Our Training Reported as Best Ever-Enthusiastic Professional Accolades

Professional Accolades and Gratitude at the Quality of the Training and the Personal Support Provided by Gerald O’Donnell


Paul Jackson , a recent trainee, writes to us the following feedback.


  • Viewpoint from a retired military RV officer about our RV course.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell:
    My name is Paul Jackson and I have been in the military for about 30 years. I worked on many projects in that period of time. One of them was on the subject of remote viewing.
    I ordered your course to see what you had to offer. After taking this course, I must say that your methods are far more advanced than anything I have ever seen. I have achieved a lot of things with your course and I must admit that I am quite amazed!!
    I have been hearing through the grape vine that you will be coming out with another course soon and I would like you to please notify me when it comes out. If it is anything like the first one, I would like to purchase it as soon as possible.
    I have been retired for about a year know and have a lot of time on my hands. I can tell you this: your course has really has given me something to do and perceive things that I always wanted to see.
    Thank you again for the excellent course.
    I will be using it for many years to come.
    Paul Jackson

David Schoen , a recent trainee, sends us the following feedback .


  • The ARV remote viewing course.

Hello Gerald:
     Thank you for being the only RV site to have the guts to publish openly “real feedback” from “real trainees!” and provide extensive information on Remote Viewing , its applications and mechanisms. You have the only real informative site on this subject. You do not only relate alleged feats of the “good old boys” club, but give the only in-depth explanation ever found on this complex subject.
     I would like to take the time to tell you what a wonderful remote viewing course you have put together. This information is literally worth 20 times more than you are charging for it and then some.
This message is to the people who are considering buying this course:
     I have searched a very long time for just the right course and I have to say that this course is by far the best one I have ever seen. On top of everything else, Mr. O’Donnell takes the time to help you in any way he can. He is truly a person who is looking to help other people, and he isn’t only trying to make a buck. If you want the experience of you life, buy this course, you won’t be disappointed!!!
If there is anyone out there that wants to ask me anything about this great course please feel free to email me at dschoen730@aol.com. I will be happy to tell you anything you want to know about this course.
     Thank you so much
     David Schoen

We received this message from Daryl O’Berg , a professional Remote Viewer at PsiTech (RV training and services run by Maj. Ed Dames: US Army): An outfit  whose professional demeanor and RV talent are  highly appreciated and renowned.

Good Day Mr. O’Donnell,

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that your web site is indeed a good one as regards to remote viewing, I mean this in the sense that regardless of who’s training one involves oneself with, or to who’s philosophy one aligns oneself with, (or for that matter to who’s training methodology one has been subject to) that your point is one that is clear and at most … true. And that is so regardless of one’s training (doesn’t matter from whom). That it is the individual and that same individual’s understanding, comprehension, and ultimate execution of what is taught in remote Viewing that makes the person (RVer) either excellent or mediocre, or somewhere in between.

And that depends as you so rightly put, up to the individual’s own cognizance, understanding, and ultimate execution of the thought system(s).

Having been trained in technical Remote Viewing 3 years ago by Ed Dames in TRV, (after having tried CRV (controlled R.V.) as well as several others), and aside from having seen the few but rapacious confronts to TRV as a training methodology, I commend you on your non-partisan view towards R.V.

R.V is, as we know, a relatively new science, and ultimately a new frontier in the field of human potential; this of course, you recognize.

Though being a professional remote viewer for PsiTech, and a staunch defender of the myriad false claims against PsiTech and Ed Dames in general ( And I know you know there are many the least of which made by P.J Ganier and L. Buchanan) It is in our hopes (speaking in honesty for all the R.V.ers on the PsiTech team, that information and advances in human consciousness and potential be shared with utmost security and humility. I say this as a member of our team ( including Ed, and Joni) that only through free exchange of information and discussion of understandings that the “field” of remote Viewing can grow and learn and become what we already know its potential to be: An advancement in human spirit and potential; for both are inexorably intertwined.

For your time, and thoughts, and understanding, I say Kudos”, and thank you. For all of us at Psitech, and R.Vers world wide, …

“Lets take the path less traveled by.. and it shall make all the difference.

All the Best:

Daryl O’Berg

Donald Vecchiolla comments 


  • Training with our RV methodology  with a primary emphasis on financial trading.

Dear Gerald:

I am writing to let you know how pleased and satisfied I am with  your course.  It is refreshing to deal with someone who is honest, helpful and knowledgeable.  

I appreciate the promptness of the way you returned my phone inquiries and the solutions you provided. I am impressed  with the depth and breath of the knowledge you have demonstrated to me in our dealings. 

Your tapes are very easy to use and proved to be very effective  for me in my trading.  I do feel the course is a potent tool for all traders.

I am a pleased customer  and would recommend your services without reservation.

Very truly yours

Tony V.

Dr. Linda Weatley  Ph.D. wrote to us the following comments:


·        Increased abilities to manifest realities

·        How your own inner Light becomes perceived by others

·        How a second time through the combination RI/RV program usually causes a quantum leap in awareness.

Dear Gerald

Thank you!
I am seeing a tremendous increase in many abilities that I had before being exposed to your work especially manifestation abilities. (I must be careful what I think about)
Lucid dreaming occurs regularly along with fairly accurate psychic and sensing abilities.
As a result, I have become uncomfortably “sensitive” to many new physical things such as bright fluorescent lighting, loud sounds, telephones etc.
Many people have commented on the light surrounding and emanating from my being.
Thank you for this incredible work!
You were correct when you stated that the 2nd time through the program would result in quantum changes!! It has been an awesome journey.
Thank you for this incredible work!

Linda Wheatley, Ph.D.,R.T.(R)(MR)
Chair, Radiologic Technology Program
Assistant Professor
Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

Anthony Marchetti  a recent trainee, sends us the following feedback.


  • Our emphasis on personalized training and follow-up versus other advertised courses.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell

Just a note to let you know that I have been communicating by Email with many people that told me that they were quite unhappy with other courses that are being offered on the net by various web sites. Most had spent a lot of money on these other RV courses. Besides dubious results they all mainly complain of very poor follow-up support.
Luckily, your have the only course on the internet that for a small amount of money will get you everything, including the best coaching support there is.
Because of you, my life has turned around and my wishes have all come true.
I can’t thank you enough. You are obviously dedicated to teaching and help others and not just to make money.
In my opinion, you are a very very rare person.
A little tip to everyone who wants to learn remote viewing: this is the place to come for it! You won’t be sorry!
A fellow remote viewer.

Anthony Marchetti

Dr.Wolfgang Walker of Berlin/Germany , one our new trainees sends us the following very important comments.


  • His misgivings about the ways “modern pseudo Psycho-sciences” are practiced today.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell!

Yesterday I received your remote viewing tapes and in a quiet hour I listened to the first tape. I liked it very much and I got the impression, that these tapes will be wonderful. So I wonder how it will be to develop the mentioned capabilities in a step-by-step fashion.

