’s


Stanley Rutherford , a recent combination RV/RI trainee,  shares with us this experience:


  • “Miraculous” healing of his pet with the help of the universal mind while operating from deep Theta.
  • Moving matter and bending spoons through mind power alone

Dear  Mr. O’Donnell:

Hello.   This is Stanley Rutherford,  I am writing to let you and my fellow trainees know about a most wonderful experience.  A week ago, I was working   on the Combo Cds. While being in deep theta, I had an inspirational thought upon recalling the fact that as a result of working at such deep levels one could naturally heal (one’s self or someone else).  At that point, I remembered that the family pet had a very  bad problem with one of his eyes that had been injured. The bad eye had been that way for at least a year. I had in the past spoken with a vet who said that this type of injury would require surgery to remove dead tissue and scarring. which would be a very expensive procedure.  We could sadly not afford it.

So while in deep Theta, I asked for the universal mind’s (the One)  help, and began working on Max (the family pet). I was startled at first to  recognize  the link between myself,  the universal mind, and then Max.  I zeroed in on the eye injury and soon I was within it. I could see what appeared to be some sort of energy field that  was vibrating out of sync.  Like if something was shorting out .

When I saw this, I sent out some healing energy, and then saw in my mind the eye corrected.   A couple of hours latter, the formerly injured eye  just went back into place . Wow!

I must say that my little friend is very happy now that his eye is completely healed .

Here is something else.  A few days ago, I gave you a call with regards to telekinesis because I had something happen while in a very deep theta state. I was sitting on my bed and suddenly  wanted to try to close my window blinds without touching them, using my mind alone. To my great surprise, they began to move.  And so, I tried to do it again and it worked. But always very slowly.   But who cares about how fast it happened!  The important thing is that it happened .

I called you up and you suggested that I should then try to bend a heavy spoon.    Well, I did!!

I went into deep theta, and I saw mentally the spoon that I wanted to work on. I asked the Universal Mind for advice on how to do it and got an answer. I was told to imagine that the spoon was an non-separated extension of myself alike a finger. I imagined then that the spoon was my finger. Funny as it may sound, this has to do with not willing it to happen but to understand the relationship between myself and the “material object”;  that I and every thing in this universe is inter-connected. I felt that the molecules of the object were mine. So, at this point, I moved the spoon mentally as if it were my own finger bending. You see, you don’t have to will strongly a finger to bend, it just follows automatically your instruction (this is how mind-matter also works).

Well, the spoon did bend!! I have repeated this and it seems to get easier all the time !!!!

The only limits one will run into are the ones that we allow ourselves or others to put in the way!

Thanks so much, Mr. O’Donnell


Yumnah Aguba-El sent us this touching testimonial

  •  Subject: Our RI training helping the healing process of a stage 4 cancer

 Mr. O’Donnell

 I would like to share my experience with the The Complete Remote Influencing Training System.

I was admitted to the hospital 7/05, diagnosed with double pneumonia, lungs filled with water; the left lung collapsed; both lungs were drained twice; also was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  I was not expected to walk out of the hospital, however, I did on 7/27. I was on 3 cycles of Chemo, and decided I was KILLING MY SELF just by looking at the awful side affects, etc. [I will spare you the details!].

  I got off the chemo and started taking Aloe1, a special specie of aloe that is only grown and harvested in Homestead, Florida –8 ounces times a day for 120 days [I will continue to drink it].  The cancer count went from 174.17 down to 80 as of December, the doctor is looking for “40”, I am looking for “0”.

So, to make a long story short on that topic is that  Aloe1 turned my life and health around 360 degrees.  When I started three weeks ago to listening to the complete remote influencing training system, I noticed the pain in my knees began to subside more and more.  I noticed that dark areas on my face, were now lightening up.  The pain factor was very very evident; energy level changed, STAMINA definitely changed!  I thought I was feeling great with the Aloe!, well by adding the listening to the CDs there has been a remarkable acceleration of my healing process.  I can feel the vibration in every cell of my body.  I was thrilled to share this with you this morning and you confirmed what I was feeling and experiencing.

It is, as I mentioned, I am feeling truly rejuvenated, and that all the anger, fear, resentment, pity, low self esteem, which is all part of the “cancer causing bucket”, is BANISHING!  This is truly wonderful.  Thank you for all that you do and offer to all of us.  There are no accidents.  This is something that I have always wanted to do!

Peace and Blessings,

Yumnah Aguba-El

Tamarac, Florida

Paul G. sends us this enthusiastic feedback .


  • Re-membering all the parts of one’s previously shattered self after only 3 sessions with the RV/RI Combination training.

Dear Gerald,

It is with great joy and deep thankfulness that I write you about the results I’ve had with the RV/RI program after only a week of using it.

Just so you are aware of some of my background, I am not new to this subject matter. I have taken PSI-TECH’s TRV course, the Silva Method course (three times), studied hypnotherapy, taken the one year self-study “A Course in Miracles”, been to a psychic development class, and even attended Doreen Virtue’s angel workshop.

All of the aforementioned have had what I would consider miraculous results, but even combined, it is miniscule compared to what I’ve experienced in your program thus far, and after only a week at that.

Five years ago, I was hospitalized due to severe stress and other factors. I spent the first year after that pretty much in bed. It has been extremely difficult to focus and hold my concentration on anything. I was put on some pretty intense medication that could have some potentially harmful side effects.

I am happy to report an almost miraculous recovery after listening to your first exercise tape (RV 2A) only 2 times. My focus has returned, I can concentrate better, I am happy and cheerful, and my body feels like it did before I was hospitalized. And I’m completely convinced that I no longer need the medication.

I had thought my life was practically over, but thanks to your program, I can see it’s only just beginning.

The most exciting thing about this is that these results were accomplished as a byproduct of listening to the tapes. Healing isn’t the focus of your course.
AND, to cap it off, it happened on the first side of the first exercise tape! There are about 10 more tapes to go and if this is an indication of what is to come, I can tell you I’ve finally reached the door to heaven.

There will be no more books, no more workshops or programs or courses. Yours is all that I need! (Heck, I think I’ve tried them all, anyway!)

You’ve given me the opportunity and the means to fulfill my potential and truly life the life of my dreams. I am in deep gratitude.

Thank you for such a wonderful gift. May you be eternally blessed.

Paul G.

