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Maria Dios writes to us. Subject:

  • The transforming, relaxing, and healing powers of the RV/RI combination course.
  • Spontaneous healing of a back injury and arthritis condition.

Hello Gerald,
I am writing to ask how in the world did you discover all of this?  Perhaps you are from another planet?  It all makes perfect sense but it was not obvious to the normal person, even one seeking this truth.

 I am half way through the combination course and I am totally amazed at the power of these tapes.  I have never experienced this depth of relaxation before.  My body feels like silk.  I am a yoga instructor and somewhere got an injury in an advanced class in my upper back that often causes pain, and also in my left forearm.  Also I have had arthritis in both arms and elbow joints, and much tension in my neck and shoulders.  One day while listening to the tapes I heard, felt something in my back and since that day there has been no pain, and all the arthritis has disappeared as well and the tension! 

I have been on a spiritual path for a long time from many different directions, and have never gotten so close to “heaven” as I did in your reaching delta level tapes in the middle of the RI tapes.  You have unlocked so many mysteries that I was just on the edge of and wondering about for many years, but could not “get there”!

So I am really serious about my question above, and would really like to know how you “arrived” at all this.  What channels did you come through?  Perhaps of little biographical sketch?  I am just so curious.

Thank you very very much for this great experience and the beautifully produced tapes.  Your voice never loses sincerity and encouragement.  I can hardly wait to continue and repeat and repeat the course.

  For some time I wondered if it was “OK” to feel happy like a child when you were grown up, and to smile, etc.  I would kind of hide that part of me knowing that most people did not feel like that even now and then as I do, and did not approve.  Now I will not hide anymore. 

Best regards,

Maria Dios

Jewel Durovy-Meeker writes to us.

  • Accelerated healing of a broken bone.
  • Life guidance using Remote Viewing.
  • Increase in self-confidence by  knowing that she can Remote Influence any situation and is in full-control of her life.
  • Acknowledging that the Academy had managed the feat of  putting the very core of multi-disciplinary  modern and ancient mind/spirit technologies into useable practical courses.
  • Deep life-changing awareness.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I am writing this with deep gratitude for the changes in my life that your courses have provided. Within the first few tapes I had more understanding of the truth that surrounded me. I have proof of tremendously accelerated healing of my own fractured bone, I experience visions that lead me to make life-changing profitable decisions and my self-confidence has never been higher. I know that I have the ability to change any and every situation in my life. Most importantly, every aspect of my existence has been transformed into a very deep spiritual awareness.

I have been reading an average of 3/4 of a book a day on vibrational medicine, spiritual enlightenment, reiki, hypnotherapy; pretty much anything I can get my hands on. So, to my point… Out of all of the books and websites I have studied you have accomplished to extract all of the important information and package it into such a useable and versatile tool. I still hit that state of awe after reading 350 pages and it comes down to you having summed up into a few key phrases within the course.

I also want to thank you for your support in answering my questions about the courses. I was impressed to find a business that still deals with the customers personally. I had expected to purchase this and be left in the cold. You truly are a remarkable man with a remarkable product. I would be happy to talk to anyone personally having doubts of purchasing your course.

 Thank You !  Jewel

Peter wrote to us this enthusiastic feedback:


  • Considers our training the Penultimate Personal Development program around, much more advanced than most others for it teaches you how and why we magnetize reality and the details of how this operates easily.
  • Manifested rapidly a new business with the help of what he learned using  our techniques, as his financial and personal situation was very dire.
  • Manifested an overnight healing when badly accidently injured on his pinky with a hammer  in a work accident. Did the a healing in a Delta state of mind while remaining conscious.

Dear Mr. Gerald O’Donnell

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an enlightening and powerful training system!
In our conversation you had asked me to write about my experiences, sorry that it took so long.
Let me give you some background to start with.
I have been a student of personal development for the past 20 years (kind of a personal development junkie !)
I have read many books and went through many programs. In the process, I accumulated a lot of knowledge that I consider priceless.
Looking back now, I believe this served me in order to prepare me to understand and appreciate the information and truth found in your Remote Viewing and Influencing Course.
This course is very advanced in comparison to all the other courses I had been through in the past.
The difference I think is that it is complete!
Complete in the sense that it does not just teach you about the law of attraction, it helps you to understand how and why it works.
After going through your course, to pick up a book on personal development now would be for inspiration only.
I feel more advanced then the the authors of the programs and books I had read in the past.
I decided to use the information and remote influence my life!

I will share with you two very profound experiences, one on money and the other on healing.

First, some background: I am a General Contractor, and have been in business for the past 27 years.
Being in business is like being on a rollercoaster. Over the years, I have gone up and down, but never so down as when the economy hit my industry in 2009 and 2010.
I then lost my house, lost my wife, moved to a small apartment with my daughter and was barely scraping by!

