Manifest Powerful Experiences -Out of Body Experiences / Astral Projection

Out of Body Experiences / Astral Projection

Tammy Robertson wrote to us this enthusiastic comment on December 06, 2011.


  • Her father has an out of-body experience but just listening to one of our CDs, which immediately removed his back pain after years of suffering.


All I can say is WOW!  The video gifts you sent out to everyone

are incredible—the best “warm fuzzy” I’ve had in a long time. 

My father (who has lived with incredible pain from a back surgery years ago)

came to visit me the other day. I had him listen to one of my Remote Viewing CDs and within

minutes he was out-of-body and pain-free. He now wants to borrow my CDc, so I

will have to get him his own set- because I cannot part with mine!  

Much love and golden blessings to you dear heart. 

Thank you for uplifting humanity!  It is time.


Tammy Robertson


Junior Coffi May 31, 2011

… I get out of my body anytime, anyplace I want.

Believe me, I vibrate! Never seen anything like this before….

Angel Goodson-A,  an Aussie student of the Academy,  wrote to us on April 12, 2011 this enthusiastic account of her experiences after starting our courses.

  • Connecting to her Higher Self in deep Theta and seeing the world from that High perspective.
  • Spontaneous Out of Body Experience and Remote Viewing in that state

Dear Mr O’Donnell,

Allow me to introduce myself, I feel like I’m already a part of your community. I have spent so much time at for the past few weeks. I found your site a few weeks ago after watching a new movie called Limitless. Seeing the movie got me to start thinking again about how I crave to use more of my potential as a human being. I started looking on the internet in line with this theme and very quickly came across your site. I haven’t moved from it since!

I am blown away to say the least and quite lost for words. What an incredible intrigue I have discovered. I knew I had to get both of your courses and as soon as I had read enough to mislay any fears about it, I did.

The package arrived exactly one week later and I was very excited to receive it. A couple of evenings ago after finishing session two I found that I wasn’t ready to leave my centre when the disc finished so I stayed there as suggested.  After a few more minutes I felt I could bring myself out of it but when I did eventually open my eyes I just sat there in the same position with my mouth open like a stunned mullet! (sorry that might be an Australian expression! ) I knew that physically I could move if I wanted to but it was like I just couldn’t move. I just sat there, and sat there. I’m not even sure what was going on.  I kept on assessing myself and seeing if I was ready to move yet and just kept sitting there perfectly still. I felt stunned, literally stunned. I took a drink from my water bottle and it was as if the whole movement of my arm and the sensations of the bottle were so exaggerated or intensified, like I was hyper aware of being in my body. I got a little bit nervous as to what I was experiencing but kept reminding myself to be present in love, and that everything was just fine and this was a new experience but all was well. Perhaps my body/mind was integrating this new experience into my psyche or being somehow. I don’t know. It was just like I was stunned. I thought about moving or getting up or what I should do next and nothing seemed right. I just kept sitting there with my mouth hanging open! Until the thought came to me that I would like to share my experience with you. I knew my iPad was next to me so picked it up and started writing, it felt normal and natural to do that but I couldn’t have imagined trying to do anything else at all, very strange. I should report that after writing this email to you I am now feeling much more normal and like I can go about my business now.

Okay so yesterday something pretty big happened. I did RI Session 2 for the third time. Out of all the sessions this is the first one I am having trouble staying fully aware of your voice. I seem to drift in and out quite a lot but usually become more aware when reaching the void. I have done the session thee times now and still seem to hear something new each time.

After the session has finished each of the three times I have just had to lay there drifting in and out of consciousness. Today I lay there going in and out for a while then had an hour sleep. I then got up and went about my day for a couple of hours. Then I sat down to listen to your Reality Secrets Unveiled Interview and while sitting there I suddenly remembered that I had had what I think was an Out of Body Experience just after my session yesterday! I can’t believe I had forgotten that it had happened! It came to me in such a flash and I got instantly so excited like “woo hoo!”

So what happened was while I was laying on my bed after the session I was kind of asleep, I suddenly started to hear this sound wave of vibration like it was coming from behind and to the right of me. It sounded and looked like an effect from a Star Wars movie, like the holograms flashing in and out of view when they are communicating with another ship. Whuj, whuj,whuj, whuj, whuj and as that happened it was like a very vivid picture was flashing on and off. I was in my kitchen suddenly, fully aware but knew something was off so I “opened my eyes” and saw all of the clothes laying in a pile on the end of my bed. The whole time still in the kitchen but seeing the clothes on the end of my bed, like I was in both places at once. The thing is, I did all of this without actually opening my eyes. It all seemed to happen instantly it was not linear, I described it in an order but really it all just happened concurrently. It doesn’t sound that remarkable but it was more the energy present while it was happening, it was incredible, like I knew something big was going on, it was exhilarating and something that would usually scare me but I wasn’t scared. Gee I wish I could have described it better. So was this an OBE, a lucid dream or just plain remote viewing? Your thoughts would be great. Either way I’m loving the ride!

I am so incredibly happy and excited by this. The reason is that it is the first time I think I was actually remote viewing. All the sessions so far I have felt like I was going through the process but just imagining or remembering what I should be seeing, there was no effort in this, I simply was seeing it all. It happened way too fast and suddenly for me to actually focus on what I was seeing but now I feel like something has been opened up in me.

I’m sure you get many such emails and not sure if this is the kind of feedback you are looking for but I just wanted to make contact I guess.

I must say I feel like I am embarking on a journey that will change my life forever. I am so looking forward to where this might take me, where I might take myself. I am already talking about to anyone I think would be open to it and have created a few more very intrigued human beings!

After quite some time I was struck quite clearly with a concept. Something that I have often thought about as my deepest wish for the world but now I felt it so very strongly. These words came pouring out into my journal:

My Wish for Humanity is that every individual will know themselves as GOD. Pure, Innocent, Unimaginably Beautiful – GOD. THIS WORK – THIS TRAINING WILL FACILITATE THAT KNOWING.

So…. you must seek it out, chase it down, do what you must to get the courses and do them, and come to life like the diamond of consciousness that you are – in truth. Wake up to the magnificence of who you truly are: L-O-V-E… and you will be home with GOD in a life that never ends.

If only there were words infinitely more powerful than Thank You. Gratitude is so deeply filling all of me. From me to you, THANK YOU.

Light and Love.

Angel Goodson-Adams

Rodney Malone, a recent trainee ( ) sends us on Dec. 10, 1998 these comments about our course.

Subject: Experiencing Remote viewing through OOBE (out of body experiences).

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I would like to express my thanks to you for the time you spent with me on the phone recently and to also provide some comments about my experiences to share with the readers of your web site. I am grateful to all of those people who have taken the time to write letters to you and allowed you to post them. Honest feedback from actual users is very important to some of us who lament over small decisions which ultimately can profoundly change our lives. The final decision to purchase your course was triggered by reading some of those letters. I would now like to return the favor and describe some of my experiences and hopefully someone out there reading will likewise be pushed that little extra way to make a good decision and purchase your course.

The text below is for our good and kind web readers who may be considering the Remote Viewing Course, and anyone else who is interested in what it’s like to walk through walls and taste a lightning bolt.

The Business End.

Before I talk about the course and remote viewing, let me speak of the business end first. I have spent a hundred dollars on products before, but I have NEVER been able to call the author/owner/artist/programmer/manufacturer and actually talk to him. I didn’t get an answering machine, I didn’t even get a secretary or voice mail or even music. I got Mr. O’Donnell, in person, on the second ring. Mr. O’Donnell is a very tolerant, engaging and thoughtful person. He fits the role of teacher perfectly. He did not rush me, he asked me questions and let me ask him questions, some of them pretty lame I imagine. And I’m sure he has heard them all before. He was easily able to talk to me at my own level of understanding, without making me feel ignorant and in fact was quick to encourage and compliment me on the progress I have made. If you read the contents of his web site carefully, I think you will discover, as I did, that Mr. O’Donnell’s primary interest is in helping the world to be a little better place. How do you do that? You help people to help themselves. You give people values and knowledge that helps them reach their own unique potential, and you get them to, in turn, pass on to others, what they have learned. I can think of a few hundred companies, teachers, and just plain folk who could learn a great deal from the way Mr. O’Donnell runs his business.

The first lesson to learn.
Read what’s on this web site. Read every nook and cranny, then read it again. There is a wealth of background information, and if you are like most people, you may have to shift your thinking a bit. All of this information is explained when you listen to tape one, but if you have read it first, listening to the tape will help to re-enforce the information and make you more comfortable with the concepts and the vocabulary. If you are familiar with brain physiology and quantum mechanics, you may skip this step. (just kidding). I just re-read everything in the web site again last night and I picked up many little tid-bits that I missed the first 5 times.

The tapes are really quite delightful.

From an organizational point of view, the layout of the course is excellent. Mr. O’Donnell has paced the material in such a way as to make it easy to master one skill at a time. His voice, pace and background effects are constantly varying to keep your mind interested and help you maintain focus. Mr. O’Donnell has a marvelously mysterious voice that will capture your attention and wrap you in cloak of intrigue and wonder. Once you begin to listen, it is hard to stop on one tape. But you need to. You will have to listen from several to many times to become a master of each skill before moving on. You will not be able to do this. The lure of the next tape is simply too strong. It is obvious to me that the phrase “I must listen to the next tape” is recorded subliminally on each tape. (just kidding… again). I had a very common problem when I first started. It took me a week before I actually heard the whole of tape 2. And then I had to listen while I was at work. Why? Because when I listen to a tape who’s main concern is for me to relax, usually I do. Then I fall asleep. This really is a good thing. It means you are relaxed, and it means you are mentally speaking, in the right place. Close to that magic level where funny things start to happen. Theta level. That’s where logic ends and the rest of the universe begins. So how do you stay awake long enough to experience it? Here’s what I did. The first bad thing I did was to listen to the tapes after everyone else went to bed. For me that’s around midnight. The second thing I did was to not get enough sleep for the previous week. The third thing I did wrong was to lay down on my nice comfy bed. I was so frustrated and eager to hear the tapes that I ended up listening to it during the day, while I was working. Obviously I couldn’t do the exercises, but at least I knew what they were! Finally after doing that, I took action. Well, actually, I took a nap. Then I listened to the tape. It was still late at night, but the nap made me alert enough to take the edge off and keep me awake. And I sat in a nice straight chair. Comfortable for my back, but not something that is easy to sleep in. So that was the night that started my journey. That night I think I was just light. That was really spectacular, but it couldn’t hold a candle to a couple nights later, when I wasn’t just light, I was lightning!

Where do you want to go today?

