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The Oneness, August 28, 2011



A love letter from Eternal Love

Message from THE ONENESS

 (Original Seed of All Creation)

August 28, 2011


Many unusual events have occurred in this world in the last 3 weeks, shaking the ground level of entrenched control-and-command hubs of human power, rattling their very core, both physically and financially, and putting out stormy clouds and floods upon their horizons. This started the very day after we released our last message from The Oneness on August 7, 2011 (click here.)  Today a very unusual weather event targeted directly again these very centers, gifting a loving warning begging for change. Many are baffled. Many question: what is next and why? We share here the latest direct communication from The Oneness. In it, all that needs to be explained for now, is. The reason for these events is clear, the solution simple and Gloriously Loving.

The One-and-Only needs Its message to be spread across all of this Creation. sHe hopes that you realize that it is your Holy Loving duty to send it and post it to as many people and places as you possibly can. Be courageous. Time is very short and the stakes are great for all of us. You must get involved for Oneness' sake, which is you, all of you.

To watch the Video in HD quality press the play button and then click on the star and choose 720p (HD)

Gerald O'Donnell 

Academy of Remote Viewing and remote Influencing

Video: Skerdi Mahmutaj


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