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Mr. Gerald O'Donnell voluntarily retired from a non-US, Western intelligence based Remote Viewing (Mental Espionage: mental traveling) program, in the late 80's in order to pursue other activities.

Many Remote Viewing units are still operational and classified as top - secret projects in many Western and Eastern countries.

European intelligence agencies were and are rumored to be still very active in the field of mental remote viewing. This is the case of the French Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE) which has a very effective remote viewing (sensing) unit, the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or MI6), the German Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), and on some occasions the Israeli Hamossad lemodiin ouletafkidim meyouhadim (Mossad) that kept remote viewing psychic units in the 80's in Western and especially Eastern European countries. The Russian Glavnoye Razvedivatelnoye Upravleniye (GRU: Military Intelligence) is said to have maintained an operational unit and the new
Federal'naya sluzhba bezopasnosti Rossiyskoy Federatsii (FSB: counterintelligence) and SVR (Sluzhba vneshney razvedki: replacing the defunct KGB) might be attempting to renew some of their former programs.

Even though the remote viewing methods vary somehow from country to country, mainly because of cultural differences, their core remains the same.

Recent disclosures in the US since September 6, 1995 by the CIA and many former agents, have officially acknowledged the fact that the US Government- funded research and operated "Mental Espionage Units" for more than 20 years.

This operational arm of the US intelligence community started to function in the early 70's at the height of the "cold war", when American intelligence became extremely alarmed at the confirmed gigantic strides, successful efforts, and resources that the Soviets were making in the field of "mental espionage and mind control."

 Such remote viewing units operated within the CIA, the DIA, and the Headquarters of US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) in Arlington, Virginia. Their code name was SCANATE, SUN STREAK, GRILL FLAME, CENTER LANE and ultimately STAR GATE. The Army unit of "remote viewers" operated out of Fort Mead, Maryland.

 The research arm of the American remote viewing project was the prestigious second largest scientific think-tank in the US: the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), and was later transferred to a California-based defense contractor: Science Application International Corporation (SAIC), headquartered in San Diego.
This corporation had on its board of directors some of the highest members of the DoD and Intelligence community such as: CIA's last director John Deutch, former NSA chief and CIA deputy director Bobby Ray Inman, former CIA director Robert Gates, previous Secretary of Defense William Perry, Melvin Laird: Secretary of Defense under President Nixon, retired General Max Thurman: Commander of the Panama Invasion, and Donald Kerr: former director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

 SAIC owned Network Solutions, inc. (NSI), which in September 1995 took control over the Internet Domain Name Registration from the National Science Foundation.
The exact methodology employed for "Remote Viewing" by US intelligence has remained in great part classified.

Even though the remote viewing methods vary somehow from country to country, mainly because of cultural differences, their core remains the same.

Many Remote Viewing units are still operational and classified as top - secret projects in many Western and Eastern countries. Secret PSI research associated with the state security and defense establishment was going on in the former U.S.S.R. and its many satellite communist countries since the early 50's.

Paradoxically, the Soviet Union, although based on pragmatic and dogmatic, no-nonsense materialistic principles devoid of any spiritual content, had since the early 1950's developed many PSI laboratories in order to study the applications of what the Soviets coined Psychotronic (bioenergetic) research.

They had a clear lead in this field over any other country.

Military - controlled research centers specializing in the paraphysical were set up in Moscow, Leningrad (today called St. Petersburg), Omsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Saratov, and the heavily guarded room B12 at Solnechnogorsk  (NE of Moscow).

According to some yet classified documents, other establishments were set up in the U.S.S.R. for the same purpose in Siberia and at the Durov Institute.

These laboratories were under the control of either the K.G.B. or the G.R.U. (Military intelligence branch).

In contrast to their Western counterparts, these institutes were unencumbered by the desire and necessity to conduct double-blind studies, uniformly repeatable experiments, and to publish their results in international publications, at the risk of encountering the ire of skeptical colleagues. They, therefore, invited and studied naturally gifted psychics, psychokinetic performers, Siberian shamans, and Indian yogis.

Their stated purpose was "mental spying." However, in reality, they had more sinister goals in mind, centered around the ability to control the minds of individuals at a distance. The Soviets felt a fanatical need for the indoctrination to their cause of masses of people, selected high-placed influential individuals in the West, or terrorist cells.