As a practicing psychologist and trainer in the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and also as an author and researcher in the field of psychotherapy and psychiatry, I’m very curious about the insights these tapes will probably give to me. You know, after having completed my first book (about the philosophical and historical backgrounds of NLP) nearly three years ago, I’ve been opening up myself to a new question I could pay my attention to.

 Within two or three months a new question arose: I just began to realize, that academic psych-ology, psych-iatry and psycho-therapy don’t pay the needed effort to a deep exploration and definition of their own subject … the “psyche”. Everyone talks about doing “psycho”-therapy, but who really knows what we are treating with our methods? And will we really succeed in healing people as long as we don’t know what we’re doing? Sometimes I think we should bring ourselves back to some more reasonable relation to older healing traditions. Isn’t it a little bit too self-righteous to think of this (maybe just about 100 years old) academic tradition as if it would be the only rational concept mankind did ever develop?

Maybe I’ll learn something about these interesting questions … and maybe this learning could help me and other psychotherapists to improve our work.

Thanks again for your interesting material!

Wolfgang Walker


Mr. Kerry Clark
one of our successful graduates, had sent us previously the above testimonial. After receiving many queries and graciously answering them personally, he asked us to post seven inquiries and his respective answers to them that he feels should preempt most of the questions he gets. He hopes that this would ease him from the burden of repeatedly responding to these frequently asked questions.
The Academy of Remote Viewing wants to categorically state that Mr. Clark is not in any way associated with it, either directly or indirectly, and that his answers are but purely his opinions that he voluntarily decided to release.
The identity of the individuals that queried Mr. Clark about the RV course should remain private.

        Kerry, I’m sure you have received a lot of unwanted mail, as I have too, but I hope that this is not too bothering. I am writing regarding the subject of “Remote Viewing”. I have seen your E-mails on Gerald O’Donnell’s site and I thought maybe you could help me, since I didn’t see an E-Mail address for Mr. O’Donnell himself. I am very interested in the subject of RV and acquired my interest after reading David Morehouse’s book–“Psychic Warrior”- hell of a book by the way. Since reading, I have been looking for offers from people who say they can “teach” me to do it also. However, I am very skeptical, as I know you initially were also. I am attending college right now and don’t have the money to possibly waste on something that is not legitimate. If you don’t mind, I would like to receive a response to some of my any questions such as: 1. Does any guarantee come with the package from “The Academy of Remote Viewing” in case I am not satisfied or am not able to do it? 2. How do you know that what you “View” is factual if there is no evidence to support it’s basis. Example: you said you viewed a Dinosaur, but how do you know you didn’t imagine it?
    —- I have many more questions and hopefully you will be able to help me with them in the future. I appreciate any help you are able to offer. Thanks again!


Hi Z.,

I haven’t seen David Morehouse’s book yet. I look forward to reading it. Thanks for the recommendation.
I can appreciate the questions you raise. They were once mine, too. The O’Donnell RV training materials are backed with the implicit assurance of quality and workmanship of course, and include a 30 day money-back guarantee. Not to worry, though. Remote Viewing definitely works. I know, right now it’s tempting to gather free advice and then experiment. But it’s indispensable to first experience through training, in the proper order, and with certain elements properly emphasized. Without that background, you can really get sidetracked, and waste a lot of time.
 As to any question of personal satisfaction with O’Donnell’s course, you have Gerald himself to contact, and he is as amiable and reasonable a person as you may ever have the good luck to deal with. A fine teacher, too. You can E-mail him by using the mail button that’s on top of each page of the web site and then the send button. I think the site contains at least a couple of buttons that say “E-Mail,” “Contact Probable Future,” or somesuch. If you don’t find those, let me know.
RV trainees are always urged to stick with verifiable targets Feedback is essential in learning how to recognize the “feeling” of valid information as distinct from noise or invention. The reaffirmation of a solid hit is a big confidence builder, too. So why do I bother with such unknowables as Mars and dinosaurs? Because the experience is downright fabulous, that’s why. No other reason.
I should confess to you that really, I imagined the dinosaur, Mars, and all the rest. And the confession would be true — but also misleading. Imagination is precisely the mechanism that interprets the information gained in an RV session. In an instant, you are served a tiny, pattern or “packet” of all-inclusive information about your subject.
Immediately, the prism of imagination will start to split that highly compressed little spark into a whole range of recognizable sensory and emotional substance. You quickly take note, settle down again, and ask, or wait, for the next arrival. This is not only how we remote view, it’s how we think. That imagination/translation task is going on all the time, developing timeless bursts of pure insight into temporal thoughts and familiar terms of experience. Usually, the process operates below our notice, distracted as we are with grosser mental business and sensory input. Still, we know what a flash of inspiration is, or a sudden moment of deep understanding. To tap that deepmost source repeatedly, unobstructedly, with discrimination, and at will, is what RV training is about. And depending on the individual, even this could be only a beginning.
I hope you invest in the course, and that you’ll let me know how it goes for you.
Thanks for your letter,




Dr. Peter Ursel  M.D. sends us this testimonial.


  • Initial comments after two weeks of training.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

Just a quick note to thank you for your course. I’ve been using tape two for a week and a half and I’m really enjoying it, especially the light exercise. I have a few questions. Do you have any suggestions on how to visualize “vibration” of light? I seem to be having difficulty with this. Also as an emergency medical doctor, I would like to start using remote viewing. Do you have any comments about the medical applications of this technology? Third, I bought the TRV course form PSI tech. Very interesting and I think an accurate method; however, I find the whole protocol rather boring and constricting. I much prefer your course so far. I have the feeling that I will be able to stick to this method, as each session I seem to be able to get to a deeper level (if I can stay awake!) Once again, thanks for the fabulous tapes and I do look forward to hearing more from you and buying your next courses!


 Peter Ursel M.D.


Raymond Salinger wrote to us. Subject:

  • Private training session.

Dear Gerald:

 I wanted to take the time to thank you for your pioneering work. Your  abilities are beyond words. Your cutting edge research should prove priceless to the Global Intelligence Community as well as the Human Potentials movement! As your are aware, my contacts and experience are vast. You should be embraced by leading scientists and governments for the power you have to vastly improve the quality of life for all the people who will ever know you! Keep up the good work, it is people like you who make this a better world!




Dr. Alexander Markus M.D. Ph.D. of Sweden, one of our recent trainees, send us these comments.


  •  Heightened intuitive sensitivity and better management of the deep Theta state.

Dear Gerald O’Donnell

Six months ago, I purchased your RV course. I want to thank you for your fantastic course on Remote Viewing. I have found that I have developed much better intuitive sensitivity. I also have much better control over who, what and where I visit and what I do while in the Theta state. I believe that your information is quite possibly a new way for Mankind to see itself and understand the physical world.

Thank you very much,

Alexander Markus, Ph.D., M.D. (A.M.)

President of the Celeste Institute

If my Institute can do something for you in Sweden, please let me know.