Dennis Buffy, Subject:

  • Receiving what would be called a miraculous healing, when a Physician, formerly trained in RV and RI by the Academy, applied healing techniques on his chronic back injuries. He then started to experience all sorts of extraordinary experiences even though he had not even received yet our training! Please read his unusual and enthusiastic story received on December 12, 2003. . .

Mr. O’Donnell,

Thank you for the phone conversation today. What I am about to write is what has happened to me in the past 4 weeks  when a Canadian doctor did  RV and RI on  my bad neck and back condition that I have been suffering from since the past 5 years. Chiropractors could only relieve the symptoms,  but they would return time and time again. I had gotten into a automobile accident a little over 5 years ago and got a bad whiplash injury and my lower back was jarred as well.

As each year came and went,  my conditions worsened! Especially if it rained or when winter arrived, it became very arthritic to say the very least. This is when this story started.  I found a doctor who had completed the RV and RI course a year or so ago.  I emailed him and asked him could he actually RV and RI my condition? He stated that he would try,  but could not guarantee success. I accepted that possibility. I thought to myself  “well I tried everything else, what could it hurt!”

I sent him another email telling him to go ahead. Now fellow RV’rs and RI’rs, I did not know anything about RV and RI! I only read this site once! I just ordered the course yesterday and I am very anxious to get started. I even set up a day-to-day diary to begin the adventure for the next 6-8 weeks! You can find my link on the  website.

The doctor agreed and said that he would perform the RV and RI methods on me for the next 6-8 weeks. The only thing I could do was to see what would happen. Boy! Little did I know what I what was truly in store for me!. About two weeks had gone by, and I woke up one morning wanting to stretch my neck from side to side like I have done for the last 5 years. I tilted my neck back slowly because of the bad pain involved.

But to my surprise there was no pain!!!!!!!!! I mean to tell you that I must have tilted my head back a dozen times feeling for the pain and it just was not there! I ran to my wife, who by the way was somewhat skeptical, and told her about it. She responded in a half manner nod, but her attitudes changed when she realized in the weeks to come that I stopped asking her to rub down my neck just under the base of the skull and she asked “am I really OK?”  I stated “I feel great!”

Now,  I wrote to the doctor telling him the good news, and he was elated. But he stated that he would continue to work on me for the next couple of sessions.  I agreed and waited for something else to happen in regards to the healing of my back and lower back areas.  The center of my back is where my muscles would constantly knot up between my shoulder blades, and I had to constantly for the past years have that area massaged with Ben-Gay to alleviate at least some of the sharp pain.

At the end of that week I had not more pain between my shoulder blades! By now you might imagine that I was on cloud nine! If there were a ten I would have surpassed that! I wanted to write the doctor but felt that since he was a doctor he would be extremely busy…So I waited another week. and this is when things got a little bizarre. My wife and I would have our casual conversations throughout the day when I was off-work but each time I would  think of a complex question and something that needed both our attentions, she would speak out the exact complex question I was pondering about, before I even asked it! This went on for an entire week. I guess I would call this “sporadic” telepathy.

Now things were really getting exciting, but I noticed that my lower back where the doctor was working on was not getting any better.  As a matter of fact, it seemed to get worse with each passing day. Well, of course, living in Minnesota with winter upon us the arthritic pains were kicking in big time.

I just forgot about all this and after a day or two I was busy getting prepared for work. I came home one evening – it was about the 4th week of November 2003- I relaxed and closed my eyes and something told me, not audibly but inside my head, to take 4 Advil tablets.

Now that was a crazy thought! I had taken Advil and Tylenol and some prescription medications every month for years. It would help but the pain would still still there. Yet this inner voice kept telling me to do it! So I thought: since all these weird things were already happening to me, I should better listen! I took the Advil tablets as instructed. Within one hour all pain ceased! I mean the pain never returned! How does one figure this out?

Again the inner voice, which by the way I had never experienced before,  told me that the RI healing had already taken place but that lactic acid was all over the area along that muscle that had been tightened for many years and caused it to be extremely sensitive. And that by taking the Advil I got rid of the lactic acid build-up and relaxed that long-time tightened muscle. This time I emailed my doctor friend and told him the above statement and he stated “you were 100% correct on what you had to do.”  This inner voice was my Higher-Self directing me to complete my final healing process!

I told the doctor that I was healed and asked him if he would kindly  RV/RI my interview for the position of State Prison Correctional Officer for me? He stated that this was not his specialty, but that he would and again not guarantee anything. Well, I passed the interview with flying colors, and by the way they were extremely impressed with my constant eye contact and the answers coming from me for the situational questions given to me were fast and very fluid.

I also from time to time had OBE’s but none of which I could ever control as soon as I was out, bam! And I would be sucked right back into my body. So I gave up. Well, during the first two weeks of December 2003, I had my first real complete OBE except that this time I was assisted by invisible entities, each one holding my wrists from behind me, and one supporting my lower back, and I began with great speed to rise up into the air until I could no longer sense my body. Then they let me go! I saw that it was dark and I had no idea where I was.

I remember reading a book saying that if things became fuzzy or dark just to yell out mentally, “clarity” 3x’s.  I did so and nothing changed. I looked down and noticed a street lamp shining on a wooden building. It caught my attention, so I flew down in front of this shed. It was made of slates of wood, kind of like a wood veneer of some sort. But what I found interesting was what was on the front of the shed, in big bold red letters the word “ICE” was imprinted on it. I assume it was a ice storage shed. Then everything blacked out and I awakened.

My second OBE since the RV and RI treatment occurred when I laid down on the couch and fell asleep.  I found myself sitting at my computer desk chair right across from where I was sleeping. I realize or thought that I was dreaming so I remembered what these invisible hands did for me the first time so I outstretch my arms and was ready to be lifted up to have a OBE not realizing I was already having one. At this time a loud one time tone sounded off, it sounded metallic of sorts and a electrical sound, alike stun guns going off, happened and before I knew what was happening, I woke up and only then realized that I had been out of my body!

You got to realize that all these events were happening to me in the last 6 weeks since getting the RV and RI treatments. Even when the treatments stopped,  the phenomena were still encroaching in on me. Then I started  dreaming every single night that someone was teaching me RV and RI skills on 3 levels! Surely I could not even explain what that was all about since the training information was received at lightening fast speed, and when I awakened I seemed to have forgotten most of it.