The perceived bellicose intentions and military arms race of many Western societies increased their paranoia, made them overreact by isolating themselves, and caused them to try frenetically to win the "war that could only leave, if at all, one winner upon the face of this planet, and most probably none."

In the megalomaniacal world of the "Cold War," the possibility to control, without the targets' knowledge, the minds of selected individuals at any distance became a paramount goal within the Soviet's security system apparatus. It seemed to them as the perfect weapon.

The Soviets successfully set-up ELF (extremely low frequency) devices who could pulse subliminal sound messages at targeted individuals (using key words embedded in white noise or infrasound music) in order to manipulate their minds and their behavioral impulses.

Microwave pulsed behavioral modification and mind-control techniques were also used in the former U.S.S.R.. One of the most famous case involving such technology involved the discovery of this technology being applied to the U.S. embassy in Moscow that greatly alarmed the State Department and U.S. Intelligence. Despite vehement protests by the U.S. Government and concern for the mental and physical health of its embassy's staff, the Soviets continued with their constant beaming of microwave signals towards the embassy. Henceforth, the embassy was literally shielded from these radiations by covering its entire structure with metallic plates. The full account of this incident is still classified.

Experiments attempting to instantly hypnotize subjects by purely telepathic means, without the subjects knowing in advance that they would be the targets of these highly concentrated "mind-waves," were successfully carried out by the Soviets over distances of up to 2000 miles.

The best Psychotronic Research within the Eastern block was carried out in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. The Czechs and the Bulgarians achieved very interesting results.

Kirlian Photography, named after its inventor Semyon Davidovich Kirlian, was found to be a better lie-detector machine that the other lie-detection techniques.

Some of the finest clairvoyants in the world worked for the Bulgarian Secret Police, dreaded for its implacable methods devoid of any sentimentalism.

The Bulgarian Secret Police had tight liaisons with the Institutes of Suggestology and Parapsychology in Sofia and Petrich.

The K.G.B. (Soviet security and intelligence) conducted some so-called deep-black operations where attempts were made to assassinate individuals, or have them commit suicide, by the use of "psychotronic techniques." Although it seems that the K.G.B. was at least partially successful in some cases, the author refuses to dwell on further into this negative side of Soviet "mind research."

In the U.S. although "mind control" experiments using hypnosis, behavioral modifying drugs, ELF, VLF (very low frequency sounds: 20-35 khz), and all kind of technical gadgetry had been tested on human subjects since the end of WWII (project MKULTRA) by the intelligence agencies, "remote viewing" abilities had been shunned by the operative technocrats of the C.I.A. and its predecessor: the O.S.S.

This was probably due to a cultural religious bias that many top brass of the agencies had against psychic abilities that they considered as the domain of spiritism and "malefic" forces.

Nevertheless, when it became apparent that the Soviets were making great strides in the subject of mental espionage and were spending in 1970 more than 60 million rubles on it (this sum reached 300+ millions by the mid-70's), American intelligence became quite alarmed and after a detailed analysis took the Soviet "psychotronic" threat very seriously.

It then commissioned several programs to look into operative modalities that could duplicate and eventually outperform the Soviet successes that had by then been confirmed by Humint (human intelligence ) and electronic intelligence.

The main program was given to laser specialist Dr. Harold Puthoff (a former N.S.A. member during his military service at fort Mead, Maryland) and Russell Targ who both worked at Stanford Research institute (SRI), a gigantic scientific think-tank attached to Stanford University in California. SRI was already involved in many scientific projects for the defense establishment.

The initial RV (remote viewing) experiments happened in February 1972 using mainly Ingo Swann, a talented New York psychic, as a test subject.

Initially the testing modalities involved using computer generated random chosen targets that were then visited by human "beacons" to report back if the description given by the test subject seated in a "Faraday cage" at SRI (in order to shield him or her from any outside electromagnetic force) corresponded to the reality of what the "beacons" were seeing while witnessing the target site or object.

The first experiments were highly successful, and the CIA contracted hence SRI for an initial period in order to streamline and define the training and operational modalities of "remote viewing."

Since most of the targets that were of interest to the defense establishment were secret sites in the Soviet Republics whose real location needed to remain classified and could not be revealed to the civilian remote viewers of SRI, an attempt was made to use geographical coordinates instead of other means to describe theses sites.
The results were as impressive as before, even though the test subject had no idea of what these coordinates corresponded to.