B. Templar a retired Govt. Scanner/RViewer sends us this testimonial:

As a professional psychic and retired Govt. scanner, it was good reviewing your Remote Viewing Course. I found it to be spiritually uplifting and very beneficial.  I highly recommend your course for the beginner as well as the advanced. 

We all need to get back in touch with our essence and the Universal Mind, and not let the surface life distract us too much from our inner core and true nature.





Rob wrote to us this testimonial. Subject:

  • We do care
  • Influencing a job testing situation for the better

Dear Gerald,
I can’t thank you enough for the RV & RI course you sent me. They work far better than I ever thought they would.

I first bought the RV course and listened to it and the results were very good. Then about a year later I bought the RI course and the results were fantastic. I did  struggle a little bit with some of the concepts and needed some clarification on a few things. So when I called your phone number to find out how I could contact you I was totally surprised that you answered the phone. You were eager to help me, which surprised me. I guess I thought you were only trying to sell courses and make money. But you weren’t.  You really are sincere and wanted to help me. Then when I started to operationally  Remote Influence,  one of the first things I did was to RI a test which I was supposed to take at work and takes about 4 hr. I was supposed to take this test from a guy that is a real pain in the neck (the type of person who if you say “it’s a beautiful day out and not a cloud in the sky”  will look all over the sky to try and find a tiny cloud and say that there’s a cloud over there)

So as I was getting ready to go to work, I decided to try to RI the situation so he wouldn’t be the one who would give me the test and I would get the test from another guy. Then when I went to work I found out that at the last minute they decided to change instructors and give me exactly what I had RI. I about fainted.  I was in total shock (I mean deep down I knew this was possible but I didn’t think I was that capable or that it was that easy). Basically after that experience I figured out that so long as you are looking for positive or good things,  anything is possible. Feel free to post this on your web site if you want. You can’t get a higher recommendation from me than this. I think you and your courses are great!!!!
Thank you so much.  Rob 




Rodney Malone, a recent trainee sends us on these comments about our course.

Subject: Experiencing Remote viewing through OOBE (out of body experiences).

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I would like to express my thanks to you for the time you spent with me on the phone recently and to also provide some comments about my experiences to share with the readers of your web site. I am grateful to all of those people who have taken the time to write letters to you and allowed you to post them. Honest feedback from actual users is very important to some of us who lament over small decisions which ultimately can profoundly change our lives. The final decision to purchase your course was triggered by reading some of those letters. I would now like to return the favor and describe some of my experiences and hopefully someone out there reading will likewise be pushed that little extra way to make a good decision and purchase your course.

The text below is for our good and kind web readers who may be considering the Remote Viewing Course, and anyone else who is interested in what it’s like to walk through walls and taste a lightning bolt.

The Business End.

Before I talk about the course and remote viewing, let me speak of the business end first. I have spent a hundred dollars on products before, but I have NEVER been able to call the author/owner/artist/programmer/manufacturer and actually talk to him. I didn’t get an answering machine, I didn’t even get a secretary or voice mail or even music. I got Mr. O’Donnell, in person, on the second ring. Mr. O’Donnell is a very tolerant, engaging and thoughtful person. He fits the role of teacher perfectly. He did not rush me, he asked me questions and let me ask him questions, some of them pretty lame I imagine. And I’m sure he has heard them all before. He was easily able to talk to me at my own level of understanding, without making me feel ignorant and in fact was quick to encourage and compliment me on the progress I have made. If you read the contents of his web site carefully, I think you will discover, as I did, that Mr. O’Donnell’s primary interest is in helping the world to be a little better place. How do you do that? You help people to help themselves. You give people values and knowledge that helps them reach their own unique potential, and you get them to, in turn, pass on to others, what they have learned. I can think of a few hundred companies, teachers, and just plain folk who could learn a great deal from the way Mr. O’Donnell runs his business.

The first lesson to learn.
Read what’s on this web site. Read every nook and cranny, then read it again. There is a wealth of background information, and if you are like most people, you may have to shift your thinking a bit. All of this information is explained when you listen to tape one, but if you have read it first, listening to the tape will help to re-enforce the information and make you more comfortable with the concepts and the vocabulary. If you are familiar with brain physiology and quantum mechanics, you may skip this step. (just kidding). I just re-read everything in the web site again last night and I picked up many little tid-bits that I missed the first 5 times.

The tapes are really quite delightful.

From an organizational point of view, the layout of the course is excellent. Mr. O’Donnell has paced the material in such a way as to make it easy to master one skill at a time. His voice, pace and background effects are constantly varying to keep your mind interested and help you maintain focus. Mr. O’Donnell has a marvelously mysterious voice that will capture your attention and wrap you in cloak of intrigue and wonder. Once you begin to listen, it is hard to stop on one tape. But you need to. You will have to listen from several to many times to become a master of each skill before moving on. You will not be able to do this. The lure of the next tape is simply too strong. It is obvious to me that the phrase “I must listen to the next tape” is recorded subliminally on each tape. (just kidding… again). I had a very common problem when I first started. It took me a week before I actually heard the whole of tape 2. And then I had to listen while I was at work. Why? Because when I listen to a tape who’s main concern is for me to relax, usually I do. Then I fall asleep. This really is a good thing. It means you are relaxed, and it means you are mentally speaking, in the right place. Close to that magic level where funny things start to happen. Theta level. That’s where logic ends and the rest of the universe begins. So how do you stay awake long enough to experience it? Here’s what I did. The first bad thing I did was to listen to the tapes after everyone else went to bed. For me that’s around midnight. The second thing I did was to not get enough sleep for the previous week. The third thing I did wrong was to lay down on my nice comfy bed. I was so frustrated and eager to hear the tapes that I ended up listening to it during the day, while I was working. Obviously I couldn’t do the exercises, but at least I knew what they were! Finally after doing that, I took action. Well, actually, I took a nap. Then I listened to the tape. It was still late at night, but the nap made me alert enough to take the edge off and keep me awake. And I sat in a nice straight chair. Comfortable for my back, but not something that is easy to sleep in. So that was the night that started my journey. That night I think I was just light. That was really spectacular, but it couldn’t hold a candle to a couple nights later, when I wasn’t just light, I was lightning!

Where do you want to go today?