Soon after that as I was browsing Mr. O’Donnell’s website I found that he mentioned something of Delta being on 3 levels but we had to learn these for ourselves as time goes on in our quest for the truth. So maybe he may or may not be able to shed some light on this particular training. I know this is an extremely long testimony but I wanted you all to see that here is a person who never knew Remote Viewing existed, let alone Remote Influencing, and did not even realize what was going to happen if anything when the good doctor did his thing!

I want to quote what the doctor just emailed me yesterday.  He stated that he was glad I got the State job and that he wanted me to know that he has been RVing and RIing his family members and others  with great success! You see,  before I met him he took both courses and the RI part of it really never stroke a note in him to use it on anyone other than house plants or his family pet. Now he states that he is quite busy healing others with RV and RI with great results! He just cannot get over the change in himself since he RV’d and RI’d me in the past several weeks!

My sleep has been light due to the fact I keep RV and RIing in my dreams. I just wish I could remember why and to who I am doing this too. I guess when my course arrives in a day or so I will get my answers in the next several weeks to come. Oh! by the way, I forgot to mention during the first OBE with the ice shed I was able to clearly  see the words with no difficulty, which from what I heard is very hard to do.

Thank you Mr. O’Donnell for your contribution to all of us here! Those that know you such as me and others  hope to get to know you better. You are second to none in your field,  and I only hope to make you proud by being the best I can be as a remote viewer and influencer. Please feel free to add my email address as a direct testimony of the power of RV and RI and what it can do to a person even if he or she never heard about it before!

Sherwood H.K. Finley writes to us this very important feedback on the RV&RI combination course.


  • Becoming a “Precog” as shown in the movie “Minority Report.”  Creating with full awareness one’s reality.
  • Stopping “time” and operating in the gap between linear “time” at the level of real Mind in order to Remote Influence.
  • Witnessing reality twice: Once from the HS perspective and then again from the “lower self perspective.” This comment will form the basis of a new page titled “In between worlds” explaining the secret of Holographic Creation (projection), the real “Matrix of Life (Universal Lattice) and how to master (control) it by learning to be in the “gap.” All this coming to you free, on this website: The Channel of the One.

My first experience with the Remote Influencing course was of a deep calm, a characteristic of the delta level which remained within me and was easy to retrieve. Next came lucid dreaming and very deep sleep, even naps were extremely restful.

From the Remote Viewing material I had learned to observe data streams from the past and target probable futures. With Remote Influencing, I began to live them, but sometimes I felt that I was living backwards in time. I found I could fast forward to the day’s end, review and edit, insert desired outcomes and then experience the day I had designed. It became obvious to me that certain time reversals resulted from tapping into delta, especially in public settings where more input is abundant.

For instance,  I was in a bookstore on Jan 7, 2003, and lived certain events in twice-instant replay. I saw  a vivid vision of a man drop a book then pick it up. But two seconds later I saw it again. Trust me, this gets your attention!

Back on the street crowds looked like multi-colored clouds and I heard fragments of conversations and two seconds later heard them again. I was living in a virtual double-exposure reality!

That night in the shower while reviewing these events, I noticed that the water droplets seemed to be falling very slowly, even after repeated viewings. I found I could encircle a drop with my hand.
Four days later the drops just hung in the air, freeze-frame! Clocks have gotten into the act preferring to slow-and stop-their second hand! I first thought that they ran out of power, but new fresh batteries didn’t help. One of the local cats ran by the door, and guess what? He did it again two seconds later.  I kept watching for Alice and/or the white rabbit! No luck! Nor did a voice inform me that I had entered the twilight zone!

In RV assignments I found that after having trained with the Remote Influencing course twice, I could view and retain far more data than previously, information which was verified by Mr. O’Donnell who always made sense out of my input, especially when it made no sense to me.

After incorporating sketching, page after page would come flying out. With various disasters ad crimes I found I could merge with them and emerge untouched, with no side-effects.

In working with a distance healing client,  I decided to see if I could enter their dream and leave some helpful programs behind. By the way, that’s all you can do, and only win-win is possible. I found the speed of this person’s dream was beyond comprehension so I put it on hold, inserted simple instructions, e.g. :My immune system is functioning perfectly”, and then let their dream continue. Result: One of the fastest recoveries I’ve ever seen in about 20,000 distance healing sessions (Since 1986).

Finding lost objects seemed effortless and it often seemed that I had become the object, in most cases my glasses which have their own agenda!
In daily life I found that problem-solving, negotiation, communication, creativity, memory, and not getting nervous or upset quite as frequently, all improved quite wonderfully.

 After over a year of training with the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing course of the Academy, I can state that these experiences and states are now constant and not like a peak experience or a weekend workshop success. As you master the deeper levels of your mind there is an automatic mastery of life. It simply becomes easier.
My overall experience is that I can now help others far better discover their tremendous inner potential for changes and accomplishment. I can help them bring in healing- not just to their biology but their mind, emotional body, and spirit. All this is what the RV and RI courses show and train us to experience. With only a little bit of faith and perseverance we can all tap into this tremendous inner power just waiting to lift us back into freedom and harmony.

P.S. Unfortunately the Oneness took back Sherwood Home on January 14, 2010. He was a dear friend and the best Remote Viewer I have ever known. His Spirit always flew as an eagle High and wide, and I know that he is now a Golden Eagle Flying within the Golden Sphere of the One as one the Holy Golden Eagles. Happy Flights, my dear friend and Light-warrior. You deserve the Peace of God. Gerald O’Donnell 2012

Serge Laliberte  M.D. sends this testimonial on the RV &RI courses.

  • The power of loving thought in energizing and healing nature and healing an older beloved family pet.

Hi Gerald,

Glad you clarified for me over the phone the issue of vibratory light.  Thanks!

First of all, I want to congratulate you on your RV & RI course.  It is outstanding and very exciting to do and experience.  I am now on tape 3B of the RI course.  I have been doing this course slowly over the past 8 months, repeating frequently each tape.  As a result, tape 2A of the RV course is starting to sound warbled.  So I am kindly asking that you send me a replacement.

With regards to my experiences, I have increased intuition and it is coming in more evenly and regularly. I also am more even emotionally, am told that I have more serenity and  feel increased inner peace consistently.  When my dark shadow comes to the surface, I am able to accept and ground the various fears.

