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Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed explains the basic mechanisms involved in Remote Influencing and its modus operandi. The RI Secrets Revealed book details the principles of thought manifestation and many concepts that offer a totally new revolutionary perspective about the world that surrounds you. Were you to fully integrate its concepts, your life will never be the same and you will know that you are both the producer, director, and actor in the movie of your life, all operating simultaneously at your command.

Read the RI e-Book before beginning with the training sessions. Carefully read the book in its entirety, word for word, whether or not you understand the contents fully during this initial reading. Pause when you need to reflect. Read the book a second time and ponder its meaning. Meditate inwardly as you have been taught in the Complete Remote Viewing Training System for personal clarification. Eventually meanings will become clearer.

Do the exercises within the book. Many of them can prove to be more efficient and long lasting than years of therapy. They help with manifesting and with cleansing any emotional and mental scars you may endure. The exercises will help you access high vibratory realms of Thought.

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No other systems of meditative discipline and mind awareness/expansion techniques exist anywhere else on this planet that take you so rapidly to such highly beneficial and ground-breaking gateways where your whole being is transformed and evolved into a new and higher human form.
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The most powerful information ever revealed on the unity of mind and matter, the true Unified REALITY Field, and the reason why mind can and does influence matter and others, be it your biology, others' and so much more! Read it and integrate it, and you will never be the same as you learn to use your mind's SUPERPOWERS, rejuvenate, heal, influence reality and others and connect deeply to All that IS!

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