( I wonder if Bill Gates has these tapes 🙂

Here’s where it goes from really good to way out there. I’ve been dying to share my little safaris with somebody. And I guess the place won’t ever get any better than here. So, your not sure the Remote Viewing Course is real? You don’t think its worth a hundred bucks. You think it’s just another boring self-help guide. Or maybe it’s just a spoof? Yeah ok. I thought most of those things at least once. But I’m really good at giving people the benefit of the doubt. So let me tell you what happens around tape 3 or so and you tell me whether or not I got my money’s worth. Let me first say that sitting on the ceiling ( I guess hovering’s a better term) looking at myself at my desk sitting comfortably in my straight back chair is very peculiar at first, but you get use to it. It’s much like listening to your own voice in a tape recorder. The first time you hear it, you don’t really think it’s you. You see, normally you see your image in the mirror. When you look directly at yourself, it’s not reversed. And the angle is different. Then it’s fun time. Zooming around looking at the corners of the room, top of shelves, things hanging on the wall. And fast. I like to move fast. A blur of light zip. . . I’m in the corner, zip a quick thought and zoom I’m at the top of the door. And its bright. Bright as day. Brighter. Why? Because I’m the light. And I’m bright. Then zoom right up to my own head and zip right back to the corner of the ceiling. Within a minute I’m a master of zipping around the room. Kind of like learning to drive a car. A bit jerky at first, then all you want is speed speed. The very curious thing about all of this is while I’m merrily zooming around the ceiling, I’m also very casually listening to the lilting voice of Mr. O’Donnell somewhere down there. He’s giving me suggestions on things to try. Things to look at. Where did I go. Oh, up on the roof, to my folks house next door. Down the street. Downtown. And back. Back to my ceiling, then back above myself. And then came the real fun. The voice finished by reminding me I could do this any time and I could continue if I wanted. I wasn’t quite done yet.

My First Solo.

When I was a young boy I had a marvelous opportunity to fly solo in a small airplane. That was a fantastic feeling and a wonderful experience. Imagine flying through the air, in control, by yourself. Perfect freedom. Or so I thought then. Let me tell you about my first solo mind safari. As I said above. I was hovering above myself right at the ceiling. Mr. O’Donnell had just invited me to continue my flight on my own. Fasten your seat belts please… I was extremely invigorated by the practice of moving around the room and out into my town and back. Not I was ready to cut loose. I shot up through the ceiling of the room. Puff! Each time I passed through a wall or a ceiling or any solid object I felt a puff of slight pressure. This effect is something I read about in a book and my imagination thought it was nice touch, so now every time I go through something, I can feel it… Puff. Up through the next floor, the ceiling of that room, the attic then zip through the roof… all in an instant. It’s hard for me to describe the speed, but think fast. A blur. The flash. Then stopped. Hovering just above the house. I looked around. Dark and clear, yet I can see everything. The crystal black sky with a thousand million star points. I look next door. I see the roof of my neighbors house, the chimney. Chimney. Hmm. I zoom up 50 feet, then dive straight down my own chimney. As I blaze down the brick tunnel I can see the soot on the walls. I can feel the coolness of the tile and I can smell the residue of smoke. I blaze into the basement look around then shoot back up through the chimney and out into the night sky to the top of the 200 year old maple tree in my front yard. I can feel the night breeze all around me. I look all around. I feel like a big smile. Total freedom. I plunge strait down into the tree through the main trunk. The wood is illuminated around me. I can feel the wet coolness of the sap in the fibers of the wood I’m passing through. I can smell the smell of sap and wood and earth. Down I plunge into the root system and down into the dirt. I pass through layers of dirt and sand and rock. I instantly switch directions moving now horizontally faster and faster. The features of the bedrock flying past me and cool, dense and stoic. Then a quick shift up again bursting up and out through the street in front of my house, then up 100 feet and down at an angle into and through the pavement. I burrowed into the pavement and burst into the sewer pipe. A strange place to go? Not at all. The veins of the village. I zoomed through the pipe at incredible speeds. Yet I could see details of the rust and sludge encrusted pipes. I could see the inside of the pipe and the outside all at the same time. All illuminated and at the same time whizzing by because of my incredible speed. Then down I dove deeper then turned up and blasted up in to the sky again. Up and into the clouds. Through the clouds and up to incredible heights. Then down close to the ground skimming a few inches above the ground. Then up again to the west coast and instantly I’m there at the ocean. Down I plunged into the water. Down to the depths. A school of dolphin. I swam with them, dove with them, played in the water. Then down as fast as flying down to the bottom of the sea. Into the muck, then down below into the bedrock under the sea and then up two miles straight up at blinding speed and bursting out of the water straight up into the night sky. Up through the highest thinnest atmosphere. The sky now a velvet black and crisp frozen air. I look down at the world and then in an instant the moon is looming before me. I skim the surface and dip into the fine dust it puffs up around me, my form nothing but a ball of light. And up again and straight to the sun. More massive than is describable. When you reach the sun there is nothing else to see. It becomes the universe, so massive it is. Into it’s plasma I dive I shoot up and over following the lines of force of the incredible 1000 mile plumes that bend back onto the surface and I plunge down into the core of the sun. The churning tumult is replaced by total calm and constant light. I fly through the incredible density of the body of our sun then I turn up and blast toward home. I see the earth before me and I plunge down into its atmosphere. Down into my country, into my state and my village, and I stop instantly, hovering a yard above my roof. Back safe and sound. I look to the south. A thunder storm is brewing. I’m off. Straight into a massive thunderhead. Then into it and straight up 30,000 feet. I can smell the ozone. I allow myself to float and be caught in the up and down drafts. Shifting violently up and down shooting a thousand feet down in one second then abruptly back up, caught in another draft. I feel the tapping of hailstones as I pass through them. Then I see a charge building, I feel the potential then up comes the bolt. A crazy angle from the ground up to the cloud. I instantly move directly into the bolt and wrap myself around it. I become the bolt. I stretch and zig and writhe like a snake. I feel my tendrils reaching out the massive and intricate bubbling of the clouds. I taste the bolt and of all things, I taste cinnamon. I shoot straight up and out of the cloud then instantly transfer myself back to my roof. I look around. I am able to see the whole of my skyline. Trees, rooftops. I feel the night air. It’s cool and fresh and alive. I see the stars winking at me. I think to myself. Now that was a solo flight. I thought that was about enough for one night. So I gently drifted puff through the roof, then down puff through the upper floor and floated at the ceiling looking at myself in the chair. I’m smiling. I gently lowered myself into myself and counted up. I wriggled my shoulders a bit, rolled my neck and gingerly opened my eyes. Then I said out loud, (but quietly): “Wow! They’re never gonna believe this. That was only tape three!”

There is more to come.

There is always more to come. But I’ve put enough down here for one night. Fantasy? Sure. Imagination? You bet. All in my head? not exactly. All in my mind? Definitely. But in my head? I think not. If it was all in MY head you wouldn’t be able to see it or feel it or taste it. But you can. In fact, you can see and feel and taste everything I’ve described here. And it will be in your mind too. It’s the same mind where the whole universe exists. And that’s a pretty big mind, now isn’t it? Be an explorer. See the wonder. Then pass it on.
R. Malone



Don Koehler wrote to us  this testimonial about the Combo (Portal) course.  Subject:

  • Accessing freely the All-Mind

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I’m so overwhelmed, I almost don’t know what to say. First, thank you so very much for your prompt response. I know how busy you must be these days, and I am so very grateful that you found time in your schedule so quickly. You’ve been such an inspiration, and a true giver of hope. Your ever so generous words and actions have blessed my life with a whole new brighter tomorrow. Finally I am on the right track to where I want to be…..thanks to you. In a real way, your generosity with the distributing of such wisdom and advanced technique to the world, and in doing so, the gifts it has been to me, are just astounding. I could not have done it, nor could I have had access to such information and techniques if it wasn’t for you, and your compelling need to help the world. I can only imagine what light, those who are using the techniques, are bringing to the world. Accessing the mind, and using our free will in such a co-creative capacity is just pure GOD-SEND…..A true gift from the source of all that is. When I think of all the things that I’ll be able to do with these courses, and all the life changing adventures I have yet to experience on physical, astral, etheric, mental, and master-level 5th dimensional planes and maybe even beyond, I feel alive inside.

