Our Training Reported as Best Ever-ARVARI’s Training Acclaimed as the Best Value & Most Advanced Mind Development Program

Professional Accolades and Gratitude at the Quality of the Training and the Personal Support Provided by Gerald O’Donnell

David Schoen , a recent trainee, sends us the following feedback.


·         The ARV remote viewing course.

Hello Gerald:

Thank you for being the only RV site to have the guts to publish openly “real feedback” from “real trainees!” and provide extensive information on Remote Viewing , its applications and mechanisms. You have the only real informative site on this subject. You do not only relate alleged feats of the “good old boys” club, but give the only in-depth explanation ever found on this complex subject.

I would like to take the time to tell you what a wonderful remote viewing course you have put together. This information is literally worth 20 times more than you are charging for it and then some.
This message is to the people who are considering buying this course:
I have searched a very long time for just the right course and I have to say that this course is by far the best one I have ever seen. On top of everything else, Mr. O’Donnell takes the time to help you in any way he can. He is truly a person who is looking to help other people, and he isn’t only trying to make a buck. If you want the experience of you life, buy this course, you won’t be disappointed!!!
If there is anyone out there that wants to ask me anything about this great course please feel free to email me at dschoen730@aol.com. I will be happy to tell you anything you want to know about this course.
Thank you so much
David Schoen

Mark L. Doyle , one of our trainees, sent us this comment.


  • His indignation about reading misinformation about out course posted on another web site.

To the Academy of Remote Viewing:
I was told by a fellow remote viewer to have a look at www.remoteviewers.com (Wayne Carr’s site). I read all that he wrote about all the other RV courses out there including yours. I must say that this new recently self-proclaimed RV teacher seems to be bashing everyone else’s courses. I have studied his profession for years and I know, for a fact, that he is using “tricks” to get people to buy his product.
     To all the people who are looking to buy his product: Beware. This man is a professional who knows all the tricks of the trade. So do not be fooled! Anyone who bashes other people has something to hide about himself.
     I have seen other courses out there. Many of them are good to one degree or another. In my own personal opinion, Mr. O’Donnell’s course is by far the best I have ever seen and I have been looking for years. There are some fine courses out there, but again be very careful.
Mark L. Doyle


Ken Fairchild  writes the following .


  • The life changes brought about by opening up to his higher consciousness (deep subconscious) through our course. Warmer natural interactions with individuals of the same and opposite sex.

Hello Gerald:

I really like the tapes.
I think a warning/disclaimer for the course is needed. Once a person listens to your tapes and has a glimpse of a higher level of consciousness, it’s difficult to imagine that person’s life not being changed forever.
I don’t think that person could view the world through the same eyes again after discovering the higher levels within.
I have bought many motivational and mind entrainment tapes in my lifetime and find yours by far superior to all the others. This course has been very uplifting.
One of the purpose in ordering the course was to get more enjoyment out of life. I am just starting, but so far, I am very excited with the results. People are interacting with me in a very friendly and positive manner, often in unexpected ways. I have even had someone, very, very hostile to me in the past, talk over the phone and wish me well. People have been going that extra step to be nice.
I seem to have become much more popular with the opposite sex. Without even trying anything consciously! Wow!

Anthony Marchetti a recent trainee, sends us  the following feedback.


  • Our emphasis on personalized training and follow-up versus other advertised courses.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell

Just a note to let you know that I have been communicating by Email with many people that told me that they were quite unhappy with other courses that are being offered on the net by various web sites. Most had spent a lot of money on these other RV courses. Besides dubious results they all mainly complain of very poor follow-up support.
Luckily, you have the only course on the internet that for a small amount of money will get you everything, including the best coaching support there is.
Because of you, my life has turned around and my wishes have all come true.
I can’t thank you enough. You are obviously dedicated to teaching and help others and not just to make money.
In my opinion, you are a very very rare person.
A little tip to everyone who wants to learn remote viewing: this is the place to come for it! You won’t be sorry!
A fellow remote viewer.

Anthony Marchetti

Carl Auerbach sends us this message.


  • The hard-ball marketing approach of a recent self-proclaimed “spiritually” oriented RV teacher.

Mr. O’Donnell:

I have recently noticed the comments made by Mr. Carr about your Academy and other Remote Viewing schools. I just wanted to say that I have gotten plenty of e-mails telling me that a lot of the material that he teaches was originally taken from the Farsight Institute. I also hear that a lot of these people were totally disappointed by his course. The so-called American Association of Remote Viewers is an organization that he co-founded and uses for his own marketing purposes.
I have done some investigation on this person and have found that he took a short remote viewing courses and then claimed to be an expert. In my opinion, someone should not bad mouth other courses when he is just a beginner himself. All I know is that I would not touch his course with a ten foot pole. Not only is he charging too much but he is claiming to be something he is not. I hope people will see this for what it is before they spend their hard earned money.
I think that you have the best course on the market today even though there are some other ones out there that have good things to offer. I would like to thank you at this time and let you know that I have come a long way and that my experiences have been great.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Carl Auerbach

Dr. Peter Ursel  M.D. sends us this testimonial


  • Initial comments after two weeks of training.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

Just a quick note to thank you for your course. I’ve been using tape two for a week and a half and I’m really enjoying it, especially the light exercise. I have a few questions. Do you have any suggestions on how to visualize “vibration” of light? I seem to be having difficulty with this. Also as an emergency medical doctor, I would like to start using remote viewing. Do you have any comments about the medical applications of this technology? Third, I bought the TRV course form PSI tech. Very interesting and I think an accurate method; however, I find the whole protocol rather boring and constricting. I much prefer your course so far. I have the feeling that I will be able to stick to this method, as each session I seem to be able to get to a deeper level (if I can stay awake!) Once again, thanks for the fabulous tapes and I do look forward to hearing more from you and buying your next courses!


 Peter Ursel M.D.

Tom Lima write this feedback. Subject: Comparing our RV course to three others. 

Dear Mr. O’Donnell

I have taken three other courses on remote viewing and think yours is by far the best. I have referred two friends so far and have more that want to get started. I have been getting great results, it just keeps getting better.

Every aspect of my life has improved, I really feel free for the first time in my life. 

Please let me know when course 2 is ready. I am looking forward to it.

Thank You Very Much

Tom Lima

P.S. Talking to you on the phone was very helpful, I look forward to our next conversation.

Dr. Claude Swanson a recent trainee, writes to us this feedback.


  • Satisfaction with our course.

First let me thank you for your wonderful Remote Viewing Course. I have taken three courses by the Farsight Institute, which were very good (and for which I paid several thousand dollars). But your course teaches many powerful techniques that I have never been exposed to before. I like your Remote Viewing system very much and would highly recommend it to anyone considering learning Remote Viewing. At your present price, it is a tremendous bargain. I hope many people use it, as it can be a valuable tool in empowering individuals, teaching about the true nature of consciousness and reality, and fostering global transformation.

Thank you very much.


Dr. Claude Swanson

Martin Ligezinski of Vienna, Austria,  former trained Remote viewer from our Academy sends us this feedback . 

Hi Mr. O’Donnell,

Two years ago I ordered your course and had very interesting experiences ever since. Almost one-and-a-half years have gone by since we last had contact (I send an e-mail which then appeared as a comment of trainees´ feedback on your web page).

 I have also tried out some other “over-the-mail-courses” over the Internet but yours was and still is completely different and more exciting than the others. 

One thing that came to my mind recently is the question whether you would give live one-on-one-training in Florida. I thought I could dare asking you this because I would like to come to Florida and visit you sometime in July. It would be a great experience for me and I would be very happy if given the chance to get a one-on-one-training. If you could imagine such a thing I would like to call you to talk about it.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and wish you a beautiful day,


Adam Evans sends us this feedback.


  • Comparing our RV  training and TRV training, and the great advantages of undertaking our training together as a couple.

Hello again friends!

Thought I would take this opportunity to share with you something. My wife has been working with the Academy’s tapes. I have seen a great increase in her intuitive abilities. We seem to be even more on the same wavelength than ever before, knowing each other’s thoughts and being more conscious of each other in an empathic sense. She had quite limited success, as I did, with TRV (Technical Remote Viewing). For those who are not familiar with it, it is a very rigid, structured approach to Remote Viewing. My wife and I took the TRV course together also, and have found The Academy of Remote Viewing Course to be much more relaxing, effective, and enjoyable.   Of course, I can only speak for myself, and our experience.

We are enjoying wonderful journeys to together, and I would encourage any couple to take this course. It is something that a couple can share, that most never get to appreciate. Above all, it is a lot of fun, and enlightening, Enjoy the trip!

In Light to you all!

Adam Evans

Sam C. sends us this appreciative feedback.


  • Opening the door to the deep subconscious outside time/space.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

Thanks you for putting together the superb Remote Viewing course. It is utterly unique, there is nothing like it on the market.

It combines great spiritual awareness, with practical tools for remote Viewing anywhere in Space and backwards and forwards in Time.

There are aspects explained, that I haven’t seen elsewhere:

1) The anchoring of awareness in Alpha and Theta, with a differentiation between the two.

2) Theta with eyes open.

3) Very fast descent into Theta, with full awareness.

Your RV course is a quick and exciting way to “open the door” to one’s true inner awareness. However far you want to take us on our journey, we are willing to go. However much you want to share with your students, we are willing to learn.



Carol Foulkes , a British  student of our RV Academy, sends us these appreciative comments.

