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Here are ARVARI Success Stories 1997-2023

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Success in Business and Career

H.J. Miller
, a recent graduate, wrote to us


  • His remarkable experience of the Great Self, and his merging with the non/space time reality while keeping his eyes opened. He also addresses business trend forecasting applications of Remote Viewing, and remote site viewing for business use. As a long-time and high-level trainee of the Monroe Institute, he favorably compares our methodology and results to their advanced Gateway protocols (Out of Body Experience).

Dear Mr. O’Donnell:
First and foremost – THANK YOU for generously making available the Remote Viewing course.
I can only define it with one word WOW!! and, as “Tony the Tiger” in that cereal commercial would come to say Grreeaat….

Comparison of your course to the Monroe Institute advanced training:

As a practitioner of the Monroe Hemisync Gateway protocol, your tapes have developed for me a surprisingly easy way to reach Theta 4/ Delta 2 and I would like to remark a bit on the comparison of the two systems.

Robert Monroe developed what is called a “binaural” beat, that is, transmitting one tonal frequency in the right ear and a totally different tonal frequency in the left ear.

The brain in trying to decode these two tones would, Monroe discovered, generate a THIRD distinct tonal frequency that unlocked a variety of mind experiences.

These are called “Focuses” and, in providing some sort of definition for them I’ll provide a brief idea as to what the main focus points do. (There exist lower numbers but, we’ll concentrate on those higher ones that are parallel to generating the Theta/Delta state).

Focus 12 – established the higher energy state of “expanded awareness”

Focus 15 – is a state of “no-time” in which one explores beyond the constraints of time and space. In effect, a form of communion with the higher self.

Focus 21 – is a multifunction state as it first develops a separation of
mind-consciousness from the physical reality. Second, alike Delta (sleep), this is a “mind-awake”, “body-asleep” bi-location activity enhancer, that projects the consciousness into an “out-of-body” state (OBE).

It is in this state of profound Theta 4 / Delta 2 that Monroe discovered which he termed “Gateway” functions, in that these tonal frequencies direct the action of consciousness towards inter- dimensional awareness (true bi-location): that which is known as “astral projection.”

I have been an “Explorer” (as we were then called) since the early 1970’s where, in those days we really didn’t get far until Bob stumbled across an extremely simply key, that unlocked the “Gate” to allow exploration. The key was “Affirmations”. It seems that when one reflected with an affirmation of protection and pleading for knowledge and insight, the entire aspect of Creation opened and one became “conscious of the cosmic” (Cosmic Consciousness).

So how does the Monroe Gateway parallel your Remote Viewing tapes?

Firstly, you have developed a decidedly “simpler” methodology and, your technique of mind expansion is extraordinarily effective.

Your use of the background tones (music) helps initiate a relation that causes the physical senses of the body into being “fooled” into a deep relaxed state which allows the mind to slip into Theta 1 which is the first Gate.

Your tapes appear then to also move the student into Theta 2 and slip into Theta 3. (Gate 2)

The technique is extremely easy and, as said, extraordinarily simple.

This I found to be practical and totally enjoyable.

So what of the experiences that I’ve undertaken?

I appear to have, through using your tapes, moved into an extremely profound Theta 4 / Delta 2 in which I experience an irradiant blackness (“Blackness Visible”).

Here, in this state of awareness, is the most profound Silence possible.

Yet, it is here, that there is loss of words to describe the experience.

I believe that when we spoke on the telephone, it took me over
five minutes just to introduce it.

I felt that “IF” I had moved either left of right,, I would have had total physical absorption – such as that experienced by the ancient Rishi or yogi.

I believe that this is the Very State of Transition that all of the great
teachers of mankind have experienced and perhaps this is the
“gift” that is there for all who venture that way.

It was beyond being profound.

It was total, complete absorption of the id, the individual identification of self.

I’ll say more about this later.

You warn of this state at the very beginning of the course and yet, this appears to be a natural gravitation.

Remarkable business applications

We (my business partner and I) purchased your course to aide us in our venture, and believe me it has gone way beyond expectation.

We have started to develop a sense of “guilt” in that we are able to
“control” our “competition” to a ridiculous extent. (without giving away what it is we do, as your know..)