All of the above can be real or imagined, but my greatest success and legitimate proof that something is happening has been with tape 6A of the RV course.  I started working on an asparagus fern that was brought indoors in the fall .  This plant did not look very healthy to start with.  Over the course of 3-4 weeks, I did four RV sessions on that plant, it became more healthy and vibrant and finally even bloomed, producing several small star-shaped flower clusters  which we have never seen before.  As I write, this plant is beautiful, vibrant and full of life.

The next experience is with our family dog, a 12 year old Border Collie named Louie.  He loves to run, but has been limping for the past year and this gradually became worse to the point that he was in chronic pain and barely walking on three legs.  X-rays showed advanced osteoarthritis of his right shoulder.  He was given a long-term anti-inflammatory drug, on which he improved but as soon as he would go out for a run, he was limping again.  Using the techniques in tape 6A, I did maybe four sessions at different intervals of  RV & RI on the dog.  Louie got better, the drug dosage and frequency were reduced, and finally he was doing really well. Quite back to normal.  What I was not aware of, was that the teens had forgotten for many weeks to give him his meds regularly, remembering only once a week – maybe.  For the past two months, Louie has been off all medication, is 95% better with only some morning stiffness and not limping.  Now that I call awesome!

All the best, till later


Rishael Sisler one of our RV/RI Combo  students, writes to us this enthusiastic comment.  Subject:

  • Changing the life of a diagnosed Schizophrenic patient and improvement of his partial paraplegic condition due to a traumatic fall. When you believe, anything becomes possible!

Hello….to All of You …who Be…Probable Future,

Thank You….for providing these courses…and making this information so readily affordable for everyone.  In my first visit to….I was so touched by the Love…Compassion…Insight…Intelligence….and Quality of your information on RVing. Everything I read resonated with my beliefs of what I am….and the way things work…from what I have learned in my personal spiritual journey.  Of course…I ordered your course in Remote Viewing.  This was in February of 2002.

This course has been an incredible tool in my personal development.  I have done many different kinds of work in my 48 years.  The most re-occurring theme since childhood….is I take care of people plants and animals.  For as long as I can remember…I have been caring for injured beings.  This started with people giving me injured or orphaned animals when I was a child.  As a teenager I worked with developmentally disabled children. In college I was pursuing a double major in Music and Psychology…..due to my interest in the effects of music on our feelings, moods and emotions. My formal education was interrupted in 1975 by a near death experience in childbirth….and the loss of my son in the traumatic birthing experience. This is when I had to learn about healing myself….physically and emotionally.  I’ve continued my “independent studies” of life with raising three children…(youngest now 20)….interspersed with an encounter with Lymphatic Cancer…(survivor..18 years) and a lot of study of physics, metaphysics, and spiritual-physical-mental health.  I still take care of people…a lot of work with the elderly in the 90’s….including of course my own parents.

Right after I began your course in RV….I got a call from an acquaintance who wanted me to work with her schizophrenic son.  He was 24 years old…and very injured.  He was an honors student entering UCSC (university of California at Santa Cruz) after high school and had an emotional breakdown in his first year of college.  He was diagnosed as a schizophrenic and put on medication.  In the depths of his despair and confusion….he jumped off of the roof of their 2 story house in august of 2001.  He survived this….as a partial paraplegic and was told he would probably never walk again.

His mother called me in April of 2002 and asked me to work with him.  When I first met this young man he captured my heart…He was very withdrawn…depressed…angry…He was very consumed with his interactions, with his voices. I believe these are all fragments of his shattered self and it has been fascinating getting to know them.  The course in RV has been so valuable….in my efforts to help him discover his path to healing himself.  We worked 1 on 1 together almost every day for about 2 1/2 months.  He started out believing that he would never walk again…could not heal from schizophrenia…and the only point in going on….was to find a better way to commit suicide.  What a journey this has been…Now…almost a year later…He is walking with a brace on one leg and a cane!!  He can even walk up the stairs in my house when he comes to visit.  He is blossoming in his social life and has positive thoughts for his future.  We worked together to hire a staff of “care-pals”!  to further his path to healing.  I could not continue the 1 on 1 intensive…as I needed to go to Indiana to care for my Mother.  Fortunately….by the time I had to go last September we had a good staff of people and he certainly didn’t need my personal attention.  Since then I have been the manager and advisor for the care-pals.  I am so grateful for all the ways that I have benefited from the RV course and believe it was instrumental  in my work with this young man.

Now….I’m  off to Indiana again…to care for my Mom who is 84….and move her out to live with my family here in CA.  AND….beginning your course in RI which I LOVE.

So….the point of all this………My question???? for you……is….This very special young man is having a birthday soon….I would like to give him the course in Remote Viewing….So….What do you know about your tapes and schizophrenia???  What do you think??  Is there any reason he shouldn’t???  I think he may really enjoy them and benefit from it!  What do you think??

Once again…Thank You…I love you all….my experience with Probable Future has been like a big Kiss from the Universe!!


Gary Bynam a recent RI/RV Combo trainee writes to us. Subject:

  • His experience in being a powerful channel for healing energies and saving the life of his elderly father with the help of the One. Makes me smile!

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to experience your courses.

 I  have had  bad times lately with my father being very ill but things have turned around very quickly due to my persistent listening to the Out of the Matrix Course, Let me explain:

 My father has suffered with severe arthritis of the Hips and was due to go into a Hospital for a hip operation on Wednesday,  March 5th 2003.

The hip operation went fine but my father’s heart and kidneys went into spasm he was moved into intensive care, as his heart/blood pressure was not functioning correctly and he went on life support.

Friday, March 7th:  After two days, things were not getting better and  the doctor suggested his life could go either way. Upon my visit I  found a very old and confused man who had also developed a very bad twitch as his whole body would jerk up and down. We hoped that it was only  a reaction to the drugs. My father is or was a very fit 79 year old and I was quite distressed.

The Doctor suggested the kidneys needed help and he would install some sort of dialysis apparatus to help them.

 Saturday,  March 8th: 11AM. My mother called  me at work, and informed me that Dad was still the same. I left work at 2pm with a mission to help my father so I parked up at a car park close to the beach and decided to ask for help.

I relaxed and moved into the deep theta level, when I arrived I asked for help, two figures appeared the first one looked up at me it had the face of death: a skeleton face.  I pushed it away with white light and as another came I did the same.  I focused  on  asking for help again and this time two figures came and helped me:  an old man with a white beard and a young lady they hugged me, which was strange, I have never had that reaction before.