( I wonder if Bill Gates has these tapes 🙂

Here’s where it goes from really good to way out there. I’ve been dying to share my little safaris with somebody. And I guess the place won’t ever get any better than here. So, your not sure the Remote Viewing Course is real? You don’t think its worth a hundred bucks. You think it’s just another boring self-help guide. Or maybe it’s just a spoof? Yeah ok. I thought most of those things at least once. But I’m really good at giving people the benefit of the doubt. So let me tell you what happens around tape 3 or so and you tell me whether or not I got my money’s worth. Let me first say that sitting on the ceiling ( I guess hovering’s a better term) looking at myself at my desk sitting comfortably in my straight back chair is very peculiar at first, but you get use to it. It’s much like listening to your own voice in a tape recorder. The first time you hear it, you don’t really think it’s you. You see, normally you see your image in the mirror. When you look directly at yourself, it’s not reversed. And the angle is different. Then it’s fun time. Zooming around looking at the corners of the room, top of shelves, things hanging on the wall. And fast. I like to move fast. A blur of light zip. . . I’m in the corner, zip a quick thought and zoom I’m at the top of the door. And its bright. Bright as day. Brighter. Why? Because I’m the light. And I’m bright. Then zoom right up to my own head and zip right back to the corner of the ceiling. Within a minute I’m a master of zipping around the room. Kind of like learning to drive a car. A bit jerky at first, then all you want is speed speed. The very curious thing about all of this is while I’m merrily zooming around the ceiling, I’m also very casually listening to the lilting voice of Mr. O’Donnell somewhere down there. He’s giving me suggestions on things to try. Things to look at. Where did I go. Oh, up on the roof, to my folks house next door. Down the street. Downtown. And back. Back to my ceiling, then back above myself. And then came the real fun. The voice finished by reminding me I could do this any time and I could continue if I wanted. I wasn’t quite done yet.

My First Solo.

When I was a young boy I had a marvelous opportunity to fly solo in a small airplane. That was a fantastic feeling and a wonderful experience. Imagine flying through the air, in control, by yourself. Perfect freedom. Or so I thought then. Let me tell you about my first solo mind safari. As I said above. I was hovering above myself right at the ceiling. Mr. O’Donnell had just invited me to continue my flight on my own. Fasten your seat belts please… I was extremely invigorated by the practice of moving around the room and out into my town and back. Not I was ready to cut loose. I shot up through the ceiling of the room. Puff! Each time I passed through a wall or a ceiling or any solid object I felt a puff of slight pressure. This effect is something I read about in a book and my imagination thought it was nice touch, so now every time I go through something, I can feel it… Puff. Up through the next floor, the ceiling of that room, the attic then zip through the roof… all in an instant. It’s hard for me to describe the speed, but think fast. A blur. The flash. Then stopped. Hovering just above the house. I looked around. Dark and clear, yet I can see everything. The crystal black sky with a thousand million star points. I look next door. I see the roof of my neighbors house, the chimney. Chimney. Hmm. I zoom up 50 feet, then dive straight down my own chimney. As I blaze down the brick tunnel I can see the soot on the walls. I can feel the coolness of the tile and I can smell the residue of smoke. I blaze into the basement look around then shoot back up through the chimney and out into the night sky to the top of the 200 year old maple tree in my front yard. I can feel the night breeze all around me. I look all around. I feel like a big smile. Total freedom. I plunge strait down into the tree through the main trunk. The wood is illuminated around me. I can feel the wet coolness of the sap in the fibers of the wood I’m passing through. I can smell the smell of sap and wood and earth. Down I plunge into the root system and down into the dirt. I pass through layers of dirt and sand and rock. I instantly switch directions moving now horizontally faster and faster. The features of the bedrock flying past me and cool, dense and stoic. Then a quick shift up again bursting up and out through the street in front of my house, then up 100 feet and down at an angle into and through the pavement. I burrowed into the pavement and burst into the sewer pipe. A strange place to go? Not at all. The veins of the village. I zoomed through the pipe at incredible speeds. Yet I could see details of the rust and sludge encrusted pipes. I could see the inside of the pipe and the outside all at the same time. All illuminated and at the same time whizzing by because of my incredible speed. Then down I dove deeper then turned up and blasted up in to the sky again. Up and into the clouds. Through the clouds and up to incredible heights. Then down close to the ground skimming a few inches above the ground. Then up again to the west coast and instantly I’m there at the ocean. Down I plunged into the water. Down to the depths. A school of dolphin. I swam with them, dove with them, played in the water. Then down as fast as flying down to the bottom of the sea. Into the muck, then down below into the bedrock under the sea and then up two miles straight up at blinding speed and bursting out of the water straight up into the night sky. Up through the highest thinnest atmosphere. The sky now a velvet black and crisp frozen air. I look down at the world and then in an instant the moon is looming before me. I skim the surface and dip into the fine dust it puffs up around me, my form nothing but a ball of light. And up again and straight to the sun. More massive than is describable. When you reach the sun there is nothing else to see. It becomes the universe, so massive it is. Into it’s plasma I dive I shoot up and over following the lines of force of the incredible 1000 mile plumes that bend back onto the surface and I plunge down into the core of the sun. The churning tumult is replaced by total calm and constant light. I fly through the incredible density of the body of our sun then I turn up and blast toward home. I see the earth before me and I plunge down into its atmosphere. Down into my country, into my state and my village, and I stop instantly, hovering a yard above my roof. Back safe and sound. I look to the south. A thunder storm is brewing. I’m off. Straight into a massive thunderhead. Then into it and straight up 30,000 feet. I can smell the ozone. I allow myself to float and be caught in the up and down drafts. Shifting violently up and down shooting a thousand feet down in one second then abruptly back up, caught in another draft. I feel the tapping of hailstones as I pass through them. Then I see a charge building, I feel the potential then up comes the bolt. A crazy angle from the ground up to the cloud. I instantly move directly into the bolt and wrap myself around it. I become the bolt. I stretch and zig and writhe like a snake. I feel my tendrils reaching out the massive and intricate bubbling of the clouds. I taste the bolt and of all things, I taste cinnamon. I shoot straight up and out of the cloud then instantly transfer myself back to my roof. I look around. I am able to see the whole of my skyline. Trees, rooftops. I feel the night air. It’s cool and fresh and alive. I see the stars winking at me. I think to myself. Now that was a solo flight. I thought that was about enough for one night. So I gently drifted puff through the roof, then down puff through the upper floor and floated at the ceiling looking at myself in the chair. I’m smiling. I gently lowered myself into myself and counted up. I wriggled my shoulders a bit, rolled my neck and gingerly opened my eyes. Then I said out loud, (but quietly): “Wow! They’re never gonna believe this. That was only tape three!”

There is more to come.

There is always more to come. But I’ve put enough down here for one night. Fantasy? Sure. Imagination? You bet. All in my head? not exactly. All in my mind? Definitely. But in my head? I think not. If it was all in MY head you wouldn’t be able to see it or feel it or taste it. But you can. In fact, you can see and feel and taste everything I’ve described here. And it will be in your mind too. It’s the same mind where the whole universe exists. And that’s a pretty big mind, now isn’t it? Be an explorer. See the wonder. Then pass it on.
R. Malone

Matthew Jorgenson, wrote to us on May 5, 2009


  • Experiencing his Out of Body Projection (OOBE) on the third day after training with our Combination RV/RI course.

Gerald you have changed my life…how extremely sad would have been the thought that  I could have missed the opportunity to acquire your courses…

I’ve had the RV/RI combo now for about 5 weeks and on the third day I had my first out of body experience!!

Although I am sad to say it was cut short by my darn alarm clock ringing, as I was not even trying to consciously leave my body…

I put in the very last CD  in of the RI course about Delta manifesting and thought of absorbing its information while I took a short nap and suddenly found myself spinning above my body about 4+ feet above myself and my clock went off sucking me back into myself!.

I cannot thank you enough as this training has opened up a truly magical world I know now, first hand, exists!

That was the only time I was successfully able to detach but it is only a matter of time… I take the course very seriously and am now going through it disc by disc as you recommend. Really repeating them until I feel I’ve totally mastered them… I am going to be investing in a computer here soon and would love to help you spread the course to as many people as possible…but I wonder if the corkscrew image had some part to play in helping me break free…I think I has at first missed a bit the mark as I put originally too much effort… As you say the less effort the more success… Again I thank you more than words can express
Matthew Jorgenson

Joshua Lorne sent us this enthusiastic email on July 1, 2010 covering all the great benefits he received  from training with our combo RV/RI program.


  • Please visit the gamut of experiences below ( I may publish more detailed experiences he had in another feedback post)

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I began using your RV course in early April and experienced an Out of Body Experience on the first day after listening to RV CD 2.  It was an enormously powerful experience where I was led to what I believe to be a portal to heaven (and that I have been able to return to numerous occasions since).  Then, in early June I started to listen to your RI course.  While the RV course is excellent, it is akin to one beginning his or her undergraduate studies early on in life and is, in my estimation, a vital starting point prior to initiating oneself into RI meditation.  The RI course, however, introduces one to a whole different level of self realization.  The only way for me to describe its intensity would be to equate it to one pursuing a PhD in Dark Matter.  Whatever one may be unaware of that remains lurking in the deep subconscious mind and that prevents him or her from the spiritual evolution and intrinsic sense of happiness that is their birthright will have the light shown on that which is hidden and thereby healed.  And as you have claimed prior, Mr O’Donnell, a profound deprogramming/reprogramming occurs which is made evident by the myriad changes one begins to experience in his or her consciousness. 

After only a few months of working with your RV and RI courses, I have been able to experience the following: 

  • Intensified intuition to the extent that you immediately ‘know’ in absolute terms whether something is good or bad for you without ever resorting to self doubt/insecurity
  • Frequent synchronicities
  • Olfactory sensations
  • Improved mental cognition coupled with a seemingly higher IQ
  • Faster ability to read and comprehend even complex subject matter while being guided by the Higher Self as to what (and what not) to read as a means to ensure one’s continued progression
  • Improved oral and written communication skills
  • Less need of sleep
  • Frequent lucid dreaming
  • Out of Body Experiences
  • Watching much less TV and grasping quite deeply that most programming is programming you
  • The ability to merge with matter at the molecular level on demand
  • Becoming much more attractive to and noticed by members of the opposite sex
  • Improved relationships via gaining a true understanding of intimacy and sensuality
  • A greater understanding of and ability to convey empathy and love to all living beings
  • Seeing time as illusory
  • Experiencing the frequent sense of ‘being on the threshold’ of something, knowing good is coming to you
  • Understanding profoundly that one’s ideals and dreams can not only be manifested into reality, but quickly and with much greater ease than the ego would have ever allowed for in its prior enslaved state
  • A powerful notion that you are always being protected and guided by The One
  • Friends who you have not heard from in a long while reaching out to you for guidance/advice after expressing that they felt a ‘compulsion’ to make contact with you without knowing why
  • Not experiencing loneliness even when alone or single due to a newfound ability to grasp the interconnectedness of all beings coupled with the idea of separation as a ridiculous notion
  • A feeling of inner peace and calm, even in the most trying situations
  • A greatly enhanced sense of gratitude for finally being able to connect to The One in the newly realized process of ascension out of the Dark Matrix
  • Gaining a truly profound understanding of the Zen mantra, “The only way out is in.”
  • The ability to cleanse one’s memory banks of experiences previously deemed to be irretrievably negative and emotionally draining while replacing this understanding with a near total recall of them in a compassionate and empathetic manner as events put in place to propel one’s consciousness to a higher state
  • The replacement of near constant egoic mind chatter with silence that resonates with high intelligence
  • Grasping the notion that the egoic mind is akin to an unruly child running rampant throughout your consciousness and allowing your Higher Self to assume full control of him as a stern but compassionate parental figure
  • Invoking your inner voice of the Higher Self to provide guidance and reassurance in troubling times
  • Understanding that surrendering supposed inevitabilities or situations with no apparent resolution to The One instead of relying on your willpower to compel a desired outcome is a far more desirable and effective way to live
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Improved performance in the martial arts
  • Improved physical appearance – the inner notion that one has slowed down the aging process
  • Spontaneously generated yogic breathing, especially during times of stress and anxiety\
  • The capacity to ‘assess’ the motivations and energy of people and things without becoming overwhelmed by them
  • Talking less, listening more 

Thank you, Mr. O’Donnell, from the bottom of my heart for providing me the freedom to live the life I was born to live.   