In all, the general experience of being able to Remote View our
business is pronounced.

My partner using your tapes, has developed the same R.V. alpha/numeric abilities that I have and can literally read files thousands of miles away.

This is but a small indicator of just how powerful your RV technique is.

We can project or forecast trends and activities to a resounding 81% which gives us an extremely decided advantage in dealing with our business affairs.

Another amazing happening:

I’ve had, as said in our earlier conversation, a number of remarkable
experiences, one being in a T3/ D1 state and being able to roll my eyes down (at this stage one’s eyes are usually rolled up into the eye socket towards the forehead) and actually open the eyelids and look at my surrounds .

The head and body were rigid, and felt cool, breathing was shallow, perhaps 3-5 breaths a minute. I didn’t pay attention to my heart rate but was more than amazed that I was able to do it, to say the least.

An Extraordinary Experience!

This lasted, it appeared, an “eternity” (no-time awareness).

But, this experience was well remembered by me, as I had been able to see the clock radio and mentally note the time.

The sensation was totally different than an O.B.E. There was no bi-location being expressed, there was a physical union of mind and body but with a total absence of sound.

It was similar to a “waking dream” but, again, it wasn’t,, because of the dynamics of earlier experiences that I’ve been through.

Nearly A Quarter Century of Experience

I realize that I’ve been doing Theta 4/ Delta 2 since at least 1974/75 so I have been exposed to almost a Quarter Century (24 years) of exploration in these altered states of consciousness of what would generally be considered “remote viewing” via the Monroe Gateway protocol.

So then, what was this earlier extraordinary experience of being in that “irradiant blackness”?

In all actuality I believe that it was that profound “nothingness” that is the Self that which is called by all: “me, myself and I” – our personal expression of what one would refer to as being “God”.

So then, where does one go from here ?

For one, I would like even more suggestions and input as to your methodology, especially to establish written protocols to enable better control and feedback.

My Hearty Recommendation

I would heartily endorse the course to anyone who is emotionally stable and not taking mind altering chemicals. Although I have years of OBE and Theta 4/ Delta 2 exploration, I know that it works well since my business partner who was green behind the ears in this, is able to Remote View alpha/numerically effectively using your tapes.

Again Thank you so much for providing the tapes.

The very best.


Tome Berry writes to us this testimonial.


  • Creating a better reality using the deep theta state of mind.

Mr. O’Donnell,

I am a contract programmer and I have not been getting as much work as I would like. When I heard about your Remote Viewing course, I wasn’t sure that I could fit the cost into my budget. I am very happy that I took the chance. After going through the tapes and using the  techniques I learned, I now have more business than I can handle. Now that’s a great feeling ! It would be really easy to say that the surge in my business was coincidental, but I think there is a definite correlation.

When listening to the tapes, I have found that sitting in a recliner in the mid afternoon works best for me. That way I don’t fall asleep but I’m still very comfortable. I am lucky that I work at home and can take a break in the afternoon to listen to the tapes.

THANK YOU for making the Remote Viewing course available.

Best regards,

Tom Berry

Manuel Madrid wrote to us this testimonial.  Subject:

  • Life changing aspects of the RV/RI courses
  • Reading peoples’ thoughts
  • Dramatically increasing the sales volume of his sales’ team by the power of RI alone

I want to report that I have a better control of my life and I am looking forward to every day’s challenges ,which are miniscule in comparison to the big picture of life that I received with the help of my new found gifts provided by the Academy and Dr. O’Donnell. I seem to be better at everything that I do . People marvel at how  I know what they where thinking and this is only after listening to the tapes for 3-4 months. My team that I coordinate is up over 149 %  in sales!  So far, from Jan. to 7/2/04, we did in sales what took us all of last year! Also in April of 04 we did in one month what took us 6 month to do in sales last year !!! This is  unbelievable !!! I am contemplating this for a while and I realize that I really am not killing myself doing this. I guess it is the mental will or my perceptions becoming reality, which is more comforting than fearing life or just playing things safe or rolling over and letting life crush me.  I have been controlling  my negativities because I have seen them become reality also.

