Discover how you can become a powerful Remote Viewer across the background quantum field and a Remote Influencer of reality-as-we-know-it. Then watch your life and the lives of loved ones radically change for the better!

In These Increasingly Troubled Times What if You Could Rapidly Get Answers to:

What world situations will affect me soon?

Where will I most probably be in 1, 2 or more years?


How do I change and improve my life situation

How do I strongly intuit and influence my future and the reality of loved ones?


What are the real intentions of a person or group I am dealing with?

What is the best way to deal with a person or group and influence it to a harmonious outcome?

How do I attain inner peace, no matter what unsettling situation is "thrown" at me?

How do I avoid future "crisis" spots and events?

Where will the real estate or any financial market be this and next years?

Should I buy or sell a certain investment?

Should I engage in, or pursue, a relationship?

How do I quickly "heal" physical, mental, or spiritual dis-eases afflicting me or my loved ones?


Should I participate in a new career move, business, or situation?

How do I keep myself energized, young at heart, spirit, and body for as long as I desire?


And much more!

Learn These Answers and a Lot More With Arvari

What Is Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing?

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing (RV) refers to scientifically proven mind technologies that break the space-time barrier. Remote Viewing is the ability to perceive, through a projection of heightened consciousness, people and events, distant in time-space. With RV, one uses the Deep Theta brain state to access information across time and space by connecting directly to the quantum data background.

Remote Influencing

Remote Influencing (RI) is an original term first introduced by our Academy in 1997 and refers to our very advanced and pioneering mind training technology. It transcends most other known methods and allows one to consciously use the Deep Delta brain state as one’s portal to the Creator’s dimension and powerfully influence and manifest the life, mind, body and world of your dreams.

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We’re Pioneers of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Technologies Since 1997.

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Thousands Of Student Testimonials and Counting.

Thank you so very much for bringing this most important work to the planet. I am eternally grateful that you have taken the time to share your gifts. I have done a lot of programs, spiritual and otherwise, and this is the most profound, holistic and integrated program I have ever come across. […] Thank you so much.

Veronica Conway

I love the Remote Influence & Remote Viewing courses. I have trained with the courses for many years. The results are better and better with each year. […] I experienced “The grand illusion” without having to take a mind-altering drug. I […] realize how powerfully you are able to influence your world through thoughts.

Carey Steward

I’ve used your techniques in my everyday life. I seem to know the answers to tests that I take, know the feelings of others around me, and know the choices I should make. But my favorite pastime is traveling through time and space. I’ve got a vivid imagination which makes it even more fun. Above all I thank you for all that you are doing.

Matt Gray

Every Friday for the past 6 weeks I have gone to a casino that is near me. I play the triple play jacks or better poker machine. I RI every time just before I go that I will (have) hit the royal flush. The payout is $4,000.00. 5 times I have hit it, and on the 6th time it actually dealt me the royal flush which means it is on all 3 hands for a total of $12,000.00. So far the total of 6 trips is $32,000.00. Even as I drive to the casino, I see it, feel it, taste it, breath it.

Simon Hunt

I would like to express my thanks to you and acknowledge how much the course has helped me on so many levels. I have done extremely well in my precious metals investments over the past years, thanks to your advice and my Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing abilities. In many cases my investment decisions are based on reviewing the business plans of a number of companies and then I short list them on the basis of my feelings to determine whether I should make the investment or not.

Shelly and Scott Duncan

Wanted to thank you for such an amazing, life transforming, life elevating system levating system through RI/RV. My experiences continue presently. The main one being, my core personality shines through. I am much happier, calmer, gentler and loving. Others have noticed the change in me and have made comments on such. I am grateful and appreciative of these amazing courses. I recommend them to any who desires to expand their life experience.

Mark Labbato

Who Is Gerald O’Donnell?

Internationally renowned Gerald O’Donnell (BSc Mathematics, MSc Computer Science, MBA International Finance), former Western intelligence agency Remote Viewer and founder of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, has been a visionary in mind-consciousness research.

“A new way for Mankind to see itself and understand the physical world...”

“Six months ago, I purchased your course. I want to thank you for your fantastic course. I have found that I have developed much better intuitive sensitivity. I also have much better control over who, what and where I visit and what I do while in the Theta state. I believe that your information is quite possibly a new way for Mankind to see itself and understand the physical world.

Thank you very much,“

Alexander Markus, Ph.D., M.D. (A.M.)
President of the Celeste Institute

“I have had several premonitions...”

”Let me start by saying that after listening to part of the Complete Remote Viewing Training System, I have had several premonitions.

The most recent prompted me to buy a bear market stick fund on 9/10/01. I am very impressed with the message posted on your site on 8/31/01. I just saw it now. I will be visiting this site EVERY day. Amazing!

Thank you for your time.”

Dr. Leon O.

“Lucid dreaming occurs regularly along with fairly accurate psychic and sensing abilities...”

“I am seeing a tremendous increase in many abilities that I had before being exposed to your work especially manifestation abilities. (I must be careful what I think about)

Lucid dreaming occurs regularly along with fairly accurate psychic and sensing abilities. As a result, I have become uncomfortably “sensitive” to many new physical things such as bright fluorescent lighting, loud sounds, telephones etc. Many people have commented on the light surrounding and emanating from my being.

Thank you for this incredible work! You were correct when you stated that the 2nd time through the program would result in quantum changes!! It has been an awesome journey. Thank you for this incredible work!”

Linda Wheatley, Ph.D.,R.T.(R)(MR)
Chair, Radiologic Technology Program
Assistant Professor, Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

Discover The Portal, Our Landmark Training Course, and Have the Life You Desire and Deserve.

No other systems of meditative discipline and mind awareness/expansion techniques exist anywhere else on this planet that take you so rapidly to such highly beneficial and ground-breaking gateways where your whole being is transformed and evolved into a new and higher human form.

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Get A FREE Copy of 'Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed' E-Book

You are strongly invited to download, FREE of charge, the foundation of our teachings: The most powerful information ever revealed on the unity of mind and matter, the true Unified Field Reality and the reason why mind can and does influence matter, be it your biology or much more!

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