Joshua Lorne

Joshua Lorne  a recent trainee sent us on June 1, 2010 this enthusiastic email covering all the great benefits and experiences he has accumulated so far while training with our combo RV/RI program.


  • Innumerable experiences (see below) and powerful inner transformation

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I wanted to thank you again for spending time with me via phone earlier this week.   I must stress that the fact that I am journaling is a small miracle in itself as I have been stricken with a mental fog brought on by a seemingly intractable unipolar depression that has plagued me since my teens. This is why I forced myself back into Aikido and just recently into your material which is how the “decathexis” was initiated.  

I started off by reading your RI eBook and that evening experienced the most peaceful sleep I had been able to achieve in many months.  You awakened me to being imprisoned within the Dark Matrix, something I had an inclination of since I was a child but was unable to properly formulate as a coherent construct in my psyche.  The extreme intuition I am capable of has been both a gift and a curse, with an emphasis on the latter.  I’ve read material pertaining to the creation of psychic force fields as a means to protect myself from dark energies/entities, but they have rarely proved effective over the long term.  This had caused my mental and physical energy reserves to continually decline to the point where I became very afraid about my capacity to continue to exist on this planet.  Your RV course has for me achieved what I previously conceived as unimaginable – the deprogramming of my program!  Perhaps most importantly of all, your mention of sentient vs non-sentient beings truly resonated with me.  When in an office setting I have frequently run into individuals (most often in positions of authority/management) who I would swear were somehow not human at all.  Their behavior and actions were so robotic, cold and calculating that my feeling/sensing intuition would overwhelm me to the extent that I would become dizzy and sick to my stomach.  They would haunt me in my dreams, cause me to doubt myself and to experience extremely low self esteem.  After being repeatedly told by close friends and therapists that “You’re just sensitive” or “You’re overreacting” I began to lose confidence in my ability to exist as an individual thinking human being and to resolve this by simply allowing myself to assimilate within their paradigm as a means to avoid the seemingly incessant psychic turmoil I was enduring.  The dilemma with this approach was that it has never worked – I’ve been relentlessly pulled towards discovering “The Truth” and maintaining my status as a loner/hermit via reading hundreds of books on esoterica, going to ‘healers’ and therapists, etc., while the dread of nihilism continued to creep up within me.  The best visual representation of this I can provide is the scene in the film “Jacob’s Ladder” when “Jacob” (Tim Robbins) is lying in a hospital bed while his wife and two sons hover over him and his wife says “Everything’s going to be ok, Jake”.  From nowhere he hears a dark and sinister voice that whispers “Dream on…”  To have to live in this relationship with ‘reality’ has been nightmarish as you can probably imagine.  To now understand that the Dark Matrix indeed exists, that I was never ‘imagining’ things and that I’m going to be ‘ok’ creates a gratitude within me that I cannot begin to express.  Thank you, Mr O’Donnell, from the bottom of my heart.

Please feel free to review the following list of experiences I have had in the first month of listening to your RV course:

RV Experiences: 

  • April (RV CD 2): When I enter “Deep Theta” I enter into a cavern of sorts and see these words in a luminescent white as an elevated sign.  I then enter the area further and feel as if I am suspended in midair while overlooking an immense white/off white space (it appears to be a foggy sky) with birds flying in the distance.  Wave after wave of what I can only describe as an emotionally and physically laden nirvana hit me.  On 25 April, 2010 I felt as if I were propelled into this whiteness at an amazing speed while viewing the earth from a very high altitude.  I then see myself suspended in this space, my body in black as a searing white light hits me that I am barely able to stand in front of.  
  • 04/25/10: I was listening to RV CD 2 and once again experience a partial paralysis of my body upon coming face to face with the Universal Mind.  My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my spine elevated while feeling like it was electrified sending sensations throughout my entire body.   
  • 04/21/10 (RV CD 3): I felt relaxed and at peace but nothing out of the ordinary was happening.  Then, out of the blue, I saw my face against a black background.  I looked younger and very much alive, not smiling but vibrant.  I looked into my eyes very deeply and saw a changed/ing man. 
  • 04/26/10 (RV CD 2): I felt an enormous outpouring of love from the Universal Mind, once again facing The One on some sort of grassy cliff with a misty sky and birds flying in the distance.  This time I attempted to run through the grass and into the void which resulted in an intense spine tingling experience with my eyes rolling to the back of my head as if I were experiencing an epileptic seizure that was exhilarating.   
  • 05/07/10 (RV CD 4): For the first time I was able to experience the sensation of a very intense and broad vibrating white light.  This was conjoined with experiencing what seemed to be a more authentic OBE.  When imagining my head and neck expanded to 24 inches I actually ‘saw’ myself halfway through the wall behind me, as if I was immersed in the wall.


Early May: I have seen three films I felt compelled to watch since beginning the RV training.  “Crazy Heart,” “Avatar” and “Men Who Stare at Goats”.  The first two are really stories about a return to the authentic self and resonated with me deeply.  A few weeks ago I experienced a very lucid dream in which I had returned home to claim my ‘inheritance’ and to make amends with some fractured relationships within my family.  My psychologist explained that this was an archetypal dream of sorts for the biblical story of the “prodigal son”, that I was on a journey home to my “Authentic Self”.  I only understood this concept at a rudimentary level until seeing these films.  It now makes much more sense to me why my ‘family’ has always felt akin to a group of strangers who happened to have raised me.  “Men Who Stare at Goats” was comedic but I strongly intuited that it represented humanity’s discomfort with the ultimate truth of our minds being far (perhaps infinitely) more capable of what we believe them capable of.  The interweaving of comedy with some intense, serious moments did not mesh well and (to me) reflected man’s strong case of unease with the subconscious mind and being forced to deal with the reality of living within the confines of the Dark Matrix. 

Unusual Experiences: 

  • April: Upon staring at a weight bench at the gym while listening to RV CD 1, I noticed that the metal seemed to begin to morph and I could discern that it was not a solid at all, but composed of billions of atoms(?).   
  • April: After listening to RV CD’s 1 and 2 a few times I went to Costco.  It was uncomfortable for me to be around crowds of people in a retail environment, even more than usual.  I felt as if people were staring at me, and some were even stopping to stare.  A few smiled, but I could tell that they were picking up on my energy, as if I were enervating something unusual, perhaps special. 
  • April: I have begun to really control my breathing and adopt the idea that I am my breath.  This has at times become so intense that it seems as if I am only taking a few deep breaths per minute at most.  It became clear to me that my heart must have barely been beating as I went further and further into a peaceful state. 
  • 04/30/10: I went to my MD for an annual check-up.  While the nurse was checking my blood pressure, I realized I was spontaneously going into a deep meditative state.  She then asked me “Sir, are you ok?”  I said “Yes, I am fine, why do you ask?”  She said “Your blood pressure is 90 over 78!”   
  • 05/06/10: I attended a Hatha Yoga session for the first time in approximately a year.  I realized many of the movements seemed to coalesce with my Aikido training.  At certain moments time seemed to slow down as I relaxed further and it became very apparent to me that my return to yoga would be highly complimentary to both my Aikido training as well as my RV meditation.  After the session ended I struck up a conversation with the instructor and demonstrated for him my breathing technique that had come about after only a few sessions of RV meditation.  He appeared startled and stated that I was engaging in a very deep form of Pranyama breathing (I cannot recall the exact term he used).  I had no idea what I was doing – this form of breathing for me is new and is now a part of my daily routine, but it occurs without me consciously willing it to begin or end.  I have never been able to “breathe” as advised by former New Age gurus or instructors.  I didn’t know what they were talking about and simply became more frustrated after being labeled “tense” by them.  After the yoga session concluded I accompanied my friend, a Chiropractor, to a local bar/restaurant.  I recently had surgery on my right cheek to remove a sebaceous cyst that erupted last year in March following a job loss which brought a tremendous amount of stress, anguish and hopelessness upon me.  This was the second surgery and my right cheek has a few stitches which are covered by a steri strip.  I normally would experience a strong degree of anxiety in going into any social setting with a bandage on my face, but upon entering the establishment I felt very peaceful, as if I were gliding through the bar area that was packed with people, many trying to impress one another and looking their best.  I again felt as if I was being stared at by some of these people, but they weren’t looking at the bandage, they were looking at or ‘into’ me.  I felt their energy and could ‘assess’ them.  I experienced no desire to project any egoic wants or needs upon them as I felt incredibly comfortable just being ‘me’, except that I wasn’t really too familiar with this version of me.  ‘He’ felt new and was a welcome presence.
  • 05/07/10: After listening to RV CD 4 this morning, I experienced an olfactory sensation – familiar scents from a long time ago emerged that I do not have a conscious recollection of in terms of time and space, yet they evoked a memory imprint that I had associated with a deep sense of peace, security and happiness.

Lucid dreams (April): 

  • Dreamt that a psychic came to my grandmother’s house unexpectedly to survey the rooms for energy patterns or something. She handed me a strange Tarot deck where the cards were attached to one another but could still somehow be shuffled. She said “Ooooh, you have too many Cups…”
  • S. had emailed me and was looking forward to seeing me, being loving and complimentary.  I felt happy that she had done so.  Then I had a ‘precog’ moment immediately thereafter and read another email from her ‘a week later’ indicating she was dating a guy and was excited about spending time with him.  Message: avoid her at all costs. 
  • I was listening to RV CD 2 and without noticing it must have slipped into a dream state.  I was leaning against the fence in my grandmother’s backyard while listening to the same CD on my iPod or Walkman while experiencing a blissful peace and smiling.  The sun was shining and I was seeing greener greens and listening to the birds while observing wildlife but at the same time in Theta state. 
  • 04/20/10 (RV CD 2): I must have fallen into a dream state while listening and remember categorizing these black and red files.  When I would put them in a particular order, I would think “I just made another $50,000!”  The thought/notion came to me that in attempting to make money I was in error as all I had needed to do the entire time was to stop trying, that when I stopped trying it would come to me in waves.

 Best Regards,


Ernestine Kuhnl an Austrian trainee sent us this feedback on 10/08/2009

Subject: Experiencing the  “Big Light.”

Dear Gerald:

Yesterday after job I did – as I do often – RV 3 and it had a very good effect. I felt relaxed – all muscles and whole body – really perfect, also complete good feelings energetically, mentally and so on.

Today I had again a day in the office and decided to do RI 8 to relax and felt better.

After some minutes I was so relaxed that I did not feel my body – I also did not really hear the words of the CD – and had the feeling that I „had lost consciousness“  for a short time, when I became aware of a very bright light (I did the meditation with eyes closed and a dimly lit room) – but not as „forceful“ as when I had my first experience with Light at the end of Dec. 08- and I felt as if there were waves- not like what I have felt during the past weeks- „electric current“ – frequency like ultra-short waves or so – but „very long waves“ perhaps – like swimming in the ocean – when (nice!) big waves are coming – like a rocking motion – but I had the feeling as if my body was lifted above the bed already, as if going with my body – into space.

I had the distinct feeling that my whole biological body was in this wave and I thought – I wanted to stay HERE with the body- haha!!