I am very happy with the results so far and I feel that I will get only better results not only for myself but for all of Mankind where we could live in harmony, love, and peace. I look forward to this and it is in my prayers every day!!! Please call me when possible !!! I have one question and that is: could my son of 11 years old listen to the courses?

Thanking You,

Manuel Madrid Jr.

Paul G. wrote: 


  •  “Artist block” completely removed while taking the Combo course.

Dear Gerald,

We spoke on the phone a few times and I wrote to you a few weeks ago concerning the miraculous results I had when starting your course(s) and although I am only about halfway through I would like to report another happy update.

Those that know me personally know that creativity is one of the most important things in my life. I have composed and written music for the past 17 years and started to develop pretty decent skill in the visual arts as well about 7 or 8 years ago.

Although I got off to what many people said a great start, I have had a serious case of “artist block” for several years. So much that I couldn’t even lift a pencil, and it even hurt (go figure) to even look at fine art.

I started using tape 4A of the RV course where you go back in time (perceptually, of course, but it sure seemed real to me). The second time I used it I was guided back to England around the 17th century and I was being guided by the “light” that you speak of to look at some of the ornate artwork in one of the palaces. It sure was a sight to behold.

After finishing, I felt absolutely wonderful, but thought no more of it.

Well, yesterday I went to a local Barnes & Noble bookstore and went promptly to the art section where I was guided to two art books that had just the right information I needed to break through my artist block and start again. Last night I actually drew for about 2 ½ hours – the first time in several years! And it felt wonderful! The artist’s block seems to have been dislodged, and I’m sure it’s not too long from dissolving completely if not gone now.

As with my previous email which you posted this happy occurrence is a BYPRODUCT of using your courses and is NOT the intention!

If I would have known before starting or even learning about your courses that I would 1) heal a major medical condition and 2) break through artists block, you could have charged millions and I would have mined gold if I had to.

It certainly is a testimony to you and your guiding “light” that is making this information available for the ridiculously low price that you charge.

Again, as I wrote in my previous email, if this is any indication of what’s to come after using only half the course(s), then, as our beloved Keanu Reeves would so eloquently say – whoa!

Oh, and I am much more happy, peaceful, and stress-free, too. Does that count as a third “happy byproduct”?

I hope you have a wonderful 2004 and beyond.
Thanks for posting all of your testimonials. Reading them really gave me a lot of hope when I had very little. Therefore, feel free to post mine to give anyone else reading them additional input.

By the way, I have tried many, many things (courses, programs, workshops, etc) over the past 15 years, and being very psychically sensitive, one or two of them had horrific results. I can say that yours without a doubt, is the safest program I’ve ever seen for developing your inner mind, expanding psychically, and learning to increase, control, and project your energy. A lot of the problems I have had regarding being “open” have now been completely solved by using your tapes…another happy byproduct.

Anyway, I hope you had a great holiday, and living just around the corner, I look forward at the chance to meeting you – (as soon as I’m done with both courses, of course!)

Many more happy days to come!

Take care,

– Paul G.

Peter wrote to us this enthusiastic feedback:


  •  Considers our training the Penultimate Personal Development program around, much more advanced than most others for it teaches you how and why we magnetize reality and the details of how this operates easily.
  • Manifested rapidly a new business with the help of what he learned using  our techniques, as his financial and personal situation was very dire.
  • Manifested an overnight healing when badly accidently injured on his pinky with a hammer  in a work accident. Did the a healing in a Delta state of mind while remaining conscious.

Dear Mr. Gerald O’Donnell

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an enlightening and powerful training system!
In our conversation you had asked me to write about my experiences, sorry that it took so long.
Let me give you some background to start with.
I have been a student of personal development for the past 20 years (kind of a personal development junkie !)
I have read many books and went through many programs. In the process, I accumulated a lot of knowledge that I consider priceless.
Looking back now, I believe this served me in order to prepare me to understand and appreciate the information and truth found in your Remote Viewing and Influencing Course.
This course is very advanced in comparison to all the other courses I had been through in the past.
The difference I think is that it is complete!
Complete in the sense that it does not just teach you about the law of attraction, it helps you to understand how and why it works.
After going through your course, to pick up a book on personal development now would be for inspiration only.
I feel more advanced then the the authors of the programs and books I had read in the past.
I decided to use the information and remote influence my life!