Thank you for truly taking the time to see the truth in someone, and not just dismissing them as the illusion that most people would think them to be.

Sincerely, Donald Dean Koehler Jr. (Don)

P.S. may the love and light and blessings of the GOD-GODDESS-ALL-THAT-IS be upon you for ever and ever AMEN!!! You’ll probably need it.



Greetings To My Beloved Friend Mr. Gerald O’Donnell from Debra Gosselin:

It has been a bit of a season since we last spoke but often we vibrate at the same LOVE frequency, that much I am sure. I am ever so humbled to know you, I know the “Salt Of The Earth People” all over the Globe.   The love affair you all have with this marvelous living library, Mother Earth is being threatened not only by literal raping of the land but also the lack of respect toward the elements and elementals within dimensions that are beginning to bleed one into the other. The live intelligence within stone and dirt are longing to experience electromagnetic formulas of higher consciousness once again.  Earth reads us as we live and breathe on her, and she knows the stage of our own development and our ability to accept responsibility.  When we share what we know, it is broadcast around the world.  Codings are fired, and the masses begin to evolve.  We are interlinked and so when our teachers continue to stretch themselves to mature and grow, we likewise stretch and grow.
I honor you and the glorious teachers and mentors I have been graced with. I have been shown over and over what LOVE, JOY and abundance looks like.
I am pleased to say that I am not as fragile as when we first met.  I am imagining things one week and seeing them manifest and mature the next.  As you know, my signature word has been “FREEDOM”, please know that has not changed.  In closing, I am proud to be one of the 100 monkeys that have ignited your message.  I always knew there was some special calling I had yet to meet.
Bless you, I’m yawning with all my heart and soul.  Debra


Dr. Lizzy Boros  of the U.K. shared this testimonial with us after a few weeks of training


  • Increased levels of visualization
  • Encountering Beings and guides and using effectively our protective measures to counter negative ones.
  • Increased event intuition

Thank you for the possibility, that I can use your beautiful program. I am listening two times per day and I have perceiving a lot of amazing feelings, visualizations etc. For example I had 4 forms of visualizations.  
1. 3D visualization with normal movements in, as like when I am watching TV, with beautiful colors and sometimes with voices and smells together.
2. Holographic visualization (this was just few times)
3. Pictures (standing), sometimes with ugly figures, but I1ve used the “small” word…, and they disappeared:-). Sometimes this figures want to say something, but I do not understand yet their signs.
4. This is the most interesting I think, because sometimes I see things, events in shady and I just think that this is from the future…?

My problem is that I see a lot of things, but I do not understand yet the meanings, the places, I do not know that peoples, and I would like to know… Could you help me in that please, how can I know more? I tried to write after the session, but even if I am remembering everything I can not draw the meanings. And I do not have to be in meditation, a lot of time I see things, events when I am going to sleep, and sometimes daytime, when I am working or doing something else…

I can sense events before they is happening…,

Thank you for your attention and for this life-changing possibility. I am sorry that my language (I am Hungarian), is not enough good to say everything that I have inside…

With respect,




Junior Coffi sent us this feedback

 Dear ONE,

Please POST!

Also expect my full testimony soon.

People are waiting for the Messiah, but I think he is already here in a different flesh.

Please allow me this: YOU ARE THAT ONE, Period!

Thank you Sir.


Stephanie Yamout, former Silva Mind instructor; NLP, Quantum Entrainment and ThetaHealing  practitioner, took our courses and sent us this enthusiastic testimonial


  • After much experience as a Silva Mind instructor and practitioner of different advanced mind modalities, she finds that our combo  combine them all and goes far beyond them in its teachings.
  • Feeling the “inner Smile’ and Peaceful happiness in her daily life. Regaining the “inner child” within.
  • Purging and transmuting old lower vibrations of painful fear-laden memories
  • Experiencing, all of a sudden, while in Delta, the unfathomable super-bright Light of the “Inner Sun” of the One Creator Energy.

Dear Gerald 

I am in the process of doing the RV/RI course. I take my time because I listen to every CD two or three times and then I practice on a daily basis what I have learned. You probably can imagine how much I enjoy your course, it is the BEST I have ever done so far – and I have done quite a bit. I am an “old” Silva Mind practitioner – even used to teach it, an NLP practitioner, Quantum Entrainment practitioner (QE) and a ThetaHealing practitioner (among quite a few other practices). You have put something together that combines all of these techniques and tops them off. Never have I been able to reach such heights of mind. I have been doing quite a bit of automatic writing, channeling, past life regressions with others and and and…. however, with your training I feel I have arrived home. Much has already happened since I started the course and I know a lot more will follow. I’ll give you details later.  

I already have  a constant smile not only on my face but all over inside of me and there are always songs playing in the background of my mind, quite entertaining. I can laugh much more easily and mostly about myself. I found the little girl again that I used to be , full of laughter and mischief (positive). I am totally in love with myself and happy for no reasons at all. I wish everybody would one day take your course and arrive where I am. 

Spending every day from one to two hours in expanded awareness and higher vibrations has me going through a purging process that at times is painful. When I ask myself, why the pain, I become aware that this is a necessary process because states of high vibration do not sustain lower vibrations of fear in all its facets. Once I am able to let go of the story that is seemingly attached to the emotion (energy in motion to be exact), I am at peace. My new understanding of “I AM THAT I AM” is so much more profound than before and actually brings me closer and closer to where I want to be: One with ONE, at peace within peace. Unconditional Love for what IS.

Well, today, as I was laying under my umbrella at the beach being in “mental state delta” all of a sudden, the light in my inner “eye” became as bright as a super bright sun/light.  First I thought that the umbrella was being pulled away but then as the light got so bright I got “scared” and opened (unfortunately) my eyes and the whole experience was over. At least, now I know what light I am IF I let it happen. This was quite something for me and I hope it will happen again so that I can bathe in this light and receive the information that is connected to it. I am still listening to any of your CDs and they reveal more and more…………….

Your exercises are of such value that there cannot  be put a price in dollars to them. I really wish that all of humanity (well, maybe half of them…. lol) would pick up your teachings and DO the exercises. For me it is not so much the manifesting or viewing part, but the self-realization of what I am in REALITY. I guess once I am totally aware of the power of my reason for being a human being, I’ll be a master manifester of Paradise, Garden of Eden.

Once more I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and the wonderful CDs of, in particular the remote influencing ones, your courses. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of either listening to you or doing the exercises on my own.