I focused on Dad in bed and I passed my white light into him focusing on his heart and Kidney’s. I kept  filling them with golden light, my body shook from the high level of vibratory energy passing through me.    I thanked my guides and returned to the matrix.

The next day my mother went to see my father.  His heart was stable and they had taken him off the kidney machine. He told my mother, that “they”  had tried to take him away, but I would not let them. My father told me that as  I  visited him  but he was still very confused and I noticed the twitch had gotten worse more alike muscle spasm’s.

 Monday  March 10th: Our visit showed that father was doing a lot better. He was still confused and his memory would jump backwards and forwards.  The muscle spasm’s were a lot worse. The main thing was that he was out of intensive care and now into a small coronary ward which still has 24 hr assistance mainly now for his blood heart monitoring. He  still had a long way to go.

 Tuesday  March 11th:  After our visit I decided my father needed more help with that muscle spasm.

I listened to tape 5b and about 3/4 the way through I Took off the head phones and focused on my father picturing him in front of me, again I pushed golden white light up through his body trying to push out that spasm and my body seemed to shake with effort.

I  also sent golden light around his blood stream to clean the blood.   I told him he would be all right and to keep fighting.   I visualised him walking out of hospital and I released that thought to the One.

 Wednesday 12th of March: My mother phoned me at about 4pm asking if my Daughter would like to see Dad?  I was confused, I didn’t think father was well enough to see children, so I asked my mother how he was, she replied, he’s fine. What? No muscle spasm? No she said.  I asked her what the Doctor had done.done? “Wait a second I will ask the nurse”  she replied, “nothing, the nurse said the Doctor hasn’t done anything.”  How is his blood I asked? “Its much better.” was her answer.

Thursday 13th of March: 11am, I phone mum for an update. “Good news” she say’s Dad should be moved into a normal recovery ward Today.

 Gerald, thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn you RI and RV courses.  This I believe has helped my father live and will never forget it. The circumstances may be unusual, but what you said is true— I’m on my way to learn how to create my own Universe!

I still have a lot to learn.  I did ask for healing powers and it worked. I feel closer to the One more than ever. Maybe this is just the start.    I will listen to the tapes with even more concentration.

Heartfelt Thanks


Pam Slayton wrote this us this great healing testimonial   Subject:

  • Healing of her son’s viral meningitis

Dear Gerald,

 I just wanted to share a little healing testimonial as it is mostly due to my having taken your first  and second course.  As you know, my 18 year old son has been very sick with viral spinal meningitis. He was sick for a week before we realized what was wrong. We thought he had the flu until the night that no amount of Motrin would take his headache away and his back and neck were also painful. He was admitted into the hospital the very next day, a Saturday. We were told several times that he had a very serious case of it.  So serious, that if it had been bacterial, he would already have died from it.  I was able to stay with him not only during the day, but all through the night as well. It is hard to describe what he went through and the constant, intense pain he was in during that time. Keep in mind, I was so totally beyond exhausted, I had an extremely low energy level myself. In fact, there were many times, I came close to passing out in the hospital.  By the following Thursday morning, he was no better and they were discussing sending him to a major hospital on Friday that would be an hour away from me.  Not only did I want Adam to get better, but his being an hour away would have made things very difficult for me as I still had obligations at home.  So, I sat next to his bed and starting praying a mantra according to my beliefs. Within five minutes, I felt the energy surge and “electrical” tingling throughout my body that I am familiar with from using your tapes.  The thought came to me to direct that energy to Adam. Because of taking your first course, I knew how to turn the energy into intense white light and direct it throughout Adam’s body.  On it’s own, it turned from white light to blue.  I kept this up until I felt the energy dissipate within me.  TRULY, from that time onward, Adam’s pain was gone. He needed no more medication.  When the doctor came in the next morning to check on him, she expressed amazement at his sudden improvement. Instead of sending him to the hospital an hour away, she sent him home! I firmly believe that was the day his spinal meningitis finally went away.  The following Sunday, he did have some problems with spinal headaches, but that can be normal after what he went through in the hospital. The meningitis is gone. And now, the spinal headaches are gone as well. If it wasn’t for your course, I would not have known what to do with the sudden energy I felt within myself.  Thank you so much and also to everyone for their prayers and energy thoughts.

Sincerely, Pamela Slayton

Dennis a very successful  trainee from Hong Kong sent us this feedback: Subject:

  • Using RV and RI for stock market trading, diagnosing and healing health problems, forecasting world events and even lottery numbers!

Results of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing :

I am very pleased to share my experiences with Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing .  I started the course in March 2002.  After practicing 2A and 2B lessons for a short time, I was able to drop down to Theta rapidly.

I had the following experiences:

  1. I was able to remote view world events, like troop movements.  I saw the transfer of troops within certain countries.  I also saw missile tests taking place in Pakistan.
  2. I was able to tune into three airplane crashes.  I later learned from news report that I foresaw these terrible events a few days before they actually happened.  For example, in one scene I saw the Chinese character “North” on an airplane.  Later, I read in the news that the Chinese airplane Northern Airline had crashed in Korea.
  3. I was able to scan books with my hands before buying them, and I got strong impressions of which books would have a special message for me or benefit me the most.
  4. I have used remote viewing to help my friends find solutions to their problems.
  5. I was able to scan health problems like specific areas of the internal organs in a patient. These were later confirmed by medical tests. For example, I saw a dark patch on my father lung.  This was later confirmed by X-ray. My father was a smoker.  My father lived in China and was bed ridden.  After I applied RI healing on him, he was able to walk again and come to visit me in Hong Kong.  By the way, with the healing energy he even grew a new tooth -the 3rd set. This surprised the doctor.
  6. I could pick up an energy grid in a healer’s energy field. This healer was really shocked as no one was able to “see” the secret grid placed by his master for psychic protection.
  7. When I dropped down to my levels, I picked up winning lottery numbers and winning horse numbers.  This happened without my willing it.  I passed these numbers to my friends who then had success with winning both horse races and lottery entries.
  8. Finally, I have used remote viewing to forecast the stock market.

I have had numerous positive remote viewing experiences—too many to go into here, but I would like to elaborate a little on my experience in using remote viewing to predict the stock market:

As a stock market trader, I was very interested in predicting the stock market trends.

I have remote viewed the stock markets for two weeks now.