In the creative process I know that the first step is to get clear on what I want.

I decided to make 1,000.00 a day consistently.
Every morning and every night I wrote down on paper my desired outcome.
I felt and visualized what life would be like having this now! Writing continuously this help my mind focus and keep it from wandering.
Then I would express gratitude, thanking my higher self for such a wonderful prosperous experience.
After feeling like I was conscious and very clear about my desired outcome, and what it would look like, I decided to do it in the alpha, theta, and delta states visualizing my desired outcome and feeling joy and gratitude.
After 26 days of consistent daily practice I got a call from someone working for a fortune 400 company.
I had not worked for this company for 3 years; in fact, I had never worked for them directly.
My contract was with another company that acted like a mediator and management. I had subcontracted the work from them.
The representative informed me about 65 locations across the country that would need refurbishment or relocation, build outs.
I told him that I was very interested, and he asked me to look at two locations 300 miles apart from each other.
At the time I didn’t have the money to fund a 400,000 dollar project. My finances were so bad that I would have a hard time even going to see the projects, let alone do them, but I knew something would give, and I moved forward as if there were no obstacles.
That week I was remodeling a house for a wealthy developer and he had mentioned to me about how he was displaced by the economy as well and how he could not build homes now.
I asked him if he would like to invest in a project I have and he said he would love to.
We got the project, completed it on time and made great money.
I would of made 1,000.00 a day if I didn’t have an investor. I made 500.00 a day.

For the next project I struck a deal to with the fortune 400 company to fund the project fully for me-  something they never do in commercial construction!
This funding comes with no interest.
In the meantime I also attracted 2 more investors willing to invest at much lower rates even though I didn’t need them now.
I have them for back up.
Everything came together in place, effortlessly!
Now I am doing 2 projects for them simultaneously.
The workers and subcontractors that I have attracted are vary good and are willing to travel : )

The other experience had to do with an injury, one of my workers hit my pinky with a hammer full-swing, square on my finger nail.
I was holding a 4×4 post as he beat it in place.
The next day I could not even touch it without feeling like I was hit all over again. Extremely painful!
I decided to go into a delta state that night and remote influence a healing.
The next day I had no pain just a little numbness!
My hand should of been out of commission for at least 2 weeks or more!

This program is incredible because it’s not only enlightening but when applied it works!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Mr. O’Donnell and creating such a powerful program!
I thank you and my family thanks you too!


Paul Franceus,  a student of the Academy, sent us this powerful testimonial of what could only be call nowadays a miraculous healing of a broken bone, which he commanded in a hospital setting while putting himself  in a deep Mind state of  Delta. An event which allopathic modern biochemistry organic-focused medicine would not  possibly be able to explain,  since this field  does not yet recognize that all “matter” is just vibratory Light which can be shaped and commanded by Thought and that all of it is just hence a product of vibratory (energized) Mind.

My name is Paul Franceus. I am 49 years old and I live in Pennsylvania. I am a self employed contractor.

I have had Gerald’s course for about 3 years so far, and have a lot of incredible experiences, but what happened on Monday Oct 11th 2010 was truly amazing.

I was at a house rebuilding a porch and I lost my balance and fell backwards and landed on a concrete step on my left arm. The bone in my arm immediately snapped completely in half, right above my elbow. My elbow twisted and was pointing towards my stomach and the back of my hand hit myself in the face. My arm was completely broken and mangled, and I screamed out for my employee to call 911.

 E.M T.s came quickly and tried to put my arm in an air cast, trying to be careful not to cause any further damage as my bone from my elbow was bulging out the back of my arm.

When I got to the hospital, they gave me an IV and a pain killer. The pain killer made me groggy, and I decided to try to go into delta and try to manifest a healing.

I don’t know if I made it to another realm, but I definitely went into delta and commanded a healing and showed great thanks and gratitude for the healing I was hoping for. 

A doctor came in shortly and took x-rays. Later he came back and said they needed to do a C.A.T.  scan. They did that and I waited for a couple more hours before they came back in again looking kind of perplexed and they told me that my arm was not broken. I exclaimed “What? I saw the bone break and it was bulging out of the back of my arm!”   The doctor leaned over me and whispered to me: ” We don’t know what happened, but your bone is not broken anymore.”

I told him what I had done, trying to manifest a healing, and he did not know what to say. They released me and I went home with my arm swollen, and black and blue, but not in much pain and I went back to work the next morning and nobody could believe it. 

 I am so thankful for Gerald’s course. I am sure that I would have needed plates and screws, maybe multiple operations, and I would have been out of work for a long time, but I was back to work the very next day.