Hi Gerald,

I received the Remote Viewing Training Course yesterday, 27th January 2000.  I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am really grateful for your help and indebted to you and the Academy. I have already listened to tape 1 last night and already it is beginning to work!! I found myself slipping into an altered state which I was already familiar with because of my Out Of Body practice, although I would have to spend many frustrating hours getting to that point.

I have listened to various tapes before, for example, relaxation tapes, Binaural Beats, Self Hypnosis and even used a Mind Relaxer but none of them were very effective. However, your tapes are amazing and really do work, not only that, but I have come to realize you are a really genuine guy, most unusual amongst Remote Viewers whose main goal in life would appear to be making a quick buck out of this precious gift. You are indeed a very special man! What can I give in return, except to say that I offer my services to you and the Academy whenever the time is right.

Please include this on you trainees feedback site if you wish, as I would like to strongly recommend to anyone out there, that they contact the Academy for training before they try any other Remote Viewing sites/groups. They will not be disappointed!

I have, sadly, approached a number of Remote Viewing groups with the hope of receiving training for something which I strongly believe in and sense that this is are future, this is where we are going. However, I found that these groups were mainly motivated by power and greed. I reached a point where I felt that I would have to go it alone, so to speak. That is, until I stumbled across your Web Site! Now I have found a truly supportive and genuine group of Remote Viewers and it is just mind blowing! I will contact you after 6 weeks of training to let you know how I am progressing, although you will probably hear from me before then.

Many, many heartfelt thanks and I will be in touch soon.

Carol (Student at Llandrillo College)

Joe Boyer writes to us: Subject:

  • Life changing aspects of the Combo course.
  • Telepathic deep loving connection

Thank you SO much! While we’re emailing, I thought I’d say thanks for making the tapes… and making them at an affordable price. They are so amazing. They have indeed changed my life for the better. I will keep practicing these exercises and build upon them for the rest of my life. You are doing a truly awesome thing. I’ll be 19 in 2 days… and these are great techniques to learn at this young age. My girlfriend and I started connecting on a psychic level immediately after doing the first couple of tapes together. Now we ALWAYS seem to know what the other is thinking, so much that we don’t even have to say it.  The potential power of it all takes my breath away. Brightest Blessings unto you! Happy thoughts indeed!!!

Joe Boyer

Igor Buces A recent trainee from Spain wrote to us  this feedback. Subject:

  • Best meditation system he has trained with.
  • Tremendous sense of peace.

 Hi, my name is Igor Buces and I bought the combination course about a month and a half ago. First, I would like to thank you for the material you have created. For many years I used to meditate but never got to experience what I used to read in numerous books. With these meditations, I have gotten to feel a tremendous sense of peace that I had only glanced at before. Out of the many courses I have bought in the past, this is the only one that I would recommend. I would appreciate any help on how to advance faster. I want to thank you again for everything. I will keep doing the meditations three to four times a day because I believe this is what I have been looking for so long.


Paul G. wrote: 


  • “Artist block” completely removed while taking the Combo course.

Dear Gerald,

We spoke on the phone a few times and I wrote to you a few weeks ago concerning the miraculous results I had when starting your course(s) and although I am only about halfway through I would like to report another happy update.

Those that know me personally know that creativity is one of the most important things in my life. I have composed and written music for the past 17 years and started to develop pretty decent skill in the visual arts as well about 7 or 8 years ago.

Although I got off to what many people said a great start, I have had a serious case of “artist block” for several years. So much that I couldn’t even lift a pencil, and it even hurt (go figure) to even look at fine art.

I started using tape 4A of the RV course where you go back in time (perceptually, of course, but it sure seemed real to me). The second time I used it I was guided back to England around the 17th century and I was being guided by the “light” that you speak of to look at some of the ornate artwork in one of the palaces. It sure was a sight to behold.

After finishing, I felt absolutely wonderful, but thought no more of it.

Well, yesterday I went to a local Barnes & Noble bookstore and went promptly to the art section where I was guided to two art books that had just the right information I needed to break through my artist block and start again. Last night I actually drew for about 2 ½ hours – the first time in several years! And it felt wonderful! The artist’s block seems to have been dislodged, and I’m sure it’s not too long from dissolving completely if not gone now.

As with my previous email which you posted this happy occurrence is a BYPRODUCT of using your courses and is NOT the intention!

If I would have known before starting or even learning about your courses that I would 1) heal a major medical condition and 2) break through artists block, you could have charged millions and I would have mined gold if I had to.

It certainly is a testimony to you and your guiding “light” that is making this information available for the ridiculously low price that you charge.

Again, as I wrote in my previous email, if this is any indication of what’s to come after using only half the course(s), then, as our beloved Keanu Reeves would so eloquently say – whoa!

Oh, and I am much more happy, peaceful, and stress-free, too. Does that count as a third “happy byproduct”?

I hope you have a wonderful 2004 and beyond.
Thanks for posting all of your testimonials. Reading them really gave me a lot of hope when I had very little. Therefore, feel free to post mine to give anyone else reading them additional input.

By the way, I have tried many, many things (courses, programs, workshops, etc) over the past 15 years, and being very psychically sensitive, one or two of them had horrific results. I can say that yours without a doubt is the safest program I’ve ever seen for developing your inner mind, expanding psychically, and learning to increase, control, and project your energy. A lot of the problems I have had regarding being “open” have now been completely solved by using your tapes…another happy byproduct.

Anyway, I hope you had a great holiday, and living just around the corner, I look forward at the chance to meeting you – (as soon as I’m done with both courses, of course!)

Many more happy days to come!

Take care,


Paul G. sends us this enthusiastic feedback.


  • Re-membering all the parts of one’s previously shattered self after only 3 sessions with the RV/RI Combination training.

Dear Gerald,

It is with great joy and deep thankfulness that I write you about the results I’ve had with the RV/RI program after only a week of using it.

Just so you are aware of some of my background, I am not new to this subject matter. I have taken PSI-TECH’s TRV course, the Silva Method course (three times), studied hypnotherapy, taken the one year self-study “A Course in Miracles”, been to a psychic
development class, and even attended Doreen Virtue’s angel workshop.

All of the aforementioned have had what I would consider miraculous results, but even combined, it is miniscule compared to what I’ve experienced in your program thus far, and after only a week at that.

Five years ago, I was hospitalized due to severe stress and other factors. I spent the first year after that pretty much in bed. It has been extremely difficult to focus and hold my concentration on anything. I was put on some pretty intense medication that could have some potentially harmful side effects.

I am happy to report an almost miraculous recovery after listening to your first exercise tape (RV 2A) only 2 times. My focus has returned, I can concentrate better, I am happy and cheerful, and my body feels like it did before I was hospitalized. And I’m completely convinced that I no longer need the medication.

I had thought my life was practically over, but thanks to your program, I can see it’s only just beginning.

The most exciting thing about this is that these results were accomplished as a byproduct of listening to the tapes. Healing isn’t the focus of your course.
AND, to cap it off, it happened on the first side of the first exercise tape! There are about 10 more tapes to go and if this is an indication of what is to come, I can tell you I’ve finally reached the door to heaven.

There will be no more books, no more workshops or programs or courses. Yours is all that I need! (Heck, I think I’ve tried them all, anyway!)

You’ve given me the opportunity and the means to fulfil my potential and truly life the life of my dreams. I am in deep gratitude.

Thank you for such a wonderful gift. May you be eternally blessed.

Paul G.

Vladimir Federman writes to us this warm comment

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for your email. I wanted to write you on my own, however I got busier than I anticipated, but your letter made me to switch my priorities.

The reason I wanted to write you is because I wanted to THANK YOU, for providing courses like Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.  Actually thanking you is not enough, it is not even close, to what I feel, and to what your courses have done and are still doing for me. Only my deepest gratitude and tears of joy can truly express how I feel,  for how the courses are helping me at this point in my development, and I consider them as one of my most treasured possession.

I consciously started my spiritual path in 1992.  I read over hundreds of books and meditated many hundreds, if not thousands of hours and I visited many different workshops.  Then I received four years of practical life lessons to force me to live that, what I have learned. So I stopped to read and to visit workshops, but I kept my meditations, and simply tried to live what I read about. Then in February this year I was guided into your web site, and immediately I knew, that I have to order both courses offered there. I was hardly able wait for the tapes in my mail, and after I started to do the courses, I realized that all I have been doing for these 10 years and all my searching was only a preparation for this step – the courses. I felt like going from High School to a University.

Some 8 years ago I ordered a so called “Supermind machine” which came with lots of tapes for healing or improving specific skills. It’s playing sounds over messages on  tape, while flashing LEDs in black goggles, to guide the mind into specifics state of consciousness. I was using it successfully for some time,  but I wasn’t able to use the principle for my specific needs. I believe the reason why I wasn’t able to do so, was that only my left brain understood the method. I am electronic design engineer and for me, in order to design something both halves of my brain must understand. Otherwise it’s just intellectual knowledge for me, and I do not know how to use it for design. I need the creative right brain to get involved as well, so that I can use that what I know.
After listening to the Introduction of Remote viewing course, my right brain finally begun to understand,  and I realized that I was guided years ago into a tool of which potential I did not know of how to use creatively. This was big eye opening for me, and I became fully aware as how important it is that both brains need to understand simultaneously.