I will share with you two very profound experiences, one on money and the other on healing.

First, some background: I am a General Contractor, and have been in business for the past 27 years.
Being in business is like being on a rollercoaster. Over the years, I have gone up and down, but never so down as when the economy hit my industry in 2009 and 2010.
I then lost my house, lost my wife, moved to a small apartment with my daughter and was barely scraping by!

In the creative process I know that the first step is to get clear on what I want.

I decided to make 1,000.00 a day consistently.
Every morning and every night I wrote down on paper my desired outcome.
I felt and visualized what life would be like having this now! Writing continuously this help my mind focus and keep it from wandering.
Then I would express gratitude, thanking my higher self for such a wonderful prosperous experience.
After feeling like I was conscious and very clear about my desired outcome, and what it would look like, I decided to do it in the alpha, theta, and delta states visualizing my desired outcome and feeling joy and gratitude.
After 26 days of consistent daily practice I got a call from someone working for a fortune 400 company.
I had not worked for this company for 3 years; in fact, I had never worked for them directly.
My contract was with another company that acted like a mediator and management. I had subcontracted the work from them.
The representative informed me about 65 locations across the country that would need refurbishment or relocation, build outs.
I told him that I was very interested, and he asked me to look at two locations 300 miles apart from each other.
At the time I didn’t have the money to fund a 400,000 dollar project. My finances were so bad that I would have a hard time even going to see the projects, let alone do them, but I knew something would give, and I moved forward as if there were no obstacles.
That week I was remodeling a house for a wealthy developer and he had mentioned to me about how he was displaced by the economy as well and how he could not build homes now.
I asked him if he would like to invest in a project I have and he said he would love to.
We got the project, completed it on time and made great money.
I would of made 1,000.00 a day if I didn’t have an investor. I made 500.00 a day.

For the next project I struck a deal to with the fortune 400 company to fund the project fully for me-  something they never do in commercial construction!
This funding comes with no interest.
In the meantime I also attracted 2 more investors willing to invest at much lower rates even though I didn’t need them now.
I have them for back up.
Everything came together in place, effortlessly!
Now I am doing 2 projects for them simultaneously.
The workers and subcontractors that I have attracted are vary good and are willing to travel : )

The other experience had to do with an injury, one of my workers hit my pinky with a hammer full-swing, square on my finger nail.
I was holding a 4×4 post as he beat it in place.
The next day I could not even touch it without feeling like I was hit all over again. Extremely painful!
I decided to go into a delta state that night and remote influence a healing.
The next day I had no pain just a little numbness!
My hand should of been out of commission for at least 2 weeks or more!

This program is incredible because it’s not only enlightening but when applied it works!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Mr. O’Donnell and creating such a powerful program!
I thank you and my family thanks you too!


Michael Goldstein sent us this testimonial


  • Life changing manifestations using our Combination RV/RI course.
  • Rebuilding one’s life within happy thoughts and situations.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I purchased the remote influencing system about a 10 months ago. I was really at rock bottom in my life both personally and financially. I had been divorced a year before, estranged from my young children and flat broke with poor job prospects. 10 months later things are looking very, very different.

It took some time, but as you say in your messages, one can not put a time frame on manifesting changes. It will, however, happen.  I remember feeling very, very frustrated that things seemed to actually be getting worse in the first 2 months of using your product. In retrospect, there were some lessons I simply needed to learn in order to get my new vision and project under way. Now, it’s almost a year later and I have a thriving business making tools that are actually helping people heal their physical bodies. I am making a good living using my hands, which is exactly what I wanted. In addition,  I have a great new relationship and I am on the cusp of obtaining full legal and physical custody of my children. This is a tremendous shift from where I was a year ago. I even look different in my face and body.

When I use the CD’s, I don’t ever have any vivid out of body experiences, nor do I hear a clear voice of my higher self giving guidance when I ask for it. My body falls totally asleep and I do feel separate from it. My mind is totally awake. But in my mind, it just feels like I am just me, only without a body. In this state, I just concentrate on the awareness and feeling of having what I want. Then, over time in my life it seems to happen.