IMMEDIATELY – it was as if „the light is turned off“ and the wave stopped and I felt „back to earth again“ !!!!!! REALLY ANOTHER DIMENSION – in this light and wave and being there and here…….

I cannot really put this into words – impossible.

Love and Light Ernestine

Dennis Buffy sent us this testimonial on November 26, 2008.


  • Benefits of taking the courses together with his wife as a team
  • His wife has an OBE (out of body experience ) after listening to the RV course for the first time.
  • The two then start becoming telepathically attuned.
  • Getting inner guidance warning  messages form His Higher Self and finding out why.

 Dear Mr. O’Donnell, 

Here is our testimony from our husband and wife team: 

I had purchased Gerald O’Donnell’s older cassette version (version 1) in the year 2003. Within 2-3 days I had 4 out of body experiences but later that month our tape player went bad and we were hard up financially. The course sat in our entertainment center for 5 years. Little did I know providence played an unique hand with this: about a week ago my wife was doing some cleaning and ran across these same cassettes. She asked me “are you going to use these or do I throw them out?”  I told her no, they were hardly used, “let’s keep them for awhile.”

Late that night my wife asked if she could play tape 2 side “A” I told her: “sure, go ahead.”  I forgot to tell her to put it in the port that does not use continuous play. She laid down with the cassette in the “continuous” side and ended up listening to both sides before going to sleep. That morning around 5:30 AM she woke me up and said honey you got to listen what happened to me this morning I finally woke up and she began to tell me what had happened to her. She told me she found herself sitting on my left side in her astral body and could see her own physical body lying next to mine. 

She then told me that she spoke to me in her Astral Self but she could not remember what she had said. During that time out she saw a very strong “white light” bubbled over me. While all this was going on she also said that from her body’s perspective she could see her astral self sitting beside me talking to me. I believe they call this bi-location for a lack of a better term. Then she stated that she began to rise in a arc over me and she laid back down in the fetal position back in her physical self. Then she suddenly woke up.

Note:  I want to say that my wife is from the Philippines and she was raised to be open minded about things with some superstition attached. I did not tell her or even suggest she would have a OBE of any kind but she did anyway. 

The second thing that happened to her in the last 4 days was spurts of telepathic communication with me all day long. When I was about to tell her something she finished it and visa versa with myself. Her dreams have become quite vivid and meaningful and her intuition has smartly increased. She is so excited to listen one hour everyday her goal is the same I share. She and I want to do the course for 15 1/2 months. 

I just received the New CD Combination course four days ago. The only thing I listened to for 3 out of the 4 days was the RI (Theta and Delta) CD. I wanted to get used to those states before starting the RV and RI combination course. After the first night of listening  I reach theta state quite easily. 

The other thing that happened beside the telepathic ping pong with my wife I was on my way to work and I went through this small town as I always do on my way to work it is 30 mph. I decided I need to hurry and I increase my speed to over 40 mph. Right then a strong feeling or intuition told me slow down! I immediately put on the break trying to figure out why this is happening I looked up in the rear view mirror after applying the breaks was a policeman clocking my speed hidden behind the feed meal!! 

 What surprise me or should I say what shocked me was that my wife who is a big supporter in what I do wants to become an ARVARI graduate herself! Imagine a husband and wife team! We are going to talk with Gerald about getting her an updated CD set he is now offering on his site as soon as I pay this off so she can keep up with me. But it is my sneaky suspicion that she will excel with much speed over me due to my wife’s emotionally charging her training which is a wonderful thing.  Sorry Mr. O’Donnell this was so long but if there are other married couples out there and they want to feel closer than ever before this is the thing to do sharing the course together and above all sharing the “ONE” together with love as the foundation of your training. Thank you Mr. O’Donnell for all your help on the phone and your support God bless you.


David Tong an Australian student sent us this feedback on July 17, 2008


  • Having a subjective experience of being lifted out of this “matrix world “

Dear Gerald,

This is David from Australia.  I bought your CDs a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve just finished going through all the RV & RI CDs.  It’s been good.  On the second or third day, I was able to use RV to cast out dark spirits that have been haunting a friend of my friend’s mother remotely.

 Last week, after I finished the last RI CD; I went to bed as normal.  Then, as I was drifting into peaceful sleep.  I felt my spirit lifted out of this world, to another plane, its horizon seems endless, and it is filled with infinite power.  Then, I hear rumbling sound, and also dances of lightnings.  I felt that I was above the “matrix”. 

I thought it was a wonderful experience, and at the time, I thought that something in the RI CD has led me to this experience.  I didn’t know because I was “asleep” during parts of listening.  Anyway, a week later, I listened to the CD again staying “awake” throughout, but I didn’t hear any suggestion that I would be lifted out of matrix to the plane of infinite power. 

Anyway, I wasn’t too concerned about it.  I just thought that it was a wonderful experience. 

Then yesterday, I was reading the Book of Revelation.  I came across the following:

Rev 4:5 “From the throne came flashes of lightning, rumblings, and peals of thunder.”

That’s St John’s vision of Heaven, and it fits with my vision as well. 

Was I taken up to Heaven?  What is the significance or meaning of this experience?   

Thanks, with Love,


Michael Jura  sent us this enthusiastic testimonial on December 28, 2007


  • Great satisfaction with the combo training
  • Powerful effects of operating from deep Theta and Delta
  • Experiencing 3 out of body projections
  • Great ability to Remote View and Influence situations
  • Using RV/RI in daily business and personal life
  • Speeding up manifestations
  • Undoing fear patterns

Dear Gerald:

This is Michel Jura.

First let me congratulate you on your Remote Viewing and Influencing combination training system. I ordered it over 8 months ago and I must truly say: WOW this is an incredible set of mind training protocols the like of which I have yet to have been exposed to before. 

I run a blog on the subject of Remote viewing and have been fascinated by this field for a number of years. Exploring the powers of the mind is a passion since childhood. 

I have followed closely many of the different remote viewing protocols and I have trained with  a number of systems. I must say that your courses are truly amazing and have had a great transformative effect on me.  

Not only do you explain in your Remote Influencing course the mechanisms of the mind but you make us explore every aspect of it on our own, at our own command. This is truly amazing and has made me see the world with a totally different perspective.  

Almost every week as I train with your combination course I find myself transformed. The changes are very real.  Changes pile up upon changes. It is truly magical!

 Every time I put a CD in my player I am filled with anticipation not knowing what great shift I will experience and where my mind may take me.   I have found that repeating the course for a second and third time has allow me each time to make a quantum jump in abilities. Amazing! 

I must tell you that my ability to Remote View and Remote influence has now truly skyrocketed.  Operating from a level of mind of deep theta and Delta has opened a new world of wild possibilities to me. The mirror of my mind has taken a clarity  beyond my wildest dreams. I sense events in advance and people’s inner thoughts. I often sit at business meetings amused at the fact that I read most of the participants.  I often find myself answering questions before they have even been vocally phrased . You should see the faces of my associates! You have no idea how much I apply your teachings in my day- to- day life.  

I have trained for many years with the Silva Method to reach Alpha and even some Theta. You course is a natural progression to even deeper levels of mind.  Deep Theta feels differently from Delta.  I can now easily tell which level I find myself in, and there is no greater peace than Delta.  I also have achieved total control over the levels I want to reach for different tasks. It is all very fascinating. I am still exploring.

Being in these very deep states of mind has brought to manifestation  many events I have remote influenced.   The lag time between energizing a thought and its manifestation into reality seems to get shorter by the day. I also very much appreciate your emphasis and teachings on how to unlearn from fear states and do a deep inner cleansing. I feel lighter and happier. Your shield of light is priceless to deflect negativity.  

I also have had three  out-of -body experiences while taking your course.  That was a trip in itself! I thank you for teaching me to lucid dream and use this level to do remote viewing and influencing at night.  I have more to tell but will leave it to a further communication.

You have truly accumulated an incredible body of techniques here. What I like the most is that all this learning is effortless as you bring us into a very passive state where all these techniques are being imprinted in our mind. 

Oh before I stop here, let me thank you for the many thought and light healing modalities which are part of the Remote Influencing course. I can now scan a human or pet and apply these techniques even without their full knowledge. Healing someone from Delta is the most potent method I know of.   

You deserve many kudos for having put out such incredible material and training modalities the like of which I have never seen anywhere else. It embodies all the teachings I have received from other schools and so much more…I consider you a master teacher in this field.    

I cannot wait and see what you will produce next.  

You are free to publish this email. 

Michael Jura

Patricia A. Schwoerer  sent us on January 6, 2007 this enthusiastic testimonial after training for only 2 weeks with Version II of the Combination RV/RI course


  • Listening to the little voice within, and getting all information within
  • Having an out-of-body-experience on the 3rd day of taking our courses.
  • Going to the Alpha and deep Theta levels of mind at will only after one session

Hello, my name is Patricia

This combination RV/RI course is awesome!  This is what I have been looking for all my life!! It is the highway to a better you. I have been a truth seeker during the later part of my life and have tried many things to improve myself. They either involved a lot of effort or were not fun enough! This course is fun, adventurous and fast. When Gerald O’Donnell says you are your best teacher he is right. You don’t need all those books or seminars to learn from! It is all right inside you. He shows you. Tap into this limitless reservoir and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

While waiting for the combo course to arrive, I read O’Donnell’s explanation to the movie “Matrix” on his website. I experienced a quantum leap just reading it because it puts ordinary “reality” in its proper perspective and helped prepare me for the course.

On the 3rd day with the course, I have already had an out-of-body experience. I have had some in the past but they were always accompanied by paralysis and fear. This one had no paralysis or fear.

I find O’Donnell builds up my confidence and takes the fear out. You feel secure because he explains everything thoroughly and doesn’t leave anything out. He makes you realize that your power is within and everything outside yourself is not as real as you think. He builds the confidence that eliminates your fear.

The most exciting thing is that it is possible to go into deep alpha and deep theta at will by yourself after only the first training session!

Try this course and you can get immediate results too.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

Thank you Gerald!

Mark Labbato,, a Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing combo recent trainee sent us on August 18, 2006 this appreciative testimonial.


  • Feeling happier, balanced, at peace, and loving after taking our courses.
  • Experiencing an “out-of-body” experience
  • Increased intuition, synchronicities, and “deja vu” moments. Living in the “flow.”

Wanted to thank you for such an amazing, life transforming, life elevating system through RI/RV. My experiences continue presently. The main one being, my core personality shines through. I am much more happier, calmer, gentler and loving. Others have noticed the change in me and have made comments on such. I had an extraordinary “out of body experience”, just after one of the meditation sessions. My dreams are extremely vivid, I experience colors and details never seen before doing the course. As well as having some profound experiences in my dream state. In addition, my waking state has many synchronicities, which you have talked about. It’s like deja vu, where I feel like I experienced the moment, or dreamt of the very moment I’m experiencing in some other place or dream. How wonderful and grand all of these new experiences are, I am grateful and appreciative of these amazing courses. I recommend them to any who desires to expand their life experience.

Thank you.

Shirin S.  of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, sent us this enthusiastic feedback on  June 21, 2006.


  • Experiencing becoming pure consciousness and starting to have an out-of-body experience

Hi Mr. O’Donnell 

I hope everything goes well for you.