I used the following procedure.   First, I glanced at the charts on my computer monitor.  Then, I called in my mental lab advisors and dropped to a lower brain wave frequency.  At theta I was able to sense with my hands on the screen.

Initially, I got symbolic impressions.  I saw landscapes, animals, and other symbols that I could interpret in relation to the market. The brighter the scene the more positive the market.

My results improved a little when I broke the remote viewing market trends into two periods: morning and afternoon trading.  For the morning markets, it took me 20-30 minutes to get a completely clear picture of the trend.  For the afternoons, it took me only 10 minutes.  I began to get even more accurate when I broke the trading trends in a 2 hour period i.e. 9-11 am, 11am – 1 pm etc.  Then I was able to pool all my impressions of the 2 hours period trend and create a chart for the day.

These are just some examples of the images that appeared to me. When I asked for a message for the day, I had visions of a small sparrow picking worms.  This indicated that there would be gains.  Impressions of crabs climbing upwards meant that there was an upward trend in the market.  And impressions of ducks swimming indicated that the trading was relaxed or quiet. And when I saw an old fashioned chair, and the next scene was the tail of a whale showing up in the ocean, I understood that I should wait until close to the end of the trading day when the market would suddenly turn upward.

In the beginning, my impressions were about 70% to 80% accurate.  However, by Oct 17 and 18 (after a week), I was able to predict tops and bottoms at 100% accuracy.

I am interested in exchanging ideas and tips with other traders who use remote viewing to forecast the markets.  My goal is to be able to see the figures themselves, rather than viewing them through symbolic images, and also to influence a positive outcome with the new remote influencing course.

 believe your remote viewing course would be instrumental in helping people to prosper in the financial marketplace and improve all areas of their life. I am so grateful to have discovered your program and look forward to further training (especially in Chinese!) and fine tuning my skills. Thank you, Gerald! You are doing great work. I highly recommend your course to anyone interested in predicting  market trends in the stock exchange or the commodities market.

Experiences with Remote Influencing :

 I have had some powerful experiences using the golden light of the Sun in influencing thought and reality.

 I was leaving a securities firm to join a new firm, but I was concerned about leaving some delinquent accounts created by clients who could not afford to settle their bills.

In particular, two clients had disappeared without a trace.  I surrounded an image of them with golden light of the Sun.  I saw them happy and fulfilled.  Within a few days, they both appeared and settled their accounts.  This unexpected outcome surprised and pleased my colleagues.  I subsequently did RI on some other delinquent accounts and had the same wonderful results.  Had these people not come forward and settled their accounts, I would have been accountable for their substantial debts.

Now I am working in a much better environment.  Here I enjoy using RV and RI to succeed.

Another example of RI:

 My wife was not paid for a few months by her company because they were having financial problems.  I meditated on this situation with my wife and sent golden energy out to her and her boss.  Within a few days, her boss paid her in full and his business also improved.

Gerald, I thank you for this wonderful course and for providing the training in Chinese. I have certainly benefited a lot in this short period of training. This life-changing course is worthy of anyone who desires more in life. I can’t say enough good things about your course.  I think it would be a risk not to try it!


Hong Kong

Eli Chipilova of Bulgaria sent us this exciting feedback.

  • Subject: “miracle healing of a condition that traditional medicine considers untreatable.

My order is for combo RV&RI.
I have received the remote viewing and the 1st part of Remote influencing. Thank you very much, because as I trained with the 2nd cassette of RV. I’ve understand how to move my body again and even the doctors don’t believe and that said it’s a miracle, but you better than me see -it’s not a miracle, but just human potential.
Thank you from all my heart!
Sincerely: Eli

Montana comments on our course.


  • Experiencing the Beingness of being pure consciousness. How pure consciousness sees and perceives.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell :

Recently I was gifted with a set of your tapes from a dear friend. I wanted to write you because these tapes are far more than a “remote sensing” or “remote viewing” experience.

They are an experiential journey into pure consciousness that is simply astounding. I feel like Richard Bach in Illusions – after listening to the first tape, I understood that I could go through walls, because I AM the wall.

I traveled to many points in consciousness, knowing that I was going nowhere – I was simply BEING. I witnessed my own consciousness “journey” to many places simultaneously.

Please allow me to speak to others who may be considering purchasing your tapes.

Imagine that you could take a journey that would allow you to instantly “know” anything you needed to, contact anyone you wanted to, BE in the fluidity of pure creation.

Imagine that you could go into your past and change it, bring to the point of consciousness that is now you the memories of perfect health, great love, total empowerment.   Imagine that you could find the point in time when you were prosperous, totally alive and vibrant, totally loved and certain of yourself.  Now imagine that you can “bring” that point of consciousness to the “present”, and heal yourself, heal your finances, heal your love life.

Now imagine that you begin to heal others, and you begin, like Richard Bach, simply “knowing” how powerful you really are.

I have been psychic my entire life, but these tapes have expanded my “knowing” to a space that is outside words.

I have experience, without trying, healing two of my friends. One has a throat problem and in one phone call, during a thirty minute conversation, it simply disappeared.   Another recently experienced a loss and her emotional self was deeply wounded. In a short time together, again unintentionally, her emotional pain was healed.

One of the most powerful experience so far, I have related  to Gerald O’Donnell  by phone. I was using his guided journey while sitting out on the patio. I took off my glasses to meditate and when I was through came in the house, got some juice from the fridge, got on my computer for a few minutes, read a magazine, then decided to take a shower.

When I got out of the shower, I couldn’t find my glasses. I looked for a few minutes, then got quiet and “remote viewed” them –they were still out on the patio. Apparently, I had stayed in the realm of pure consciousness, and was “seeing” through the eyes of consciousness – not my physical eyes – because I did everything with completely clear vision up until the point I showered. Once I fell out of that state, I “remembered” I needed glasses to see and I was right.

My intuition has gone through the roof.  I “remote viewed” a friend’s medical blood test, and was 100% accurate. Not 90, not 95 – 100. These tapes will activate your imagination to a place that will simply astonish you. You will not be the same again. This is simply amazing. With these kinds of demonstrations in only a couple of weeks, I can only imagine my “journeys” in a few months.

I have seen your many testimonials, but perhaps you will include this one. If your viewers knew they could take a Richard Bach “Illusions” journey by using your tapes, I’m sure they’d be even more intrigued.