The reason I ordered the Remote viewing course was to develop my inner vision – my third eye.  However, as soon as I realized the creative potential of the method in use, I started to put my own inner voice over your guidance, to re-program myself.  It works very well and I’m very grateful to you for providing me with tool like this. It enabled me to do some necessary adjustments almost instantly. I feel that after the necessary reprogramming now I’m able to start the actual Remote Viewing, but of course, only my Higher Self knows what is next. The tapes are very powerful,  especially 2b, 3a, 3b and I didn’t come across anything like this before. It’s real treasure. With these tapes I was able to get into a state of consciousness, where I felt one with All, and the Good/Evil duality simply disappeared from my perception. It reappeared after a while, but these tapes are much more than just a remote viewing course. I see them as tool for personal transformation, and still to go even beyond personal transformation to achieve personal mastery over oneself.  As
I said already, I haven’t come across anything so powerful so far. For this application I value most the tapes with breathing in/out the light.
When it comes to the Remote Influencing course, I felt on occasions, that all we see and live is just a grand illusion, but I needed to hear it and read it from somebody else, in order to start to act on it. I want to thank you again for the wonderful an skilful way of how the introductory part is worded structured and designed. So far I’m into the second part, the Theta and Delta meditation CD which I found very powerful as well. It takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to get into different state of consciousness, so it’s not as immediate as some of the tapes from the Remote Viewing course, but it seems to have longer lasting effect.
At one point in reading thru the introduction, I wondered about how you came to such an advanced material and information, as to my understanding, this was until recently domain of mystery schools only. So I was wondering if this is channelled message, and who is really beyond this project. I do not mean to be nosy, but knowing and feeling that I am only a visitor to this level of existence and still not quite forgot the world I came from, this question simply crossed my mind.
This course so far triggered me into something else, which I was aware of, but never really pursued,  since it was also only a left brain knowledge. About six years ago a friend of mine told me about the Flower Of  Life workshop and Merkaba meditation presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek. One part of myself was telling me that it is important and I should start to do something with it, but again, it wasn’t until I read and listened to the Remote Influencing introduction when a change has happened.  One day I simply went to a local store and bought two books of this workshop. It somehow fits well with this second course and this combination delivered tremendous boost, so big that I had to stop for a while to digest it.  Now I feel like to get immersed into it again.

I started the courses in February this year and I feel like a different person already. I am very happy and thankful that I can have, and use a tool like this. I do not know where this will lead me, but I know that whatever the path it will be perfect for me.
I want to THANK YOU again with my deepest gratitude for the tremendous service you are providing.  I regret to hear that you have just experienced a personal loss and I pray for healing and adjustment for you.

With the Love of the One

Vladimir Federman

Nico Giannakopoulos of Athens, Greece, sends us this comments 

Hi Gerald,
Thanks to your beautiful course. My mind functions have been enhanced tremendously. I had been practicing Silva Mind Control for many years but I never had the flashes of instant insights that I get now because of the training with your course.
You have changed my life for the much better.


TG Gane an experience Remote Viewer, sent us this testimonial. Subject:

  • After having trained successfully, and practiced at length, with traditional US army RV techniques, how our course improved greatly his accuracy and his ability to rapidly reach the level of mind required to be able to effectively remote view.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,
I spoke to you on the phone several days ago, and just wanted to put in  writing my appreciation for your RV course; feel free to quote from it.

I have been Remote Viewing for several years, using cool-down tapes and relaxation/breathing techniques
learned in another training program.
I certainly did get results, but wanted to thank you for these new techniques, which speed entry into Delta and improve accuracy.
I also feel an enhanced sense of wholeness, and a much stronger sense of smell (for better or worse!).

Prior to learning your techniques, I had roughly 50% accuracy, plus the cool-down tapes took about 45 minutes.
Using your methods, I have been on target for the last 5 sessions, plus cool-down time is now 15 minutes –
I know I reduce it to almost immediate Delta.

Thanks for these techniques –
Tom Gane


Angel Goodson-A, an Aussie student of the Academy,  wrote to us on this enthusiastic account of her experiences after starting our courses. 

…. After quite some time I was struck quite clearly with a concept. Something that I have often thought about as my deepest wish for the world but now I felt it so very strongly. These words came pouring out into my journal:

My Wish for Humanity is that every individual will know themselves as GOD. Pure, Innocent, Unimaginably Beautiful – GOD. THIS WORK – THIS TRAINING WILL FACILITATE THAT KNOWING.

So…. you must seek it out, chase it down, do what you must to get the courses and do them, and come to life like the diamond of consciousness that you are – in truth. Wake up to the magnificence of who you truly are: L-O-V-E… and you will be home with GOD in a life that never ends.

If only there were words infinitely more powerful than Thank You. Gratitude is so deeply filling all of me. From me to you, THANK YOU.

Light and Love.

Angel Goodson-A

Abena Pau sent us this comment


  • Feeling positive changes in mind set after completing the program in 12 days.


 I just purchased the RV/RI program and completed it within a 12days period.  I do feel a complete difference in mind set and will keep going over them. I know you said “don’t cram the program.”

I have so many things I want to learn especially the healing part I have several relatives that are sick and would like to see them healed. I really purchased it so I can help myself and my family, and now that I completed them I can help everyone that needs help that comes into my life. I’ve been a big fan of “the Secret” since the movie came out to the public and every since then I have been searching and searching which lead me to Holosync with Bill Harris and another program with Paul Sheel and then one day, out of the blue, I said there must be something missing and I found your site so I’m very much excited because I really do feel that this is the missing link that I needed. I will like to thank you for this program.

 I wish I was able to purchase it much much sooner; nevertheless, I am grateful that I have it now.

Thank-you again .

Jeff White sent us this feedback


  • The very advanced nature of our tools to explore consciousness
  • Feeling a great shift in his life

Hello Gerald, 

I don’t know that I’m learning anything about remote viewing or remote influencing, but I am learning a LOT about my mind, and about how my bad mental habits have created this life I’m living, and about how large a space our minds inhabit when they’re freed a bit from everyday constraints of belief. 

I have done these sorts of courses before, most notably with materials from the Monroe Institute.  Yours are a couple of generations beyond those early attempts to explore consciousness.  I’m very appreciative of your work, and your willingness to share it with us. 

In some ways, it seems as though my life started not 46 years ago, but with the advent of these CDs.  It’s astounding to me that we have lived for millions of years as these minds developed, and we’re only now beginning to understand them, and use them as they were meant to be used.  

In any case, thank you, and I wish you well. 


Faith Markus wrote us 

Dear Gerald,

I ordered your training system several months ago, and wanted to drop you a short note to express my thanks and deep gratitude for this beautiful body of work that you have created.

After many years of reading, studying, training, etc…..I can say from past experience, this course has made a profound impact on my life, and it is difficult to articulate, or rather, to find the proper “words” to express what a wonderful ride I have been on!!

I find myself very much “present”, feeling well, happy and peaceful. Many synchronicities have come into play. My perception of self has greatly shifted, as well as a very deep connection I feel toward nature. Life is once again “cool”!!!

I hope one day I would be able to thank you personally, so please accept this as a small token of appreciation for the time being.

I know you have an interview scheduled via Finer Minds very soon, and I look forward to listening.

My very best to you and yours,

Faith Marcus


Timo R wrote us this testimonial 

Hey Gerald

I wanted to thank you and your organization with all my heart for everything you are doing. Your teachings are invaluable. You have already achieved much for humanity. I have learnt so much from your courses and continue to learn as the time goes on. I feel that your teachings underline all other teachings out there. Thank you.


Doria D wrote us this feedback 

Hi Gerald,

Thank you for this wonderful information!

My life has done a complete 360 since receiving the course in January.  At first it seemed too good to be true, but now I know it’s not.  Almost like I dreamed my life until this moment and now can go forth and live.  On purpose all the time and have fun!  Which is a pleasant thought after so much struggle…..

…… I would say that this course is by far the most comprehensive and rewarding.  Thank you for this incredible information!  

Right now I am so blissed out that I’m having a hard time typing.  I finally went to the testimonials page yesterday and felt the happiness radiating so strongly that I had to touch base with you.  Lots more later…working on writing my experience.



Patrick O’Brien  wrote us this feedback 


I listened to your interview and all I can say is that you blew my mind.  I have read every book on this subject and nothing ever came even close to being that impacting yet offered in such non-complex terms. I know you have probably been asked this a thousand times, have you considered writing a book?

Patrick O’Brien


Mihail T wrote to us in on ;


  • Our recent teleseminar

 Dear Gerald,

Thank you very much for inviting me to participate in your broadcasting of your new tele-seminar.
I downloaded all the interview you had with Kirsten Nielsen and I can tell you that I put this MP3  in my Cool Edit program, transformed it in stereo format, and have been listening to it for most of the time since Monday evening when I got it.
I thank you very much, because there are some elements in your talk that made very clear for me what are you talking about. I am also practicing the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, started all over again to get as you say to a higher vibratory state.
I have studied very thoroughly Indian philosophy, all the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita,, and through very serious and assiduous meditations reached the highest levels of  consciousness, but your clear explanations made everything much clearer to me even in some of the aspects where I still needed guidance.
Of course I recommend everything about you to all the people interested in spiritual development that I know, and encourage them strongly to buy your courses.
I managed to convince my girlfriend whom I helped initiate into meditation and we therefore bought the courses together.
I cannot thank you enough for what are you doing for humanity.


Hans Peter R  
 , a German student of our combination Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses sent us this very exciting feedback



  • Winning the German Lotto using our RV and RI training
  • Looking 10 Years Younger
  • Great manifestation powers
  • Many synchronicities showing up in his life
  • Experiencing the Golden Light
  • Healing of a painful back/spinal condition

My dear Mr. O’Donnell:

Greetings to you and the academy from Germany. 