Before I say anything else, let me just thank you, these tapes are amazing! I really appreciate your work, I recently started to listen to them, and I feel so much better, relaxed & happier. I feel like for past couple of days my memory has improved, I remember my past much better & I can sense some stuff before it is happening… 

One other thing is that recently, while I listen to the tapes, I first feel like I cannot feel my hands & then my body. Then I feel like my soul is getting out of my body in an instant (like falling sleep), but exactly at that moment I suddenly become aware & do not let this happen (it’s out of my control), so my question is what is happening to me?? Should I let this happen or not?

Shirin 🙂


Morton Glazera sent us on August 02, 2006 his very interesting experience of the the Remote Viewing/Influencing Combo course’s ability to teach anyone how to tap the Infinite Power within to influence thought and our Holographic Light/Universe. Case in point:  healing, reshaping, or rejuvenating any biological process.


  • Improving Cerebral Palsy
  • Rapid Healing of friends’ ailment such as kidney stones, chronic pain, bad backs, migraine headaches etc..
  • Making people loose weight by reshaping their physiology and morphogenic fields.
  • Changing the physiological cup size of his girlfriend’s breasts.
  • Experiencing Astral Projection and the Eternal Flame of Light within

Dear Gerald,

  I want your students to know about the healing capabilities of your Remote Influencing course.  Specifically, what can be done with tape 6.
  With this tape, I have healed dozens of people, some of the most notable healings being:

Cerebral Palsy

I’ve been telling you about my cousin for a while (he has cerebral palsy, and is in a wheelchair).  I’ve been working on him again, and there has been progress.  His hand is still improving, and his legs (both paralyzed) have feeling in them.  His feet are almost straight (before they were pointing in opposite directions, and were useless).  He has full
movement in his toes, which before were gnarled and twisted together.  He told me that his legs “have feeling in them, and I can almost feel the blood pumping through them”.  They are also more limber, and he can move his legs more.  I’ll tell you what;  when he can walk, whenever that is, I will have him send you an email himself.  Or call you, for that matter.  He now believes that he will walk one day, and I continue to use RI to help him.

Removing kidney stones.

  A friend was in terrible pain, and couldn’t get out of bed.  He was not far from going to the hospital.  This was a grown man, and he was in tears for two days.  I used tape 6 on him.  I did as you instructed, I formed the energy body and from there I saw myself as him, seeing through his eyes and thinking with his voice.  I visualized bright gold light, and thought with his voice, saying “the pain is gone!  I don’t feel any pain!  It’s over!  Thank God, the pain is gone!”  The next day, he was out of bed, talking about how much better he felt.  He was feeling no pain whatsoever.  Two days later, he went to the doctor just to be certain.  The doctor told him that there was nothing wrong with him at all, and that he couldn’t tell that there were ever any kidney stones at all.

People with chronic pain can be fixed effortlessly. 

 Using the same technique, just think with their voice, “I don’t feel any more pain!”  Put emotion in with it.  This works for arthritis, bad back, migraine headaches, whatever you want to use it for.

Weight problem

  Here’s another fun one.  Find somebody with a weight problem.  Use tape 6, and with the same method, think for them, “I am losing weight!  The fat is melting away!  This is amazing!  I am really losing weight!”  Then sit back and enjoy the show.

  I have not been able to defeat cancer, but I have drastically reduced it, up to 80%.  I am sure that with enough practice I will be able to clear it all out.
  Congratulations, Gerald.  You may be helping to make medicine obsolete. 

Astral projection, seeing the One EYE, experiencing the ETERNAL Flame, the Infinite White Light

  I want you to know also about what I have done with tape 7 of the RI course.
  This exercise causes out of body travel, or astral projection.  For two months, I worked with tape 7A about five times a week.  I didn’t get any results for a long time, but I kept up with it.  Finally, toward the end of the tape, I fell asleep.  At least, I thought that I did. 
Then I saw my leg jerking around and I couldn’t feel it.  The room was dark, but it was somehow illuminated.  Then, I had a real astral projection.  I saw clouds everywhere, but they were not really white.  They had soft touches of red, purple, blue, yellow, and so on.  The clouds were dissolving and changing shape very quickly.
  I have had a few where everything is foggy looking, but then I see a swirl of colors and shape, and I see things that I could never have imagined.  Colors and shapes that are more brilliant than anything I have ever seen in my life.  Everything has a grid pattern, with colors everywhere.  Sometimes there are eyes in the grid.  I have seen a golden triangle with an eye in the center in this place.  These are the most intense experiences I have ever had. 
  After working with tape 7 for two months, tape 5 becomes easier.  After the Eternal Flame exercise starting working for me, tape 5 did also.  When I got to the end of the first side of the tape, I got to the part where you turn off a switch.  This time, when I turned the switch, I saw an incredible flash of white light and felt nothing.  Then I got a real experience with the other side of the tape.
  Thank you very much for making this course available to anyone.  I can’t thank you enough.

Breasts enlargement

  I HAVE SOME MORE AWESOME NEWS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll start at the beginning. This girlfriend of mine,  had some ailments before she met me. She had migraine headaches every day….well, they are completely gone now. She would wake up and vomit every morning…… that’s gone too. She had very oily skin and she thought that she had a bad complexion. Well, now she can’t get over how beautiful her skin is.

Now get ready for this:  I MADE HER BREASTS ALMOST DOUBLE IN SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear to God, I did this. After all of these ailments were disappearing, she started asking me if I could make her bust size bigger. I wasn’t sure I could do it. But, on Tuesday, she kept whining about how she doesn’t like her breasts and wished that they would be bigger. I told her, “fine, I’ll do it. I’m tired of hearing you run yourself down.” I didn’t talk to her the next day. I waited until I knew she was asleep, and used the exercise on RI tape 6A. I saw her body as a golden shape, except with prominent breasts. I filled her with thoughts and laughter, like “Oh my God! My breasts are BIG! This is AMAZING!!” I kept on for a couple of minutes until I knew for sure it had all gotten through. Thursday, I called her. She sounded shaky and nervous. The first thing she said to me was: “Morton, did you do something to me?” She sounded like she was freaked out. I said, “I guess your breasts have gotten bigger, huh?” She was in shock, stuttering, talking about how it is probably a coincidence. I said, “Since when do breasts just grow like that?” I think the shock of the whole thing is really setting in. I have never done anything like this before. She said that she will be totally convinced if I can get a whole cup size increase. I told her to sit back and watch me work. I’ll wait a week and do the procedure again. I just thought you would like to know this. It looks like you may be helping put plastic surgery out of business as well!! If we ever meet in person, I owe you a steak dinner!!!!

Your friend, Morton


Pacomo, , a recent Remote Influencing/Remote viewing trainee sent us this thankful testimonial on September 26, 2005.


  • Having Out of Body experiences
  • Remote Viewing the past and the future
  • Increased Intuition
  • Merging telepathically
  • Getting solutions to business affairs during sleep
  • Remote Viewing winners in Horse races
  • Finally mastering visualization skills


I have completed your RV course and want to describe my progress. I have experienced the out of body experience, have gone to both the past and future, have experienced increased intuition, and ability to merge with both the animate and inanimate, as well as, some ability to communicate while merged. I have been getting more solutions and instructions for my business affairs during my sleep. In addition, I have been able to RV and pick 1 to 3 of the finishers of horse races in 3/4 of races and in maybe 1 out of 10 races I have RVed all 3 in order of finish, however, that is not enough to make money at it.

One of the greatest benefits came from your explanation that “visualizing” was the same as “daydreaming”. For over 30 years I have been frustrated by my lack of visualizing ability. I have asked all that I could find who taught visualization and it was not until I came across your description that it worked for me. That removed the major block to my perfecting many skills.

In addition to thanking you for making the RV course available, I want to thank you for your willingness to set up a time for coaching calls, this has provided the invaluable fine tuning.

Thanks again,

Travis Blanford  writes to us on June 22, 2005:


  • Experiencing the absolute Void and Light upon listening to the Remote Influencing tape #4 for the first time.
  • Having constant out-of-body experiences while listening to our Delta sound entrainment CD included with the Remote Influencing course.

Hello Gerald

This is Travis Blandford. I’m just writing to say the course is going very well.  I had an amazing experience on the remote influencing tape 4 the first time I listened to it. however it didn’t repeat itself when I heard it again. It felt like being in the absolute void and light.

I haven’t sped through the course, I’m only doing one session a day, and the mind trip to delta CD is full on.   I played it while I went to bed and just continually floated in and out of my body! Wow!



Morton Glazera, a Remote Influencing/Remote Viewing Combo trainee, sent us this feedback on March 1, 2005:


  • Remote Influencing the thoughts of friends (with their permission) [comments from Gerald: Morton asked for permission, and as we have it programmed it into the course, using such  powerful mind techniques for undesirable ethical reasons and not for a higher good purpose, will cause one to loose them forthwith].
  • Going through a “wormhole” portal into a much higher dimension of Creation

Hi Gerald.
I wanted to tell you over the phone about some things that have happened, but I’ll go ahead and write some of them here.
First off, I can Remote Influence (mind to mind) in less than 5 minutes. I did it five times in a row and it worked perfectly.

Here’s how it happened:
I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone, and I asked her for her permission to do an experiment. She agreed, and I told her to close her eyes. I did the RI 6A exercise very quickly, formed my light body, and went inside her head. I sensed something about chocolate and thought for her “I want chocolate, I want to eat some chocolate”. I told her to open her eyes, and I said “Do you want some chocolate?”
She was about to CRY!! She said her heart skipped a beat. She had a box of valentines chocolate right beside her. SHE NEVER TOLD ME THAT. I did it again with another thought. Then I did three on my cousin (as you advise, Gerald, I asked for his permission). First, I made him want to drink water, second time I made him think of building snow men, and the third time I made him think of a character in a movie. He was amazed, to say the least.

Now for those out-of body things. I have had a few lately. I was doing tape 5, and I left my body and went into space. This wormhole thing appeared above me, and I went into it. Everything blurred with lots of colors, and I found myself in this big room made of glass, or diamonds/crystals, or something. In the center of the floor was a Geometric figure with profound symbolism. It seemed alive. I’ll tell you more about this experience personally. It was very powerful and transformative.


Danny EL-Harouzi wrote to us on February 2, 2005 this testimonial


  • Experiencing Remote Viewing the Future and having the viewing confirmed later
  • Experiencing a lucid dream
  • Having an out-of-body experience

Dear Gerald

WOW this is great!

It was about 3-4 weeks since I contacted you last. I would like you to know that I have officially experienced vibratory light! Not only that, but have also Remote Viewed the future. I woke up this morning in theta (after having a lucid dream last night) and I saw myself in my mathematics class with my friend walking past me and saying something which I couldn’t really recall. At first, I thought I was just imagining it, but as I was sitting in my math class today at school, It happened. I was sitting down in the same seat as I saw, my friend walked past me with the exact same expression on face, said the same thing (which I then remembered), and he even did the same thing. I’m 100% sure it was Remote Viewing because it seemed like I had experienced it before. I have also had an OOBE while listening to the tape that expands your mind to handle packs of data multi-dimensionally and by-laterally. Also, the feeling of vibratory light is just something which can’t be explained. You are making us happy and that is what God (The One) wants us humans to be.  WOW, you are in the Middle East now? My nationality is Lebanese. I am so happy that you like the Middle East.

