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The Final Clash


From Gerald O'Donnell



Interview about the Nearing Upcoming Matrix Revolution back to Oneness

 Very Important Interview January 11, 2011


The Final Pole Inversion Melting Into Oneness

 The Last "Cosmic Clash" and its Potential Resolution

We hold the Key to Remote Influencing and Embrace The Final Peace of Oneness!


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Dear Friends and Family:

I am about to leave in 48 hrs for the Middle East and especially Jerusalem where I will be doing some very intricate High energy work for one month.

I will release in the next couple of days, for time is now of the essence, extremely crucial written information together with another interview I gave today to a radio show, about what is really happening behind the human scene/plane and causing great rumbling and fractures in our Cosmic design and Planetary structures. The earth and mind shattering events we have all been witnessing are a testament to the incredible difficulties Creation displays before the day of the Great Shift is upon us.

You will be told what that day is all about and how to prepare for it.

You will understand that it is not a burst of the outer sun that will penetrate all, but a great and Infinite burst of the Inner Great Sun.

You need to listen first to the interview listed above, in order to understand and integrate the more advanced material which will be soon forthcoming.

Many already are, and even more of you will soon be, rattled at your core. I need you to integrate this Cosmic point of view in order to mitigate the coming shock and understand that there is much much more happening than meets the human eye or understanding.

Please integrate the knowledge with an open heart and make it a knowing you carry within, in order to save you and yours from extreme duress and, as a matter of fact, sing to your heart a song of GREAT and Final Hope for deliverance from the enslavement of this old dark Matrix and its dark lords - which have ruled us for so long.

To the ones who have been warriors of Light and deeply wounded and scarred often in multiple embodiments for eons in their souls, minds, and biology, I proclaim that the time of deliverance is nearing rapidly and that the old capstone-less pyramidal structure is about to be challenged and undone by the One Himself.

You must, as Humankind, be given enough information to at the very least realize what is at stakes here and that deep within each of you lies, out of Divine Free-will, the key to your freedom from the battles and tragedies being forced upon us on purpose.

We must stand up for our own rights as Divine Precious Creatures of the Oneness. We cannot and should not accept to be handled by the Dark Fear-based lords in the way we, sadly, handle cattle and sheep.

I will address all this and much much more in my next written message which you should be getting in a couple of days.

This interview is capital. It provides the base to the understanding of the next message.

Without it, you may not really fully understand the incredible scope of what is happening and the reasons for all the dramatic events unfolding in the world, now in Japan, and soon in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Please listen to this interview carefully and spread it to as many friends and loved ones as you can.

Also please read attentively the message that I will release in the next few days and listen to my next interview.

You may notice that such revealed knowledge has never been made openly public before and that your total view on Life might change thenceforth.

I dislike sounding dramatic, but this time I feel strongly that your sheer survival is at stakes, and that we, being in the same boat of Creation cannot allow it to be steered by unconscious Captains, misaligned compasses, and a broken rudder.

Time to wake up, and act... 

Kindly send this link to as many friends and relatives as you can. Help wake up humanity. Timing is the key and it is NOW, not later!

In Oneness

Gerald O'Donnell

President and Founder 

Academy of remote Viewing and Remote influencing Thought and Reality


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