You have changed my life. I bought the combination RV/RI courses in February 2008. I went through your courses many times, repeating them over and over. Each time I did this, I became better at both RV and RI. I had previously done other mind improvement systems, attended many seminars here in Germany and all over the world but nothing even came close to what your courses offer. The material is awesome! I have told many about your profound methodology. I am really hooked on the CDs. They have totally transformed me. Many beautiful events have happened in my life since receiving your training. Synchronicities happen all the time around me. I can feel when they do, as they have this almost “unreal quality” about them. I feel very happy and bathed in light energy.  People feel this and smile at me. They feel my happiness.  I feel and look maybe 10 years younger, have great stamina, my mind is sharper than when I was a youngster (I am 48 now) and I feel this inner peace and happiness.  I have healed myself of a chronic painful back injury I received while skiing in my 20s in the Austrian Alps which degenerated into discs problems and compression of the spinal cord. This and the subsequent arthritis had plagued my life for so long. It is all gone now thanks to your courses. I am pain free and returned to a full exercise schedule.

I had a profound experience while listening to RI CD7 which left me bathed in brilliant golden light. That is when the healing occurred and I have not been the same ever since. Thank you for making all this possible. 

Now listen to this! (I have debated much whether you should publish this as I do not wish to become ‘famous” for privacy reasons or flooded with emails) : I won the Lotto here in Germany 2 weeks ago! I am receiving a very large sum soon! I always play here the lotto each week.

Every week twice a week, I buy a single ticket to the drawing. Since taking your courses I have used the following method. I use the RV skills I have learned to feel, sense and view the numbers in advance. Most importantly I used the manifesting skills developed in your remote influencing course to convince my subconscious that I would win. I often used the “diamond body” technique to do this and see my new self happy and successful.  I used many of your RI techniques to energize that event. They are incredibly powerful. I always feel gigantic energy in me while I am listening to the CDs and it stays with me with a little lesser intensity during the day. This inner light energy allows me to energize my thoughts is such a powerful manner. Many events that I Remote influenced last year did later happen. I guess this made me more confident about my skills. As you suggested in the course I did not attach any fixed time to my success but rather concentrated in convincing my subconscious that this had already happened. I was doing this in Delta and would reinforce it at times while doing lucid dreaming as you teach us. I have learned to feel vibrations of light and I used to focus that energy to my subconscious mind as I was listening to your training and visualizing what I wanted my life to be like.
Well nothing really happened for over a year. I kept RIing success at the lotto , but did not give it that much thought. I never gave up nor doubted.

One day 2 weeks ago I went to a Delta state and asked for guidance on the drawing. Suddenly 6 numbers appeared in my mind. They were like dancing numbers with flecks (specks?) of gold around them. I immediately wrote them down. The vision had this sense of being both unreal, almost plastic, as if I could almost touch these numbers in my mind. I felt very calm about it. Somehow I knew that this was special and that I had received this information from a level of High Mind.  

I bought the ticket and imagine my face when I watched the drawing on TV.

You know Mr. O’Donnell, I know now that anything is possible, but more than the money it is the difference I can make in this planet by RI a better world  that makes me so happy!

I thank you from all of my heart for your wonderful courses.

Your indebted student for life. 

Hans Peter R

Michele Strong wrote to us 


  • Exuding and feeling happiness after training for a few weeks with our combo system

Thank you.  I do not know if you will get this email, but I wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the CD’s very much.  It’s only been a few weeks and I have had a few people notice me smiling much more and making comments about how happy I look. I didn’t know I looked unhappy before. 🙂  I feel happier.  I’m now on Lesson 9.  I can’t wait to finish the set and review them all again.   I’m starting to just let go now and it has made a difference.  I have some intruding thoughts that I am excited to learn how to block in the next few CD’s.  

I guess I just wanted to say Thank you.  I have so much to learn and I am very excited about all this.  More than worth the money!  I did not think I could afford this course, but now I see that I cannot afford NOT to have it. Thanks for taking payments as I’m afraid I might have passed this up had I needed the full amount up front.  That would have been tragic! 🙂  This was the best investment I have made for myself, for my family and this is only the beginning. I am very grateful. Thank you.

Take care and Happy Holidays!Michele

John Hill sent us this testimonial 


  • Achieving Remote Viewing trips and great internal positive transformative changes with our Combination RV/RI training

Hi Gerald,


Hope you are well, I felt I must write to tell you how I got on with the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses.


I ordered both of the courses because I felt it was time to grow spiritually, I could truly see the way the world was going and I understood that the challenges we face now need an entirely new approach from us all.


When the courses arrived they were very well packaged and the presentation of the CD set I had purchased was amazing. All of the CD’s were very neatly packaged and the documentation explaining what was on each CD and the preferred way in which the student should use both courses together was very professional.


I soon started to cover the material which sent me personally on many amazing journeys at one point during an early Remote Influencing exercise I really felt that I had taken a trip to Paris and was standing at the side of the Eiffel tower. The vision was very vivid and as we then stood there I could see the lights of the tower and even smell the night air. There were then several other instances of amazing changes that had and continues to take place deep within me.


I would dearly like to thank you for all of his work in creating this truly magical journey via your courses, they are nothing short of amazing and I can truly say I thoroughly enjoyed them. Your great work has inspired me to start to create my own products to assist people through difficult situations using the power of Hypnosis.


Many Thanks,  




Pamela Paxman wrote us


  • Enthusiastic feedback comparing our training to the Holosync technology.

I have meditated off and on for years and regularly for the past year using Holosync.  It worked well for me but once I tried Gerald O’Donnell’s Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing program I realized that the technology that Gerald has developed is light years ahead of anything else I have experienced.  I have used the combination package for  less than a week and in that short time I have had beautiful experiences in meditation.  Once I hear his voice I feel a tangible relaxation settle over my body.  I now understand the concept of quieting the mind to such a deep state of relaxation that my heart takes over and I can hear the whisperings of my own soul in communion with God.  I see meditation as a prayer and credit this new meditation with the increase of creativity and ideas that are flowing into my life this week.   I am so excited to continue discovering my potential through the use of this powerful tool.

Thank you,

Pamela Paxman

Sahil Mehta MD  a year-long student of ours sent us this enthusiastic testimonial 


  • Great appreciation for the extended body of  material included in the combination RV/RI courses.
  • Greater manifestation powers
  • Learning about the multi-dimensional Self

 Dear Gerald,

I have been using ARVARI courses for over a year with great results- especially more consistent manifestations. I was referred to your website by Toby Alexander- spiritual healer.  Over the years I have used many music CD’s for spiritual growth but after listening to the RV and RI CD’s I’m sure no one has spent that much time/effort and thought in creating such a wonderful thing.  

I am learning about our multidimensional anatomy- soul, oversoul, monad, rishi self up to 15 dimensions.

Warm regards, 

Sahil Mehta MD

Jenkintown, PA


Ed Serafin  writes to us 


  • As an former Silva Mind graduate, he testifies that this is the next step towards the Inner Mastery of life.

Mr. O’Donnell,

I purchased your RV/RI course back in March. I am totally amazed at the results I am experiencing. I have by no means become an expert, nor do I feel I have reached even a small percentage of what I may be capable of, when I apply what I have learned thus far.
I make an attempt to practice every day, but I have missed a few days. I am also a Silva graduate, having taken the Silva Method back in 1979. You stated in an interview that the Silva course was a good place to start. I agree, and what you have done has gone far beyond what Jose Silva has taught.
I am grateful for the information you have offered to the world. I look forward to someday mastering all that you are attempting to teach.  Thank you,

Ed Serafin

Carolyn Oglesby sent us this feedback 


  • Feeling that her lifelong studies of ”A Course in  Miracles” was a gateway to experiencing in a manifested way the teachings of our courses.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell, 

I have almost finished your combination courses for the third time and I have gained so much from them.  I sent you a Thank You card already telling you how much you have helped me and how much my life has improved.  I am still growing and have even decided that my Course in Miracles study was only a gateway to your courses. I have no desire to study it anymore. 

Much love to you,

Carolyn Oglesby 

Terry Meyer sent us this feedback


  • Ease at reaching deep Theta
  • Getting information about the urgent bequest by Oneness for us to enter the process of Consciousness ascension
  • Getting the missing link to vibrating his Light into a high ascension level.
  • After a life-long quest finally finding the “missing Pieces’ to the cosmic puzzle.

Hi Gerald,

I am one of your students. I can’t express my appreciation adequately for the benefits and spiritual growth I have attained through your vehicle to expanded consciousness! I am writing to let you know of my progress with the RI/RV courses.

Again, I am awed by the ease with which I can summon Theta, even while holding forth in perfunctory conversations.

I am progressing at a rapid level, as you have provided the missing pieces of the mosaic that I have been searching for.

I have been putting together the pieces of the cosmic puzzle for about 35 years now.

This course and your generous sharing of arcane knowledge have provided the largest pieces to date. Thanks for your inspirational and supportive contact messages–they are a vital link to the major shift in consciousness coming erelong.

I have both the RV and RI courses, and am integrating the techniques with my own present abilities. I have found them to be an exponential

I am 67, IQ 171. I was a former aerospace engineer and foundry executive for 25 years.
I have had a life-changing encounter (CEIV) in 1999, which only now is showing its hand.
The oneness is all there has ever been–all this is merely a downward cascade of a bioholographic projection- a cartoon-like world of illusion.