I love these courses. Vibrate high Gerald and thank you for giving me a wonderful mind safari. This is just the beginning of all the fun…


Willie Macon a recent Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing trainee wrote us this enthusiastic testimonial on November 16, 2004:


  • Time of no Time
  • Experiencing a Deja Vu. Seeing reality first from the Higher Self perspective and then from the lower Self one
  • Telepathic Remote Viewing
  • Remote Influencing
  • Out-of-body experiences

My dear Gerald,

It was my total pleasure in speaking with you this afternoon.  You know I had called once before right after the hurricanes and you asked me to call back.  I waited because I felt a bit unsure of myself.  So I decided to call today and WOW am I glad I did. It is like that conversation with you freed me to go to my next level which  can only be more spectacular than this one!  I am flying so high!!! Most of the time for the last few months I feel invincible, like I can walk on water! I lack word to express my joy and gratitude to you for these courses.  I am taking the combo Remote Viewing/ Remote Influencing courses.  I started in early August 2004. I am on my second time through, and I must say, I have had and continue to have some incredible experiences! 

Time of no time

The very first day that I got the RI course in the mail, about a week after I got the RV course- I sat in my bedroom and read the manual while I let the CD Theta track play.  I did this unknown to myself for 4 hours by the clock.  I was surprised when my husband called from the airport for me to come and get him.  I got up quickly and started down the stairs, and I felt woozy.  I stopped and reminded myself to come back to beta. then I did my emergence.  Went into my garage, started my auto and noticed that it was 10:10 pm.  I still felt a little other-worldly.  I backed out of my drive way about 20 feet and drove to the street about 100 feet, and then I noticed that the clock now said 10:21 pm.  I was amazed, I looked back and could still see my garage, how could 11 minutes have elapsed?  I proceeded to the airport which is 22 miles without traffic in dry weather, and it had been raining that night.  When I arrived at the airport the clock said 10:29 pm!!  How is that possible?  My best time is 30 minutes to the airport!  To have driven 22 miles in 9 minutes!!  AMAZING!! 

Deja vu 

I was a passenger in a car with friends.  The gentleman was outside our car pumping gas, and I kind of zoned out going within. I saw a lady finish pumping her gas in a blue color van, and then I saw her get in and pull away! A few seconds later I saw her do the same exact thing AGAIN!!! Saturday afternoon about 3 PM in broad daylight!  I wanted to tell this to my friends but they would think I am too weird! They would have had the padded truck come and take me away!! (smile)  So I just jumped up and down inside myself! I really enjoyed it!

Telepathic Remote Viewing 

I have on many occasions shocked my daughters by reading their minds! It freaks them out! I love it! On one occasion, my youngest called to ask me for a recipe-She said ” mom do you remember” and I finished her sentence “that hamburger one?”  She said: “Woman you gotta stop freaking me out like that!!”  We both laughed and I really enjoyed freaking her out–I had already done it to her about 5 times! 

Remote Influencing

I was able to avert a disaster involving the real estate closing transaction on our new house, which by all practical accounts we should not have  been able to get, but since I knew I could create my own reality–I DID IT! And we are living in it right now:  a beautiful 4 bedroom colonial in a beautiful neighborhood.  Anyway, we had started looking in TN back in April- But with negotiations and etc, it took  until September to close and move from Atlanta..  (My husband was getting transferred, he wanted it-I HELPED) In April when we had our credit report run (on Pins and needles) it showed all our tax liens paid which they were since 2000.  BUT in September 2004 one showed mistakenly open! 1 day before the closing at 4:30 in the afternoon!  It was suggested I go to the IRS field office.  I rejected that.  Instead I went into Theta and consulted my guide within, and asked for help.  I said’ Any suggestions would be appreciated”  then I emerged again as I was driving! Smile! Within seconds-It came to me as clear as day-“Go to the courthouse. When they released the lien, they sent a copy to the court house”  I was shocked and amazed, but I did as I was told and in 10 minutes, and $2.00 for the copies, I had copies of ALL the release forms which I faxed to the Mortgage Co. and we closed without a hitch!!! 

Now some of you might say–that is no miracle- But I did not know that information beforehand-it never occurred to me to even wonder about how they release liens etc…  And It would have panicked in the past! That is before I discovered that I and the One are really one! 

Out-of -body experiences

I have also had about 4 out-of-body-experiences. The first was while listening to Remote Influencing tape 5.  I was half asleep and woke as it started, it was magnificent! It started as if I was being pulled up like by strings at my middle (Iwas on my side) around my hips, the my top and then my legs, then I was projected up very fast and I went through white clouds or lights with blue at the edges then they broke up into triangle shapes of the same colors, and then I was floating back down and gently lowered into my body and I felt myself settle just the way I had been lifted moments before, and I felt like my whole being went AHHHH! it was 1000 times better than the best orgasm I have ever experienced!!  

I had about 3, one right after the other while I was asleep listening to tape #2 of the Remote Viewing course.

They were quick and wonderful.  It was like I didn’t want to settle back in at all! (lol)

Well Gerald, what can I say.  I listen constantly!  I can’t get enough, my excitement is so great that I just must have them.  I meditate with a tape every night sometimes a couple times a day. I play the Delta track each night on the CD player where we sleep-My husband asked me to leave it on so he could hear it too! I also listen to a tape while I seep with the cassette player and headphones! I thought I might be overdoing it, but I now know that I get to decide how much is enough for me-  My inner self is talking and I AM LISTENING! 

Gerald in the last few months my life and the lives of those I love have changed so much (Even though my children in particular kindly treat me like an escaped mental patient at times–SMILE) but I KNOW THE REAL TRUTH-and I can help them without their permission-as long it it is to their benefit.    MY life is so beautiful, and I am so grateful that sometimes I go down to that room in theta and I start to thank the Universal Mind and I just burst into tears of joy and gratitude! It is truly overwhelming! I go there a lot and we my guide who I call Willie Sam, since I as Willie M. I named her WSM–my initials and call her Willie Sam.  She appeared in my mental lab one day in deep theta when I went there, after I went down the stairs, she was there, looking like me but perfect-we have since merged during one of my meditations, now she is with me always  (I now know she always has been inside me as my higher self-but the difference is that now I KNOW it!) 

Thank You again Gerald for this material-I am putting it to good use! Anyway that’s all for now.  I am having great mind safaris!! 

Will be in touch soon! 

Willie Macon

Pam Slayton  sent us this feedback on Jun 10, 2004. Subject:

  • Increased creative inspiration
  • Start of an out-of-body-experience.

Hello Gerald, how are you? Before I tell you about my experience, I want to tell you something else. I’m almost halfway through the first draft of my children’s book. If it gets published, I not only plan to credit you with the teachings I’ve included, but I also plan to dedicate the book to you.  I feel that it’s because of your tapes that the creativity has set in. I’ve always wanted to write, but was never sure what I wanted to write about.   However, last week, I did the first side of RI session five, again. This is true, but weird, my foot and lower leg had an out of body experience. I seriously could feel (how do you describe it… the energy body of my foot and leg??) lift right up from my physical body! I could feel it floating and hovering over my physical leg! It was a pretty cool experience and I was hoping the rest of my body would follow, but it didn’t. This happened right near the end of side one and if my dog hadn’t started barking, I think something further would have happened if I could have continued on to side two. Well, I have to go. Hope everything is going well with you.  Sincerely, Pam Slayton

Morton Glazera a student who trains with our RV/RI combo sends us on April 22, 2004 this enthusiastic testimonial.


  • Achieving and describing being awake while the body is asleep (yogi Sleep). Meeting the One Eye.
  • Lessons from the course
  • Healing others from drug addiction and obesity.

 Hey Gerald. It is Morton again. I’ve had a couple of new things happen since I last wrote you, that I thought you would like to know about.

“Yogi sleep”, first of all. I finally see what the big deal is about that. That is INCREDIBLE! I do the RI 7A exercise almost daily. Two days ago I was doing it, and I got into delta pretty deep toward the end. All of a sudden I could see the entire room in perfect vision, but it was illuminated somehow. The lights were off and it was dark, but I could somehow see it all. There is no way to describe the feeling. You know when you are exercising and the endorphins kick in hard, or when you have taken a big dose of morphine? It felt like that, times twenty. It was awesome. I remained like that for a little bit. I was laying down, but somehow my point of view was like I was sitting up. I looked at my body for a minute, and my arm started flopping around like you do at night. Except I couldn’t feel it a bit. My leg jerked around a little also. Then I am up in the clouds all of a sudden. I could see my arms in front of me, except they looked like they were made of water. Kind of like in the movie “Hollow Man”. The EYE was there, too, except for a little while it looked like it was made of water. Then it turned solid and gold. I just hung around for a little while. BTW, the last time I was there, it gave me some strange things. If you want to know about them, let me know and I’ll tell you. I have been there over twenty times now, and that was the first time it gave me things, except for the time it zapped me.

RI tape 5. That was COOL. I have had the floating thing happen, but I was slightly conscious of my body up until a week ago. The part where you get to the spinal cord, and turn off the switch, that one finally came through. I wasn’t expecting it. I turn off the switch and it was literally like an explosion. POW! I saw a flash of light, and I felt nothing, absolutely nothing. I was startled for a minute, but I went along with it.

Gerald, this stuff is out of this world. Regarding my last message, I know the answer to my question. I get the feeling that you “sent” it to me. There really is no set of rules, is there? The only unbreakable law is, whatever you give out, you get back. Or, do things that I am proud to tell God Himself about, because that is what I am playing with, isn’t it? I understand now that when I made that lady rethink the way she treated people, the same thought patterns got stuck in my mind. In a way, I answered my own question. A lesson to take from that would be: when I judge other people’s behavior and decide to change it, I will also have to take a hard look at myself and question my own motives.   I also understand now that when you heal others, you heal yourself.

Speaking of healing, I’ve got two big projects on my list for the next couple of days. These should be a good challenge. One thing is curing mental illness. Hey, I broke a drug addiction, so this one shouldn’t be too much trouble. The second is getting rid of obesity. I have made two people lose weight, so this one should go over just fine. In the latter two cases, I was only dealing with 15-20 pounds overweight. This time I will take off over 100 pounds. I will be sure and let you know how it turns out. I will start writing you about this stuff from now on. The last time we talked, you had 7 incoming calls in 20 minutes. It’s probably better to write, because I know that you are swamped over there. If you do want to chat over the telephone, tell me and I’ll call at your convenience. Hopefully I will have some more good news for you soon. Until then, take care.


Bernard Hubble wrote on February 27 2004. Subject:

  • The multiple benefits of the RV/RI courses
  • Lucid Dreams
  • Astral Projections
  • Connecting to very High realms of Creation and Universes
  • Healing others

Dear Gerald

I have taken the RV/RI courses for a year and a half.  90% of my time has been spent on the RI course.  It has been worth every minute I put into it.
 Some of my recent experiences:

  I have lucid visions at random times while using the tapes.  These are visions that are unlike anything one would see in the ordinary world.  Being new to this kind of thing, I didn’t know what they were.  I have found out that it is astral projection.  In other words, it is the spirit world, etheric realm, etc.

  It started out about five months ago.  I was working a lot with RI tape 5 and the fire exercise on RI tape 7.  In the middle of the exercise, I felt my body start tingling, then it went numb.  My eyes remained closed, then everything in my field of vision came alive.  There were colors and geometric patterns unlike anything I have ever seen. I found myself hovering in the air and shooting at a high speed into space.  I saw stars and empty space, then what looked like a huge rip, like when cloth or paper is torn.  Shapes were all over the place.  Colors were more vibrant than anything I’ve ever seen.  Things moved, and the closer I looked at them, the more colors I saw inside of them.  It was like an infinite palette of colors.  There were eyeballs spaced around in perfect patterns, which also were swirling with colors inside the pupils.