Montana Gray

Jeremy Vallis sends us this feedback.


  • “Miraculous” healing with the help of the Universal Mind of a disease perceived by the traditional medical establishment as being incurable.

Dear Gerald
Thank you very much.  Since I bought the first course with the 6 audio tapes I have tapped into the Universal Mind and asked the universe to cure me of my skin disease called psoriasis.  After two months I have been totally cleared of it, and my dermatologist cannot understand this, as it is a incurable disease.

Thank you so much, Gerald. You can post this if you want.


Chante Quiett an RI trainee and healer writes to us. Subject:

  • Our Delta CD as the ultimate answer to hardcore insomniacs!

Aloha Gerald,

In regards to our conversation the other day, here are my comments:

Many of my clients have found this CD very effective for getting into deep delta where other sleep CDs have failed.  They awaken having had their first natural deep sleep in years!  These people were hard core insomniacs and thought nothing but their sleeping pills would ever give them the release they sought. Needless to say they are relieved and very grateful.

Chante’ Quiett     Holistic practitioner    LA.

Sue Parker sent us this moving testimonial. Subject: 

  • Experiencing merging with the ALL.  A very rare and unforgettable moment of Being the ONE. And the healing blessings that were then bestowed upon her.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,
I had an experience with the tapes that was so incredible I find it impossible to put down what it was – no words can capture it – I was rocked, consumed, ‘it’ was all passion.
How can I describe the indescribable?   It had no beginning, it had no end.  I was It.
Intoxicating rapture, a song, an undulating wave.
I thought I would die, explode, should it continue a  moment longer, and yet, I would die to stay.
And my health – After years of illness I’m now in the recovery stages following major surgery and a heavy treatment program of Radio and Chemotherapy.  (A malignant tumor that had spread into the lymph glands)- My progress seems to have speeded up – I feel great! younger! and alive!

I feel humbled and privileged, and all I can send you is  my love and my thanks for producing these wonderful tapes.  But again, it’s more than that, and more than language can convey.

Sue Parker

Tammy Robertson wrote to us this enthusiastic comment.


  • Her father has an out of-body experience but just listening to one of our CDs, which immediately removed his back pain after years of suffering.


All I can say is WOW!  The video gifts you sent out to everyone

are incredible—the best “warm fuzzy” I’ve had in a long time.

My father (who has lived with incredible pain from a back surgery years ago)

came to visit me the other day. I had him listen to one of my Remote Viewing CDs and within

minutes he was out-of-body and pain-free. He now wants to borrow my CDc, so I

will have to get him his own set- because I cannot part with mine!

Much love and golden blessings to you dear heart.

Thank you for uplifting humanity!  It is time.


Tammy Robertson

Francois a Canadian student wrote us this testimonial

Dear Gerald,

I already got my RV & RI  a year ago and that was the most important move of my life !!  Since this moment everyday I am using my RI specially my CD 13  I can tell I am working day and night  to make my inner flame brighter and keep smiling in this time of change .. Gerald,  so many powerful change have come my way since I opened myself   I cannot explain how … One thing  for sure is that if you are sincere in your request  change happen very fast.  I experience it..    My health at  all levels  is so much better and my vision of our probable future is so optimistic .

All of this Gerald  is the great work you placed in my hand with the RV & RI.   No doubt for me ….  you are really connected to the ONE ..   each time I listen to a conference from you the vibration I get are harmony and peace  joy and truth.

You are like a big Brother for all humanity that follows the way of the One  for our wonderful probable future .

I always get into  a deep state of happiness reading  messages from you    🙂

Like you always say: Happy Thoughts Gerald!

Francois   ( Calgary Canada )

Hans Peter R
a German student of our combination Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses sent us this very exciting feedback 


  • Winning the German Lotto using our RV and RI training
  • Great manifestation powers
  • Many synchronicities showing up in his life
  • Experiencing the Golden Light
  • Healing of a painful back/spinal condition

My dear Mr. O’Donnell:

Greetings to you and the academy from Germany.

You have changed my life. I bought the combination RV/RI courses in February 2008. I went through your courses many times, repeating them over and over. Each time I did this, I became better at both RV and RI. I had previously done other mind improvement systems, attended many seminars  here in Germany and all over the world but nothing even came close to what your courses offer. The material is awesome! I have told many about your profound methodology. I am really hooked on the CDs. They have totally transformed me. Many beautiful events have happened in my life since receiving your training. Synchronicities happen all the time around me. I can feel when they do, as they have this almost “unreal quality” about them. I feel very happy and bathed in light energy.  People feel this and smile at me. They feel my happiness.  I feel and look maybe 10 years younger, have great stamina, my mind is sharper than when I was a youngster (I am 48 now) and I feel this inner peace and happiness.  I have healed myself of a chronic painful back injury I received while skiing in my 20s in the Austrian Alps which degenerated into discs problems and compression of the spinal cord. This and the subsequent arthritis had plagued my life for so long. It is all gone now thanks to your courses. I am pain free and returned to a full exercise schedule.

I had a profound experience while listening to RI CD7 which left me bathed in brilliant golden light. That is when the healing occurred and I have not been the same ever since. Thank you for making all this possible.

Now listen to this! (I have debated much whether you should publish this as I do not wish to become ‘famous” for privacy reasons or flooded with emails) : I won the Lotto here in Germany 2 weeks ago! I am receiving a very large sum soon! I always play here the lotto each week.

Every week twice a week, I buy a single ticket to the drawing. Since taking your courses I have used the following method. I use the RV skills I have learned to feel, sense and view the numbers in advance. Most importantly I used the manifesting skills developed in your remote influencing course to convince my subconscious that I would win. I often used the “diamond body” technique to do this and see my new self happy and successful.  I used many of your RI techniques to energize that event. They are incredibly powerful. I always feel gigantic energy in me while I am listening to the CDs and it stays with me with a little lesser intensity during the day. This inner light energy allows me to energize my thoughts is such a powerful manner. Many events that I Remote influenced last year did later happen. I guess this made me more confident about my skills. As you suggested in the course I did not attach any fixed time to my success but rather concentrated in convincing my subconscious that this had already happened. I was doing this in Delta and would reinforce it at times while doing lucid dreaming as you teach us. I have learned to feel vibrations of light and I used to focus that energy to my subconscious mind as I was listening to your training and visualizing what I wanted my life to be like.
Well nothing really happened for over a year. I kept RIing success at the lotto , but did not give it that much thought. I never gave up nor doubted.