Paul Franceus

Dennis Buffy, Subject:

  • Receiving what would be called a miraculous healing, when a Physician, formerly trained in RV and RI by the Academy, applied healing techniques on his chronic back injuries. He then started to experience all sorts of extraordinary experiences even though he had not even received yet our training! Please read his unusual and enthusiastic story received on December 12, 2003. . .

Mr. O’Donnell,

Thank you for the phone conversation today. What I am about to write is what has happened to me in the past 4 weeks  when a Canadian doctor did  RV and RI on  my bad neck and back condition that I have been suffering from since the past 5 years. Chiropractors could only relieve the symptoms,  but they would return time and time again. I had gotten into a automobile accident a little over 5 years ago and got a bad whiplash injury and my lower back was jarred as well.

As each year came and went,  my conditions worsened! Especially if it rained or when winter arrived, it became very arthritic to say the very least. This is when this story started.  I found a doctor who had completed the RV and RI course a year or so ago.  I emailed him and asked him could he actually RV and RI my condition? He stated that he would try,  but could not guarantee success. I accepted that possibility. I thought to myself  “well I tried everything else, what could it hurt!”

I sent him another email telling him to go ahead. Now fellow RV’rs and RI’rs, I did not know anything about RV and RI! I only read this site once! I just ordered the course yesterday and I am very anxious to get started. I even set up a day-to-day diary to begin the adventure for the next 6-8 weeks! You can find my link on the  website.

The doctor agreed and said that he would perform the RV and RI methods on me for the next 6-8 weeks. The only thing I could do was to see what would happen. Boy! Little did I know what I what was truly in store for me!. About two weeks had gone by, and I woke up one morning wanting to stretch my neck from side to side like I have done for the last 5 years. I tilted my neck back slowly because of the bad pain involved.

But to my surprise there was no pain!!!!!!!!! I mean to tell you that I must have tilted my head back a dozen times feeling for the pain and it just was not there! I ran to my wife, who by the way was somewhat skeptical, and told her about it. She responded in a half manner nod, but her attitudes changed when she realized in the weeks to come that I stopped asking her to rub down my neck just under the base of the skull and she asked “am I really OK?”  I stated “I feel great!”

Now,  I wrote to the doctor telling him the good news, and he was elated. But he stated that he would continue to work on me for the next couple of sessions.  I agreed and waited for something else to happen in regards to the healing of my back and lower back areas.  The center of my back is where my muscles would constantly knot up between my shoulder blades, and I had to constantly for the past years have that area massaged with Ben-Gay to alleviate at least some of the sharp pain.

At the end of that week I had not more pain between my shoulder blades! By now you might imagine that I was on cloud nine! If there were a ten I would have surpassed that! I wanted to write the doctor but felt that since he was a doctor he would be extremely busy…So I waited another week. and this is when things got a little bizarre. My wife and I would have our casual conversations throughout the day when I was off-work but each time I would  think of a complex question and something that needed both our attentions, she would speak out the exact complex question I was pondering about, before I even asked it! This went on for an entire week. I guess I would call this “sporadic” telepathy.

Now things were really getting exciting, but I noticed that my lower back where the doctor was working on was not getting any better.  As a matter of fact, it seemed to get worse with each passing day. Well, of course, living in Minnesota with winter upon us the arthritic pains were kicking in big time.

 I just forgot about all this and after a day or two I was busy getting prepared for work. I came home one evening – it was about the 4th week of November 2003- I relaxed and closed my eyes and something told me, not audibly but inside my head, to take 4 Advil tablets.

Now that was a crazy thought! I had taken Advil and Tylenol and some prescription medications every month for years. It would help but the pain would still still there. Yet this inner voice kept telling me to do it! So I thought: since all these weird things were already happening to me, I should better listen! I took the Advil tablets as instructed. Within one hour all pain ceased! I mean the pain never returned! How does one figure this out?

Again the inner voice, which by the way I had never experienced before,  told me that the RI healing had already taken place but that lactic acid was all over the area along that muscle that had been tightened for many years and caused it to be extremely sensitive. And that by taking the Advil I got rid of the lactic acid build-up and relaxed that long-time tightened muscle. This time I emailed my doctor friend and told him the above statement and he stated “you were 100% correct on what you had to do.”  This inner voice was my Higher-Self directing me to complete my final healing process!

I told the doctor that I was healed and asked him if he would kindly  RV/RI my interview for the position of State Prison Correctional Officer for me? He stated that this was not his specialty, but that he would and again not guarantee anything. Well, I passed the interview with flying colors, and by the way they were extremely impressed with my constant eye contact and the answers coming from me for the situational questions given to me were fast and very fluid.