The use of coordinates (latitude and longitude) is what caused the project to be initially coded as Scan gate.

The US Army intelligence branch sent some personnel to be trained as remote viewers at SRI and opened their own operational top-secret unit with code names such as Sun Streak, Center Lane, and Grill Flames.

Eventually, SRI realized that instead of giving the RV (remote viewers) real coordinates, it was enough to give him or her a series of random generated numbers that the computer had assigned to the target.

SRI also realized that human beacons were not needed and that one got statistically the same rate of success without them.

Another strange realization made by SRI was that the RV would get the same rate of success whether the computer chose the target before its description by the RV or after! In other words, the RV was describing a remote target that would be chosen randomly by a computer in the future (even days or weeks later) after his or her description of it. This meant that the remote viewer was describing an event (the choice of target) belonging to the future.

We had therefore proof that, not only could one instantly bridge space as the remote viewers were doing routinely, but that time could be also traveled forward in the future in an instantaneous fashion!

Another proof of this phenomenon came as follows: SRI realized that if the subject would not be given in his or her future a definite feedback as to the success or failure of his or her description of the targeted site, the chance were very high that the Remote Viewing session would be a failure!

In other words: one needed an act of retroaction (feedback) in order to make that future feedback (picture shown of real target or just verbal feedback) a reality of success or not that would be given and experienced by the test subject.

This might be at first difficult to comprehend by non-RV and individuals not trained in the discipline of quantum physics. We had here a statistically significant proof that the future influences the past!

This means that the past (the memory of it) can be manipulated and changed depending on the presence or not of an event that chooses (quantum physicists would say that collapses the quantum probability function) to confirm or deny a certain correlated reality in the past!

Therefore, not only is the future malleable, but so is the past!

This is at the core of the technique (until now unexplained anywhere) that Mr. O'Donnell explains and where he shows that in order to choose one's future, one needs within certain modalities to often change one's past or memory of it (which is the same thing!)

In quantum physics research, a related experiment called-the double-slit delayed choice experiment was successfully carried out in the mid-80's at the University of Maryland and the University of Munich, Germany. It proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that decisions taken in the present affect results achieved in the past, or that the future affects the past. That is to say that the effect affects the cause.

Mr. O'Donnell leaves each individual to ponder about the stupendous implications that this statement carries about the nature of reality, and will not explain it further. Rather, he uses it pragmatically for practical purposes.

Early in the protocol of SRI a technique coined Associational Remote Viewing was developed that allowed one to know in advance whether a particular remote viewing session targeting for instance precise information of a mundane type such as the numbers pertaining to a future lottery drawing, or the results of a future horse race, or the value of the DJIA for the next day etc. was most probably a correct prediction that could used to one's advantage, or whether mental noise had been introduced and the vision was skewed and no money should be invested on it.

This very ingenious method is explained together with the foundation course that Mr. O'Donnell sends out.

SRI basically developed two protocols for remote viewing. The original one was a type of viewing where the RV was seated in front of an individual: "the monitor," that would carefully help the viewer in his or her "remote trip' by asking him or her relevant questions in an interactive manner.

The viewer was also seated in a special biofeedback monitoring chair where special subliminal and tonal frequencies were beamed at his or her ears in order to help him or her attain a stage where the electroencephalographic trace and skin galvanometric response would detect a predominance of Alpha (7 to 14 cycles per second) or Theta waves (4-7 cycles per seconds) within the brain of the remote viewer. This Theta level correlates with the hypnagogic state that precedes sleep where one encounters a predominance of delta waves: 0-3 cycles per seconds (besides the periods of rapid eye movements were alpha waves: 7 to 14 cycles per second are predominant). At which point a special tonal frequency sound would be emitted by the biofeedback machine in order to allow the subject to recognize this state and hopefully be easily able to enter it at will in the future. And the remote viewing experience would start from that moment on.

The second protocol (ERV or Extended Remote Viewing) was much more loose and devoid of technical gadgetry. In this case the individual would go deeply within him/herself until he or she felt that he or she was able to separate his or her awareness from his or her physical body and go for extended trips to remote locations bridging either space, time, or both. He or she would verbally record on a tape recorder his or her impressions and often sketch them, on a piece of paper.