Thanks Mr. O’Donnell. And thank you for making a great product.

Michael Goldstein
Long Life Saunas

Joshua Lorne  sent us this very important feedback on November 24,  2010 where he  shares deep insight into why our Manifestation approach is really a “Quantum Prayer” as he puts it, as you become cocooned in the warm Presence of the One while in Deep Theta or Delta and that nothing can then avoid the manifestation of your silent yearning, for the key is to be in the permanent embrace of that connection.

Please read it carefully.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

For the past few months I have concentrated my theta and delta state meditations on repeatedly requesting my professional situation to shift for the better.  It did not take long.  I asked The One to enable me to work less yet have more income.  The result: my hours have been reduced and my income has gone up considerably.  I have not had to extol as much effort as I did prior to achieve the same results and have been able to dedicate more time and energy to my own evolution….

Thank you,

Joshua Lorne

Kimber Closson sent us this enthusiastic testimonial


  • Getting cast as a principal actor in a major Hollywood film after applying the principles covered in our RI e-book

My name is Kimber Closson.  I downloaded a free copy of Mr. O’Donnell’s “Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed” and it IMMEDIATELY changed my life!!!  I do not own the whole system, just the eBook!

I once considered myself a “nothing”, but Mr. O’Donnell taught me to reprogram my thinking to *I AM EVERYTHING* & here is how it ended:

I went from being an extra on the set of feature film “CONTAGION” to a Principal Actor in 24 HOURS!  My character says  lines to Bryan Cranston and Laurence Fishburne responds!

As soon as I can afford the system, I am BUYING IT!

Thank you, Mr. O’Donnell.  Your guidance CAN save the world!!!  I am CONVINCED!

Because of what you have shared in even your FREE book, I have manifested a desire within 24 hours!  It took me over 7 years to manifest being sculpted as the character “Death” from the Neil Gaiman “Sandman” comic book for DC Direct, but I did it.

I have very little acting training & only read a script for one thing years ago & got cast as a featured extra instead.  I do not have an agent.  I chickened out of every audition that I submitted my pic for that called back.  The parts I have played were given to me, but the projects never completed.

Being bumped from the Extras pool to a principal actor “never happens”.  The man who prepped us in the Extras holding room said, “I’ve worked this job for 15 years and I have seen 3 people get bumped up.  It’s *not* going to happen.  You are here to be background.  It’s not going to happen.  It never happens.”

Well, IT HAPPENED TO ME and I’m not going to waste this momentum.

I am embracing it!  I am in LOVE with it, as I have come to love myself and everything all around me.  I am in love with this world that I can make even more beautiful!

Yes, I see from the “characters” I play(ed) during my life that persona is a calculated act; and that fact ought not to be diminished; it’s how we live here!!  I don’t have to feel guilt that I show only certain aspects to certain people.  This is a natural occurrence- not bad habit!

I cannot thank you enough.  But I will.  I will!

This is not only the story of my experience, but in sharing this with you, it becomes a contract; I am accountable through you to conquer my fears and move forward & upward.  Life is as grand as I had always hoped & I enjoy every taste of it!  I cannot be a coward in a world that I created!  There is only NOW and everything counts!


With purest love, deepest gratitude,

Kimber Closson


Jim B sent us this testimonial


  • Finding peace within and letting go of old anger/fear.
  • Business relationships and money flow improving.
  • Lighter attitude to the events projected in this matrix


I want to thank you for making this course available.
I’ve been dealing with anger ( hot temperateness ) for as long as I can remember.
Since buying your course a few months ago I feel much more relaxed and don’t take things so seriously.
Business relationships have improved and money is flowing better.
Problems are no longer what I thought they used to be, and I feel like I’m just getting started.
I’m now looking forward to even more improvement and happier life.


Carrie Voss sent us this feedback


  • Manifesting successful job interviews following our RI advices.