  Then I found myself floating in front of a big golden triangle with an eye in the center.  There was an electric blue fire surrounding it.  It sparkled and glowed.  I felt myself being drawn into it, and then it made a big flash.  I was being flooded with electric blue light.  All of this was happening without me stopping to wonder what it was.  All of a sudden I got very scared and thought “What is this?  What’s happening?” I woke up suddenly and felt like I had been electrocuted.  I ached for days.  My head and teeth were numb, and I had a constant ringing in my ears.

  This has happened on several occasions.  I have researched astral projection and near-death experiences and understand what it is.  Believe me, I was terrified for a while.  These happen spontaneously, and I can’t wait until the next one.

  I have healed several people.  One friend of my family was in failing health.  He was making preparations to go to a nursing home.  I used RI tape 6 one time on him.  Within days he was up and out of bed.  He was going places and said that he hadn’t felt that way in years.  He can’t understand why he recovered all of a sudden, but I doubt that he is unhappy about it.

  There are a lot of people I have on my list to try this on.  There will be good results, I am sure.

  These things started happening with the diamond-self exercise on tape 6.  I used it to amplify healing abilities.  Needless to say, it works wonders.

  I have also been reading mystical writings, mostly Gnostic texts.  I couldn’t help but notice parallels between these exercises and some old texts.  One that stood out in particular was the Gospel of Thomas, verse 22.
  “Yeshua said to them,
   When you make the two into one,
   and when you make the inner like the outer,
   and the outer like the inner,
   and the upper like the lower,
   and when you make male and female into a single one,
   so that the male will not be male nor the female be  
   when you make eyes in place of an eye,
   a hand in place of a hand,
   a foot in place of a foot,
   an image in place of an image,
   then you will enter the kingdom.”
This seems strikingly similar to the exercise on RI tape 6, where you create the body of light.  I recommend that all the students work on this exercise every day.  See what happens.

That’s all for now.  Thank you, Gerald.

Bernard Hubble

Tammy Allison sent us this feedback on December 31, 2002: Subject:

  • Her first OOBE flight while listening to the CD.

Hey Gerald:

Got the Jamais Vu Papers yesterday. Thanks! It looks like a hoot! I’m glad I’m on vacation this week, so I’ll have a chance to read it.
Another exciting thing: I was listening to the CD about 4 a.m. this morning and doing Reiki. In the Delta section, I lost a little time, then the next thing I knew, I was having my first lucid flying dream! I was back at the University of Colorado at Boulder where I went to law school, zooming around the inside of the campanile. I was looking for a way out to the sky and shot out a very small window at the top (too small for a person to get through). Next I was making big looping circles in the night sky and practicing landings on the ground. It was so vivid; just as vivid as the dream about the diner full of zombies that I had the other night.

The only part I didn’t get was that I was holding a large horseshoe shaped magnet in both hands and somehow using that to steer with. I was so excited and not the least bit nervous or nonplussed by the whole thing. I was going to call you up and tell you about it, but considering the time, I thought I’d spare you!  LOL.

Happy New Year!


Ivan Skitolwsy 
( sent us on July 24, 2002, this important feedback on the CD that comes with the Remote Influencing CD.

  • As the CD allows for the gentle sound of ocean waves to brush your consciousness, little do you know what sophisticated mind technology (non- subliminal) is imbedded in it. We know that many of you have not yet realized how powerful this CD really is in allowing you to experience what, up to now, only very rare and advanced  Yogis could do which is to have your body asleep, hearing often yourself snoring,  but remaining totally aware as pure consciousness, allowing you therefore to undertake very powerful journeys to Higher Realms where Remote Viewing and Influencing, and other learning/revelations are the rule. We hope that this feedback will encourage you to listen to the delta track even in a looping mode while sleeping.

I just wanted to write to you and let you know how the CD of phase 2 in the Remote Influencing Course is deepening my work. When I first started listening to the CD, particularly track 2, Safari to Delta, I would phase out and go to sleep. Now, I can listen to the whole thing and remain alert. This is important because it has anchored my ability to go into that split state of mind awake/body asleep. At night, I listen with speakers on either side of my head until I wake up, 3 hours or so later. I then put the headphones on and listen to track 2, Safari to Delta in a looping mode in order to maintain those delta waves and solidify the body asleep portion of the brainwave state. Then as I lie back down, I begin to rev up the energy body by using an image of the gyroscopic device used in the movie “Contact” and it goes faster and faster, and gets brighter and brighter until I am pure light. The next thing that happens is what I can only describe as an extremely powerful whole body orgasm as the energy accelerates around my body. This is when the fun begins. The out of body state is easy when this happens, or remote viewing or influencing, or praying for yourself of others at a distance. I find myself going through a portal in my room which is a large picture of the eastern Sri Yantra. This seems to be where some of my inner work is done going back into my childhood. Just this morning, I went through and the other side seemed to be some sort of a black hole. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that, but the possibilities are endless. We are indeed pure light, pure love, pure consciousness capable of anything, and if enough people discover this, this planet will change. Thank you for the CD that has aided me in accessing these portions of myself. I have been working on this for many years. This is a very powerful tool if people will use it.

Greg L. ( ) sends us the following comments on Dec. 02, 1998: Subject:

  • How to induce an OOBE.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell:
I took your course about a year ago.

I wrote you a few weeks ago regarding my inability to reproduce some spectacular early results. You suggested I give you a call. Rather than bother you, I first tried a slight variation of your technique. I did some “light breathing”, went down the spiral and visualized various colors of light. My variation was to lie there quietly and put my awareness on the slight sensations of movement I sometimes get within my mind when I attempt RV. For lack of a better phrase I tried to “ride” with the shadows in my mind. When I felt some sensation of losing my “self” I targeted my next door neighbor’s house and, Boom! I was there in an OOBE like state. I am only hoping that I can do it again.
Any suggestions on helping to access again this state and maintain it? Also I read your FAQ and was wondering when your Delta oriented course will become available.
Thanks for your help.

We received the following feedback from David Lawal ( David.Lawal@GRPC.AB.CA ) on July 29, 1998.


  • Experiencing RV in the form of OOBE (out-of-body experiences) through time and space.

Hi Gerald:
     Let me share an experience. I had put on Tape 3 side B after waking up in the morning, and finished listening to it when I fell asleep again. As I was going back to sleep I suddenly noticed that I was slipping out of my body. I noticed my heart beating very fast, and an overwhelming feeling that I was out of my body. The interesting thing was that I knew, in the back of my mind, what I was experiencing (very much alike a lucid dream). I floated out of my bed and then fell on the floor. I felt that I was everywhere. I remember asking some questions which fascinate me, and getting some intelligent rapid replies (I had never experienced this before, even in dreams). I know the questions were not directed at any human being. I also went to a McDonald in Calgary (I live in Grande Prairie, Canada). After that I remember asking someone for the date, that a girl wrote it for me on a small paper, and that the date was 1989. The fact is that I came to Canada in 1992! I also recall hearing in the background you voice that kept repeating “You can remain at this level as long as you want”, although I had finished listening to the tape before falling asleep again. I also noticed that I could coast easily between Canada and Africa. Just seamlessly. I had clear and vivid images of Africa. In the end I remember walking home, when all of a sudden there was a bright light and at the same time I realized that I was returning into my body.
     This is a truly amazing experience, thanks to this course. It certainly raises you awareness and expands your reality. As you said we are our own teacher. I am working on ways of tuning in into this powerful mode by myself.

Thanks again!
David Lawal

Sean Tees ( ), one of our Canadian trainees sent us on July 14, 1998 the following comments.


  • OOBE (out-of-body-experiences) while training.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell:
   I am writing to you to let you know and anyone else who reads this, of my experiences while listening to the tapes of your course. Let me first start by saying that this is what I’ve been looking for a long time now. No books or meditation have opened my mind the way your tapes have.
   The course has helped me in many aspects of my life: studies, athletic endurance, cutting bad habits, and a massive increase in lucid dreams, to name a few.
   I had been listening to tape two side A for about a week, when I fell asleep on the couch with the headset on. I found myself roaming around the living room and kitchen looking to turn on the lights (at this point I didn’t know I was OOB: out-of-body). I was trying to turn on the different switches, but the lights stayed off. I knew there was power because I could see the clock on the microwave oven. I became frustrated and tried to shout. That’s when I woke up, realizing I had done it for the first time. What a rush!
   The second time was a bit different: I was listening to tape two, side B, in bed when I fell asleep. (This was my first experience of a bi-location). I perceived myself in my body but couldn’t move, then suddenly found myself out-of-my-body next to the door. This went on back and forth a few times and I was totally confused. I could hear my girlfriend chatting on the net in the next room but I couldn’t move nor talk.
     The third time I found myself walking down one of the streets in my town when I finally asked myself: “Am I dreaming?” I immediately flew up to what would be about 25 stories in height and that is when I awoke. The experience was very vivid. I could see everything clearly.
     I am now on tape three, side A and love it. If this is what happens in the first two tapes, I can’t wait to get to the last four.
                                                             Sean Tees

Bob T. 
( ), a recent trainee, sent us on May 03, 1998 the following description.


  • His voyage through space while attempting to look for intelligent life, and of an OOBE (out-of-body-experience) that he experienced while listening to out training tapes.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

      I enjoyed our discussion Saturday evening May 3, 1998. It was encouraging to find I was progressing. Saturday night was incredible, I replayed tape 2 and just let it happen. I was able to let go completely all the way through the tape. I waited for about 1/2 hour then played tape 4 for the first time and again I was able to just let it happen. I thought up a question before the session which was ” Show me the star system inhabited by intelligent life that is nearest to earth’s system”. I chose that question because it was not critical to any current situation and rather interesting. Sometime during the session I had a very vivid image and sensation. I found myself streaming through space with what I think were stars flashing by and zoomed in on one in particular. I was aware of several planets in the system and one seemed to stand out more than the others. It was various shades of orange to brown but had areas of blue which I think was probably water. I saw some cloud cover as well. The whole event seemed to last about 3-4 seconds, I actually felt the acceleration although I was aware of laying on the couch as well. I have no idea where this system was in the sky nor what kind of life was on the planet. I’ll have to learn to ask my question more carefully. As the tape ended I heard your instructions to emerge and decided to get up. I felt the peculiar vibration often associated with OOBE and when I stood up I looked to my right and there I was laying on the couch!! I was so startled that I “snapped” back in and was wide awake!
     I really wasn’t expecting that kind of progress! This is only the beginning of my third week. I’m very excited and looking forward to the journey. Thanks again and feel free to post this if you wish.


Mark Steed 
( ), one of our recent graduates, describes to us on January 2, 1998 a “bilocation.