Thank you for everything you do for humanity. You have my highest respect. 

Warm greetings,

Stefanie Yamout


Cecilia Soprano , who has previously trained with many self-empowerment schools, wrote to us this warm comments 

Dear Gerald,

I have just finished listening to your entire program, and I’ve been
wanting to tell you/write you from the onset that you are a remarkable being and I so appreciate your sharing your wisdom and wonderful intelligence with us.  For most of my life I have studied various systems of clearing the patterns from “matrix mentality” and social conditioning.

I have certificates in hypnosis and NLP and have studied and read about a number of other systems of self-realization and self-actualization including Silva Mind Control.

I am a student of Paramahansa Yogananda since 1972 and have done firewalking with Tony Robbins and rebirthing among other seminars in self-empowerment.  I have studied with Gangaji and a number of avayda vadanta teachers.

You have distilled the best of the best of most of these systems into your program and I truly marvel at the integrity and consciousness behind your work.  You are making this world a better place by your tireless efforts to bring truth straight through to the subconscious.

I too wish you the best this New Year in all you do.  I wish you much prosperity and may your Remote Viewing and Influencing programs reach more and more people every day.  I am doing my best to spread the word about your work through my small network.  I hope to one day hear one of your shows or broadcasts.  I feel lucky to have discovered your tapes and to have the privilege to listen to them whenever I find the time.

I recognize your pureness of heart and hold a deep respect for your unselfish commitment efforts to bring more consciousness and humanity back into the world …..  Ever in Divine Kinship,  Cecilia Soprano.


Serge Laliberte M.D. a Canadian trainee sent us this nice testimonial 

Dear Gerald, master of time-space continuum,

Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful e-card and for your website update.  And thank you for your outstanding RV and RI courses. They are truly phenomenal and I am enjoying them continuously.  I feel that I am on the threshold of a quantum leap in consciousness and RV and RI are greatly responsible for this. Keep you posted when I walk on water, ha ha ha ha!

With appreciation,




Aneta Ortakoski an Australian student sent us this feedback


  • Inner Healing and multiple benefits of the Combo RV/RI course.

Dearest Gerald,
My greetings and well wishes to you. I have wanted to send you a thank you for so long, but I get so carried away with all that I am learning that time just slips by.
Firstly, I want to thank you for helping me through my little drama just over a year ago now. I wrote to you when I was at my wits end and I just couldn’t make sense of life….I was very depressed at this point…and you never hesitated to offer help and advice, you even called me for a chat. I will always be grateful to you for that. From my current view, it was so much stress and carry on for nothing, but at the time, it felt very real.
It was about this time that I really got into your courses and a few other teachings. I realized that all things that are acquired by force need a constant supply of energy in order to keep them, in which case, one needs to ask oneself, is it worth all that energy? I realized my drama was not worth it, so when I stopped feeding it, it all just collapsed in front of my eyes. It was an amazing experience, and so liberating. Your courses helped me through it.
So once all this energy was freed up, I then started directing it towards things that were real, unchangeable, eternal and infinite. Your courses helped me with, and through that.
So, here’s where I am at……I am learning that life is nothing but a dream. When we have our nocturnal dream, with practice we can go Lucid and control/create our dream environment, the whole time being aware that we are dreaming. But, I am thinking that this is the case with our daytime dream as well. If we can become aware and go Lucid in our daytime dream, we can then create/control our environment and experiences! It just means going Lucid from a different level! Possibly from what science calls our observer, or higher self, and living every moment from this level? I don’t know, just pondering I guess. A quote I read recently comes to mind: “What you are looking for is what is looking”- St. Francis of Assisi  I guess this is where your new and improved courses I am sure will help (I will be ordering in the next 2 weeks).
Thank you also for sending me a replacement tape 2 months ago. I was so happy when I received it, and you didn’t even ask for shipping….your generosity is humbling.
My apologies for not sending any feedback sooner. Please know how wonderful and how important the courses have become for me. So many synchronicities and amazing knowledge has come my way since starting with them. Another interesting thing I learnt through the courses is that you very rarely get knowledge or information without asking the right question…so sitting there and waiting for God to give you the secrets of the universe just doesn’t happen. What was and is astounding, is that sometimes I feel like I am stuck and going around in circles because I can’t figure out where to go next…what question do I ask next? And sometimes I can literally see the shimmer and the waves of consciousness around me…and that is fascinating!! Only glimpses at this point, but what an incentive to keep going huh?
I know there are many, many paths leading back home, and I wanted you to know that your courses form the foundation on my path leading me home (or I should say, helping me to realize that I actually have never left home).
So again, Thank YOU for all that you do, for all of your help, for always being there and putting so much of your energy into your work that you are literally there. Your work has been the catalyst to so much of my growth, to expanding my conscious awareness, to being in a constant state of joy, and trying to always be aware that we are ONE. That there is no separation, only the one perceived. We are all the same, just some are more aware than others, that’s all. Maybe this is how and why Jesus was able to forgive people? By seeing the Divine Spirit in every person he came across?
Please forgive my ramble, I know that my words can’t really express how I feel about you and your work. Our language is quite limiting really.
I send you my Love and best wishes.
Aneta Ortakoski



Sakara Lucas, a British student, sent us this warm testimonial


  • Gratitude expressed at the courses from our Academy, the messages posted on the www.probablefuture.com  web site, and all the following personal communication between herself and Gerald O’Donnell

Dear Gerald,

First, I would like to thank you from the depth of my heart for your continuous help, support and guidance through your numerous emails.

More than anything thank you for your magnificent courses which have changed my life.

Your last message was G. sent and really helped me understand what was going on.

So I , as always and for ever, remain deeply and truly grateful for the courses, the words, the poetry, the songs, the messages, and everything that you do and say. But, most of all, my heartfelt thanks for the Love and the Light that you share with all of us.

My heart and my soul send you many blessings for each and every day




Jewel Durovy-Meeker writes to us

  • Accelerated healing of a broken bone.
  • Life guidance using Remote Viewing.
  • Increase in self-confidence by  knowing that she can Remote Influence any situation and is in full-control of her life.
  • Acknowledging that the Academy had managed the feat of  putting the very core of multi-disciplinary  modern and ancient mind/spirit technologies into useable practical courses.
  • Deep life-changing awareness.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I am writing this with deep gratitude for the changes in my life that your courses have provided. Within the first few tapes I had more understanding of the truth that surrounded me. I have proof of tremendously accelerated healing of my own fractured bone, I experience visions that lead me to make life-changing profitable decisions and my self-confidence has never been higher. I know that I have the ability to change any and every situation in my life. Most importantly, every aspect of my existence has been transformed into a very deep spiritual awareness.

I have been reading an average of 3/4 of a book a day on vibrational medicine, spiritual enlightenment, reiki, hypnotherapy; pretty much anything I can get my hands on. So, to my point… Out of all of the books and websites I have studied you have accomplished to extract all of the important information and package it into such a useable and versatile tool. I still hit that state of awe after reading 350 pages and it comes down to you having summed up into a few key phrases within the course.