Dear Gerald,

Hi.  This is Carrie Voss from Boise.  We spoke last week on the phone and you gave me some great advice regarding job interview preparation.  I just wanted to let you know that I had an important interview on Monday at Intermountain Gas here in Boise, and it went very well.  I got a callback for another interview for today at 4pm.  I’m totally confident that it will go just as well, thanks to your advice.  I just wanted to thank you again.

Love, Carrie

Janet Fitzgerald a 70 years young student of ours sent us this testimonial


  • Foreseeing a “future event”
  • Increased intuitive knowing
  • Improved memory

Dear Gerald,

I have been interested in Remote Viewing for many years but did not know of your website.  I saw an upcoming interview of Michel Jura’s and listened.  I saw your courses and immediately ordered.  This was the first interview with you though that I had seen.

Although I am 70 years old, I continue to learn new things.  I started the RV CDs thru disk 5.  I listened to disk 5 twice.  That night just before going to sleep, I saw this outline of what looked like a waterway of some sort and how it divided into 2 around a land mass.  I thought I was imagining it.

2 days later, I was traveling on Highway 200 In Idaho beside the Pend d’Oreille river and saw a sign along the road with a black and white picture of the river.  It was the exact same image of what I saw, except mine was in color.  It just reinforced for me that I was on the correct path.

I am following the RV and RI lesson plan and have just heard RI Disk 7 yesterday for the first time.  A very good friend saw me later that day and couldn’t get over how light and happy I looked and acted.  I felt (and still feel) full of joy.  I have utilized my intuition especially in the business world and it served me well.  But now, I know when the phone will ring and who it is.  It is like I know what is going to happen in a general way and it does.  My memory has improved tremendously.

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experience with the world.


Dr. Stavros Elphtheriou, DMD,  a surgeon, sent us this nice testimonial


  • Increased Inner peace and Joy.
  • Getting guidance or solutions from Higher Intelligence
  •  Creating the life he desires. Medical practice, career etc..  is booming.
  • Using RI to successfully heal difficult cases.

Dear Gerald,

My life in this universe (and probably others as well) has been an amazing journey since I discovered the RV & RI. I have completed the combined course and I repeat various exercises. Every day brings new excitement; I cannot describe with words the confidence I have for every single thing that happens because I know that I am creating the life I want around me.

My carrier is rocketing, my practice is booming and my life is more fulfilling.

You may have noticed that I am a surgeon. Lately, I have healed 2 problematic cases. The healing was so good, the outcome unbelievable. Due to human nature, even though I could actually see in my mind the end result, there were times I had doubts which I was trying to delete from my thought. But the final results were mind blowing!!! Now I have much more confidence and next time around I am sure it will be even better.

Most of the times lately (if not always) when I need advice or solutions, I find that when I stop thinking about the problem and my mind is calm, somehow I get answers, most of the time without even doing an exercise.

I cannot thank you enough.

Kind regards,


Dr Stavros Eleftheriou, DMD, FIACS

Maxillofacial & Oral Surgeon

Cosmetic Facial Surgeon


Carey Steward a remote Viewing/Remote Influencing graduate sent us this  feedback.


  • Manifesting his chosen career and life
  • Increasing his consciousness level “Hawkins score” on the map of consciousness (Consult books by David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D. as to meaning and procedure) while taking our training.

I love the Remote Influence & Remote Viewing courses.  I have trained with the courses for many years.  The results are better and better with each year.  The last time I wrote several year ago, I experienced seeing colored circles and hearing vibratory noises in head. I experienced  “The grand illusion” without having to take a mind-altering drug.  I reflect back on the past experiences and realize how powerfully you are able to influence your world through thoughts.

The job I now have is a result of holding an intention through listing what I seek in a job.  Everything came true and yet, now is the time to move on to new exciting opportunities.  This is just a sample of circumstances manifested through a strong intention.  I also do energy healing work on myself and others through a clinic.  I use energetic testing to make energy corrections and obtain information to verify through results.  Energetic testing reveals my Hawkins Score on the Map of Consciousness Scale is at 840 and listing to the Remote Influencing Tape 1 & 2 raised my score nearly 43 points.  The score is now 997 next to Christ Consciousness of 1000 with a combination of methods and pulling old non-serving beliefs out of my energy system.  I checked yours with a score of 1873, which is off the charts of 1500 with the new revised charts.  I am blissfully happy all the time and the negativity just vanishes with no effect.  I now understand how come some universes connect and other do not.