I had long wondered idly, if I had somehow created this entire universe for my own edification. However, I immediately dismissed this a narcissistic fantasy, due to my religious upbringing. (6 of my fathers brothers were Lutheran ministers). I was 12 when this thought occurred. Now I know that I did! I somehow knew that separation was an illusion.
Thirty-some years later, I came to view this external bio-holographic projection as a “cartoon” world, full of temporary structures ready to collapse at a cosmic whim or caprice,
When I came to discs 13 and 14, so much came startlingly clear!! A true epiphany unfurled!
The “Oneness” has never been so lucid and vivid.

Gerald, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this. The small voice inherent directed me to your ad in UFO Magazine. I somehow knew that great things would come of it.
I have “miles to go” to master the entire spectrum of materials, but progress is becoming  rapid.
I am now communicating desires to be manifested. These were supplicated with thought to the greater good, and the betterment of all. Further definition of my mission, and the tools to implement same.

I also have been made aware by the Oneness of the urgency of these preparations, as huge dynamic shifts are in motion.

You stated in the material that Providence brought me to this course. I could not agree more, Gerald. May the Oneness continue to flood you with the high vibratory light that is the key to ascension. 

As a student of ARVARI, I am writing you to  thank you for the invaluable information that I was lacking. I have been in pursuit of the truth for over 40 years now, and was searching for external keys. I know now that all is from within, and all of my creative threads are now becoming coherent. Joy pervades my being,  and the protection that I thought  I had I now know that I have.
Each time I listen to specific discs, I learn more of the nuances in them. I am feeling especially creative now, and much of a case of writers block has disappeared!

Feel free to use anything in this message as a testimonial, or I will be happy to submit a detailed one.

All blessings to you and your work.
Yours in the light and love of THE ONE,



Lora Bilger, from Germany, sent us this testimonial 


  • Easily reaching Deep Theta and Delta
  • The Truth of One and connecting top It.

 Dear Reader, 

RV and RI are real!
I’m doing RV and RI it since decades in a different, spiritual way and thus I know it’s real.  
Gerald’s course and theoretical background information are incredibly deep and profound. But even if you would not agree on each of his explanations and concepts – this wouldn’t matter at all as long as his course worked, true?  

With his audios, I was able to get into deep relaxation and low frequency brain levels (theta and delta) in an amazing speed which I had not reached before. The deep and honest warmth in which he takes you through every step is so comforting that this alone would transport you to heavens – let alone the combination with the highly professional arranged entrainment sounds in the background of each of these invaluable trainings. 

However, what I personally value most of all is that Gerald is not riding the usual advertising wave and does NOT follow the new fashion in personal development that is so full of junk and, within the RV area, producing these cheep-media-like luring disaster headlines which are only good to create fear, confusion and distractions from ONE-Self. Instead, he is only honestly focusing on solutions and only on deep truth. On truth that was known by humans since ever – but rarely looked at and pointed out so clearly – the truth of being ONE and inter-connected with ALL that IS. He solely focuses on the creation of love, compassion, care, connection and understanding – with an unselfish attitude (!) that would suit and serve all of us so well!! 

This is what made me buy and what still attracts me to his website – even after going through his courses two times in a row. 

Be courageous and honest, go deep and connect with the ONE – more and more – and watch your happiness and empowerment explode! 

With all my love to you all!

Lora, Germany

Ingrid Heller, a dear Canadian author and ARVARI trainee, and companion on the mystical awakening journey wrote to us the following testimonial. I highly recommend her books sourced in experiential Wisdom (some are listed on amazon.com). Many will understand her messages and teachings.


  • Getting out of this Matrix (current creational  system)
  • On our way back to Paradise

I’ve been asked about the Path to the Kingdom and the Freedom. I usually replied that there is no short cut and that we are to walk the talk and be steadfast, sincere and always humble and grateful for what is presented to us on daily basis. I’ve been walking the mystical initiatory path myself – a well-deserved path, with all its ups and downs in earthly life. I began to write about it in my books, which Dr. Carl Jung would appreciate – a true marriage of the subconscious and conscious activity, a reflection of the story in which I acted my own script of life. For a while I thought that I’d be able to move on to my total Freedom with the experiences granted to me. I couldn’t afford missing the boat. So, I quested farther and looked for answers in books, in my dreams and in meditation. I needed to bridge my creative power with my birthright. I turned to science for understanding of Creation. Terms like Prima Materia, Mater Dei, Opus Magnum, Alpha and Omega had their parallels in Quantum Physics. On one blessed day I noticed a pop-up window on my computer screen: Matrix. In a blinking of an eye, my life has changed. I clicked on the window and received what I was seeking. The article was written by Gerald O’Donnell. I must have entered Alpha brain frequency – I inhaled the article into me. I rejoiced and read more through Probable Future website. The RVRI course became my greatest Christmas Gift ever, the gift that will last me forever and will get better with time. Mr. O’Donnell has brought through himself a Gift to all of humanity – a technique which cannot possibly fail. Daily I’ve been treating myself to his captivating voice and suggestive technique permeated by loving consciousness. My prayers have been answered – now I know that I became an active participant in the Creation of the Paradise we’ve been promised and we desire to experience; to be Free, at last. To every seeker of the ultimate Freedom I suggest to put down all the books about the subject of spirituality and treat themselves to Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing instruction and guidance course. It will provide the highest imaginable security for the future of all participating humanity. Yes, there is a shortcut! Join me!

I want to thank Gerald O’Donnell for his dedication and loving service to humanity.

Ingrid Heller, author

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Carla Jo Wilson  wrote to us


  • Manifesting abilities increasing after only listening to our sample audio on this site.
  • Appreciation for the depth of knowledge shared on probablefuture.com

Dear Gerald:

All I did was read your E-mail book on-line and listened to your sample audio on manifesting the reality I choose, and immediately went into a very deep state of consciousness. 

My creative capabilities are now spilling over into my friends and family’s realities! My mom just called me and asked me to bring over some lemons and then said, “Never mind, Martha just walked in with a bag full of lemons.” We couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve been Remote influencing (plotting) a relationship and in the midst of this I set up two of my friends who expressed interest in each other as well as the saleswoman in the fragrance dept. at Nordstrom who expressed interest in a certain type of relationship with a man and I told her my ex-husband was looking for the exact type of a relationship with a woman and now they dating.

I have given your web-site to a number of my friends and family. This is way more sophisticated and detailed than” The Secret,” Byron Katie’s” The Work,” Ester Hicks who channels  “Abraham-The Law of Attraction” and countless others that I have studied. You ROCK Gerald!

Many Happy Thoughts Always, 

Carla Jo Wilson

Eric Young, a Canadian trainee and addiction counselor, sent us this testimonial.


  • Healing himself and others from back condition, rotator cuff injury, addiction problems etc..,
  • Finding inner peace and happiness and powerfully manifesting reality.

Dear Gerald.
Firstly, thanks for making the course available, it is worth 1000’s of dollars more… what price peace and balance?
I started in Nov 2008 by downloading the free session from the website.  I listened at work in my chair and my life instantly improved to an amazing degree.  I listened almost every day until the RV sessions arrived.  I listened to them over and over before moving on to the successive sessions.  I ordered the RI, which to me is really what I want as I am not too interested in seeing the future or having OOBE’s- I have had some experience with these sort of things but don’t really have a desire to replicate them at the moment.
The RI course is still being worked on, I keep going unconscious during the “beyond Delta” session, so I’m back at the previous Delta session work and I’m happy to stay there until I’m ready for the next step.
Many precognitive and supernatural things started happening immediately in November, despite me not asking for anything other than healing myself/others, and wanting to be aware of being connected to Self at all times.  My back problem has all but disappeared, I am fixing my sister’s rotator cuff, my work with clients is improved (Addiction Counselor), but most importantly, my life has become one of sitting with a smile in my heart in peace and love, with a consistency previously unobtainable through many other methods over the years.
I wanted something that would put me into the deeper states of consciousness so that I could become aware of how they felt, and thereby apply them to my own meditations and life: this is what has resulted from using the RV/RI courses, instantly! So far I am happier and more Self-aware than I have ever been, despite very big changes in my life at this time!
I have a few friends who have listened to sessions with me and now are hooked on them. I encourage them and anyone to buy your product and watch their lives become wonderful, looking through our childhood eyes in amazement at everything that goes by. 
I thank you a million times, I thank the One, and I thank my Self- I know we are all One entity now.

Erik Young, Canada “Live your own life, for you will die your own death”

John Rice wrote to us 


  • Thanking us for the scope of our work.

Greetings  Mr. O’Donnell,

My name is John Rice

Years  ago  I  purchased  both  sets  of  your  materials. Despite  the  fact  that  I  do  not  practice the  materials  as  I  would  like,  I  do  use  them.  In particular I use  one,  RI CD #6 and 7  of  Remote Influencing.  This  is  simply  the  most  inspiring  and  profound philosophy  and  exposition  of  life  I  have  yet  to  know.  Its range  and  depth  continue  to  surprise  me  even  after  countless  listens.  It  is  even  yet   growing  in  power  and  influence  to  the  point  that  I  now  must  express  my  thanks and  gratitude after  years  of  silence  for  what  is  now  becoming  a  treasure.  And  though  I  won’t  move  into thoughtless  enthusiasm  it  has  certainly  made  me  wonder as  to  the  nature  and  life  of  the  One  who  created  it. Though  I  have  said  much  I  still  feel  as  though  I  have  not  adequately  expressed  my  admiration  for  your  work and  those  qualities , powers , insights , understanding  that have  brought  forth  this  creation.  Obviously  there  is  a certain  measure  of experience  involved  in  speaking  of  The One.  Enough.  Thank  you  for  this  most  profound , powerful and  inspiring  of  works.