I also want to thank you for your support in answering my questions about the courses. I was impressed to find a business that still deals with the customers personally. I had expected to purchase this and be left in the cold. You truly are a remarkable man with a remarkable product. I would be happy to talk to anyone personally having doubts of purchasing your course.

 Thank You !  Jewel



Sahil Mehta MD  a year-long student of ours sent us this enthusiastic testimonial 


  • Great appreciation for the extended body of  material included in the combination RV/RI courses.
  • Greater manifestation powers
  • Learning about the multi-dimensional Self

 Dear Gerald,

I have been using ARVARI courses for over a year with great results- especially more consistent manifestations. I was referred to your website by Toby Alexander- spiritual healer.  Over the years I have used many music CD’s for spiritual growth but after listening to the RV and RI CD’s I’m sure no one has spent that much time/effort and thought in creating such a wonderful thing.  

I am learning about our multidimensional anatomy- soul, oversoul, monad, rishi self up to 15 dimensions.

Warm regards, 

Sahil Mehta MD



Sigrid Christensen a RV/RI student from Norway sent us this very appreciative testimonial.


  • Outside of duality. We are here to graduate in the school of life.
  • Higher awareness of One and Its message of unity.
  • Effectiveness of our training.

Dear Gerald,

Thank you so much for spreading this message and for the wonderful work you have done contributing. This really explains a lot for me of the meaning of what happened in my life last part of October and November.

Also it’s a great confirmation on a lot of feelings and reactions I’ve had throughout my life and my encounters with various spiritual teachings for the past twenty years. I’ve sort of wondered if I was totally crazy as I was told by others when insisting that I wasn’t here to “go to school” so to speak, that I had a feeling my childhood was some sort of escalated path of “karma” giving me truckloads to clean out of my emotional programming, and that there must be some reason for my resisting the belief that it was “paying off debts”. My own feeling was that humankind is about to “graduate” and there are a lot of “tutors” around with the mission to help enlighten the need for integrating dark and light and that there is a project going on to create something new above the old “karmic” school above polarity. And I felt that my own hardships were not to teach me, rather an opportunity and challenge for me to showcase as an example how to jump out of the victim/perpetrator axis, find a way to live and tell the tale, and convey new coping strategies in a language most people can understand. I always felt that on the highest level we could not be anything but One, but that as parts of the One we all need to learn to heal our little part of that One in order to make room for a new creative project were building new stuff could be done through a more harmonious and less painful transformations instead of the current destruction and rebuilding.

Last couple of month I’ve become aware of the essence of your message coming through from a variety of sources, and I trust the templates large and small being built through you and others will make a huge difference in the ability for anybody to heal and integrate light and dark in themselves and relationships, even those who are not yet aware of the concept of One.

Eternally grateful for the work you participate in, your fantastic courses and your courage in relaying the message with confidence to a diverse humanity were majority still are unaware of what’s evolving.

BTW, the course is great so far. As a trained hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner I also really value the way it’s building up step by step, and I realize how much the paradigm of the hypnotist affects what can be gotten out a trance session, which is very valuable to me as a therapist too! I used to think there was no topping Dr. Milton Erickson and Dave Elman, now I know better….

Love and light from Sigrid.


Pacomo, a recent Remote Influencing/Remote viewing trainee sent us this thankful testimonial.


  • Having Out of Body experiences
  • Remote Viewing the past and the future
  • Increased Intuition
  • Merging telepathically
  • Getting solutions to business affairs during sleep
  • Remote Viewing winners in Horse races
  • Finally mastering visualization skills


I have completed your RV course and want to describe my progress. I have experienced the out of body experience, have gone to both the past and future, have experienced increased intuition, and ability to merge with both the animate and inanimate, as well as, some ability to communicate while merged. I have been getting more solutions and instructions for my business affairs during my sleep. In addition, I have been able to RV and pick 1 to 3 of the finishers of horse races in 3/4 of races and in maybe 1 out of 10 races I have RVed all 3 in order of finish, however, that is not enough to make money at it.

One of the greatest benefits came from your explanation that “visualizing” was the same as “daydreaming”. For over 30 years I have been frustrated by my lack of visualizing ability. I have asked all that I could find who taught visualization and it was not until I came across your description that it worked for me. That removed the major block to my perfecting many skills.

In addition to thanking you for making the RV course available, I want to thank you for your willingness to set up a time for coaching calls, this has provided the invaluable fine tuning.

Thanks again,



John Hunter sends us this enthusiastic testimonial.


  • Finally making contact after years of search, with the inner Kingdom and going through the veil.

Hi Gerald:

You MOST certainly can post my email!  Although it really doesn’t mention too much yet,

But I listen to the tapes religiously and I am absolutely sure I will have much to say in the near future.  By the way a couple of times as I was deep into the void, the most magnificent (movie screen)? Appeared. The scene I was beginning to see was crystal clear, full of the most brilliant colors and sounds etc.  It was as real or maybe even more real then me sitting here typing this email. BUT :-(I was so shocked and surprised that I began to analyze it and try to figure it out that it disappeared faster then it appeared. I will learn to keep my analytical mind out of the way from NOW on. It really never served me that well anyway:-)  Thanks again my friend and brother! Your tapes are the GREATEST THING I have ever come across. I have been quite fortunate to have found you and your site. I had began an unrelenting quest a number of years ago to first SEEK THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN! Got rid of all useless things in my life. Read all the masters and learned amazing things. At first I struggled with a lot they had to say, but eventually it all stated to become clear. Most people I talked to of these things thought I was nuts, but a few have told me how I have miraculously changes their life’s. It is funny (but not really) that every one of the people that thought I was nuts and worried about me are NOW all on psychiatric meds. I have learned to keep my mouth shut to certain people lest they trample on my pearls. BUT GERALD, there was still that one piece missing for me and that was MAKING CONTACT! I always felt there was a crucial piece of the puzzle missing. You, my beloved friend have provided me that missing piece. I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL! You dear sir, have given me the KEY!  I will be ever indebted. All winter long I was searching every spare moment on how to actually make contact to the other side of the veil. It took months, and then by some stroke of good fortune your site appeared. Before I read your site I NEVER had heard of remote viewing or influencing. You have to remember it has been years since I have seen TV or read a newspaper. Thank GOD for computers:-))  Take  care, be safe and warm and you will definitely hear from me soon.    

  I forgot to mention that for the last few days whenever I looked at the clock, my watch or even the time on the microwave or stove it was always at 11:11. I began to wonder over and over again what this could mean. I thought of this often and really felt it had to mean something. I hadn’t been back to read any of your recent articles on your website since I received the course. Out of the clear blue I decided to check if there was anything new there and Lo and behold the meaning of 11:11 was revealed. Amazing!

Love and Blessings, and of course HAPPY THOUGHTS



Armand Bright  who just ordered our course sent this testimonial


  • Feeling Higher Vibrations just by reading our material on this web site

Mr. O’Donnell, 

Thank you kindly for the personal call.