Well-trained remote viewers would often get the impression of having a so-called phantom body that could go at will through walls and examine a location from an elevated high perspective or from a very close one, depending on his or her desire.

SRI attracted the attention of the DIA, NSA, Naval intelligence, INSCOM which is the intelligence branch of the army, and many members of the US Congress and Senate ( ex: Senator Clairborne Pell). As a matter of fact, early in the program, groups of army personnel were chosen to undergo the training that SRI provided and they started their own "remote viewing" units. These units came from the mid-80's until the early 90's under the tutelage of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), and operated mainly out of Fort Mead, Maryland. Other units were rumored to exist.

Russell Targ left SRI in 1982 to form together with gifted RV Keith Harary their own remote viewing organization: Delphi Associates. They won a large sum of money after trading the silver future markets based on remote viewing predictions made by Keith Harary that had an almost perfect accuracy rate.

Dr. Puthoff left SRI as head of the remote viewing program in 1985 and was replaced by Ed May, a former Naval Intelligence Officer. Director Ed May moved the whole program under the tutelage of SAIC in 1991.

Most of these defense-related projects are now either defunct or have gone deeply undercover (totally unproven) since 1995 for unknown reasons.

The Europeans have very effective RV units and so do some other intelligence units belonging to other countries. However, none of them has ever officially declassified any of their material. The anecdotal details of their operations cannot be revealed. Their RV methodology targets even deeper levels of mind (interface point with delta) than the US. protocols.

The only known leak in European spheres happened in the Soviet union where "mind control" electronic equipment was made commercially available by cash-strapped former research laboratories.

In the US, on the other hand, since the official recognition by the CIA in November 1995 of the 20+ year project and the declassification of some of the related material, many former defense trained Remote Viewers or RV analysts have come forward and broken their code of silence.

Some have written books about their espionage experiences, and others have opened Institutes where they teach for a fee remote viewing methods to the general public. A great deal of media hype seems to have somehow inflated their feats.

Mr. O'Donnell feels very strongly that at the dawn of the third millennium it is his duty to teach humanity a natural gift that it has for the most part forgotten because of its over-reliance on and adulation of technological gadgetry.

It is the birthright of each and every individual to easily relearn these techniques that accomplish a shift in his or her perceptual mental viewpoint within one's stream of consciousness, and to apply them in day-to-day situations for peaceful purposes, to increase his or her financial well-being and general health, evolve and usher in a congenial atmosphere of respect among all living things.

The dusk of the warrior's restrictive grip on such powerful mind-states has finally arrived. To everyone's benefit.

Every human being has a subconscious mind (since this is the part that has permanent memory and that leaves with him/her at death) that is a higher level of his/her conscious mind.

The reason why certain individuals are so-called gifted at Remote Viewing or any other "intuitive perception" is because their conscious mind and their subconscious mind are constantly interfacing and exchanging information as a natural process.

For the rest of humanity, this very same process can be relearned (all babies operate as such, and so do the entities of the animal kingdom who are for the most part known to display an acute "sixth sense") and made a permanent part of the mind-set of any individual that desires it.

Everybody can do it. If someone intrinsically cannot (not because of skepticism and doubt, which are all related to the fear of changing the status quo ante and of being ridiculed as having thoughts that appear different from the mainstream of the fashionable theories of the day ), this would imply that the conscious part of his/her mind and its subconscious part are permanently disconnected from each other. Or, in other words, that this human being is not alive anymore!

Mr. O'Donnell has trained thousands of individuals at "remote viewing" with equal success and knows that these methods are still in use under deep cover in many intelligence programs who do not have the inclination to explain the reasons of their modus operandi to the scientific community at large, but are more interested in the results achieved.

Mr. O'Donnell has accepted to provide explanatory reasons for the phenomenon based on the latest research in quantum physics, neurobiology and psychology. He has no interest in convincing the "holy guardians of the old way of thinking about thought" and will not even enter in rhetorical discussions with them. However he invites them to at least try the program with an open mind, and they will then find out for themselves that maybe the mainstream ideas relating to the operations and functions of consciousness and of the brain need to be reassessed at the dawn of a new era for mankind.

Mr. O'Donnell feels very strongly that in this new century all these newly open avenues of exploration of the infinite powers of the mind will be of major help to all of us as humanity.

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