Jacqui Stockin sent us this testimonial


  • Universal meaning of our teachings
  • Remaining with full consciousness in Deep Theta after listening to our sample sessions

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

When I listened to your first interview with Michael Jura, I was most impressed.  But when I listened to your second one (“The Truth About

Creation”), my jaw dropped.


I have known the truth of what you said in your interview for some time, and I firmly believe it. 


Many years of my life were spent as a “professional psychic” doing Tarot, I Ching, Runes, Astrology, Numerology, straight viewing, etc., etc. for those who came to me for help.  I’ve studied with lots of different teachers, and I have been a practicing Vajrayana Buddhist for 27 years now.  Listening to you was like listening to a tulku with a scientific bend of mind.


So, impressed beyond what I can truly express, I then went to your website and checked out your samples.  Thirty years of meditation and I have never before made it to the theta/delta border without falling out of consciousness almost immediately.  I have been there, yes, and deeper, many, many times, but not in full and deliberate consciousness.  Audio Clip 1 may not have been designed to go that far down/up, but hey! 


I am really excited to get the product and delve into the rest of what you are offering.  I am only too aware that I have a lot of unnecessary mental and emotional baggage which I would dearly love to unload.

Thank you so very much, so very, very much.


Best regards,


Jacqi (Jacqueline) Stockin

Deborah Knight a recent trainee and former Silva graduate sent us this feedback


  • How our Combo course is a natural more advanced training into deeper Theta and Delta states for individual who have been previously undergone  Alpha state training by the Siva mind method.

I just want to  let you know this is where I desired so much to go from the basic meditation that I initially started from. Had I never used the Silva System the RV & RI System would have been too intense for me. So , I am thankful that I had laid a good foundation to build on but I was also aware at the end of the Silva System that I wanted to go deeper. You have given me that access. It has been a next step in life…kinda like each time you watch a great movie….you see things the next time that you never saw before. I am very thankful for this addition to the journey of my life. Some doors are just ajar to me at this point & I know the more times I encounter these same doors the farther open they become

Intentionally Living Life

 Deborah Knight

Richard Singh  , a combo RI/RV student from Norway  writes to us this nice testimonial


  • High satisfaction with the quality and contents of the material in both courses.

Dear Gerald 🙂 

I must thank you very much for the arrival of my new course. I am very impressed with the quality of the material presented Gerald. This is a truly magical course now and I will (of course!) be singing it’s praises to my friends and family!

My Mum, Janet has begun on the material with my Dad, Martyu, and they are both impressed, and excited by the journey on which they are embarking…their awakening 🙂 

Thank you again Gerald: this is an awesome piece of work and is a tool by which we can help accelerate the shift of mankind towards the truth and move our creation into more peaceful times. 

Very very best wishes and peace and happiness to you! 🙂 



Thomas Truelove  sent us this feedback:

Dear Gerald:

   I can’t stand it anymore. I just had to write and thank you since we may not meet in person.  At 76 years of age (next month) I have been an avid reader and “searcher” since a very early age.   You name it and I have probably at one time or another studied or read about it.  As you very well know, most of it was cleverly put out by the Dark Matrix Proponents.

A few minutes ago, I wept, just crying and being thankful (in private of course) when I read the following:


             “The Son is the expression of the Father, the manifestation of it.  If the conscious mind (as it watches life and its perceived outside world) thinks and becomes convinced with blind faith of something, the Father (as the collective inner subconscious realm) will manifest and project that reality to the son (who is but the projection of the Father within the realm of Creation).

             Nevertheless, the son rules over the Father by the power of his beliefs – the power of blind faith. The outside world does not influence the Father as the SOURCE of manifestations. IT only influences us.”

Gerald O’Donnell
 Academy of Remote Viewing


 As you can see, I have emphasized and underlined certain salient parts, the ones that take on a very special meaning to me!    The above quote explains more to me than ALL the teachings I have ever studied.  I treasure it as a great gift from the Godliness.  It WILL be used for good.

      Have been studying the first set of tapes for about 2-3 months.  Have not had any “Phenomenal happenings” but more peace at times than ever before in my life.

      I have read, re-read and will continue to study the booklet as it has so much information in it.

      The closest I had come in my “search” was the writing of Baird Spalding (Life and Teachings of The Masters of the Far East.)  Have been studying those books for several years. They are wonderful insofar as they go.

      Again, many heartfelt thanks for the work you are doing. Perhaps it is “not too late” for Planet Earth to be turned into a “new garden” after all!


Thomas Truelove

Peter wrote to us this enthusiastic feedback 


  • Considers our training the Penultimate Personal Development program around, much more advanced than most others for it teaches you how and why we magnetize reality and the details of how this operates easily.
  • Manifested rapidly a new business with the help of what he learned using  our techniques, as his financial and personal situation was very dire.
  • Manifested an overnight healing when badly accidentally injured on his pinky with a hammer  in a work accident. Did the a healing in a Delta state of mind while remaining conscious.

Dear Mr. Gerald O’Donnell

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an enlightening and powerful training system!
In our conversation you had asked me to write about my experiences, sorry that it took so long.
Let me give you some background to start with.
I have been a student of personal development for the past 20 years (kind of a personal development junkie !)
I have read many books and went through many programs. In the process, I accumulated a lot of knowledge that I consider priceless.
Looking back now, I believe this served me in order to prepare me to understand and appreciate the information and truth found in your Remote Viewing and Influencing Course.
This course is very advanced in comparison to all the other courses I had been through in the past.
The difference I think is that it is complete!
Complete in the sense that it does not just teach you about the law of attraction, it helps you to understand how and why it works.
After going through your course, to pick up a book on personal development now would be for inspiration only.
I feel more advanced then the the authors of the programs and books I had read in the past.
I decided to use the information and remote influence my life!

I will share with you two very profound experiences, one on money and the other on healing.

First, some background: I am a General Contractor, and have been in business for the past 27 years.
Being in business is like being on a rollercoaster. Over the years, I have gone up and down, but never so down as when the economy hit my industry in 2009 and 2010.
I then lost my house, lost my wife, moved to a small apartment with my daughter and was barely scraping by!
In the creative process I know that the first step is to get clear on what I want.
I decided to make 1,000.00 a day consistently.
Every morning and every night I wrote down on paper my desired outcome.
I felt and visualized what life would be like having this now! Writing continuously this help my mind focus and keep it from wandering.
Then I would express gratitude, thanking my higher self for such a wonderful prosperous experience.
After feeling like I was conscious and very clear about my desired outcome, and what it would look like, I decided to do it in the alpha, theta, and delta states visualizing my desired outcome and feeling joy and gratitude.
After 26 days of consistent daily practice I got a call from someone working for a fortune 400 company.
I had not worked for this company for 3 years; in fact, I had never worked for them directly.
My contract was with another company that acted like a mediator and management. I had subcontracted the work from them.
The representative informed me about 65 locations across the country that would need refurbishment or relocation, build outs.
I told him that I was very interested, and he asked me to look at two locations 300 miles apart from each other.
At the time I didn’t have the money to fund a 400,000 dollar project. My finances were so bad that I would have a hard time even going to see the projects, let alone do them, but I knew something would give, and I moved forward as if there were no obstacles.
That week I was remodeling a house for a wealthy developer and he had mentioned to me about how he was displaced by the economy as well and how he could not build homes now.
I asked him if he would like to invest in a project I have and he said he would love to.
We got the project, completed it on time and made great money.
I would of made 1,000.00 a day if I didn’t have an investor. I made 500.00 a day.

For the next project I struck a deal to with the fortune 400 company to fund the project fully for me-  something they never do in commercial construction!
This funding comes with no interest.
In the meantime I also attracted 2 more investors willing to invest at much lower rates even though I didn’t need them now.
I have them for back up.
Everything came together in place, effortlessly!
Now I am doing 2 projects for them simultaneously.
The workers and subcontractors that I have attracted are vary good and are willing to travel : )

The other experience had to do with an injury, one of my workers hit my pinky with a hammer full-swing, square on my finger nail.
I was holding a 4×4 post as he beat it in place.
The next day I could not even touch it without feeling like I was hit all over again. Extremely painful!
I decided to go into a delta state that night and remote influence a healing.
The next day I had no pain just a little numbness!
My hand should of been out of commission for at least 2 weeks or more!

This program is incredible because it’s not only enlightening but when applied it works!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Mr. O’Donnell and creating such a powerful program!
I thank you and my family thanks you too!


Patricia A. Schwoerer sent us  this enthusiastic testimonial after training for only 2 weeks with Version II of the Combination RV/RI course


  • Listening to the little voice within, and getting all information within
  • Having an out-of-body-experience on the 3rd day of taking our courses.
  • Going to the Alpha and deep Theta levels of mind at will only after one session

 Hello, my name is Patricia

This combination RV/RI course is awesome!  This is what I have been looking for all my life!! It is the highway to a better you. I have been a truth seeker during the later part of my life and have tried many things to improve myself. They either involved a lot of effort or were not fun enough! This course is fun, adventurous and fast. When Gerald O’Donnell says you are your best teacher he is right. You don’t need all those books or seminars to learn from! It is all right inside you. He shows you. Tap into this limitless reservoir and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

While waiting for the combo course to arrive, I read O’Donnell’s explanation to the movie “Matrix” on his website. I experienced a quantum leap just reading it because it puts ordinary “reality” in its proper perspective and helped prepare me for the course.