Tape 2 of the Remote Viewing Course is extremely powerful. It has the most effect in bringing out creativity and experiencing vibrations.

Expect Many Blessings in Health & Wealth


Jewel Durovy-Meeker writes to us.


  • Accelerated healing of a broken bone.
  • Life guidance using Remote Viewing.
  • Increase in self-confidence by  knowing that she can Remote Influence any situation and is in full-control of her life.
  • Acknowledging that the Academy had managed the feat of  putting the very core of multi-disciplinary  modern and ancient mind/spirit technologies into useable practical courses.
  • Deep life-changing awareness.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

I am writing this with deep gratitude for the changes in my life that your courses have provided. Within the first few tapes I had more understanding of the truth that surrounded me. I have proof of tremendously accelerated healing of my own fractured bone, I experience visions that lead me to make life-changing profitable decisions and my self-confidence has never been higher. I know that I have the ability to change any and every situation in my life. Most importantly, every aspect of my existence has been transformed into a very deep spiritual awareness.

I have been reading an average of 3/4 of a book a day on vibrational medicine, spiritual enlightenment, reiki, hypnotherapy; pretty much anything I can get my hands on. So, to my point… Out of all of the books and websites I have studied you have accomplished to extract all of the important information and package it into such a useable and versatile tool. I still hit that state of awe after reading 350 pages and it comes down to you having summed up into a few key phrases within the course.

I also want to thank you for your support in answering my questions about the courses. I was impressed to find a business that still deals with the customers personally. I had expected to purchase this and be left in the cold. You truly are a remarkable man with a remarkable product. I would be happy to talk to anyone personally having doubts of purchasing your course.

Thank You !  Jewel

Pacomo, a recent Remote Influencing/Remote viewing trainee sent us this thankful testimonial.


  • Having Out of Body experiences
  •  Remote Viewing the past and the future
  • Increased Intuition
  • Merging telepathically
  • Getting solutions to business affairs during sleep
  •  Remote Viewing winners in Horse races
  • Finally mastering visualization skills


I have completed your RV course and want to describe my progress. I have experienced the out of body experience, have gone to both the past and future, have experienced increased intuition, and ability to merge with both the animate and inanimate, as well as, some ability to communicate while merged. I have been getting more solutions and instructions for my business affairs during my sleep. In addition, I have been able to RV and pick 1 to 3 of the finishers of horse races in 3/4 of races and in maybe 1 out of 10 races I have RVed all 3 in order of finish, however, that is not enough to make money at it.

One of the greatest benefits came from your explanation that “visualizing” was the same as “daydreaming”. For over 30 years I have been frustrated by my lack of visualizing ability. I have asked all that I could find who taught visualization and it was not until I came across your description that it worked for me. That removed the major block to my perfecting many skills.

In addition to thanking you for making the RV course available, I want to thank you for your willingness to set up a time for coaching calls, this has provided the invaluable fine tuning.

Thanks again,

Ann Hobson wrote to us this testimonial on December 17, 2004:


  • Regaining constant bliss and joy
  • Feeling united with all Life
  • Being pure consciousness in space and seeing herself as the One
  • Nature welcomes her, sings, and confirms

Just a note to let you know that I started the combined RV/RI course in October 2004 and the journey has been amazing and joyful.  I feel like a chesser cat sometimes when I walk around on my way to or from work or running errands, etc, with a wide grin on my face and my body spasmodic with pleasure of experiencing a heart that’s wide open!!  Watching/feeling people and animals and plants as part of the ONE, part of myself, is just….. I have no words for it except “bliss-full”  Ha-ha!
I’m nearing the completion of the course(s) and getting ready to start over on the 2nd run and see what adventures I experience!  A couples of experiences I’d like to share (out of many) is that around the second week of starting the course, I was listening to the CD while in bed and I “woke up” and I saw that I was no longer within the walls of my apartment, I was in the midst of a cobalt blue sky or universe full of stars and a face kind of “engraved” in the sky (it was my face and the face of the “One” all together!!!  I was not in the room!! Ha.  And another time when I did a session outside among the trees and foliage…. wow!  the response from the birds around me was amazing!  The crows, I’ve never seen so many crows surrounding me/the area.  And they seem to be welcoming me or congratulating me, they were so excited.  A hawk left a gift for me (a nest-building twig from a tree), etc.  WOW! is the word of the day!  My musical career seems to be taking off as well in ways that are mind-boggling as well.  I must say that I truly feel Joy 98% of the time and working on the other 2%.  My body feels like an electrical circuit too!  A real live wire!  More later.  Thank you Gerald!
Ann Hobson  a.k.a. Ayanna Hobson