  • “Bilocation” that he underwent during a remote viewing session and that is usually only experienced by very advanced remote viewers:

Dear Mr. O’Donnell:
    I am going through the tapes again and experienced a real profound “bilocation” the other day. I was listening to tape 3 again and prior to the session I had a question about a specific person I was going to deal with. I went into the session with that thought on my mind. Most of the tape had played and I was very relaxed. At some point I lost track of time for a moment and the voice on the tape brought me back. I realized at that moment that I was conscious of and seeing another place as if I was actually there, yet I clearly knew I was conscious in the physical plane. It is hard for me to describe the sensation but it’s like being present in two places at the same moment in time. I found, however, that I really had to struggle after a short time to stay with the target. My perspective changed rapidly with every changing thought. I think that concentration is the key at this point. If your thoughts wonder, you can easily loose focus on the target. Could you give me some hints about this? Thanks.
    P.S. I am ready for the next level of training.

Pamela Ludwig ( ) sends us this testimonial on Nov. 19, 1999 of her experience with being out-of-body in a conscious state after having listened to only two tapes of our remote viewing course.

Mr. O’Donnell,

   Thanks for a great set of tapes.  I purchased them a while ago, went through them and put them under the bed.  I recently decided to go through them again and only move on from one tape to the next when I felt I was ready to move on.  I stayed with tape two side A for about a week and a half.  I seemed to enjoy the simple trip to the theta state.

   Two days ago I moved on to side B.  What an experience.  Long after I was finished listening to the tape, I was having the experience of being out of my body while in the conscious state.  I felt as if I was just above my right shoulder most of the day.  Time seemed to slow and my perceptions and intuitions were right on.  Thanks for a wonderful experience and I am now slow to move on from tape 2 side B.  I greatly look forward to the next 3 sets of tapes and hope they will be available soon. 

Thanks again,

Pamela Ludwig

Rich Bauer (  sent us this very interesting comment on December 3, 2001.


  • A simple procedure that he uses in order to induce an OBE. Have fun with  it, and tell us if it worked for you!

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

Last night I finally experienced vibrating light for the first time on Tape 2 Side B.  As per your instructions on the phone, I just listened passively and allowed things to happen without analyzing or thinking about what was happening.  That seemed to be the key.  All I can say is WOW !  It was amazing to feel like that.  It didn’t last for too long though, because I think part of me was getting uncomfortable or perhaps frightened from it, and my body felt like it was trying to get back up to a state of consciousness it was more used to. 

Here is the short procedure I told about on the phone for inducing an OBE directly from BETA without meditating.  I don’t know if it is safe but it is very effective.  Stand tall with both feet on the floor near the edge of your bed, squat down so that your chest touches your knees and while looking at the floor breathe in and out as deeply and as quickly as you can 30 times; on the last breath exhale completely and with empty lungs stand up quickly, stretch your arms out to your sides and tense/stretch every muscle you can in your body while leaning slightly back toward the bed.  DO NOT BREATH IN and keep as many muscles as you can taught.  In a few seconds you will go unconscious and your body will fall back safely on the bed (alternatively you can lie down on the bed and stretch the muscles while holding the last exhaled breath so you don’t have to fall)  While you are unconscious you will at first think nothing happened and it didn’t work.

You will perceive the room and be able to move around, but then suddenly you will realize that you are in the OBE state and although YOU are moving, your body isn’t.  This new “body” will be vibrating very strongly.  It can be quite startling !  Although you will be able to perceive quite sharply, logical or analytical thinking and any kind of memory retrieval will seem to be very slow or impaired during this state, as if time has slowed down. After some time passes, you will suddenly feel like you slam back into your body on the bed and awaken feeling like thousands of little needles are gently sticking every nerve of your body.  It’s similar to the feeling you have when your foot falls asleep.  Gradually the feeling of vibrations and the needles will dissipate as you fully awaken again. 

Can you please comment on what might be happening during this procedure ? My own theory is that rather than distracting, boring, or hypnotizing the brain to get to theta, this procedure just knocks it out almost completely, and one is then free to experience the real self.


Rachel Rosenthal ( ) sends us this interesting feedback on February 7, 2001. 


  • Connecting to the Universal Mind, Out of Body and past-life experiences.

Dear Mr. Gerald O’Donnell,

In the six weeks since I’ve been listening to the tapes I’ve had 4 paranormal experiences and one profound behavior change.  I’ve been searching for ways to teach myself the experiences you’ve described possible from Remote Viewing with intense focus for the last 3 or 4 years.  I’ve listened to, read and studied dozens of gurus from Dick Sutphen’s hypnotherapy to Divine Revelation, Chan meditation, and on and on.  Without results.

Here are my results in the last six weeks:

My first experience was after being asked to send love to Universal Mind and watch for a response.  A feeling descended over me – Deep, Clear, Peaceful Emptiness.  At first I thought this is what the Theta Level brain wave is supposed to feel like.  But after it was repeated a bunch of times and not on other tapes, I realized that Universal Mind sent me the exact feeling I expected that my visual metaphor for IT would feel like.  My visual metaphor being a deep, still mountain lake reflecting, contemplating the moonless night sky.

Next I found myself staring at something I didn’t quite recognize.  It was over the instant I realized that I was staring at my bedroom ceiling and my eyes were closed.

All my dreams are more vivid, I remember one or two just about every night and in one of them I had the prototypical OBE.  I was watching a beautiful village in the Himalayas from up high.  It was unusual in that the layout was a straight line down a rift in the mountainside.  A Buddhist Stupa was in the middle and that area had a beautiful light I wanted to check out.  Instantly I found myself there inside a shop that sells tea.  A woman was waiting for the 12 yr old girl to finish bagging it.  The girl was horizontal in the air and her 10 yr old brother was vertically levitating and reading his homework.  They were doing it to show they could for a film crew. As usual just when I might have gotten the lucid dream thing going, I’m so surprised I wake up.  Or I realize that what’s happening only happens in my dreams and I wake up. 
Lastly, our company plans on renovating the cavernous basement.  Everyone has been moved to the upper 3 floors, but the sofa is still there and the heat is still on.  I go there on my lunch hour to try practicing with the tapes when I’m not so exhausted I just fall asleep.  I was listening to Remote view the past when I suddenly found myself face to face in the ring with a man wearing a 5 day old beard and 19th century boxer’s helmet made of leather straps.  In the instant it took to experience how REALLY THERE I felt, I went blank and both my shoulders involuntarily flew forward as though I had just been hit in the chest.  That is the most remarkable thing that’s ever happened.  All the more so because in the last 6 months or so, I’ve been triggered into galvanic grief by a song.  And one of them was the Simon and Garfunkel one with this chorus “In the clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade and he carries the reminder of every glove that laid him low and cut him till he cried out in his anger and his pain, “I am leaving, I am leaving”, but the fighter still remains lye lye lye”.  After 30 years I still remember every word of that song and was amused that Universal Mind or my Soul choose to serve up the 19th century boxer.

I look forward to increasing skills,

  Rachel Rosenthal,   Iconologic, Inc.
  40 Inwood Circle, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA 

Donna Streinz ( writes to us on February 1, 2001. 


  • Out-of-body experiences after a couple of days in training with our RV course.

I ordered the course last month and have been listening to tape 1. Since then, I have been having very unusual experiences. Although it seems to happen randomly, the frequency is increasing to 3 experiences per day with one day off. I feel myself separating, or being lifted up and out of the body.  It’s extremely discombulating. Then I’m taken to a set of experiences which seem to expose me to the 5 senses. However, I seem to have no control over the experiences. During one of them someone asked me why I hid in a closet and I replied, “Because out of body experiences make me fearful.” Any suggestions? I am Native American, if that means anything to you.  The tape have opened a doorway of some sort and I’m getting ready to go to tape 2. Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.

 Thanks, D.

Tim McClellan (, a trainee from the United Kingdom, sends this positive feedback on November 20, 2000.


  • Combining our RV course and Reiki training. OOBE (out-of-body-experience) and lucid dreaming abilities enhanced. 

Hi Gerald:

I have been using your tapes for over a year now and combined them with meditation and reiki for a very powerful development experience. I have found that I have developed a greater degree of lucid dreaming and OOBE. I can now create the circumstances where it is relatively straightforward to hit the deep Theta state and maintain it. I have control over where I go and what I do while in the Theta state. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day and I can see my perseverance paying many dividends. I am also pleased that others have also gained much benefit from your course and am ready to embark on the next stage of the journey with your latest course in remote influencing. I will log onto your website with even greater interest.

Please feel free to use this testimonials on your website.

Regards and best wishes

Tim McClellan

Geoff Teague of Australia sends us this testimonial on October 2, 2000.


  • Success at Remote Viewing and having vivid Out-Of-Body Experiences.

First of all let me say thank you for making this course available. After talking to you on the phone about not trying to see the target but rather to sense it, I gave it a try and had very good results indeed. In fact, I used it to find my mother sun-glasses that had been missing for about two weeks. 

However,  my most amazing (but scariest) experience happened about 3 weeks into the course when I had my first OOBE. I had taken a nap on a Sunday afternoon when I woke up.  My body felt like it was vibrating.  I knew what was happening and was a little bit freaked out, but I nevertheless tried to sit up and exit my body.  As I rose out of my body, the lifting feeling was very light and my body felt as if it was made of gently vibrating energy.  I started to look back with the intention of seeing my body but only got as far as seeing my dog who was on the bed next to me, because I was to scared.  I don’t want to put people off by saying that it was scary, but it was also the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. The second time and the latest one, I had trouble getting out of my body. As soon as I got out, I was pulled back in again but I was not scared at all anymore. Another thing is that I originally thought OOBE’s would be like some semi-conscious thing, but I was fully awake and in full control just as I am now while writing this email.

Thanks again to Mr. O’Donnell.

Pam Slayton  sent us this feedback on Jun 10, 2004. Subject:

  • Increased creative inspiration
  • Start of an out-of-body-experience.

Hello Gerald, how are you? Before I tell you about my experience, I want to tell you something else. I’m almost halfway through the first draft of my children’s book. If it gets published, I not only plan to credit you with the teachings I’ve included, but I also plan to dedicate the book to you.  I feel that it’s because of your tapes that the creativity has set in. I’ve always wanted to write, but was never sure what I wanted to write about.   However, last week, I did the first side of RI session five, again. This is true, but weird, my foot and lower leg had an out of body experience. I seriously could feel (how do you describe it… the energy body of my foot and leg??) lift right up from my physical body! I could feel it floating and hovering over my physical leg! It was a pretty cool experience and I was hoping the rest of my body would follow, but it didn’t. This happened right near the end of side one and if my dog hadn’t started barking, I think something further would have happened if I could have continued on to side two. Well, I have to go. Hope everything is going well with you.  Sincerely, Pam Slayton

Daniel Schultz of the UK sent us this feedback on December 2, 2003. Subject:

  • Having almost an OBE on the first tape!

The course arrived & it was very much worth the wait. Astounded at how much content there is to integrate & what a journey this will be!

Just thought I would let you know that last night in bed I listened to the ‘RV 1’ tape with my eyes closed & about 3/4’s of the way through, it was as if a dimmer switch was turned down on my awareness (I actually felt it slow down & it almost dissolve) & it felt as if I was submerged & my legs torso & arms gradually became very heavy & my whole body including my mind was vibrating from left to right constantly. Then I noticed that most of my awareness was concentrated in my head & that the rest of my body felt like it was light & floating & wanting to go higher, it was as if my head was holding my body from drifting off. Breathing was shallow & quick & the whole experience was very nice. I think something very special would of happened if someone would have taken off the headphones at that point, dare I even mention OBE. The experience then began to reverse after that, back to the way I was when I first started to listen to the tape just relaxed with my eyes closed.

Can you comment on my experience?

Thank you,

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