On the 3rd day with the course, I have already had an out-of-body experience. I have had some in the past but they were always accompanied by paralysis and fear. This one had no paralysis or fear.

I find O’Donnell builds up my confidence and takes the fear out. You feel secure because he explains everything thoroughly and doesn’t leave anything out. He makes you realize that your power is within and everything outside yourself is not as real as you think. He builds the confidence that eliminates your fear.

The most exciting thing is that it is possible to go into deep alpha and deep theta at will by yourself after only the first training session!

Try this course and you can get immediate results too.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

Thank you Gerald!

Veronica Conway wrote to us this feedback 


  • Connecting to the inner depth of the program through the reality of One. Strongly recommending our courses.
  • Healing abilities

Dear Gerald, 

Thank you so very much for bringing this most important work to the planet.  I am eternally grateful that you have taken the time to share your gifts.  I have done a lot of programs, spiritual and otherwise, and this is the most profound, holistic and integrated program I have ever come across. 

I have studied energy work, but this program gives you everything you need.  I literally fell in love with myself on RI tapes 4 and 5.  I feel I have released so much fear, and have so much certainty about the NOW.  I can also sense a bright and compelling future.  Without even really fully understanding the techniques, I believe I remote influenced the reduction of pain for my boyfriend who smashed his finger and was screaming in pain. Within a few minutes of my accessing the ONE his pain calmed down. 

I am so glad that you did not just show us the “techniques” of RV and RI, but rather gave us an incredible context regarding our relationship to the ONE. I feel like I am finally coming home. I have only listened up to tape 5 RI, am awaiting the RV set, and will go back and do the entire program you have recommended.  

Thank you so much…I will be sending people your way! 

p.s. looking forward to the RV tapes, I know that when we spoke the other day you said that you will be coming out with a new CD set in 30 days….I will plan to upgrade at that time….just let me know the pricing…. 

Thank you……  

Veronica Conway, CPPC


Doug Benge send this nice testimonial on the RI course

Happy Holidays Gerald!

Your program is absolutely spectacular!!!

I am already noticing profound changes.  My studies with the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC may have given me a nice base to start with, but your program is unlike any I have ever heard of, and is more or less supercharging my spiritual development.  I do not understand even how to appropriately thank you for this body of work!

I think a program like this would revolutionize the current-day educational system.

Beyond Thanks!!!

Doug Benge

Jack Musick a recent RV/RI combination trainee wrote to us this feedback


  • Finding our Academy’s courses to be the most powerful mind-expansion and deep consciousness states techniques that he has trained with in 11 years, after having experienced many other systems of deep awareness.
  • Getting an strong “intuitive flash” while driving, which saved him from potential serious automobile crash that could have caused him great injury or even death.

         Dear Gerald,

I wanted to take some time to send you some detailed feedback.

I completed the RV/RI combination training a few weeks ago, and began the series again and am about halfway through it the second time now.
I have to admit, I am very impressed with your product.
Your course is one of only a few things in life that I will truly endorse and say that it is really worth checking out.
I have been meditating for over eleven years, and in all that time, these are the most powerful techniques that I have encountered for easily enter deep states of altered consciousness. When I
began getting serious about meditation in the 90’s I frowned on guided taped meditations, and thought that they were foolish. The RV/RI course has shown me how wrong I was all those years ago. The Academy provides a very effective tool, and I am very happy that I took a chance and ordered your product. I have made the techniques a part of my daily routine by going to
the park each day and doing and RV/RI session.

I also wanted to share a brief incident with you, feel free to edit this however you wish if you want to share it on the website.
I had an experience of what was mentioned in Tip 4 of the RV instructions, “You sense events in advance”.
I had called my Dad for Father’s Day, and when speaking to my Mom I had told her, “I want to go to the park and meditate and work out, but I really don’t want to drive there.” ( I am really good about biking almost everywhere, only drive when I really have to: just to the store, or to do laundry, and sometimes to the park when I take my workout equipment, if I don’t take that
stuff I can bike.) Later I left the house to drive to the park.

On the way I was driving West on 6th street.  At one point I had to change from the left lane to the right lane because there was a line of cars turning left. Once in the right lane my ‘Spidey Sense’ told me to be alert, and I actually thought to myself, “Do I want to be in this lane?”
Instead of switching back, I stayed in the lane, but alert. Then a few moments later a car pulled out right in front of me, they were making a left turn. I noticed the car pulling out, and when I saw that they were not going to stop, I swerved into the left lane, completely missing them by only a small distance. I was aware of my surroundings, and I knew that there was nobody
in the left lane or following close behind me and it would be safe to  swerve. It was total Mad Max School of Defensive Driving. Swerved and missed the other car completely (but not by much at all, very close to making contact, inches). And they were pulled out completely in front of me.

I could have hit them head on, I was wearing my seatbelt of course, but the driver and passenger in the other car were not, and at 35 mph they could have very easily been killed or injured, and without a doubt my car would have been totaled.  There was a pickup pulling a horse trailer about 75meters behind me, and they saw everything, but were not close enough to be affected.
After it was over my heartbeat jumped up greatly, that adrenaline  rush of avoiding a big calamity, the same rush I used to get after I made a rescue as a lifeguard. It all took place in a few seconds, and when it was over I clasped my hands and thanked the One for protecting me. I then looked at my clock and saw that it was 4:27 PM. I felt that the people in the other car were under the influence of alcohol or another drug, but I was not mad at them, I only wished for them to be happy, wealthy and healthy.

That was the whole incident. I might have some more feedback to share at some point. Right now I am practicing the techniques every day and all my questions seem to be answering themselves. But I do have some deeper questions that I might address in a future letter.

Brother Jack Musick
Lawrence, Kansas

Stefan Wendin of Hallstahammar, Sweden. A recent graduate sent us this feedback 


  • Dramatic increase in Remote Viewing abilities after training with our RV/RI combination course.

Hi Gerald.
I have to say this, I have been remote viewing for years but ever since I bought your courses (The combination package), my RV/RI abilities have increased dramatically.
Thank you!!

Stefan Wendin

Stephanie Yamout, former Silva Mind instructor; NLP, Quantum Entrainment and ThetaHealing  practitioner, took our courses and sent us this enthusiastic testimonial 


  • After much experience as a Silva Mind instructor and practitioner of different advanced mind modalities, she finds that our combo  combine them all and goes far beyond them in its teachings.
  • Feeling the “inner Smile’ and Peaceful happiness in her daily life. Regaining the “inner child” within.
  • Purging and transmuting old lower vibrations of painful fear-laden memories
  • Experiencing, all of a sudden, while in Delta, the unfathomable super-bright Light of the “Inner Sun” of the One Creator Energy.

Dear Gerald 

I am in the process of doing the RV/RI course. I take my time because I listen to every CD two or three times and then I practice on a daily basis what I have learned. You probably can imagine how much I enjoy your course, it is the BEST I have ever done so far – and I have done quite a bit. I am an “old” Silva Mind practitioner – even used to teach it, an NLP practitioner, Quantum Entrainment practitioner (QE) and a ThetaHealing practitioner (among quite a few other practices). You have put something together that combines all of these techniques and tops them off. Never have I been able to reach such heights of mind. I have been doing quite a bit of automatic writing, channeling, past life regressions with others and and and…. however, with your training I feel I have arrived home. Much has already happened since I started the course and I know a lot more will follow. I’ll give you details later.  

I already have  a constant smile not only on my face but all over inside of me and there are always songs playing in the background of my mind, quite entertaining. I can laugh much more easily and mostly about myself. I found the little girl again that I used to be , full of laughter and mischief (positive). I am totally in love with myself and happy for no reasons at all. I wish everybody would one day take your course and arrive where I am. 

Spending every day from one to two hours in expanded awareness and higher vibrations has me going through a purging process that at times is painful. When I ask myself, why the pain, I become aware that this is a necessary process because states of high vibration do not sustain lower vibrations of fear in all its facets. Once I am able to let go of the story that is seemingly attached to the emotion (energy in motion to be exact), I am at peace. My new understanding of “I AM THAT I AM” is so much more profound than before and actually brings me closer and closer to where I want to be: One with ONE, at peace within peace. Unconditional Love for what IS.

Well, today, as I was laying under my umbrella at the beach being in “mental state delta” all of a sudden, the light in my inner “eye” became as bright as a super bright sun/light.  First I thought that the umbrella was being pulled away but then as the light got so bright I got “scared” and opened (unfortunately) my eyes and the whole experience was over. At least, now I know what light I am IF I let it happen. This was quite something for me and I hope it will happen again so that I can bathe in this light and receive the information that is connected to it. I am still listening to any of your CDs and they reveal more and more…………….

Your exercises are of such value that there cannot  be put a price in dollars to them. I really wish that all of humanity (well, maybe half of them…. lol) would pick up your teachings and DO the exercises. For me it is not so much the manifesting or viewing part, but the self-realization of what I am in REALITY. I guess once I am totally aware of the power of my reason for being a human being, I’ll be a master manifester of Paradise, Garden of Eden.

Once more I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and the wonderful CDs of, in particular the remote influencing ones, your courses. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of either listening to you or doing the exercises on my own.

Thank you for everything you do for humanity. You have my highest respect. 