Pam Slayton sent us this feedback.


  • Increased creative inspiration
  • Start of an out-of-body-experience.

Hello Gerald, how are you? Before I tell you about my experience, I want to tell you something else. I’m almost halfway through the first draft of my children’s book. If it gets published, I not only plan to credit you with the teachings I’ve included, but I also plan to dedicate the book to you.  I feel that it’s because of your tapes that the creativity has set in. I’ve always wanted to write, but was never sure what I wanted to write about.   However, last week, I did the first side of RI session five, again. This is true, but weird, my foot and lower leg had an out of body experience. I seriously could feel (how do you describe it… the energy body of my foot and leg??) lift right up from my physical body! I could feel it floating and hovering over my physical leg! It was a pretty cool experience and I was hoping the rest of my body would follow, but it didn’t. This happened right near the end of side one and if my dog hadn’t started barking, I think something further would have happened if I could have continued on to side two. Well, I have to go. Hope everything is going well with you.  Sincerely, Pam Slayton

Rob a recent trainee, wrote to us. Subject:

  • Remote influencing a situation at work.

Dear Gerald O’Donnell,
I Purchased your RV and RI courses. I can’t thank you enough. Because of your course I was able to Remote influence a situation at work for the better. I am 100 percent sure the results were a direct response to what I Remote Influenced.  It really works!!

Thank you so much

Rob Chojnacki wrote this enthusiastic feedback.


  • His success at remote influencing his music career.

I just wanted to write to you to tell you the success I have been having using your RI course in my life. Primarily, I have been using your techniques to realize great success with my band. As you know, I am a musician. But this isn’t your typical story of “I used it, and it worked immediately”.

There is an interesting twist that says so much more than the typical success story.

I first started using your techniques while I was with my former band. And yes, i did notice that immediate progress was being felt. Several deals came through, including a very rare chance to record at Sony Studios in NYC, which many band’s in my situation could never afford, nor would the door be opened for them to record at such a high-end studio. However we did get in.

But as I really began applying techniques from your course to the band’s success, I was a little saddened to see no more success. In fact, our CD was released with a “so-so” reaction.

Then a second opportunity in music was opened to me. One I never expected. At this point I was figuring that if this band doesn’t make it, I’m done with music.

My drummer had been playing in a side project, and asked if I (bass guitar player) wanted to play with the side project. I did, and was immediately accepted as the permanent bassist for this second band. Soon the drummer and I came to a decision that this side project really should be the main focus, and we cut our old band loose, the same band that I had been using your RI techniques to enhance.

This new band is taking off faster than wildfire. The debut CD was released only a couple months ago, and it’s already cracked the CMJ Top 200 National Charts (CMJ is the Billboard charts for college radio). Reviews are pouring in. Everywhere we play, and I do mean everywhere, we are already known because of the radio play, and we are signing autographs for fans. Success is spiraling so fast that I can barely keep up with it.

I then realized that it wasn’t “my band” that I was aiming success for, I really was RI’ing success for myself in the music industry. This reality of success is materializing in a way I did not originally intend. Now my old band, perhaps the other guys may find success elsewhere in the industry, but me and the drummer are going places with this new band, and going places fast! So I know now that your RI techniques worked, not only faster than I imagined, but not at all as I imagined. I’m in a completely different band, and in a place that I could not imagine only 6 months ago.

Thank you Gerald. You and your courses surprise me every day.

Rob Chojnacki


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