I just hit your website yesterday and must have spent 5 hours on it. I just couldn’t let it go. Within about 30 minutes I decided that this course would be mine. I seemed to derive energy from nowhere. I was up until 12:30am on your site. Your site definitely vibrates at a an elevated consciousness range. Matter of fact, when I went to bed and did a short mediation my feet where tingly. That’s weird. Anyway, before I got up to conduct business, I just read through your site quickly and it elevated my vibration and assisted me with focus. Hasn’t happened before but I’m learning that anything is possible. I haven’t even gotten the tapes yet. Thanks so much again and I look forward to receiving both of your courses.

Again thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Armand Bright



Willie Macon a recent Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing trainee wrote us this enthusiastic testimonial :


  • Time of no Time
  • Experiencing a Deja Vu. Seeing reality first from the Higher Self perspective and then from the lower Self one
  • Telepathic Remote Viewing
  • Remote Influencing
  • Out-of-body experiences

My dear Gerald,

It was my total pleasure in speaking with you this afternoon.  You know I had called once before right after the hurricanes and you asked me to call back.  I waited because I felt a bit unsure of myself.  So I decided to call today and WOW am I glad I did. It is like that conversation with you freed me to go to my next level which  can only be more spectacular than this one!  I am flying so high!!! Most of the time for the last few months I feel invincible, like I can walk on water! I lack word to express my joy and gratitude to you for these courses.  I am taking the combo Remote Viewing/ Remote Influencing courses.  I started in early August 2004. I am on my second time through, and I must say, I have had and continue to have some incredible experiences! 

Time of no time

The very first day that I got the RI course in the mail, about a week after I got the RV course- I sat in my bedroom and read the manual while I let the CD Theta track play.  I did this unknown to myself for 4 hours by the clock.  I was surprised when my husband called from the airport for me to come and get him.  I got up quickly and started down the stairs, and I felt woozy.  I stopped and reminded myself to come back to beta. then I did my emergence.  Went into my garage, started my auto and noticed that it was 10:10 pm.  I still felt a little other-worldly.  I backed out of my drive way about 20 feet and drove to the street about 100 feet, and then I noticed that the clock now said 10:21 pm.  I was amazed, I looked back and could still see my garage, how could 11 minutes have elapsed?  I proceeded to the airport which is 22 miles without traffic in dry weather, and it had been raining that night.  When I arrived at the airport the clock said 10:29 pm!!  How is that possible?  My best time is 30 minutes to the airport!  To have driven 22 miles in 9 minutes!!  AMAZING!! 

Deja vu 

I was a passenger in a car with friends.  The gentleman was outside our car pumping gas, and I kind of zoned out going within. I saw a lady finish pumping her gas in a blue color van, and then I saw her get in and pull away! A few seconds later I saw her do the same exact thing AGAIN!!! Saturday afternoon about 3 PM in broad daylight!  I wanted to tell this to my friends but they would think I am too weird! They would have had the padded truck come and take me away!! (smile)  So I just jumped up and down inside myself! I really enjoyed it!

Telepathic Remote Viewing 

I have on many occasions shocked my daughters by reading their minds! It freaks them out! I love it! On one occasion, my youngest called to ask me for a recipe-She said ” mom do you remember” and I finished her sentence “that hamburger one?”  She said: “Woman you gotta stop freaking me out like that!!”  We both laughed and I really enjoyed freaking her out–I had already done it to her about 5 times! 

Remote Influencing

I was able to avert a disaster involving the real estate closing transaction on our new house, which by all practical accounts we should not have  been able to get, but since I knew I could create my own reality–I DID IT! And we are living in it right now:  a beautiful 4 bedroom colonial in a beautiful neighborhood.  Anyway, we had started looking in TN back in April- But with negotiations and etc, it took  until September to close and move from Atlanta..  (My husband was getting transferred, he wanted it-I HELPED) In April when we had our credit report run (on Pins and needles) it showed all our tax liens paid which they were since 2000.  BUT in September 2004 one showed mistakenly open! 1 day before the closing at 4:30 in the afternoon!  It was suggested I go to the IRS field office.  I rejected that.  Instead I went into Theta and consulted my guide within, and asked for help.  I said’ Any suggestions would be appreciated”  then I emerged again as I was driving! Smile! Within seconds-It came to me as clear as day-“Go to the courthouse. When they released the lien, they sent a copy to the court house”  I was shocked and amazed, but I did as I was told and in 10 minutes, and $2.00 for the copies, I had copies of ALL the release forms which I faxed to the Mortgage Co. and we closed without a hitch!!! 

Now some of you might say–that is no miracle- But I did not know that information beforehand-it never occurred to me to even wonder about how they release liens etc…  And It would have panicked in the past! That is before I discovered that I and the One are really one! 

Out-of -body experiences

I have also had about 4 out-of-body-experiences. The first was while listening to Remote Influencing tape 5.  I was half asleep and woke as it started, it was magnificent! It started as if I was being pulled up like by strings at my middle (Iwas on my side) around my hips, the my top and then my legs, then I was projected up very fast and I went through white clouds or lights with blue at the edges then they broke up into triangle shapes of the same colors, and then I was floating back down and gently lowered into my body and I felt myself settle just the way I had been lifted moments before, and I felt like my whole being went AHHHH! it was 1000 times better than the best orgasm I have ever experienced!!  

I had about 3, one right after the other while I was asleep listening to tape #2 of the Remote Viewing course.

They were quick and wonderful.  It was like I didn’t want to settle back in at all! (lol)

Well Gerald, what can I say.  I listen constantly!  I can’t get enough, my excitement is so great that I just must have them.  I meditate with a tape every night sometimes a couple times a day. I play the Delta track each night on the CD player where we sleep-My husband asked me to leave it on so he could hear it too! I also listen to a tape while I seep with the cassette player and headphones! I thought I might be overdoing it, but I now know that I get to decide how much is enough for me-  My inner self is talking and I AM LISTENING! 

Gerald in the last few months my life and the lives of those I love have changed so much (Even though my children in particular kindly treat me like an escaped mental patient at times–SMILE) but I KNOW THE REAL TRUTH-and I can help them without their permission-as long it it is to their benefit.    MY life is so beautiful, and I am so grateful that sometimes I go down to that room in theta and I start to thank the Universal Mind and I just burst into tears of joy and gratitude! It is truly overwhelming! I go there a lot and we my guide who I call Willie Sam, since I as Willie M. I named her WSM–my initials and call her Willie Sam.  She appeared in my mental lab one day in deep theta when I went there, after I went down the stairs, she was there, looking like me but perfect-we have since merged during one of my meditations, now she is with me always  (I now know she always has been inside me as my higher self-but the difference is that now I KNOW it!) 

Thank You again Gerald for this material-I am putting it to good use! Anyway that’s all for now.  I am having great mind safaris!! 

Will be in touch soon! 

Willie Macon


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