Warm greetings,

Stefanie Yamout

Cecilia Soprano, who has previously trained with many self-empowerment schools, wrote to us this warm comment 

Dear Gerald,

I have just finished listening to your entire program, and I’ve been
wanting to tell you/write you from the onset that you are a remarkable being and I so appreciate your sharing your wisdom and wonderful intelligence with us.  For most of my life I have studied various systems of clearing the patterns from “matrix mentality” and social conditioning.

I have certificates in hypnosis and NLP and have studied and read about a number of other systems of self-realization and self-actualization including Silva Mind Control.

I am a student of Paramahansa Yogananda since 1972 and have done firewalking with Tony Robbins and rebirthing among other seminars in self-empowerment.  I have studied with Gangaji and a number of avayda vadanta teachers.

You have distilled the best of the best of most of these systems into your program and I truly marvel at the integrity and consciousness behind your work.  You are making this world a better place by your tireless efforts to bring truth straight through to the subconscious.

I too wish you the best this New Year in all you do.  I wish you much prosperity and may your Remote Viewing and Influencing programs reach more and more people every day.  I am doing my best to spread the word about your work through my small network.  I hope to one day hear one of your shows or broadcasts.  I feel lucky to have discovered your tapes and to have the privilege to listen to them whenever I find the time.

I recognize your pureness of heart and hold a deep respect for your unselfish commitment efforts to bring more consciousness and humanity back into the world …..  Ever in Divine Kinship,  Cecilia Soprano.

Morton Glazera , a Remote Influencing/Remote Viewing Combo trainee, sent us this feedback :


  • Finding the formerly guarded secret core of “manifestation techniques” in our RV/RI combo courses

There’s something I wanted to tell you.  Now, I know you are trying to
destroy the good old ego and you refuse any compliments, or you say “No, it was the One, not me”.  I’ll say it anyway.

 As you know, I have read, as of late, LOTS of books on High Knowledge, old mystery schools, High “white & pure” magical techniques, and much recent RV/RI manifestation techniques.  I was trying to see if there was any useful information at all that could be used, in spite of the garbage.  Well, I found a little, but nothing major.  Anyway, after all that reading I have a newfound respect for the courses you designed.  These courses are the High Mysteries secrets in their purest form.

I found out that all High applied Knowledge is nothing but manifestation.  Manifestation often using elaborate rituals, tools and nonsense.  Everything these secret societies guard is in your courses.  The astral body, projection, mental influence, healing, clairvoyance, precognition, “magical powers”, EVERYTHING. Not to mention your quality of character.  Many of their “Masters” were sadly found to be sick depraved individuals who often took advantage of their students. 

You have never asked anything of me, and charged chickenfeed for those tapes, kept the same prices since 1997, and helped me a great deal.  What I am trying to say is that I have a newfound respect for you and those courses, and the fact that you refuse to be a Guru.  This is very rare in this lousy world. 
I’m glad you’re okay and that your trip went well.


Filip from Poland sends us this feedback 

  • Comparing our courses to other systems he trained with.

I like the RV/RI courses very much and really believe they are the fastest and the deepest/most powerful methodology you can find anywhere.



Chris Rolfe a Remote Influencing/Remote Viewing trainee wrote to us this feedback.

  • Comparing our training to other self-realization and mental expanding courses

I just would like to tell you that both sets are amazing. I have purchased many different meditation sets, out-of-body courses and all kinds of seminars you can possibly think of. But honestly, none has ever been as easy to apply and incredibly effective as your programs. I feel very excited being on this journey. It has expanded my perception on every level. Thank you for this experience and thank you for your help. 


Chris Rolfe

Clevetta Herndon, a new student, sends us this letter:


  • Nothing happens by “chance.”

Dear Mr. O’Donnell

I want to thank you for the Remote Influencing and Remote Viewing Courses that you have offered. I have studied religion, ancient cultures, spirituality, the Sumerians, Bible Prophecy and many, many other sources of information. Then, I had a desire to study Metaphysics one day. Just out of the blue, I wanted to study metaphysics. I know that things don’t “just happen”. We are chosen. We are offered certain information at certain times in our life, and we can choose to accept it or ignore it.
Of course, out of the thousands of links out there on the internet, I was “given” your site to look at.
When I read your website Probable Future, I was fascinated.
When I got the Remote Viewing Course and the Remote Influencing course, and began reading the written material enclosed, I was overwhelmed.
It was like I had been taken from a basic arithmetic course and thrown into calculus! It was everything I had studied for the past twenty years, plus leaps and bounds more!
I am studying the information the in the manner suggested by the outline. I am not going very fast, and have not had any OOB experiences or anything overwhelming happen yet. But I am looking forward to great adventures and influencing and viewing in 2005!
The course is very exciting. Almost as exciting as when I got the Holy Ghost in 1998. I had never felt such overwhelming happiness and joy until I was touched and filled with the Holy Ghost.
Your course explains a lot of what happened.
I need to return to the state of mind I was in in 1998, when I was seeking God and walking thru the forest and singing and keeping away from TV and negative and just focusing on Him and the spiritual side of my life and not the negative of work and the things that pull me down.
Thank you for making this course.
I am hopeful that I will be able to Remote View, Remote influence and be able to Vibrate Higher.
I am reading your website in order to get more suggestions and insights to help me achieve these goals.
I want so badly to achieve Awake Delta Sleep and do the things your course teaches!


Clevetta Herndon
Registered Nurse

Terry Goodson wrote us this feedback. Subject:

  • Comparing our RI course to other methods such as TM, Monroe’s gateway, Reiki, etc…

Dear Mr. O’Donnell

The RI tapes are phenomenal!  I can’t believe in just the last two weeks alone the differences in my experiences especially compared to other methods I’ve tried. I’ve done TM for 15 years including yogic flying, the whole Monroe gateway series, and Reiki to name a few.

I’ll try to keep you This page last updated with feedback and experiences, but I’m a little confused about what you’d consider “pertinent”.  I don’t want to write reams of gibberish you can’t use and is only “special” to me, so if you could give me a clue. . . 

So much meaning gets lost in the translation, though.  I’ve found when I translate deep internal experiences into words, I’ve just separated myself from the experience into “object” and “observer” in order to analyze instead of remaining “One” with it. So instead of keeping an experiential “memory” of the revelation I end up with a physical-word-level description as designed and interpreted by a shallow ego identity which becomes my history and, therefore, “me”.  Know what I mean?

However, I’ve had some more “externally” directed experiences like communicating with animals and healing, too, which I could write about if your interested.  If not, that’s o.k., too, ’cause I’m having way too much fun with this kit.  Just let me know.

YOU ARE AMAZING!  Your oral technique of varying pitch and speed and unexpected sounds and silence is superb and extremely effective. I really resonated with the booklet, also.

Thank you so much!


Greg Ledford  a combo student sent us this feedback 


  • Our combo training versus the Silva UltraMind ESP seminar
  • Changing positively his reality as others perceive his Higher Vibrations and Light and are subconsciously attracted by it.

Hi Mr. O’Donnell

I have just finished listening to RV Tape 2 Side B for the second time.  First before I go any further let me say that I have the Ultramind ESP System.  It is a very good system, although best results with that will be reached by going to the seminars.  Well anyways with the UltraMind seminar I have reached the Alpha level of mind and had good results, but the levels of mind I have reached on your Remote Viewing tape 2 are by far the quickest and deepest I have ever experienced.

I have not experienced the light fully YET, but I am getting closer.  You said not to worry because the mind will get me there and tonight I found I was experiencing the process differently than last night.  Just by practicing Tape 2, I have begun to concentrate much better. I am much more relaxed. Everyone has become friendlier to me, and just overall acting differently around me, as if they are experiencing the calm and peacefulness I am developing more and more.  People just start talking to me! Before, they may have barely spoken or just would have gone about doing their thing.

I love the new life I have begun for myself, and I want to thank you for making it available.  Because “sure we all have the ability,”  but without you making this program available I wouldn’t have discovered it.  As I progress, I will keep you This page last updated .

Thanks Again!!!
Greg Ledford

David S. Bernstein wrote to us on January 02, 2004.


  • The New Year 2004 message

Hi Gerald,
I just read your message for 2004…I want to tell you that it is probably the MOST inspiring piece I have ever read…I read it to one friend…and he thought it is DEFINITELY worthy of MUCH further contemplation…

Thanks so much…take care…David…

Suzan Prowell sends us this heartfelt message 

I want to thank you for your most recent message.  There are so few people I can share the type of awareness that has come from listening to your tapes on the RV and RI courses.  I have always had an awareness that God and humanity are sacred and very deep, but I did not always have continuous joy and happiness because I did not know how to remain connected to these aspects of myself.  I have been listening to your tapes over the past few months everyday and I am now truly sharing in Love with the One and feel a truer sense of connectedness to the One and my inner core.  When I listen to the tapes they bring me to a beautiful place, and your understandings and conveyance of them are such a total blessing to me, I cannot thank you enough.  It is the central highlight of my life, to be doing these tapes.  I am so deeply happy and in understanding of the messages of the One you work to tell us.  I am so grateful that the One is now working to ensure that the beauty of life is going to be brought fully to the conscious awareness of all; and that if it is rejected then the darkness will now be handled so it cannot interfere with this awareness.  I want to thank you again for bringing these courses into being, and being so dedicated to ensure these messages are sent out to us (through the years you have been working on this).  It is with much love and gratitude from the depth of my soul that I wish you infinite blessings of love, and joy to you and your family and all that is.  I am so happy I can share this deep feeling of joy, love and happiness with you as a being who can actually share it with us as well.  Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to convey the truth and messages of the One. 

Susan Prowell


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