I also from time to time had OBE’s but none of which I could ever control as soon as I was out, bam! And I would be sucked right back into my body. So I gave up. Well, during the first two weeks of December 2003, I had my first real complete OBE except that this time I was assisted by invisible entities, each one holding my wrists from behind me, and one supporting my lower back, and I began with great speed to rise up into the air until I could no longer sense my body. Then they let me go! I saw that it was dark and I had no idea where I was.

I remember reading a book saying that if things became fuzzy or dark just to yell out mentally, “clarity” 3x’s.  I did so and nothing changed. I looked down and noticed a street lamp shining on a wooden building. It caught my attention, so I flew down in front of this shed. It was made of slates of wood, kind of like a wood veneer of some sort. But what I found interesting was what was on the front of the shed, in big bold red letters the word “ICE” was imprinted on it. I assume it was a ice storage shed. Then everything blacked out and I awakened.

My second OBE since the RV and RI treatment occurred when I laid down on the couch and fell asleep.  I found myself sitting at my computer desk chair right across from where I was sleeping. I realize or thought that I was dreaming so I remembered what these invisible hands did for me the first time so I outstretch my arms and was ready to be lifted up to have a OBE not realizing I was already having one. At this time a loud one time tone sounded off, it sounded metallic of sorts and a electrical sound, alike stun guns going off, happened and before I knew what was happening, I woke up and only then realized that I had been out of my body!

You got to realize that all these events were happening to me in the last 6 weeks since getting the RV and RI treatments. Even when the treatments stopped,  the phenomena were still encroaching in on me. Then I started  dreaming every single night that someone was teaching me RV and RI skills on 3 levels! Surely I could not even explain what that was all about since the training information was received at lightening fast speed, and when I awakened I seemed to have forgotten most of it.

Soon after that as I was browsing Mr. O’Donnell’s website I found that he mentioned something of Delta being on 3 levels but we had to learn these for ourselves as time goes on in our quest for the truth. So maybe he may or may not be able to shed some light on this particular training. I know this is an extremely long testimony but I wanted you all to see that here is a person who never knew Remote Viewing existed, let alone Remote Influencing, and did not even realize what was going to happen if anything when the good doctor did his thing!

I want to quote what the doctor just emailed me yesterday.  He stated that he was glad I got the State job and that he wanted me to know that he has been RVing and RIing his family members and others  with great success! You see,  before I met him he took both courses and the RI part of it really never stroke a note in him to use it on anyone other than house plants or his family pet. Now he states that he is quite busy healing others with RV and RI with great results! He just cannot get over the change in himself since he RV’d and RI’d me in the past several weeks!

My sleep has been light due to the fact I keep RV and RIing in my dreams. I just wish I could remember why and to who I am doing this too. I guess when my course arrives in a day or so I will get my answers in the next several weeks to come. Oh! by the way, I forgot to mention during the first OBE with the ice shed I was able to clearly  see the words with no difficulty, which from what I heard is very hard to do.

Thank you Mr. O’Donnell for your contribution to all of us here! Those that know you such as me and others  hope to get to know you better. You are second to none in your field,  and I only hope to make you proud by being the best I can be as a remote viewer and influencer. Please feel free to add my email address as a direct testimony of the power of RV and RI and what it can do to a person even if he or she never heard about it before!

Pamela Slayton sends us the following testimonial:

  • Unexplained bone growth, in a serious wrist injury.

Dear Gerald, well, I may have to eat my words a bit here. My oldest son had an accident back in Feb. He slipped on ice on a roof and shot a nail through his wrist with a nail gun.  Not only did the nail actually split the bone in two, it also went through an old snowboarding injury (healed former broken bone). He was in a cast for over two months. When they took the cast off, the CAT scan showed no healing, in fact the bone was quickly deteriorating.  There were only three possible courses of surgery for him, but surgery was deemed a necessity.
Two of the surgeries would leave him half crippled in his wrist. The only real option was a surgery that would graft some bone from his hip onto the wrist area. That only had a 50-50 chance of working and even at that, there would be limited movement in his wrist.  Well, I’m not really into the healing aspect of things, but a few weeks ago, when I was doing tape 6B, I chose my son. I sent a healing light to his wrist. Let me tell you, today was the day they were supposed to schedule the surgery! They automatically took more x-rays before scheduling the surgery. The x-rays actually showed that there has been BONE GROWTH in the last few weeks!  This should have been impossible because there had been permanent damage to the blood vessels that fed into that bone. That was why the bone had been deteriorating since Feb.! I was astonished! I told my son what I had done and I told him I better do it again! I mean, I guess it could have started to heal some other way, but they had said there would be no chance of that. The bone was actually dying.  It just seems like too much of a coincidence to me! This is simply amazing!


Pamela Slayton


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