One day 2 weeks ago I went to a Delta state and asked for guidance on the drawing. Suddenly 6 numbers appeared in my mind. They were like dancing numbers with flecks (specks?) of gold around them. I immediately wrote them down. The vision had this sense of being both unreal, almost plastic, as if I could almost touch these numbers in my mind. I felt very calm about it. Somehow I knew that this was special and that I had received this information from a level of High Mind.

I bought the ticket and imagine my face when I watched the drawing on TV.

You know Mr. O’Donnell, I know now that anything is possible, but more than the money it is the difference I can make in this planet by RI a better world  that makes me so happy!

I thank you from all of my heart for your wonderful courses.

Your indebted student for life.

Hans Peter R

Joel Carter sent us this feedback


  • Experiencing physical symptoms showing a High Vibratory connection, activation of Higher DNA strands and Connection to Higher Levels of Beingness, all arising from taking our Combination RV/RI courses and repeating them twice
  • Magnetizing situations and people
  • Increase visualization abilities
  • Greatly increased intuition
  • “Reading” people at first sight
  • Successful healings on people and his pet
  • Thought-to-thought communication


I’ve been holding out on writing you, actually I’d love to speak with you….a short intro: My name is Joel Carter, I was referred to you by Toby Alexander, as I had been working with him, and he told me to get your tapes, as a structured and progressive way to learn to hold the Theta state and beyond, however now that I’ve gone through the set 2x’s, I can say that holding the Theta state is about 5% of what I’ve developed from your tapes…actually I put Toby on hold as I was about to do his Advanced Coaching and training with him, when I realized the logic and depth of understanding, and ancient wisdom in these tapes of yours, I saw that it was in my best interest to postpone the other training while I immersed in your tapes, then return to Toby subsequently to do the training with him, which I will do in the spring ’07.

So I wanted to tell you that, my abilities are definitely opening up, and I have a couple questions to ask you, and I will keep them concise (as I can be rather long-winded 😉

1) Recently I have developed a fairly constant electrical buzzing type feeling in my forehead area, almost alike I’ve got low voltage electrodes on my forehead. Also my rt. ear is ringing like tinnitus, and occasionally my left ear does this vibration like I have a bull frog stuck in my ear LOL! So my intuition tells me that this is activation of latent DNA, and/or the embodiment of higher frequencies, in which my incarnate level body is adjusting to the higher frequencies, cellular restructuring etc…What do you think? Is this a common thing?

2) I’ve been receiving images in my mind’s eye now…ie. I notice that when I get down to that deep Theta level, just on the verge of sleep, and if I don’t get “sucked” into delta sleep, I notice that I might get an incredibly vivid image of something

To let you know other things that have been happening: amazing attractions, vastly increased visualization abilities, greater sense of intuition, reading people just by first sight, a few amazing healings on people and my dog, instances of amazing subjective mind to mind communication, on and on….I’ll soon write an email that you can post in your testimonials section of the site~!

Well I have so much more to tell you, and ask you, but I’ll refrain for now. I wanted to keep this short and concise (oh well, I told I was long-winded), so I guess this is short and concise for me~! LOL! 😉

Thanks so much for this wonderful work Gerald, this is THE stuff, and I’m proud to tell you that besides myself, I’ve increased the “Army of Light” by 3 people who have bought your program now as well….

In Eternal Abiding Reverent Love, Gratitude, and Mirth,

Joel “the Violet Flame” Carter

Tammy Allison wrote us. Subject:

  • The perfect Insomnia Cure

I’ve been listening to the CD on a continuous loop while sleeping — you could patent that alone as a cure for insomnia. My husband and I were laughing this morning because Jack, our two year old, has been waking up about 3 a.m. We’ve started bringing him in with us because the CD just knocks him out! You have the gratitude of two very tired parents!

I work with many of our managers around the country and they seem to be having a lot of “people problems” lately. There’s a lot of tension and explosive energy in the air.
Be well!


Linda Northpak, a RV/RI trainee wrote to us.


  • Experiencing the Lightning Flash of One perceived as “Rapture” reconnecting the Higher Planes of Self to this one.
  • Healing of back injuries

Hello Gerald;

I’ve now finished all the Combo tapes except RI-7, within about a three-week period. Typically I do the tapes on my days off work, and take a break during the work week. However, over the last Holiday, I listened to the tapes 4-days in a row. I’m now having a myriad of daily experiences stimulated by the material. This week I experienced the “being in the womb” when I curl up in bed before I go to sleep. I also became aware of the umbilical cord/silver thread connection and the portal to the Divine ONE; this now occurs nightly. Last night, while I was sitting in my easy chair listening to soft jazz, I felt energy beginning at the lowest vertebrae traveling up my spine. I felt as if there was a shift happening in each vertebrae and my spine started to gently straighten up. When it got to the base of my neck, I felt a blockage and became aware of the muscle stiffness and tenderness in that area ( I’ve re-occurring pain and injury in that area in the past). The energy seemed to swirl around this area and I felt my muscles start to relax. I raised my arms up above my head and started to chant “Hallelujah” and I felt the energy and bright light go up and down my spine and I felt full of that bright light all night.

The next morning I found another New Testament verse I’d like to share with you. 1Corinthians 15:50 ” I declare to you brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable. Listen, I tell you a mystery; We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed–in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet”.

This verse is typically called the “rapture” of believers that will happen in the end times. It is believed that we will meet the Lord in the sky and be transformed into a heavenly body that appears as the earthly body except that it can transcend into the heavens and reappear on earth. Last night it dawned on me that this is what I experienced this week as described in my email entitled “new sensations”. I’ve been in awe all day pondering this. I’ve often wondered about that verse and what it would actually be like. The reality of it all, is not exactly what I expected! In fact, I bought the tapes primarily to be able to reduce my ever increasing anxiety. Little did I know that I would experience the mysterious “Rapture” of God. The key for me was when you pointed out fear-based thinking. I’m now able to spot fear and not allow it to attach to me. I’ve been in a period of healing today. I continue to read your articles and am starting to understand the Matrix concept. I’m learning to walk in the Spirit and abide in LOVE when out in the world. At home I continue to spend time in restful communion with the ONE and trust that the SPIRIT will guide me into all TRUTH and direct my path. Thank you again for your loving guidance. Linda

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